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~ Green fields ~
the snake in the grass

This little spiritual narration is to enlighten your subconscious mind and pertains to the truth as to "why" our deeds may be seen by others as "less" than worthy, as any interaction with another soul that as yet is 'with sin' within arouses the dark one that "shines through" their inner sin from below, and "it/he" is eternally dissatisfied and is insatiable in his quest to find fault with all around.

If a person has a spirit soul that is "sinless," being free of any negative emotions within (free spirit), then only love and respect flows free and they are peaceful within and without, and there are no negative thoughts intruding into their mind that is 'at rest,' unless they wish to think of something.

The Light energy within your soul is like a sparkling green field of calm and charm. The Dark energy within is like a poisonous weed, being the 'strong arm.'

It is the negative emotions within that are "hidden" as deadly weeds in the grass that make us Sin. (Control or abuse of others).

Yes, if perchance you upon another's field "tread," and its green grass is not weed free then you incite the "dread." For as the darkness in the other feels your "touch" on its bed, it "awakens" and raises its venomous "Medusa" head.

Try and see the reality that it is only the darkness that is pain, and a soul only became "with sin" (having negative emotions within) because eons ago they were vain, and thus denied the commandment of God who said: "Only love one another," as in realms of spirit they for zillions of years trod.

So I stand now at today, and every "spirit" in the flesh needs heed my say. For I say that any who are suffering do it deserve for swerving away from God's Holy Word. It is however my compassion for their suffering that again brings me here.

Yes, all negative energy within (sin), we over time drew in, and it is the suffering that we 'feel,' and that is our "fate" that we must suffer on the road until our God cleanses us of "that" dark inner lode.

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The dark "Serpent's" energy, being the energy essence of the negative feelings of despair, fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, etc can be triggered in a variety of ways. E.g.

1 - No specific reason. The 'energetic' energy just vibrates and the person feels that particular emotion or combination of emotions. When "active," these dark emotions permit negative telepathic thought intrusion along their vibrational wavelength.

2 - Thoughts revolving within the mind of the person trigger an emotion, and the thoughts give a 'justification' for the activation of, or continuance for a negative emotion to be "presently" active and thus felt.

3 - Someone says something to a person or about a person that is either critical or "less" than kind or loving or respectful, and this triggers the negative emotions and also permits negative thought flow to erupt into their mind telepathically from the dark. These thoughts then revolve endlessly on that "theme" when the person is awake or even when they "dream."

4 - When a person is abused verbally or physically by another, this instantly triggers a multiplicity of negative "weeds" that "hum" to their particular tune and to a given "power" depending on their size, and the mind of the recipient of the abuse is instantly incited to "unthinkingly" respond negatively in retaliation.

I say "unthinkingly," for dark energy is contra the light, and thus it has no consideration for God's call of "Peace" and as said, the darkness uses you and in your ignorance you pave your own painful bed for heeding not the Light of God as you interfere, punish, or fight.

This or any negative expression of abuse that is called self defence, or justifiable attack, or protection of the weak is "sinning" in the eyes of God as it is contra the "Only love" commandment, and the penalty for non-compliance to God's decree is two-fold.

Firstly under the One Law* of God, what was "done" to the "abused one" by the "offender" will return to them either instantly or at a later date, (karma). * "As you sow so shall ye reap."

Secondly, under the One Law* of God, what was "done" to the "offender"  by enforcers on behalf of the abused one or on behalf of the community by enforcers will return to the enforcer and their 'backers' at a later date, (karma). * "As you sow so shall ye reap."

Also, and more to the point ref "inner suffering," during any negative expression there is a "flow-through" of negative energy that "waters" or "feeds" the negative emotion through which it flowed, and "it" the emotion becomes a more powerful "snake" or weed within your soul.

It is thus that its emotional "essence" becomes greater. i.e. your fear or anger emotion 'grows' within, and is enhanced/stronger, and thus your future less secure spiritually. As not only is your "discontent" greater, but your capacity to cause others harm and thus ultimately yourself, is also greater.

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So the more one "loses control" of ones mind and expressed actions, and thus uses/expresses darkness, the greater ones spiritual bondage to that dark force. That invisible force being the massive sea of darkness below that has one purpose, and that is to maximize the suffering of/to any whom used it/supped from its cup and to ultimately destroy it for being a 'bad' seed.

The negative emotions/energy within you are a part of it the dark essence of God. This is the "Trojan horse" within your spiritual fortress within you. It knows all about you. Its capacity and voracity is infinite and thus too it knows "how" it can manipulate your mind and use you for its "ends," being to use you to mete out retribution for it, and thus 'balance' its scales of Justice against the one it abused using you and, thus destroy you in the process.

This it can do with seeming impunity as you are not even aware of what you do as you deny God's call when its 'compelling & justifiable' power flows through your aroused Dark emotions.

If you are a manipulator or "comptroller" and thus convince others to use darkness in order to aid your "ends" in any way, then both for their folly will pay. You must not verbally or physically abuse any other. If you steal, then through this will you also your own fate seal.

Also try and see that any "control" of another that in any way affects their freedom of movement or freedom of expression is also "theft" of their liberty, and this nature of "sinning" means that you are permitting yourself to be enslaved ahead by the dark overlord.

I also say that there is hope that hangs on a golden threaded rope, being my merciful message from above that is bequeathed to you all with my love.

I say that all who heed not my say will become totally insane on a soon coming day. For the weeds within their "ground" will now grow as they are 'fed' through responding negatively to the negative actions of others with minds unsound.

These weeds are also "fed" from within, being telepathic thoughts that "seductively" flow in from the Devil way way below, to incite you to mete out what is perceived as "honourable" justice. If you permit your inner weeds to grow then upon yourself you will bestow a very painful karmic debt.

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And the "dark" feelings within will stronger get, and through your fear or anger or depression you will more fret. What I want all you "sinners" to know is that there is virtually no end to the suffering if you fall below.

This for certain you do if you take your own life or continue to control or abuse others. Be they true or untrue. For once "below" the pressure on your mind and senses does constantly flow.

It's truly now the time for you to all "wake up," as dark "demanding" thoughts do more on every mind sup and, you will find many a 'reason' to be vindictive or punitive. I am standing around waiting to help thee, being any who are not too proud or not yet bound by total insanity.

For if either of the above you are, then you will be incapable of hearing or complying to my message from afar. And as said, it is you then to make your own bed in the dark place below, where all "vengefully" mete out suffering that under God's ONE Law does daily return, and upon the ignorant "fool" bestows burning pain.

Any attempt at suicide, or any expression of negativity in the abuse of any other is an indication that the spirit soul of that person is already past the critical point, in that when any "added' pressure is placed upon them they will be unable to "resist" the hypnotic thoughts within, and they will then "sin." They will abuse self or others; it is the "same" illness of the soul.

The only permanent cure is when the soul is purged of a particular dark emotion by God, and prior to this, the afflicted one needs know the truth of the matter, so that they can make a personal effort to aid themselves, with or without your good counsel. For ultimately it is they who are responsible spiritually for any "action" taken by them as the result of their thought processes.

It is now the time for truth. For there are no weeds in the green fields of heaven. No spirit soul can enter "that" place when there is even one speck of 'darkness' hidden within the soul.

Earth realm is but one of hundreds of levels of consciousness that "sit" between the "gate" to heaven and the "door" to the abyss. The vibration frequency of your soul is what draws you to your next destination, not your 'religious' belief.

Be thus advised that your actions from today forth will have a great bearing on your "present" mental processes and future peace of mind. The document applies to all "spirits," be they incarnate or discarnate. For all will now be subjected to escalating emotional trauma as well as intensifying mental attack from within their own psyche from the source of darkness.

Daily fortification of the mind as given in this document and the "Brief Summary" is imperative for any soul who seeks "peace of mind" and salvation. To attain this one has to "win" the battle within the mind.

Do not entertain negative thoughts, they are false thoughts and deceptive and their intent is negative and pain-full. Water only your "sweet" green grass by the expression of love & care & share & forgiveness.

Remember, 'Unconditional love' means that you will love others unconditionally, that means that irrespective of what they do, you to the light of kindness and reason will remain true. No criticism or condemnation of the 'errant' offender's ways is to be seen flowing through you.

Terence - The Spirit of Truth