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The Testament of Truth (pages101 - 125)

Testament 101

~ The Risen Christ ~

How and when will a soul "decide" WHO is the risen Christ, and who is a false prophet, a big con heist.  Only, does this one see when others open their eyes that be closed and shuttered too, because their "friends" are untrue.  Telling them, "He can't be the one, so with this chap we'll have some fun."

And thus, a seeking soul believes a friend,* and the true Christ is unwelcomed his end because the truth he did deny, and thus unknowingly, the soul does cry.  Do any of you know what is in God's mind other than, "To all be loving and kind"?

So unless a stranger's message* you see,
for sure you'll not recognise who I be.

For my message IS the proof, so if from me you stand aloof then for sure my friend you'll cry, because God's messenger you did deny.  And as said, can YOU read God's mind, for, if you cannot, then you'll be eternally blind, for if from the truth you walk away.

HOW ? I ask can you hear* God's say, GOD'S final message to prepare you for the TEST just ahead of you.  Only friend, those who prepare will a place at the last sup share.

So "deny me not" I ask of you, because an IGNORANT FOOL tells you to.  Look deep into the book I say and decide for yourself "Is it my truth today" ?

For I say; "YOUR SOUL is at stake, do you want to make an eternal mistake because you followed a FOOL and thus missed the bait on God's fishing spool" ?

So I have had MY say.  I'll weep for those that turn me away without even hearing what God did say when, with Love for Humanity, God's pen did sway.

Testament 102

~ Baptism in Christ's name ~

"Baptism of the flesh" means that in Jesus' name did God you bless, meaning, that you did hear God’s message that through Jesus did veer from heaven down to this land, and thus, by God's VOICE you did UNDERSTAND what it is you needs DO so that to God you were true.

So now, can you this see, or would you still cast out me? For I too do "expose" the REAL TRUTH via my rose that GOD would have you SEE, so that YOU saved WILL BE.

For, 'tis the name of Jesus that does mean that God's LIGHT you did glean, meaning, through Jesus the WISDOM CAME so that eternal freedom you could gain.

So the soul does now RETURN to warn you how you are to burn because you were vain, so that you can freedom gain when you the wisdom heed, being, NON retaliation as you bleed.*

For now IS the time of the coming of the swine, the darkness that will sup on souls who used* the satanic pup to help them as they did abuse others when "their sanity" they did lose.

So, ALL who did Jesus not heed will now be made to bleed and the SPIRIT will be baptised by FIRE, being PAIN to elevate you out of the mire, and the SPIRIT will outpour LOVE from within to help you, and you, to win.  By drawing your darkness OUT, so your soul does one day SHOUT, saying :

I at last am free from the darkness I drew in stupidly. 

Earthlings assume the naturality* of the darkness that within them be, feelings of hatred, greed and lust that becomes a part of their daily thrust.

Not for a moment stopping to blink and let their minds on pure love think, for, hatred and love are poles apart, and, all humanity now will have a fresh start.

Both emotional sides* are to withdraw* like liquid sucked up a straw.  The divine essence of the God of love will draw up believers to heaven above.

And those that suck up* darkness from below, will now to the darkness themselves flow, dragged down by a vortex of hate to which even they cannot consciously relate.

Testament 103

And, 'tis only when they "fall" they will see the truth and light that flows from me.  As the power of the darkness sucks them IN, then they'll feel the power of eternal Sin.

So do not assume that it is your "right" to against the "wrongdoers" put up a fight, for if you do, I say to thee:

"You too a wrongdoer be."

Negativity, the sin, does in us exist, for we pull it in like ice cold mist.  Up from the depths we do it draw, as I said, like sucking on a straw at the time we lash out, at the time we others clout, at the time we our voice use as verbally we others abuse.

So, the cleansing that is now to be, is to set you spiritually free, to draw out the darkness you sucked in when you "gave in" to the feelings of sin.

Try hard now to me believe for I see all through my infinite weave.  For heaven waits for those that KNOW that through ME God's TRUTH DOES SOW. 

Testament 104

~ I AM the Authority ~

Within me the largest ever rose does flower, and Mighty is the imposition of its power within the darkness that none can see, thus my name is Invincibility.

And I play an eternal game, 'tis why the "Fisher of men" is my name, and the darkness as said, I see, even the darkness any would impose on me, being any who'd have me deny GOD'S call from the sky. 

GOD'S call being my request
GOD'S call being my behest. 

For, I AM The Authority to those of impropriety and thus, only those who heed, BY GOD will be freed.  For my forces walk tall, my forces do all that I of them ask, those that in the dark and light bask.

It is the frailty of the human mind that does the soul eternally bind, and only I can untangle the weave* and thus free those who me believe, and, they needs heed in every way, not deviate from my say through arrogance as they plod, believing they are equal to this bod.

They may be equal in nature, but for sure not equal in stature, for this soul Mighty be, as one day every soul does see.  For, in the beginning was I made* and GOD'S love is my trade, and thus, truly as God I be, as said, one day you will see.

So when I ask: "Please plan to help me your remaining span," it is GOD who does speak those words through my beak.  And, when I say: "You needs pray in my chosen way," those who try to it avoid will for SURE fall into the void, for the Saviour I truly be, and the Reaper I can see, and I know what IS TO BE DONE at this TIME under God's Sun. 

Testament 105

~ Begin your return home ~

CHILDREN, you only begin your homeward return when my message you LEARN, for only when you learn do you UNDERSTAND the reason for My underhand.* I use it to you TEACH if the call to "LOVE ONE ANOTHER" you BREACH.

So now is the time to TRY, even though all will now cry.  Those who continue to me DISOBEY will fall into frost, forever and a day, and the depths of the cold are DEEP, you go DEEPER for each soul you make weep. 

So matters not what you HAVE done, today begin your return to the Sun, and THUS, my love that does deeply outpour, will your return for sure ENSURE.

You must keep calm in the coming spate for to MY forces you cannot relate, for the LANGUAGE of an unsound mind cannot with your understanding bind.

And, the great depths of which I speak
will upon earth now their evil wreak. 

So all WILL FOREVER KNOW what is BELOW if they that way GO.  For the forces that to you will be unkind, are SOULS* that with darkness I DID BIND,* and when they have SPOKEN* to thee, of their darkness* they will be set free if they too learn before the end that they too needs to love append. 

So welcome them too, with loving arms,
even though you relate not to their

Forgive those that did abuse you,
at that time, to ME they were true. 
Just reach out with love and all share,
then truly for you will I CARE.

Father God


Testament 106

~ The Spirit ~

The SPIRIT is the forceful essence divine with which the SOUL of humanity does entwine at the time that it is CREATED.  'Tis thus to GOD THE ESSENCE we are related, and this SPIRIT does us impress* and with its TRUTH does it us bless so that one day we understand the magnificence of this divine stand* :

The essence that invisible be.  The essence that flows through thee and me.  The essence that IS all, the painful fire and the love that stands tall, and, by love are we created, but to the pain are we related.  What we needs to learn is that it is NOT US to make others burn.*

So the love in our rose does over time itself expose more and more as we go our way, more and more heeding God's SAY, and if EVER this love we deny, then the PAIN does make us cry.

So, it's entirely up to you, and you, to decide to "which" spirit to be true.  Which side of it I do mean, the Light or the mean,* for each does forever give, but only in one do we in freedom live, for, the lower* wants its giving* back, and is eternally outpouring flack,* and it does eternally make each soul cry that in ignorance does its own love deny.

For, the SPIRIT OF LOVE is at the CORE, awaiting to eternally outpour, and it can only begin once you are freed of inner sin.

So, beloved friends, please draw now near and to my final message do veer, for 'tis this spiritual love within me that now outpours to set you free, and you need to deeply understand that 'tis the love that by God was planned to fill your entire spiritual place* within, so you see God's full face. 

NOW is the blessed time to sup on my spirit divine, for only this soul can pure truth outpour and guide you DIRECTLY to love's final door. 

I beseech all and say, hearken too, calling out to those UNTRUE, for those TRUE see what I see, they for sure believe me.  So those who see not others' plight are walking into darkening night, and 'tis for them the test.

As their sanity becomes undressed,* non reason WILL fill their mind and they will become MORE blind.  So, whilst they have a little reason, I them ASK: "TRY AND SEE the wisdom in my flask"

Truly humble are those of God, keeping their mouths shut as along they plod when confronted by the arrogant breed, who within have not yet found the need to LISTEN, for they continuously, arrogantly speak, harassing all, yes even the meek.  So for them the test will be hard as within they now feel a painful shard. 

So my humble ones I call out to you : "To the arrogant ones PLEASE REMAIN TRUE.  Reach out and them touch, let them SEE your love as such.  God will guide you."

Testament 107

~ THE Requirement of GOD ~
for the Light Bearers on This Sod

Remember children of mine that I call out to from my land divine. 

"A true lighthouse projects my wisdom through their lips and my love is expressed through their deed.  My blessings flow to you today via my pen that doth forever sway.

First must you the message understand about the shadow under my hand.  This must be accompanied by love that streams out via the meditative star above. 

So daily via the star pray as you each go your way and teach all of the new truth, being the New Wisdom via my proof.

ALL must the brief summary read, and page twenty four of the book with all speed, and preparations made for THE DAY when the whole planet will hear MY SAY. 

Food and medicine under each bed and a candle to ward off the dread, and, provisions stored far from the shore to feed all who knock on the door.

Other than this, remember ME, I AM THE ONE to set you free.  ONLY ME, your invisible God, adore.  THIS is my final word for sure.”

GOD'S only Commandment:

So heed my message and heed it fast, for, for sure now good days won't last, and our dear Father expects now of you to show by deed that you ARE true.  No more talking by vexatious mouth, for all your nonsense is very uncouth.

Keep your mouth SHUT and walk your way DOING HIS DEEDS every day, then God will see just what you be, and then IF He wishes, He'll set you free.  So we'll needs now rely on our Lord above to daily, but daily, now fill us with love.

"Godspeed my children the stage now free be, so let's start the ACT and see what we see.  Please do your best now every day for, I want as many, as you ALL my way.  My blessings flow through my dove."

Testament 108

~ The Hand of God ~

CHILDREN, Please TRY and understand the meaning of God's HAND, for it is BROAD and it is WIDE, encompassing ALL on every side. 

'Tis the DARKNESS deep within
that CALLS for
RETRIBUTION if we sin. 

See it please I ask of you, to your SOUL please try to be true.  The LIGHT that reigns high above IS the merciful side, GIVING with all its love.

'Tis you that chooses WHICH side of the hand, the cold vengeful darkness or the heavenly sparkling band. 

Oh, sweet children no more can I say
for 'tis just beyond your comprehension the earthly way.

JUST BELIEVE I ask of you, then you'll KNOW I AM TRUE.


Testament 109

~ GOD'S Helpers ~

"There are many things a mighty soul can do even when in the flesh" those above say to you.  But, it is at THIS TIME we needs "drop all" and heed the vine.  GOD too, I do say, can help lost souls on the way, God needs not us to roam around in a fuss. 

We do, and must learn about the divinity we did earn, but once we it know, then it's time to slow go, preparing in every way for the day, for the day when ALL comes to a STOP and EVERY heart does a belly flop, knowing NONE CAN GO BACK, 'tis but the ribbon at the end of the track.

Knowing that naught but what we have done can help those on the run, so it is up to you, and you I do see to ahead now clearly see how YOU can PREPARE to YOUR WISDOM on earth share.

"Let the invisible ones do THEIR thing" in my ears does now ring.  They will do what they needs DO even if to us it is untrue.  We are to show the way, telling all about the PAY, the Karmic "coming back" that will every sinner now smack. 

We are to tell every man and woman about God's plan, God's plan to clear the soul so in happiness ahead we stroll. 

We are to show the way in preparation for that rainy day,* by advising what provisions all need and what medication for those that bleed.  In these areas please now seek, let God's angels your inner wisdom tweak so in another books' "lay out," bare essentials can all eyes clout. 

Soon many will come to you saying:

"WHAT needs I do so I can prepare
my heart and materiality, to share"


Testament 110

~ Declaration of Independence ~

The "HOW do I ensure my race is WON"
is now issued to you from out the Sun.

By consciously declaring:

"I stand free from any religious dogma that be,"
"I believe the prophet's WORD
of being peaceful and not wielding a sword."

It is thus dear reader that you'll be set free by mighty angels that follow me, for in heeding MY WORD sent by GOD you'll be fortified, as along you plod across the river that flows so fast, and the BRIDGE you travel on will surely last,

IT cannot be destroyed. 
IT is stronger than any evil deployed. 
IT has been built by ME,
the Fisherman from ETERNITY.

So I now weep and wait hoping that you will not be late, for surely you needs decide NOW, and see my truth and love somehow.  For I am HIDDEN in deep disguise, all you can 'see' is I'm spiritually wise, and, the blessings I bestow onto you are to ENSURE you become free and true.

Children, MY DEED IS DONE today, as it was on the CROSS the "other" day when I shouted, "IT IS DONE," I meant MY TRUTH WAS WON, that I had completed MY quest.

My truth for you I had impressed upon myself, and upon your SOUL, to fortify you as along you stroll with MY TRUTH at that time that flowed free from my vine, and this time I'm set free by HAVING ISSUED God's wisdom to thee.

So now in heaven there is a PAUSE, a silence to see WHO heeds the CLAUSE, issued by GOD, to be ADHERED TO by any who plod on earth at this time, the clause stipulating:




Testament 111

~ God's second call ~

Hearken ye O faithful who have listened to my call flowing out from the source of all eternity:

Sell all your chattels bar none.  Seek ye my kingdom, seek ye my kingdom.  Rejoice in my love, rejoice in my love.  Blessed shall ye be who hears this my second call. 

Truly blessed are those that have the wisdom and the knowledge and the courage to hearken to this my call flowing from the depths of the never never, the impenetrable mists of time. 

I your GOD have spoken


~ The call of the Prophet ~

HE that prophesieth calls out to all the faithful:-

"Do you now HEAR and SEE the WORD of our deliverer"?

"Harden not your hearts towards your fellow mankind, open and let your charity, and compassion, and understanding, and forgiveness, flow forth."

This is the command of your LORD GOD flowing from the lips of His prophet Terence.  Blessed be he that heareth, seeth, and doeth.

I will show thee O man what is good, and what the Lord requireth of thee: to love mercy and to walk solicitous with thy God. 

Testament 112

The ever increasing tide of love, wending its way down from the hill of love.  That wonderful hill of which I speak is the greatest ever with snow capped peaks.

Wonderful children of God reside there and they tell me they've got room to spare.  Friendly faces and beautiful souls, they would you join them, and never grow old.

Beautiful children of the light, dancing forever in the day and night.  Songs of wisdom so old, so old, songs of love too good to be told.  I hear that haunting distant cry :

"Join us forever here up in the sky.  The love of our Lord so gold and true, will flow forever between us and you.  Oh, sweet children on the homeward run, try hard darlings it's forever fun.

Desperate, desperate our cry to you, just for the brief spell try to be true.  We love you, love you, love you, we say, we will love you forever and a day and the love of our Lord here above, streams through us forever from above."

I bequeath to you the blessings of the Sun.  Every journey must its road run, freely to do whatever it will.  There is no specific deed to fulfil.  Onwards you must go helping all God's truth to flow.

Deep preparation made inside, so that Satan has nowhere to hide.  Greetings to all you meet, advise all how to stay on their feet.

Quality of life must be maintained by all suffering loss, or maimed.  Bless all who abuse you see.  This way for sure you will be set free.  Preparations must be begun to set aside funds for those on the run.

ALL must be helped that come to the door, food, shelter, caring for sure.  WELCOME FARMS started by all who have any land and hearts broad and tall. 

Testament 113

Son, we greet you with a shake of the hand and we wish you to deeper understand, fortunes will not be made by you, and your task will be difficult too, for you must lead them by the hand and make sure they all understand that the quality of deeds they EXPRESS, is what aligns them with the BEST.

Perseverance as along they go, with inner fortitude, and truth always sow.  Tell them they must all put some funds away.  For sure there will be some rainy days.*

Preparation must now be made see, for the days ahead when there NO funds be.  Food and medicine under each bed, this way 'tis easier to not feel dread.

All but all will go into the country, 't'will not be possible to live by the sea, and by 1993 all must be done.  By that time every SOUL on the run.* So within one year, we would say, must PROVISION be made for the rainy day.

Guidance for the rest you have for sure on what needs to be done to reach heaven's door.  Good luck, good luck we say to you, tell all to try HARD to be true, true to God who resides within, the only 'soul' (God's pure Light) who can drive out inner sin.  Daily prayer in meditation see, this son, we MUST impress on thee.  God bless. 


Blessed Father up above, fill me more daily with boundless love.  Help me to SEE what I must DO so I'll help ALL your children through.  Quietly now I go my way.  Quietly now for all I do pray.  Quietly now all believers I ASK, quietly now set your minds to TASK.

Believe, believe, believe, what I say, our heavenly Mother sends Her love this way, so hold fast, hold fast to your sanity, eke out all the dread and the vanity.

Harass me not I ask of you, just do YOUR THING and show YOU ARE TRUE.  Allow God's thoughts to flow through YOU and show HIM, you too are true.  Godspeed. 


Lift up your hearts, children MINE who this read.  101 million of MINE are mingled with the sinful breed.* Yes, SENT DOWN from up above.  Yes, the very best men and women of the dove, and amongst you are 144,000 strong with deep insight of right and wrong, and NONE of the 101 million will I lose, even though you all will negativity infuse.

You have all taken on* the sin of the world so as to CONSCIOUSLY understand the "knobbled and knurled,*" but this sin will from within you CLEAR, THEN my full power will be very near.

So in every village on the planet around are some of you with INNER TRUTH SOUND, so do your best and look to my star, try and elevate 5 billion with the understanding from afar.

Remember, remember you are my “men,” the very best chosen by this very pen and you will KNOW when you this read, so prepare YOUR MINDS with all speed.  God bless.

I love all of you, let's uplift the needy and SHOW we are true, true to our Father high up above.  Show the world you are filled with love

Testament 114


I AM the Christ returned again. 
My new truth is not in vain,
heed it like never before
if you would reach my shore. 

Christ has returned at last, at last, to be with his brothers during the blast, and his POWER AND AUTHORITY will be in THE WORD that will flow free.

The WORD OF GOD that all must hear for them the HEAVY LOAD to bear.  All that's needed by His children will be issued from out this pen.

Seek not FAVOURS I do ask for now every soul is set to task, set to task in what they DO in assisting their brethren to pull through, and those who are suffering from DEFECT must stay CALM and their thought deflect.  Deflect within, and then ABIDE in GOD'S WORD and the storm outride.*

As it was WRITTEN so shall it BE, now the time for believers to be, be SAVED by the GRACE OF GOD and at their end be elevated from the sod.

So no earthly miracles will you see emanating from out of ME, only silent COMFORT will from me flow and within your hearts set a warmth aglow.

Believe, believe, for what I say is true, our Lord God is cleansing you, drawing out your inner sin, yes dear children so at last you can win.

I bless you from this end, I've returned to show I am a friend, for a simple BROTHER is what I be and will show YOU HOW to stay free.

God bless you, I love you too, please show God that to God you are true.  Turn your thoughts daily to the WORD of Compassion and Forgiveness, do not wield the SWORD.

Our Father has again sent me to you
so as to show that HE IS TRUE,
true to His Word from His distant shore,
that He'll help us today and forevermore. 

Verily I have returned as a thief in the night so as to SEE the world's dismal plight, and I emerged through a clouded womb,* that of a woman yet filled with gloom.

So be it, it was done, as can all by the son of the Sun, and along every road have I walked and with satanical forces have I talked.

Testament 115

Yes with both forces short and tall, kindly souls and those who'd make you pall, and, I have SEEN what I had to SEE so as to understand the reality CONSCIOUSLY.  For in THIS LAND we have a human mind, very LIMITED and often unkind.

So, even for a soul of divinity needs we STOOP into the land of infirmity.  Yea, verily, TAKE ON the sin of this world so as to UNDERSTAND the knobbled and knurled.  So now I have seen I now must do what our Father in heaven sent me here to. 

TO BEGIN the END UNFOLD, yea, verily ‘twas already foretold. 

Now the time has begun, soon every soul on the run.  NO more messing with UNREALITY, the TRUTH OF GOD all will see.

Now the SWORD and now the MACE brought on by an evil race.  All will be confronted by REALITY, all who HEARD NOT will feel see.

Believe it, it is true.  What was written is for ALL OF YOU.  Yea verily, all the "poor" being the merciless and unforgiving for sure.

All will reap what was sowed, like a lawn recently mowed.  All but all reduced to one size, all the evil who did the meek despise. 

HEARKEN to what I say to you, soon, so soon, all will see I AM TRUE.

Testament 116

~ What I do see ~

Oh Mother, Father, I am sick with the injustice I do see for it is foul and running free, for, in every house* of yours I walk, I find the "dark one" does stalk.  Negativity does run rife and every man abuses his wife, and the time has come I see that retribution needs flow free.

Every man must find his TAIL, his past, and he will QUAIL, for the deeds that he did do will now for sure find him too.

Oh, blessed Mother way up high, I did try, I did try to find one man who compassionate be, to set him free, to set him free.  Not one did I see other than the son you gave me, so for sure now the time be to set suffering souls forever free.

Oh, loving Mother so high above, fill now all please with your love and as their evil does outflow, let your Mighty Wisdom in them grow.  Purity and peace forevermore, purity of truth, that's for sure, the truth that must forever flow.

YOUR TRUTH that every soul must know.  The deep truth of giving with love for any soul who'd aspire above, of reaching out with loving hand, for any soul who'd reach the summer land.

Oh, blessed virgin Mary so sweet, so many of my brothers did I meet and not one remembered me, not one would help to set me free.  Only some sisters of the light came forward in the deepening night, and gave a lonely brother some love and helped guide him on the road above.

Blessedness to those true, blessedness to the few, blessedness to those that helped me.  Blessedness, mine will flow free.  Their joy will overflow when they up do go, for in the highest land I do see, will they forever ABIDE WITH ME.  SO BE IT.

Help me, help me, I ask all of you, to help the message of HOPE flow through.  The message that now and forevermore we will help and uplift all the poor. 

Brothers and sisters of mine so dear, draw please all the sick and needy near, wipe their brow so tenderly, hold them close and set them free.

Brothers and sisters all I do ask is, please now set your souls to task.  Heed the Word of God with LOVE, let GOD guide you from above. 

Brothers and sisters of mine so true, remember always that I love you, walk your road with peace in your heart, know now that forever we'll not be apart.

Together we'll walk this last short road, together we'll share this last little load.  Together we'll join hands in sincerity, together we'll teach truth with clarity.

Testament 117

If only you knew what I did feel, every one would a bit of my heart steal for, the joy I see and I do know, will soon darlings in your hearts forever flow.

Trust me please like never before, of this I ask and I implore, for you will need all my love to help uplift the needy high above.

Children mine, brothers so sweet, sisters so true who I love to greet, open your arms so very wide, welcome all within your stride.

You will not fail me this I'm told by our Father so old, so old for 'tis His Wisdom that flows through me, yea 'tis our Mother's love that flows free. 

Heavenly hosts now gather around you.  They will help you to keep true. 
I am with you all the way do your very best please every day. 


As said, the reality that I see is that all within God be.  BOTH the evil and the good, and this by mankind is misunderstood.  God controls all forces short and forces tall.  Understand what it's all about and then stop the gadabout.

The CREATIVE God of light and love would have it that you returned to Him above so don't listen to the destructive forces way below who forever FOR GOD must untruth sow.  God controls all I see, angelic hosts His be, and demonic forces way below are inspired by Him to truth SHOW.

THE TRUTH of what be when we abide not by God's reality, for if we heed not, we fall, confronted by forces that make us pall.  In God's image we BE, with the CHOICE of what to BE.  WE choose which way to go, God's forces will with us flow. 

YOU decide which way to go,
and then the CHOSEN force will around you flow. 

GOOD OR EVIL, you choose, and the force chosen will guide or abuse.  Do good, God's angels will you surround, do evil, God's demons will you ground.  So children if you'd above go, abide by God's WORD, 'tis truth I sow.

The POWER at both ends be the ULTIMATE POWER OF GOD see, and if you choose to below go, it can take an eternity to change the flow, for in the depths of the abyss below, it is VERY HARD to reality know.

So friends, WISEN UP FAST for eternal freedom is here at last.  Remember the forces below will work through ANY foolish enough to let them flow.  They are God's forces to test those of the flesh.

Wisen up fast, don't let their thoughts with yours enmesh, for if they DO, they'll drag you down where FOREVER you'll cry and frown. 

Testament 118

They MUST the flesh use for retaliation against those who DID abuse, 'tis how justice is done.  I say let it be done by another one.  If they use you then you will reap at a later time and you WILL WEEP. 

See how the danger IS within you for you can a destroyer become too if those below WITHIN deceive, and use you to make others grieve. 

God's word is the truth.  God's word is the proof,
God's word heed now.  God's word believe somehow. 

Why does our Father in the sky allow us to feel pain and thereby cry.  ? This is the question you might ask so now I set my mind to task, for I see that our Father is ALL, and all the forces are within His call.

So, darkness cannot be undone for it EXISTS alongside the ONE, the one true God who exists above, forever streaming out light filled with truth and love, streaming it out where it falls below so as to FOREVER let the darkness the truth know, the truth that the Father IS LOVE, and that the Father guides all from above.

So friends, what I want you to know is that 'tis but truth I sow, for our Father CANNOT destroy the evil below, for our Father CANNOT destroy for 'tis but love does flow.

But our Father too is the evil side, for as said, ALL is within His stride, but the evil is within Him in and this we needs know before we can win.

For, as we are created for His truth to sow, the REALITY of evil we needs to know, so to IT are we exposed when we grow up and HE says "Of the evil don't sup." For HE says:

If you do you, you will feel its reality come to you. 

So, as we don't listen we needs feel, this way the understanding in filters our reel and over time and time and time, we get to UNDERSTAND God's love sublime.  The love that says: “Forgiveness and truth, mercy and compassion, and from none stand aloof, and

ONLY when we Him hear and heed are WE out of reach of the satanic breed.  So friends, set your minds to task this once more do I ask, for you came to earth with a mission as me, and to ACCOMPLISH IT you needs of negativity be free.

A Mighty soul lies within you in, incredible light deep deep within, now friends, let this light shine out, show the world and GOD YOUR spiritual clout. 

Testament 119

~ GOD - Father & Mother ~

What was written shall now BE.  Not written before, but now written by ME.  Those of this world who wield the MACE, SHALL FOREVER GO TO A DARK PLACE.  What was written before is all CONFUSED, by many a hand changed and abused.

So get it RIGHT and see it CLEAR, ALL MUST NOW TO GOD quickly veer.  There is but ONE GOD way up high and GOD is the highest of the HIGH.  That God is Triune is for sure true, the "SON" being the children, me and you.

God Father and Mother be, named differently by RACES see.  Matters not what we believe, ONLY that the Word does not deceive.  So ABIDE by God's word if you can, and, if you've heard, every soul shall Christed be who believes and does see.

God is not Christ, and Christ is not God, that Christ "is God" is a folly of the sod.  ONE AS THE MOTHER can a Christed soul be, meaning: As the Mother of inner evil free.  So children please try and see ALL RACES are God's family.

Women and men will ALL CHRISTED BE if they believe and follow me, not me the wielder of this pen, but the MESSAGE told back then, given by MANY and the Nazarene see, ALL were messengers of God, believe me.

For I too a messenger be, sent now to set you free.  Free from prejudice about the FACT that in the TRUTH you sorely lacked. 

"ALL your brothers and sisters must you love,"
says God now from above. 

is the message sent from the sky. 

Testament 120

~ The greatest deceit ~

The greatest deceit sown unto mankind was the Jesus story, oh, so unkind.  The story that he was God as along earths paths he trod.  And the other I do see was the false "teaching" that his fleshly body rose spiritually up into heaven from this sod, leaving an untruthful picture to those who yet plod, plod along with their heads in the grime trying to follow and emulate swine.

Swine who did mankind deceive, swine who many yet follow and believe.  JESUS was a man of the flesh.  His SOUL was Christed and from heaven impressed, impressed by God to on earth walk to spread God's WORD as he did STALK, stalk* among the devious minds of shuttered souls as yet blind, and the beliefs that I now see are to be changed IF you'd be free.

Flesh is flesh and of the dust, that you see this is a MUST, 'tis the spirit soul deep within that rises to heaven or falls if you sin.  And that Jesus was God is UNTRUE I tell all of the sod.  God's MESSENGER he was I see, "as one with God" through his divinity.

"As I am so shall ye be" was his message to those of infirmity.  FREE OF SIN is what he meant as I now reiterate, from HEAVEN SENT.  For his SOUL IS within me returned in the flesh again to set His free, those that HEED the word of God as spoken by Jesus as along he did plod.

So friends now you know, worry not if your FLESH falls into the snow, 'tis the spirit deep within that CARES whether or not you sin.  For IT can see all the depths of the darkness that would make you pall and IT can also the truth see, and IT wants to be forever free.

So just heed the word as along you plod, follow Jesus' WAY whilst you are on the sod.  "PEACE UNTO ALL," and if you this believe then you'll find out neither Jesus nor I deceive. 


In the shoes of the fisherman will I walk, in the shoes of the fisherman will I stalk, yea, verily the "dark one" see, so that forever you'll walk free. 

For the fisherman is who I be, to set you free, set you free, and now forever you will roam in the heavens all aglow.  Aglow with the love of God, the Christ light will fill all of the sod, all who last to the end, for them all will be a friend.

God's essence from above will purge speedily with God's love and set you free, set you free forever.  Soon you'll be filled with divinity.  A Christed soul each will be, free forever, forever free to roam the heavens up above, free like me and filled with love.

Believe for it is true.  Believe for I love you.  Believe for forevermore I the Christ will you adore.  Forever now I'll walk by you and you'll feel my love flowing through, through your soul in every way until God's heaven we reach one day. 

Testament 121

Children, there are worlds of little light where once "entered" you have to fight,* fight the feelings deep within which would drag you down and make you sin. 

And, from this realm there is but one way out and you needs use all your spiritual clout, heeding the word of God above BEFORE you're given the upward shove.

Yes dears, 'tis the world you are in, you needs SEE THE LIGHT before you can win.  BELIEVE in the land above, where you cannot enter unless filled with love and to ATTAIN THIS, you needs purge the past, pay past debts at last, at last, and to clear the debts from the past you needs REAP, BEFORE being free at last.

Please believe for it is true what this old soul is telling you.  For if you SIN as along you go, negative energy WILL within you grow.  And, you'll struggle on and ON and ON, maybe an eternity a'fore your race is won, and the COMPOUNDING PAIN you will feel WILL CONTINUE, and you will more reel.*

Take a deep breath, say "I CAN SEE God's CLEAR truth and reality, that to aspire above, I needs be peaceful and give with love." Every soul is through God intertwined, those that see this not are truly blind.

The Lion roars, the Lion feeds.  Slowly but surely his anger breeds great power of deepening night, so let's prepare now for the final fight, the fight against dark forces within.  Powerful forces that would make us sin, and these forces would drag us down, down my friends so we would drown.

Please I ask of you, BELIEVE, for I am true, true in truth for our God above, true in the WORD of "GIVE WITH LOVE."

That I despise is for sure true, despise the evil that shows through, for this evil the other half BE, yes of God and also me.  So heed me I ask of you, show you have the strength to be true. 

True to the creative God of love who would have YOU join Him above.  I will TRY this I know, to forever the truth sow, and I see to set all free must I THE CHRIST once again be.

I AM the candle, the candle of God returned now to SHOW THE WAY to those of the sod, and the LIGHT streams out from within, being the :


HIM being the Nazarene from long ago, a simple man whom God's truth did know the truth of: "To all, Give with love, and TURN THE OTHER CHEEK to aspire above."

So falter not when you look at me and but a simple man of the flesh do see, for the TRUTH is the SOUL WITHIN that KNOWS THE TRUTH, and how to win.

God speed, please see the truth.  From needy brethren stand not aloof, and now the LOVE OF GOD ABOVE flows to YOU with all my love. 

Testament 122

CHRIST THE KING lives again, His truth is not in vain.  HEED THE WORD AS NEVER BEFORE if you'd reach my heavenly shore.  Peace, non-retaliation, mercy, forgiveness, compassion.

I AM THE CHRIST, heed the word of God and your journey won.  The voice of the KING will flow through, for the WORD of the King is true forevermore for those that believe the TRUTH this soul doth weave.

Give with love to all who come to the door, MY light is within them ALL for sure.  Those who have COURAGE in this race WILL BY ME be given a very special place.  I AM the Paraclete, the Christ. 

"From out the ashes will rise green and gold
yea, verily all souls
courageous and bold."

God's earthly messenger is who I be, returning "now" to set all free.  Those that believe that I HIM be, remember Jesus then,* the name the key* be.  For in the belief you'll seek my star, CLEANSING with its loving power from afar, and you'll stay SANE in all you do and help your needy brethren to quicker pull through.*


In the name of the Father and Mother I pray: “Sweet Mother divine, outpour please your essence divine, let it swiftly purge out the evil within and allow your loving wisdom to flow in.  Swifter and swifter let your love flow so that it quicker does in every heart grow.  Let all remember the cry of the dove to heed God's wisdom with all their love, AMEN.”

Children,* brothers and sisters of mine, I speak again* one last time.  Please HEED the word of God so never again will you on earth plod.  Some of you are from the past, yea verily incarnated from below* to face the blast.

You'll feel the FURY of those below who needs make YOU the truth KNOW.  What you did to others see, in the past, and it must be that you now FACE what you did do, so now show to God that you CAN be true.

"Die” in calmness if you can then you'll see God's divine plan, for in truth, you will KNOW that ONLY PEACEFUL SOULS can "upwards" go.

You'll feel the fury of the past released now in the satanic blast, truly souls from out the past are released by YOU at last.  At last Released to REAP, aye out of the darkness they will make you weep so remember, HEED ME, ONLY THIS WAY will you forever become free.

There IS a heaven, a wonderful place but you CANNOT get there if you wield a mace.  How many times must I so speak BEFORE you'll believe it's a place for the strong* not weak, for 'tis the STRONG that stand calm, believing God's heavenly balm.  So believe me, I ask of you TRY to God's WORD BE TRUE. 

Testament 123

No more recriminations about the past,
just prepare the mind for the coming blast. 

For all the forces way down below will be working harder to your minds slow.* The battle begins as never before, all God's children must prepare for sure, for, the DESTINY of each soul is now at stake, to fall below or heaven make. 

Decision time, "Where will I go, see the light or fall below" ?

Truth, now it's time for truth, see reason and from NONE stand aloof. 

EVERY SOUL DOES ALONE STAND, follow not the invisible band, the invisible band of hateful men now exposed by this God's pen.  Stand alone before sweet God, let him guide you as you on earth plod, for ONLY His wisdom from up above will guide you to his land of love.

Trust me children 'tis all I ask, then forever you will in heaven bask.  Fight against the thoughts within that would deceive YOU into sin.  Seek the star high up above, the star of the heavens filled with God's love.  I bless you 'till the end. 

Try, please try, I am your friend. 

Oh darling Father up above, have I said enough about your love.  Is the "book" finished I ask of thee, or is there more to this prophecy, for only I know what's in store and I'd prepare your children for sure, so please I ask of you, if needed send more through.

My heart grows heavy and very old* for from "below" I feel the cold, the darkness now moving up that will keep many from the last sup.

Yes many will not believe, many will THINK that I deceive so 'tis they who'll be deceived by the darkness' subtle untruth, weaved, but I know I must stop and for a moment shut up shop,* otherwise the book will never printed be and already many fall below I see.

Thank you Father and Mother too, I will forever be with you.  I am lonely this you know for only I the whole truth know.  There are a few friends who with me walk but from the final truth* they may baulk, so we'll see what's to be.  I'll forever try to keep souls free.

To angelic men,* I now write with their pen,* and from my soul do I speak, a soul old and very meek.  "Thank you for coming through,* thank you for being true, thank you is all I can say, thank you from me forever and a day.

I will remember when I'm back with you the difficulty you had in "coming through," for my simple mind of the flesh made it difficult for us to enmesh.  But I feel all was well done, we'll fortify many in the coming run."*

Testament 124

So maybe now I can rest for a while before MY coming test, for once again must I stand naked, and alone, and face the band, aye the band of hateful men who'll be aroused by this pen.

But matters not I do see what happens to little old me, for the MESSAGE I have sent OUT and NOTHING NOW can deafen the King's SHOUT.

Bless you all who heed me, my truth will set you free for 'tis but the word of God sent from heaven to you of the sod.

Now once again is my heart besmote for all the truth that I have wrote, for now the time for peace is done and once again my soul on the run.  For 'twas said on a cloud* I'd come see, but as a thief in the night was it to be.

For fifty quiet years was I hid away but now exposure has come today.  To be scoffed and scorned like never before, that I see is for sure.

Ridiculed by the pompous poor,* and the hateful and greedy will knock at my door, and if God wills it once more I'll stand and be the victim of the satanic hand, but if it's to help you, I'll it do that's for sure, if it will 'pull' some through.

So, steady on lads, please give me a go I mean God's truth that I do sow.  Peace, non-retaliation I say to thee is the ONLY WAY to become free.

Godspeed.  God bless.  I say to you, let's show to all and God we're true, let the mighty angels who stand by your side help YOU to be elevated above anger and pride. 

Sweetness summer wine, outpour love divine. 
Let truth shine forevermore 'till ALL reach your door. 

Testament 125

~ All are duty bound ~

Children of God high blessed, from now on you are all DUTY BOUND IMPRESSED.  Heed the WORD as you see it flow, heed the WORD, let wisdom in you grow, the knowledge that be, knowledge to set all free.

Our God depends on you so please show HIM that you are true.  Fortitude is a must, in your faith must you trust.  Blessings from heaven will flow more and more as you "grow," grow taller from your deeds, grow taller as your heart bleeds,* bleeds in compassion and love for the children of God above.

"LOVE," children, 'tis the only way.  Give them love and help them pray for they will swoon from what they see and their senses will make them reel.  Bless them and hold them tight, encourage them by day and night, help them to hold on to God's wisdom flowing from you.

DUTY BOUND we now all be so lift up your minds to the star that be the guiding light of God above, filled with the forever love of the dove.

Blessedness on this night, blessedness for I am right, right in what I needs DO to help mankind PULL THROUGH.

Stand tall fearlessly, this will help many become free, they'll know I am true, true to the Word shining through, for the word His be, our Creator the God that BE.

I'm strong deep within, stronger than any sin.  Temptation can me not reach, this I must SHOW not only preach, so TRY ME, this I ask, set my soul to task.

Quickly now the time will run and many soon to fall undone so friends of MY breed, fortify your souls with all speed.

Foolish will many be not believing what I see and they'll amble on and on and on, daily more blinded* by the dark one.

So try please to see the truth of the Word, stand not aloof.  Watch your actions as along you go, don't let your actions slow. 


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