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~ The 'Vote ONLY for God' Campaign ~

Since we are now in the biblically prophesied ENDS DAYS  time of the separation of souls with Heaven awaiting those who OBEY the 'Only LOVE' Command of their God being:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate and forgive your perceived enemy by you 'turning the other cheek' if abused."

Please understand that IF you fail to forgive and conform with all the precepts of the above Command that HELL awaits you for continuing to defy IT THE COMMAND of THE CREATOR.

It needs to now be understood that it is 'futile' voting for any woman or man to become your 'head of house or nation' because these people RULE your life using 'text' books of rules, decrees or acts backed with PUNISHMENT for non-conformity, being an act of itself which forces mankind to being in contravention of God's above Command.

The problem is that the 'systems' rules force man to interfere in the affairs of others and they force man to control, subjugate, extort money, (enslave) terrorise, invade, punish and wage war in a cruel, merciless V for Vendetta way which means, that man always remains implacably UNFORGIVING. This attitude is also in contravention of said Command above because, as man 'bows' to the DARK punitive God 'Baal,' mankind becomes enslaved to HIM forever. (The Devilish destructive force)

If you the individual CONTINUE to vote for men or women to rule then you are ON the road to eternal damnation and ongoing suffering and all the 'system's' workers who RELY on or are bound to uphold said 'text' RULES for their '30 pieces of silver' wage are also on the road to Hell and eternal agony.

Mankind is about to LEARN that a King or Chief or politician is NOT a 'godly' person. They are liars, thieves and murderers who 'torture' their victims and worse, because they deceive and thus lead mankind INTO defiance of God because of their pride, vanity, greed and liquid ARROGANCE.

We need NO political 'heads' in the NEW AGE that is to BE after God's Wrath has purged the planet. We will only need kind, loving, respectful, caring and helpful citizens who all simply get ON with their daily endeavours as they ONLY condone, support or fund benign community effort. Punitive measures of 'punishment' will be a thing of the 'long forgotten past.' Never again will anyone give-in to the demands of EXTORTIONISTS who are backed by men who bear arms. (Guns)

Please now begin to see the need to ONLY 'loving be' and walk your road in PEACE as you turn your 'back' to political warmongers because you do now have the choice to 'look' to God for your Salvation.

Your DESTINY lies within your own mind and hand. From now on ONLY assist the 'untrue' who cause harm to you as you give them God's GOOD counsel and educate them.

Note: Since the voter or taxpayer is COMPLICIT to the interference and harming of others by their armed forces 'protectors' who operate in their name and on their behalf, it means that everyone is accruing a spiritual due of suffering, loss or PAIN, which is their due being accrued within God's immutable 'eye for an eye' Law even as they sleep, through the punitive actions of their servants. (State enforcers)

Soon, everyone is to more than weep. Stop funding warmongers and stop demanding 'Justice.' What YOU need to see is that every time you SUFFER, you have been subjected to God's ABSOLUTE JUSTICE via the hands of the ignorant, being those who themselves are now about to receive their own 'just deserts.'

There is now no point in sitting down for a 'meal' at the dinner table and saying: "For what we are about to receive (material food) may the Lord make us truly thankful." It is now the time to daily say: "For what we now have been given (spiritual food) may we be eternally grateful."

So many 'millions' go to church each week and sing happily and clap their hands believing that they are safe or saved.  Sadly what they do NOT see is that they are totally blinded and deluded because, NO person who is employed 'by' or funding the system is FREE from the harm caused to other children of God on their behalf. To continue on this path means you are travelling in the 'wrong' way, that 'path' being the wide road to HELL.

We all 'need' a peace corps of dedicated people to haul IN those who disturb the peace, but to remain within God's Light, we must now only educate offensive people.

You have been advised - Terence

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