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~ The 'Legislative Terror' document ~
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page 1

~ The 'armed' takeover ~

By "precedent" set so long ago are we today bound by legislated "Acts" and "their" insanity does now begin to show.

For the political force using our community pay to fund its "power play" and control over us has been accomplished by them with no "fuss" from us as they "penned" their decrees and dropped all men to their knees through fear of reprisal.

For as "individuals" we fear to any "noise" make for if we do, then our "servants" the System's "workers" using legislated "rules" can and do us "break."

This they do financially by fine, and emotionally by punishment. All this "they" say is for our "good." None of "them" seeing that all extortionist or punitive legislation is the "mark" of the Beast that is gross "error" in the eyes of God and men of wise insight.

So not only are "we" the taxpayer being used and abused in every way, but we can now see the error of the past "legislative" way.

Wherein by mere act of "Vote" the Party "heads" wrote out their own legislated rules that are enshrined in an unholy book of "Acts" and all these "terrorist" activities were and are thrust upon all.

Yes, even upon those "as me" who sees that humanity does now fail and fall into disarray. For our God did say: "No 'man' be they elected or not has the power to plot to extort funds off, or control any other men."

Self-determination whereby each looked after their "own" interests has been "swallowed-up" by this giant powerhouse of "National" control by an "elected" body of men whom do "out of bounds" stroll as they inflict pain & suffering & poverty upon their "own" flocks as they "mock" God's Commandment: "Peace and goodwill unto all mankind."

Truly we are so "blind" that we cannot see that their "offensive" deeds paid for by the public "purse" filled by you and me are deeds perpetrated on our behalf as they are our servants, and for their follies we must spiritually pay.

Criminals hold humanity in disdain because they are arrogant and vain, and many a long year ago very 'cunning' thoughts in the mind of "someone" did grow. The thoughts said:

"It's time to prepare your 'bed of roses' so that for all your 'days and nights' you can wine and dine whilst 'common' man slaves for you as you keep their 'noses' to the ground, grovelling at your feet like swine."

This unnamed one had to ponder for a 'time' until his mind again with the Dark unnamed one did entwine mentally. This time 'it' the Dark said:

"Take a 'hold' of the armed forces of men and use them to assist you in your quest, and to do this just legislate an 'Act' with your pen that decrees a 'change' in the role of the police so that instead of working for the people as a 'peace' force, they begin to be 'used' as enforcers of your laws, and thus defaulters are brought by them to your 'Court' doors."

So "this" silly politician who listened to the Serpent began to "invent" ways of extorting funds off the people in many "different" ways. Be it 'hut' tax, land tax, stamp duty tax for any transaction, import-export tax, vehicle number plate tax, driving permit renewal tax and sales tax etc, and soon not even their own children could relax due to the increase in living "dues."

page 2

And the "simple" policemen could not even see "how" they were "swerved" away from their 'principle' duty to the people as they began to "believe" that their duty was to the political forces whom did so easily "gain" their support.

This was easily gained because the politicians also said: "Come to us on payday, for we now also hold the community chest that contains the money to pay you, that you helped us to steal on a past day."

So all this "time" the simple flocks of God have been used as "swine" to be eaten-off by politicians who 'wine and dine' and live like kings.

None seeing that the "weight" of the time clock "swings," and now the 'time' will change as a "groundswell" of discontent does surge with a hateful retributive "dirge."

Believe you me, the insanity that all are now to see will be "as" a volcano that destroys all with impunity. So be you a politician or a policeman, I "suggest" that you steal no more and "seal" your minds with the Truth I did "attest" before God to help you.

Then begin to earn a true "wage" as you open a "fresh" page in your personal notebook for truly, if you continue to be a "party to" theft by servant and harassing 'innocents' like me who do walk peacefully, then let it be known that your days are "numbered" by the same "nameless" ONE who inspired the vain kings and politicians in the first instance.

For all who "succumb" to HIS fateful charm seeking a life of "balm" are truly ignorant of spiritual FACT now by my pen backed.

All tax & licence fees & imposed rules needs now be cast into the sea along with those continuing to uphold the Devil's iniquity. For the "political" justification to use a public "peace" force against the public is pure iniquity.

Its use is "hidden" in the guise of: "It is for your own good." But politicians are but servants of the people, and the people did not give them an "open" mandate to steal off them, or to dictate their way of life, nor to treat them as "pigs" to be reviled if they do not "toe the line."

So the true "swine" of the day are revealed by me, being the power boys who do control the destiny of God's children, and also the "poor" forces men who have been "taken-over" by political legislators who are "charmed" direct from Satan's den.

Any "Act" legislated that takes a "penny" or more off anyone for any reason, and any "Act" backed by fine or punishment is contra the Commandment to "Only be loving," and thus is an act of iniquity perpetrated and perpetuated by the "blind" who cannot see.

All who continue to so be (blind) shall now be disposed of by GOD in the "manner" described by me.

page 3

~ Control ~

All community endeavours now have a "dependency" via the System instead of direct from the public's local community chest. The System controls all men and none are free to just "be at peace," for "compliance" to the Edicts of others control all today.

For in the ages long, long ago, strong men raised-up their armed forces to protect their property and used your children to 'feed' off as they placed "rings" around their necks so that they would "regurgitate" a portion of their food like a "cormorant," and this "take" was then consumed by the "Chief" or King who treated you all as his "subjects," to be subjected to his "wishes & whims" and to be used for his pleasure.

The "golden goose" us have been starved for so long that "we" society can no longer lay the "required" golden eggs to support the never-ending monetary "consume" of the expansionist regimes that have entered every endeavour at our expense.

These "tin-pot" Gods are all exposed by me today as being kings and queens and chiefs and politicians who have all "followed" the past way as precedents were "set" as traps for the unwary born daily in each land, and their "greed" knows no bounds.

The legislative "sleight of hand" that silently "grew" in every land depended on strong men to uphold its tenure, and thus it was over time that the police and judiciary were cunningly "conned" into becoming servants of the legislated rules and became a "party" to the theft by servant, rather than remaining servants of the people and "simply" upholding the "peace" in every land.

I say that the whole "shamoozle" is a bag of "puss" that is now "pricked" by me and I say that "we" the people must now no longer pay any funds to the "power brokers" via taxation. You needs become your own "paymaster," and remain in control of your free giving to aid the community.

Neither the politicians nor the public can now 'alter' the book that rules their every "move," and this fact I do not have to prove. So the only "way" out is for each individual to stay calm and with a great inner "shout" to themselves say:

"No longer will I remain a slave to any "godless" system for another day. No, I will support the community directly, as I now heed only God and protect my mind and walk in peace."

Let us also now "de-power" the police force and pay them direct from each of our community coffers, so that they now work for us as an unarmed "peace" unit that only "hauls-in" offensive people who are disturbing the peace, rather than having them continuing on in "our" pay but working for thieves who are stealing from us every day.

Yes, soon every "village" will need a "few" strong men who know right from wrong who will "haul-in" those who abuse or steal and bring them to "account" by aiding them to see reality as they are "forced" to attend a three hour "Feeling easier Seminar" as defined by me, and then set free.

I say that as an elder in the community that I have personally chosen to withdraw my support of this unholy "legislative" regime (System) of the day, and I now only heed my God who inspires this pen today.

page 4

~ The Paymaster ~

The paymaster is now me, being the one to pay my "way" and pave my chosen destiny.

I will fund no "men of war."
I will fund no
weapons "toys of men."
I will support no
sanctions against others.
I will fund no "unholy men" who
fight or steal or control.
I will support no "acts" that
defy God's Holy Commandment.

I will only fund "activities" chosen by my pen. Be it the hospital or the local school, or the 'footy' club or Library too. I may or may not fund "research" into how many bananas hang from a tree, for my mind is free. If others wish to fly to the moon or live in the Antarctic by the sea, then they must fund themselves I see.

I shall "hold" my own "cheque book" and no "other" will demand to in it look. My "affairs" will be mine, and no prying "swine" will "divine" what I do, for all I do is to God and you be true.

If I "wish" to for any community endeavour pay, then so be it, and there is no need for any other to demand it to be done their way.

I know that every "department" today relies on stolen tax because they purchased too many items and made us pay for them via taxation. They also employ hundreds and hundreds of excess people too as the "System's" delve into businesses they should not and thus are untrue.

So there will be no "paymaster" funded by me for as said, my "earned" wage will be "shared" as dictated by my conscience, and not be "bound" by the edicts of thieves who are extortionists.

That is the "visionary" way and from today God expects the true to follow my "way" as decreed by God to all believers on the sod.

Let all men know that any seen "hanging" from a tree or "dead" by the side of the road are those whom in their past did others "overload" in some way and thus have been "sent" their way by the darkness working through the minds of any whom "listen" to ITS "power play."

Do not "grease" the palms of thieves to "stay" free. Say no as you now heed me and only "pay" for services hailed as "worthy" by thee.

If in "default" you are by them punished, then that is but the way it be. Suffer it and become free from your past spiritual "debts" accrued for supporting the "rorts" that enslaved others as bound as thee.

page 5

~ Simplicity ~

It is a simple reality if you can see to 'which' side of God's energy you are beholden to. Be it the Light or the Dark, for whichever side you walk in, within your soul it leaves its 'mark.'

So it depends on 'what' you express, for whatever 'energy' you use does within you its vibration impress. Positivity is Light. Negativity is Dark, and thus your destiny is 'written' daily by you as on your road each day you leave your mark.

You may be "one" who is deceived into believing that it is "justifiable" to use darkness on your way because "someone" said that it was OK. Seeing not that a "mere" mandate to another abuse still "permits" the darkness to within your own soul infuse.

If you are one of the many seeing "justified" negative interaction as positive action, for you "believe" that punishing another in some way as a "positive" act, then this "folly" shows the insanity of the day and of your way.

So to aid you to "see" a little more clearly I give here a few examples, for too many "officials" walk the Dark road as they "impress" their false beliefs upon all, and unseeingly burden their own souls with a dark lode, as do you the public.

The following are some examples of actions detrimental to your own soul due to the "action" of drawing on Dark energy by using its "expression," for that results in a "growth" of negativity within your spirit soul that "coarsens" its energy vibration within, and results in your spirit being "dragged" down in the afterlife due to it's "dark" weight thus induced into your soul.

You are the "Devil in action" - being its retributive arm when:

Speaking untruth.
Speaking abusively.
Demanding that the other listen to you.

You are the "Devil in action" - being its retributive arm when:

Demanding that the other do what you tell them to.
Demanding that the other reply to your questions.
Demanding that the other comply with your 'edicts' or orders.

You are the "Devil in action" - being its retributive arm when:

Demanding that the other comply with the regulations that 'your' system or belief imposes upon you.
Aiding in any punitive measures inflicted upon others, be it by the 'system' of man or privately when "suing" for loss or pain or other grievance.

You are the "Devil in action" - being its retributive arm when:

Inflicting pain or causing bodily harm to another using a weapon.
Using the 'strength' of your arm or foot to strike another for any reason causing them pain or injury.

page 6

You are the "Devil in action" - being its retributive arm when:

Confining another in such a manner as to cause them mental and emotional trauma and inhibiting their freedom of movement.
Imposing Sanctions upon others that cause suffering and closure of business.
Declaring war upon others and invading their lands.

You are the "Devil in action" - being its retributive arm when:

Being a "party" to the pecuniary extortion off others by taxation.
Being a "party" to the pecuniary extortion off others by fine.
Being a "party" to the seizing of goods or chattels off any other.

You are the "Devil in action" - being its retributive arm when:

Stealing something from another that is not yours to take.
Showing God that by your action you are disrespectful to the other.

All the above are actions daily carried out by the public and their "servants" the politicians, police, army and judiciary. These actions are also "condoned" by the public by "mere" act of voting for the System, and from their "expectation" that they receive "protection" from the System in some way.

If you continue "on" in either condoning or participating in any of the above or by personally using darkness in your daily interaction with others then it is a "sorry" certainty that you are one of the Devil's "men," and thus by your deed you show God that you are "one" to be sent below into the Devil's "playpen" in the afterlife, for you deserve to receive your "just" due for being untrue. (God's Law: As you do is done unto you)

"Peace and goodwill unto all mankind" our God does say.

Any whom for any reason defy that command will die spiritually, even though by "man" they are mandated to be "so" as they walk their road "dismally" each day.

"Goodwill" implies that you Educate,
Control & Punish & Regulate.

It also means that you "understand" that your enemy is "as" you are and also "bound" by the Dark energy. Thus you aid them, you do not destroy them.

Show them by your deed of "forgiveness," that you have "heard" that it is the only way to become free of the darkness within thee. This they will see and follow you to Paradise as they lay down their weapons and also forgive thee.

page 7

~ Facts on 'Complicity' ~

For so "long" have the Police been used by the political "arm" to assist "theft by servant" that they see not their own "acts" of complicity.

For any Magistrate's Court - Fine Notice issued by any 'Court of man' for non-compliance to a legislated "edict" accompanied by an "annotation" that says: e.g.


If payment is not received by the Due Date (below) a Warrant for your Arrest will be issued, incurring additional costs of at least $51.00

Is in fact a "note" containing a threat issued by an "arrogant" public servant who is in fact "attempting" extortion off his employer.

The "moment" this attempt is "followed" by an "Arrest," then the Police and the "whole" Judiciary are complicit in God's eyes as are all the legislators and the "Assembly" that approved the legislation.

Any regulatory "act" of Licence "fee" requirement is an enacted "attempt" of grand larceny, and if it is "backed" by fine or punishment for default it is an extortionists threat direct from Satan's vault.

Any person whom places such "controlling" & extortionist "motions" onto the "table" for consideration is an 'ignorant' person working for the Satanic force below.

Any person who "supports" any such "act" in any way by voting it into becoming the "law" of the land is complicit to the act underhand.

Any whom it "invoke" by personal act of judicial "service or policing" the maintenance of such acts are also complicit to "theft by servant" and extortion and kidnap, and possibly murder if a prisoner dies whilst in custody.

Any person acting in the capacity of a "magistrate" whom invokes the punishment by "stroke" of their "pen" is complicit to the above act underhand.

Furthermore, the "sleeping" population who by silence agree to these impositions by their employees are also "complicit" to the 'take' off others or themselves.

It is I the "all-seeing" one to now break the "spell" over the mind of all so that they can "see" their complicity to thievery.

Let the Police Commissioner now see how he is being used by the Satanic "force" to impoverish the community and at the same time "abrogate" God's immunity as the police force works for the Dark avenger.

Let the Police now peacefully uphold the Peace of the land and no longer work for the "blind" politicians whom the Dark One will now "bind" for their continued iniquity.

May God grant you all a little 'insight.'

page 8

~ The village 'Idiot' ~

If you believe that you can "justifiably" legislate "edicts" that enslave others into payment of monies, and also legislate "fine & punishment" for default, and "get away with it" unseen by GOD, then you are an IDIOT.

If you believe that as an "elected" representative of people forced into voting under threat of fine & punishment for not "voting" someone into "office," and using your subsequent "elected" position of impropriety to "employ" legislators and "enforcers" and "get away with it unseen by GOD then you are also an IDIOT.

The 'horrid' enslavement of businessmen as tax 'collectors' for the GST rort clearly shows the 'coercion' used by thieving politicians and, because they mandated themselves to 'tax' by legislation they see not that the imposition of taxes is 'theft by servant' and, they daily 'accrue' a 'huge' spiritual debt themselves for forcing others into being 'complicit' thieves. Any thief in any 'guise' is an IDIOT.

If you are one of the "Judiciary" or the "policing force" and believe that it is your "duty" to uphold vain edicts 'raised up' by idiots, then you too are an IDIOT. For God exists, and God's ONE Law applies to all "thieves & murderers & idiots" for SURE.

The "whole" punitive "rort" that has become a National "sport" as taxes & fines & licences are "raised" daily by arrogant "decree" is now to CRASH, as their "instigator" the DEVIL is now to SMASH those who work "for" IT, and treat them "as" the TRASH that they ARE.

Yes you will all feel liquid "terror" when confronted by insane "minds" telepathically controlled by the Devil from HIS "lair" afar.

There is a "ray of hope" for the few whom would discontinue being a "dope," and that is that they now heed ME for only I can see the "way out," and any who defy ME will be "lost" in the Abyss below for an eternity. It is 'clearly' now the time to change one's 'way' and NOT force others to pay their 'wage' to you as a 'tax.'

page 9

~ Normalcy ~

Normalcy - is when a man can leave home each day and not be "accosted" by anyone.

Normalcy - is when a man can leave his home and not be spoken to "harshly" by a policeman carrying a gun who does say: "You are disturbing my 'peace' if you do not comply immediately to what I say."

Normalcy - is when I can go about my daily business without having to comply with other's demands in any way.

Normalcy - is when there are NO rules imposed by others upon my 'way.'

Normalcy - is where I do not have to "pay" for any "protection" by funding any police or army.

Normalcy - is where I can say that I am going fishing and none other says: "Have you got a 'permit' to so do that is valid today"?

Normalcy - is where I am 'free' to heed God and be a peaceful man who can do anything he wishes to as is God's plan without "fear" of losing his home due to the extortionist threats of the many thieves who do roam as they 'hide' in the disguise of local Council & Government wise but in reality they despise their employer.

Normalcy - is when public servants are exactly that, not as "today" where they mandate themselves to "rule" us with a "stern" stick and destroy our "homes" brick by brick due to their pecuniary demands.

Normalcy - is where I do not have to 'submit' to the never-ending Byelaws that others upon my "plate" sit.

Normalcy - is where I do not have to comply with the never-ending taxes imposed by others who "suppose" that they are entitled to so do.

Normalcy - is where I can be a free man and not have to "grease" the palms of these "heavies" each day in order to in their eyes be 'approved' as "one" permitted to go their way without harassment.

Normalcy - is achieved when as me you can through the "bullshit" see and you do just walk with God and do not "comply to" the "demands" of other ignorant people whom walk under this sky.

Normalcy - is when there is no "fear" within you for you trust in God knowing that God is "real" and His/Her Word is TRUE.

page 10

~ Liberty ~
Civil Rights

It is the right of every free man to walk his way unhindered by those whom know not the true way. Those whom 'hinder,' lost their right on a long past day when they defied Allah/God in some way and thus 'fed' their inner sin with darkness that justified them in a "greater" way to defy what the Light of Allah/God, who did say; "Walk in peace on your way."

It is the 'right' of a libertarian to have freedom of thought and freedom of 'choice,' but if they 'choose' to control or abuse others for any reason then their choice was 'dark' and they then suffer the 'dark' consequence.

As we are 'as' God with the 'libertarian' freedom of choice to heed the Light or the Dark voice, it is but a matter of deciding whether we believe what God did say, for it is also our libertarian choice to heed or defy it, but that 'act' has a consequence as all will see on a soon coming day.

If for 'Liberty' you fight, then it is you paving an "ahead" dismal plight. For the force that you use belongs to the Dark knight being the "underhand" of God. This is not yet understood by those whom on earth plod.

So to become "free" and not be enslaved on in perpetuity by the "wolves" that roam freely, you must only "Walk in Peace" and never "grease" your hands with darkness for any reason. This upon you all I must impress.

For when you do "use" darkness then to IT you are "bound," and then ITS "workers" do have a "Civil Right" to control you using their minds unsound. For it is the ONE Law of God in action, and IT says: "Unto you I your God do, being what you did to others before."

So all have the freedom to "think," and all have the freedom to heed or "defy" my pen's "ink," but if you seek TRUE Liberty then you'll needs heed me, for only I know the deep karmic reality.

And your "thoughts" you "think" are not always true, they do not always have your best interest in what "they" expect of you. For they "often" telepathically enter your mind from a land far away, and if you heed them, "then" for your folly you must pay.

For we do "lose" our 'Civil Right' to not be harassed by wolves if we in our past used the Devil's Might to our perceived enemy fight.

You only "gain" a civil right to walk free and "upright" when you suffer for your past misdeeds at the hands of the "controllers" and do not retaliate. Once your "debts" you did "pay,"** then the "Gate of Heaven" is open and you can leave this "classroom" and go out to play.

If you in any "way" use force and try to fight your way to "freedom," then freedom recedes away like the setting Sun at the end of the day.

Remember, the "bad guys" are but ignorant like you and they do have a civil right to fight you if in your past you were untrue by permitting darkness to flow through you. For they all work for the "Retributive arm of God" that is "self-empowered" to abuse any stupid person that succumbed to Its "charm" before.

Yes you do have a "right" to enter Heaven's "door" once you heed me and are "freed" by God of your "sinful seed" grown within your soul from your "past" bad deeds.

Try and see that any use of force is "sodomising" your own spirit soul and "stuffing" it full of dark energy that ultimately keeps you enslaved to ITS emotional dark needs which cause you pain for IT is vain.

Note: "pay,"** - This "payment" is not as per a demanded "due" by any authority as a "premium" due prior to being licensed etc. It is 'but' the suffering of deprivation and incarceration and pain at the hands of the ignorant as they "steal" your home and freedom from you, as the Dark One uses their minds to so do for IT, until IT the Dark force is replete, for your full "due" to IT you did meet.

Note Any "support" of Its dark ways by "vocal call" or "vote" or "financing" Its earthly forces does daily accrue more "painful" debts too. For "whatever" your servants do "On Its behalf" comes back to haunt you too.

Note: You only have a "civil" and divine "right" to be free and to not be "controlled, stolen off (taxed), or abused," if in your past you did not darkness use.

If you "did" it use, then only in non-retaliation, when being "used or abused or controlled" by others using IT, do you become free.

Those "punishing" you do at "that" moment lose their freedom and Divine protection and the "civil right" to be left in Peace, for the Dark force that used them to disturb you is now "aroused" against them through the minds of other "ignorants."

Darkness "invites" us into using IT and "justifies" a very good reason in our minds to so do, but IT then is "justified" in turning against us, being but the fulfilment of God's ONE Law. - "As you do is done unto you."

The "enemy" is neither the Arab nor the Jew, it is the invisible Dark essence that both sides "brew" as they it use and then within ITS "pus" they stew.

page 11

~ Somebody's 'subject' ~

Someone "somewhere" does say that we all have to be "someone's" subject today, why?

Why should I have to vote for anyone? Why should I have to subject myself to impositions decreed by someone else? Why should I subject myself to having to comply to edicts imposed upon me by my servants?

More importantly, why should I pay someone as a servant to abuse me just because they say that I am not complying to the edicts of some other arrogant one who for "some" reason thinks that I "owe" them something?

It's all a bit of a "sting" I see, and thus I wonder "why" your complicity to being a "silent" partner to it? You are if you see not the truth from my pen guided by our God from afar.

I say that the "someone" who thinks they can "frighten" me into being their "subject" needs turn away, for I will not "allow" myself to be their subject for even one moment of any day.

For I see the "someone" as the very Devil who instigates the control over you and you for being to IT true. For by your complicity you are personally responsible for what His - IT'S servants do to others and you.

We do not need to be "subjected" to anyone, for our God above says that we are free to walk under this sun without employing others to us "feed" and "protect" and clout.

It is up to you to withdraw your support of the thievery "rort"** that does keep you and your children in bondage in perpetuity and keeps your soul bound to perpetual slavery.

Read all "given" by God through me and set your programmed mind free from the ignorance that keeps you locked into this realm of insanity, where your "servants" enslave you through their pride and vanity.

You may "live" in a community and work "within" its framework and support its "members" without subjecting yourself to being controlled by any members within it whom would enslave you to their demands and expectations.

The people of every land have abrogated their personal responsibility and handed over their souls to wolves "cloaked" in the guise of caring "grandmothers."

I feel very "sorry" for these "wolves in sheep's clothing" as does their Creator who "hopes" that my wisdom will awaken them before they fall into the Abyss.

Note - "rort"** - The insane vain monetary extortion "game" that is carried out in the guise of "Democratic paternity," but is in fact a dangerous use of darkness that enslaves all whom are a "party" to the "gamble" as they sit around and participate in the "table" of control & extortion and "death."

page 12

~ The Politics of Politicians ~

Politicians are self-confessed liars who cunningly deceive their "flocks" with honeyed words that bind all into depravity and poverty.

For it is "depravity" when one defies the Creator and "upholds" any political "force" that invokes taxes & licence fee for every "eventuality," and "invokes" a "judiciary" to enforce the take and whom also "invoke" armed forces to other children of God "break."

They daily "practise" the art of being shrewd "dodgers" who manipulate the masses by their speech and legislation without any consideration of the final consequence that they never see.

Politicians believe that they have the "equivocal" right to control and own the "land mass" and surrounding seas as well as the right to regulate and manipulate and punish the inhabitants of "that" land space at "will."

This they do as they "raise" themselves above their lowly "station" of public servants and roll out their "own" red carpet at our expense and walk as "kings" in defiance of all "morality" and spirituality, for their deeds are as noxious as the most deadly weeds.

They keep the people enslaved to rising prices as they interfere in every aspect of business and use their forceful "control" to gain more money and power to "broaden" their fund base. As this they do they continue to "shower" the population with their "perception" of caring for us.

None seeing that as their "economy" (fund base) grows, the economic value of the local currency drops and the cost of all goods rises, (fuel tax has risen from 20% to 50% of the litre price in ten years where I live) and poverty gains a hold in the community that is unseen by the "wolves" who walk with seeming impunity.

They are all "wolves" controlled by Satan's den, and are people in powerful positions of mistrust for they enforce their position. They are the "men" of licentious idolatry who "idolise" power due to their vanity.

They "perceive" that they are above God as with "impunity" they control all God's children on earth's sod, and manipulate the affairs of man "in every which way" as was prophesied would so be until the last day.

They "hold" God's Word in disdain as they "licence" extortion and punitive pain. This they "say" they do for you, but it is a fact that it is to fulfill their "need" of greed untrue.

They all have "smiling" faces as they "awaken" each day and put on their "suit & braces." But even before the "sun" they greet they are "thinking" of new ways to "meet" their "commitment" to you, being the lies they told you.

For all did "say" whatever they needed to in order to be "accepted" by you as your "saviour" true. For all now believe that politicians are their "hope" rather than God's Wisdom extended from Heaven on a golden rope.

The political "force" is the true Ant-Christ in each land for it is the Devil's men who deal out the "cards" underhand. Yes, this iniquitous "pack" of thieves & liars are as bad as the robed "friars" who ring a false "bell" as their lies they do tell.

Every government "house" our God will now de-louse and the whole "bunch" of idiots will scatter like startled grouse when they see what I say is now to be.

For they have kept you all "spell-bound" as they by the Devil's "ring of power" were found, and IT the Dark one is now to ITS "hidden" forces deploy and all continuing to be ITS followers will IT now destroy.

Soon the whole "crooked" pack of cards will fall and I ask you all to now walk tall and never again such iniquity condone, for any whom so do will eternally groan.

"Once the 'board room' is swept clean by ME the invisible God you cannot see, then any 'person' whom would their community serve will be meek and humble and will be paid only what they deserve."

page 13

~ The 'book' of Death ~

There is a 'book' in every land on earth and its name is 'DEATH,' and all that breathe its 'commands' are forced to comply with its 'deadly' demands, and thus they suffer and cry and eventually die.

This book is the one held 'sacred' by man on earth. Being those of no 'mirth' that use this book to 'steal and regulate and berate and invade and intrude and interfere and punish and kill,' and they also rely on its 'commandments' to give them their 'licence' to defy their God of Love.

Before this 'book' can hold 'sway' on every person in every land each day, its 'authority' has to be given 'life,' and this it does 'gain' as every 'man & wife' and others of 'age' are made to 'vote' for someone seen as a 'sage,' and this person is the leader of a political 'Party.'

Once this 'Group' has attained their 'seat' in the halls of power, then the 'kiss of death' is imparted by the 'book' as it draws its 'renewed' breath. For without a 'head' honcho in control, this unholy book has no authority over any person that on the land does stroll.

For without a 'Party' in office to 'pay' the wages of others who are 'happy' to bear 'arms' and enforce the decrees within this unholy book, it would have no 'power' as none would within it look.

For it is only when people look at its 'texts' and script can they be 'seduced' to trip themselves up, as they swerve away from God's true path. For it is as said, only when people look into its 'dictates' does it gain 'legitimacy' through men using 'force of arms' to uphold its Commands, as they 'compel' all 'citizens' to obey its demands.

For without this 'book,' every person would look the same, all having a happy name. None in 'control' of the ways of others that on earth stroll. It is only 'as' different 'department 'heads' perceive that via the 'book' they are empowered to steal and punish and vindictively make others grieve, that their 'face' becomes 'cold' and they 'act' like swine to all that 'fail' the edicts written in the book.

So here we are today, when in every land there are men who say: "Elect us into power so that we can 'shower' you with gifts and good fortune." None of them seeing that the 'snake' hidden within the 'Statutes' books awaits eagerly to see 'who' its next victims will be.

For unfortunately, neither society nor the Legislators who raise up 'rules' named 'The law,' can see that whatever punitive 'factor' is placed upon any person for 'contravention' of any 'rules,' has a return due within the Real LAW. Being God's supreme Law.

The 'sentence' imposed as well as all suffering 'endured' by the convict or his family, and any loss of business or home etc, resulting from the fine or incarceration, has its 'default' penalty added to the original 'conviction.'

This is 'added' by GOD, and later imposed by God upon the 'prosecutors' and the 'voters' for their complicity in the 'punishment.' (Be it this life or in the hereafter) For God's Law is immutable and JUST for sure.

Man has 'presumed' that his 'badge of office' will protect his bad deeds from his 'own' rules of 'law,' and presumably also assumed that as he was 'mandated' to 'punish,' that he was also 'above' the law of God, and thus would 'avoid' God's 'payback.' A FALSE presumption.

For in order to 'fulfil' his duty to the 'rules,' the rules force policing enforcers to defy their own 'society' rules, and they openly 'invade, seize goods (steal), disturb the peace, kidnap, hold hostage in prison, kill' etc. All 'antisocial' activities both in the eyes of man and God.

Man 'thinks' he has a democratic society with 'freedom.' He has not, for his every 'way' of living and his code of conduct is dictated by a 'cruel & merciless' and unconscionable Autocratic set of 'Rules,' being rules that Rule him by 'edict' style Statutes that are extortionist & punitive and merciless in their dictates that are Anti-God. Thus is man forced to 'follow' a dark antisocial ideology.

These rules 'enslave' mankind in every land, and turn the 'administrators' into 'beastly' antisocial mini-gods, that have been 'authorised' by the rules to do and be wrong in their attitude and actions against the community they are supposed to serve.

page 14

State government workers in every 'department' use the 'Books of rules' to legitimise their code of conduct towards community members, and they impose the negative Autocratic and dictatorial ideology of the RULES upon the community, as they 'force' compliance.

Not only does the ideology of the Rules force State workers to become criminal 'animals,' but the Rules 'allow' people to be 'authoritatively' STRONG, and this 'strength' is simply 'power over you' by a 'weakling' who knows not what ahead their God will unto them do. State 'workers' in positions of authority covet their positions.

Power and control 'corrupts,' and Satan's 'spawn' on foolish souls sups in the afterlife, for 'men' using Rules become 'scoundrels,' and they callously 'subjugate, crush, and destroy' God's children as they use the 'power' and Might of the Dark Sovereign Power (Devil) in defiance of their Creator. Woe and more woe.

I say that all the RULES of man are the RULES of Satan, and all that 'give' to fund its satanic ideology are daily drawing in more 'sin' and daily accruing more painful 'debt' within the negative aspect of the one immutable Law of God.

For this unholy set of 'books' enable or empower man to be 'god' and to interfere and abuse his sisters and brothers as God in a punitive way.

Thus I can but 'advise' you to now 'break' the 'hold' over your 'way' by burning all 'dictatorial & punitive' Statute books, and simply raise up advisory & educative codes to guide others and, - - - rely on free giving of funds to the community by the community, rather than by 'taxing & punishing' the community for and on behalf of the RULES.

The rules empower 'extortion' of funds from the populace, that is simply 'theft by servant,' in that the governing department 'heads' are the servants of the Statute books they 'serve.' They do not 'serve' the community, they serve the conduct 'Code' demanded by these Rulebooks.

Not even the police or judiciary 'serve' the people, they serve the dictates of the RULES that are 'The law' of the 'demigods,' being the 'servers' acting as 'gods' on behalf of the books of Death.

And as the ideology of these Statute books is 'sinful,' and as its precepts are 'controlling & extortionist & punitive & 'warring,' it is in fact a Religion 'posing' as a Secular Institution. (Refer: Proof of Religion document)

Truly, as you and your 'children' are born into this world, all are 'bound' by the 'sins of their forefathers.' * Being the satanic Anti-God ideology contained within the thousands of enacted regulatory & punitive 'decrees' raised up by man. Decrees that control every 'aspect' of life on earth, that I name 'The book of DEATH.'

The 'administration' of 'Justice' is ONLY God's prerogative.

Note: 'sins of their forefathers.' * - The 'sins' of our forefathers is the satanic ideology of punishment. This ideology is the one of vindictive reprimand, that includes 'control - the 'whip' - the 'stocks' - loss of a 'hand' - stoning to death - incarceration - fine and other punishment including torture' and, - - -

On a 'Kingdom' or National level it means 'laying siege - placing sanctions - invasion of other lands - destruction and killing in a 'mass' senseless way' and, - - -

This dark ideology also 'appears' in the form of societal 'rituals' that cause pain and ongoing suffering. Such as the ritual of circumcision. Pain for the 'boy' child, and intense pain and ongoing suffering for the 'girl' child. For as she attains 'womanhood,' the scarring of her genitals restricts and inhibits the normal 'birthing' of children and it is 'unbelievably' distressing.

The 'whole' Anti-God ideology that mankind of every 'religion' condone, is where 'someone' due to rules or rituals 'decides' to make another suffer in some way. This they do either for a 'false' mercenary wage, or they simply deem it necessary or 'Just' and JUSTICE. Woe and more woe unto ALL.

For centuries, 'scribes & clerics' have legislated dark religious ideology as being the way, and 'civilian' legislators have legislated enforceable taxation levies, and 'confiscation' of property and other punishment as the 'secular' way. All these impositions are dark, and all are following the ideology of the Dark Sovereign Power (Devil).

All must 'quickly' see the LIGHT and read this my 'Book of LIFE.'

For your Creator will now 'separate' those of the 'Light,' being the peaceful and forgiving and merciful ones. From those of the 'Dark' that work as 'warriors' for the Dark Sovereign Power. Being those that use 'force' to attain their ideological demands as they force others into compliance.

These of the 'Dark' will 'dance' on flames of fire and their cries and suffering will rise higher and higher for in the Abyss below, all that any know is the 'call to arms' as unforgiveness and punitive conformity is the way each 'day.'

Those that now 'change' and begin to see the Light will now stand 'upright' in God's sight, and they will follow God by heeding this message from me. Thus they set themselves free from any further iniquity, and begin to educate lovingly as they see that to in Heaven live, they must first learn to forgive.

page 15

~ Kingdom come ~

Believe you me, soon God is to bring all "movement" to a HALT, for all are soon to understand the horrendous "power" in the Dark invisible land that has been "invoked" by our ignorant "legislators," who by defying God's Command did "permit" telepathic access into this land, as did you and you for freely supporting their ways untrue.

Many of you do what you do because you are paid to, seeing not that far below there are others who now "plot" to bring you down for causing others to frown, and I "care" not whether in the "afterlife" you "do or do not" believe, you all will see my truth and then you will me believe.

Many of you shop owners do what you do and "steal" money off others as you work "as" tax collectors for the taxation department in extorting goods and services tax on behalf of extortionists who "legislated" this false way and through fear you too will be exposed to powerful forces who will "take" much off you under the One Law "As you do is done unto you."

Read all about it on my web site today, and prepare to set yourselves free from continuing on "systematically" walking the wrong way because you believe it is "justifiable" to steal your daily pay by enforced legislation that grows "heavier" every day.

I "invite" any of you to discuss the new "way" with me.

page 16

~ Anti-Terrorist Bill 2005 ~
Australia's mania

I say a few words to all in reference to coming amendments to the Criminal 'aspect' of the new proposed legislation amendments 2005. For what none see, is that this 'Bill' is in reality simply a reinforcement of the standing terrorist legislation presently used by the government as the means whereby it is able to force the whole population into its present state of submission to the decrees of the governing Institution.

The means whereby all are forced into 'bowing' to the rules is the punitive 'attachments' stipulated alongside every demanded code of conduct or tax imposition.  It follows that in order to implement the punitive aspect, that there is the requirement of a 'terrorist' arm that in fact is the 'spy,' the investigator, the policeman, the judiciary, and the jailer.  All these persons are 'subversives' operating contra the command of their God, as for 'mercenary' pay they wage war against the community as well as any others seeking to cause their establishment any harm. (Other terrorist organisations or invaders)

However, as the 'actions' of all these 'persons' are 'backed' by legislation in a book of permissible "Rules of engagement," they have been led to believe that their 'mission' is true, honourable, and seen as blessed by their God. All this is error, being the result of deception and false teachings of men of religion and the erroneous beliefs of their ancestors and present day elders. (Kings, chiefs, warlords & politicians who see not that their actions are terrorism couched as justifiable legal action)

Terrorism is - - - the use of violence to attain or maintain a superior position and to instill 'submission' and, - - - it includes instilling fear or terror through the use of intimidation, threat, coercion, or aggressive punitive or destructive action.

Regrettably those involved in the acts of forcefully imposing the above with destructive or fearful consequence to others do not see their own 'acts' as either terrible nor as terrorist activities. It is only the ' opposition' on the receiving end that perceive it as such.

Not only this, but all persons involved in the 'counter' or anti-preparation or pre-emptive attack believe that they are 'right,' and that if it is sanctioned by 'legislation' or orders received from superiors, that it is 'somehow' also sanctioned by God and thus above God's immutable "Eye for and eye - as you sow so shall ye reap'' Law.

Foolish man, so blind and unkind unto himself and to those that fund, condone, or support such iniquitous activities. Yes, the 'sleeping' taxpayer needs to now see and realise that it is unwise to fund the use of dark energy, (aggression & destruction) for all that is done in their name and on their behalf returns, - - - and when suffering oneself, there are no 'laughs.' Do those employed as 'protectors' actually realise this? - - No, neither do they see what they are in fact saying within the context of their new Anti-Terrorist 'decrees' : Quote:

A person is guilty of a criminal offence through financing a terrorist if they intentionally;

  1. receive funds from, or makes funds available to, an organisation whether directly or indirectly.
  2. collect funds for, or on behalf of an organisation whether directly or indirectly.

or, even if they do the above but a terrorist act does not occur or, even if the funds will not be used to facilitate or engage in a specific terrorist act or, the funds will be used to facilitate in more than one terrorist act - - the person is guilty.

I say this because every government 'body' on earth is guilty of both 1 & 2 of the above, for they all 'wage war' and terrorise others. Not only this, but the monies they receive that is used to 'terrorise' and destroy their perceived enemies is also taken from the community by force of arms in the first instance, and any person that does not pay these 'taxes' is perceived as an enemy of the State and one to be despised and imprisoned.

So the very day of the Royal assent or date of Proclamation to assert these new 'rulings' has as the result that, - - - every person collecting GST for and on behalf of the government, and every person paying taxes to the government is guilty and punishable by their own Institution within the above 'decrees.'

For it is a proven fact that the armed forces of every nation do in fact invade, terrorise, control, abuse, fine, punish, and destroy the lives and livelihoods of their own as well as others over the land or sea and, they receive monies to so do from members of their own community. Thus it is a proven FACT that every governing Institution on earth is a terrorist organisation in the eyes of their God and others.

It is interesting to note that politicians can see that it is error and iniquity for other people to fund terrorist activities, and I 'wonder' when their Creator will let them see the 'beam' in their own eye and their own coming terror within the Law of God?

For only on that 'terrible' day will they all realise that their Creator is "Just & equitable" in His 'payback' and, that every 'sinister' swine that reveled in muck as he 'smashed' the opposition has accrued a similar return of suffering upon their own 'household,' as well as upon the sleeping population that funded and condoned them.

Foolish man, when will all see that the invisible Creator has the power and capacity to ensure the fulfillment of His divine Law. There is a reason for the escalation of terror and suffering. It is due to all 'forgetting' the "Go your way in peace and be forgiving" Command.  It is I to expose that:

"The more we invoke rules permitting 'us' to interfere in the lives of others, the more the Dark retributive 'arm' of God (The Dark Sovereign Power) interferes in our lives.

The more we fund others to fight and incarcerate or kill others, the more others are 'inspired' by the same Dark force to legislate their own 'permission' to abuse 'us' in return on an eternal 'tit for tat' basis."

What none see is, that the Dark retributive force (Dark Sovereign Power) has the Right to mete out 'payback' within ITS own 'eye for an eye' Law. This IT does by telepathically operating through the minds of the unwise and, as they then fight for IT against the other, IT then incites the other 'ignorant' infidel to also fight back on ITS behalf.

Both sides spiral down in a never-ending cycle of regulation, control, fear, terror, destruction, interference and abomination, as all deserve such an unholy fate. The only way back up and out of ITS clutches is to turn and face the Light of God and read what I did write and then, - - -

Come to a personally informed decision to lay down ones weapons and never employ or fund others to fight on your behalf or to protect you. For as you so do, you pave the way for your own suffering on a latter day. Please now 'suffer' whatever God sends to your door without retaliating and, - - stop funding any punitive Institution.

I name the article "Australia's mania" simply because it also applies to this land I abide in, and it is only a mentally disturbed person that would defy their Creator and use terrorist activities to 'counter' others that are also mentally disturbed by the same invisible force that 'disturbs' them into terrorist activities. All suffering resulting from 'terror' imposed by some other is simply the retributive 'arm' of God in action through the mind of the vain, arrogant, and ignorant that are 'godless' infidels.

For the 'leaders' of every nation or 'other' terrorist organisation are 'such,' as none have heard of God's Command to "Go your way in peace." Neither have they heard of God's singular immutable Law "As you do is done unto you." Thus every society will now suffer the possibility of eternal ongoing agony for their ongoing complicity to waging WAR against others.

For God said: "Forgive thine enemy, for only then can I forgive you once you have 'suffered' every drop of blood spilt by you or your servants operating on your behalf and, there will be no peace at your house until My scales of Justice are balanced."

Only when those that work for the 'Institution' are able to see that the Rules are forcing them into becoming 'beasts' and, that the Rules are forcing them to steal more funds from the community in order to 'satisfy' the demands of the Rules, will said workers seek change themselves.  All legislated 'rulings' that force public servants to wage 'terrorist' war against the community or that force the worker to defy the Command of God must now be abolished by public decree. No more must the public condone or fund 'rules' that force our children to become beasts.

page 17

~ Terrorists ~

What do terrorists do for a living? They fill others with fear and misgiving. They also cause suffering and pain, because they are callous, cruel, merciless, arrogant and vain.

Who are they? They are the 'terrorists, armed forces men, policemen, insurgents, judiciary, legislators, enforcers, controllers, slavers, regulators, politicians, chiefs, kings, dictators, 'rule' makers, wife bashers, street gangs, guerrillas, and rebels.' Because they are the ones that terrorise others in some way due to their actions.

"Thus" God says: "You are all 'terrorists' of the same 'ilk,' and you will all receive a 'Just' due under My supreme Law, and yourselves be filled with fear and misgiving for each and every time you defied My call of 'Love & Mercy & Forgiveness' and, - - -

The Decree

You shall all 'fall' into the Abyss for a time and a time and be dealt with by other merciless and unforgiving swine, until you do heed My 'call' from the Land Divine to 'Be peaceful."

All 'enforcers' in any guise are the Devil's 'workers,' and their abuse of God's children darkens their own soul and, under God's immutable Law, * these 'offenders' receive a 'just & equitable' return payment of suffering.

This return suffering accrues invisibly and silently, and the 'offender' sees not the 'stalker' that sets HIS 'trap' that snares all the unwary. God is GOD, and God sees ALL that be, and God's 'Justice' is unavoidable as all will now see.

No 'mandate' from man 'exonerates' enforcers from God's Justice. No mandate from man 'voids' God's immutable Law. You may 'believe' that your actions are 'honourable,' but any suffering imposed upon another is a 'criminal' offence in Father God's eye, and as you should all know - -

'Do the crime - - - suffer the time'

Set yourself free from accruing more painful 'debts to God' and now heed me.

Note: Law * - "As you sow - so shall ye reap - As you do - is done unto you."

~ The 'collaborators' ~

The collaborators to 'terrorism' are you, you, and you. For your 'ignorant' complicity to terrorist 'acts' is what supports terrorism, and the 'depth' of your complicity is unseen by you, and it is also accepted as 'normal.'

For it is by payment of taxes and your 'vote' and demands for 'protection' that you are contributing to the 'counter' terrorist activities. These activities carried out 'in your name' and 'on your behalf' impose great suffering upon others perceived as terrorists or 'offenders' by your 'servants,' being the 'State' department employees funded by you.

You all did and yet 'do' daily accrue a 'pain & loss' debt that will be imposed upon you at some time by God and, unless this you begin to see, your 'race' to reach 'Heaven' will be lost too.

So please now change your 'way' and give up your support of any 'punitive' system of man or 'armed force' from today. For all 'collaborators' to the 'unforgiving & merciless' aspect of the Source are eventually ensnared by IT the DARK.

The use of any 'force' that abuses or 'punishes' any other child of God in any 'way' for any reason, or in any way deprives them of their livelihood or destroys their property, is an 'ACT' that contravenes God's Command to "Walk in peace & love one another."

It is God to impose the 'penance' upon your 'household' that is an 'equal & opposite' return of loss and suffering within the 'bounds' of God's supreme 'eye for an eye' law - - - 'As you sow so shall ye reap' and, - - -

Not only do you 'accrue' the return pain 'due' upon yourself, but as you or your servants abuse others, you all draw in the dark 'mist' * of death into your soul that eventually 'weighs' you down and enables the 'Devil' to imprison you below. Those of you that would become free must now heed me and stop supporting iniquity.

Note: 'mist' * - Is the negative energy of the Source. This 'energy' draws your soul away from the Light (positive energy of the Source).

Refer: "God is God" page 94 of "The Testament of Truth"

page 18

~ In God we Trust ~

These are the "American" words that are down all throats "thrust," but none it seems believe in God. No, they all rely on "killing" the other bod. For Americans as "all" rely on using a mace, none seeing their spiritual disgrace.

Any whom "pledge" allegiance to any "country or system" do at that moment deny God and defy God. For by this very act of "allegiance" they state that they will "uphold" the Military force of the land by taxation and they also subject & enslave themselves to the punitive "rules" of the land that are the Devil's "hand" on earth.

Any who pledge allegiance to "anything" are by word of mouth stating that the "supplier" of the statement is "somehow" superior to them in some way and also "one" to whom they are bound in every way, for "it" the Oath of allegiance now owns their soul from that day.

If you would become free then listen now to me, for you must truly TRUST in your God of Love who reigns up above. For God says:

"Lean not on the strength of another's 'arm' and just heed my 'charm' that says that you needs only do as commanded by my earthly commander true being the wielder of this pen.

He says for ME the invisible God that you cannot see that you needs only walk your road in peace each day and you 'show' that you are paying 'homage' to ME by being this peaceful way.

If you pay homage to the system of man or any man then in fact you are paying homage to the Devil, for it is HIS plan to use you to destroy your enemy and to steal off you your very last penny.

Go now your own way each day and do not pay any 'fee' any day to any other for I would have it that you now set your own souls free from eternal bondage and misery. I ask that you only 'give' to the needy so that they can survive as you also show them how."

Let us all now no longer "kow-tow" to the arrogant dictates of other men who daily demand that we all 'listen' to their edicts that soon by God will be 'frozen' as they are sent below together with all controllers, and this fact they all needs now know.

We show our Trust in God when we "turn" the other cheek when abused by another and we mercifully do not retaliate as we give them good counsel and let them walk freely away from our "gate."

We show our Trust in God when we forgive any other whom we perceive is at fault in any way, and who may have caused us harm because they were "charmed" by other men who defy God's sacred word or pen.

We show our Trust in God when we are compassionate towards those untrue who daily do what they do, which is to off us our money or life demand as they evict us from our homes and steal our farms. They are 'errants' for sure, being used by the Devil to mete out retribution to those who walked the wrong way before.

Trust in God - let it so be
Trust in God - only thus is your soul set free.