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~ The Court of Divine Punitive Justice & The 'God' Factor ~

Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of the Law excuses no one.
Reference God's Law: "As you sow so shall ye reap ~ on an 'equal' and thus 'eye for an eye' basis"

The absolute singular Law of God v/s the multitude of changeable laws of man
As exposed and explained in the 'case' of Daniel v/s the LION

In this document, using the above named case between Daniel and the Lion (the State) the veracity by the man-made system of justice will be compared and contrasted with the absolute justice of the singular law of God in order to highlight the travesty of so called justice under the man-made legal system represented in the courts set up by man.

In this particular case the accused man 'Daniel' is charged  with viewing images that are recorded in books of state rules as 'forbidden to be viewed' or have in one's possession. Daniel is not guilty of having caused harm to any person nor to having disturbed the peace of the land in the 'charge' sheet and thus has not defied God's "Go your way in Peace" Command.

This document is written solely to alert the reader to the reality that man, using the rules, laws and statutes enacted by other men, place themselves into the punitive aspect of God's Divine Justice, a justice from which there is NO escape clause because they have, by enacting said Laws or rules, placed themselves under the punitive aspect of the ONE immutable Law of God at the moment they use said rules to 'control' or punish or impoverish another person.

This singular Law of God under which all the living, and all the departed souls ever created are bound, states simply, categorically and unequivocally that, "as you do is done unto you" - synonymous to - "a deed for a deed - a tooth for a tooth - an eye for an eye" - simply meaning equally or the 'same.'

Under this absolutely just law, all without exception, are equally judged "Guilty" by God for using His negative destructive energy, (forceful, punitive interaction) to bring any other to account, (justice) whether that be by a judge in a court of man or in any individual  imposing  punishment to any child of God, via the process of any sort of retribution.

In the court of Divine punitive Justice there is only ONE judge, God, and He alone delivers His verdict according to the Law. No amelioration, no excuses, no wealth or influence or any titular right on earth can mitigate any who place themselves under the punitive aspect of the ONE Law of God.

Any who stand before the divine court of punitive justice do so for one and only one reason, and that is as a consequence of their disobedience to the One Command.

"love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."
This implies; "forgiveness of all others who may offend you or even harm you."

In the divine court of punitive justice there rarely stands a spirit or soul who has chosen to walk the path of non-retaliation and forgiveness since they have, in all their actions, chosen to adhere to God's singular call of "Peace," no matter what the circumstances.  These are individuals' who walk with absolute pacifism as their only aim and therefore they do live by God's command and as a consequence, if they ever stand in the punitive court of  God's justice, it is simply that they are taken there by the ignorant enforcers, but they are never forced to suffer any punishment unless they have any past debts to God unpaid for.

For these souls, forgiveness, coming as it does out of love, seek only to live under the One command, thereby leaving those who do harm or damage to them to the One Law of God. "As you do to others so shall be done unto you" and, these souls who do walk within the precepts of the benign aspect of God's Law receive an equal measure of returning pleasure, mercy, forgiveness and joy.

The call of forgiveness and peace has been the cry from God throughout history whether delivered through a Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, or a voice like that of Ghandi or Martin Luther King. All these voices throughout history are voices speaking for the God the Light, but only when they speak of that peace which comes from the "Only be loving and forgiving" Command, meaning the necessity to forgive everyone, under all circumstances and in all situations.

There is no escape clause conveniently inserted in God's Law to ameliorate any from the consequences of failing to obey the one command. While all are free to choose to break the command of peace, love, mercy and forgiveness, those choosing to do so automatically place themselves under the Shadow of God's Hand, and in this place lies the absolute truth of the punitive aspect of the One Law.

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Thus in the courts of Divine Justice all are truly treated equally by God. The cry of the French Revolutionaries of "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity," which in the context of the times was taken to mean: "the common people joining together against the multitudes of rules of government and official representatives," was a negative form of action taken to 'oppose the law of man.'

A similar 'cry' is now again to be taken up, but this time the people need to join together to stand against any use of dark force to oppose the control by governments instead, only utilising peace, forgiveness and the understanding of God's call to obey His One Command, knowing that when we do not we place ourselves under the punitive aspect of God's one Law. 

In taking the law to it's ultimate conclusion the common denominator for all individuals, choosing to defy God's call of "Peace, love and forgive" as they retaliate or get even against someone using man's law, believing that the rules of man can exonerate them or nullify God's law, is an erroneous system of belief.

The reason for all this is simply that the "individuals bringing the case" to the justice department did so believing that they did no wrong by seeking punitive retribution "according to the rules of man," this is a grave error since under God's Law there is no acquittal for that or any form of retaliatory deed by any individual.

No matter what the provocation, under God's Law there is never a situation that allows for retaliation or punishment of another by anyone without the one imposing the punishment being able to avoid the superior Law of God. Impose judgment on any other and ahead, in God's time, you will be forced to suffer the same punishment you imposed, even if you believe that the courts of man who sanctioned you in bringing the matter before them exonerates you because they ruled in your favour. God's Law is not open to interpretation no matter how we construe or interpret that truth using the rules of man's legal system.

It is this that clearly delineates the stark contrast between the absolute truth of God's one divine Law and the multiplicity of endless statutes, by-laws and ever increasing rules perpetuated by the dark institutions, regulations imposed by man and ruled over by what is termed 'The Justice system.'

All the laws which come under the umbrella of "The Laws" in the courts of man can be subordinated to one single procedure, and that is the process of ensuring the absolute control over God's children via the various legal edicts which are governed by the multiplicity of the numerous arms of government.

Such control is first and foremost carried out by the judiciary, the arm of the man-made law. Named Judges or magistrates they are the superordinates in the courts of man. The man-made system of justice comprises the judiciary, the parliament, the federal and state governments, federal or state institutions, federal and state police bailiffs, barristers and solicitors, court reporters and tax collectors.

Those not so obviously involved in the legal system of man but nevertheless in support of that system are the public servants who carry out the courts punishments. The other  groups are comprised of the various religious organizations who, themselves exempt of the burden of taxation, nevertheless act as moral reinforcers of the judicial system by preaching that their flock are supposedly God ordered to bow to the dictates of men and their man-made laws.

In mans courts there are various rites which must be adhered to and various rituals which must be performed before the punishment of any individual is made. These rites and rituals vary from such things from the types of clothing worn, to the requirement to bow before the judge on entry to the court as well as all the other endless rules of procedure governing the performance of barristers, solicitors and QC's.

Anyone who fails to comply with the court rules or procedures or who fails to adhere to the exponential laws, edicts, statutes, by-laws or rules and endless new regulations of control issued by the government of the day, is found guilty and charged.

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What is most obviously missing from the courts of man is a consistency in the process whereby individual judges arrive at the lengths and severity of sentences for legal and judicial and court-defined criminal behaviour.

In the courts of man two cases, having identical breaches of the same law, and with the same level of severity, even when both accused are charged in the same court before the same judge, will rarely receive the same or  even a similar length of sentence.

While many see such judgment as a miscarriage of justice, the truth behind court decisions has a far greater reach and meaning than is grasped by anyone in the man-made system of justice. The reason for this blindness is primarily a total failure on the part of the individuals in the system to accept, let alone fully understand that any judgment by an individual judge, jury or magistrate, is never made "solely" by the individual bringing down the judgment.

The truth of the matter as to why sentences for similar crimes vary in severity and length of sentence is simply because the system of man chose to remain ignorant to the fact that the courts of man are simply the tool utilized by God, the only true judge to bring about just judgments.  In Biblical Law it is simply stated as the Law of  "Lex Talionis," being the Law of retaliation whereby punishment resembles the offense committed in kind and degree or, as the biblical phrase states it, on the basis of "an eye for an eye."

The pain, judgment, condemnation or retribution you impose on another, either individually or in the courts of man, and which cause them hardship and pain whether emotional or physical, must, and will be imposed on you by God on the basis of the rule of "Lex Talionis."  This is the only true Law firstly, because it is God's Law and secondly, because God alone knows the real spiritual reason why any accused stands before Him in the court of man since He alone knows the heart and soul of the man standing there.

It is therefore God who utilizes the courts of man to facilitate the carrying out of the punitive Karma due to be meted out to any soul standing before the judge of the day. It is God who inspires the mind of the Judge, consequently, we must understand that whatever the "legal cause" that  may have been stated as the reason as to why the person is standing before the judge, it may have nothing to do with the actual case before the court because, God alone knows what the punitive Karmic due is which must be paid for by the accused under God's One Just Law.

God simply uses the fools who believe themselves the sole inheritors of the "legal right" to judge mankind, and this God allows in order to ensure that His just judgment, and that alone, is the outcome determining the length and severity of the pay back for a past disobedience of the COMMAND of God by any particular individual.

By assuming he/she had the right to judge another to seek retribution or, to pay back any other for harm caused or, in retaliation against any who wrong them, the court convicted criminal receives at the hands of the judge, and with the inspiration from God, the exact same feelings of fear, loathing, anguish, abhorrence, suffering or loss as that which he/she imposed on another or others.

The person standing before a man-made court may well be convicted for a crime of which he/she is innocent, either because it is not considered a crime by God under His one law, or because the person is actually being convicted by God for having disobeyed God's One Command, either presuming it was in order to disobey that command or in fact through ignorance of God's Command and Law.

Frequently the matter before a Judge has absolutely no relevance in the eyes of God, but God does know what offence the person has committed in their past interaction with others by presuming their right to retribution and, it is for that offence for which the person is judged by God.

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In most instances the offence is an infringement of God's: "Peace, love and mercy" Command, even if that infringement was committed at some other place or time having no relevance to the present 'charge' sheet. What we need to understand is that it is God's prerogative to impose the Karmic due at a time and place of His choosing.

In summary, the Law of man (rules) is simply God's 'tool' to impose sentence for 'punitive' Karmic Debts accrued by those standing before the Court. The severity of the sentence is therefore only a reflection of some of the negative feelings or injury that the defendant imposed upon another child of God at some stage or other, feelings which the 'accused' must now feel but which in God's eyes possibly have little or nothing to do with the proceedings of the day brought on by the man-made systems of justice.

Understand that it is because God allows the rule, laws and edicts of man to be the instrument He uses to bring down His Justice, foolish man believes in his own immunity from God's Law. That is the greatest deception in existence and grossest of errors, for man is man and certainly not above the ONE immutable Law of God that applies equally to the BENIGN and the MALIGNANT aspect of God's energy that clearly implies:

"If you cause another to feel joy or injury, both the joy or the injury will be returned to you by others and therefore be felt by you, loving for loving, compassion for being compassionate and joy returned for giving but also, pain returned for pain caused, sorrow returned for sorrow given, and violence whether emotional or psychological, returned for abuse and violence imposed, loss for loss, deprivation for deprivation etc."

That which returns to us is always measure for measure, never less, neither more, so next time you stand before a man-made court for a supposed 'crime' you know you did not commit, or for a supposed offence that appears unfair as you did not factually cause harm and you feel yourself hard done by when you hear the punishment sentence, just remember that you feel nothing that you do not deserve to feel. (suffer) So if you feel terror then it is for the terror which your actions invoked in another, and you are simply being subjected to your breach of God's Command, possibly long in the past.

In summary of this introduction of the case "Daniel v/s the Lion," every magistrate and judge and the 'accused' need to try and understand that, the mind of any person imposing punishment or other 'injury,' whether a simple man or the 'superordinate' judge or magistrate, that the minds of these persons imposing these judgements are at that moment being controlled telepathically by the DARK aspect of the Source, God. This is truly God's absolute judgement in action as He imposes upon you the 'balancing' of His punitive 'Scales of Justice.'

The implication for any who have the capacity to grasp the truth is the depth and breadth of the reality that every court hearing is not only presided over by God, but that the outcome of each case is His sentence upon the individual, and this is a 'mind altering' fact. What is truly clarified is that it is impossible to escape from God and His judgement upon ones actions.

Equally, the advantage of knowing this means that no one will ever need to engage a solicitor, counsellor or QC to defend them, because the knowledge that you are actually standing before God to be judged, gives you no reason to plead 'mitigating circumstances' as a means to reduce punishment, and consequently as said above, there is never any requirement for legal representation since you now understand that God cannot be 'bargained with.'

When you know that God simply metes out an EXACT measure of punishment for your breach of His ONE Command and, that He imposes said punishment to set you FREE from your past error, or 'some of it at that moment,' then you truly know that the crime you are 'accused' of by the court may have little to do with the spiritual reality.

All each of us has to remember is that it is God who has brought you to stand before His judgement for what He knows you have done, whether that is 'past or present' error, and it is for this which He is presently judging you. No person suffers ANY punishment, loss, injury etc., unless in their past they caused the same to others be it in this or a pre-life time.

Any person meting out punishment for any reason or on behalf of God place themself squarely within the punitive aspect of His ONE Law: "The suffering you impose on one of My children is the suffering you will feel in the future." In short, the person passing that judgement, whether individually or collectively via your support of and participation in the judgements made in courts of man, will suffer the same 'injury' as that imposed by whomsoever.

NO 'superordinate' position nor rule of man nor uniform nor other position of authority nullifies nor sets aside the implementation by God of His superior Law.

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~ Daniel v/s the Lion ~

The judgement of the magistrate by Judge Terence in the 'moral' issue.

In this 'case' the 'Lion' is represented as the State authority that uses force of arms to 'invade' premises, 'seize' property, and to use the 'power' of the Court to 'injure' a citizen of the land (punishment by financial loss, banishment to jail or other) using legislation (rules) as the means to so do solely because those supporters of this PUNITIVE doctrine are of the belief in the 'legitimacy & righteousness' of their ACTIONS and, - - -

The State enforcers rely on the Magistrates or Judges to mete out retributive 'Justice' according to the 'rules of engagement' raised up by politicians who by their own doctrinal beliefs state:

"As we are the legitimate authority it is 'us' to lead the way and show all that - - - due to our interpretation of 'morality' or 'immorality' that any citizen of the land 'found' to have 'certain' images in their possession are by us deemed 'criminal' and to be placed in the public 'stocks' to be demoralised, shamed publicly, impoverished financially or banished to jail for a time and a time and held there as 'hostages' at our 'pleasure' until the full 'measure' of our ideological belief has been satisfied."

The resultant 'injury' be it mental and emotional 'torture' (injury) suffered by their 'victim' is unseen by said politicians, for when invoking said rules they never see the END result any more than does the Magistrate or Judge who also 'move on' to their next case and, due to their own 'official' standing also believe in their absolute right to impose penalties seeing not their own infringement of the Command of the Sovereign Power, God, nor are they even aware of His singular immutable Law: "As you do unto others will be done unto you."

In this 'case' Daniel is in fact a mortal man who relies on the 'representation' of a solicitor or another of higher standing to be his 'counsel' and, other than that as his 'case' has come before me I offer him, his counsel, the court and the legislators the benefit of my pen that is guided by our God true.

Why is this so? Because it is now the time for absolute truth to flow so that all 'defiant' of their God being all that deploy 'terror' tactics to impose their punitive doctrine upon other sons and daughters of God need to know that their activities are neither 'legitimate' in God's eyes nor above God's 'eye for an eye'  Law and, - - -

Not only this, but every Magistrate needs to avail themself of the 'rules of engagement' of their own rules, refer:

(Extract from: - 23.1 What role do the courts play in Australian governance? Australia's system of courts is the third arm of Australian governance and is known as the Judiciary - The role of the Judiciary is to:

  • apply the law as made by the Parliament

  • where necessary, interpret the laws made by Parliament

  • ensure that laws comply with the Australian Constitution

Why do I refer to this? Because not only does our God give the individual the freedom to live by ones 'Religion,' (Ideological code of conduct policy 'doctrine') but that 'freedom' is also granted and should be protected by the 'Freedom of Religion' clause of the Constitution of Australia upon which is based the authority granted unto Judges and all others by men in power (legislators) AND by the Dark Sovereign Power of God.* - Reference:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,

Note: Australia's own Macquarie dictionary – page 835 (Compact version)

Religion - - - - the quest for the values of the ideal life - - - the ideal, the practices for attaining the values of the ideal, - - - a system of belief in the worship of a supernatural power or God' or the recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship.

Religious - - - - scrupulously faithful, pious, devotion - - - this means that ones 'religion' is not any named 'Church' organisation, but it is the policy of ones daily code of conduct interaction with other children of God. Peaceful or warlike - kind or cruel - benign or malignant etc.

Any fine or punishment imposed by a magistrate upon an absolute pacifist who was not disturbing the peace is a coercive attempt into forcing a person into changing their ideology (religion) by funding a contra 'punitive' doctrine and is an unlawful activity within the Constitution.

The 'question' at hand in this 'case' is: IF Daniel is a peaceful person going about his daily business without having disturbed the peace of the land and without having injured anyone and, - - - IF he believes that he has the right to and thus does 'download' an image onto his computer knowingly or unknowingly and, - - - in the knowledge or otherwise that others may find the image 'distasteful, obscene or pornographic,' - - - has Daniel been in contravention of his God given right to so do or, - - - has he 'infringed' his 'Religious liberty RIGHT to follow his conscience'? - In both cases the answer is "No."

Let it be clearly understood, it is Daniel's RIGHT to follow his conscience without 'let or hindrance or punishment' as long as by his PERSONAL ACTIONS he has not defied God's Command and not infringed upon the RIGHTS of others by him:

1 - Trespassing onto their property
2 - Interfering in their lives
3 - Disturbing the peace of the land
4 -
Injuring or killing another
5 -
Damaging the property of another.
6 -
Causing others mental or emotional distress

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~ The 'double' Standard ~
Justice v/s the immorality of 'rule by false doctrine'

Irrespective of any assumed 'righteousness or justification' for 'latter day' rules/regulations/decrees/laws of politicians that are raised up, they 'enable' and 'direct' and in fact force the police to infringe upon the RIGHTS of others in the course of their 'duty' to State or God. How? The  police are forced to do the wicked and immoral acts (1 - 6) in the page above, which are 'criminal' activities. (The double standard)

The Primary ruling of the Constitution stands and needs to be understood by Magistrates before they 'entertain' punishing 'poor' mortals who for one reason or another find 'reason' to look at images in the privacy of their homes, and in fact not having done any of the things listed in 1 - 6 above to any other person. 

It is the God given RIGHT of man to 'look' at ANYTHING, for simply 'looking' is not an ACTIVITY infringing upon God's "Go your way in peace & love one another" Command but it IS AN INFRINGEMENT of God's Command, for regulators, enforcers and Magistrates who use any 'ruling' of man to punish and thus injure others, and this is an ACTIVITY that is in contravention of God's "Peace, love & mercy" Command, and places the 'officials' within the precepts of the punitive aspect of God's ONE immutable Law: "As you sow so shall ye reap" and, for sure many now are to weep for their own 'immoral infidelity' of themselves looking at and then using said 'images' as a reason to DESTROY the lives and livelihoods of other mortals.

Any politician, enforcer, magistrate or 'jailer' who through ignorance or otherwise ignores the civil libertarian right of citizens or 'overrules' the primary 'Freedom of Religion' clause of the Constitution in using latter day 'rules or rulings' to punish a person are anarchists. Does 'anarchy' flourish and exist in Australian courts? Yes, and it is now the time for all men 'true' to realise and see that ANY non-conformity to God's "Peace & love & mercy" Command are anarchists in God's eyes and 'punishable' by spiritual death for their defiance of God.

As 'civilians' both Daniel, you and I are entitled to watch, observe or 'record' an image of a military person shooting unarmed civilians and mutilating or even 'raping' them if we so desire. It does not mean that 'we' are complicit in any way nor that we support or condone such 'immoral' iniquity, it is simply that we all have the right to SEE what 'presents' itself to us and if you or I download an image produced by some other 'ignorant' brother then so be IT, let no other seek to defy their God and persecute us, for by that ACT they prove their own 'insanity' and their own criminal activity.

In the 'case' at hand the mortal man Daniel has committed NO 'crime' in God's eyes in the present case but, as he has suffered much emotional trauma and monetary loss prior to even getting to court, it means that that 'punishment' was the imposition of DIVINE PUNITIVE JUSTICE imposed by God via vain and ignorant mortal men and, any further punishment that may be imposed by the court is also so but, the prosecutor and all other officials as well as the community that fund their wages are all complicit and will all suffer the burden of punishment to be imposed upon their 'heads' by God's superior Court of DIVINE PUNITIVE JUSTICE  at the time and in the place so ordained by God.

Note: Dark Sovereign Power of God.* - Man sees not that God is both the creative Light energy essence that is absolute truth and the destructive Dark energy essence that is absolute deception. It is thus that this deceptive and punitive essence of the Dark 'face' of God deceives man as IT 'justifies' man to defy the "Only love" Command in order to use vain men to punish others for IT as well as to destroy their 'faithless' spirit soul as they defy the Only love command and bind themselves to ITS singular law and to eternal suffering if IT can 'convince' them to keep being ITS retributive 'arm' and, as man uses ITS Dark energy they contaminate their soul with IT and that is what ultimately draws their soul down into the depths of depravity and eternal suffering.

Note: Lex Talionis - The most common expressions of Lex Talionis are: "An eye for an eye ~  tit for tat ~ as you do is done unto you" - being the absolutely 'Just' principle of exact reciprocity as used by God in His absolute Justice. Man continues to raise up codes of punishment far exceeding the principle of Lex Talionis due to his vindictive nature as he 'prescribes' what he thinks as 'fitting' counter punishment for an offence against his 'rules.'

Arrogant, vindictive, merciless man sees NOT that his 'thoughts' around the matter of punishment are controlled by God, who uses the vanity of man to not only enable His imposition of divine punishment for 'affairs' other than that which are presently 'tabled' in a Court, but so as to also 'entrap' everyone meting out the punishment for their defiance of His Command: "Go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

It follows that whatever the punishment inflicted by the magistrates, judges, or other upon any person places all 'complicit' INTO the 'Lex Talionis' Law of God who ahead, in this world or the next are forced to suffer the same 'injury, loss, deprivation of liberty, dispossession, emotional grief' etc. The complicit being the politicians, judiciary, enforcers, jailers and supporting community members.

Mankind needs to understand that retribution and punishment are God's prerogative ONLY, for only God is above His Law. Try and understand that NO 'official' position nor mandate from man nor 'badge of office' places YOU the individual beyond the 'reach' of "Lex Talionis," God's immutable Law.

The ONLY 'right and entitlement' granted unto man in respect of 'sinners' who defy Him and cause injury is to haul them IN, subject them to an EDUCATIONAL 'Feeling Easier Seminar' with the limitations therein for 'killers' and then to let them go. Refer 'Seminar.'

Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of The Law* excuses no one. (Reference God's Law)

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~ THE LAW of God the Creator ~
A Statement of Fact & Submission that;

There is an unavoidable "Consequence of ACTION" in ones interaction with other children of God.

God's Law is sacred, immutable and inviolate. God's Law you cannot break by wrong deed. God's Law is not a regulation. God's Law is simply the spiritual energy of God operating within ITS natural boundaries of flow. (For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, be it benign or malignant, creative or destructive.) God's Law is a factual Statement made by God to all His creation. The Statement being:

"As you do is done unto you - As you Sow so shall ye Reap."

"Therefore you My children must heed My ONE Commandment to 'Only be loving,' and thus only walk your way in Peace, and bear only goodwill unto all.

If any other gives you any 'bother' then you must remain meek and be non-retaliatory and forgiving and understanding of their errant ways. They ahead will be 'dealt-with' by ME the Authority they cannot see.

It 'follows' that any man or woman who 'plans' to 'manufacture' and bring into being any 'Rules or Regulations' that are backed by force or punishment is 'ONE' whom of MY Law is ignorant, and thus they 'defy' My Commandment and by ME will be sent below until MY ONE Commandment they get to know."

Father God

It needs now be clearly understood by man, be they 'common' or the judiciary that, irrespective of ones 'justification' or ones 'status' in life there is NEVER a 'time' when ones interfering, controlling, punitive or destructive actions or interaction with others is an 'operation' external to, or 'beyond' the Lex Talionis - "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW of God's 'arm or force or energy' return unto the user

In EVERY 'case' the suffering, loss or injury imposed upon the other becomes a 'debt' burden upon not only the ones that imposed it, but also to any person that funded or supported said interaction.

It needs to be understood by every individual or 'official' enforcer or police or armed forces personnel that when engaged in forceful or punitive interaction with another they have 'licensed' themselves to be the 'jury, judge and executioner' and, this 'permission' be it for a wage or otherwise is in fact their own choosing to defy God and is probably the result of the deception of man blinded by the Dark that is holding them in bondage to ignorance of the REAL truth for ages of time.

It needs to be understood that the DARK energy of the Source is cruel, deceptive, demanding, vindictive, controlling, warlike, malicious, unconscionable and absolutely destructive. It is an 'energy essence' that exists and as IT is the energy of God having the absolute authority to mete out ITS aspect of THE ONE LAW, it follows that any 'sinner' being a person who has 'supped on' the fruit of the Tree of Evil has contaminated their soul with this energy.

This is why 'man' believes in the right to impose 'Justice' because, he in his simplicity cannot see that albeit the DARK energy of God is within him, being the energy of the negative emotions, (Fear, hatred, vengeance, jealousy, anger etc.) that in fact he is NOT God, and thus is NOT above the Law of God. Neither is man 'legally' able to mete out punitive retribution for God as this 'activity' opposes the Command of God:

"Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful, compassionate & forgiving."

It is a criminal offence to defy God and any defiance of God's Command above has a 'sentence' of spiritual DEATH at its 'bottom line.' Judge not for you will be so judged by God. Ignorance of THE LAW is not 'bliss' it is excruciatingly painful on THE DAY God's force decides to collect all your outstanding dues. Peace, mercy, non-retaliation and forgiveness is the ONLY way forward and upwards to the Light.

Every 'reader' has been ADVISED of the TRUTH and is also hereby WARNED that Hell exists as does eternal RETRIBUTIVE agony.

Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of the Law excuses no one.


As this section has been the 'last' document written for God via my 'hand,' I now thank 'HIM' for 'permitting' the Truth to shine down to this land, - - - for no 'person' in this land 'deserves' to have IT, as all 'yet' are 'swine.' Man for so many centuries has forgotten the 'God FACTOR' that all believe in the right to be as 'a' God due to their belief that they 'as' God are above THE LAW of GOD. It is my 'pen,' God's to release arrogant man from their ignorance so that they do have a final chance to amend their ways and thus avoid an eternal 'hellish' fate.

"Thank you 'Oh' God for your mercy."

Terence, the messenger of God


The end