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~ Current Affairs ~

As written by Terence

This web page was updated with pertinent information arising from Current Affairs that came to my attention, the insertion dates are not necessarily the date of the communiqué.

This page was started today 21 April 001 (1997)
(year One 'of' God's Light)
Once you believe this message is of the Light,
then please change your date, as you too stand in God's sight.

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To Toppage 2

From : The Creator Supreme of the Heavenly SEA.
To : The Catholic See, Vatican City.

Christ is risen for all to see, that is, God's message to humanity through the soul of eternity, the spirit of truth that was prophesied was to be again on the sod in the fleshly body of an ordinary simple man, and his book "The Testament of Truth" is now available free on air.

I have returned "up in the air" to freely share my message to all humanity.
I have returned as a "thief in the night,"
my glorious spirit "hidden" in the flesh, out of your sight.

Seek not me, seek but God's WORD given now as fresh food to thee again. It and only it will you save, for all walk on the road the Devil did pave. Drink now my "water" and on it "sup," only ITS Wisdom will lift you up.

My message does REVEAL how the Devil does your soul steal, through the power of its mind it does with thoughts you in devious deeds bind, and already it is "seen" that its thoughts have every mind found. For every religion does believe they can deny the Light and bless soldiers being sent to make others grieve.

The message is about "Armageddon of the mind" that is leading to escalating insanity. It is about how and why we must now fortify our minds against the intrusion from within of negative destructive thoughts that overpower our reason. Using us to destroy others or self, ultimately unto our own spiritual destruction.

The message is about how to build the ARK of the mind so as to keep bad thoughts out of your minds and survive spiritually this last battle for the soul. You and all will now face your past and pay all dues, in any retaliation, your spiritual life you will lose.

Blessed are the true - blessed are the few
blessed are those who believe
that the prince of peace does not deceive
you have all been led astray
I am here to guide all humanity today.

Terence - 21.April.001

To Toppage 3

attn: All Politicians & others
~ Ref: 'Waiting for Work' ~

"A living wage" all do demand from the government we all command, that is what we all "expect," upon this I say "reflect," for forever can we wait for food to be put on our plate. What it is all humans must see is that they personally are free.

Free to come or go, free to vegies plant and grow, or free to sit around until another has a plate of food found, so that they can beg as they sit around, not even standing on a leg.

I've said before much harsh pain is in store for all, those who work, and for all who lurk with a hand out as they "foul" do shout. None must "expect" off any other, none must demand to be taken out of their bother, all must be given a shovel or spade and their own "food bed" then made.

All needs "self employed" be, its time we all this see. For any to in happiness live, must they be prepared to work and a little give, not just demand for pay so they can shirk for another day.

We must no longer "steal" off the other, paying "hired guns" to mete out bother to any who try to avoid their tax. There must be no demand, just a relax for those souls being true, I mean the "workers," me and you.

We should be "free" to give so others can happier live. So to you and you waiting "around" the employment office 'til a job is found, I say: "Borrow a bucket or a shovel, no more with hand out grovel, do your own eight hours a day feeding yourself on your own pay."

"All have someone on whom to rely," this I hear from out the sky, even the "truly" destitute can find a friendly neighbour and their axe grind in exchange for a loaf of bread so they sleep not in hunger on their bed.

We must get out of the "demand" mentality that has grown out of an unseeing society that has assumed falsely that IT must supply free medical and education, I do espy.

Nothing is free, can all not this see, and because we off the people take, we eventually the people break. So we stand today in a society that says: "PAY UP or we sell you up, for on "free" funds must the "lazy" sup."

Not only lazy by "way" but lazy ref: "pay," because none have been taught that food can be grown, not only bought. All who on Society now rely will for sure ahead cry, for funds already do slow, so self sufficiency must all now grow.

Quickly must this wisdom society seed, before all the youth have given in to greed, expecting to be fed and be blessed with "free worms" e'en after having flown the nest.

Is there no one who can see what it IS I say to thee: "Already a gigantic calamity over the horizon for you and me," because every son of a gun by demand does say: "IF you cannot me work give, YOU must pay me to live, this is what we've "grown" to expect." On this now too must all reflect.

The "West" has been an easy place because we gave this type of grace to all who came to our shore, and all will now become poor, but all now will get to know that money on trees does not grow.

To Toppage 4

And even the rich are poor for no money sits on their lounge floor. Its all "tied up" in bonds or buildings or beach homes with palm fronds, and when all does collapse, even the "rich" will in suffering relapse.

For we are all now in the same boat, in the same ocean do all float, and the hungry being you and me will rob the ones who could not see. It's time for all to now wake up before on true poverty all do sup.

The government has taken over the role of parenthood, because the meaning of "control" was misunderstood. Their role was to be the monetary disbursement control of funds, freely given by the meek who on earth stroll, not the control over you and me.

So all youth now on the system rely instead of their parents, I espy. All the oldies on the System rely instead of their "own" provisioning, I espy, or from their children's "aid" when firewood needs be cut or a vegetable patch made.

So now the System will go into relapse as all financial systems collapse. All will on their "own" hands then rely or they will "steal" and spiritually die, for already we are half spiritually dead for, for too long we've "legally" stolen others bread.

The System is now to fade away as it too stole every ones pay, and a "new" society will arise, one of "giving" and being wise. All will help each other along, all will sing that freedom song, all will a little of theirs give so the other does a little happier live.

I also would a few more words say about the way in which "nonworkers" are "eligible" for free pay. I feel that none should expect others be made to forcibly pay for their work lack on any day.

For I know that the System has its enforceable taxation demand in order to meet its out goings it does command. Thus when one makes a "claim" it can make others cry, for they then must pay more, and many suffer thus for sure.

I believe that it has become a bad "habit" that people think "Lets just go for it," reference the dole as along all do stroll. Where are the olden days when people cared for their young,? where are the days when the young helped their oldies along.? Why do we all "assume" that some other must pay our way.?

It seems that all have gone astray and this is why I write this today, for ahead what I do see is an incredible soon coming calamity, for the money will all soon run out and true poverty will every pocket clout.

"You" demanded all our pay each day by taxing us on everything as we walked our way, and on top of this you stole half the earnings off the top of our payroll, and this is why we demand off thee, you being the politicians who could not see that our funds stolen were but a "Rort" to fill your pockets and your "deals" support.

Your deals grew on a sticky vine as many "fingers" on our honey did entwine, "free loaders" at every corner of the road stole a little of our golden lode that you were supposed to protect, and its to late now to on this reflect as all the funds are gone, and we are "sense-ualy" undone.

For we now have no common sense, we are "insane" and seek recompense, and will now destroy the System that did foolishness deploy, for so many free load today that we have no more to pay, and all will go into relapse as the mighty dollar does collapse. For as we are "forced" to sell, and take our funds out of banks they will break, and then for sure we'll see a mighty painful calamity.

To Toppage 5

So before that coming time we needs with sanity entwine and a little understand what by God was planned. That none should aught demand, "All must freely give," being the Command, and this giving will pay for education or medical if that is the way each community does think that their way is a community effort reference "free" pay.

For whenever there is an enforced take, someone sinks as their back does break, and even though this you personally don't see, God holds you personally responsible, I say to thee.

All "taxation by demand" must stop today, all politicians must take less pay. Truly it is time to abort the past ever expanding taxation rort, all being paid wages by this take must swiftly now other plans make.

For all soon will be out of work and dark thoughts in their minds will lurk, and they will suffer each day for the time they stole others pay. For whether or not we do see that the system a giant robber be, matters not to our "loving" God who says:

"You all will reap as you plod for what you did do, whether or not you knew you were untrue, any who went for a 'free ride' on the backs of others will 'down slide' until they share the fate of the poorest whom they did berate"

So to you, you and you, prepare now to be a little true, give freely a little of your time be you a dentist or a doctor less than divine, you all "work" as a leech and coming lessons will you now teach that "poverty" lies in store today for all who steal others pay in the guise of "We superior be because you need us to help thee."

Friends, you all will on me rely, say I empowered by the most high, and my wisdom I do give thee is free, is free. Please now with it entwine for soon I return to the land divine and will await to meet those whom my conditions meet.

I believe that the "free" dole should stop, and there needs be but a community "donation" shop, where good souls can a little give so that true sufferers in each community can a little easier live. We must no longer expect others to sustain us, so on that message please reflect.

I ask all Ministers to set your "Christian" minds to task, because already too many taxes do you take, and this is why societies planetarily will break.

If ahead my meager funds do run out, I'll call on my son and say to him "Do you know what life is about." Other than this I'll just join the queue and put out my hand to any soul true.

To Toppage 6

To: Dr. W. Theaux.
~ Human Cloning ~
What "reference" human cloning do I see, inspired by God's pen given me :

"How would you like to 'know' that 'man' - did your flesh grow, and thus from others you different be, would this in any way 'harm' your mentality"? This is what God does say as "His" thoughts via my pen sway

Mother says - "In the 'after time' of only love has come as stated by my dove, is the time to many things do, even cloning" she says to you. "For then and only then will all be free of the inner dark, the inner negativity, and also all will know that flesh is flesh and can many ways 'grow,' and that the spirit deep inside is the true being, one that man does not 'decide'. For man can the biological 'suit' make but MY "right of spirit birth" cannot take."

That is what Mother says today, that all see and heed, I pray.

Any "cloning" carried out "today" will accentuate negative processes I say, for man yet a little ignorant be, not seeing that flesh inhabited by spirit be, and also that DNA is not of 'spirit,' it is yes energy, but spirit into the flesh God does "sit."

So for today I would all remind that our thoughts can us "bind." Meaning, they will keep us on track until the devil does our face smack, unless we the message heed that says:

"Stop all experiments until all are freed. Spend your time telling all how to fortify their minds before the fall, and your hearts and cupboards prepare, so that your love and materiality you can share. Once all is done and every earthling their journey won you can do whatever you are inspired to by our Mother of love who will inspire you true."

This is what I say today via my pen that does for God sway.


To Toppage 7

To: Dr. William Theaux.

I thank you for your letter of "in depth" formality reference "cloning," and how you it see. I had already written you a note as Charles had said that its "morality" you smote. It seems that you a "Leader" seek. One who is intelligent and also meek. One who could guide the way. Friend, it is I the 'guide' returned today.

And as you, my "spirit" is extraterrestrial, it is a heavenly body celestial of magnificent "energetic" might, that shines brighter than any star in sight.

William, it is the invisible God who will all now guide, being "Love" that within does stride, and as our spirits are purged within, our love will "shine" and we'll be purged of sin. Thus, none shall arrogant or greedy be. I hope my truth one day you'll see. So if ahead a "man" you clone, it is only the biological flesh and bone.

You cannot clone the emotions or mind.
You cannot clone those "dark" or those "kind"
that is the "region" of the spirit soul
that our God "clones or creates" as He does stroll

Around His realm above, creating spirit children as "He" makes love to "Her," our mother above, who is the Light say I the dove, and if you a biological "space suit" make, from His realm God may "take" a spirit and with the flesh it "imbue." Try and this see I say to you.

By now my first communiqué you will have read
why so many are angry and full of dread
when they "see" a man playing "God"
for they "fear" being more controlled on this sod

By man who "more" intelligent be, and this intelligence is feared I see, for its not that man seeks to be led, its more that "leaders" who are arrogant are bred, and, they manipulate and abuse, and I say "All pay for the darkness they diffuse," so go steady for a little time and help me pass on my wisdom divine.

And our invisible leader will see
that your intelligence "His," helps me
then "ahead" you'll be uplifted higher
and "He" will fulfill your hearts desire.

And as for the "child" at the core, that is but "purity" for sure. For the creation "moment" of the biological "suit" is not the essence of the inner fruit, that "is" the incarnation of a spirit soul, who maybe forever in higher realms did stroll.

And "this" spirit for sure sexless not be, for God creates both "ends" of humanity, both male and female that can fulfill our desire, for in loves fulfillment we are uplifted spiritually higher. And the higher that our spirit does go, the more loving feelings that through it do flow.

All the best, your brother Terence.

To Toppage 8

Maxine McKew - LATELINE - ABC TV
Chan v/s Bougainville

Julius Chan is no "Sir" he is a fool who should be in the "Stir." HE is the one who "treasonable" be and the whole world can this see, for 40 million dollars did he "steal," this fact is the treason "Seal" and this money he did waste in a projection of utter distaste.

For he uses the peoples "funds" to destroy the very people who him employ, and the silly bugger is soon to see the results of his arrogant stupidity. Why Australians give him cash so he can "our" neighbours smash even I do not know, surely John Howard needs to now say "No Go."

Politicians are blind, this I see, pure arrogance flowing free, if Bougainville wants to go its "own" way, why support fools who hear not their say.

Wake up Australia ! its time to GO "slow" this I know. Maybe Ex Brigadier Jerry Singarok a lucky man be, no longer a "threat" to his own soul I see.

To Toppage 9

Media Release :
~ Governmental EDICTS v/s God's Commandment ~
Sandline Mercenaries

This is but a short "Memo" I send to you because as you see, soon "destruction" flows through the minds of political men who all deny the Word of God via my pen.

Just because a government does 'declare' someone will a dark fate share, means not that this Edict is one of "Right," in God's eyes it is of the Devil's "Might."

And, I would have it that you all now SEE God's FINAL message to humanity that has "arisen" through my sacred pen, for I AM the ONE by God chosen to "awaken" you at this end time when as you see all soil their hands with grime, for all the people are asleep and soon for sure even you will weep.

It's all a little bit of a game played by political men soon of "no name" for as they "consign" soldiers out to war the darkness marks them too for "destruction" that's for sure.

So media girls and lads I can but say:
read my "
BLOOD" document someday.

It tells of a message to all on the sod especially every arrogant bod, so I say its now over to YOU, tell your "flocks" of the return of the soul true.

Terence - the "pen of God"

To Toppage 10

To: Sir Barry Holloway - Port Moresby
Ref: Lateline - ~ Chan Challenge ~

Barry, a terrible sadness came over me when I saw you speak on the Lateline ABC about the "mental poverty" of the people who are "illiterate" and understand not the political "steeple."

That Empiric Pyre on which pollies stand as with the Devil they walk hand in hand, not seeing the way they go and the devilish destruction that they sow, all for power and greed, truly, the devil's earthly seed.

"All for Copper or for Gold" is why Chan seeks "Sandline" I am told. And his "own" Defence forces he would use against God's children and them misuse. Any who use men to "attack" their "own" for sure will get "flack."

And, soldiers are NOT here to "Pollies" serve, this "security" pollies don't deserve. Soldiers are paid "By and for" the people to the people protect. Even Maxine McKew on this needs reflect.

Not to protect any copper mine whose "Barons" themselves are greedy swine. Who think "residents" in another land can be discarded as they "milk" their land.

Friend, my pen "Mercy" does sway as to your heart it does say:

"My son, My son, I call thee
seek my message and help PNG.
For all the tribes must soon learn
that eternal freedom they must earn

Look to My message sent via the dove
My final message of pure love.
Do son, what you can do
to help My poor children become true,

and I will uplift thee when of the flesh you are set free."

So Barry - I also attach a note that to Maxine McKew last night I wrote, please swiftly find an internet connection, then you'll see why a needed change of direction.

My full 275 page message to humanity "The Testament of Truth" will be "on line" by March 28th. At this moment, there is enough to help you and all souls true to the eternal Light.


To Toppage 11

Premier Rob Borbidge.

It's time to stop calling people "Aboriginal."
We are black or white but all Australian
and none of our ancestors are now here
so to reality, we must draw near.

No Black or "part black" can any land claim, for no land bears a titled name just because their ancestors "roamed" in the past.... this means, any claim today is a "farce."

For my daddy roamed across Tanganyika too, in Africa, so I'm an "African true blue." But I can lay no claim in "Tanzania" for any "piece," just because someone wants to my hands grease !

If I do off them demand, it is an "historic" reprimand with a "shared" Title deed inspired by my inner greed. Lay the past to rest, all with the present time name of "Australians" are blest.

This is what all must now see, Or, an escalating calamity brought on by "Solicitous" men, all "whores" says this my pen. For they sell "our" souls for pieces of eight, and they too then will for heaven be late.

IF any "Australian black or white" wants land. Let him earn it as was by God planned. Any who today want to "another's" take, will for sure a "heapa bloody trouble" make.

I hope Rob you have a clear mind. I believe your soul is kind. Tell some "Media fella" to do a story about the present day Queensland "glory."

That Queenslanders can clearly see that legal men at times iniquitous be, and are forever on the "take," and you say they needs put on the brake and see the reason why we must now be ONE Australian CLAN under this sun. None in any way better blessed, thus none with free land impressed.

Tell every man he can into the "State forest" go and on a God given acre his beans grow, but that none can have a free square mile or dead bodies soon will "up pile."

SOON I do see that many will be looking "at" me, for SOON the whole world goes into relapse and into insanity does collapse. BEFORE that time, the truly decent souls true needs look at my message from our creator.

YES, it is true. I AM the returned soul sent to awaken all of you.

To Toppage 12

To : The Prime Minister
Parliament House. Canberra
John Howard

John - Why don't you help Australia to become the world FIRST, the first to help "others" who in need "thirst." I speak of Korea, the northern end where so many now in sorrow and hunger "bend" their knees as they do seek a grain of wheat and they are meek, for their politicians do not them help as their minds are full of financial kelp.

My brother, friend and Minister Prime, let your heart and soul now entwine with the truth from up above, verily with our God via me His dove.

For HE says:

"Now you see, the utter waste and calamity, brought on in New Guinea by a man who totally arrogant be. Who would 40 million dollars use to obliterate My children from off their church pews, all for arrogance and all for greed, and I see all and measure them by deed.

So send now 50 million dollars of Grain to North Korea and show the world that you are not vain. Show the world just who you be, a kindly soul who works for ME.

Do this, is all I ask, and take the costs off the New Guinea "flask." For their leaders do not the funds deserve, for many funds into their own pockets swerve.

And you will also show America your inner grace, for I see their utter disgrace as they impose sanctions upon the poor, expecting Australia to follow their way for sure.

Send now their Military home so all can see that the Australians are now led by ME. Their invisible God way up high who soon now will each soul finally "Try." Bless you son if you can see the reasoning behind MY rationality."

So John it's Terence again who does speak for God and your soul seek, for soon now you too will see escalating planetary insanity.

And by Friday you can read my final message on the internet, being God's seed that God through my mind upon all earth does bestow. Please I ask, let the North Koreans of your gift swiftly know.

Terence The pen of God.

To Toppage 13

To Liz Jackson - ABC 4 Corners
Ref: Black Hawk Disaster

I saw on your program a soldier "cry" as he said "I thought I was to die."

Why, I wonder would it so be? this is why I write to thee. For a soldier gets paid to die, sent out by men who "lie," telling the lads its all for glory, forgetting to say: "Sometimes its gory."

And even you seek the one to blame. I say "It's all a bloody shame" that in this "modern" age, none but none heed God, the heavenly sage. Who through my pen says:

"The one to blame is the dark one with no name. The one who lives below, and his thoughts does he cunningly bestow upon the minds of simple man, who heed not God's greater plan,

that all should live and none should die
that all should dance and none should cry."

So I say, all are vain who litigate to "Justice" gain. I say it's but "personal" responsibility as to whether there is a calamity.

IF an "approaching" Hawk you cannot avoid
you plunge into a deep void
IF in error you into a Hawk swerve
its because your "mind" lost its nerve

And thoughts did you deceive and thus many did grieve,
yes, I say, it's a shame that so many heed the "Force of no name."

All the best Liz, pass this on so many can their last race won. For all soldiers must it see so they AVOID the coming calamitous insanity.

To Toppage 14

To: The Chief Executive Officer Channel 9 TV
cc: The Director of the Current Affair program
Ref : The Risen Messiah (The messenger of God)

Well it is now THE day that Christ IS risen earth's way,
and you have enough "footage" on me to me

Set God's message free

By telling all far and wide that the truth does on the world wide web abide.
Placed there by the son of God who looks like any earthly bod.

MY message does all WARN
that ahead they will MOURN
if they me deny
"me" being the
message from The Most High

For they will be overpowered from "within" by thoughts via their inner sin, and their actions will become strange as little by little they derange. Yes, all the vain and arrogant are to fall, and in the darkness below they will pall. So I ask you, you and you, to FOR God, be now true.

Old "Hinch" gave me the "run around" and your "recent" crew too were bound by devious cunning "thoughts" through which "eventual" insanity is bought. My message inspired in "Verse" you can now see "punctuated" and given free on the wwweb, so all can it translate easily, and thus not be late.

Please tell all of my ISIS suicide plan for quickly it must the whole planet span, for as fear does arise, many will their "own" bodies despise, and as you can see they will "evacuate" --- thinking "we are safe."

But the pure reality is escapism I see, and none can anything escape, the BEAST will all minds rape. Whether on this level or the next, it deceives us, that is its "pretext." Then for sure we frown as into the cold dark we fall down.

"Please" I now ask of you
DO - what you CAN DO
Put my Internet address on your screen,
so all can
prepare - before they scream.

To Toppage 15

The Editor
The Examiner, Launceston
Dear Ed, Please publish this for your readers.

Christians and the LAW

Pastor White "professes" to heed his Lord of might, but Jesus message he does "deny" if legal advice he does "try." For Jesus said not "praise me," he said: "Heed Father's message I bring thee, non-retaliation is the way," and I God's messenger repeat this today in "Mother's" message available free on the internet.

To Toppage 16

ABC - Lateline 3.4. 001
attn: Maxine McKew
Heavens Gate- Beyond Belief

Maxine - every "belief" is a CULT I say, because religion is a "cultured" way that has "arisen" through the minds of "man," who the devil inspired with "HIS" plan. The plan to somehow "thwart" the "way" that eternal freedom is "bought," and, to do this, the devil says "Deny the truth of the truth from up high."

And you "casually" say to Dick - "Did your bells not ring"!!? And already yours too are "shut down" by Hell's sting, as is the bell in every "Christian" mind, for all on earth are now totally blind. For God says:

"Only love and be kind and forgiving"

from above, and we condone our own society, being a "piratical" one, and one of impropriety.

We "pay" men to God deny
we "pay" men to make others cry
yes - and them kill if needs be

So WE - can walk safely, in order to the "society" pay taxes and more taxes each day, "Are your bells" ringing dear, ? or will you soon be full of fear when you suddenly DO realise that there IS a God of the skies."

I AM not a "man" with mind bent
I AM but a "spirit" from heaven sent

To BE a messenger - the dove, called the "Messiah" by those who can love. For he "enters" flesh so he can "stroll" amongst those the devil does yet control.

And he awaits a response from your soul, if it can see "past" earthling control far enough to R E A D God's message the dove did seed, that from heaven was telepathically sent with hope and sincerity as its intent.

So read my Internet page, it is sent by GOD - the Heavenly Sage.

EVERY religion "thinks" every other belief is a cult, not seeing that this itself is an insult to the "other" man, who have their own ideas of God's plan. "ALL are lost and led astray," I THE Messiah say today. Soon every soul on earth will pall, unless with THE Truth they can walk tall.

To Toppage 17

attn: Maxine McKew
ref: A Middle Ground

There is NO middle ground because all minds are "ancestrally" bound. Spirits of wickedness far far away who telepathically say: "PAY for your arrogance and for what you do, and, we will via "telepathy" destroy you."

So Maxine - what can I say other than for "Peace" we'll needs more than pray, for Arab minds have been kept "at bay" because Israel & America have the "bomb" I do say. So the "Politicians" seek not "outright war" or all will be destroyed for sure. But now I see it has gone too far, all have forgotten "Allah's shining star." All shout "Peace" but carry a gun, soon every man is "on the run."

Yes - it will come even here, and even here everyone full of fear, and time I see is so very short and so few drink from my "retort,"

my wisdom - God's wine
my wisdom - love divine

Please tell Robert and Geoffrey too of my internet address that is so true.

Soon all will via me see that our "enemy" invisible be. ONE who speaks from the dark, inciting man as he mentally finds his mark. Giving each a seemingly virtuous reason to deny the light every season.

So to you you and you I have been writing to, seek deep into YOUR mind, see you clearly or are you also blind, for the dark one is strong singing his silent song that can blinding be to those who "think" they walk free.

To Toppage 18

To - Advance Australia Free

Dear brothers and friends unmet,

It seems that through fear of suppression your souls do fret. Are you not aware that there NO freedom be on this earthly land or on the sea.

In every land there are powerful men, who consign you and your children to Satan's den, as they say "For your freedom you must fight" and I say "All who fight fall into the dark spiritual night."

I have written my own message true and thus now advise you you and you, for your "brief" came into my mail, and I certainly agree that humanity is soon to wail.

Please link in to my Internet page, it will your minds assuage, and also give you all a clear direction, for truly now it is the time for deep inner reflection.


To Toppage 19

Maxine McKew - LATELINE - ABC TV - 17.4.001
'WARMONGERS' & "Forces" men

Warmongers assume that we want them to us protect. Society needs on this reflect, for warmongers send our children to others fight.

"All fighters fall into the dark night,"
this is what our God does eternally say, why do none hear this even today ?

There is naught to protect I do see, other than the consciousness given to you and me. I care not "who" governs you or me, all controllers tax their "pawns" heavily.

The pure truth of the matter be that kings and republicans use you and me to protect their interests for FREE. Yes, they our money use for arms and our lads diffuse.

They, the controllers personally have nothing to lose other than their souls for they us abuse.

Prepare for the certainty that "self defence" is more "complex" than previously assumed. We must defend our MIND against dark thoughts that now unwind.

Terence - "Mercy" my pen

To Toppage 20

To: Prime Minister John Howard, Australia.
The Land - WIK - you and me

To be FAIR to all, you needs walk TALL
and "for all" represent
and "for all" show togetherness intent.

All for ONE and ONE for all, favour ONE and ALL will fall. The LAW must as it IS stand, none must be ABLE to CLAIM the upperhand. The PAST - all must forget, talk about "ancestral lineage" and all will fret. NONE of us were here "yesteryear," and to "Truth" it's time to draw near.

The Land belongs to ALL today, all wanting others land must for it PAY, all in equality, NO other way ends in positivity. Those "claiming" descent seek for FREE compensation monetarily, any who this cannot see are blinded, I say to thee.

Every "Lease" must stand "as is" upon this fair land.
Every "freehold" must stand against "incursion" underhand.

Let NONE for any land claim ahead of another, these fools are Vain. If ANY makes a "free" claim on any land it is an arrogant foolish demand. All who "demand" have today shown their "acceptance" of today's way. All have as "others" been paid freely in cash, not bucket and spade when on "their" land they did "lurk," showing their spiritual contempt of their ancestral ways with hair unkempt.

For the truth can be seen by all, that no "Aboriginals" walk tall, all on the "white fella" rely, all shout "Foul" as they try to prospectors or miners evict for no reason other than its the "free season." Each Australian owns the land, matters not their colour or "band," we stand an equal race uplifting all or falling to the mace.

John, be a leader of LIGHT, let all the country see ITS plight, tell all: "Its all for one, and one for all" This must be done openly so all can see that all land today is free. Meaning, that any can it buy off a seller, or they can try if a seller does say "My land is not for sale today."

And "why"? I do you ask do you not sup deeper on my flask, for much danger is ahead for sure because all minds are "possessed" and more. It to me is utter nonsense that "claimants" seek financial recompense because they are too lazy to work, and behind "foul play" they daily lurk.

Give out "food rations" only, I say, to any unemployed today, and a bucket and a spade until their own vegie patch they have made. IT John is the ONLY WAY to help all the forlorn I say, for all have nothing to do except make trouble I say to you.

That goes for all, black or white. It's time for each their own meal ticket to write, not on the other rely, not demanding to off others $$$ "pry."

All the best brother John, spiritually soon much to be done, for all earthlings are "niggers on the road," all carrying a dark spiritual lode. Please one day call on me and read what God says to thee and every white or black for soon "someone" will every face smack.


To Toppage 21

To: Noel Pearson

Noel, it is time for me to write to you my brother in God's sight, for ancestral spirits now more "begin" to drive our sisters and brothers to "sin."

Meaning, to "off" others try and take, and it's time to put on the brake because "All "takers" do die" I hear from God the most high.

What it is that "your people" cannot see is that their ancestral spirits very powerful be, not necessarily in a manner kind, but by "thoughts" they telepathically many bind.

Because in unforgiveness they demand compensation as a form of reprimand, and they cannot let the other fella go, they demand and thus soon much pain will flow.

For your people are now used to sitting around with free food and drink are they "immorally" bound, it's a "habit" a little like a drug, free anything is hard to "off shrug."

We begin to on it rely and when it stops, in pain we cry. So brother, please come to me, is what I now ask of thee. For your ancestors way up in the light abhor the "today" aboriginal plight where everyone is a beggar for sure, demanding money as they sit on the floor.

And I the "greatest" spirit be, the oldest soul resides in me. I am the "one" who came before, and again I knock on earth's door, hoping a few will come near, hoping some will my message hear, for it is direct from God to you all who on earth plod.

And "spirits" I do see and hear, I call all your ancestors near as well as those of yellow or white, for all spirits are but spirits in God's sight. It's only here we have the "flesh," different races and colours in which spirits enmesh, and truly, now is the time many will succumb to the "pull" of the swine.

Being dark spirits way way below who the real truth of love and forgiveness do not know, and 'tis they who "speak" through earthly MEN, as is now revealed through this my pen.

"All Abo's are in deadly danger" says this man an "African" stranger. Yes, I come from Tanzania and again I say "Please come near, bring along an elder or two, or a "psychic" who is truly true, and then together we'll walk hand in hand and take many back to our sweet summerland."

Blessed man - your face I'd see
blessed man - come please to me
I - but a simple soul be
sent by Mother God to set all free.

~ The Spirit of Truth ~

To Toppage 22

Maxine McKew - Lateline
Privacy Matters

"Those who have something to hide had better in isolation abide," that is what my pen does say about "privacy" today. For in every which way "it" the system knows all today, and through its channels do the unwise quite openly all secrets "open prise."

So the sooner the law makers close up shop, the sooner all the "bullshit" does stop. laws are enacted over you and me so that "someone" a lot of $$$ can make freely through the avenue of litigation faster than DNA propagation.

And once all are off free "take all" the sooner a happy place the world will be. All are on the "take," God will soon all "shake," soon the unwise who "pry" so as to steal, God will in an "envelope" seal.

Yes they will be in isolation packed up so on "their" name none will ever sup, and if one has no name, there is no information to gain. Any who pry into others affairs will soon be "seat less" in the game of musical chairs.

But.... as far as you and I needs see is that we must just "apart' from the confusion be, not getting involved in any debate for all lead to an increasing insane spate. For it's actually all for "Control," the control of others who on earth stroll.

So Maxine, all I do ask is that Mark Patterson's "contact" you send to my flask. For all businesses today needs see that secrecy is not my way.

~ The Spirit of Truth ~

To Toppage 23

To: Beeton & Mansell

Mr. Mansell, in the "Examiner" (Sat April 19) you "solicit" for the services of a lawyer so as to "pit" their capacity to legally "Take" land off others and thus a mess make. Not only of their own souls I see, but they "break ground" for a massive calamity, and this "break" they do solely for money, using their adversaries money.

Yes, it is the taxpayers funds they use in order to the taxpayer abuse, and people such as you believe that what they do must be "equitable" in God's eyes because legal men "appear" to be wise, and, as it is done under a legal mandate it 'follows' that it must be legal to berate other sisters and brothers of this land whose "ancestors" took through a greed demand.

And, what it is that you cannot see is, that God says:

"I destroy all who believe not ME, for I say forgiveness and love
must you express if you'd attain heaven above."

So "why" I do ask "do you deny the Light from God's flask." ? It's now the time to see that ALL, Australians be. None can "hold" free Title to any land that they "take" by "legal" means underhand.

For in God's eyes, I do see, all using "legality" truly blinded be. For as said, "Paying $$$ to employ men unwise who deny God, shows God you too do God despise."

My brother, the past we must forget, reference ancestral lands, do not fret. For in the past, the land was "free," any spirit walked on it freely. So why now would you it own??? is it because you would heaven disown ?

It's time now to see that ancestral spirits are controlling thee, and they say: "The land you must take and it matters not if your future you forsake, for you are an aborigine true, and your ancestors rely on you."

So as said, why not be content with this land God has you lent for the time in the flesh you walk, why waste money and others "stalk." For this is what you do as you "say" the other is untrue.

Surely an acre of ground is enough on which to fool around personally, and a cabbage grow, why seek more, do you know ?? or is it a matter of money, that elusive pot of gold.

Like honey it can bear a hidden "sting" as ones spiritual freedom one does away fling. My brother, please listen to me for my "spirit" is the one from eternity, and I say it's nearly too late to turn back, for already devious thoughts do minds smack, and even "solicitors" do you "on goad" for they too partake of the golden lode, being the seemingly endless $$$$ they "extract" whilst wearing "wig and collar."

They all - are very untrue, they all - are deceiving you
they all - for their folly will pay, they all face God one day.

Let us now make peace, be forgiving, thus our release. Any who demand and take, I say : "GOD will break."

~ The Spirit of Truth ~

To Toppage 24

To : Geraldine Doogue
~ Death and the Mortuary ~

Your “show” was about the “after death,” but I see that none “realise” that the soul has “living breath” and does away fly as the “flesh” gave its last “sigh.”

And foolish “ghoulish” man does into the flesh “intrude” and to his own soul does no good as he prods and cuts the skull away trying to “find out” why they went on their way.

“Modern” man so uncivilised be and his “madness” he cannot see. So morbid and ghoulish as he cuts out the “bits” and on his scales he them sits. The “flesh” is but the “shell” of the disused biological spacesuit and “he” should this now try and see.

Rather to the elderly be kind when they are alive, than try and see “why” they could not a day more survive. Soon the world I will teach that God’s commandment they “breach” when they into the dead intrude, and thus the “relatives” do “brood.”

There is no “point” to “hang around” the “old” flesh when the spirit has “flown” and is no longer earth bound. Just wrap the body in cotton or silk, do not “wash it” with powder or milk.

Just “as is” place it in the ground. There is no “need” to pollute the atmosphere around. There needs be no “headstone” around, just let the “flesh” decompose underground unless you live in snow or ice then “fire” may be more “nice.”

Do not “hang around” those put in the ground. As said, their spirit has flown away, maybe sitting by your fireside as you in sadness by their cold grave pray.

The morturic morbid “rituals” of body “preparation” by morticians with the following archaic “blessing” at time of earthly separation is but another ritual unkind that through “money spinning ceremonies” does so many in debt bind.

State “ceremonies” too but vanity be, its time now for the “loved” ones to alone by the grave be. Let a few stalwarts dig the hole in the ground and having placed the body in it let none hang around. Just say your “mental” goodbyes to the one who is “gone,” hoping their “race” to the heavens is won, for if they on earth heeded not my say, then in terror they are going the other way.

Oh so ignorant man be
I hope soon my truth does set him free.


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