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~ The Stevedore 'War' ~

As written by Terence

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~ The “Dis-union” movement ~

The disunion movement was formed many years ago to enforce change in the workplace. The “elect” formed a “Union of men” who were dissatisfied with their employers “way,” and the “Union” leaders were able to “harness” the workers through their dissatisfaction and fear and greed.

The Union “bosses” also used ‘fear’ tactics to enforce workers into joining their ‘army,’ and then in “unison” they held the employer to ransom in what was promoted as passive action,” but in reality is a “Siege & Sanction” pogrom that was also an “Act of War” in God’s eyes. This “act” against the employer had the ‘intent’ of forcing a change for the better, and in later years could be ‘extended’ to any planetary shore.

“Acquiescence” was the only ‘way’ the employer could keep ‘trading,’ and this aggressive “System” of rule by force has continued up to today where the “power play” is also backed by “man’s” Law to the extent that ‘employers’ now seek ways ‘bent’ to thwart the continued ‘intent’ of the “disunion” monopoly of the workplace.

Even today, the “blind” worker, employer, disunion elders, and man’s system of government are all unable to see the error of their way. This ‘realm’ is a place of disgrace, inhabited by spirits who have yet to learn not to use a mace, and as to date this they could not see, when they ‘passed over’ out of the flesh they did not go to a better world I do see.

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~ The Union ‘movement’ ~

Unions as “religions” were formed to enforce change because man thought God’s “Loving non-retaliatory way” was strange, because “man” could not wait and “suffer his dueat the hands of people who did them abuse and berate.

Religious “Systemsforced people into “becoming” believers upon pain of death, when this ‘crucifixion’ method “died out” and ‘civility’ reigned, then the “elders” used their “armies” to fight the other ‘non-believing’ creed with sword and mace.

After this ? when ‘armies’ did disband because of ‘peace’ in each land, someone became an “Industrial” leader of a “flock” and said: “Let us join hands and make the industry owners pay us more and give us better “conditions,” even though this ‘way’ did God’s word mock.

So what we now see today is that for this folly too will all pay for being unwise. Yes, all will now lose their employ who with God’s Word did ‘toy.’ There is now only one way out, you individually needs give up the “Union strength” shout and to your God say:

“I stand in your eyes today and will now heed your say, whatever happens to me I will never retaliate aggressively. I will ‘take’ what to me is given. I will not permit my soul to be driven deeper into the dark land by Union leaders who say they can make positive change with a forceful hand.”

Unions made the employer give a better ‘deal’ by force.
Religions made the people learn ‘their’ teachings by force.

In the process, all enforcers and participating “parties” divorced their soul from the Light as they took up the “FIGHT for RIGHT." During the ‘process’ these false ‘movements’ stole vast sums of money to satiate their own need for “power & greed.”

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~ The Picket ‘play’ — The people v/s the MUA ~

The Time - Year 002 of God’s True Light
The Place - The Australian Land

The Set -

1 — The Australian people represented by their “elected” speakers being the government officers of the land, as well as the “common” workers, being the “Patrick Stevedoring Company” as well as the farmers and other manufacturers of that land.

2 — The “Union” leaders of the day, being the MUA as well as the ACTU, and their “paid up” workers being their unpaid soldiers of the day, assisted by members of the public who are determined to “Fight” as they blindly join in the foray.

The battle is one of a “kind” that at the “End Time” on earth did unwind, and what neither side could see was that there were “hidden” forces controlling all activity. For none of the “action” was of the “Light,” for both parties were out for a fight, and both were determined to fight for their RIGHT, neither seeing their coming demise in that to fight is not right.

In the beginning the Patrick Co were true, for it is a “Godly” reality that an employer can do what they wish to, meaning that they have a right to hire or fire. So the only “error” in their way was their “ask” for protection from the government before they showed the “place” of their ‘Ace in the pack.’ Being that they will call “foul” if the MUA responds and does with a picket line them attack, and thus the error of Patrick's “way” is that God says:

“Retaliate not against others who against you plot,
if they close you down then “quietly” must you drown.”

And as for the MUA, well, what can I say, for these “folks” are truly blind as they the movement of others control and bind, caring not I do see what happens to themselves, you or me. As far as they are concerned we can all fall down dead as long as they keep their $ 73,000 feather bed.

The “Courts & Unions” are saying that it’s “illegal” for a person to “scheme or devise” a way of getting rid of a “monkey” that is stuck on their back, and they take this ‘sorry’ view even when the monkey in the “past and present” does its “employer” attack.

Well now dear friends, we finally now see a “Kangaroo Court” filled with insanity. Forget that men are “Unionised,” lets all just become wise, for if an employer needs to “devise” a way of getting rid of “spoiled” men who do them despise, then so be it, it is not a matter of “conspiracy,” its just a matter of becoming free from the “Mafiosic take off you and me, raising costs planetarily.

And even the “ones” who had not yet walked “out,” would have done so anytime their leaders did so shout. Yes, they all became untrue as soon as they were told to, and they joined the picket line that is “fed” by arrogant swine who are fools and blind and to themselves “ahead” unkind.

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And “they” and their leaders unwise are goaded on by another fool under God’s skies, being the arrogant leader of the government “opposition.” All operating under a false supposition, believing they have a “justifiable” right to hold at “Ransom” employers and the public, day and night, and by “Sanctions” bring the country to its knees unless they can “again” their never ending demands appease.

The real issue is not one of “unfair” dismissal, nor any form of collusion, that is all “smoke” that causes the continuing delusion. The basic principle that needs be seen as a priority fact is that an employer needs to by “choice” be backed. Meaning, that they have “The freedom to choose” whether an employee in their work force needs to their position lose.

It matters not how good the employee be.
It matters not how long they employed be.
It matters not how kind an employee they be.
It matters only that the employer is free to make their own decision.

It is irrelevant whether or not “others” think they are unfair or would hold them in contempt or derision.

It is not just a matter of “productivity.” Employees even when doing their job properly should not forcibly demand “Because we are ‘equal in production output to others,’ we are entitled to stay with thee and demand a certain fee.”

It is a matter for the employer to be able to say “I can pay one ‘double the wage’ or pay another ‘half the wage’ for the same job done today.”

It is just the simple matter of the employer running their business their way. How ‘blind’ has man become today for this little fact needs be, or soon even the ‘consumer’ will be told to and, ‘legally’ forced to drink only tea.

If man’s “courts” have “placed” conditions upon the employers rights to “hire and fire,” then these “acts” needs be placed upon the funeral pyre. The “insanity” of man’s Law in this case is that it is not concerned whether or not a business is financially “viable,” it is only concerned with maintaining a “stance” of Rights, namely the right of “Freedom of association.”

What about the Right of the employer to have “Freedom of disassociation” from employees who are determined to “steal” by force to the extent that the business has to be run in an “expensive” manner that “breaks” its clients due to high charges resulting from the never ending demands of the employees.

Why do “men” who work together incite each other against their employer ? Surely the one offering well paid work is worthy of a little respect?

All “Unions” are clubs run by arrogant men who demand more than a fair share says this God’s pen, and when their “followers” lose their employment due to their own decisions to halt work, the leaders then incite them to cause havoc in the community, thinking that they have “righteous immunity.”

The Union “lot” also cry “foul” as they shout that “Patricks” must abide in the law while they “prowl” and the law thus flout. Surely you can all see that this “fight” non winnable be, for if the sacked ones go back to work, their “power boys” will raise costs more as they smirk, and if the “Law” says: “Boys go home,” they’ll abide not in this “call” and will continue to abuse all as they roam.

Lads, listen to me, you had a duty to your employer first, and your family second. Not the Union “boss,” if you now “reject” a very kind financial offer from your past employer then truly you are insane, and if your ‘mates' are truly true, then they would say to you “Take it brother, don’t be vain and through false pride cause your family pain.”


This is the correct procedure that should have been followed through by either the employer and the employed if both were true to our God of Light above.

The employer should have said to the employees or their “subsidising” company: “We can no longer “carry on” in the present way, thus if “together” we cannot a “changed way” devise then we as the employer will now our own decision apply.” With no “agreement” being reached then the employer needs but say: “From here on we end your contract of employment.”

The “men” employed should have heeded the “ask & say” emanating from their employer, not the Union officials I say, and if they could not accept a “favourable” change then they were at liberty to home go, not just derange.

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God says: “The responsibility of an employer is to be true to the employee by ‘setting out’ the guidelines of the work to be, as well as stating clearly the monetary ‘terms’ and ‘conditions’ of employment offered.

It is not up to the employer to ‘freely’ give any time for free, reference leave or sick pay benefits, these ‘burdens’ may be included in the wage offered, and it is the responsibility of the employee to personally ensure they ‘insure’ against hard times by taking out their own insurance policy as well as setting aside their own percentage of wages as savings for old age provision.

The employer must only carry his own burden that transpires from his own business activities. The employed are not his ‘children,’ they are adults who have reached the age of personal responsibility.

On no account must the employer ‘steal by deduction’ any part of the employees wage on behalf of another party. The employee is again personally responsible for payment of any ‘debts’ they may accrue. The employer maintains the right to ‘fire’ the employee at any time.”

God says: “The responsibility of the employee is to be true to his employer by daily ‘earning’ his wage given in carrying out his work agreed upon when being ‘taken on.’ If the employee ‘finds’ that they are not earning enough ‘pay,’ or for any reason are dissatisfied, they may go their way. It is not for any man to demand that their employer pay more. ‘Be civil in your ask,’ that is your task.

It is not for any man to hold their employer ‘to ransom’ by ‘forcefully or otherwise’ halting work themselves, or stopping others doing the work they shirk. The employee maintains the right to leave his ‘employer’ at any time.

The ‘Union’ is not a part of the employer - employee ‘equation,’ it ‘was’ like a religion, an organisation that elevated ‘itself’ in the guise of a ‘leading light guide,’ but ended up as a ‘controlling taker’ once it gained negative power. Thus I your God will now ‘it’ break for ‘it’ did a planetary mess make in its ‘false’ guise.” 

From “here on” any business relationship be it only that, respectful, or an employer - employee one shall be one of a polite relationship between two people. One that may include a written agreement, but principally one that is “agreed on” with “a handshake and a nod.” Both parties need the freedom to move, none needs “justify” and their needs prove.

All present day “man’s way” documentation is to be washed away. It is the time to forget all “organised” ways. Religions, political Systems and Unions all “incite” their “members” to fight for “a” right when it suits them, and then they plead for peace when they want it. The people are not in their ‘equation’ in any sense other than as a bottomless “money pot” as well as “expendables” in their business ventures.

As said, Year 002 was the time of the coming freeze. Yes, all hearts ice cold, for none heeded my message foretold a long long time ago, thus pain and suffering is now to more flow. So the “play” will now be enacted out as man inspired by spirits of darkness will at each other shout, and as many fall down they will frown, and as their anger does grow the truth of my pen will all get to know.

So if you “hear” what I say, then stay at home and prepare for when the “explosion” expands and comes to your door one day. Then, heed me, and by my love you’ll freed be. For soon, none will be free to “move” until to their “God” they did prove that they were worthy to become free by “allowing” others to just be.

Soon, all who demand, command, or others reprimand will be bound and controlled and “sent” below by an insane “voice” that I do know, it is the dark one that does them telepathically “justify,” and as they “die” abusing others, my truth they will espy.

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~ The ‘sacked’ workers ~

It was your choice
to “strike” because others chose to open up a “competitive” business next door.

It was your choice
to halt the flow of produce that caused suffering to ‘other’ parties.

It was your choice
to attempt to halt the freedom of movement of others.

It was your choice
to attempt to destroy the business of your employer.

It was your choice
to verbally abuse others trying to work.

It was your choice
to hold the public to ransom.

It was your choice
to raise the cost of consumer goods through laziness and greed.

It was your choice
to deny the Law of God and man that “asked” you not to picket.

It was your choice
to damage property in an attempt to enter your past place of work.

It was your choice
to join a “force” that for years exerted its demands off others in the ‘Union’ guise.

It is your choice now to either continue to fight for what you can only see as your right, or you can heed God as said and peacefully go home and then try and seek positive employment without an ‘army’ to back your demands.

“Union” organisers in the guise of holding office in a “Union of unity” are in fact controllers who by “force” sow disunion amongst the workers and the community until their demands are met.

The ‘disunity’ is sown with impunity, as man’s laws have been ‘enacted’ to enable them to so do. Not only this, but as there are many different “Unions of disunity” in the country, it is a simple matter for them to all hold the public to ransom at any time.

What none of the union members see is that their leaders are “ungodly,” and all “United we stand” negative tactics are all the dark in action for which there is an equal and opposite reaction that is “suffered” by the ignorant another day in another way.

The hidden “danger” in any anti government “financial or other” process as in the Union bosses inciting the masses into anarchy by saying “United we stand in demanding to be reinstated” and “We’ll bring down the government,” is that the ignorant masses do not realise that as the government system is “theirs,” any anti process that raises costs or brings the nation to a halt is “suicide” in that the eventual sufferers are the very people who make up the nation.

Not only this, but the public in supporting Union “leaders” in their demands for “reinstatement” of “armed aggression” are assisting in their own demise, and are a “party” to the extortion and continued “stand over” tactics of the picketers.

The Union bosses who are dictators, are themselves unknowingly being telepathically manipulated by the dark one to bring misery upon the people as ‘payment’ for past aggression towards other races or nations.

If you try and bring any government down by force, your own soul from rationality you divorce, and it is economic & industrial suicide to picket, as you enforce “genocide,” yes, for the societal fabric of your own society you destroy as you “heed” the false shepherds in your employ. Yes, you pay the union leaders wage, and not one of them is a wise sage. Listen now to me or “broke” for eternity will you be.

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~ The “Apprentice” ~

Maybe soon we can go back to the good “old way” when a lass or lad only earned five bob a day for a while. Yes, they had minds sound, they were not by demanding “Unionists” bound who demanded that an employer must pay a high fee to teach a youngster who knew not “the time of day.”

On this we needs reflect, for only in a “Safe” working environment do we our children protect. Not “safe” through high “pay,” but safe for they are learning the time of day. And they can stay at home until aged twenty or so and not have to roam because they cannot get a job because no employer is “allowed” to teach anyone for five bob.

The employer would be happy too to “take on” the children of me and you who can start at the bottom, not at the “retired” top. Yes, they needs learn to sweep floors with a mop and on Friday “pay day” they’ll have enough to dance and sing on Saturday, and on Sunday they can “rest” content that on Monday with a “job” they are blessed.

The employer will not be “broken” by “Union greed,” and “his” wisdom on the youth will the employer seed, and as the young grow “bright & strong” they’ll be happy that their “mom and dad” were strong. Not strong in the “fight,” but strong in the Light, and that they could see the “disunion” futility.

And surely, the parents who are the legal guardian of their “God given” child until they have “passed through” their “teen” years are entitled to say to an employer: “Please teach my child what you can, I will keep them and fund their pay until you say they are “productive” and can earn their own way.”

There are too many “others” in the guise of “do good-ers” who negate the way of people as they say: “But it is for your own good, even if you have to starve, for you cannot “earn” your own food until an employer complies with our regulations.”

It’s time to now “relax” all workplace “Acts” that us tax, all to be swept away and the employer and employee can together say: “This work I have for you today, and this is what for it I can you pay.” And the “seeker” will say: “Thank you, for you I will work until I can work for myself, please teach me all so I am not lost on a “shelf.”

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~ Control & Extortion ~

All Systems are devised to control and extort. All systems were seemingly virtuously brought into being by men seeking to serve, but “off track” their minds did swerve when they ‘found’ that others could not be ‘bought,’ but could only be forced to “change” when their way was controlled by force. And ‘payment’ of extortion demanded was a ‘reason’ to stay ‘good,’ or they would run out of food.

So every System today is the false living way, and most “direct” workers in these Systems all put their faith & fate & loyalty to the System, thus they have become untrue to the principal cause they set out to do. Which was to serve their God and country.

Be true now to your soul, and if for example you work for the “System of Police,” then change its modus operandi to true community service nice, deter offenders by positive presence, and counsel any who “offend in God’s eyes.”

For too long have “we the people” via the Unions been held to ransom in every way, and I say enough is enough, NO WORK, NO PAY.

It is not a matter of ‘trying' to get rid of the Unions, it is a matter of “sacking” men who heed the false advice of people who call themselves “Unions,” and thus find that one day they have compromised their employment through their own laziness and greedy demands that also cause “unseen” suffering to their own families as goods and services costs escalate annually.

In some countries it is the “fear” of the Union “way” that traps men into weekly giving away their “dues” pay, for the “elders” of this “church” do also wield a rod of “birch” to any who try to “avoid or default,” and many do enter a watery ‘concreted’ vault.

It is up to real men today to speak to their employers and say; “I stand free before you today, and say that I seek work your way and I will never “gang up” and use force for I truly “see the light” and am filled with remorse.”

If any wish to continue to be a “part” of an arrogant Army that has absolutely no interest in the “Company” paying its wages, then as all “armies," they one day find that they have no more battles to fight, and fall lost below into the ever deepening night where the cries of “help me” are unheard, for none there heeded their God who said:

Wield no sword.’

And as for theCivil Rights,” well that too is now in a very dismal “plight,” for none can see that “equity” also applies to the “freedom to be”:

an employer of the male or female throng,
an employer of people with legs short or long,
an employer of people black or of people white.

Why do I as a man have to” employ men if a “skirt” I’d rather see, is it because today there no longer any skirts be ? If any man or woman “chooses” to advertise a vacant “position,” then it is their “Sole Right disposition,” any foolish others who in the guise of “Civil Rights” interfere, do themselves to the dark one draw near. Let us change the “way” today.

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~ The ‘Democratic’ Party Vote ~

“We have been ‘voted in’ by the majority” is the cry of the dark force of impropriety, “For ‘now’ we are entitled by mandate to anything do, even if to the God of Light and love it is untrue.”

This is what man does not see, being the invisible power that so “brilliant” be as it walks in the disguise of a “Party” wise. And this ‘party’ also comes in many a disguise, it can be but a ‘group’ of citizens who another group despise. Maybe ‘justified’ greenies who on tree tops lurk as the ‘others’ try to go to work.

Children, what the LIGHT says to thee is: “Never find a justification to HALT others whose ‘actions’ are seen as deplorable by you.” For they feel justified in perpetrating what you perceive as ‘dark deeds’ through their fear or pride. Individually your spiritual journey is lost or won, so never “stand resolute” and hinder the progress of another one.

Be it that they despise you
Be it that they would be untrue
Be it that they would cut down a tree belonging to you or me.

And if any of you are in the “winning team” elected democratically, then don’t live in a dream by “thinking” that you can rules and regulations enact and at the same time with the God of Light and Love have a “pact.”

NO, for the Devil is cunning and wise, and as said, he hides under your seemingly democratic “mandated” guise, and IF via your hand or your pen you enact ANY control over the “freedom of action” of any other, then your action is directed from Satan’s den.

This is what I say today to you and any other who follows your “enactment” because they are in societies pay. Try and see that true democracy means “Let the ‘loser’ be free to do, be it good, bad, or untrue.”

Their fate they will meet at the ‘hand’ of another, but not here on ‘earth’s’ street. Do not become a “party” to enforcing the enactment of any Act that controls the “way” of others, “Good or bad.”

You may “think” you are justified in “breaking a few eggs” in enforcing “positive” REFORM, but you are not, and ahead the devil will you swat. The God of Light and Love effects the change as “now,” so prepare to “pay” for the many follies of the dark “hey day.”

Re-form the “Godly way” is by not supporting the negative system with tax dollars, and through the “abolishment” of all “rules & regulations” and through education as a counsellor true and NO regulation or enforcement through you.

People only “belong” to a “Party or Union” through fear, ignorance, false teachings, and because they feel strong through their belonging, and thus feel justified in partaking of darkness as they “In unison” forcibly steal “better wages & conditions” in the guise of “deserved righteousness” through the condemnation of their perceived “way” of the other party.

This “selfishness” is condoned by the equally ignorant population who are blind and see not their own inner darkness that demands satiation at any cost.

The “party” members are so blinded by the dark one that they “follow” their false shepherds into the abyss of oblivion “joyfully,’’ until the moment of realisation that they were deceived, at that moment, their terror and anger erupts into an eternal retributive fight as they are ‘mentally’ turned against each other by the invisible dark knight.

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Open Letter to Tony Rundle, Premier of Tasmania.

~ The Tasmanian ‘Devil’ ~

Mr. Rundle, I this to you send ref. your article about nurses to go on strike if their 11% wages demand is not met, and that the annual “increase” of 5.5% across the board for Tasmanian public servants you offer, will raise the “take” off the community by an extra $ 40 million, and I see that for a population of less that 450,000 our Tas“mania” wage “bill” is now one billion dollars !

I ask that my web site to your heart you append, for no more money must you take off the people, and no more “giving in” now to the Union demands or it is you our God will break.

Tell the “hungry” Unionist people who demand more money that you cannot give in to their “false” reprimand, and that if they do not wish to work for the “offered” pay, then they can all go home today.

The community will just have to suffer the consequence and thus overcome all the monetary nonsense that goes on and on and keeps everyone “on the run.” Soon no funds will there be and all shall work the day for a loaf of bread and a cup of tea.

Why should it be “anarchy” and thus a “crime” if the people no longer “subsidise” their employees with their annual demanded extra “dime”? I speak of the tax take untrue that is demanded annually by the likes of you to “satisfy” many “demanders” untrue.

NO, it is not a crime, it is just a reality that the System and its employers need to see, for their blindness is causing bankruptcy.

The “Tassy” Devil is the invisible force that does many a mind divorce from reality to the extent that its actions one cannot see as it justifies extortion in a “welfare” disguise. It is now I to be the one to bring the entire planetary “System” undone, for IT is so bound that the “knot” to untie itself cannot be found.

The only way to implement the change is for the people to stay sane and not also ‘derange,’ and then they too will see what is coming to you and me, and then you will all agree to the ‘conditions’ set now by God to thee. These I did already document and my pen’s ink is almost spent but I will reiterate before all is too late.

All Systems “workers” being women and men shall only be funded by the free donations of the community. All “self employed” persons such as doctors, dentists, plumbers etc. can “ask” and thus “demand” a certain fee that may or may not be agreed to by you or me.

No longer will the “System” offer any free service. We the consumer will pay our own way from today. We shall pay the schools direct. We will pay our medical costs direct. No more take off others via the System. On this please reflect. Each can their “own” way “Insure,” only by non demand do we stay spiritually demure.

If you are too “poor,” then this is God’s Will for sure, and you can put out a beggars “cup” if on free funds you’d sup. Let the community now see that nothing is ever for free, for if we demand that “our” System a free “hospital bed” must make, the System first has to the funds off us take, and on the “way round” 80% of the funds to the ground are lost.

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So all will be much better off from today once we no longer heed the devil I say. For only “he” does demand a free ride with a curt reprimand to any who would him deny. You owe Caesar naught once you forgo your own “free passage” rort.

Once we no longer on a system rely, all will be “richer” I do espy, and the “free loaders” will also then be true workers contributing, rather than taking in the guise of service.

Tasmania is a “taker” off the mainland of Australia in the guise of a “poor relation” living on a distant outback station. This take will stop as the mainland cup empties, and thus we must immediately prepare, for “our” land is filled with people who do not work, they pass time daily and are funded by others money that will soon stop I see.

Thus “our land” will suddenly be flooded by an eighty percent unemployed surge of humanity who were “used to” being flush with pride and $$ and vanity. They will rely on the few for a free cabbage or potato too.

Wake up Tasmania, for “our” past too we must pay as the “impoverishing” Reaper comes our way. Soon much coldness in this land as IT the Tassy Devil shows its powerful hand. Let us now wisely any free donation use before we it all lose.

There has for a long time been a “Union inspired” planetary “Pay justification Rort” that seems to be an annual sport, whereby people foolish and unwise justify taking by force of “arms” a pay rise, and they are goaded on by other “false shepherds” under this sun.

As said before, the Union “take” is the cause of the calamitous financial “mistake” that will totally impoverish all as society into “bankruptcy” does fall.

The “secondary” cause of the problem is the people, you and me, who “expect” to receive funds and services for free. Thus the System’s governing men are justified in stealing more taxes off you by the stroke of a pen, and around and around the take does go, and deeper and deeper we all sink into the snow.

All Systems employees should receive a non taxable” wage, this reduces the salary given and the “need” take off you and me. All Systems “businesses” must non profit be, this reduces the take needed to keep it “financial” annually.

All departmental “heads” must be “old souls” wise who can give their advice freely to the workers under these skies. Yes, an “honorary” position of trust is to be the spearhead of the new thrust. Thus the “top” of the pile will not be a “rort” of thieves who daily take as a sport.

We must all “abusers” out of the community welfare system “weed,” for they must be replaced by others of compassionate deed, being those who work for the “joy” of helping others around who will gladly freely fund their “employ.”

Only this will be the way that we can survive today, and any worker who “agrees” to a pay must not demand more on any day. For any “enforced” increment demand by Union “army” is wrong. If you are “unhappy” with the pay offered then just “move along.”

As all planetary “Lands” must soon become self sufficient, we here in Tasmania needs be self sufficient. Any who this cannot see are mentally deficient and for sure are people who need help, rather than being “used” as community leaders unwise.

Written by my hand this 15th day of May, year 002 of God’s Light.

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~ The ‘sacking’ of disunity Systems ~

How do I the Union ‘movement’ as well as every religion SACK, for they all incite God’s children to “attack.“ Yes, at varying times they do justify denying the Light of God who again on earth does plod and does again say:

You all walk the wrong way for you all heed the “call” of the dark from the “mouths” of the false shepherds who steal your pay. They all “claim” to be able to give you immunity against losing your job or your soul as they so arrogantly and openly stroll.

And as you can now see, they can not give you any such guarantee. They can only so TRY as they say “Up to the end FIGHT and for us you may have to DIE.” So simple lads and girls, don’t heed their false call anymore, for if you continue to fight and “passively” block the movement of others goods and “way,” it is you to fall from grace for sure.

Please now heed me, only thus will your future be safe for sure and you will reach heaven’s door. You can also now see that man’s “Court” is also not free of immunity, it vacillates as men’s minds are manipulated with impunity by multitudes of “variables” that are telepathically “imbued” from the dark one below.

This I know, for the Light says: “Judge not.” Thus I now ask: Can you not see the “false” mark of the ‘adjudicator’ who is “used” to mete out retribution in the guise of “distribution of fairness.”

It is for no “man” to Judge the dismissal of anyone, for IF they unfairly dismissed be, then this fate is a karmic one I do see. But also, the “dismissor” too will be judged by God as untrue and meet their own fate another day, yes, maybe even by foolish men in your pay, for which you again then must suffer another endless day.

Peacefully must each go their way and walk in God’s Light every day.

“All who demand justice are untrue
and I your God will to them the same thing do.”

All dark “movements” must now disband, for all work for the shadow under God’s hand that uses them to “break” others who did take. Let us now disband all ‘forces’ of ‘arms,’ for these “administrators of justice” are not FOR the heavenly ONE, they are merciless in that each ‘combatant’ must pay, with their money or their life, and one or both is bound in many a way.

The heavenly “appellant” now ‘asks’ that all Systems of control and demand and reprimand be now abolished in perpetuity. Let all men of ‘sound’ mind just be available as ‘kind’ counsellors to those lost or ignorant ones who deem it necessary to abuse others.

I pay tribute to my God of Love for the merciful “extension” of wisdom sent to earth from heaven above. The ‘sum’ paid for this “tribute” is my never ending commitment to abide in God’s call to Be only loving.”

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To: Peter Reith, Minister for Workplace Relations

~ Unions & Fools ~
Cairns Wharfie demands

Unions are the ones who “planetarily” paved the road with “false gold” for fools to follow another day, and the fools now cannot see that in fact they “Pirates” be.

Thieving their “wage” as they hold others to ransom on the high seas, as they “openly” bring the planet to its knees, all for greed, and the arrogance it does breed shows its face day by day.

Thus Peter, all I can say to the “Government” trying to be true in saying that each must be “free” to choose their “way,” is that it is now too late, for $ 100,000 wage earning “slackers” have become so “used to” flexing their muscles and “overolling” all who would give them the “sack” that they cannot halt their “fall” into the abyss.

So please place a “wreath” of calmness around your soul and “Read” the Truth I now planetarily seed in my “Blueprint” document on the internet, for all the greedy will now destroy society, and then as they starve and plead for “Clemency” the light will again arise in the sky and mankind will attempt a “second” better TRY.

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~ Pregnancy & Maternity Pay ~

Why should "my" family pay for your family when they cannot work for a month or two or three because their "mother" decides to have a baby?

Why demand with a "government" backed reprimand that I will be punished if I expect you to go home with no pay if you cannot 'perform' your duties on any day?

The employer has become the "scapegoat" as the morals of the workers became lax, and the System to remain in power decided to "tax" the sanity of the employer due to 'systematic' vanity.

Yes, Systems men are vain and do hold God's Word in vain as they legislate 'deals' that berate any whom do not comply to the wishes and whims of workers who "swim" in daydreams of "free pay" for any day they are "sick or tired" or if they have "sired" a new-born.

If a mother needs a "rest" or needs to feed a child on their breast at home for a year or less then let her own family "bless" her by providing her a space where they show their grace, and feed her and hold in their arms, and thus they show God their charms, rather than their disgrace when they demand with a mace that the "poor" employer is expected to be "dad" to everyone.

It is sad that so many falsely believe it is now "moral" to bleed pay "out" of another who is in fact a spiritual sister or brother. If you are unable to work then you do "shirk" your responsibility if you expect pay for free.

Let every mother to be, or mother needing to be with her new-born family now "look" to her relatives for aid. For any take demanded by legislation means that your spiritual destination is bleak, for God did say that all "thieves" for folly do pay.

By all means an employee who is pregnant or nursing may request that the employer modify her job functions or reassign her to another job if continuing any of her current job functions may pose a risk to her health or that of her foetus or nursing child.

The employee who has made a request for a reassignment or job modification is not entitled to a leave with pay if the risk posed by continuing her job necessitates her absence.

Where reassignment or job modification is not reasonably practicable, an employee may take an unpaid leave of absence for the duration of the risk if that leave of absence is agreed to by the employer. If it is not, then the employer may terminate the work agreement and employ another. Only this way can the employer survive equitably.

An employee who is pregnant or nursing is not entitled to any unpaid leave of absence during the period from the beginning of the pregnancy to any time following the birth. Any leave of absence be it paid or unpaid is at the discretion of the employer.

May sanity prevail, for all family members who now "shirk" their responsibilities to pregnant daughters or mothers will quail as the very Devil now hounds their arrogant and unloving "tail."

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~ Entitlements ~
employer & employee

Both 'factions' are entitled to a 'fair' and equitable relationship. One is seeking to work for another as an employee, and they are entitled to receive a 'just' recompense for their accomplished labour.

The other is the employer seeking a 'worker' and is entitled to receive recompense for the wages they pay out, for in reality they are paying for a 'service,' and the service provider is the employee, being the supplier of the service.

There are two 'types' of people on the planet, and between these two 'opposites' there are multitudes of combinations. There are both the good and the cruel, being the selfish as well as the 'giver' of rewards, be it the giving of a good wage or good service, or poor wages and poor service.

How then does 'each' party protect its interests - forcefully or peacefully? For in the 'past' and even today some employers play 'God' and abuse their workers and, - - -

In the past and yet today the 'worker' has been able to 'force' the employer to meet their demands for certain 'supposed' obligations to be met, and if they are not met, then the employee has used 'force' to extort money from their employer.

So what in fact is the 'obligation' of each? For the employee has been 'told' by 'officials' that they are entitled to various 'benefits' that are deemed the 'responsibility' of the employer and, - - -

Due to the 'structure' of these now encoded 'rules of engagement,' the employer is being forced to 'pay up' even when they are no longer receiving a 'service' for their wage paid out. This at times is due to employees either 'downing tools,' taking endless 'sick leave,' or simply working at a reduced output.

All the above difficulties are only 'resolvable' when each party sees its true obligation to the other. Thus the 'objectivity' of this page, for its content is guided by God the eternal Sage.

For too long now has man 'avoided' personal responsibility, and also man has used 'force' to accomplish his 'selfish' demands. This use of force is the 'Union' movement, as well as 'legislation' and the Court system of man.

This now is God's 'Plan' to be adhered to by every man or woman or child employer or employee. Firstly, you are expected by God to be honest in your dealings with others.

Thus if you are an employer you will undertake to pay an equitable amount of money for the 'time' another is 'laboring' for you. If you are an employee, you will undertake to work diligently for the 'time' that you are being paid to work.

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There is an 'expectation' on the part of the employee that their employer 'owe' them something more than the basic 'pay for time worked' contract. Be it additional funds to pay them when on 'sick leave,' or workers compensation, or annual leave pay, or maternity leave, insurance cover etc.

This expectation is due to the 'lack' of education as well as the false direction given to people being that their employer is 'somehow' responsible for their wellbeing. This is a false teaching and programming of their mind, and workers are now unable to 'think' or 'plan' ahead for themselves, and the 'onus' of 'care taker' for their wellbeing has been placed upon the employer. This is error.

The employer is not a 'slave owner,' they are but 'offering' a monetary reward for work accomplished. It is not up to the employer to 'handle' the affairs of employees.

From this day on, the employer shall 'offer' a wage that in their opinion is fair and equitable for the 'service' they seek to be provided by the employee. This is due to the 'fact' that every 'employee' is a 'self-employed' person that does in fact 'contract' their services out to an employer. Be it 'casual' time, or 'part' time, or permanent time etc.

The employee must take into account that it is they whom are responsible to take 'care' of themselves, be it by paying their own 'personal accident' cover. Be it by putting some funds away to cover themselves for when they may be 'ill' or out of work for a day or a month, for they will not at that time be providing any 'service' and thus cannot expect free pay.

Being 'now' of a self-sufficiency mentality, the employee will also save their own 'superannuation' or 'retirement' moneys, and not expect their employer or any other 'system' of man to have to handle any of their affairs. There will be no 'severance' pay or long service pay unless so 'offered' by an employer.

This is the only 'true' way to conduct a business or business relationship. For only when an employer knows what his hourly 'cost' of an employee is, can he conduct a 'fair' business and sell the produce at a fair price and, only this way will he stay in business and, - - -

He thus knowing his 'side' of the employment contract, being the total amount to pay as a wage against productivity accomplished, can he 'factor' in an amount that will assist the employee to personally have enough to cover his 'life' or 'illness' or other strife without making any 'claims' upon his employer.

The employer is now 'protected,' in that the terms of employment will state that the employee agrees to be the 'master' of his own destiny and, - - - that prior to the 'first' day of employment he can 'negotiate' the price of his daily wage, and 'fix' the hours per day to work, be it 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 or more, and it must be 'added' that if he is ever 'late' or 'slack' that he may be dismissed unconditionally.

It is also up to the 'prospective' employee to 'fix' the other working conditions prior to 'signing' the contract. This will be with reference to the implements needed or work tools etc., that he is expected to provide. All the above 'possible' costs may be 'factored in' to an offered wage by an employer if they so wish but, - - - their 'implementation' or 'acceptance' must be the 'onus' of the employee.

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It must be stated here and now that no 'other' person or institution will have any 'bearing' upon the contract other than as an 'advisor' to either party. There is to be no 'forced' action by one against the other. Any 'dispute' that cannot be resolved by 'discussion' will 'permit' either party to immediately terminate the 'work' contract and, - - -

It is then up to God to 'enforce' God's 'submission' upon any 'offensive' one that in some way wrongly 'disadvantaged' the other. It is not up to man to interfere 'forcefully' in any 'work' or other relationship between God's children.

It is from now on 'simply' a matter of an employer 'offering' work to another, and the employer 'sets' his terms. The 'seeker' of employment can simple accept or reject them if there is no 'compromise and, - - - naturally the employer may offer any 'inducements' or 'perks' that they so wish to but, - - -

It must be remembered that if any employer 'defaults' in any way and cannot 'pay,' then the other must simply go their way peacefully and 'accept' their fate without 'berating' the other or stopping others from entering that work place gate.

It is God's 'intent' that people are 'saved' from that fate by being self-sufficient from the beginning. For only when they are looking after their own 'affairs' will they become free in their own destiny.

This also applies to the halting of the 'tax' take. For once people stop paying taxes and just freely give directly to the community endeavours, will the costs of goods drop and there will be no need of 'welfare,' as each will be able to survive even if 'pay' gets less.

Stop making 'demands' from the employer and stop 'reprimanding' employers. If you 'think' they are offering 'less' than your worth, then look for another employer or open up your own business.

Stop making 'demands' from the welfare department and use your own hands and mind to be productive in any way you can. There are too many today 'sitting' around doing naught and expecting others via a 'forceful' taxation system to pay their food bill each day.

The legislative 'demands' upon employers by politicians via 'rules' will soon cease as man fights man. It is my 'plan' to educate you all so that 'in front of your Creator' you can one day ahead walk tall. Ask for help, do not demand or take.

For no other 'owes' you anything. So stop trying to 'sting' employers or others that you expect to support you, because as said, we must all be prepared to labour 'honestly' so that God sees that we deserve what we are paid.

So employees are only 'safe & secure' and can only remain 'meek & demure' when they are in control of their own 'wage' and life, and in control of their own 'policy' cover. For they then can 'call' upon their own insurance company rather than on a 'Company' that may lead to dispute and ill 'repute' claims.

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~ The Franchise ~

A 'Franchise' - is the privilege and 'right' to sell certain goods.
It is also the 'right' to use the 'brand' name 'inspired' by another.
It is the rightful 'permission' to 'do' something, given by one to another.

There are 'others' that are not franchisee's that 'steal' either the 'name' of another, or another's 'designs' for the purpose of monetary gain. These are 'thieves' who become 'disenfranchised' and lose their 'right' of access to the Promised Land.

Their 'theft' is accomplished by either 'simply' copying the product and marketing it under the 'brand' name of the 'inventor' as their own product, or by literally stealing it by registering it and/or its brand name as their 'Patent.'

This 'registering' is with an organisational 'body' of man that uses 'force of arms' within the punitive system of man to enforce ownership and, is what then enables the 'thief' to 'legitimately' pursue others using 'force of arms' or, to even halt the business of the 'rightful' owner that they have 'disenfranchised' from their own invention.

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~ Intellectual property ~

From time 'immemorial' God has given man inspiration. It is God's intent to raise the consciousness of man and to assist man on his way. The inspiration in man's mind is from God and becomes the 'property' of the entire human race but, - - -

The now 'materialised' property can only be honestly * 'marketed' under the 'brand' name of the 'inventive' person with their 'chosen' brand description by the inventor or, - - - marketed honestly by another person authorised by the inventor using the same brand name under a 'franchise' agreement or, - - - the design features can be used to manufacture a similar 'object' and then marketed by someone else that gives it an entirely different name.

For any person using the 'inventor's' ideas and 'brand' name to market the same goods is being dishonest, and only by having the 'inventor's permission or franchise are they 'honouring' their God and the inventor and their own souls by not 'stealing' the name for the purpose of financial gain.

For example, 'ARK anchors.' The 'brand' name chosen by 'Noah' for the inspiration from God is the word 'ARK' that describes the 'type' of anchor. The 'design' features are 'attached' to the brand name.

Thus every purchaser of an 'ARK' anchor knows that when they purchase an 'ARK' anchor, and that they are getting a 'certain' design of anchor, being the one designed and manufactured by Noah or, - - - if they purchase one from an 'authorised' * Franchisee, they also know that they are purchasing goods from a person that is honourable and not a thief, for their name is 'listed' on Noah's official site as 'one' with an agreement with Noah.

It is now the 'last' moment of time that man has the opportunity to 'change' from being a thief. But to do this 'he' needs be taught 'why' there is the need to be 'honest,' and for all to promote the positive sides of intellectual property rights, rather than just emphasizing enforcement of the law against counterfeit goods.

For 'ignorant' man sees not the 'power' of the invisible Creator to 'enforce' HIS singular "As you do is done unto you" LAW. Man sees not that 'pirating' * or supposedly 'legal' taking from others via Patenting of Trademark registration has a detrimental effect on his own future wellbeing.

For man is 'blind' and sees his 'unkindness' as purely business, and in the 'name' of 'business,' man commits many a crime and sees not that all he 'took' will from his 'pockets' be 'shook,' be it in this life or the next 'realm.'

Stealing or the unauthorised use of another's 'property' or brand name is the same as literally jumping over their garden fence and 'milking their cow,' and thus 'impoverishes' them and, - - - ultimately the 'thief' suffers the same fate and, - - - God said that all 'liars and thieves and murderers' would spend a time and a time in Hell. Wake up!

Note: honestly *- It is dishonest and dishonourable to market a product using another's name or brand name without their permission. This 'unauthorised' use also has unseen and very 'painful' consequences.

It is dishonest and dishonourable to market a product using another's name or brand name without their permission by 'Patenting' it in the 'assumption' that it is your divine right to so do within the 'rules' legislated by man. This 'unauthorised' use also has unseen and very 'painful' consequences, even 'though' it is perceived as 'legal' business practice in the eyes of the greedy and vain.

Note: 'authorised' * - One 'listed' by Noah as an honourable person that undertakes to supply an anchor made to Noah's specifications and, - - - one that has asked Noah for a franchise and, - - - one that has Noah's 'permission' to use the brand name 'ARK.'

Note: 'pirating' * - See the 'open window' item below.

    page 20

~ The Patent ~

Man 'invented' the 'Patent' system so as to 'protect' ideas and to 'enable' prosecution of 'thieves.' But man saw not that the ideas were all from God, to be used for the good of all and, for any to freely 'copy' and use.

But this very system of 'registering' an 'idea' in an official 'office' department also enabled thieves to steal the intellectual property of others, being their 'ideas and names' and to use force via the 'Patents protectors' to enforce their thievery.

Thereby enabling a person who 'intends' to 'defraud' another by 'Patenting' the item or brand name themselves, and thus using 'official' means to make use of the brand name of the inventor and, - - -

Enabling them to 'Patent' an item that they did not 'invent' and, - - by this very 'act' they also 'intend' to take over the invention, and in some cases to even use the 'system' of man to force the 'inventor' to 'shut up shop' so that they are no longer able to use the God given gift.

Man now needs to see that any 'use' of another's ideas is in God's eyes perfectly legal. For all 'ideas' are God-given to man for the 'good' of all. However, it is not a 'good' idea to try and 'steal' the 'invention' from its 'originator' using any 'System' or 'office' of man.

That is a very unkind and 'antisocial' act that contravenes God's Commandment to 'Love one another,' and God sees the intent and the 'wrong' deed. If you seek to use the ARK design then feel free to so do. But do not call it an 'ARK' anchor unless it has been 'franchised' by me to you because, - - -

If you so do, or even if you 'rush' off to the 'agency' to 'Patent' the 'ARK' name or the name 'Noah' in an 'attempt' to gain anything, then your personal 'tale' will become one of 'dread' as you make your personal 'bed' in HELL.

So if your name is 'Fred,' then make as many anchors to 'my' design as you so 'wish,' but call them the "Fred anchor," without adding 'being a 'copy' of the original * ARK anchor design, for you are still then 'using' the brand name as 'promotional' and getting 'free' advertising of your product.

So make the 'Fred' anchor and then tell all about it, this way you still make some daily 'bread,' but you do not pave the way to dread for being a thief unwise as well as an arrogant 'idiot.'

Man needs no 'Patent' office to protect his 'ideas,' he only needs a Patent 'office' to record the ideas from God so that others can find them and their 'inventor' if they are not 'openly' visible as is the ARK anchor system.

As for 'Patent' protection, ones 'interest' in the new coming age will be 'automatic' due to the inherent 'nature' of those remaining on earth. For they will all be 'good' and God 'fearing' * people, in that they will all seek to care for one another, and those continuing to be 'thieves' will have been swept into the Abyss.

Note: original * - It is then between 'Fred & God' as to whether Fred manufactures and supplies a 'good' quality product that is as good as the 'original' given by God through Noah and, it is up to the public to choose their 'source' of product.

Note: God 'fearing' * people - God fearing people are those whom believe in God. Thus they abide in the commandment to be peaceful & merciful & forgiving. There are some people that know 'no' God and 'see' no God thus fear no God, and they 'openly' and arrogantly strut around and interfere in the lives of others and mutilate them or punish them as their 'leaders' or 'rules' authorise them to.

The following 'words' on 'Patents' is from page 40 found at the following web site:

God does us "inspiration" give so that all can advance and easier live. Let greed now no longer man’s mind span. Let the Patents office from now on be a place where our ideas we place so all can freely it see, and freely use to benefit the entire planetary community.

Let the patents library be "run" by those who can clearly see, and thus only their "spot" grace with positive ideas, rather than those of "mace." All for one and one for all.

Let no man demand a licence "fee" for ideas we needs give for free. By all means we can someone pay for plans and advice given our way, but 'patenting' for exclusivity is not the way that man is now to be.

Let our product "protection"
be but its "goodness" reflection.

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~ The 'open window' ~

There is an 'open' window that presents an 'opportunity' for the unwary to 'enter' into a 'contract' with the Devil as they are 'tempted' to take something for nothing that is not theirs to have.

This 'temptation' can occur in many ways, and is no different to a person walking past an open 'window' or door and being 'tempted' to 'pocket' or take something that is not theirs to take, and they assume that their action is unseen and, - - - some may also 'presume' that it is 'fair play' to so do simply because they have been shown by others how easy it is to so do.

This is the 'folly' and daydream' of man today, for none see that God's all seeing 'eye' does 'span' the material universe as well as every other 'realm' invisible to man.

This 'theft' is easily understood by all when my example is a simple one, whereby you 'take' a neighbour's sheep one night and eat it because you felt the need to take it or your family was hungry.

Seeing not, that God will ensure that HIS Law of "As you do is done unto you" is fulfilled in HIS own time, when your 'plate' will be emptied by another on a later day.

The 'openness' of the doorway into the intellectual and material property of others is not so easily understood when it comes to the mass 'transfer' and 'copying' of another's manufactured product that is also seen by God as 'theft.'

For you cannot 'click' on a keyboard and instantly make a material anchor similar to the one manufactured by me in stainless steel, but you can at the 'click' of a 'button' set your computer searching to download a 'ware' or program that was not only 'invented' by another, but the actual program was placed into a marketable format and sold to someone.

So when you decide to obtain a 'copy' of such by copying the material product and not actually purchasing it, then you have in fact stolen 'something' from its rightful owner the designer, manufacturer, or franchised supplier.

Even if you 'copy' or 'tape' a soundtrack from another's cassette or, you make a copy of your own to give away, you are a thief and you will be brought to account by God when least expected.

If you wish to obtain a product to use, then pay for it. If your sister or brother wish to make use of it and ask you to give them a 'copy,' then you can either say NO or, you can give it away in its fullness, and not retain a copy for your own use. This way you have paid for something and given it away as a gift.

Let your conscience be your guide, for there is no reason for you not 'lending' a book or a cassette for another to use 'temporarily,' and I am sure the 'originator' expects this might occur. It is but when you set out to 'steal' or 'defraud' that it is error to later bring you 'terror.'

Maybe too it is up to those such as 'Microsoft' to 'list' on their web site a 'share ware' section, upon which they can say for example: "All our products that are 24 months old may be shared freely, this means that you may make 'copies' of such after the above 'expiry' date." It is then between you and God as to what you do prior to that time span.

As I write this there are millions of people 'working' the internet and 'entering' the 'playground' of death as they 'copy' the 'shareware' products being made available by others seeking to obtain something for nothing.

All in the 'long run' do lose, and if you cannot 'afford' to buy the product then work harder or stay 'poor,' for that then is your karmic fate ordained by God and, - - - if there are any 'programs' on your computer that you 'obtained' for free 'illegally' as 'exposed' by me, then you would be wise to delete them instantly and show God your new way to now be.

Soon, as the 'non-believers' that fight, deceive, coerce, tempt, steal, and abuse others are swept away, there will on earth only remain those that showed God their 'belief' in the words 'respect & peace & truth & love & kindness & honesty & forgiveness,' so please ensure that your 'business practices' are seen by God as 'perfect.'

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~ Break the “Spell” of man’s Law ~

It’s time to take the Law into your own hands now. Not man’s Law that “demands & reprimands,” but God’s Law that says: “What you do, I will do unto you.” Try then and see that it matters not what man’s Law gives to you, for if what you do or did was untrue in God’s eyes, then you will for your folly pay on another day.

Man’s Law is but legislated 'rules' that are simply decrees designed to extort funds from you and punish you for non compliance and bring you to your knees and, - - - IT is ‘subject’ to God’s Law and all must this now see. Seek the wisdom of this truth and then say: “I will abide in the RIGHT side of God’s LAW from today, thus I no longer demand justice and force another to continue to employ me and me pay if they seek not to see my face their way.”

Whatever happens to you is a divine happening, be it good or bad. Whatever you personally DO is your choice to be good or bad, kind or unkind, and the result one day ahead is happy or sad.

Choose today to heed this God’s say.


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