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~ The DARK ‘Establishment’ ~
The spiritual revelation of the ‘capacity’ of the Dark Authority of God.

by Terence – the spirit of truth

Page 1 - Separation from God and revelation of God's Dark force
Page 1 - 2 The 'scriptural' introduction
Page 1 - 3 The invisible but 'awesome' power of our vengeful God
Page 1 - 8 The destruction of the soul of man

page 1

~ Separation from God ~

Simple man sees not that his 'fellowshipping' with a worldly religion or 'sect' with its rituals and beliefs neither 'separates' him from his God nor does it bring him closer to God nor does it nullify God's Law as herein exposed.

If man 'thinks' he is safe or saved due to his 'teaching' or religious 'fervour' as he bows to the ritualistic rules of mortals and pays 'taxes,' he is simply 'living' in a 'phallic' fantasy being the ultimate delusion.

Why do I say this? Because man sees not that nothing can ever separate him from God's LAW for man is 'swimming' within and 'drinking' (supping) on God's energy at all times in his interaction with other children of God.

It follows that IF one is bowing to God's Command: "Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" in ones interaction with others that one is 'bound' to and by the Benign aspect of God's LAW and receives a 'lovely' bounty and merciful RETURN - - - but, - - -

If one is either supping on the fruit of the Tree of EVIL and being a controlling, interfering, punitive, extortionist, deceitful or destructive swine OR paying the wages of 'servants' (State officials) to interfere, intimidate, coerce or do any of the above to others, - - - then the individual is 'walking' in and bound by the DARK energy essence of God and at some stage ahead will suffer in Totality their 'share' of all the suffering imposed by them or their servants upon others.

The 'belief' that their suffering can be AVOIDED or 'thwarted' by praising the name or man "Jesus" or any other is as said a 'phallic fantasy.' Religions and priests or clerics or others have deceived their followers. If YOU cannot see this fact and you continue to fund the warring 'Caesar' (State) then you are a stupid NON-believer in God's COMMAND.

Man needs to understand that the Source, God the ENERGY is "All powerful" and we do not use IT - IT uses us the  moment we 'move' or 'act' in our interaction with others. If our intent is good, the benign LIGHT of God flows through and uses us to bestow all ITS creative 'goodness' upon others as IT 'balances' ITS Scales of Justice as IT returns 'good for good.'

If our intent OR deed is 'dark' (knowingly or unknowingly) then the DARK of God uses us to destroy or 'take' or steal or to cause harm, punish, suffering, loss etc., to others in order to balance ITS 'Scales of Justice'  as IT returns 'bad for bad.' (God's wrathful punitive energy flows though 'us' to punish those who caused others harm, suffering, loss etc., IF we are so 'stupid' as to be ITS instrument of 'death.' )

Man is driven by emotional energy, be it benign or malignant. Both energies are 'of' God, and it is the vibration frequency of these energies that link ones mind (thoughts incoming) to the Light or Dark realms. As the Light is benign and non intrusive and creative IT will inspire us to do ITS bidding and "Give with love," but as the Dark is intrusive and destructive, IT will try and use us to do ITS retributive bidding to mete out 'payback' on ITS behalf.

If a person is sitting quietly and is not in verbal or physical contact with any other then God's benign (Light) or malignant (Dark) ENERGY is not flowing through them to any other and, thus God's Law is also 'static' so to speak. It is when we speak or act physically that God's benign or malignant energy flows through us to another.  But God's Law also applies to us if things are done unto others on our behalf by our servants, be they benign or malignant.

The religious ideology of the various 'sects' being the 'teachings' of priests or clerics or other are what are imposed upon humans from the time of their birth and are what deceives man and keeps him in bondage to said teachings or religions or secular ideologies that are in conflict with the precepts of God's "Love & peace & mercy & forgive" Command.

Man needs to now see that to 'belong' to any sect is 'worthless,' for all that is needed from birth is the spiritual TRUTH of God's Command and the TRUTH that God's LAW "As you do will be done unto you" is 'active' at all times and in all situations and that no person can separate themselves for ITS application.

It follows that if you are living in heaven having no dark energy within you then at all times the Light energy of God is flowing through you and is always benign and you are always IT in action and thus joined to the Light.

If you are living in Hell and your inner Light is shrouded by darkness that you drew in though arrogance or ignorance then at all times the Dark energy of God is flowing through you and IT is always malignant and you are IT in action and thus joined to the Dark.

If you are existing in any realm or level of consciousness between heaven and Hell you may be joined to both energies each day as both may be flowing through you at different times. Rest assured, IT the energies of God are omnipresent and both have the capacity to 'grow; within your soul as they flow through. If you are being used by the Dark then via your spirit you are causing grief and ahead you will suffer the same. If you are being used by the Light causing happiness then ahead you will enjoy the same happiness.

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~ The scriptural introduction ~

There are scriptural 'quotes' that lead mankind to believe that 'as' God has elevated officials of government to 'rule' citizens that it is 'beholden' upon said citizens to 'bow' to each and every dictate imposed upon them 'lawfully,' meaning that every decree of State (Caesar) is legal and binding and if they fail to obey they deserve their punishment because as said, officials believe in the 'righteousness' of their control over the lives of everyone. None seeing that such control is a contravention of God's Command and is ILLEGAL, and I now state:
Let it be CLEARLY understood that man for so long has 'brooded' over the meaning of scriptural texts that the PURE Truth has been lost and it is my 'pen' guided by God to set TRUE BELIEVERS free from their present bondage to eternal slavery, restriction, control and suffering because, scriptural texts FAIL to expose the REALITY being, - - -
That when man does OBEY 'Caesar-State) and fund his/its control and punishment and invasion and killing, that all complicit (taxpayers) bind themselves to the Devil ( Dark Sovereign Power, God) and place themselves into the punitive aspect of God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law and NEVER become FREE unless they now heed ME.
Try and understand that every level of consciousness OUTSIDE of the pure Light of heaven (Paradise - freedom - no restriction - bliss) is a 'realm' that is controlled by the DARK aspect of the Source, God the Father who "Yes" does 'bear' a very heavy fist against all who defy Him, be it this material one or any other spirit realm and, - - -
"Yes" those in positions of 'authority' are not only backed by His force but are also inspired telepathically by His 'deceptive' aspect of MIND for the sole purpose of destroying their own souls and yours for BEING 'non-believers' in and, in defiance of, His Command to; "ONLY love one another and go your way in peace and BE merciful, compassionate and forgiving" so,  - - -
The 'rules' invoked by God through the vanity, pride, greed of His 'servants' (politicians) and their legislators are ALL 'rulings/orders/decrees & taxes' designed to drag down everyone into the depths of Hell and AWAY from His pure Light - and that is NOT 'good' policy nor 'good for the community' but it is GOOD for God as He cannot 'stand' any 'blighted sinful bugger' standing in His sight in the Light HE Created that is HIS eternally moving 'canvas' of PURE 'beauty.'
Man needs to TRY and understand that by the very FACT that one is supporting, condoning and funding the DARK invasive, punitive and destructive 'aspect' of the Source that they are BOUND by this 'contra God's Command' deeds (activity) and place themselves into the punitive aspect of His Law.
Man needs to TRY and see that the more one uses God's FORCE to control and punish in accordance with THE rules raised UP by the DARK via vain men the more dark (sin) ENERGY they draw into their soul and the further it 'falls' AWAY from the Light in the after-life.
When one 'rebels' against being controlled but one simply goes their way in PEACE and remain in conformity to God's Command then 'naturally' those upholding RULES find the justification to punish them.  But one needs to see that ANY 'punishment' imposed upon those living in conformity with God's Command is their due but they are simply 'suffering' (paying) PAST accrued debts to God for their past error of living ways and, - - - once their past dues are fully paid UP then no mortal man will find 'reason' to keep persecuting them.
All 'authorities' control and punish because they are living in defiance of God even though they are adhering to the 'dictates' imposed upon all by the absolute controller the Dark Sovereign Power, God. 

Therefore to become free from HIM you need to 'suffer' past dues to HIM, so let your conscience guide you, and fear not 'coercion' as you strive to walk ALONE with God's LOVE rather than upholding books of rules that bind others as YOU 'bow' to God's "Peace & love" Command and remain merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto those in power who are continually sinning as they coerce and harass and persecute you UNTIL your past debts to the Dark Sovereign Power are FULLY paid up.

Try and see that everyone complicit to the control, restriction, interference, taxation OR the punishment of a another person is in contravention of God's: "Give with love" Command, and they become restricted, controlled and disadvantaged etc., and thus punished within God's Law that is in operation at all times. (In the time and place so ordained by God in this life OR the after life) 

The use of the biblical texts in 'defence' of supporting Caesar's 'taxing' demands is your 'legitimising' not only the defiance of God's "Love one another" Command, but also legitimising the use of force that is in fact the use of destructive 'energy' of the 'fruit' from the Tree of Evil that is forbidden by God to use.
Naturally every person has the divine RIGHT to conform with or defy their Creator, and also those whom believe in the absolute 'truthfulness' of scriptural TEXTS raised UP by other mortal men also have a RIGHT to so do but, - - - all I can say is: Any person relying on any text in a book and using that in their defence against God and the application of His LAW 'book' is indeed very foolish, deceived and deluded.

It is for man to understand that the more one gives the more one gets and everyone benefits. It is for man to understand that the more one uses 'force' to interfere, control, inhibit, punish etc., the more all complicit are controlled, punished and restricted by even more legislation IMPOSED by God VIA the minds of the arrogant legislators. One cannot 'void or nullify' the implementation of God's Law.

As for 'tax' - well no person owes any tax to any other - one can borrow funds and fail to repay and this 'debt' needs be repaid in one way or another. As for 'Caesar' and his 'cohorts' who steal money in the guise of 'justifiable' taxes just to feed their insatiable demands, IF you fund their iniquity then you deserve all you ARE about to receive. God says: "ONLY fund benign community effort."

All need to understand that everyone funding the 'system' is simply living in and controlled by a very Dark 'Kingdom of God' and going to Hell in the process irrespective of 'which' religion is being acknowledged as 'true' etc., for any 'belief' that forces ones 'conscience' to follow a doctrine that conflicts with God's "Peace, love, mercy, forgive" etc., Command is following a doctrine of spiritual DEATH.

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~ The 'awesome' power of God ~

It is now I to expose the fullness of the ‘grip’ that is held over the human psyche by the invisible Dark energy essence of God known as ‘The Dark Sovereign Power’ that is an ‘Authority’ unto itself.

 It needs be understood that both spiritual ‘energies’ of God (Light or Dark - Positive or Negative - Good or BadCreative or Destructive) are as invisible to our ‘eyes’ as is the electricity that courses down the power grid lines.

 But ‘similarly’ as electricity, there is a flow of energy when we ‘switch’ it on through our action. What we need to see is that there is a duality of ‘action’ that draws upon either the ‘good or the bad’ natured energy outcome.

 I need to state here that the words in paragraph two above ‘negative and bad’ are only descriptive as being opposites, for the ‘bad’ is not in fact bad, it simply is bad for us to use as its use inflicts pain upon some other and brings a ‘pain & suffering’ return upon the user.

 In itself, the Dark essence is merely an energy that exists and is thus neither good nor bad. Similarly the ones named ‘positive & good’ are again descriptive, for the use of this energy brings a return to the user of ‘happiness and joy.’

 What man ‘terms’ as being ‘bad’ energy is thus absolutely ‘good’ energy  and Just unto itself, for it is what ‘balances’ God’s ‘Scales of Justice’ in the punitive side. Only God is infinitely ‘Just' and man is vindictive and thus knows not how to create balance from imbalance.

 For if a man steals an ‘egg,’ God would only take back an egg from him within the “As you did sow so shall ye reap on an eye for an eye and equal basis” Law of God.

 Whereas the ‘rules’ of Caesar (State government) would use the theft of an egg to extort money to a far greater value than the  worth’ of an egg from the thief, and in some ideological ‘beliefs’ a man would have his right hand chopped off for the theft of an egg or less. 

 Thus as you see, if you are the administrative magistrate imposing punishment for the Decrees of Caesar (State or Religion) then it is absolute ‘Justice’ when God balances His scales and submits you to His ‘equal’ punishment to that so ‘judged’ by you. There is a ‘Note’ on this ‘punishment’ factor * at the end of this document.

The objective of this document is not to speak of the ‘consequence’ and return unto humanity of goodness within the “As you did sow so shall ye reap on an eye for an eye thus equal basis” for using the Light energy of God but, - - -

 To expose how the ‘consequence’ and return unto humanity of ‘badness, suffering and sadness’ within the “As you did sow so shall ye reap on an eye for an eye thus equal basis” for having used God’s Dark energy takes place.

 For pain and suffering and destruction of lives, livelihoods, and property to take place within the ‘frame’ and Law of God, it follows that ‘someone’ in their past had used the dark energy to impose pain and suffering and destruction upon another and, - - -

 It also follows that for God to fulfill His ‘eye for an eye’ divine ‘Law of ‘Retribution,’ that His invisible energetic ‘energy’ Authority was in some way already established in this material realm and every other realm outside Heaven.

 As Dark energy is all ‘pervasive’ to a greater or lesser degree in every realm outside Heaven, it follows that in some way it has to enable itself to actively ‘operate,’ and I now expose its fullness of ‘operation’ so that you can decide what you will now do in respect of its powerful and deceptive ‘Authority’ over yourself.

 For as this Dark energy is that of God, it follows that the only way to ‘oppose’ or counteract it is to use its ‘opposite,’ being the positive Light energy of God. All persons inflicting any pain or suffering or punishment or other forms of control or ‘abuse’ are using it the dark energy of God.

 If you continue to use the Dark energy of God to ‘oppose’ the Dark energy of God, then all you have in fact accomplished is the imposition of pain and suffering and destruction upon another person, for both energies of God are indestructible and, - - -

 In your use of the forceful and destructive dark energy of God you have placed yourself within ITS Dark ‘authority’ and, you subject yourself to ITS ‘eye for an eye’ Law, and ahead it is you to thus suffer all the suffering that you imposed upon another.

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 A person ‘actively’ bad or abusive or controlling or punitive (or depressed) is simply a person that is ‘unaware’ that their ‘condition’ is one wherein they are using the ‘forbidden’ energy that has taken control of their psyche and it has infiltrated their spirit soul through their use of it.

 The ‘error’ in man’s ‘thinking’ is that he must bring the other to ‘account’ for their misdeeds. His mind is deceived by the deceptive Dark into believing that to accomplish this, he must use its forceful energy.

 Thus has the Dark Sovereign Power established its ‘Authority’ over man, and also established the means whereby it can use man to be it in action and fulfill its Retributive ‘eye for an eye’ Law for it, and thus it ensures that they are trapped in eternal ongoing suffering within its established law and, - - -

 As its power is also its capacity to ‘blind’ those using it to the fact that they are using it and, to blind them to the fact that in the use of its energy they are ‘trespassing’ into forbidden territory and, it blinds them to the fact that their ‘actions’ contravene and defy the “Go in peace and be merciful and forgiving” Command of God with the resultant consequence.

 The ‘awesome’ Power of God needs to be recognised. The absolute Wisdom of God needs to be understood, for when one uses physical strength or material weaponry for aggression or protection, or when one uses national ‘bodies’ of enforcers to attain ‘freedom’ from suffering by abusing or destroying others, all one is in fact doing is gaining a ‘temporary’ respite and accruing a greater burden of suffering to be endured at a later date.

 As said before, one can only WIN against others or become free of inner Sin through the expressed or ‘expressive’ use of benign, kind, loving, compassionate and forgiving Light energy.

 For in using it the Light energy, we assist the other to become wiser and freed of their ignorance, and within the Law of God we receive an equal bountiful return of benign, kind, loving, compassionate and forgiving Light energy and, - - -

 When we no longer use Dark energy then the Light energy of God purges our soul and we become free of Sin. (Dark energy – negative emotions)

 The DARK Establishment is so dark and invisible that even on a national scale its operations are carried out moment by moment unseen, as it brings all to ‘account’ in one way or another and, - - -

 None actually see that they are all involved in the ongoing abuse of sister or brother and, - - - none see that all are on the wide road to HELL. All must now try and understand the story I tell.

 People are seemingly quite ‘complacent’ and ‘happy’ to be enslaved by their own ‘kind’ (nation) via the ‘Establishment,’ as every ruling, controlling, taxing, punitive and destructive governing ‘agency’ is known, none seeing that through its workers and rules, that the Dark Sovereign Power is ensuring that all are kept enslaved and impoverished and thus punished by it for their ongoing support of its taxing, controlling, and punitive ways that contravene the ‘Peace’ ideology commanded by the Light.

When a ‘nation’ of people or a group of people rebel against an ‘invader’ seeking to seize control of them and their lands or, if a group of people seek to rebel against an ‘occupying’ enemy force, they are in fact rebelling against an imposition by God the Dark Sovereign Power who is seeking to administer the application of the punitive aspect of His ‘eye for an eye’ supreme Law.

 This distribution of pain and suffering and control is done through the mind and ‘hands’ of other ignorant ‘sinners’ that are happy to use His dark energy. This they ‘greedily’ and vengefully do without understanding that there is a consequence of pain and misery to be suffered by them on a later day.

Any perceived freedom gained by those ‘opposing’ the attack or, any perceived victory attained by the attacker is FALSE for ahead, those seemingly ‘free’ or those that achieved victory are all ‘bonded over’ invisibly to and by the established authority of God the Dark Sovereign Power.

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He the Father via the telepathic authority vested by Him upon the victorious ‘rulers’ imposes greater taxes, greater controls, greater punishment, and greater impoverishment and suffering results, and due to the greater taxes and other levies the purchasing power of the ‘commodity exchange’ known as money is reduced and this results in escalating costs and all suffer the consequence and, - - -

As you can now see, even though you thought you had gained freedom as the ‘war’ ended and the darkness appeared to ‘recede,’ it simply turned its  attention in another direction and unseen continued to ‘suck you dry’ and cause you deprivation and suffering in another way and, - - -

 Unknown to the ‘victorious’ group whose ‘forces’ men had destroyed life, limb, women and child and, had razed the other ‘nation’ to the ground for and on behalf of their community, that all this ‘terror’ would return upon their nation on another day when God the Dark Sovereign Power so decides.

 He God the Dark Sovereign Power is always able to operate through His Dark energy within the soul of ‘sinners’ that are all non-believers in the Command of the Creator for them to go their way in Peace.

 As said before, one can only WIN against others or become free of inner Sin through the expressed or ‘expressive’ use of benign, kind, loving, compassionate and forgiving Light energy.

 Try and see the reality being that even when you ‘kill’ a person, you have not destroyed the dark energy within them or that had flowed through their soul causing them to be ‘despicable’ in your eyes.

 For as you destroyed their biological flesh their spirit soul simply ‘exits’ their earthly body and their soul continues on, and it can ‘haunt’ you telepathically from the ‘other side.’ (Realm of spirit)

 All that you have accomplished is that you have caused them and their family a great deal of mental, and emotional distress, as well as having inflicted pain. For the spirit of the ‘deceased’ has moved on and is alive and thus able to continue to suffer trauma after earthly ‘death’ as it has been separated from its loved ones by your actions and, - - -

 All that you have also accomplished through your negative interaction is that you have accrued a similar ‘suffering’ due within the ‘eye for an eye’ Law of God, a due to be met when God places you in front of an equally arrogant non-believer as were you, and he will be ‘incited’ and tempted by the Dark Sovereign Power to inflict ‘death’ upon you and, - - -

 All that you have also accomplished through your negative interaction is, that you have drawn in more dark energy of God into your soul and thus ‘burdened’ it (your soul) more, and when your spirit departs the flesh the ‘weight’ of this additional dark energy draws you deeper into realms of darkness and further away from God’s Light. (Heaven)

None can avoid the Scales of Justice within the Law of God.
None can avoid the penalty of suffering for the use of God’s Dark energy.

When you set out each day with the INTENT to punish another person for their apparent ‘misdeeds’ or non-conformity to Decrees or Rules, then in the eyes of God the Dark Sovereign Power your intent is ‘criminal activity’ and He will ‘goad’ you on your way because, on seeing your intent to use His forceful energy illegally in defiance of His command He then sets out to destroy your bad ‘seed’ and to so do, - - -

He has to ‘fill’ your soul with it the Dark energy which is accomplished over time and endless time as you continue to use it and, it is He to thus ‘invite’ you and tempt you and assist in your mental ‘justification’ to use this forceful overbearing energy.

For as you do, you not only accrue a ‘suffering’ due, but as said, the end result of your continuing punitive actions that can and do continue on in the afterlife for millions of years is, that slowly but surely your spirit soul slips deeper into darkness and it eventually sinks into the ‘morass’ at the bottom of the ‘pit’ HELL and never again seen or heard.

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The eternal intent of the Dark Sovereign Power is to bring those that disturb the peace of HIS land to account. The eternal intent of the Dark Sovereign Power is the absolute enslavement of those that fund, condone, or use, or support the use of His dark energy.

 The eternal intent of the Dark Sovereign Power is to ensure these non-believing merciless and vengeful ‘infidels’ that filled any of His children with terror or dread or, inflicted any agony or anguish upon any of His children that slept in their bed or when awake, would themselves suffer eternal terror, pain, dread, torture, and ultimate ‘burial’ in the depths of the dark in the Abyss with no ‘name or number’ forevermore.

If you seek ‘accountability’ and use force or ‘servants’ to bring others down, and through punishment make them frown, then you are in His (God’s) sight and He has the capacity to hunt you down and destroy you for being untrue to His Light that created you and gave you ‘life.’

 The invisible dark energy is always ready to ‘strike’ down any person that used its forceful energy in their past. Thus if you are a legislator that has passed any control or decree or punitive ‘factor’ rule ‘judgement’ upon another, you will ahead be ‘struck’ down and/or sent below to pay your dues in full.

 Thus if you are a magistrate that has passed any punitive ‘judgement’ upon another, you will ahead be ‘struck’ down and/or sent below to pay your dues in full.

 Thus if you are a soldier that has passed any punitive ‘judgement’ upon another, you will ahead be ‘struck’ down and/or sent below to pay your dues in full.

 Thus if you are a policeman that has aided in any punitive ‘judgement’ upon another, you will ahead be ‘struck’ down and/or sent below to pay your dues in full.

 Thus if you are a prison officer that has aided any punitive ‘judgement’ upon another, you will ahead be ‘struck’ down and/or sent below to pay your dues in full.

 Thus if you are a ‘civilian’ that has passed any punitive ‘judgement’ upon another directly or indirectly using employees, you will ahead be ‘struck’ down and/or sent below to pay your dues in full.

All the above ‘persons’ are persons that are merciless, and they are guilty of being engaged in the persecution or prosecution of another child of God, and this unforgiving and punitive or warring ideological way contravenes the Command of the Light and, - - -

Their complicity to negative interaction has placed the person within the punitive jurisdiction of the all-pervasive, all-knowing, all-seeing Dark Sovereign Power, and He now is to complete His ‘mission’ to bring all ‘guilty’ of forbidden and ‘criminal’ activity to account.

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His Power is absolute, and the only way to take yourself ‘out’ of His sight and jurisdiction is for you to stop using His forbidden forceful energy in your interaction with His children.

 His Power is absolute, and the only way to take yourself ‘out’ of His sight and jurisdiction is for you to start using His Light energy in your interaction with His children.

 His Power is absolute, and the only way to take yourself ‘out’ of His sight and jurisdiction is for you to fortify your mind in the manner given by me, so that His deceptive spirit forces no longer justify you telepathically into continuing to be one of His dark ‘army.’

 His Power is absolute, and the only way to take yourself ‘out’ of His sight and jurisdiction is for you to conform to the first and second Command of God.

The first Command

“Go your way in peace and love one another and extend goodwill unto all mankind.”

The second Command

“When faced by adversity you must be brave and turn the other cheek and not retaliate and, - - - you must be merciful, compassionate and forgiving of your enemy who is but what you were in your past, an ignorant ‘non-believer’ that had defied My ‘Go in peace and love one another’ Command and, - - - even though your belly is now filled with dread you must keep out the thoughts of the serpent and not fight back.”

All persons involved in bringing others to account place themselves into the ‘firing’ line, and I can only ‘suggest’ that those reading this that are now enlightened by this pen halt accruing more terror and pain and loss as they now join ‘hands’ with me and assist me with my ‘rehabilitation of man’ program. For any continuing to work for, or fund, condone and support the DARK Establishment will die spiritually.

The Establishment is a ’giant’ corporation that has three ‘Agendas’ and two ‘facets.’ The primary facet is that of the invisible Dark Sovereign Power mastermind that telepathically controls every aspect of the ideology and ‘growth’ of the Corporation.

The secondary facet of the ‘business’ are the people that work for the corporation and keep it ‘elevated,’ and thus give it and its ‘rules’ and Constitutional powers 'life.'

The first Agenda of the Dark Sovereign Power mastermind is to use the corporate establishment to control the destiny of its workers, and to control and destroy them spiritually, as well as all persons living within the operational ‘borders’ of the corporation that fund, condone, or support its controlling, extortionist, and punitive ways. (DARK ideology)

The second Agenda of the Dark Sovereign Power mastermind is to use the ‘officialdom’ of the corporation to take away the freedom and the personal responsibility of all persons within its jurisdiction, and to make them totally ‘reliant’ upon the corporation for all their daily needs, and to force them into placing themselves and all their activities within its control and regulations.

The third Agenda of the Dark Sovereign Power mastermind is to ‘grow’ the corporation into a huge ‘business,’ that via ‘legislation’ seizes control of all other businesses and their operations and business transactions so that it can ‘tax and levy’ and control and manipulate all their activities.

The ‘corporate’ Establishment also seeks to become a ‘business partner’ in the disguise of administrative advisor and protector. This means that even though the workers of the Establishment receive a wage and all their operational ‘costs’ through the tax revenues, it also charges an added fee for 'services rendered,' and thus grows exponentially and expands its business venture and funding base and its ideological indoctrination, for all are led to believe that its operations are benign and for their own good. This is a false belief.

Ongoing taxation extortion is carried out in such a way that coerced and forceful ‘taxing’ and punishment for non-conformity is now perceived as a ‘normal’ state of affairs. None seeing that the primary use of the tax take is to fund the wages of ‘warrior’ armed forces that protect its own ‘interest’ as well as keeping all the people (its slaves) suppressed and controlled.

As the Establishment is a ‘powerhouse’ that maintains its position of superiority through being the ‘self-entitled’ issuer of licenses and operating permits, and as it is the only self-permitted corporation that can maintain a private army using any weapons it deems necessary, it ‘brooks’ no competition and can easily punish or destroy competitors * that do not fall into line to its demands.

Note: destroy competitors * - God permits this because you all 'owe' dues to God. Once you have suffered all outstanding dues to God's 'satisfaction' then no 'officer' of any institution of man will punish or injure you.

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~ The destruction of the soul of man ~

It needs to be clearly understood that when any 'woman or man' entertains the use of negative energy verbally or physically, (The fruit of the Tree of Evil) it is this destructive energy essence of the Source/God the Father that then sets out to destroy their 'seed' (soul) and, IT the dark energy uses all ITS 'formidable' MIGHT to deceive, twist, weave, entrap, control, punish and destroy and to so do, - - - IT justifies their continued use of ITS dark energy essence in the 'secret' knowledge only now revealed by me that as one uses dark energy IT (the energy) grows within their soul and, - - -

Over an 'eternally' long time ones inner LIGHT becomes 'shrouded' by darkness and ones energy vibration coarsens and ones soul is drawn further away from the Light of Heaven and, every realm of consciousness it is drawn to by its ever increasing negative vibration is WORSE than the one it left and, - - -

The soul 'finds' that in these lower realms their God-given RULERS only impose more strictures of interference and control and punishment, and the more they bow to said strictures and support them the greater becomes their INNER burden and their 'ignorance' is such that they are not even aware of this taking place and down and down and DOWN they go and greater their suffering.

IN these realms everyone is revolving in darkness that within ITS Law is simply giving out a 'Just & equitable' RETURN unto the 'evil' user as they continue to defy God's: "Love and peace and mercy and forgive" Command.

IF man wishes to extricate themselves from ongoing wars, travail and terror then INDIVIDUALLY they must BEGIN to 'turn their back' to 'Caesar's forces and NOT fund them nor ever again defy God's Command and, - - -

As they then ONLY express God's LIGHT (benign, loving, care, respect) they begin to receive a RETURN of this creative goodness and become happier as their SOUL begins to be purged of the dark energy it drew in but, - - - they will still be persecuted and punished by others until ALL their past dues to God are paid for. None can be 'saved' by the graceful intervention of others. Adherence to this wisdom and walking in conformity with God's Command and in non-retaliation in the face of adversity is what sets one free.

There is as yet NO 'democracy' on earth for every new political 'head' simply becomes the 'new' instrument of God the Dark and they continue imposing HIS strictures being 'instruction' added to the controlling RULES that are enforced by armed men.

It needs to be seen that the powerful control exerted over ‘humans’ by the Dark Sovereign Power is the justification within the minds of the employees of the Establishment that gives them the belief that they have a divine right to ‘father’ others and to thus control their ways using the rule books that they uphold for a wage and, - - -

They also believe falsely that all the controls exerted and taxes imposed and punishment administered for any non-conformity to their ‘dictates’ are all for the betterment of humanity and the only way to maintain ‘civil’ order.

 It needs to be seen that the powerful control exerted over ‘humans’ by the Dark Sovereign Power is His “As you did sow so shall ye reap” punishment imposed upon all for being so ignorant and arrogant as to continue to fund, condone, and support any Establishment or ‘corporation’ that has a taxing, punitive, and warring ideological Agenda that is defiant of His Command to:

“Go your way in peace and love one another, and be merciful, kind, compassionate, forgiving, and never force others into conformity to your ways and never enslave others for any purpose.”

It is the unfolding 'Wrath of God' to NOW destroy and 'strip' every politician and priest of their 'cloth' and cast them into their own 'penance of travail' as well as any other person found defiant of HIS "Peace & love & mercy" Command and, after this time of travail on earth everyone will believe ME and they will be set free from priestly and political control as they 'stroll' in the Light of God with Her/Him as their conscious GUIDE.

We must not fight our 'oppressor,' we simply go our way (action) in peace and do our best to enlighten them the lost sheep.

Soon your wives and daughters will be 'ravished' by foul beastly swine and set free of their own past debts as long as the 'injured' do NOT retaliate.

Man needs to UNDERSTAND that THE MOMENT you defy God's "Love & peace" Command you do NOT deserve to LIVE, and this means that you deserve NO food - No water - NO shelter - NO happiness - NO love - NO peace, for by your CHOICE you sought to cause injury to others personally or through 'complicity' using servants and, it is thus you enter the 'trail' of eternal pain and ultimate TORTURE as you BURN.

This is the time when treachery will reach its 'peak,’ and no ignorant ‘man of sin’ can be fully trusted to help you win your journey because the thoughts in his mind flowing up from below will have ‘vengeance’ to bestow. Follow the Light of God as given by me and set yourself free from eternal misery.

The population Mr. & Mrs. 'citizen' have become the 'new' slaves to the political 'masters' who keep all with their noses to the grist mill of toil as they the Masters live off the spoils of hard work, and this 'modern' slave trade poses in the 'guise' of LEGITIMACY but it is backed by thieves, murderers and liars who use force of arms to punish and coerce everyone to bow to the dictates of their 'political leaders' who all defy God because, they are themselves but 'puppets' for the Dark overlord. Woe unto them and to you if you continue to fund the enslavement of others.

Beware I say to you, it is your last chance to be TRUE to your Creator and yourself.

Go your way in PEACE 


Note: ‘punishment’ factor * - The magistrate needs to see that he is meting out divine Justice and ‘balancing’ God’s ‘scales’ when he imposes a punishment that is even 100 or 1000 times more than God’s stated ‘eye for an eye’ Law requires.

 For what he does not see is that the rules enabling him to so do were in fact inspired by God the Dark Sovereign Power to enable Him (God) to satisfy His Law whenever He wishes to. So if I am dragged into His ‘earthly’ Court and sentenced to a two months imprisonment simply because I refused to pay a fine or other misdemeanour or, - - -

 If I did steal an egg and my hand was chopped off at the instruction of the ‘decree’ of the land, then the Dark Sovereign Power has used this ‘moment’ in time to impose suffering upon me for when in a long past time, even possibly pre-birth time I did restrict or abuse some other person similarly.

 Magistrates and all men need to see that even if they ‘simply’ took a single egg back forcefully from a thief that had stolen one, and thus were as ‘honest’ as God in balancing the scales of Justice, then they would still be in error, for their take is itself a ‘theft’ and places them in the position of God having to take an egg back from them as He satisfies His own Law.

 When God tells man to “Forgive,” it is because any punitive action by man places man into the dark and into requiring to be punished by God for their ‘infidelity’ in defiance of God’s “Go in peace and love all and extend goodwill unto all” Command.

 It is best to simply ‘Judge’ an offender that became ‘such’ through having disturbed the peace of the land as one being in need of education and good counsel, for only thus does the ‘judge’ remain within the Command of God, and also within the Law of God they receive a return of goodness for their assistance given to a person that is defiant of their Creator.

As you judge, so shall ye be judged.

Enforcers feel ‘good’ when they are administering punishment; this is due to the fact that they are simply ‘satiating’ the requirement of their Dark energy (Sin) within. People that are free of negative emotions within would never even ‘dream’ of such form of abuse, for they are only full of Light energy and it is the energy of compassion, mercy, and forgiveness.

Thus the volume of dark Sin energy within your soul delineates the intensity of ones ‘vindictiveness.’ People such as prosecutors and magistrates and many others have drawn in so much darkness over the years that it is far easier for them to withdraw from tobacco or alcohol use than it is to halt their use of dark energy and become merciful and forgiving as God Commands. (Back to 'punishment factor' page 3)

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