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The Testament of Truth (pages 51 - 75)


Testament 51

The winds of change blow more each day so now all must fervently pray, pray that time shall fly past fast so that turmoil doth forever not last.  For we see the twisted aggression and hate, e'en now reaching up to begin the spate, and tortuous minds of evil men, e'en now drag many to Satan's den.

Oh, dreaming so sweetly do we see the far distant shore of eternity, of love and hope and beautiful rest, try hard lads 'tis but a short test.  For time will run and run and run, as you quicker and quicker speed for the sun.  Yea, faster and faster time will go so all the clocks will seem to fast flow.

For our mighty Lord up above sends you all His wondrous love, and He'd want you all to stay free, 'tis why time will faster go see.  So worry not when you see that there's no time for cups of tea.  The vibration hums as it does strum, quickening it's pace as along you run.

Fortitude of mind and inner strength, these two please practice, to great length, for as yet you cannot see, the incredible difficulty 'twill be to stay free.  Heavier and heavier the load will get,* 'till your nerves stretch and your minds do fret, for only this way, don't you see, we'll see who is fit for eternity. 

So our loving hands reach out to you now,
believe us darlings and try hard somehow. 
We would have it that forevermore,
you all made it to our distant shore.

Testament 52

Men, we are guided by men so old it would make you weep and feel so bold.  These are mighty men I am told who have lived forever before you were in the mould.  So hearken please to this their plea, they love you, can't you this see, their love so deep, a river so blue, a violet flame and crimson too.

Flashing fire with explosive blues, amber green and tornado hues.  Tempestuous souls who forevermore, pour out liquid love to all the poor.  The rivers of love within their hearts would drown you lads if you would impart.  So rich and full and deepening deep, just waiting forever whilst you still sleep.*

Canopies of fire smouldering low, waiting to explode, when you say "I'll go." The majestic might of these souls old is unbelievable, and it's tragic we weren't before told.  So awake, awake, I implore of you, set aside your fears and come on through.

Pearly gates so huge and wide you can reach them in just one stride.  A stride in the mind when you say yes, it's just a small switch you needs press.  Don't even think just give it a go, even if you move the switch from off to slow.

Oh, sweet children, their love for thee is impossible to describe, unto infinity.
They believe and love you true.  You believe not and are untrue.

Testament 53

Why should they tarry and wait around when you don't even murmur, or make a sound.  Move your lips and then your feet, then they'll gather you up from off the street.  Hold your hands and lead you along, you won't falter you'll become strong.  Blessed children believe in me, for I see and hear them see.

"Join us, join us," I hear them say.  "We would have you forever and a day.  Fear not the loss of worldly goods, for soon sons, you'll lose them like burning wood." 'Twas already foretold" I hear them say, 'Tis not just new news coming your way."

So make a move, and make it fast, be the first and not the last, and billions of angels who flow now past are awaiting to see who's true at last, for they too will be guiding you once they know that you're true blue.  So get to it lads, you know it's true, what this old soul's been saying to you.

The WORD OF GOD is all I've said, true sons for I'd not have you dead, and I for one know what's coming see, mighty horrendous between you and me, and any who falter and minds do fail,* will feel a quiver in the marrow like an ice-cold nail, for once my truth is really revealed, your grief will destroy you, this you'll feel.

So get to it sons and daughters now, just look around and believe somehow.  Death and destruction already abound, meted out by men with minds unsound, and day by day now it will grow as ever in our minds iniquitous thoughts sow. 

So 'tis why this I now send, and to all say, join me lads and together we'll pray, for our Lord God who sees all, sees the icy hearts of some begin to pall, and once you freeze and feel cold within,* you're already beginning to fall to inner sin.

Understand please what it's all about
- HEAVEN AND HELL - do I have to shout.

Testament 54

It amazes me how stupid some be, please take off the blinkers and try and see.  So now I send my blessings to you from angels above who love you true.  Oh, what a sight, oh, what a sound, as their visions flash past, my head's going round.

Like knights of old before a fight, showing off their chargers flashing with light, unquestionable truth and burning desire, liquid gold and eyes on fire.  Fire and truth that burns so bright can brighten up the darkest night. 

Oh, blessed virgin so crystal pure, sitting so calmly sweet and demure
whilst straining hearts so full of fear, cannot you see, oh dear, oh dear.

The wondrous truth that we were told is now a story so old, so old, but all the faithful have forgotten see, and can now no longer believe in thee.  Materiality* has bound them tight, they'll give in to Satan, without a fight. 

Oh what a sight and sorry sound, when they wake up their hands and feet will be bound,* cold reality will fill their hearts, their souls will shudder with icy darts. 

Oh why, oh why did I not harder try, will be their cry forever in the sky.  Daily do they run on miserable tasks, boredom and indecision like faceless masks, and right now the chance to see their King, you'd think they'd kick up their heels in the Highland fling.

Unquestionably my candles yellow glow, this message written in the candles glow.  Oh, sweet children, now I away go, please, please believe and not so slow go.  I hear angels crying as I fall asleep, they say: "Terence, how can you sleep while millions of souls are waiting for you to sow our subtle truths through you."

So I arise to again send their love, filled with light from heaven above.  Our lovely Lord named Jesus too pours out His love and blessings onto you.  Hearken to His call from up above whispering to you from the land of love: "I beckon thee I beckon thee, join me darlings, be forever free."

Violet hues of indigo blue come flashing through, flashing through.  Purple too comes flashing through.  The heavens are brilliant and sky blue too.  Incredible hues of green and gold, grass so green and sprinkled with gold.  flashing past these visions see. 

Why oh why don't you folks see.  If t'were only true what I told you, you'd believe, you'd believe too.  Come on friends show me you're true, just say I'm coming to walk with you.*

The sweet mysteries revealed to you, say it's true, say it's true.  So come on lads I beg of you, show me you're true, show me you're true.  Crystal clear water from running brooks, laced with dazzling azure, so gleaming it looks.  Tremulously I ask:

Am I too bold telling you all this that I'm told.  'Tis not the wandering of my mind, please to me don't be unkind.  I'm faced with a task so far and wide, I need you all friends, by my side.  Desperate my call now to thee, let me lead you and set you free, for the task gets harder see, soon you'll believe what I say to thee. 

Testament 55

Don't leave it too long I beg of thee for it's soon too hard for you to stay free.  The forces of evil now multiply below, compounding more and more as their power does grow, and it just happens, believe you me, one day you're gone, no longer free.  I've seen it before many times see, but now friends, it more difficult be.

So I beseech thee with my pen to hearken to my voice and delay not men.  The heavenly voices from above forever beckon thee with their love.

'Tis true, 'tis true, I hear them say,
this world is forever and a day. 
The loving feelings that abide here
flow forever and you don't feel fear.

The Blessed Virgin Mary with love of gold
asks us to tell you, she's still young not old,
that wonderful age of thirty three
is the magic age we all are see,

Full of life and energy we be
filled with exuberance for all to see. 
Smiles so wide and crystal clear,
voices so lovely that draw you near

Every soul a lovely friend 
No end forever, no end friend. 
So much to do forever, friend,
believe us do, we are your friend.

Laughing and singing we can dance all day,
swinging around the heavens in a wonderful way. 
Feelings so high that burst through you. 
You'll have to feel it to believe it's true.

The feelings of love sent by the dove
flow through your hearts forever with love
Silvery looms come spinning through
saying: believe, believe, it’s endless too.

Oh, children of mine, brethren so sweet
we can dance forever and never get tired feet. 
Energy is boundless in the heavens above,
streaming through our souls with boundless love.

Blessings, come now, we say to you,
trust us darlings, we are true blue. 
Breastplates of gold and burning red
let us lead you forever from the dead.

Testament 56

Children, take the padlocks off your mind and to selves be very kind.  Adults you may be for sure, but your wisdom is very poor.  Ignorance on the truth of sin and how it binds you so you don't win, and there is one thing you need for sure, that is the TRUTH of why you are poor.* Poor in heart, and poor in soul, why you are weak, and can't negativity over bowl. 

So I now speak to let you know how and why, and, let new truth flow.  Nakedness dear children, was never a sin, you were deceived by many a 'has been.'* Make love, not war, I ask of you, you'll be happier and I'll know you are true. 

The deep dark forces deep inside encompass all feelings even Fear and Pride, and the power of these forces within can make anyone their head spin. 

Coursing forth o'er winds of time they slowly grow and shut out love divine, shut out the light and the truth so that from friends we then stand aloof, until the time does one day come when they're drawn out by the grace of the ONE. 

Yes, His love that is so true, cleanses our souls through and through, and this is done through pages of time when we step from darkness into love divine, and, we needs understand the how and the why, if you now are to aspire to heaven up high.

So day by day I'll give you more so that you're reprogrammed within your store, being the storehouse of your subconscious mind, which has the power to your soul loose or bind. 

Gently walk your road each day and through my star to me gently pray, and little by little you will see the truth I speak and feel more free.

So, darling children on the homeward run, keep your thoughts clear and have lots of fun.  The difficult spate that will now begin is needed by all to drive out inner sin. 

Bless you all, you are mine and I'd join you o'er a glass of wine.  So do your best in the coming test and believe that I will do the rest.

O sweetness, summer wine,
sweet mercy your love divine. 
Blessed kindness in the night,
your sweet counsel will keep us tight.

Free from pain and suffering too, free from anger flowing through.  Free from hatred welling up, free to join you at the last sup.  Kindness now as never before, kindness always to the fore.  Kindness please to all you meet, kindness to strangers on the street.

Quality of truth we must express,
quality of care must we impress. 
Quality of deed to other souls,
quality of love as fear clears from our bowls.

Blessed mercy your light is true.  Blessed mercy, your love showing through.  Blessed mercy in the night, blessed mercy you are right.  Gentleness to all we meet, gentleness to uplift them onto their feet. 

Gentleness as we go our way, gentleness as we help them pray.  Confusion must not show through, confusion means that we're untrue.  Confusion stems from inner doubt, confusion shows control by inner louts.

Clarity in all we do,
clarity must forever now shine through 
clarity of purpose on our way
clarity and reason every day.

Testament 57

Thank you, sweet Jesus for your proof, thank you sweet Jesus, we must not stand aloof.  Thank you, sweet Jesus for being you, thank you sweet Jesus you'll pull us through. 

Communion of love flowing through to every soul that remains true to MY wisdom and MY word and, who believe MY star is not absurd.

Blessed ones please believe,
blessed ones I don't deceive. 
Blessed ones you are mine,
blessed ones partake my love divine.

Fortitude in every way,
fortitude and daily pray. 
Fortitude is a must,
fortitude please in me trust.

O blessed angels guide you now. 
O blessed angels by you now. 
O blessed angels old so old. 
O blessed angels with souls so bold.

Divine deliverance coming your way,
divine deliverance to all who pray. 
Divine deliverance is in store,
divine deliverance for sure for sure.

Grieve not on loss of worldly goods,
grieve not on being misunderstood. 
Grieve not as you see others fall,
grieve not if confronted by those tall.

Sweetness, you are mine,
sweetness, drink my wine,
sweetness, come to me,
sweetness, I will set you free.


Testament 58

The winds of change are blowing, more and more each day, the winds of change are blowing, and we must harder pray.  Pray for quiet forgiveness in all that we did, pray for quiet forgiveness, knowing that naught is hid. 

God's great and mighty angels standing by in time, God's great and mighty angels, filled with love divine.

Bless you, bless you darlings, is what I hear them say,
bless you, bless you darlings, we'll now forever stay.

Pray in quiet reverence to our Lord of light. 
Pray in quiet reverence He will keep us right. 
Daily, daily seek His shining star above,
daily, daily seek, His beckoning star of love.

Let it gently cleanse your thoughts as you go, let it gently cleanse and His new truths now sow.  Truth of quiet forgiveness to strangers on the street, truth of quiet forgiveness to every soul you meet.

Compassion and understanding for other's horrid deeds.  Compassion and understanding for other's negative weeds.  Help to show the way to His distant shore, help to show the way, as never done before.

I see His star a’ beckoning, twinkling in the night. 
I see His star a’ beckoning, saying, all will be right. 
I bless you, bless you children, says Jesus from afar. 
I bless you, bless you children, please now seek my star.


Testament 59 

Blessed children, ALL are mine, even those, lost in the satanic vine, all but all do need the love that I send out in streamers, from above. 

All my treasures, those filled with light, need to help their sisters and brothers still walking in the night.  Reach out to them and daily gently pray that they'll see my light one day.

Hold them close as they feel pain, then they'll know my truth's not in vain, for very soon such pain they'll feel, the pain they unleashed from Satan's reel, and the agony of their sin will unwind within them in, and they'll cry out in the night, and you my treasures must lift them upright.

Right in truth and forgiveness too, don't let their hatred get to you.  Just reach out and touch, and with them do pray, that their inner feelings will clear one day.  For all are brothers real true blue, all are sisters, loving too.  'Tis just that they were not strong and couldn't see the right from wrong. 

Help them, help them is all I ask, help them daily IS your task, and I will bless you forever and a day for each one you help along the way.

Oh what a wonderful way to go, come on folks, hear the call, don't be slow just follow your leader, it's an easy game, and call out to Jesus with His beautiful name.

God bless you, God bless you, God bless you, God bless you. 
God bless you, God bless you, God bless you, God bless you. 
Forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever. 
Forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever.

Far into the future can we mortals see a glimmer of light a'glowin for all to see.  The Prince of Peace is coming at last from distant shores, and this time my children, He'll be here forevermore.  So tighten up your belts and bear the heavy load, for when He comes my darlings, He'll brighten up the road.

His blessings reach out before Him, reach out for all to see, so bear up and be happy, soon you'll all be free.  Gently gently walk the road you cross each day, lift your eyes to heaven and to Jesus pray.  Pray with quiet reverence that he will walk with you, pray with quiet reverence.  He will guide you true.

From out the mists a'glowin do I see His light, from out the mists a'glowin, I know all will be right.  "Forever, forever, forever," I hear that distant cry, forever forever, forever.  I know that I will try.

"Hold fast, hold fast, my children," I hear that distant cry.  "Hold fast, hold fast, my children, I will lift you all up high.  My angels strong and stalwart will gather around each of you, my angels strong and stalwart will make sure you get through."

"I love you, love you darlings," is what our Jesus says.  "I love you, love you darlings, please remember my ways." Forever, forever, forever, He calls now from afar, forever, forever, forever, please remember my star.

Hold fast, hold fast to my wisdom, and my truth as well. 
Hold fast, hold fast to my wisdom, it will save you from hell. 
I bless you all my darlings, I'll never go away,
I bless you, bless you darlings, join hands with me and pray.

Testament 60

Thank you guidance, leading light, for leading us on again tonight, and will do so forevermore until we get to heavens door.  Gently, as I raise my head, all you other souls in bed, I ask, what are you waiting for, don't you want to reach heaven's door.?

Longingly and forevermore I beseech and I implore.  I don't know why you hesitate, you're going to miss that golden gate.  Verily, verily, I say unto thee, there's never ever another chance like this, if this chance you do miss, I shall weep forevermore.

Sadly now I sing this song, what is there I could have done wrong.  Why are some folks dragging for, I don't know why, that's for sure. 

Over mountains, over hills I have toiled for many years, seeking and searching for many souls that I could trust at a time like this.  I know I am a strange sort of a man, but that's our Lord's and not my plan.  He sent me here down to plan, and I've just kept running along.

Heavens doors are huge and great, if t'were me, I wouldn't wait, I would never even cogitate, I'd be scared I might be late.  My heart has started to bleed too, so folks, why is it that you do this to this old soul who is gentle and kind, why do it to someone so poor.?

Again I say, forevermore, many hours of sweat and blood have I toiled seeking, searching for those I thought worthy of such a giant mighty cause. 

Never a day in my life went by when I didn't say, I spy with my little eye, I wonder if that man is going to try.  Oh dear soul I'd love you to death, myself never again holding my breath if you could only pass the first test by coming and knocking at my door.

Once again I beseech and implore, hundreds of angels and millions more, just to give you guidance too forevermore, forevermore.  Please dears, don't wait, times will be so tough if you're late, and there’ll be a rat race up from Hell, all reaching up for that mighty bell. 

Every Tom, Dick and Harry, lusting in the night, If you don't have the Lord's power then you won't even begin the fight.

The strength and fury you will see, will be entwining you and me.  There's no escape for any in this race, unless, you can see our dear Lord's face. 

Powerful thoughts up from the dark, rising up to find their mark in the minds of simple men, and dragging them down into a life of sin.  Old Satan's boys are getting on their toes, they know the time is close when they will have their best time in a million years.

The cleansing light from up above, cleansing souls from sin, is bringing up dark forces from within.  As these forces rise, before our eyes people's emotions rise and the very heavens will hear their cries, every man and child you will despise as their negative actions rise and rise.

As their thoughts flow the evil within gets much stronger and Satan's deadly men get in and fill them with Hate.  Oh what a sight, oh what a sound, every single man going around and around with terrorising in his mind.

I tell you lads it will be bad, evil thoughts driving every soul from within.  It'll be mighty sad, its been my work for many a year, clearing souls of dark hateful beings dragging in their dreams, if you sons, will believe this soul, I sure know the wily old ways of the forces of sin. 

Testament 61

Whisper in your ear; "Love is near, just let me in." Then, drag a man down and kick him in the shin.  Oh, poor girls, minds in whirls, won't stand a chance when every devilish blighter will tear off their pants.  I can see it now darken the sky, screams in the night.  Rape and pillage and looting right through the night.

Hold the fort men, if you weaken with revenge you're also letting sin in, and will also become possessed, totally possessed by evil men, reaching from the past, their bones creaking with revenge, hate and lust, will also tear you apart.

Now once again my bones get cold as I feel their hatred getting stronger in their graves, so, my band of men, you must take stock, time's running out.  There'll be hundreds of thousands tearing out their hearts, trembling with fear, us my friends, true blue to the end, but, much too few.  Our only hope the Lord above, reach to Him now, so we will be in time to help the needy too.

Glory, glory be, if you could only see what I've written the whole world's to be.  Darkness, fire, people running, trying to hide from hideous thoughts coming from inside. 

I hear it now the devilish laugh, spittle drooling down the mouths of ten million billion of Satan's men, they see the girls, innocent boys too, and in their minds they are planning their biggest feast of all time.

So rally around lads, now's the time afore it's too late, we'll have a hundred thousand souls to help soon enough.  Battered and bruised, bosoms cut off, legs torn apart, how much do I have to say to reach your hearts.  Eons of deadly men from all dark ages past, reaching up now to have the biggest hateful, vengeful, orgy, against God's men.

I not only need you, but in other countries ten.  So, please try to move your bloody arses and get into the fight.  I can tell you this, I am meek and I am mild, but now I'm shaking inside, the very thought you're all so bloody stupid and can't OPEN your eyes.  It's NOT a game, it's a shame, all sitting so pretty.  'Can't happen to me,' oh boy, oh boy, you'll get such a surprise.

Every dog and bitch that’s filled with sin, greed and pride, will forever and a day go and join the dark side.  AM I getting through your thick hides?  I hope so; our LORD GOD is getting sorely tried. 

So mighty men, who wield biro pens like me, make a start and make those millions do their tiny part.  They are NOTHING you see, bits of paper to me, and oh boy, when the fire starts, they'll all go up in smoke.

Father, I ask, "Please make them heed this call.  I shiver, I shake, lest my friends fail and thus too my quest hath failed and I shall look upon your face no more.  I weep now as never before.  Bless them please from up above and outpour on them your divine love.  I ask this Father in your name and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Mother Divine."

Testament 62

Religion and Church are words given by man that have their souls trapped for many a life span, for the CHURCH OF GOD that I see, is HIS TRUTH ONLY, and not the Club be.

Churches today are no more than Clubs.  'Join us now - we'll your sins out rub! Oh for sure we sing together in the name of our Lord, even though we "Ministers" are still trapped by the sword, for we ourselves heard not His Word, for we ourselves abide not by His Word.  We are all takers who fawn the rich; we help not our brothers still lying in the ditch.'

"RETURN ALL TITHES to my children poor."

This is God's message to religions for sure.  The follies of religious teachings are heard every day, so Jesus said; Only believers will make it my way.  So believe it friends what I say to you, for 'tis only His messages that flow through and HE says:

NOW IS THE TIME SO HEED MY WORD and together we'll dine.

Reach out and touch all that you meet. 
See past their ways and put them back onto their feet. 
Bless them with love and forgiveness in your heart,
yes children, every day give them a fresh start

Testament 63

God says:

“LOOK DIRECT TO ME, for I AM YOUR GOD, and 'tis MY WORD you must relate to as you plod.  'Tis ONLY MY LOVE here in the sky that will guide you and cleanse you daily as you try. 

MY CHURCH is not buildings or ministerial men, 'tis THOSE that HEARD MY WORD I spoke back then, so those that hear and heed MY WORD, ARE MY CHURCH who'll not fall to the sword.

The sword you may feel, 'tis how you reap, but you'll not fall into Satan's keep.  Just bless all who may cause you pain, then you'll know MY Word was not in vain.”

So, darling children on the homeward run, keep smiling and be happy and have lots of fun.  Look to MY star high in the sky, it will help uplift you, please try.  Please try blessed children of the light, we would forever lift you upright. 

The mighty course of nature's flow would slow you down as along you go, but the spiritual essence here up above, will guide you forever with divine love.

So we beseech thee once again to try hard, for we speak not in vain.  We bless you, bless you children of light, and please believe we'll lift you upright.  'Tis enough said now, all done.  Prepare yourselves for Satan's run.

Blessed be those that really love Him. 
Blessed be those that heed this call. 
Blessed be those that work forever for our dear Mother and Father up in heaven.

Seek ye within.  Is it filled with sin? Go forth my children, waste not, but hasten.  Go with love and peace as your companions.  Heavenly gain shall be your lot forever, forever.  Silently now as we read this call.  Silently now as we bow our heads.  Silently now, let us say a small prayer, thanking our dear Lord for calling us near.

For evermore shall we be blessed.  How little time to be hard pressed, for being carried up on the wings of a dove that in itself is worth all the risk.  So silently now bow your heads.  Seek ye within and know your sin, then thank our dear Father above for His Almighty compassion and love, for He has chosen all of you for His mighty work to do. 

So friends, do not crow too soon, but go your way humbly and soon, blessings flow.  Swiftly now move along.  Peace everlasting, more blessings, I hear that triumphant heralded call, Forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever.

Testament 64

Seek ye unto your hearts brethren
do I come as a ravening wolf
or do I come with but HIS

Which WAS and IS and WILL BE for an eternity
Open your eyes and SEE
Open your ears and HEAR


Blessed be he who heareth
and who calleth out to me in the night and day, saying:

Jesus I see your shining Star
Jesus be with me
Jesus please help me and save me.

The wisdom of this truth lies within you.  Faith is founded on belief, belief in your God and His ways and His world will make you as He is.

I, Terence, hear this call from the never, never:

"I love you - I beckon you - come unto me - blessings unto you all."


Testament 65

Hear ye - hear ye - hear ye

From this moment on - the gospels shall move forwards, this the first new scripture be:

1:1 - Honour thy Father as He would thee, this way forever free you be. 
1:2 - Blessed be they forever in this cause, may they do it without conscious pause. 
1:3 - Her wisdom revealed in all minds, His love in truth doth every soul bind.

2:1 - Blessed be those that see the light, the light of Christ shining bright. 
2:2 - His heavenly being filled with fire, the fire of joy and invincible power. 
2:3 - The deity of God now within all be and all souls shine with His divinity.

3:1 - Heavenly blessings from above will outpour on all who love. 
3:2 - Guidance abounds forevermore to bless all souls upon your shores. 
3:3 - Divine love for eternity will shine forth from all hearts see.

3:4 - Blessed be to the memory of the virgin Mary, for she bore Him to thee. 
3:5 - Blessed be His remembrance, for He delivered thee. 
3:6 - Blessed be they that can now see, the Holy Spirit the Mother be.

3:7 - The new inspired wisdom shall be named "The Testament of Truth."

3:8 - For those that readeth what is here written with love and reverence for He that them sendeth, may they be truly blessed for all eternity. 

3:9 - May all God's earthly scribes and printers who alter not His Holy messages be blessed for all eternity, may His truth remain untarnished, unfettered, and unchanged for all eternity

3:10- May the misguided fools who have and will change the words of the prophets weep in sorrow for many moons for their iniquitous deceit until they have felt due remorse for every soul they have deceived.

"This is the order of the Most Holy one"

3:11- It has been written that when He cometh, His law will be written in the minds and hearts of man. 
3:12- When this hath come to pass, there shall be no need for teachers or prophets and all shall be history. 
4:1 - Angels of mercy - angels of light, guide all souls - even in the night.

4:2 - Always entreating that they keep their minds free, free of evil which is pervading in thee. 
4:3 - And their wisdom - is beyond reproof, and from their counsel stand not aloof. 
4:4 - They guide all souls day by day until your soul gets to heaven one day.

4:5 - This is truth that you must believe, 'tis not the Lord's wish that you are more deceived. 
4:6 - Powerful choices rear up in the mind, you must be strong and the evil unwind. 
4:7 - Gently gently look up above and see the truth of the land of love.

4:8 - 'Tis a distant home you see where you are happy for eternity. 
4:9 - It is real and exists see, a place your souls yearn to be. 
4:10- 'Tis just the subconscious mind does you deceive, blinded by materiality which doth a web weave.

Testament 66

4:11- And for all eternity can you be deceived, if you don't make the effort for to believe. 
4:12- Try hard now and see the light, give your souls a chance to be lifted upright. 
4:13- God's good angels on the move at last, turning a page in time to where forever doth last.

4:14- Slowly see the truth I speak, for to make it, one must be humble and meek. 
4:15- Gentle and kind and loving too, loving to all that God sends to you. 
4:16- The needs of some are heavy and great, so even the thoughts of heaven then wait. 

4:17 - DO HIS WORD - I ask of thee, HE awaits to set you free. 
4:18 - Abide with me - I hear Him say, drink wine and rejoice forever and a day. 
4:19 - As earth's dark mists in time roll by, you'll be forever happy you did try.

4:20 - Bless you, bless you, I hear Him say, His voice flowing to you as I pray. 
5:1 - Blessed be those souls that love all sent to them by the dove. 
5:2 - Truly blessed shall they be for helping others become free. 

5:3 - Free from sin deep down within that's rising up and making them sin. 
5:4 - Divine blessings to all be, that see this truth flowing from me.
5:5 - Greatly cherished shall all be who have the wisdom to the truth see.

5:6 - Understanding - love - forgiveness to all, the meek, the mild, the strong, the tall.
5:7 - Kindness please to all you meet, even unpleasant strangers on the street. 
5:8 - All but all have my light within, even those still clouded with inner sin.

5:9 - Truly blessed are those that grieve for their brothers that still deceive.
5:10 - Who still walk in the darkness see, filled with evil for all to see. 
5:11 - Treasures of light, treasures of love, are awaiting those that share their love.

5:12 - Fortitude and courage we need see, to share our love and help others become free. 
5:13 - For 'tis but lack of love within them see, that permits the coldness to bind them see. 
5:14 - Diligence within will keep us strong, strong to know right from wrong.

Testament 67

5:15 – Daily, daily reach out for the love, the love of Jesus in the star above. 
6:1 - All men to forever run free, no justification for punishment see.
6:2 - This call for love is true see, even for those that kill others, see.

6:3 - For they will change as along they go, and our Lord's wisdom in their minds does grow. 
6:4 - The only penance for them be, that they be counselled on how to stay free. 
6:5 - Free from the thoughts streaming in, that twist their minds and make them sin.

6:6 - Blessed and consecrated by many be, this will save them and quicker set them free. 
6:7 - Children too for the deeds they do, must be counselled gently on what they do. 
6:8 - For their feelings will rise and rise, and their actions you must not despise. 

6:9 - Daily meditation on the star see, will assist all to keep sanity. 
6:10- This guiding light of our Lord above, sends out cleansing energy with His love. 
6:11- Believe, believe, believe again, is the message from out this pen.

6:12- Forever forever in the heavenly sky, if you try, if you try. 
6:13- Compassion and understanding to the fore, for any souls who knock at your door. 
6:14- Say - I bless you, bless you, bless you friend, and bless the Lord who did you send.

6:15- For he did send you but to me, to set me free - set me free. 
6:16- For in helping thee to set thee free, I'm helping me to set me free. 
6:17- Thanks to thee for coming see, I give you all with my love, see

6:18- Wonderful Jesus with us both be, be with us now and set us both free. 
6:19- Free from the hunger and pain within that doth turn us towards inner sin. 
6:20- Send your blessings to us today, that we now receive as we to you pray.

7:1 - All praise to Almighty GOD, may His visions live forevermore. 

"How sweet the rose how sweet the rose
may it bloom through this house."

Testament 68

Beautiful the sound of the word, beautiful the name of our Lord Jesus the Christ, the King of the Sun.  Jesus the Christ, the only one.  Bless you Jesus, we to you reach, bless you Jesus, please us teach. 

Bless you Jesus, you are the one sent by the Father.  You are the son sent to us from the heavens above, sent to us to teach us of love.  Sent to us so that forevermore we can abide with you on that distant shore.

Guide us please daily as we pray, guide us please daily faster your way.  Guide us please daily and in the night please hold our hands and lift us upright.

Passion, being the truth of love, passion, being the light from above, passion being that forevermore, you will uplift us through your door.

Like a raging torrent filled with fire comes my love with burning desire, burning desire to lift you up, yea verily to be at the last sup.  The last sup that will be held commemorating your breakthrough, Satan felled.  Yes, you will win and once and forever forget sin.

The winds of time will pass, long gone.  You'll be dwelling forever, your journey won.  The mists of time will pass, you'll forget earth's shores and the negative louts like pussy spores.  Oh, blessed ones if you could but see, you'd drop all and flee to me.

"Jesus, Jesus be with me
bring me your star let it guide us to thee"

Testament 69

May the spirit of truth fill you with fire, may the spirit of truth elevate you higher, higher in the heavens with the knowledge and truth that from needy brethren you stand not aloof. 

Oh, darling children of the light, I have returned to put all right.  My smiling eyes will forevermore now guide you to my distant shore.

Shimmering skies of blue and gold.  Translucent hues of crimson and gold.  Glistening stars high up above, yes, we have heavens in heaven above.  Crystal clear waters in running brooks.  Azure colours in fields and nooks. 

Beautiful flowers for all to see and their smell wonderful be.  For, 'tis real where I abide, 'tis a world which I don't hide.  A world so real, not like yours, a world of pure beauty with ocean shores. 

For all you have I have too, with much more clarity shining through, but, just as solid and even more and our vision is better for sure, for there is no "flesh" to hide the sight, just pure spirit shimmering with its might, and it's real and solid too, more real and solid than the flesh of you.

'Tis not a hazy place some think, 'tis a place where forever you do clearly think.  All you do is crystal clear and others can come very near. 

Souls can unite and entwine as one and feel the full power of the ONE, yes, the love of God flowing through, which elevates feelings higher than you, through to the heavens high above, where we can really feel His love, and, these feelings just grow and grow as His truth and understanding doth flow.

So set aside fears of what Might be, 'tis a real place where you are free. 
A wonderful place full of friends, where forever God His love sends.

Testament 70

Which faith is the TRUE FAITH, O GOD of the sky
Please of this wisdom do not me deny

The true faith is ONE, that of MY WORD, those that it hear not, think it absurd.  Religious faith is a word of mankind, and through its follies man is in a bind, twisting and turning saying "Which way to go, which side is true, the lesson we don't know." So I say to you: see it clear, 'tis direct to me your GOD, must you now steer.

HEED MY WORD every day. 
HEED MY WORD and daily pray.
ABIDE BY MY WORD is what I ask. 
ABIDE BY MY WORD 'tis your only task.

'Tis by your deeds I do you know, 'tis by My grace I'll your sin overthrow.  First, you must HEAR and MY wish DO, before I'll cleanse your sin and elevate you too.

Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and others too, heard My words of compassion and mercy coming through.  Forgiveness and understanding of others' needs, in doing these, you will fulfill MY NEEDS. 

In fulfilling MY needs your race is won, yes children, you will join the One.  Your Christed brother Jesus high up above says:

'By your deeds you're known, do all with love.'

In the name of our Father high in the sky I ask for Jesus "please try, please try." Angelic guidance, can you please tell me what Jesus said, before being "set free."

Son, we say that on that day he did to our Father pray, pray for quiet forgiveness, in respect for those that still did sin.  He asked that his death would appease by saving many from forces that would them freeze, and, further more what he did pray was, that many would remember that fateful day. 

For in TRUE remembrance of him they would be freed and saved from sin, and all now we would say to thee is that our truth we see flowing free. 


The truth I write is for the "Christian See," for they are the ones who misguided be.  Misguided by the Church which did them fail, and through its mistruth many will wail, so Christ from way up high will help all that really try, even others of other creeds, many of whom have inadequate deeds.

Many of all creeds live the word of 'Peace to all,' and use not the sword, so my message many don't need, but will find their path easier if they it heed.

Testament 71

A message to the followers of Muhammad
and all my brothers and sisters

In the name of ALLAH the compassionate and merciful. 
His wisdom is "love, forgiveness and truthful"

To you O LORD we bow in hope that you will uplift our souls on your golden rope.  'Tis to your mercy that we must be, for as we DO, so shall we BE. 

For you will judge us from the deeds we DO, for 'tis only by our DEEDS you know who is WHO.

'Tis not what we believe or say we are that makes us see and follow your star.  It is solely by our DEEDS that we are SEEN, whether HEARING YOUR WORD or following Satan's mean.

OPEN our eyes to your wonderful truth, that from needy brothers we must not stand aloof, and that if WE cannot compassionate BE, then there is NO place in heaven for we. 

'Tis only Satan who blinds men's eyes, makes us other religions or races despise, for there is ONLY ONE GOD for all mankind, 'tis Satan who'd blind us so to others we be unkind.

So dear ALLAH the ONE GOD, be merciful to us here on the sod.  Let us see what the simple truth BE, that 'tis WE who needs compassionate and merciful BE. 

WHO is the believer of Godly men, and WHO is the deceiver from Satan's Den? 'Tis the truth of this that each soul must find, so that the truth of good and evil he can unwind.

Is it the forked tongue that is so smooth, is it the clever wit that you cannot disprove, or is it the sane man who does no good.  Is it the fool who seems always misunderstood?

Testament 72

Satan is cunning and moves in many ways, so friends I say: prepare now for his days.  We are known by WHAT WE DO, NOT by the truth we SAY we adhere to. 

For 'tis NOT what we believe that makes us men, but what we DO to help those of Satan's den, for they are sick and needy too, who NEED TO BE HELPED by me and you.

So 'tis by our deeds that we are known, also by the seeds that we have sown, so, man of God, be strong within, reach out and help even those that sin, then ALLAH SEES you compassionate be, for you're helping brothers to become free.  Free from the evil that's in them in.  Free from the evil that makes them sin.

Merciful too, He will see you be.  Yes brothers, then by Grace He will set you free, for all are sinners this I know, and this truth we must believe if we'd upward go.  Believe me brothers I speak HIS truth, from YOUR brothers stand not aloof.

ONLY cowards faint in fear when demonic powers to them draw near.  "Strike NOT with the sword," I hear from the dove, keep calm within and SHOW you are filled with my love. 

Those who RETALIATE and others KILL HEARD NOT MY WORD and will Satan's house FILL.  I SAID Compassionate and Merciful BE, I said NOT kill those who cannot me see.

Show them the way with love in your heart, yes children, give every soul daily a fresh start.

In the name of ALLAH, BE MERCIFUL. 
In the remembrance of MUHAMMAD, see the truth.

Testament 73

~ Lily of the Valley & the Rose ~

The lily of the valley and the rose would I on your minds impose.  The lily being the light from above and the rose the cup of love, light and compassion being the two united as one in any soul true. 

So my brothers and sisters dear, help me help those yet filled with fear.  Overcome your conscious mind through which societies' programming is so unkind. 

Reach out with love and share and care, with God's love you can anything dare.! The silent touch, the tear in the eye, the quiet support saying: I'll help you try." Bequeath to all God's love through you, show by deed you are true.

Testament 74

The TREE OF LIFE - awaits all mankind
untangle from the roots where you are blind
climb the branches - see the light
let the star of the heavens fill your sight

The tree of life - eternal peace
the tree of life - soon now the release
the tree of life - for ALL WHO SEE
God's message flowing free through me

Hearken - let the WINTER CHILL
pass you by - let others it spill
let God's spark - deep inside
overcome your fears - aggression and pride

Float free - like the leaves
float free - like birds and bees
float free - forevermore
God now beckons from his shore

Foolish the world - for it doth sleep
foolish the world - for it will weep
foolish the men that lie therein
foolish the men that still sin

Fortitude they'll need - when the time does come
fortitude they'll need - when their thoughts do run
fortitude they'll need - when feelings fly
fortitude they'll need - on their downward cry

For in the fall - also the shriek
for in the fall - pain shall wreak
for in the fall - one thing is for sure
for in the fall - they will see what is in store

mighty is the power that lies down below
mighty is the understanding that it does sow
mighty is the truth that it doth wield
mighty is the force the devil doth shield

Oh, blessed ones - you'll needs be strong
Oh, blessed ones - to know right from wrong
Oh, blessed ones - his power is cunning
Oh, blessed ones - all but all to be running

Guidance please more and more
guidance from above like never before
guidance forever for those who try
guidance is a must if you won't cry

Treasures of love for those that win
treasures of love if you recognise sin
treasures of love abound forevermore
treasures of love in heaven's limitless shores

Oh, sweet darlings - please be true
Oh, sweet darlings - I love you
Oh, sweet darlings - forevermore
would I the King have you on my shore

Yes, the humble and wonderful meek
yes, the humble who cannot evil wreak
yes, the humble who can pray
these are the ones who shall come my way

Testament 75

Glorious - is the truth
glorious - beyond reproof
glorious - for all to see
glorious - for it must be

Blessedness - flowing through
blessedness - for me and you
blessedness - for all to see
blessedness - for it must be

Quietitude - to the fore
quietitude - forevermore
quietitude - and all the rest
quietitude - only for the best

Deliverance - is on the way
deliverance - on the day
deliverance - for the meek
deliverance - for those that seek

Forevermore - is the cry
forevermore - flowing from the sky
forevermore - for those that try
forevermore - in the heavens high

Beautiful - the sounds of love
beautiful - flowing from above
beautiful - for all to see
beautiful - believe in me

Truth - in the beginning
truth - in the end
truth - is the only
truth - 'tis the way, friend

Love - from the sky
love - for those that try
love - forevermore
love - on golden shores. 

be at peace.

As an invisible "thief" have I come so as to observe everyone, and now I did SEE, I will let God's WILL flow free through my pen to this shore, and all will be surprised and more, for what I see IS to come before souls their freedom is won. 


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