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 Whisper turbines - Survival strategy

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The manufacturers of the 'Whisper' wind turbines have the pleasure of assisting you to quickly establish stand alone home power.

Web site: http://www.wishenergy.com - ph: + 91 9343905060

 E Mail: sales@wishenergy.com


PLEASE NOTE: All prices quoted on this web site are of today's date: 7th March 2017 - The author of this web site will not be updating prices as I am now very old and getting ready to meet my ancestors in spirit. Thus all prices need to be confirmed by the suppliers when you place an order - happy days.


Since this document refers solely to survival 'stand alone' systems using 'battery storage,' I only list three of their turbine products available because there are many variations of voltages and other aspects of the major 5 units they manufacture.

This is due to some listed on their web site being 'grid' connected high voltage rather than the 'stand alone' battery systems of 12v - 24v - or 48v that I recommend for the electricity survival strategy. I recommend these lower voltages because if you use higher voltage turbines you would also need to purchase very expensive controllers costing an extra $1500 or more to enable connection to battery systems.

As stated, this web document is dedicated to turbines that will be used to install home, farm or safari camp 'stand alone' power supplies which are not connected to the mains (grid) supply. There are two available voltages on Items 1 & 2. On the larger unit Item 3,  I recommend using the 48 volt turbine.

Note: The incoming electricity to the batteries is regulated by the controller supplied by the manufacturer in Items 2 & 3.  The Item (1) unit is self-regulated internally.

Note: The customer discount also applies to any other of the wind turbines emanating from this web site. All are listed on their web site, the link to the manufacturer is given at the end of page 10.

Note: Transmitting electricity is a little like passing water down a long hose pipe, if the hose was 100 metres long and the water pressure only 10 psi, it would lose most of its power and flow rate. If the water pressure was 50 psi then the flow rate of water coming out of the end would be much greater.

Please select the particular 'Whisper' or 'WindiStar' unit by its number and size and voltage and give the following details:

1 - The number of units you require.
2 - Your name and address and telephone number.
3 - The country, state and code so that we can calculate the freight costs to be added to the prices below.

You will then be sent a reply (pro-forma invoice) giving the added freight costs and the manufacturers bank account details so that you can make an International Money Transfer payment.

Below prices are the export Prices Listed in USD to readers of this web page
 ( Price lists are subject to change without notice)

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~ The Windi-Star 400 micro turbine ~


Description of product

WS - No: 1

WindiStar 400 - 12v or 24v models available (400 watts) including internal CHARGE controller.

The micro WindiStar 400 has a low start up wind speed. The WS400 has a unique MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) which controls its speed even at highest wind speeds.  1.2 metre diameter propeller swing.

At wind speed 20 mph (9 m/s) it produces 200 watts.
At wind speed 40 mph it produces 520 watts.

7 600

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~ The Whisper 200 - 1000 watts turbine ~


Description of product

WR - No: 2

Whisper 200 - 24v or 48v (1000watts+) including the charge controller with current, voltage, power, wind speed display.

This is the most efficient wind turbine in its class, and generates more power than any other similar turbine even at low wind speeds. During last 15 years, more than ten thousand of these machines have been installed all over the world. A 9' diameter propeller swing.

At wind speed 20 mph (9 m/s) it produces 800 watts.
At wind speed 27 mph it produces 1000 watts.

30 2310


Home based stand alone electrical supply - all workshop electric tools - fridge - freezer - washing machine - all lights and other electrical appliances - Rural electrification - water pumping - offshore oil platforms - Telecom Mobile phone etc.

Using the 'higher' 24v or 48v battery voltage on this turbine enables one to have the turbine situated up to 100 metres or so away from the battery storage if required and use wiring 'cable' size #6 awg copper wire. This 'Whisper' and all other Whisper models are a/c current having 3 wires from the turbine to the controller.

Clemencia's Whisper 100 (900 watts) on a 24 metre tower has been working happily for over 15 years near Launceston Tasmania.
'Clem' is fully on alternate stand alone 'battery' electricity using a 'Latronics' inverter.
Her personal mental health carer's manual web site is:


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~ The Windi-Star - 1500 watts turbine ~


Description of product

WS - 1500

24v to 240v (1500watts+) including the charge controller with current, voltage, power, wind speed display.

32 2500

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~ The Whisper 500 - 3200 watts turbine ~


Description of product

WR - No: 3

Whisper 500 - 48v (3200watts) including the charge controller with current, voltage, power, wind speed and cumulative KWH and external wind speed average display.

This is the most popular bulk power supply small wind turbine in the world and more than 10000 nos. of this machine have been installed globally.

A single Whisper 500 gives enough energy to power two or three homes. they are ideal for safari camps. A number of them coupled together can electrify a community of over 100 persons and many houses. A 15' diameter propeller swing.

At wind speed 20 mph it produces 2500 watts.
At wind speed 27 mph it produces 3200 watts.

80 5740

This is the most popular bulk power supply small wind turbine in the world and more than 10000 nos. of this machine have been installed all over the world.

Using the 'higher' 48v battery voltage on the larger turbine enables one to have the turbine situated up to 300 metres or so away from the battery storage if required and use wiring 'cable' size #4 awg copper wire.


  • Rural electrification

  • Water pumping model is also available (Whisper 500 with LRES pump controller can be connected to any 3 phase 3 hp to 5 hp submersible or surface water pump and can pump water from bore wells of 200/300 ft. depth)

  • 230 V AC mains Grid tie (with interface controller & Grid tie inverter)

  • Roof top installation on high rise buildings

  • Farm and home power and water supply

  • Lighthouse power supply

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~ Inverters ~

An 'inverter' changes battery power of 12 or 24 or 48 volts into 240volts so you can operate all household and other electrical appliances.

Inverters are used on any battery voltage configuration and come in various sizes from 1000 to 7000 watt capacity or more if doubled up. They change the 12v or 24v or 48v battery voltage to 240v for general applications of water pumping, refrigeration and other home or workshop appliances. http://www.latronics.com.au

View products: http://www.latronics.com.au/products/stand-alone-inverter-ls-series-500w-7000w


INVERTER MODEL LS-512 LS-624 LS-648 LS-1012 LS1224 LS1248 LS-1512 LS-1824 LS-1848
Nominal DC Voltage 12V 24V 48V 12V 24V 48V 12V 24V 48V
Continuous Power 500W 600W 600W 1000W 1200W 1200W 1500W 1800W 1800W
1/2 Hour Rating 550W 750W 750W 1150W 1600W 1600W 1600W 2200W 2200W
Surge Rating (5secs) 1500W 2000W 2000W 3000W 3600W 3600W 4500W 5400W 5400W
Input Voltage Range 10.5-17V 21-34V 42-68V 10.5-17V 21-34V 42-68V 10.5-17V 21-34V 42-68V
Standby Current 27mA 22mA 19mA 37mA 28mA 22mA 42mA 30mA 24mA
Inverter ON-no load 0.42A 0.31A 0.15A 0.45A 0.25A 0.15A 0.67A 0.32A 0.18A
Peak Efficiency 90% 92% 93% 91% 92% 94% 91% 94% 94%
Weight 5.5KG 5.5Kg 5.5Kg 11Kg 11Kg 11Kg 14Kg 14kG 14Kg
Dimensions 260mm(L)x160mm(W)x100mm(H) 330mm(L) x 296mm (W) x 150mm (H)
Output Voltage 230Vac+/-4%
Output Frequency 50Hz=/-0.1%
Output Waveform True Sinewave
THD <4%
Power Factor All Conditions
Autostart Sensitivity 0-20 W adjustable
Operating Temperature -10 C to +50 C
DC to AC Isolation 3500 V
Protection Circuitry Over temperature, Overload/Short Circuit, Battery Under voltage/Overvoltage
Battery Leads 1m with 10mm Lugs 1.5m Long with 10mm Mounting Lugs
AC Output Wiring Single Power Outlet Single Power Outlet & Junction Box
Chassis Powder Coated 2mm Aluminium Powder Coated 3mm Aluminium
Warranty 2 Years Parts and Labour
Standards As2279,AS300,AS3100,EN55014, & C-TICK
Ratings Specifications @ 25 C ambient nominal battery voltage & unity power factor

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~ Batteries ~

For the small 400 watt wind turbine unit a 800 amp/hr 'deep cycle' battery bank is sufficient.

For the mid range 1000 watt output unit into a 24v or 48v battery voltage use  a 2000 amp/hr 'deep cycle' battery bank would be best.

For the large wind turbine application of 3200 watts output, a 48v - 4000 amp/hr 'deep cycle' battery bank would be best. There is no 'limit' as to how much storage you can have, it all depends upon the available funds. The more storage capacity the better in all situations.

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Dear Editor of The Farmers weekly magazine.

Dear Sir/Madam

Ref - The 'farmland' survival Strategy

~ Stand alone home based power systems ~
Farm or small acreage electrical energy storage facility.

My reason for writing to you now is in reference to providing of assistance to farmers and other readers in relation to assisting them to prepare for the coming global disaster that will descend on earth fairly soon.  There is I believe the need for 'quick' preparation and that it is imperative for farmers to be fully self-sufficient particular in relation to 'water and electricity.'

I ask if you would please assist all your readers by publishing this letter in your magazine so that everyone becomes aware of the need to "Be prepared," for not only adverse weather conditions but also the mains electricity supply being cut off for long periods or even permanently.

I am a mental health counsellor and consultant and I do foresee an escalation of mental disturbance (Insanity) that will exacerbate the breakdown of global society for a time. This will lead to increasing shortages in global fuel supplies and diesel backup generators will be of little or no value as time passes.

The transport of goods will cease and communities will become isolated, so preparedness and self-sufficiency is paramount. Farmers will need to keep supplying food to the impoverished citizens. Great water shortages will also cause millions to become displaced and 'on the move' seeking refuge and survival for their families.

As I see it, life in the 'city' will also become 'untenable' as masses will move out of cities to the farm lands seeking food, water and shelter, hence the need for farmers to make 'some' quick decisions as to 'how' they will receive these 'multitudes.' I believe that the need for stand alone electricity will be of paramount importance.

The aim of this outreach is to ensure that farmers have a wind-turbine & deep cycle batteries in their hands rather than something to be purchased later, since 'later' will be 'too late'! Once they have IT, turbine & batteries then they can find an installer when they are ready to do so or install it themselves with local assistance.

I cannot impress enough the grave circumstances facing mankind and the need to have the batteries & turbine in the shed now so that they are 'IN STORE' on the home premises. Goods will not be available later.

~ 'Buy it now' is my Strategy ~
Stand alone self-sufficiency electrical energy

The preparation of which I speak is where you the reader take it upon yourself to ensure that you are not one of multitudes to be 'left in the dark.'

In having a stand alone system you can use all power tools, pump water, weld metal, grind corn or wheat, have lights and the capacity to freeze food. You can also enable medical 'teams' to use your system to treat wounded or ill people with their equipment based on your property.

I have recommended that farmers have batteries and a wind turbine rather than simply solar modules for a reason, that reason being that solar systems only operate during the times of sunlight, whereas wind turbines operate 24 hours a day when there is wind. Equally, I believe that in coming times, rain, volcanic and other dust will affect the solar aspect and having wind power is imperative. Naturally one can also install Solar.

I have personally used a stand alone home electric energy power system in Tasmania for twenty three years. I have all the installation details on the web 'Wind & Solar' education link below so any 'mechanic' can do the installation.

I have made an 'agreement' with a global wind turbine energy provider to assist you to a quick and easy selection of what is needed because there are dozens of battery types and manufacturers and also dozens of wind turbine manufacturers. I do use the products of of the energy providers I recommend herein. I have also given my personal guarantee that their products are well made and are my personal choice.

One being the manufacturers of the 'Whisper' brand Wind Turbines. 'Whispers' are suppled to thousands of people globally.

All 'grid connect' solar systems become 'useless' when the mains 'grid' fails.

"Be prepared for all eventualities" is the motto of the day today.

In this 'end' times of heightened emotions a friend may become ones enemy and equally, ones enemy may become ones friend. Treat everyone with respect for all are children of The Creator and all are either your spiritual sister or your brother.

If perchance you read this article and you are a 'city' dweller having spare funds, then I suggest that you find an 'impoverished' farmer and give him a free 'gift' of a complete stand alone power system and state:

"Brother, if ahead I become homeless or in need of a space to put up a 'shack' to house my family, would you please let me use half an acre of your land so I can assist you to feed us both and we can also share the power system."

The 'mind' of the matter is the capability in controlling ones thoughts, I give the link to my mental health and suicide document:

For a food and medicine storage list information go to:

Sincerely - Terence

Added Notes

My aim is to ensure that you have the Wind-turbine in your hands now rather than something to be purchased later, since 'later' will be 'too late'! Once you have IT, turbine & batteries then you can find an installer 'later' when you are ready to do so. You may also need to install it yourself using local assistance.

I give more information here to assist the purchaser with their 'choice' of machine.

Item WS No: 1 (400 watts at only 7 kg weight) can easily be situated alongside a house on 12 to 15 metres of 1.5" 'stayed' pipe so the cable length to a 12v or 24v battery storage unit is relatively short. It can be also be  placed on the roof of a home on a stand as it weighs 7 kg.

The other larger capacity turbines would need to be further away from the house, (25 metres or so) and in some instances you might wish to install them on a nearby spot clear of trees for the best wind energy power returns. In this case it may be 100 metres or so. 

For information detailing the 'tower' construction and pipe sizes required go to the educational document at:


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Windi-Star (400 watts) - Specifications

The WS400 provides 400 watts output at only 1400 RPM and thus virtually silent operation. The power curve below is as per field test results.

Rotor Diameter 1.2 m
Weight 15.11 lbs (6.8 Kg)
Shipping Dimension/wt. 685X380X215mm (8.65 kg)
Mount 1.5" Schedule 40 pipe (1.9" OD, 48mm)
Start Up Wind Speed 8.04 mph (3.6 m/s)
Voltage 12,24 VDC
Rated Power 400 watts at 28mph(12.5 m/s)
Turbine Controller Microprocessor-based smart internal regulator with Peak Power Tracking
Body Cast aluminium (Powder coated option for bulk)
Blades Carbon fibre composite (3 Nos.)
Over Speed Protection Electronic Torque Control
Kilowatt Hours Per Month 40 KWh/mo @ 12mph(5.4 m/s)
Survival Wind Speed 112mph (50 m/s)



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Whisper 200 (1KW) - Specifications

General Configuration Model Whisper 200
Rotation Axis Horizontal
Orientation Up Wind
Rotation Direction Clockwise looking upwind
Number of Blades 3
Material of blades Polypropylene/Carbon Reinforced
Material of blade extenders & rotor shaft material SS 304
Rotor Diameter 2.72 M
Body/housing Cast Aluminum & MS duly marine coated as per ASTM B - 117
Mount 2.5 inches
Weight 30 kg
Certification ISO 9001-2008, CE, IEC 61400
Performance Peak Electrical power (watts) 1000 watts peak (as per IEC 61400 test cert)
1 min max average power output 700 watts average (as per IEC 61400 test cert)
Rated/Voltage LV model 24volts/36volts/48volts DC    HV model 120volts/240volts DC
Rated wind speed 11.6 m/s to 13 m/s
Start-up/Cut in wind speed 3.1 m/s
Cut out wind speed 16 to 18 m/s
Survival wind speed 55 m/s
Rotor Swept area 5.8 meter square
Rotational speed 1200 rpm
Blade pitch Fixed
Direction of rotation Clockwise
Over speed control Side furling & dump load
Yaw System Wind direction sensor By tail fin & tail boom
Yaw control Free/Passive yaw

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Whisper 500 - Turbine Specifications:

Model Whisper 500
Rotor Diameter 4.5 m
Swept Area 15.89 m2
Weight 80 kg ( Including blades and tail boom)
Mount 127mm diameter Pipe Mounted
Start-Up Wind Speed 3.1 m/s
Rated  wind speed 12.5 m/s
Alternator PM 3 Phase Alternator
Alternator Efficiency 85 %
Magnets Ceramic  magnets
Insulation Class Class ‘H’ 
Voltage Configuration (L.V. Model) 24V/48 V Nominal
Voltage Configuration (H.V. Model.) 96V/120V/240V Nominal
Rated Power 3200 watt @ 12.5 m/s, 800  R.P.M
Number of Blades 2
Material of Blades Carbon fibre composite, fibre glass & Epoxy Bonding
Material of Body Powder coated MS  with  marinization Treatment
Survival Wind Speed 55 m/s
Over-speed Protection Furling ,Dump Load & Manual Brake Switch
Controller External Regulator
Bearings Low Friction, totally enclosed self-lubricated
Controller Output Voltage options :24 V,48V DC (LV)   96V,120V, 240VDC(HV)
Rated Power : (3200 watts)
Max. Lateral Thrust 400 KGF

- Terence

Info on 'Wind & solar' and more document;



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