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~ Jekyll & Hyde ~
The multiple personality disorder (MPD)

This article is to alert everyone to the FACT that any person having any negative emotions within their soul IS suffering from the 'Jekyll & Hyde' syndrome because, when faced by situations which cause them to be confronted or inconvenienced in any way they become critical, vindictive, angry etc., and their interaction with others is negative or cruel or injurious and in contravention of the precepts of God's Command to:

"Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

Try and comprehend that the Dark energy of God IS 'intrusive' and destructive and, in 'opposition' to God's Light energy which is non intrusive and creative.

Try and comprehend that a person who in their eternally long 'life' in spirit realms did defy God and thus did draw IN some dark energy (Sin - - - negative emotions) can thus at times be a 'danger' unto themself, for there is a 'comeback' for our interaction with others so, - - - whatever we DO unto others in FACT we are doing unto ourselves.

What IS the multiple personality disorder which has 'troubled' psychiatrists and others for so long? It simply means that our unique 'godly' benign inner Light personality can BE overridden by the 'personalities' of powerful spirit forces (people) in the underworld for a moment in time or for a very long time. How or why is this a multiple personal disorder rather than simply ONE other 'spirit' personality interfering in ones mind?

It is due to the varying combinations and energy mass of our unique mixture of negative emotions. Each has its own frequency 'channel,' and similarly to tuning in a radio frequency, as each emotion vibrates, then IT links our mind to the minds of many others with the same frequency, and they can all have some input as they have the intrusive POWER to invade our psyche and manipulate our thoughts to meet their demands or requirements which are ALWAYS vindictive and thus detrimental to our spiritual well-being.

And why is it a 'disorder' as such? Because every verbal or physical interaction with others which is negative or critical etc., triggers the dark energy within the other and as we all 'Reap what we sow,' there is an ongoing vendetta of unforgiving interaction between the parties. This negative interaction IS 'disorderly' leading to more disorder.

Many people 'possessed' by intrusive thoughts are unaware of this intrusion. Their negative interaction IS within their mind always JUSTIFIED and 'reasonable' for the DARK is so cunning and 'hidden' that they cannot see IT operating through them. Neither do they understand or realise that as they are used BY it, that some dark energy contaminates their soul and, - - - neither are they aware that ahead, they will be the ONE being 'victimised' by others doing the same to them.

People who are suffering at the hands of others are NOT 'victims,' they are simply people receiving their 'Just' comeback for negative deeds they perpetrated previously in this life time or a pre-birth time. The REAL victim is the silly 'fool' meting OUT the punishment, for they see not that they have simply 'relieved' the injured one of a spiritual debt which ahead they will also be forced to suffer.

The other 'fool' is the one who retaliates as they are imposed upon, and they also simply accrue a further spiritual DUE. NON-retaliation is the only way to become free spiritually. (Turn the other cheek and 'go' as a lamb to the slaughter)

So any person 'crying' "FOUL - - - I have been sodomised" or sold up or injured by 'John or Mary or Freddy' is simply telling the WORLD what they did to others before and, - - - as they seek the punishment of 'John or Mary or Freddy' they simply defy their God and as they punish the other, or are complicit to IT, they simply accrue a further DUE to God's ENERGY which ALWAYS balances ITS 'books' when IT so chooses.

Mercy, compassion and the EDUCATION of offenders is the ONLY way forwards to the LIGHT

~ The two 'wolves' story ~

One evening and old Cherokee Indian told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said:

"My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.

One is 'Evil,' it is angry, hateful, jealous, vain, proud, greedy, critical, arrogant, aggressive, fearful, resentful and it is merciless and unforgiving.

The other is 'Good,' it is peaceful, joyful, loving, kind, benevolent, empathetic, truthful, compassionate, merciful and forgiving."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then said: "Which wolf wins"?

His grandfather replied: "The one you feed"

The moral of the story is, that we all have the God given 'Right' to 'sup on' or 'feed on' either aspect of God's invisible energy essence

One is the essence of Light energy, and when we use ITS benign and creative 'aspects' in our interaction with others, then our spirit souls become 'brighter' and we become as IT is, and ITS uplifting inspiration and goodness and merciful and forgiving thoughts flow forth upon all we meet and they and us become happier and contented. When this happens our mind is steady, rational and respectful as we are able to exercise our conscience.

One is the essence of Dark energy, and when we use ITS dictatorial and destructive 'aspects' in our interaction with others, then our souls become contaminated by that dark energy. Being contaminated by dark energy means that we become as IT is and IT then consumes our minds with ITS merciless and unforgiving thoughts, thoughts we cannot 'halt' and as a consequence we become unhappy and vindictive because our mind is unsteady, irrational and disrespectful.  The end result of using Dark energy is that we are being mentally controlled by overpowering thoughts which 'justify' and 'rationalise' our negative interaction.

Why does Dark energy have the 'Power' to convince people to use IT and BE 'vengeful, controlling, dictatorial, disrespectful, injurious, punitive and destructive'? It is due to ITS 'super-intelligence' and all seeing and all knowing capacity and,  - - - it is consciously aware of the Karmic debts to IT 'owed' by anyone or everyone who has used IT in their interaction with others. Being everyone living in every realm outside of the pure Light of Heaven.

It follows that if YOU have any negative emotions within YOU, (ITS Dark energy) then  as IT becomes 'aroused' within YOU then IT uses YOU to be ITS 'retributive arm' and YOU then verbally or physically 'punish' any past offender who used ITS energy in their past. Being a past deed on their part which probably has nothing to do with the present.

ITS 'power' and thoughts rise UP from the Dark via the minds of other dark demonic forces already trapped by IT and it is they who are used to 'possess' your mind telepathically and YOU for them and IT mete out 'Justice' so to speak.

Those who fail to fortify their minds will be controlled and used as 'robots' by powerful dark spirit forces existing in the underworld and, as we do their 'bidding' we draw IN more and more dark energy, thereby 'paving' our eternal destiny in the underworld of eternal savagery and suffering. All 'controlled' minds are RESTLESS as their thoughts twist, weave, deceive and MISLEAD.

The thoughts of man do NOT cause the emotions of anger or fear etc. It is THE Dark and negative emotions within the spirit soul of mankind which are the CAUSE of the person FEELING angry, vengeful, jealous, fearful, critical etc. The EMOTIONS are what is termed "The SIN" in man, being the dark energy drawn IN over an eternity of time as man defied the Creator and supped on the 'fruit' of the Tree of Evil.

What is God's energy?

God's energy is a twin mass of infinite intelligence and infinite latent POWER, both in its Light, creative, benign and loving aspect as well as in its Dark, destructive, malignant and hateful aspect, and are on an incomprehensible magnitude scale having no 'ending' or boundaries.

What is the meaning of God's 'latent power'? It is a little like energy stored in a battery waiting to be used (switched on so it can flow) or, like the electricity 'grid' which is also 'latent power' waiting to be 'switched on' and used by YOU.

How is God's energy different? It is different in that it is intelligent emotional energy (spiritual) whereas the electricity we use is neither.

All the loving, kind, happy and joyful emotions are 'stored' within the benign creative aspect of God's energy which we name 'positive' and the others emotions of greed, hatred, anger, fear, jealousy etc are stored within the negative destructive aspect of God's frame.

Your interaction with others is 'governed' by the emotions within you. The benign (Light) aspect of these emotions are a miniscule part of God's energy which HE/SHE individualised as your unique eternal spirit which is indestructible, and it lives forever.

The Dark negative and malignant emotions within you have 'grown' within you over eternal time as you 'supped' on the fruit of the Tree of Evil and used God's dark energy in your interaction with others.

How does this energy affect YOU and 'what' turns ITS 'switch' ON?

The benign (positive) emotions you feel stimulate and enable positive THOUGHTS to flow. These are thoughts which makes you smile or reach out lovingly to embrace or say kind words and are therefore the TRIGGER which releases some of God's 'mass' of LIGHT energy which flows through your soul to the other.

The malignant (negative) emotions within you stimulate and enable negative THOUGHTS to flow through your mind, and if you cannot 'contain' or 'stem' these thoughts they switch 'ON' the dark energy as quickly as a 'lightening' flash. Once switched ON this DARK energy flows through you to cause harm or injury or insult to another AND resultantly unto you.

So the benign or malignant ENERGY within YOU is the MOTIVATOR of your actions but, - - - the difference between the two energies is that one is NON intrusive, (benign) and thus your consciousness easily controls your actions but, - - - as the dark energy is extremely forceful and INVASIVE it can and does override your consciousness and force you to 'strike out' uncontrollably verbally or physically because IT is driving you and giving YOU the 'justification' to deny the Light and use IT the DARK.

Yes, the and DARK essence of God is not only totally cunning and deceptive with the INTENT to destroy the USER, but it is also total MANIPULATION because it is so 'dark' that the USER is in fact unaware that their interaction with the other person is negative. This is due to their 'momentary' BELIEF governed by said DARK emotions that their action is absolutely reasonable, necessary and thus justified.

Both energies used by you leave a 'record' their 'passage' through your soul, and both 'balance' their own energies and this is why your use of either energy has a similar RETURN unto you at the time and in the place THE ENERGY so decides with ITS infinite intelligence.

Man sees NOT that God is both SHE the creative Light energy essence of love & joy etc and HE the destructive Dark energy essence of anger, hatred etc.

Man sees NOT that when we have ANY 'speck' of the Dark energy within ones sooul, that via ITS vibration channel our minds are 'controlled' by incoming thoughts projected telepathically UP from the Dark because, in every case, the negative emotions link ones MIND to lower realms due to their vibration frequency of the negative emotion being 'activated' and used.

It follows that until/unless one becomes FREE within of said Dark energy, that ones MIND will always have intruding thoughts, thoughts which 'incite or invite' our negative interaction with others. The bigger the dark emotion within the more 'Evil' the person becomes and more destructive, cruel, controlling and vindictive is their INTENDED deed.

Only those 'free of sin within' have a 'still' mind which is ONLY linked to the LIGHT (non intrusive and only inspirational) and thus one can NEVER be incited to cause harm, nor do they need to even try to defend themselves in the face of aggression because, they know that one is only to be abused if one has a karmic debt to THE DARK to 'pay' as the CONSEQUENCE for their use of ITS energy in their interaction with others in the past and, - - - in this 'case,' one must be mentally strong enough to simply 'suffer it' in NON retaliation to become free of the spiritual debt to Dark energy of God which was used.

So the Dark EMOTIONS cause the 'feelings' and the feelings ENABLE the intrusive THOUGHTS. Thoughts and emotions are two different things. People who are steady mentally and kind have less dark energy within their soul than those who are 'cold, hard, controlling, abusive or vicious.'

One cannot 'undo' a thought. One can simply do ones best to try and stem the ingress of unwanted thoughts. If a person cannot STOP thinking around an issue then they need to realise that their MIND is obviously NOT their own and that these thoughts are coming from elsewhere.

As said, any means to help people find inner peace is welcome, because any negative interaction with others has two very UNWELCOME 'comebacks.' The first being, that if they criticise or 'verbal' or injure another then, - -  as they USE the Dark energy IT flows through their soul and stains it (contaminates it) and the negative emotion IT flowed through grows larger and, - - - within the immutable Law of energy, all they imposed (suffering) will return to them 'equally' VIA another later. (Karma - As you sow so shall ye reap)

One cannot free oneself from GOD'S dark energy within.  IT can ONLY be removed by the great outpouring of the LIGHT energy of God which is presently taking place.

All you can do is to try and ensure that irrespective of 'which' nature of thoughts you are receiving and irrespective of what you are FEELING emotionally, that you NEVER raise your voice or hand against any other even if they seek to 'crucify' you.

In order to be strong enough to do this you will need to do my 'Star prayer' meditation thrice daily and read my testament to humanity which gives a clear insight and direction at this END OF DAYS time.

Conversely, if you ONLY express God's LIGHT, loving and creative energy in your interaction with others, even towards those who are 'devious or nasty or abusive' towards you or others as you mercifully and compassionately try to uplift and educate them, then your 'Karmic' - As you sow so shall ye reap REWARD or 'comeback' is from the Light of God (She) and you as all will feel joy and happiness.

It is now THE time for man to UNDERSTAND that any person defiant of God and thus has IT (God's Dark energy) within them is a person 'emulating' God and in FACT being the punitive aspect of God in action as they verbally abuse or dominate, subjugate, punish, invade, dispossess, injure, kill etc.

IT the 'mass' of God's Dark energy is absolutely destructive and IT 'brooks' NO 'pretenders' or 'contenders' to ITS sole RIGHT to exist. Thus IT 'entices and tempts' those who use ITS energy to continue to so do, - - - in the foreknowledge that FAR ahead, ITS energy will have 'grown' so large within the user that they will be dragged down into ITS 'lair' far from the Light to suffer eternal torment within ITS immutable 'eye for an eye' Law. They will be crushed and ultimately burn in ITS fire for another eternity.

As you USE God's Dark hateful energy, IT is 'singing' as IT flows forth through you and, - - - you and IT feel 'good and happy' as does God for having JUSTIFIABLY fulfilled THE immutable painful 'eye for an eye' LAW of God as the recipient "Reaps what they sowed."

As you USE God's Light loving energy, IT is 'singing' as IT flows forth through you and, - - - you and IT feel 'good and happy' as does God for having JUSTIFIABLY fulfilled THE immutable joyous 'eye for an eye' LAW of God as the recipient "Reaps what they sowed."

Man needs to SEE that his warring neighbour is NOT his enemy. The ONLY enemy of man is God's dark energy. So when we 'punish' another we are not 'harming' THE ENERGY in that person, we ARE using the same dark energy in our interaction and BECOMING as dark or darker than the other. Let us now stay in the Light and ONLY educate others so that they and us both halt the use of God's destructive energy.

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