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~ Thoughts ~

The nature of the Beast
Controllable v/s uncontrollable
Inspiration v/s desperation
Sane v/s Insane

The 'nature' of the 'beast' controlling sinful people mentally is:

Aggressive, out of control, irrational, disrespectful, violent, rude, cruel, callous, uncompromising, merciless, dispassionate, arrogant, vain, selfish, hateful, jealous, angry, frustrated, fearful, critical, judgmental, punitive, vengeful, dominating, malicious, unforgiving, and destructive.

I use the word 'sinful' in its purest and truest form. For it is the 'sin' in man (the negative emotions) that permit the Dark Sovereign Power (Devil) to invade the mind of man telepathically, and as it 'possesses' man and overrides their freedom of thought, it forces them to be all of the above 'nature' listed and more.

The 'dark' sinful emotions are not normal, they consist of negative energy drawn into the soul of man due to man's arrogance and defiance of God. The negative emotions 'grow' in size within the soul like a 'cancer,' and this results in the person becoming 'as' the Devil, and being drawn down into the Dark 'fold' in the afterlife.

They also permit the mind of the 'mentally' disturbed person to become 'possessed' and controlled as a 'robot,' and what the individual needs to see or realise is, that every 'negative' or unloving expression that IT the Dark Sovereign Power expresses through them as it uses them, has an equal 'payback' under the singular law of God "As you sow so shall ye reap."

Hence the ongoing 'suffering' of mankind, due to all being 'sinners' and all expressing its negative demands or 'impositions' upon others. The aggressive and punitive expression is in fact 'The Reaper in action' through the minds of the spiritually ignorant.

These 'poor' souls also draw in much darkness as they express it upon others, and it grows more powerful within them. It can only be 'cleansed' out of them by the grace of God as given within this web site. Read the 12 page 'Brief Summary' given on the main Index for a quick understanding.

It follows that all people on earth are yet mentally disturbed, for all can be 'possessed' in an instant by the Dark Sovereign Power and used to 'shower' its 'venom' upon others. Thus all are as yet living in a dream state if they believe that they are 'safe or saved' merely because they say that they 'belong' to a particular religion.

It also follows that 'other' supposed mental disorders such as ADHD are simply the result of the spirit soul within the biological body of the person having 'supped' on dark energy for a very long time pre-incarnating, and is now the 'subject' of the Dark and being used by IT.

The only 'hope' for anyone who is yet 'with sin' is to now heed my sacred text and set themselves free with my spiritual wisdom, as they fortify their minds as given by me in an endeavour to STOP supping on and expressing darkness, and thus permit their Creator to draw out their inner sinful energy with the great outpouring of inner Light now taking place.

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What is the difference between a schizophrenic, a maniac or despot, the sane or the insane, the vain or those that hold others in disdain, the kind or unkind, the stupid or the clever, those 'brilliantly' inspired or those 'lost' in a quagmire of despondent thoughts?

It is 'merely' their mind linking in to a variety of different spiritual 'locations,' due to it being 'open to' one or more 'places' outside its own unique individual consciousness. Thus some are rational and others are not.

The individual mind is telepathically 'superimposed' upon by thoughts that are 'invading' its space from one or more other levels either singularly, or in multiples that cause confusion and frustration and guilt and fear and 'incoherence,' and the multiplicity of other problems such as despondency, psychotic, suicide and aggressive manifestations and, false ideological beliefs arise.

Through an 'open mind' thoughts can 'manifest' uncontrollably from 1001 different levels, stretching from the creative levels 'above' to the destructive ones in dark realms below, and/or be a combination of many jointly or separately from moment to moment.

This is not a 'biological' brain problem; it is a spiritual one that is the result of the emotional 'state' of the spirit soul within the person. The emotional state being the variety of, and mass volume of negative emotions within (The Sin) that are 'clouding' the Inner Light.

The natural state of a pure 'angelic' soul is where it has only light energy within, thus only the positive emotions exist within it of love & joy & happiness and, - - -

Only loving feelings flow with the accompanying 'peacefulness,' kindness, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and calmness pervading through the 'steady' mind that remains stable at all times, as the mind is 'attuned' only to the Light above and, due to this it receives only positive inspiration.

Conversely the souls of all 'mankind' are contaminated with a variety of negative emotions, of 'fear, anger, greed, pride, jealousy, hatred,' to name a few, and this 'despoiling' took place over time within the spirit soul during its extremely long existence prior to entering the biological flesh, and the despoiling continues whilst incarnate.

No two persons have the same volume or combination of 'darkness' shrouding their Inner Light; thus the emotional feelings or mental 'thinking' of any two persons is not the same.

The actual 'link' from the mind of man to any other realm or 'location' is purely due to the vibration wavelength created by their inner energy mass. The vibration is manifested as the result of the 'mix' of positive or negative emotions, that are 'triggered' due to circumstances.

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Man 'treats' others 'suicidally' depending upon the classification that each society perceives as 'beyond' acceptable boundaries of behaviour. I use the word 'suicide,' in the spiritual sense. For man demands 'recompense' for the perceived misdeeds of others, seeing not that within the frame of God there is only one Law 'As you do is done unto you.'

Thus any punishment or 'torture' imposed upon those less capable of rational living returns to 'haunt' the ignorant or arrogant judiciary or medicos or forces men that via punishment or other abuse mistreat others that they 'think' are more mentally disturbed or 'bad' for non compliance to their dictates.

None seeing that very few mentally disturbed people see their own negative actions for what they are, especially those empowered by society to themselves be unkind, ungodly, merciless, cruel, dispassionate, unforgiving, and callously punitive.

These 'disturbed' minds are in fact the bulk of humanity, being you and you that believe that as you are as yet apparently 'free' to live openly, that you must be sane.

Only those who are free of Sin as I am, are aware that all mankind 'stares' in the face of insanity each day, because all are yet incapable of rational positive, merciful, compassionate, and forgiving thoughts when faced by adversity.

Neither are any of them capable of living the ideological 'creed' of PEACE as Commanded by their God. For all are yet living in a delusion of grandeur as they feel 'safe' by being protected by warmongers and killers and thieves posing as democratic secular institutions. All live by the SWORD and the GUN as they disturb the peace of others.

For all minds are already 'possessed' by the 'superimposed' thoughts inspired by demonic Aliens to a greater or lesser degree, thus none live peacefully when faced by adversity as none yet see the fullness of God's Command to "Go your way in peace."

Before I 'digress' too far from the reason why man's thoughts let him down, I must state that it is solely due to the power of the dark energy contained within the negative emotions, (Sin) that is the causing factor that links his/her mind to 'less' than nice levels of consciousness, and permits telepathic subjugation of his mind. (Spirit Possession)

All the 'woes' that have 'escaped' from Pandora's box are the negative emotions that man made 'manifest' within his soul through his own 'defiance' of God, when he 'simple' man 'supped' on the fruit of Power that was the temptation of the Serpent to use its 'dark evil energy' to control and abuse others or to take from them using force of arms.

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Why did God tell His children to not 'sup' on this 'dark negative energy' fruit and why is it 'evil'? Because the use of it was an imposition of pain and suffering upon others and, - - -

Within the one Law of God the moment you use force and impose, you despoil your own inner rose as the dark energy that you used was instantly 'infused' within the bearer of it you and, - - -

All the suffering imposed upon others became a karmic 'due' to return upon the user within the one 'Just' and divine Law of God: "As you do is done unto you."

Thus the use of dark energy is 'evil' because its nature is deception, cunning, temptation, destruction etc., thus once you have used it and its energy exists within you, then you become 'spell-bound' by its power and it can use you at any time to abuse others and, - - -

It knows that each time you use it, that not only do you become 'culpable' in its eyes to be punished and abused by it later, but that as you use it, its energy grows within you as does a 'cancer,' and this energy grows to such a size that you are by its weight dragged below into its underworld to suffer on in perpetuity for being its retributive 'arm' and, - - -

Ultimately its intent is to cause you eternal ongoing mental and emotional trauma and physical torture and suffering for mercilessly bestowing its 'terror' upon others and, its final intent is to destroy your soul.

At this moment in time only I am aware that the entire human (inhuman) race is trapped by the dark because every mind is 'open' to its intrusion and, - - -

All will soon see that instability of minds will become more apparent as demonic forces empowered by the satanic power will soon 'evilly' and openly stride over the face of this earth, with the intent to not only mete out divine retribution but, - - -

To also 'enrol' every user of the dark energy into becoming 'one' that by virtue of their evil destructive and punitive deed is 'marked' by the 'Beast' as a bad seed destined to fall below.

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It now is the time to 'forget' the old 'beliefs' surrounding depression and schizophrenia, for all are false and misleading. It is the time for each person to individually seed their minds with the wisdom from my pen, so that they can learn how to fortify their 'open' minds against the intrusive thoughts now pervasive and prevalent and powerfully persistent.

As every 'baby' is but a 'growing' biological 'space suit' that has within it a fully grown spirit soul from 'some' realm or level, even these children are subject to being telepathically imposed upon from lower realms. This takes place though the 'avenue' of their own negative emotions and they also need help.

All now must read my ISIS Suicide document and the Mental Health Careers Manual on my web sites. Every person in a position of 'power' over others gained by them working 'for' and empowered by Statutes or other rules etc., are in the gravest danger.

For by their 'Mandate' bestowed by man, they are empowered to send their own soul to Hell's Gate for their contravention of God's Holy Command to not disturb the peace of God's land.

Any person that fails to fortify their mind and build the "Ark of the Mind" will find that their thoughts will become totally uncontrollable, totally irrational, totally unforgiving, totally evil, and totally destructive and, - - -

Whatever 'sex' or 'age' they are, they will become a 'Reaper' for the dark side of God (The Dark Sovereign Power) as via their fear or hatred they will perceive others as untrue, and they will become 'justified' in meting out what they see as Justice.

They will become 'frantic' and frenzied and furious, and they will not 'hear' your pleas for mercy as their 'language' is different to yours. Their ideological belief is :

"The righteousness of vengeful accountability."

Thus the invisible spirit forces controlling the minds of your 'persecutors' do not understand your reasoning of 'forgiveness,' and they are themselves mentally bound by pure darkness that is always 'justified' to aggressively mete out an 'eye for an eye' punishment.

Medication may 'control' the brain functioning so that your faculty of muscular movement is impaired and you become 'stupefied' to a lesser or greater degree, but it is not the 'answer' to free the individual.

Please read deeply the fresh wisdom of the day, and prepare to defend your soul against the 'advances' of powerful and devious devilish thought, that has the potential to use your 'flesh' and destroy you spiritually. You are only truly sane, and truly in control of your own mind, and truly safe spiritually, when no dark emotions bind you within.

The 'danger' of uncontrollable or 'involuntary' thoughts is when you are 'led' by them into any deed or action that contravenes the command of God to "Walk in peace and love one another." For any contra and thus 'offensive'  action in the eyes of God results in the ingress of more dark energy, as well as the karmic 'punitive' response within the Law of God. Only the 'misled' or the 'blind' or the 'mentally disturbed' would abuse themselves.