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Please note - These DVD's are the complete and final DVD updated and marked 17th October 2018

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Please note - These DVD's contain a 45 minute video playable on your computer.
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The DVD contains over 150 text documents, the Seminar program, a video and 14 other audio tracks.

The seminar is designed to assist people to control their thoughts so as to be able to stay rational and sane when faced by adversity.

~ Let me remind you all ~

Our God is omnipresent, and that means that the invisible spiritual ENERGY ESSENCE of the Source is present and ready to be used and is used by us each and every time we 'act,' be it verbally or physically and, - - -  dependent upon our INTENT we 'link in' to one or the other aspects of the twin energies and, - - - dependent upon our emotional state which can 'flick' from positive to negative in a blink of an eye, we can change our 'allegiance' in a flash from the Light to the Dark energy etc.

The LIGHT energy of God - Creative, benign, kind, soft, compassionate, merciful, forgiving, respectful, good, reliable, honest.
The DARK energy of God - Destructive, malignant, cruel, hard, dispassionate, merciless, unforgiving, disrespectful, deceptive, dishonest.

Both have the same immutable 'Law of return' - 'As you do is done unto you' by the energy used in your interaction.

Thus in every ACTION you are placing yourself within one or the other 'side' of ITS Law.

IT is absolute Justice and absolutely JUST.

If you are suffering then let all know that you imposed the same upon another before, be it in this life or a pre-birth time.
If you are imposing 'martial law' upon others then you WILL suffer the same ahead.

If you are filling others with dread then you know what lies in 'store' for you ahead.
No official position nor 'mandate' nor badge of 'office' nor 'Law' of man nullifies God's Law.


Only 'do' unto others what you would have be done unto YOU.


I AM merciless with the unmerciful
I AM kind to the loving & merciful

I AM what I AM - I AM ALL



~ I Terence say: I wish you well on this your final journey ~

  -  To order one or many DVD's of the entire web text and all seminar audio tracks :  < Go HERE > Or