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The Devil’s intruding ‘dance’

There are two invisible ‘partners’ to any relationship, and this needs to be understood by everyone living outside the ultimate level of Light (heaven) or the ‘lovers’ stand little ‘chance’ of being happy as they work or play, for the invisible ‘force’ of darkness ‘dances’ around them invisibly as IT the Dark seeks ITS ‘power’ play.

The ONE is the ‘loving’ and creative invisible ‘partner’ to the relationship, and IT is the ENERGY of the Light aspect of God that seeks to uplift us, and through our kind, caring, joyful, merciful, beneficent and loving emotions IT uplifts our ‘spirits’ and we are happy and enjoy the company of the other, and we feel fulfilled.

The other is the ‘loveless’ and destructive invisible ‘partner’ to the relationship, and IT is the ENERGY of the Dark aspect of God that seeks to pull us down, and through our unkind, uncaring, hateful, merciless, jealous, and other unloving emotions IT deadens our ‘spirits,’ and we are unhappy in the company of the other, and we feel frustrated, despairing and angry as they verbally 'violate' our state of peace.

The invisible partners in every household are the ‘twin’ or ‘dual’ energies of God, for God is ALL. One is benign, and simply inspires us positively, the other is forceful and intrudes negatively as IT uses us to abuse some other verbally or physically.

Thus we all need to try and understand that any negative discourse in any relationship is simply the result of one or both the ‘parties’ having fallen ‘victim’ to the Dark intruder that has found a ‘legitimate’ way of imposing its vindictiveness upon one using the other or, through both using both against each other in a negative and punitive way.

It (the dark) has the power and capacity to keep a person ‘focussed’ on the erroneous ways of the other, and thus IT via your mind can ‘critically’ judge them (the other) as being at ‘fault’ in one way or another, and via the one or both IT justifies a ‘reason’ for the need of ongoing condemnation of the ‘ways’ of the other, and IT inflicts ITS ‘painful’ verbal or physical retribution via the one or both upon each other in a continuous destructive cycle.

For any family member or other person to survive this invisible satanic drive they need to realise that it is very unwise to ‘point the bone’ at the other, for there is a spiritual reality, being that no person has the God given right to ‘set the other straight’ per se, for that is God’s prerogative ONLY.

Each of us is an individual spirit and we are entitled to live our life exactly as we wish to, and if that ‘upsets’ the other then they need to look at their own mental and emotional state in respect of how they should ‘respond’ in keeping to God’s “Go your way in peace” Command.

The only ‘time’ that we can offer advice is when we perceive the other (any other) walking their road in a manner that is contrary to the Command of God, thus we see that they are harming their own soul and we do our best to enlighten them and thus save them from great travail in this or the after life. Education is the way, not punitive condemnation.

If you are unhappy at the way the other is negatively responding to you, then try and realise that they are being used by the Dark ‘shark’ to cause you to suffer within the ‘eye for an eye’ Law of God for your transgression of God’s Command at some stage in the past, for that is the role of the Dark ENERGY. (The administration of divine retribution)

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If you respond ‘darkly’ to the dark deeds of others, albeit justifiably in your mind, then you are the victim of the Dark also, and you accrue another painful spiritual due for your expressed darkness upon the other.

There is only one way forwards to happiness and freedom from suffering and freedom from ‘feeling’ negative emotions within, and this is by assisting God and yourself to cleanse your soul of inner SIN. (SIN=The full range of negative emotions you drew in over the past aeons of time in other realms of consciousness.)

For as long as these dark emotions exist within your spirit soul you will never be ‘free’ from the mental interference of the Dark Sovereign Power or His ‘demonic’ forces, for they are walking by your side and inciting you to more ‘vitriol’ each time you give in to the power of your own dark emotions.

You do not ‘have to’ listen to verbal abuse for you can walk away, however, if you cannot get away then make sure that you simply ‘suffer it’ without retaliating. For by retaliating you become the ‘Reaper’ in action, and you are accruing a further spiritual ‘due’ to suffer again at the hands of some other.

In these ‘end’ days as our dark emotions are being purged out by the Light of God, all will feel their inner power more, and unless you fortify your minds with my wisdom and my Star prayer you will ‘succumb’ and become ‘numb’ and merciless, and you will become a ‘cruel’ aggressor and late for Heaven’s Gate.

No ‘counsellor’ needs to ‘investigate’ the actions of their clients or take sides as such, for the persons involved simply need to LEARN about their OWN actions in respect of how they respond or ‘treat’ their family or others they meet on the street.

For so long has ‘accountability & justice’ been the ‘order’ of the day, that all have forgotten what their Creator did say being; “Go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate, forgiving and understanding of others yet sinfully living.”

Strengthen your mind so that you NEVER find any reason to defy God even if you are being ‘crucified’ as you walk the road. Try and understand that if you suffer and do not retaliate, then you are becoming FREE from your past iniquitous ways, and as your ‘inquisitor’ foolishly brings you to ’account' they are setting themselves up to suffer ‘similarly’ at a later date.

Only God is ‘above’ the “As you sow so shall ye reap” Law. Thus it is ONLY God’s prerogative to criticise, judge, condemn and PUNISH. We the ‘children’ need to ‘bow’ in submission to God or we will ‘die in our sin’ in the underworld of eternal suffering.

The ‘other’ is not the cause of our miseries, we suffer miserably and are discontent because we are being subjected to a ‘return’ of our own past actions, and we do not see this nor do we understand the absolute Justice of God’s Law.

If the other person with whom you are ‘quarrelling’ does not conform to your demands and control then the Dark essence flowing through you becomes more vociferous and demanding and IT can never change ITS ways. It is up to you to see this and to bow your ‘head’ in shame for your ways and to do your best to go your way in peace as GOD Commands.

Terence - The Spirit of Truth