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~ The man of Honour ~
The dishonourable thief

by Terence – the spirit of truth

This page is written to assist all persons seeking to be or become enlightened.

A man of honour adores their Creator and thus never 'defies' nor voids nor avoids living within the precepts of God's Holy Command:

"Love one another & go your way in peace & be merciful & compassionate & forgive thine enemy."

If you are an honourable person, be you a man or 'damsel' who would be a 'delight' in your Creator's sight you must not pay taxes, licence fees nor fines to other people or institutions who demand them, backed by threat, coercion and force of arms. * (The Devil's charm, the use of destructive forceful power *)

Why so? Because these dishonourable thieves are the vain, arrogant and ignorant who then use a part of said funds to interfere in the lives of other sisters and brothers and, - - - to dominate them, subjugate them, injure and kill them, all for greed and ABSOLUTE POWER.

Yes, their minds are 'justified' to so do by the invisible Dark Sovereign Power. This invisible but ACTIVE force uses these men and their officials and armed forces to rob, rape, extort, steal and pillage, as they wage war upon others within the lands they 'hold' by force as well as across the borders.

"No, you must NOT dishonour the Command of your God or HE will wage war upon YOU."

How so? Why so? Because when you defy Him it simply means that you have been coerced or deceived into USING His forbidden to use dark power either directly or, by employing others to so do and, as this you or they do, they cause harm to His other children and, - - - by this ACT you and all complicit have placed yourselves within the PUNITIVE aspect of His immutable 'eye for an eye' LAW.

If you pay any 'ransom money' to the State tax officials to remain 'free' from persecution and consequential suffering, then you simply accrue a further 'penalty' due from God to be added to the spiritual debts already accrued by thee within His immutable LAW:

"As you or your servants do unto others will by ME be done unto you VIA others"

When YOU fund iniquity, (the subjugation of others) then, at that moment, you are defying your God through threat and coercion, ignorance or FEAR.

Be brave and honourable now to your family name AND your Creator AND your oppressors as you open their eyes to their iniquitous ways.

Just REMEMBER, as you turn over a 'new leaf' and begin to Honour God and your own soul and halt the funding of enforced iniquity, you will find that the Dark forces will seize you or incarcerate you, berate you and impoverish you, or even injure or kill you, and this they do 'for' the Dark their 'overlord' for HE is simply setting your soul free AFTER collecting all outstanding dues * to Him.

Dues which you accrued when IN your past you sided with Him and His armed forces. For via His forces He did the same to others, and all this was done in your name and on your behalf. Thus your complicity to iniquity.

NOTE: outstanding dues * - These dues are not 'money' you failed to pay from the demands of others, they are the spiritual debts which indeed may be 'monetary' as your taxes were also used to 'tax' others, but more to the point they were used to DOMINATE, control, subjugate and enslave others, causing loss, suffering, mental and emotional trauma to others.

Pay NO money to any whom demand. If they threaten you then simply 'suffer' what they steal, and whatever 'injury' or restriction they impose. Once your dues to God are paid then HE will set you free to go forth wiser, and thus to assist me to awaken others from their 'dismal' reverie.

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Stand steady in non retaliation, and just remember to NEVER 'give in' to the demands of extortionist thieves whatever their 'disguise' is.

Every Government organisation - institution IS taking by force. (Stealing)

God says: "Only fund benign community effort and provision of service and ONLY 'Give' to those who ASK."

Certainly we all need the provision of services but NOT the funding of the 'war' effort nor extortion backed by force.

All persons, be they Chiefs, Kings, Queens, Mandarins, Presidents or their officials or strong men who invade the property of others in order to seize or steal so as to satisfy their taxing demands ARE dishonourable thieves on the wide road to HELL.

Let 'us' now have 'mercy' on them and do our best to guide them to the RIGHT way as we say "NO" to their demands, but we advise them that IF they are hungry or cold we will share a slice of our bread and let them get warm at our camp fire. If they put 'us' to the sword for our defiance, then so be IT, but 'death before dishonour' * IS the ONLY way to become spiritually free. Never defy your God.

Note: 'death before dishonour' * - Means that if you are persecuted unto 'death' then you simply go peacefully as you 'turn the other cheek' and go to your death  'as a lamb to the slaughter' rather than dishonouring your soul and your God by retaliating and using His dark energy to protect your flesh.

Anarchy abounds when there is defiance of the Command of THE AUTHORITY.
I do not speak here of the defiance of the rules of man, but of God's Holy Primary Ruling COMMAND as reinstated by me above.

I the Spirit of TRUTH state quite categorically that it is absolutely FORBIDDEN by God to engage in ANY activity which is in contravention of His Holy Command and, - - - as I AM the 'Redeemer of souls' you had better 'listen' to the WORDS from my 'silent' PEN.

Irrespective of what you have been taught.
Irrespective of what you presently believe.
Irrespective of what your past deeds have been.
Irrespective of what others tell you what you should do or not do:

You must NOT condone nor support nor FUND any institutional 'authority' which engages in ANY activities which are by God seen to be in contravention of HIS Holy Primary Ruling COMMAND as reinstated by me above.

Why so? Because He IS the Absolute Power and Glory and Authority, and He HAS the 'capacity & capability' of ENSURING that ANY contraventions of His Command are 'met' with an EQUAL and opposite FORCE, * for HE IS THE FORCE and HE - IT always WINS.

Note: EQUAL and opposite FORCE, *  -  try and comprehend that for every 'action' there IS an equal and opposite reaction. Be it on this material level OR in the use of God's benign creative or malignant destructive ENERGY.  The 'return' due cannot be voided nor avoided nor nullified for it simply IS the energy balancing itself at the time and in the place that IT so decides. (Scales of Justice)

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Once you are foolish enough or arrogant enough to defy God and sup on His Dark energy, it is then that your mind begins to 'dwell' on His deceptive, cunning, deceitful THOUGHTS and, - - - the deceit is His powerful energy convincing you that ITS use by you is for the 'good' of all and, - - - it is these thoughts accompanied by dark emotions which 'convince' you to keep using His 'forbidden to use' ENERGY. As this you do you seek greater empowerment, domination, control etc., and THIS results in your endless 'time less' journey DOWN into eternal agony.

Why is this endless? Because 'infinity & forever' ARE 'endless' as ARE the depths of THE DARK, and once you begin that journey it is extremely difficult to HALT and, it is ONLY the power of the guiding LIGHT of my pen (Hers) and Her outpouring love (saving grace) which can NOW UPLIFT YOU IF you  are courageous and honourable.

The use of the dark energy gives YOU a feeling of SATISFACTION and keeps YOU on its 'baited' HOOK as you believe that your domination and control of OTHERS is Righteous and Justified. How so? Because it IS, as you now are Father's SERVANT meting out divine retribution on His behalf.

However, you 'forget' or have forgotten that HE, not you, is God, and only HE is above the LAW of 'return' which becomes your DUE every 'time' you do anything in contravention of His Holy Primary Ruling COMMAND, which you do each day as with His children you impose His 'power play' and cause them harm or impoverishment in some way.

People of planet 'earth' and EVERY realm outside of the Light are all under 'CONTROL' by armed men, all operatives for THE Dark Sovereign Power, being THE 'prison' Commandant, our Father God, who remains unseen but IN control of all via Telepathy.

God the Father is ever present and He RULES every realm.

Planet 'earth' and every 'Realm' outside the PURE LIGHT is a 'prison' of HIS and, - - - it is a place where His DARK and forceful dictated Commands coerce and force non-believers in His Holy Primary Ruling COMMAND to continue ON in their defiance of Him for :


keeping them locked into the FALSE belief of their 'invincibility' for :


ensuring that they keep ON using His 'forbidden to use force of arms' against His children for :


destroying all 'bad seeds' - (Yours, yours, and yours) and, - - -

As I AM THE earthly representative of God on earth, I AM empowered to advise you ALL of your PRESENT COMPLICITY and CULPABILITY to pure INIQUITY, - - - which IS your 'guarantee' of failing Him ~ Her and Me and falling to your DOOM in HELL. Ignorance is NOT 'bliss.'

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All the pure Light of God (She) can tell you, you and YOU via me is, that IF from this very MOMENT forth you cannot or do not 'resist' the coercive threats of His 'systems men' and defy their (His) demands for your monetary support and contributions, then you and you and you WILL ahead NOT be able to comply with THE  Holy Primary Ruling COMMAND and YOU spiritually DIE.

I need to advise and warn you that spiritual 'death' is PURE AGONY because, as your 'inner energy' of which your soul is comprised is God's, and IT can never 'die' nor be destroyed due to this 'factor' FACT, it is thus that your soul feels all, and suffers ALL the excruciating agony which is going on and on and ON and ON - - - FOREVER - - - in the dark realms below.

Show God now your courage as you HONOUR His ~ Her sacred Wisdom sent via ME to set you FREE eternally.

Only GIVE your support funds to THE NEEDY

Do not GIVE funds to those who control others.
Do not GIVE funds to those who punish others.
Do not GIVE funds to those who injure others.
Do not GIVE funds to those who kill others.
Do not GIVE funds to those using threat, coercion and force to dominate others.

OBEY your God or DIE

I can here and now categorically state: "There is NO mercy nor forgiveness within HE the Father."

Believe it or not, His deceptive power is INFINITE, being the power to keep your UNFAITHFUL soul as His DARK servant UNTIL His 'fire' consumes YOU. We are all unique creations of God. No other can save you than 'She the Light,' and your destiny is within your 'mind and your 'hand.' 

It is between you and the ENERGY of God THE Super Power. Try and comprehend that GOD is 'silently' and invisibly ACTIVE in our lives every moment of eternal time, be IT the LIGHT or the DARK. It is your 'choice' to 'which' aspect you wish to BE with. The agony OR the ecstasy.

Now is the 'agony' or the 'ecstasy' - the 'door' to Heaven is OPEN, but you MUST pay all 'dues' FIRST.

Show God that you ARE now a brave and honourable soul and that you wish to be set free.
SHE is the 'saving grace' to purify your soul, not ME.

My 'act' of redemption is SOLELY the personal 'price' of suffering I take on * here to bring you all THE PURE TRUTH.

 Live IT or DIE

Note:  I take on * here - IS the suffering I am personally prepared to endure whilst here. It is NOT the false teaching that the suffering of all mankind is absolved by my personal suffering. That is the deception of the Dark, assisting IT to keep man 'swinish' so that IT-HE can cause THEM (non-believers) to suffer endlessly.


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