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14 - MP3 Audio tracks

MP3 - Audio

Items 1,2, 3 , 4  listed are a part of the 'Feeling easier 'Seminar program that you will find on the "Offender document" rehabilitation program on the Testament site.

1 - ARK - adult's meditation - 7.32 minutes playing time - MB 6.9
This recording will assist adults to strengthen their minds and lessen the impact of negative emotions and thoughts and will remind the listener of God's message of peace.

2 - STAR - children's meditation - 9.52 minutes playing time - MB 9.03
This recording will assist young children to be happier as they are comforted by the words. When they go to bed at night it is also a good time.

3 - The Drummers of Africa story - 43.40 minutes playing time - MB 40.1
This 'narration' is a story of Nyati the angry hippo and Kalulu the jealous hare whose 'exploits' have a spiritual message for those of any age.

NOTE - Text for the 'Drummers' narration go HERE

4 - Family conflict enlightenment - 37.47 mins playing time
Clemencia - Terence and  Gillian will assist you to a deep understanding of spirit interference in your mind and how to daily fortify and  protect it.

5 - Minds under Siege - 19.37 minutes playing time - MB 17.9
Clemencia speaks on the reality of 'minds under siege.'  (Unstoppable intrusive thoughts)

6 - The Carer's Manual - 26.00 minutes playing time -
Clemencia speaks on mental health to Carer's.

7 - Criticism - 20.13 minutes playing time - 18.5 MB
Terence  speaks on 'criticism.'

8 - Justification - 26.11 minutes playing time - 23.9 MB
Terence  speaks on 'justification.'

9 Spirit communication talk - 19.31 minutes playing time - 17.8 MB
Terence  speaks on communicating with invisible spirits.

10 - Spirit possession talk - 20.44 minutes playing time -  18.9 MB
Terence  speaks on 'spirit possession.'

11 - Spirit education talk -
Terence  speaks to the 'devious' spirits interfering in the mind of 'Inge' a lady possessed by vindictive & critical thoughts.

12 - The spirit of truth speaks - 36.58 minutes playing time - 33.8 MB
Recording of an Easter gathering at a Catholic church in which the priest asks a female guest speaker to participate and the speech is responded to by the Spirit of Truth.

13 - Peter the fisherman - 27.47 minutes playing time
The educating of 'Pete' from 'Pyengana' as to how to elevate the consciousness of lost spirits who are devious, cruel, forceful, intrusive, arrogant, controlling and very destructive.

This audio content shows Pete and all 'preachers' the correct and ONLY way to 'deal' with dark forces in a manner which keeps all within the precepts of God's "Peace, love, mercy, compassionate and forgive" Command. The 'old' way of forceful 'exorcism' promoted by false 'preachers' in their attempts to cast out devious spirit people by condemning them to eternal persecution and damnation in the underworld leads everyone involved to the same hellish place to all suffer together forever.

14 - The last hour interview - 44.20 minutes playing time -  40.1 MB
Terence is interviewed by an Australian barrister, an Islamic doctor and a Spanish priest and the interview is hosted by Clemencia.


~ Let me remind you all ~

Our God is omnipresent, and that means that the invisible spiritual ENERGY ESSENCE of the Source is present and ready to be used and IS used by us each and every time we 'act,' be it verbally or physically and, - - -  dependent upon our INTENT we 'link in' to one or the other aspects of the twin energies and, - - - dependent upon our emotional state which can 'flick' from positive to negative in a blink of an eye, we can change our 'allegiance' in a flash from the Light to the Dark energy etc.

The LIGHT energy of God - Creative, benign, kind, soft, compassionate, merciful, forgiving, respectful, good, reliable, honest.
The DARK energy of God - Destructive, malignant, cruel, hard, dispassionate, merciless, unforgiving, disrespectful, deceptive, dishonest.

Both have the same immutable 'Law of return' - 'As you do is done unto you' by the energy used in your interaction.

Thus in every ACTION you are placing yourself within one or the other 'side' of ITS Law.

IT is absolute Justice and absolutely JUST.

If you are suffering then let all know that you imposed the same upon another before, be it in this life or a pre-birth time.
If you are imposing 'martial law' upon others then you WILL suffer the same ahead.

If you are filling others with dread then you know what lies in 'store' for you ahead.
No official position nor 'mandate' nor badge of 'office' nor 'Law' of man nullifies God's Law.


Only 'do' unto others what you would have be done unto YOU.


I AM merciless with the unmerciful
I AM kind to the loving & merciful

I AM what I AM - I AM ALL


Why do we not need 'religions'?

Because, they are organisations holding 'firm' beliefs in their RIGHT to RULE and impose their 'decrees' upon all and, - - - they hold 'firm' beliefs in their RIGHT to punish or kill (governments) or, 'Church officials' also believe in their RIGHT to impose strictures and to 'excommunicate' and also in killing, as they do back men of arms and, - - - they 'walk in' and teach falsity because they are ignorant of THE TRUTH now revealed by my pen.

Few realise that sexual activity is not a 'sin' and neither is 'celibacy from sex' a 'heavenly' requirement.  THE 'celibate' requirement required to attain THE Light of Heaven is that you remain 'celibate' from using God's DARK energy essence, for IF you use IT then you contaminate your own soul with IT and preclude yourself from rising UP.

Religions teach that God is 'elsewhere' and that their 'priests' stand between God and you. That is also error, for your soul is made up of God's energy, being a unique aspect of IT and, - - - IT (God's energy) is here and now ever present INVISIBLY and is what 'activates you' as you draw upon IT in your interaction with others. 

When you depart the 'flesh' your spirit soul and consciousness is drawn to to a 'realm' or level of consciousness with an EQUAL energy vibration. (One of thousands which exist from the pure Light above to the pure Dark below)

Irrespective of your religious affinity or belief, you can ONLY enter heaven when your soul is FREE from any 'sin' within. (Negative emotions) God's outpouring Light is now intensifying to purge your soul and can ONLY so DO if YOU halt your use of Dark energy.

How does one know that IT is being used? If your actions are other than that commanded of God you are in 'danger,' thus please try and ensure that your actions towards others are ALWAYS peaceful, loving, kind, respectful, considerate, compassionate, merciful and forgiving. If any thought enters your mind which tries to 'seduce' you into being critical, vindictive, unkind, injurious or destructive etc., then THAT thought must be 'quashed' as you deny IT and look to the light of the Star prayer to assist you.

In order to be able to so do you will be required to follow my 'lead' and use the Star prayer in book 1 of 9 -

Fail in this and you FAIL to become free within and you will FALL.


The ARK of the MIND meditation words
for translation into other languages

This is the Ark of the Mind meditation to assist you to find inner peace, - - - and to remind you to daily fortify your mind using the Star prayer words that will assist to remind you of the importance of controlling deceptive thoughts, thoughts that would mislead your action interaction with others. - so please sit back and relax and listen - - -

Now we will relax and take a journey to the Sun - - - from this moment ON your race has begun
The race against time - to fortify your mind - - - against unseen forces who are very unkind

So relax back - take a few deep breaths - imagine that you are breathing-IN spiritual meths
A golden liquid - very very fine - - the ether of the universe - - - God's summer wine

Breathe IN and OUT - -  deep and slow - - - IN through your lungs will truth now sow
The body is now relaxing from head to toe - - - slowly becoming numb as ether does it slow

Deeper and deeper into stillness now you be - - - deeper and deeper into stillness to set self free
Slowly but surely - your mind too does relax - - - your thoughts and visions now no longer tax

Shallower and shallower your breathing now gets - and calmness pervades like little rivulets
Slowly but quietly you are floating for sure - cushioned on air - more and more

Deeper in your mind does my voice now get - you are calm and relaxed and you no longer fret
A golden cloth now forms over your head - and slowly but surely you rise up off the bed

Up through this cloth does your soul now float - cleansing out all negativity that did you bloat
Crystal clear as you now pass it through - once again you are purified - through and through

Now lift up your thoughts to the star above - visualise the star that is filled with God's love
Gleaming white as it shines so bright - crystal clear it shines both day and night

See the bright light shining down from this star - the star of Bethlehem guiding you from afar
Feel the warmth permeating through you - cleansing your mind with its love so true

Deeper and deeper asleep you now go - deeper and deeper for wisdom to know
A shaft of white light shining down from this star - draws you up it with its power from afar

Wonderful Jesus I now see your face - wonderful Jesus please help me in this race
Please cleanse my mind of all evil therein - please hold my hand and help me to win

Quieter and calmer - now do you feel - for you know Jesus is by you and you are on his reel
Brilliant hues of purple and white - now pour through you and cleanse with their might

Now they change to green and gold - cleansing through you - green and gold
This green and gold keeps flowing through - sent from Jesus to cleanse you too

Your wonderful brother who sits up high - now cleanses you daily each time you cry
cry out in hope - and love and trust - that he quickly responds is a wonderful must

Deeper and deeper asleep you now go - as I ask of Jesus deeper truth to sow

Your subconscious mind I call now to me - and of all negative subconscious programming I now set you free
I erase - I erase - all negativity therein - I erase all negativity that would make you sin

And his love now comes shining through - brilliant gold and heavenly blue - brilliant gold and heavenly blue
Wonderful Jesus I now thank thee - for cleansing my mind to keep me free

Now you feel warm and calm within - you are relaxed - and you know you will win
happier and happier - every day - you'll keep smiling as you go your way

So relax now - and be at rest - you will win - and pass all tests
The Ark of the mind you daily now build - for your soul is with the light of Jesus filled

I bless you - bless you - in his sweet name - you are a good soul - playing the universal game

Rest in peace