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~ The 'Inner Energy' Paper ~
"The spiritual energies within the soul of man"

Explaining the 'causal' factors of benevolent & kind Respect & Peace v/s cruel & callous Disrespect & Violence.

This Paper is written to give humanity an understanding as to why and how 'some' people have become pure liquid evil in their 'way' and, - - - why some are kind and caring 'some' days and violently 'ill' spiritually on other days as they become abusive and, - - - why some are always kind and caring and true sisters or brothers.

To understand this 'fact' one first needs to learn about the invisible spirit nature of mankind. For within the 'flesh' lies a spirit being that has an essence of energy. Thus this Paper 'reveals' truths about the inner energy essence of man, and what affects its 'balance of power' in respect of positive or negative expression or 'being.'

Why are 'some' powerfully evil?
Why are 'some' powerfully good?
Why are 'some' callous or kind?
Why are 'some' angry and violent?

Why are 'some' happy and others sad?
Why are 'some' good and others so bad?
Why are 'some' trustworthy and others do you bind?
Why are 'some' cold and calculating with evil intent?

And can or do 'some' change for better or for worse?

Surely our God does this answer know, 
and this truth upon all our God does via me bestow.

The essence of the Source God has two polarities that are spiritual energy, and this energy has two 'opposites' that have 'extremes' far beyond our comprehension. One has the capacity to elevate and create and love and freedom give. The other has the capacity to put down and destroy and hate and control so none in freedom live.

We are created by the 'fiery' union of this Power as it 'joins' and 'dances' at the 'point' where its energies 'mix' and, as 'pearls' of light our souls 'dance' forth, gleaming as starry 'sparklets' shining in the night. Thus each one of us is created as a separate 'entity' from the 'whole' essence of the Source, and within us is the 'brilliance' of our love light core, and 'traces' of the 'traits' of the Dark's seeds for sure, both being the 'energy of God.'

At this 'moment' of our spiritual 'conception,' the Light energy content of each soul is 99.999 % pure, being all the positive 'traits' of the lovely creative positive emotional energies, - - - joy, happiness, delight, anticipation, love, desire, compassion, mercy, goodness, forgiveness, softness, and warmth etc.

But the .001 % of the soul energy contains tiny seeds of the Dark negative 'traits' of the awful destructive emotional energies, - - - anger, hatred, vengeance, lust, greed, envy, pride, vanity, criticism, deception, callousness, cruelty, mercilessness, un-forgiveness, hardness, and coldness etc.

As the 'child' spirit soul is 'born' in spirit at the pinnacle of God's desire to Create, its 'energy' is 'still,' and its mind is blank but, - - - as moment by moment in eternal time passes, it begins to move and to think as God's energy flows through it and, 'images' enter its 'vision' and, - - - 

Its senses are impacted upon as God's thoughts enter its mind and, - - - it begins to 'remember' and to 'store' all input within its spirit memory and, - - - it takes the spirit soul an eternity of time to grow into 'adulthood.' 

Prior to this time all its 'thoughts' are good, for there is no 'temptation' within its grasp. For it is 'sheltered' from the Dark 'tree' until it is old 'enough' to wander 'forth' from its 'Oasis of love,' and then God 'permits' the revelation of God's fullness, nature and stature to it, for no 'parent' would fail to 'consent' to revealing all unto its Creation that has to be given the TRUTH and the CHOICE to live or to die.

So the time does come when just as in this 'level' when a child's nature has grown up, and it seeks to 'wander' forth and experience many things. Be it  swimming in the sea or suffering bee stings from extracting sweet honey, that it consciously seeks to venture forth away from the 'protection' of its parents home.

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In the highest level of light just below the 'pinnacle' of heaven, there is a sacred 'spot' where the soul is taught about spiritual life and death and the purity of God's 'leaven' (sacred wisdom) is given to it and all. Being that, once one wanders outside the 'perimeter' of heaven, that  via the dark seeds within can arise thoughts that will 'tempt' one to 'sin,' being the temptation to forcefully control, or punish, or abuse, or to take from others and, - - - 

That any 'giving in' to these thoughts results in great suffering and pain, as God's Law applies to the arrogant and vain and, - - - that supping on the poisonous 'juice' of dark energy in 'energetically' abusing others also results in the dark energy 'infusing' their souls and 'watering' the seeds of darkness, that then grow stronger within but, - - - 

For 'some' reason or other there comes a time when they choose to listen to the 'whisperings' of the 'deceptive' Serpent, and in so doing they 'eat' of the fruit of evil as they 'dine' on HIS dark energy. For HIS power is the power of God, and his deceptive nature is very great and they see not the 'snare' hidden on the 'edge' of his 'plate.'

For as they 'sup' on the dark energy and something 'bad' do, they 'invite' a return of suffering at the 'hands' of another equally untrue and, - - - as they use dark energy over an eternity or two, it grows like a cancer within their soul too and, - - - one day its 'weight' of negative energy drags them down and they 'fall' out of the 'sky' into a 'lower' level where they begin to 'frown' and wonder why.

For its 'space' is not so 'bright' nor 'clear' and there, they find 'bullies' drawing near. So from that moment on they begin to 'panic' and fight. Seeing not the spider's 'web' drawing around them more tight, and their 'inner energy' space begins to become very dark and from God, they try and hide their disgrace.

So as you now see, in this 'realm' all others around and even you are filled with 'disgraceful' dark emotions untrue, and via these emotions the Dark Sovereign Power does speak in your mind and HE 'consoles' you by 'thinking' these thoughts: "I am not so bad, and it is the others that are mad. Thus it is up to me to put them in their place, even if to so do I must wield a mace."

The only reason why 'some' are more evil than you is that they are spiritually older, and have thus had the time to be more 'untrue' and draw in more dark energy of God's essence than you. So as you seek to abuse them and put them in their 'place,' you draw in more dark 'essence' into your own soul 'space' and, - - - it is you then to fall further down and thus further away from the Light.

Thus the 'need' and reason to heed God's "Forgiveness and compassion and mercy unto all" call.

Take 'notice' of what I write, for the only way that you will ever - ever - EVER become free of the 'horrid' BINDS of Dark Energy that you know are in you, is if you now listen to God via ME. For the 'hold' and power of the dark over you is far greater than you can even imagine, and without my 'revelations' and your 'efforts,' you will continue on and on in your downward spiral until you are spiritually dead, and crushed into the oblivion of the depths below, that I truly do see and know.

There is now a 'once' in an eternity great outpouring of 'accelerated' expansion of LIGHT energy 'burning' very brightly for a few years and, during and only during this time 'frame' will the Light have the 'capacity' to purge your souls of 'some' or 'all' of the dark 'sin' energy within you and, - - -

To even 'begin' to do this, you need to halt the 'ingress' of more dark 'tacky' energy that does 'accrue' within you each time you or your 'servants' defy God's "Extend peace and goodwill unto all mankind" Command, and dark forceful energy is then used in interaction with others.

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Not only has the Dark a powerful hold over your mind and emotions, but it is also 'aided' by the false ideological beliefs that fill your mental 'space,' and it is thus that you so easily 'forgo' God and God's Command and wield a verbal or material mace. Thus it will be very hard for you, especially when others are being cruel and unkind to you, being your 'accrued' karmic due.

The darkness 'blinds' you as to your 'dark' activities, and only lets you see the others dark activities, that 'justify' you into becoming more untrue as you 'angrily' demand retributive accountability from them for their misdeeds .

Yes the soul can be 'purged' of all dark energy and to be purged of the core 'nucleus' of the seeds of darkness. Thus permitting and enabling your soul to enter the ultimate level (Heaven) and never again be 'tempted' to sin. Free at last to have every 'restriction' lifted, and to be able to love and dance and dine with the true, and never again be subjected to 'ridicule' and suffering at the hands of swine.

So please seed your minds with all I write and set yourself free from any 'authority' that forces you to be its enforcer or 'snitch' for it for the purpose of punishment. For if you 'fail' in this 'ask,' then you will 'divorce' your own soul eternally from the Light, for that is the 'result' that awaits all now that continue to control, punish, or fight.

It is not your 'belief' that takes you to Heaven or Hell, nor is it the 'ranting' of any 'priest,' or Imam, or other 'supposedly' holy man. It is purely the MASS of positive or negative 'inner energy' vibrating at a 'certain' frequency in your soul that is 'attracted' to a corresponding realm or 'level' of 'vibrating' consciousness within God's eternal house that has 'countless' rooms or realms.

Active negative emotions are a sign of a spiritually diseased soul. For it is not 'normal' for a spirit being to be dark and negative and abusive or unhappy. Is there any 'reason' to help those we perceive as EVIL? - - - YES, there is.

For the reason why we give offenders good counsel rather than punishment, is that we understand why they are 'sad and bad,' and we assist them to become free from the dark energy that is our 'common' enemy and, as we do assist them we also show God that we are merciful & compassionate and forgiving.

It is a fact that people are incensed in finding out 'who' is guilty solely for the purpose of punitive accountability due to the dark essence within them, that is trying to 'fulfil' its 'retributive' self. Seeing not that God already knows all, and God ensures that 'offenders' NEVER get away with it. Let us now 'studiously' read and learn a little about God's energy within us, and become free.

Yes we should seek to find out who was 'guilty' of past offences, and thus suffering at the hands of some ignorant 'offending' one. This needs doing for the SOLE purpose of counselling them both, and setting them both free of ignorance so that they both become happy individuals.

God's energy is always 'ready' to MOVE. It is flowing as your emotions 'hum,' and if your thoughts let you down then you become a 'victim' of the 'shark' darkness. If your thoughts stay steady and respectful and sane, you become a recipient of Light energy and receive a positive return.

The inspirational thoughts 'driving' your intent shows you 'which' energy of God is inspiring you, the Light or the Dark.
The reasoning used to reach the concluded deed may appear 'good,' but the actual deed may have been bad in God's eyes.

Nothing and no 'one' can or will force me into using darkness or funding or promoting IT in its 'activities,' and thus defying God by abusing others. Rules force people into using darkness 'legitimately,' and as far as the darkness is concerned, the use of ITS energy is an illegal and illegitimate act and, IT wrathfully retaliates in ITS time frame.

Now your eternal 'passage of time' is to be 'set' by your actions. You have the final choice to pass the 'rest' of eternal time in the Light where all are free to happy be, or to be confined by the Dark in its lower dark cold worlds where all eternally fight and entwine in blood and grime and foul slime until they are entombed in the 'coal' face of the compacted dead 'earth like' energy.

My message of today is the TRUTH again given to you all by your Creator, and you again have the CHOICE to live or die.