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~ The Demons ~

As written by Terence the Christ spirit

page 1 -   Introduction
page 2 -   The 'call' for help
page 3 -   My response
page 4 -   Lucifer - its meaning
page 5 -   Demon - its meaning
page 6 -   The False Luciferic initiation
page 8 -   The Devil's initiation 'bond'
page 9 -   The 'Sin' in man
page 10 -   The True Lucifer (Light) initiation
page 11 -   Certainty
page 12 -   Mental health strategy response
page 14 -   Mental illness defined

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~ Introduction ~

Dear recipient of this document - It is to give you a specific 'viewpoint' into the spiritual reality of "spirit possession & demonic influence" over the mind/psyche of mankind, as well as introducing you to my deep understanding on the subject. This particular document is but one of many I have written and as it is inspired due to one man's "call" for help.

Paul's letter came to me "out of the blue" and it is given here to aid all of you. It and my response should aid others whom are being mentally subjugated by devilish thoughts and 'consciously' persecuted by invisible forces who "present" themselves in a variety of "apparitions" to sufferers.

If you have the time to read through "Paul's" horrific encounters as well as my response and other information then you will be in a better position to aid yourself and others who are more and more exposed to "insanity" being "thoughts out of control" etc.

Sincerely, Terence

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~ The 'outreach call' for help ~

----- Original Message -----

From: Cecropia999@
Sent: Monday, January 22, 2001 6:38 AM


At night, your astral body travels to realms from angelic to demonic, a spirit world of myriad vibrational levels and the pictures you see on the backs of your eyelids, while you rem are not dreams but visits, souvenirs of a greater reality. Like a goldfish who never suspects a greater world beyond the ponds surface, the limited awareness of humankind floats beneath the surface of a greater reality; groping, mouth agape in total ignorance.     

Abductions and their remnant elusive memories have opened all this for me a confirmed atheist until I saw aliens float me out of my body in my bed at night. Then I knew they were interested in an essence I never suspected I had, a soul;

The building, called Harold Hall, since renamed, perhaps stands four stories and houses some eighty families. The basement area is the only place I've encountered, face to face the entity that followed me home and whom stands gauntly by my bed at night and delivers mind blowing dreams, It stands at the intersection of 92 St. and Fort Hamilton parkway, in Brooklyn, not far from Shore Road, on the Narrows and - - - 

Dreams so aligned with negative thoughts that the scenarios reveal that they are imposed, by virtue of their worst scenario plots and their vividness. They, whomever these discorporate negative thought entities are, are masters of delusions and I have recognized the raw power of the vividness as more than my murky dream scenarios could ever muster and am convinced we are dead wrong about the nature of dreaming, itself;

Sadly, I've only met sharks, not the porpoises, in the ocean currents of unconsciousness, between 2 and 6 am and grounding is essential, but, how?

As we struggle into consciousness, each morning, a self-erasing mechanism destroys memories of dreams; only vague and vivid snippets remain as clues, But how many people can recall dreams that were not dreams at all? I have recalled for hours and days afterwards of these impositions, unlike the general amnesia accompanying most of my dreams, all of my life.

I assure you that I have shockedly unlearned all Jungian and Freudian concepts of dreams; its only our own languages impotence; calling these dreams; the Eskimos have myriad words for snow; we have only one for dreams that often are not dreams which we, ourselves, generate. My experiences, in the extreme, illustrate this indigestible possibility, to me Paul;

God bless you for the chance to ventilate and exchange ideas in this horrid realm; horrid, because the attacks continue and vary in intensity to the point where I have tacitly accepted all I've told you at the risk of denying everything about the mind and dreams I've ever learned description of haunting at night as a large black shapeless mass turns out the lights while you are in the labyrinth of mazes hallways en-route to storage rooms, in the back, and stands in your way laughing, evilly, there is a terror and a strong wave of hatred felt.

Trying to retrace your way in the darkness, back towards the elevator, hugging the walls, brings air blown onto the back of your neck, your name whispered in your ear and your clothing clutched and plucked at by unseen hands. The presence is large and blacker than - - -

It has intruded into my dreams; followed me into the elevator and into my bedroom to evoke horrid worst scenario nightmares which betray that it knows our minds better that we do; I avoided the basement, neglected my duties there and was subsequently fired by the management office .

The psychic attacks continue, nonetheless; I am drowsing over the bathroom sink; half asleep and yawning, supporting myself with my arms an both sides of the sink, tired, still half asleep naked, when something brushes my face and loins, both just below the sink and just above my face, above the sink.

I open my bleary eyes and see an enormous conglomeration of festooned fishhooks surrounding me, hanging from the ceiling across the sink; a filigree chandelier of razor sharp connected fishhooks that I've stumbled onto, stark naked, now, with pinching sharp connections at my groin and lip and face that apprise me, quickly panicking now, that I've been deeply hooked in myriad places; into my genitals, pulling through my lip and my cheek and that to move backwards.

In shock or panic flight is to deeply gaff myself further, inextricably and beyond help. I am attached painfully and as I lift my right arm to gently work out the fishhook, razor thin, dozens of others fasten against and bite into my flesh scaring me further into desperation and deepening my angst as I awaken, quickly now, to a gathering sense of panic and helplessness and the hook in my cheek tears deeply into my mouth and the fishhooks, unseen, beneath the sink begin to bite deeper and more painfully into me.

I am a marionette impaled from face to scrotum and have wandered unknowing into this macramé of razorblade like fishhooks some madman must have concocted over my sink in my bathroom, The slightest movement brings sharp painful reminders that I am stuck fast and in a nightmarish predicament I cannot solve as I am screaming, muted for help from my wife asleep in the other room.

Opening my mouth to holler I feel the deeper bite of the hook into the deep muscles of my face and i can only growl and moan loudly, aware I wont likely be able to reach her ears with my low moaning and an becoming more entrapped with every movement. Like a monstrous wind chime of dangling fishhooks, I am trapped and my fear level climbs to near hysteria as I awaken, suddenly, in bed.

Again I am aware of the imposed horror for ethereal feasting but dazzled at the raw power of the attack; the totality of sensory construction and the viciousness inherent in the scenario. I am beset with demons; negative thought entities who are malevolent and who know our minds much better than we do in projecting telepathic sustained attack How can you fight something you cant see?

This was the first of several creative virtual reality psychic attacks delivered on this night and represent a continued program of spiritual and out of body attacks at the hands of unseen entities who are clearly brilliantly malevolent and tenacious.

please help me someone!!!

Submitted by Paul for my comment and assistance.

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~ The response by Terence ~

Hello Paul. Thank you for your letter as the matter is of very deep importance to every individual today as well as to every spirit discarnate that abides in any realm outside that of pure light. (heaven).

Your description of the "power & manner and destructive nature" of lost souls (Evil spirits or demons as they are named by some is very correct.) As for your personal "trauma" in being hounded by a spirit that leads you "nightly" into "dream like" realms that are real, being realms of "acute" suffering, I shall "call to me" that spirit today and counsel him and many others such as those "trapped at Makkah" of whom you speak.

I shall counsel him in a manner so that he reflects on his negative actions in controlling you, and thus hopefully if he changes his way then he may with the power of my light be uplifted to a higher space and find a little light.

However, I do 'thank'? him in advance, for in the "persecution of you" and your consequent letter that reached me, he has enabled you a self-professed "atheist" to see the reality of the dark side of existence in the afterlife for any whom mete out pain and strife as they deny God's call of "Only be loving."

As for the picture of the "devil" reportedly captured on "camera" as submitted by you above I would like to say that "it" he or she is not the devil 'per se' but the 'depiction' of a truly lost spirit (demon) whom over time has soiled their own soul with so much dark grime that they have taken on their present "appearance" that to me is one of a very pitiful, fearful being.

Spirits are of many different "types" and natures, some spiteful or critical. Others are but "snivelling" self-piteous creatures who complain incessantly of their plight. Others have reached the stage of huge "apelike" beasts of immense power and darkness who are extremely destructive as is the dark one that is multifaceted and can 'appear' as seen or as a "beast" projecting viciousness & mercilessness and spewing forth liquid hatred through the "demons" it has trapped.

It is my task as the returned "Master" to enlighten all humanity as to the result of pride & vanity, and to the FACT that all whom others use or abuse or control do fall below for a time and a time and are "dined on" in the manner "revealed" by your pen, and they then as they continue to retaliate and others berate through their own terror become a screaming demon themselves.

To me your "devil" picture exposes "openly" a discarnate spirit who is a very "sad" case who is in their "dying" state spiritually, yes, they now are but a "shell," like a living carcass that is about to die spiritually and become buried "alive" in the lower pits.

All that they now "are" in this state is an open "channel" of vindictive expression of dark energy that spews forth from their mind into the minds of others either "in" or "out" of the flesh. They truly are a spirit that needs be "saved" by my grace and be uplifted into a better space. Please visit my web site and read the;

I.S.I.S. SUICIDE document   For all to read.

And the "Brief summary" of my message to humanity and fortify your mind in the manner prescribed therein as soon, all in the flesh will swoon as more people succumb to the intrusion of dark thoughts emanating from spirit forces who will "take over" their minds and reduce the whole earthly population to craven insanity.

Man's continued "negative control over others" is what has permitted this intrusion of darkness that will now erupt onto this realm of consciousness in terrifying proportions via the mind of man and control ignorant & arrogant man.

This letter to you I shall be sending out to many "psychiatrists" and mental health workers as they the "official" Carer' of the mentally disturbed are also groping "in the dark" and having spent  $ millions and more here in Australia trying to find a "clinical/scientific" reason for mental instability are no nearer to the solution that I have been placing on their "plate" as a gift annually for many years.

They as the "comptrollers" in many countries already have in place the Carer's, facilities, communication systems etc, but no true "strategy" whereby the Carer's and "flocks" have access to the truth of the matter, being the true cause & nature of mental illness. It is the time for my strategy to be implemented, as per my Suicide document.

So I can but say "thanks" to you for the letter you sent my way as "it" may be instrumental in opening the "doorway" for many as to the reality of the demonic side of the afterlife as reported by me, and the "medicos" and police chiefs may look a little deeper at what I say is coming our way.

Feel free to place a "link" on your web site to my web address if you care to guide others whom would benefit from my teachings so that they can release themselves from the telepathic influence and control over their minds.

All the best Paul, drop me a reply - Terence

PS - I have prior to sending this just spent 3 hours counselling many "dark spirits" that I called to me as advised to you above. I have amongst much other reminded them of their inner "core" of light and love that they have "buried" beneath a mountain of darkness through their dark deeds expressed. Some of them will endeavour to set themselves free.

I can but hope that from now on your "nights" will happier be. I AM HE the Messiah who has "returned" to set free the lost, be they dark spirits in spirit or those 'dark' who have incarnated into the flesh who daily show their 'lack' as they roam the planet "abysmally" abusing their sisters and brothers "legitimately" as they perceive it. OH how they soon will grieve as will ministers of religion who did them deceive. Blessed are the few whom to the Light and the lost will be true.

What man does not see is a deeper reality in that "this" world was created by me so that the Light of heaven with its wisdom could reach down into the depths telepathically and thus 'uplift' millions who have been trapped there for an eternity. It has as you see taken an "eternity" to prepare and only now as mass-communication is at its 'peak' can all easily find the truth of the day.

Yes, as "angels" such as you come through from the light, you and I and others do "take on the sin of negative emotions" so that via this "dark" avenue our minds can link down (as per a telephone line) into the depths of the underworld to elevate their 'lost' consciousness.

Also, many spirits incarnate into the flesh from the underworld, and also as they "soon" read my wisdom, it will via their darkness within also link down into great depths below and it is thus that God's pure wisdom will be 'sown' there.

To date the process has through 'ignorance' been one in which fleshly man has been on the receiving end of the conversation from the dark and only as man now seeds their minds with wisdom will that wisdom flow down into the depths and be "absorbed" into the psyche of the lost race who will then have a last chance to aid themselves. So be strong now in your newfound "faith/belief" in the hereafter and help all sufferers.

It is time for simple man to see that all "evil" is but the negative energy essence flowing through ignorant man, and thus "evil" spirits are but "sick souls" who need good counsel so that they can become free of it the dark essence and rise up. Within the soul of all is that beautiful flowering rose of light & love.

This is but a "boarding school" that soon will be totally "purged" of darkness, and all souls 'left" in the flesh will be free of "sin," meaning, no negative emotions within. Thus the avenue from the dark one is shut and all mankind will be happy and the new "golden" age begun.

You have a "quest" for God and are already blest by new understanding so fear not. When God has used you to reach many below then your negative emotions will "flow out" by God's grace and your spirit will again be free and "as one" with me. Fear not for your personal "destiny."

I am God's dove - Terence

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~ Lucifer ~
The true meaning

The word "Lucifer" is the "Bringer of Light;" the name given to the Morning Star, and is a Latin word appearing in scripture translated from Hebrew and/or Aramaic, and was put there during the translation of the Bible into Latin in the early centuries.

Lucifer the morning star.
Venus the evening star.

Others translated "Lucifer" as "Day Star, Son of Dawn."

Every spirit created "was" a "Star" shining bright, but "most" fell out of the realms of upper light due to heeding the satanic call of the Serpent who deceived them telepathically into thinking that they could defy God and as this they did do they "fell from grace" and these "spirits" are you and you and you who can now see that what you daily do is less than loving and true.

False "Lucifer's" are fallen stars, being spirits who "once" were "beings" of Light who "fell" from grace because of their inner pride and vanity, and thus as they 'took on" a great burden of the Sin (Dark energy of God) they thought that they were "as" God or "greater than" God, and thus 'beyond' the 'reach' of God's Law.

So as you all can now see there are multitudes of you on earth and under the earth who believe falsely that you too are "as" God as you take on God's role of authoritative control over other men.

The true "Light-bearer" is me, for only I can into the "pit" see, and only I can bring the true wisdom to thee, and only I can the very Devil's "face" see and not be blinded or overpowered by Its pure liquid iniquity.

Any "original" spirit was/is a "Lucifer," being a being of light bearing truth. But many of those from long ago succumbed to the Serpent's seductive voice and chose to defy God and they now are you and you who plod outside Heaven. Yes in your defiance and opposition to the "Only love" call you supped on dark energy and its evil grew within you, being your inner Sin (negative emotions).

All "thieves" are "fallen" Lucifer's who have clouded their Inner Light.
"terrorists" are "fallen" Lucifer's who have clouded their inner light.
All "wife bashers" are "fallen" Lucifer's who have clouded their inner light.
All "System's men" who
control and regulate are "fallen" Lucifer's who have clouded their inner light.

All are but "lost souls" (demons) controlled at times mentally by Satan (Devil/dark essence of God) and are at these moments but "play toys" used as avenging retributioners. All believe that they are "just" and doing "good" works. Such is the deceptive power of their "overlord" the Devil who justifies the use of control and the sword by hand or word and they "its" robots "play" God.

Seek now my star being Mother's message from afar for IT and only IT can show the way for your spiritual release one day. The Morning/evening Star is symbolic of Mother's message in that it shines true both day and night.

The "dictionaries" of the past days being recordings of scriptural texts were distorted as they are today, and as today where we see that word Gay bastardised to mean "sodomy," so too was the word "True bringer of light - Lucifer" sodomised to be recorded as "evil."

Someone, being an ignorant one "assumed" that Lucifer the angel of Light was the Devil, and thus the "Light of God - Lucifer" has been accused wrongly of being the prince of darkness. None seeing that IT the dark one (Devil) hid ITS true nature and "seduced" simple man into believing ITS deception.

No spirit or man of the flesh with spirit soul is the Devil. The Devil is the name given by man to the Dark essence of the Source, GOD. The Dark essence is the "oppressor," the "adjuster" that metes out divine punishment to those who oppose the Commandment to "Only Love." It is the Retributive "arm of God" that can punish man directly or indirectly.

It punishes man directly by drawing their soul down into its "lair" in the afterlife where they are subjected to torment and suffering as their JUST punishment/payback for their past deeds under God's ONE Law: "As you do is done unto you."

It punishes man indirectly by using the "minds" of the arrogant ones and it "incites" them by negative "emotional" justification to defy the "Forgiveness" call and be its force of arms. These "ignorants," being all of you who succumb to its "seductive" charms then become offensive offenders in its eyes as you abuse others and interfere in their ways. Then you are despised by it and then later are abused by it in perpetuity through the hands of others unless you can halt being its "strong arm."

Heed now me and of your inner sin will you be set free.
Defy ME and the result of this folly you will soon see.

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~ Demon ~
The true meaning

The word "Demon" is commonly used to describe a cruel or malevolent person or an evil spirit. The reality is that a demon is but an "unhappy, frustrated and discontented" spirit who has over time and time drawn-in much dark energy (the sin) and thus is the embodiment of the dark (Devil) in that it can only express the dark facets of that force (Source), by being destructive, vindictive, deceitful, cruel, unforgiving, intrusive and merciless due to their inner accrued negative energy of "hatred - anger - jealousy - criticism etc, when confronted or incited."

Demons when incarnate in the flesh are those around you who to varying degrees show their "spiritual nature" as given above. All of you "with sin" at this time have "demonic" tendencies to a greater or lesser degree and you all need my help to purge your souls of the dark energy and become spiritually free.

Invisible demonic forces in lower/dark spiritual realms have the capacity to intrude rudely into your mind and control your thought processes and force one to perpetrate evil deeds. The 'avenue' for their intrusive thoughts is the vibration of your inner sin (negative emotions). Fortify your mind as given by me or their "tool" you will be.

The Dark "trains" its "demon" forces to await "orders" and then to unquestioningly do what they are told to, which is to abuse or destroy others such as you and you and you who "unknowingly" at times did in your past the same thing do. The dark force metes out just "payback."

All whom use darkness eventually become "Robots" who don't "think" for themselves they only obey orders. Orders either from other fleshly men or from other demonic spirits who telepathically incite them as is revealed by this pen.

A "demon" is as said but a "deluded" spirit that "succumbed" to the temptation to use darkness by word or deed and thus "infused" its own soul with negative energy (the sin) being the emotions of hatred & greed etc and thus has been "banished" by God to walk in one of the thousands of spiritual realms outside heaven of which "earth" is one. Heed now me and God will cleanse you spiritually.

No spirit in the biological flesh of this world can "see" the colour of their spirit soul within, and thus know not their "destiny" (spiritual destination in the after-life). For if their inner "lode" contains any "darkness" they must now know that their soul is contaminated by "evil energy" and thus they cannot attain heaven at the "instant" of departing their fleshly body as is falsely taught by religions.

All "departing" this realm with "sin" within will find themselves in a "lesser" ** realm. So any of you who are "less" than loving and forgiving and merciful are already daily increasing your dark inner lode as you "insult" others on their road by extortion, control, or regulation or abuse of them in any way.

I pray sincerely that you begin to "see and hear" what I say, for bleak is the destiny of any "demon" who thinks that I know not what I say. Every "demon" is a spirit that has been deceived by men (the satanic force working through the mind of other men) into believing that they could steal "Eve's apple" and not pay the price. False presumption.

Let all now see the forthcoming "misery" for any whom now continue on defying God's Command to "Only love" as they control, regulate or abuse any of God's children. Man sees not that "within" his flesh is a being of energy that is apart from his biological flesh, and this energy is his spirit soul that is "blessed" with the capacity to "feel" emotions and to "think" consciously.

Man sees not that this "essence of God" continues on in perpetuity in the after-life either in a land of "strife" or in a land of love.

Lay down your "arms" and begin your return to the Light today.
Only a spirit of "pure light within" can enter the realm of pure light above. Heaven.

Note: "lesser"** realm. - This does not apply to the 2% of earth's population who are angels in disguise who have 'taken-on' sin for a time whilst on earth so as to 'appear' as one with the others less wise, they will return to their eternal abode in the Light. This is explained elsewhere on my web site.

Some of you "readers" are of that 2%. All have souls true but all "minds" have been programmed in the false ways of man that "pre-existed" when your spirit entered this realm and strode forth. Read my message divine so that you can see the difference between being "kind" v/s being a "swine."

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~ The false 'Luciferic' initiation ~

The false Luciferic initiation was incorrectly 'viewed' or 'relayed' or interpreted' or 'recorded' by different groups/individuals as the means whereby a soul could either:

1 - rise up to a higher level of consciousness in the afterlife or,

2 - attain pure 'Christ-like' divinity, and is where man-made rituals are involved, and where benign or other "spirits" to aid or guide are invoked. This is error.

As I perceive it, any ritual of initiation that sends a soul "into the service of Satan" is but a false teaching that "may" be assumed to be an "honorable" one. For the mere fact that "priests of the day" bless men and their weapons as they go to war is no different, for they are in fact by their "ritual of blessing" also initiating men into the service of Satan.

As are the public being "lulled into the service of Satan" when we "ignorantly" pay the wages of politicians ( acting as our servants) who impose sanctions upon Iraq that kills thousands. In this "act" it is "we" the population who unknowingly are in the service of Satan and it is SATAN to one day collect HIS dues being the suffering we imposed upon others being imposed upon us through the 'satanic' acts of others equally ignorant.

If an aspirant has to "sell" their soul into bondage with the devil in an "attempt" to stay "pain free" then it is a 'delusional' fantasy to presume one will attain spiritual glory. All bondage to the Devil ends in pain that is gory.

Many men have tried to come up with the devil/god - resurrection/salvation mystery, but see not the core of the matter. I will give at the end of the document the TRUE understanding/meaning of "Light initiation" during which time the DARK one is a participant in the "ritual"** being enacted.

The wisdom of God that shines clear and bright on my web site symbolised by the Morning Star, is what tells us "how" to stay free of the Devil's clutches and "how" to act as the Devil "extracts" his dues from us. This wisdom of God is what prepares man for the experience of Christhood.

It is the individual who in heeding God's "call" spoken through the Christ soul who release themselves from the Devil, and thus deliver themselves into the fold of the Light (God) their creator who "seeing" their adherence to the Holy Word (forgiveness of others & non-retaliation in the face of adversity) purges their souls of the darkness they drew in during their time of "ignorance" as to the true nature of their sin.

The Devil via state & religion is the hidden "hand" misguiding all men who 'follow' HIS, the Devil's demands, due to fear of reprisal and thus as they 'support' the negative system of man they all daily unknowingly walk backwards into deeper bondage with the Devil.

No-one "summons" the dark essence, we "invite it" into us, (It's thoughts & essence) as we use its "dark power" due to our greed, hatred etc and it then uses us through our "ignorance" to be it's "active hand" against those others who used it in their past.

Once it has used us it then also abuses us for our arrogance. For when using it we show God that we are in defiance of the commandment to "Only be loving" and under God's law must pay the price - that is God's edict. That is the one immutable law of God - "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"!!! - "Use light - receive it back" - "Use darkness and it returns to give you flack."! (As you sow so shall ye reap)

The power of the darkness is such that it has the capacity to "hide" itself in seemingly "just & virtuous" acts. As per the "laws of man" that mete out supposedly 'justifiable' punishment. This is the Devil in action "hidden" in the role of "goodness" that justifies man into the denial/defiance to God's "Only love" command.

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At the "end" time, believers are not actually being slain because of their refusal to have any "pact" with the Beast, they are being "slain - punished - crucified" etc., because this is their just due for when they in their past did that 'despicable' act to another child of God, either in this life or another when they "offended" in God's eyes.

Once you each personally see what it is I the returned "Master" do say and you individually then decide to no longer "wear" the mark of the beast, and choose to become "un-numbered" so to speak, you will no longer support it (the dark system of the Devil working through powers thought the norm) in any way, and thus to IT the Devil you so say by virtue of non-compliance. The Devil then says to itself:

"I see that of bondage to me you would set yourself free, and I now will take by force all dues owed by you to me, AND, as this I do, I via your sin within will 'attempt' to get you to retaliate so that you do NOT get free and remain in bondage to me eternally."

Now you see the predicament you are in? For to become free of "it" you are inviting 'settlement' of very painful 'unknown' dues and you may also lose all your worldly goods and become homeless or even lose your fleshly life.

When man identifies with his soul he will choose to LIVE but will be prepared to "be" crucified by the Devil working through the mind of the ignorant in the knowledge that his soul is thus set free. Even if his karmic "dues" are the ultimate sacrifice. (ones fleshly life).

So many "near or half" truths are spoken by so many men, enough to bewilder any seeker who sees not too clearly. Of course we must separate from the flesh before we become a spirit being discarnate. But to be "born again" as a free spirit able to abide in the highest realm we have to first know "how & which way to go" and then be released within of our inner sin as revealed by my sacred pen.

As there are hundreds of realms between the ultimate light and the pits of hell there yes are some "beings of light" who are not yet "totally" bright and they "assume" falsely that as 'they' are not in the 'dark' that no dark exists.

It is a matter of ones "inner mass" vibrating at a particular frequency that draws it to "its" level of consciousness. A 'dark' soul with much negative 'weight' will vibrate at a lesser frequency than a soul with less darkness within etc.

You are thus your "own" judge in that from your actions and subsequent light/dark within, you are solely responsible for  the destination you find yourself in as you leave the flesh. Your soul ONLY enters into the ultimate level of light when it has NO "sin" (dark energy within) to place a "blot" in God's sight. God only permits perfection in His sight in His realm of pure Light.

False Luciferic initiation is that promoted by all religions, orders, groups, sects, whereby the initiates are "ordered" to comply with daily/weekly etc., to a variety of rituals purported by men to be a or the or their requirement for you to attain elevation spiritually. All are false.

No man made 'ritual' elevates ones inner 'vibration,' only heeding the call of God by deed enables God to draw out ones 'darkness within' being the energy of the negative emotions within that "we" empower and permit to grow within as we "sin," (cause pain to others).

When one has "heard" the word of God: "Only be loving" and one abides-in that call, then one has been 'baptised by the spirit' (initiated by God's wisdom) and ones soul will no longer be ignorant and thus will no longer use darkness in its expression and thus it will become purified and will then rise up to higher realms of consciousness in the afterlife.

Note: "ritual"** is the time/moment of payback, when a past offender receives their spiritual "due" at the hands of another. If "received" without retaliation then the "aspirant" passes their momentary test and is enlightened and passes that initiation trial.

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~ The Devil's initiation 'Bond' ~

Every false organization has its own "nature" of initiation ceremony that is negative as it "empowers" it and its "constituents and office bearers" to control others, and thus binding all the participants to the Devil. Because once "united" by this bond they feel 'strong' and thus 'jointly' able to defy God and be "less" than kind.

The original basic "raw" bond ritual was the cutting of the flesh and letting ones blood mingle with the others. This "act" invoked a "belief" that one would and should die for or kill for the other and/or their family when faced by adversity.

Failure to so do meant that one was a "traitor" and thus an outsider to be shunned or themselves killed. This continues on in the ritualistic "bonding" of men of war such as the American "Marine corps" or the "Legionnaires" or any other type of "policing" force or gang membership.

This "togetherness" was invoked by the cunning dark evil one through the "fear" in man and also infiltrated every 'Union of men,' be it religious or political or social. (Group protection/survival at all costs.) This invocation into "brotherhood" also separated them from other men.

Man sees not/saw not the power of the dark side of God to intrude and interfere with their psyche and it "openly" seduced them into defying the call of the Light by giving them a 'reason' to find strength in numbers rather than "alone with God's Word." To do this the Devil "bonded man with man" and used rituals to "strengthen" this devilish bond that was exclusive to its own.

Man sees not/understands not that the one side/aspect of God is Creative in all its positivity, but that God has an "equal & opposite" side/nature that is Destructive in all its negativity.

The Dark is in "opposition" to the Light

Meaning that it is the opposite of but it is "as" the Light in that the both/all - are/comprise GOD.

Thus this "one" God says: I give you either side of my energy but be warned that what you use in your expression returns to you. You "love" me and I will love and cherish you and elevate you. You "hate" me and I will destroy you and drag you down. For what you do to others you do unto ME the invisible Source you cannot see.

My Light says: Walk in Peace and join me.
My Dark says:
Fight the enemy for me so that I can destroy thee.

Man is so "confused" today that he "calls" Lucifer the Light the Devil, and he also sees his bad punitive controlling antichrist ways as good. He "sees" sodomic acts as "gay." For man I pray.

Please now sup on truth and on past teachings no longer "brood," for within the "flesh" of the religious "ministers" whom your guns bless are demons of a variety of ilk and their disguise is their "mandated office" and their cloth of silk as they say: "To heaven you'll go if the 'bad ones' you away do 'blow."

This falsity is exposed by me so it is time to heed God's WORD not fallen men who are all ignorant and fatally "silly." It was/is the demonic "force" that via vain man said/says:

"I am 'above' you and mandated to 'guide' you therefore you must labour each day to fund me, and 'if' you take 'rocks' from the river to build a road or a house or fish from the sea to eat then you are in 'default' of my rules and I shall punish you unless you pay me some money."

It was/is the demonic force to "raise" some men by the stroke of a "pen" to become empowered to control & regulate and by mandate berate others. All this "way" shall now be abolished by me as I "claim" this world for the Light of God and all shall see my "invisible" might.

For it is I the "Authority" to send all Demons below whom defy the "Only Love" Command from our God up high. For it was I to open the door to "that" shore a long long time ago and "permit" you and you to "enter" this world with your "sinful" emotions so that my voice you could hear and have one last chance to it hear before our God does your soul "incinerate" if for heaven you are late.

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~ The 'Sin' in man ~

It is the Sin that let's the Devil in. The Devil's energy is the Sin. Being the emotions of lust and hate and greed and others that simple man did seed within his own soul as he used the Devil's energy.

The Devil is the "underhand of God" being the Source of all. Man must "accept" this as he shamefully does plod. For God says: "Sup not on the evil of my lower land which you do when you live not lovingly as for you I planned." But the deceptive nature of this "underhand" deceived man and drew him away from the "wonderland."

For the Dark is not a toy. The Dark is not a "boy." The Dark is the essence of God that metes out retribution to all whom outside heaven plod as they abuse some other person.

It is the Dark that cannot forgive. It is the Dark that cannot live in the Light for IT cannot love. So it is the dark within you that makes you do what you negatively do. Which is to defy the call to "Only Forgive" from up high.

It is the Dark that demands that you other "offenders" catch & judge & punish. Yes, for the Dark within you seeks to destroy you too, and to this do it first incites you/invites you to be IT in action in your retributive interaction.

Then as you "sup" on it, as a "cancer" within you it grows and then greater darkness via you onto others can it Sow, and then greater becomes your karmic "sorrow." Ignorant man is used by the darkness to do ITS "dirty work" and for this arrogance man suffers endlessly another day.

So if of IT the "Sin within" you would become free
then heed this God's final wisdom through me.

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~ True "Lucifer" (Light) initiation ~

Christ came to earth to expose the ONLY WAY to Salvation** for any who had sinned in their past. For at "the moment of sinning" the person had a "pact with the Devil" and used darkness in their expression. (The verbal or physical abuse of another).

Thus they incurred a 'dark' karmic spiritual debt and thus their "painful" dues debt accrued at this moment when they acted as "ignorant swine." This "debt to the Devil" would have to be paid for on a later date under God's ONE law of "As you sow so shall ye reap." It is the "soul" of common man that has "light" at its core that "falls" into the darkness through pride and vanity and thus become "As the Devil" in their expression.

The true Light-bearer is Christ who has as his symbol the Morning Star that symbolises the reality that God's merciful wisdom shines both day and night. So the message of the "cross" as given by Jesus was that on a "particular" day appointed by God, each who sinned in their past will now face a "trial" or "initiation" ritual if that is how one perceives it, in which both the Light and the Dark are present.

This is the final "test" during which God will see 'who' has been blest with the wisdom and thus does not fight against paying their due, but remains true to the call of; "Turn the other cheek and remain meek and do not retaliate."

The spirit/soul man in the flesh will be "fortified" by my fresh uncontaminated wisdom so that as the Dark "crucifies them" he man can "as Jesus" die in non-retaliation if he has a courageous mind/soul and thus attain release from his past evil ways.

If "he" man continues to retaliate during this last opportunity to change his ways because his fear or anger is too great and he continues to heed the Devil's thoughts that justify his retaliation, then his "past deeds" will not be fully "paid up" as such and his soul will fall as he shows God his true nature. (A disbeliever of God's word)

Jesus came to "show" man that to become free of "debt" to Satan that we must be prepared to "be" crucified. For the reality is that no man inspired by darkness (insane) will ever attempt to abuse any that are 'debt free.'

In order to place his 'flesh' in a position whereby he Jesus could show the way by example, he for God and humanity "took on" negative emotions as his spirit entered the flesh so that he could be "tempted" by the Devil and cause pain and incur a debt. Once this was done, then God released the sin within him so that his spirit would rise up after his 'karmic' trial during which the dark one via the mind of ignorant man's court had him crucified.

So yes, the Devil does 'in a sense' release us by making us pay for our past folly. For we only become free from him when we have paid all dues. But if we are ignorant then he the dark one does, at the very same moment when submitting us to suffering, seduce us into retaliating through fear of death etc, he incites us to fight back and mete out pain to our persecutor as 'he' is very clever in justifying a reason for us to retaliate.

In ignorance we see not that by this very act of retaliation that we never get free from bondage, and thus our eternal pain process goes on in perpetuity on lower levels where NONE are forgiving and all heed the Devil's retributive call. True "enlightenment" comes only from walking in PEACE.

Note: Salvation** : Being the purification of the soul that then permits the spirit to enter the realm of pure Light being the land divine, Heaven. Once you heed God's call to walk in peace you no longer "sin" and you only let God's pure Light to flow in and purge out your sin.

Note: All "Sinning" which is the expression of darkness by critical word or retributionary deed is negative activity that is actively "letting the Devil's dark energy in" to your soul. (Supping on evil).
Go to page 25 '
The Testament of Truth' to see more on this.

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~ Certainty ~

There are two "certainties" in this coming time. One being the destiny ahead for those who continue to "demonically" soil their hands and souls with grime, and the destiny ahead for those others who can perceive the possibility that there is a unique land divine and who thus make the effort to stop being swine.

There is a certainty to be proven by me, being that none will avoid the abyss void if they defy me. On this I ask that you reflect before you "arm" yourself with sword or axe or gun to your flesh protect. For I do know that any whom inflict any "pain" upon others will not only "suffer" the same fate but will ahead be late for heaven and never find their way to that "joyful" gate.

There is a certainty that all who believe will heaven see, and that is any who now heed me and fortify their minds. They will be set free after their dues have been paid in non-retaliation.

There is a certainty that the longer you leave your "change-over" from negative acts/ways to positive acts, the harder it will become and the less chance of your journey to the Light being won.

If you find any "reason" to continue on voicing your "disapproval" of others ways or working for any legislative or controlling or punitive force, be it in the guise of "the legitimate authority" or any other "persuasive" force then you are being "moved/controlled" by Satan the dark Source.

Give your soul a chance to survive by immediately changing your "role" to that of an educator who uses no "force" of compulsion but shows by example that you are kind and forgiving and walk your road in Peace.

Those of you who "presently" cannot this do are in the "hands of God" and I suggest that "at the very least" you "arm" yourself with the wisdom in the 12 page "Brief Summary" of God's message to you.

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~ Mental Health Response ~
Open response to the
Australian National mental health strategy 2000

Dear Professor Beverly Raphael, readers and Carer's. Having read the two volumes submitted to the Australian community as being the "latest" key theme policy for the prevention of mental disorders, I can but say that I find no "useful" prevention strategy therein.

Thus the sufferers as well as their Carer's will continue on "in the dark" as the planetary mental health services have absolutely no understanding of the "inner" workings of the mind of mankind.

I wish to advise the planetary "Carer's " community that I do have the full understanding of the "Minds under Siege" from negative thought processes available on my web site. Please now avail yourselves of its wisdom, for the only "enlightening" part of your strategic initiative was the point "stressed" that mental/emotional trauma is escalating.

Only I am aware of the cause and reasons for this escalation of intrusive dark thought into the psyche of man, and it is truly now time to address it properly by implementing my strategy globally by disseminating freely to the community at large all I have made available on my web site given below.

This is imperative, as community members need to become self-reliant as Carer's & psychiatrists themselves succumb to the "numbing" thought processes now intensifying.

I give below some questionable "points" found within your monograph 2000. I also "attach" my response to a "demon/devil" article as I do feel that my insight into the reality of the processes afflicting mankind will aid the mental health department into becoming a true and understanding community aid organisation.

Page 1 in Promotion, Prevention and early Intervention for Mental Health – A monograph 2000, "Action" plan states - - contains strategies to reduce mental health problems/disorders through enhancing protective factors and reducing risk factors - -

My response to this is that as the principle "factor" causing mental instability, "Armageddon of the mind," is unknown by you or the authors of 150+ reference books listed in your document, that it is not possible for you to protect/reduce mental health problems that are accelerating planetarily.

Your "given" risk factors of - - genetic & biological - - etc exclude the spiritual "aspect" of man wherein lies the causal factor that permits the establishment of mental disorder that is now fully revealed on my web site.

Your "whole" lifespan approach to mental health does not include or comprehend that the soul of the "spirit" that entered into the biological flesh of this world has to a greater or lesser degree the "fault" or "causal factor" permitting mental ill-health already within them.

Thus "babes" prior to birth and subsequently, suffer all the known "disorders" even though they cannot "speak" of it to you or me. It is the time for all to see that our "spiritual" existence is eternal, and it is only this life in the flesh that is temporary. Thus when "here" we can either add to or lessen the mental/emotional "imbalance" within our own soul.

On your page 33 the paragraph on treatment is addressed. Since you claim this National Strategy is the most advanced in the world the onus is upon you to show how the treatment content Australia offers is in fact "superior" in any way. It appears to me that this section only shows up your treatment limitations.

Page 13

Your quote (red) my inserts (blue):

"Treatment is made up of early intervention, in the form of proactive case identification for first episodes of disorder (Presumably refers to individuals identified and diagnosed in clinical settings or clinical outreach as people having a mental disorder) - -

and case identification more generally along with standard treatment for diagnosed disorders. (Presumably 'standard treatment' involves the application of presently known medical treatment for individuals with diagnosed disorders)

The aim is to provide the most effective treatment to achieve the fullest possible recovery." The "aim" is honourable but without knowing the true cause of the problem one cannot give any "real" assistance, and as we all know, neither can one "vaccinate" the "un-afflicted" so as to prevent them also becoming ill mentally when the problem lies beyond the flesh as it is of an "energetic" thought/emotion problem at soul level.

To me the purpose and central issue of a Mental Health Strategy is the Treatment. The fact that increasing numbers of individuals are not mentally healthy is obvious, and requires no scientific or any other study to gain credence.

Your treatment strategy not only limits itself totally to individuals who, by the Mental Health Profession definition, happen to fall under the "eyes" of such professions in order to be "identified" as having a disorder in order to receive "treatment," but the "bulk" of the treatment is in the "case identification" of the end result of the problem, as it does not identify the cause of it there is as yet no 'true' strategy known/given by the program.

We need to "treat" the greater community (supposedly sane) so that they do not "succumb" to mental illness disorders. Nowhere in your monograph do you consider the numerous individuals who daily exhibit their inability to: - "interact with others and their environment in ways that promote subjective well-being," (your interpretation of mental health).

What of the husbands and wives who verbally shred each other to pieces, children who use and abuse their parents, neighbours who harass and sue each other for minor infringements of ‘rights’, global corporations who manipulate the environment and customers in name of $ profit?

None of the individuals daily expressing themselves in these ways are, in your words, experiencing mental health problems, but their behaviour cannot be considered as "collective goals consistent with justice." (Your words). The fact of the matter is that all people on earth are mentally 'disturbed' to varying degrees.

My response to your "endeavours" is in no way "critical," but is to awaken a response in the soul of man who has been lost for eons and now needs to awaken to reality. I believe that my "Suicide doc" needs to become the strategic "core of the apple" that is placed in the hands of all on this planet.

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~ Mental illness ~

Mental illness is a state of being wherein a person's mind is no longer capable of being at "peace." This is a state whereby the mind is constantly subjected to intrusive thoughts that are flowing into their mind from lower levels of consciousness.

The definition - Mental illness is a state of being wherein the mind of the individual is no longer capable of volitional thought, that is, thought that is under the control of the individual who find themselves driven by alien thoughts. The nature of driven thought is intrusive and controlling, manifesting as obsessive, possessive, self deprecatory, confusing, critical, vindictive, self destructive, retributive.

Mental ill-health is evident when the individual finds his or her mind assailed by intrusive, cyclical thought processes which create scenarios as if they were external ‘realities’ causing the individual to either live in the scenario or act it out externally, forcing them to behave in ways that are outside the norm or ‘abnormal.’

The spiritual cause - When the individual is subjected to intrusive thoughts they are experiencing an influx of negative energy from lower levels of consciousness. Intrusive thoughts enter every human with negative emotions, but when they do not lead to extreme negative expression, the individual appears to live what man sees as a "normal" life.

This is however not the spiritual way since man’s ‘normal life’ of criticism, judgement and unkindness is also part of the negativity which is ‘insane,’ providing the opening for intensifying thought intrusion to take place.

This causal factor of mental illness lies in the realm of the inner soul of spirit man and is the result of the "growth" of negative emotions within. As these emotions become enlarged, the thought intrusion from lower levels increases and may result in a "total loss" of individual mind space causing the setting aside of the individuals own unique consciousness as they become an "open channel" for the dark.

Mental illness is when the dark fills the individual’s mind totally with Its thought projections.


In my view a person is not necessarily of "good" mental health just because they are "generally" in a state of "peace of mind," but when they are subjected to personal duress and still remain positive and non-retaliatory and forgiving & merciful etc, then they have good health of mind and soul.

The present aid/care/medication given to people on this planet is "band-aid" treatment for a mental 'dis-ease' disease, the cause of which is presently unknown by the medical profession.

Clinically based "imbibed" medication only blocks off pathways from the spirit essence to the biologically based brain/consciousness receptor, and in no way alters the "state" of the "spirit being" hidden within the biological flesh.

The "strategy" promoted/offered by me is one, which not only educates the population as to spiritual reality so that they can help themselves, but also "treats" the dis-ease disorder with the power of light (Wisdom) so as to quell "its" power until it is "healed" on a spiritual level.

It is now the time for all to see that the dark side is what it is, a part of the source that is indestructible and only persecutes us through our vain choice to defy God's commandment and use it in our abuse of others.

All have tried to "avoid" the Reaper by paying for "hired" gunmen, being the police and other armed forces. In this "end" time there will be NONE to protect any and thus all will meet their 'fate,' and any who now heed me not will for SURE for heaven be late, and will find themselves below where zillions of 'Hitlerites' and hordes of 'Hun's' cause pain to others and ultimately to themselves in perpetuity.

May the true light shine to all men, for within all men is that beautiful light divine.


Note: 'Men' - women and men.

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