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~ The false 'Israel' ~
False ideology

As written by Terence

Man has been so easily deceived as Satan 'wove' his thoughts between 'words' within the 'diction' of man. This was done in such a subtle way that our 'new-born' quickly lost their way and they 'fell,' due to false teachings that arose, and man 'fought' and defiled his inner spiritual rose. For the Word of Allah was true when HE said:

"You receive an equal return unto you for all the deeds you do and, - - - you must try and understand that none reach MY invisible Paradise Land unless my Command you heed, the one that says 'Peace unto all and never make any other bleed."

So where did man go astray? For every 'religion' of the day has 'something' to say to its 'followers,' and each is a 'State' of ideological belief that appears to bring naught but grief.

I start my 'exposure' of falsity with the word 'Israel.' For that word is not only an 'earthly' name of a place, but it also has another meaning that all have misplaced.

It means: "An imaginary place believed to be perfect and ideal" - - - Paradise.

What is Paradise? It is that invisible spiritual Realm of God/Allah that is named differently by 'words' of man e.g., Heaven, Jannah, Nirvana, Shangri-La, New Jerusalem, Kingdom come, Holy Land, etc.

It 'follows' that whomsoever 'named' that earthly place in the Middle-East - 'Israel' - have 'bastardised' the true meaning of that word. For as all can see, that supposed 'holy place' is a place that 'darkness' does daily smash, - - -

Because its 'inhabitants' are all 'infidels' and non-believers in PEACE. For they daily 'invade, abuse, punish, destroy, and kill' others as they defy our Creator up high. Thus it is a false Paradise, false Holy Land, false Israel.

What is the 'biblical' reference to the 'Enemies of Israel'?
It says that Allah will destroy them.

What is the biblical Israel?
It is not the earthly 'place,' it is the spiritual
Heaven - Israel - Jannah.

Allah is thus to destroy those that commit Treason against the invisible Paradise Land that is also the Light within the soul of mankind.

How does one commit Treason against the 'State of Heaven'?
Through the
abuse of any of God's/Allah's children.
Why? Because within them all is the
Light energy essence of God/Allah.

Why does God/Allah command all men - "Peace unto all mankind"? Because those that 'sin' as they abuse others, infuse their own souls with 'darkness' that draws them away from the Light and, - - - under God's/Allah's one Law, those that abuse will be abused. Thus does the 'unbeliever' suffer.

Who are the enemies of the invisible 'State of Heaven'?

Any person that defiles their own soul by defying Allah's Command as they 'invade, abuse, deceive, tax, steal, punish, destroy, kill,' etc. Being any 'act' that disturbs the peace of the land and it follows, that any earthly 'enemy' of the earthly 'State' in the 'Middle East' known as Israel is also an enemy of the State of Heaven.

It also follows, that any man, woman, or child living in the earthly 'State' named 'Israel' that in any way 'invade, abuse, tax, deceive, steal, punish, destroy, or kill,' any person living in any other State in the Middle East, or anywhere else on the planet are also enemies of the State of Heaven.

This also applies to any person that in any way funds or condones or supports the actions of their 'servants' the forces men, or the 'punitive' police or judiciary etc. For all these 'acts' are heinous in the eyes of God/Allah.

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Enemies of the 'State of Heaven' - Allah's Paradise.

These people are of every 'race & colour & creed' on earth today, being the whole population of planet Earth, they are all 'lost sheep' that have strayed from the TRUE Path - Peace - Salaam. Now you can see how 'man' has become entangled. Through the false use of and misrepresentation of WORDS.

Take the 'word' Islam. It is used as the 'name' of an earthly Religion.
But it actually and literally means:

'Submission to the Creator of the Universe.'

How does one 'submit' to the Creator?
One by daily deed walks in
PEACE - 'Salaam'* (*Peace in Arabic)

Take the 'word' Christian. It is used as the 'name' of an earthly Religion.
But it actually and literally means:
'A follower of Christ - one that walks in Peace'

How does one 'submit' to the Creator and walk only in Peace - Salaam?

One by daily deed is merciful, compassionate, forgiving, kind, and caring, and one never wields a verbal 'critical' mace, nor does one ever 'invade, abuse, deceive, steal, punish, destroy, kill,' or maim' others for any reason.

Why? - - Because God/Allah via Jesus said: "If those perceived as your enemies abuse you, then forgivingly 'turn the other cheek' and be set free by ME."

And why do ignorant 'Christians' say that 'Allah' is a false Allah? Because they do not realise that the word 'Allah' simply means 'Allah' or 'Creator of the Universe' in the Arabic language, and it is the same 'Allah' that the supposed Christians refer to.

So 'what' is the FALSE ideology that all mankind has 'succumbed to? It is the 'contra' punitive & controlling ideology to that commanded by God/Allah.

Thus man believes what he has been wrongly taught, that he can defy God/Allah, and 'invade, abuse, deceive, steal, punish, destroy, kill or maim' others for any reason that in their 'mind' is justified.

Why the 'justification'? That 'snare' that has 'trapped' all mankind of every race, colour, or creed (religion) is the 'teachings' that have arisen through the 'sin' within man, being their dark emotions of greed, vanity, pride etc.

For it is the power of these emotions that 'enabled' thoughts from the 'Serpent' to demand retribution and thus punishment of any that defy the Command of God/Allah and, - - -

Man has thus raised up 'rules' that have an 'Anti-Allah' punishment 'factor' that defies the 'mercy & compassion & forgiveness' Code of Conduct Commanded by God/Allah.

Man has raised up his own 'religious' rituals and 'secular' rules and codes of conduct and, - - - attached to these RULES are the punishments to be given to perceived 'offenders' as given by man, they were not given by God/Allah.

None seeing that only God/Allah has the prerogative to punish HIS children. Thus as 'man' wrote his own 'commandments' in the name of God/Allah, he enabled falsity to flourish and all have been misled.

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Also, every 'supposed' earthly government has the dark 'punitive' ideology of 'regulate, invade, abuse, deceive, steal, seize, tax, punish, destroy, or even kill,' any person that does not comply with their 'RULE book' drawn up by men who have assumed their divine right to so do.

Thus these governments are in fact also 'religions' with their own 'dogmas' that control God's/Allah's children, and it is these 'religions' too that God/Allah is now to 'dismember' in totality in every land and every 'city.'

Simple man sees not that he is not God/Allah, neither does he see that he is not ever 'personally' above the ONE Divine* (*Sheria) Law of God/Allah - "As you do is done unto you."

So it follows, that any man fighting to 'uphold' the 'word' being the name of his religion is in error, and one to ahead feel the very same terror that he imposed upon others and, - - -

The present ideology as 'written' within the texts of all religions contain 'texts' that condone war, punishment, abuse, and the control and regulation of God's/Allah's precious children. Thus all are contaminated teachings.

The true 'path' or 'way' has no 'punishment' factor. For the 'faithful' to God's/Allah's WORD of 'Peace' are merciful, compassionate, kind, caring, and forgiving and, - - - they know that any 'offensive' non-believers that err in the eyes of man or God/Allah by disturbing the peace, must only be 'corrected' by education, and given good counsel that is:

Firstly the understanding of God's/Allah's singular Law "As you do is done unto you," and taught the "Walk in Peace" command, and in this way they also 'learn' to pray in the manner now given by me the Mahdi so that their minds become more respectful, rational, and understanding.

Let us all 'fight' the inner battle within the mind, so that we can remain kind and merciful and compassionate and forgiving when faced by adversity. For only this way do we remain 'steadfast to God's/Allah's command of 'Peace unto all,' and, - - -

Only this way do we 'pay' our past dues as we 'suffer' at the hands of unbelieving 'infidels' and, - - - only this way can we finally reach that true spiritual Paradise or Jannah or Israel or Heaven or Holy Land or Nirvana.

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~ Definition of Ideology ~

Mankind of every race and creed believe that they are followers of certain beliefs that they consciously 'bow' to, being their named religion. Be it religion 'a or b or c,' and the 'core' of all of these beliefs have peace and love and forgiveness and compassion as words used to denote the love of the 'flocks' for the Creator.

However, there is an 'unconscious' reality, being that every 'follower' of every named religion is a subject 'of' and subjected 'to' the political 'Laws' of their Country (State). These laws in fact being 'Rules' enacted by men, and these rules themselves have their own Anti-Allah demiAllah ideology.

For the 'actions' or deeds of man are his 'belief' or ideology. It follows therefore that if the RULES or Code of Conduct demanded by the RULES are in fact contra the purported "Peace unto all" ideology of the 'religious' belief of the religions of man, then the RULES themselves are not only an ideology themselves, but they are also a 'contra' ideology imposed by said RULES upon mankind.

This controlling ideology that all mankind 'bows' to, is in fact one that enables man to 'legitimately' (in his mind) defy the Command of the Creator as he becomes a punisher & enforcer & invader & abuser & killer of other people.

Man as said, unknowingly 'legitimises' his definition of acceptable 'ideology' according to certain 'Rules of engagement' that 'differ' depending upon a variety of scenarios e.g.

The ideology of: Legitimate self-defence.
The ideology of: Legitimacy of negative actions.
The ideology of: Pre-emptive 'strike' self-defence.
The ideology of: The use of force to protect oneself.
The ideology of: War as 'humanitarian' intervention.
The ideology of: War as a 'responsibility' to protect others.
The ideology of: Justifying acts that impose terror 'legally.'
The ideology of: The 'legality' of invasion and interference in others lives.

What about the ideology of: "Peace unto all" as commanded by God/Allah? - - - I write this to you the reader for many reasons. Firstly being that 'man' seems to believe falsely that as long as his 'inquisitions' are 'backed' by a RULE in a rulebook, then his heinous anti-Allah actions 'become' legitimate through 'legality.' They do not. Rely on Allah's Word, not the sword.

What man needs to see, is that every 'dark' anti-Allah 'act' is 'ruled' by man via 'Rules' called 'laws' as punishable by man. Be it 'Intrusion, invasion, seizure of goods, kidnap, threat, coercion, abuse, destruction, theft, killing,' etc, and, - - - more to the point, there is also one immutable 'Law of Allah' that is applicable to all 'men' be they 'wombed' or otherwise. It says:

"As you do is done unto you - good for good given - pain for pain given"
What can be 'clearer' and more 'Just & equitable' than that?

So why does man 'legislate' additional rules that 'permit' or enable law 'enforcers & judiciary and 'armed forces' personnel to override not only the rules of their own 'criminal code' for society, but to also defy the Command of Allah of "Peace," - - full well knowing that that defiant 'act' places them into the negative 'punitive' payback aspect of Allah's singular law?

It is simply ignorance of Allah's Might and Allah's Law, and also it is due to fear & vengeance & arrogance. For 'what' sane man or woman would shoot themselves in their own foot, or burn themselves with a flame-thrower? - - - knowing full well that within Allah's Law that they would receive an equal return.

And what do these war 'criminals' do when they get home? They try and 'immunise' themselves with 'Treaties,' hoping to avoid the criminal justice system of the International Court of man. None seeing that their 'demise' and suffering they already purchased' at the moment they 'burnt' their sisters and brothers over the sea and, - - -

The devastation they caused as every tree and building they reduced to 'rubble' comes back to their home, that soon will 'burst' in a fiery bubble as Allah's Wrath descends upon this inhuman race in the 'manner' foretold by me.

Yes, your personal 'ideology' deeds are seen by God/Allah. Show HIM "peace unto all" before your spirit soul is 'swept' away from this sod. For Allah commands obedience to HIS 'Word of Peace.' Do not obey any 'contra' commands of man or State or any warlike religious 'fervour' of ignorant elders or politicians.

Note: Once God/Allah has 'deposed' all known and unknown religions, then there will remain one 'religious' ideology. Being the ideology of Peace, and there will exist on earth no ideology of punishment or control.

Thus there will 'arise' a new nation that is 'ruled' by the Light of God/Allah, and all mankind will 'bow' to the Command of 'Peace and goodwill unto all,' and then and only then will there be 'Peace on earth,' and this 'Realm' will be a Paradise.

Have no 'doubt,' God/Allah is now to destroy all abusers who by their deed show God/Allah that they have no 'respect' for God/Allah, no 'respect' for HIS Holy Word, and no 'respect' for HIS other children. These 'infidels' shall be 'banished' into the Abyss and over eternity be crushed into 'submission,' and then they will face the eternal fire.

'Who' when faced by adversity has the courage to Only Love?

I am Imam al-Mahdi, the Spirit of Truth sent by God/Allah



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