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The Testament of Truth (pages 201 - 225)

Testament 201

~ The Light of Heaven ~

The light of the heavens way up high is God and fills the sky, and all souls there up within do within God's highest vibration swim eternally, this I see, their souls forever of negativity free.

And this light that streams out from God's shore, embalms all souls with it's love forevermore, and these deep feelings of love for sure do for all eternity grow more and more within each heart that doth therein abide, whom God encompasses in His Mighty stride.

Forever and ever in this stride, forever free of any inner pride, and all souls that therein swim eternally strive to help others win their freedom, where forevermore they too will abide in that distant shore.

And this is done with love, divine that flows in heaven like summer wine, streaming out where it falls below into the darkness that lies below, and in the heart of each man it does cling, and its existence does quietly therein ring so that forever do all men know that somewhere, does love grow.

And this love they eternally seek until once more they become meek.  And they can this love only found* when of evil are they unbound.

And this mighty truth that I now sow is so that you can finally KNOW that PURE LOVE DOES EXIST, and its brilliance is felt like shining mist that pervades all that above abide.

And this love they feel as along they stride, and its purity, so gold and true, is felt forever by all souls true, when they return and in God's face gaze, never again lost in the deep dark maze.

The souls vibration once again true.  All Christed souls will be you and you.  As I am, so shall ye be when as I ask, you follow me.  I hold the key to the door up above, the door that opens to my heaven of love, and the key IS the Wisdom I do you bring, so that in happiness you can forever sing. 

So heed me now I do ask so you can sup on God's endless flask of love and joy so pure and true, that forever, dears, will flow through you.  God's voice I be as I now talk.  God's voice I be as I now walk amongst my sisters and brothers so true, amongst my sisters and brothers, you. 

Testament 202

~ The Devil’s forces on earth ~

Children, ALL who play the game of POWER are the DEVIL with eyes that red glower.  THEY are the Devil's earthly FORCE who try to make you too "divorce" yourselves from our loving God by retaliating to them as you plod.

So please do not TRY to make any oppressor* cry.  If they want to be untrue to the Light and cause pain to you, that IS their say* as the Devil does with them play.

YOU must seek the Star helping you stay sane from afar, and thus in God's light abide so one day in heaven you will stride, and for those letting the Devil "through" their minds and hands, I say to YOU :

TRY to your iniquity see, I will then TRY and help thee. 


Water ~ or ~ Blood
Forgiveness ~ or ~

You cannot wash blood with blood away,
only with the
water of forgiveness,
and pray,
pray that forgiveness is in your heart,
pray that your forgiveness gives another a fresh start,

For in your forgiveness, you're forgiven too,
for when in the past, by blood, were you untrue. 


Testament 203

~ To faltering friends ~

To my friends who find it hard to remain true as at times they falter feeling a little "blue." Just a little message I do now send to remind you to remain to God a friend.

It is at the end of the race of every mortal run that we see who has come down from the Sun, for only those hold out until the end, believing God is a friend.

The others fall slowly apart as coldness and disbelief clutch at their heart.  So 'tis to those such as you that God's thanks and love flow to.

Just look closely at what you do, ensuring that all to God is true, for, subtle as you see is the mind, and many possibilities are unkind.

Just remember to stay calm, relaxing in God's invisible balm that ceaselessly flows to you, subtly, to a soul so true.

And as I, we will wait and see what God has in store for thee as me, trusting that all will be well as darkness rises up, like the ocean swell, for we can only in God trust as the darkness exudes it's negative thrust, for the darkness will only let us go free when the call of non retaliation we SEE. 

Testament 204

~ Losing a friend ~

There is a time that friends do part* as the Devil gives "one" a fresh start.* Yes the Devil does them release from their past when they did "grease" their palms with "dirt," when with the Devil they did flirt.*

So at this time,* stand calm and abide in God's balm saying, "I fare ye well, we part for but a short spell and in Heaven we'll again entwine for Jesus' truth we did mime."

So you see, if others would destroy your wife or your boy,* they have been sent by God, as God's reaper on this sod.  So their "task" do not deny, just stand by and for them cry for the deed they are about to DO will later destroy them too.

So please now "understand" the messengers* from God's underhand.

They work for the dark as they extinguish their own spark, and if you try to stop them you too become one of the reaping men, and you too will cry, and in pain later will you fry.

So tell all you know of this deep truth I do sow, for the darkness will us now release so that we CAN find inner peace.  So children, my friends too, God calls now to you saying:

“Believe this pen and become one of my heavenly children.”

The pain is deep we sowed as we made others weep, and 'tis our Creator to us now "try," 'tis our Creator's WRATH to us now "fry." Be sincere, be aware as satanic forces in your face stare. 

"Love them" is God's COMMAND. 
"Love them" is the Devil's

and in THIS you become free, free when you my truth see,
my truth be God's call. 
Heed it not and you will FALL.

Testament 205

~ Truth v/s Religion ~

There is a great difference between TRUTH and Religion, like the difference between a "DOVE" and a pigeon, for a dove does "call" with a gentle sound, and a pigeon flies fast whilst whirring around. 

My pen does silently "speak," and its call is heard only by the meek. 

It is religion, that was "made" by man, who arrogantly fly around and all "inspan" speaking forcefully and seeking gain, for they are frantic and also vain.  For all believed that they were the chosen and that the others are in the dark frozen.

So to SEE truth, you needs quietly sit and the picture into your soul gently fit, and if you read the message, being my "proof," from God's Word you'll stand not 'aloof,' for you will "see," and "hear" my call that says:

"Never any other maul, even if they attack you,
you to God's call remain true."

So my friends, I hope you see what it IS God expects of thee.  It is to pass the message ON about the ARK of the mind so each their journey WON.

Testament 206

~ Religious Sects ~

Every Religious Order is a SECT, and upon this must each soul reflect.  God did not say "You must belong to a religious Club before your sins I'll out rub." God said:

"Just go your OWN way, heeding MY WORD every day.”

“Being loving and compassionate to all you meet, THUS one day MY kingdom you'll greet.  Foolish are those full of pride, who enrol "flock" as along they stride.  Matters not if they "Orthodox" be, or "New Age."

It all the same be, all my children are under the "Control" of "Self appointed Shepherds," I will overoll all, for all do my children deceive. 

ALL will soon now grieve. 
ALL teach the wrong way,
ALL teach
"power" play saying the dark you must destroy,
thus showing, they are in the
dark's employ. 

Children, I speak to each of you, only to ME, your GOD be true, heeding MY EVERY WORD, that of being peaceful and wielding NO sword, and all you "ministers" who MY Word mock, I say, please now "unfrock” and humbly go your way until MY reaper has its say.

For yes, you will grieve for every soul you did deceive, blessing young men as they went to war.  This is a heinous crime for sure, for they were "taught" that you were true, their souls they entrusted to you and you let them down, and many now in hell "frown."

So to you and you, men of the "cloth" so untrue, I say, fortify your minds, for soon pure evil unwinds, and if you MY last supper would share, retaliate NOT when in Satan's face you stare.

Other than this all I can say is that for all the foolish I do pray, for I am simple, I am meek, your souls enlightenment is all I seek.  IF you my simplicity mock, dark forces will tear your "inner" smock. 

Testament 207

~ Christ's disciples v/s religious men ~

Christ's "disciples" should "Show the way" as stated by Jesus on the day that the last supper was held, before by "man" his flesh was "felled." True disciples are men of spirituality, or women of "Godly" morality, being that "They do love all the needy" I hear from above.

And disciples, as they go their way, tell all of the "inner" power play, how "thoughts" so very unkind make so many "destroy" and thus them "bind."

Disciples do God's children "feed" Wisdom, and by their "deed" show that they are wise and that even the evil they do not despise.

So men of "religion" are false and hollow, for they expect people to them follow.  And they the hungry feed, and from others they "steal" through greed and thus they "deal in" materiality, having long gone forgotten their spirituality.

So children, any who this read, I say, "Turn to God, and protect your "seed" in the manner on p.33 I describe, and on my fresh wisdom daily imbibe for only I know the TRUE WAY and you'll needs courage to heed my say.”

For you cannot your flesh protect.  On this TRUTH you'll needs reflect for any now who heed not me will for SURE fall for an eternity into the darkness, way, way below, where for SURE my truth you'll get to know, and you will weep that you could not see my light, my reality.

And, "religious men" will me mock until the Devil's forces tear their smock, for all God's beloved children they deceive, and all deceivers are now to grieve.

So any who'd a true disciple be, heed my message flowing free and tell all that I am here and that they to my message needs draw near, and thus, a true disciple you be to God, yes and even me, and GOD will bless you and each soul who "makes it" through YOU. 

Testament 208

~ The Truth of Salvation - the Commandment ~
and God’s ONE sacred Law

There are many “truths” that need no proof, for just as the sun rises each day, it needs no “proof” that it is a truth when we say : “The sun will rise each day.”

But man needs to see the reality that be, in that in the “Salvationary plan,” man needs to individually heed of THE TRUTH of God’s WORD before any spirit can be fully “purified” within and then elevated, and thus the heavens eternally span.

So the TRUTH of God’s Word today is my Testament of Truth in which God does say :

“Heed all now given by ME via my dove Terence or you will be lost forever and a day, and within my message you will find THE TRUTH of salvation, and thus you’ll find your way.”

God’s ONE Commandment is “Love one another.”
God’s ONE
Law says:
“What you do unto others - I will do unto you”

“As you Sow - so shall ye Reap”

Mans beliefs are many and varied, but as far as those pertaining to “morality” & “salvation” and walking in obedience to God’s commandment he is totally lost, having been deceived by the serpent for so long that it has become habitually “natural” to deny the ONE Commandment.

Thus as man sowed seemingly “justifiable” dark seeds in deeds of “extortion, control, abuse & destruction,” man fell into the “shadow” under God’s heavy hand, on the negative side of the ONE Law, and thus the “returning karmic dues” are now to be “pain and suffering.”

Man believes falsely that he can abrogate not only the commandment of God by enacting mandates, but that he can then “summarily” dismiss the WORD of God’s Law and thus “avoid” God’s judgement and justice and retribution.

Man is foolish.  Man by the “authority” vested upon him by his own “force of arms,” or by “elevation” by man through “election” by the people then proceeds to heed the “call” of the deceiver Satan.

Foolish man, please now listen to me.  Forget the “rituals” of “vestments of office” and your “Acts” and “Mandates,” they are all justification to deny the call of the Creator to be “Only Loving, forgiving & merciful.”

I say that you all will now pay the price for being “mandated” to abuse, control, tax etc, and thus being unkind.  Prepare to in Satan’s face now stare, THAT is your FATE, your “Reaping” ware.

Testament 209

~ The peacemakers ~

The “Peacemakers” are not those who only “speak” of peace, they are the ones who by deed do not their “hands” with darkness grease, and who also do not their mouths “foul” with negativity that does universally “prowl” in every realm outside heaven, the place we only attain when we heed God’s leaven that does say :

“Each for his deed does personally pay.  What you express comes back to you, you never attain the Light until MY Word you can ‘do.’

Peacemakers are ‘prepared’ so that they can die unarmed, and fearlessly they walk under earth’s sky for they know they are protected by ME the invisible God you cannot see.

And ‘if’ another man does their life away ‘steal,’ it is because on their ‘head’ was stamped Satan’s seal, that implies “This one is to die, for in their past they made another cry.”

So children, please now ‘reflect,’ for there is only your own soul to protect against the thoughts that give you any reason to heed man and deny ME your God any season.

Man in the ‘robes’ of ministerial men all ‘condone’ violent action that defies my pen, heed them and society and you’ll fall, that is for sure, and your soul does for eternity pall.”

Evil "flourishes" because supposed "good men" ignorantly join in the foray and become evil themselves as they "justifiably" play the same "game" and use evil to destroy others whom "fell" to the "dark boy" in their past.

So never find a reason to deny the Light and fight, or you walk the road using the Devil's might, and your dark deeds return to you one day or night when others again with you will fight. 

Peace and education is the way of today.

Written by my sacred pen today,
that does truthfully, eternally, for our God sway.


Testament 210

~ God’s Immunity and the Devil’s Impunity ~

We God’s children do have immunity against the Devil’s “apparent” destructive impunity, and I now speak on this as well as the Devil’s “shallow” and infinitely “deep” impunity, for the Devil can only man bind who in their past was to another unkind.

So even though man has enacted many a Law, if you “break it” then the Devil cannot you “paw” if you have no spiritual karma to pay.  Try and understand this say.

But if you have a spiritual “debt” from your past, the Devil uses man’s Law to serve you up a blast, and the “fools” who you judge, condemn and incarcerate or fine are the reapers for the Devil, says God’s pen.

You are not “suffering” for breaking man’s law, it’s only for your past for sure, when you broke God’s “Only loving” Command.  So any “lawbreaker” needs to see the “how & why” it is to be.

So as all now see, the fisheries, customs, police and so on are being used by the dark to bring past defaulters undone.  Not for the present fishing default or speeding default etc., but for denying their Light at another time.

So please now change your way today before you “Law enforcers” for your present folly do pay.  When you the dark “avenger” to attain Justice do use, you lose your divine Immunity, and on the road ahead, the darkness will abuse you with its impunity For you are but naught against our invisible God of the skies. 

If you have no “karmic” debt to pay, then no man will “touch” you on any day.  For none will be “inspired from below” to demand justice for the breaking of man’s law.  This I do know.

Become loving, become wise.

Testament 211

~ The Second Judgment ~

There is a "pool" of burning fire at the base of the deepest mire and this fire is the flame that burns all with no name, and it cleanses all of their dross, like the peeling off of onion skins and moss, and as this darkness does clear, again in heaven they draw near.

Having entered through the back door,* reborn in heaven for sure, but the pain they did feel did for an eternity unreel, for the depths are very deep, and in the depths all do weep, for 'tis but the pain of burning fire that eternally helps them aspire. 

So, all who lose this coming "race," all who abuse and wield a mace, can expect to fall below into the depths and my truth get to know.

Children, I can but you warn and say you will more than mourn.  You will shiver, and you will shake, if you fail to heaven make.*

My truth is true, my love flows to you, heed now my final call.  Heed not, and you will pall for the darkness is the fuel* for the light, thus the eternal duel.*

For between the light and the dark is the eternal flame, the spark* that IS the Source, GOD the essence of creation of all on this sod, and if any into the deep pit flow, excruciating pain they will get to know.

For light and dark are eternally bound, eternally both go round and round, one the fuel for the fire, the other the light, eternal desire to love and express truth, and 'tis I its proof, and I say:

"My vision believe.  Fail me, and you eternally grieve."

Testament 212

~ The "Preamble" to God's Constitution ~

All whom would be TRUE TO GOD and thus their own souls need now to walk "outside" the Constitution of man and thus turn direct to God as their Head of house.

This implies that all whom so do are not subjects "of" nor subject "to" either the Law of man nor man's "anointed or appointed." Thus they are not subject to being "taxed" or "licensed" by man. 

These "Subjects of God," being God's chosen on this earth will just daily walk their road in a positive caring way.  Forgiving those who trespass against them by turning the "other" cheek in the face of adversity and remaining meek, and they will 'recognise' that what they Sow they will Reap.

These "Children of God" acknowledge that God has set them free from the bondage placed upon them by man inspired by Satan, in that having chosen to walk outside the "protection" of man's armed forces that they will be "subject" to persecution by 'ignorant' man until their past "accrued" spiritual debts are paid in full.

These children of God will do their daily work without paying "license fee" or "registration fee" to man.  They will contribute freely as they see fit to their local community or "Council" for maintenance of roads, schools, hospitals or other community or private services.

They will defend no person against persecutors, and will themselves stand "unarmed" in the face of adversity and will "die" as lambs to the slaughter if it is so required by God.

They will refuse any "extortion" by threat, being demands of money by any "civil" or uncivil "mandated by man" officials, and if persecuted unto the court of man will proceed there and remain "mute" and take whatever is meted out.

They will pay no monetary fine but will be prepared for the alternative punishment.  They will aid all members of the community and if in need will ask for assistance, and they will pay their own way and not expect the greater community to care for them.

These children of God will "pave the way" for the new order to be on earth where no "man" will demand off any other, nor will they elevate themselves above any other, nor will they control any other in any way.

All taxation will cease and all "controlling & punitive forces" will be a thing of the past as earthlings do their God daily greet in a true Christian way.  That is the "say" of God today.

Testament 213

~ God’s Constitution ~

Every earthly Constitution is “unwise,” they all ‘deny’ our God of the skies who says :

“The only “safe” Constitution is MY WAY, that of :

Being loving each day.

It is up to no man to decide how any other will on earth stride.  It is for no man to say: ‘I am elected democratically, thus heed my say.’ Every politician or ‘blue blooded’ king is a megalomaniacal dictator who will ‘sting’ their enemies over the sea if they ‘think’ that they 'overpowered' may be.

Children, I your God do speak.  Your ‘personal’ freedom must you all seek, and you only attain it one way as said, by being ‘loving’* in every way.

In whatever country you live you must be respectful to all
and ‘GIVE’ of what you have to others each day.

IT is MY Constitutional way. Any of you who try to IT avoid for sure now all fall into the VOID, for in the ‘guise’ of ‘the majority’ you did one elect and his controlling 'rules' did say : “All must do it our way, or you’ll reflect upon what to you we’ll do if to our command you follow not through,” and that control over you is negative and enslaving.

Try and now see your way clear
and to My fresh WORDS draw personally near.

You ‘may’ people elect but not to you control or protect, only to assist the disbursement of funds you freely give so that others ‘elsewhere’ can happier live.

Other than this, each goes their OWN way, doing what they are inspired to by ME each day, and whatever any other does do, you personally just be - respectful, kind and true."

Note: ‘loving’* - Kind, caring, compassionate, merciful, respectful, and forgiving, and never 'disturb the peace' of others.

That is the Constitutional way of God your Creator to every earthly person.

"Any who heed not My call to be loving will die."

That is the message from your Creator up high.

Testament 214

~ My fishing hook ~

With my "Hook," being my wisdom I fish for you.  Heed my wisdom, I'll pull you through the maze of dark devious thought that with so much confusion is with danger fraught.  Heed this wisdom that is my love essencing through me from God above, for IT is the ONLY WAY. 

That you it HEED I do pray. 

Heed this wisdom there is so little time, soon even you soil your hands with grime if this wisdom you do not heed, and thus you'll make another bleed.

Heed this wisdom it is so true, heed this wisdom given now to you.  Heed this wisdom it is my love essencing through from God above.

Heed this wisdom it is my CRY essencing down from out the sky, being the depths of my soul that aches with longing as I stroll.

The longing that you WILL believe, for if you believe NOT, you will grieve and then I will cry that you did not harder try to heed this wisdom given to you, by your God of love, through this pen true.

Oh blessed ones I do call out.  This is my final call I shout.  Oh blessed ones I do love you, oh blessed ones I am the one true, heed me, this is my plea, only my wisdom can set you free.

Soon now I rest my pen, for soon I return again to our beloved Father and Mother way up high, to greet all of you who did try and heed this love I bring, for you with me in heaven will sing and my love, my wisdom, forevermore will remain on this earthly shore. 

The fisher of the souls of women and men

Testament 215

~ Vessel of the Soul ~

Your soul is like a ship afloat upon the sea, your soul is like a ship that I call now to me, for soon the twilight deepens into darkening night and you'll need this lighthouse to ensure you're right.

For if your ship should founder upon a rocky shore, the lovely light of heaven you'll not see no more.  So hearken to my story, I try so hard to tell, it will give you Wisdom then you'll know all is well.

For when the bells at midnight ring out loud and clear, then you'll know eternity is at last so near, and, 'tis at this moment, you'll needs the light of me, for I'm the lonely shepherd, the man from Galilee, and my Love and Wisdom now reach out to you for, for all eternity, is this soul for God true.

So my blessed children, all who are my flock, please remain quietly humble and never any mock.  Take the light I give you and quietly pass it on so your lovely friends, their journey too is won. 

Blessedness for each of you who me believe,
you I see, forever will join my infinite weave. 

Testament 216

~ Graven Images ~

All graven images must come off the wall, the wooden cross and pictures of souls tall.* All God wants in remembrance of thee is the remembrance of God's Word through me.

So all the "messengers" please now forget, only on God's WORD place now your bet, for no graven image do I see, can in ANY WAY set you free.  So ONLY in God's Word needs you abide as daily on your road you stride.

Children, look to God above for 'tis GOD only who is light and love and this light and love flows through ALL, even the messengers with souls tall.  So remember, I ask of thee, that you HEED GOD, not remember me. 

Blessed are those who hope in the WORD,
blessed are those who HEARD the Lord,
blessed are those who SEE the truth,

Blessed are those who stand not aloof from sisters and brothers deeply in need, from sisters and brothers still trapped by greed, from sisters and brothers with anger flowing free, from sisters and brothers if you'd follow me. 

This is the message from up above,
this is the message from our God of love. 

This is the message I now to you bring,
this is the message to make your hearts sing. 

Testament 217

~ Valley of Death ~

Lo though I walk on earth in the shadow of death I fear not, even though I feel Satan's breath, for THE WORD OF GOD I did HEAR, and God's WORD I draw near, so Satan's "breath" will pass me by.

I will make no other cry, so Satan's mist* of silent song* cannot make me do any wrong.  My brothers are safe in every way, I'll greet them with love whatever their "say," and my sisters so lovely too will see that I am a brother TRUE.

I welcome all with open arms, I show all God's earthly charms, being a smile so warm and wide, being compassion as along I stride.

So fear not as you go your WAY, earth's shores are not forever and a day.  They are but for a brief time to help you up the stairway climb.

It's so easy, just follow me and as a gentle lamb now be, and if any darkness does you "astride," quick as a flash you'll in heaven abide.  Be courageous, be calm.

Feel the truth of heavenly balm that naught can anything to your SPIRIT do, IF to God you remain TRUE. 

Testament 218

~ Gentleness ~

Gentleness in the night, gentleness of others plight, gentleness if you are true.  Gentleness means you are through, through the veil at last through, forget the past.  Through, now all is done, through, now begins the fun. 

Fun forevermore.  Fun now lies in store.  Fun for you and me, fun at last we can see.  Blessedness rolls on and on, blessedness our race is won, blessedness for you and me.  Blessedness forevermore now you’re free.

Gentleness, if you are true.  Gentleness for the few, gentleness if you believe.  Gentleness, it’s truth from my weave.  Gladness in your heart, gladness that you did start, gladness that you believed me, gladness I’ll set you free.

Quietitude to the fore.  Quietitude, ‘tis a must for sure.  Quietitude and all the rest, quietitude you’ll pass the test.  Oh sweet angels loving and true, oh sweet angels gentle with blue shimmering light surrounding you, with golden halo showing you’re true.

Oh sweet angels from above, oh sweet angels your land of love is coming closer every day, for that moment we now pray.  Oh sweet angels I love you.

Oh sweet angels you are so true, is my message now to you, for coming through, for coming through to me as I did ask, to me, it was your task to reach down deep into my mind and it unwind, its truth unwind. 

Thank you for being you, thank you for being true, thank you I love you, thank you for being you. 

Now is the time to walk with God by your side, heeding God’s Word as along you stride EVERY minute of every day.  REMEMBER what God did SAY:

“Do all, do anything, but do it with LOVE, hurting NO ONE” is the message from above.  “TAKE NOTHING from others that they don’t give.  ONLY by heeding this will you later live in heaven where all are friends, in heaven when you’ve made amends.”

So now heed what I say for soon on your KNEES will you pray to me and your GOD.  To ME as along you plod that MY Wisdom is TRUE, that TRULY I will guide you, for, IF I FAIL, you fall encompassed by forces tall.

IS MY MESSAGE TRUE, or am I fooling with you.  YOU must now decide, is it you or I filled with Ego and Pride.  Or, is it TRUTH, that I say “God’s love now cleanses those that pray in the manner prescribed by me, in the manner that will keep you free from dark thoughts in the mind that daily get stronger, and tighter bind.”

Please I say to you, heed my message, it is true.  I appear but a simple man but my SOUL IS the eternity span.  Verily the first and the last, verily from the forever past, and ‘tis MY vision that can SEE what IS COMING and what needs BE, Be done by souls true so they remain true to the WORD of GOD above, who says:

“Forever give with love”

Testament 219

Wonderful Father

Wonderful Father up above
thank you for your endless love
I feel it driving more and more,
flowing faster daily for sure

Wonderful Father of all that be
thank you for setting me free
thank you with all my love
that I send to you now winging above

Wonderful Father I love you
wonderful Father you are so true
wonderful Father come closer today
help me Father in every way

Wonderful Father you are the one
who rules forever in the land of Sun
guides us every day
fills us with happiness in every way

Wonderful Father now I am free
to again be as one with thee
I rejoice deep deep down
help me help my brothers who daily drown

In their fears and aggression too
wonderful Father let me remind them of you
how you daily forevermore
reach down and call them back to your shore

Wonderful Father you are so true
wonderful Father what can I do
to help you more each day
and help my sisters to come your way

Help them to with you abide
help them within your stride
wonderful Father you are the one
help all please their race be won

Wonderful Father of all that be
help me to set them free
free of the programming in their mind
which to them is so unkind

making them follow your children who are men
even some would follow the holder of this pen
not seeing that it is YOU
who are The Holy One, so lovingly true

Wonderful Father you are so true
wonderful Father I say again to you
wonderful Father, you are the ONE
I will follow on my return to the Sun.

Wonderful Father you are all three
the Father the Mother and children who are we
Within us all does your love reach
and to my brethren will I this teach

Wonderful Father who reigns up above
wonderful Father with endless love
Wonderful Father, be with us today
wonderful Father for this I forever pray. 

Testament 220

~ Healing of the SOUL ~

I shall "Heal" all who heed me. 
Not their "flesh," but of their

The "Lame," who the wrong way walk
as darkness does their minds stalk.

The "Blind," for they cannot see
God's light and truth flowing through me.

The "Deaf," for they do not know
that through
truth doth flow.

so ANY who me believe, I raise from the DEAD,*
as they SUP on my
being God's BREAD.

Truly I shall set you free. 
Those who believe I be who I BE.

Testament 221

~ The Dance on the horizon ~

The dance on the horizon is for those true who in the final test pulled through the veil of deepening night.  They were all souls of deep insight.

The dance on the horizon is for those true, yes sisters and brothers, I mean you and you.  Just follow the star in the morning dawn, it is the dance on the horizon for those born

under this star that shines so bright,
under this star shining day and night. 

Truly the dance on the horizon be for those who heed our God through me.  They shall dance by day and night.  They shall dance with deep insight for they shall in happiness sing all a part of that golden ring. 

wedded to our God above
wedded to pure true love
wedded to each other
forever lovers, sister and brother. 

Oh the dance I can see, forming in the heavens above thee and me,
the dance on the horizon is the best, it is the one coming, by God blest.

Be my partner, I ask of you,
be my partner forever true. 
Be my partner, with me entwine
with the dance on the horizon, love divine.

Testament 222

~ The Power of the Serpent ~

The power of the Serpent is its hypnotic spell, that can make us on negative thoughts continually dwell, and as these thoughts go round and around by deepening confusion are we bound.

IT is a continuous flow of delusion that we can fathom out* the illusion that is perpetuated in our mind, but in reality, we become more blind.  And this illusion is thought like a scary movie, that is "fraught" with danger from the beginning.

For, there is no way of winning if the Serpent does look in your eye* and you are not the "most high," for IT does you bind* and with irrationality you become “blind.”

And as there is no chance of you “winning,” you end up “sinning,” causing pain to another or self as you withdraw and sit on a shelf, in loneliness, confusion and fear as the assailant daily draws near, waiting until it can strike and nail you with its final spike.

Oh beloved ones, only I can it see and break its “spell” that BE the negative power of God, that IS the deceiver and reaper on the sod.  So my story I now you tell, for IT the Reaper, rings now its bell saying:

"All who were by me "found," by ME are soon to be bound deeper and deeper each day, until for all they pay, and, IF God's light they cannot see, THEY will never become free."

So blessed sisters and brothers of mine, I reach out with my love divine saying, USE my Star and break the spell daily mounting, OR, you go to Hell.

I have again suffered to "show the way." That you can trust me I do pray, for the Serpent does you daily more "sting," and I the dove, would carry you up on my "wing."

I love you.  I go my way,
that you see my light I do pray
for IT IS the Serpent who does you deceive
IF you see not the TRUTH in my weave.

Testament 223

~ The Serpent's Venom ~

The venom of the Serpent is its thought through which much danger is fraught if the thoughts you believe, for they are deadly and deceive.  If these thoughts you believe then you'll make another soul grieve and then the reality of; As you sow you reap, will come to you one day, and you'll weep.

You cannot keep Peace with force, for already from the light you divorce as your SOUL with the darkness does stroll and you others abuse and overoll.

If you think others are negatively strong, don't let the Serpent make you do wrong, for if the Serpent does your mind bite,* only hatred and vengeance is in your sight.

The Serpent cannot "True" believers sting,* as its "bite," being dark thoughts do not ring in the minds of the wise, for they heed my call from the skies and thus, to the light they remain true whatever the serpent tries to do through the minds of unsound men, as exposed by this God's Sacred pen. 

Testament 224

~ Break the Serpent's "spell" ~

Mary, Mary, I call out to you saying, "Maryanne, please be true to the time long ago when "together" deep truth did flow." It was THE time I became* WISE.

For I looked into the Serpent's eyes* and SAW the power of the spell,* HOW it drags the weary down to Hell through the power of its MIND that is cunning and deceitfully UNKIND as IT says to "you" and "me,"

"To attain freedom you needs "see"* me
and thus fully understand the power of my underhand."

And THIS deceit the greatest be, for we cannot “unfathom” its depths see, and THUS to IT are we bound as our thoughts go round and round trying to our "problem" dissolve as in our minds they endlessly revolve.

And like the "game" of “musical chairs” the serpent disguises its cunning wares* being that, each time the "music" does stop, one more is chair less* and does flop* deeper into the satanic mire, and one day sits atop a funeral pyre.

So the Serpent's eyes I did see, and "its" insane reasoning I give to thee.  Its hypnotic thoughts did say "Lose sight of me and you are lost forever and a day."

But, the "spell" only broken be by the power of the light flowing free, which does the Serpent's eyes "dazzle" so ITS thoughts do not our minds "frazzle."

"Yes the light from the Morning Star
breaks the "spell,"
say's God from afar.

And thus, the past we can "forget" so in unforgiveness we no longer "fret." Bless you lady for the time of day, bless you lady for the time I spent your way.

NOW, it is THE time for YOU to be to the SOURCE truly true, and pass my message ON about HOW each souls journey is WON.

We are "bound" by the serpents "spell" when we "listen" to the story it does "tell" as its thoughts into our minds "unwind," thoughts that to us and others are unkind.

And part of the spell is "confusion," keeping us locked in a "contusion," a situation in which we cannot get out until the spell we "break" with a "clout," being a shaft of light and love, essencing via the meditation Star above.

Testament 225

This light blinds the darkness that be, and thus of its spell are we free for that short moment in time before "they" make us soil our hands with grime.

But, when later we link with their "tune," we again can mentally swoon because our emotion does "receive" the electric wave length through which they "deceive."

So until our emotion is "pulled through" and "released," we needs stay TRUE, to the Word of God I bring that breaks the spell with its deadly sting that can, and does us blind, as our soul it does more bind.

So I say to you and you, DO the meditation and stay true.  Don't heed the thoughts that you "clout" that say, "You needs work it out."

Nothing can YOU "work out" when with the Devil's voice you flout.  Your inner Ego and Pride, or Fear, ALL go for a devious ride.

Only when we don't "link in" to the serpent's "spectrum" can we win by becoming clear in the mind, because deceit does us not bind.  So from the serpent's "spell" must all be "awoken" by a few words of prayer spoken.

This is the ONLY way to "pull through," I the dove say to you, you, and you, for the serpent says :

"IF you lose sight of me, you'll never work it out, how to get free."

And "This is another living lie" I hear from the Source up high.  Break the "link" to the serpent below and give your soul a chance to grow. 

Daily fortify your mind,
Build the ARK OR you become blind.


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