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~ The 'Property liquidation' Submission ~
To Council electors & Council workers & Court magistrates.

Reference property liquidation claims

Dear all, I am in the "happy" position of being able to bring to your attention a very sorry and sad and insane situation. This I do and am happy to so do, as I believe that my "indisposition" places you all in a better position to review the current "status" of the inhuman race.

Being that "we" the people and those elected to serve us are all complicit to acts of theft that the Council/System employees state are being done at the "request" of their electors and for the benefit of their electors as they "sell-up" rates defaulters and evict others at their 'whim' simply because they believe the dwelling is unsafe.

I ask, why would you or I "pay" another for the "service of" not only being penalised for any non-compliance to "edicts" raised by them, but also why would we include an agreement to our goods & chattels being seized by them on our behalf for forfeiture if we comply not to their way/mode of operation?

It is insane to so believe. Thus we all have been deceived into the false belief that just because we abide within an area that they or "someone" designates as within their jurisdiction, that we must comply to their dictates and demands that are all issued with a reprimand.

If it is the "case" that the State government System and local Councils believe that we and our properties are theirs, and thus we have to pay them an annual "rental," then that too is insanity brought on by their vanity as well as our past "precedent" set, due to our ignorance and fear of reprisal.

I do also believe that when any Government "minister" or Council "operator" takes on their "Mandated" role, that they somehow believe that they stand above the Law of God. This they must believe, or they would not empower themselves to make "us" the community bleed.

They do empower themselves, but unfortunately as they and "us" have in the past assumed their role to be "Caring & for the good of all," that we have "permitted" this sorry "state" to go on and on, and now we all fall undone as the "take" increases annually.

To Toppage 15

Not only this, but as we "unknowingly" condone their punitive actions against "defaulters" such as I am perceived to be, that we all are accomplices, being a "party to" their crimes in God's eyes.

For God says: "Mandated or not, any who 'plot' to steal funds or goods & chattels off others will suffer the same fate under my One Law: 'As you do is done unto you."

So it has been a decision on my part in the past to "withdraw" from being a "party to" this swindle off the community, as I do not hold God's Law with/in 'impunity' as I know of its absoluteness.

Neither do I wish to be a "party to" the Dark System hounding any of you in the event that for any reason you are unable to meet the obligations they the Council place upon you.

I do believe that we must "release" the Council employees from the burden of negative punitive responsibility they have placed themselves in. This they have done through their own legislated acts. This we do by popular consensus* as well as by doing it as I did, by withdrawing from its 'way' and demands if you so choose.

Note: popular consensus*- Revoke all prior and 'standing' rules and revoke the regulatory & dictatorial & punitive authority of the Council workers.

I say withdrawing, for I do believe that the Council and or any government "body" is but a Service Provider, and if I do not wish to use it or its services then I am free to go my own way or "state" how much I will pay for the service.

If I am a "slave" to it due to "it" being an Autocratic Dictatorship that imposes its rules and demands upon all, then it is time for it and its "rules" to popularly fall.

We all know that we should aid the community by "offering" monetary funds for its welfare, but imposed extortionist demands using a force of arms is definitely the wrong way, and I personally do not wish to fund "such" an organisation any day.

Let us therefore all now "face" the reality, that any Council or System needs be "run" using the welfare donations of the public it serves. It therefore must 'cut its coat to suit the cloth,' and if the cloth available is minimal due to people's contributions being low, then the "coat" will have to be a smaller one.

I ask the electorate to stand upright and advise the councillors unwise that you do not "support" any punitive measures against any other sister or brother, and if any person in any "department" takes it upon themselves to seize goods via the Courts of man that they defy God's "Only love" plan and they will stand alone in God's "dock" at the time appointed by God.

To Toppage 16

~ The Council Treatise ~

Let it here be known that the past 'ways' sown by every 'authority' was an imposition imposed upon man by the Dark overlord working through powers thought the 'norm.'

Let it here be known that man deserved this negative imposition of control & restriction as his 'due' under the Karmic Law of God "As you do is done unto you."

Let it here be known that the Light of God does at this moment of time 'issue forth' Its 'Decree' to set ignorant man free from his bondage and servitude to the invisible dark overlord.

Let it here be known that it is now my decree that 'overthrows' all acts and regulation imposed upon every town or city community and as "we" the people rescind these punitive acts we will replace them with our own needs as we seed light and love and respect for God's other children and make amends on an individual basis.

Let it here be known that there is now to be no other 'Authority of impropriety' sowing its demands of compliance, and thus "we" now will via a body of community elders raise up 'tasks' for our elected community employees that will not be regulated by any other authoritative body from 'another' place.

Let it here be known that no other "body" owns the lands upon which we live and thus there is no more land tax to be paid in "fealty" to any other.

Let it here be known that 'each' person may go his/her way without any control or demand from any other on any day, be they a passer-by or a property owner in a village or elsewhere.

Let it here be known that each village or town need to raise up a "fresh" body of elected wise men who for free will give their 'wise' energy as guidance to the manner in which the funds given donated by the community are spent.

Let each community now fund their own 'Community chest' and make no demands upon any 'higher' authority for financial or other support.

To Toppage 17

Present day "Councils" are businesses that demand their "pay" and then say: "This is what we can do for you and by the way, if you 'fail' to comply to our expectations we will punish you, using the 'force' raised up by you to protect you from wolves like us.

Now is the "turnaround" where we the community will "sack" the false administrators, be they the Council management or the State controllers and thus de-power our servants them, and replace them with fresh faces who will do what they are paid to do. We will also abolish all rules and regulations for all are untrue.

It is not for any "servant" to demand their working fund base and neither is it for them to show their employer "lack of grace."

Let each community worker now see that no "service" is for free, but also that the Service department "raised-up" is that, a service provider not an "exciser."

Every Council and government department has "mutinied" and seized control and now dictates their policies & agendas, thus "usurping" their mandate.

Councils have "married" State governments and joined them in the "tax take off" and "control of" the people they were elected to serve. Please now seek deeply and come to a personal decision as to your deeds each day as the 'dark one' via It's earthy forces has It's say.

The "Council" and you and I are controlled by State legislation, thus even if "we" seek change and this is "agreed to" by the councillors and Council manager, the "State" lads will "derange" for any "change" will impinge upon their "decrees & dictates." They cannot "afford" to lose control.

Thus you begin to see how all men in all "positions of office" have been "bound" by the enacted decisions of others who were "inspired" by the Dark retributive "Arm of God" that does work through the mind of ignorant man.

This "Higher Authority" is self-empowered to legislate and control and berate all God's children whom defy the "Only love" Commandment.

To Toppage 18

So all community members in every 'village' on earth are subject to and "subjected to" painful unwanted regulation & control, and the more we "acquiesce" to this imposition and support its way by "free giving" taxes & rate demands etc, the "heavier" becomes the penalty God imposes.

The only way "out" of the escalating "nightmare" is to first understand what I am talking about and then make a personally informed decision as to your personal path from this day on. Be you the "simple" man as me living in Pyengana, or the local Council manager, or the politician who presently "deals the cards" for the Dark side of the Source.

Each stands naked before God and dependant upon your now & "future" actions will "determine" on/in which realm you will "plod" or "fly" when your spirit soul departs the flesh of this realm.

If you "heed" the God of Light with the advice now given you will one day become "men" free. However, if this you would do then the "forces" of the Dark one being those paid to punish all who defy the rules will be "sent" to "try" you in a Court of man and you may be made to suffer financial loss and emotional grief. I will now be "brief," there is only one way to go if "Heaven" you would get to know.

You must personally Sow no negativity and thus you must abuse none, even if they would bring you "undone."

You must personally advise your "Council" that any "donation" to their coffers must from now on be used only to aid the community and not be used to "bring to account" others who "default."

You must personally stop paying any "licence fee" demanded as a requirement to operate or carry out any business or other venture.

You must personally stop paying any "land tax or rates or income tax" for this is being inappropriately used to fund retributive acts against others in other lands as well as this land. (Anti-Christ acts).

You must only aid your local and/or greater community by donating freely as much as you can from your earned income or savings to a "wise" council of men to use for the welfare of the community.

To Toppage 19

~ Summary ~
To aid the National Government of all Countries on Earth

The imposition of heavy taxes, licence fees, regulations and empowering of individuals with the authority to "decide" another's actions, are very "ungodly" negative, restrictive, controlling processes.

This leads to powerful manipulative governing bodies who are "heavily" funded to the extent, that the "weight" of funds available and the ease with which it is forcefully "gained," blinds them to reality.

The governing organisations have become more important than the people they intended to serve. Its "Top guns" see neither the needs of the people, nor the eventual collapse of the "rort." They only see the need to service their own ever increasing ideas and demands for gain over other people and places.

This leads to the strangulation of the business sector through the imposition of up-front licence charges, fines for defaulters, goods and services Tax hidden as "Sales Tax," and the ever increasing Income and Licensing and Rates Taxation.

Thus are wages and rents on buildings increased to "keep up." Trading profits fall, and eventually a "forced sale" occurs, all detrimental to employment and progress. The "cow" is milked dry. The employees of the National, State and Local Government "Controlling Body" of the people, have become so many, that they "need" to increase taxation in every way in order to survive, and keep their pay packet alive.

Income Taxes are "taken" out of every community chest by central governing bodies for equitable distribution. Due to misuse, vast sums are "wasted" on the "merry go round," and there is little enough returning to the communities from which they were drawn.

There are too many people living "off" the community cupboard. These are not only the unemployed who are in that invidious position through circumstance, they are the vast army of "Tax officials, accountants, lawyers, armed forces, politicians, advisory bodies, religious bodies, welfare agencies" etc etc, who are "needed" by the nature of the society as it has evolved, because "man" is inspired through fear, greed, arrogance and ignorance, and walks not in God's Light.

This causing the community to become "Strangled," and unemployment has increased and money becomes worth 'less.' This negative control will only be fully "destroyed" through the violent changes that will soon take place as the economy of each country collapses from mismanagement, and the confrontation to come as the mind of man comes under greater telepathic subjugation by a very dark, alien, and totally destructive invisible demonic force, a force that will turn man against man for a time.

Any public servant of the people who 'sells off' any of the national assets of the people for any reason, is irresponsible, committing a fraudulent and treasonable act, and should be "voted out" by the people. Assets may only be sold at the request of the people and the monies accrued from sales are to be returned to the people as a 'cash' return.

Prior to economic collapse, the "People" need to also understand that "they" can contribute to positive change. They can also have a say as to "how they" would live, and what they wish to contribute, and what they personally desire to do.

Let the people speak up.! It may be that none will listen to their individual voice, but equally, let none tell any what they must "do or pay." The abolishment of all "licence fees" and control will immediately "permit" free movement in the areas of unrestricted personal "expression" that will quickly show an improvement in the cash flow of the local community.

To Toppage 20

Certainly there will be charges such as for road users, and fees paid to carriers of persons and property. It is the debilitating "Take" that is demanded prior to any "expression" that is to halt.

The community needs to "fund" progress, rather than funding controlling bodies, and "others" armed forces of control.

Progress is "funded" through non-restrictive action, the freedom of being able to "Act" without being forced to pay "up front" licences.

Progress is "funded" through people having more "Spare" money available to "purchase and trade" as well as to expand ones business that will thus employ more people.

Progress is funded by abolishing all Sales Taxes. This will ensure that business people as well as the community members have more funds available to spend and give, all items will cost less, as will labour.

Progress is funded by being able to borrow money at a low interest rate or for naught. Thus more "profits" are available to spend rather than wasted "pay back" in loan profits to "lazy" non workers.

How will the needs of the people be funded in the areas that presently are funded by State and Commonwealth being the general public services: Education, Health, Social Security Welfare. etc.?

The people of this planet will "freely give" a percentage of their wages earned, the business community will 'freely' give a percentage of the net income earned as God inspires their mind.

This daily, or weekly, or monthly, or annual amount will be paid into each community "Common wealth" account. This account will be presided over by an elected body of people who represent the local community in each valley or district Council.

The elected Councillors of each community will themselves elect a National Strategic Body to "Serve" the greater community and "use" wisely the funds made available for "Common wealth" use from the local community coffers.

The elected National Body will not necessarily be comprised of well paid individuals. It may well be "overseen" by retired conscientious citizens who will be happy to freely contribute their vast past accrued wisdom to the "Working Departments."

These helpful individuals being sustained by their "own" previously self funded retirement benefit or social security.

After the "Great war" is over, after all darkness has destroyed itself off the face of this planet, then all hearts will be loving and at peace. There will be no armed forces or policing agencies on earth.

Countries will be named for "convenience" only. There will be no restriction of movement of people, all free to come and go. There will be no passports and no "Rights" to the seas around land areas.

There will be no "darkness" left in any soul, thus no wish to "intrude" upon others, and truly, then each soul is "free."

A "little" will go a long way
no more "wasters" who control all through their say.


To Toppage 21

~ Regulatory Intent ~

The "intent" of any regulatory "Act," is primarily to "assist" the "Regulator" to entrap a defaulter in order to raise funds for the State through "fines" and "theft by seizure." Secondarily, an "Act" is for the purpose of penalising the defaulter.

Most "Acts" are worded in such a "cunningly" loose way as to leave plenty of scope for "misuse," disputes, litigation, and the "adding" of further enactments.

Any seeking to "Solicit" the services of the "hawk like" legal system soon find that they become "easy $ pickings" for the sorry egotistical souls of no conscience who cannot resist the temptation to freely "take" from their pitiful clients.

Few "Solicitors" are "of conscience." Clients have been "egged on" so frequently with their seemingly virtuous "instructions" that say: "You have a right to fight, and we will make demands for you," that all have "forgotten" that God says:

'Forgive those who abuse or destroy, if in heaven you would live.'

The resulting never ending ungodly "fight" for the $ always ends up with another financial loss to public and community coffers, and the "Spiritual debasement" of spirit and soul of any involved in the "action."

No community "body" should be "allowed" to use public funds for the purpose of employing any to either "Solicit payment from another person," or to "employ any to fight for them." (I.e.. to pay solicitors fees, or protection monies for armed services.)

All are to stand before God and take what comes in a "Godly manner." God says: "Go as a Lamb to the slaughter," that means non-retaliation. Be it verbal, physical or financial.* (Make no 'enforceable' claim upon another)

All "Acts" that have been incorporated into the "Community Legal Systems" of this planet are "of" the "Negative Dark one," the "Ungodly one." That ONE is now to destroy the very system that it built to cause us pain, and any whom it "used" to so do, were vain.

They too will now be destroyed along with the System by the "dark one" who will "operate" telepathically through the minds of man. This "negative inspiration" will erupt in the form of frenzied insanity. Woe unto any that continue to defy God and control, extort, punish, seize, or wage war.

It is the "People" who elect "others" to "Serve" them responsibly, but the "Servants" find themselves in positions of power through the "Enacted System" that regulates and binds them and all the people via the 'rule book.'

For so long now have some "Servants" in government positions usurped their authority by enacting "Act after Act" to control and manipulate the populace, that the "People" have become blinded also.  Blinded to the "reality" of the situation, being that they unthinkingly believe that they "have to comply" to the ever increasing demands of the one who has become their "Master."

The "Master" who serves us up an ever increasing demand for more $ through manipulative control is not the people we employ. It is the "dark force" that enacts Its "wishes and whims" telepathically through the mind of the human race, via emotions of vanity, greed, etc.

Its debilitating negative growth can only be stopped by the positive "actions" of the people.

To Toppage 22

~ Council control ~

Present day local "Council" in every land is an organisation that not only itself extracts monies off the community for a variety of reasons, but itself is also "subject to" control by "greater" State body legislators who decide "the amount" of land rate taxes that are to be paid.

Council also provides essential services that is its primary role, but regrettably due to greed and other forces it also demands additional charges for services rendered that should be "free" to the public.

An important item in any community is the place 'space' needed to bury the departed, any such "plot" needs be free, for in reality there are acres and acres of God's country so "why" does the bereaved have to pay "hundreds" of dollars for a 2 x 1 metre space?

All a part of the "sorry" state of humanity who will all be "late" for heaven's gate unless they can see that Public Works Department employees who receive their daily pay do not need "double" pay on any day, neither does the "department" need to see the "use" of their services as attracting another "theft by servant" demand off the public.

The entire Council "fee" program expectation off the community for building inspection or approval etc must cease. If the community "employs" a full-time building or health inspector then their inspection "visit" must be free and it must also only be advisory.

If the community does not wish to fund a "permanent" inspector of works then "builders or renovators" who seek advice will needs find professionals in the public sector. There must be no "compliance" demand that any building is "passed" or approved.

Construction by an "idiot" must be "permitted" to be. "Buyer beware" is what God says is the new way to be. If any person purchases a tumble down "shack" that falls on their head the first day they go to bed, then that was their karmic fate, and it is not for them or any other to the seller berate.

There is too much money "stolen" in the guise of a protectionist viewpoint that has "led" to many a soul's journey being mis-directed through control of others. Adults are adults; they need no "System" to be their fathers or mothers.

View any "Council" web site today and you see that all they "offer" is the amount you have to pay, and the "fine" for default on any day.

Truly our "servants" have weak minds and see not the satanic "binds" they place upon themselves and you for supporting their negatively geared way.

All "punitive" measures of control that presently are in "vogue" in Council Bye-laws etc are to be abolished. At present every "Council" is a "body" of unwise men following the false way of their "lost" forefathers.

The new way will be a true "Break of Day" when the elected community servers will be meek, and will only be "used" for public works and community welfare. All "general rates taxes" will cease and all public "works" and workers will be funded by good-will donations only.

The only "items" God wishes to see "listed" on any community service 'centre' is either educational, directional or, the services offered as available in that earthly location. No "fee" demands, or reprimands or punitive threats for non-compliance.

To Toppage 23

~ Democracy ~

Democracy means: Government by the people, or their elected representatives who "favour" the popular wishes of the people.

AND it means: The freedom to live according to your own beliefs and wishes, wants, needs.

No person 'today' has the democratic freedom to do anything because rules 'rule' with an 'iron fist,' and they demand that all first PAY a 'fee' to the 'somebody' in ABSOLUTE CONTROL.  Being those upholding the 'rules' by 'force of arms.'

Autocracy means: Ruled by an absolute despotic authoritative "one."
One who represents their own interests first.
Being those that 'invoke' the controlling rules with their 'pen' stroke.

All who state that they are "democratically" elected are but power hungry "wolves" in sheep's clothing, arrogant souls who promise all prior to election, and once in office, they exercise their absolute power using enforced authority.

Democracy is having the "choice" to heed the Dark one, or the Light's "voice." Thus one can only a "democrat" be when of inner darkness one is free. For then one can 'choose' to live in heaven and none abuse. But, before "that" day, those supposed "democrats" heed the "power play" from the land below, and this I do know.

For the Dark "Overlord" is the wielder of the sword, and he has a "forked" tongue through which every mind is "Stung." So all the word "democracy use, but in reality with power they control and "abuse" you and I.

Yes the "elect," abuse us, the ones they should "protect as on the word 'respect' they reflect."

Protect every day by "being" God's loving way, as they democratically "Serve" goodness unto all, and do not "swerve" away from God's Command as they so often do with a reprimand.

So as yet there is no democracy. This I the "elected" do say and see. Only the God of Light democratic be, and shines Her love onto all freely.

To Toppage 24

~ Insight summary ~

Every government of the present day has become a giant corporation that intrudes in every way into the "works" and daily doings of the human race.

As this it does it "holds" a mace over the heads of the community it was supposed to serve. But due to greed and expansionist ideas and false promises to "give" more to the community, it no longer is able to be a "simple" public service and has become a negative controller who extorts more and more money from every aspect of living.

Any whom "fail" to pay-up the never-ending licence and other fees imposed by legislated 'rules' are made to pay-up a fine and or be incarcerated in default.

This whole "way" is a part of the retributive 'arm' of the Source working through "powers" thought the norm. They are the norm in the dark realms below where all are enslaved to eternal "loss" and pain.

To gain ones freedom from the control of this punitive system is very difficult, for the more one has supported its way, the more our "dues" we have to pay before God permits us "freedom." (Dues of loss & pain).

So it is God now to destroy this dark system and at the same time "flay" the backs of all of you whom did support it by paying the tax demands and all whom continue to support it.

For all "its" daily "theft by servant" off others or "punishment of others" is on your behalf. (The system is your servant if you vote any "party" into office or if you "freely" pay taxes).

As said, today every Authority on earth is God's Dark retributive force at work through the minds of the ignorant and arrogant who see not their defiance of God's Holy Word: "Be kind & loving & merciful" etc.

Its "work" (The Dark energy essence) is control, regulation, threats, extortion of money & goods, and to punish or destroy any whom "it" so chooses to as it telepathically controls its 'workers' in the flesh. None seeing its "hidden" invisible power.

The Dark side of the Source is self-empowered to be our "master" through our choice, and we "choose" to be ITS "slaves" when we defy the Command of God's Light that says: "Steal naught off others and be merciful & compassionate & forgiving to others, for if this you fail to do, then you sell your own soul into bondage to IT the Dark overlord who wields a powerful, merciless, vengeful sword."

So as all can see today, we all "ask" the Authority to be our "Saviour" and to protect us and to punish other offenders. No "taxpayer" is a believer in the God of Light for if they were; they would not "pay" towards upholding the Authority controlled by the Dark.

They would only pay towards a true community "body" that was educational, advisory, and one that was of true service to the community by public works "supply & maintenance."

To Toppage 25

Our present "due" now accrued is that we must all suffer for condoning the use of force. We must also "pay" endless fees because we pay "servants" to steal off others. We only halt this process when we "withdraw" our fiscal support of this regime, be it Council or State government.

God's ONE Law is immutable: "As we do is done unto us."

Let us now halt our fiscal economic support of every "Authority" of impropriety and only fund wise men in our local community so that against "poverty" we gain some immunity.

If we make any "demand" upon any other then we are "still" working for the devilish dark force. If you are in need of any "funding" then only hold out a "begging bowl" and ask for assistance.

Go your way in peace giving as much as you can to your community "chest." For if you grease your lips or your hands in negative expression then never will you find release from the "Authority" that will impoverish you here and, when you pass-over from this "realm" you will be sent into a dark miserable place where all thieves go and all there abuse each other in perpetuity.

Every government "department" is an "authority" unto itself. It "commands" and demands that all under its "jurisdiction" must comply to its edicts (rules & regulations) and any whom seek to do their "own" thing may so do but the department will them punitively "sting" by pecuniary extortion or confiscation of goods or incarceration.

All licence "fee" legislation and punitive $ fee or "jail" is the inspiration of, and the "means" whereby the Dark force extracts its "dues" via ITS earthly System.

You only "owe" IT (symbolised by Caesar) a due when in your past you gave-in to its threats and demands to pay it "something" and thus you supported its "way."

So the "Dark" has a right to demand more of you due to your use of its force to extract money off others and your use of its 'force of arms' to protect you and kill or maim others.

Soon there will be none to "govern & control," only the meek who will truly serve their God and their community by either aiding in community welfare programs or by serving in public works "utilities" that are part of the community endeavor: Roads, lighting, postal, rail, water supply, waste collection, schools, hospitals etc. All to be "run" on a cost only basis.

From now on only pay a contribution to community elders who use the funds solely for public works departments or education etc. Do not "fund" any "group" seeking legal "redress" from others or involved in any fine or punishment or licence 'fee' process.

Set yourself free from every authority peacefully.

To Toppage 26

~ Community awareness ~

The time is here for each community member to "arrive" at a personally informed "decision" that will have for them a very definite result, for soon there will be a "polarisation" of forces based on belief; good men with good intent, bad men with evil intent, and "Never the twain will ever meet again" as their "beliefs" will be totally "contra" the other.

Man now sees how Federal & State & local Councils are not only imposing more control via restriction and regulation, but also are demanding more by licence "fee" or more by "fine" for any non-compliance to their encoded rules.

Who are these enslavers/rulers? The public need to ask themselves: "Is it sanity for a twelve year old lad to have to comply to a Council edict that demands he take out a public liability insurance policy for $5 million before he can sell his mother's roses outside their dwelling place"?

Is it sane when a ten year old wishes to sell little bundles of firewood from his nearby petrol station "precinct" and is told by the local Council that he cannot so do unless they are "packaged" showing their weight content?

And is it sane for the Council to impose a $20,000 fine threat upon the Service Station proprietor if they "agree" and thus permit the sale of such "unweighed" goods?

The time has come for all to see that "insanity" has overtaken the minds of the legislators who desperately need spiritual psychiatric "help."

Did any of "you" abrogate your life's way to the "thoughts" of any legislator? NO, so why do you comply with any of their "ideas" that are enshrined in their unholy books?

It is truly the time to "throw out and away" all unholy books of "Bye laws" or "Laws or rules of men" and begin to make a plan to do whatever you wish to, as long as it is peaceful and does not intrude upon another's land space.

It is time to tell any "enforcers" who send threatening letters to you that they are in error and that you can no longer "submit" to their demands.

It is as said, the time too walk with God, and in this you will do your best to contribute to the local "body" of wise elected people so that they as your servants true can make use of the donations wisely.

No more "talk," no more "fear" of any authority of impropriety. No, just do what your mind and thoughts tell you to. For in reality, if you follow others "thoughts" demands it will be sad for you.

You cannot "plead" to God when following man's negative orders saying: "I was paid to do a job," or "I was just doing what I was told to."

You will be subject to God's law at all times, so to be sure that your actions are "right" with God, let my pen and your enlightened consciousness be your guide.

For the insanity of this "time" is that we "permitted" others to be our "guide" and protector when it was to God we should have looked for direction and protection.

We "blindly" followed the beliefs of others, thinking that it was right to so do, but we now see our error and to avoid more "terror" we must change our way. For there is enough terror coming our way to pay for the error of our past way.

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~ Community Peace Corps ~

At present every community is 'controlled' by a policing police force that is the "strong arm" of the political State and Council scene.

It is a force used to haul-in persons who fail to pay monetary dues "called for," and it is also used to haul-in true offenders, being those who offend God by either stealing from, or abusing others.

Each community now needs to stand apart from the political policing force that impoverishes the community and "raise-up" its own Peace Corps.

Being a "band" of strong men with steady minds who will work solely for the good of the community to assist those who are true offenders by "arresting" these folk and taking them to a place where they can attend a three hour counselling session and then be released without any punishment.

Certainly those presently working in the "police" force may join the new peace "club" and thus earn a true wage. These community "strong- men" will be paid a wage by the community direct from the community coffers.

The entire community will be advised of the new "way" to be, wherein if they "default" by being abusive towards others they will be 'visited' by unarmed men of good intent who seek to aid them.

The community will also be advised that all "erring" will be required to attend a 3-hour Feeling Easier Seminar as per the directive on the 'Offender document' on this web site.

This way those with troubled minds, who find themselves perpetrating negative deeds that may be due to their minds having lost control for a moment of time, will know beforehand of their "fate," and they will not fear being apprehended for all will know that the community as a whole has the intent of education and assistance.

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~ The criminal Council ~

Any Corporate 'body' or employee 'serving' the community within the 'office' that 'bows to,' or uses any 'rule' as an 'excuse' or justification to seize another's property, sell others property, or by threat coerces another, or imposes any punishment in order to obtain monies that they 'perceive' as their due, are criminals in the eyes of God and the wise.

The 'advertised' Public Notice placed in the newspaper containing a "Notice of intention to sell," is in fact a notice of intent to 'steal,' by taking by force and 'selling' property belonging to another, - - - to sell pursuant to 'a' rule:

To 'pursue' as 'mandated' by edicts of satanic men that defy God's sacred pen.

For so 'long' have governing 'bodies' used force to 'extort' their daily wages and fund their endeavors, and for so long have the public 'accepted' this imposition, that none today see that even though the community pay the wages of the Council 'workers,' these council employees actually work for an 'outside' imposing book of RULES that dictate 'policy' to the community.

Thus Council workers are in fact being used as the enforcement 'arm' of State 'rulers' that themselves are all 'controlled' by said RULES. It is now the time to see that this iniquity 'affects' all ratepayers, for it is their monies that are used to fund the persecution of other community members and, - - -

God said that any 'persecution' for any reason leads to suffering as a 'return' due, and that these 'untrue' will be sent below where their suffering will eternally grow.

When Council 'managers' take up their 'post' of indisposition, I wonder if they are aware that 'certain' rules could force them to not only 'threaten' other community members, but that they would be required by said 'rules' to sell* other's property by 'writ' of their own hand?

Note: sell* - Seize by force of arms, steal, confiscate, evict etc. (All abuse of God's children).

Do they really 'believe' that a text written in a 'book' gives them the 'right' to assume 'ownership' of said land, and sell it as if it were theirs, and get away with it spiritually? - - - And, - - -

Did the community they are employed to serve authorise them to 'take up arms' against them for and on behalf of another (the rules)? - NO, but all are so 'used to' being dictated to by RULES, that all now see the 'placing' of an 'Intent to sell' notice as normal. It is arrogant, detestable, and anti-god and, - - -

It 'attracts' an 'eye for an eye' return penalty from God. - None avoid the 'long' arm of God's LAW - "As you do is done unto you."

I also 'wonder' whether the 'signatory' to the 'Notice,' being the Council 'manager' or the public are aware that the 'funds' used to prosecute are also stolen from the public purse. For presumably, all monies collected annually are solely for the welfare and 'upkeep' of community services.

Are any of the community aware that any 'theft by servant' of another's property or fine or punishment carried out by 'employees' that are their 'servants' means that in God's eyes they are complicit to this skulduggery?

Are any of the community aware that this anti-god theft and persecution is being forced upon all by the RULES? And, - - - that as God's Law of "As you do is done unto you" is an immutable one, that all complicit will suffer the same 'inconvenience' on another day.

So you either stop funding the Council, and thus 'halt' your accruing 'dues' to God, or you implement positive change by ensuring that the enforced 'take' off the community stops, by only employing decent 'personnel' that do not 'pursue' others in any way.

People in positions of 'power' become what I call 'authorised criminals' because of RULES. Rules that dictate their 'code' of engagement with the public. Being their 'policy' Forum.

Rules have no 'mercy.'
Rules have no 'generosity.'
Rules have no 'conscience.'

Rules have been established by extortionists to enable themselves to enforce the rules,* so that all are enslaved by the invisible 'dictator' (Devil) that inspired them in the first instance via the mind's of legislators.

Note: enforce the rules,* - The rules are written in such a manner, that any 'user' of the book of rules is 'forced' by some of the rules to enforce all the rules or - - - they themselves are in default per the rules and 'punishable' according to other rules.

It follows that 'as' most of the rules are 'defiant' of God's "Walk in peace and only love and be forgiving" Command, that any person 'upholding' the rules is anti-god and a 'devilish' operator through their ignorance or need to 'feed' themselves with the 'silver' mercenary wage offered by said rules.

Thus any 'Council' worker or judiciary enforcing any 'taxing' or punitive rule is walking deep into the darkness, as is any community member condoning or supporting their actions.

Instead of upholding the rule of rules named the 'rule of law' by ignorant men, we should all uphold the Command of God by personally complying with ITS code of conduct each day, as we peacefully go our way without disturbing the peace of others 'simply' because we are told to by rules.

Time for change before all 'derange.'

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~ The Council Charter ~

It appears that 'Council' believes that its 'charter' extends to the point that 'it' the Council can 'elicit' any services that it sees 'fit' to so do, and expect that community members must comply with the funding impositions. Not only this, but you (Councillors) assume 'custodial' control over community members by 'deeming' them your 'customers.'

This is an erroneous assumption, for not only are we not your customers but also, the Council fiscal 'Rate' demands are an enforced imposition that has become so ingrained in the community 'psyche,' that all assume it is a virtuous 'demand' that is 'rightly' imposed. This is a false assumption by all.

It is now the time for any 'Council' to see that the rules or decrees raised up by them or the State governing 'body' that controls them are imposed with an 'authoritarian' Dictatorial hand that is 'underhand.'

For if the Council is the 'servant of the people' that fund it, then they (Council employees) must try and see that they have NO 'authority' to impose any reprimands or demands upon their employer and, - - - any member of the community that wishes to walk 'apart' from any Council 'expectations' is free to so do in the eyes of God and, - - -

Any person in the Council or any 'enforcement' agency that defines these actions of any community member as a 'punishable' offence is an errant offensive offender in God's eyes, and soon to be punished by their God they cannot see for their own defiant iniquity, as they defy the Light of God that commands them to "Walk only in peace."

For some community members expect nothing from their Council, and they do not have the desire to be 'taxed' erroneously simply because 'someone' in a position of 'power' decides to use 'force of arms' via an 'anarchist' band of men to extort monies in the guise of: "We are committed to assist you, thus we expect and demand your assistance fiscally too."

Funding of Councils will from now only be a 'donation' by community members, and thus the Council 'workers' will needs 'cut their cloth' to suit their annual income. Certainly services 'accepted' and costed out at an agreed amount must be paid for, but the costs of expansionist dreams of pubic servants cannot be imposed upon the people.

If they cannot 'supply' certain services due to 'lack' of funds, then that is the way it is to be. No more enforced land 'tax' and imposition of services 'costs' that rise annually. No more punishment as that 'default' is to be suspended by ME.

Council must set themselves free from their 'dark' invisible employer, being the rules that 'govern' their conduct towards community members and their expectations from the community.

For in fact, it is the rules that give Council employees the 'licence' to defy God and abuse 'at will' any person that does not 'fill' their cash 'till' according to the rules that say: "You will be punished if you do not do so."

To Toppage 30

~ Spiritual Debt ~

We have by "Rates or Taxes" paid the "System" to be controllers & regulators & inquisitors on our behalf either knowingly or unknowingly. Thus under the "ever present" Law of God we deserve to be and are "by the System" controlled. The more we fund it the greater becomes its control over us.

We do not become a free society until we stop paying "robbers" to work for us as they take from others "as" our servants. They too are "blind" to this error.

We have "blindly" used these controllers to regulate and punish those who offend us and this is anti and in defiance of God's Commandment to "Only love & be forgiving."

Thus when an "intruder" intrudes into our "space" and builds a smelly "piggery" next to our school or our home, they are sent by the retributive arm of God to make us "suffer." If we use "force" by regulations, and our Council (our men) evict or penalise them the supposed "offender" we have walked deeper into spiritual debt. (darkness)

God says: "If I impose upon you it is because you 'before' were untrue and it is better for the 'whole' town to move away than to evict the 'pigs' I sent your way."

It is only when we are "individually" free of negative "Karmic" debt that we will not be imposed upon by "ignorant people" who make us fret. Only in the "New Age" when all are free of their "sin" within will all be only "inspired" to be considerate of their fellow man.

So make a "fresh" plan to now support no "Council" of robbers - regulators - inquisitors, and to walk your road in peace.

It is God to now release you all from your past ignorance so that you can "plan" to be a "better" and more respectful person towards your neighbours and "listen" to what they say when they say: "Your dog barking day or night is 'intrusive' into my 'air space' each day." For if you "listen not" then ahead our God will put you on a "similar" spot.

What none of you see is that My Law - God's Law is in operation invisibly - constantly, and in perpetuity. Thus there is no need to have any laws of man to punish. Man needs to only give "Advisory codes" to aid others. For any "Regulator" is an offensive "Offender" in God's eyes.

You only need to personally heed My Commandment to "Only Love" for all are subject to MY Law "As you do is done unto you."

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~ The REAL Superpower ~
Is it man? Is it the gun? Is it God? ~

Many men in 'power' say that they believe in God, and they also 'believe' that what they do on earth controlling me and you and punishing everyone that to their dictates or 'rules' do not conform is their 'right,' so it is I to now set the record STRAIGHT before EVERYONE is 'late' and fails to reach heaven's gate.

The 'superpower' on earth is simply the strong arms of men backed by weapons, be they the sword, axe, bow, shovel, gun or bomb, and the users of this power are all 'justified' in their minds to so do as they 'tax' or 'attack' me and you for failing to be true to them and the decrees of their 'pen.'

Some of them believe that a 'democratic' vote authorises them with the 'voice' to choose the destiny of everyone that they RULE using weapons, and they believe that their mandate 'voids' or avoids the implementation of the Law of the TRUE Monarch GOD and His Sovereignty. This belief is error and results in the terror to now unfold on earth and in every 'realm' outside the light of heaven.

The REAL Superpower speaks via my sacred pen that does say:

"Once every person continuing to be a 'warlord' or enforcer or a person condoning and funding such activities is swept into the Abyss in the manner revealed by Me, then the few that did their very best to turn aside and 'bow' to Me and show Me that they are true will remain, and it is for them to implement the changes to the way man 'greets' his sister and brother.

There will be NO warlords, No earthly monarchs, kings, presidents or other vain men, there will only be those true that know the truth of My pen, and they will simply get on with their 'life' in a peaceful and non intrusive manner, and they will never 'throw a spanner' at any other for all will be loving and kind and caring and giving."

The 'sooner' you as an individual halt your funding of punitive regimes the sooner you stop accruing painful spiritual dues.  How can you do this when most of you rely on the provision of water and sewerage? With difficulty, thus you will need to come to a decision of what to do in the foreknowledge that the REAL Superpower is soon to shut down every known system of man and you will then be faced with the same decisions but will have no time to 'adjust.'

Maybe you do not believe me, and this 'factor' will show itself to you one way or the other. I say that the 'inhuman' race lost its respect and graciousness a long time ago and deserves to 'lose all' and to 'fall.' So if you would be one of the very 'few' to escape the eternal 'rape' by the BEAST in the dark realms below then it is the right time to make amends with God and your neighbours.

Children, the 'essence' behind every controlling and punitive activity IS the Dark energy of God the Superpower, and HE will only set the 'individual' free to enter into His LIGHT 'energy' realm when they bow to His "Peace & love & mercy" Decree and 'after' they have paid every 'due' of blood or anguish accrued from being 'rude' to His other children either personally or via 'servants.'

It is better to drive on unpaved and 'potted' holes than to force others to pave them.
It is better to 'die' quietly than to
force others to fund your hospital bed and medicine.
It is better to walk a mile carrying water on your head than
force others to fund your water supply.

It is better to help the needy and the greater community directly rather than via institutions that interfere, control, regulate, punish and impoverish OTHERS using force, for all done unto others via them in your name and on your behalf is what has led to your coming 'pay back' trial of terror soon to begin.

People using 'force' to back up their take from others and enforcement against others are all working for the Dark Sovereign Power, and if you fund them then you are also being untrue to others that suffer and yourself.

All society must now lean on God's Holy Word and lay down their mace of control and punishment and begin to live with respect for others as they also learn to freely GIVE, and in this way we all survive and benefit.

Using forceful men to from others take, and a bloody mess all make.
Shut down the 'punitive' system, then 'ask' and you will receive.

To Toppage 32

~ The choice ~

The people must quietly speak - the people must remain meek
the people must decide who is to be their "Overlord" - the God of Light, or the wielder of the sword

They have the right to choose - their freedom to win or lose
and the only way they can this do - is by being represented by elders true

The ones with a golden heart - the ones not fearful to make a fresh start
the ones who today - heed what God through me does say.

The "God" of Light and Love says:

"Please prepare to share your LOVE. Those whom express any hateful retributive action will be "ensnared" by the Dark One." Those whom the "dark thoughts" entertain, will MY land of heavenly Light not gain.

Soon the darkness will have been swept off the face of this earth. Then shall all "mankind" and planetary "governing" advisory bodies be good souls true, "inspired" mentally only from the Light of Heaven, and thus, there will be no "Acts" to be complied with.

All will be washed away.
Prepare now for that soon here coming day."

"Mercy" my pen.

Let us now lead our Council 'members,' staff, and ourselves out of the Darkness and into the Light.  


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