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~ The 'Star' prayer ~

Mental awareness & daily fortification of one's mind

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The ‘Morning Star’ meditation prayer.

If any one of these meditation prayers is said three times a day, then slowly but surely the ARK of the mind is built, giving us an inner mental cleansing and strengthening that lessens the invisible power of negative thought.

I repeat, do it from today, before your mind is out of control, and become stronger within. With this inner strengthening we will find ourselves calmer in the face of adversity, and more able to remain in control of our actions as our dark sin surfaces within, as it is drawn up and out by God’s Grace.

This meditation is the key to the "well-spring" of inner love, the eternal flame of light and love within each soul, enabling it to flow more easily, allowing healing of the spirit soul to occur, thus over time "easing" the whole being on all levels. The star prayer is a sincere communion prayer between a person and the Creator, and/or recognition of the true message of "Peace and good will unto all" sent by God via Jesus.

It is not a prayer to be forced upon any, nor is it one that becomes a ritualised public one. It is the individual and personal thrice daily confirmation of ones commitment to the external expression of 'Peace unto all.'

It is best to seek 'communion' direct with God within as you think of the pure white star of truth, wisdom and light, and in earnest say or think the words of the prayer as you remember all that is required of you is to be mentally strong so that you can stay within the positive Light side of God's Law throughout the day, by being peaceful, merciful, compassionate and forgiving in all situations, and to not fight back in self defence, as peacefulness is the true and only way to Salvation as you REMEMBER to:

Go your way in peace & love one another and mercifully and compassionately forgive those who persecute you and - you must turn the other cheek when abused and 'go' as a lamb to the slaughter in NON-retaliation as you now PAY your DUES owed to the DARK ENERGY of GOD for paying others to do evil deeds on your behalf (government armed forces) or, in doing evil deeds yourself. (Punitive retribution, extortion, deception, eviction, injury or killing.)

Show your Creator that you do now abide in TRUE faith and be merciful, forgiving and charitable unto all.
Sup from my wellspring of living water and attain eternal life of pure bliss.

Cause harm and the Devil's fold awaits you.

God is GOD, not man. God IS the Light and the Dark

Naturally mothers and fathers can and should sit quietly with their young children once or twice a day or more, and help them by saying the prayer with them, and discussing the reasons for saying it as they ask how their day went, and to help them calm their fears.


Children, children, you must pray, pray to Jesus every day.
Ask for love and strength for you, keep calm, and please be true.
Children, in this coming time, I’ll need your love and you'll need mine.
Be strong and calm and quiet too, remember always that Jesus loves you.


Children, trust me day by day, so that your hearts will never stray.
When all around you starts to fall, feel my love and you'll walk tall.
Children, children, quiet now, trust in me I'll show you how.
Say these words three times a day, and to Jesus, please do pray:


I see the Star of Bethlehem high up above
brilliant and beautiful and filled with God’s love
I see a white light shining down from this star
cleansing through my body with its power from afar
wonderful Jesus please now be with me
fill me with light and set my soul free




Jesus, I see your shining Star, Jesus be with me, Jesus please help me and save me.


Note: The clarification of Salvation in 'Calling on the name of Jesus' is given on page 3 below.

People of any race or creed may use either of the above prayers or say:

Creator of the Heavens - Mother of love*
I see your Star shining above
please cleanse my mind with all your love
so that I may heed your call of peace from above

Note: 'Mother of love'* - you may choose to say: 'Father of love' or 'Mother and Father of love.'

Once the Star prayer has been said by you then you may say this to our Creator:

I am NOW filled with thy divine Love.
That IS your mighty cleansing Power.
That IS your Love and Light.
That IS eternally present.

That IS your Wisdom of your Word of "Peace NOT the Sword."
I am now glorified by thee - so must it BE.

I WILL become stronger each day as I 'bow' to your loving Command and as I go my way I will now extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness to all that I meet and, I will tell all of your message that stands tall on the Internet street.

I AM now blest by thee with this new wisdom to clearly see.

Note: If you are an 'Atheist then try and see the reality of the two opposing energies upon which one can 'draw upon' in ones interaction with others and, try and understand that they are a 'law' unto themselves and, whatever you do unto others will by others be done unto you as they use the same energy you did as you either gave 'lovingly' or imposed 'cruelly' for that is absolute Justice.

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BE aware of our own thoughts and feelings.
BE the Light in action at all times in all situations.
BE observant of unkind thoughts within self that would you snare.

BE respectful, kind & forgiving & understanding in every situation.
BE aware of the negativity that exists within, teach others of its reality.
BE vigilant, for your thoughts become your deeds which form your judgment.

KNOW that what we put out comes back to us, good or bad and, - - -
that only through the Star prayer can the spell of negative thought be 'stemmed' or broken.

KNOW that in doing the Star prayer you are trying to BE true to the source of Light and, - - -
you personally will halt the ingress of negativity and have a greater chance of not retaliating when adverse situations occur.

DO keep your mouth shut when your emotions are running high.
DO not let any day be coloured by the past or by concern for the future.
DO practice stopping negative thoughts as they enter your mind.

Say the Star Prayer three times a day .


THE MORE LOVE waters the rose within our souls and fortifies our minds and calms the emotions.

THE MORE LOVE exposed to our consciousness and those linked to us, the greater the clarity to see and understand the reality and nature of negativity, being the sin, the darkness, and how through ITS deception and cunning IT keeps us ignorant of ITS existence, thus its control over us and our bondage to it.

THE MORE LOVE flows to us through our 'choice' and assists us now to make an effort to never allow negativity to be expressed through us whatever the circumstances, feelings or thoughts, thus our part is the doing, and GOD will do the rest.

THIS TASK - LOVES TASK for LOVES SAKE is the only most worthwhile task there is for me, you or anyone.

REMEMBER - The centre of your soul God’s Kingdom be,  the more you cloud this Light with negativity, the harder it gets to see reality. - Daily say  these words to God:

Your Light is eternally present and I know that you created my soul with both of your energies, and therefore my spirit soul lives on forever and it expresses your infinite ideas, be they good or bad, so there is no need for vanity, for all that is given through me emanates from you THE Creator.

LOVE WILL FULFIL ITS PROMISE, being that if we ITS "Only be loving" call heed, then it will free us of our darkness within.
No individual can do this for another, love is freedom of choice. Education is the only way forward today.

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~ About the Star prayer ~
'Calling on the name 'Jesus'

Why does the Star prayer lead the way and stand 'ahead' of any other prayer given before today?
And what is the 'reason' or need to it say?

Principally, because it is God sent to all on earth, and to all spirit people in spiritual Realms beneath Heaven, and it accompanies the God sent 'leaven,' being the fresh revelation of pure truth by God's dove that exposes the full 'nature' of the Source, God.

~ The clarification of 'How Jesus 'saves' ~
Reference the 'Star' Prayer

How can or does Jesus the man help one or save one? It is not possible for him to so do for he is not God, but what he did do for you is to bring to earth a message from God to you. It is the Wisdom contained within the CONTENT of the MESSAGE which saves.

In order to be saved you must OBEY the Wisdom of this Holy Word message as reiterated by me here below. If you so do then you in FACT save yourself with the assistance of the 'grace' of God's love purging your soul of dark energy which you drew in as you did SIN. (Cause harm to others)

The Command of God MESSAGE unto man via Jesus and reiterated today by me clearly states that to be saved you must:

"Love one another and go your way in peace ~ If you are persecuted you remain merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto these others yet sinfully living, and you 'turn the other cheek' if abused ~ You must never retaliate in the face of adversity even if you are to be crucified by your oppressors ~ You must extend peace and goodwill unto all mankind at all times and in all situations.

It needs to be understood that 'calling' on the name 'Jesus' does not save you, all it does for you is to REMIND you of the WISDOM OF GOD that Jesus gave unto you for God and for your Salvation.

Conform with the requirement of GOD in His Command unto you and you will LIVE in the Light of Paradise.

In reference to the 'Star' in the prayer: "Jesus I see your shining Star," the Star is symbolic of the 'Truth - Light - Way' in the Wisdom of God sent from afar. In saying the Star prayer you are reminded of God's wisdom and you fortify your mind so as to BE obedient to the Command when being persecuted as you pay your spiritual dues to God in non-retaliation.

You must have FAITH in the CONTENT of God's message.
You can only HOPE that your FIDELITY to IT will save your soul.

The world is becoming more insane by the day and by night, and everyone is 'gearing up' for the eternal FIGHT, and everyone is finding a reason to justify their denial of the Command of the Light of God to go their way in peace, and multitudes now are becoming 'disturbed' mentally and find no surcease from their troubled thoughts which are entering their minds and they are being tortured and 'dislocated' from within from psychic attack.

I am a teacher of spiritual truth and the truth I now reveal is that there is an 'invisible to man' Alien race of dark and demonic spirit forces that are telepathically invading the psyche of man with the intent to keep man 'focused' on endlessly roaming 'here or there' or, locked into selfish ways and material gain and, - - - worst of all these invisible forces plan to and do turn man against man and destroy everything and, - - - drag the souls of those they use down into the underworld as they leave their 'flesh' in the dust.
Yes, it is 'Armageddon of the mind,' being the final 'battle' for the soul of man as thoughts kind v/s unkind will determine the ultimate 'fate' of this inhuman race that seems to live in total ignorance of God's "Go your way in peace and love one another" Command, as well as total ignorance of the absolutely 'Just' "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God, and anyone that loses control of their mind to dark thoughts will become very callous, cruel and mercilessly unkind to others, and they will suffer the consequence.

As one 'says' the Star prayer it releases Light from within, and it lessens the 'mental & emotional' impact upon one's mind emanating from 'dark' spirit Realms below, for negative thoughts are thrust 'up' into our minds, and ones negative emotions are 'compounded' from spirit persons below.

When you say: 'Jesus' or Mother or Father - - - I see your shining Star,’ you are acknowledging the fresh wisdom sent from afar as contained in this web site as 'basically' within the 'Brief Summary synopsis' of the message and, - - - it reminds you of the importance of forgetting past 'injustices' that offended you, and it reminds you that forgiveness and peace is the personal 'attribute' needed by you to pass your final test. For if you retaliate verbally or physically in the face of adversity you 'will' be late for Heaven.

Lift up your eyes from the dust of yesteryear, and see the Star of love beckoning you above. When you say the Star prayer, you are acknowledging to God that the message from God you see, and that you are trying to comply with it.

When you say the Star prayer it reminds you of the singular Law of God: "As you sow so shall ye reap - or - as you do is done unto you," (Good or bad) and if you say or do anything negative to others, rest 'assured' that it will ahead be done unto you, and if you 'presently' suffer at the hands of others then it is your spiritual due, and all that is required of you to 'clear' that 'due' is to stay calm and NOT retaliate, and thus you are true to God and your own soul.

When you say the Star prayer it impacts upon every invisible lost spirit in other realms linking-in to your vibration, and it helps them to be steadier and thus true to themselves, and it assists them to resist the 'tempting' thoughts that incite them to fight or interfere telepathically with you.

When you say the Star prayer you are acknowledging that I am God's messenger and that my message is true for you, and you 'hope' that its meditation power will pull you safely through the valley of the shadow of death into the Light of Heaven. You will only become totally free from psychic attack when God has purged you of your inner Sin. (negative emotions within)

Every 'spirit' created and living in the light that defied God and 'supped' on the fruit of the tree of evil 'fell' from grace and was banished from that paradise. For the moment any spirit uses the dark energy essence of God (forceful, malevolent & destructive) energy it instantly energised the seeds of darkness within them, and at the same moment that 'vibration' draws them instantly out of the light of heaven into the next level down, and over time and more time they go further down and away from the Light until such a time as now when with God's Wisdom man can make an effort to help themselves using the Star prayer.

For the 'time' that the dark emotions remain within your soul you will be unable to fully halt negative thought intrusion into your mind but you must ensure that 'dark' thought does not turn into dark deeds. (Actions) We are on earth at this time to reach down into the darkness where zillions need education. You will be seeding their minds also with fresh truth as you read my message from God for they link in to your mind telepathically as explained within my sacred texts.

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~ The 'ARK' of the Mind ~

I write a few words to assist you in seeing a spiritual reality that is similar to the materiality that exists on this realm, for an 'Ark' is a 'vessel' in which one shelters something, and in the earthly sense, Noah's Ark sheltered its occupants against turbulent waters.

Had the Ark been poorly built, and its 'timbers' not caulked properly, the pressure of the seas beneath would have entered into the Ark and slowly but surely, and 'quicker & quicker' it would have been dragged down into the depths to disappear, as did the supposed 'invincible' Titanic.

It is I to show you that your minds are also subjected to invisible pressure from below, being the ingress of dark deceptive telepathic thoughts that seek to flow in and overpower your reason, so that you slowly but surely, and 'quicker & quicker' give in to them, and either abuse others or yourself. Either way results in your spirit soul being dragged into the darkness in the after life.

The 'caulking' of the timbers of the Mind is done with Light, and as you thrice daily say the Star prayer, and also fortify your mind with the sacred wisdom from my pen, you become less 'controlled' by the overpowering thoughts and emotions that make you 'sin,' being the abuse of others in some way.

There are very turbulent times soon to be seen in every land, and only those with strong minds will be able to remain peaceful and respectful towards the 'insane' that will be arrogant and vain. Do not give in and 'sin.' Caulk your mind with truth and love, this way your spiritual 'ship' will survive and you will live in Paradise.

Please remember that this prayer is for all mankind of any race or past religion. The new 'religion' soon to replace all 'old' is simply the ideology of peace & love as exists in Heaven above.

I write a few more words, being that any person that fails to fortify their mind as given by me will become 'bound' mentally by invisible dark forces, and once 'possessed,' they will cause an immense amount of destruction that will become their painful return due and, - - - they will then fall into the Abyss for being untrue.

Faith is not a 'weapon,' it is the true believers inner spiritual strength that enables her or him to stay steady and calm within the 'bounds' of the "Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgive" code of conduct commanded by the Creator when faced by adversity or death. It is I to now ring the final bell as the last 'battle of the mind' begins.

Remember, spiritual freedom requires "Purity of the heart," and this implies a mental and emotional state wherein your are free from the 'Sin' of vindictiveness, vengeance etc., that causes you to go forth critically, mercilessly and punitively as you bring others to account for their perceived misdeeds.

The "Purity of the heart," state is only attained by the Grace of God aided by you as you daily "practice - practice - practice" keeping focused upon what you are trying to do, which is to be a "Delight" in God's sight as your 'motive' becomes one in which you are only kind, benign, loving, peaceful, compassionate and forgiving, and you serve your God by ONLY permitting His Light to work and shine forth through you upon ALL the true and the untrue.

You need to re-educate yourself about what is "right action" in the eyes of God, for there is no point saying any 'prayers' to aid in your salvation until you have read the "Blasphemy & the spiritual consequence of ACTION" document in Book 2 of 9 as this will 'reprogram' the contents of your mind.

As you change your ways then God will purge your soul, and ahead one day you will see the face of God in the Light of Heaven as you dance in happiness and you are a delight in His sight.

Remember Christ’s truth: "Go in peace," it is the only way.


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~ THE six-pointed 'Christ' STAR ~

The meaning of the Six-Pointed Star, the Star of 'Hope'

The True Star represents the spiritual 'shield' against evil as given by God through Christ.
Being that all that rely on God's Word of
Peace, and wield no Sword, will find inner & external peace and spiritual

The Six pointed Star Venus the morning and evening Star symbolises the power of the TRUE Light, and it is associated with the 'Beast' in that it REVEALS the 'Mark of the Beast' to mankind as being:

1 - All those persons that used the forbidden Dark 'forceful' spiritual energy of God and, - - - they thus controlled or abused or deceived or invaded or waged war on or punished or judged or condemned or killed other children of God and, - - - the Dark forceful energy they used stained their soul with its negative energy and by it they were 'Marked' as being 'one' to receive punishment within God's Superior Law.

2 - All those persons 'numbered' by State systems as they the individual people 'vote, condone, fund, and support' the punitive, extortionist, warring and destructive DARK ideology of the Devil's 'Rule book religion' also stained their soul with its 'Mark,' (The Devil's dark energy) as being 'one' to receive punishment within God's Law for their complicity to the punitive, controlling and forceful energy used in their name and on their behalf by their servants. (politicians, state enforcers, prosecutors and jailers)

For it is the State Rules or Decrees 'enacted' that form the basis of every government on earth, the Rules RULE all its 'slaves' with Autocratic power as IT (the rule book) dictates unto man ITS punitive ideological 'code of conduct' demands. For IT'S 'text' is the telepathic 'voice of the Serpent' working through 'powers seen as normal.'

Rules or legislated 'Acts' are not the law or 'laws,' they are simply Decrees issued as 'Edicts' that are imposed upon the people by arrogant and ignorant non believers who enforce said edicts by fine, incarceration, or death.

The Decrees force man into 'cruel, merciless, invasive, punitive, destructive and warring' anti-God ways, that are a contra ideology to the "Only love and walk in peace, and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving" Command of the Light of God. 

Thus as 'simple man' supports and condones the Dark punitive and destructive ideology of the BEAST, simple man accrues a return upon himself of suffering under the singular Law of God: "As you do is done unto you," and all remain on the 'karmic' wheel of suffering.

There is no democracy in any land because the Rules dictate the 'terms of engagement' and there is: No freedom to exercise ones own conscience. No freedom of choice. No freedom to relax because one has to pay endless tax.

The rules RULE all that uphold them, and this plain text in an unholy book 'Rules all' in the land with a stern, cold, cruel, merciless and uncompromising IRON FIST backed by 'force of arms' wielded by ignorant men and, - - - this forceful 'energy' is the Devil's 'charms.'

The Devil-Serpent (punitive, retributive 'arm' of God) empowers people to accomplish supposedly 'justifiable' deeds using His forceful DARK energy and, - - - as they so do they defy the Command of the Creator to only use His positive, benign, merciful, compassionate, kind, respectful, and forgiving LIGHT energy and thus stay SAFE within the positive 'eye for an eye' aspect of the single "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law.

Yes, any that invoke 'Justice' using the 'application' of a punitive rule in a book place their own soul within the punitive aspect of the negative 'eye for an eye' aspect of the single "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law and, - - - ahead in this or the next world of the after life they are 'forced' to suffer and endure all the 'collateral' agony endured by others that resulted from their depravity.

Man is numbered at birth, through being 'forced' to 'list' their children as 'chattels' of the Beast as they by 'Certificate of birth' sign away the freedom of their new born into slavery to the Beast within the Systems of man, and this continues on into adulthood, for none can 'buy or sell or trade or travel' unless they have the paid up 'stamp of approval' by State authority and pay an extortionist 'tax' levy on every transaction.

So even as you the 'individual' are asleep at night, your servants the state workers and enforcers are intruding, controlling, taxing, invading, kidnapping, holding hostage in cells, punishing, and warring and destroying in your name and on your behalf and, they are causing untold misery and suffering unto others that will come back to 'haunt' them and you personally.

The 'beastly' dark sinful emotions of vanity, greed, pride, criticism, envy and jealousy within man have enabled the Devil-Serpent to mislead all into believing that they must follow His 'ruling' controlling, punitive and destructive dictates, rather than following the Command of the True God of love and mercy.

Set your mind free from this false programmed way, and use my Star prayer to help you open your mind so that you never again fund or condone or support iniquity and, you set yourself free as you fortify your mind so that when you are faced by the coming adversity inspired by your own dark actions of the past or those of your servants, you can follow 'Christ' and be crucified willingly and without retaliating and thus pay your dues and become spiritually free.

Regrettably the 'elders' within all religious 'orders' have also linked hands with the anti-Christ, as they joined 'hands' with political forces and participate in the 'blessing' of men and their 'weapons' going to war and in the killing of others and their own, and this is the ultimate betrayal of Christ and God's message of "Peace, love, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness," and, this 'bastardisation' of the truth has sent multitudes of young men and women to Hell.

To become free spiritually, you will need to stop defying God's "Go your way in peace and love one another" Command.

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~ Discontent and its Management ~

What is the cause of discontent? Does ‘unhappiness’ cause our discontent or does discontent cause unhappiness? The cause of all discontent is the ‘nature’ of sinful emotions within (fear, anger, criticism, hatred, vanity, pride, jealousy, vindictiveness etc) and, - - - what needs to be seen is that these emotions (emotional feelings) are ‘of’ the Dark aspect of the Source, God.

What also needs to be seen is that no person having these emotions within them are able to find ‘contentment’ or happiness from any direction, for if the focus of their happiness (another person) is ever seen as being in ‘default’ then the emotions ‘hum’ and discontent is found and due to the unforgiving nature of the Dark, IT cannot be “satisfied.”

Note: nature of the Dark – The Dark is negative energy that is eternally ‘restless,’ discontented, merciless, cruel, vindictive, unforgiving and totally destructive.

How does one begin to ‘manage’ their discontent or equally, why should they? If you do not make the effort to try, then due to the verbal or physical expression of condemnation of the other, one draws in more dark energy and through this their discontent grows. One can only begin to ‘manage’ and therefore ‘control’ their own dark feelings when they stop focusing on others and their ‘darkness.’

Ask yourself “Am I the centre of the universe”? I answer: “No, you are not. You are the centre of yourself but, within that centre is the energy of God.”

Therefore one can begin to focus in on one’s self, and not on the one that offended us, but on God and the Dark energy of God within us.  For only thus can we begin to see that there will never be any ‘peace’ and happiness until one focuses on the needs of God’s Command and its reference to the Positive (Light & benign) energy of God within us.

God did us breed and God can destroy our ‘seed.’
God ‘bore’ us for the purpose of HIS happiness and delight.

When we are unhappy and ‘fight’ then in His eyes we are no longer a ‘delight’ and HE does all he can to remove us from His light. His ‘darkness’ eggs us on to be it in action in our interactions so that it can take us down out of His sight.

 Ask yourself:  Am I born to be happy or unhappy, and I answer:  ”You are born to be a delight in God’s sight, therefore, stop focusing on the error of other’s ways and focus on what God commands, yes in reference to your ways.” Once you have satisfied God that you are in conformity to His “Love one another and go in peace and be forgiving, compassionate and merciful” then, - - - His light will slowly but surely purge you of your inner ‘restless’ dark emotions so that you can begin to return to His sight in Heaven where all are happy because they sup on God’s leaven.

 Do not ‘focus’ on anybody.  Focus on God each day as you say the Star Prayer  sent your way, and show God that you ‘bow’ in submission to His holy word and forgivingly you lay down your verbal and material sword and you become ONE that has begun your return to sanity, happiness, freedom and heaven.

Understanding the reasons for the Star prayer and saying it assists you to THINK CLEARLY. What is the 'incentive'? The incentive is the attainment of a pure soul so that you can find peace of mind, eternal happiness, and content of spirit through Salvation.

To attain this goal you need to keep trying, for in fact in reading my Testament and saying the Star prayer, you are making a mental and emotional preparation for BATTLE, being the battle for your soul, being the battle in your mind of thoughts kind v/s thoughts cruel that would use you to be merciless, critical, condemning, vindictive and destructive, and thus sealing your fate in Hell forever.

This coming TRIAL is the last chance for mankind to make amends with God and change their warring ways to peaceful ways.

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~ To ‘be of service’ to God ~

What does it mean, and what does one do so as to factually be eternally true to the Creator? Does one ‘wait around’ in expectation that ‘someone’ will give them a ‘job’ and five ‘bob’ a day as ‘service’ pay? Does one ‘roam around’ forever waiting for God’s inspiration to ‘do’ something that is of service?

What is the ‘qualification’ needed to ‘be of service’ to the Creator? The qualification needed is the ‘light’ within that was bestowed upon the individual a very long time ago, being their inner compassion. It was not bequeathed unto them as a ‘medal’ pinned upon their breast so that others can see that they are ‘somebody’ to be praised for having been ‘honoured’ by man.

It was something that grew within them over aeons of time during which they ‘served’ humanity in realms of spirit long before this material universe was conceived, and this compassion was ‘breathed’ into them by the ‘breath’ of God who saw their intent and ‘active’ deed.

The ‘golden’ apple that contains the ‘wisdom of the universe’ is not the apple that was ‘stolen’ by Hercules after he ‘slew’ the dragon. The spiritual golden apple is guarded by God, and no mere ‘mortal’ can take IT by ‘force of arms,’ and He the essence of all creation only gives it (the wisdom) to those that have earned it through being ‘compassionate’ towards His lost children.

So to ‘be of service’ to God on this level of consciousness you need to be a compassionate, merciful, kind, giving and forgiving person and, you need to have ‘received’ and read and understood the ‘wisdom of the word’ as bequeathed to all by me, for IT is the spiritual ‘apple’ sent by the most High.

There is no ‘point’ in roaming hither and thither seeking ‘inspiration’ or ‘direction’ once you have found the ‘golden apple,’ for you need to ‘sit’ under a tree and devour IT and let its wisdom and energy ‘seep’ into your soul, for only then can you factually ‘be of service’ to mankind, God and yourself.

How ‘then’ do you become of service? If you ‘wish’ you can go ‘hither and thither’ like a ‘Bedouin’ crossing the desert, and make ‘camp’ with others you meet on the road, and in this way you do your ‘missionary work’ that is truly true as you spread your spiritual ‘bread’ in every home. Or, you make ‘camp’ somewhere as me and wait for God to send people to you.

But you need to know the true ‘right from wrong,’ and you do need to be very ‘principled’ and strong, for many that you meet will themselves be used to walking on the dark shadow side of the street, and they may ‘frown’ at you and try and overpower your ‘reason’ and impose their ‘belief’ that stole their soul that is now one of ‘grief.’

You need to be able to say to a ‘king’ or chief or arrogant thief; “Please sit with me for a moment for I see that your words and deeds towards others is less than kind or peaceful as commanded by God, and I would like to speak of IT (God’s fresh Word) for I see that your ‘way’ will bring more grief to your household.”

You need to pass on the understanding of the ‘Minds under siege’ program operating clandestinely as dark invisible forces do their work.

You need to pass on the Star prayer so that all can begin to strengthen their minds and turn over a new leaf as they place their weapons into the fire and prepare to ‘suffer’ as they are crucified without retaliating, for they need to know that this is the only way out of the ‘quagmire’ they placed themselves into.

You need to do no evil, and be as the ‘Chinese’ monkeys; “See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil,”  for even though all you will see is ‘evil in action all around,’ you must not be ‘bound’ by inner darkness that would lead you to criticise or condemn others in any way.

Let your compassion shine forth as you uplift their consciousness each day as you teach also that ‘forgiveness’ by man unto man is also the only way.

There will be no ‘blinding’ revelation stating “You are ready to go forth today,” for in fact with compassion in your heart you are already ‘ready’ to begin your ‘mission’ today in a ‘limited’ way until God’s revelations through my pen hold full ‘sway’ in your consciousness.

Just remember, God knows your ‘personal’ capacity, and he will guide people ‘to’ you or guide you ‘to’ others, and you need to realise that everyone you meet has a ‘problem’ because they are ‘full of sin’ energy and need enlightenment.

Just quietly ‘listen to their story’ for a little while and you then will get an ‘idea’ of what you need to say, and then you start by saying; “I feel the need to say something to you that will assist you because I see that presently you are - - -“

This is what I say today to every ‘Light worker’ that God sent to earth.


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~ The 'brilliance' of God's Dark energy ~
The 'karmic' reality

All must realise that the ‘suffering’ and ‘interruption’ of peace and sanity is from WITHIN – the external factors that triggered the disruption must be set aside, so must any other external source of keeping a person 'spell-bound' on the possibilities surrounding the original causal factor being the ‘call’ from the ‘inquisitors’ with their coercive threats of punishment for non-conformity to their demands.

The DARK seeks to keep the individual on ITS ‘hook’ so that IT can keep one 'depressed and suffering,' and it also seeks to break up ones relationship with loved ones as IT keeps one ‘dwelling’ on every conceivable ‘justification’ to do ‘this or that’ to set the EXTERNAL problem right, but the individual needs to realise that their emotional trauma 'problem' is an INTERNAL problem needing help from the LIGHT of God and their own ‘reasoning powers.’

Any external influence from someone such as a ‘psychiatrist’ that does not understand the spiritual reality can be used by the Darkness to be ITS ‘ally’ in saying things to a person that are negative that cause added stress as it keeps the individual ‘thinking’ of what the psychiatrist said reference possible punitive ‘outcomes.’

Ultimately all emotional suffering is from within and results from the emotions ‘felt’ compounded by the subjugating and uncontrollable THOUGHTS streaming IN.

One cannot live ones ‘life’ thinking of what may or may not happen as the result of what other mortals may or may not be ‘plotting’ or scheming to do to them.

All GOD expects anyone to do is to get on with their life living within the precepts of His Command: "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto those other arrogant ‘idiots’ that are yet sinfully living."

We MUST do our daily ‘practice’ of mental fortification within our own minds using this Star prayer document so that we can remain within the 'peaceful' precepts of God’s Command, for any negative ‘interaction’ on our part that ‘breaks up’ our ‘marriage of love’ with our partner companion or others places us outside the precepts of God’s Command and into more suffering.

The Dark has the capacity to give us every ‘justification’ to do something that appears will ‘alleviate’ or rectify the problem, but once that track is taken and the ‘mission’ accomplished, then IT the Dark returns to flood ones mind and emotions with even more suffering as the incoming thoughts then tell one how foolish one was to do what it did.

As said above, the ONLY rectification is to seize control of ones own mind and do ones best to HALT the intrusive thoughts as we try hard to see God’s face in our life and try and stem the tide of fearful emotions within and remain sane, rational and kindly to all as we get ON with our life ‘forgetting’ what others are trying to do to keep us locked into negative possibilities.

All need to understand the power and ‘brilliance’ of God’s ‘underhand’ that has the capacity to make us ‘feel’ as upon our emotions IT places a ‘weal’ being the 'karmic return 'due' to one  because of the anguish and suffering we or ‘ours’ (our servants) imposed upon others as we interfered in the lives of others and sullied our own ‘rose’ and, - - - as the ‘thoughts’ from God’s DARK flow in, its subjugating power is felt within the recipient.

We all must now face the ‘Star’ that is the 'symbol' of God’s love and truth shining as a beacon from afar, and as the ‘prayer’ we daily say we also ‘bow’ to God and call HER ‘grace' our way.

Let us ‘forgo’ the threats of mortal men and look to God and heed HIS pen, and we simply get on with our ‘love’ life and take our God ‘Her’ as our ‘wife.’

We do our best to stay calm and caress each other with love’s charm and forget the ‘wiles’ of men that ‘plan’ to drag us down, and we forgive them in the knowledge that ahead they too will ‘frown.’

Try and be at ‘peace’ inside as in God’s Light you now abide, and just be happy that you now can ‘see’ the deeper truth and the ‘karmic’ reality. * The 'brilliance' of God's Dark energy is 'such' that no 'mortal' can avoid its capacity to 'harm' them emotionally or physically as that is their spiritual DUE. Suffer it quietly in non-retaliation and become FREE.

Note: 'karmic reality' * - Not only is there a painful karmic return within the immutable Law of God's DARK energy, (As you did sow so shall ye reap) but there is also an EQUAL karmic return due of 'Joy and happiness' within the Law of God's LIGHT energy. (As you did sow so shall ye reap) Thus for every benign and kindly action there is an equal benign and kindly 'karmic return' through the hands of others.

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~ The SOUL of man ~

You are PRIMARILY a spiritual being full of LIGHT, and this positive and benign creative energy is the CORE of your soul, and its 'activity' is always benign, creative, giving of itself, loving and peacefully expressive.

When ITS 'energy' is active and flowing your thoughts are always positive and your interaction with others is in conformity to God's Command of "Peace & mercy & compassion & forgiveness unto all."

Your spiritual being becomes 'contaminated' with Dark and negative energy due to your arrogance or ignorance or, by false doctrine imposed by the beliefs of your forebears and texts in books written prior to your birth that you now accept as truth and normal when in fact they are not. (The right to fight or defend using God's forceful dark energy is forbidden by God)

Once your inner Light has been contaminated by DARK emotions of anger, fear, hatred, vanity, pride, jealousy, criticism, revenge, etc., then your daily activity can become or is at times contra God's Command and, - - - added to this problem, if your negative conduct towards others is being dictated to you by others or by text in 'legislation' or through false ideological belief, then at that 'time' you are not exercising your own inner Light and ITS 'conscience,' for you are exercising the 'unconscionable' Dark energy.

What you need to do in order to become spiritually free of Dark energy within you and free from its influence over you through your mind and emotions is:

1 - Understand that the Dark energy of God can only be removed from your soul by God's Light energy with its 'purging' cleansing power, and, - - - this can only be accomplished when you have stopped drawing more IN.

2 - Understand that as long as dark emotions are within you, situations will occur that 'trigger' the dark energy and you must accept that you are at that moment feeling ITS 'nature' e.g. jealousy, hatred, anger, criticism, fear etc.

3 - Understand that when dark emotions are being felt that your mind is being telepathically interfered with from the Source of darkness having the intent of forcing you to defy God's 'Peace and Love' Command and be ITS 'agent' and to thus control, interfere, or injure some other or yourself.

4 - Understand that in order to maintain your sanity and conformity to God's Command, you need to protect your mind against this attempted telepathic subjugation of your mind, and fortify your mind against its power by building the 'ARK of the mind' using God's Light when saying the Star prayer.

5 - Understand that in order to reprogram your false indoctrination with truth you must daily read, read, read the Testament of Truth, so that it becomes easier to conform to God's "peace" code of conduct command when you are faced by adversity.

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(Spirit beings living in the underworlds)

Please come now near and hear what I have to say. It is now your personal final choice to heed the wisdom of God I bring for only this way will you in heaven sing.

It is now time for you to relinquish all control of others via telepathy, for as your thoughts in others minds stroll you are controlling and manipulating another's mind. This is invisible control you exert over others unseen by them is also the control exerted over you to by others on darker levels below you. 

It is now time for you to fortify your own minds and keep out thoughts which would you bind by using you to others abuse, for in this act by thought or deed you draw darkness into your own souls which draws your soul further away from the Light. So heed me now when I say mother's love flows your way drawing your inner darkness out, so that when cleansed you can rise up into heaven and shout with joy.

So fortify your minds with love via the bright morning star shining above, for only in this way do I see that you can kind and caring be. So look up above and as you see the star of love we will together now say the star prayer, and you needs say it often and feel uplifted as the intrusion of negative thoughts are suppressed from entering your minds.

Tell all where you are about mother's cleansing love and the bright morning star shining above.

Let us now say the star prayer together:

Creator of the Heavens - Mother of love
I see your Star shining above
please cleanse my mind with all your love
so that I may heed your call of peace from above

I now add to remind all of you who are listening:

The star prayer is an invocation to the Light of God to keep you focused on the true path of peace so that you control the contra devious thoughts and negative emotions within you as you stay alert to the dangers which can flow through your mind or hand to others. 

The star prayer assists you to true fasting, being your abstinence from using darkness, being any negative expression by your words or by your deeds. Spiritual purity is attained though the abstinence of using darkness.  If you fast daily by abstaining from using the dark energy of God in your deeds you open the gates of heaven within your own soul, for 'fasting' means that not only do you draw no dark sin or energy into your soul, but you permit the purging love of God to remove dark energy which is already within you. (Negative emotions) Darkness, being the mists of death only enters into your soul  when you use it in your expression upon others by word or by deed.


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~ The Invocation ~

The Star prayer is an invocation to the Light of God to keep you focused on the true path of peace, so that you can control the contra devious thoughts entering your mind, and will assist in controlling the negative emotions within you.

The Star prayer assists you to true 'fasting,' being your abstinence from using darkness in any negative expression by words or by deeds. In doing the Star prayer you remain alert in the knowledge that you are only a danger unto your soul if you give in to intrusive and uncontrollable incoming negative thoughts and then abuse others in some way.

Spiritual purity is attained through the abstinence of using dark energy. (The Sin)

If you fast daily by abstaining from using negativity (dark energy) in your deeds, you open the gates of heaven within your own soul. For spiritual fasting means that you draw no dark sin energy into your soul. The dark mists of death only enter into your soul when you use it in your expression to others.

Doing the Star prayer enables Light benign energy to flow in to your soul strengthening your mind.

There is ONE very important factor to remember, being, that irrespective of 'which' realm or level of consciousness your soul is in now, or finds itself when departing this realm, the 'key' to  EVENTUALLY being left in peace and NOT being taxed, controlled, banished, dispossessed or suffering injury at the hands of others, is to ALWAYS turn the other cheek when abused, and to NEVER fund nor be complicit to any punitive or controlling activity. Never be vengeful. Leave retribution to God, for ONLY He is above His 'eye for n eye' Law.

Try and UNDERSTAND, that the Dark forceful energy of God ONLY directs other to abuse you IF you owe IT a debt (God's Dark energy)  and, IT tries to use YOU to also be ITS punitive 'arm' against others who owe IT a debt.

If you are so foolish as to let ITS deceptive 'thoughts' entering your mind to JUSTIFY you into being the 'balancer' of ITS energy and bring the other to 'account' and you do, then YOU take ON the debt and will suffer the same. On and on and ON forever, until you DO learn to 'turn the other cheek' and always live within the precepts of God Command:

"Go your way in peace and love one another, and BE merciful, compassionate and forgive your enemy."

"How does one resolve the conflict of disagreement, criticism, or demand?"

By being decent human beings that treat others kindly whatever they do or say, and one lives in accordance with the above God given ideological belief and way.  If the 'way' of the other is found by you as 'untrue,' or frustrating or inconsiderate or unkind and cruel then you are free to stay or go but, - - - you must not criticise or condemn or judge them, nor even try to force the other to conform to your 'way.'

You remain 'steadfast' in the shelter of God's command as you walk peacefully and mercifully as you compassionately 'forgive' the other for their 'way' or belief and you do not give them any 'grief' by punishing them for that is only God's prerogative for only God is above the punitive 'return due' of His own Law, not you.

Read the "Brief Summary Synopsis" of The Testament of Truth

Added note: Due to the absolute power of the dark to intrude telepathically into the mind of man via their inner 'sin,' (negative emotions) there may come the time where your thoughts become so 'controlled' during the night that you cannot sleep as uncontrollable thoughts keep revolving on fearful or other issues. I can but suggest that you make use of the audio tracks on this web site interspersed with calming or other music you love as you use a 'player' to listen to them rather than 'succumb' to the numbing thoughts. Once a 'particular' rising emotion has cleared from your soul the possessive thoughts will cease.

Trespass - Entering forbidden territory - sinning - - - When you criticise, or justify interference into the affairs of others for the purpose of control, regulation, threat, coercion, extortion, taking, (theft)  etc., or for the purpose of punishing them or causing them to be disadvantaged or injured in any way then you are using God's DARK destructive energy and are 'God' in action, and that is the 'gravest' error of 'judgement' for you are not God and not above His 'eye for an eye' Law and, when you trespass onto His 'territory' and use His 'forbidden to use' Dark energy you pay the ultimate price, for His Dark energy destroys all that defy Him. (As you sow so shall ye reap.)

How does it destroy you? It justifies you telepathically by giving you a 'justifiable' reason to enter by 'trespass' to gain something or to take something (steal) or to do something that you have NOT been 'permitted' to so do, and these words refer to materiality but, - - -  try and see that when you do trespass onto another's property  then at that moment you are in fact making use of the invisible Dark energy of God that inspired you, and IT entices you to go further and do more 'sinning' etc., and you see not that as you use IT you draw this dark energy into your spirit soul and the 'weight & course vibration' of this Dark energy is what drags your soul down into the Abyss of eternal suffering.

In that realm everyone is mentally controlled by IT the Dark force (Possessed by IT) that ensures that all you do for IT is eternal 'payback' retribution and the imposition of agonising suffering upon others and that immediately comes back to you via others also inspired by IT.   IT is simply fulfilling IT'S "As you did do unto others is done unto you" LAW.  Both the benign, creative and mercifully kind energy of God AND the malignant, destructive and mercilessly cruel energy of God have the same ONE LAW - "What unto others you do comes back to you."

Try and understand that when you engage in any conflict with another then at that very moment you are in conflict with God's 'Command' and with GOD, and HE never loses any conflict because as you 'sow' so shall ye reap, and He does His utmost to keep you in conflict so that you attract more and more painful 'karma' and, as you 'fight' you also draw in more of His dark energy into your soul so that ultimately IT, His dark energy, can destroy your defiant, arrogant soul and subject IT to eternal misery and anguish.

I can but 'warn' everyone defiant of God's Primary ruling Command that their destiny is bleak unless they amend their ways NOW.

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

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