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~ Open 'update' letter to attn Mr Ali Sina - 7th October 2016~

The Ali Sina "Challenge" to mankind

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page - 3 - - The enlightenment
page - 12 - - The new way forwards to the Light
page - 13 - - My response to a letter from Ali
Since I AM the 'messenger' of the MOST HIGH God/Allah, it behoves me to 'rectify' ignorance in man for and on behalf of Allah because, if I do NOT, then the vanity of men like Sina will RULE forever on earth, and their 'followers' will all fall  into the Abyss of eternal suffering and eventually BURN.
It is I to 'turn around' the Sina challenge because he is presently challenging simple men to debate:

A - The fall of Muhammad the prophet.
B - The fall or non-existence of Allah.
C - The fall or demise of Islam.
D - Whether or not Muhammad was in fact a prophet of Allah.
E - The powerlessness of Allah and His Law to bring Ali Sina to 'account' for his 'treachery' in misleading visitors to his web site, in trying to prove to them that 'Islam' is a 'sham.'

In my texts below I will speak FOR Allah and FOR Muhammad and FOR the invisible demonic forces who exist in 'hell' and whose 'job' it is to fulfill the punitive aspect of THE LAW of equal return of Allah, as they impose 'Absolute Justice' upon any person who used Allah's Dark energy to cause harm to others or who led others astray. I also explain 'how' this is, and how it has always been 'accomplished' by them through seizing telepathic control over the mind of the unwary. (Spirit possession)

Ali Sina sees NOT that when he defies the 'Sacred' Command of Allah to "Bow in submission to PEACE and BE merciful and compassionate and forgive your perceived enemy," that he 'Sina' places himself directly into the 'arms' of extremely harsh, cruel, evil, hate-filled, merciless and vindictive DARK demonic forces. These invisible unconscionable 'beasts' can and will 'reach him' via other 'infidels' in the flesh when the DARK Source so orders.

So in 'challenging' the existence of Allah and of Allah's 'hellish' forces, Ali has in FACT thrown down the 'gauntlet' to them and to Allah their Master. There are NO 'two' 'god's' because Allah's ENERGY encompasses ALL, and is both the LIGHT and the DARK. The creative (Love) and the destructive DARK. (Hatred)
Allah did state to every soul created by HIM that it was forbidden to use His Dark forceful, deceptive, malignant energy because IT would stain their soul and drag IT down and into oblivion and suffering.
Since I am the 'Plenipotentiary' of Allah, it is my 'pen' (Allah's) to speak and clarify the issues spoken of by Ali Sina, so that the truly FAITHFUL to Islam who believe in the PEACE Command are never again led 'astray' by any mortal man. Be they the 'lost' as Sina, politicians, chiefs, kings, queens, emperors or other DICTATORS. All these are 'pretenders' to Allah's THRONE, and ALL are now to be swept away by Allah and His forces because they all control His children.
Foolish is any person who believes that there is NO invisible Power that RULES, and foolish is any person who believes that said invincible POWER is helpless' in bringing them to ACCOUNT for their misdeeds. Gross ERROR of belief. (Absolute Justice exists)
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In the year 2004 I wrote a 30 page 'response' to Ali Sina, and in  October 2016 on receiving a request to enter into a debate with Ali, I again visited his web site, hence this additional response.

I see that his arrogance is so 'great' that he continues to denigrate Muhammad and myself publicly, and thus deceive and mislead 'millions,' not only persons in the flesh of this world, but also spirit beings who exist in lower 'underworld realms and who link-in to the mind of man.

I believe that "Muhammad was a prophet of Allah" and I will seek to assist you 'Ali' and all readers to also come to that conclusion by the end of this response to Ali Sina's CHALLENGE to mankind.

This I do so as to not only END the endless ongoing 'debate,' but to also 'awaken' Ali and others to THE reality of Allah and His twin ENERGIES and His immutable 'LAW of equal return' as I explain the REASONS 'why' one must OBEY Allah's COMMAND: "Go your way in Peace and extend love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness" at all times and in all situations as you thus ONLY use Allah's LIGHT energy in your interaction with others.

Allah's Command above always was and yet is the 'Divine Salvation TRUTH.'

For some reason our brother Ali Sina has chosen to denigrate and discredit Muhammad the prophet who cannot 'defend' himself. Ali Sina has also decided to discredit ME, a living man who can defend himself, and I state that Ali Sina has chosen to defy Allah's 'Peace' Command and to disregard Allah's Plenipotentiary (myself) who is the returned 'Spirit of Truth' the Messiah and 'saviour' of all mankind.

In so doing, Ali is doing his 'best' to turn people away from Allah/God's message of: "Peace at all times and in all situations,"  so that they FAIL their NOW final spiritual test and FALL into eternal agony as he, Ali, breeds uncertainty and contempt through his 'critical' judgements and in so doing, he is placing his own soul into 'jeopardy,' and if this final note to him is by him seen as 'irrelevant,' then he SEALS his OWN fate and sends his OWN soul into the Abyss FOREVER say I the today messenger of THE MOST HIGH.

Ali Sina states that he believes in 'Freedom of faith,' but he cannot let the 'memory' of Muhammad 'rest in peace,' and instead, Ali uses the names of prophets to promote his own ANTAGONISTIC agenda and assumes that he is 'smart and saintly' and 'all knowing' when in FACT, he is the world's greatest FOOL kneeling at the Devil's 'footstool.'
Ali sees NOT that ONLY the Devil can criticise, judge and condemn and remain ABOVE the laws of man and of Allah/God, for it is I to REVEAL that the named 'Devil' is simply the DARK ENERGY ESSENCE of Allah/God, being an 'energy' that Allah forbade man to 'sup on' as IT would destroy their souls. IT (dark energy) is the 'fruit' from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
Ali Sina sees NOT that the 'evil' in man is simply the malignant destructive energy essence of Allah that flows through man as man uses IT (Dark energy) in his interaction with man.
Ali Sina sees NOT that the 'good' in man is simply the benign creative energy essence of Allah that flows through man as man uses IT (Light energy) in his interaction with man.
Ali, you are 'single-handedly' waging a CRUSADE against ALLAH. It is THE TIME now for you to resurrect the 'SINA' family name into THE LIGHT.

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Ali Sina needs to understand that DARK EVIL EXTREMISM with ITS vanity, pride, arrogance and control via RITUALS exists within all religions because the DARK ENERGY of Allah/God exerted ITS 'karmic control' over everyone living outside of Paradise.

This control over the mind of man includes Clerics & Priests and all purporting to 'be 'Holy men' because, via their inner SIN they were and yet are 'sinners' deserving to BE seduced by IT (Dark energy)  and subjugated by IT unto today and forevermore unless they NOW heed my pen and thus set themselves FREE.

I now speak with reference to:

Being Ali Sina's two letters to me and my response (one) to him therein (above link) plus the now additions below via my pen.

Dear recipient: I ask, is Ali Sina himself a 'prophet' from the land divine or is he simply an ignorant swine who is keeping those of 'Islam' and other readers away from the Holy Word of God/Allah who now speaks through me (Terence) to everyone on this sod?

ALI states: Dear Terence,

Thank you for your email my friend, but I am sorry to say
that Muhammad was not a prophet and you are very much mistaken about him.

I bet you are a good person yourself but
you are hailing a wrong man. - - -

Now as for me, I am a secularist.
I do not believe in a deity that sends messengers. However, I do believe in a higher reality, like a principle underlying the creation. So in a sense although I do not believe in the "existence" of any god
I am not a materialist atheist.  I do not have any problem with religions and prophets.

However you are betting on a dead horse. Islam, thanks to ' the rise of the intellectuals',  is finished. If you read my site and spend some time in it, you'll see that I have proven without a doubt that Muhammad was a psychopath. As my site keeps growing and as people learn the truth about Muhammad, Islam will wane and with that your message will also go down to oblivion.

If you want my humble opinion, I suggest you distance yourself from Muhammad and Islam and start denouncing him.
You can start your own religion if you like. As I said I am not against religions. But by accepting Muhammad as a prophet you are only sealing your own demise.

Take care - Ali Sina

Terence responds: In fact, I am not 'hailing' anyone nor am I uplifting any 'religion' because I am the 'inspiration' of THE ONE TRUE FAITH (The Testament of Truth) being the FINAL message to all humanity from THE CREATOR named many names by His/Her children on earth.

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ALI states: I am a humanist and a practitioner of the Golden Rule - this is my alternative. But because I believe in the Golden Rule and the freedom of faith, I respect people’s choices to believe in any religion they like. I do not agree with the premises of any religion; however I have no right to tell people what they should believe. My fight is not against faith, it is against hate. The reason I am against Islam is not because it is a religion but because it is a political ideology of imperialism and domination in the guise of religion.

Terence responds: What Sina FAILS to see is that every government on earth and its political heads (priests in sheep's clothing) operates in the guise of 'secularism,' but in FACT they have the 'Religious ideological DOCTRINE' of imperialism, intrusion, domination, control, enslavement, subjugation, extortion, punishment and the killing of any perceived as being in 'opposition' to ITS absolute 'god-like' authority. (The control over all ITS subjects) Ali, your 'fight' is your use of 'deception' to lead people AWAY from Islam (Obedience and submission TO Allah's Command for errant man to go their way in PEACE.)

Ali, what you state in your texts above is that you follow, obey or adhere 'to or with' the essence of the Golden Rule being:
“Do onto others as you would wish them do onto you.”
I say that what you state is either a LIVING LIE or your mind is 'convoluted, blind or cannot see,' because your teachings are deceptive and are leading men away from Allah's Command of "Obedience to PEACE" and INTO destructive ways. Ways that will cause them eternal sorrow. I ask: "Is it TRUE that YOU would 'wish' that others lead YOU astray and into sorrow"?
Ali, "Would you truly 'wish' that others will be criticising, condemning and judging YOU for the next 1400 years as you are doing to the 'memory' of prophet Muhammad"? Wake UP brother from your delusional state. The 'glittering' Serpent has you totally 'spell-bound' I see.

What Ali Sina fails to see is that the 'core' base within the religions of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc., have the STATED ideology of PEACE and love and compassion and mercy and forgiveness. Regrettably for Ali Sina, he is focussed on MEN (Muhammad and myself) in the BELIEF, that if he Ali proves 'us' MEN in error, then Allah's Command unto man is voided or obsolete. How 'stupid' and arrogant is that belief?

BOTH Islam & Christianity have the same spiritual doctrine: "Total obedience and submission to the PEACE & love & mercy & compassion & forgive Command of Allah," but ITS 'flocks' and/or leaders all promote and DO the ABSOLUTE OPPOSITE. Everyone demands 'Retributive Justice' in the face of adversity, and even Ali Sina states; < How can we not fight Evil? > in his letter (2) to me below.

Why so? because only my 'pen' CLARIFIES the reality being, - - - when we fight in defiance of Allah/God's Command, we are USING Allah's DARK (evil) destructive ENERGY (The fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) and we place ourselves within ITS "Law of equal return" - 'eye for an eye' and our suffering can be ongoing FOREVER.

Every 'voter' or taxpayer is funding the political DOCTRINE of control, subjugation and punishment, so everyone 'such' (taxpayers) are actually in 'opposition' to the TRUTH of the reality of their own stated religious doctrine, be IT Islam or Christianity. Why then I 'ask' does Ali Sina 'pick' on Islam? Why does he also arrogantly state:  "I can act above the law and no one stops me"?

Simply for a number of reasons, he (Ali) is in total IGNORANCE of 'who or what' our God/Allah actually IS, and also, in turning people AWAY from 'Islam,' he is principally INCITING CIVIL UNREST in the minds of those of OTHER 'religions' as well as many 'of' Islam, and in FACT he is unknowingly an 'agent' for the DARK punitive aspect of THE SOURCE. (The devil's operative)

This 'aspect' can and will be PROVEN by this very pen within this document. Not only that, but 'worse' is yet to come for Ali, because whilst the DARK is keeping him ALI 'focussed' on the 'evil' ways of a man who lived 1400 years ago, ALI fails to SEE that when one incites civil unrest, one is 'tempting' or LEADING others 'astray' to 'do' something about it in a 'negative' way, and THAT doctrine of merciless retribution is leading people into defiance of Allah's 'Peace' Command and to their SPIRITUAL demise.

page 5

Ali Sina is causing 'discontent' as he MISINTERPRETS my own letter (1) you will find on the top of page, (link reference) and through his misinterpretation and ignorance shown in his letter (2) below, Ali is also 'GUILTY' of deceiving readers because he turns them AWAY from my pen (Allah's) as he does his 'best' to convince YOU the reader that both Jesus and I are in 'contradiction' and in error in some way and I will clarify it.

Words within Ali's letter 2

ALI states to me (Terence): You said that Christ was a messenger of God. Didn’t he say pay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar? Obviously the god of Jesus and this god you are talking about are two different entities. They seem to contradict each other completely. Which one is the real God?

If your god is the real one you said Christ was a true messenger. Since you contradict each other, both of you can't be right. Therefore you must have lied about Christ being a true messenger. A god that lies cannot be the true god.  Whether Christ was from the real God or not I can't say, but it is obvious that your god is not the real one.  

Terence responds: What ALI does not understand is what Jesus actually meant by his words < Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and render unto God that which is God's > IT is clarified now by me being:

IF one wishes for and uses the protection of Caesar's ARMED FORCES, then one must 'naturally' pay for the 'cost' of their wages and armaments using the 'coin of the realm' which they 'Render unto Caesar' but, - - -

If you are as I AM, one relies solely on God/Allah for ones protection, one does NOT rely on the 'strength of the arms' of 'State' armed forces men and thus one does NOT 'owe' Caesar any money, and one does NOT vote for man to rule them, and one does NOT pay any taxes. One ONLY condones, supports and funds benign community effort.

IF you pay taxes you become COMPLICIT TO ALL THE HARM DONE UNTO OTHERS ON YOUR BEHALF BY YOUR 'State' SERVANTS, and you place yourself into the 'Law of equal return' of the DARK energy of Allah/God. You are ALSO 'living' the contra religious doctrine of DEATH, sorrow and eternal suffering.

(Read my 'Render unto Caesar' document: )

ALI states: Which side is your god standing dear Terence? Is he on the side of the terrorists? How can we not fight Evil?  You talk about peace. But making peace with Evil is evil. How can you be a friend of evil  and good at the same time?  Sixty years ago we fought against evil and that is why we are free today. Sometimes fighting is necessary. Evil can triumph only when good people do nothing.

Terence responds: What ALI does not understand is that Allah is the invisible energy essence of ALL, and IT (Allah's ENERGY) has two polarities: Creative Light and Destructive Dark (Pos & Neg) and both aspects have the same 'law of energy': "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" at the time and in the place this all knowing energy so decides.

BOTH 'energies exist invisibly and both can 'motivate' man - it is our CHOICE as to which 'voice' we listen, to presented as ones THOUGHTS of the 'moment.' Ali, one cannot 'make peace' with evil. Evil is simply an energy that exists, and IT will never harm anyone UNLESS they have used ITS energy in their past to cause harm to another, be it in this life or in a pre-birth time. (We live forever)

page 6

IF you have used IT, (Dark energy) then IT has stained your soul and 'marked your forehead' and IT will return VIA some other arrogant ignorant person to fulfill ITS 'eye for an eye' Justice as IT balances ITS 'Scales of Justice' and, - - - IF you are so foolish as to fight back rather than OBEY Allah and 'turn the other cheek in NON-retaliation,' then it is YOU permitting IT to again flow through YOU and you accrue a further due to IT. Not only this, but as IT flows through your soul some of IT remains and 'grows' within as a 'Cancer' (SIN) and this dark energy is what drags your soul down and away from THE LIGHT.

Ali stated: "I can act above the law and no one stops me"? Indeed, the DARK 'permits' Ali to walk DEEP into ITS realms (like Hitler) and keeps him blinded until THE DAY It knocks on his door to 'collect' ITS painful dues.

(Read my 'Energy of God' doc: )

ALI goes on to state: We are a group of people dedicated to demonstrate that the world is facing a great danger akin or perhaps worse than what happened six decades ago that destroyed sixty million lives. This time the danger comes from Islam.

Terence responds: The danger is from THE DARK lower realms wherein exist trillions upon trillions of 'lost' souls who fell from grace aeons ago and their souls are filled with darkness (Hatred) and they are Allah's V-for vengeance ARMY who are to now mete out divine retribution through the minds of EVERYONE on earth who have 'Sin' within because the vibration of said 'Sin' is the telepathic doorway to the mind of errant man.

Foolish are those who DEFY Allah for HE is merciless to the merciless and HE says: "Judge not lest ye be so judged." IF you are so arrogant as to defy His "Love one another" Command then for sure HE will you 'reprimand' and keep you down and out of His paradise of perfection.


Indeed, insanity is now to escalate globally as Allah's WRATH explodes globally, and ONLY those who heed this God's pen will remain in control of their THOUGHTS and BOW in obedience to Allah/God and thus NOT go forth killing and ending up in THE ABYSS. To fortify your mind listen to my 'Feeling easy' seminar:

This seminar is designed to assist people to control their thoughts so as to be able to stay rational and sane when faced by adversity.

If you wish to access the original texts and audio music tracks then go to:

page 7

Ali Sina, I am a 'spirit medium' empowered by Allah's LOVE, and the depth of my 'insight' is great indeed and I 'warn' you that your MIND is controlled by the powerful and infinitely all-knowing DARK ENERGY of Allah, and it is thus that your 'debating' is so cunning. The telepathic 'access' to your mind is via the 'vibration' channel created by your inner dark emotions of vanity, pride, greed and liquid arrogance.

It appears that NONE can WIN or 'beat' your endless words, words, words, except ME, and I state to you that your soul is in deadly danger brother through your 'seditious' ways. Please now HALT you 'open' attack on the ways of a long past man (Muhammad) because he cannot defend himself but, - - - I can, and now so do for him so as to give YOU the opportunity to FREE yourself from the Devil's GRIP over your mind.

Sir, can you not see that when you tell everyone that you are 'unbeatable' and thus 'above the law' and 'know NO God,' that you lead others INTO War? For all 'warmongers BELIEVE that they can invade, injure, maim and kill with NO 'comeback' to themselves.

Is this FACT not true? Why else would they knowingly so do? They ONLY so do because they are in fact as YOU, a 'faithless' Muslim who is defiant of Allah's Command of PEACE.

Ali Sina, both YOU and Muhammad and all of any race or religion STILL BELIEVE that God/Allah sanctions battles with the enemies of the Lord. HE does NOT say I, and IF he so did then it would be a 'contradiction' of His COMMAND UNTO MAN.

Ali, in further reference to your words:

< My fight is not against faith, it is against hate.> < How can we not fight Evil?  You talk about peace. But making peace with Evil is evil. How can you be a friend of evil  and good at the same time?  Sixty years ago we fought against evil and that is why we are free today. Sometimes fighting is necessary.>

It is ONLY NOW that my pen clarifies THE TRUTH of the matter that we must NEVER defy Allah's 'Peace' Command. We must at all times and in all situations be TRUE to ISLAM and thus bow in submission to Allah's Command of PEACE because, ONLY thus are we spiritually SAFE within Allah's "Law of equal return."

Ali, 'Awaken' I say, and never again DESPISE any other sister or brother for you are most definitely NOT 'Allah' nor 'godly' nor deserving of Paradise today. You are yet as ALL 'men' a 'sinner' with SIN (dark energy) within your SOUL, so 'why 'damn Muhammad when your own soul is yet sinful? Set DOWN your 'pen' and READ all written by Allah via ME and maybe, just maybe, HE (Allah) and His LIGHT will purge your soul one day and set you FREE.

Ali, the 'hundreds' of thousands who visit your web site and who are now filled with 'doubt' need to be 're-directed' by YOU to MY Testament of TRUTH so that they can come to their own personally informed decision about Allah, not about the past 'ways' of 'Muhammad,' and as said, maybe then will Allah set you FREE.

Ali, you are a 'faithless' Muslim who is waging war against a spiritual brother 'Muhammad' who lives ON in spirit realms and HE also 'disproves' of your ongoing 'debates' to sully his 'inner rose' of light and love and yet his 'thoughts' now come to my 'mind' and his silent 'voice' says to YOU:

"Ali, Ali, why use ME to elevate your belief * and in so doing, bring so much doubt and GRIEF into the lives of our sisters and brothers who now do and will fight and LOSE, because your 'words' did infuse their beliefs with ERROR.

So please now heed your brother Terence and 'bow' in submission to our Islamic belief in PEACE and love and mercy and compassion and forgiveness."

I Muhammad have spoken through the mind of Terence

Note: belief * - Ali's belief is that there is NO 'Allah,' and thus NO 'Law of Allah' to bring him to 'account.'

page 8

Ali, maybe you can now see that Muhammad did many 'cruel' and 'evil' things as you stated but, - - - can you not see that all men even yourself can use or BE used by Dark energy because all have 'sinned' in their past and all on earth yet have SIN within. (Negative emotions - dark energy)

You also need to comprehend that when a male spirit soul 'enters' the biological flesh of this world and grows to 'manhood,' that their mental programming and teaching 'beliefs' are those of their forefathers. In the past and the present these teachings were and yet are, that one is entitled to fight or defend, and thus Muhammad was a 'product' of his time and a 'warmonger' BUT, - - -

What you need to SEE Ali is, that other than the darkness within Muhammad, there was and yet is MORE, - -  being - - - that his prophetic PROPHECY engendered HOPE in the minds of other simple men who had all been taught to FIGHT. His 'angelic' inspiration stated:

"If errant warmongering man became PEACEFUL, then Allah could and would purge their souls of the darkness (Sin) they drew IN whilst fighting, and that once spiritually 'purified,' they could then find their way HOME to Paradise."

Furthermore, he (Muhammad) prophesied that in order to BECOME peaceful, those who believed in his prophecy needed to:

"Bow in submission to THE Command of Allah" ~ ISLAM, Inshallah.

Ali, just like Muhammad I was born into the 'warrior' TRIBE as my 'daddy' was a hard, cruel, cold and unkind soldier with the British 'King's African rifles' in East Africa in 1939. So I was also taught to fight the perceived enemy and thus be 'honourable' if anyone were to 'challenge' me to a 'duel.'

But that did not mean that one day forty years ahead, I 'awoke' to the FACT that the Light of Allah was 'calling' and opening my 'ears and eyes' so that THE TRUTH and TRUE WAY I could see, and that also, Allah's WISDOM could flow through me.

Brother Ali, even Muhammad who indeed bore a 'mace' had the love light of Allah within, as does every spirit created, and IT spoke to Muhammad as IT so does to YOU now via my mind and pen.

So Ali, "Who is the cruellest, you or Muhammad"? It is you 'brother,' because you 'deceptively' oppose the core teaching of Islam (Peace) and I can assure you Ali that with today's 'electronic' technology, you are leading millions more astray than Muhammad ever could, and albeit he caused much 'harm,' when you deceive and lead men away from Allah's Command principle of PEACE, you are leading them into eternal damnation, suffering and agony.

It is TRUE I say that you are the Devil's 'advocate' and 'woe' indeed is your PRESENT DESTINY. Brother, the horse upon which you 'sit' is TALL but also, the Fall to 'earth' will one day be swift and painful I see.

Brother, since you are blind and cannot see over the hill, it does not mean that you are RIGHT in the assumption that naught exists on the other side. I am a soul VERY WISE and I do see here and there and everywhere and thus, I DO the very faces of Allah see. Indeed, both HE and SHE the Mother of all Creation.

page 9

The REASON 'why' one must OBEY Allah's COMMAND (Go your way in Peace and extend love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness) at all times and in all situations is that you thus ONLY use His LIGHT energy in your interaction with others. Thus ones 'karmic' return (Law of energy in motion) is also always benign.
Allah's PEACE Command always was and yet is the 'Divine Salvation TRUTH.'
ALI SINA, what do I see as being your ERROR leading you and multitudes of your followers into eternal TERROR? Your use of criticism, condemnation and judgement is the use of Allah's DARK energy, and IT sullies your inner rose with 'Sin' and your 'karmic return' is to be PAIN as those in demonic realms below show YOU their 'critical' Power.
You are telling the WORLD via your 'pen' that the prophets Muhammad and Terence are both 'dopes' because you believe that there is NO 'God' and thus their prophetic messages from 'Allah' to "Go your way in peace and bow in submission to Allah" is unfounded and simply 'lies.'
You 'Ali' are so convincing with your own 'honeyed' words that anyone having aggressive emotions within them are 'inspired' to go forth and terrorise, injure, maim or KILL others because they believe that they also (like you) will be 'above' any LAW because your 'pen' states that there is NO 'God.'
Ali, you are DISTURBING THE PEACE and causing 'indecision' and provoking CIVIL UNREST within every 'race, colour, creed and culture and now there are multitudes who 'believe' as you do.
Even the lands purporting to be 'democratic' and 'Christian' such as Australia, UK and the USA are also today filled with those who daily defy Allah, and they go forth over the seas 'armed' with their 'righteous' beliefs. Daily they bomb the 'desert' lands causing untold agony, misery, loss and destruction because in FACT, they have been deceived by politicians who themselves assume that their 'legislation' can nullify Allah's LAW. Woe indeed, no rule in a book or 'law' or mandate of man can 'cancel' Allah's Law.
Are these supposedly 'Christian' warriors different to those of I S I L? No, all are of the SAME EVIL ILK, and all are spiritually 'cloaked' in inky black 'silk,' being the "Mark of the Beast' who is their 'Lord and Master,' the SAME 'Master' controlling YOU. All earthly political forces are just like you Ali, they all lead the 'youth' they control INTO hell-fire and eternal damnation and suffering simply to maintain their 'borders.'.
Ali, you KNOW that EVIL exists, so ask yourself: "Why so, how so and where is its base"? I answer saying: This invisible DARK destructive ENERGY is a spiritual 'mist' that pervades and permeates the entire 'space' outside of the pure Light of Heaven, and ITS 'area' has NO limits or bounds and IT is HE our Father God's ENERGY that HE forbade man to use.
Ali, this DARK essence is utterly evil, jealous, vain, proud, angry, lustful, cunning, deceptive, hateful, vindictive and destructive, and you 'son' are being controlled by IT/HE who is of infinite intelligence and far beyond your comprehension.
Your mind is 'spell-bound' by ITS power and ONLY my 'pen' can set you FREE. I am on earth today to see if there is even only ONE who believes my pen and she/he will BE uplifted to the Light eternally. PEACE IS THE ONLY WAY TO FREEDOM. (Islam)
Now 'Ali,' you did state within your texts that you did not 'wish' to invoke the wrath of Allah, if He did exist. It is however my pen (His) to state that 'regrettably' for you, HIS dark forces who DO exist in the underworld are FUMING, because of your belief that Allah does NOT exist and because YOU believe that you are 'above the law,' it has CHALLENGED their capacity to bring you to ACCOUNT for deceiving multitudes. (Refer The National Security Alert)
page 10
What 'son' does this actually MEAN? It means that since your texts are proven to have turned 'multitudes' to your belief that there is NO 'Allah' to bring them to 'grief,' (To account) many now DO whatever they wish to being, that they TERRORISE others and cause them HARM, and in FACT you have unwittingly 'thrown down the gauntlet' to the demonic forces in the underworld, so I state:
Since Allah has an immutable 'eye for an eye' LAW of equal return policy, ahead, some other 'infidel' (Non-believer) will be 'inspired or incited' by Dark demonic forces below to PROVE you WRONG, and 'what' son do I see as being the RESULT of your GUILT in publicly stating that: "Bowing in submission to Allah's Command (Islam) is wrong because Muhammad is proven by me 'Ali Sina' to be a madman."
Ali Sina, the extremely painful result is to be the 'bringing of you to your knees,' and ensuring that you NEVER again have the opportunity to DECEIVE, - - - and what is to be done to you? You will never walk or talk or see or write because:
Your eyes will be put out.
Your fingers and feet cut off.
Your tongue removed.
So what 'else' can I ADD? Please remove your seditious Treason (pages) from Allah's SIGHT and read as much of my TRUTH before you DIE. Believe you me Ali, when man deploys deceit and misleads Allah's precious children, there is NO 'respite' from suffering until all your DUES to Allah are met.

Ali, the REASON 'why' Muhammad was considered to be a prophet was because he reiterated the same message of PEACE that Allah spoke through the mind and mouth of Jesus. (Bow in submission to Allah's Command of PEACE ~ Islam)

The REASONS 'why' I Terence AM a prophet is because I also reiterate that same message of PEACE, but I also reveal many fresh revelations to assist this lost earthly 'race' for Allah.  I so do in order to elevate the consciousness of any TRUE seeker of Salvation so that they begin to bow in TOTAL obedience (submission) to Allah's Command, and are thus safe, and they will also by their own efforts save themselves from the Abyss.

To so do, they will be required to fortify their minds each day so as to halt the satanic ingress of demonic thoughts that would lead them astray, and they MUST AND will heed (Obey) Jesus' words and 'turn the other cheek in NON-retaliation' if abused. Thus they halt the ingress of Dark Energy into their souls, and they permit the Light of Allah to purge their spirit soul of the SIN within. (Negative emotions)

I state for Allah that IF Ali Sina has turned away even ONE person from MY Light and message then he has already 'doomed' his own soul to grave suffering. I would 'suggest' that everyone spend the 'rest' of their days READING the Wisdom of Allah sent to earth via my MIND and PEN.
page 11

My dear brother Ali Sina, it is now the time for your 'further' spiritual education. I see from your texts on your web site that when invited to debate 'publicly' you decline because you 'fear' to die, and that you expect that if you 'front up' it might be your 'last supper' so to speak.

I personally do not have such fears because I do know that IF or when Allah wished for me to be 'murdered' that it would be done. My little home in the Tasmanian bush is well known by many and my doors are never locked day or night because, I assume that anyone coming is sent by Allah. Either for me to help them with something or for them to tell me something.

Even if an intended 'killer' did come to my door, I would welcome them in for a cup of tea and do my best to educate them to the reality of Allah's 'eye for an eye' Law, and simply 'suggest' that it is unwise for them to harm me because, even if Allah had sent them, then HE would ensure that they ahead, would be forced to suffer the same fate.

The "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of spiritual energy is simply what it is: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction," at the time and in the place so ordained by the infinite intelligence of Allah's energy."

Ali, only when IN the Light of Paradise are we 'safe' because IT is the domain of Allah's LIGHT, and no person therein is influenced by demons. However, every one of the millions of levels of consciousness outside of said paradise IS A DOMAN OF GOD'S DARK ENERGY.

This invisible 'mist' knows EXACTLY where every 'sinner' is at every moment of time. What I am stating is, that IF our Allah wishes for you to meet a punitive 'fate,' then even your wife or child or best friend could do it if they became 'angry' or frustrated and lost control of their THOUGHTS to the demonic forces below.

You need to try and understand that everyone with 'sin within, (negative emotions) can be reached or mentally 'broached' by demons in the underworld because it is the energy 'vibration' of ones inner 'Sin' (emotions) that links ones mind to said dark forces. This process is escalating and more people are becoming suddenly 'possessed' mentally and run amok for no apparent reason.

The reasons are given on my web site. It is imperative to fortify ones mind against said telepathic intrusion hence my 'Feeling easy' Seminar program.

Please try and UNDERSTAND that when one is deceiving or misleading people that you are 'sinning,' (causing harm) and the suffering the other endures 'ahead' through being misled by YOU, becomes a spiritual DUE, a 'fate' you are UNABLE TO HALT. Why? Because you do not know what others are thinking when their minds are linked to THE DARK, and IT will incite them JUSTIFIABLY to balance ITS punitive 'Scales of Justice.'

Ali, the error of every religion is not its CORE teaching. (Love one another and go your way in peace) The error is the endless rituals 'attached' by 'priest's that are the control and error of teaching. Example; What has going to Mecca and throwing stones into a 'pit' symbolising stoning the Devil have to do with Allah's CORE DIRECTIVE Command unto man? Nothing. Dress 'codes' and other ritual are also all NOTHING to do with Salvation or obedience to Allah's CORE Command.

Man needs to HALT their voting for 'men' to be their leader and simply live by their Allah given CONSCIENCE and BOW in obedience to Allah's CORE Command. "Peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgive your perceived enemy."

There is NO 'freedom of religion' because everyone is controlled by political forces or other DICTATORS who demand that everyone bow to their doctrine of monetary extortion, punish, war etc.

page 12

Ali, I am not writing this to you to 'beat' you in a 'challenge' game of 'discourse,' I am writing with sincerity because I see that your SOUL is in deadly danger brother. I also write trusting that multitudes of other lost souls will be uplifted by the wisdom herein so that they then DO 'Bow in submission to Allah's Command' and go their way in Peace.
What you may now be aware of Ali is that irrespective of ANY religion, all people on earth are sliding backwards and downwards TO HELL'S GATE because everyone has been deceived by politicians as well as 'religious' scholars and all now believe in their RIGHT to defy Allah and FIGHT.
Every 'citizen' (taxpayer) in every land is funding warmongers to go forth in their name and maim and KILL others. (In the guise of protection) Every citizen demands retributive justice if their 'toes' are trodden on by some other. There is but a handful of people on earth today who DO walk the right way.
Ali, just look at the 'State' of Israel, it is filled with warmongers who happily 'excommunicate' millions as they cause untold misery and STEAL lands and this is my message to them:
~ The 'Fall of Israel ~
A Treatise of Truth on the 'spiritual demise' of mankind as he 'muddied' his soul with the blood of others.

Ali, your 'challenge' states:

As of this day, I am also doubling the reward. If you are not a reputable scholar, you can still win the prize. All you have to do is persuade a scholar to debate with me. If he (she) disproves my charges or can prove that Muhammad was a prophet of God, both you and he (she) will be rewarded $50,000 dollars each. This is to encourage you to write to your admired scholar and convince them that Islam is in danger and that it is their duty to defend it.

Ali, 'Islam' and ITS 'core' teaching is never in danger, it is the people of the land who by mouth 'profess' to be 'of' Islam, but who defy Allah and cause harm. Everyone today or any race or creed is in danger. Ali, Both Allah and I need your brilliant MIND to now preach THE TRUTH within these texts and my main web site so as assist in elevating the consciousness of others. Ongoing debate does NOT solve any problems, it simply adds to them.

The dark aspect of the Source is more and more now to 'broach' the mind of man and insanity will escalate and bring every society to its knees. The reasons are given in my web site. All whom continue to fight will fall into darkness and join the demonic forces below who fight on and on and ON forever with NO surcease.

IF you can 'awaken' from your reverie then please 'scrub' the 'debates' from your site and emplace this letter. Then ask for donations to assist Allah and me so that I can begin to translate a part of Allah's Testimony and publish books globally.

I am nearly 78 years old and soon to depart because my heart is failing. Please move swiftly because our Allah and His dark forces below will then SEE your new positive and benign intent and deed, being to assist in the ENLIGHTENMENT of mankind, and maybe, just maybe, ahead you will be set free.

You are welcome to come and visit me in Tasmania. Just make contact with my Syrian friends in Melbourne who can meet you, and then one of them (Martin Nader) will bring you over the sea to Tasmania. I name them the 'Three wise men' because they are absolute pacifists promoting Allah's Truth. The image below is when they were sitting in my 'lounge' a year ago.

Martin is on the right -

Ali, I need funds to promote my message with translations and publications.
If you can assist then please place some funds into my Bank account:

T. Malaher - Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB - 067407 - Account number: 10114903

In all sincerity - Terence

The following  Items need to be read in conjunction with this 'Paper.'

Item 1 - The inner energy of Allah
Item 2 - The SHARIA Law of Allah
Item 3
- The National Security Alert
Item 4
- The Suicide document

page 13
From: Terence
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2016 5:19 PM
Subject: Truth
Dear Ali, I received you reply to my above letters in your link;

I also see on the last page that you stated < You are even promoting the Sharia law.   Here is what Sharia says. > it is a huge LIE in order to deceive and confuse readers, because your Quran rendition of 'Sharia' below are NOT taken from MY rendition of 'Sharia Law' as linked from Item 2 above:

  • Jihad, defined as “to war against non-Muslims to establish the religion,” is the duty of every Muslim and Muslim head of state (caliph). Muslim caliphs who refuse jihad are in violation of Shariah and unfit to rule.
  • A caliph can hold office through seizure of power, meaning through force.
  • A caliph is exempt from being charged with serious crimes such as murder, adultery, robbery, theft, drinking and in some cases of rape.
  • A percentage of Zakat (charity money) must go toward jihad.
  • It is obligatory to obey the commands of the Caliph, even if he is unjust.

It continues ON Ali as you know, and I can but suggest to ALL READERS that they need to ignore the above and READ what Allah has stated in my article linked here: Item 2 - The SHARIA Law of Allah


Dear ALI - your deceit and 'cunningness' does no go 'unnoticed' by Allah, and what I need to you see is that I gave you a LINK to MY rendition of Sharia Law, not to 'yours' nor that within the Quran which you 'deceptively' quote as being mine. Mine is that rendered by Allah unto man directly via MY mind and pen at:

 IT starts with the words:

~ Sharia ~

The 'singular' divine LAW of Allah
Sharia of Allah

As you now read on you will begin to see, understand and realise the depth of the satanic iniquity.  For the Serpent did deceive the entire human race as IT 'authorised' man via legislated 'mandates' to defy Allah and wield the Law of Allah against their sister & brother & father & mother.

The TRUE meaning of the word SHARIA is;  

"The divine spiritual rule, principle, or criterion by which every ACTION of Allah's children is judged by Allah but not by mortal man."

It is the 'revealed' singular LAW of Allah which IS immutable and thus inviolable.
It is the 'return' imposed by Allah and thus ITS implementation is 'uncontrollable' by man.
It is simply the 'eye for an eye' return of benign or malignant, Light or Dark, Creative or Destructive ENERGY of Allah used. 

The TRUTH of Allah's divine law (Sharia) has been distorted over time by imams and bishops, clerics and priests and other less than merciful 'holy men' who all defy THE COMMAND of Allah to go their way in peace and love one another and they are all exposed now by my pen as 'infidels' who have in the past and to this day still DO mislead Allah's children and thereby cause havoc, great suffering and destruction in the process.

Hundreds of 'rules, laws, decrees' and rituals have been invoked by vain, arrogant, ignorant and greedily corrupt men to control and subjugate and punish Allah's children over the ages. My pen exposes them all because it is I who have been sent to reveal that the SHARIA of Allah is a SINGULAR "As you do is done unto you" Law of 'return' ONLY.

This Law is absolute Justice imposed by Allah but is NOT to be imposed by man. All mankind, of whatever religious persuasion now need to fully grasp that ONLY Allah stands above the implementation of His 'Sharia' divine law.

Mankind must now understand that ALL rites and rules or decrees and edicts carrying any punitive attachments because they have been ‘enshrined’ as 'texts' in the books named by MAN as 'Sharia' are NOT Sharia nor are they either equitable or 'Just Justice.' What these ‘man’ enshrined ‘rites and rules’ are is quite simple, they are solely the means whereby mortal man controlled other men for the purpose of gaining control over Allah’s children.

Read ON -

ALI - Please now BE A MAN and place this up in place of your rendition of Sharia on your web site. I can state quite categorically that it should be obvious to you Ali that you are ‘happy’ to DECEIVE in order to turn Allah/God’s children away from THE TRUTH, and it is thus that I do now END my responses that you simply ‘twist’ FOR and on behalf of THE VERY DEVIL HIMSELF. Sad indeed is to be your fate Ali.