To whom it may concern

The 'ice-age' and other drugs, alcohol and more

There is a 'hardening' resolve in everyone today as they all demand more and expect others to conform with their 'way.' This hardening of resolve is due to the increase in the power of ones inner negative emotions, emotions that are now coming to the fore for the reasons delineated in this web site.

Also at work in individuals globally is the telepathic intrusion from the Dark realms which are causing the increase of many people now exhibiting 'Minds under Siege.' The resultant consequence of this is that the earthly recipient is unable to control their mind so as to halt the intrusive thought processes. (Reference: the National Security Alert link at document end)

As the END days now unfold it is the peaceful and caring members of the public who need to become BOLD as they take over the role of the 'police force' and become the NEW unpaid community PEACE corps.

Why do I say this? Because when we see everything collapsing into depravity and insanity there will be the need for some to do their best to maintain rationality. There will be little or no funding and even police, politicians as other members of the community will become vain and or insane and in need of assistance as will all 'ice' and other drug users.

This assistance is in the form of community established 'Feeling Easier' Seminars where THE TRUTH is revealed and the need by each individual to become personally responsible. All attendees will be taught 'how' to control their endlessly revolving thoughts. They will also learn to maintain rationality and sanity.

Every person has to BE their OWN 'Saviour.' The reality being that no other can be your 'saviour' because all others can do is to only guide you or mislead you. It is imperative that personal responsibility in YOUR decision making is PARAMOUNT because you are your own 'Paramount Chief' so to speak. Your spiritual destiny lies within your own mind and 'hands.'

Every person on earth is a spirit child of God who enters the biological flesh of this world via the 'birth' process resulting from the union of man and woman but understand that; every person on earth has to except PERSONAL responsibility for their OWN actions because their ACTIVITY results in the OUTCOME of their eternal spiritual destination.  

Salvation or otherwise is SOLELY dependent upon whether or not their daily INTERACTION with OTHERS is or is not in conformity with the Command of THE CREATOR. The question to ask yourself is:

"How can I 'oblige' the Creator by being loving, kind, respectful, peaceful and 'self-sufficient' if I am 'doped' to the eyeballs with ice or other drugs or alcohol having a 'mind altering' power"?

How can I 'oblige' the Creator if I am 'one' who is causing harm to others through my disturbance of the peace or through selling said destructive chemicals"?

Only you can answer the above questions. Every person on earth HAS the personal responsibility for the CONTROL of their own thoughts, feelings or actions,  and IF their thoughts lead them into negative interaction then that is entirely between them and their Creator. They need to LEARN by being educated to the FACTS OF LIFE particularly regarding the immutable Law of Return of God.

Friends, God is God and God is ALL – both the creative loving LIGHT and the destructive hateful DARK. Both aspects (energies) of God have ONE immutable Law of Returnfor every action there IS an equal and opposite reaction. The super intelligent 'energy' aspects of God mete out the RETURN factor when they see ‘fit’ to so do, whether that is instantly or hundreds of years later. No 'statute, rule, law, mandate, uniform or official position' voids or avoids said Absolute Justice.

Note: God is not concerned whether you do or do not use drugs. But when you so do so, you need to comprehend the following facts:

1 - If your use of drugs causes you to verbally abuse or castigate another you are placing yourself into the negative aspect of God's Law and you will suffer the same.

2 - If your use of drugs or alcohol 'disable' your flesh and mind to the point that you cannot do a days work to feed, house and care for yourself or family then it is error because others are then expected to or forced to care for you at their expense, and that then ahead becomes your own due. (Forced to care and labour for others in this world or the next)

3 - If your use of drugs or alcohol leads you into stealing then you are placing yourself into the negative aspect of God's Law and you will suffer the same losses ahead in this world or the next.

4 - If your use of drugs or alcohol disables your 'rationale' and you go forth disturbing the peace or causing harm to others then you are placing yourself into the negative aspect of God's Law and you will suffer the same losses ahead in this world or the next.

5 - If you are a drug dealer you should know that your actions lead people into becoming addicted and they, your victim, will at some stage suffer one or more consequences. The least being that they will lose their money and the 'worse' being that they may lose their life or kill another. All resultant trauma becomes you own DUE.

6 - If your drug or alcohol intake is such that your negative emotions become 'intoxicated' requiring 'satiation,' and you cause mental, emotional or physical trauma to another as you 'rape' your wife or children or anyone, then the full 'fury' of the forces of darkness will 'ahead' be felt by you. Be advised, the 'karmic' Law of energy in motion is immutable.

If a person is an 'ice' or other drug user they must not be 'fined or punished' however, if they disturb the peace in any way then they must be remanded until 'sober or sane' and then made to attend a 'Feeling Easier' Seminar before being released. Only thus will they LEARN the 'facts of life' and LEARN 'how' to control their minds. (thoughts)
If a person is an 'ice' or other drug distributor or manufacturer they must not be 'fined or punished' but since their actions are resulting in the causing of harm to others they must also be remanded and made to attend a 'Feeling Easier' Seminar before being released.
Every person on earth including immigrants, boat people or other arrivals must now begin to understand that NO other person has the responsibility to CARE for them nor fund them in any way. Every person must begin to fend for themselves and learn to grow their own food.
Free 'benefits' to asylum seekers and others such as immigrants must cease because the people already resident at their sought after destination cannot be expected to fund the living needs of other persons.
Borders will soon cease to exist as multitudes go on the 'move' and they all need to be advised that any who make demands or who disturb the peace will be 'remanded' as per the 'advisory' notes on my web site and the Feeling Easier Seminar.
Every immigrant or asylum seeker now leaving their homeland must now rely on their own capabilities or they can ASK for assistance only
Any person now continuing to make ANY demands upon others will find that their suffering ahead will become EXCRUCIATING and there will be no 'drugs' to give them any surcease from suffering, a suffering that will continue once they EXIT their biological flesh.
Any person leaving school must now not expect any monetary assistance (dole) because they do not need IT to feed or house themselves. If they cannot find work they must simply be granted a 'garden' space by their community where they can use their own energy for six hours a day in growing food for themselves and other family members.
Water, food and shelter is the primary factor for life on earth and every child from the age of seven years old must be instructed as to this fact and also assist in the growing of food process. If you as many cannot control your own thoughts that are endlessly revolving in a negative fashion and forcing you to harm self or others, then you truly need to read my National Security Alert given below.
The 'ice' AGE is the time now where the mind of man is 'frozen' by darkness to the point of personal EXTINCTION in a hellish destination.

I am of the heavenly breed, so please my Words of Wisdom heed ~ I AM the spirit sent by the GREAT HEART.


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