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As written by Terence

The Manual of Truth for Soldiers of War
be they of the Land - Air - Sea

page 1 - Foreword page 2 - Letter to the known soldier
page 3 - Tradition page 4 - Debrief
page 5 - Sedition page 6 - High Treason
page 7 - The Mandate page 8 - Insurrection & Treason
page 9 - Commonwealth page 10 - Foreign Legion
page 11 - Soldiers of War page 12 - Manhunt
page 13 - Authority of Impropriety page 14 - SAS Commandos
page 15 - World Commanders page 16 - The Victims
page 17 - Death & self defence page 19 - Orders
page 21 - Civil "Unrest" page 22 - The Oath of Allegiance
page 23 - The Mercenary page 24 - Surrender
page 24 - Blue Blood page 25 - The Force
page 25 - Warriors True page 26 - Defenders of the True Faith
page 27 - The Brave and the Bold page 28 - Remembrance Prayer
page 29 - God Consciousness page 33 - Narration
page 35 - Letter from the known soldier page 36 - The ‘Treaty’
page 37 - Conscription page 38 - Conscientious objectors
page 39 - The King's men page 40 - Death before Dishonour
page 41 - Ray of Hope page 42 - Spiritual blessings
page 43 - RSL President Munday    
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- The Australian Defence Force 1
          The Military 'Muscle'
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- The Australian Defence Force 2
        The Political 'Dictatorship'
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- The Australian Defence Force 3
          Criminal 'intelligence'
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- Intelligence v/s wisdom ~ insight & security
           Man's Law v/s God's Law
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 This Manual has been written to assist all souls who undertook to join the armed forces either by being "impressed" into service, or by "believing" it was right to so do. It is also for the spirits of ancestral men who link in to our minds telepathically.

It is for those who are either in training, or who already do fight for men, being their political or religious elders. It is these elders in our societies who in the 'guise' of "holding" a virtuous mandate, have and still do, through their "demand by command to fight or defend" lead God's children to their spiritual death.

This "Pied Piper" syndrome is perpetuated over the annals of time by the programming each soul receives as it is growing up in this sorry world where there is so little light.

The plain truth of the matter is, that our Creative God of Light and Love clearly states that any who for any reason "deny" the Commandment of God to "Only Love," are heeding the call of the Dark destroyer and thus will and do pay the "ultimate" price.

Man's "Requiem" Mass for the "fallen" soldiers is but another religious ritual. Man glorifying the remembrance of the now "truly lost," that "they" our leaders have literally sent to hell, in having heeded the destroyer by their very deeds of darkness.

God would have it that every soldier has the opportunity to see the reality of God's pure truth before they too fall into the abyss, the place that every "fallen" soldier now in suffering awaits, hoping for their spiritual release one day. Any man following 'men' need to understand that "their" ways, man's, are not the way "of" The God of light and love.

Thus all have this last opportunity to lay down their weapons, and make a personally informed decision to stop allowing the "blood thirsty Dark One" to use them to perpetrate its evil retributive deeds, for in so doing, one's allegiance and spiritual destiny is with the Dark One.

This manual has been written to assist you personally to find your spiritual "way," for soon, the whole planet will be plunged into chaos as confrontation and insanity escalates.

This Manual is an introduction to the information available as to "How" and "Why" it is to so be, and "What" you can personally do to assist your fellow man and self in a positive way.

There are many 'named' religions of MEN, but there are in fact only TWO religious ideological codes of conduct beliefs/policies/doctrines:

The ONE is the TRUE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in Peace, kindness, truthfulness, respect, forgiveness, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign)

The other is the FALSE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for War, cruelty, deception, disrespect, vengeance, control & destruction using FORCE. (malignant)

YES, there is a 'consequence' for each and every 'activity' or interaction with others, and whatever we DO unto others will by others be done unto us on an EQUAL and 'Just' basis at the time and in the place so ordained by Allah or God, or any other 'name' given to the superpower, in this world or in the after life.

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~ Letter to the known soldier ~

Riley, Brian. (Bluey)
Australian Serviceman

Service - many years
- true blue

Mandate - Seek out all soldiers who are real men true
and pass on to them this message through.

To you my sacred pen says;

We are soldiers of the Queen my lads, soldiers of the Queen
the Queen who sits up high my lads, so let's no longer dream

She is the one of brilliant light
She is the star that shines day and night

She is the star to show the way
to us all who went astray
so let's now shine our buttons and all
and prepare, for soon many to fall

Let's prepare to lift them up
by helping them to on pure truth sup
so shine your boots and brass and buttons and all
let's stand up and now walk tall

Let's now heed the shining light
that shines for me and you tonight
let's all now forget the past
and prepare for the coming cyclonic blast

The blast of vengeful hate
to which none of us will want to relate
prepare brothers - please prepare
for your inner light and love to now share

For thee and I
I now do espy
will work unpaid for the Light above
that IS our true Queen of Love

Our loving Mother God who sits up high
who says -
I would your face espy
so please now - come to me
for I with My wisdom will set you all free

God's sacred pen "Mercy"

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~ Tradition ~

Reference "Sedition," a word "imposed" on man through tradition, by men not "of" God, says God's dove who on earth does plod. The Tradition of man who forgot God's plan that all men must "Only love" and heed the call of "non-retaliation" from above.

 If you are a Vietnam "Vet" it's time now to place your "bet" on the call from above, as brought to earth by God's dove. The call to "forgive" others, so you can happier live one day when you leave this place where so many of you wielded a "mace," because you were told by men who were more "old."

Men inspired by others for sure. Men from a far distant shore, and man, directed by "Politicians" and Generals and even "Physicians," somehow does "believe" that he is "mandatorily empowered" to make others grieve, as he is by men told to go to war and thus be bold and courageous if he does do "exemplarily" what he is told to!

Those who let their "conscience" be their guide and heeded not the men filled with pride, thus showed God their "grace" rather than bearing a mace, and did not cause as much pain as others who were arrogantly vain.

 So what I now ask of you is: "Personally, what now will you do when confronted by your past. Will you be prepared for the "blast" of retributive "hate" to which none can relate. Will you now "place your bet" on God and heed the call of "Only Love" as you plod, or will you in "darkness" carry on, and on the dark road tarry on, until it is too late to reach God's heavenly gate"?

Brothers I reach out now to you saying: Read my Testament true.

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~ Debrief ~

Now must you your minds "debrief" from ways imposed on it by the "thief." The darkness that does yet "in span" the minds of arrogant man. Being the "leaders" we always follow, who are really wolves with voices "hollow," for what they tell you to do, is to the God of Love and your own soul, totally untrue.

These men give you a "reason" every summer or winter season, when their demands they want met. They care not if you in trenches fret. You are but a given number who for eternity in hell will never slumber, because if you go there then endless turmoil you share.

And these men who lead you astray also fall below one day, for it is in traditional ignorance they say "Drop your cocks and put on your socks," when they you awake in the barracks when dawn does break.

They do you control in every way as on earth you stroll. Yes, through fear of what they will do to you if you draw not near to their daily command. That of "Prepare for war," being their demand.

They harass you as they say, "You for "yours" are being true." They you deploy in the fields and the enemy you destroy, and all the while Satan does "smile." For you cannot see how "he" deceived thee, as said, through the minds of men who heed not the dove, God's sacred pen.

 So as said, you needs now "debrief." Clear your minds of the ways of the 'thief'' who does you daily feed pieces of silver in your need to daily survive the escalating negative mental drive. Change now your "way." Heed God now forever and a day, saying to those who deceived you: "You and I will now to Light and Love be true."

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~ Sedition ~

It is now the time to be seditious and thus true to your own soul precious. No longer now heeding the "call" of man who is ignorant of God's greater plan, the call to "Only Love" that essences down from heaven above.

Now is the last chance to be true, so look not "askance" at this message I give, or you will not in heaven live. Man told you an untrue story when he said you fought for glory. He was heeding the serpent below. This I for sure do know, for only the Serpent says: "Deny the call to 'Only love' from up high."

So brothers, soon you too will "pall" and many into the abyss will fall. This I do see, this grieves me, for many will continue to deny this very last, last try by me, to help you personally to "see" that you could yet reach heaven's gate, and thus you could yet not be "late," IF you fortify your mind with light and wisdom and be not blind.

For soon, each their final "Test." Then their soul will find its place of "rest." And only in non-retaliation I do see, when confronted, will you be set free of your "dubious" past when others through your deed faced the blast of painful, powerful "fury," because you were Judge and Jury.

Thus did you condemn others heeding not my sacred pen, and I can only "set you free" if you follow not men, but heed ME. For it is an old, old story, being paid pieces of silver for the cause of "false glory." Glory in the eyes of man, who as said, rebuke God's plan.

 So let now "Sedition" become your present Tradition. Put your guns aside. Be helpful, kind and loving, and in heaven abide. 

Your brother - Terence

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~ A 'Case' of High Treason ~

 It is unquestionably "High Treason" to deny Mother God for any reason. A violation of the allegiance we "owe" to our Creator who upon us did "bestow" the very essence of life.

 One of Loving, not one of strife, and it seems that "man" would walk "apart" from God's plan in arrogance and blatant disrespect of God's call. So upon this reflect, for God said: "All will die whom the call to Only Love deny."

For it is a treasonable ACT to Sow "any" darkness. A FACT backed by the Word of God who again on earth does plod. An act of Treason of the highest order, for any who say "Sow disorder...."

 By their "Act" of living disgrace, when they tell you to wield a mace against any other child of God who in ignorance too does plod, "herded" by living swine whom the call of Satan mime.

 They say it is you who to them are untrue if you do not wield a mace. "You" they say "are a coward in disgrace," and our Mother of love above says:

 "Heed now My dove, for Father's wrath is "huge." Soon to "shower down" in a deluge, and His wrath will destroy all whom darkness deploy. All yes must "reap" what they "Sowed" making MINE weep. For all are My children "lost" who walk in your land of "frost."

 All hearts it seems icy cold. None courageous and bold enough to now heed ME your Mother, and set selves free by abiding in the Word I send, and not heeding any treasonable "man friend" who all are wolves in the flesh. Their thoughts with the Devil enmesh."

I now have had MY say,
let "High Treason" no longer be your "way."

 ~ My pen Mercy ~

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~ The Mandate ~

God has but ONE "Mandate" above, being "All just forever express Love."

 Man has an "earthly" Mandate that "usurps" God, thus is man "late," and he will miss his final chance if at MY mandate he does not "glance." For God will all destroy who man's Mandate "deploy."

 Yes Ministers do Mandates 'use' as they "control & power" diffuse. They can a Mandate "give" that says "The others cannot now live."

 The Immigration has a Mandate too, that controls the movement of me and you, and the Customs I espy, steal "Duty" and make many cry.

 The Tax man's Mandate is to "take" all with a mighty rake, and the Army has a Mandate to kill any who climb the wrong hill.

 The Police will DO anything they are told to by their "Political" superior. All in God's eyes very inferior.

Religious Ministers have a Mandate too, they can say "You are untrue, thus we deny you "our" Leaven, thus you cannot enter heaven unless we "men" do you bless and "our" truth upon you impress."

All ministers walk the wrong way, I God's messenger say today, and I say:

"Heed MY Mandate or for heaven you'll be late." My Mandate does say "I am the ONE empowered today to over any other Mandate stride. For you in heaven will ONLY abide when you HEED my Mandate true. That says, let only peace and love flow through."

 Blessedness today for any who do heed my say and pass my message ON, so all know HOW their last race is won.

GOD is very very "tired"
of "ministers" through which evil is sired,
being, they lead multitudes astray
ALL will face God one day.

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~ Insurrection & Treason ~

 Who said " Render unto Caesar" I ask, and I set my mind to task. There is naught owed to Caesar (The government) by me, this I do see. For, if any man should wish to "take" from another with a forceful "rake," that does not imply that God wishes me to comply. Thus I can say:

 "No, mine I do not wish to upon you bestow, and you can do what you wish to. I stand calm and to God am true. If you do me in any way abuse, then you or your "men' their souls lose to their "Mandator" I see, and "He" the very Devil be, in an earthly man's disguise."

Fools, politicians, not very wise, who daily demand and "take," impoverishing God's children and a mess make, as the funds stolen from the poor, are used for war and weapons for sure. I cannot "pay" for these, thus your demands I cannot appease."

 And God says: "Son, deny all takers who'd make you cry, but to all the needy you can give what you wish, so they happier live."

 So I'll spread God's Word by fax rather than pay "Caesar" any tax, and also I'll no "form" fill in. It leads many to "sin" as they do deceive the sender, and thus grieve.

 "Better the form to return or in the fire it burn, rather than placing a lie on the "return" says God up high.

So let us all now clearer see what it is I say to thee.

 For I speak of "insurrection" but in truth say "Time for a change of direction. Let's all now heed "God's" Mandate, not Caesar's, or we'll be late."

So I now heed God's song
You too will needs be strong
and say to the "tax man" today
"Please send no more forms my way."

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~ The 'Common wealth' ~

The "Common wealth" must not be "taken" by stealth. We must it "freely" give so all happier live. None must demand and take, impoverishing many as they houses break. All that from now on so do will fall into the Abyss, I say unto you.

 "Soon" an "incredible" change as all minds more "derange," and their demands you'll all "meet," those of you who abused any on the "street" of this earthly place, impoverished of love and no grace.

Then you will see Satan on earth roaming free.

 Then you will "understand' the power of that hellish land, and you'll wish you could go to heaven and it get to know. So listen now to me. Only I the true danger see, the one from "within" that overpowers our "minds" via our sin.

 Lay down now your "mace" your "position," and show God your face and to your soul be more kind for all "society" is yet blind. All who heed not my "song" follow the "political" throng. Yea, multitudes go "their" way, even "religions" I do say.

 Soon all to "bleed" for their past "greed" when they gave-in and took to waving their ecclesiastical book. As well as the one of "Acts," man's "regulatory mandates" their "facts."

"All shall I destroy, for I AM God, not your toy. I speak now through Terence the man, MY messages will the earth now span. Man has had "his" day, now MY say. So look only to My sacred book. All past teachings are "forsook." Man did them "destroy," man in the Devil's employ."

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~ French Foreign Legion ~

Legio Patria Nostra I know well. All souls standing at the gates of Hell. Believing they do well, believing their hearts are "swell." Full of Pride, Fortitude and Power, and at times their eyes red glower as they so valiantly destroy. Working unknowingly for the "dark boy."

 So for them no singing of a lark, for their spiritual destination is very dark. They too are deceived as is any carrier of a gun, and their souls will for an eternity be "on the run." Unless as others, they NOW my call heed. Unless as others, they follow my seed.

For GOD now will give all a last chance before at Judgement HE at them will glance, and at THIS moment, they will see my truth, and at THIS moment, they will see my proof. For any who any destroy, are to the DARKNESS in employ.

So for Legionnaires of Honour.
So for Legionnaires of Valour.
Let your Courage now show through,
down your weapons and to God be true.

 The Legion is your family, a place where it matters not I see, what you do, and to whom, even though you walk into doom.

The Legion has a bright side, drawing in the needy who on the planet stride, those who are as yet "lost," those whose souls are full of frost, and it does them teach, so that the Legion's LAW they do not breach, and thus it does them good, and 'within' they feel not so misunderstood.

So now they need change their "Capacity" to "Helpers" I do see. People who can help the needy with LOVE, and THUS WILL FREED BE, as they turn to God. Let it be "God's Family" here on the sod.

A band of dedicated men who believe the message from this God's pen. So it IS the time to now forget the PAST. Past deeds must be forgotten at last. So remember to follow now my Morning Star, shining in the morning east from afar.

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  ~ Soldiers ~

Soldiers of the land and air and sea. All of you, God now calls through me; "Are you AWARE of what you do, when following MEN who are UNTRUE ? Are you AWARE they your God DENY ? Are you aware you make many cry ? Are you aware of the bed you make as Satan prepares to you "break"?

 If you must a uniform "greet," because you fear your officers to meet and say "I want to go home, no more do I wish to roam," then let your bullet's fly either crooked or up high.

So that no target do they "seek."
So that
no pain do they "wreak."

 If you are a courageous man, then TODAY make a plan, put down your gun and then go for a "RUN."  Go home to your family and HELP THEM SURVIVE see, all are hungry and lonely whilst you roam arrogantly. Yes, and blindly too, as you follow men UNTRUE who say "It's okay to kill."

 You son WILL GO to Satan's "hill." Yes, and be nailed on a black cross after YOU come across the bullet that wears your name. Yes it is unnumbered with much shame. It is sitting in a little box in a cupboard with someone else's socks, one day they will "load up" see, and their target will you be.

You all my brothers be
"Lay down your arms" I say to thee.
God says
"Make love, follow not fools." from above.

The sacred pen of God.

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~ Manhunt ~

 IF you have ever joined in a "manhunt," it shows that you "were" a cowardly "Runt." Fearful to say NO to the society that said "GO and the others kill even if you 'die' on 'that' faraway hill."

 So, through ignorance you did deny God, or in arrogance make others "die," denying the Holy Word of God say I the dove on this sod. So you are in disgrace for the "time" you wielded a mace, and thus did darkness "deploy," as you others did painfully destroy, and God says:

I now to you
must and will the same thing DO
for all must abide in My ONE Law
What you Sow you Reap, for sure.

 So please now put down your mace. Turn around and say to the "face" of those who deceived you, your "Commanders," and say:

 I now am to be true to my God and my inner Light. So God can uplift me out of the night that into I will soon fall, and for a time I know I will pall until I do "pay" for my misdeeds another day.

 But until I do reap, and until the time I weep, I now make a "stand" never again deploying "your" underhand. For you men were deceived too by your forefathers beliefs untrue.  But of this I say to thee, I forgive you for deceiving me, and using me as a tool to be Satan's footstool.

 Never again will I cause pain, for I fear not arrogant men vain, who daily strut around with their minds unsound, commanding soldiers like me to deny the Light of the Heavenly See.

 I now will deeper "try" to heed the call to "Only Love" from up high, and will prepare my mind for the day the reaper has his say.

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~ Authority of Impropriety ~

Man must "another" appoint, a King or Queen or President anoint, before his "iniquity" he can sow. This all must now see and know, for then in "their" name, you the people become 'fair game,' to rob, abuse and destroy, if you accept not their "employ."

For they say, "You must work for me, for I appointed by the Government be, and you can nothing do, for only in paying us a 'tax' you show you are true." Thus do we "succumb." Even the "takers" have become "numb" to the reality of what they do to you and themselves, so very untrue.

 They are a living "disgrace" as they control and wield a mace, for God does all espy, and God for their souls does cry, saying:

"Why be so untrue? I said ONLY let love through. I said NOT "Others control who in freedom need to on earth stroll," and in the guise of "we you help," all became entangled in "Kelp," a bloody sticky mess. I now you all with TRUTH bless. None of you must of any demand, that is MY COMMAND. All of you who anything take, whatever your "cause," I will you break.

MY children must learn to give freely so society can happily live, but until that day, all the "hungry" must heed my say. No retaliation for non-compensation. Ask for naught from enemy or relation. You just daily DO what I put before you. If you for any "Government" work, beware, within you does darkness "lurk," and it gives you a "reason" to destroy or demand.

 That is its 'deploy,' and you follow happily along, heeding societies iniquitous song until you face ME. Then MY truth you do eternally see."

Father God

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HINCH TV Program - SAS Commando

Derryn, so the SAS "Featherman" had his "say" about his past, his way, where eight out of ten was not enough if you have a featherman's professional "puff."

 So callously do the "exterminators" talk as arrogantly on this earth they walk, proudly showing their "game," not seeing they are full of shame as they plan to destroy a man, a being, but God's "toy."

 They so blindly "think" that they have a divine right to go "plink," as their popgun fires its missile through a hedge or over a style, as they strike from the "dark" unseen, and the projectile finds its mark.

 And ..."It's OK chum, you did it do to another, was it Saddam a soul untrue"? In your mind was that why the SAS man chose his lifestyle instead of following the Rose ?

 Derryn, when will YOU see THE chance through ME to help GOD show the WAY of the "happening" on THE DAY the "Featherman" does walk, and another does the featherman stalk, and the featherman then does receive a slug in the guts and does grieve.

For he then does feel pain from the time HE was vain, and as his life does out EBB, he feels a GIANT SPIDERS WEB.

with strands of stainless wire
with strands that do not tire
with strands that cling tight
with strands verily God's Might

That with his SOUL entwine. Dragging his soul DOWN into the grime, the filth way way below, where ALL of NO NAME GO.

So Derryn, help set ME free. Let MY TRUTH reach society, then, even 'feathermen' can decide on WHICH LEVEL they may TRY to abide, by changing their "track," by TRYING a new tack, BEFORE the Reaper does come, and FOR SURE they are brought undone.

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~ The Great World Commanders ~

The "Great Commanders" were a savage race, and for an eternity have now found their place in the dark grey shadows way way down below, where no light or love ever gets to flow, and these "Great Commanders," praised by men on earth, have now joined a race which within have no mirth.

No dawn a'breaking nor early morning dew
just eternally on the run from venom that does spew.

 'Tis strange how on earth we "Pledge" to savage men, totally oblivious to the WORDS by God spoken. For our God eternally beckons thee and me saying:

 "Children, ONLY I can set you free. So why follow men, who have a hollow sound, their minds and actions by the Devil bound, who say: "We are chosen to guide and set you free, and as such we expect allegiance from thee. If this is not forthcoming you will suffer and die, for we cannot let you live unless you join our lie."

So my lovely children, follow not the "ghost," for this living evil will not join my "toast." Follow the living spirit who carries my living WORD. Heed his now clear message.

 Put down now your SWORD. Follow not the ways of self elected men, for by your loving God they were not chosen.

 Quietly go your way and do your own thing now. Try and see my light and truth flowing somehow, and any who'd shackle you in chain, remember, fight not, to freedom gain, just sit down quietly upon the ground, until by me your freedom again is found.

For there is a purpose for every living deed, and YOU are only free when you HEAR my seed.

 There is ONLY ONE Commander, that you need to know, that's the one on earth, who MY truth, does sow. Yes, his name is Terence, the wielder of my pen. Yes, he is the one by THE SOURCE chosen."

To Toppage 16

~ The Victims ~

The "Victims" are the ones who "give-in" to dark thoughts and perpetrate a "Sin." They to the "Dark force" give sway and are "thus" the "victim" another day, and their "soul" they did "lose" to the Dark one, who them did "use" to "Justice" mete out, and another perpetrator "clout."

 There are thus no "victims" earth's way, other than the ones who heed not God's say, and as said, "give-in" to darkness and their journey don't "win."

 The "other" sufferers I say, abused others another past day, when they in disgrace wielded a verbal or physical mace, or, did deceive or deny, and thus made another cry. So this earthly place is inhabited by "that" race.

 A race where all must weep as all for their past do "Reap," and all yet do not understand "how" they all work for the "underhand," daily, as they go their way, all denying God's say.

 None in any way "compassionate," all by deed with the Devil mate as they seek "compensation" from friend or distant relation, none able to forgive, thus all in unhappiness live.

 So now is the time to with the pure truth entwine and help those who are lost. Help those bound by the "frost" mentally and emotionally too.

To them God says:  "Be true,
and this I will see
and thus set you free

when you by your deed
show ME the "colour" of your seed.
The Light or the Dark
The sheep or the shark

For each will abide
in the place, both they and I decide.
So make sure your present interaction
IS to your eternal satisfaction."

To Toppage 17

~ Death, self defence, and Family ~

Why you must NOT defend your family or any friend, and this understanding you'll now needs see, if one day in heaven you'll live free.

No one will your family "abuse," if in the "past" they did not others abuse, and the "past" could be "another" life, when you or "yours" were beings of "strife." So for "our" past we must pay. This our God does say: "Prepare now to your soul defend, for if you 'retaliate,' to hell I you send."

So only our minds needs we protect against thoughts from within, on this reflect. For it is not what others to you do, it's what your thoughts make you do, that decide when you leave the flesh, where you will abide.

 So if any would your family "harass," you stand calm, be not a jackass. Just tell your family to heed God's say in non-retaliation, and for them pray that they have fortitude and courage. Only thus do they join the heavenly entourage.

 So now you do I hope see how very difficult it will for all be, that is for any who would heed God via God's dove, who does here plod daily saying::

Please believe, for if you fail you daily grieve. You each have one last glance at truth. Please give your soul a chance, by fortifying your mind against thoughts "within" that are unkind, that will use you to abuse others around who were untrue.

That is how we bleed spiritually and join the dark breed.
I do bless you today, see now clearly and heed God's say.

To Toppage 18

 Brothers and sisters, from the time of our birth we are "given" two sets of values. On the one hand, our parents and then political leaders tell us to defend ourselves, our family and nation.

 On the other hand, this is totally contrary to the Word of God. We are even blessed by ministers of religion as we go to war! All religions have taught that "Holy war" is acceptable by God, it is truly the time to see this falsity, and decide on your reality.

 It is through false seemingly virtuous beliefs, peer pressure from friends, and fear of reprisal from our elders, that we "die" for them in distant lands, as well as "fall" into the darkness in the afterlife, spiritual death, unseen and unheard.

In many a guise you have been "seduced" into believing that you are doing the right thing by the "vain," who hold God in disdain. They say to you that you are being true when "killing" for those around you. This is totally contrary to the call of our Creator.

 We have been so programmed with "untruth," that it will be almost impossible for you to now "override" your programmed mind and be "able" to heed God's call of "Peace, love and non-retaliation." You will needs quickly "reprogram" your minds with the truth, by reading and re-reading my wisdom, and fortifying your minds as told in the "narration" at page 41 of this document.

 Thus and only thus will you be able to override your "retaliatory" thoughts when in "strife." All have a burden of spiritual debts. (pain) !

 Every "spirit" in the flesh has been in the flesh before, this is a fact. We do thus "enter" the flesh of this world with "our sinning of the past" burdened upon us. You are only "invaded," if in another time or place you "took" by force, be it land, goods, or abused others physically.

Our past "dues" are only paid as we "feel" what we made others "feel" before. Thus are your family and friends exposed to "darkness" at the hands of others who are "being mentally used" by the darkness to abuse through their ignorance.... You, can only be truthful.....and.. teach those around you the reality of God's Word.  Its full implication of: "Go as a lamb to the slaughter, only this way you become a heavenly son or daughter."

You hold the destiny of your soul now in your own hand, in your MIND. Treasure it, it matters not what colour or religion you be, just BE Godly and set your souls now free.

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~ Orders ~

 Everyone is "Giving Orders" every day. Everyone is giving "others" orders in every way, because they do not understand that ALL orders erupt from the satanic land.

From whence comes ALL control over people who in the realms of God stroll, those who heed not the Light that says "All are to walk free in My sight."

So, do you "give" orders each day, or do you heed the orders "sent" your way by men waving an ecclesiastical book, saying: "Come and pray or by God be forsook."

Or orders of another kind, given out by Judges, politicians and "Warlords" unkind. Being the "Officers" of men, who direct their armies in defiance of this pen. Using you and you and you to deny the call of heaven as you heed their orders untrue.

All orders seeming "virtuously wise," all being "masked" in a "humanitarian" guise. All being given a reason to control or abuse or kill in every earthly season.

"Orders are Orders" the killers do say, when in a "common law" court they stand one day.

"I was only doing my "duty"
whether killing the enemy or stealing their booty,
thus you must let me go free
for I was following orders given by superiors to me."

And what about the public, the people who each day are persecuted by society and made to "pay" as they are penalised by societies "enacted" power play.

 "Acts are Acts" the politicians and public do say. "And any act breaker is to be bound today. Any law breaker must by society be made to "pay."

 All of whom I speak deny the God of light, all wield the devil's might. When will you see HOW the devil walks on earth freely in a "virtuous" disguise, Judges, politicians, ministers, and people seemingly wise.

 All holding their Creator in contempt. All wielding their "books" with their hair unkempt.

 Children, truly soon you will see the very Devil in person walking amongst thee, being torrid, unbelievably horrific men, and women, inspired direct from "His" den.

To Toppage 20

Then you'll know why I say to you "DON'T allow his thoughts through you," for if you do you "are" as he, his "worker" and you'll never become free. For as said, he has already clouded your eyes, and already walks on earth in many a disguise.

 So many "feel" self righteous and "wise," all think enacted "Acts" or laws are a "reason" to despise others walking the wrong way. They also do the same as they make the others "pay."

Soldiers you have been "led" to believe that it is a virtuous brave "Act" to make others grieve. "They" you are told, "terrorists" be, but to your poor "opposite" siders, you too so be.

 Both of you all young and true
to your superiors who falsely guide you
try now if you can to see what I say
for I'd have you all elevated in LOVE one day

 Rather than being "dragged down" in disgrace by the very dark forces who wielded your mace. Yes, they invaded your mind through your fear or desire to be "true" or unkind.

 For either way you do what you do. Either way, to your own soul untrue. Either way God says:

"You will REAP what you SOWED and will for sure weep."

So I now ask, can you "heed" me
if you can, by my "wisdom" you'll freed be
from the men who lead you astray
who too will pay for their iniquities one day.

To Toppage 21

~ Civil 'unrest' ~

Civil unrest is "disobedience." People doing things without first having a "license," and at the same time being "untrue" to others as they so do.

Civil unrest is when people "berate" the actions of their controlling "State," and the armies formed to the people protect, are used by the "Servants" to the people "deflect" away from them. For they are the "bully boys" of the "playpen."

 We all are ignorant children in God's eyes, all yet more than a little unwise. We do but "assume" that armies we need to "give" flack, to repel "others" who may wish to us attack.

 Not seeing, that this earthly place is a world of very little inner grace, a place where God does us "test." We only "leave" when we have been blest by the wisdom of the Word that says "You be peaceful wield no sword."

God says:

"If others you berate, only counsel them, or you will be "late."

 For I do not pretend when I say, only your souls defend against thoughts that from within arise that make you any other despise. For then you to "politicians or others" give-in, and in retaliation, your spiritual freedom you never win.

 Prepare now for civil "unrest," for each soul will I, your God test, verily, from thoughts within, and you will be "tempted" to sin. And IF you cannot heed My Light that says "Love All who come into your sight," I say that forever you will be "blest" darkly in a world of eternal uncivil unrest."

To Toppage 22

~ The "Oath" of allegiance ~

At this "Oath" must we "look," for its meaning we mistook, thinking that the "bad" must be destroyed. That is sad, for God said "Help all encompassed by the satanic whelp, if you them destroy, you are in Satan's employ."

So the true Oath must we seek. It is the Oath to remain meek and humble and mild, just like the baby Jesus child. Who said: "All who follow me make an Oath to stay free from the darkness below, that in the minds of mankind does evil sow.

So make a fresh Oath to God, the God of love above, and say today:

 "That I can abide in forgiveness and mercy I pray. I pray for any 'rotten' seed who does darkness breed. I will stay calm, heeding God's loving charm to stay meek and kind, not retaliatory blind.

And this fresh Oath I take says: "Do not partake on the ways of man who heed not God's plan. So today I turn away from 'men' who do say that I must darkness 'deploy,' and 'their' enemy destroy.

For I now will love all God's children or fall. This I now do see is the only way to become free, and this Oath is my 'bond' to the land of the waving palm frond, where I will be one day, as I abide in this Oath today."

 So brothers and sisters too, all now please remain true, for I am He sent from above to tell personally about God's love, that God extends to you, being any who are now true..

 "Try and understand, it is not for you to anything "Demand" off another, be it sister or brother. It is not for you to "berate" others for their misdeeds, or you will be late. Just be respectful to all. Only counsel the wrongdoers, or you will fall.

Be true to your own soul, heed not the "call" of the "wolves" who on earth stroll, the wolves dressed as men, all who deny the call of "Only Love" from this pen.

 Heed not their "Demand." Heed not their "Command." Heed only now me, only my wisdom will set you free."

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