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China has as its spiritual 'backbone' a true 'Tenet,' being the very same ideology as that 'proposed' by Jesus and other mortals, a 'code of conduct' policy that is in fact backed by the power behind this pen of mine, being THE CREATOR of ALL mankind.

Confucius was a mortal man as many over the ages, and as all men was born into the false and 'tenuous' beliefs of his forefathers and other peers, however, the singular item of agenda on this page is the one of primary importance to any person seeking Salvation, and it is the one purported to have been stated by Confucius:

"Do NOT do unto others that which you would NOT want others to do unto you."

This in fact is 'similar' to the statement by Jesus that said:

"Do unto others that which you would have others do unto you."

I "Terence" am the one to 'clarify' the above statements so that you all understand the implications therein, for there is more than ONE reason why we should adhere to the 'comprehension' within these statements.

If you are enlightened enough to clearly observe the present 'way' of the world in respect of 'how' man 'treats' his neighbour, then you would clearly see that EVERYONE is either personally or via paid employees (government officials) DOING things to others that they would NOT want others to do unto them, namely 'we' are:

USING force or coercion or deception or armed men to interfere - control - tax - enslave - regulate - invade - seize goods - punish or destroy others.

Why is it that we so do and why should we not so do? For after all, if God gives us the capability to control and destroy then some would 'argue' that it is their divine right to so do, especially if they believe that they are JUSTIFIED in their interaction.

Why is it that every nation and every citizen is falling 'short' of the Tenet given by Confucius and Jesus and is a 'party member' to the FALSE religion?

The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for:

Cruel merciless PERSECUTION
War, control, deception, disrespect, vengeance, torture, killing & destruction using FORCE. (malignant)

Simply because man 'forgot' that God forbade him to 'sup on' (use) the fruit from the Tree of Evil, and Satan deceived man and convinced man that he man had the right to the use of destructive force to attain an advantage over others, and much of this is 'in the name of' Restorative JUSTICE.

Satan deceived man and convinced man that order & harmony was only attainable using FORCE - Error of belief.
Satan deceived man and convinced man that he was entitled to defend himself against oppressors using
FORCE  - Error of belief.

Why is this error? Because the use of force against others means that one is controlling and 'injuring' others, and this 'suffering' must 'return to sender' in order to fulfil God's absolutely JUST Law.  Peace & love & mercy and EDUCATION is the way forward.

What is the immutable Law of God?

"As you do unto others will by others be done unto you, be it benign OR malignant, kind OR cruel, merciful or merciless, loving OR hateful."  

So what is the outcome of man's disobedience of God?

The 'followers' of this doctrine live in insecurity as 'slaves,' and they take with force all that they can from others, and thus they receive the same 'savage' return from others who via legislation and theft steal from them, for this is the 'energetic' DARK Law of God in action.

It simply means that because the ONE Law of God applies to the retributive and punitive Dark energy of Hell - Destructive, hateful, merciless, intrusive, inconsiderate, merciless and unforgiving, as one walks in contravention of the precepts of the Command of God it follows that within the LAW that the same 'unkindness' of one's actions returns to the individual, and they AHEAD live in a state of fear, enslavement, unhappiness, suffering and discontent.

It simply means that any man who 'chooses' to walk within the 'negative' and thus punitive and unhappy aspect of God's immutable Law contaminates their soul with dark energy, (sin) and these negative emotions that grow within become very hard to control, and man then 'sins' more easily as he finds justification to continue defying God, and his 'life' revolves within the dark river of death. (A sinner)

What is the result of 'living' within the dark river of death?

As one uses negative - critical - vindictive - judgemental - retributive - controlling and destructive ENERGY it contaminates the soul of the user, and it grows within as a 'cancer' and, they become more 'dark' and evil and destructive and, the 'weight' of this energy is what drags their spirit SOUL down into the 'hellish' realms in the after life.

The ONE Law of God also applies to the loving 'Tribute' Light energy of Heaven - Creative, loving, peaceful, merciful, respectful, kind, caring, compassionate and forgiving, thus as one walks within the precepts of the Command of God it follows that within the LAW that the same 'goodness' of one's actions returns to the individual, and they AHEAD live in a state of freedom, happiness and fulfillment.

The 'followers' of this doctrine live in peace as 'free men,' and they give with love all that they can to others, and thus they receive the same 'bountiful' return from others who lovingly bestow much upon them, for this is the 'energetic' LIGHT Law of God in action.

All energy is 'of' God, and every activity of man is backed by an invisible ENERGY, be it benign or malignant, peaceful or intrusive, and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction that returns to the person at the time and in the place so ordained by that ENERGY, be it in this or the after life.

Whatever you do will be done unto you, that is the understanding that man needs to get into his arrogant head. IT the 'return' DUE is unavoidable, and it cannot be 'voided' by rule, ritual, mandate, official position or other, for God is God and His 'ruling LAW stands above all.

What is the result of swimming in the light river of life?

As one uses positive - compassionate - kind - benevolent - merciful and creative ENERGY, it grows within their soul and brightens their inner Light and their emotions of joy, love and benevolence grow, and the 'brilliance' of their inner LIGHT draws their spirit SOUL up into the highest realm in the after life.

The ENERGY of the Source (God) is both creative AND destructive. The Light is truthful and the Dark is deceptive, and the Dark justifies criticism, judgement and destruction. It also justifies your defiance of God's Command because IT knows that if IT can deceive you into using IT'S forceful and destructive ENERGY then you 'fall' into ITS Domain, and IT then subjugates you and destroys your 'faithless' seed. (Soul)

Awaken from the 'dead' and strengthen your mind with my fresh wisdom, for only thus will you be 'saved' as you turn over a new leaf and become a delight in God's sight, for HE the ALMIGHTY is now to destroy all that continue to be 'swine,' for HE created man to BE a 'joy' to HIM.

Live and let live, educate and give good counsel to sinners.

Terence - the Spirit of Truth

~ Ends ~

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