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 ~ The FALL of the EMPIRE ~

The illegitimate 'ruling of man' by man ~ the illegality of annexation ~ seizure of land by force of arms.

Let it here be known by every reader of any 'station' in life that no earthly person has the right to stand 'above' any other and demand that the other bow to their dictates. All persons today of any 'elevated' status have attained their 'overbearing' officialdom through the use of or backing of forceful power.

I ask: "Does any person or institution have the legitimate RIGHT to control, subjugate, enslave, tax, impose strictures, interfere in, punish, cause harm to, dispossess or kill others"?

The answer to that by my pen is a simple NO, but it is quite obvious that many people, especially those empowered by 'rules' or official positions DO so believe. I wonder 'why' they assume that an official position or 'vote' into office somehow voids or avoids God's Law in 'motion' or, how they justify a reason to defy God's "Love one another and go your way in peace" Command?

The answer to that is simple indeed because it is a fact that everyone is 'born' into systems whereby the RULE BY FORCE OF ARMS was established a very long time ago, a time when men of 'power' seized control of the minds of others and imposed their demands FORCEFULLY using threat and coercion.

So here we are today, a time where 'jolly chaps' believe in their 'birth right' to impose their RULE and rules over everyone living within the borders they 'patrol' and control forcefully.

It is due to the fact that the 'king or queen or emperor or chief' believe in their 'birth right' or alternatively, their belief in their empowerment via the majority vote or by 'dictatorship' control. These men also believe that their 'mandate' of office and all they do unto others within their personal or state officer 'signed' documents as being totally legitimate or 'legal.' 

It is my 'pen' to alert everyone to the FACT that within the context of God, God's Command or God's singular LAW of Return, there is NO legitimacy to defy God nor is there any 'voiding' God's Law nor avoiding ITS 'eye for an eye ~ return unto user' POLICY.

As my main exposure of Truth is from the land mass of Australia where I now live, I give the 'local' historical facts that simply follow on from many others before, be it the invasion of the UK by Viking 'vandals' or any other armed forces invaders such as Attila the Hun or Caesar or the 'British' invasion of others 'kingdoms' globally.

All believed in their RIGHT to RULE AND TAX, subjugate and punish everyone living on the lands they invaded as they arrogantly defied their GOD and they 'pocketed' their 'spoils' and became RICH and even more powerful.

I continue, due to the FACT that the 'annexation of' the land masses named Australia and Tasmania were accomplished by persons from a foreign land using force of arms, it follows that the ongoing controls over the population by 'civil' governing authorities is an ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.

Why? Because the 'invasion of' foreign lands and the raising of a 'national' flag and subsequent 'proclamation' asserting ownership backed by force and the killing of inhabitants is a 'beastly' criminal activity having NO rightful nor legal backing. Thus it was an UNLAWFUL 'occupation.'

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All involved in the ongoing control, subjugation. taxing, punitive or warring 'effort' are treasonable anarchists defiant of God and they are daily accruing a very painful spiritual debt indeed. The other reality is that their 'future' destination is EXTREMELY BLEAK, - - - as is the 'future' of those supporting and funding their 'ways' due to their COMPLICITY factor.

Control over, subjugation of, and punishment imposed for non-conformity in the 'guise of': "It's for your own good and the benefit of all" does NOT legalise anything, nor as said does it 'void or nullify' the 'imposers' receiving a similar return due of suffering or loss in this life or the 'next' (after-life) within God's IMMUTABLE Law. (Absolute justice) 

"As you did sow so shall ye reap ~ for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction ~ the law of energy in motion, be IT benign or malignant, positive or negative."

The 'corporate' governance and seizure of 'rates' and other taxes to support the controlling corporate 'bodies' armed forces is also an illegal activity in the eyes of God. It is also illegal in the eyes of any sane person.

No 'foreign' power owns any part of the land mass its forces seized by force of arms. Any subsequent government 'council' officers have no right or jurisdiction to demand any 'rates or taxes or licence fees' from anyone.

Every person using force of arms against another is doing so either through their own thought process (temptation by the Devil) or they are following orders from superiors or rules in a book of texts, and all place themselves within the irrevocable 'eye for an eye' LAW of GOD. (Absolute justice)

God did say: "Judge not lest ye be so judged," it follows that any punitive judgement imposed becomes the spiritual 'due' upon the head of the Judge, be it in this life or the next, (after-life) and for man to 'live' within the constrains of God's command man can only 'judge' another as needing educative correction if the other is found guilty of immoral conduct or disturbing the peace.

Since every 'Empire' today is built on 'sand,' it is now that our God is to destroy every institution of government control globally and everyone is to suffer because all have defied His "Peace, love, mercy, compassion, forgive" Command as they 'supped' on His forceful power or supported others in their use of it. Our God He now via my pen states:

"All chiefs, kings, queens, emperors, dictators and their 'liege' lords or politicians and enforcers who now continue to defy this command to lay down their 'arms' and halt their control over and persecution of others are to be cast into the 'pit' to join their 'forebears' and endure hellfire forever."

So be it.

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The provision of benign services to people is one thing, and people need to pay for the services they ask for but, - - - the deemed 'ownership of' or 'right to control' all lands and use force of arms to 'tax or control' people is another. (Error of way and of ideological belief)

Community members need to now see that all unoccupied 'Crown lands' are the property of God and the local inhabitants who by God are 'permitted' to use and freely 'take' an acre or two upon which they may make their home base.

In the event that they seek, need, want or desire any benign services to be provided for, they can obtain said service provision from anyone, - - - and they must not be forced to annually fund any local community service provision organisation that uses armed forces to impose strictures.

It is very hard to comprehend that some people will now rise UP into the LIGHT and forever enjoy infinite harmony, joy, happiness and bliss in that Paradise place of eternal LOVE.

It is very hard to comprehend that some people will now fall DOWN into the DARK and forever suffer ongoing tribulations, frustration, sorrow and agony in that hellish place of turmoil and HATRED.

"Freedom of choice" is God's voice

NOTE: - 1 - Politicians and 'heads' of institutions invoke 'text' in books of rules which give them the 'apparent' legal forceful power to defy God's Command and to commit heinous ILLEGAL criminal activities against people they are paid a wage to SERVE.

No rule in any book of text 'voids, avoids or nullifies' the imposition of God's "Law of 'equal' return."

It follows that there is NO 'legal' God-given mandate for anyone to interfere, control, subjugate or punish another using any 'rule or act' COMPLIANCE decree backed by force of arms because the USE of God's destructive force is by God forbidden.

All mankind is using said 'forbidden to use' destructive power and thus are all are presently ON the wide road to Hell, albeit they see IT not, know IT not and BELIEVE it not. All simply believe that as ITS 'use' is granted by 'heads' of State, that its use is legal. It is NOT 'legal.'

NOTE: - 1 - God's forceful destructive energetic POWER is the biblical 'fruit' of the TREE of the knowledge of good and evil. The use of God's destructive force is forbidden by God as ITS use is the cause of all sorrow. As one uses IT, some of IT grows within the soul of the user (Sin-negative emotions) and its coarse vibration is what drags ones soul away from the Light and down into hellish realms of ongoing merciless, unforgiving vendettas of retribution.

NOTE: - 3 - Salvation is only attained through obedience to God's 'love, peace, compassion, mercy & forgive' Command. The implication of this is that you cannot attain salvation if you personally 'defend' yourself against an attacker or use servants to protect you because God Commands that you 'turn the other cheek' when abused.

The painful return unto you 'payment' of spiritual dues resulting from your deeds of the past is the dark energy of the Source operating forcefully through the mind and hands of the mentally deranged. Being people who find the 'mental' justification to defy God and cause harm. This is the satanic 'arm' in action against those who used ITS forceful power against others in their past as they defied God's Command. None can 'avoid' the action of God's 'Law of Return.'

Believe it or not, every benign loving or malignant punitive 'return' unto people is sanctioned by God via His Light or Dark energy. If you are to be 'cut' to pieces then you must 'go as a lamb to the slaughter' in non-retaliation as you PAY your spiritual dues to God. Obedience to God's Command when faced by adversity is difficult indeed and few will be 'safe & saved' and find their way to Heaven the eternal paradise.

It needs to be CLEARLY understood, no TRUE Christian or Buddhist or man of Islam believing in the precepts of the absolute pacifist message from God to mankind via Jesus or others or myself, would even consider voting for or supporting or funding people or 'system's' that control, interfere, subjugate, tax, punish or wage WAR upon other children of God.

IF you are funding the coffers of Chiefs, Kings, Queens, Emperors or other Dictators, then you are ON the wide road to hell and ongoing travail.

I AM the ONE to reinstate the TRUTH of God and His power to implement His Law.

As you or your servants do unto others punitively will be done unto you irrespective of your station of 'office.'

Education and the funding of benign community effort ONLY is the NEW WAY forward.

All must now read and comprehend the content of my 'National Security Alert':

All must now read and comprehend the content of my 'The cause of all sorrow and suffering':


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