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~ Blasphemy & the spiritual consequence of 'Action' ~
The fulfillment of God's Law - Karma
The 'activator' and the 'recipient.' 

page 1 - Spiritual action
page 3 - Spiritual accountability
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page 5 - The 'Law' of God's energy
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page 11 - The 'occupying' force
page 12 - Blasphemy
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 Item 1 - The inner energy of God and man -  10 pages

Item 2 - The Spiritual Facts of life - 6 pages

  Item 3 - The Mercy of God in action - 6 pages


Item 4 - The Death of the Soul - 2 pages

     Item 5 - The Disciples of God in action - 3 pages

Item 6 - Relationships & the Devil's dance - 2 pages


Item 7 - The DARK 'Establishment' - Authority of God in action - 9 pages

Item 8 - The Tree of  Evil - 5 pages

Item 9 - Spiritual Celibacy - 1 page


Spiritual Action - Spiritual Responsibility - Spiritual Suicide


This paper has been written due to the errors of doctrinal belief that have arisen over the ages due to falsification of scriptural texts. Texts as contained within religious institutions as well as texts contained within regulatory institutions of man.

There are many 'scribed' texts that have led man to believe falsely that in certain circumstances he may use the forbidden and criminal 'energy' force of evil in his interaction with others, and as he punishes others he believes falsely that he is 'blessed by God' or 'sent by God' or 'operating with God's inspiration.'

I now set the 'record' straight, for any person that sees not my 'reason' will be late for heaven and they will fall into the Abyss. For man is not God, and any man going forth to punish others for any reason, be it mandated by legislation or a family vendetta, is a 'pretend' God that has taken on the role of God due to his arrogance, pride, vanity and the false ideological programming of his forebears.

The controlling institutions of man use the 'threat of reprisal' to force people into bowing to the 'decrees' of politicians, kings, chiefs etc., and these unspoken threats are the punitive 'attachments' placed alongside every 'rule' to ensure that the 'state' maintains its control of its 'slaves' the people that are 'taxed' for every activity, and they are forced to 'ask' permission and obtain a 'licence' from state employees prior to doing any business with others.

The  'threat of reprisal' and the actual punitive reprisal is nothing less than a Vendetta of vengeance upon citizens of every land, and as it is backed by ignorant men wielding guns. It is an 'activity' that is in direct contravention of God's Commanded code of Peaceful and Loving conduct. There is NO democracy in any land as vain and greedy men control every facet of society using your money to fund their ongoing iniquity, for which YOU become complicit in the eyes of the Creator as you condone and support it.

Any action we or our paid servants take has an impact not only on ourselves and others in the physical world, but also on ourselves and others in the spirit world. How this works and the consequence our behaviour has on our spirit soul and our material biological body is the focus of this article.

In the material world it takes energy to set any object into motion, thus there is an equal and opposite energy force resisting that movement. If you set a 'swing' into motion, it swings away as a pendulum and then returns with an equal force. It needed a 'certain' amount of material (physical) energy to set it into motion.

What is unseen by man is that there is a movement of God's positive or negative energy through his 'spirit soul' as he man 'gives with love' or imposes using force of arms, - - - be it as the result of doctrinal texts or ideological beliefs or through his actions resulting from negative emotions (dark spiritual energy)  becoming aroused.  Man must now learn that during his interaction he 'earns' and later receives an equal and opposite return of happiness or pain and suffering. (The fulfillment of spiritual law operating through the 'hands' of others)

If we are to understand some of the anomalies, confusion and contradictions concerning human suffering, it is important to understand the relationship between human behaviour and the spiritual consequence thereof. All our actions and interactions with others do have a spiritual outcome that is equivalent to the energy 'volume & nature' * we utilise in the action taken. This equivalence is based on the spiritual Law that holds that the energy we use in our actions towards others, is the energy we will ultimately feel.

The projector of any kind, loving, merciful, forgiving and peaceful act is using Light positive energy (Benevolent).
The recipient of a kind act is receiving a return of Light positive energy (Benevolent).

 The projector of any unkind, unloving, merciless, unforgiving and aggressive act is using Dark negative energy (Malevolent).
The recipient of a punitive act is the recipient of Dark negative energy (Malevolent).

Both energies exist within the Almighty 'frame' of God.
The clearest definition of the ONE spiritual Law is: 

'As you do is done unto you' - 'As you sow so shall ye reap' on an 'eye for an eye' and thus equal basis.
The above 'Law' applies to the use of either of the above energy in ones actions to others.

This is an inviolate, perpetual and immutable fact backed by the Word of God, and applies to all of us despite our personal belief system. The effect of this spiritual Law is that all our human actions have a material and spiritual consequence and, that all our actions are 'judged' by that same spiritual energy that flowed within its own 'bounds' or Rule of Law. (True unto itself).

The energy we use in our actions whether positive or negative is the energy that will return to impact on us either immediately or in the future. For example, if we decide that retaliatory punitive action is simply a part of asserting our ‘rights’ to stand up for ourselves, then by this retributive action we are placing ourselves into the punitive aspect of God's energy, and we then subject ourselves to the Dark side of the one spiritual law (As you do is done unto you, and as you punish others so shall you be punished).

Our unforgiving retaliatory action not only contravenes the Command of God to be peaceful, forgiving and merciful, but as said, places us within the Dark side of the 'As you do is done unto you' Law, and we are in fact choosing our own future suffering because we used the Dark negative energy force to cause suffering to others. This same force then operates via others and any suffering imposed by us in the past is to be felt by us on a 'Just' and equitable 'eye for an eye' basis.

The spiritual Law is not one that can be circumvented by such tactics as pleading "just cause" or "mitigating circumstances" or mandated "Justice." If we use any negative energy in our actions, no matter what the provocation, we will be subjected to and must feel that same negativity in our lives.

The spiritual action required of us by our loving God at those times when we feel either provoked or justified in retaliating, due to having been abused, is to say or do nothing negative and quietly walk away knowing that whatever indignity, insult, suffering or pain we feel is only our Karmic due for past spiritual offending behaviour we permitted ourselves to express. (In this life or prior time)

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The present moment is of course the most important time on any day, for it is our deed of the present moment that becomes a past deed that we did seed that is irrevocably joined to the future, in that the future that we one day find becoming the present moment is 'bonded' to that past moment, as well as to the eternally ongoing present.

For within the singular Law of God there is a return for every 'action' deeded by us moment by moment. The return is thus either 'neutral,' positive or negative, e.g., calm, or happy or sad etc. My task is to show mankind how they have all 'sown' and yet do knowingly or unknowingly 'sow' actions that have placed them within the Dark negative aspect of God's eternal Law.

Thus the need for all to fortify their minds with wisdom, so that when their future becomes the present and they 'Reap' what they Sowed in their past, they are better 'equipped' to stay steady and true and thus remain in the 'Light' and right side of the 'ever present' Law of God.

Once mankind learns to always be loving and true and only be positive in their moment by moment actions, then and only then will their future that becomes the present moment by moment time be a happy and peaceful one.

In summary then, it is up to you to come to a personally informed decision to take seriously the reality of the spiritual law and the consequence it has in your life. If we are able to remember that there is a spiritual consequence for everything we do or say in our expression, and we know that any negative action leads to a negative return to ourselves, it may assist us to make every action a conscious, deliberate choice to remain peaceful, positive, forgiving, understanding and non-retaliatory in all situations.

Note: 'volume & nature' * - Every 'action' contains a certain 'mass or volume' of energy, and that energy may be of a 'neutral' or positive or negative nature.

There are two universal energy forces.

The positive energy emanates from the Light, and is loving, creative, and gives freedom of movement. Positive energy is about peace, forgiveness, compassion, mercy and understanding. When we use only this energy we choose the Light and become spiritually free and happy.

The negative energy emanates from the Dark, and is hateful, destructive, and imposes bondage leading to slavery. The use of Negative energy is about regulation, retaliation, punishment, retribution and control. When we use only this energy we choose the Dark and we become similarly controlled and unhappy.

In summary, we are brought to spiritual account for all our actions, and spiritual accountability means that each time we forgive, particularly in the face of unjust treatment, each time we are merciful to those who wound or grieve us physically or emotionally, each time we are understanding of those who perpetrate violence and abuse and extend a hand of compassion to them, we are using the energy of the Light that returns a similar positive 'Tribute' to us.

Conversely, each time we retaliate in the face of unjust treatment, each time we seek retribution from those who wound or grieve us physically or emotionally, each time we punish those who perpetrate violence and abuse and we refuse to forgive them, we are using the energy of the Dark that returns a similar negative 'Retribution' upon us.

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~ Spiritual Accountability ~

All of us are judged only under the one spiritual Law stating that what we do will come back to us (we do reap what we sow). There is no other judgment made of our actions but this judgment.

Use negative energy in your actions and you must feel every bit of negative energy that you used. Use positive energy in your actions and you will feel every bit of positive energy used.

To become enlightened and spiritually safe and happy requires us to understand and know what the Spiritual Law deems as negative action, and what it means when God states that there must be no control of or punitive abuse of others.

One cannot be 'compliant' to the Christian principles (Peace & goodness) as commanded by God if you are 'serving' or supporting or condoning or funding the State system (Caesar).

For the written ideological text as contained in the State 'rule books' of man, (Caesar or state) do have their own punitive and controlling and thus contra 'Christ' ideology.

The 'rule book' of Statutes disables you from your 'godly' connection, for when conforming to rules that have no conscience you are forbidden from exercising your own conscience and you are then unable to be merciful & compassionate & forgiving.

This is because the 'sacred to Caesar' book of 'rules' demands compliance to its dictates. In this way all that follow Caesar and seek 'his' protection do fall away from their God, for Caesar * demands and 'coerces' you into supporting his warring and punitive ideological system by punishing you if you 'fail' to fund his never-ending taxation and other demands.

He (Caesar) is so 'cunning,' that he has now taught all to believe in him, and to believe that his 'forceful' and merciless and cruel and extortionist way as being better than that commanded by our God on high. (Warped principles).

Note: Caesar * - (Any Federal or State government system or individuals who impose control)

Understanding 'Spiritual Accountability' is knowing that when we are suffering and feeling the affects of our past negative deeds, that the only positive and true course of action for our own benefit is to not be seduced into using more Dark energy.

Through merciless retribution and unforgiving retaliation, a person is lead into becoming more and more prone to using Dark energy until it becomes automatic and our return suffering 'due' compounds and intensifies.

Understanding 'Spiritual Accountability' is knowing that it is our actions and our actions alone * that causes either our joy or our suffering. No one else is responsible for the pain we feel, for the suffering we do or will experience, for emotional turmoil in our hearts. All these states are due only to our own current or previous actions where we used the negative energy of the Dark.

Note: alone * - This also includes the actions of our public or 'enforcement' servants acting in our name and on our behalf due to being funded a wage by us.

Spiritual 'accountability' is the fulfilment of God's one spiritual Law
At the time and in the place so commanded by God the Source of all energy.

Thus it follows that those following the 'dictates' of religions with their 'differing' beliefs, rituals, dogmas, and controls, and the 'similar' dictates of governing 'Clubs' of man that are also 'religions' due to having their own ideologies, is error. It is wisest to simply look direct to God and God's Command as it is God and God's energy that judges your conformity and use of God's energy.

The use of 'darkness' ends in spiritual suicide, as it leads to the destruction of and 'damnation' of the spirit soul.

Heed God and go your way in Peace, for only thus will you find Salvation and eternal inner and external peace.

Note: The Dark aspect of the Source the 'devilish' Dark Sovereign Power is the administrator of the Dark side of the 'eye for an eye' Law of God. The dark side of God does its 'best' to set the 'record' straight by fulfilling its side of the "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW.  Thus the punitive energy force of God is a Divine Force in action however, - - -

It is only God to administer IT without 'suffering' any consequence, as only God is above HIS own LAW. Man was and always is forbidden to sup on the Dark punitive energy as it places man within the punitive aspect of the Divine Law, and foolish man then has to 'suffer' every 'drop' of pain or abuse that he in his ignorance imposed upon others during the course of his duty to the Rule book of man, for there is no immunity from God's Divine LAW.

Every 'enforcer' is 'playing' God in the false belief that he or she can be 'as' God and get away with it simply because of some 'authorisation' given by another person or, a RULE written as TEXT in a book. Every prosecutor or magistrate will spend an 'eternity' of suffering as their due within the Law of God, for that is the true Justice of God in action.

True Divine Order and Harmony is only established by conforming to the Command of the Light Sovereign Power that Commands man to only "Love one another," and this implies that you only use education as the means of teaching others how to themselves become peaceful and loving.

Punishment is hatred and vengeance in action. Education is love and mercy and compassion in action. Each 'action' be it bad or good brings the 'user' into one or the other side of the Divine Law of God. God gives out an equal return.

Woe unto any 'Judge' for they shall be judged by their Creator and given the same 'equal' sentence as they imposed, - - - being all the frustration, loss of liberty, mental and emotional and physical trauma suffered by their 'victim' as well as all collateral processes others were forced to endure through the 'judgement.'

Magistrates, Judges, and many 'non-believers' in society believe that all 'offenders' are deserving of their punishment that is meted out via the 'system' of government or by other 'mercenaries' or even community members.

The 'trial' that results from the 'offence' is itself persecution, prosecution, criticism and condemnation, and the 'justifiable' judgement of punishment imposed by force of arms is seen by God as very 'offensive' and, - - - the 'inquisitors' see not that they have placed themselves within the aspect of God's superior 'eye for an eye' Law as they have become offenders defiant of God's Command and thus deserving of their punishment in this or the after life and, - - -

If you are a 'voter' or taxpayer funding the punitive 'arm' of the state or, if you support or condone its merciless & unforgiving actions then you are an 'accomplice,' as is the complainant, the policeman, or the jailer, for you are all complicit to an offensive activity that is causing harm to another child of God. This is a 'forbidden' activity and is punishable by God within His Law.

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~ To be or not to be ~
 'God' or simply 'godly'

Each person has the choice to be 'as' God by being imposing & controlling & imposing & forcing & restricting & enslaving & abusing & punishing & merciless & killing another for and on behalf of God the Dark Sovereign Power.  For it is the prerogative of that 'aspect' of the Source to abuse, punish, or destroy its creation.

Each person has the choice to be 'godly' as Commanded by God by being kindly & peaceful & merciful & forgiving & compassionate & benevolent & creative & loving for and on behalf of God the Light Sovereign Power that created them.  For that 'aspect' of the Source Commands its 'created' to so be at all times.

Every country today is RULED by 'vociferous' anti-god power hungry wolves that have 'cloaked' themselves in 'sheepskin,' but in fact they are neither benign nor kind.

For they RULE with a cruel and forceful hand via Statutes that they raise up and uphold using 'force of arms' that gives them 'sweeping powers' of control over God's children.  Foolish vain men.

All play 'God' and the REAL God says: "All are now to die."

It is quite obvious that the 'presidency' and his 'agenda' of 'asserting' nationhood, and his agenda of 'economic policies,' and the 'official' departments have become more important than God's children.  Folly.

It is the time for all to know that any man or woman that uses any 'rule' as a justification to 'arrest, seize, impose sanctions, tax, invade, kidnap, terrorise, abuse, fine, steal, punish, or kill' is 'playing' at being  God the avenging Dark Sovereign Power.

This Almighty power is now to enforce ITS own 'eye for an eye' Law, and IT will ensure that every 'citizen' of every realm of God that used ITS 'raw' Dark, destructive power in any way and caused 'anguish' or mental, emotional or physical suffering will now pay the 'blood price' in full.

If you wish to know 'why' or HOW - then read my revelations about the 'coming of the sword' that is wielded telepathically by demonic forces operating through the mind of 'sinful' man.

Every 'King' or 'Chief' or President 'deploy' their forces for and on behalf of the Devil the Dark Sovereign Power as they impose HIS 'reprimand' for any non-conformity, for all men in 'power' are 'wedded' to HIM and wear HIS dark 'ring of power' as their 'insignia.'

If you are one of those presently 'bound' by such a position of impropriety and wish to become free, then you had better quickly 'disengage' from any controlling or punitive activity.  For it is your own God to now 'swat' you for being so vain and untrue.

Any that place the RULE by 'rules' above the Command of the God of love are ignorant, and you may believe that you are kindly, honourable, and nice, but it is a FACT that your authority holds others in a very fearful and enslaving VICE.

Note: Every person that uses 'decrees' or rules of man that lead others into using force of arms to regulate, control, extort, seize, or punish or destroy are the 'damned' that lead others to Hell.

They 'yes' are loved and do love as you do, but through their ignorance of God and God's truth they defy God, and through their 'mandate' they cause excruciating suffering and loss to others and, - - -

It is but the fulfilment of God's Law that for a time and a time they will fall below and themselves be forced to endure the same suffering and loss their 'forces' imposed upon the 'good or bad or beautiful or ugly.'

This God imposed 'eternity' of interminable suffering is the 'due' accrued by any person that 'plays' at being God the Dark Sovereign Power.  For as long as there are 'Kings' or Presidents, or Mandarins, Emperors, or Chiefs, or other Dictators imposing their decrees, their 'flocks' are unable to heed their TRUE loving God and fulfil HIS command to BE merciful and compassionate and forgiving.

Note: The more you are aggressive or abusive or punitive, the more 'sin' or 'negative dark' energy you draw into your soul silently and invisibly over the 'ages' and, - - - the more capacity you then have to be evil, dictatorial, and destructive and, - - - you are less likely to be able to heed God and be merciful or compassionate or forgiving and thus, - - - more likely to end up in Hell with others 'sinfully' living.

Note: Every person spends 'forever' passing time.  For the 'movement' or 'passage' of time is eternal.  It is your God given choice as to 'how & where' and in 'what' situation you 'serve' this coming eternal time.  For our Creator is now to 'separate' the 'wheat' from the chaff, and the 'chaff' are those that control others and make them fearful so they cannot 'laugh.'  Which are you, and what are you now going to do to ensure your future eternal pain or happiness?

For in the realm below, ones suffering does grow because all are merciless and unforgiving and, they only find 'just' cause to inflict 'justice' in the form of abuse by punishment.  Whereas in the realm above, all are merciful, beneficent and peaceful, and all dance sing and give others LOVE.

Note: As no mere mortal is 'higher' than or 'above' any other in God's eyes, it is unwise to refer to others as - "Your worship, your eminence, your grace, your excellency" etcetera, because if you do, then you are placing them above you and in the 'position' of God.  If any person expects or demands or commands you to 'address' them as "Your worship, your eminence, your grace, your Excellency" etcetera, then they are assuming 'godship' and placing themselves above you and equal to God.  This is pure vanity and arrogance, and they will suffer great 'misfortune' for their 'superior' stance.


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~ The 'Law' of God's 'energy' ~

God's energy is a 'Law' unto itself.  It can be 'utilised' and thus used, but there is a result that takes place from its usage.  Every 'action' of the 'Spirit' within man uses an 'amount' of God's energy and, - - - the Law of this energy is that it is true unto itself, in that it 'counts' or 'records' or is 'aware of' the 'particles' of energy that flow through the user, so that via its own Law it can ensure that the energy used does at some stage in time flow back to the user via another person or 'situation.'

This is  accountability - This is Just - This is the 'balancing' of God's 'Scales of Justice' be it positive or negative.

God's energy is 'twofold,' being both positive and negative.  Thus it is forbidden by God to use any of the Dark negative energy because, the use of it means that we are causing some other to suffer in some way and, - - - the result of this forceful negative interaction means that the 'offensive' offender will suffer a similar 'eye for an eye' penalty of suffering when the dark energy used returns to them via another on a later day or year.   

God commands us to use the positive Light energy because it is loving and kind and beneficent and its use gives out joy and happiness to another and thus, - - - the giver receives a similar positive return on a later date via some other.  Be it in this or the after life.

Rest 'assured,' God's Law is immutable, and any of you that think that you are above IT or beyond ITS 'reach' are deluded or deceived by the false beliefs of your ancestors, that raised up false teaching and false codes of 'punitive & warring' conduct that have become ingrained within the psyche of mankind in this sorry realm of consciousness.

Be wise - be kind - be merciful - be compassionate - be forgiving

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~ Dark energy & Light energy ~

Usage & effects

Dark Energy usage and 'causal' effect under God's One Law

Those who imposed
Those who rebuked
Those who controlled
Those who despised
Those who stole
Those who deceive
Those who criticise
Those who regulate
Those who punish
Those who intrude
Those who fight
Those who tax
Those who enslave
Those who destroy
Those who cannot forgive
Those that disturb the peace
- are imposed upon
- are rebuked
- are controlled
- are despised
- are stolen from
- are deceived
- are criticised
- are regulated
- are punished
- are intruded upon
- are fought
- are taxed
- are enslaved
- are destroyed
- become bound
- have their peace disturbed

If you continue to 'bestow' the above - to Hell you go.
If you are in the above category then you need to quickly change your 'way.'

Light Energy usage and 'causal' effect under God's One Law

The givers
The lovers
The merciful
The compassionate
The caring
The respectful
The givers of good counsel
Those who forgive
Those who are peaceful
- receive
- receive love
- receive mercy
- receive compassion
- receive care
- receive respect
- receive good counsel
- become free
- attain eternal peace

If you 'bestow' the above - to Heaven you go

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~ God's Law and retributive power ~
Duelling with the Dark Sovereign Power

Whenever one tries to reason with, argue against, or attempt to have another see the error of their ways in any 'heated' discussion, one is in fact attempting to argue with the Right of a Just God to visit His Karmic 'payback' upon one whenever, and through whomsoever He so chooses.

Since all negative actions towards you by any other are inspired by the righteousness of an absolute Just God, the Dark Sovereign Power, for you to presume to enter into negative debate with the person so inspired by Him, for whatever reason, is to 'take on' the eternal wisdom and infinite might of God’s arm of righteous retribution.

It does not matter what your reason is for tackling the person who is seen by you to be offending you in some way, nor does it matter whether your reasons are good or noble or simply retaliation because, - - - the moment you enter into the 'foray' of heated discussion, or argument with the person who is being negative to you, you become 'as them' and equally an offensive offender in God’s eyes.

The moment you question, debate or repudiate the other’s right to treat you in the way they are, is the moment you question God’s absolute right to hold you accountable for negative actions you have performed at some time in the past.  It is never for us to 'reason' why the other is acting in this or that way, nor to point out the error of their ways through 'retributive' self-justification.

All we must do is to remember that any negative action we experience at the hands of another, that causes us pain, sorrow, anxiety or fear, is inspired by the dark side of the Source operating through an ignorant or unwise person and, - - - we can either walk away or, we can try and educate them, so that they learn of their own error and coming 'Karmic' terror.  We must never abuse or punish them verbally or physically.

When we are subjected to verbal or physical abuse at the hands of another, it is 'simply' that God as absolute Judge has decided that this is the 'moment in time' that He will mete out His Justice by making us feel what we have, at some time, made others feel and, He always 'chooses' to operate through the mind of a 'sinner,' and His 'telepathic' voice gains access to their mind through His dark energy the 'Sin,' that they in their past drew into their soul.

"As you do so is done to you" is the immutable Law, and it is imperative that we remember this while we are suffering because, the negative actions we have performed in the past or in the present are inexcusable in the eye of God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" immutable Law, and can only be ameliorated when we feel and suffer in full measure what we have made others feel in this life or, in a pre-incarnation existence in another realm of consciousness.

Equally important is to remember to remain absolutely still if we cannot get away, accepting and non-retaliatory while our 'Karma' is being lived through or, if we have the opportunity we should remove ourselves, because this assists the other to halt their own negative expression for the Dark, and thus lessen their own 'coming' karma for being so arrogant as to speak or 'act' for IT.

When the absolute Judge brings down His Justice upon you, it is no concern of yours as to who He chooses to operate through, just be still and know that God is God.

If there is to be any discussion with the other at all, let it be only to alert them to God’s truth, that we all "Reap what we sow" and that consequently, while they are free to choose to be ‘righteousness or justice’ in action, at some time they too will be confronted with the same emotions or 'abuse' that their criticism,  confrontation, punishment or control they impose upon 'us' in the present moment.

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What happens when we argue or fight against our Karmic fate?

When we try and 'argue' against our Karmic fate we argue with God and, since God in His infinite wisdom is eternally righteous, if or when we attempt to retaliate at the 'apparent' injustice or unfairness of the suffering we are experiencing at the hands of whoever the Dark has chosen to be His Just force in action, we seal our fate once more by 'earning' more suffering.

The Dark Sovereign Power knows intimately every negative deed you have ever performed and, at a time and place and at the hands of whomever the Dark chooses to mentally 'possess' and operate through, that negative deed of yours will be accounted for.

Since you deserve to 'suffer' whatever you are feeling, it is absolute folly to begin a negative dialogue with the God chosen person to mete out your 'punitive' Karmic fate.  To do so is to lock horns with the Dark, which is an infinite, eternal, unambiguous Force that deals in absolute Justice.

You cannot 'duel' with It and win.  It will outsmart the smartest of us.  It will outlast the most tenacious of us.  It will outwit the most cunning of us because, IT has always and will always be absolute in It’s knowledge of what you have done in the past and, Its power and authority is also absolute.

When you enter into discourse with the 'foolish' person who is inspired by the Dark to mete out your karmic fate, try and remember that you are 'locking horns' with the Dark. The person in front of you has merely become Its 'puppet,' whose verbal or physical ‘abuse’ strings are being manipulated by that merciless vindictive force that has 'possessed' their mind for a moment in time.

The danger for you when entering into discourse with the person is, that you yourself can not only be seduced into taking on the job of being the Dark in action yourself, but you also may 'incite' the dark to punish you more through them, and thus become responsible to 'tempting' them to be more harmful to you and ultimately to themselves and, - - -

Before you know it, you too have been trapped into the never ending cycle of becoming the retributive arm of God as you retaliate verbally or physically, and thus yourself trapped within the never ending road of suffering.  Peace, calmness, wisdom, and forgiveness is the way.

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~ Actions and religious belief ~
your religion – belief – ideology

Your proven ideological belief and thus proven ‘religion’ is clearly shown by your actions. It is not a matter of ‘which’ named God or messenger of God you ‘profess’ to be your saviour, or whom you ‘praise,’ or whom you openly worship in a ritualistic manner.

For true ‘religion’ is simply a matter of the use of the energy of God in our interaction with others. For the dual energy of God has an opposing reality of emotional and ‘thought ‘opposites in their nature. Your actions are determined by your thoughts.

 The nature of one side is ‘Serenity, peace, respect, bliss, joy, happiness, kindness, mercy, compassionate, forgiving, loving, and creative.’ = LIGHT peaceful energy.

The nature of the other side is ‘Turmoil, violent, invasive, depravity, cruelty, merciless, vindictive, critical, unforgiving, hateful, angry, vain, jealous and destructive.’ = DARK forceful energy.

 Your proven ideological belief is clearly shown to God and mankind by your ‘deeded’ actions in every ‘type’ or nature of interaction with others as you ‘face’ the trials you meet along your life’s journey in this and other realms of consciousness.

 Thus if your ‘outreach’ to others or your ‘response’ to theirs is always positive, loving, kind, merciful, forgiving, peaceful, - - - then you are seen by God as being in conformity to His Command to go your way in peace and:

Your ideology is ‘Peace – mercy – love - forgiveness.’
Your belief is ‘Peace – mercy – love - forgiveness.’
Your ‘religion’ is ‘Peace – mercy - love – forgiveness.’

If you are ‘generally’ positive and peaceful but you become negatively aroused by the actions of others, and you then use force either in self-defence or in aggressive retributive interaction, and ‘strike’ or abuse or punish or kill or destroy property, - - -

 Then you are seen by God as being an ‘infidel’ (non-believer) in God’s Holy Word Command, as you ‘sup’ on the forbidden fruit of dark forceful energy from the tree of evil, and you are seen by God to be disturbing the peace of others and:

Your ideology is ‘War – merciless – punitive - unforgiving’
Your belief is ‘War – merciless – punitive - unforgiving’
Your ‘religion’ is ‘War – merciless – punitive - unforgiving’

Thus your actions when under ‘duress’ denote your ‘inherent’ underlying spiritual nature as yet being (sinful) - - - Dark, cruel, merciless, vindictive, punitive and destructive.

 Try and see that all these negative emotional ‘attributes’ are the energy of the Dark side (aspect) of God and, - - - as this energy has the self-given ‘authority’ to be itself in action against those needing ‘correction’ or ‘rectification’ within the law of God it then follows that, - - - 

As you have drawn in some of this ‘forbidden’ energy into your soul, then it the energy overpowers your ‘reason’ as it is justified in negative interaction with other ‘sinners,’ for it is the vengeful and punitive energy of God that you ‘stole’ as you supped on the fruit of the forbidden tree of evil and, - - -

 It is ONLY God’s prerogative to use that dark energy that is HIS energy, for only HE does not suffer any painful ‘eye for an eye’ return as do you, for He is God not you.

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I am here today to tell you that you cannot enter Heaven with any of this dark energy within your soul, for no dark energy is permitted to enter the land of love and light as all therein are only ‘lovers’ and, - - -

 I can assure you that you will only become free of IT the dark energy within you if you follow my fresh uncontaminated teachings. For only our God can find the way out of the ‘maze’ and God has spoken through my mind and pen so as to give you all a ‘ray’ of hope.

 If you try and destroy IT (the dark energy) or punish IT (the dark energy) or inflict injury upon others that have IT (the dark energy) within them, then what you are in fact doing is drawing more of IT (the dark energy) into your own soul in your negative interaction and, - - -

 Greater becomes ITS power within you and greater becomes the burden of suffering to be endured by you in this or the afterlife. IT (the dark energy) is indestructible as IT (the dark energy) is the energy of God.

 Vain man climbs the ‘highest’ mountains and ‘braves’ the roughest rivers and oceans, and fights the strongest of men in his quest to prove to himself and others of his own physical strength and ‘valour.’

 Try and see that the ONLY worthwhile quest is the one where you prove to yourself and God that you can ‘conquer’ the power of the darkness within yourself, and thus you ‘vanquish’ the inner foe and save yourself from spiritual annihilation.

 You conquer the darkness within you by conforming to God’s Command in the manner given by me as you learn to strengthen your own mind against the telepathic onslaught from invisible realms below and, - - - as you conform to God it is then God to draw out the dark energy from your soul. (Cleansing or 'purifying' your soul little by little)

 Try and see that your original ‘state’ of being was pure Light energy, and as you thus only used Light energy in your interaction, you only received a positive return from God within the ‘eye for an eye – as you sow so shall ye reap’ law of God.

 Your present state is where your inner light core has become contaminated with Dark energy. So when your interaction with others becomes ‘forceful’ and negative you not only draw more darkness into your soul but, - - -

 You place yourself within the punitive aspect of God’s eye for an eye – as you sow so shall ye reap’ law of God, and your journey ahead becomes one of suffering as God imposes an equal painful ‘lode’ of suffering upon you that you imposed upon others. (Just Justice)

 Remember, God gave mankind a ‘mind and muscles’ for the purpose of creativity, foolish are those that use their muscle and mind power for the purpose of destruction. For in so doing, they ‘little by little’ destroy their own soul as they draw in dark energy.

 It is not a matter of how your actions are seen by ‘dictatorial’ man or man’s rules, but how your actions are seen by God, for HE is the absolute authority and HE has the capacity to enforce the fulfillment of His ‘eye for an eye’ Law upon any that defy His “Love one another and go your way in peace” Command.

To be in conformity to God's command you must not even raise up your hand to defend yourself, non-retaliation is the way. So a 'purist' of Islam is the same as a purist of 'Christian' and the same as a purist of Buddhism or any other religion. Simply a person who is following the 'religion' of spiritual LIFE that is the doctrine of Peace & mercy & love & forgiveness.

Those of any race or creed that by deed are aggressive, violent, abusive, invasive, regulatory, merciless, unforgiving, enforcers, punitive, warlike and destructive are followers of the 'religion' of DEATH.

Every sequence of actions has an equal and opposite ' consequential' flow of energy. Positive or negative.

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~ The ‘occupying’ force ~

 Every land on earth is ‘under occupation’ by a very cruel, dark, punitive, and destructive force of energy that extorts funds, controls and regulates and punishes mankind as IT operates with an ‘iron fist’ through ‘systems’ thought as being normal. The dark force operates through the 'local' government Council of unwise  'elders' and the 'distant' warlord 'dictator' who rules through his 'Corporate' Institution named as 'The government.' 

 Its ‘power’ is self-given via Decrees submitted telepathically through the mind of sinful man, and these ‘instructions’ are then ‘codified’ as rules and enforced by the GUN and the muscles of enforcers. It used force of arms to seize control of the land, and its 'workers' manage all 'material' assets therein for the primary purpose of monetary extortion to fund and feed its 'army,' and to thus maintain power and control of all persons and everything else of value.

The 'darkness' is so 'total' that it has deceived everyone into believing that it is for the good of all to be 'managed and cared for and regulated and controlled and punished' by IT for non-conformity. This is falsity and is the cause of all misery and impoverishment.

 There is now to be a peaceful and silent revolt. A ‘happening’ that takes place quietly as each person on an individual basis comes to the personally informed decision as to ‘why’ they must change their way and thus turn over a new leaf so as to make amends with their Creator.

 It is not a ‘revolt’ against any system or Institution of man, nor a revolt against any person employed by any controlling system of man. It is a revolt against the use of the Dark force that raised-up ITS ‘system’ of rule and ‘god-father’ status to all via sinful man.

 This ‘institutionalised’ system of control by using force to enslave, regulate, punish and destroy is now seen as normal and necessary for peaceful co-existence, whereas the free giving way and freedom of expression that is attained by living in conformity to the “Go in peace” Command of the Creator has been ‘sidelined’ into oblivion through the forbidden use of FORCE by ‘sinful’ man.

 Thus all true believers in any race or ‘creed’ will now ‘revolt’ against condoning the use of IT (the dark force) and, - - - thus all true believers in any race or ‘creed’ will now ‘revolt’ against promoting ITS punitive and controlling operations and,  - - -

 All true believers in any race or ‘creed’ will now ‘revolt’ against funding IT (the dark force) and, - - - thus all true believers in any race or ‘creed’ will now ‘revolt’ against being complicit to ITS punitive and controlling operations because,  - - -

 All will be able to see that ITS ‘energy’ and ‘way’ is in opposition to the way forward that is Commanded by the God of Love and Light that created them and, - - - all the ‘enlightened’ by me will be able to now see that their support of IT (the dark force) is what brings a return of ‘karmic’ suffering upon their own household in this or the after-life, on and on in perpetuity.

 From this moment onwards every true believer must relinquish their ‘devotion’ to the ‘idol’ worship of any person, be it the 'person' of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Chief, King, Queen, Mandarin, Saint, General etc. and, - - -

 This applies to the ‘worship’ of any religious ‘order’ of man or, any Institution of man or, any ‘decrees’ of man named ‘rules – statutes – the law’ because, - - - all must now simply dedicate their love and adoration and worship to their true saviour, being their invisible GOD and ‘the Holy Word of God’ that says: “Go your way in peace and love one another and My love will set you free” because, - - -

 By no other ‘way’ is one able to find ‘peace’ within or without and because, - - - by no other ‘way’ is one able to find ‘release’ within of inner sin and, - - - by no other ‘way’ is one able to find a ‘surcease’ from ongoing ‘karmic’ suffering due to the FACT that God’s ‘eye for an eye – as you sow so shall ye reap’ LAW of the LIGHT and LAW of the DARK is immutable.

 As each person in any and every walk of life becomes ‘enlightened’ as to the truth that they are all trapped and controlled and on the wide road to eternal suffering, - - - they will seek to know ‘how’ they can implement change and remain peaceful, and at the same time make a positive contribution to the society as a whole and, - - - at the same time remain in conformity to the Command of the Creator to “Go your way in peace and love one another” and, - - -

You go forwards giving your allegiance to God and God's Holy Word of "Peace." Those that 'forego' God and place their allegiance with the 'rules' of any Institution that force them to defy God's Command place their own soul in great peril.

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~ Blasphemy ~

Blasphemy in its true context means that ones daily ACTIONS or 'Works' as perceived by God are irreverent, wicked, and contemptuous of the Command of God the Creator. For any "act" of man that contravenes the Command of God is 'impious' blasphemy by virtue of its 'contravention' of said Command that stipulates:
"You my children must go forth in Peace each day and love one another and, - - - you must be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving towards those others yet 'blasphemously' living. For only thus do you fulfill My Command and receive My divine protection."
What all humanity need to see is that NONE today are conforming to God's Command and ALL are blasphemous, for all have become 'retributive, demanding, forceful, controlling, and punitive.'
This applies not only to the 'enforcers,' but also to the community members that employ them, as all fund, condone, and support governing institutions of man that use 'rules of engagement' that force all to live by the CONTRA ideology of: "Taxation, enforcement, control, regulation, suppression, enslavement, seizure of goods, sanction, protection, invasion, persecution, prosecution, judgement, punishment, manhunt, war and killing etc." All Dark evil deeds that are "The Works of the Devil" via the mind and hand of vain and ignorant man.
So as individuals go about their daily affairs, their paid servants (legislators and enforcers and other armed men) go forth in their name and on their behalf and cause a lot of pain and suffering and destruction and torture and tears, and all need to 'wake up' to the FACT that all are thus 'blasphemous' and ALL are not only on the wide road to Hell, but ALL are accruing a similar painful DUE within the single LAW of God that stipulates:
"As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you for MY law is absolutely Just, equitable, and IMMUTABLE."

Ignorant man sees not that God is all, and that all is within the frame of God, and man sees not that the punitive, vengeful, wrathful, and destructive aspect of God uses the ignorant to mete out divine retribution. So "Yes," any person going forth to invade, punish, or destroy is in fact being sent forth by the Dark, deceptive, and destructive energy essence aspect of the Source. (God)

They (Sinners or Infidels being non-believers in 'peace') are being used by God because in their past they 'sinned' and defied God, so God sees that they are not 'peaceful' as being the right of passage requirement to eternal life as Commanded by Him, and as they defy Him he uses them so that they continue to 'sin,' and they see not that His INTENT is to destroy their bad seed.

For they see not that the more He convinces them to be his 'enforcer' and do His dark punitive works for Him, and the more they so do, the more dark energy they draw into their souls that ultimately destroys their 'seed' with even more 'surety' than a person addicted to 'ice' destroys their own flesh.

Those being abused by administrators of 'Accountability or Justice' or even by their 'spouse' or any other, are simply reaping what they sowed at another time and place in eternity. If you believe that you can go forth and use the forbidden punitive energy of God, - - -  simply because you are so mandated by false scriptural texts or by a mandate from the regulations of any institution of man, - - - and not be subjected to the 'As you did sow so shall ye reap' Law of God, then you will remain ignorant of TRUTH and you will suffer the irrevocable consequence.

Any activity that controls, abuses, punishes, interferes in or destroys the life of others is a 'blasphemous' and thus treasonable crime against the State of Heaven, and the deserved punishment by God is banishment into the depths of the Dark and ultimate spiritual death. You have been forewarned by ME the invisible God you cannot see.

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~ Making ‘amends’ to God ~

 Individually you need to understand that, - - - whether you are a ‘soldier’ or a mandated policeman, juror, judge, or jailer or, you are a civilian or an uncivil ‘terrorist,’ you are simply a child of God that is ‘sinful’ and thus you have been deluded and trapped by the deception of the Dark into being ITS ‘servants’ in your daily interaction.

 You need to understand that if you are an ‘enforcer’ or a ‘warrior’ that is fighting to defend your ‘people’ or flag or nation or, - - - whether you are the civilian that is seeking to be protected by the strength of the ‘arms’ of others and thus you are funding their ‘warring’ ways, that you are all walking deeper into darkness and all are accruing a return of suffering.

 Peace on earth has never been ‘existent’ since earth's ‘inception’ or ‘earthly’ material creation because, it has never been populated with pure spirit beings from the Light of heaven, it has always been populated by spirit souls incarnating from levels outside heaven, with the occasional ‘visit’ from beings from the Light to tell all to be peaceful, loving, merciful, forgiving, and not to fight.

 These ‘lower’ realms are inhabited by the ‘lost race’ of spirit people that wandered far from the light, having their troubled ‘psyche’ and negative emotions that had grown within them over the ‘ages’ as they supped on the forbidden ‘fruit’ of dark forceful energy, being energy that is only ‘geared’ for vengeance and to fight.

Thus this world is a place where deception flourishes
Thus this world is a place where control flourishes
Thus this world is a place where extortion flourishes
Thus this world is a place where slavery flourishes
Thus this world is a place where manipulation flourishes

Thus this world is a place where greed flourishes
Thus this world is a place where fear flourishes
Thus this world is a place where vanity flourishes
Thus this world is a place where jealousy flourishes
Thus this world is a place where hatred flourishes

Thus this world is a place where punishment flourishes
Thus this world is a place where unforgiveness flourishes
Thus this world is a place where abuse flourishes
Thus this world is a place where mercilessness flourishes
Thus this world is a place where destruction flourishes

This world was created so that ‘sinful’ man could incarnate ‘invisibly’ in mortal flesh that ‘hid’ their true nature from each other, and once society had been ‘elevated’ to the point where mass communication was established, and the ‘means’ was there for quick translation of God’s FINAL message into all ‘tongues’ then, - - -

 My pure spirit entered this realm from Heaven so as to bring forth a FINAL uncontaminated message written by God via my mind and my personal ‘pen’ so that every embodied spirit had a ‘ray of hope’ and a last ‘chance’ to make amends to their Creator before HE dragged those ‘recalcitrant’ into HIS underworld.

As mankind now becomes more ‘enlightened’ and more fearful and more aggressive and more demanding, there will be a great ‘polarisation’ within man’s psyche and emotions. Some seeking more power as they become more disturbed by controlling vengeful thoughts, and others becoming more ‘peaceful’ and withdrawing from funding any punitive forces or Institutions or other ‘terror’ groups as they realise the depth of God’s Salvation requirement of them.

In order for you to satisfy your God and save your own soul you really do need to fully read and understand the Items 1-2-3 Book 2 of 9 on my main Index on the ‘Testament of Truth’ web sites, and the 2 page ‘Brief summary’ at the end Book 3 of 9, and then read the ‘Suicide’ document Book 4 of 9 to begin to understand the mental intrusion processes in respect of the subjugation of your mind telepathically by dark spirit beings.

You then need to read the ‘Visions of the last prophet’ and also to understand why there must be no more ‘fine and punishment’ for offenders that disturb the peace. For they must only be caught and counselled through attending a 3 hour ‘Feeling Easier Seminar,’ that teaches all to fortify their minds and thus become able to maintain more control of their interaction with others and, all must learn that they are all subjected to God's immutable Law.

 On a ‘practical’ level one needs to see why there must be no more funding of punitive forces of ‘accountability,’ and the revelation of how taxes, licence fees, and other ‘levies and duties’ enable the dark to control your life and to cause you to accrue a karmic penalty of suffering due to the dark and punitive actions of 'public servants' funded by the tax system, is contained within the many other pages of my Testament to humanity.

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~ Examples ~

Try and see that the only Institutions mankind needs are those that are of true service to the community that they serve with love, compassion and respect, and in their 'service' they are fulfilling a positive need only. They cannot be serving the TRUE God if they are regulating or enslaving or punishing people.

Try and see that any Institution offering a service TRUE to God and the community does not use force to extort funds from people. Neither does it use force of arms to punish, seize goods, fine you, incarcerate you, or kill you or others. It follows that to be true to God and your own soul that you must not fund any Institution that is 'forceful, invasive, controlling, taxing, punitive' etc.

As world 'governments' have seized control of every aspect of life and have entered into every aspect of business that they now control and regulate, that it will be very difficult to continue on and try 'living' as God would have you live because to so do, the government 'system' of RULE by rules will see you as Its enemy for not first paying It a fee before you do anything and, if you try and avoid funding It and Its 'dark' ways it will punish you.

Yes every government Institution does offer positive services with your funds paid as well being darkness in action through Its control of others and you. Thus I can only tell you what I do reference Its demands of me and my needs of It. For Its 'workers' in local Council and other positions do 'handle' roads, and schools, and hospitals and many other needed 'support' systems.

There will be a 'transition' stage in which every society falls 'undone' due to unforeseen happenings that will eventually bring every government Institution 'undone,' and everyone will have to rely upon their own  'resources' as well as the goodwill of others in their local community.

After the 'cleansing' of this earth by the Dark and the Light of God is done, then there will never again be any 'punitive' or warring forces on earth and all businesses and all service providers will be funded by the free giving of community members. So we each now will decide as to our personal 'choice' reference whether we continue to 'fund' the punitive and taxing Institutions of arrogant men, or we withdraw and only fund the services we wish to, and we thus are prepared to  'suffer' the consequence of becoming a 'blot' in the eyes of the unbelievers' who work for the rule book of their Institutions of control.

I personally do not wish to pay any demanded 'taxes' or 'fines' or other 'levies' that by me are perceived as purely funding 'departments' that punish people for any non-conformity to their 'rules.' As every government department has rules with 'punitive  attachments it follows that I cannot fund any government department as all have a 'punitive attachment' ruling structured into their code of conduct and this 'factor' is what defies God.

If any business offering their 'goods' for sale are purchased by me and within their sale price the business owner has 'overloaded' the price to include their tax payments to others then I am free to purchase the item, be it fuel or any other, as to me it is simply an item being sold by a 'thief' who is overcharging me and that is between 'him' and his God but, - - - I will ask 'him' to not include any 'tax' excess as I explain his error to him.

I will pay no 'licence fee' or 'permit' fee or 'fine' demand from anybody. If a fine is imposed upon me by any 'Judge' I will not pay it and I 'suffer' the consequence, be it jail or other. For any 'suffering' thus accrued is seen by me as 'karmic' for my past support of anti-God punitive systems that took place when I funded them through my ignorance.

Thus I go 'fishing' in the sea and cut firewood in the forest without paying anybody a royalty 'levy.' If I receive any 'summons' to appear in a Court of man I simply ignore it and also 'suffer' the consequence but, - - - I also tell any 'arresting' policeman of his error in 'kidnapping' me from my home so as to be 'judged' by another illegally in the eyes of the God of Love.

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I do not pay any 'system' of man any money to annually 'validate' my personal driving certificate of competency that became 'valid' when I passed a driving test 50 years ago. Neither will I pay any 'registration' annually because due to the nature of the 'link' between the driving licence permit issued by governments and the insurance, no insurer is 'permitted' to pay any claim to a person that does not 'carry' a state issued 'receipt' confirming their 'validity' to drive.

I see the 'tiny' permit fee as funding iniquity, thus I am 'forced' by my conscience to be my own 'insurer' in that my only 'cover' in not causing an accident is a steady mind as I drive carefully in the foreknowledge that even when insured, any mental or emotional or physical suffering that one imposes upon another has a 'karmic' comeback within the Law of God. So even though an insurer pays monetary compensation, if you do 'injure' another then you will suffer the same 'suffering' you imposed through your 'carelessness.'

The 'day' Insurance companies become TRUE service providers and thus do not 'bow' down to the arrogant dictates of thieving and 'warlike' Institutions, then I will consider taking out a policy with them so as to ease the load upon any that I may 'unthinkingly' disadvantage. In any 'case' if I cause 'injury' or loss to another believer, they will forgive me and go their way in PEACE.

Schools and other community services need to be 'free' to operate without any overbearing 'authority' that demands all to conform to its 'strictures' and I am happy to fund any such community welfare group directly. I am also happy to fund the 'disadvantaged or poor' directly or via Organisations such as the salvation Army directly.

I am also happy to fund a community 'Peace Corps' that is needed to replace the policing forces. For every community does need a 'body' of caring men that will  'haul in' any that do disturb the peace and have them counselled. I will not fund the 'police' nor the 'army' as I do not need any 'protection' as such, for God is my protector.

If I lose God's protection and am then abused by 'someone,' it simply means that I need more inner reflection on God's Holy Word of "GO your way in peace," for I can only be abused or incarcerated or destroyed if I or my 'servants' have defied God and abused others in some way. Now you see the need to stop funding iniquity, for all punitive 'works' done by government agencies are 'done' in your name and on your behalf if you are 'guilty' of funding them.

The time is nearly here when all are free to go about their daily business without paying any 'royalty' tax or other fee on demand from 'thieves' or 'systems' of impropriety that use force of arms as coercion and enforcement. For all will now learn that we are all 'owners' of the earth and its 'treasures' that are not owned by any 'body' or 'system' or 'flag' or nation.

Soon all will be free to travel anywhere on earth and live anywhere on earth without needing passports or 'entry' or other documentation. All that is needed is education as this 'Strategy' will itself implement positive change.

To assist you in coming to a personally informed decision as to whether to, or how to 'withdraw' from continuing to fund the punitive government systems I direct you to one or more Links within my web site to assist your decision making. I remind you as long as you keep funding any Institution on earth named 'The government' * you are living contra to the command of God and are accruing a painful spiritual debt and you are on the wide road to HELL.

Religion has deceived all into believing that they will be 'forgiven' for their 'abuse' and control of others, and thus avoid being 'subjected to' God's 'eye for an eye' Law. That is error and all will be 'crucified' and pay their 'suffering' dues to God prior to God forgiving them and permitting them to go free and enter Paradise.

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Note: 'The government' * - Try and see that; - - - simply because a man or a 'king' or an Institution seizes control of a 'land mass' by force of arms, and then 'Proclaims' to you and all that IT the 'Institution' he raises up  has  the sole right to govern you and 'dictate' your way of life and, - - -  that you 'owe' your monetary and person allegiance to IT, - - - I say that you do not have to 'submit' to IT nor 'conform' to the 'rules' dictated by men through IT their Institution.

Even if 99% of the population vote in a 'head' of an Institution that names itself 'the government,' try and see that it is only a 'Warlike Corporation' and every 'leader' and 'policy' enforcer is defiant of God as all condone extortion, punishment and war and, - - -

As a child of God and as an individual with your own freedom of choice you are entitled to stand 'apart' and not fund it (The Corporation) nor condone its policies and not be 'controlled' by its enforcers. Because it is a 'service provider,' you are entitled to make use of those 'sections' that are not a part of its 'war' or 'tax' or enforcement policy.

Example: If you wish to 'lodge' a land title deed with its 'office' you should not so do because you will first have to pay a 'fee' that is simply another tax. If it was a true community 'effort' there would be no 'tax' fee as the workers are already being paid a salary.  Politicians have abused their 'powerful' positions and become 'White collar' criminals  as they 'turned' every community effort into a 'secondary' and 'private' money earning business.

Example: If you are in financial need you may ask for help from its welfare department. Using the 'biblical' belief that a man should give some of his earned income away to the 'welfare' of others, the political legislators have seized upon this fact to control the 'pensions,' welfare, and other community aid projects in order to make use of these 'vast' sums of money to gain more, but you are 'entitled' to ask anyone for assistance.

The 'handling' of welfare giving will soon revert back into general community 'affairs' and personal affairs once the 'great' tax take comes to a halt. The present 'tiered' tax system has been 'masterminded' to ensure that for every $ 100 you earn at least $ 70 goes back into the coffers of the Institution. The legislated 'acts' or 'rules' in the statute books are the demands of the dark force 'mastermind' regulating the governing institution, and those upholding these 'regulations' are its 'operatives' that see not the 'terrible' spiritual danger they are in.

What policemen and other 'enforcers' need to see is, that for them to arrest you for carrying out an  activity' without having first paid their institution a 'permit fee' is implying that: - - - When you were born you were a slave unto It the Corporation that they serve, and that IT the Corporation is your 'master' and thus you have to conform to ITS 'policy' dictates.

These 'assumptions' are False, for you may have been born a 'slave' due to the fact that these 'dictatorial  kings and their Institutions exist, and that they do coerce people using threat and punishment as they steal by taxation but, - - - - I state that you should 'resist' their advances because, - - - they are the 'advances' of the Devil posing as a 'father' figure that 'pretends' that it will protect you if you fund its ways, - - - this is the great falsity, and I say that all supporting, condoning, and funding its iniquity fall into despair and great suffering.

Every 'enforcer' or legislator of controlling policy is an 'infidel,' being a non-believer in the Command of God.

Try and see that the ONLY reason that the Institution naming itself 'The government' is able to 'Rule' you with its stern 'fist' and, able to extort endless sums of money from you is because it has a 'private' army of mercenaries that defy their God for a silver 'penny' and, - - - all persons living within its 'area' of controlled 'jurisdiction' are afraid of its apparent punitive 'super'  power.

Let the God of Light and Love be your 'ruler' as you conform to ITS Command and go your way in Peace.

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~ Consequences of Actions ~

The 'rites' of passage ~ Parent to child responsibility
The 'activator' and the 'recipient.'

This 'page' is written in order to define the 'Parent to child' responsibility in ensuring that their 'child,' being a child of God placed in their 'care,' learns the "Consequence of their ACTIONS" before they leave their 'childhood' behind to become adults.

What constitutes the definition of 'adult' in the 'mind' of the 'rules' dictated by man varies from place to place but, in the spiritual context, the turning point from child to adult occurs at the time the 'girl' is able to bear children, (womanhood) and for the 'boy' it is when he his voice does 'break' signifying 'manhood.'

While the timing of these changes varies it is generally accepted that by the time children have their 12th birthday they need to have learnt and understood the 'Rite of passage' to adulthood.

What is this 'Rite of passage'? It is not any 'ritual' of man, it is simply the understanding that for every action there is a spiritual consequence.

Simply stated it is that ones 'action' can be either the positive benign action of: 'peaceful, loving, kind, truthful, conscionable, merciful, respectful, caring, forgiving and GIVING of that which is theirs to give' activity or, it can be the 'negative' malignant and opposite action of: 'aggressive, hateful, cruel, cunning, unconscionable, merciless, disrespectful, uncaring, unforgiving, injurious and TAKING what is not theirs to take.'

These two 'aspects' can be interwoven so to speak rather than simply always being the one or the other because, and regrettably, a 'generally' loving person can still be using some of the negative aspects knowingly or unknowingly which means they are still subjected to the consequences of 'both' aspects of their actions..

What is this 'consequence'? It is the immutable, but EXACT RETURN, of the same nature of ENERGY imposed by you onto the other. In other words the result of any negative energy imposed on another is that it returns back onto the sender who ultimately becomes the recipient of that same negative feeling on an EQUAL and thus 'eye for an eye' basis.

Its return is uncontrollable because it occurs through the action of others in the place and at the time so ordained by the energy, be it immediately or next week or 30 years later or in the after life. It is an unavoidable consequence because THE ENERGY is a 'Law' unto itself and has to 'balance' itself in order for harmony to exist in the greater realms of ENERGY.

Hence the 'term' ABSOLUTE JUSTICE ~ karma ~ you reap what you sow, and this is what every person needs to CLEARLY know because, if you grow up transiting into adulthood believing in the 'justification' of your 'right' to control others, use others for your own ends, take or steal their food or property or home or livelihood, or injure or kill or impose mental or emotional trauma upon them, then you DO have this RIGHT but you do not have the right to AVOID the implementation of the RETURN OF THE ENERGY which makes YOU suffer all you imposed through your pride, vanity, arrogance or ignorance.

However, the 'term' ABSOLUTE JUSTICE ~ karma ~ you reap what you sow, also applies to the giving of goodness and kindness and care and share and upliftment of others, which also returns to you via others on another day on an equal basis, and makes you 'smile' and feel very good.

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A part of the 'rite of passage' is also understanding the inner energy within one's spirit soul, being the benign emotions of love & joy & happiness etc., as well as the negative emotions of fear or anger or hatred or jealousy etc., and the comprehension that via these emotions one is linked telepathically to either the LIGHT or the DARK aspect of THE SOURCE, - - - God, who is THE all knowing, of infinite intelligence, ENERGY.

A part of the 'rite of passage' is also understanding that the Source, God contains within Her ~ His frame all wisdom and that He ~ She is the creator of the 'child' not 'us' the adults.

We are simply the 'mechanism' for enabling a UNIQUE spirit soul to enter this realm via the 'womb' of an earthly mother. Both the mother and father have a 'duty of care' in preparing the child for adulthood, being the 'passing on' of the wisdom in this paper as well as their own accrued wisdom in their own unique consciousness around 'life matters.'

On reaching the 'age' of the definition of adulthood given in paragraph two above, the 'child' needs to understand that the 'duty of care' of the 'parent' ceases and that the new adult' has a duty of care to 'care' for their OWN destiny and to be helpful and respectful to all, especially their 'elders' as well as the ones who 'bore' them and cared for them.

In many 'poorer' lands the children grow up working alongside their parents in the 'fields' or tending the 'goats' or bringing in water or firewood etc., and are thus better prepared for fending for themselves materially as they enter adulthood. But 'few' indeed of any 'race' have been taught the power of their dark inner emotions and how they accrue a painful due if they are not aware of the 'karmic' comeback attached to every activity.

In the 'western' world children are more unwise and many are 'spoilt' and continue to 'take' from and 'use' their parents even when having grown to adulthood. These are the 'unwise' who know not the 'rite of passage' and in fact by their deed they show their God that they believe that they own their 'parents.'

How so? Because they are very vain and their freedom from 'childhood' they did not gain due to many factors and thus they would rather the 'backs' of their parents 'break' than 'hoe' their own vegetable patch and plant their own potatoes or 'pay' their own way.

The 'rite of passage' into adulthood is where and when the 'child' has the TRUE 'freedom of the road' and has learnt to 'carry the load,' being the burden of life outside heaven and they 'earn' their own 'bread' and the surplus from their personal labours they then share with others for whom they care as well as the lost or lonely.

Children must be taught that God is God not they, and that at all times and in all situations they are 'subjects of God' and that God's power is limitless and incomprehensible and 'brooks' NO 'contenders' to ITS 'throne.'

Children must be taught that the ENERGY OF GOD never sleeps.

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~ Adventures & the 'Pot of gold' ~

There are many that 'slave' each day for many a year as they seek to 'one day' attain a pot of gold to ease their load on the long dusty road.

But when the 'lode' of money is made they are too old to even lift up a spade and dig a spot to place it in away from the thieves that yet sin. So what was the 'price' they did pay as they unhappily slaved and sweated for many a long day?

It was the price of frustration, unhappiness, and uncaring awareness that kept them mentally locked into a determined course of work with no play. Not only this, but most are blind as they go their way, seeing not that the 'rainbow' they follow has no 'end' to guide their way.

So what is this pot of gold that man seeks as he strides forth to plunder the riches of the world? It in fact is happiness and fulfillment, but it is also a 'debenture' that can only be fulfilled when one walks the road as a daily 'adventure.'

An adventure where one happily absorbs the beauty around and with mind sound, and enjoys the others that one meets and greets, and every passing moment of time is one where love and laughter and good cheer does entwine, as the 'wise' dine with all others along the way, with truth and 'good luck' and helpfulness as their expression.

For when the end of the road is reached, and the gold expressed upon all has been 'leached' from the giver at its end, then a fresh day does dawn and a new adventure does begin. Being one where others shower the past giver with their gold and love and helpfulness, and truly the rainbows 'end' shows its karmic power to shower down benevolence upon the bold and the brave and the true.

So remember as you go your way each day to ensure that none 'lonely' is left along the road to be sad or lost as you pass their way. Just reach out with a smile as you give of your kindness as you uplift their momentary 'mile,' and they will remember you as will your God too.

Seek not any pot of gold per se, just simply be a 'golden' arrow that flies along a path true as it sings along its way. This way the pot of gold is you, and whatever you do returns as a 'boomerang' to uplift you too, and every adventure will be one to be remembered as a golden voyage true. Just remember, all the gold in the world will not purchase even a 'single' one-way ticket to Paradise. Peace and love and compassion and mercy and forgiveness is the only way.

Near the 'entrance' to my home stand two evergreen Diosma prama bushes having purple and white flowers, and they are the 'portals' through which I pass as I come and go as I set forth each day on my way.

My intent and the deed I seed is peaceful and 'evergreen' and alive with light and compassion and care as I share my 'good will' with all I meet, and as my name is 'Mercy' there is forgiveness in my heart for any that cause me any 'harm,' for I also carry God's 'charm' being the "Go your way in peace and bear no sword or angry word against another" Command of God.

What is your 'way' as you leave your home each day, is it as 'one' that carries a gun? Are you 'one' that intends to bring others to account for their misdeeds?  Are you a legislator that will legislate more 'rules' that tax, control, and enslave God's children? Are you a 'mercenary' Judge that by his 'pen' decrees that others and their households will be brought to their knees and punished or fined or incarcerated or 'hung' by the neck until dead? Are you a 'soldier' that smashes everything in his 'sights' into oblivion?

If this is your 'way' then all I can say is that by your own deed you bring great travail upon your own household in this or the after life as you place your own soul within the "As you did sow so shall ye reap" judgement of God the Dark Sovereign Power.

Set yourself free as you now follow the true 'Peace' way as bequeathed by me unto thee.

Terence - the spirit of truth


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