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National security ALERT
The ‘report’ of the ultimate 'Conspiracy' against the human race

When YOU obey God and ONLY use God's creative LIGHT energy then its 'forces' do all they can to uplift you joyfully.
When YOU defy God and use God's destructive DARK energy then its 'forces' do all they can to drag you down hatefully.

I wish to report the existence of a conspiracy of pure liquid evil, and it is an event that will be the ‘voice’ of ‘rage and ruin’ and callous disregard for others that is soon to encompass the entire human race.

Be advised that there is an ‘event’ that will soon take place that will have the most horrendous outcome for millions of people on earth. In that not only will millions suffer horrendously here before they ‘die,’ but these deluded who continue to defy God's Command of peace and love and mercy will find that their spirit souls will live on in ongoing turmoil and terror and agony in demonic realms below.

This event will be more traumatic than all the ‘sorrow’ seen on earth in the past, and it is being ‘fomented’ and planned by the most powerful, cunning, devious, iniquitous and destructive force that is inconceivable to the human mind.

Due to my personal ‘intellect’ and capacity to see further into other realms of consciousness than any other living mortal, I have become ‘privy’ to this ‘attack’ upon every person on the land, and I also know the reasons ‘why’ it is and ‘how’ it is to take place.

It is an attack upon the psyche of man by a far distant ‘alien’ race of people* who exist in dark and savage realms far beyond the ‘view’ of mortal man, and they are numbered in the trillions upon trillions, and their power and capacity to telepathically interfere in the psyche of man is only fully understood by me.

Note: race of people* - beings of the ‘dark’ with whom one cannot reason with for their minds are in an insane ‘frenzy,’ having the sole intent to either ‘cripple’ or destroy you or, use you to cripple or destroy others.

These ‘lost souls’ have lost the capacity to use their conscience, and are totally controlled as ‘robots’ who have become the avenging force of the darkness. They are the 'hordes from Hell' who seek 'dominion' over your psyche and your soul.

Their 'battle' is waged within your own mind and emotions, and if you fail to stem their mental 'attack,' your fate is to be one of unimaginable terror, persecution, torture, mental turmoil and eternal suffering in hellish lands below.

Those as me of THE LIGHT never find reason to FIGHT, for they have naught to fear when darkness in other men draws near. We know that if we are abused that in our past we must have supported or funded the dark directly or via servants, - - - and we now know that to WIN and become FREE and not 'lose,' that we must stay calm and never again any other abuse.

The DARK energy essence of God is SILENT ~ DEADLY and UNSTOPPABLE, - - - IT simply goes about ITS 'return unto user' fulfillment of LAW business 'clandestinely' and unseen, but the painful and destructive consequences of IT in ACTION via the mind and hand of man is seen by everyone. IT is 'super-intelligent' and far beyond your comprehension and ALL suffering is the consequence of IT in action.

The war against mankind is to be the ‘ultimate’ terrorist attack in that the ‘instigator’ who is also the ‘mastermind’ is not of this world, but HE has the capacity to use ‘demons’ in spirit realms to control the MINDS of people in the ‘flesh’ of this world to be His ‘administrators’ of control, interference, personal abuse, torture, extortion, destruction, killing and ‘savagery’ as yet unknown by man.

His nature is pure liquid evil and He is totally ‘unconscionable, merciless, cruel and unforgiving’ to any person who is revealed by ME as being a ‘target’ needing ‘correction’ by Him and His invisible ‘demonic’ forces who He also controls mentally. (Telepathically)

 I have been observing the manner in which He operates for many years, and I also am aware as to ‘why’ He does what He does, and ‘why’ He now is to bring on the ‘ultimate’ war of ‘attrition’ that will have a global consequence.

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Let it BE CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD - no 'man' is your enemy - the REAL enemy is the DARK energy essence of the Source that flows through the mind and hand of arrogant man and uses man to be ITS instrument of Divine RETRIBUTION to mete out PAYBACK against any other who used IT in their interaction with others. THE Dark energy is sinister, cunning and absolutely RUTHLESS in implementing the administration of ITS 'Law of equal return.'

The Dark energy essence is simply what it is, and IT and ITS Power is far beyond your comprehension and IF you defy the Command of the Light of God and use IT the Dark, then you place your own 'silly' arrogant soul into ITS 'Law of equal return.' (Absolute 'eye for an eye' Justice.)

You can kill another, but you cannot kill the Dark energy that flowed through the other 'swine' and is now flowing through you as you KILL. IT the DARK has an 'indelible' memory and ahead, IT will return to your door via another, be it in this life or in the after-life.

The ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak is the ‘wreaking’ of vengeance upon each and every one of you by demonic forces operating ‘clandestinely’ through the mind of all ignorant men who fail to fortify their minds as given by me, and they will ‘suddenly’ become violently ‘possessed’ by demonic thoughts and will turn upon each other, be it stranger, sister, brother, or father or mother.

They will be of ANY profession, be it butcher or baker or beggar man or thief, doctor or lawyer or dentist or airline pilot or you. All will 'eventually' succumb to powerful dark emotions that for reasons categorised by me are surfacing within their souls, and they will suffer mental turmoil that leads to irrational and insane activity.

This is the satanic ‘arm’ of the Source in operation via the mind of the arrogant or ignorant who NOW will have but a ‘brief’ moment of time ‘grace’ in which to show their Light and gracefully heed their Creator OR, - - - they will continue on their ignorant way and BE swept away into the Abyss FOREVER.

This ‘satanic’ force is ‘simply’ balancing ITS ‘punitive’ scales of justice VIA the minds of the ignorant, as it bears down with its sword against any who in their past controlled, enslaved, regulated, deceived, taxed, abused, invaded, punished or destroyed others or, funded or condoned the aforesaid or the terrorising of others in any way.

This invisible force is as the dark side of the ‘moon’ for it exists but is unseen, and similarly to the moon it exerts a powerful energetic ‘pull’ upon everything that is ‘as’ it is, being everyone who contains its dark energy within their spirit soul. (Sinful negative emotions)

It is the ‘snake’ in the grass. It is absolute and resolute. It is cunning, it is deception. It is absolutely ‘Just’ as it aggressively and remorselessly metes out retribution on an ‘eye for an eye’ and thus EQUAL basis.

The ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak is wherein the power of the Dark is now so great that people believe that the use of IT and ITS dark forceful energy is good and proper and simply ‘justice’ in action, none appear able to see that they place their own soul into actions of depravity and eternal damnation for their defiance of the Creator when they use IT. (Dark energy)

If you are so blind that you cannot see how easily all have become used to more regulations, controls, interference, terrorism etc., and how it has become ‘natural’ for all to expect ‘protection’ from forces men using this dark energy then you are truly in great danger.

For the ALERT issued by me is simply to show you all how you are already ‘trapped’ mentally and emotionally, and you are already ‘ready’ to do His bidding and to go forth and defy the ‘peace’ command of the Creator and fight your perceived enemy, being any person who you see as a ‘threat’ to your rules book or your flag or nation and, - - -

What you do not see is that He the Dark Sovereign Power now has the capacity or ‘control’ over your dark emotions to the point that if any person seeks to put your ‘nose out of joint,’ that you will destroy them if your thoughts (His) tell you to.

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The ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak is wherein the power of the dark is such that every person has now been taught to ‘report and tell’ if someone is erring, and this ‘dobbing in’ is pure vindictiveness having the sole intent of punishment and causing some other to be traumatised by enforcers. Every ‘nation’ is a ‘nest’ of SPIES seeking revenge, retribution, accountability and unforgiving merciless persecution in the guise of JUSTICE.

The ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak is wherein the power of the dark is such that IT the 'dark spider’ also has a web of spies in place who are ‘happy’ to tell lies so as to ‘entrap’ even the innocent.

The ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak is wherein ‘citizens’ now believe that they need to rely on the protection of other people (government departments) rather than simply conforming to God’s Command of “Peace” and going about their daily life with mercy, compassion, forgiveness and respect in their heart.

 The ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak is wherein people working in the various government departments believe that they are ‘as’ God with the right and power to regulate and control and punish. If you seek to ‘entrap’ or punish, then you are already ‘trapped’ by the dark force.

 The ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak is wherein the power of the dark is now so great that all have a ‘fear’ of reprisal, and thus cannot halt their monetary support of punitive and warring systems.

 The ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak is wherein the power of the dark is such that even Television station employees deploy darkness and seek out ‘errant offenders’ who they judge and condemn openly, and they also call for public ‘vote’ on the matter as they ‘submit’ their ‘findings’ to merciless and unforgiving enforcers, for the sole purpose of accountability and vindictive punishment.

 None of the reporters or the public are able to see that this is ‘error’ of ideological belief, nor seeing their own coming terror within the ‘justice’ of God’s ‘eye for an eye’ law.

 All walk the wrong way seeing not that the ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak is wherein all are ‘tempted’ to sup on more Dark energy and be more defiant of the Creator, and it is thus that ‘each’ has become trapped by the giant ‘spider’ who will bite them until they have paid their dues unto IT.

 If you are a person who is ‘responsible’ for national security or counter terrorism or ‘law’ enforcement or, simply an individual administering terrorising ‘payback’ in one form or another, then you are ‘one’ who is in deadly danger physically and spiritually.

If you do not believe in the Law of God then you will be in more danger.
If you do not believe in the existence of God then you will be in more danger.
If you do not believe in the ‘Peace’ Command of God then you will be in more danger.
If you do not believe in the eternal ‘life’ of the soul of man then you will be in more danger.

I say this because fear and anger and the other negative emotions within you will enable His demonic forces to access your mind, and they have the ‘possessive’ capacity to seize control of it for a second or two or much longer, and use you as their destructive instrument.

 If you are a person ‘mandated’ by a wage or a position of authority over others then you are equally in deadly danger, because you are unable to exercise your conscience and be kind or merciful, for you are ‘bound’ to obey your rules or ‘orders’ and as such, your mind is also accessed more easily from the dark due to your feelings of 'self-importance and 'empowerment.'

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~ Identifying the Dark Force ~

This invisible dark force is the FORCE behind every intrigue.
This invisible dark force is the FORCE behind every 'dope' deal.
This invisible dark force is the FORCE behind every deception.

This invisible dark force is the FORCE behind every burglary.
This invisible dark force is the FORCE behind every murder.
This invisible dark force is the FORCE behind every invasion.

This invisible dark force is the FORCE behind every 'self' harm.
This invisible dark force is the FORCE behind every suicide.
This invisible dark force is the FORCE behind every mental disturbance.

This invisible dark force is the FORCE behind every war.
This invisible dark force is the FORCE behind every sanction.
This invisible dark force is the FORCE behind every 'taxing' extortion.

This invisible dark force is the FORCE behind every act of family violence.
This invisible dark force is the FORCE behind every 'seizure' of property.
This invisible dark force is the FORCE behind every criminal intent or deed.

This invisible dark force is the FORCE behind the 'thin blue line.’
This invisible dark force is the FORCE that 'tempts' man to make use of its power against others.
This invisible dark force is the FORCE that 'tempts' man to defy their God and try to annihilate IT.*

Note: IT.* - The invincible dark force - the destructive energy of God operating through other persons who are either mentally 'disturbed' by IT or, any person who is 'justified' by IT to use IT against you or others.

This Dark destructive energy is an unstoppable force* that has a singular INTENT. The intent being to absolutely control, crush all opposition, immobilize, torture, and ultimately destroy the spirit SOUL of any person who was, is, or may be ONE who used or uses ITS dark forceful, controlling, punitive, and destructive ENERGY in their interaction with others.

Note: unstoppable force* - Once you have made use of IT in your interaction with others, it can never cease ITS endeavours to 'pay you back,' and it will do so via the mind and 'hands' of others in order to fulfill its own Dark aspect of God's "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law and, - - -

The 'arm' of its Law is eternally long and it will hunt you down today, tomorrow, a life time away or longer and, - - -

As IT is a 'law' unto itself, there is absolutely no possibility of halting its endeavours. You only become free of IT and ITS influence when you have stopped using IT in your interaction with others and paid all your dues unto IT.

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This energy that is Dark, foreboding, hateful, vindictive, angry, critical and cruel is also absolutely ‘jealous’ of any person emulating IT, for IT is the Dark indestructible energy of the SOURCE (God the Father the Dark Sovereign Power) and HE said long ago that the ‘use’ of the ‘fruit of evil’ emanating from the ‘tree’ of death was FORBIDDEN.

Why was it forbidden? Because it is only He who has the right to forcefully interact with His creation and punish or destroy it and, only He can use this dark energy without suffering the consequence, for only He is above His “As you sow so shall ye reap” Law.

The reason ‘why’ the spirit soul of man ‘suffers’ when it uses forceful, controlling, interfering and destructive energy is because it is ‘harming’ another spirit created by HIM and, - - -

At that moment of time, He also marks the forehead of the ‘offensive’ one as ‘one’ needing ‘correction’ within His superior ‘eye for an eye’ – ‘as you sow so shall ye reap’ Law and, - - -

Also when using this dark energy of His, some of it grows within the soul of the one using it, and thus their spirit becomes more ‘sinful,’ meaning that it contains His negative emotions that eventually grow so large that their love & light core is dimmed and they become ‘demonic’ and, - - -

He the Dark Sovereign Power is unable to ‘share’ anything with anyone who is less than perfect. (Free of sin energy) Once a soul is perfect then it can share all the delights that exist in the LIGHT of Heaven created by Him but, - - -

The ‘sinful’ who are stained by the dark energy are not able to enter the Light for they are an ‘abomination’ in His sight, and are thus sent into the Abyss to live unseen and unheard in great travail for their past arrogance in trying to emulate Him.

All your 'inner' energy is the energy of God, be it positive or negative and, both energies are indestructible. So when you try and destroy others who are or appear to be 'evil,' you are only 'injuring' or destroying their biological flesh, and as you use dark energy to so do, you make IT (God) your enemy who will fulfill THE LAW being His Law in the time and place that He so chooses in this or the after life.

You cannot win any 'war' and find ongoing peace and happiness because, IT the dark energy of God sees all your 'moves.' For IT was the 'one' that inspired you in the first instance for the SOLE purpose of destroying your arrogant soul from WITHIN. For to be able to drag your spirit soul down, it first has to change its inner colour to 'negative' black which you do over time as you defy the Command of the Light and 'attack' or punish or control or give others 'flack.'

This ALERT is to warn and advise each and every one of you that to date, every last one of you has been or is yet untrue to the ‘calling’ voice of the ‘dove’ who says:

“Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving to those yet sinfully living.”

For each and every one of you either support, condone or fund punitive, taxing, controlling and warring ways or, you are actively engaged directly as an enforcer or as a regulator with the ‘power’ to invoke punishment for non conformity to 'decrees' of men.

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Thus you all are in very ‘grave’ danger due to your present ideological belief that you have the ‘right’ to control others, and abuse them without suffering any consequence within the greater Law of God, being THE LAW of this and every land.

Regulators in every land have ‘allied’ themselves to the use of more force and regulation simply through the dark emotions of ‘fear’ and pride and vanity, and it is thus that common man of every race are in grave danger.

For it is better to align oneself with the Holy Word of God and NEVER interfere in the affairs of others, nor seek to injure them for any reason, as one goes forth in peace and respect for all rather than to use force to stay in ‘power’ and ‘control’ or try and stem the ‘tide’ of aggression.

For only thus is one SAFE spiritually within the superior Law of God, as one lends a helping hand and gives good counsel so as to educate other ‘sinners’ and help set them free from their ‘bondage’ to the dark energy of the Source, and thus UPLIFT them spiritually.

The ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak is where the dark is now to turn man against man in every conceivable and unconceivable way. Be it race, religion, tribe, dress, language, looks, colour, nationality, purported belief or, simply as one ‘looks’ at the other for a 'second' too long.

The ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak is where the dark is now to also use poverty and wealth as its ‘tools’ of discontent, for so long has man been engaged in ‘life and living’ that they all failed to see the destructive power of GREED through which the dark seeded much suffering, and the dark is now to ‘turn’ against those who gained from the ‘loss’ of their spiritual sisters and brothers.

For the ‘wealthy,’ the making of money is a matter of ‘profit and prestige,’ backed by dark emotions of greed, vanity, pride, deception, selfishness and arrogance.
For the ‘poor,’ the making of money is a matter of ‘necessity and survival,’ that is backed by dark emotions of fear, frustration, hatred, and anger.

The manipulation of the money markets and greed of investors is also a part of the conspiracy to destroy the fabric of society by the demonic forces who manipulate so many from their invisible ‘vantage’ point and, - - -

The ‘pockets’ of the people are milked in every conceivable way on every day by 'taxing' state 'authorities,' and the dark force via the impoverished minds of the homeless, hungry or regulated will now ‘agitate,’ and the dark force via the minds of the enforcers will also ‘agitate,’ and the result will be a single ‘added’ facet tempting man to be IT (the dark) in action against the other.

The ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak is where the ‘aggregate’ base of darkness is now visible in man's ways; being total control, total restriction, inhibition, impoverishment, and destruction.

The ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak is where the ‘head’ of every land empowered by rules invoked by the Dark Sovereign Power has access to every bank account, and regulates every aspect of living and charges a ‘fee’ for every activity to the point that; when the ‘misgiving’ feelings arise it will be too late to stem the ‘voice’ of those who criticise and despise dictators.

For the Dark Sovereign Power has blinded His earthly ‘serfs’ through their vanity, pride, and arrogance, and for sure, they have no ‘chance’ of voiding His Law nor of avoiding His sword.

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The ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak has been ‘set up’ from the very beginning of time an eternity or two ago, and only I know that it is simply the ongoing aspect of God’s Dark side of His law in action that is now to ‘culminate’ in these END DAYS.

Those who continue to defy His “Go your way in peace” command will by their own ‘hand’ and deeds consign their own soul to eternal suffering with no hope of ‘recovery.’

Those who fail to fortify their minds as given by me will find that due to the dark and powerful, fearful or angry, or other emotions within them, that they will be unable to control the thoughts streaming in, and they will ‘sin’ and pay the ongoing ‘price’ each time they are less than kind and nice.

The ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak is wherein the power of the dark is such that the ‘peaceful’ ideology of every religion has been infiltrated by darkness, and thus men of all ‘creeds’ have been deceived, and now believe that the use of aggressive force as ‘protection’ against adversity is permissible and justified by God. It is not, and all pay the price for their defiance of God’s commanded code of conduct.

The ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak will soon now show itself to such an extent in the psyche of mortal man that EVERYONE will feel terror and become aware that truly they ‘stare’ into the face of Satan and His forces and, - - -

The ‘conspiracy’ of which I speak is wherein the power of the dark is such that if you do not take the steps to protect your mind in the manner given by me, then you will be used to ‘attack’ someone without even being aware of what you are doing and, - - -

At that moment it is you accruing a heavy ‘eye for an eye’ penalty to be suffered later, but you also draw in more dark energy that grows within you and makes it more ‘easy’ for you to be mentally ‘possessed,’ and thus your soul becomes ‘demonic’ and is trapped below in the afterlife as you become ‘Satan’s wife.’

Absolute insanity will soon ‘rage’ over every land, and this is my last attempt to warn you all that it is THE LAST opportunity for each of you to search into your conscience if you have a spark of light left therein and decide, - - - whether you truly wish to in the Light or in the Dark abide.

Due ‘diligence’ is needed to understand, or observe, or become aware of the existence of the invisible energy essence of the dark aspect of the Source (God) that is seeking to ‘divorce’ all ‘sinners’ from self respect, rationality, sanity and freedom. There is NO 'right' or ritual of religion to 'void' the Law of God.

There is NO 'Jesus' coming in the 'clouds' to save anyone from suffering their personal 'crucifixion' of suffering, being their past DUE within the immutable Law of God. The spirit of truth who walked within the flesh of the man Jesus 2000 years ago now walks again as a man of flesh in me, Terence. I am here to tell you how you save yourself from eternal suffering as I 'gracefully' explain THE TRUTH of the matter that itself stands in the 'heavens' of the internet 'sky' for all to read.

There is NO earthly force having the ‘power’ to halt the tide of darkness soon to flood every land. Please try and understand that if you so 'try,' then you have already become a party to ITS ‘V’ for Vendetta cause.

It all comes down to a personal 'relationship' direct with the Source, wherein YOU show Him that you are 'worthy' of Salvation as YOU turn over a new leaf, and YOU lay down your personal 'mace' be it verbal or material, and YOU go your way in peace as YOU 'humble' yourself before man and your Creator, and YOU stop condoning or supporting or funding iniquity.

The ONLY saving ‘grace’ and chance at Salvation is for those who now seed their minds with my fresh wisdom from the Light of God, and amend their ways as they prepare their minds for their own personal ‘crucifixion’ at the hands of the merciless swine soon to be seen strutting arrogantly over the planet, 'possessed' telepathically by DEMONS from far away who know EXACTLY what you need to suffer to pay past dues to their Master.

Angry and loud is the payback 'voice' of rage and ruin.

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~ The 'chosen' ones ~

The 'chosen' ones are those with a 'fundamentalist' belief. Being the false ideological belief that it is 'honourable' and 'right' and a 'just justice' cause to bring others to punitive 'accountability' and grief.

These forceful 'controllers' are 'fixated' to their ideological beliefs and 'rules' that direct their actions which they perceive as 'good,' and for the betterment of their society, land, nation etc., and they believe that their 'elected authority' by the 'vote' of man* exceeds God's authority as RULER.

None of these 'superiors' are aware that in the eyes of God they are 'criminals,' and none are able to see the reality being; that the more they 'entertain' the use of or 'back up' of force to control, regulate, fine, punish, incarcerate, seize goods, banish people, invade premises, cause destruction, kill etc., the more DARKNESS (Dark energy of God) they have 'invoked' and, - - -

Within ITS superior 'eye for an eye' Law an EQUAL 'return' of the above 'injury' inflicted becomes a DUE upon the 'head' of every enforcer who believed falsely that they were being true to themselves, you, and the Creator. They were NOT.

None saw the GIANT PLOT to 'entrap' them and you for being so 'blind' as to fund, support, and condone the dark actions that are ALL 'outside' the commanded "Peace" code of conduct of the Creator THE SUPERPOWER.

The 'chosen' ones are those chosen by the Dark Sovereign Power 'mastermind' to lead themselves, you and all into HIS dark fold.
The 'chosen' ones are those who were deceived by the powerful thoughts that 'weaved' through the minds of their ancestors.
The 'chosen' ones are those who see not the 'blinding' Spell placed over them, being the total ignorance of the real situation.

The 'chosen' ones are those of any 'ilk,' be it of mandated 'silk' or 'official' dress or of religious 'belief' or simply an ideological terrorist, all have the fundamentalist belief that they have the 'right' to regulate, command, demand, seize all, control all, tax all, and to destroy all in 'opposition' to their fundamentalist belief.

The 'chosen' ones are those of any walk in life who are already on the 'wagon' of accountability, vengeance, retribution, and 'payback' as they demand 'Justice.' None seeing nor 'remembering' that God said:

"Justice and accountability and vengeance is MY sole prerogative. Judge not lest you be so judged."

All humanity is now 'trapped' by the 'Pied Piper' syndrome to the point, where all are dancing and singing along 'blindly' to the wrong 'tune' and following their false leaders to DOOM.

I say that in the 'twinkling of an eye' all will suddenly 'espy' that they are in the 'gravest' danger. Not only from 'foe' or stranger, but from the POWER of Sin, that they so blindly and unknowingly draw INTO their spirit souls as they "as gods" control lands, borders, me and you.

Note: 'elected authority' by the 'vote' of man* - Man believes that if he is in a position of 'power' that is validated by having been elected to 'lead' by a majority vote or, by being backed by force of arms, that he has a divine right to so do and to force all others to conform to his 'official' decrees that he names 'the law.'

This ideological belief is the one whereby man brings everyone including himself to eternal grief, for God gave no mere mortal the right to rule His children and, any mortal stating that his decrees are 'the law' is deceiving the people of the land.

The Law of the land is God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" decree, and nobody has any 'right' to implement any decree or conduct command, rule, or 'order' and back it with forceful punishment.

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~ Devastating News ~
SIN ~ the dark emotional energy of God

Devastating will be the NEWS that reveals the Dark energy of God that they 'stole' from HIM and did IT into their own souls infuse.
Devastating will be the NEWS that reveals ITS 'god like' POWER to drag them into ITS Lair below.
Devastating will be the NEWS that to extricate themselves from IT that they will have to 'suffer' all they inflicted upon others.
Devastating will be the NEWS that they will have to conform to my message from the Light or NEVER become 'free men.'

Devastating will be the NEWS that unless they lay down their 'badge' of authority or 'mandate' to control and regulate they will NEVER reach Heaven's GATE.
Devastating will be the NEWS that they must lay down their gun and forgo its 'charm' as they 'permit' others as them to cause them 'harm' and not retaliate or, FOREVER suffer being 'shredded' in the eternal 'chaff cutters' that do exist below.

Devastating will be the NEWS that it IS the 'weight' and 'power' and 'vibration' of their inner SIN that drags them to a place they would 'abhor' to be in.
Devastating will be the NEWS that there is NO 'escape' from their FATE 'accumulated' to date within God's LAW.
Devastating will be the NEWS that the more they 'fight' to defend or protect themselves or others, the more 'Sin' energy grows within them.

Devastating will be the NEWS that there is no 'end' to the depth of the Abyss, and the 'greater' their Sin the deeper IT 'takes them DOWN.'
Devastating will be the NEWS that the greater the volume of God's dark energy within them, the longer it takes to become free.
Devastating will be the NEWS that when 'each' departs the 'flesh' and they do find themselves 'spiritually' alive, that they will be in a 'hive' of killer 'bees' that pounce and sting in a never-ending way until, - - - for every 'speck' of suffering they imposed they did PAY.

Devastating will be the NEWS that I was and am and always will be the soul wise who should never have been despised nor criticised, nor 'condemned' as 'foolish,' weak, or ignorant, or 'sadly' mad.
Devastating will be the NEWS that there is NO 'leniency' in the Law of God.
Devastating will be the NEWS that God's Power is infinite, not theirs.

Devastating will be the NEWS and their realisation that God is GOD, not them.
Devastating will be the NEWS that God is the Creator and the Destroyer of souls, not them.
Devastating will be the NEWS that God is the director of all operations, not them.

Devastating will be the NEWS that God's earthly 'voice' is MY pen.
Devastating will be the NEWS that God has ONLY sent 'simple' me to help them*

Note: them* - Any person with 'Sin' within, being the energy essence of their negative emotions that did grow as a cancer within their soul over time and more time as they committed 'crimes' against humanity. (Their spiritual sisters or brothers)

Their 'crime' denoted by God as being their use of His 'forbidden to use' dark and forceful energy that in some way caused another mental, emotional or physical duress or suffering or loss.

All must now pay their 'owed' dues, and any other dues they accrue each passing moment of time.

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~ The national Debt ~

There is an enormous national 'debt' of suffering that has accrued due to the 'righteousness' and 'rudeness' of the people living in every community or nation on earth, as the 'law' makers and 'enforcers' act 'as' God, believing that they are 'light bearers,' but they are to FALL as surely as the biblical 'Lucifer.'

All have in one 'form' or another transgressed against God's Command, and as they walked far across the 'river' into the 'bad lands' and dark realms beyond, they forgot to carry their waving 'palm frond' signifying PEACE, and instead, they did and yet do release 'fire and brimstone' upon others, as they invade, seize lands, cattle, women, children, and destroy property and any person they 'suspect' as being in 'opposition' to their Dark ways.

Not only this, but as revealed in other sections of my web site man has assumed the right to regulate and control and punish people within their own community, this daily activity does itself bring about a national measure of daily 'pain and suffering' due upon all. For all busily condone, support, and fund this iniquity that is perceived as good rather than the 'bad' that it is.

And all internal or external 'counter terrorism' activity using punitive or forceful 'energy' in the name of the people, or flag or nation, is what GUARANTEES a 'coming' national security crisis, and a RETURN 'burn' to all the community within the absolutely JUST and equitable and immutable and INVINCIBLE Law of the Source, God.

The ONLY safe way to avoid terrorism or 'respond' to terrorism, is to ensure that every community member is quickly EDUCATED as to the spiritual reality surrounding the use of God's dark energy. For religion has failed due to the fact that in the first instance, their 'leaders' had the 'answer' wrong. For religion and state walked hand in hand and 'together' raised an angry hand against others of other races, religions, and lands.

Humanity must quickly be 'alerted' to the coming response against them* for their already accrued past debts to THE DARK of God, and they need to learn how to fortify their minds,* so as to be able to suppress or stem or halt being overpowered by negative thoughts that would lead them into retribution and Hell.

Note: response against them* - Demonic forces will lurk within EVERY mind that is open to their 'murky, sullen, vengeful and destructive' thoughts, and thus the 'enemy' is not any other particular 'race' or creed or breed, it is within yourself, your family, your neighbour, etc., being any person who succumbs to the devilish thoughts and becomes overpowered mentally for a time.

Note: fortify their minds,*  - See Link at document end to the Star prayer.

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~ The 'Alliance' ~

It is written that one cannot serve two masters. I have written so much to help you but it is entirely up to you to help yourself, for no man can 'save' any other, for Salvation is an individual process.

The only thing one can do for the other is to educate them as to the error of their ways, and to assist them to strengthen their minds so that they can remain steady in the face of adversity, so that they remain within the 'Light' and positive and benign aspect of God's Law.

If you are 'engaged' in any form of 'redress,' or punitive accountability program, or the control and regulation of others, then you have a proven alliance with the Dark Sovereign Power. (Destructive aspect of the Source)

If you do not fund nor condone nor support any punitive or warlike 'tribe' and you go your way in peace, and you help all, be they good or bad, then you have a proven alliance with the Light Sovereign Power. (Creative aspect of the Source)

It is by your 'deeds' (actions) that you are known by God, and if you wish to 'play' with His powerful FIRE and 'burn' others, then you need to realise the 'Justice' aspect as you BURN on your own funeral pyre.

Try and understand that; every 'spear' thrown at another child of God is 'redirected' by God, and it flies back to the 'sender' and, embedded within its 'shaft' are the words of the Dark Sovereign Power that say to IT the 'spear'*:

"Do the same 'injury' to the impudent, arrogant, vain and ignorant non-believer in 'life, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness' and, - - - at the same 'moment' tempt them to retaliate and send it back more forcefully, so that I their Creator can destroy their 'bad' seed that continues to do bad deeds. "

Note: 'spear'* - the imposition of criticism, extortion, taxation, injury, punishment, etc., as well as the enslavement of, banishment of, kidnapping of, holding hostage of, seizing the property of another, punishing another etc., and, - - - any mental or emotional trauma that your forceful or 'judgmental' manner impacts upon your 'victim.'

Are you 'one' looking for a 'victim' to bring to 'account' or punish, abuse, or kill? If "Yes," then rest 'assured,' the Dark Sovereign Power is ready to assist you, for He has already got you in His 'sight' as an abomination to be destroyed.

Persons who are obviously mentally disturbed are Ruled by overpowering and unstoppable thoughts. Empowered enforcers are Ruled by RULES that force them to actively 'operate' outside their own 'rules' that apply to others, and also force them to operate in a manner contrary to the Command of God.

If you would be vindictive and use 'rules' to bring another down, then the 'rules' from Hell will be used against you. Simple is it not? As you others 'swat,' hordes of demons below against you PLOT, and they cannot let you go free for they are 'bound' mentally by the mind of the Dark Superpower, being the 'inspiration' of all vindictiveness and 'Justice' and accountability.

Make no 'defence' alliance with any other person or nation for in so doing, you will be 'forced' to turn your 'hand' against some other, and this is an alliance with the Devil.

Your alliance is to only be a spiritual one of truth and love, mutual respect, honesty, with a willingness to assist in peaceful effort that is backed by the 'nod' of God. There is no need for 'signing' any documentation.

Let all mankind and every nation know that they are welcome to interact IN ANY WAY with you, and that you will always be peaceful in your interaction with them, irrespective of how they interact with you or, irrespective of what they do unto you.

Thus your alliance is proven to be with the Light Sovereign Power of THE SOURCE.

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~ Violence ~

I need to say a few words on the meaning of 'violence,' for in the spiritual sense it is not understood as man perceives it only in a violent physical sense wherein one 'violates' aggressively.

In the eyes of the Creator, you have violated His command to go your way in peace and to live in peace when you 'sup' on dark energy and use its 'forcefulness' upon another. Be it in the simple 'mere' verbal criticism of another or, the control and punishment of another or killing them. In each 'case' you have transgressed His command, and the 'level' of violation, (dark energy used) denotes the level of 'violence' that His Law will respond to your activity on an 'eye for an eye' and thus EQUAL return basis.

The SIN in man does 'span' a vast and complex 'array' of emotions and thoughts that interplay within the soul and psyche of man, thus it is difficult to judge 'who' is better or worse than the other, for no person with Sin within their soul is a 'delight' in God's sight. This is why God says:

"Judge not, for if you so do and you thus 'justify' any form of punitive measure, your own inner Sin grows larger, and thus you give Me greater 'displeasure' for contaminating your soul that by Me was created to be 'golden' treasure."

If others 'appear' to be 'nastier' or more untrue than you, then it is simply because their circumstance is no longer one wherein their 'reason' can control or suppress their dark (Sin) emotions within, and thus their minds give in more easily to demonic thought 'possession.'

They are a danger to themselves and you only if you have 'sinned' before and thus have a 'debt' to God because, - - - as their mind is an 'open door' to the Dark below, IT seeks to use them to bestow your 'payback' upon you for when at some 'time' in the past you were untrue. When are you untrue?

The moment you - criticise - someone, you set a 'pre-date' with the ULTIMATE predator, God.
The moment you - control - someone, you set a 'pre-date' with the ULTIMATE predator, God.
The moment you - abuse - someone, you set a 'pre-date' with the ULTIMATE predator, God.

The moment you - tax - someone, you set a 'pre-date' with the ULTIMATE predator, God.
The moment you - enslave - someone, you set a 'pre-date' with the ULTIMATE predator, God.
The moment you - punish - someone, you set a 'pre-date' with the ULTIMATE predator, God.

The moment you - regulate - someone, you set a 'pre-date' with the ULTIMATE predator, God.
The moment you - threaten - someone, you set a 'pre-date' with the ULTIMATE predator, God.
The moment you - kidnap - someone, you set a 'pre-date' with the ULTIMATE predator, God.

The moment you - injure - someone, you set a 'pre-date' with the ULTIMATE predator, God.
The moment you - deceive - someone, you set a 'pre-date' with the ULTIMATE predator, God.
The moment you - coerce - someone, you set a 'pre-date' with the ULTIMATE predator, God.

The moment you - invade - someone, you set a 'pre-date' with the ULTIMATE predator, God.
The moment you - restrict - someone, you set a 'pre-date' with the ULTIMATE predator, God.
The moment you - kill - someone, you set a 'pre-date' with the ULTIMATE predator, God.

You were also untrue when any of the above was done in your name and on your behalf by others funded by you or sent by you, for the Dark Sovereign Power knows all, and thus when you seek to bring an 'offender' to punitive account, your own inner Sin grows and your own 'ahead' debt of suffering does mount.

Mankind must now understand that when they in any way cause 'injury' to another, that they invoke a 'spell' upon their own soul through the use of dark energy, for in so doing they 'invoked' the use of its forceful, controlling, coercive, binding, punitive, destructive power to assist them and, - - -

As they 'summonsed' it and its energy through even a simple 'act' of forcing another to 'conform' to a decree, they unknowingly entered the Dark side of God's Law and made a pre-date with His Giant 'Raptor' that sees all, knows all, and that has them 'booked' in His 'to be preyed upon' list, and FOR SURE He will 'swoop' upon you with His merciless talons at some stage ahead, be it in this world or in the hereafter.

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When you are so foolish, ignorant or arrogant as to 'cross the line' into His dark territory, and take His forbidden to use energy for the purpose of using it against some other,* then you have defied the Command of the Light and you deserve to die spiritually.

Note: it against some other,* - Any legislated 'rule' or given verbal 'order' that has a punitive 'attachment' for any non conformity is the use of coercive dark energy.

Any legislated 'rule' or given verbal 'order' that sends an investigator or enforcer out for the purpose of bringing another to punitive accountability is the use of dark energy.

As you can now see, the entire inhuman race is complicit to the daily use of this forbidden to use dark energy, either directly or indirectly though the 'efforts' and actions of their 'official' servants against themselves or others in the community.

World leaders or 'rulers' and their policy makers, officials and enforcers are the ones in the 'gravest' spiritual danger, for their minds are programmed to believe that they are on a 'just' cause and, they believe that they have a 'right' to do what they do, and they unknowingly and forcefully lead all the wrong way.

All are blind to the fact that they have already 'fallen from grace' as all are the 'dark' in action. They see not that every legislated 'Act' is backed by a coercive 'threat' of reprimand, that itself is backed by THE GUN, that is 'hidden' behind the so commonly used slogan "Comply because it is the law," but it is not, for it is God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Decree that is THE LAW of every land.

This 'slogan' is its 'plot' to keep you funding its dark and punitive and warring ways, so that it can drag you deeper into the mire within its Law. Its greatest 'enticement' is its 'guarantee' of protection that it 'offers,' being the use of force of arms 'borne' by mercenaries* who fight for you as well as against you if you fail to conform to their 'taxing' decrees or other rulings.

Note: mercenaries* - Any public 'official,' be they empowered by their 'authoritative' position or by their 'gun' to control you, punish you, incarcerate you, dispossess you, banish you, kill you etc., is a person who is doing what they do due to their mercenary 'wage,' and this 'thirty pieces of silver' money forces them to be a mercenary.*

Note: a mercenary.* - A 'hired' soldier - a person prepared to defy their Creator for a 'price.' Every public 'servant' who invokes any 'rule' to invoke the punishment of another is a mercenary who is in deadly danger.

Note: a terrorist - A terrorist can be a mercenary receiving a wage or, they can be  driven' by religious fervour and receive no pay or, they are simply a 'mad' or mentally disturbed person who is possessed by dark thoughts that 'drive' them to cause harm to another.

Any and all of the above are terrorising terrorists in the eyes of God.
As are YOU if you condone, support, or fund their activities.

If you truly wish to become free men in this or any 'realm' of God you travel, then you must never be one to 'raise' your voice or 'gavel' and say: "You there, listen to ME, you have defied MY 'order' or 'rule' or command, and thus I will use all force necessary to 'reprimand' you and punish you or send you to others to receive punitive 'correction' or be tortured to teach you a 'lesson' in obedience."

If you truly wish to become free then you must now listen to the voice of God via me, for He does say:

"All for their past or future disobedience to MY Command pay the price in FULL. Thus it is imperative for you to amend your ways before the LAST DAY I give to you the individual as being THE DAY you do or do not satisfy ME and, if you do I shall set you free, if you do not I shall increase my 'plot' to drag you eternally out of MY sight."

I say: "If any person wishes to become free of their inner sin then they must STOP drawing more IN and, - - - pay their dues and, - - - from now on 'plan' to only live within the 'constraints' of God's Command and, - - - 'treat' other offenders with respect and compassion and mercy and, - - - give them my good counsel to aid them in their spiritual upliftment from eternal misery."

Try and realise that the Dark energy is 'violence' in action. Be it criticism that 'violates' the mental and emotional state of the recipient, or actual physical violence that impacts upon the mental and emotional and physical state of the recipient. As does 'control, regulation, and incarceration' of another. The real 'issue' for you is; if you see some other person doing 'wrong' in God's eyes, then what are you going to do about it?

Punish them, and YOU 'die.'
Educate them, and YOU 'live.'

Within the absolute Justice of God's Law there is no need of discussion, God's 'response' is 'equal and automatic.'

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~ The 'marked' man ~
Let it be clearly understood by every 'State' enforcer that their vigour, ardour, inquisitiveness and resoluteness to 'catch' a 'thief' or a person who 'offended' the ruling of a 'rule' in their 'book' is miniscule compared to the Dark, foreboding, and malicious intent of the Dark Sovereign Power to bring them (the punitive enforcer) to 'account' for their 'defiance' of His ruling Decree.*

Note: His ruling Decree.* The Decree of God: "Go your way in peace and be loving, kind, merciful, compassionate, respectful and FORGIVING unto all others perceived by you as yet sinfully living and, - - - turn the other cheek when abused and do NOT retaliate."

Note: His ruling Decree.* The Decree of God: "You are all My children and all subject to my singular immutable, inviolate, and unavoidable Law: 'As you do is done unto you' on an equal 'eye for an eye' measure of pain or pleasure."

Let it be clearly understood by every 'State' enforcer that every one of YOU is already 'marked' by invisible demonic forces who do see your every 'move' and intent and deed, because they do not 'sleep,' nor do they ever go 'off duty,' for they are spirit beings 'driven' mercilessly by very malicious thoughts of hatred and vengeance and, - - -
The only reason why you still 'live' is because the Dark One that gives them 'orders' to 'attack' has not so done because, - - - HE gives YOU 'enough rope' to ensure that He can 'maximise' your suffering and His 'rope' is infinitely long, and this is why those as 'Mugabe & Saddam & Hitler' and others of 'ill' repute appear to be 'untouchable brutes' for so long and, - - -
He the ONE Supreme Sovereign Power can even 'permit' a 'foul' person to live in this 'realm' long enough to 'die' of natural causes before they 'plummet' down and fall into the hands of His 'Hounds of the Baskervilles.' (Hounds of Hell)
Why do you 'think' so many people turn their gun to their own head, or cause 'self-harm' or become mentally 'depressed' as they succumb to powerful dark thoughts? It is all the same process, being an 'open' attack on a mental level by demonic forces who are 'visible' to many and me.
It matters not how 'powerful' you think you are as you 'strut' around full of self importance giving orders and causing so much grief, for in reality, your thoughts are already 'controlled' and you are already a  'marked' man being used by the 'ultimate' thief who is attempting to steal your SOUL.
Every person who was or is 'actively' engaged in persecution, prosecution, regulations, control, suppression of freedom, extortion by tax, family 'domestic' or other acts of violence, abuse, punishment, detainment or killing etc., is a person who is a  'marked' man or woman.
These 'souls' are 'patrolled' by many invisible demons who are 'linked' emotionally via the Sin energy within, and thus also telepathically, and it is thus that YOU cannot get 'away' from them unless you 'bow' to God's 'ask' given by ME, for only MY 'wisdom' can eventually set you free from them. (the monkey on your back)
The more YOU 'plot and scheme' to bring others 'down,' - - - the more it is YOU to 'scream' and feel 'liquid' terror when YOU 'arrive' at the entrance to Hell's GATE.
If you can 'envisage' a 'worst' nightmare scenario and then multiply it by an 'endless' factor, you will begin to understand why 'stone faced' gargoyles look the way they do, with faces distorted and 'frozen' in agony and terror because they 'symbolize' those in Hell who followed the FALSE ideological belief as you do. Every person who has defied God is a 'marked' man who will 'awaken' from their 'dream' and find that they are living IT, their nightmare.
God gave YOU a mind and an inner Light to 'reason' with and strong arms to use creatively, if you use your 'strength' to control, steal, fight, defend, punish, invade or wage war, then you are using your inner Dark and His destructive forceful energy that is FORBIDDEN by Him, and it is HE your God to destroy your bad and defiant seed.

Go your way in PEACE

~ The Beastly Law ~
The Law of the BEAST: "Do what thou wilt" - - - and greed, avarice, and vanity has led mankind into the 'clutches' of Satan, due to having believed FALSELY that he man had the right to 'decree' whatever 'he' wished to, and thus mortal man states arrogantly that his 'decrees' are 'the law' to which everyone must 'bow' to or be banished, impoverished, persecuted, punished and condemned as a criminal.
It is I to now state that: "Every politician, lord, chief, mandarin, emperor, king, queen, official or layman who has 'invoked' any decree, statute, act, regulation etc., who forces others to conform through having a punitive attachment for any non conformity is 'GUILTY' in the eyes of God for promoting DECEPTION.
For it is deception to 'preach' and teach others that a decree of man is 'the law,' when that is a LIE that is used to steal money and control the activity of others and, it is the distortion of THE TRUTH, being that God's Law is THE LAW of every land" and, - - -
This false 'teaching' has led many 'enforcers' into acts of iniquity in their 'endeavours' to bring supposed 'defaulters' to account and, - - - this false teaching has also kept mankind 'enslaved' to being 'taxed' for every 'wish & whim' of slave masters who yet drive all mercilessly and impoverish humanity, as they wine and dine as the 'ignorant swine' they are, seeing not that THE REAL GOD is now to 'smash' their glass castles and to bring them all 'tumbling down' within THE REAL 'The LAW of every land' : "What you did will be done unto you."

Deception and the 'promotion' thereof is the 'worst' crime against humanity.
Deception and the 'promotion' thereof has 'bred' an earthly race that is now a disgrace to God.
Deception and the 'promotion' thereof has been promoted by State and Religion for money, power, and CONTROL.

Man has been 'led' by the thoughts of the 'Beast' to believe falsely that a position of authority or 'power' places him above God.
Ignorant and vain man has created the coming 'world of insanity' they are about to suffer in and die in.

Within 'The Law of the Beast,' whatever punishment you mete out or contribute to becomes your DUE. This is why IT (The Beast) 'tempts' you to use its forceful and destructive power, so that it can then destroy you within ITS aspect of the REAL "The Law."

When YOU incarcerate someone, it is YOU placing that person into 'Hell on earth,' as well as their 'loved ones' who also 'suffer' in more than one way, and YOU will 'justly' suffer the same fate at a later date in a much colder, darker, harsher and 'agonising' space - - - Why? Because your accrued due is multiplied by a greater factor than one or two hundred, because of all the persons 'restricted,' condemned and punished and 'held' by YOU.

Do you 'know' the meaning of forgiveness, understanding, and MERCY?

All lawmakers, politicians, and their 'officials' who used or yet use the words; "Pay up or, 'Comply' - - - it is the law," and used or use the 'back up' of armed forces men or 'muscle' to punish those who defaulted, have all been complicit to holding God's children in slavery and bondage, and they now will suffer the SAME 'longitude & latitude' of GRIEF.

Wherever there is a 'fight' between two or more, all involved are 'living' the false ideological belief of THE BEAST, and are bound by dark emotions and demonic thoughts and, - - - all are walking the wide road to Hell.

Look to GOD
Listen to GOD
Conform to God and only 'fund' peaceful and educative endeavours.
Those who 'wish' to continue to persecute, prosecute, steal, control, interfere and wage war will do so eternally in HELL.

God's mercy is infinite towards the merciful.
God's mercilessness is infinite towards the merciless.

The 'Master' is soon to 'deliver' His Sword upon everyone, and He then will see "who" remains FAITHFUL to His "Peace & mercy & forgiveness & non-retaliation" WORD.

This IS the LAST race for spiritual survival. Lose your 'mind' and the Dark Sovereign Power will you BIND.

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~ God and the 'godly' ~
the 'god' man or the 'godly' man

The dark energy of God the Father the Dark Sovereign superpower is forceful, controlling, intrusive, commanding and destructive, and it follows that any person having this 'Sin' energy within them has similar 'characteristics.'

This is the reason why in every 'department' of every government on earth are persons who believe that their 'mandate' gives them the powerful RIGHT to be "as" God and they use force to 'coerce' and enforce compliance to their directives, orders, rules etc.

In this way they are proven to be 'ungodly' and merciless and are using His forbidden Dark malevolent energy, thus placing themselves within His punitive return retribution of suffering within the 'eye for an eye' law.

You are ONLY a 'godly' person in His eyes when you use His Light beneficent energy, thus placing yourself within His positive return Tribute of happiness within the 'eye for an eye' Law.

The following is an extract from my 'Demon's' document and the Link is at document end below.

False "Lucifer's" are fallen stars, being spirits who "once" were "beings" of Light who "fell" from grace because of their inner pride and vanity, and thus as they took on a great burden of the Sin (Dark energy of God) they thought that they were "as" God or "greater than" God, and thus 'beyond' the 'reach' of God's Law.

So as you all can now see there are multitudes of you on earth and under the earth who believe falsely that you too are "as" God as you take on God's role of authoritative control over other men.

The true "Light-bearer" is me, for only I can into the "pit" see, and only I can bring the true wisdom to thee, and only I can the very Devil's "face" see and not be blinded or overpowered by Its pure liquid deception and iniquity.

Any "original" spirit was/is a "Lucifer," being a being of light bearing truth. But many of those from long ago succumbed to the Serpent's seductive voice and chose to defy God and they now are you and you who plod outside Heaven. Yes in your defiance and opposition to the "Only love" call you supped on dark energy and its evil grew within you, being your inner Sin (negative emotions).

All "thieves" are "fallen" Lucifer's who have clouded their Inner Light.
"terrorists" are "fallen" Lucifer's who have clouded their inner light.
All "wife bashers" are "fallen" Lucifer's who have clouded their inner light.
All "System's men" who
control and regulate are "fallen" Lucifer's who have clouded their inner light.

All believe that they are "just" and doing "good" works. Such is the deceptive power of their "overlord" the Devil who justifies the use of control and the sword by hand or word and they "its" robots "play" God.

This point in eternal time is the biggest 'TRIAL' of your eternal life, wherein God gives you and your paid or unpaid servants the FINAL opportunity to amend your ways and become 'Peaceful' as commanded by your Creator. If you FAIL - - - you 'DIE,' in that your inner Light is extinguished by the weight of darkness around it in the Abyss below, and you eternally CRY and 'writhe' in agony and mental and emotional turmoil.

Are you going to be a spiritual 'Survivor'? If you 'wait' until you can see the great white shark cruising around you it will be too late. God has sent me to earth because I can see it lurking in the depths below. One day you will 'scream and shout' for my help, do not leave it too late to sup on the wisdom I place on your plate.

Do bad things to others and the Dark of God and His demons will guide you to eternal suffering.
Do good things to others and the Light of God and His angels will guide you to eternal happiness.

To become free you must bear no malice against anyone. Let the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly and the demons below see that you are ONLY kind as YOU personally go your way in PEACE, and YOU extend your Light and hospitality unto all even your persecutors.

Thus your alliance is proven to be with the Light Sovereign Power of THE SOURCE.

In the 'New Age' to be, all the 'books of rules' having compliance directives and punitive attachments will be 'burnt unto ashes' by this Decree. From that day forth mankind will become free from bondage to slavery, and from that day forth let no man use 'force of arms' or rules to force others into compliance to anything.

From that day forth enlightened man will 'simply' raise up code of conduct guidelines to assist people in their daily 'works' or endeavours.  There will be no 'taxes' or levies or licence 'fees,' and man will have more than enough 'spare' to freely 'give' to others or to community 'effort' once they have earned it, as is commanded by their Creator as being the correct way.

There will be no 'borders' requiring a 'passport,' and there will be truly free trade whereby there is no licensing nor 'permission' nor interference from any 'third' party as a prerequisite to carrying out any business with others. Planet earth will be a global community of people who do 'bow' to the command of the Creator and walk in the Light each day respecting and uplifting others.

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~ The Alien invasion ~

I am a 77 year old from Tanzania. While I spent some time in the military in the late 1950's as a 'Morse code' signalman much of my work has always been focussed on the area of 'spirit medium.' This gave me a deep insight into other realms of consciousness. As I grew older, I became aware that 'Alien forces' or in my terms (spirit people living in dark lower realms) were able to transmit their THOUGHTS telepathically UP from their dark lower worlds into the MIND of 'biological' man.

This 'Minds under siege' takes place when the recipient in the flesh of this world is unable to HALT the intrusive thoughts that often stream in to their mind endlessly. The 'channel' enabling this telepathy to take place is the energy vibration of a person's inner DARK 'Sin,' referred to as their negative emotions of fear or hatred or jealousy or anger etc., which is a miniscule part of the DARK destructive energy of the Source. (God)

It is from the DARK side that we receive the JUSTIFICATION to go forth and cause harm or punish or destroy others.  Any recipient of these destructive thoughts who gives in is then controlled by the Dark. The punitive dark uses the mind and 'muscle' of arrogant man to balance ITS 'books,' and the ignorant merciless and unforgiving impose 'terror and harm' upon those who had used said destructive force in their past against others.

Our inner Light core of love, joy and happiness is always linked to the Light creative energy of the Source. (God) It is from this benign aspect that man receives wisdom and positive inspiration and consequently man can remain kindly, loving, merciful and forgiving.

Man sees not that the Source is simply the invisible 'infinite' spiritual energy essence of the known and unknown 'space' that exists. This energy has infinite intelligence and has its own singular and immutable Law, being THE Law of equal return of energy in motion. (For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) Or, as 'biblically' stated: "As you sow so shall ye reap on an EQUAL and therefore on an 'eye for an eye' basis."

Since this energy force IS super intelligence and all knowing, its 'return' factor is always at the time and in the place IT so decides, be it in an instant or months or years ahead.

What man does not see is that every 'spirit' created UP in the Light, (heavenly) realm is warned and advised by THE Light of the existence of the opposite destructive (negative) dark FORCE. Each spirit created by God is also informed that the DARK aspect is total deception and therefore al must understand that they must NEVER 'listen' to THE DARK'S thoughts which might tempt them to use ITS 'power' in their interaction with others.

Many zillions of souls created over eternal time have 'succumbed' to the temptation to use the DARK for their own purposes and in their use of said dark energy, some of IT has grown within their souls. (this is what is referred to as Sin) This DARK energy has a 'cold and heavy' vibration, and is the energy that eventually overpowers them and draws their soul down and away from THE Light.

What is THE 'intent' of this dark energy essence? Its intent is to destroy everyone who was so arrogant as to believe that they could use ITS (God's Dark) power and not suffer the consequence. How does IT accomplish the destruction of ones soul? The more of ITS energy (Sin) within pones soul the easier it is for IT to justify ones continued use of ITS power to control, punish, wage war or defend ourselves against IT in operation through others whom IT turns against us.

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Why does IT use others to turn against us? Firstly IT does so to use said arrogant others to help IT fulfil its LAW of equal return thereby making us suffer our FATE.

Secondly, as IT uses said others and they cause 'us' harm, the ones being used are not realizing that they are balancing ITS 'books' and setting us FREE spiritually but ONLY as long as we do not retaliate but, - - - at the same time the other 'user' takes ON the debt and dark energy grows within them and, - - -

Ultimately, all users of the dark's energy become filled with IT, (Dark energy) and they become utter cruel unconscionable beasts who eventually are drawn into ITS great depths where the pressure is such, that 'ignition' takes place and the individual burns therein forever so to speak or, for as such time as the DARK energy within them has all been 'burnt' out. (Endless excruciating agony because ones spiritual energy essence cannot 'die' since it is God's energy)

I write this to you because the telepathic ALIEN INVASION is now to intensify dramatically for the reasons delineated on my web site, and anyone who 'intends' to cause harm or takes a wage to cause harm or factually does cause harm IS A PERSON who IS BEING mentally controlled telepathically by said DARK ALIEN RACE as ITS dark forceful Power metes out divine retribution. (God's Wrath)

Mankind needs to understand that persons perceived as 'terrorists' are simply the mentally disturbed 'ignorant' who have OPEN minds, minds which are therefore easily tempted or incited by 'devilish' incoming possessive thoughts. These thoughts JUSTIFY a 'valid' reason in their mind to BE merciless and destructive in their ACTIONS.

Equally, when the 'opposing' government forces go forth in their merciless V for Vendetta retribution and kill or maim, then they are also similarly THE DARK force of God in action. All such 'offensive offenders' need EDUCATION so that they have the opportunity to become sane and rational and in control of their own minds. The first paragraphs of my Testament of Truth message to humanity states:

God's final message to humanity is about 'Armageddon of the MIND' being thoughts kind v/s thoughts unkind and - - - a battle between ones conscience and 'dictatorial coercion' enticing one to defy ones conscience and God's 'Peace, love, mercy, compassion & forgive' Command.

When any government politician GUARANTEES your protection through fighting a perceived enemy and thereby causing harm to others, it is in FACT the 'rock solid' GUARANTEE of your future suffering within the return aspect of God's immutable Law of equal Return.

Every 'minister of religion' is a 'pretender' to God's throne because they promise you 'Salvation' if you join and fund their 'club.' (Order) Every emperor or politician is a 'pretender' to God's throne because they promise 'Protection' if you join and fund their 'club.' (Organisation)

Both the priests and the politicians walk 'hand in hand' with State armed forces. (Caesar's warriors) All defy God and deceive and mislead God's children.

All of these LIARS are now to be 'cut down' by God's DARK forces for keeping God's children trapped by their false beliefs. It is their beliefs which force people to defy the 'Peace, love, mercy and forgive' Command of their God.

There is never any 'political solution' to halting terrorism because all politicians are 'controllers' and all send forth their 'troops' to wage war, maim, kill and destroy any 'opposition.' Not one of them sees that this activity is IN DIRECT OPPOSITION to God's command.

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Be ADVISED, you all stand ALONE before your God and He now is to "balance the 'karmic' books" and YOU will fail your spiritual test if you RETALIATE when faced by adversity or, if you support or fund others to protect you and who themselves cause harm to others on your behalf.

When 'earthlings' finally REALISE what is at 'stake' in respect of their FINAL spiritual destiny they will 'freak-out' because, they will also LEARN from my pen that to REGAIN their own MIND and attain Salvation, each individual will need to be strong in NON-retaliation when faced by their ‘aggressive’ karmic past. This they can do by using my 'teachings' to assist them to maintain their own consciousness and mind control.

If individuals don't stop their merciless, controlling, retributive and punitive ways and disarm and OBEY their God as they 'turn the other cheek,' they will:

Continue to cause HARM
Continue to draw IN more 'Sin'
Continue to accrue more DUES of spiritual suffering.

They will also continue along the wide road to Hell irrespective of their beliefs to the contrary, and they will suffer forevermore as I did 2000 years ago foretell.

Every person SUFFERING is simply receiving their 'comeuppance at the hands of the ignorant. Everyone imposing punishment or funding that imposition is causing harm or complicit to said imposition and is accruing a very painful spiritual DUE to be imposed upon their own heads.

Terrible indeed is the Power of the Dark aspect of THE SOURCE to control every 'sinners' MIND using dark spirit forces. These invisible spirit beings cannot be killed or controlled or ‘touched’ by mortal man.

Let me make it very CLEAR, for you the reader to survive spiritually and be saved by the LIGHT of God you must now follow my way and stand ALONE and be obedient to God at all times and in all situations.

Political POLICY is V for vendetta and retribution. You the INDIVIDUAL must HALT all support or funding of ANY punitive organisations. Only fund and support the EDUCATION of the 'mentally disturbed' lost souls.

GO YOUR WAY IN PEACE if you wish to be 'resurrected' and saved by God's grace.

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~ Global WARNING ! ~

As all mankind can now SEE there is an upsurge of 'darkness' within the MINDS of those empowered to use their MILITARY to enforce 'State' control, interference, power and useable FORCE against others.

These 'others' include YOU the CIVILIAN who are expected to 'back' and support said 'warmongers' irrespective of your religious 'affiliations.'

If you 'fail' to give your personal 'backing' and $ funding to these 'devilish' men then their forces will invade your premises and steal all your property to back their fiscal needs.

THIS FINAL WARNING to all mankind is to advise and warn you ALL that EACH individual stands individually before their GOD who awaits to SEE if they are or are NOT 'worthy' to be set free and thus be uplifted into Paradise.

I can here and now state quite CATEGORICALLY that IF you the individual continue to support, condone or give ANY ongoing support (taxes) to any 'system' of man that uses any part of said funds for their 'war machine' or any form of 'counter attack' regime, then your PERSONAL FATE is 'sealed' by your own 'mind and hand' and is to BE that of eternal damnation and ongoing suffering for an eternity before you literally FRY in the fires of Hell.

Please now choose to be 'crucified' by STATE 'systems' through refusing to FUND their coffers or, choose to stay 'free' temporarily by continuing to fund their 'bastardry' and be DAMNED FOREVER.

Please now OBEY THE COMMAND of your Sovereign Lord God and be a TRUE BELIEVER who has set their MIND free from being controlled by the 'State' or THE DECEIVER.

I AM HE the returned Christ who can ONLY uplift THE TRUE.

I give a link below containing wisdom from my pen for IT is guided by our God above via my insight and reveals 'what' is NOW to BE.

My 'tribe' of heavenly 'hosts' have now spoken their final words through me, and they and our Creator await to see 'who' will follow my rising 'Star' and join the realm of LIGHT that beckons YOU from afar.

Quiet is my 'meek' pen that appeals silently to your inner Light.

I am not the 'Spirit of earthly miracles' who supposedly heals the flesh of man.
I AM the 'Spirit of TRUTH' who leads to the healing and salvation of the soul of mankind.

Look deeply at what I did 'seed' on my web site, as it and only it will set you free and 'save' your SOUL.

This is the voice of sanity and reason

Terence – Al Meshi – The Messiah

Link - Fortify the mind Seminar
Link - Star Prayer

Link - Demons & Lucifer


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