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~ Life Crisis ~

Be it 'mid-life' or early in life or at life's end, there can be a 'time' when there is a 'mental' realisation that we 'lack' something. We may not have 'felt' this lack due to having been kept busy as we fulfilled our 'thoughts' whims as they drove us one way or another. Suddenly we 'awaken' to the fact that 'life' seems to have 'passed us by.'

Life does not 'pass us by' for we do 'live' each passing moment. It is but that we either are not consciously aware of its 'fullness,' or its passing 'content' is one of frustration and despair in which we are 'locked-in' to our negative thoughts and see not what is 'outside' as along we unhappily stride. From 'whence' comes this inner 'bother'? It is due to emotions within that are 'other than' the pure light of love. They are:

Emotional feelings of criticism of self or others.
Feelings of being unloved and un-cared for by others.
Feelings of despair as we share thoughts with those lost below.
Feeling worth-less, and thus 'limited' in ones capacity to express.

Feelings of lack of material security, no worthwhile 'job' and no home owned.
Feelings of unfulfilled expectations as we 'look' at others who appear 'whole.'
Feelings of lack of fulfilment, in that we reached not the expectations of others.
Feelings of 'self-pity' that we be what we be, being 'less' than what we would 'be.'

The 'awakening' can come swiftly or be as a 'growing' despair and one seems lost and cannot even think clearly "What is it I want to do - or be - or need to see"?

There is a 'time' when one is a 'cared for' child. Life for these can be 'mild' as all our needs are met and one does not fret. Unless of course our parents did 'divorce' and thus we may have felt 'abandoned.'

Let us 'assume' that our childhood was 'good' and thus at this time we did not on unhappiness brood. There then 'comes' a time of transition, which we cannot actually see, but it is preparation for when we need to self-sufficient be.

This transition is what we unconsciously 'learn' as we 'observe' and help mom & dad wash the dishes, iron the clothes and sweep the floor and place the 'dust' outside our door. This I did 'underline' for we can 'collect' mental grime and it too needs be swept away if ahead we would have a happier 'day.'

The transition is also a spiritual one in which our emotions begin to 'run' and a mate we seek as we hope they will be loving and meek. Alas, there is no 'perfect match' as yet on earth, as all wear a 'hat' that is woven with thatch that too has a 'core' true but has many strands of darkness also showing through.

So what I need to say to all who pass my way and this read, is that they need to become 'self-sufficient' by first sweeping clear their mind of thoughts from spirits that bind them to 'their' needs - wants - desires, then as they can clearer see they will realise that life did not 'pass them by.' No, they just lived it without personally having had a 'try,' due to being 'used' by others minds far away.

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Fulfilment is but 'feeling' the emotion of happiness and contentment. Unfortunately in 'this' present 'materially' based world we are taught that happiness is achieved by elevated status, that either shows us 'as' a star or we show others we 'are' a star due to our accumulated wealth and power.

Happiness can only be 'felt' and thus we are fulfilled when we 'overpower' intrusive thoughts that invade unprotected minds like a rain shower. For it is these thoughts that 'trigger' our inner 'sin' being our dark emotions within.

Happiness will only come our way when we 'decide' that we can stand back from exuding power play over the lives of others whom we 'seek' to love or be loved by. If your 'partner' does not meet your expectations then you are foolish if you only 'see' the 'dark' they be.

Happy you will be when you only see their Light and help them to 'smile' at you day and night and in this they will your light also see and they will not be 'bound' to respond darkly to your negativity.

Let your 'direction' change from today by first learning about invisible power play and then you decide where to 'abide.' Be it by the ice or the tropical sea or in heaven with me. Once you make your choice then heed my voice and make a 'move' towards that chosen 'spot' even if on hands and knees or a donkey you have to 'trot.'

At any 'place' and at any 'time' during your journey being this life's 'road' you must fulfil your final destiny by being "it" in action. Be kind and loving and true to all whom pass by you. Take naught but give as much or more than is for you bought. Only thus will you see that 'eventually' so much comes your way that you 'never' have to 'earn' any pay.

So the 'happiness' is not 'bought' by financial income. It is 'found' when the spirit within thee is totally of darkness free. For then and only then can you 'sit' under a coconut tree by the sea and happy be.

Let your personal 'space place' be within your financial boundary of 'that' day. Let your quest for 'fame & fortune' be 'tempered' by the Light you shine every day as you 'await' for God to open doors for which you do not have to a $ pay.

Learn now to be true to the lost linked to thee invisibly and thus ahead is your freedom won. Being the freedom from doubt & despair & critical ware. All now must learn to 'walk' and then ahead they will run on their last 'leg' to the sun.

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Remember, the fulfillment of each moment of passing time can be filled with fear, confusion, frustration, and unhappiness due to enslavement to intrusive dark thoughts - Or - you can walk filled with joyful anticipation at the pleasure of what is or is to be and you are filled with happiness as you see 'beauty' around and your mind is free and not bound.

Try and set yourself free from any thoughts that say you are a 'nobody' or a 'loser.' Try and see that you are "someone" with a unique personality and thus you needs say to yourself:

"I AM ME" and I have the capacity to be happy in whatever situation Our God places me. For I am full of grace and God did give me a place in this universe. I just need to recognise that fact and begin to see that it is within my own mind that I hold my destiny."

You do not 'have to' meet the expectations of others and this also applies to the expectations of ancestral 'spirits' presenting themselves as thoughts within your mind as they try and impose their wishes and whims and judgments within your psyche.

Often the "problem" is that we expect the other to fulfil our needs, wants, and expectations, and when they 'fail' then we criticise them and confront them and condemn them as 'less than' and at fault.

They cannot fulfil your needs because they too have 'similar' expectations of you, and neither can know the "innermost" desire of the other because the "other" knows not what they truly need, want, or desire because their mind as yours "belong to" and are "used by" invisible spirits who themselves have confused "changeable" minds.

So the first "step" is to learn how to identify and "cast out" negative intrusive thoughts so that one can become respectful of others and not criticise their perceived failings that affect you.

The second "step" is to become only kind and caring and sharing your love with the other and be thankful that you can see their Light within and you must only show them your Light and not your inner 'sin.'

Yes, be wise. Only smile and be thankful of what they do give and this way you will begin to "observe" that the world is a beautiful place even though many 'slip' and sin as their 'darkness' does 'win' for they did not yet begin to see the truth emanating from me.

Seed your mind with the wisdom from afar on these web pages as you also meditate on the 'star' bright and then you will transcend the darkness that has you 'found' and bound.