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~ This is the "Conflict in family" education program ~

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Clemencia speaks

The aim of this recording is to provide every listener with the understanding of and the reasons for the increase in negativity around the world. - It provides the means to assist you to remain steadfast and respectful to God's command of "peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgive others" in all your interaction with others.

While much will be explained in this recording the information is more fully set out in the Testament of Truth web site. This site incorporates the Mental Health Carer's Manual explaining the cause of the global increase in mental disturbance.

In an effort to spread this information as widely as possible the author of the Testament of Truth, Terence, together with Jill and myself, Clemencia, will speak on this tape so that everyone can benefit from the insight and wisdom that has unfolded in our journey over the past 20 years.

Our aim is also to help all to understand why there is so much turmoil and strife in the world, the work place and more particularly, in the family.

It is recorded to help all to understand why so many individuals are becoming more negative, angry and abusive and what they can do to help themselves to not become a part of the process of retaliating in the face of aggression, particularly since such aggression is on the increase.

As you will know from your own family experiences, the escalation of family violence, whether that takes the form of verbal, emotional or even physical abuse is in evidence in many many families, a process that is now taking place in families world wide.

You can observe this on your television screens every night but it is also in evidence in the work place, on the streets as individuals get out of their car to  hit someone, and throughout the many countries where whole communities are openly expressing their angry, negative emotions. These outbursts are the result of ever intensifying negative feelings.

What we are all experiencing is that the power of our own negative emotions is on the increase and that this is resulting in our thought process sometimes becoming so overwhelmingly intense that people are unable to control them any longer. The result is ever increasing conflict and confrontation.

While we can all see that the results of these processes are verbal abuse, dissent, frustration and aggression, what we do not so readily see or comprehend is that it is our own negative emotions which, responding as they do to the verbal abuse thrown at us then causes further disharmony, hurt and confusion which often ends in disunity as relationships deteriorate, ultimately resulting in family disintegration.

While many people believe in the world of Spirit, unbeknown to most people is the spiritual reality that our minds and thoughts are also linked through to other realms of consciousness within which spirit people live.

In other words, the interaction between spirit minds and our minds is far more common than we know, and spirit people who once walked this world in the biological flesh are linking into our minds telepathically to a greater degree.

Some of these spirit beings are not only aware of our emotions but are also very attuned to our thought processes.

Why is this so you might ask ? - well this is due to the vibration of our energy, energy that is comprised of both our positive or negative emotions, meaning that within us exists both the energy of love, joy, compassion and forgiveness, as well as those of anger, fear, hatred, jealousy and un-forgiveness.

All the opposite energies ranging from ultimate positive energy to ultimate negative energy exist in us - and it is the vibration of our energy which creates a bridge - a link to corresponding levels of consciousness where the spirits are also feeling the particular level of energy that we are experiencing.

From the ultimate highest level of positive energy way up high in the light, where only joy and happiness exists, there is the energy of pure love and absolute light down to the ultimate lowest level of negative energy way below in the dark where there is fear and aggression where the energy is pure destruction.

From every level 'in between' we can have spirits linking into our minds. Which spirits link into us depends solely upon what negative level of energy we have used in our daily interaction with others, for while the beings of Light never interfere in our minds, those in the dark are intrusive and controlling, and the sole purpose of the dark energy is to ultimately control us to such an extent that we are no longer able to be the Light in action and ultimately, to destroy us.

So, when you are feeling particularly negative, thoughts incited by emotions of anger or jealousy or fear etc., come streaming into your mind as your negative emotions hum at a negative frequency, and you are in fact attracting similar spirits to 'match' the like vibration of your energy.

Now when you allow dark thoughts to flow endlessly as you to search for all the nasty and hurtful things you can say to the person who is hurting you, at that moment, the outcome of those thoughts is not only what you think or for that matter what you feel but, you open yourself up to be joined by the feelings and thoughts of other spirits whose souls are vibrating at the same negative frequency as yourself, and they then take possession of your mind !

Ultimately what you do when you continue to express negativity is allow the negative feelings of other spirits to assist you in your 'outrage' and this often doubles or trebles the ferocity of your verbal or physical attack upon the other.

I have often experienced families saying that it seems as if all the pain they are experiencing during family altercations of violence or abuse seems to have started out of nothing really, but it ended up with so much verbal abuse, accusations and recrimination that it is hard to believe that this is a family whose members declare love for each other.

It is important to understand that any negative altercation is backed by the invisible power of the dark, a force which manifests itself via spirit people from dark realms as thoughts in your mind.

These thoughts from the dark realm often appear to you to be absolutely justified and in fact they are because, in reality, the recipient is actually reaping what they sowed some time in the past.

Unfortunately, if you are the person dealing out that 'payback' you are also the person who will have to receive a similar 'payback' at some time in the future.

In the moments of greatest turmoil in family fights what you do not recognise is that such abuse expressed through you is your responsibility, even when other spirit persons are linking into your mind from dark or malignant realms where thoughts are deceptive, misleading or destructive.

This is the reason why you must try very hard to halt any negative verbal expression towards others or with family members, as you also understand that IF your permit dark thoughts to control you, that those in spirit projecting these thoughts into your mind are by you being permitted to defy God's command (love one another) and, that you all thus keep  hopping on the same negative path..... endlessly.

You must also be aware that thoughts force the unwary to cause harm to themselves or others and, as a result of this telepathic communication people do things they would not do when in their 'right' mind. (positive)

Naturally we need not be concerned that our positive loving emotions link us to higher realms because spirit people on that frequency are benign - - - they are also respectful and kind, compassionate and considerate and truthful - - - they would never 'think' of interfering in the mind of any other unless they were inspired by the Source, God to inspire us or uplift our spirits.

The next question is..........why do spirits in the dark wish to control us and cause fragmentation and harm? The answer is because the dark has a duty unto itself to fulfil its one Law - that Law being that....."As you do to others is done unto you." -

Dark spirit beings try and use those in the flesh (us) to cause harm to people on this level because it is their job for the Dark to cause us to feel exactly the same "harm" that we caused to some other at some time in our past - whether that is in this life time or a pre-existent time when we were in spirit - - -

Because we are educators, we simply seek to not only uplift your spirits and minds by assisting you to calm your emotions, but we also seek to do the same for those other people in distant spiritual realms who are linked into you - and are thereby benefiting from this recording.

I will end here and pass you to Terence who will be speaking directly to those in far distant realms who are listening via your minds because, this way, some of them may decide to halt their intrusion into your mind and they will then also feel less pressured mentally and emotionally - - -

You will however need to say the star prayer three times a day, and you also need to read the brief summary of the message to humanity to enable you to remain steady during the very difficult times at hand - - a time when everyone pays their spiritual dues and dark emotions are purged from many during the intense spiritual cleansing taking place invisibly in the soul of mankind.

Terence speaks

Okay I just want to welcome all the spirits who are linking in to any of us from realms outside of and below the the pure light. - - - there are thousands of levels of consciousness between the Light and the Dark below, and these are all separated by their unique frequency vibration -

when we leave the flesh of this world our spirit soul is drawn swiftly to the level corresponding to the vibration of our spirit soul - thus we have no 'choice' as to where we will end up as that is dependant upon our inner energy mass. - people living in spiritual realms may not be aware that there are many other realms above or below their place of existence.

When created spiritually we are pure white souls living in paradise- - - but due to defiance of God's Command we draw in darkness (negative energy) as we use force and cause others to suffer in some way through our control or interference or punitive actions - - - at that moment we take on negative energy that not only contaminates our soul and draws IT away to a level below paradise, but it places us in the punitive aspect of God's law - - - and we have to suffer the exact same as our 'victim' was forced to endure from our words or deeds.

Now some of us have come into this level direct from the pure light to assist others - and we have 'taken on' some negative emotions which will now link us to lower levels of consciousness so we can reach and educate spirits living in these lower realms as I am doing at this moment.

If you are one of these helpers, then pre-deceasing - or at the moment of passing over - your spirit soul is cleared of this darkness and your 'enlightened' spirit returns to the Light.

So... whatever is being said here for example or whatever is being said at anyone's house at any time is 'heard' on other levels of consciousness - as there are many invisible listeners from other realms tuning in to the frequency emitted by the vibration of our soul.

We all have come in to the biological flesh with emotions of fear or anger or jealousy or criticism etc., - - - and these emotions run at a variety of intensities, from a small amount of energy to a huge mass of energy - - - incalculable basically.

So when some people get critical or envious or jealous - in some it can be a small amount, - - - in others it can be huge. - And it is these combinations of emotions that are different in everybody so none of us have the same processes running at the same time, - - and the mass of dark energy resulting is what links us to those in spirit in many levels having the same energy mass.

So I'd like all the spirits who are linking in to us to understand that they are where they are because they have taken themselves there through defiance of the light of God, which says : Try and stay on the Light  side of the river and only express positivity.

If you want to step on the other side of the river and revel in muddy water and express negativity then that is your freedom of choice - - - but you are drawing in negative energy while you do that.

When you are expressing benign activity you are drawing in light energy - - - and ultimately whatever energy you use has to return to the user because that is the 'balancing of the energy' as IT fulfils its own Law.

So if you express benign energy it is going to return to you via others, - - - if you express negative energy it is going to return to you via others. - - The problem is, that when a punitive or painful return of dark energy returns to you, - - - that is the moment when  ITS telepathic justification comes into your mind to retaliate - - - and if you do and cause the other to suffer more - - on and on goes the suffering - - - that goes for everybody in the universe who resides outside the pure light because, as yet - -  all are merciless and UN-forgiving and have been falsely taught to defend themselves.

In the light, the pure light, everyone is happy because they spend all their eternal time doing nice things to each other and it's all coming back positive and joy and happiness abounds.

In the lower realms, people who are mentally controlled totally by the dark can only be vindictive. They cause pain and suffer pain on and on in perpetuity, drawing in more dark energy -  and ultimately end up in the pit of oblivion  suffering eternal anguish.

So, we are in the flesh here for a number of reasons, -  but the principal reason is because at this end time we need to reach as many people in those spiritual levels of consciousness as we can.  - - and this is done by God sending spirits into this realm who have come from many levels of consciousness- - - -

I'd imagine a lot of levels because 8 billion souls here would all have different energies - so the vibration of their unique soul opens the doorway to those levels and permits telepathic thought transmission.

Whenever you feel justified in being critical or retributive it ends up as a thought coming up telepathically from the dark via your negative energy from people at that level who are seeking to link-in to your mind - - and as soon as your emotions hum on their wavelength their thoughts just come through possessively and a lot of people cannot stop these thoughts.

Neither do those in spirit know that what they are transmitting is also flowing into their minds from even lower levels - and they are but a 'conduit' so to speak -

The thing is that neither they nor us may be able to stop a thought from coming in - - - but we need to try and halt reacting to it. - What I am saying applies to everyone listening - or linking-in from other realms - hopefully there's lots of them receiving the benefit.

Right now all of you spirit people on these other levels who desperately want to get out of your situation are reliant upon help from us in the flesh, which is the wisdom of how to do it, - - - and you have got to - individually - also fortify your minds against thought intrusion and try and override the automatic response of transmitting your thoughts to others to assist them in retribution. - - - you all must also say the star prayer often at the same time those in the flesh are so doing or at any time you so wish to.

Simply say: Creator of the heavens, mother of love - I see your star shining above - please cleanse my mind with all your love - so that I may heed your call of PEACE - from above.

And this goes for everybody in this world as there is an intensification of negative energy in people because the purification of the light is really intensifying and is actually drawing the negative energy out of everyone. -

The time taken for negative emotions to surface is shortening now because the intensification of the light is so strong - - - and minds are reached more easily from the dark because negative emotions, -  as they surface to clear - - are a bit like the kettle coming to the boil, - - and the particular emotion gets much stronger and people are less able to remain calm and non-retributive.

In fact the day before it goes or the few days before it goes I would defy anyone to stay rational in that moment because it can be a very irrational process for anyone - - - So, what we’ve got to look forward to fortunately and unfortunately -  is an escalation of emotions within surfacing - - - and because they are of the dark - and because the dark is totally justified in doing what it does - which is to mete out retributive payback on the negative aspect of God's law, - - - great travail and suffering is in store for a time and a time as many become very destructive.

So when you have two or three people living in their house as a family - the Dark is going to be doing its best to mete out karmic payback using these people because they are in close family proximity - -  and everyone has some spiritual dues to be met. - - - So it is going to be a very difficult to stay rational on any level of consciousness as strong emotions surface. - - - just do the very best you can as it is the destiny of your unique soul that is at stake -

So all I or you can give to anybody is to pass on the wisdom of the light - - being - - - fortify your mind using the star prayer and do NOT criticise others nor fight - - - and we have just got to do our absolute utmost to walk in the light at all times. - - It doesn't matter what anyone says to us or does to us, we have to try and bite our tongue and keep quiet and NOT retaliate verbally or physically, - there is a word in Swahili (Nyamaza) which means 'shut up' that comes to mind. - Don't retaliate because if you do, then you are just going to add fuel to the fire - this is the difficulty.

Depending upon the emotion, if it is fear a person can get very depressed - - If it’s anger then the person is going to get more angry. - - If its jealousy then a person is going to be insanely jealous for a time. - - people will experiences many different negative emotions and the emotions will come and go one after the other over the months ahead -  This process is going to keep going until the great outpouring of intensifying Light slows again for another eternity or so -

If any person retaliates through their justification to so do - then they are going to add to their spiritual burden and suffering because they are drawing in more dark energy that slows their inner purification - -

As I see it the outpouring light is going to benefit everyone in spirit and in the flesh of this world - It doesn't matter what level of consciousness people are on, - - - everyone is going to go up a little bit.

The nearer we are to the light the more we will go up - and the further away from the light people are -  they will rise up a lesser amount - as greater is the darkness to be drawn out. - - - If you can hold fast and not accrue more of the karmic due, then your suffering is less. - -  So, that is the thing. - - If someone wants to kick you in the shin, by all means run away, - - or you can say to them "Why do this to me because you are going to take that due onto yourself -

So, as long as you can try to do your best and stay non-retaliatory in any situation - that means - there is to be less suffering coming back your way. - - So whatever anyone does to you that you don't like be thankful that in not retaliating, you have cleared some past due - its as simple as that.

So, I would like all you spirit people listening in, to endeavour to not interfere telepathically into the lives of other people

Some of you may be trying to help people here and you telepathically say turn left at the street instead of right - because there's something nice for them  there - but some of you may say turn right because you know there's someone there who is going to abuse your victim - - - ultimately, any telepathic instruction from you into the minds of any other is interference and control that causes you harm.

Also on your spiritual levels there is interference from a lower level into your minds and the intruders have got to ask themselves why they are justified in interfering into your minds - - - and they need to ask themselves  - - - where did my thoughts come from that gave me the justification to do that.

All of you listening now to my voice a need to think whether you going to continue on interfering in people's minds or not - -  - please try and thus help yourself to not accrue any more negative dues.

The energy we all use is God's energy, benign or malignant, creative or destructive, positive or negative - - and we are entitled to use any of it but - - we have to pay the painful price if we use the dark stuff.

Now, we cannot halt what we feel, we cannot halt what we think - but we can try and not speak it or act out what our thoughts are justifying - - - because - - - the thoughts may in fact may be driving us to do something to another that is cruel, unkind, malicious or retributive, - and all these activities are in contravention of God's Command to : Go your way in peace, love one another, and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto all others who are sinfully living - - - 

You need to understand that as we use either of these available energies of God that some of IT remains within our spirit soul - - - that is the eternal process we need to understand. - the more destructive dark energy we use -  the more it contaminates our soul and coarsens the vibration of ones soul - and the further away from the light it falls - the more benign creative energy we use, the brighter our soul becomes, and the higher up towards the pure Light it goes and the happier we become - freedom from suffering and constraint.

Man needs to now understand that the clandestine enemy of man is God the father - - it is He who uses His dark energy to fulfill the punitive aspect of His Law against any that defied Him and trespassed into the dark territory - a place forbidden by Him to enter, - - - being the use of His destructive essence in their interaction with His other children. - - - foolish is any person who finds the justification to abuse His creation -

Every individual is personally responsible for their retributive, vengeful and punitive action against the other, - - - and all need to understand that when anyone uses this critical destructive energy that justifies their negative interaction - -  that they are in fact meting out divine retribution emanating from the Source via others in spirit using them - - -

As it is God's energy of darkness that fulfils ITS own law - it follows that if it is being fulfilled through your mind, voice or hand, -  then you will by God be forced to suffer the same fate at a later day - - - - Equally, - - - as it is God the creative Light that fulfills Her own benign energy Law via spirits of well-being, - - -  when you are merciful, kind and loving and forgiving - that the same benign return becomes your 'fate' at the hands of others on a later date.

If you wish to judge the actions of another you see as erring, - then simply judge them as to whether or not they need your good counsel - not whether they need to be punished. - Education is the only benign way forward - help the lost and God will smile upon you - if you persecute others in the belief that you are as God or above God - then God will destroy your soul -

You all need to fully comprehend that - - - IF you continue to use dark energy in your interaction with others, - -  that the DARK energy operating through others will eventually smash YOU into submission - - - let it be clearly understood that all who continue to use darkness are eventually by IT destroyed.

Religion has failed man, for IT preaches forgiveness to sinners for a monetary fee - God forgives NO ONE - all are subject to His immutable Law - As you do is done unto you - that is absolute justice -

Absolute freedom of expression and happiness with no control or restriction only exists in the realm of pure light - the deeper your soul descends into realms below that 'space' the more control and restriction and suffering is imposed by the overlord, God.

Gillian will now say a few words to help you on your way each day - it is entirely your choice to assist yourself and others through the difficult times at hand:

Jill speaks

I just wish to add a few words to assist you all on your road - I will read out my DAILY PRACTICE that you need to read and observe after doing the star prayer ~

BE aware of our own thoughts and feelings.
BE the Light in action at all times in all situations.
BE observant of unkind thoughts within self that would you snare.

BE respectful, kind & forgiving & understanding in every situation.
BE aware of the negativity that exists within, teach others of its reality.
BE vigilant, for your thoughts become your deeds which form your judgment.

KNOW that what we put out comes back to us, good or bad and, - - -
that only through the Star prayer can the spell of negative thought be 'stemmed' or broken.

KNOW that in doing the Star prayer you are trying to BE true to the source of Light and, - - -
you personally will halt the ingress of negativity and have a greater chance of not retaliating when adverse situations occur.

DO keep your mouth shut when your emotions are running high.
DO not let any day be coloured by the past or by concern for the future.
DO practice stopping negative thoughts as they enter your mind.

Say the Star Prayer three times a day and then say:

I am now filled with your divine love that is the "Wisdom of the Word" - being "Peace, not the sword"
The Wisdom of the Word is eternally present that is the
Light that shows the error that be in me.

The Reality Being:


THE MORE LOVE waters the rose within our souls and fortifies our minds and calms the emotions.

THE MORE LOVE exposed to our consciousness and those linked to us, the greater the clarity to see and understand the reality and nature of negativity, being the sin, the darkness, and how through ITS deception and cunning IT keeps us ignorant of ITS existence, thus its control over us and our bondage to it.

THE MORE LOVE flows to us through our 'choice' and assists us now to make an effort to never allow negativity to be expressed through us whatever the circumstances, feelings or thoughts, thus our part is the doing, and GOD will do the rest.

THIS TASK - LOVES TASK for LOVES SAKE is the only most worthwhile task there is for me, you or anyone.

REMEMBER - The centre of your soul God’s Kingdom be,  the more you cloud this Light with negativity, the harder it gets to see reality.

Your Light is eternally present and I know that you created my soul with both of your energies, and therefore my spirit soul lives on forever and it expresses your infinite ideas be they good or bad, so there is no need for vanity for all that is given through me emanates from you THE Creator.

LOVE WILL FULFIL ITS PROMISE, being that if we ITS "Only be loving" call heed, it will free us of our darkness within.
No individual can do this for another, love is freedom of choice. Education is the only way forward today.

We three wish you well on your journey