~ Short story narration ~

Of God's final message to you as contained in The Testament of Truth book.

God says: Learn about the disruption, disharmony and insanity that arises through the use of My Dark energy, for criticism, anger, hatred 'judgement' and forcefulness results, and unhappiness, pain and destruction unfolds. Only 'uphold and support and fund benign community effort in using my Light energy..

God says: Learn about the influence of rising emotions and the external influence of intruding thoughts that override your consciousness.

God says: Learn about the peace, harmony and sanity attained through the use of My Light energy. (Love, joy, happiness.)

God says: Learn 'acceptance' of the 'reasoning' ways of others for all have the 'sovereign' right to be or not to be, thus you must only 'educate,' never control, punish or berate.

God says: To attain eternal inner peace and Salvation (free of sin within) and reach the spiritual Promised Land, you must try and keep bad thoughts out of your mind so that you can stay respectful and peaceful towards others, and you must definitely not permit any unkind thoughts to 'justify' your abuse of others or yourself.

This is done by fortifying your mind with Light energy that is released in you when thinking of the Morning Star that is the Star of Bethlehem, and saying the following prayer three times a day:

Jesus - I see your shining star
Jesus - be with me
Jesus - please help me and save me


Creator of the heavens - Mother* of love
I see your star - shining above
please cleanse my mind with all your love
so I may heed your call of Peace from above

Note: Mother* - You may say either Mother or Father.

The Light energy of God is cleansing the bad feelings of anger, fear and hatred out of your soul. These are feelings that grow stronger in you each time you abuse anyone, or manipulate others.

You will become more bad and hurtful at times before you are free of this darkness within you, and your thoughts will be very bad thoughts, thoughts that will try and make you abuse and hurt other people or yourself.

Whatever bad things you have said or done to other people, or continue to do to others, will be done to you by others. I say, if any person abuses you with their mouth, or strikes you a blow you must not strike back. Only cowards and the ignorant, and those who have not heard God's Words of "non-retaliation & forgiveness" strike back in retribution.

God's Command is: 'Love each other,' and, you must now show respect to everyone especially the bad ones, even if they want to kill you because, whatever happens to you, is 'payback' for what you did to others before, either in this life or in another.

All must follow Jesus' way, and not retaliate if they are confronted in any way. Many will soon die as they are abused by others. Any who follow Jesus by being like a "Lamb" that does not fight back, will go up to the promised land that is called many different names, some call it Heaven.

Their fleshly body will remain on earth, it is their spirit within that rises up into a happy place forever and ever. Any who continue to abuse others because their thoughts are very strong in a bad way, and keep fighting or destroying, will as they die, go to a cold dark miserable fearful place, some call it Hell.

You must try very hard to not cause any pain to anyone. All are sister and brother in God's eyes. Bad people will become good as they are cleansed within of anger and fear.

If you say the star prayer above, then it will be easier to keep bad thoughts out of your mind, so that when bad people want to abuse you then you can heed God more easily and not abuse others nor retaliate in the face of adversity.

To get to the promised land all you have to do is to conform to God's message through me, and show God by your good deed that you are heeding the Commandment. The Command being: "Go your way in peace, and be merciful and compassionate and forgiving to those still abusing you or others."

You must try to forget the bad things that were done to you or your family by other people. The others did the bad things because their thoughts were also bad, and they did not know how to keep bad thoughts out of their minds and the 'Devil' used them to balance His scales of Justice.

All bad thoughts come from the Devil. All of us have allowed bad thoughts into our minds at some time, and thus we all have done wrong things at some time.

Let us forgive each other for our past ignorance. All now must try hard to be good and respectful to all. Help the bad ones also by telling them of this prayer, so that their thoughts become good and they stop doing bad things.

Help any people who are in trouble. Share this message and your food with them, even the bad ones who abuse you, THEN God sees that you are merciful and forgiving.

If you are told by any man to "Go and 'tax,' punish, seize goods or kill another person," you must tell them "NO," that you now are going to heed God, not man.

Please learn the TRUTH now, for when your spirit soul passes out of the flesh into lower realms you will probably not find the truth there and you will be lost forever, and if you continue to fight back or punish others for what they do, then you are not hearing what God says and you will die spiritually. This means that your spirit will be confined in the darkness where forever it will be painfully abused by other evil spirits.

So please now daily strengthen and cleanse your mind by saying the star prayer, and by reading this and the Star prayer 'Daily Practice' each day. Only this way will you be able to look ahead and think of the present, not the past. For if you keep thinking of the past then the Devil will want you to do something about it in a vengeful way, and you will then heed the Devil and die.

Try and see that the dark energy of God is what is presently known as 'The Devil or the Dark Sovereign Power,' but try and understand that there is nothing that exists outside of God's frame. God is all, and His dark energy is what deceives you into believing that you are justified in controlling or punishing others so as to maintain peace and harmony. That is false because it is error to use force to try and maintain peace, and is the error of the teachings of mortal man. Peace is only attained by spiritual education.

Friends, God says "Only Love, only lovers find their way above, any who this call deny, for an eternity will endlessly cry."