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~ God v/s the State of Tasmania ~
The 'badge' of the mercenary enforcer.

Terence the Messiah

Page 1 - Introduction Page 3 - The separation of souls & Clemency
Page 4 - The 'Summons' by constable Kent Ritchie Page 6 - The 'Complaint' by sergeant Gary Lusted
Page 10 - The 'Plea' by me Page 11 - Letter to magistrate Arnold Shott
Page 12 - The second letter to Gary Lusted Page 13 - My defence 'Statement by submission'
Page 18 - Religious belief or 'belonging' Page 19 - Absolute power
Page 20 - The indictment of God against man Page 21 - Understanding the Judgement of God
Page 24 - St. Helens station commander Page 25 - The Sword of Grief (Sword of Damocles)
Page 26 - Cross examination - 1 Page 27 - Cross examination - 2
Page 28 - Added Notes Page 29 - Magisterial finding
Page 30 - My response to the magistrates finding Page 32 - The Chalice of Life or the Cup of Death
Page 33 - The 'finding' of God the Father Page 34 - The Reigns of absolute Power

Item - The LaRouche 'factor' - falsity of government - 7 pgs


"Allah," the name of the Creator in the Arabic language.
"God," the name of the Creator in the English language.
"Mungu," the name of the Creator in the Swahili language.


Two thousand and seven years ago the Spirit of Truth 'embodied' in the man named 'Jesus' was born and was later taken to the court of 'Caesar' and was 'judged' as 'Guilty' by the people of that place, and his 'crucifixion' was imposed by the State enforcers of Caesar.

Today in the year 2007 the Spirit of Truth 'embodied' in the man named 'Terence' is again to stand in the court of 'Caesar' being the court of the State of Tasmania, but on this day by my hand via this document it is the Creator to 'judge' the people of the land as 'Guilty' to TREASON against the State of Heaven.

This 'judgement' commences with the police and judiciary, and their 'crucifixion' is to be imposed by the 'invisible' State of Hell demonic enforcers of the 'punitive' aspect of God's Law via the mind of ignorant man, as revealed by my pen in my main 'Testament to humanity'.

Before God and man this man 'Gary Lusted' a member of the Tasmania Police force did lay a 'complaint' at the door of the Launceston Court, in which he stated that I had defied an 'edict' of the land that was contained within a 'book of rules,' being 'decrees' that are used to control, extort money, and to punish citizens of the land that fail to conform to these 'rules,' being rulings of politicians that serving members of the Government institution believe falsely as being 'the law' of the land.

A very long time ago there were men that believed that they had the ‘right’ to dictate their ‘terms of engagement’ with others, and they overrode any difference of ‘belief,’ and they enforced their demands using the coercive ‘backup’ of armed men.

Thus a very ‘sad’ precedent was set in every land, wherein men have raised up institutions that employ persons such as the police and magistrates, and they all now believe that other persons living on the land have No democratic ‘right’ to live as free men and walk ‘apart’ from their institution or other religions as is their God given right.

Every land today is patrolled by armed men employed by institutions, and they control and regulate all others and impose suffering in the form control, interference and extortion, and impose punishment for any non-conformity. This is NOT the ‘godly’ way, and my intent is to awaken the conscience of man. Read on.

The 'complaint' being that I was the driver of a motor vehicle and, that I was a person that did not have a driving 'permit' issued by the State institution that he 'Gary' served as a police officer.

The 'edict' being, that prior to driving on a public road that I must pay an annual tax of eleven dollars and fifteen cents to the 'coffers' of his institution to validate my personal driving certificate of competency.

This case has not arisen due to my defiance of a decree of 'Caesar,' (State) it has arisen because someone employed as a 'politician' by an 'institution' of man deemed it 'proper' to place a tax levy upon every person seeking to use public roads, and thus every person that rightfully was already a 'validated driver' due to having received a 'pass' mark after having completed a driving test, was exposed to an annual extortion fee to which I do not agree with and refuse to pay.

It is my 'contention' that:

1 - No public road is 'owned' by any institution, and it is error for any institution or man to seize control of any public roads and use force of arms to extort monies from persons travelling along said roads.

2 - If I have received a 'Pass' qualification from a private organisation that teaches a person driving skills, then that in itself is my proof that I am qualified to drive on public roads and it needs no annual 'tax' payment validation issued as a 'receipt' named 'Driver's Licence.'

It also follows that the 'taxing' fee placed by an institution of man upon any 'endeavour' of man as a prerequisite to that activity being validated by them as 'legal,' is simply extortion backed by force of arms by persons that are 'beholden' to the false ideological belief that they have the right to receive a monetary 'cut' from the activities of others and, - - - it follows that no accreditation you receive be it 'electrical, builder, teacher,' etc., requires any 'tax' levy receipt as its validation prior to you carrying out your business. That way is pure folly, and is now abolished by my 'pen' and, - - - those that continue to enforce it will themselves be banished to the underworld by God.

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3 -  It is my 'religious' ideological belief that I must not pay any 'tax' to an institution of man that has an ideological code of conduct policy that is 'contra' mine and, that is in contravention of God's Command, for it is my ideological belief that if I do so, that I will be seen by God to be in defiance of His "Go your way in peace and do not fund those perpetrating iniquity"  Edict, and He would punish me according to His superior Law.

God states that THE Law of this and every land is the LAW of God that He stipulates by His Sovereign Decree as being:

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction on an equal 'eye for an eye' basis, thus every person 'reaps what they sow' be it good or bad" and, - - - "No mortal man is above or beyond the 'reach' of MY LAW."


I have compiled this 'case' that is due to be 'contested' on the 8th of October 007 (011 TL) in the Court of 'Caesar' (State) and, it is written by me to assist humanity, for it applies to every person that takes a wage to 'work' as an enforcer for any institution of man, and it applies to all those that fund iniquity.

Political 'men' empowered by their position of power have fallen to 'fantasies' in which their emotions of GREED have been satiated by the 'ease' with which they have been able to legislate never ending taxing 'rules' that they have now 'applied' to every endeavor of man.

These rules couched in the words 'the law' permitted them to extort money from the community in every facet of life, and in this they made 'Satan' their 'wife' because, they relied upon an 'army' of men and women to give their decrees 'force of arms' back up to bring any 'nonconformist' to their knees.

It is my 'task' for God and humanity to show all that there is NO 'legitimacy' backing this extortion, and to show all those that take a 'wage' to uphold said rules that they are in Grave danger spiritually, for their punitive war waged daily in the name of the people against the people that pay their wages is observed by God as iniquity, and all the suffering imposed by them upon anyone places the 'enforcer' into the punitive aspect of God's superior 'THE LAW of the land.'

Most 'men' simply 'pay up' every time they are 'silently' told to by the TEXT rules to so do out of 'fear' of reprisal, and all now believe that these rules are 'the law of the land' but they are NOT, and my task is to expose the fallacy, the insanity, and the gravity of the situation so that mankind can become free from Satan's clutches.

I am not an 'enemy' opposing the State or the police, I am their eternal friend, and I can but hope they append my truth to their conscience. For all I do and 'suffer' is to assist them. Man needs to now realise that God stipulates: "As you judge so shall ye be judged" thus, - - -

Whatever punitive 'judgement' is placed upon my 'head' will return to 'haunt' the magistrate (Mr. A. Shott) as well as every person that was 'complicit' to the 'attack' upon my 'personage,' which is in fact an 'attempt' by one or more persons to use 'force of arms' to cause me to suffer mental or emotional or physical duress and, it is an attempt to coerce me into funding and thus supporting their warring and punitive ideology, and this is Treason against God and religious persecution of myself and Treason against the TEXT of their own Constitution.

True democracy is where a person is able to live in peace in accordance with their own ideological belief, and not be penalised by the vain, arrogant, and ignorant men that believe that they are 'gods,' with the right to 'dictate' the ways of other mortals and coerce, punish, and destroy all opposition.

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~ The eternal separation of souls ~

the '60 days' Clemency

This 'case' against me is one of many that have taken place in Tasmania over the last five years in which I have been jailed more than once by 'unconscionable' magistrates, and this case is especially important due to the fact that God now advises me that from the date of the 8th of October 2007 (011 TL), any 'judgement' given by me for God 'against' any person or persons will be absolute and irrevocable because, not only am I empowered by God to so do in His name, but He commands me to now begin the eternal separation of souls 'judgement' on earth IN HIS NAME.

This 'separation' is His requirement that was 'foretold' to humans many years ago via the mouths of prophets of old and, - - - it is I to 'reveal' and show man how He 'judges' the  worthy 'wheat' seeds of His creation and, - - - how He 'judges' the unworthy 'chaff' of His creation that will now begin to be 'damned' for an eternity by their own 'hand,' (deeds) and banished to the dark underworld due to their own continued arrogance and defiance of His "Go your way in peace and love another" Command.

God is 'aware' that all mankind errs and went astray from the TRUE path many centuries and aeons of time past in this material world and realms of spirit, and it is thus that He mercifully again sends me into this lowly place to enlighten all that seek eternal peace and happiness but, - - -

Beginning with the individual serving officers of the Tasmania police that have had the benefit of 5 years of my personal outreach and, the direct advice that God's message was available on line, the 'limit' extended unto them to implement change in their attitude towards me and EVERYBODY in this land has been 'extended' until that 'fateful' coming day the 8th of October that is exactly two months away from today the 8th of August 2007.

This two months 'clemency' limit of time will also be the 'extension' granted to every spirit soul incarnate or discarnate effective from the 'hour' that they are advised by me or the media or by any other means that God's message is available FREE on line.

The 'clemency' granted means 'simply' that the 'Sword' of eternal damnation of God will only fall after the time limit is reached and, it will only fall upon a person that is perceived by Him as a person failing to make a personal 'choice' change of policy code of conduct, wherein they lay down their arms, become non combatants, non persecutive, and non punitive or destructive, and they begin to 'bow' in submission to the Command of God and, - - - any of these arrogant 'idiots' that fail to amend their ways will find that as their spirit soul departs the flesh, it will fall into a 'state' of absolute terror and turmoil and agonising suffering and, - - -

'The 'clemency' time does not in any way 'void or nullify' any person's present outstanding or ongoing debts to God that they accrue due to being engaged in "iniquity," being control, extortion, invasion, violence, aggression, abuse, punishment, war or the killing of others.

Try and comprehend that many persons will consign their own soul to the underworld due to their arrogance. Please ask yourself: "Is the precedent of 'upholding' a 'punitive ideology' that was 'set' by my forebears going to become my spiritual demise?

Try and see that the whole world is 'gearing up' to find justifiable cause to invade, control subjugate, terrorise, punish, fight and destroy.

This means ZERO 'tolerance' and this =
Zero mercy - Zero understanding - Zero compassion - Zero forgiveness - Zero love for the other and, this means a destiny in HELL

Any person that now 'finds' their 'reason' and shows God that, - - -  their INTENT and 'Activity' does change to 'benign' and peaceful, and they make an effort to become positive using my wisdom, - - - will find that the Light of God slowly but surely purges their souls of inner darkness, and they will find 'redemption' and ultimate Salvation, and their souls will eventually rise up to the light and eternal happiness.

Note: 'the law' of man is the 'inequitable and changeable' punitive factor imposed upon a 'nonconformist' to a 'decree' of man by men using 'force of arms.'

Note: THE LAW of God is the 'Just and equitable' return unto man for every deed, be it goodness for goodness given or, injury for injury imposed in the manner revealed by me.

Note: - the use of force:

In the name of 'Islam'
In the name of 'Christianity'
In the name of 'the nation'
In the name of 'the flag'
In the name of 'the people'
In the name of 'the economy'
In the name of 'the government'

or, in the name of any other person or institution is INIQUITY in the eyes of God

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~ The 'Summons' ~
by Constable Kent Ritchie

Dear Kent, a very long time ago a ‘king’ said to his forces men: “Go forth and ‘club’ anyone that defies me or any ‘decrees’ that issue forth from my pen.” He had and yet has the ‘power’ to do this due to the fact that everyone fears * his ‘forces men’ and - - - these men ‘as you’ happily go forth because they all earn a wage to so do.

Note: everyone fears * - You ‘think’ that people do not fear you simply because you do not know what they think or feel as they smile.

 You do not see that the ‘king’ forces people to vote for him or any person he authorises to be elected as his representative and, - - - none of his ‘forces men’ actually believe in the existence of any invisible superpower, (God) and neither can they conceive that HE has a superior form of ‘Justice’ that was and is absolutely JUST and equitable in ITS “As you sow so shall ye reap on an eye for an eye and thus equal manner.”

The only ‘superpower’ that you believe in is your GUN. For IT is the ultimate ‘dictator’ with the power to ‘blow away’ any opposition, and you cannot conceive that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Your ‘God’ is the TEXT in the ‘rule book,’ and in your mind your ‘institution’ has the ‘right’ to force everybody to bow to ITS decrees. You are unable to exercise your own conscience for the ‘book’ has turned you into ITS ‘robot’ for as long as you take a wage to uphold IT.

 My ‘God’ is my conscience that is not controlled by the ‘text’ decrees of other men, but by the Holy Word of the Creator who says:

"Live in harmony with all others and go your way in peace, and love one another and be a delight in My sight as you show Me that you are compassionate, merciful, and forgiving unto others yet sinfully living."

So when I see a ‘troubled’ person or one that is ‘ignorantly’ disturbing the peace of others (as you) then my conscience says to me: ”How can I help him or enlighten him to set him free and uplift him.”

 As your 'God' is a book of rules, it follows that when you see a person not ‘bowing’ in conformity to the TEXT decrees of your ‘bible’ your ‘mind’ says: “Look in the book diligently and see what you can find so that you can ‘legally’ swat him and bind him and punish him. “

 Kent, you are unable to exercise your kind and benign inner Light because you are PAID to ‘control & fight.’ You carry a gun even when coming to visit the ‘son’ of the Creator sent by HIM to set you free from eternal misery.

You came to my home yesterday so calmly and ‘innocently’ as you placed a ‘summons’ note in my hand. Seeing not that you are at that moment complicit in a ‘plot’ by ‘someone’ (albeit an unconscionable rule in a book) to steal funds from me or to cause me harm.

Yes son, for if I do not sign the form and pay, then I am supposed to spend a whole day travelling to a town far away to kneel at the feet of your superior, and he as you has NO conscience ‘options’ other than to make me ‘frown’ as he peruses his ‘text book’ and punishes me for “what”?

 Did I disturb the peace of the land or cause harm? NO. I am being ‘called’ for only having ‘supposedly’ infringed the wording of a decree in your book of rules binding those belonging to or ‘fellowshipping’ with your institution as they believe in its invasive, controlling, punitive and warring ideology.

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I am not a ‘party member’ of It as I neither vote for it nor fund it – but all you ‘chaps’ that work for IT the institution naming itself ‘the gov’ have through arrogance, ignorance and past precedent forgotten the very words of its ‘Constitution’ and, - - -

You all now believe that every person on the land ‘falls’ within the jurisdiction of your institution. Whereas in FACT in its PRINCIPLE own ‘text’ mandate and authority clauses it STATES that ‘some’ do NOT, being those as me that believe in the opposite and contra ideology of peace, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.

So I say that you do not have the ‘backing’ of mandate or authority of your OWN Constitution and thus you enter my premises ILLEGALLY and, - - - neither do you have the right bequeathed by the Creator to ‘come’ for the SOLE purpose of causing me to suffer loss or harm.

The ONLY mandate bequeathed unto man by God is that of giving merciful assistance and good counsel to ‘offenders’ such as yourself or any other that go forth disturbing the peace of others.

So not only do you daily go forth defying the Command of the Creator, but in contravention of the mandate given you by the book of rules you adore, and this means that in the eyes of God AND your own rules you are GUILTY of TREASON and, - - -

You place your own ‘future’ into the hands of the Dark Sovereign Power (invisible force) that inspired IT (the book of rules) via the mind of vain man, and HE does have ‘THE POWER’ as revealed by my pen to bring all the ‘treasonable’ to account within HIS superior Law.

I believe that you are approaching a ‘mature’ age, and maybe you need to ‘halt’ for a moment and ask yourself: “Why does Terence a peaceful man oppose my authority”? Does he do it because he is ‘mad,’ or is it just possible that those as me that carry guns and thus ‘coerce’ people into conforming to the ideological beliefs of my institution are in some sort of spiritual danger”?

 It is 4.30 am Kent, and instead of simply staying in bed my conscience says: “Drop Kent a note because he is a son of the Creator and is ‘worthy’ of being assisted and enlightened.”

In the eyes of the Creator I am free to go my way, and if your ‘actions’ (summons)  result in any ‘fine’ or punishment then the ‘burden’ of that ‘judgement’ by man will by MY God become added to your long list of ‘karmic’ accountability.”

Please accept my CD that has 8 ‘books’ of 50 text documents and 12 audio.  Please read:


The 'Sovereign RIGHT' of man

25 p.

Granted by God unto mankind


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~ The 'Complaint' ~
response to Sgt. Gary Lusted ~

Police prosecutions branch, Launceston
c.c. Constable Kent Ritchie – St. Helens police

Dear ‘brother,’ it has been brought to my attention that you have taken it upon yourself to WAGE WAR upon me a man that as yet you neither know nor did I you even see. I have been made aware of this due to the fact that an armed man came to my home bearing a notification ‘letter’ marked ‘Summons,’ and upon IT is written that you have made a ‘complaint’ No: 34833/07 for it is your name thereon and, - - -

I need to ask you “why” you have decided to wage war upon me?

You may not see it as ‘war’ but I and God most certainly do, for it is plain for us to see that your INTENT is to subject me to a ‘trial’ and, you and your ‘fellows’ will find reason to ensure that the outcome will be personal ‘injury’ to me in the form of punishment and, - - -

What I also ask you is; "Why"? - - - Do you not see that your intended actions have the further intent to cause me and my wife and family mental and emotional ‘stress’ and, that your ‘intent’ is to primarily force ‘us’ into paying your institution some money that will impoverish us spiritually and, - - -

 If I fail to so do then your ‘armed’ associates will probably find ‘cause’ to kidnap me from my home, transport me ‘South’ and keep me imprisoned in a cell in an attempt to ‘coerce’ me into conformity to your IDEOLOGICAL BELIEF.*

Is this not WAR?

Note: IDEOLOGICAL BELIEF.* - The belief that your institution is my ‘ruler’ and that I must ‘bow’ to ITS dictates and pay ‘licence fees’ to ITS officials so as to prove that I support IT and ITS defiance of God’s call of “Peace” and, - - - by now your institution ‘heads’ should know that I do NOT follow the punitive & warring ideology that you do and, within your own Constitution you are UNLAWFUL in trying to coerce me into being as YOU are, - - - a warrior defiant of the Peace & mercy & forgiveness Command of God.

Why do you so ‘willingly’ take it upon yourself to wage war upon me without even considering if I and our God have any ‘means’ to bring you ‘undone’? Is it because you think that I am a ‘pussycat’ or a ‘puppy’? Your Summons ‘note’ is perceived by me as a THREAT. How would you like me to threaten YOU?

Have you any ‘idea’ of what happens to any person that takes it upon themselves to wage war upon me, albeit in their mind ‘legally.’? No, so maybe it is the time for you and yours to find out before in pure agony you shout. This ‘son’ or ‘Sir’ is no threat, it is purely a safe bet on my part, for I AM the one to bring about the ‘start’ of the END days, and IT will take place in the manner exposed by me, for it is I so ‘empowered’ by the heavenly SEE.

 Do you really wish to bring about the ‘beginning’ of the last and greatest ‘religious’ war on earth here in Tasmania?

 I ask you to ‘withdraw’ your complaint for if you cannot, then most surely ‘ahead’ you will more than ‘faint,’ and I suggest that you visit my web site and read the last paragraph that commences: "Let it here be known that any "person" who tries to punish or abuse or - - - "

I also wish to advise you that there is a vast army already gathered who simply await their ‘orders’ to strike down every infidel (non-believer) such as you, and if you think as do most ‘armed’ men on earth that you are invincible then you are dumb.

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I know ‘of’ them and I do see them, and I have already warned everyone by clearly and openly stating ‘the facts’ on my web site giving ‘advice’ concerning their invincible Might and, - - -

I do also know “who” their Commander is, and HE certainly is more ‘Just’ and Majestic and powerful than anybody that has ever existed and, - - - HE will have His way on a soon coming day for HE is THE LAW of this and every land.

I ask you: “Do you think that you can wage war upon members of the community with impunity and NOT ‘pay the price’ simply because you hold a ‘position’ within an institution of man”?

Do you want to know “the price” payable for being callous, uncaring, unkind, mercenary, rude, and disrespectful unto others, as you ‘scheme’ using your ‘pen’ to instigate the ‘means’ to cause distress and harm to others?  

Do you think that TEXT in a book of ‘Caesar’ (legislation) is stronger than the Law of God?

I have injured no person nor have I disturbed the peace of the land, whereas you now are the ‘terrorist’ and the ‘extortionist’ that uses threats and coercion backed by force of arms and THE GUN.

Operatives within your institution have already placed a ‘slur’ upon my holy name by incarcerating me previously and ‘branding’ me as “A criminal,” and this ‘mark’ by ignorant men is a stain upon their own souls that cannot be removed by any other way than by them suffering PAIN.

They for their past actions have already been forgiven by me, but they will NEVER be forgiven by the invisible demonic force of men below until their vengeful ‘cry’ for restorative ‘JUSTICE’ has been fulfilled by them as revealed unto humanity via my pen.

For the cruel and merciless and unforgiving Dark Sovereign Power inspires their minds so that they for Him fulfill the punitive aspect of His 'eye for an eye - as you sow so shall ye reap' Law and, - - - at the same time their own suffering increases for sure and, - - - if you cannot 'amend' your ways 'today,' then your spirit will join theirs and as theirs, it will lose its mental capacity of 'freedom of choice' to be peaceful and kind as it, (your spirit soul) becomes an eternal 'slave' to the Dark Sovereign Power and suffers in perpetuity.

You Gary have already now branded me as a ‘potential criminal’ and as said above, - - - you intend to use a book of TEXT as your ‘pretext’ to fulfill your INTENT to cause me ‘harm’ and, due to my compassion I take the time to say:

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and, all you ‘ever’ did 'punitively' and now do will by ‘dark forces’ below be done unto you, for that is the absolutely Just Justice of God.”

I am THE teacher son not you, and I say that if you use a ‘photographic’ image to cause me loss or pain then you are in error. If you use my honesty to ‘entrap’ me you are vain and in error.

If you invoke a ‘court’ room ‘charade’ using a magistrate to ‘legalise’ your actions due to him being robotically ‘bound’ by a wage to invoke a punitive ‘ruling’ from a ‘book’ that he holds sacred, then you are INSANE.

God says: “Educate others as you go your way in Peace.”

If you persecute me and prosecute me because you see me as an ‘enemy’ of ‘Caesar’ (The State) or his ‘rule book,’ then you make God your enemy, and HE will ‘Justly’ exclude you from His ‘State of Heaven’ paradise, and HE will place your ‘wicked’ soul into the Abyss, - - - to be dealt with by HIS demonic forces who are your ‘peers’ that are as ‘vindictive, merciless and punitive’ as you, and they all wield a painfully sharp sword.

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You ‘son’ are the one to set the ‘train’ of events into action due to you taking a ‘mercenary’ wage to persecute and prosecute, and as this you so do, by your own ‘hand’ you place your own precious soul into the foul den of the ‘Serpent,’ for HE is the adjudicator and administrator of God’s Justice.

Do you ‘ever’ consider questioning as to whether what you daily do is RIGHT in God’s sight, or whether it is placing you in an ‘uncompromising’ position within HIS superior “As you sow so shall ye reap” Law?

God is as you, friendly and unfriendly, merciful and merciless.

God says: “If you choose to be friendly unto those perceived by you as an ‘enemy’ of the state, then I will befriend you and MY Light you will see. If you choose to be unfriendly to anybody then you are MY enemy and MY Dark face you will see.”

Man uses a ‘majority’ vote to invoke rules to delineate a code of conduct for men, and a part of this ‘conduct’ implies: “You must pay Caesar (the state) ‘protection’ money or suffer the consequence and, - - - Caesar will then be your ‘guide’ and 'provider' and 'protector' using his mighty armies backed by sword and gun.”

God has already given man a code of conduct command that states:
“Go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving and I will be your providence and protector.”

Gary Lusted, I again ask you: “Why are you waging war upon me a man you have never met and, - - - in the ‘process’ you drag in other men such as Constable Kent Ritchie to be your ‘accomplice,’ for he becomes ‘complicit’ to any mental, emotional or physical suffering or material loss suffered by me or my family”?

My 'religion' is the belief in the ideology of Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness and the education of offenders that have disturbed the peace of others, and this doctrine precludes me from funding, condoning, or supporting your 'contra' ideology of control, regulation, extortion, war, killing, fine and punishment of offenders.

The Right to live by ones ideological belief (religious adherence) is bestowed by the Creator upon all mankind, - - - and the difference between 'us' is that I believe that others can live by their own belief, and thus I do not use force to 'coerce' them into 'enlightenment,' I try and educate them as I am doing in this 'epistle' to you.

To attain peace & order & harmony for all mankind I use education as my 'tool.'

You on the other hand believe that you can use 'force of arms' to subjugate others into following and 'bowing' to your punitive ideology, believing that it and its 'rules' are more sacred than God's stipulated Code of Conduct.

To attain respect unto your institutional 'rules' you use force of arms and punishment.

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All ‘enforcers’ stand on a very ‘sandy’ base that is soon to ‘crumble,’ due to the fact that their ‘authority’ is backed by the gun rather than God’s Holy Word. Gary, make a ‘revision’ of your intended course of action, for what you do not see is that whatever is done unto me will be done unto you and, - - -

You see not that you do not even have any 'Constitutional' authority over me because, your own Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 states;

 "The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and - - -

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Religion: 'A system of belief in the worship of a supernatural power or God.' or
The recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship.

Doctrine - the teaching of a 'church' or religion or other teacher that forms the 'base' upon which a person bases their 'ethical' code of conduct.

State government 'doctrine' is the TEXT within the state regulations/statutes/acts etc., that has become the 'religion' of its followers, and state enforcers and others perceive this unholy book as their 'God' to be adored, revered, worshipped and obeyed by all within the state.

In seeking to punish me you are guilty of attempting to impose a religious observance upon me, namely yours, as you try and prohibit me from exercising my peaceful ideological belief and, - - -

Thus you are in contravention of the above 'act' and you place yourself into a position of TREASON against the Constitution of your own institution within its rules of engagement. This 'sad' state of affairs has become commonplace due to arrogance, precedent, ignorance and contempt of the very 'rules' of engagement you are paid a wage to uphold and, - - -

Further to that error, due to your defiance of the Command of the Creator you commit an 'act' of Treason against the peaceful State of Heaven, and in the eyes of the Creator, that 'error' is punishable by spiritual death.

 Come to your 'senses' man, and help me educate all Tasmania and then the world.

I AM the Word of God

Added note; I see that you 'summonsed' me using 'powers vested unto you' by the 'Justices Act 1959,' and I also see that these supposed 'powers' are supposedly 'legitimised' and backed by quote:

"Royal Assent 23 December 1959."

Please advise the magistrate of the day that in my belief I do not 'recognise' any earthly authority as 'legitimate' nor, of any person as being 'royal' that defies the Creator and uses force of arms to go forth and invade the premises of others, kidnap them from their homes, steal their goods, cause them mental and emotional suffering, and punishes them or inflicts injury.

Please also advise the magistrate of the day that according to MY holy book, both you and he are in deadly spiritual danger and, you need to recognise God as your Sovereign ruler and, you also need to conform to His "Go your way in peace" Command or, for sure He will you reprimand within His superior Law.

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~ The judicial ‘plea’ ~

In the response to the accusations of ‘default’ laid against me by the Court of Caesar (State) by the state prosecutor and his ‘armed forces’ men (Sgt Gary Lusted and others  I make no ‘plea,’ and simply await to see if I will be condemned, judged ‘fairly’ or released but, -  - in the case of God against them (State officers) and you (the magistrate) I do make a plea as I plead for your souls today.

My ‘plea’ Sir is that you halt the daily ‘charade’ of using your ‘pen’ to ‘judge’ God’s children and to smite them mercilessly for and on behalf of man and Caesar’s decrees. (Rules in a book) I make this plea for your personal soul because you do not realise that you and all men are subjects of God and subject to His ‘eye for an eye’ -  ‘as you sow so shall ye reap’ Law and, - - -

God forbids man to be as He, to Judge His children punitively, and you have already accrued a very agonizingly long ‘sentence’ of torture and travail within His superior law, and your soul Sir is in the gravest danger of not being able to ‘accommodate’ the severity of God’s judgement against you that is soon to be ‘met’ by you.

I can only ask that you take the time to read my full submission to the court before you pass any ‘judgement’ or impose any ‘sentence’ upon me or anybody from today forwards.

I plead that you quickly learn about what is ‘wrong action’ in God’s sight, for His judgement ‘sword’ is ‘double edged’ and IT ‘rebounds’ and ‘cuts’ all those that use IT against His children for any reason.

If you Sir continue to believe that the endless ‘extortion’ from the community by greedy politicians though the forced taxation ‘levy’ of every aspect of living, - - - carried out using armed forces ‘back up’ with your support will be ‘permitted’ by God to continue, - - - then you Sir are deluded.

If you Sir continue to believe that the ‘statutes’ of man hold more authority than the Command and Law of God your Creator, then you will be lost forever in the Dark

I ‘plead’ that you have the courage to walk with me and leave this ‘hall of death’ Court that is the Devil’s ‘playpen’ that leads all mankind onto the trail of torture and tears.

I Sir am the ‘Paraclete’ the plenipotentiary of God, and it is I to now reveal ‘how & why’ man is to face the Wrath of God as inanity unfolds and erupts across the planet.

I am the ‘man’ that has returned into the flesh to enlighten humanity, and to bring Christian ‘east’ and Islamic ‘west’ and all other religions into the ONE true fold of God, with all mankind bowing in submission to God's commanded code of conduct of “PEACE.”

Education is the only way forward today.

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Letter to Chief Magistrate Arnold Shott.
Ref – Case ‘Crown v/s Malaher’

Dear Sir, it is not my intent to ‘pre-empt’ anything. But it is my intent to ‘alert’ you to the gravity of the situation soon to be placed upon your plate today, as you face me the messenger of God that has been ‘called’ your way.

 I have previously been ‘falsely’ accused and judged and jailed by magistrate Wilson, who passed sentence without the courtesy of fulfilling his role to man, the court, and God by taking the ‘trouble’ to at least accept and read the defence statement issued unto him by myself prior to sentencing me to jail for 2 months.

 I have no doubt that my ‘time’ was necessary so that I could formulate my own ‘judgement’ against Caesar and those that fund his warlike and punitive ‘policy’ but, - - -

 I do believe that God has placed me before you so that your ‘superior’ mentality will ‘honourably’ deal with the matter that is of utmost importance to humanity and all of the judiciary, as it deals with ‘from whence’ comes the authority for the Court of Caesar to judge me. Is it simply the back up of force and ‘the gun,’ or is it encoded within the precepts of the Constitution of your institution?

 If you believe that it is the latter, then I can prove that I am charged ‘treasonably.’

 To assist you and not take you by ‘surprise,’ I enclose my initial ‘Plea’ that I will be giving you if the prosecution decides to go ahead with their case.

 I also give you a CD containing a copy of my web site. It is TEXT + 12 audio tracks. It is a self opening CD. I also wish to advise you that all my many pages of communication with the Tasmania police as well as all my letters reference this case are all open to the public on line, and the final outcome of this ‘case’ will be reviewed by the global community via my web sites.

 I am the ‘man’ that has returned into the flesh to enlighten humanity and to bring Christian ‘east’ and Islamic ‘west’ and all other religions into the ONE true fold of God, with all mankind bowing in submission to God’s commanded code of conduct of “PEACE.”


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~ The second letter to Sgt. Gary Lusted -  08 Aug ~
the 'mercenary' & the Sheriff's badge

Dear Gary, I decided to 'attend' the court so as to give you one more 'chance' to aid your own salvation. It is so hard to even comprehend that every 'enforcer' is an 'agent' of the Dark, being a person  that is earning a 'mercenary' 30 pieces of silver wage as they defy their Creator and take up a 'rule book' and find 'cause' therein to smash all in opposition to ITS decrees.

Can you even conceive that all I do is to assist you? Would I really face the lions den for 'lack' of a mere $11 'permit' tax fee if in my mind it was not a 'worthy' cause? All I ask is that you merely 'pause' for a moment and seek spiritual and 'legal' advice reference your 'Constitutional' mandate and the Law of God before you 'proceed' against me. I would not have it that you continue to 'dig' your own spiritual grave through your own ignorance or arrogance.

Try and see that the POLICE are being used by the DARKNESS to wield a sword over the populace of the land in a very disgraceful manner, and the ONLY thing between them and Hell and eternal damnation is my pen. The 'rules' are not 'the law of the land,' they are simply the decrees of Caesar, designed to control, interfere, extort, and punish.

Every punitive 'attachment' to a 'decree' is the 'threat' of the darkness that is 'couched' in a 'civil' manner, but they are all backed by 'force of arms' and, - - - they force you the 'wage earner' enforcer into defying your Creator and your conscience as you and your 'pen' lay a complaint against me or another for the sole purpose of punishment and, - - -  what you do not see is that at that moment you place the destiny of your soul into the 'hands' of the magistrate because, - - -

If he punishes me, then it was on your 'account,' for it was you that defied the Creator's call of mercy, compassion, forgiveness etc., and brought the 'case' against me and, - - - if at the 'end' of the case I am 'judged' as a 'criminal' needing punitive 'correction,' then that same judgement is placed upon you and all complicit by your Creator for being so arrogant as to defy His decree reinstated upon the human race by me and, - - - by your own 'hand' and proven actions you placed yourself within His "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law.

Try and understand that the moment you place a 'complaint' before a magistrate, you have set yourself 'up' to suffer the same 'penalty' that he imposes upon the one he judges, and the magistrate is also 'forced' by his 'Oath' and his 'wage' to follow the guidelines of the 'unconscionable' and mindless rules.

Do you 'son' understand the depth of the implications? If not, and if you cannot find proper 'counsel' from the legal lads or 'supposed' Christian ministers then I can only advise you to visit me prior to continuing to treat me as a 'criminal' through your own ignorance. Police and other enforcers such as yourself and magistrates commit the greatest amount of 'recidivism,' for they see not their actions as 'evil' and criminal in they eyes of the Creator. I ask you "Is it the true 'Christian' way to go forth with the intent to punish people"?

Gary, my whole 'outreach' is to show man how he is judged by God every 'time' in passing time he turns his 'back' on God and on God's Holy Word, as he turns his 'hand' against his brother, sister, father or mother, or son or daughter or any other, - - - for all are sister and brother and all are God's Creation.

Gary, men as you take up the 'job' of 'taking up arms' to control and abuse others without even considering the moral and spiritual consequences, and you see not that 'legislators' give themselves all the 'power of rules' they need for you to 'use' against the community.

Due to your 'wage' these rules force you to abuse people, and you do not even see it as being abuse, for you believe it to be 'the law' and it is I to say that 'rules' of man are certainly NOT 'The Law of the land.' It is I to reinstate THE TRUTH being that God's Decree: "As you sow so shall ye reap" is the LAW of every land.

Gary, if you cannot 'consider' a better way to 'treat' your fellow man then you deserve to 'die,' and the Most High God says that you have but 60 'clemency' days to reconsider your options before He places His final judgement upon you. 

I God's 'pen' have personally counselled, advised, instructed and done my very best to elevate the 'conscience' of the Tasmania Police force, and to date they give me 'Zero' tolerance and Zero credence. If you give me Zero 'consideration' then your Light 'core' will be snuffed out by the dark energy you continue to draw in as you continue to be deceived by IT and continue to be ITS operative.

This applies to all that presently find more and more 'reason' to deploy more and more aggressive force, for the 'order of the day' will become more destructive through fear and aggression. As all now begin to see, the 'Law of the Beast' that is: "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law" is coming more to the fore, and man will soon see the absolute power of God as they fall into the Abyss to be 'snuffed out' by the weight of God's dark energy.

Only my 'pen' of Light has the power to 'halt' the use of the 'mace' wielded by those professing to be of the 'Islam' and 'Christian' and other 'beliefs' whom as yet cause so much GRIEF in protecting their flag, nation, ideology and rules, seeing not that every act of 'enforcement' is the abuse of a 'child' of the Creator, and is the use of forbidden dark energy.

Can you 'withdraw' you complaint against me? Can constable Kent Ritchie then also come and apologise to me? Can either of you have the courage to tell your superiors that you hand in your 'badge and gun' and state that from now on you will bow to God and ONLY haul in those that do disturb the peace so that they can be educated as per my 'Feeling Easier Seminars'? I hope so son for your face I would not like to 'hear' is ONE that is lost forever.

I am the ONE to bring 'Reason & Unity' to all mankind that seek it, the others will by the Devil be eternally bound.

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Statement by Submission

I Terence state: There are a number of ‘hidden’ reasons why I am here today and I can but hope that you Sir are prepared to read what I place on your plate today before you pass any ‘guilty’ judgement upon me, because I believe that if you do not and you judge me as being 'guilty,' then at the same moment you have judged yourself equally within God’s superior Law.

It is my 'religious' ideological belief that I must and can live my life according to the Command of our Creator, and thus I do not interfere in the lives of others, nor do I disturb the peace of the land, nor do I participate in, or fund any punitive or warring 'activity', for in my 'book' that would be a 'contravention of God's Commanded ideology of; "Peace unto all" and, I further believe that I do not have to 'bow' to the dictates or 'constraints' of any other 'mortal' men for in doing that, I would also be in contravention of God's Command. E.g. funding their 'coffers' and thus supporting their interference, control, and punishment of other persons.

Firstly I am here to help you and all to see the 'error' of your 'way' that is 'common' to every society on earth today. The error being the use of coercion and force to punish and subjugate other mortals, and this 'way' is in contravention of God's Command.

 Secondly, the real reason I am here is because a very long time ago there were men that believed that they had the ‘right’ to dictate their ‘terms of engagement’ with others, and they overrode any difference of ‘belief,’ and they enforced their demands using the coercive ‘backup’ of armed men.

 Thus a very ‘sad’ precedent was set in every land, wherein men have raised up institutions that employ persons such as the police and yourself, and you all now believe that other persons living on the land have No democratic ‘right’ to live as free men and walk ‘apart’ from your institution or other religions as is their God given right.

 Every land today is patrolled by armed men employed by institutions, and they control and regulate all others and impose suffering in the form of control, interference and extortion, and impose punishment for any non-conformity. This is NOT the ‘godly’ way.

 I have my own ideological ‘belief,’ but I do not impose IT upon you or others using armed men as my ‘back up,’ and what I believe that you need to see before you pass any ‘guilty’ judgement upon me is, - - -

 That irrespective of God’s Command to all, that within your own Constitution is a clause or two that ‘allows’ those as me to go free and unhindered and live by our own conscience as long as ‘we’ do not disturb the peace or, as long as we can ‘prove’ that we live in accordance to the ‘doctrine’ of a religious ‘belief’ that is different to yours. (Opposite ideology)

This statement that I submit to this court is also submitted to the world on my web site, for I am in fact here today to expose the errors of a long past time wherein as said, armed men filled the world with dread and used those as you to enforce their decrees that force so many to their knees and, this false and undemocratic way continues on today and, - - -

 I believe that it is the time for you to help me set you free as well as the police, for they are being used to wage war against the community ultimately to their own spiritual demise.

Mr. Magistrate, the actual 'offence' for which I am to be judged is; whether or not I disobeyed an Edict of 'Caesar,' (The State) being a 'rule' contained within Caesar's 'book of rules' commanded by Caesar as being his 'Code of Conduct' to be adhered to by all his 'Subjects,' in that I must 'pay' an annual fee to his ‘coffers’ prior to my driving certificate being seen as ‘valid’ in His eyes.

The fact that I as a person did not comply with his requirement of his 'subjects' is not in dispute.

 My 'defence' Statement to his Court is that as I am not one of Caesar's subjects 'in the FIRST instance,' then it follows that I do not have to obey his edicts, nor do I have to defend myself in his Court. For as I am not one of his subjects, it follows that his officers and his Court have no jurisdiction over me.

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My defence is backed by the Constitution of the institution you serve quote:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act
(9th July 1900) section 116 that states;

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion."

It is a proven fact that your institution is attempting to prohibit me from ‘exercising’ my religion by continuing to harass me and punish me.

I further state that: My ideological belief (religion) precludes me from in any way supporting, condoning or funding any person or institution of man that is actively engaged in any activity that is in contravention of the Command of the Superpower (God) to whom I bow in submission.

It is my ideological belief that I am not a ‘slave’ belonging to Caesar, but that I am a ‘subject’ of God and, that I must ONLY ‘bow’ to His ‘will’ and, I am subject to His Law.

It is my ideological belief that I must at all times and in all situations go my way in peace, be kind, loving, merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto others yet sinfully living and, that if ever abused, that I must remain peaceful and not retaliate in any way.

It is my ideological belief that the institution to whom you give your allegiance to, and from whom you receive a wage has an opposing ideology (religion, religious belief) to mine, being one of control, regulation, coercion, extortion, kidnap, punishment, etc., and that its adherents believe in the use of force and ‘weapons’ to control, punish, kill or maim those it perceives as a danger.

It is my ideological belief that the ‘officers’ of your state institution do not have any jurisdiction over me as long as I am conforming to my ‘peaceful’ ideological belief and NOT causing harm to anyone and NOT disturbing the peace of the land, for by my being only ‘peaceful,’ is the proof of my contra ‘religion,’ and contra ideological belief.

However, if you believe that you do have jurisdiction over me, and the Right to arrest and 'Try' me merely by virtue of the fact that you were able to bring me before you by using force of arms, (muscle or ‘armed’ men) then you are saying to God that a 'home invader' had the Right to invade by virtue of the fact that he was able to invade by using force of arms.

You are also then stating to God and man that a murderer had the Right to kill merely by virtue of the fact that he was able to kill by using force of arms. People and Caesar believe that the use of force entitles them to do whatever they wish to.

I will endeavor to show this Court the truth of what I say, so that those wise within do not err before God, and for their folly then have to pay.

I am ‘charged’ with driving with no ‘licence.’ It is the belief of your ‘men’ and the ‘ruling’ of rules within your ‘book’ that a driver’s personal certificate of competency accreditation has to be ‘validated’ by payment of an annual $fee to your institution before a person is ‘permitted’ to use public roads.

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I disagree, and it is my personal and my ideological belief that:

1 – My personal certificate of driving competency that was issued to me by an approved driving school is the proof of my driving skill and is my ‘driver accreditation ’Certificate.’  

It is my ideological belief that I do not have to pay any license fee ‘tax’ to anyone ‘else’ in order to validate my certificate of competency a second time and annually thereafter. To me, that would be ‘bowing’ to extortion, and funding and promoting a contra ideology.

In the eyes of God, your institution’s driving licence ‘permit’ is simply a receipt showing that an annual ‘tax levy’ has been extorted from the ‘purses’ of God’s children. (This levy has nothing to do with ones driving competency, nor of ones 'validity' to drive safely)

2 – Within the ‘context’ of my religion (ideological belief in the command of my God) it is dangerous for me to defy His Command and, if I was to ‘pay’ your institution money as a prerequisite to driving on public roads, then I would be defiant of His command, for He would see me as funding and condoning and supporting INIQUITY and, - - -

I would also then become COMPLICIT to all the extortion, coercion, abuse, and punishment meted out to others by the enforcers of said institution and, - - - within His superior “eye for an eye” Law I would suffer the consequence.

3 – It is obvious to me that your officers are totally ignorant of their ‘Constitutional’ mandate given and, of the protection given unto me by their own Constitution and, - - - due to this they continue to harass me, and I and my God perceive their actions as religious PERSECUTION as they continue to try to ‘coerce’ me into funding their institution with its dark and punitive ways.

4 – If I ‘paid’ up to State demands it shows God that I see the State institution as superior to God.

5 – If I pay ANY ‘licence’ fee money into the ‘coffers’ of a proven ‘warlike’ and controlling and punitive and ANTI Christian institution, then I am self-proven to our Creator to be defiant of His “Go your way in peace and be merciful and forgiving” Command.

6 – It is my religious belief that no man should ‘coerce’ or force others to pay ‘royalties’ or levies under ‘threat’ of punishment for non compliance, and neither do I condone punishment for non conformity.

My religious belief only permits me to be merciful and to try to educate those as your men that continually disturb the peace of others and use force to cause them punitive harm.

I shall prove to this Court and all men before God that I am not one of Caesar's subjects, nor one of his 'possessions or objects,' and thus I am beyond the jurisdiction of this Court of Caesar.

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I submit my 'Papers' so that you can decide whether or not I should be standing in front of you to be 'tried' in this Court of Caesar or not, for even your own institution grants me immunity.

Constitution Act 1934 (Tas)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians.
Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Dictionary: Religion = 'A system of belief in the worship of a supernatural power or God' or
the recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship.

Part V - General provisions
Religious freedom

46.  (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

      (2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief and no religious test shall be imposed in respect of the appointment to or holding of any public office.

It follows that any politician or 'enforcer' of today that states: "If you wish to live in this land then you must forgo your personal beliefs and support and condone and fund and obey our intrusive, subjugating, taxing, disrespectful and punitive ideological 'Standard' way of life" - - -

Then they are persons that are ignorant of the Constitution of their own Institution that 'mandates' their code of conduct, so if they impose any punitive 'restrictions' upon me for having a 'peaceful, merciful, compassionate, forgiving and respectful' contra belief to theirs, then that is a treasonable offence and, - - - they are using the 'coercive' powers of the rules that they subscribe to in order to force me to become as they are, defiant of their God, dictatorial, controlling, punitive and warlike.

If the ignorant and arrogant politicians that raised up 'latter day' decrees of rulings that they 'think' can overturn the 'freedom' given to me by God and the above 'act,' then they are in contempt of their own Constitution and that is also a treasonable offence.

But further to the above and standing above all the 'acts' of mere mortals, our God states that every person is free to do as they wish to, as all are His subjects to be subjected to His Law, and any that defy Him and His "Go your way in peace" command are by Him crushed in the afterlife.

It is not a matter of 'East v/s West' or of 'religion,' it is simply a matter of TRUTH that the 'White house' and every 'house' of governance by men that invoke the power of the sword to wage war upon other children of God of any race or colour or creed, is by God seen as a dark 'abode' and one to be extinguished by Him in the manner foretold by ME.

It is my belief, my religion, my doctrine, that living by the 'free exercise of my religion' means that I 'Terence' and the people inhabiting planet earth have a 'Sovereign Right' bequeathed unto them by God the Creator the Supreme Power and ultimate Authority.

This 'Sovereign Right' is their right to exercise their conscience and to exist on earth and to live in accordance with the Command of God*

Note: Command of God* "Live in harmony with all others and go your way in peace, and love one another and be a delight in My sight as you show Me that you are compassionate, merciful, and forgiving unto others yet sinfully living."

This means that we all have a 'Sovereign Right' to walk apart from the confines and influence and dictates and regulations or decrees of other mortals or institutions of man. 

This 'Sovereign Right' extends to and grants them the freedom to; walk alone with God without having to 'fellowship with' or 'belong to' any named or unnamed religion or, - - - without having to 'fellowship with' or 'belong to' any 'belief' or 'doctrine' of other men.

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This 'Sovereign Right' granted by God extends to them finding eternal peace and happiness and Salvation by simply conforming to the Command of their Creator by their:

"Living in harmony with all others, and going their way in peace, and loving one another, and being a delight in God's sight as they show Him that they are compassionate, merciful and forgiving unto others yet sinfully living."

I state that I do not belong to the state institution that you belong to and work for, for I do  not vote for it, fund it, nor condone it, nor support its punitive 'ideological' ways because, I have the opposite 'religious ideology’ of PEACE. 

Whereas your institution is proven by your own legislation and the daily code of conduct of its employees to be of the DARK religious ideology of WAR, for you all control, interfere, regulate, tax, abuse, punish, kidnap, wage war and kill all opposition if so required.

If you take any 'offensive' actions against me then it is you 'Sir' in contempt of the 'text' of the wording of the Constitution that gives you the 'authority' to smite those within ITS control and, -

For you to take any action against me is a treasonable offence against said Constitution and, is a treasonable offence against our Creator who demands and commands us all to "Go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

I have proved to you that your 'religious ideology’ is in 'opposition' to mine, and it is thus that the TEXT within your own Constitution should give me protection from your men if you are honourable unto IT and ITS authority.

I also believe that if you ‘agree’ to the FALSE charges brought against me by an officer of the state institution, that you ‘Sir’ will become complicit to and ‘guilty’ in God’s eyes of religious persecution, and this ‘Sir’ is Treason against the State of Heaven.

I do also know that you are not representing 'the people of the land,' you are God's representative and, - - - I await His judgement over me via your mind and, - - -

I would remind you 'Sir' that, - - - you as I 'fall' within His superior Law, so as you do unto me will by Him become your spiritual due.

Mr. Magistrate, my ‘defence submission’ is in fact an ‘appeal’ to your conscience, your inner Light, your soul, to amend your ways and follow the TRUE Light of God, me, and help me to set humanity free from the false ‘punitive & warring’ ways of their ancestors that are presently ‘promoted’ by society using YOU and the Police also.

There is a 'consequence' for every action, and one cannot serve two 'masters.' Thus I cannot fund any 'fee' or 'permit' or 'tax' imposition that goes into the coffers of an institution that is controlling, punitive and warlike, for if I was to so do, then God would observe me funding a contra 'forceful activist' doctrine that is of a 'contra' ideology to that of my professed belief in peace, love, mercy, and forgiveness.

The Principles of the Faith I practice daily are: Respect unto all, Kindness, Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, and I neither disturb the peace of others nor do I interfere in their affairs by abusing them. I never fight nor demand any pay, and I walk my way in peace as is asked by my God of Light and Love, and I believe that the use of physical force or 'arms' in self-defence against another is wrong, and I shall remain peaceful even if 'crucified.' No man need ever fear me for the Light I see and the Light I be.

My 'act of faith' is that I maintain my religious belief at all times, and when I do this when faced by adversity, it is my proof to God that I am obedient to HIS Word: "Be peaceful and carry no sword."

It is I to enlighten mankind including the judiciary to the FACT that none stand 'above' the LAW of God. There is NO 'leeway' and NO 'leniency' within God's Law. I also add that it is also my task to advise all mankind that whenever a man, mandated or otherwise, 'judges' a person as needing punitive correction and they impose it, - - - that at that moment they have 'taken' the LAW of God into their own hands, and placed themself within the punitive aspect of God's LAW, and by God are 'judged' similarly as needing punitive correction, and the same punishment is imposed by God at the time and in the place ordained by God.

I today 'plead' that you ‘Sir’ consider your own soul as you personally 'judge' me.

Signed - - -


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~ Religious 'belief or belonging' ~

If you 'profess' to belong to any 'religious order' on earth, or if you simply 'profess' your belief in a God of Love, then you need to ask yourself something, being:

"Am I aware that if I believe in God as the 'superpower':

That I must obey God and, - - -
that God is all powerful and, - - -
that I must not abuse others and, - - -
that I must respect all others and, - - -
that I must not steal from others and, - - -
that I must not kill or maim others and, - - -
that I must be merciful and forgiving and, - - -
that I must not retaliate if I am abused and, - - -
that God is omnipotent and omnipresent and, - - -
that God has one Law: "As you do is done unto you" and, - - -
that God 'commands' obedience to His Word of 'Peace' and, - - -
that God commands me to never disturb the peace of others, - - -
that I MUST place the Command of God above any 'edicts' of men.

Then ask yourself, if I believe the above then why do I deny God my belief and His command, and defy God by conforming to the contradictory beliefs and policies of others who have raised up Institutions within which they are Ruled by rules that enable them to tax, seize, fine, punish, wage war, and kill"?

You also need to ask yourself:

"Am I aware that if I conform to their 'rules,' by paying them their demanded licence fees or royalty duties or taxing monies, that I am in fact supporting their anti-God activities and I am not 'living' my own 'religious' belief"?

Can you see that you are being forced by precedent and ignorance, and being coerced by threat of fine & punishment for non-compliance into disobeying your God, and you are thus 'following' a false God (The Devil)?

Can you see that by following this false God and supporting its 'terrorist' and anti-God activities, that under its one Law of "As you do is done unto you" that you daily 'accrue' more suffering & loss dues?

To become free from slavery, and safe from falling into the Abyss for eternity, you must withdraw from 'belonging to' any Institution of man that has controlling or punitive rules and, - -- withdraw from 'belonging to' any religious Institutional body, for all exert 'control,' and every religious 'club' or 'order' separates you from others and causes friction.

You need to simply be, - - - be a person true to the God of Love who shows God  by their daily 'living' deed that they are peaceful & compassionate & merciful & forgiving to those yet 'sinning.' Thus you need no rituals of man to conform to.

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~ Absolute 'Power' ~

The use of absolute negative and destructive power is solely the prerogative of the Creator, for He is also the Destroyer, and the only ONE self 'permitted' to use His own dark, punitive and destructive energy without 'suffering' the consequence of His 'eye for an eye' Law, that is only applicable to 'us' his children.

It is the vain, proud and arrogant dark energy named 'sin' within man that is the 'controlling' forceful and destructive power, and it shows its 'face' in men that strut around with their minds bound by IT to the point, that they believe that they are 'as' God. These men are the politicians, kings, chiefs, and other mortals that 'vociferously' issue their dictates to all and sundry via their 'rulings,' and  they control mankind and cause great harm and suffering.

Other mortals that display their arrogance to God are those that go forth with gun on hip and impose strictures upon any that they are inspired to or, that they are forced to by rules in a text book. The 'righteous' and justifiable use of 'power' has become so 'set' by past precedent that men no longer believe that its use is in contravention of God's decree.

Man now foolishly believe that the 'empowerment' granted unto them by a 'Constitution' or  institutional 'badge of office' and an 'Oath' of duty to rules gives them immunity from or, voids the Law of God. I can only assure them that no man or priest or belief can nullify the absolute Justice of God, and that all now will suffer the consequence of their past and ongoing defiance of the Creator.

Men also now believe falsely that a 'majority vote' overrules the Command of their Creator, and it is I to reinstate THE TRUTH on the matter before all are sent below in disgrace, being those that now continue to use punitive force as they defy the command of the Most High.

Each person needs to ask themself: "Do I really believe that the unfair and 'changeable' rules of man are 'the law' of the land or, - - - is the equitable and 'Just' Law of God 'The Law' of the land"?

Absolute positive power is Wisdom, for when one has the wisdom of the Word as given by me they can become free and remain free from the 'clutches' of the Dark. Foolish are those that so studiously 'peer' into 'books' to see how 'deep' they can 'spear' or 'hook' a brother 'legitimately' with their supposed 'laws.' If I deserve to suffer, then why at your hands? Where is the harmony, where in the love, where is the forgiveness?

I do know that arrogant men only get to understand God's Law when they are 'fingered' by God and find themself in Hell, for they then understand the 'price' of arrogance and ignorance. It is 'time' for each individual to be true to God, their fellow man, and their own soul, rather than to the forceful, punitive and destructive TEXT in books.

Politicians and enforcers are 'protected' by armed gunmen, thus they feel safe in their 'sacred' duty to rules, but none are 'aware' of 'why' and how God is to 'defeat' them and cast them into the 'oblivion' PIT.

Maybe I can save a few if they make a little effort to try and understand my divinity and my insight.

I have said enough, and I do not need to make use of any 'forceful power,' for my 'person' and pen is meek and humble and, any that defy it and its absolute positive authority will surely 'stumble,' and their 'spirits' will crumble in agonising despair when they fall, and they then see the 'bed' that their own mind and their own actions did for them prepare.

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~ The indictment of God against man ~

This is I the man to now man judge by bringing forth God’s "edict," being God’s indictment against man who did his own soul "smudge" with deepening sin as he turned away from God’s Light that was in his soul. The indictment does read:

"You did seed evil by your personal actions against mankind.
You did thus bind your own soul over to the Devil who was the one who inspired you to others abuse.
You did thus lose your freedom to walk as a free spirit.

You thus are now to receive your "Just" punishment as foretold by ME your God of Isaac and Abraham.
You now will be cast into the Lions pit where you will be incarcerated for a time and a "bit."
You will also be mauled and will suffer pain until you have paid your full due.

You will also by the darkness be "incited" to retaliate. If you do retaliate from the arrogance of your sin within then your "jailer" ME, the invisible God you cannot see will bind you for an eternity or two.

You by ME your God are now "reduced" to less than human until you not only pay your dues but also heed my dove who on earth does plod.

You by ME are also now further warned that any of you who scheme or plot to bring others down will for sure forsake your own soul and will suffer a painful fate both night and night for there is only darkness below where all do fight.

I God have spoken today and it is today that the forces of darkness are unleashed to make you all pay for your wickedness.

Be advised that the WORD "forgiveness by me" does not exist in Me, that is a word inspired by the deceiver you cannot see. I always say: "YOU must forgive your enemy if in heaven you would live."

Heed now the dove who on earth does my wisdom and truth give. He will tell you how to pray so that you as he can stand calm when lions come your way.

MY indictment has been given to you by my judge who is eternally true, and his WORD now spoken cannot by any million trillion men be broken."

Father God

The magistrate and his 'enforcers' need to realise 'who' they are working for:

Is it for the people of Tasmania? - NO
Is it for the 'State'? - NO
Is it for the 'wage' they earn? - NO
Is it for the 'benefit' of humanity? - NO
Is it for the 'text' in the books of rules? - NO
Is it for the politicians that raised up the rules? - NO
Is it for the merciful and beneficent source of invisible Light of God? - NO
Is it for the Devil that inspired the punitive rulings? - YES

The magistrate and his 'enforcers' need to 'ask' themselves:

In the course of my 'duty' to the Text in the rule book am I above ITS 'rule' rulings? - NO
In the course of my 'duty' to the Text in the rule book am I above the Law of God? - NO
Is the Devil that inspired the punitive rulings the ONE to 'ahead' punish me equally? - YES

Let it be clearly understood that when kings, chiefs, 'mandarins' or politicians invoke 'statutes' having punitive 'decrees' attached that send forth your 'servants' the armed police force to arrest and imprison people, and thus set these 'unfortunates' upon the trail of TORTURE & TEARS then, rest 'assured' of the Just outcome being, - - -

Demonic forces in dark spiritual wastelands below do know, and they then gather around and sharpen their 'spears' in readiness for THE DAY when you come their way in the after life, and they for sure will make you endure the 'Justice' of TORTURE & TEARS as you 'pay up' your spiritual dues.

Do you wish to follow God or men?
Do you wish to adore God or men?
Do you wish to bow to God or men?
Do you wish to believe in God or men?
Do you wish to trust in God or men?

Only those that can 'humble' themselves before God and man will be saved.

The 'script' written by man in TEXT books is their own 'dictate' unto themselves as to HOW they will fall. For 'as' the TEXT books DICTATE and are 'followed,' - - - similarly does God impose His ruling Law upon all. The earthly 'majesty' rules with sword and gun, no 'wonder' all 'followers of men' fall 'undone.'

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~ Understanding the 'Judgement' of God ~

Let the difference between the 'judgement' of man v/s God's judgement be clearly exposed for what it is by me, and let it be understood by vain ignorant man 'how' God 'judges,' and 'how' said Judgement is 'forcefully' backed.

The 'separation' of souls judgement wherein 'some' are elevated to the Light and others 'fall' into the Abyss is not 'The Law of God' being fulfilled, it is simply the fulfillment of the consequence of either bowing in submission to God's Command or going ones way 'living' in defiance of it.

For the 'Law' of God is simply the 'activity' result consequence of either bowing in submission to God's Command or going ones way in defiance of it. In that one either receives a 'blessing' for loving deeds done unto others or, a painful punitive return 'punishment' for having inflicted the same upon another, and this is always a 'Just' and equitable equal return for ones benign or malignant actions.

The 'judgement' consequence for nonconformity to the dictates of men that is imposed by vain and ignorant magistrates or other non-believers in God's LOVE and mercy and forgiveness  code of conduct is neither benign nor 'Just,' for in the eyes of God, if I owed God $ 11, then He would extract that same and equal amount within His Law.

So for man, the 'magisterial' judgements imposed are purely vindictiveness and the coercive threat to 'comply or cry,' for why would a person be judged as a 'criminal' and be 'transported' to Tasmania from England for a life sentence of suffering, when they had only stolen a chicken or an egg? Why 'else' would I be 'jailed' for failing to pay $11 or, failing to 'pay up' the subsequent fines imposed?

Let it be clearly understood, the 'Judgement' by God contains NO vindictiveness, for it is purely the consequence of the RESULT of your own ACTIONS, in that the 'energy' of God that you draw into your soul as the result of your 'actions' is self imposed and, His judgement through my 'pen' is simply a factual and 'educated' observation.*

Note: 'educated' observation.* - It is an 'educated observation' that an ignorant man that is 'paddling his canoe' far away from the river bank and 'daydreaming' at the same time, always fails to see that the water is speeding up as it approaches the waterfall just around the bend, and once they do 'hear' its 'roar' it is too late to turn aside and reach the river bank or to go back.

 It is an 'educated observation' that a 'blindfolded' man walking along a path in the forest will definitely place his foot in the 'tiger' size 'gin trap' snare.

In the foreknowledge that the Justice of God is absolute and immutable, it is an 'educated observation' that every person that gave any other a shark 'bite' due to their position of 'power,' failed to see the 'masses' of bigger sharks gathering around to feast on them

I AM the ONLY one with the inner sight that is able to see into the 'inner workings' of God's energy, for that 'privy' has been revealed unto me due to my divinity. For I see the energy 'flow' that as a 'cancer' or as a 'flower' does grow within the soul of man depending upon their daily activity.

The ONE of Light energy refines your inner vibration, and the other of Dark energy coarsens it, thus you in fact send your own soul to HELL or to HEAVEN and, the 'reason' why there is to BE an eternity long separation of souls is revealed by me as being: The RESULT of the activity of the 'energy of God' that is presently in an 'expansive' and creative mode that 'occurs' each eternity or so and, - - -

It is ONLY during this time frame that you have the opportunity of IT purging out the darkness (sin, negative emotions) that your 'spirit' has foolishly been drawing in over many millennia and, - - - you have ALL been drawn further from the light as you walked the wrong merciless and warring way, and you are yet ALL on the road to HELL and, - - -

ONLY if you now conform to God's 'ask' as you humble yourself to my 'pen' that is His voice speaking personally to you, will you be able to set yourself free from your presently destined 'fate.' Try and realise that your spirit soul has existed in spiritual levels for millennia prior to entering the biological flesh of this realm.

Please 'turn' you vessel around to 'safety' before it is too late.

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If you are NOT ABLE to amend your ways within the '60' Clemency days, then the 'Judgement' seen by God and confirmed by me is simply a 'fait accompli' by the DARK due to the FACT that, - - - you will be bound more by the DARK energy each day as you continue to draw IT into your soul, as you 'reject, rebuke, deny' my pearl of hope and wisdom placed upon your plate.

The 60 days Clemency 'time' is simply the maximum amount of time that any person will have to seed their minds with the wisdom I give. For if your 'consciousness' is unable to comprehend or accept its validity* in that amount of time, then it will fail to be able to do so later as turmoil, aggression, confrontation and terror explodes over every land.

Note: its validity* - The truth as contained within two pages of text, being the 'Brief Summary' of God's message.

Try and understand that the power of the Light is expanding with a tremendous creative forcefulness, and that is what is purging your soul of the dark energy you drew in through your arrogance, ignorance and false beliefs but, - - - at the same time the power of the DARK is 'constricting' with a tremendous destructive forcefulness, and is becoming more controlling, turbulent, wrathful, terrible, deceptive and destructive, and as you are using its 'forceful' power against others 'justifiably or otherwise,' then its 'grip' will strangle you slowly but as surely as a giant python and you will be unable to extricate yourself.

The power of the energy of the Serpent is absolute, and if you draw 'enough' of it into your soul it expunges your 'free thinking' capacity.
The capacity for it to keep you 'spell' bound to continue being its 'operative' becomes absolute if you cannot 'break' the spell now.
The power of the energy of the Serpent is absolute, and if you draw 'enough' of it into your soul its 'vibration' weight drags your soul down to ITS level.

Its power already binding you is its 'dark' emotional feelings that already exist within you. The greatest being FEAR, and for you to implement 'change' and 'release' yourself from persecuting me, you will 'fear' losing 'face' with your peers. You will 'fear' ridicule, and you are already bound by its 'vindictiveness.'

You are bound by past precedents and false beliefs, you are deceived into believing that it is 'justice' to punish. The 'book' of rules you 'swore' to uphold are seen by you as more sacred than the sacred duty to your own soul, God, and others.

If you 'think' that I am not the ONE that has come from the INNER SUN, it is ERROR of thoughts.
If you 'think' that you have the mental or emotional 'option' to change your ways after the '60' days, it is ERROR of thoughts.

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If all the 'effort' taken by me is not enough for you to be 'caught' in my cast net then for a 'while' I will 'pity' you but in truth, your name will over time be lost in oblivion, along with the multitudes of others that see me as a 'fool' as they continue to 'bow' at the footstool of Satan.

Please try and believe me when I say that neither God, me, nor any 'angel' sits in 'judgement' of any person. Only man sits in a 'high' stool 'lording' himself as a 'strutting peacock,'* judging others for the purpose of their punishment, banishment from society, or death.

Note: peacock'* - The 'epitome' of the Serpent, that is 'brilliant' in its disguise, but its 'voice' is harsh as it callously, cruelly, dispassionately, unconscionably and uncompromisingly metes out its 'judgements' via the mind of vain men.

There is NO person standing at the 'pearly gates' directing people through one door or another, there is NO God doing it either, it is simply the energetic power of the Light or Dark energy within your own soul that is 'irresistibly' drawn to its 'magnetic' and thus equal level within the vast frame of the ENERGY OF THE SOURCE, within which there are real 'worlds' inhabited by spirit people of the same 'ilk' and 'belief' as yourself.

Be it ongoing 'turmoil & war & destruction & control & suffering' or, ongoing 'peace & harmony & freedom & joy & happiness.'

Irrespective of 'which' realm you arrive at, if it is outside the purest level you cannot 'rise up' unless you are capable of conforming to my wisdom, and any person in any spiritual realm outside heaven that continues on their road to 'perdition' due to the fact that their activity is 'rendition, retribution, punitive, invasive, aggressive, critical, judgmental, punitive, controlling or warlike, will continue to be 'deceived' and justified in their activities, and they will draw in more 'sin' (negative energy) and fall into lower realms over endless time until they are 'crushed' into submission by the 'weight' of God's energy, and their shrieks of agony will be unheard..

Professing your 'faith' or 'belief' in God has naught to do with religion nor your Salvation, it is purely a matter of your code of conduct 'policy' ACTIVITY that shows you 'which' energy aspect of the source your are using. One is benign and kind and peaceful, the other is malignant and aggressive and punitive.

Are you a 'man' of Peace or are you an 'enforcer' engaged in persecution?

When we (the enlightened) see others 'out of control' or being violent, aggressive, cruel, invasive, punitive, controlling, and warlike, we educate them so as to set them free from the darkness that binds them mentally and emotionally so as to save their souls.

We know that if we were to punish them then we would be 'equally' punished within the Law of God's ENERGY and, - - - we also know that if we used His punitive and forceful energy, that IT would 'grow' within our soul as a 'cancer,' that would if 'unchecked' lead us to spiritual death.

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