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This is an insight into and brief Summary only, of the 278 page book

The Testament of Truth

This Testament is the living Word of God, being the "Correction of the Truth" on earth, it is God's Final message to humanity.

All spirits (Souls) that inhabit the fleshly material bodies of this level of consciousness (world) are to undergo a swift spiritual cleansing within. Being the purging-out of the energy essence of their negative emotions (the sin) to a greater or lesser degree. During this process, all souls will have to face their past, and REAP what they SOWED, meaning, whatever pain we caused to others, will now be done to us.

Souls will all show God by their DEEDS, as to their truth. During this time of separation, those that continue sinning (cause pain to others) will be confined to a cold dark place (Hell). Those who have heard the call to love and do not retaliate in any confrontation, thus following Jesus' call of PEACE, will go to heaven.

All souls are to now be separated, the Just from the Wicked, each soul choosing its own individual destination through its deeds.

GOD SAYS - I will now intensify the outpouring of my Holy Spirit essence to more quickly draw out the negative energy essence of your sin. Each time you abuse others, you draw in this negativity, that enlarges your sin (negative emotions) and counteracts my cleansing of your soul.

GOD SAYS - During this time of inner cleansing, you will all Reap what you Sowed at a faster pace. Whatever pain you have caused others to suffer, will be felt by you, at the hands of others.

In God's eyes, all are sister and brother, and what you have done and continue to do unto others, will return to you quicker and more frequently at the hands of others.

GOD SAYS -Any of you who continue to deny my call of Peace and Love will be confined in hell for a very long time. Bless all who abuse you, showing ME your forgiveness of THEM. NOW IS THE TIME to follow Jesus, and be prepared to die "as a Lamb," if confronted by destructive forces. Thus abiding in MY CALL of non-retaliation and thus, PASSING your test, in SHOWING ME your belief in My WORD.

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GOD SAYS - Any heeding this call will be cleansed of all inner sin, and as Jesus, will become a CHRISTED SOUL. Meaning, of inner evil free, and will return to ME at the time that your fleshly body becomes uninhabitable (death) in earthly sense. ALL who believe in ME must be prepared to help all who come to their door with food, shelter and love. (Care and God's wisdom)

GOD SAYS - To abide in MY Word, evil thoughts must be kept OUT of your mind. This is done by building the ARK of the MIND, that is a barrier of love between the negative emotions and the mind. ANY who do not build this barrier will become overpowered by demonic thoughts and thus you will become a puppet for the dark side, and used by them to destroy others, and thus as you die your spirit will FALL into the dark fearful destructive pit.

GOD SAYS - As your Sin rises up within your soul before it is cleared out by MY Grace, it shows its full power and becomes very strong for a time and it is of the UTMOST importance to fortify your minds before this happens with My WISDOM, and also, keep daily cleansing the mind of negative thoughts by calling on ME in building the ARK of the MIND. For when your emotions become very strong, it is THE TIME that invisible demonic forces can broach your mind easily.

REMEMBER - to be able to abide in MY Call of non-retaliation, and be Compassionate, Understanding, Forgiving and Merciful, you MUST try to keep evil thoughts OUT ! For if you heed evil thoughts you are LOST.

GOD SAYS - The ONLY WAY to fortify the mind and keep sane is by building the ARK of the MIND, daily, with LOVE that flows when saying the Morning Star prayer. It is activated, by saying or thinking the following:

Jesus - I see your shining Star
Jesus - be with me
Jesus - please help me and save me

Those who believe not, that Jesus was God's earthly messenger, may either say the above or:

Creator of the heavens - Mother of love (or father of love)
I see your Star - shining above
please cleanse my mind with all your love
so I may heed your call of Peace from above

GOD SAYS - These prayers are to be said three times a day. MY Star shines for all, ALL are MY children.

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GOD SAYS - The destination of each soul is at stake. YOU choose YOUR destiny, being your spiritual destination, by YOUR ACTIONS. Any who are arrogant, and who fail through not heeding, will fall into icy cold darkness for endless time. This intense cleansing of the soul only takes place once every million years and thus, the open window into heaven will be closed to those who fail for this time span.

GOD SAYS - IF you believe that MY WORD as brought to earth by Jesus and other brothers and sisters over time, as indeed THE REQUIREMENT BY ME, then you MUST SHOW ME of your belief through your DEED and cast aside all weapons, stand unarmed before me. NOW IS THE TIME that MY WILL will be DONE on earth as prophesied.

GOD SAYS - The earth plane is but a temporary residence, unbelievable wonders are in store for those who now TRY and believe this message. BE Courageous in the face of adversity, for it is at this time that you are being tested. STOP causing pain to others and become FREE.

GOD SAYS - I bless you all with this Wisdom, and any who make the effort and TRY will be saved and be elevated by My angels into paradise for all eternity when their fleshly bodies become uninhabitable. (earthly death) You cannot comprehend the catastrophic power of negative thought that will now intensify with destructive intent, insanity will escalate, non-reason will prevail. Do not under estimate the need to daily build the ARK of the MIND as you will be tempted to retaliate.

GOD SAYS - MY LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL in that it outpours and 'shines' through both the just and the wicked. My FORGIVENESS is such that irrespective of what you have done, you are always welcome home, either when you have fulfilled the Divine Law of "Reap what you sowed" or when you show me by your deed that you follow the way of your brother Jesus and go as a "Lamb to the slaughter." Thus showing ME that you fulfil My call of Peace, non-retaliation and non-confrontation. May the Wisdom of this Command guide you in your decisions ahead in the knowledge of TRUTH and the wisdom of LOVE.

GOD SAYS - MY LIGHT again walks the earth, bearing MY WORD to all humanity. I ask those who have courage who see or hear this message through My son Terence the wielder of this MY pen to help him spread this final call so that all may be swiftly fortified with its wisdom and love. Those that so do are MY TRUE LIGHT BEARERS to whom I entrust MY children, and upon whom will my blessings daily flow. I send MY Love, please try and believe.

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The Shepherd's Staff

THE TRUTH - is the Crux of the Core,
  being the message of the cross for sure
  in that on "your day"
  you must not retaliate in any way.
THE LIGHT- is the Wisdom from afar,
  symbolised by Christ's Morning Star,
  visible - in an earthly sense
  to any who would "recompense."
  of Peace - not the sword,
  of Mercy and Compassion too,
  and ONLY - let love through.

So the Staff of the shepherd is God's strength
that is revealed to you at great length
and IF on the strength of God's Word you lean
then all inner darkness will God from you wean


Which faith is the TRUE FAITH - O GOD of the sky
please of this wisdom do not me deny

The true faith is ONE - that of MY WORD
those that it hear not - think it absurd
religious faith - is a word of mankind
and through its follies - man is in a bind

Twisting and turning saying - which way to go
which side is true - the lesson we don't know
so I say to you - see it clear
'tis direct to ME your GOD must you now steer

HEED MY WORD - every day
HEED MY WORD - and daily pray
ABIDE BY MY WORD - is what I ask
ABIDE BY MY WORD - 'tis your only task

God's only Commandment



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SIN: Is the seeds of darkness within the soul.

There are many different "sins" within the soul of an evolving spirit, eg. Fear - Hatred - Anger - Greed - Jealousy - Vengeance - Criticism and many more. This "energy," is drawn from the negative side of the universal energy source (destructive). And surrounds the light at the core of the soul, which is the divine spark of God. Being the positive emotional feeling of love, joy, etc - (Creative).

SINNING is - The act of mentally or emotionally or physically inflicting pain onto another person.

SINNING is - The act of taking by force or otherwise for gain.

SINNING is - The negative side exerting its control on earth and is the Reaper in action through the ignorant.

SINNING is - Anti Christ, Anti Love, Merciless & Unforgiving.

We COMMIT a sin as the direct result of succumbing to negative thoughts, which enter our minds through the vibration of the sin force. The sin "force" is the "doorway" through which our mind is impregnated telepathically. It is the negative thoughts which activate the fleshly body to perpetrate misdeeds in God's eyes when acting negatively, verbally or physically.

It is during the act of sinning that we are SOWING darkness that we will REAP. (suffer)

The sin force IS the energy of the Devil, and during the ACT of sinning, we are expressing negative energy at an intensity corresponding to the intensity of the energy flowing through the sin force.

The upper limit of the intensity of darkness that we can "outpour" will depend on the size or "volume" of this dark essence within us. The different negative emotions within us have different volumes, our negative actions (the sinning) have the express purpose of causing pain and spreading deceit.

These forces are the original sin, which have to be experienced by the evolving spirit on its evolutionary growth path. And are implanted deeply into our souls in varying combinations.

The flow of universal LOVE draws these forces up through and eventually out of our souls on a continuing basis until the soul is free of them all and finally purified (Christed soul). Having only light within.

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~ The LAW of GOD ~

You will "Reap" what you "Sow"
What you do to others will be done unto you

it follows on
If your expressed deeds are negative you will become satanic
If your expressed deeds are
positive you will become Christed

it follows on
Those who deny my "Only Love" Commandment will be destroyed by ME.


The perfect Justice of God's Law as now revealed:

1 - We reap what we sow at the time and place ordained by God that we so do.

2 - Whosoever is abused and suffereth any pain, mental, emotional, physical, loss or more,
let all mankind know that this soul did it to others before.


And as for one day when you stand a'fore the Lord
that's mankind's belief - not the true word
for 'tis we - who judge ourselves see
and our judgement - is our destiny. (spiritual destination)


Your - Task is to do your bit selflessly, with faith, hope, compassion, and forgiveness in your heart.
Your - Effort is needed, to not become a part of what you see around you.
Your - Effort is needed, to remember Christ's words: "Forgive them, for they know not what they do."
Your - Greatest effort is needed within yourself, to overcome negative thoughts rising up in your mind, and controlling your actions.

If you fail in the above, your thoughts will to varying degrees be controlled by invisible dark forces and your deeds will become questionable and beyond your control.

Remember All souls are being tested and elevated in varying degrees.
Remember The sin, being the negative feelings in all beings are being brought forward to be cleared in those in the flesh, and in spirit.
Remember No confrontation, walk away from aggression.
Remember Do not arm yourself, this attracts aggression and lowers your faith threshold.
Remember God is by your side, do only what He would do and feel His presence with you.
Remember To attain heaven you must pass over whilst not sinning.
Remember Retribution from our past sinning will come from many hands.
Remember Christ Jesus our hope. (His message from the Light)

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I am the source of everlasting love
I am the source of everlasting truth
I am the giver of all life
I give my all to those who heed my call.



The CREED OF CHRIST - does say
"Heed me - the son of God today
I say - make no other cry
or my creed - God's - you deny

Daily - turn the other cheek
strive daily - to remain meek
being forgiving - for sure
and be merciful to all at your door

Say - I believe that Christ's pen
by Father God - is chosen
to show me - the ONLY WAY
that I can heed it - I daily do pray

I look to the bright Morning Star
shining for me from afar
cleansing my mind with God's love
as I abide in the call of Her dove."


It is I - who announces my return
with the authority that I did earn
and the message of the bright morning star
is your proof - sent by Father from afar.

The reason, as to why I return to bring the new doctrine from our Mother and Father (God) at this time is that over the last two-thousand years, man has wrested the scriptures unto his own destruction, and also, it is only now that simple man has the educational qualities to understand the full message with its "bitter" implications, and has also a "common" language and the communication systems available to spread the message over the planet swiftly.

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God's Way:

Your "house," being your spirit soul,
IS only standing on "firm rock,"
when you abide in the WORD of GOD, being:

Love one another.

Christ's Creed

Heed me the son of God, and thus you fulfill God's will.

Daily turn the other cheek. Strive to remain meek.
Make no other cry. Be forgiving for sure.
Be merciful to all. Believe I am by God chosen.
Peace unto all mankind. My way is the ONLY WAY.


"Non-retaliation, lay down your weapons, be prepared to "go" (die) "as a lamb to the slaughter."
Follow in Jesus' footsteps by heeding the Creed above by "deed," and I your God will save you.

You will reap what you sowed
Heed Jesus' message that issued forth from ME.
Heed now this message through Terence.
Once sinless, it is your soul "resurrected" into its birthplace, heaven, My world.

All are My daughters and sons.

My Wisdom "through" Jesus is the "bread," sup on these teachings through Jesus and you truly sup on living water.

Man's creed should have said, "I believe that Jesus was sent by our Father and thus I will believe his message and heed it daily."

It is the deceitful "whisperings" of the serpent that say; "You can defend your flesh and thus destroy each other in self defence as you are already forgiven for your sins through the crucifixion of the one and only son of God who died for your sins." This common belief is the total denial of God's holy living WORD.

Saying: Love one another.
Be merciful - compassionate - understanding - forgiving.

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The Morning Star meditation prayer.

If any one of these meditation prayers is said three times a day then slowly but surely the ARK of the mind is built, giving us an inner mental cleansing and strengthening that lessens the invisible power of negative thought, I repeat, do it from today BEFORE your mind is out of control, and become stronger within. With this inner strengthening we will find ourselves calmer in the face of adversity and more able to remain in control of our actions as our dark sin surfaces within (negative emotions) as they are drawn up and out of our souls by God's Grace.

Children, children, you must pray, Children, in this coming time
pray to Jesus every day, I'll need your love and you'll need mine,
ask for love and strength for you, be strong and calm and quiet too,
keep calm and please be true remember always that Jesus loves you.
Children, trust me day by day Children, children, quiet now,
so that your hearts will never stray, trust in me I'll show you how,
when all around you starts to fall, say these words three times a day,
feel my love and you'll walk tall. and to Jesus, please do pray:


I see the Star of Bethlehem - high up above brilliant and beautiful and filled with God's love
I see a white light shining down from this star
cleansing through my body with its power from afar
wonderful Jesus - please now be with me
fill me with light and set my soul free


Jesus - I see your shining Star
Jesus - be with me
Jesus - please help me and save me

Any people of any creed may use either of the above prayers, or say:

Creator of the Heavens - Mother of love
I see your Star - shining above
please cleanse my mind with all your love
so I may heed your call of peace from above


This meditation is the key to the "well-spring" of inner love, the eternal flame of light and love within each soul enabling it to "break" the negative thought flow into our minds, and allowing healing of the spirit soul to occur, thus "easing" the whole being on all levels.

Remember Christ's truth - Go your way in peace - it is the only way to avoid becoming trapped by darkness.

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The invisible power of the darkness is its "spell-binding" continuity of thoughts that can keep our minds going round and around in endless circles of worrying, or things to be done, or unforgiving thoughts of past happenings, all resulting in deepening stress, confusion, mental exhaustion, and energetic "hype."

"It" the Serpent, traps us mentally into believing that "we" will not find inner peace until we resolve the problem by thinking about it and attempting to find a solution. This is deceit as there is no resolution to the problems considered, nor any ending to the areas of "searching" when our minds are linked through our negative emotions to the "Whisperings of the Serpent.."

The Serpent slowly controls us through our thoughts that are the inspiration of our expressed deeds that become more irrational and then fatal to ourselves and/or others..

Thus we only attain peace through the cessation of the confusing or negative thought flow. This is only accomplished by "breaking" its "spell" over our minds which takes place momentarily each time we do this meditation prayer, thus allowing us a little mental respite.

We are also linked mentally (telepathically) to other spirits on other levels of consciousness at all times through the vibration of our negative emotions. It is their minds too that are the link for the deceiver to reach us.

They are aware that they reach "us" mentally but do not realise that they also are being "manipulated" in the same manner from other levels, and thus, they too need to be telepathically inspired by us to also do the Star meditation so as to free themselves from negative thought intrusion into their minds, and it also "waters" their inner spiritual Rose with love.

And they must be told telepathically (thoughts) to desist from contacting us. Many of these beings are our ancestors who are attempting to guide us here with their misguided ancestral beliefs, not realising, that their "control" over us is contrary to God's wish that all have freedom of choice, and freedom of expression.

Trust now in God, let the light of God break the spell of the Serpent's thoughts three times a day, giving us a little respite as we say the Star prayer, and thus, we are able to remain sane until the time that our Creative God of light and love has "removed" out from our souls the negative emotions, one by one, that are the sin. For it is then and only then that the "doorway" to this darkness is closed, and then, as there is no avenue for negative thoughts to reach our minds, clear rationality and Peace within at last are found.

Trust in God - let it so be
trust in God - thus you will be set free.

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Very short story narration

God says: To reach the promised land after earthly death, you must keep bad thoughts out of your mind, so you can stay peaceful to others.

This is done by thinking of the Morning Star, that is the Star of Bethlehem, and saying the Star prayer three times a day.

The one that says -

Jesus - I see your shining star
Jesus - be with me
Jesus - please help me and save me


Creator of the heavens - Mother of love
I see your star - shining above
please cleanse my mind with all your love
so I may heed your call of Peace from above

God is cleansing the bad feelings of anger, fear and hatred out of you. Feelings that grow stronger in you each time you abuse anyone or manipulate others. You will become more bad and hurtful at times before you are free of this darkness within and your thoughts will be very bad thoughts that will try and make you abuse and hurt other people.

Whatever bad things you have said or done to other people or continue to do to others will be done to you by others. I say, if any person abuses you with their mouth or strikes you a blow, you must not strike back. Only cowards strike back and those who have not heard My Words of non-retaliation.

God's only Command is: "Love each other," and you must show respect to everyone especially the bad ones, even if they want to kill you because, whatever happens to you is "payback" for what you did to others before, either in this life or in another.

All must follow Jesus, and not retaliate if they are confronted in any way. Many will soon die as they are abused. Any who follow Jesus by being like a "Lamb" that does not fight back will go up to the promised land that is called many different names. Some call it heaven. Their fleshly body will remain on earth, it is their spirit within that will rise up into a happy place forever and ever.

Any who continue to abuse others because their thoughts are very strong in a bad way and they keep fighting back will, as they die, go to a cold dark miserable fearful place. Some call it hell.

You must try very hard to not cause any pain to anyone. All are sister and brother in God's eyes. Bad people will become good as they are cleansed within of anger.

If you say the star prayer above, then it will be easier to keep bad thoughts out. So that when bad people want to abuse you, you can heed God more easily and not retaliate.

To get to the promised land, all you have to do is to conform to GOD'S message through me.


show God by your good deed that you are in obedience to His command.

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You must forget the bad things that were done to you or your family by others. They did bad things because their thoughts were also bad and they did not know how to keep bad thoughts out of their minds.

All bad thoughts come from the Devil. All of us have allowed bad thoughts in to our minds at some time and thus we all have done wrong things at some time. Let us forgive each other for our ignorance. And all now must try hard to be good.

Help the bad ones also by telling them of this prayer so that their thoughts become good and they stop doing bad things.

Help any people who are in trouble. Share this message and your food with them, even the bad ones who abuse you. THEN God sees that you are merciful and forgiving.

If you are told by any man to go and kill another person you must tell them "NO," that you now are going to heed God, not man.

This message comes direct to you from God, through His earthly messenger Terence.

This brief summary is basically to help those who cannot READ EASILY. I must say that if you can obtain a copy of the full Testament text then do so, as it contains so very much more, with each page being pure truth and reality to reprogram your subconscious mind with the necessary wisdom to fortify it against the "foil" of the deceiver who uses your past programming of false beliefs as a weapon against you within your own mind. You need to read these and/or other pages daily.

Pass this message on to all. God's love is with your blessed soul.





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