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~ The 'false religion' Police ~
The political & 'religious' home terrorists

Page 1 -  Notice to Humanity
Page 2 - The Police Conscience
Page 5 - Letter to constable Tanner
Page 12 - Letter to Judge Crawford
Page 13 - God the Dark Sovereign Power
Page 17 - Letter to Ray Martin ACA - 9 TV
Page 18 - The Spiritual Harlot
Page 20 - The Spirit & the flesh

page 1

~ Notice to Humanity ~

Let it here be known that the coming uncontrollable and unstoppable TERROR is the result of false political leadership. Wherein politicians invoked rules and regulations and punishment that constituted TREASON against the Commands of their God and Creator and Destroyer and, - - -

That these treasonable 'acts' of control, manipulation, extortion, enslavement, and punishment and destruction of God's children has resulted in 'force' being used to enforce compliance to the “Thou shalt bow to me and obey me” orders of politicians and their policing and warring forces and, - - -

This 'note' by ME the awaited Messiah is to REVEAL unto all humanity how God the Dark Sovereign Power (Father & Destroyer) will now avenge HIMSELF as HIS 'deceptive' Serpent directs the minds of HIS earthly and spiritual forces to go on a 'rampage' of revenge that is the prophesied END TIME uprising that will result in the END TIME TRIBULATION that is totally uncontrollable by man and, - - -

Let it here be REVEALED by ME the God you cannot see via this my sacred pen that, - - - ANY person continuing to defy MY “Only love and go your way peacefully” command will fall into the ABYSS and become one of MY 'dark demonic' warriors, and they will fight each other for an eternity and their 'tribulations' are eternal, unspeakable, and insufferable and they go on without surcease.

Let it here be known that MY Plenipotentiary is on earth, and he has finished his 'duty' to ME his visible God that he can see, and I now release MY final message to humanity. Any that continue to control, regulate, punish, or destroy MY children do so at their own peril.“

The notice is an advisory paper to inform the 'Police Commissioner' in every Land that his troops are all operating outside the authorized mandate of their Creator, thus their souls are in deadly danger as also is their mortal flesh. These Testament of Truth pages reveal:

The revelation of the danger the police are in - What they need to do to change this situation - How the police army will be overthrown - Where to look to see where their authority or mandate comes from - What is the true mandate - What is their true role to the community - The approaching terror - The Alien invasion, what it is and how will it manifest, and how will this affect the police force - How the police are to be attacked, terrorised, tormented and destroyed and the reasons why.

The police need to read all these letters and ask of themselves: What does 'Integrity' mean to the police - What is an honourable role for the police - What does integrity mean to God - How are police dishonourable to themselves - Can the police be rehabilitated - Who is beyond redemption - What is the reason why the police become as despised as criminals in the eyes of the community”?

As I write this, all can see that God the Father and Mother and I are ONE.

page 2

~ The Police Conscience ~
Unawareness to spiritual danger”

The police force personnel look pristine and clean, but they are a 'Star' shining black. This is due to the fact that they do find a reason to attack any person deemed by their 'book of rules' to be found lacking in some way.

These persons are seen by the police and jailers as 'criminals' and are perceived as less than human, and deserving of any 'pain & suffering & terror' that the police and judiciary and jailers can and do impose as they 'sully' their own inner spiritual 'Rose' for and on behalf of legislated 'Statutes' and, - - - as this they do, they are totally unaware as to the spiritual consequences that arise as God's Law swings into action invisibly.

So are 'we' the public needing to 'fear' this 'black' Star Army of men? - “Yes and NO.” - - - For “Yes,” they always do instil fear and trepidation into 'someone' that they are 'hunting,' during the course of their 'investigation.'

For the 'hunted one' either has disturbed the peace of the land and 'injured' another 'relation' or, they have injured the pride & vanity of the enforcers for failing to conform to the rules in a book that the enforcers hold sacred and, - - -

For some 'reason' the police have been taught that it is 'normal' practise to invade, arrest, kidnap, punish and terrorise any person that has failed to conform to the ideological dictates of the TEXT in the book of rules raised up by other men.

On the 'other' hand we should NOT fear these 'armed men' that with force and 'fire power' defy God's pen. For if they cause 'us' to suffer mentally, emotionally, or physically in any way, then that suffering was a spiritual due for what in our past * we made some other suffer in some way.

Note: our past * - Either in this life time or pre-birth existence or, even the suffering imposed by our 'sevices men' upon others here or over the sea on our behalf as we their 'employer' slept comfortably in our beds.

What neither you nor the 'State enforcers' see is, that the suffering or trauma 'felt' by the 'prisoner' may have nothing to do with anything other than this long past due. For the 'arrest' of the present day is probably a 'simple' matter of non-conformity in paying a 'fine' etc., and in this 'matter' the 'offender' was not being untrue to any 'person' per se.

Thus the 'bully boys' need to see that even though in their eyes they performed a duty TRUE, that in FACT they permitted the invisible avenging Dark Sovereign Power to operate through their 'force' and thus all pain and suffering and indisposition or banishment from society through incarceration becomes their own spiritual due under or within the supreme and Holy LAW of God.

So every 'enforcer' is UNTRUE to their own soul and to their Creator who said and yet says: “You must never use force to punish, or fight or, you end up being punished by a 'greater' force in the Abyss wielded by MY Might. You my children must only 'arrest' those that do disturb the peace of the land, and then have them counselled so that MY Wisdom they do understand.”

So all I can say to the Police Commissioner of every land today is: “Your duty to the rules book you do 'perform' well, but you see not that in your duty to IT you do cause 'terror' and you do impose suffering to members of your own community and, - - -

By this DARK ACT you 'muddy' your 'boots' and send your own 'troops' to HELL to be 'confined and punished' there for a very long 'spell.' This 'time' below is Justice, for what they did do and all by now should know that the “As you sow so shall ye reap” Law of God is undeniably honourable and, - - -

The sooner you do see that upholding any 'Decrees' of Politicians that force you to 'injure' another, be it mentally, emotionally, or physically or, to have them 'taken out' of society or this 'life' is dishonourable to God, yourself, and the community that pay you a daily wage.

page 3

Where is the word “Respect”and, you are paid to protect the community from those that do disturb the peace of the land. Not to 'aid and abet' political thieves and their underhand ways.

Your force 'Badge' was smitten a heavy 'blow' a long time ago when your 'direction' was insidiously altered by Politicians that 'moved' a bad 'motion' that enabled them to use you as their personal 'enforcers.'

You see not that your souls are being 'overshadowed' by darkness each and every passing day that you force others into suffering in some way. In the 'assumption' that if it is 'permissible' through a 'ruling' of a book or a man (judicially), that it is also 'legitimate' in God's eyes. This is error of belief and error of teaching.

You need to change your 'attitude' and give the 'youths' in your 'service' an opportunity to move up a few degrees of 'latitude,' and revert back to their 'honour' role of upholding 'the peace of the land' ONLY. The sooner you 'Sir' understand the spiritual reason why you need to this do, the sooner unto your own soul are you TRUE.

Instead of preserving its own INTEGRITY and that of the community, the political police force has become the main 'punitive arm' of the Dark Sovereign Power that is the DARK and opposing force to the positive energy of The Light Sovereign Power, God and, - - -

Because the community has been forced to fund and condone this 'Army' they have all become complicit to its dark and punitive ideological ways, and all persons presently contravene God's Command and all will now suffer the consequence.

It has been written and exposed within these sacred texts that neither the politicians nor the 'rules' they impose upon the public have any 'legality' or mandate from the God of Light and love and, - - -

It follows that their Power and Authority is bestowed upon them by the Dark Sovereign Power who is so 'shiny and black and deadly' that none can IT or HE or ITS or HIS 'Agenda' see being: - - -

To make use of the blind, the ignorant, the vociferous, and the arrogant and those trying to be 'honourable' through the forceful and wrong way, so that IT – HE can destroy them all for trying to be IT or HIM and, - - - for factually defying the “Only Love” Command of HIS Light being HER the Creator.

To accomplish this, the Dark Sovereign Power has to FIRST deceive them, and this 'primary' ACT has been accomplished as all humanity 'fell from grace' through accepting as normal the use of the mace, rather than the use of merciful LOVE and forgiveness as Decreed by their God above.

EVERY politician, every enforcer, every judge, every jailer, every member of the public MUST now try and see this cruel, hard, harsh, stark REALITY, and then come to their own individual decision as to whether or not they wish to be SAVED by their God by conforming to the fresh and SAFE 'ideals' as given by ME.

It is up to the police force 'UNION' movement to 'alert' every member of their community of the 'perilous' and graveness of the situation. For as every policeman and judicial enforcer has and yet does cause immense distress to others in the course of their present 'nature' of duty, it follows that within the absolute Justice of the ONE Law of God that, - - -

Their already accrued personal 'suffering' spiritual dues are too heavy to bear, and it is imperative that every enforcer is 'alerted' to their own personal danger for following a FALSE ideology.

page 4

No 'land' needs a police force, it only needs a 'Peace Corps' of caring officers that are concerned for the spiritual welfare of those that do disturb the peace, and they thus 'arrest' them for their own 'good' and bring them to a place to be counselled and educated ONLY.

Being the attendance of a 'Feeling Easier Seminar' and then released. For only this way do the 'Peace Corps' workers remain SAFE within the positive 'aspect' of God's ONE Law, as they 'reap' a positive return for their beneficence.

Note: - Every police person is placed in the untenable position of daily having to go against their own inherent goodness in the course of carrying out their ‘duties.’ Each police person is also daily asked to 'still' the small inner voice of their conscience that should be saying:

How can people ask me to do the things I am ‘sworn’ to do when the 'rules' I am duty-bound to uphold are the very rules that I have to contravene daily in order to fulfil my duty and earn a wage and, that place my soul within the negative aspect of God's law as I defy my God?”

Police are daily required to: disturb the peace of others, interfere in their business, seize their goods, kidnap them, abuse them, punish then, incarcerate them, and dehumanise fellow humans.

In the course of duties they may even have to murder a fellow human being, and all in the name of a supposed ‘Law of the land’ which is not only false, but one that forces police to act in direct opposition to their own spiritual nature and to defy their Creator.

Police can have it either hard or soft. You can listen to God’s Truth and change your ways and the landing can be soft or, ridicule the Truth and have it your own present way, - - - cold, cruel, hard, merciless, and unforgiving.

Let it here be known that when you defy your Creator and use dark forceful energy (sin) to in any way control, regulate, deceive, punish, or destroy another person, the enemy your make is God the Father, God the Dark Sovereign Power the deceiver and the wrathful destroyer and, HE is invincible and, HE always fulfills HIS Just and honourable 'eye for an eye – as you sow so shall ye reap' LAW of the Land that is HIS Justice.

You cannot fight God and WIN
But you can 'fight for God' and LOSE

Each person has to smash the mirror of illusion that keeps them locked into the delusion that they can punish others for their 'well-being,' and for the well-being of society or 'the nation.' For all punishment is the imposition of EVIL upon others that once were themselves imposing EVIL and, the enforcers all end up being the 'victim' of others imposing EVIL upon them as all are Dark 'operatives' working for the DEVIL – the Dark Sovereign Power – God.

There is no 'end' to the disbursement of evil for those that use it and apply it upon others. As you sow so shall ye REAP. If you 'think' that enforcing punishment is a good deed then you are in error as you impose upon yourself a similar imposition of terror.

Leave the administration of punitive 'accountability' to God, for God is THE LAW and only God is not 'accountable' to any other for HIS deeds and not 'subject to or subjected to' the 'eye for an eye' Law.

page 5

~ Constable 'Cameron Tanner' ~

Cameron, when you take it upon yourself to 'arrest' the movement of a vehicle and bring it to a halt, you bring into 'play' a chain of events with far reaching consequences for yourself, as well as to many others that 'fellowship' with your Organisation, Club, Corporation, Religion, or religious 'Order,' for any one of these 'names' correctly describes your State governing Institution.

In fact your 'primary' daily action and interaction with others on the land is no different to that of the 'Taliban' religious police that 'report' people that do not conform to the 'Decrees' of their 'religious Order.' The 'instructions' of the decrees being the Text giving the ideological belief (rules) of their Institution.

Be it that 'someone' is seen imbibing alcohol, or maybe a 'lady' is seen in public not having dressed properly. All 'acts' or actions deemed by the recorded TEXT as 'unholy,' and in defiance of the code of conduct command of the recorded TEXT and, - - -

Thus the death penalty may be 'invoked' by someone upholding this recorded TEXT for a wage, as they punish the other for having offended the recorded TEXT in the unholy book of rules that the 'Taliban' and the Tasmania Police hold more sacred than the “Go in Peace – Islam” * Word of Allah/God.

Note: - The True ideology to be conformed to by man as given by Allah/God:

Islam * (The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.' This is only attained in 'bowing' to Allah in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

Christianity * (The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.' This is only attained in 'bowing' to God in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

You Cameron are yet a decent young man that is 'deceived' by the past beliefs of your predecessors, and are 'one' that has not yet asked yourself the question: - - - When I interfere in the life of another for and on behalf of a book of rules that I hold sacred due to my wage to so do, am I in conformance to God's commanded 'Code of Conduct,' or am I in contravention of God's Command and thus placing myself and my soul within the punitive aspect of God's immutable “As you sow so shall ye reap” LAW?

I also ask you whether you have or have not actually asked yourself the question: “From where did I obtain the authoritative power to carry a gun and interfere in the lives of others for the sole purpose of 'reporting' their supposed misconduct and for the sole purpose of their punishment”?

You need to now ask yourself whether as a 'Christian' you conformed to God's Command in issuing me with a 'Summons' to appear before your head 'honcho' High Priest to 'explain' something prior to being punished. You need to now also look into the Primary 'Act' or ruling of the Australian and Tasmanian Constitutions of your Institution. (Given at end of document)

For these 'rules' delineate quite clearly something that is of great importance to you and, - - - it stipulates quite clearly that people of a 'different' ideological belief (religion) are free to do so and are thus not within the 'jurisdiction' of the 'book of rules' nor the 'enforcement' arm of the Institution 'governed' by said Constitution. It is also a divine right given by our Creator that, no person should be 'coerced' * or forced to belong to any organisation that has a different ideology. Thus you have no authority or mandate to interfere in my business as I am not a 'Party member' of your Institution.

Note: be 'coerced' * - Your institution does use coercion, for it punishes any person that fails to, or refuses to be a 'voter' due to their differing belief.

I am quite aware that for so long have 'gun-toting' police and their inquisitorial judiciary had free 'reign' to defy their God and their own 'rules,' that they have by precedent now established a belief that they can so do without suffering any 'consequence,' and they also believe that they do have the right of 'control' over the whole population.

page 6

Naturally any 'mad' gun wielding person living in a delusion has the use of the Devil's Might and the Devil's right to terrorise the community as you do daily, and the 'innocent' and peaceful have had to 'put up' with being dragged off the street and subjected to the 'rantings' of equally mad and bad magistrates.

These magistrates also 'judge' the conduct of their 'victims' according to the TEXT in their own books of rules that they hold 'sacred' and also uphold for a wage each day. None of this 'son' is right in the eyes of God, for it is all an IMPOSITION using force of arms.

If you or any wish to 'belong' to your Institutional 'Club' and subject yourselves to your RULE by political decree and force, then that is your choice, and this you so choose :

1 – By voting for 'someone' to be your head of house through the election process.
2 – By funding the Institution through payment of taxes.
3 – By thus condoning the punitive and warring ideology of the Institution.
4 - By the above becoming a 'paid up' Party member of the Institution, Corporation, or Religion

I do none of these, for God is my head of house and I only heed HIS Command, as I prefer to be a true Christian having only God as my leader. Thus my ideological belief is contra to yours, as mine is in 'accordance' to God's: “Love one another, go your way in peace and be compassionate, merciful, and forgiving to those yet in sin living.”

But I do not 'force' this way or belief upon you. Neither do I enforce punishment upon you for your non-conformity to my peaceful ideological way. I simply tell you of your error of 'teaching' and belief that will bring you to grief if you continue to do what you do.

Son, neither you nor your Institution own the roads of this land. They all belong to God, and any person is free to make use of them. If you or I or any do cause another any 'harm' or injury through carelessness, then we are answerable to God not man, and for sure we pay the 'blood' price in FULL within the Law of God.

Do you 'think' that because you wear a 'uniform' that you are above the Law of God? Your own actions that led to my 'summons' showed God and me that it was you acting 'irresponsibly,' and having no 'regard' to the local community that pay you a wage to 'protect' them.

For you were quite 'happy' for vehicles to be driven slowly or at speed through the village and be a possible danger to the inhabitants. If you had been a responsible person your 'speed check' point would have been in the town centre, so that you would have been able to 'caution' any person actually speeding in the place where it could have been dangerous for them to so do.

But instead of this, you 'hid' your vehicle off the road in the dark away from the village centre, near to the 'speed increase' 80 Km sign so that you could 'trap' people if they commenced to speed up when approaching the 80 Km sign. So your 'interest' was in fact only to raise revenue, and to be a 'nuisance' as 'granted' to you within the 'letter' of your TEXT book.

This son may seem 'righteous,' but in my book, you were 'tempted' into pre-meditated entrapment, and thus you have in fact now trapped your own soul, as God will ensure that all I suffer returns upon you and your own family and, you cannot even have a say as to whether I should now be let go, for the matter is now in the hands of 'bigger' wolves that care not about you or your karmic involvement, for it was you that was the instigator of the 'action' against me.

I do believe that you did 'dishonour' your badge of 'office' and your own soul, even though at all times you were polite towards me. I am very sincere in my 'request' that you and all religious police * (See note below) now read the below given 'injunction' clause of your Constitution, for magistrates are so arrogant that they refuse to even consider its 'import' when it is pointed out to them for their own well-being by me and, - - -

page 7

They are thus committing an act of Treason against their own State 'authority' as well as the State of Heaven for their defiance of God as are you and, - - - all will soon see the END result of this folly as is exposed to all humanity by ME. Being 'bloody' retribution meted out by mentally disturbed people whose MINDS are controlled telepathically by invisible spirit forces that are totally 'unconscionable, cruel, merciless' and 'deaf' to any pleas for mercy and, - - -

They are all possessed by the thoughts of the Dark Sovereign Power that knows exactly what you all have done and what you all will receive as your Just DUE and, HE needs no book of Rules to justify HIS actions, for HE is the Almighty super power.

Prior to being 'charged' with any serious offence, the police always 'caution' their victim saying: “Whatever you say may be used as 'evidence' against you.” I say:

Every negative statement or action taken by man is heard and seen by the Dark Sovereign Power and His 'vengeful' demonic forces in the underworld, and are all remembered and used as 'evidence' against any person that has defied the “Only love” command of their God but, - - - man neither sees or knows how God's forces 'administer' this 'Payback' accountability that is EXACT in every way. I do know, hence my efforts to 'warn' you and you and you.”

Whether you are mandated by an “Order” or “Writ” or Constitutional Decree to carry out any punitive operation, you are at all times 'subject to' God's superior LAW. No uniform or badge of office places you above God or beyond the 'reach' of God's 'eye for an eye' LAW that simply means: “As you did sow so shall ye reap.”

Note: I did advise you that my ideological belief was 'different' to yours, and that your rules did not apply to me as I conform to God's Command.

Note: Religious police * - Every Institution of man that has an 'ideology' is in fact a 'religion' due to this fact and, - - - The ideology of every Government Institution on earth has the ideological belief in the use of “aggression, force, invasion, detainment, persecution, prosecution, punishment, waging war, and killing.”

As every Government is a religion and is proven to be such * it follows that their 'policing' forces are 'religious police' that 'bow' to the anti-God religion of the 'false' God of WAR, that is in 'opposition' to the TRUE God of PEACE.

These religious police are in fact the 'eyes' of the inquisitors, and they 'report' any person failing to conform to the ideological dictates of the 'doctrine' of their religion, being the dictates of the TEXT within the 'book of rules' that is their unholy Bible held sacred by them, and upheld by them for a daily 'mercenary' * wage.

Note: 'mercenary' * - Any person that takes a wage to 'report' another to the Dictator (Caesar) for the purpose of bringing them to account (punishment) is a mercenary because they are defiant of their Creator and, this they do solely for the financial 'reward,' (30 pieces of silver) for which they are prepared to 'sell' their soul to the Devil.

Note: every Government is a religion and is proven to be such * - Go to the “Proof of Religion” document given at the end of this document:

page 8

Cameron, what you need to see is, that any 'attack' upon me * is an attack upon the Plenipotentiary of God, and such 'action' is an act of TREASON against God the Creator that is punishable by spiritual death. Please give it your personal 'due' consideration before you bring any 'charge' against me in the Court of man by speaking out against me on ANY day. For if you 'ask' others what to do, you may be misguided by them unto your own spiritual demise.

Be wise son, read your own Constitution and also read my Testament to humanity. For soon all those that continue to control God's children with a gun and 'vanity' will be brought undone in a very painful manner. It be 'wiser' for you to hang up your 'badge' and leave the force rather than to be a 'witness' against me your 'Saviour.'

Note: 'attack' upon me * - Using rules to punish someone is in fact making use of TEXT 'wording' as the justification and means whereby one can 'legally' cause pain or suffering or inconvenience to another, and this by God is 'deemed' to be an 'attack' upon them and an 'invasion' of their privacy.

To remain within the positive 'aspect of God's 'eye for an eye' Law you can only 'halt' another that is in need of good counsel because they have defied God and 'disturbed the peace of the land,' and they thus do need to be educated, but never punished.

For within the “As you sow so shall ye reap” Law of God, as you punish and cause suffering through your instigation, so shall ye be punished on an EQUAL return upon you and your household of pain and suffering and isolation and deprivation of liberty.

Cameron, people as you that take a wage to uphold rules in a book believe that if any person has not conformed to said rules, they are to be treated as 'criminals' to be hunted down and brought to 'justice' to pay for their 'sinning' ways, even if in the eyes of God they have neither disturbed the peace of the land nor caused any other person any pain or suffering or mental or emotional or bodily harm.

Whereas on the other hand, in the attempt to uphold the rule book you do offend your God and man for you do interfere, regulate, seize goods, kidnap people from their homes if they refuse to come to Court when summonsed, and you do inflict injury if needed because your rules 'permit' it to so be and, thus you can even kill another and, - - -

No less to the point, in every 'arrest' you make for the purpose of punishment, you do most certainly cause mental and emotional suffering or trauma to a greater or lesser degree in every case to 'someone,' even though this may not be obvious to you. For you only see your 'duty' being done, and thus you 'think' you are a 'true' servant of the people. (False assumption)

The reality is, that you are not serving the community, you are only serving the requirement of the TEXT in a book that has been placed their by controlling and vindictive people who demand conformity to their decrees.

By all means have 'signs' that advise people of the safe speed in an area, but the moment you inflict punishment for non-conformity or steal money by 'fine,' then in the eyes of God you are a very unwise and ignorant 'fool,' that by God will be taught the folly of defying God through finding a 'justification' to be 'as God' and administer punishment upon another.

I do not 'own' any driving License 'permit' issued by your Institution. Neither do I believe that my personal driving Certificate of Competency needs to be annually 'validated' by the payment of a sum of money to your Institution to retain its 'qualification. I did have a driving Certificate of Competency issued to me many years ago when I studied the requirements to become a safe driver, and was 'tested' and passed my examination.

In my 'book' of ideological belief the annual 'tax' demanded from people belonging to your Institution is simply an extortioners tax, for it appears to me that those that 'control' your Club or organisation are Hell-bent on stealing money from the people of the land for each and every daily interaction. This is not my policy and thus I walk apart from your 'Club.'

page 9

For I neither condone theft by force of arms, nor do I condone the punishment of nor warfare against other community members or others over the sea. You are also guilty in God's eyes of engaging me in 'warfare,' but this fact you do not see. You are a 'home' terrorist operating for an 'invading' force in the disguise of a decent community member, and your sole intent is to cause me to suffer 'something.'

I am a safe and 'conscionable' driver. Whereas you are most definitely NOT. For in the dark of night you took it upon yourself to speed out from your 'hiding' place onto the main road, with all lights suddenly switched on to high beam and police sign lights blazing and, this 'apparition' heading at ninety degrees towards the road I was on did 'startle' me, and did cause me to brake as a precaution until I realised that I would safely pass your exit point onto the road spot before you reached there.

You should have had the courtesy to approach the main road at a SLOW speed with dipped head lights, and once on the road behind me then switch on your police sign and flash your headlight as an indicator that you wished to 'communicate' with me verbally.

I also state to you now, that I will not attend your Court when 'summonsed' by you or anyone, for who are you or any to summons me? I only do anything from my own volition or if my God asks me to, and this letter to you is 'such' an inspiration as our God would save you and other enforcers.

So as you will see, if your pursue your 'action' against me then someone will be 'ordered' by the Court 'official' to come and arrest me, and take me by force of arms to stand before your 'high priest' and to do so, they will be guilty in God's eyes of 'kidnap' and as said, you see not where your actions will take you.

For only when I have been finally released at the END of the process will the FULL 'tally' of all the inconvenience and mental and emotional pain or suffering or forced labour or indecency imposed upon me and my family, will by God be 'allocated' to each and every one of 'you' that are 'complicit' to my case.

Note: Your 'sergeant' has told you to 'summons' me to to stand 'trial' before one of your 'superiors' being named a 'magistrate' in order to subject me to disciplinary action according to your 'TEXT' book of rules.

I can only advise you that this action is error, for I live by my own TEXT written within my own book that was and yet is and always will BE the written Holy Word of our God and I say that, - - - if you 'pursue' your punitive action against me in your 'Court,' that you not only bear FALSE witness against me, because I am 'clearly' not a person 'belonging' to your Club (Institution) as I do follow a different “Peaceful” Ideology, - - - but that you also are totally 'out of bounds' according to your own Constitution. * (see note below)

I do not 'belong' to your ideological belief nor to your Institution, for my RULES of engagement differ, and as they only condone peace and mercy and forgiveness, I do not 'subject you' into compliance to MY rules using force of arms as do you. I simply tell you of your error and your own 'accruing' terror within the THE REAL LAW of God, that is soon to be seen on earth as was recorded scripturally as the END time TRIBULATION where every person 'reaps' what they sowed on a 'Just and Equitable' eye for an eye basis.

What you also do not see, is that when you 'summons' someone for the purpose of their punishment, that it is a little like the 'spell' placed upon someone by the 'Kadaicha' man, for it is the Sword of Damocles placed above their head by the inquisitor, and the victim thus knows that when it 'falls,' it will inflict pain and suffering as they are 'speared' by ITS 'judgement' and, - - -

As you go to bed to sleep each night you do not see that during the months that 'drag' by prior to 'conviction,' that many of your 'victims' do suffer fear and dread as do their families, who may 'resultantly' become short of water and bread or a home when their loved one is carried away.

Son, it is too easy to say that they deserved it. They may well have, but what you need to see is that within the Law of God, that you also deserve to suffer equally for all their suffering as well as all the 'collateral' suffering by all persons involved and, - - - it is most certain that one day possibly far ahead you too will be dragged away and forced to pay for every 'agonising' moment suffered by others that was the result of your personal action and interaction with other children of God.

Note: your own Constitution. * -

The Constitution Act 1934 (Tas)

and the


BOTH guarantee me the freedom to NOT belong to your Institution, and to thus NOT be its subject' and, to thus NOT be 'accountable' to its serving officers (yourself) and their punitive ways, that should ONLY be used against 'errant' members of your OWN Institutional organisation. You rely on your Institutional 'rules' to be your conscience, and they give you no 'leeway' to be kind unto others as God commands. Thus your 'religion' having the ideology of 'punishment and control and forced conformity' is contra mine.

My religious belief has the ideology of 'love & peace & mercy & compassion & forgiveness' as its core theme, and these I am free to exercise using my God given conscience. Thus if I am driving along a deserted street having a 60 km 'advisory' sign * I may well drive faster as there is no danger to anyone. If however there is a 'movement' of traffic and people walking close to the road or with the intent to cross the street, then I most certainly would not drive at 60 km even though 'approved' by your Institution. I would drive at 40 km or less.

This is because I do know that God's Law is applicable at all times and in all situations, and if I was to 'strike' a pedestrian whilst traveling at even 20 km and cause them any 'harm,' that all they suffered would become my karmic due to be 'suffered' by me at a later date, even if I was insured and they received some monetary remuneration. All mental, emotional, and physical pain or 'collateral' damage is placed upon my own 'plate' by my deed.

Note: 60 km 'advisory' sign *- In your 'book' every sign is mandatory and there is a punitive 'attachment' for non-conformity. In my 'book' I do not need any 'sign' to signify speed reduction, for I am observant of all road conditions as is my free will to so do. Thus if I do see one of 'your' signs it does naturally 'remind' one that there is possible danger ahead if one is to exceed that speed. If I observe any person 'acting' in a manner that is a danger unto others and thus to themselves, then I do try and educate them as I now do unto you.

page 10

The State government Institution is an organisation that has members. Not all persons on the land are 'automatic' members simply because they breathe the same air or walk the same streets as you do. This is the greatest error of the day and you try to 'coerce' people into being * 'as' you are.

Note: being * - A non believer in God as you follow the black star that forces its followers to be warlike, extortionist, invasive, merciless, unforgiving, callously punitive and cruelly destructive. (False Christianity)

However, if you and your 'officers' can neither read nor understand the Command and Law of God, or the TEXT within your own Constitution, and due to past set 'precedents' you now believe that you do have a divine right to interfere in the lives of others using force of arms and 'guns' as your 'back up,' then so be it. You as all men are neither God nor as Mighty as God, and you will face the consequence of being 'non-believers' and being the Devil's workers due to your ignorance, arrogance, pride, and vanity.

By your decision to 'bring me to account' for non-compliance to the 'doctrine' that you bow to, you have already shown your God that you defy HIS Commanded doctrine, and even though I yet 'may' not be punished by your 'judge,' for sure your God will punish you for having defied HIS command and HE will reprimand you ahead when least expected.

This document will be my 'defence' submission to your 'High Priest' that you perceive as a 'Magistrate.' I also enclose the relevant TEXT containing the Primary 'ruling' of your own Constitution that is your 'authoritative mandate,' over members of your OWN Institution * as contained within my letter to Judge Crawford.

You need to 'clarify' in your own mind the processes I speak of, for only if you adhere to the TRUE principles of God are you 'safe' from the Wrath of God with its painful and 'dire' consequences.

Presently the 'country' scorns my 'notice' to all that I AM the Messiah, and thus they continue to fall 'short' of the requirement of God to become free and able to enter Heaven in the after life.

If your 'report' and summons is upheld and I am 'arrested' and dragged before the Court of “Caesar,” then as said, you are personally responsible for dragging in many others into the process of bringing me to 'account' for supposed misdeeds, when in fact I was going my way peacefully and not disturbing the peace and, - - -

You are in fact forcing them to also defy their God as they also use the same TEXT as their justification to join your 'band wagon' of hate. (vengeance) When in FACT before your God it was you 'guilty' of interfering in my business and causing my wife to be 'disturbed' by your 'threat' of possible 'reporting' and prosecution.

For my family do 'fear' your enforcers and their PROVEN capacity to have me kidnapped and held hostage for months at a time. Son, you know not what you do unto others or yourself. You need to try and see all from an elevated 'Godly' viewpoint.

I on the other hand only fear disgracing my own soul in front of God. Thus I NEVER disturb the peace of the land, and as I do understand the Law of God I try and teach those as you to ONLY haul-in those that do offend God by disturbing the peace of others, and ONLY for the purpose of educating them.

Note: your OWN Institution * - Even though the ruling body of any institution has an 'apparent' right to uphold its punitive role, all enforcers need to see that at all times they are subject to God's Divine Law, and the simple fact of being a member of an institution does not abrogate them from God's Law.

You as all those 'complicit' to the upholding the punitive aspect of your Institution live under the false 'premise' that all persons abiding on the land held by your Institution using force of arms are subject to and to be subjected to the RULES of engagement as stipulated within your rules books that you name 'the law of the land.'

Cameron, it is the 'warlike' religious belief of the politicians that raise up 'Edicts' to be enshrined within the rule books you uphold, that 'permit' the enforcers to wage war upon their own sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers at 'home,' as well as upon people in other lands that are invaded and terrorised every day in one way or another.

None of you see the reality being that all 'terrorists' be they others over the sea or your own forces, perceive their own activities as 'righteous' and legal. In my 'book' every punitive 'measure' taken upon any person is a terrorist activity being perpetrated by an ignorant 'infidel' (non-believer) that is unknowingly being used as an 'operative' of the Dark Sovereign Power. (Devil) You ALL will reap what you sow at the time and in the place so ordained by the same Dark 'force' that is justifying your actions.

You are prepared to attack and thus 'terrorise' me simply because I have 'offended' the TEXT in a book, being your ideology. This is insanity, for I have caused no harm nor injury to you or any other living thing. My ideology is such that, - - - even though you have 'attacked' me and intend to 'terrorise' my family in punishing me, - - - my response to you is peaceful, merciful, kind, and I seek to uplift your consciousness through educative means. Do you now see the difference of our ideology and belief?

page 11

I enclose the relevant details below in my letter to Judge Crawford ref: The Constitutional Authority of your Institution that is the 'mandate' that you need to conform to or, you could be 'judged' according to your own rules as “Treason against the State Institution” for exceeding your mandate. Son, we are now in the LAST DAYS, and each person needs to now personally choose to follow me and my way of "Peace & Mercy" or continue on their road to HELL.

I do believe that we do need a TRUE "Peace force" that you can work for, that ONLY hauls in those that do in fact disturb the peace, and they are then counselled and educated as per my "Feeling Easier Seminar" program and set free. Only this way do you stand tall in the eyes of God and are SAFE, as you walk within the positive aspect of the "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW of God.

The world must now learn that the using any 'Military Might' * is terrorism in action against someone, and it is not only in contravention of God's Command, but it is the wrong way to lasting peace. Peaceful education is the only way to lasting peace and community orderliness.

Note: 'Military Might' *  -  Every 'policeman' - enforcer - prosecutor - judiciary - judge - jailer or mental, emotional or physical abuser of others be they mandated or otherwise is a Warrior Cameron, and any Warrior that carries a 'Sword' or a 'Gun' or uses strength of arms needs to now learn the meaning of "Belief & Ideology" and, - - -

They need to learn the Command of their Creator to: "Love one another and go your way in peace, and be merciful, and forgiving, and never report others for the purpose of punishment for this is in contravention of MY Command. Be compassionate and educate those that do disturb the peace or abuse others, for only thus do you walk in the Light side of MY immutable 'As you sow so shall ye reap' LAW."

For the above Command of God and singular Law of God is an ideology given by God, and only those that believe in its 'righteousness' and need to be adhered to in all situations and at all times will be safe within the Law of their God, and they will find Salvation and elevation into eternal Paradise.

Ignorance of the above is not 'bliss' because, when one adheres to any contra and punitive and merciless and unforgiving ideology, one places oneself within the jurisdiction of the negative punitive and merciless and unforgiving aspect of the "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW of God and, all the 'injury' or suffering or loss and mental or emotional or physical trauma that resulted from your actions is 'proof' of your guilt in the eyes of God, and the full 'force' of God's retributive 'Army' of invisible demonic men in the underworld are given 'free reign' by the Dark Sovereign Power to bring you 'undone' in this or the afterlife.

Rest 'assured' son, there is absolute Justice meted out by God. None 'escape' that did in any way abuse or 'rape' any of God's children for any reason. Foolish is any man that takes it upon himself to be 'God' and mete out punishment for God. For God is not 'weak' and God's hand is very hard and uncompromising to any that believe that they are as mighty as HE. God commands us HIS children to only educate, not to berate and regulate.

Organisations using control & punishment only continue to exist because there are always ignorant or arrogant men ready to uphold their punitive doctrine, either through receiving a wage or through their false belief and false promises reference immunity given because, - - - they see no God and believe not in God or God's Holy Word.

As these 'bearers' that uphold the 'name' of these institutions are unable to change their ways peacefully, due to them wishing to remain in 'control' in one form or another. Their 'hold' over God's children will now be 'smashed' by their God in the manner exposed by me and, they will be cast down into the underworld and their 'banners' will become bloodied in the mud in the 'Crucifixion of every Religion' as God sets all 'believers' free from this present and ongoing iniquity.

Your 'conformity' to your rules that give you the 'licence' to defy God's Command and, to 'attack' me for the SOLE purpose of 'punishing' me gives you NO 'immunity' from God's Supreme JUDGE & AVENGER the Dark Sovereign Power whose invisible forces uphold the negative aspect of God's immutable 'eye for an eye - as you punitively did sow so shall ye punitively reap' Law.

All past, present, and future 'suffering' imposed by your actions within or without the course of your 'duty' to your Religion that names itself 'The State government,' will at some stage be imposed upon you when least expected by far greater forces than you can imagine. These invisible demonic forces even have the power and capacity from within your own mind to telepathically turn your own hand against yourself * as done by the Dark in every 'suicide' CASE.

Note: against yourself * - If your inner 'Sin' is anger or hatred the telepathic subjugation of your mind will cause you to turn your 'words or sword' against others. (As per Martin Bryant or other mentally disturbed person) If it is fear within you then if you become 'depressed,' the incoming 'overpowering' thoughts may turn your hand against yourself.

Refer to my 'suicide' document and, become wiser and make amends to your Creator who observes every 'action' of all HIS creation.

The TEXT in rules say: "Comply or be punished."
A "godly" conscience says:
"Whatever you do I'll be a friend to you and help you."

I wish you well Cameron - Sincerely – Terence -  13 July 2005 (009 TL)

page 12

~ Judge Crawford  ~
- Supreme Court of Tasmania.

Reference: Constitution - "Error in Fact & Law."

Dear Judge Crawford, it has come to my attention that a 'judgement' made by you was incorrect under your own Institutional 'Articles of Association,' namely the Constitution of both the Federal and Tasmanian Constitutional 'Acts.'

Presumably the 'actual' wording within the Constitution precludes any subsequent 'rule' that is legislated by men that is in 'variance' to the fundamental 'view' of the Constitution, and as such, any ruling by you that 'defies' the Acts within the Constitution is error.

It was only recently that my mind inspired by our God of Light above 'said' to me that I would 'find' something in the Australian Constitution to assist you to see your error, and if you were a man of 'Honour,' you would do the right thing before God and man and withdraw the 'sting' imposed upon me.

It is all a matter of belief, and if I can 'prove' unto you that I do abide in my belief, then this primary fact backed by the Constitutional Right of those living within the 'jurisdiction' of your Institution would assist you in 'approval' of my appeal.

This would be on the grounds that as in your opinion I am a 'subject of' and 'in the jurisdiction of' State rules, that under the 'requirements' of the Constitution I have proven my belief, and as I do follow it conscientiously, that I am free to follow my 'religious' belief and conscience as is 'allowed' every citizen on the land by 'said' Constitution.

I give here the Tasmanian 'reference - followed by the Federal reference.

Constitution Act 1934 (Tas)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians.
Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act

Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

Dictionary: Religion = 'A system of belief in the worship of a supernatural power or God.' or
The recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship.

My belief is this: - - - That God's Code of Conduct is what it is, being God's statement of fact.

I believe that the Statement of God is that I or 'we' must walk in peace and be forgiving & merciful and, - - - that we must not in any way condone or support or be a 'party to' any 'regime' or Institution that condones punishment or war, or that 'relies on' the sword or gun to enforce, thus my belief is that I must walk 'apart' from supporting any such Institution.

I believe that I should and do support the community and its endeavours, but not be complicit to any 'punitive' role by community members, be they mandated to so be due to their 'duty' or otherwise.

It is also my belief that I must show God and man that I do walk 'separately' and thus I neither use 'retributionary' force nor do I rely on 'State' policing forces for protection against any 'perceived' enemy, for I perceive no man as my enemy, and any that abuse me I forgive and seek no recompense.

Thus as my 'religion' is my belief "in a supernatural power, God." - - - - and as I believe that God has an 'expectancy' of me to show HIM my belief by living it each day, I am TRUE to that belief, and I conscientiously exercise my God given right to so be. (True to my belief.)

I do have a fundamental belief that all men are born 'free' in that they have a God given Right to heed their God of Light. This 'view' was held in disdain by you when I appealed against a lower Court decision, and my 'case' was in fact held in 'derision' by some.

I also have a fundamental belief that all men are born 'free' in that they have a God given Right to heed their God of Light, even if 'prior to' or 'subsequent to' their birth there was an 'Institution' in place with its own rules that might conflict with the 'ideals' of the newly born.

It is also my belief that I am entitled by God to follow and practice my belief. If any man 'legislates' any 'rule' or decree that is in 'opposition' to my belief, then so be it.

If he by 'force of arms' imposes his punitive 'belief' upon me for non compliance to his belief, then the very Devil's face he will see. So be it. For that is his 'freedom of choice' as his 'belief' defies God's Code of Conduct.

page 13

~ The Power of God ~
 The Dark Sovereign Power

Those that continue to defy God are 'presumed' by God to be beyond Redemption for being defiant of Him and HIS “Only love” Command. This entire document reveals the conspiracy of God and the destruction of the bad seed. Being how God takes non-believers 'out of the picture,' His 'picture,' as all souls are now separated. The good from the wicked.

God the Father the Dark Sovereign Power administers His controlling, extortionist, punitive and destructive decrees via the Sinful. The vain, arrogant, prideful, and egotistical. The politicians usher in the decrees of God the Dark Sovereign Power, being thoughts that telepathically inspire their minds that emanate from the deceiver the Serpent that administers all retribution for God the Dark Sovereign Power.

These decrees permit the retributive arm of God the Dark Sovereign Power to mete out and fulfil the dark and punitive side of His 'As you sow so shall you reap' Law. The immutable Law that exists eternally. This law is fulfilled and imposed on all those that defy the command of the Light to “Only love and live in peace.”

The police force in every land is the honourable and just force working directly for God the Dark Sovereign Power enforcing HIS dictates that, while appearing to be good and beneficent, they in fact result in a greater return upon society of control, extortion, punishment, and destruction upon all that fund, condone, or uphold them. For in so doing, all complicit are defiant of HIS “Only Love” command.

While politicians and law makers may believe that they have cleverly ‘thought up’ a piece of legislative control, all controlling thoughts are the inspiration of the Serpent the servant of God the Dark Sovereign Power and, it is time for people to wake up and realize that God and God alone Rules the world, both this one and the next and, - - -

To become free from the 'suffering' that is being imposed by God for a reason, being that it is the 'due' of the people for being untrue to HIS Command and to each other, the people have to STOP funding, condoning, and upholding HIS punitive Decrees.

For it is this punitive ideology that is contra to His Command, and the reason why all continue on their slide to HELL and ultimate spiritual OBLIVION. Can you not understand that your Creator INTENDS to destroy all of HIS Creation that refuse to behave in a LOVING, merciful, and forgiving way?

All persons that live outside HIS Commanded “Go you way in peace and love one another” are a 'blot' in His sight, and HE now exposes HIS Might via this His sacred pen to give you all a LAST CHANCE to see clearly and become free from HIM and HIS 'underworld' of eternal suffering.

The police force is used to not only facilitate financial extortion, but is also used to mete out mental, emotional physical pain and suffering (trauma) to the community through the process of fine or incarceration, loss of freedom or abuse. (Being the due of all)

However, equally important to understand is that any upon whom the full punitive might of the political or police system falls, is a person who God knows defied the Command to “Only Love” by taking it upon themselves to also be the retributive arm of God the Dark Sovereign Power through 'bowing' to His punitive Decrees on some prior date or, through their own inspired instigation.

Within the framework of this understanding it follows that every terrorist activity, every sanction, every act of war, every domestic act of violence or any form of negative abuse by any one person to another, is in fact the result of a direct inspiration by the same source of darkness, - - - the Serpent the servant of  God the Dark Sovereign Power.

It is in fact the imposition of Just retribution upon all past offenders. The sting in the tail for us is that, should we be fool enough to act upon these inspirations from the Dark, no matter what our justification or even our ignorance, we in turn will feel the exact pain we measured out to others through whatever punishment that the Serpent the servant of God the Dark Sovereign Power once again inspires some poor arrogant fool to impose upon us.

page 14

This vicious cycle is played out daily, endlessly throughout eternity to any person, group, society, nation that relies on the 'strength' of the arm or weaponry to control or abuse others in defiance of their Creator the Light Sovereign Power.

Regrettably, neither politicians nor police, the jailers, nor the public are aware that, - - - because all are complicit in contributing to the maintenance of the system , either through the raising up of rules that give it power or, through working for it or actively funding it and condoning the retribution it metes out, that everyone is incurring daily spiritual debts and drawing dark energy into their souls. *

Note: dark energy into their souls. * - The more 'dark' energy of God we draw in, the less clearly we see, and the easier it is to feel justified to use force and to be cruel and merciless, and, - - -

The more dark energy within the soul, the greater the depth of 'fall' into the Abyss, and the greater the suffering imposed there by demonic forces, all totally justified in meting out retribution in perpetuity as none can find any 'reason' not to be unkind.

All controlling, and punitive actions result in us ensuring our final destiny in one of many levels outside Heaven. Furthermore the justice of God the Light and the Dark is one and the same, ‘as you sow you reap’ and, it therefore follows that every politician, enforcer and supporter of the system, will be subject to that law either in this life or in the afterlife.

The ultimate judge God the Dark Sovereign Power will ensure that every person is crucified in exact measure for all the pain, suffering and indisposition they have imposed on others whether knowingly or unknowingly.

The majority of all beings who have lived or, who still live on this level of consciousness are spirits that have incarnated from levels outside Heaven. There is no politician, policeman, king, warrior, chief emperor, or aggressor who has ever lived that has gone to Heaven without first paying their full dues to God, if not in this life then in the afterlife in dark realms below.

 Equally, the majority of those who have passed away have returned to levels outside Heaven, generally levels further away from the light than the level they came from prior to entering earth’s level because, while they were here they were taught to criticise, judge, condemn and fight and support an anti-God punitive ideology, thereby causing either known or unknown suffering upon others and thus accruing a spiritual 'karmic' debt as well as burdening their soul with more dark energy.

The reason why I have returned at this time is to enlighten the human race (inhuman race) to this sorry state of affairs is to offer all a final opportunity to turn over a new leaf and change their ways before the last day. *

Note: the last day. * - There is a huge intensified outpouring of invisible Light energy of God purging out the dark energy from the souls of sinful man and, any person that halts the ingress of more dark energy during this time frame will be 'able' to be elevated spiritually.

All those that continue on drawing darkness in will counteract this 'purge' and fail and fall. The 'last day' of which I speak is the coming the day when this cleansing outpouring ceases for another eternity.

page 15

What the police and politicians need to see is, that suffering imposed upon criminals by people employed by the state or otherwise is not right in God’s eyes. Further, it is neither excusable nor is it above Gods Law and, every official who hauls in ‘perceived’ offenders and who is complicit in their punishment is in fact defiant of God.

All suffering, and damage, known and unknown, as well as all collateral 'trauma' suffered by families of the injured comes back on the household of the instigator. Being the spy, the arresting officer, the prosecutor the judge, the jailer and, the people that funded their legalized iniquities. (Men 'possessed' by the DSP through their pride, arrogance and vanity will pay for their 'sin.')

As long as any person votes in, condones, funds or upholds any decree of God the Dark Sovereign Power enabling them to be God in action and control, regulate, invade, detain, punish or kill another; that person is contravening the command of the Light and is therefore subjecting themselves to future punishment by God the Dark Sovereign Power.

As God is infinitely Just, it follows that any rule invoked by God is simply there to enable God to mete out His justice. What we need to see is that God’s reason for punishment may have nothing to do with the ruling, decree or law of man that enabled the judgment.

Example – 1 – In a society where if I am caught speeding as a 'disqualified driver' and I am jailed for two months because I am in breach of a man-made (God inspired) decree, the jailing and banishment from society for two months is in fact my just due for some prior time and place or lifetime where I or my servants imposed such a penalty on others. (As I did sow - so I did reap - eye for an eye)

But, the 'act' of driving when forbidden to so do was not the cause of any suffering upon another, and was thus not an offensive act in the eyes of God and neither did it accrue any spiritual due to God. But the 'act' of my punishment imposed upon me by man through the court of man was offensive to God, and those that imposed it did accrue a similar punishment due upon their own 'heads,' to be imposed upon them by God in some other unknown way on another day, for God is absolutely Just.

Example – 2 – In a society where for the 'theft' of an egg, the ideological 'ruling' is that I have my right hand chopped off as my punishment. It follows that God used that 'ruling' to satiate HIS demand that HIS 'eye for an eye' Law be fulfilled from some prior time or life when I or my servants did the heinous act of cutting off another person's hand.

But the 'act' of punishment imposed by man through the court of man was offensive to God, and those that imposed it did accrue a similar punishment due upon their own 'heads' to be imposed by God on another day. For within God's law, I have for the present 'theft' only to pay back a single egg, or lose a single egg.

It follows that the whole human race is hell bent on being God the dark in action, rather than conforming to the command of God to only be loving, merciful and forgiving, through which they would become free.

The proof that God is capable, and has the power to drag us down and destroy us is visibly seen on earth today, whereby there are more rules and regulations and impositions and more punitive suffering imposed through legislation via minds 'possessed' by satanic thoughts.

That is clear proof of the power of the invisible force that is causing more turmoil and harm, and it is beyond mankind's ability to halt it. And as a consequence of this, greater becomes the desire in man's mind and emotions to be more punitive and raise up more rules. Seeing not that this response brings on more suffering.

The political forces and all armed men are the terrorists and, soon every person on the street will become a terrorist as they become terrified and UNSTOPPABLE in their attempt to destroy others perceived by their MINDS as being a threat or a danger to their families.

We have to 'sever' our connection with the rule of the darkness and its dictates that appear just and honourable, but are in fact the cause of our demise. So much evil is hidden by politically legal and “just systems.” Whatever the place or space or realm the child of God stands, their deeds are always visible to the Creator, and they are always subject to HIS Law.

page 16

All governments are 'extremists' that recruit men to fight and terrorise others perceived as 'suspect' or enemies of the state. Politicians condemn others but see not their own error nor their own coming terror. For be you Mugabe, Bush, Howard, Blair, or Saddam or Attila the Hun, you are all of the same BLACK ilk, a non-believer in God and a believer in the forbidden use of force and a 'follower' and employee of the Dark Sovereign Power.

It is the time to see that the criminal mastermind behind every 'act' of terror and abuse and destruction is the Dark Sovereign Power and HIS retributive force of demons in the underworld, as well as HIS earthly followers.

Mankind may presently vocalise their defiance of terrorism by saying that they will not fear but, - - - soon they will more than fear as they are brutalised and invaded by cruel men and terrorised and abused and raped and destroyed en mass, and the FEAR they WILL feel is their JUST DUE for being untrue to one another and for being complicit to the brutalisation of one another in defiance of their Creator.

Let it here be known once and for all that the invisible SERPENT the deceiver is the 'right hand' of GOD the Father that has the power and authority to deceive any of you that did defy the Command of the Father to “Love one another and go your way in peace” and, - - -

This all-knowing, all-seeing, shiny black and deadly dangerous and absolutely cold, callous, unfeeling, merciless creature has hypnotic thoughts that do give you a reason to continue to use its 'cunning' to trap others and, to also use its dark energy to control or destroy others in ITS 'sight' and, as this you do you draw in ITS dark energy that enables it to drag you down and to 'strangle' you in the depths below.

No person other than me has the insight or capacity to see and know IT and survive. It is through the power of my soul with its purity that I am able to overcome ITS mind and survive its 'eye' and bring to you this message true that will release you from ITS hold if you make an effort.

Rest assured, none will avoid their Just DUES, and any person that attempts to fight back so as to avoid their 'deserved' pain, will draw in more dark energy and greater becomes their coming travail and, any that FAIL their final test will quail for an eternity.

The REAL ENEMY is the dark essence (energy) of God that you and all draw into your soul as you 'sin' and cause suffering to others and, it is also the accompanying powerful thoughts bequeathed by God the Father unto the Serpent who does 'slave' unceasingly and eternally to bring about JUSTICE and to do this, IT the Serpent deceives the vain and arrogant into believing that they are as powerful as God and thus 'able' to be as God unto their own destruction.

The invisible force that is now to overthrow every man made army or force or system of control is the invisible demonic 'population' of trillions and trillions of souls from the past that are very dark and foreboding and merciless as they believe in JUSTICE and they know what you all have done by day and night and, - - -

Via the negative emotions that have grown within the souls of sinful fleshly man they will access the mind of everyone that fails to heed me and, they will telepathically direct the vain and ignorant to go forth and destroy THEIR perceived enemy, as IT the Serpent is in ABSOLUTE telepathic control of their subjugated minds.

Only those of you that learn to control your thoughts and build the 'ARK of the MIND' as given by me will EVER again the 'light' of freedom see, for if you join in the hateful aggressive typhoon of vengeful energy you will be doomed to live in the dark of HELL for eternity before passing through the eternal FIRE.

Man's rule books authorise vindictiveness and permits free reign to all negative emotions, and permits enforcers to be beasts and to dance with the Devil to their own spiritual destruction. Mankind today is being taught the wrong way as children are taught to fight. Government 'officials' have become ingrained to the false belief that they have the divine right to control EVERY life. It is due to this 'quaint' but deadly dangerous belief that they ARE God or 'as' God, that the REAL God is now to 'dis-member' them all.

The Police malevolent force must be de-powered to become a benign Peace Corps, changing its role from God's dark army to God’s light army. Changing its role from aggressive and punitive to peaceful and educative.

Let every policeman now search their own conscience, and come to their own personally informed decision as to whether I speak the truth for them. This also applies to every person on the earth and in every realm of consciousness outside Heaven.

Non-retaliation in the face of adversity is the ONLY way to freedom.
Put down your weapons and follow me.

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~ Ray Martin – ACA ~

I refer to your interview of 25th July, in which you state that “Australia is primarily a Christian nation.” I state that you and all men holding 'such' a belief are living in a delusion that is soon to be shattered when the TRUTH & REALITY is exposed by ME the Islamic Imam Al-Mahdi and the Christian Messiah.

For TRUE believers in Allah/God and thus TRUE Christians are not 'warlike,' neither do they invade or destroy anyone. They as the TRUE Muslims live in PEACE. Whereas you personally fund, condone, and support the 'warring' ideology of the Australian 'State' religion that names itself “The government.”

You are an ignorant man Ray deceived as many, for you do show your God/Allah that by your personal deed that you are not a Christian, for even as you 'sleep' soundly in your bed at night your 'servants' are going forth abusing and killing others and destroying their homes and livelihoods. None of the above 'acts' are in conformance to God's command to:

“Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving towards those perceived by you as sinfully living.”

Nor are you conforming to the Christian 'creed' during your daily 'on air' interaction during your work day. For you are the one that 'speaks' to the nation and your voice is heard by many races and, - - -

Your 'office' actively promotes 'investigation, criticism, condemnation and exposure' of 'offenders' for the purpose of their 'judgement by media' and the people of the land, for the added purpose that your exposure of them may lead to their 'indictment' and punishment or banishment from society.

You Ray are 'naive' and as all men of all races and creeds, you have been deluded by the invisible Serpent that has tempted all mankind to use its 'cunning' and force as the means to control and punish and destroy and to defy their Creator.

Thus has mankind 'damned' themselves, and the coming terror exposed by me is the resultant calamity that all deserve for swerving away from the TRUE path of PEACE unto ALL and, if Australian people would like to lead the 'way' to TRUE peace on earth, then the PEOPLE must all now change their way and, - - -

STOP naming themselves 'Christian.'
STOP naming themselves 'Islam.'
STOP naming themselves 'Buddhist.'
STOP naming themselves ANY known religion.

They must all now become as ONE, united in the TRUE ideology of Love & Peace as commanded by THE CREATOR.
As they show HIM that they by DEED do live according to the TRUE WAY Salvation PATH.

All must now see that the Word "Creator" - - -

Is named in English - God
Is named in Arabic - Allah
Is named in Kiswahili - Mungu


page 18

~The spiritual Harlot ~
The speakable and unspeakable horrors that exist.

Any person that takes a 'wage' for which they are required to perform any 'duty' for the black knave * are spiritual harlots. For any duty or work carried out that in any way requires a person to: interfere, control the free movement of others, steal, abuse, kidnap, holds hostage, punish, invade, wage war or kill, is a person performing the 'punitive works' of the Devil the DSP as they contravene the Go your way in peace and love one another” Command of God.

Note: black knave * - the 'devilish' Serpent that is the servant of the Dark Sovereign Power.

The financial 'reward' is thus a mercenary wage (30 pieces of silver) being the 'offering' of the Devil that 'tempts' them to betray and 'prostitute' their own soul. This is the 'deception,' for the Devil knows full well the Law of God and, it also knows that if you are 'tempted' into using its energy, that you then place yourself into ITS 'hands' where it can expose you to ITS unspeakable horrors for your proven 'infidelity' to God.

For the seen and unseen 'horror' and terror & suffering imposed upon others in the name of 'Justice,' or accountability or state or king, or nation etc., are not 'felt' by those that impose them. But it is the 'Justice of God' that we all must 'feel' what others 'felt' as we dealt them a 'hand' from our pack of 'cards.' Be it kindness or a painful 'welt' because we were ignorant, arrogant, or blind.

It follows that every 'enforcer' that upholds any doctrine of control and persecution and punishment is such an 'offensive' person deemed by their Creator to be a person that has become a person liable to be 'punished' by God's demonic forces because, - - -

They in their past or present are treating others with contempt, disrespect, and cruelty with a similar demonic power. God is now to 'overthrow' every department of man that has or yet does use control, regulation, punishment, or that wages war or destroys the lives or livelihoods of others.

These workers be they 'mandated' or otherwise, either knowingly or unknowingly due to their ignorance or false teachings are all working for the DSP (Dark Sovereign Power) and, - - -

Are persons deemed by IT the DSP to be dealt with similarly at the time and in the place that IT decides to so do. Be it today or tomorrow or 1000 years ahead in another realm where they are 'enslaved' and cruelly imposed upon by others even more powerful than they.

The dark negative energy of the Dark Sovereign Power is all powerful, all consuming, uncompromising, invasive, forceful, controlling, punitive, and destructive, and ITS 'forces' men are merciless, brutal, cruel, cold, callous, unfeeling, unthinking criminal thugs.

These 'operatives' are all terrorists that use any 'means' to force others into submission, and in the course of their duty they do not 'count the cost,' be it the financial cost nor the spiritual 'pain and suffering' cost, for they are totally 'possessed' by their own emotions, thoughts, and self-importance in their apparently 'honourable' role as for 'money' they go about their deadly business each day.

As we all know, any person funding 'terrorism' is complicit and guilty of the heinous acts committed by their 'servants.' It is important for the average taxpaying 'citizen' of each land to realise that in the eyes of their Creator and in the eyes of the 'avenging' Dark Sovereign Power, that they too are guilty by 'association' for funding the extortionist, punitive, invasive and warring ways of the enforcement arm of 'government' agencies.

Let it here be known that soon, all will see 'harder' and more cruel and callous men in action, and these are men that are totally 'possessed' telepathically by invisible spirit forces from HELL operating through their mind and, - - -

As all see the speakable horrors, they will begin to know that, - - - they were deceived by religion and taught falsely when they were taught that God was only love and mercy, and that they could 'pay' the 'priest or cleric' and avoid their dues, for I AM the holy dove that says:

There is all within the frame of God, and HIS energy is light and dark and HE warned all to ONLY sup on His Light, for His DARK energy that does exist is cold and cruel and merciless and it does have the capacity to destroy all that evil deploy and, - - -

It does go on forever and ever upholding ITS Justice, for IT protects the Light of Heaven and none enter therein until they have paid all their dues and conform to God having heard the 'Go in peace and only love' leaven.”

page 19

So when you see the speakable horrors taking place where men are held down and their bones are broken one by one with sledge hammers until every one is crushed and, - - - when you see men cutting out the beating hearts of others and eating them 'raw' before your very eyes then, - - -

You will also know that unspeakable horrors are taking place 'up in the hills' and in dungeons below, where unspeakable torture unseen and away from the eyes of man is taking place as the Dark Sovereign Power 'justly' fulfills the As you sow so shall ye reap” Law of God against those that daily and 'systematically' took it upon themselves to control and punish others, and keep them enslaved to IT via ITS earthly systems.

All 'mankind' have become slaves to their 'kings' or governments or rule books and the Dark Sovereign Power. I tell you all NOW that not one of you will avoid the 'return' pain DUE within the Law of God and,  - - -

I say this so that ON THE DAY that you are 'trapped' in some way and forced to the ground by brutes that you will REMEMBER what your God did say:

Go your way in peace and never disturb the peace of others and never employ others to protect you or fight others in any way, for MY 'eye for an eye' Law is Just and Equitable and IT Rules your every action and interaction with others.”

This you need to remember, so that ahead you can try and remain TRUE and never again be vain or ignorant of God's immutable and superior Law of every Land for, your soul does live forever, and only once it has 'suffered' and paid all dues can it rise up again and see the Light if it has heard MY wisdom and gives up the 'fight.'

Every 'speck' of dark energy is cold and hard and unfeeling. The more you use 'darkness' in your interaction the more dark energy you draw in to your soul, and the more your 'mentality' becomes unforgiving, hard, critical, angry, hateful, vengeful, uncompromising, cruel, demanding, forceful, dictatorial and, - - -

As the dark energy grows within you over time and time in this and the afterlife, it slowly drags you further away from the Light, and you freeze within and 'petrify' and literally turn to 'stone' through ITS weight imposed and, you are immobilised by ITS force for an eternity in the total dark where you will feel petrified in perpetuity and then - - -

You will 'face' the eternal fire that consumes dark energy that is transformed into LIGHT, and in this eternal time 'frame' your emotions will 'fizz' as you shriek in agony unheard .

Note: You can sing all your songs of 'praise' unto Him, (God) and you can feel 'safe' in your positions of power and authority over others as you serve your 'masters' or your 'text' books but, - - - you will pay for every 'drop of blood' you spilt and, you will suffer all mental and emotional trauma imposed upon others in the course of your duty and, you will suffer the pain imposed upon others for your GOD is GOD, and HE and HIS WORD and LAW is invincible and, HE demands that all suffer that defy HIS “Only love” Command.

The Deceiver is the 'tester of men' to see who is worthy to live, and who believes that they are as mighty as their Creator and thus must DIE.

Note:  The world is full of sin, * and all are sinners. *

Note: sin, * - The dark negative energy of God that is the essence of the negative emotions within man (fear, greed, hatred, anger, jealousy etc.)

Note: sinners. * - Those that use force to control, steal, tax, invade, abuse, punish, kill, and, those that preach and teach falsely and thus deceive God's children. This is the greatest 'sinning' and woe unto these 'religious' louts.
All sinners follow the false black star as they fund, condone, and support punishment and war. I ask of you now: “Who will show God that they have turned over a new leaf and thus are following my Diadem by being peaceful, kind, compassionate, loving, and forgiving as they give up their 'position' of impropriety and begin to serve the Light of God their Creator?”

God's JUSTICE is absolute and immutable within God's single LAW.

As you do is done unto you

God's COMMAND is absolute and immutable and subject to God's single LAW. *

Extend peace and goodwill unto all

Note: subject to God's single LAW. *

Conform to the Command and God rewards you with peace and good will.
Defy the Command and God wages war upon you and you have no peace nor happiness.

page 20

~ The spirit and the flesh ~

Let it here be said and thus by all known that flesh of man is simply a biological body, within which is 'sown' the spirit soul as HE God directs a 'particular' spirit person into a particular biological body prior to the birthing process at the moment when a heartbeat is 'heard.'

Simple man must try and see the 'rationale' that be, whereby any spirit can be 'sent' by God into a 'baby' any place on earth into any 'race' and into any 'colour.' This means that the spirit soul of your 'forefathers' or mothers or 'dead' sisters and brothers could in fact be born 'again' into some other race. Yes even one against which you presently bear a mace.

Those that steal the food from others mouths, or steal their land or cattle or grain through being arrogant or vain, may end up incarnating again into a 'starving' race where they suffer on and on as they starve to death, and in their suffering the whole universe sees their past disgrace.

If you think that your God is 'weak' or powerless, then think again. For you are not HE and you are totally blind, for you cannot see or know 'who' placed your spirit soul into the fleshly body that around it did grow into maturity.

It is a 'pity,' for if you did realise that others of other races are exactly the same as you, in that some are kind and loving and others are untrue and, - - - that God expects you to treat them all with love and care and respect. For only thus do you 'protect' your own future happiness.

So the people being 'blasted' and poisoned by fire balls or chemical mace or bombed because they are seen by you or your 'politicians' as a disgrace - - - are in FACT your own spiritual sisters and brothers and fathers and mothers, that are being 'punished' by you and you through your support of 'deadly' punitive systems of man that go forth each day with malicious intent and, - - - it is thus that you are ALL 'hell-bent.'

Be you Arab or Jew or the 'Christian' untrue that conform not to the policy of God stipulating "Peace and goodwill unto all," you will all REAP the 'damage & suffering' that your 'forces' SOW, for their 30 pieces of silver each day.

It is politicians and other 'false religious' elders that teach the untruth that the other is being untrue and needs destroying because they breach respect and sanity, when it is daily proven that every race is governed by insanity. For none see any reason to heed their Creator and be forgiving and merciful.

All I can say is that THE DAY will come when each of you falls 'undone,' in that your spirit soul will face its 'karmic' place, being the place where you by God will be 'undressed' publicly and, - - -

As you are 'bled' and to the ground fall, then all will know the TRUTH of the colour of your seed and, all will know what in your past you did do as you made others suffer and bleed and YOU now 'reap what you did sow' and, - - - it may simply be that you suddenly 'awaken' in another realm of consciousness with the horrific realisation that it is an awful place where against you all bear a mace.

Any of you that 'think' that you are invincible and as mighty as God then you had better thing again, for God can 'rub you out' even if you think your are made of indelible ink. Yes HE can do whatever is needed for YOU to learn to LOVE, once for your past deeds you have PAID in FULL as is revealed by ME God's dove.

Try and 'awaken' before it is to late.
I am but a simple 'messenger' but I do see the Light of Heaven AND the 'fire grate.'


Item ends



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