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~ Truth & Belief ~
Self-evident Truth & Doctrinal Truth is ones 'Belief'

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page 3 - Religious Truth
page 4  - Salvation Truth
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This 'paper' is inspired from an 'ask' of me of: < "How do you know this to be true"? > Reference my statement about the word 'Karma.' and its implications to each person reference their positive or negative deeds each day. I said:

"Karma is the positive 'Tribute' of joy etc., or the negative 'retribution' of suffering that 'lands' in your lap depending upon your past deeds. Example: If you help a homeless person then your 'light' positive action IS the positive Tribute of God being returned to them through you (they must have aided others before) and, - - -

As this deed you do, you 'earn' a similar return that will come to you via another on a distant day, or possibly straight away for, - - - maybe the homeless one had 'something' to give you immediately after the deed you did 'selflessly' do. E.g.: They give you a golden apple of wisdom from the tree of life."

My answer to the above was: Reference 'karma' returning to you, that is simple - It is but the singular Law of God in action - - -

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - As you do is done unto you"

And I now add, that I could have 'equally' said:

"If you or the 'policing' forces employed by you via your 'State' departments destroy the homes or livelihoods or lives of others, then your 'dark' negative action IS the negative Retribution of God being returned to those 'others' through you or via your paid 'servants (they must have abused others before in this life or in spirit realms pre-birth) and, - - -

As this deed you do, you 'earn' a similar return that will come to you via another on a distant day, or possibly straight away for, - - - maybe the 'abused' and now homeless one had 'something' to give you immediately after the deed you or your servants did 'vengefully' do.

E.g.: They sneak up on your home one night and set it alight as their mind as yours had not heard the wisdom from the tree of life and, - - - thus you as they are non-believers that eventually go Hell's way. For true 'believers' forgive their enemy."

'Matt' also asked me: < "And how do you know what you believe to be true"? >

Thus I write a few more lines about belief and truth and doctrinal ideology.

Doctrinal truth, whether religious or secular is in fact a system of belief, often established as a result of some "higher" or punitive authority. Example: Rituals of Religion might 'command' you to: "Kneel at the feet of a priest" - or -

Rituals of State might 'command' you to "Obey the directives of a police officer." Neither of these 'beliefs' are a requirement of you by God, they are but the 'imposition' of vain men.

In Secular Doctrines that 'authorship' is King or Queen, or Chief or Mandarin, or parliament, the legal system, Judiciary or Legislature. In all instances the 'original' inspiration is credited with being a 'necessity' for civil obedience and civilian welfare and, in many cases 'refers' back to having a religious 'authorisation.'

In Religious Doctrines that 'authorship' is in fact the 'hand' of the men that wrote the 'scriptures,' as well as those 'later' that 'consolidated' or 'revised' or translated them. In this instance the 'original' inspiration is credited with being Divinely inspired, followed by a doctrinal clarification of the 'original' inspiration.

Self-evident Truth is that truth which is not subject to interpretation or 'enforceable' through some doctrinal system of belief. Example: "The Sun will 'rise' in the morning."

Another example is that whilst some religious sect may claim divine inspiration that: 'We will not die but will live forever,' the self-evident truth is that any person born with a biological body will die, and this fact is not altered either by the 'inspiration' or the Doctrinal belief attached to it.

However, the 'belief' that the soul survives the 'biological flesh' and thus 'We will not die but will live forever' is a belief and, - - - to some it is factual and a known Truth.

Self-evident Truth and Doctrinal Truth diverge because the former is Truth, and cannot be 'interpreted' according to some belief, whether inspired or not, whilst Doctrinal Truth is always a matter of belief, based on what is called "Divine Inspiration," an inspiration that is always subject to human interpretation.

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All the great religions of the world claim "Divine Inspiration" as the Primary Source for the 'truth' later contained in their Doctrinal Beliefs. The problem for those seeking The Truth is that historically, the 'divine wisdom' contained in the initial divinely inspired wisdom/truth, was always subjected to the 'scrutiny' of human interpretation.

When examining the history of the leaders of current religions, leaders who claimed inspiration from the Divine, we see how 'inspired Truth' has became a conglomerate mass of Doctrinal interpretations which, despite each contradicting the other, they all lay claim to The Truth!

Historically then we can ascertain that God's inspired Truth has always been 'interpreted' by the existing order of belief, and that the new revelations are often 'standardized' or 'altered' to fit into the older or prevailing wisdom or truth.

When seen from this perspective it can be argued that, whatever Divine inspiration Jesus received from God could never be the precise Truth as revealed by God, - - - but is - - - rather, man's interpretation of that truth.

Which it was, for Jesus did not personally 'record' his personally inspired teachings, but what he was 'purported to have said' was recorded many years later by others, being 'man with sin.'*

The self-evident truth of that statement is the objective observation that: Whether you attend a Lutheran, Anglican, Baptist, Catholic or Salvation Army service, none of these Christians, (inspired by the Truth of Jesus' Divinely inspired revelations) believe the same thing about this inspiration, ergo (consequently): -

Divine Revelation has become Doctrinal 'Belief' according to the particular interpretation by leaders of each sect of Christianity and, into the ideological precept of God's Command of "Peace unto all," has 'crept' the falsity of the day that contravenes this ideology namely, - - -

Christians now 'believe' that they are justified in defying God and terrorising & killing their enemies. Being the 'contra' merciless and unforgiving punitive justification legislated by men, not God. - (They 'assume' falsely that they will avoid the negative punitive return due to them under the immutable singular Law of God and, they also believe falsely that they can terrorize and 'Crusade' against others and still enter Heaven)

The self-evident truth of the previous statement is also the objective observation that none of the 72 'Sects' of Islam (inspired by the Truth of Muhammad's Divinely inspired revelations) believe the same thing about this inspiration, ergo:

Divine Revelation has become Doctrinal Belief according to the particular interpretation by the Muslim leaders of each sect of Islam and, into the ideological precept of God's Command of "Peace unto all" has 'crept' the falsity of the day that contravenes this ideology namely, - - -

Many Muslims now 'believe' that they are justified in defying God and terrorising & killing their enemies. Being the 'contra' merciless and unforgiving punitive justification legislated by men, not God.

They 'assume' falsely that they will avoid the negative punitive return due to them under the immutable singular Law of God and, they also believe falsely that they can terrorize and 'Jihad Crusade' against others and still enter Heaven. This is a FALSE 'belief or teaching,' for all of any race or creed that 'terrorize, invade, injure or kill' others GO TO HELL for a VERY LONG SPELL.

The Truth of Doctrine or Beliefs are not self-evident and thus knowable, for it is a personal 'personally informed' choice between you and God, that is 'influenced' by your own 'particular' religious teachings, as well as any 'prejudices' of those that influence you. Be they the 'State,' family, or other.

I for God say: "Do not take 'all' your religious teaching as all being God inspired and the absolute truth. For it has been written by 'sinful' man." I for God have written God's message personally, and I have not 'raised' any religious organisation. I 'merely' give you the TRUTH, and you now go your way dealing with GOD direct, not with 'religions of men' as your 'intercessor.'

Note: 'man with sin.'* - Is a person with 'sin' within, having negative emotions through which 'deceptive' thoughts can interpolate the mind and thus contaminate the wisdom, and thus 'distort' the truth enough to enable 'indecision' or contrariness of understanding to arise.

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~ Religious Truth ~

In Religious Truth, the author of the 'inspired' truth is God. God 'knows,' thus God's knowing is not a belief. God's messenger the Spirit of Truth as God's messenger knows the Truth of God and the Truth of God's message.

Thus the truth or wisdom of the message to 'him' the messenger is not a belief, it is a known certainty. It is known that 'to date,' the 'message' given by God's prior messengers have been recorded by others and, that due to the 'beliefs' existing in the various parts of the world in 'those' times, that there has been a great variance of interpretations and misunderstandings and translations.

You and all when growing up on this earth have 'taken on' others teachings, and others 'beliefs' that have varied from Tribe to Tribe, and Nation to Nation, and Religion to Religion. These beliefs that include supposedly 'sacred' rituals are but man's interpretation of what God purportedly said or revealed.

If you could personally today talk to Jesus 'then,' the Truth of what he said would be 'first hand' from God to you. The 'spirit' soul that was 'hidden' within the flesh of Jesus then, is now here in the flesh of me to bring a direct message to you from your Creator.

It is thus that at this 'end' time when mass communication on a huge scale, as well as ease of quick translation into all languages can be accomplished, that God sends the Spirit of Truth again to earth to 'Correct the Truth' on earth for all mankind and write it down personally.

Thus my answer to Matt is that: "I 'believe' and know it to be TRUE due to my insight, whereby I can see God's face and hear God's words to me, and I also see from Heaven downwards into the depths of misery in Hell.

Thus what is written by me sits 'comfortably,' as I know that any person that believes in 'me' meaning, - - - the message I bring thee, will be saved by God's grace."

How do I also know that this is the TRUTH? Because I know that my spirit is 'pure,' being free of sin (No negative emotions within). Thus my energy 'essence' vibrates at the same frequency as the 'Godhead' - Light of God.

Thus my mind is linked direct to God, and it cannot be 'deceived' by the darkness, (Devil - Deceiver) for deceptive telepathic thoughts from the darkness only 'enters' the mind of man 'with sin' via the 'vibration' of their negative emotions. (the sin)

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~ Salvation Truth ~

There are many 'truths,' and there is the: 'The Salvation Truth.'* This truth is not a belief but a fact. It is backed by the mind of God that flows direct from the Creator to the mind of the 'incarnate' Spirit of Truth.

It is the fresh wisdom required by all seekers of Salvation, for all other 'teachings' have been contaminated.* Thus all presently do unknowingly walk into the darkness.

Any other 'scriptural' writings reported to be 'inspired' that are written by men that have sin within are contaminated to a greater or lesser degree. Hence the need for the Spirit of Truth to return in person, and not only bring forth Gods uncontaminated message, but to also write it personally with no negative interference in his mind.

The 'ultimate' choice for each soul today is to 'look and read' and decide whether these words of wisdom presented today by me are compelling enough and clear enough to affirm in their mind that I am he the 'Salvationary one.' For if "Yes," then it is imperative that God's Wisdom therein be adhered to.

Note: contaminated.* - The 'sin' is the dark negative energy contaminating the soul, and once contaminated, the thoughts of the Deceiver enter the minds of 'sinners' via their greed & pride & vanity etc, and interpolate with their thoughts and 'confuse' and distort their perceptions.

Note: 'The Salvation truth.'* - Is the Wisdom of God that is required by any person to 'enable' them to ward off evil thoughts and stay 'sane' at the 'now' end time. It also gives the necessary information to them that enables them to assist themselves to halt the ingress of dark energy (the sin) into their soul. For this will permit what is already therein to be purged out by God. Thus it is the ultimate truth they need to set them 'free of inner sin,' and thus their salvation from sin, and their subsequent entry into Paradise is assured.

Note: - 'Man' or 'elders' or legislators have been 'blind' to the fact that any 'code' or conduct RULE raised up by them that 'entices' man to wield the retributive or punitive aspect of God's Justice and be God's Retributive Law in action, have themselves defied the "Peace unto all" command, and they then 'fall' to God's Sword for assuming that they are as 'mighty' as God. Man must only be the positive Tribute of God in action, as this 'act' places them in the positive aspect of God's Law, and they then receive a 'good' return from God.

Note: - As for any 'sacred' texts that permit 'control & regulation' that have any 'punitive' attachment for 'defying' the given demands, - - - I can categorically state that this 'input' is by man, not the God of Love, as all punitive measures defy God and God's dove.

When man decides to do the 'punishing' for God, then man incurs the same 'penalty' he gave for being so arrogant as to assume 'godship,' - - - thus the human race incurs greater and greater suffering. Do you understand? - - - All you do comes back to you.

Note: - I do know that what I write is the Truth because what I write is God's love flowing through me to set you free. Man has always believed in the punishment 'factor' as a 'just & honourable' way of making or forcing an 'offender' to pay for his perceived misdeed.

Not seeing that the enforcer is also a 'subject' of God and subject 'to' God's one Divine Law: "As you do is done unto you." Hence God 'advises' man to never 'judge or abuse' others. For as man judges or punishes, so will he be 'judged & punished' by GOD.

None of the public 'seeing,' that any 'sentence' imposed by the 'judge,' is in fact also an imposition by the taxpayer paying his wage. Thus all taxpayers 'suffer' a 'part' the same 'sentence' that is imposed upon others in every 'society,' and this imposition of suffering is imposed by God via others at a later date. Now you see the reasons for the 'apparent' suffering of supposed 'innocents' caught up in 'crossfire' etc. There are no 'innocents' outside heaven. All 'sup' on dark leaven, for all support warmongers via governing institutions.

Note: - For God I am saying that God has an immutable 'Just & equitable' singular Law:

"As you do is done unto you" - being unavoidable 'payback' good for good and bad for bad.

I also state thus: 'Similarly as the force of gravity is invisible but is fact and TRUTH, - - - whether you like it or not, the invisible positive & negative 'energy' of God is fact and TRUTH. It is also absolute in its 'balance' and applies to all of God's children. All are 'subject' to IT.

Note: - Ultimately at this END time, you have to decide whether the teaching of your society or your present 'holy books,' and your deeds when faced by adversity are 'good enough' to ensure your Salvation. - OR - Whether this man wielding this pen, claiming to be the 'spirit of truth' has a 'deeper' and 'truer' TRUTH to be adhered to before you can be 'saved' and enter the Promised Land.

Note: - Lead others to the message, do not 'try' and explain it to them. Let them 'read' it personally. Only thus are you true, for only thus can they make a personally informed decision as to its validity to them.

Note: - Remember, you cannot 'be' a good 'religious' person walking within the ideological parameters ordained by God, if you are 'supporting, funding, or condoning' the opposite 'regulatory & punitive' ideology of your 'State' or National government. For by your 'tax' levies, you are supporting all the suffering imposed by the 'judging' and punitive judiciary, prison services, and war machine.

You must now choose, to serve man (Caesar) the State - or - GOD
You cannot serve both 'masters' and remain within the
positive 'aspect' of God's Law.

There is NO 'second chance.'

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~ Pure Truth ~
Response letter to 'Kaz'

Dear Kaz, it is not I that 'manipulate' the scriptures, but it is the people that wrote or translated the originals and 'updated them' and 'deciphered' their meaning for and on behalf of you and you and YOU the latter day readers, that failed to see their true meaning and, - - - that misunderstood their context.

Why else would the 'Spirit of truth' have to 'return' at the END to see 'Who is his true flock? Surely he could have 'awaited' in Heaven to see 'WHO' arrived at Heaven's 'gate'?

The only reason that I the very same spirit return now, is to correct the truth, so that TRUE believers in peace & love & mercy can see what is required of them by God and ME before they are 'saved' by God's grace and thus 'uplifted' away from Satan's clutches.

The 'concept' that the 'suffering' of one man ensures that all that praise 'him' will be able to continue on 'sinning' by abusing others and still be 'uplifted' by HIM, is a 'fable' that leads all believers in IT to Satan's 'stable.'

For there is no 'incentive' for 'corrupt'* people to change their way. It enables them to pay a piece of silver on Sunday to a 'religion' as they say "Yes Jesus loves me and whatever I do he will save me."

Note: 'corrupt'* - Any person of any 'station' in life that is 'sinning.'* It also applies to 'enforcers' that believe falsely that an 'official' mandate to 'regulate or punish' elevates them above God's law.

Note: 'sinning.'* - See page 25 'The Testament of Truth' or page given below.

Not seeing that on the 'last' day, only those that have become wise and thus do not others despise will be saved, for they show by example that they have 'heard' the "Only love & be forgiving & be peaceful" WORD of GOD.

It 'appears' to me that the misunderstanding of the meaning of the words 'Jesus took on the sin of the world' is the 'greatest' error of belief. The 'one' whereby those 'following' the teaching of men purporting to 'hold' the true way were themselves deceived 'somehow.'

Firstly, man did not know what the 'Sin' of this world was or is until I revealed IT in my The Testament of Truth - go to page 25 - I give the content of the relevant page at the end of this letter.

Once you know the difference between 'sin' and sinning, then you will understand and see and realise that as all mankind yet has 'sin within,' that Jesus could not have, nor did he 'remove it' from them and 'somehow' take it upon himself and, - - -

As mankind is yet suffering the consequence of 'his' sin and sinning ways, it also 'follows' that Jesus 'again' has not 'done' what the Christian 'religion' preaches and falsely teaches he was 'supposed to have done.

Therefore, when I say that all mankind of every 'religion' is yet in deadly danger, it is SO. It also 'follows' that only I do know the one and only 'way' that every spirit be they incarnate or discarnate will have to 'go,' to show God their 'worth' and worthiness before they can enter the pearly gates of LOVE above.

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As I AM HE the spirit of eternity, I am not 'just' here for any 'particular' religious 'group,' I am here for all of every 'race' and belief because they are ALL God's creation and, - - -

They all yet wield a mace one way or another against sister and brother and it again 'follows' that every one is in 'mortal' and spiritual danger. I also 'add' that any of any 'belief' that uphold their present 'teachings' of falsity will wonder 'why' they scream as they fall out of the sky into the Abyss.

I am not saying that there is no 'truth' within your or any other 'belief's' scriptures. I am but saying that: "They have all been 'contaminated" - - - to the point that even you believe that you can put another's nose out of joint and be saved, due to praising and raising the name of a man into Godship. That is 'grave' error.

Neither you nor I nor Jesus was God. We are all 'children of God,' and the 'spirit' soul of Jesus incarnated then into the fleshy man named Jesus, and now returns in the fleshly man named Terence, to personally bring forth a personally written message from God to humanity that is not 'corrupted' by 'sinful' man's interpretation.

Only those that 'fortify' their mind with my fresh and uncontaminated* wisdom will be able to override the dark thoughts entering their own mind that would lead them to be callous, unforgiving, unkind, merciless, abusive, punitive etc and, - - - only those that 'win' this inner battle and show God that they REMAIN peaceful, forgiving, merciful in the face of adversity will be saved.

Note: fresh and uncontaminated* - Written by my own hand with God's 'unfettered' truth flowing through MY 'sinless' soul. All written before was written by 'sinful' man and distorted over time by sinful man.

If you wish to have a little more truth, then I add that Jesus' pure spirit soul 'took on' some dark energy (sin) for God and you and you and you - - - so that when here on earth he could be mentally & emotionally tempted by the Devil via this 'sin' and thus 'succumb' as simple man and be a 'mischief maker' - - -

This he did do in more than one way reported by scribes to you and - - - thus he was able to by GOD be made to endure the suffering on the cross to show you and all 'how' by example that we DO 'pay' for iniquity, and to become 'free' we have to suffer it 'manly' and not retaliate.

Why 'Christians' believe that the suffering of one man absolves them and gives them immunity from God's Law is quite 'strange' and, - - -

Why 'Muslims' believe that one trip to a supposed Holy Land and a walk around a monument will absolve them and give them immunity from God's Law is quite 'strange' and, - - -

Why 'Hindu's' believe that a swim in the Ganges river absolves them and gives them immunity from God's Law and from their 'sinning' ways, and relieves them of their 'sinful' karmic 'debts to God' is also strange.

I use the word 'strange' in the above examples for it is such an 'obvious' error that it shows how easily mankind's psyche was 'deranged by the Devil through false teachings.

As for the Holy Spirit, SHE Mother God is the one for whom I write as I daily 'sit' in HER sight. For SHE would 'save' all mankind from the Wrath of HE the Father who is now to show all 'infidels'* HIS Might.

Note: 'infidels'* - Those of any race or creed that defy the "Only love & be merciful & forgiving" COMMAND.

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In every 'religion,' there is so much 'belief' in the power of the man, be it Jesus, Muhammad, or Buddha etc. All deny the message they brought from the Creator, and they defiantly continue to ignore the pure message* from God sent through the many 'messengers.' The message that the man Jesus said that you must conform to if you are seeking Salvation.

It is the conformity to the message of "Peace unto all" that is the 'way.' That is what the Holy Spirit via HER dove me says today and, - - - in order to comply with IT, you will needs 'refresh' your consciousness and belief by visiting my 'Testament of Truth.' For only this way will you understand the power of your real enemy, the Dark Sovereign Power.

It is the 'names' of religions that are the 'deception' that bind all. For we do not need 'religions,' we only need to 'hear & heed' and thus conform to God's Command.

Ask yourself: "Why did people who called themselves 'Christians' (supposed believers and followers of God via Christ) drop bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that instantly 'vaporised' thousands of God's children, and cause 'birth' defects even up to now, some 50 years later"?

Ask yourself: "Why did people who call themselves 'Muslims' (supposed believers and followers of God/Allah via Muhammad) smash the 'Trade towers' and kill thousands of God's children"?

Ask yourself: "Why does God 'permit' it to so be if 'Jesus' saved all"?

The reality is that it is the Dark Sovereign Power meting out Divine retribution in fulfillment of ITS One law "As you punitively did is done unto you" as IT works through the minds of 'sinful' and vain and ignorant man.

It is only ignorant 'men' that assume that they have the God given right to be 'God' and mete out punishment. Ignorant man was deceived so long ago by the Serpent, that he assumes he is doing 'right' as he does fight. Seeing not that the true way and only way to 'deliverance' is by the forgiveness he extends to his perceived 'enemy.'

For what man does not see as he 'fights or punishes,' is that the enemy is but the dark 'energy' of God operating through him and the other, that is as equally as ignorant as 'he' in using it. For the use of it brings an equal and opposite return of it.

Man has been wrongly taught that as God is 'merciful & compassionate & forgiving,' that he man can be unforgiving & merciless. This is falsity, for God says that it is 'man' that must be merciful & compassionate if man would be seen in Heaven living 'civilly' in God's paradise.

God's ONE Law is 'absolute,' and God's 'mouth' is resolute, - - - "What you do is by God done unto you," either directly or indirectly via His children.

The true giving back love to the true.
The untrue giving out pain to the untrue.

Any person abusing another in 'sinning,' as revealed below. Be they commoner or 'official,' all are the 'deceived.' Deceived by religion's false beliefs and the false beliefs of their forefathers and their society, or the 'manipulative or destructive' thoughts entering directly into their minds.

"Wake up" - soon the final 'shake up.'

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Testament 25


The SIN: is the seeds of darkness within the soul .

Which are also referred to as the sin forces, for sin has a vibrating energy field of negative emotional feeling. There are many different "sins" within the soul of an evolving spirit, e.g., Fear, Hatred, Anger, Greed, Jealousy, Vengeance, Criticism and many more.

This "energy essence" is drawn from the negative side of the universal energy source (destructive), and surrounds the light at the core of the soul, which is the divine spark of God, being the positive emotional feeling of love. (creative).


1 - The Act of mentally or emotionally or physically inflicting pain onto another.
2 - The Act of taking by force or otherwise for
3 - The emotional expression of any sin force by word or deed
abusively at another.
4 - Allowing negative energy to flow up from the dark side through us
to another.
5 - The dark (Satan or Devil) showing itself on earth (its face) in operating
through people in the flesh or when in spirit.
6 - The negative side exerting its control on earth and is the
Reaper in action through the ignorant.
7 -
Anti-Christ, Anti-Love, Deceptive, Merciless & Unforgiving.

We COMMIT a sin as the direct result of succumbing to the negative thoughts that enter our minds through the vibration of the sin force. The sin force is the "doorway" through which our mind is telepathically impregnated.

The negative thoughts activate the fleshly body and make it react negatively verbally or physically. It is during this sinning that we are SOWING the darkness that we will later REAP.

The sin force IS a part of the Source, being the 'dark' negative retributive aspect called by some 'the Devil.' During the ACT of sinning we are expressing negative energy at an intensity corresponding to the intensity of the energy flowing through the sin force, and we 'earn' an equal 'payback' due under God's one Law:

"As you do is done unto you."




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