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The 'Policy' of Insurance
& Road Safety issues

As written by Terence

page 1 Insurance ‘POLICY’ page 2 The fraudulent policy of Insurers
page 3 Enforced premiums page 4 Accident Investigation
page 5 Vehicle Registration page 6 Compulsory ‘TP’ Insurance
page 7 Compulsory Comprehensive page 8 Road Safety & 'rising' fines
page 9 Accident Insurance Board page 11 Vehicle transfer of ownership policy
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page 24 The Dentist's dilemma page 25 Personal indemnity policy
page 26 Insurance Council page 27 Public liability crisis
page 28 Sane Public Liability Policy page 29 Fact and fantasy
page 31 Sensible Insurance page 32 Consignor, Consignee insurance
page 33 Driver control page 34 The 'Shipmates' Agreement
page 35 Insurance Premiums & Claims page 36 God's 'Insurance' Policy

Item 1 - Roads tax extortion - 3 pgs
Item 2 - Australian Insurance Policy scam - 8 pgs
Item 3 - Criminal Insurance & debt collection business conduct - 6 pgs
Item 4 - The 'Citizen's Arrest' & the avoidable collision - 11 pgs

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~ Insurance ‘POLICY’ ~

Many years ago the ‘Principles and Practice’ of Insurance Companies was still ‘Integrity & fairness & care & protection’ for those insured who suffered loss.

Over the years, there has been a “hardening” of the attitude towards those seeking protection through insurers, as well as to the claimants of compensation, resulting in the loss of the Principles of Insurers as all companies sought clients who would “not claim.” Also, many an insurer sought to not pay their dues.

There was also a loss of integrity on the part of the insured, many of whom became “criminals” with the intent of “using” insurance companies to gain money through false claims.

Over the years there also has “evolved” another type of “vulture” in the form of an uninsured using the courts of law of man to extract money from insurers as huge claims were brought against “the insured.”

This form of robbery has escalated over the years due to “indecent” solicitors breaking down the doors of insurance vaults through “immoral justification” precedents, set slowly over time as all forgot God’s non retribution & "forgive" call.

This has resulted in a “Total Loss” situation in respect of the “decency” aspect between human beings, as greed, company profitability, as well as false claims etc, made their insidious inroads into the “business & profitability” aspects.

The “Policy” of any Insurance Company should be only that it equitably insures its policy holder, in that they are “covered” in the event of sustaining any loss under the “Terms and Conditions” of the insurance policy agreement.

The “Policy” of any Insurance Company should be that it does not seek 'recompense' from a 'non policy' holder or any other that may by them be deemed responsible for the damage to their client's vehicle.

“The insurer received a ‘premium’ from Mr. X and agreed to accept the ‘risk’ of issuing him an Insurance policy, thus the contract is between the insurer and their insured. Mr. 'Y' a third party deemed to be responsible for the accident did not himself ever receive any monies to ‘indemnify’ Mr. 'A' or his insurer.

The mere ‘fact’ that for many years insurers have sought to minimize their outgoings and seek compensation for their ‘risk’ from others does not mean that it is ‘right’ or ‘good’ business principles to do so, nor to be heavy handed and use ‘coercion, threats, or other means’ to intimidate other members of the community into being their ‘insurer.’

Let the public now see that no “personal” insurance is for free. It is not for “any” to walk their way uninsured and then make claim off others who are insured. This is in effect “milking a cow” they neither own, nor have any “share” in. Too many today “use” force by the way of “illegally” mandated “heavies” in the form of “illicit” solicitors to force their way into the milking shed.

If I wish to insure myself, then let no other seek to steal “food” off my shelf.
If I wish to insure “others” against my “possible” negative interaction  then I am free to so do, but that is ME being true.

Let insurance companies ONLY make payment to their policy holders. On this we all needs reflect. For your “bank vaults” against thieves you needs protect, and, for sure the “wily ones” by precedent have “found” ways to “enter” what is not their domain to so do.

In the “old old” days it was the Ship owners who “covered” their own vessel against loss at sea. Not “expecting” their vessels to be covered by me just because I “forgot” to tell them that a “certain” reef was not in a “certain” spot!

So the definition of Ownership of an insurance policy” should now be defined as :

“Belonging solely to the insured”

“Let no “thieves” who hold “high office” in the “Court of man” demand that they have a right to “invade” the coffers of other men” says God via this pen. IF you are “damaged” and uninsured be, well now, it was your mind that let you down, not me, and, if I was the one to you “abuse,” that was your 'Karma' and you were destined to “something” lose.

“Let none claim “aught” from another.”

That is the final WORD from God, Father and Mother.

Only 'claim' from your insurer, for if you make a claim against any other then you are defying God's "Go your way in peace and forgive" Command, and by your demand from the other you place yourself in the position of being 'remanded' by God in this or the after life.

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~ Fraudulent Claims Policy ~
The 'double indemnity' Rort - the 'flawed' error of belief ~

If a 'policy holder' has insured their own flesh then neither they nor their insurer must make 'claims' against others. Some insurers such as the MAIB (Motor accident insurance board) do so because they believe that it is their RIGHT. I refer their statement on line:

If there is no MAIB third party insurance cover on your off-road vehicle, the MAIB has the right to recover damages for any benefits paid as the result of an accident that involves your off-road or recreational vehicle.

The above statement indicates that the MAIB Directors are of the BELIEF that a person who is not insured with them can be held 'culpable' to their 'payouts' to others who are insured with them.

This belief, though 'in vogue' by irresponsible court precedents is NOT 'valid' but is a criminal activity. (Stealing fraudulently using forceful means)

Why so? because an insurance company ONLY has an agreement with the Policy holder, and it is the annual $ 'premium' paid by the insured that is what upholds and keeps the insurance company and its 'kitty' in business.

Thus the annual premiums obtained are what indemnifies the insurance company against bankruptcy. For the MAIB to seek 'reimbursement' from a NON policy holder is a criminal activity because they had NO 'policy' or 'agreement' with the 'Third Party.'

The annual $ premiums received by insurers is their accrued financial base, so any monies paid from said 'base' cannot be construed as a financial loss entitled to be reimbursed by a 'third party.'

If a Court decision enables 'such' it simply means that the insurer has 'doubled' their premium INCOME using force of arms EXTORTION. I reiterate, insurers having received money from policy holders can ONLY legally use said funds to carry out their business of protection.

Insurers must not seek additional outside reimbursement INCOME from NON-policy holders because it is NOT the 'business' of said NON-policy holders to indemnify insurers against their 'payouts' to their policy holders.

It is FRAUD for an insurer to demand recompense from others because it was they who 'promised' to pay for any injuries if such an event took place. It is error to assume that 'maybe' a third party caused said injuries or, if the third party had failed to 'register' their vehicle that the insurer then had a right to make a claim.

If the 'injured' MAIB policy-holder had failed to renew their 'cover' then they might have had or found 'cause' to try and claim recompense directly from the other party.

There is NEVER a 'Just' cause for ANY insurer to make a claim against an UNINSURED for ANY reason.

What mortal man and insurers must try and see is that: IF or WHEN a person causes bodily harm or mental or emotional trauma to someone else through using their vehicle in a careless or dangerous manner, IRRESPECTIVE of having an insurance policy 'cover,' all the injury and trauma they imposed upon the other becomes a spiritual DUE to be suffered by them on a later date.

Drivers of vehicles need to now LEARN how to protect their minds (thought awareness) so that they do not 'stray' over the 'middle' line and cause SORROW. As said, NO insurance Policy indemnifies anyone from God's 'Law of equal Return.'

I reiterate, mankind now begins to see the 'inhumanity' that now exists due to greed flourishing everywhere, and that 'force' is so blinding that none see it weaving its inhumane 'spell' of criminality that appears to be a benign 'justification.'

This 'policy' of which I speak was set by precedent, and is now 'accepted' as the 'norm.' I is in direct 'conflict' with the honest and true code of conduct principles needing to be adhered to by insurers.

Presently, it is a 'policy' wherein insurance fraud is carried out by 'extortion' using the powerful back up of 'armed forces' (Police) through the courts of man. (Caesar) Wherein money is extracted from the 'purse' of community members who have absolutely nothing to do with the 'contract' between other persons, namely; 'the insured and their insurer.'

Since the MAIB officials and the Magistrates are both of the same institution of government, then it follows that they are of the same 'system of belief' and collusion follows to the detriment of individual 'third party.' The 'result' of this? Another 'collision' takes place and the 'outsider' is INJURED yet again by the 'court' RULING and is disadvantaged.

None of the two 'empowered by force of arms' seeing the GOD FACTOR.

When an insurance company offers to insure a person against loss and they receive a sum of money being the 'premium' required, the insurer has now not only agreed to issue a 'policy of protection' indemnifying the insured against loss, but they have in fact also received enough funds to add to their 'annual' funding 'pool' to ensure and 'insure' themselves against any loss of running costs and profit.

It follows that; when they then pay the cost of any claim and have thus 'satisfied' their side of the contract, that in fact they have suffered no internal 'loss' themselves because, the outgoing funds were as stated already 'accounted' for because, that is the 'nature' of the 'gamble' taken by insurers as they 'balance' their books. Thus any claim against any other Third Party to 'recover' the 'repair' or other costs is fraudulent and very bad policy.

As I see it, the greed in man turned man away from the true 'principles and practice' of insurance, and drove man to 'inhumanely' expect other members of the community to 'cough up' and pay the out goings of insurers simply so as to 'elevate' the profits of insurance companies.

This bad practice has been going on for so long now that whenever some other 'party' is 'proven' to have caused or contributed to the accident, the insurer now assumes the 'right' to transfer their 'policy' of insurance over to said Third Party so as to avoid their own contractually agreed obligations.

As said, the premiums paid to the insurance company is what 'indemnifies' them against loss, so any 'win' in a court or, through pre-court coercion, that results in some other 'citizen' who is not named in the insurance policy contract being forced to reimburse them, is a criminal act of larceny caused by insurers seeking 'double indemnity' and more profit for shareholders.

I believe that those persons designated in issuing code of conduct 'policies' to the insurance institutions need to now 'forbid' the common practice of using the court of 'Caesar' to 'fight' to attain or gain.  For all that continue to so do will now 'fall' into the Abyss.

Let us all now 'clean up' the 'business' of insurance.

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~ Enforced Premiums ~

I personally disagree that enforced premiums be taken off the people.

I personally believe that we are individually responsible for our “flesh.”

I personally believe that I should be able to & entitled to insure myself against “accidental injury.” (Vehicles) This I am told is not possible by Tasmanian standards other than with the MAIB.

I personally do not agree that the “State” states by Act the “amount” claimable or payable by insurers for “particular” injuries.

I personally believe that at the time of insuring myself, that I decide on the “amount” I wish to be covered for under the various categories and you then advise me of your policy cost.

I personally believe that none should claim off any other, even if it is obvious that the “other” was at fault.

I personally believe that any sufferer deserves to grieve. This is “Karma.” Let them “humbly” go their way being nicer to all each day.

I personally believe that soon the Insurers will change their way, as will the “claimants” who all seek too much “reward” from the others whom the premiums do pay. After all, is it the public who themselves insure, or do they demand restitution from a “driver” because they are less than demure ?

I personally believe that every claim shall be a “no blame” but “self claim” policy only. Each pays their own premium costs. This way, irrespective of “who” was at fault, the solicitors “charges” remain in the insurance company vault.

Personal “injuries” needs be categorised and “classified” so that the insured states the extent of cover they seek at the time of taking out their own policy, and their values are placed upon the policy payout, and the premiums they then pay are then calculated by insurers. Insurers can then/thus limit their payout figure.

Having millions of dollars “invested” in the “hopes” of bringing an annual “return” is not the way of a “sustainable” income. Refer to my “Currency Crisis document.”

A sustainable “expenses” outflow must come from annual premiums, and as I see it, only by educating the public from “childhood” years to the necessity of “self sufficiency” will you receive an annual premium income that you can annually adjust to “fit the bill,” not to make a vast “taxable” profit. All for one and one for all means give a little more, not take a little more.

Soon, the whole system will break. Soon none will demand or take off any other. So please now “prepare” for the time of coming bother and read my web site and reseed your “Company mind” with fresh commitment so “ahead,” when we are again “all clear” you can to my way draw near.

(Individualised personalised account & premium rates please)

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~ Accident Investigation ~

Accident investigation and personal injury must now be “seen” for what it truly be. One party was the cause and was “used” to “clamp” the other in painful jaws, and as “ever,” the suffering is but “the Reaper in action,” and the “causer” was a part of the interaction.

So each must now just go their way, neither demanding that the other must pay, for the reality of the situation is that the sufferer deserved his position of “sufferee.”

The “other” will be judged by God for being a foolish, ignorant, or arrogant bod, yes, and loss or pain that through “his” actions did flow will be “felt” by him another day, this I do know.

So if either party did their ‘way’ insure, then the insurance company must just the “costs” endure, quietly, not seeking to aught avoid, or they will be “classified” thieves and fall into the void for being on the take, and refusing to of their “part” of the contract make.

If either party was uninsured, then just go your way, happy that for your past you did pay. Seek not any compensation from any system or distant relation, for if you so do, your “debt” will accrue for what in the past you did do, which was to cause pain or bother to a sister or brother.

So all “investigators” can now go home in respect of “who was guilty” on the loam. The only investigation there needs be is to see if “safety” could be increased through vehicle quality. (This applies to all land, air and sea vehicles).

So when police or others visit the “scene,” there is naught to do other than to the participants say : “I bless you on your road and am here to ease your load, is there anything I can for you do to help you.”

Let all now become wise, never seek to find “fault” so we can anyone despise, we are here to but help and guide all to “fall” through fear or pride.

Each “party” must go their own way.
Each “party” must their own damages pay.
The one saying :
“I am sorry I did this to you.”
The other saying :
“I forgive you, and thus to God am I true.”
Let us all pray that our minds do not let us down another day.

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~Vehicle Registration ~

Department of Transport
attn : The Minister of Transport

I have written a few lines to you below ref “compulsory” for I believe that the whole planet does the wrong way go. For in every “aspect” of regulation do “acts & possibilities” grow, and due to this, more and more demands via taxes and fees upon the public does the system bestow.

And in order to “franchise” the “Act,” by much “time & manpower” needs it be backed. Thus as said the costs do rise and as all become penniless they the system more despise.

Every “department” needs to “take” in order to cover “maintenance & costs” expenses to roads whenever we drive or brake. And “above” this I do see is the ever increasing “service” fee.

Let’s now change the way it is run, for soon we will all in impoverishment fall undone. Let us no longer any tax via annual licence fee imposition. This is the “ask” from my inner “rose.” Let the user be the one to pay. Thus my car can stand unused for free. No annual “tax,” no fee, no insurance called for by any. Let the Insurance be at the personal ask and need rather than a forceful implosion backed by punishment.

Then when I upon the road would stride, let my fuel cost feed the roads upon which I ride. Let the maintenance costs come out of the fuel “surcharge,” so this way the annual demand does not into the “door” of a non user “barge.” The fuel "surcharge" must also be an 'ask' rather than an imposition, and if there are no 'takers' offering IT then so be IT and the roads will fall into disarray.  Honesty is to be the way forward.

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~ Compulsory ‘TP’ Insurance ~

It’s now the time for all society to become demure and not demand that the “other” driver does them insure against personal injury or loss, for surely we can buy our own “candy floss?”

If I am “knocked down” by your vehicle, I should not expect that your insurance policy must for me pay. If I “think” that my flesh I needs “insure” against possible accident then I should be “frank” with myself, and say :

“If another does knock me down because they are driving like a “silly clown,” then God says I must “him” forgive so we both in God’s LIGHT live. So I will make no “false” claim for I am not vain and as said, I will remain “pure” in God’s Light and thus myself insure. If for any reason I am not insured and I suffer, well then, I shall go my way “asking” for help, not demanding that others pay and, if I need insurance 'protection' then I should have my own personal accident insurance indemnity."

It is the time for us to see that annual vehicle registration “fees” be only for the roads we needs maintain, not for “others” to via “illegal” legal means “gain” vast sums of money in compensation off you or me via our policies or off their nearest relation.

Self sufficiency is the way today. So from this moment on let no vehicle registration department demand that we “contribute” any “sum” for policy “underwrite,” as this demand is not right in the eyes of God.

Insure your own vehicle, do not expect this of me.
Insure your own “flesh” and claim naught off me.

If I did cause pain through my “default,” then it is God to “Insure via Ensure” that I will not evade God’s “Reaping Vault.” If you try and make me pay, then you will “give up” all you “claimed” to God another day.


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~ Compulsory Comprehensive Insurance ~

Mr. A.G.A. Seymour
Credit Manager
CONNECT Credit Union

Dear Sir,

Ref: Mr. Charles Wudy - Acc: 124818 L4

I refer to your letter to Mr. Wudy, which has been forwarded to me for "comment/reply." I have decided to write to you direct for it is the time for all humanity to on the word "protect" reflect.

For God says that those we "damage" must us forgive, so that all do happier live. Thus "they" needs themselves protect if they seek protection, on this all needs reflect.

It has become "common" practice for all to deny God and shout "foul" when they suffer loss, and any "loss" is but a karmic process resulting from our own past "dross." None can this yet see, but it is I the one to re-educate ailing humanity.

Too many through "greed" seek never ending compensation from close or far distant relation, and at the same time greedy lawyers soil their souls by "theft" and thus all end up in a dismal "spiritual" destination.

As for Mr. Wudy, well the letter following is self-explanatory. This I hope he too does see, for if he "agreed" to protect your money "loaned" through insuring his vehicle "comprehensively," well that so be.

What I do believe is that your "Connect" should itself "self sufficiently" protect by taking out its own "loss of funds" policy. This way, as "most" do their loans repay, the added burden would be less "dollar wise" than what insurance companies do presently "impress" us with.

This is my direct response to your letter for Mr. Wudy:

If I knock someone down, then so be it, I have set them free of their past "debts to humanity," and by this "unfortunate" act on my part, the "debt" is now "taken on" by me.

If I am "afraid" of loss then I can ask to be insured by thee, but if I choose to "suffer" loss then God says "That OK be." If the other seeks "protection" then let them of you for it ask.

I am happy to be "free of debt" and thus my previous ask. As for the Bill of Sale that you now do speak of to me, it is my time to "choose" if of this "sale" I set self free. But if I "contracted" to insurance pay, then I am "so" bound until that day. Signed Terence, for Charles.

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~ Jim Cox - Tas Road Safety Council ~
The "fine" rise - inequitable & unwise

Dear Jim, I refer to the speeding fine being raised from $ 175 to $ 400 overnight; Article of today's Examiner. I also refer to your comment "It is not to raise funds, but to halt the 'deepening accident plight."

Friend, I do not know "who" employs the "decision makers," is it you? And how do you justify any fine being imposed upon a "mind" that seems to be no "worse" than the one God gave you?

Can you not see that "speeding" is the result of "thoughts" out of control? Can you not see that raising fines to "lunatic" levels is equally insane too?

Can you not see that speeding vehicles are being used by the "System" as a means of monetary extortion? I say it is the time to give all Systems an "abortion." Yes, it is the time to "dis-employ" all "swine" who steal from the pockets of the "poor."

The "regulators" of the day seek more "businesses" so as to steal more taxes by "penalty" or "fee" charges. Be it office "time" that is needed to fill out forms etc. Do none see that department employees who are already paid a wage by the taxpayer still by "legislation" extort more money by "levy" on an hourly rate etc.

I am asking you direct "who" was the "mastermind" behind the penalty rise from $ 175 to $ 400? Please be so kind as to advise me so that I can send him a "note" personally.

I wonder when all the "wide" boys will suddenly awaken to the fact that all thieves do one-day get their faces smacked? It matters not that they felt justified to manipulate and control and "rob" others who on the highway stroll. It only matters in God's eyes that they were in fact stupid and arrogant and thus to their own souls untrue.

Any person who exceeds the speed "limit" excessively has a "mind out of control" and is thus to be deemed "mentally unstable."

Any person who finds justification to "fine" others has a "mind out of control" and is thus deemed to be "mentally insane."

Any person who seeks new ways to "implement" taxes, or royalty levies has a "mind out of control" and is "mentally insane."

Any person who denies God's Commandment of "Only be loving" is an ignorant arrogant person who is already "vain and insane."

The very Devil is soon to "gain" the "arrogant, vain, and insane."

Please "follow through" and seed your "kindly" soul with a little truth from God's pen. Yes son, I AM HE the messenger of God sent to earth to set all men free from the Dark overlord who works "invisibly" through the likes of thee.

Please visit my web site. Soon all "feel" God's Might in the manner "prophesied" by me, because none can stop their "extraction" moves and God will prove His Might by bringing to a sudden HALT earth man's desperate despotic plight. Let those "of conscience" observe their own spiritual plight and try and elevate their thoughts into the Light.

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~ To the 'Board' members MAIB ~
C/o CEO Peter Roche

Dear Sirs, I ask that you "reflect" on the policy that you say is to "someone" protect. Whereby the State deems it necessary to "extort" a "certain" fee for an insurance policy.

This insurance "policy" is "unseen" and is not "asked for" by any person who is paying their annual vehicle registration fee. This "policy" of fee demand also is a "default" in God's eyes.

It is an "imposition" of the lowest order, and I say it permits "disorder." Being that it facilitates the "proving" of legality in which solicitous "hawks" can dispute the "amount" of the policy cover.

I do believe that it is bad policy to enforce the public in insuring others for possible pain and injury. It is also bad policy to "extort" money for a policy of insurance that remains "unseen" by the "holder."

It is bad policy to have an "open" value policy where "extortionist" demands by a "victim" can be made via their solicitors.

It is bad policy for any person to make a claim from any other person just because they (the other) are insured.

It should remain the prerogative of the insured as to whether they wish to make any payment via their policy cover.

I do not own a motor vehicle and thus do not any "rate" levy pay. But I do purchase a vehicle today that will be driven 'uninsured' and write this to thee to remind the MAIB of my message to humanity that states; "Prepare your "bed" for change soon to be, all insurers wise will their "policy" of insurance practices revise."

There should never be any possibility of a "payout" dispute with an Insurance Company of repute. The policy should be clear so that when the next day a policy holder claimant draws "near," the company official can say; "Sit down madam/sir, have a cup of tea as I write out a cheque for thee."

Only Insurance Companies of ill repute allow the wolves to become involved in a dispute, that is what raises costs to you and me, and now its time for all men true to stand up and counted be.

As for "who was to blame" when different Insurance Companies are a part of the "game," well that is another matter that is not at issue with the Motor Accident Insurance Board of Tasmania in this letter.

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The State policy of issuing a "blanket" policy to give insurance cover to the "unfortunate" may appear to be a commendable "act," but in fact it is an imposition backed by force and penalty fine, and the incarceration of any who "attempt" to drive on the road in non-compliance of this "Insurance Directive."

It is now the time for "man" to see that "his" way is less than "appropriate" in the eyes of God, and it is now God to enforce HIS retributionary demand "decree" upon all on this "sod" who in any way extorted money off the people.

What "man" cannot see is that this lowly realm is a "place" where retribution does take place. There are no accidents on earth, there are only "happenings" that do occur due to the "negligence" in the mind of one or another.

At "that" moment of time, their thoughts entwine with the dark force, and during that "accidental" moment they are used by it to "punish" either themselves or another "seemingly" innocent "third" party.

Thus every accident "victim" is but a person "suffering" their just rewards for what they perpetrated at another past time or lifetime.

Thus it follows that "some" may need to suffer the loss consequential to/of non-insurance cover to pay off their own karma (spiritual debt), for when they left another to "penniless" fret.

Let none now demand that "these" miscreants are enforcedly provided for. Let all people become wise and realise that they do walk daily observed by God, and they are responsible for their daily deeds.

This way none will demand that others insure them. Each can "underwrite" their own policy with their own biro pen.

Let all become "educated" and learn that any person they "cause" to suffer and "burn" with pain cannot be just "compensated for" monetarily.

NO, all pain and suffering caused will come back to them personally on that day, or another day, or another life in another place. That is THE TRUTH of the day.

Once people can this see then they will drive "sober" and more carefully. For none would shoot their own toe through their "boot," so why do they just "hoot" their horn and expect others to get out of the way?

It's just ignorance and arrogance. So let us educate all "youngsters" about the LAW of GOD today: "What you do, is done unto you - Yes - You do Reap what you do Sow," and none it seems do this ONE Law of God know.

It may seem "unbelievable" to you the reader of this "song," but yes, our God is observing your thoughts at this moment, and your future deeds are in fact your song, and depending on what you from this moment on do, will show our God whether you are to fall below, or are to rise up, a soul true. You may be a motor accident insurance board, but you should not wield a "mandatory & monopolistic" sword.

I now ask you or any other insurer true "What you will do if I as a free man ever ask to be insured without your demand that I 'hold' a "validated certificate by virtue of having paid any annual tax" on my driver's certificate of competency I have held over 40+ years and, if I am also also driving without "plates" of registration as demanded by others filled with insanity?

Will you 'honour' any claim? For I believe that many will soon follow my way and still be "happy" to pay for some insurance cover from an insurer true who seeks not to "void" or avoid an agreement of contract because "others" tell them what the terms and conditions must be. Please commence now to revise your own "legislation" wording and make it known publicly.

~ Terence ~


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~ Vehicle transfer of ownership charges ~

Richard Fowler - The Registrar of Motor vehicles
- Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources
cc; - The Manager MAIB Tasmania

Dear Richard,

Re: Transfer fees & Stamp Duty charges on 'value' basis and 'other.'

I have "today" purchased a motor vehicle for a 'nominal' fee of $100, and having 'viewed' the Vehicle registration form do note that other than the 'past' owner being required to advise you of the sale, that there is a demand from your department that the new owner not only be required to transfer the vehicle registration into their name, but that there are four 'other' demands.

The first being that they are required to transfer the registration document within 14 days, the second being that they must pay a transfer fee, thirdly they are required to pay stamp duty, and finally that the stamp duty is to be calculated on the market value of the vehicle rather than its 'sale' price.

The above commands are also accompanied by a penalty warning that threaten the public with fine, prosecution and possible incarceration, for that is the 'present' day penalty for failing to pay fines.

I would like to advise your department as well as the "System's" administrators who 'draw up' the regulations etc that we are soon to 'enter' the new millennium on Jan 1 - 2001, and for sure it is the time for change from the "old" to the new.

Man has become so "used to" just 'coughing up' and paying Mafiosi style demands made in the guise of "Its for progress and the kings coffers," that he sees not that he has the God given freedom of choice to buy and sell without having to tell anyone or pay anyone or even 'register' the sale with anyone.

This 'note' and the documentation sent to you by post is advisory so that the past vehicle owner is absolved of any "problems" arising from my personal stand, and I would have it that you now understand that I shall be paying no transfer fee or 'purchase' stamp duty royalty.

I also do not see any reason "why" I need to pay any annual 'registration' fee or any annual 'number plate' fee. I am happy to "contribute" to the ongoing road maintenance in a "better" way.

I shall be advising the MAIB of the name "change" to their/my policy "cover" so as to absolve the past owner of any claims that might ensue during the time of the vehicle policy being in force.

I also feel that any "Insurer" should have the courtesy to send the policyholder a copy of their indemnity policy so that they have an opportunity to see whether it is to their personal satisfaction.

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I believe in the freedom to choose my Insurer, and to be able to "negotiate" my cover and cost. I also believe that any person who "believes" that they may "suffer" from personal injury, be it accidental or otherwise, should be the "holder" of their own personal injury insurance, be they a vehicle owner or not, and not make any claim on any other for any reason. ('knock for knock' between insurers invalidates lawsuits)

The present "open slather" policy style where the vehicle owner is expected to insure self and/or others via a 'single' insurer has led to exorbitant claims and counter claims and filled the pockets of solicitors with the 'bulk' of the premiums, and has been the cause of more suffering as 'claimants' were left financially "bereft" for many a long year.

It is time for "policy" change in this compulsory insuring of others policy to be amended by education and not enforced upon any.

I do believe it bad policy for any "Service Tasmania" department to have their name on any printed matter that is accompanied by threats to the community.

I also do believe that it is time for Tasmania to implement positive change and lead the world towards having a "free" web based advisory record of "ownership" for those who freely wish to place their "goods" on this record for the convenience of others, be it vehicles or boats etc. This they may do personally once the whole planet is "cleansed" of darkness and all are true.

Prior to this soon coming time let "us" Tasmanians at least halt the never ending demands off the community that hides itself in "legitimate" royalties. Let us also make no threats and make no move to punish those we "perceive" as offenders. For that is "offensive" in the eyes of our God.

Man defiles his own soul as he "shouts" defiance to God's Holy Word as he "rebukes" the "Walk in peace and only love" Commandment, and believes falsely that he has some immunity against God's one Law of "As you sow, so shall ye reap," because he has been mandated to defy God by a system of man.

Remember, in the eyes of God, it matters not that you are mandated to be 'untrue,' for the Law of GOD is immutable and applies personally to you in your every daily activity in which you accrue good/bad 'karma.'

Those of you who receive 'silver' or 'gold' as an "inducement" to defy God will for a long time in low dark realms soon plod if you continue on that path.

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Richard, it is my personal intent to show "man" how their minds become more 'bent' as they "receive" thoughts from inside their consciousness through which the satanic one does stride as IT seeks to all humanity more control and financially "overroll."

Your present "demand" that all vehicle owners are also now required to give a garage address for their vehicle that you issue with a threat of registration suspension for non-compliance within 21 days, is just another "show" of the darkness below that via the mind of "someone" vain and ignorant did justify such a directive.

I "Sir" am a free man whom on this Tasmanian land does live. I say "free" because I do have the mental capacity to say to thee: I Terence do not comply to any man who walks outside the Commandment of God's plan that says; All must be only loving of the other. Seek no 'way' to control or thieve from any sister or brother."

Thus I lead the way and tell all humanity that they are free to go their way each day simply heeding God, and fearing not the men "in arms" who will hinder their way if they fail to comply to directives being the "try" of the invisible dark overlord who as said, invisibly raises His sword via the minds of men vain.

Thus I go "all the way" for I did today try and pay a certain 'asked for' sum of $88 motor tax for roads maintenance costs. But your collection department refused my offer when I said that I could not also pay the annual registration fee asked for and the Insurance 'rort' that needs to now 'abort.'

So as said, I go on my way from today with no licence 'sticker' or 'plates' on my car. God says; "Fare ye well son" from afar, and goes on to say: "If any ignorant stops you on the way then my dark face they will see on another day."

So "brother," I do not wave a 'red flag' in front of a "bull," I just say to you and all that the "tank" is full and will now topple for it is the time for IT to pay ITS due and you, you and you must now bleed if you defy and deny the Commandment of our God true.

You Richard are not my "enemy," and nor is your "department." Our common enemy is the invisible force below that via the mind of man imposes ITS demands that become the "rules & regs" being the base of the $ extortion & incarceration dues that IT imposes upon man via the System of man.

Try and this now see and set yourself free by removing your signature off any non-loving documented expression. There are two types of "people" on this planet I do see and now comes the third, me a man free.

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The "first" are those of religions who are controlled by an unholy book of "Acts" that has falsified the facts. It says "Do or die" and "But you can "make it" even if you do not try."

The "second" are those controlling by, or controlled by governing systems and its unholy books of "Acts" that were sired by the Devil and His pacts of gain for men who were vain. It says "Do or cry" and "Don't even try to walk free or I will destroy thee."

The "last" is me who the first now be to shed the dross of the unholy moss and look direct to God as on his last days in Peace & Forgiveness he does on earth plod. For he "heard & heeds" God's Word and thus controls no one and wields no sword. I ask:

Can you now follow me the messenger from the heavenly sea or will you bring yourself undone as you enforce "Acts" inspired by an "evil" one?

I could have freely gone my way and 'done' as I wished without writing this courtesy letter. But it is as said my intent to 'awaken' you and every other 'sod' on this planet too as to what to your own dear souls you daily in ignorance do.

Your choice now as to what you personally will do. For any "legislative" collectors of revenue or "inquisitors" are to their own souls untrue. - Terence

~ Second letter to R. Fowler ~

Dear Richard - I am in receipt of your "standard policy" advisory FIRST & FINAL notice threat of pending fine for any non-action within 14 days for failing to re-register a vehicle into the new owner's name.

My "brother," are you telling me before our God that you cannot see that: "It is illegal for a member of the Tasmanian community to sell or purchase anything unless they pay a 'royalty' to the system"?

It truly is insanity when non-action to a devilish directive by vain men is seen by the community as normal. Friend, this is the last "communiqué" I send to you.

I ask: "Are you not able to see that you have "in advance" threatened me"? I suggest again that you remove your name off such "despotic" notes sent to the community. You "Sir" have no immunity against God's Law.

It has been and yet is my intent to raise the consciousness of man to the point whereby "as me" they can recognise insanity and then make a personal decision to "walk away" from its power play, for they can now see that any "conformance" to its insane demands are not in their interest nor in the interest of the community.

Please now seek to personally become free of the evil dark System of the Devil that "hides in" and "poses as" being of friendly Service to the community. This is false.

It is the time for all God's children to see the deception, being that every System of government on earth is the false dark wolf hiding in the "cloak" of a sheep skin that appears benevolent but in fact is malignant and more dangerous than a cancer as it destroys all who participate in its: Control, threats, extortion, fine & punishment.

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~ Trent Sproule - GIO Insurance ~

Hello Trent - I refer to my phone call to you recently reference 'monopoly of insurance.' You may be aware that the whole system of man has become bent to the extent that all "citizens" are being used in an unethical way, and are being forced to pay as it the system controls via regulation more each day.

I am trying very hard to show "humanity" that they are a "party" to this deception and insanity by the mere fact of supporting it. Thus I have personally taken a stand and give-in not to any "systematic" demand that is accompanied by threat of reprimand for non-compliance.

I am "presently" working on the insurance "racket" in which "we" pay Mafiosi premiums because "solicitous wolves" have their "courtly" say, and this 'open slather' feed on the monopoly insurer is what elevates premiums.

I also see that insurers are at "fault" as they deny payment of claims from their "vault" if for example my Registration or drivers licence renewal fee time had expired.

This is a bad fault and I do hope that ahead, all insurers will not keep trying to feather their bed by seeking ways to "void" or avoid contracts by having the aforesaid "nature" of exemption clauses in their small print.

Friend, I drive with no "Driver's licence," and from this week no Rego sticker and no "plates" on my vehicle, and if the Department wants to "steal" these "paid up" plates from me then they are free to so do and I in non-retaliation will stay true to God.

They and the police being "my" servants carry the guns and thus as all "heavies" are free to "commit a crime" in God's eyes and dine on those such as me if they so wish.

I would hope that one day they all see the noose at the end of the rope with which they will hang themselves as God is no dope, and God will soon fulfil His ONE law and "swat" all who dragged others to the floor.

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Unfortunately all "police" and other systems men believe falsely that as they are mandated by man to deny and defy God's "Only love" Commandment that they somehow do have a 'compliance plate' that exempts them from God's ONE Law that stands above all man's controlling edicts. (As you do is done unto you)

In the 'justification' that it is "for our own good," man has evolved regulations that enable man to steal $ through "theft by servant" and is using honest, earnest young policemen to haul in supposed offenders and thus they become a 'party' to the take or break.

It is time for the police to become 'wise' and only haul in offenders in God's eyes, being those who steal, deceive and abuse others. These can then be counselled not fined, and helped on their road.

It is my hope that any vehicle traveling without registration plates will be "permitted" unhindered free passage and seen as being driven by a free "man" who has chosen to heed God rather than the "book" of 'Acts' raised up by the invisible dark controlling force through the mind of man.

Any 'police' or other men who falsely believe they can raise their hand and "stop" another child of God, from civilly going about their daily business, with impunity, are at that moment in "default" in God's eyes and ahead do pay the accrued karmic debt. For they have no 'immunity' from God's ONE Law just because they are mandated by man.

It is the time for each person to have their own policy if they so wish. Thus there is no "legal" dispute over its value "after" the accident, and we can all find our own insurer. Thus ensuring our $ funds are well spent.

Other than this, I would like to say that it has also become a "common" practise for an insurer to seek recompense off uninsured others when their policy "holder" has been "paid up" after making a claim.

Let it be here known that it is the very "act" of premium "receipts" that make up the basis of every loss payment. Let no insurer make claim against any "other" who is found at fault, be they anothers insurer or an uninsured person.

An insurer must be simply that, an insurer, not an "avenger" seeking retribution to cover any "loss" they incur from their daily business dealings.

If any insurer wishes to make no loss or "limited" loss then they needs "re-insure" all policies issued and then make claim within the bounds of that re-insurance from their insurer.

Friend, please do your best to send a copy of this email far and wide over the planet so that others can begin to stride forth with more positivity, as very soon now the financial collapse and the never before seen "Titanic" calamity.

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~Accidental 'error' ~
the critical factor (attention deficit disorder)

I refer to the Road toll 'alarm' and respond with my 'arm' being my pen wielded by God's "men." All 'accidental error' is caused by the "Minds Under Siege" process, and I did already "bless" humanity with my deep insight on this matter. Refer to my web site and relevant documents given below.

Children who cannot "learn" to keep their "attention span" on the matter at hand are being subjected to intrusive thoughts "underhand." Thus what all needs see is that "attention deficit disorder" (ADD) does also "span" the minds of adults who drive along with their minds 'listening to' another's "song."

Being thoughts that distract them from their "train" of concentration, and these 'devious' thoughts then use them to abuse self or a distant 'relation.' (The third party involved).

So when the driver of the vehicle is brought to 'account' by society for 'erring' and 'booked,' the driver is actually being punished because she/he was "temporarily" telepathically possessed to the point at which other "attractive" thoughts impressed "her/his" mind and at that "moment of time" clouded her/his vision so that the vehicle was being "driven" by the "possessor" or "instigator" or "originator" of the "distracting" thoughts. (The intruding spirit)

No "sane or rational" person would deliberately speed over a hill "drunk or otherwise" and "another" kill unless they either intended to commit murder or their mind was temporarily "out of order."

How the 'ADD' causes accidents

The driver "sees not" the speed 'warning' signs and/or mentally acts in a retarded/ slow manner that results in a collision at which time either one or both parties getting hurt, or the driver/s suffering financial loss/incarceration due to being punished or sued etc.

The driver "sees not" the approaching vehicle as she/he pulls away from a "STOP" sign.

The driver is "not aware" of his/her speed v/s road conditions/weather etc and loses steering control.

The driver is "not aware" that the vehicle speed "crept" up above the 'advisory' speed limits for the area.

The driver is "not aware" as they draw too close to the traffic ahead and cannot avoid a collision if the preceding vehicle brakes hard.

The driver is "unconcerned" as to the mechanical condition of brakes, steering, tyres and/or whether the water/oil in the motor is in a satisfactory state.

The driver looks off the road ahead for a 'moment' to reach for the cigarette lighter or to see the view and their "attention span" is interfered with for a second longer than 'safe' and they "find" they have either run off the road or crossed the white line into oncoming traffic.

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The driver "fails" to react quickly to "others" who make an "incorrect" move that endangers the "ADD" driver approaching. Both subject to the same mentally deficient moments.

"Black spots" where vehicles "often" either collide, hit a tree, 'de-rail,' run out of road etc. are places where powerful dark spirit forces gather at times and do have the capacity to "instantly" overpower an 'open' driver's mind and direct the vehicle into the path of another etc.

The person having emotions of hatred or anger to the fore will be used by dark forces as an aggressive destructive "tool" as they "sweep through" the red light or deliberately 'slam-on' their brakes so you run into them, or they deliberately run you off the road.

These acts are due to the aggressive nature of the person and that negative nature is what 'permits' them to be used by retributive spirits.

People who get into a motor car do not leave their negative emotions behind. No, their emotions become more easily inflamed and accentuated in a variety of ways once they enter a vehicle.

Young "assertive" men feel more powerful and the sound and feel of the vehicle makes them more aggressive and more easily "incited" into a negative response if they are "troubled" by another. For drivers will be subjected to the same retributionary feelings they would have experienced when "on foot" if another "inconsiderate one" did cross their path. This permits more "carnage default" on any day.

Nervous people may find that they "miss" the street name they should have turned off at as they are in a "confused" of fearful mode as they "fight" the traffic of the day. They may also hesitate and thus inconvenience other road users. If a "driver" has emotions of fear active, they "freeze-up" and cannot react to a "given" situation and in that manner can cause an accident or become its "victim."

All the above are the result of a driver being mentally 'lulled-into' a dangerous state of "non-caring awareness." Some drivers are aware of suddenly feeling 'dizzy' or nauseous and at the same time are conscious of the fact that their mind is telling them to keep driving straight when they are in fact entering a corner.

Many a "prisoner" is serving time for "manslaughter" because she/he was driving in a dangerous manner and killed your daughter, son or mother. Many a prisoner knows that they were mentally overpowered by some 'dark' force beyond their conscious capacity to override.

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Man does not yet see that the eternal battle raging invisibly between forces good v/s evil does or is operating on spiritual levels through all facets of life at all times day and night and that the dark forces are/do use the mind of ignorants as their "tools of expression."

Be it those such as Martin Bryant, or you the "unaware" driver, or the "ignorant" politician who arrogantly justifies raising the cost of "smokes" 500% as a means to 'extort' money as they the dark spirit forces mentally override rationality and give a "good reason" to justify impoverishing "drug addicts" as the "way" to make them give up their bad habits.

Raising 'funds' from the 'acts' of the mentally unstable be they a driver or substance addict is despicable, and is again the result of man's mind being 'open-prised' by dark forces through their emotion of greed.

Man seeks to "control" the errant way of others whom "out of bounds" stroll. Not seeing that the control they exert is stemming from the same 'force' that also controls the minds of the ignorant whom on earth stroll.

It "follows" that any penal action taken by "The Authority" is equally unwise for their "minds" too are controlled by the same "retributive" dark force invisible to their eyes, and as they "punish" they become offensive offenders in God's eyes and are also subject to the same "punishment" at a later time appointed by the Source.

All the daily "doings" of "man" have been controlled for ages of time by the dark retributive force whose sole plan is to destroy all creation and this it is doing via your mind in some way or another. And 'unknowingly/unseeingly' all mankind walks deeper into dark bondage as they continue to abuse each other whilst falsely "thinking" they are safe and saved.

All mental "dis-ease" that is the cause of "Offending - truancy - suicide - ADD - autism - road-rage - acts of war - punishment - regulation - control - extortion" etc in any way are a "part" of the dark unforgiving retributionary "arm" that invisibly exerts its presence and "justly" controls and punishes man, for all are "errant" in its eyes as all say "Make the errant pay."

So all/any who condone the use of its retributionary force in any way as does the entire 'inhuman' race today, are condoning its "acts" and thus become a "party to" and "suffer from" its intrusive ways.

Man will soon see that unless/until they listen to me the whole community will suffer due to the "critical factor" of spirit influence that does bind their minds into aggressive or "blind" unexpected acts that do cause "pain & suffering" to others or/and self in perpetuity as they "invoke" the negative side of God's law.

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If man continues to pay the wages of "police" or other authorities to persecute & punish by fine & incarcerate "poor" souls who are "out of line" then they the public will under the ONE Law of God be subjected to the same incarceration fate of the "lost" soul who was "mentally disturbed" momentarily and used by spirits of wickedness as along the road they both did "stroll."

The 'political' way of maintaining order in the community has been a "policy of correction" based on punishment. This "manner" of retribution was impressed upon all so that they learnt to change their way, and has 'today' been reinforced by exorbitant fines that show the real intent behind the 'teachers" of the day. Being to extort funds in an apparently "justifiable" way.

Correction of 'error' by judgment and retribution shows that those in authority are "as bad as" or "no better than" the offender they punish. The "public" who call for retribution are also blind and thus it is truly a case of the blind leading the blind into ever deepening bind and ever increasing suffering and negative imposition upon the whole nation being their "punishment by God."

The community as a whole needs "awaken" to the Suicide & Offender documents given by me so that "better informed" they be as they will then see "how" their "open" minds can and are used by invisible forces that 'lulled' them into a mental state of non-caring awareness, and they will see that they also are subject to suffering the same pain & loss that others suffered at the time of and due to their "Attention Deficit Disorder." For the one law of God is: As you sow - so shall ye reap.

In God's eyes the present 'method' of "dealing with" mentally disturbed people by a public "chastisement" in the "stocks" of the local newspaper, as well as by fine and incarceration is literally a 'devilish' form of retribution that is meted out by those who see not the consequences of their actions, be they the enforcers or the public who also demand the "offender" pays for his folly.

Nothing is going to be easy, and when you finally see what I am talking about you'll all feel very queasy as you "see" just how bound you all are for defying God's 'Only love' call from afar.

It is the time for a TRUE community awareness education strategy. This implies that all drivers learn to have an 'awareness' of all aspects as they walk or drive each day. An awareness of what be. An awareness that God does all see. An awareness that spirits can say "Go faster" or "Let's play." But for sure we needs No more regulation.

It is the time to ensure that we "Insure" our minds are safe and thus we remain in control of our consciousness when behind the wheel. Whether you carry a gun or drive a vehicle it is not a 'punishable' offence, but it is possible, for if your mind is 'broached' you can be used to use either as an instrument of destruction.

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Let the road user become aware that they are "permitting" themselves to either be "in the line of fire" or to be "the carrier of the gun" if their minds are "on the run." Thus before you the parent 'permit' your offspring onto or into the battlefield on the "Open highway" you had better be informed so that you can educate them as to what life on earth is about.

The "spiritual warfare" that shows its face on earth in man's fields of battle as well as in "family conflict" etc., does continue on daily on the roads as can be seen by the "carnage" that has taken place daily long before "Attila the Hun."

Let it here be known that until man is freed of his "inner sin" being the negative emotions within, that he man will be subjected to and used by the dark retributioner unless he man fortifies his mind in the manner given by me in my "Brief Summary" on my web site.

Let it here be known that any "man" who has a "karmic debt" due to any past "vain" days when he man caused 'sorrow' to others, that he man will be the target of the dark working through the mind of the ignorant and arrogant driver who may run you down.

So yes, you do need to 'fear' if you have any 'karmic' spiritual due to pay, for on a lonely road or on a dark night the "driver" of another vehicle will be more easily inspired to kill you or maim you by running you off the road as their minds think "No-one will see me do it."

Also, I will remind you that if your mind gets out of 'order' then the above driver could be you if you "permit" telepathic access into your mind via emotions untrue.

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Notes for road safety educators & counsellors:

Drivers need to become aware of the fact that accidents are 'happenings' caused by negative thought intrusion and that the perceived "offender or causer" of the happening is the victim of the darkness who was used by it to inflict suffering on either one or both parties.

Drivers and their passengers need to know that any suffering they are subjected to is but their "due" from a past time or life time when their soul was an 'offender' who inflicted pain onto another.

Man will become aware that the drivers of any form of transport be it planes, trains or buses etc., will now become the 'targets' of the dark to a greater degree as "it" the dark intensifies its "retributive campaign" to bring all past defaulters to account and it will seek to reach the "passengers" who have dues to pay.

Thus all "drivers' needs become educated to this invisible danger and become more mentally "strong," for if they "succumb" to seductive thoughts untrue and "err" in their judgement they will take-on a great burden of pain debt for 'permitting' their passengers to "fret."

Drivers need to understand the invisible sense of "security and invincibility" that pervades once they drive a vehicle. This false sense of security occurs because as they have been 'licensed' to drive, and as they have 'purchased' a third party insurance they "think" that in the event of an accident that results in the other suffering that they personally are OK.

This a false assumption, for under the one law of God they still will by God be made to "endure" the same suffering meted out by their acts of folly or arrogance or ignorance.

Thus all drivers must be "advised" to drive as "cautiously" as they would if they had NO policy of insurance. For if they had no policy then they would be more likely to drive in a "safe and proper" manner taking more care when pedestrians are there and also ensuring their vehicles were not exposed to damage from "slack" driving standards.

Having a "valid" insurance policy or being a licensed driver who has an accident that causes pain and loss whilst traveling within man's dictated speed limit covers the driver against both police prosecution and material loss from claims arising from third party property and accident injury.

But drivers are NOT in any way "covered or protected" against the spiritual "re-action" that does return to them on an unknown later day to "haunt" them. Try and this see and then drive more safely. As we "give" so we receive.

All drivers of vehicles needs be given a copy of the "Brief Summary" listed at the bottom of the web index page in their own language so that they are better 'informed' of what is now taking place spiritually. Any whom decide to stride forth "carelessly" as they "think" their minds are strong will pay the price for their folly at a later time.

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This false sense of security spoken of is also what enables members of the services or other "mandated by man" officials to unknowingly defy God by using force to bring others to account. Not seeing that their man-given mandate is simply that, and does in no way exonerate them from God's ONE immutable law.

That means that all 'enforcers' pay later for their folly of shooting a defaulter or abusing any on any day. (As they sowed so they ahead do reap).

At 'this' point in time the traffic police need to change their role to that of educators and "directors" who aid road users by keeping traffic flowing in difficult "accidental" times as well as bringing "defaulters" to counselling centers, and by their visible presence they will aid the public to maintain better driving habits.

The people of any land needs also try and see that it is wrong to expect others to protect them from "suffering." They need to see that they are only exposed to pain and suffering at the hands of the ignorant due to their past negative ways.

Any "protection monies" paid to any enforcers (mandated or otherwise) only exacerbates the negative debts accrued by the "payor" as they are then responsible for all the "acts" carried out by the forces rude that "police, or sanction against, or make war on" God's other children.

All "policing" systems needs change their role to "community aid" departments. Let all 'errants' being those who suffer at the hands of other drivers etc learn to be forgiving and nicer themselves, for all today walk the wrong way. The false public perception that they need "police protection" must change. They need to 'simply' heed God and then they will be free to walk 'un-armed' and safely.


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