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~ The Fisheries ~

Item - 5 - The LAW of the Sea - 3 p.
Open letter to master fisherman Alan Pitt

Item - 6 - Sea Shepherd warlord - 4 p.
Open letter to Sea Shepherd director, Bob Brown

Item - 7 - Notes on safe anchoring - 26 p.
Anchor 'holding' capacity - the 'catenary' curve - lift & drag considerations - setting the anchor
multiple anchors - the anchor type - chain & rope considerations - rope strengths - notes
Parachute anchors - Cyclones

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~ Fishing ~

For years the people went down to the sea to buy fish off the fishing boats that returned early in the quiet evening, and the purchaser did happily sing that they caught a “catch” ever so fresh.

But today, only “dark thoughts” enmesh as the skipper of the fishing vessel ‘Corinna 11’ did say : “Yes we have fish today, but not for you unless a $ 100 licence you can show me, being your “Tax approval permit true.”

It “appears” that today, the “System’s men” in every department are in a “frenzied feeding attack” upon the purses of the silent masses, and if any “small fry” swims out of the “herded” shoal to gasp for air, they are snapped up by the nearest shark and crushed into submission by a huge “bite” out of their “pocket.”

So finally true madness shows its “face,” being the mafiosic thieves of pure disgrace. Yes, I speak of you and you fisheries authorities and tax boys so untrue. It is you and others who do rules set,” the rules and acts are your “thievery” net.

Your “catch” is one of utter distaste, for your “take” is a monetary waste. You raise the price of fish at every door as you put out your sticky paw. Just like an octopus you be, grabbing a giant portion that is not yours, and we the people have to pay as off us too you daily prey. Your protectionist view makes the whole industry stew.

Today's "pirates" are but few on the sea, most of them "white collar" be. Yes, they do your dollars plunder as they tear "netted" fish stocks asunder, for their "protectionist" ways being their take cause you to needs find more fish to survive the annual increased dollar payment drive that they upon you via regulation impose as they darken their own "spiritual rose."

So I just want you all to know that there is a very deep truth that I sow, for I the master fisher of men be and thus this note I write to thee, for if you continue to a “take” snatch off every passing fisherman's catch, then for sure you will lose all and for sure your mind will pall.

For too many “thieves” are “on the take” and they know not how to survive and their own dollar make, thus it is they who “bring on” the coming calamity.

So please all fishermen heed now me. Do not allow the “big boys” to you control via your fear as you do stroll. Read my message I do seed and then just go fishing without paying licence fees that make you bleed, and I too will happier be that on the wharf you’ll sell fish to me.

Surely a “true” fisherman can see that if “driftwood” is “caught” it must from the nets be cut free, so “cut out” the smelly weed that more and more does take through greed.

Friends, every government department from fisheries to forestry to community council has forgotten its role of “Service to the community” in its area of configuration. Instead, it has devised rules to steal off its nearest relation, man, you and you.

Every department has a giant “Purse Seine” net that is cunningly set with more meshes annually to trap you. Yes, in the guise of “You need us who are more wise,” they show that they are thieves in disguise, who as said, in every way snatch a part of the catch and impoverish the oceans like the rising “swell” as the waves reach the beach.

It’s time now for us to them a lesson teach. Close your “purse” like a clam and say : “You people are but an arrogant sham, from today we will naught to you pay, thus you can drink tea in your offices and for it yourself pay.”

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~ Fish Shame ~
Orange 'Roughy' - dispute

Yes, it is an "open game" the way the "Systems men" steal their "pound of blood and scale" off every fish that is put up for sale, and just because some trawler men did a mighty catch find, the "heavies" became blind with their own greed and even today after 10 years they still try and steal $ from the "purse seine" net of trawler men who were just attempting to earn an honest pay.

God "set" no rule as to how many fish any man could catch. I wonder how "many" systems workers are 'fishing' for a free feed each day as they set their "net," that comes in the guise of many who "dress" as fishing "experts," be they "advisors," regulators, fish management authorities, taxation department, solicitors, magistrates, etc.

All are thieves I do say, and all will lose all they stole as with fishermen's sanity they did play. I "wonder" what percentage of any fish catch goes to the fisherman worker? And what percentage goes to the land based shirker?

Actually, I don't need to wonder, for I already know that the thieves get over 80% of the 'final' value of all produce manufactured or fished from the sea in one way or another. I only "wonder" why the fishermen don't all go on "strike" like me.

By saying that they own all the catch on any day, and that they from now on are free to sell it to anyone they wish to, or give it away, and that they will pay NO licence "permit" ever again to the Mafia men who are so vain.

I'd tell all the "free loading" takers to get out their own "rod" and earn a living true as is expected of them by the God "bloke" who does say: "All that is stolen will be taken off the thieves by ME."

Any person in any "position," be it elected, or appointed, or otherwise, who uses "his" position of authority to control the free movement of others is placing themselves in a position of impropriety in the eyes of God, and thus bring upon their own soul the same fate that they put others through on this sod.

Be thus cautioned, for too many of you abuse your position of "pomposity."

So "fishermen," why do you the "heavies" fear? Let some light into your souls. Soon a dismal plight for all, so its time to "join hands" and with your "fleet" work in unison and walk tall.

Just tell all the thieves today that your catch is no longer their free pay. It will be sold by you to any soul true and if the heavies are "hungry" then you will give them a few "small fry" for free.

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~ Insanity & rationality ~

Fishermen of the sea. Try now and see that the only reason that you did need to 'rape' the oceans and destroy coral, fish, and sea-weeds was because of greed.

Your greed need to own a bigger ship and make more money.
Man's greed to tax your "take" more.
The investors greed to earn more % interest on funds lent to you.

So now you see that if you listen to me you can catch but one-third of your "present" take and still make a bigger profit. For soon all 'greed' has been swept away and more "true" men will "hear & heed" my say.

Thus you will "downsize" and catch enough to feed you and make a little profit too. This way the fish will thrive and your grandchildren will survive. Pay now no more "mafiosic" take for your own sake and if you are crucified by the dark-one via HIS "big boys" then so be it.

Remember to maintain peace and sane rationality "as" the "devils men" you meet. With calmness and respect them greet. Matters not what they say or do, you just keep your own "thoughts" true.

Remember, any negative retributionary thought arising in your mind is a "suggestion" from the dark source seeking to entice you into being untrue by doing something bad to another.

Remember, you are the dark in action whenever you are verbally "mud-slinging" or when you are physically "rock-throwing." You are the light in action when you stand calm whatever the "others" around you are doing.

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~ Ocean "Piracy" ~

There are "men" on every "land" who falsely believe that "as on land," that they can "police" every ocean and exclusively "reserve" their claimed area that they term: "OUR Marine Resource." These foolish men are "Ocean pirates."

For sure the Oceans are a "great" economic zone that have been fought over by many a "mad" dog for its "fish" bone. For sure "piratical" men have drawn a "line" somewhere and said: "If you cross this line then you are a swine and as you illegally enter our "zoned" nation divine then we will punish you by incarceration and fine."

Foolish men did also say: "If you cross this line to take any fish from "my" Ocean then you are a poacher and I will seize your vessel and burn it on a beach to teach you a lesson."

I say that God says that no man owns any part of any Sea. I say that all men are free to come and go and fish there or anywhere. I say that any man can "land" on any shore and walk away without 'let or hindrance' from any other.

Let it here be known that God owns the Earth and the Sea, and "Nations" are but places with a "name," they are not "Islands" owned by men vain.

If any marine biologist or oceanographer would carry out a "survey" then that is in order. But do not expect to "own" or "control" any fish, that policy is now out of order. You can only "own" home "grown" species that you have "cultured" in your oceanic "acre."

Neither the ocean fish nor the "forests" of the land need men to look after them; they have had to "contend" with the greed of man. All are free to "harvest" rationally. But as for "ownership," that is insanity.

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~ Sea Fishing Rules ~
To : Bill Bonde, Fisheries Minister.

Why is it that recreation fishing is an important part of the State economy, why is it deemed “important” to steal public money ? All this done in the “guise” of regulatory control that is needed to maintain fish stocks that o’er the oceans “stroll.”

Or is it but to pay the wages of many “inspectors” who are less than sages, as they demand and take by penalty and fine as they often soil their hands and souls with grime, and you Bill Bonde so blithely say “Big penalties for defaulters are meted out today.”

Is it necessary to so “openly” steal vehicles and boats and even a fishing reel off some poor blighter who is seeking a feed, why oh why are you all so full of greed to the extent that you now “believe” that piracy can be enacted each day, all this being done with the communities “pay.” Why oh why are the public so blind that they continue to pay the wages of ‘fiends’ so unwise ?

God son did not say that I needs “pay” a licence fee to fish for a meal any day. So how come the insidious darkness has been allowed to “creep in”? Was it because the water is so cold that we could not “see” as we tried to swim.

I say the Fisheries department needs be shut down, for it is obvious that it must be being “governed” by a greedy clown. One who “protects” his own sea weed patch as he hides in the “grass” awaiting to any offender catch.

Its all “bullshit” I do see, and I wonder when will come the calamity, the one where every “taker” in a virtuous disguise gets clobbered by lightning out of the skies. It cannot happen too soon, for already every fisherman begins to swoon, as licence fees go up and up and every fishing department wants to on a free feed sup.

No wonder the fisherman needs to more fish take, as he has to somehow more dollars make, licence for this, tax for that, and pay up a fine if there is a weed under the mud flap.

So as I it see, the Fisheries just like every other government department be, just the “Mafia” now out of control as they steal funds off every payroll. So “Bill” I this to you write for I see the “dark one” of invincible Might, and the dark does to you and all “takers” say :

“Prepare now, for soon I have My day, being that all face their past and all takers will lose out unless they now learn to ‘fast’ and change their look, for too long at too many you ‘threw the book.”

So I just want you all to know of the fresh truth that this soul does sow, it is from the Kingdom of God, sent to earth by this quiet bod. Seek it out and prepare, for soon all takers will with “starvation” share.

Meaning that “you” through enactments “took by force,” and thus at that time did your souls from the Light divorce, and all the suffering felt by others will now be felt by you, so prepare to understand my message and thus to your own souls be true. For in the past you “believed” you were rightly mandated to be strong, but the reality is that in God’s eyes you all did wrong.

“Education, not Regulation”

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~ David C. Strachan ~
"The poacher" - by - "The Examiner News"

"Some" say that David did a "few" Abalone "poach." Who owns the Abalone in the sea, you - me - or the Strachan "cockroach?" For any "fool" can see that David no cockroach be.

He is a man who can see reality, and that God did plan that any man is free to take "fish" from the sea.

The sea was given by God to you and me. The "Mafiosi" in the guise of "Community Welfare" believes that they own the sea and all the fish that therein be.

Thus they believe that they have a right to it not only "control," but that they have a right to "extort" a licence fee from any that they permit to "fishermen" be. This they say is their divine right. Because they "hold" the reins of power that in fact is the Devil's might.

I say to David: "Do not fight the Devil. You cannot win, for none win who try and fight evil. Just "take" the punishment that they "ignorantly" mete out, and just remember God's Law: "All pay whom others clout." Yes, all do "Reap what they do Sow," so this wisdom I do upon all bestow."

"Why" I ask should the government get any "royalties" from fish? Does "Queenie" hold valid ownership of every "fish dish?" And by the "way," any financial "fish management" funding assistance given by the "Fed," is actually money stolen off the community via tax, this is what raises the cost of "fags," fuel, and our daily bread.

For too long have "experts" lived off others "wine," and I now can but warn all of the sad coming time. Yes, all will collapse. Yes, all will go into relapse. Yes, all will learn not to others pockets "burn."

I can only suggest that you "see" my web site and then let David go free. For all the foolish who him control will for sure not in heaven stroll.

Any person who "brands" another a poacher for taking fish from the sea is a person who will themselves be "branded" as one who very ignorant be.

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~ M.A.S.T. ~
Marine & Safety Tasmania
Colin Finch - C.E.O.

Dear Colin, I received a copy of the "MAST" safe boating handbook and through it have taken a brief look. The general "intent" is very good as it gives a lot of "understanding" food for thought. It is a shame though that it is also with "insanity" fraught.

Yes, the (9) Test sections are abysmal "drivel" as its content teach learners that a "swivel" cannot "turn" if the real message behind the test they did not learn.

Why give so many answer "possibilities" that do program young minds the wrong way? Why not firstly place the tests in a special place in the book, and below each question give the correct answer?

This way only cheats will look, but at least when they do, they will be programmed with ONE answer only, being the answer correct and true.

For in a "crisis" situation a person taught "your" way might easily recall one of the wrong "possible" answers given by you. For your personal information please read page 39 on the same subject from my "Sample letters document" on this web site.

I now do further state that soon all "controllers" will be late as they are cast aside by the rising negative tide of emotions that through man will "race," and all men will wield a mace. This "advice" I give to you so that you can read my web site content and become a man true.

Further to this I do say that all regulators and offenders in God's eyes will also be gone once our sanity is fully won. Yes, as you can see (I hope) it is time for Education to be the way. Not regulation and extortion, for that too is soon swept away and I would my wisdom share so that your "men" can prepare.

For before I can become "afloat" on the sea there are men as "thee" who demand a fee and also dictate their wishes and berate and fine any who do not heed their "call" that is less than divine. This you say is justified as it is for "our" own good, and our freedom of choice is thus lost.

It's all very well to "Register" a craft on a national registry so that "others" can "know who you be," but not a reason to annually demand a seasonal monetary take. This "way" is now to break.

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Also, there is only a "need" for beginners to be taught how to "handle" a boat and then be issued with a C of C, a certificate of competency, so that their passengers know they are safe on the boat. There is no need to annually steal a licence "fee." No, that the wrong way be.

The privileged position of trust that was intended to "be" the way of public servants was "thwarted" over time by the dark invisible overlord and "turned" into a position of power and control and the victimisation of any who "usurped" the ever increasing regulatory demands of the "corrupted" system.

Soon there will be many a "change" on this and every land, and every "System" of control will collapse as for too long has been its demand that the public must pay for every "accoutrement" needed for its "men" who also steal their pay.

This note I write to thee for I AM HE the messenger from the heavenly sea, and I would you also "Alert" as to the grave danger with which we "flirt" being a soon coming Tsunami that will "drown" every craft that in the Pacific be. Please read my Giant waves document for I am a man, not a "minister" with a silly frock.

In the coming "enlightened" Tasmanian Age we will open a fresh page. No more "mooring" fees, no more "licence" fees. No, no longer will our "willing" commercial & recreational "body" be call "The Authority" who steal funds off the community with impunity.

They will be called the "Department" that aids the community by ensuring that all "facts" are available to any whom would venture onto the sea.

None will be empowered by God or you or me to legislate and berate or by force of arms take or seize. For all "those" will have been "dropped" to their knees by God and been sent to the lower land of eternal "freeze."

Wake up Tasmania, let us now lead the way planetarily. No more "steal our pay" by those purporting to be "for" the benefit of the community who justify their continuing "take," as said, with seeming impunity. No taker has immunity against God or the Law of God.

Note: I see that your web pages 'open' with the authoritative statement that you are empowered to do what you do whilst under the 'umbrella' of a regulation or 'rule' or State 'Act.'

There is another 'reality' that may not be understood by any of you, and that is - - - that in the first instance, - - - any Rule that gives any person the power to control, tax, berate, or regulate and seize property from or punish any other child of God for non-compliance to said rules is a false rule that leads its users into the Abyss.

For our Creator quite clearly states that HE has ONE Rule that supersedes all the rules of man. Being the Rule of HIS ONE Law that also clearly stipulates: "What you do or impose upon others will be imposed upon you."

There is also the Command to "Walk in peace and do not disturb the peace of the land." - What I see is that none of your 'operatives' understand that as they disturb the peace of others for any reason, that it is they walking in a contrary manner to that commanded by God.

It is my added duty and task for God to 'try' and get you all to see the depth of the present iniquity wherein the community is being 'hounded' for every penny they earn and, they are also being punished for non compliance to rules that may appear 'good,' but that are in fact a dark and warlike imposition.

It is truly the time for Education ONLY. All control & regulation leads to poverty, strangulation of business and movement, and an 'abysmal' destination of suffering for all that impose and enforce it.

The 'stark' reality is that every person stands 'alone' before their God.
Every person is judged 'alone' by their God for their personal deeds of the day.

This is the FINAL opportunity for 'each' to set themselves free from being 'complicit' to iniquity.

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~ Professional Fisherman's Association ~
ref : Advisory Code of Ethics

I hope you read my web pages as I believe that all fishermen needs be made aware of them so they then can make a personally informed decision as to whether they are going to continue to freely “feed” sharks with their hard earned cash just because it is demanded of them.

It is one thing to have a professional fisherman's Advisory Code of Ethics to EDUCATE fishermen, but it is another to extort endless dollars via licence and tax to the point that the public cannot afford to pay the high price of fish needed in order to support the “mandated mafiosic system,” and the fishermen also then need to “rape” the oceans to make a ‘quid’ and not only this, but why should any give in to the demands of others ?

I am not advocating WAR, I am but saying “Pay no “suckers” any more,” matters not what guise or disguise they come in, tax man, mandated fisheries man, any foolish beggar man who holds out a begging bowl in one hand and wields a big stick in the other. I for SURE pay no thieving bugger.

Real fishermen entrust their life to God when they go to sea. They entrust the welfare of their crew and vessel to God also I do see. Why then do they fear man who arrogant be ? Do they “forget” God as on the jetty they stroll ? Do they forget how on the ocean they did toil ?

It is the threat of the “punishment” take that makes them support the rort that does them anyhow break. For in the “end,” the takers greed does expand, and like an “octopus” it has many a “hand” and many a “way” to exert control and devise new ways of stealing more of the fishermans pay.

I say : If you “spiritually” deserve to lose your boat, then you will lose it, but don’t first any thieves pockets bloat. If you are by God to be set free, then if dragged to court like me, the magistrate will set you free.

First you have to say NO to paying licences as away from the shore you GO. Then on your “return” you sell the fish where you wish, you don’t need to radio “base” first saying, “I’m coming home with fish.”

Just daily do what God would have you do. Be kind, be wise, and never any “thief” despise. Just to them say : “I cannot you any money pay, but if you hungry be, well then, take a couple of fish for free.”

I may seem like a simple bloke, but for sure my wisdom I give for free is not a joke. IF you cannot be “brave” and heed me, by our God you’ll not freed be. Because if you give licence fees or fines “freely” due to the demands of the “boys,” you are implying that you freely are “a part of” and support the rort.

Thus you incur a spiritual debt, as you by “free choice” have become a part of the system that steals off others and breaks them, thus tightens the noose of the net and the more you fret.

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Be prepared to all lose, this will the takers confuse, for if you all sat at home today, they would all have no pay. Be prepared to individually “shut up shop” before all society does flop.

This way you may survive the coming satanic drive. For God says : “IF you pay the wages of people who steal off others and them thus break, it is I who off you does later it also take.“ So to become free of others stealing off thee, you’ll all needs heed me and STOP supporting thieves who control you as they operate in the guise of “A mandate to help.”

All mans mandates are justification to make other men cry. This I the holy one do espy. For mans mandates are a justification to TAKE money off others with an illegal legal rake.

Just because a “majority of fools” say “Yes,” to the “appointment” of a leader, that does not mean that it is their Right to impress their demands upon any other sister or brother. A true leader does guide, not by power and control others wishes override.

This is what man cannot see, this is why God again sends my soul to walk amongst thee. So that I can correct the truth, for all mans beliefs are but “spoof” that does “fly,” and as said, all now are to pay their dues, for making others cry.

Read God’s Mandate, and the “Currency Crisis document” and then help me free humanity by telling all of this new insight. For it is I to teach you and all about CONTROL, telepathic control from realms of spirit it be. You will find God’s mandate in the “MANDATES and Justification document” on my web page.

Educate young fishermen and then let them go their way
they are free to fish the oceans and not give away their pay.

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~ Customs & Custom ~

The "old" custom of the land was bad and vanity and greed controlled the "leaders of the day" being the way of today. So that they forgot the true way being that any visitor to any land was to be welcomed with an "open hand."

Thus the "customary" way became one in which the local king, chief or dictator demanded a "royalty" fee for any fish or goods landed or exported and this "burden" upon travellers and businessmen is what escalated the impoverishment of all and the escalating insanity.

All "customs" of old are now dissolved by me and the new way that will become the "custom" of the day is that there will be no "officers of the king" waiting to "sting" returning fishermen or visitors to any land.

No, they will now disband as will all immigration departments and the free movement of people and trade goods will bring forth an abundance of goodwill and "famine" will become a thing of the past.

Let us now "halt" the thievery take by shutting down every taxation department for all are of the "dark" overlord. Each fisherman or ship owner will be free to travel and free to place their own "jetty" on any land or just "beach" their ship on the beach or gravel.

It shall now be a time of free giving so that all quickly find a happier way of living. All community welfare departments will "survive" on the gratuitous donations of the day and these departments shall in no way become involved in any "business" to earn any pay.

All businesses will belong to the public sector. So any marker "buoy" or road "reflector" will be "sourced" from private industry and paid for from the donated funds in the community "kitty."

Sovereignty of every earthly land is now "taken" by God as was planned and all women and men are reduced to common "sister & brother" by the Authority guiding my pen.

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~ Sailors, fishermen & cruising helmsmen ~

It seems a bit of a “farce” to me that cruising sailors need to hoist a “Yellow” flag when entering a foreign port and thus say “Come and get me with your rort.” Surely in this day and age we can “hear” the wisdom of God’s sage who does say that compulsory medical officials we do not need, for long “past” is their “official” breed.

We can “land” by air and need no “medical” check up, so why do these “foreign” officials need to “freely” on our purse sup ? Let all now freely move around and not be bound to pay the exorbitant “ask by force” to visit our island neighbours.

Yes, a permission to visit “permit” is demanded, and if we just arrive, we are harshly reprimanded, and we are “told” we must comply to a visit from a “chief” when our arrival flag we fly.

So let us now all not give in to these “men” who so blatantly sin. Let us to any country go and bestow our good wishes upon the “good fellows” we get to know.

We will “raise” no flag calling for “medical” help unless we feel sick and hope to find a welcome medico who will attend to our needs once we’ve anchored in the coral and kelp.

I say that from today we must depart any shore without having to say to anyone : “Please “excuse” me and set me free so I can wander happily.”

I say that from today let no man on any shore say : “I demand that you pay me $ fees before a permit to “visit” I give you.”

I say that from today let no man demand “custom or excise” for any “gifts” I seek to export or import from o’er the ocean “skies.”

I say that from today all men are free to come and go and to visit friends or others in any land without having to “first” some idiot pay.

This is what God does say,
let no man
deny or defy God’s call any day.

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~ Minister for Customs ~
ref: Cruising Helmsmen

Many a "Yacht" does arrive at our shore, and many are 'returning' Australians for sure, and every one does complain at the excess funds the Customs does gain from their position of power, as their "authority" over incomers they shower, and what it is that I want to know is, why a double take do they bestow ?

I am now talking of dollars, I know very few today wear "clean white collars," and what I do know, is that their weekly pay via our taxes we already on them bestow.

So "How & Why" I do ask, do they make a "private income business" from their task ? Surely to be paid for doing your daily task is enough stolen from a yachties "flask."

And this added take is applied in every country, and it is a foul "mistake" that has been permitted to grow due to governments mandating it so !

It is time now "at least" for Australia to stop stealing off its "own" before all comes to a stop. Surely to a "visitor" or returning sailor we needs show respect, they are not criminals, on this reflect.

Just because "someone" in a government department decides to impose "Acts or Tax" does not mean that any have to be bound in jute sacks.

This "place" that we call Australia has become a veritable disgrace, and I say to you and you and you, sailors or people living on this land "untrue," that you do not have to with funds part just because the "ferry man" does so demand, IF by force he takes anything, God will him reprimand.

So please now heed little old me, I have warned you all of the impending calamity, and "any" mandated by foolish men to steal off God's children will in pain be frozen for an eternity or two. It's soon the time when all can freely o'er the planet roam, NONE own any continental loam.

"Its only our land" some do say, so they can steal off any coming this way. Be it by Import Duty, or Export, it is all "legitimised theft" of booty, and if any on "their" land do stay, then they the "owners" demand 90 % of your pay.

Yes, please now reflect on this, for I speak not with "wind and piss," everything you "buy" they did "burn," stealing a "take" as others tried to earn, and whatever money you make, they more than their share take, for none is theirs I see, thus a huge calamity.

And further to this, all you "spend" buys only one quarter my friend, of what it should so do, for the sellers have been robbed too.

So to you all now I simply do ask: Please set your "souls" to task, for soon an "invasion" does come, being others from their landlords on the run, and they will do to you what you do daily, that is untrue.

Yes, they will all yours take, and also your backs they will break. For God says:

"All are free to roam this planet I see, read MY message given planetarily"

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~ The 'stitcher' ~
The 'High Priest' of man

Prior to his "birth" on earth's shore the Dark "stitcher" had stitched up His "mesh" that wove its "web" around every "fisherman's" door. Being every person who tries to "catch" a feed, be it from the sea or the land, all have been "stitched-up" by the invisible force of greed.

This Dark "High Priest" that controls man and who is "served" by man is the Devil whom in/from His distant invisible "State" controls every "gate" outside Heaven.

And His "imposition" upon the "newly" born is the "Rule book" being His "religion" that we all blindly accept as the "norm." So as you can today see, even the "poor" Indonesian fishermen are "stitched-up" by Australian "rules" imposed from His distant "dark" shore.

And His greed that into foolish man He did seed did the seduce the "Ozzy" mob into stealing the Indonesian "bob," for in order to "obtain" control of oil on a distant "shore," the Australians imposed a limit of land "grab" that was more than the halfway to the others shore.

So the 'little' fishing villages that for centuries fished here and there now in the face of incarceration and starvation and vessel incineration stare because arrogant Australian "men" have wielded the Devil's "rule book" pen.

Yes, Australia spends $ 7 million or more to "control" visitors to their own shore, and this pile of "misery" will return to them. (Australians). This truth I do know. So why not listen to me and of a "share" in the iniquity set yourself free.

For if you pay "taxes" being the wages of these "pirates of the seas" then all the suffering imposed by them upon the fishermen and their families will return to "net" thee.

Yes, my wisdom does "undo" each dark stitch but all "players" suffer who played on the dark "pitch." For the Devil was/is the High priest "referee" of man for all "follow" or support His dark plan to take all and destroy all.

Reach out now with love for all "fishermen" are "followers" of God's dove.

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~ God speaks ~

The fish in the oceans are mine, as are all “men” divine, and the ones full of greed needs this know, before I consign them all below. For too much do they greedily take with nets as big as a giant rake, and the vessels they use are too large, as around my oceans they barge, depleting all fisheries stocks and overturning weed beds and even coral rocks, as their “foul” folly does them blind, as well as the “Systems” that them monetarily bind.

It’s time now to lessen the “beat” so that we can “down size” every fishing fleet, and no longer must we the industry control, for any person needs be able to o’er the oceans stroll without having to pay a licence for this or that and be “hauled up” to “stand on the mat.”

It’s time now for the fishermen to their industry “control,” not “officers” who on the land do stroll. Even the “Customs” department will close down, as they control ocean movement of fish freight and make many frown, for any who any others do “Excise” are stealing, and “thievery” is not very wise.

The “Kings and Queens” who sit at the “top” of the funeral pyre will now “shut up shop,” for their “take” that controlled every “Port” also is but a gigantic rort, and it too will come now to an end as all “kings men” to Hell I do send, unless they now listen to me and “open up” every Port on every sea so that “Trade” can become open once more, and fishermen can freely visit any shore.

No country will have a fishing zone “Legal Limit” that they “own,” for all man’s laws I now disown, and they shall be cast into the winds of time, as shall all the controlling swine.

Man is my fish of the Galactic Sea, and man is soon by ME set free, free to freely o’er the oceans and lands roam, never again bound by “Immigration” who made them groan.

I call now all my “reasoning” fish to me, and say, of your past, set yourselves free and quickly change your personal way. From today change your “habit,” take now only your personal need, only thus can the fish stocks re breed.

Man did the oceans deplete, and man must now “starve” before he can once again get onto his “feet” and become an “angel” sane, not a fool, arrogant and vain.

Let no man say to any other :
“You are not ‘qualified’ to fish, and if you do I will you ‘bother.”

Let no man say to any other :
“Pay me a licence fee before you take any fish from ‘my’ sea.”

Let all men who not fishermen be, occupy themselves outside the industry. As said, fishermen are free to go down to the sea, and free to any fish freely take.

It is I your God who will all “denuders” break, and it is I now to “set” the vessel size limit so that a little “sanity” on the fisheries practice does “sit.”

If you’d fish within 20 nm of any shore, then your boat size needs be no more that 10 metres long if you heed this my song. It can of course venture further from the shore and “knock” on any countries door.

To fish within the 20 - 30 nm zone, then a larger vessel can you build on the loam, make it up to 20 metres, no more, and for every added 10 nm range after that, you can increase its length respectively for sure. Thus, if your vessel 60 metres long be, it must fish no closer than 60 nm I say to thee.

Let the net and fish hooks used also in their “size or quantity” be lessened for a while, or many hungry on the shore will “up pile” as I “send” all the fish into the “deep” until into man a little “sanity” does seep, and this I can do, for the fish have “thoughts” too, and their minds I can “sway” and they’ll swish their tails and swim away.


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~ AFMA ~
Australian Fish Management Authority

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) is "today" celebrating ten years of "termed" progress in protecting Australia's fishing future at a gala dinner in Canberra.

It is by "them" stated to be: "An achievement of improved natural resource management in partnership with industry and other stakeholders, but also the successful establishment of the Authority itself.

AFMA was a unique undertaking for the Commonwealth. It was developed on a model well ahead of its time in the public sector, particularly in terms of both its financial and human resource management.

Over the last decade, 5,000 Commonwealth Fishing Boat Licences have been reduced to 1,238 Fishing Permits, statutory fishing rights have been put in place and six statutory management plans have been completed."

The harsh stark reality is that 'today' no fishing vessel is "safe" from being boarded by Australian pirates "dressed" as either police or fisheries officers who have the "power" to shoot, damage property, force entry into homes & property and to seize property.

All this done through legislation "supposedly" to aid the fishing community, but in reality to "jealously" guard the monetary fish resource for the mafiosic governmental departments who "rape" the pockets of the taxpayer more and more as they "raise-up" new departments to control, regulate, legislate and interfere in the daily activities of God's children.

Woe and more woe upon the "poor" fishermen who have been reduced to a 'few' to struggle through each day as more and more fees they have to pay.

Soon the "thieves" who "party on" at Canberra HQ will feel the "pinch" as God's silent "achievers" tighten up the winch and bring all to a grinding HALT.

Yes, they are the invisible "spirit men" who have all been "awakened" by this God's sacred pen and they now will do unto you all what to the fishermen you did arrogantly do. Close you down and you too in poverty will now frown.

The day is soon here when every legislative "dog or bitch" will be cast below to join the 'swine' who upon their flesh will painfully dine. Thus this note to you all I write so that a 'few' will see their unholy plight and swiftly make amends and change their way for God did say: "At the end time ALL are to for thievery pay."

Not only are you thieves but you are controllers too, and much suffering is now your due. For every "penny" via licence or punitive measure you did take will be taken off you by dark forces that will now rise up from their graves and you break.

Yes, telepathically via the minds of those 'living' in the flesh they will speak and you cannot 'plea bargain' with them for NONE of them are meek. They will you destroy for they are "bitter" that you with their "descendants" did "toy."

And before their "last day" before God does again send them "packing" on their way they will consign every legislative book of "Rules" into the funeral pyre along with any "fool" who does aspire to try and them forcefully control.

Believe you me, the insanity that you all will now see will halt all the 'drivel' of the day for you all earn "stolen" pay as you party along your way.

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There is no "man" or "party" or "system" that does own ANY land, and its time now for you all to this understand. So please now "begin" to follow me the "spirit of truth" returned from the heavenly sea.

Any whom me "mock" or whom try to "legislatively" me 'sock' will get a "great" surprise for being so foolish and unwise.

AFMA states: "What does AFMA do? - In managing commonwealth fisheries resources on behalf of the Australian community and key stakeholders, we make and implement decisions that are consistent with our functions and our legislative objectives."

AFMA has in fact "stolen" the common-wealth of the Australian community fish stocks using "guns" to enforce the legislation required by them to "appear" legitimate.

The "key" stakeholders are the Mafiosi posing as a democratic government that in fact is but an extortionist regime being one unknowingly controlled by the Satanic force that divorces all its "workers" from their sanity so 'slowly' that they can it not see due to their "justified" personality.

It is the time for all "regulators" to see that not one of them own even one "scale" of any fish in the sea, and that their "power brokerage" ACTS are "acts" of pure iniquity as they control and destroy the lives of TRUE fishermen who are "God's men" whom I now call to me.

Be you "commercial" or private fishermen you can all fish "licensed" by God via me, and show your "vote" for sanity by "numbering" your craft with God's web site URL < > and of all regulations set yourselves free.

Just ignore "them" and their "rules" and calmly heed God as you now put to sea, and when you "return" just sell your "catch" to all and sundry openly.

It is I to "face" the "Lords of the Rings" with my TRUTH before the Devil in their "veins" sings. Yea verily HE will them "sting" if they continue on tightening the "noose" of your "purse seine" string.

For "ignorance" and "arrogant" method hidden behind a fašade of "We're true & wise" is no "excuse" in the mind of our God in the skies.

So all you "lads & girls" who for the System "work" needs now fortify your "minds" against Dark thoughts soon to "lurk" within. For as you "unseeingly" destroyed the lives of many a man and "boy" of the sea, the same will now by your "own" hand be done unto thee.

The "premise" of the Australian government that "it" has a divine right to control any fishery or fisherman or industry is built on sand because 'in the first instance' no "earthly" man owns the 'life or soul' of any other, and neither does it or its "men" have the authority of the Light of God to enslave any other to "their" legislated edicts.

Any "believing" that they do have a "right" to so do are the Devil's workers in the flesh as they impose the "Mark of the Beast" upon others or their "vessels" as in a registration "number."

For by this "act" they show their defiance of God's Commandment of "Peace & goodwill unto all men" as they work for the Devil meting out demands, commands, and punitive measures.

Heed me, be you a fisherman or a "shark" blind sitting in an "office" of iniquity. For only my "insight" will "set" the courageous free of the dark force below that binds you all more daily.

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~ The Satanic extortionist ~

Blessed children, I the master fisher of men be, heed now my spirit that invisible be, for it too soon “flies” away, and you’ll be left afloat on earth’s oceans with but my Holy Word to guide thee.

Be not “concerned” that others are “practically” untrue, be only concerned that your fishing practice is true, for God will each and every fisherman judge, be true to your own soul, and do not it “smudge.” Downsize your vessel today, so your grandchildren can “fish” another day.

The “Dark one” used the System to every man control, it used the System to steal off every “thief” who on earth did stroll, it is I to now set you all free. Pay naught to the controller and free you’ll soon be.

There are two "united" factors that man sees as one. One is the community "members" and their daily "endeavor" created by everyone, the other is the "System" untrue that via taxation, "Acts" and licences and fines steals the funds earned through the creativity of me and you.

It is this "controlling body" that we needs "abort," and then start afresh with God's wisdom via my "penned retort." Let us now set the "System" aside and daily go about our business with GOD as our guide.

Taking nothing "justifiably or otherwise" from any other one, and paying nothing "demanded" off you by anyone. Only this way do I see that from the Devil do we set ourselves free.

The "System's" hidden agenda whereby vast "resources" are stolen and lost through mismanagement, negative actions, and unproductive operations at the expense of the taxpayer will cease.

What none of you can see is that the more that is stolen off you via taxation was/is in fact money stolen by you off a distant relation previously, for it is you paying the wages of the thieves, being the System's "men."

Thus under the Law of God, the more you take via 'them,' the more they are 'bound by the dark' to take off you, and thus the not so merry 'merry go round' of ever increasing taxation and impoverishment. You must learn to give, not take. God will now break the 'faster' spinning wheel of 'take more by tax and more 'tax take' ways make.'

Productive community welfare programs and all R & D (research and development) will continue on the basis of funding through the free giving donations of the community.

It is because there are many "productive" programs funded through the taxation take that the community feels justified in the "take." There are so many people whose livelihood relies on this "take" that they cannot now see its "falsity" and set themselves free.

Thus it will now be done by God, and the understanding of the "correct way" is given by God through me. All systems & currencies will "collapse" and all will go into relapse.

Prepare for that day that is not far away. Once the "cleansing" Reaper has "his" work done, then the new truly "orderly" Order is won.

Let no man ever "Legislate" any code of compliance or punitive measure, for this is the Devil's work and those who "condone" it receive equal "measure" as their souls fall below where the reality of the 'Devil's land' they get to know.

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~ Maritime boundaries ~

The Decree

Let it here be known that all boundaries by man sown are now diminished by Me the God you cannot see. Yes, they are reduced to naught, for all men fought over the riches within and below the sea, none seeing that they are all owned by Me.

As is the 'fact' with all land above the high tide mark, every acre below is also now freed from control and ownership and none but none will ever again control any drop of water in the sea.

All median lines & continental shelves will be just that, a mark given to aid any lost in the ocean 'pack,' and any man from any land is free to try his 'luck' and deploy his business hand by drilling on any spot as long as he does not 'plot' to despoil the reefs where My fish abound.

No landmass 'named' as a Nation can claim any financial or other benefit of the realms beneath the seas, and I your God will 'drop' every pirate to their knees whom does Me 'try.'

If any sane man 'finds' hidden wealth below the sea then it is suggested by Me that they make some profit from their venture but ensure that their 'debenture' remains with Me in that their wealth is offered to all others at the lowest possible price, and that is seen by Me.

Let no 'puppet' in any present governing 'office' try and steal the vessels or platforms of steel built and owned by others from across the sea, or I will ensure that they will be confined below by ME.

I your God have spoken

This Decree abolishes all ownership of the sea and the sea bed by any 'nation' or nationality. This Decree opens the oceans for any person to 'inhabit' and fish or travel through or 'exploit' undersea resources without 'let or hindrance' from any other. There is one 'proviso' being, that any that 'forget' to respect the fact that - - - 'villagers rely on the fish stocks that 'swim' in their vicinity' - - - will, if they deplete said marine resource 'stocks' to the detriment of others, be placed by God into stocks in the land below until such time as the word 'respect' they get to know.

Terence - the Word of the True Light

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~ The Coastguard Volunteer ~

Open letter to Kevin & the 'Cruising Helmsman' magazine.

Kevin, I refer to your letter 'hazards, protocol, and radios' in the Jan 2004 Cruising Helmsman magazine and say: 'May courage and sanity prevail.' For it seems that 'regulation' strangulation has led to the loss of 'protocol,' for there was a time when man 'offered' his life to go to the aid of others voluntarily.

In my opinion, if you are a 'volunteer,' giving advice or 'guidance' or 'pilotage' voluntarily, then you do not need to seek 'permission or direction' from any 'government' agency or any other organisation.

You may 'naturally' seek the advice of others, but 'foolish' is a volunteer whom keeps his mouth 'shut' when a 'ship' is in danger and he knows that the information available to the 'skipper' is wrong and out of date.

So in this instance you 'yes' in God's eyes are in the wrong for 'fearing' to sing your 'chosen' volunteer love song and help a 'soul' in their moment of need. It is time to take a stand against regulations and their demands of the day. Your 'choice' at the time is needed or 'someone' suffers, and for your 'lack' they pay.

Be brave, be kind, and volunteer your personalised service to the community and, - - - if you have to 'operate' your own 'radio' from home to give needed 'counsel,' then so be it. For that advice is the voluntary 'giving' of a sane and helpful man.

If other 'men' wish to comply with insane rules then that is their choice, their lack. My 'written' outreach to you and others is by my 'voluntary' outreach, and my web site too is my 'attempt' to stem the 'tide' of insane 'rules' that do now RULE all men.

Note: God says that you can 'act' properly at any time. Those that 'believe' that their 'actions' must be 'supported by' or 'approved by' a 'ruling' of a 'body' are deceived. As are the 'rulers' that use force to control the free movement of others.

Note: To the Maritime authority.

This 'note' is not 'exactly' to the Authority, for the 'authority' to demand, command, enforce is in fact the enacted 'rules.' For it is these rules that regulate the deeds of the 'agency' personnel employed within the various 'governing' departments.

For these 'men' must try and see that, - - - if the 'rules & regulations' force them to either be 'lacking' in aid, or unkind to others, or to control and punish other 'men,' then they have placed themselves within the dangerous 'quadrant' of God's 'cyclone.'

For they 'voluntarily' took on their 'journey' in a 'black' punishing ship that 'voyages' on a dark and 'forbidding' sea and, - - - what every 'person' that 'embarks' on a controlling or forceful journey needs to see is, that the sea 'as' God is very 'unforgiving.'

For if you place your 'trust' in God, then you 'enforcers' need to know that your God will not fail you and, - - - your God via my pen now says to you:

"My command is that you love one another and give good counsel only, for My ONE Law stipulates: 'As you do is done unto you.' Therefore, all 'sorrow' caused by you due to your 'office' impositions upon others will by ME your God be returned to you.

Thus any of you that are 'enacting' rules or forcefully imposing their 'decrees' upon others will face an equal 'turbulent' sea, and you will be 'drowned' in sorrow by ME for your arrogant iniquity."

I voluntarily give this piece of advice for free, and there is no 'compliance' demand or punitive 'threat' from me, - - - "Any 'proper' community 'welfare' department be it 'Maritime' or 'Fisheries' or any other, must only be keepers of advisory conduct and information to assist all."

This way God 'returns' a positive 'Tribute' upon their 'plate,' and at a later date they will see the 'Justness' of God's ONE Law and, - - - their 'travels' will be with fair winds and calm seas.

Good luck Kevin, visit me at my web site.

Sincerely - Terence

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~ Reflection on punitive 'protection' ~
Letter to the Cruising Helmsman magazine

Dear Editor, I refer to the innocuous - "Help Customs protect Australia's borders" with the 'sly' words "Don't get involved, simply report what you see or hear," that appear in your latest Cruising Helmsman issue. For none see that any involvement is complicity that does have very severe 'comebacks' to any responding to the 'call.'

For what neither the 'Custom' enforcers see, nor the general public is, - - - that in the 'first' instance, - - - the land mass named 'Australia' is not owned by anybody. Its borders were 'seized' by force of arms a long time ago, and its 'borders' have been made the subject matter of rules, and all these rules do have a punitive 'attachment' clause.

It 'follows,' that any 'yachty' that 'reports' any 'happening' to the Customs enforcers becomes complicit to any punitive response by said enforcers and, - - - as there is a 'universal' Law that stands 'above' men's Decrees, it follows that if you are complicit to bringing another to their 'knees' and to them losing their 'craft' or being jailed, then it is you ahead that will suffer the same 'ideological' fate.*

Note: 'ideological' fate.* - An 'eye for an aye' being God's Justice within the bounds of God's one law : "As you do is done unto you" and, - - - I see the Customs 'Ad' as temptation for the unwary, and I seek to but keep CH readers free from sailing into the uncharted waters of Hell's Gate.

It is also my intent to smash every false ideology by enlightening everybody, this includes the 'Customs' lads and every other 'baddie' that is destroying their own soul due to being 'trapped' by the false punitive ideology imposed by rules raised up by vain legislative idiots.

We need to become free from being 'owned' by any 'society,' and we certainly need to get free from 'thinking' we own any land mass. Throw the passports away and get on with the day. We need 'rule' by God's sanity, not 'governed' by man's vanity.


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~ Beach netting fishery closure ~

Dear 'Landline,' it is such a 'shame' that 'the people' see not that 'the people' that use guns to 'back up' their dictates, that they say are for and on behalf of 'the people' and for the good of 'the people,' are nothing more than 'plunderers' that have naught to do other than be untrue to themselves.

For the only 'reason' the W. A. fishery 'lads' seek to 'steal' the 'bounty' landed by a few beach net fisherman is not to 'aid' the 640,000 'anglers,' but to show cause to said anglers that they are being looked after, and this 'fatherhood' by the 'fatherland' is in reality what justifies the licence fees imposed upon all.

The words 'fully managed fishery,' simply means - - - 'A fishery stolen from 'the people,' and now owned and regulated and controlled by gun toting thieves operating in the disguise of a 'legitimate' authority. Whereas in fact any 'person' in any 'office' that uses their position to shut down any individual and, either 'coerce' them or force them out of business, is an ignorant person that is interfering in the affairs of others for personal gain.

Every government office in Australia (and elsewhere) has interfered in every business in the land, and has taken control of it using punitive legislation backed by force of arms so that it can 'reap' the financial benefits for their own office, not for the benefit of 'the people' of the land.

This land is now a Communist style Dictatorship, where the 'fatherland' owns all, controls all, and punishes all that 'stray' outside its Autocratic rules that its 'operatives' say are "The Law." They are not, they are but the 'Decrees' of 'Caesar' that bring all to their knees.

It matters now not 'who' is supposedly voted in democratically, for the RULES reign SUPREME as simple man does dream. Foolishly paying the 'wages of sin' as endless sums of money are 'forced' out of his personal honey tin, and 'he' is left 'high and dry' and closed down with a frown.

When will the 'idiots' that work in these departments see their own iniquity and error? For God did say that any that interfered in the affairs of others or imposed punitive 'terror,' would PAY the ultimate 'blood sacrifice' being their spiritual life.

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~ Piracy on the high seas ~
Response to Cruising Helmsman magazine article Aug 05

Dear Mike, as I have lived in Africa and met may a 'pirate,' I can but offer this advice to you and others. Pirates come in many a disguise and the 'wise' recognise this fact in their 'summary' of what to do when 'attacked.'

Water 'borne' pirates are of two 'minds,' those arrogant and those benign, the arrogant ones are those that do not need to steal or take or abuse but they do so due to their 'dark' emotional state. Thus it is unwise to 'berate' them or confront them with weaponry.

The 'benign' ones are the 'poor' in that they are hungry, and their emotions are probably more 'fearful' in what they do as they feel guilty as they attempt to so brazenly steal from you. Either way through their 'fear' they could also kill in the 'heat' of the moment.

Please just try and remember that in both cases, they are all probably 'family' men who do and can love and care for 'someone' just as you do and, more importantly, they are your spiritual brothers who see not the 'evil' in what they do and, - - -

As there is the Creator looking on as each journey is lost or won, it is always best to be 'dressed' with an understanding and caring and merciful smile on your face when approached by others wielding a mace with the intent to steal, be you on sea or land.

Of course it is 'difficult' facing an 'unknown' enemy alone on the sea when your loved ones depend on you. But reference to your words < How many yachtsmen would be prepared to knowingly kill another person - - - and to do so in self-defence may be an instant decision but what of the consequences - - - What will happen to you? > I can most definitely say that:

Yachtsmen are no different to pirates in that they all have varying combinations of beliefs, motives, and emotions, therefore many yachtsmen would and do 'happily' carry guns with the intent to kill any person seeking to board their vessel and, - - - many a 'yachtie' has so done, especially at night and has not reported the supposed 'incident' to anyone.

So what of you or me? Would you kill another to avoid having some goods stolen? It is simply a matter of ideological belief as to whether you conform to God's "Go in peace and extend goodwill unto all" or, you bring the 'thief' to grief and, - - - what simple man does not see is, that within the Law of God, all we do comes back unto us, thus if you kill, so shall ye be killed etc. So one needs to try and see that clearly.

There are also 'home grown' pirates, for if you do not pay demanded taxes or boat licence fees to your own 'government,'' then it is they that will 'board' your vessel and commandeer it 'as pirates' and sell it. They too are thieving 'extortionists' * operating in the guise of 'legitimacy' as they invade backed by guns, and they are the most 'brazen' pirates known to man but unseen as 'such.'

As for me - - - I would never own any weapon for the purpose of self-defense, for I already know that if I have any spiritual 'dues' to pay, then 'someone' will extract them forcefully and or painfully from me.

If I am on land or sea and approached by anybody that I see has the intent to steal or abuse me, then I would tell my wife to put on a cup of tea or I would raise up a bottle of sherry and welcome my 'visitors' with a smile on my face and, - - - as they 'board' I would extend my hand in greeting as I say:

"You are a long way from home, welcome aboard and join me for a drink, and how can I help you." Thus I then leave it to God to decide what will be. But for sure, - - - I would never physically try and restrain or kill any potential 'madman' from doing whatever they are inspired to.

So if you are on the road to 'Bahrain' where some only speak Arabic, then invest in a cassette player and gate an 'Arab' to speak the words on it so that you can play it as the others come aboard. If they see that you carry no 'sword' then they will not need to fear you and they are themselves then 'disarmed' and less likely to be incited to violence.

If you are 'one' of those lost 'infidels' that believe not in any God, that thus would kill to avoid the loss of your TV or other goods then 'brother' all I can say is, that for your own folly you deserve to pay. Foolish are those that set out on a 'happy' family cruise with the intent to murder.

 Note: - If "In God you truly trust" then so be it, and you place your body, mind, and soul in the 'hand' of God as you go your way in peace and never impose 'darkness' upon any other. However, if you or your 'servants' do or have invaded the 'space' of any other and caused them any pain, then your God 'permits' others to similarly impose the same upon you. Therefore be wise and never fund 'taxing' agents of the dark, for if you so do, then by your own 'hand' you place a mark upon your own home 'door,' and for sure some 'piratical' bastard that is equally as ignorant as you will invade your space and do unto you the very same deed.

Note: thieving 'extortionists' * - Go to page 28 at 'Armed daylight robbery'

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~ The fish 'Quota' ~
The 'Right' to fish

The 'fish' that swim in the sea are all the 'produce of God,' given equally to you and me. Thus any person of any race or 'creed' has the Divine Right to go fishing anywhere on this earth and feed their family and, - - -

There is no 'need' for them to 'ask' permission from any other nor to pay any 'service' or 'licence' fee to any other. Nor does God require them to make any 'catch' disclosure to any other and, - - -

Any person being 'the other' that seeks to 'tax or control or punish' them is seen by God as being a 'bothersome' offender to be dealt with by God in God's 'good time.'

The present day (2005 AD - 009 TL) where Institutions of man control fish stocks by 'Quota' and force is to be seen as THE WRONG WAY, because it halts the 'youth' of the day and their 'fathers' from fishing in a 'commercial' way.*

Note: 'commercial' way.* - Where ones primary source of income is earned from actually going to the water or going to the beach or going to sea and thus being personally engaged in fishing.

It is my 'stipulation' that the controlled 'quota' system be abolished so that the costs of 'entry' into the fishing industry are reduced to ZERO.

For when an 'industry' such as fishing is 'closed' to the masses, and 'owned' by the 'few' holders of 'Quota licences,' then greed and manipulation takes hold and not only are the 'poor' and upcoming youths disadvantaged, but persons that are not actual fishermen use their $ power to 'enter' and control fish stocks without having to 'wet' their own 'feet or line' and, Quota 'holders' seek to gain financially through selling their 'licence' Quota when leaving the industry.

Leave the door 'open' to those that actually go fishing.

The fishermen in any community that are 'visionary' and thus seek to maintain adequate fish stocks can themselves come to an 'annual' conclusion as to the 'maximum' amounts to be 'fished' next year, so as to sustain the fishery in a good 'farm' policy.

However, if there are 100 fishermen 'sharing' this catch volume, and 'suddenly' 20 more commercial 'vessels' are made ready to join the local 'fleet' due to a new 'crop' of persons entering into the industry, then the 'volume' or 'Quota' is to be 'shared' by all 120 fishermen for the newcomers cannot be excluded. For the present 'exclusive' way says:

Only 'we' own the fish - you do not.
Only we can fish and live - you must starve.

As said, the present fish 'Quota' controlled system 'coupled' with the taxation 'system' has forced a 'false' value on licences and it has raised the cost of the fish produce to the end user.

All must try and see that no 'society' or 'nation' or institution or 'person' owns any fish or 'ocean,' and any such 'notion' leads enforcers into the ABYSS where there is NO 'food.'

All must now come to the personally informed decision that they are 'free' to enter any 'fishery' and fish sensibly and minimally so as to conserve stocks. Education, not regulation.

All non-commercial fishermen are free to catch as many fish as they need, and some spare to give away or 'sell' to earn a 'penny' on their 'Sunday' or holiday.

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Let it here be seen and known that every person has the God given Right to engage personally in fishing for fish and other ocean produce without needing to be 'licensed' nor needing to ask the permission of any other person or 'authority.' This statement applies to both private and commercial fishing activities.

Let it here be seen and known that any person operating as an investigative 'enforcer' for any other 'body' or Institution that interferes in the fishing activities of any other person for any reason * is seen by their God as an offensive offender that will be dealt with by God within the punitive aspect of God's divine 'eye for an eye - as you sow so shall ye reap' Law.

Note: for any reason * - The only 'permissible' intervention into the activities of others that does not incur a penalty from God is where a person is seen to be 'offensive' and is thus 'arrested' and made to attend a 'Feeling Easier' Seminar for their mental rehabilitation and education.

Note: - The 'management' of fishing areas and fish stocks that are raised up by fishermen or their management 'department' can only be of an advisory nature. If any person is seen to be 'ignorant' of any fishing 'program' or areas needing 'replenishment,' then that person may be 'educated' and thus advised of the 'situation.' However if they continue to 'trespass' or 'transgress' the wishes of the others they must be left to God to deal with.

Note: - Any person taking a 'wage' as an 'enforcer' that hauls in persons for the purpose of their punishment needs to know that even though they are employed by a 'statutory' Institution, that their actions seen by them as 'legal' are forbidden by God, and they will suffer the same 'interference, loss, and punitive consequences' in this or the after life.

If you think that because you are an 'enforcer' receiving a wage from an Institution that receives its authority through its statutes, and you thus assume the right to control and abuse others 'simply' because you elected to receive a wage to so do, then you are deluded.  For there is no God given 'right' to regulate, seize nets, boats and equipment, vehicles, and to fine and incarcerate others, and yourself be above the immutable law of God.

Both the Customs and Fisheries 'enforcement' lads are all operating as 'pirates' and this is exactly what they are.  Invading, stealing, abusing, and destroying the livelihoods of others and, they do so with apparent 'impunity and immunity,' due to the 'fear' that has been 'engendered' throughout the whole community when they are faced by unconscionable 'armed' men.

Let it be here known and understood that all 'enforcers' are deceived by their elders through false ideological precedents and, - - - that the 'end' days of tribulation are now here and, that the general public that 'fed' the enforcers for so long and paid their daily wage are now becoming very frustrated and angry at the interference in their lives and the dislocation to their families and, - - -

Their minds will soon come to the decision that they have had enough, and they will 'arm' themselves and, - - - any foolish enough to approach them or their vessels on land or sea with 'piratical' intent will be 'shot' on sight and, - - - grave is to be the consequence for them and anybody that interferes in the lives of others in defiance of their God as exposed by me.

The 'book of rules' that guides the conduct of enforcers is pure evil, for it forces the enforcer to defy their Creator and, - - - the invisible 'harsh' voice behind the legislated rules says: "I rule you through my rules because I know what is best for you and, - - - as I am your 'father' I will 'coerce' you by force into compliance to my decrees even if it impoverishes you and brings you and your families to your knees and, - - - if you try to disobey my 'voice' that is the 'rules' then I will punish you and destroy your livelihood."

So the 'enforcers' of the day that hold their 'fisheries' statutes in absolute 'reverence' see not that as they interfere and drag you to their 'Court,' that it is they that offend their God, who also forbids the use of the 'mace' wielded against 'us' the people in the guise of "We the authority are wise."

Let it here be seen and known that no 'Institution' is God, neither is it our 'father' to control our lives. God is God, and God is our 'Father,' and it is for 'us' to conform to the PEACEFUL ideology as Commanded by God the Father.

Those seen as 'disturbing' the peace may be counselled but not punished, for that prerogative is God's, for only God is 'above' His own 'As you do is done unto you' Law.

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~ Coral Sea ~
Dear Wayne, I was sent an article extracted out of the weekend Australia magazine in reference to the intrusive actions of the Pew organisation in its attempts to control the fishing Rights of Australian fishermen.
It is unseen by most but quite clear to me that there are multitudes of people now on the planet who LIVE by the FALSE belief in their RIGHT to interfere with and CONTROL the lives and livelihoods of other mortals on earth, and this they do by 'spruiking' their justification to those in positions of POWER (government politicians) who then back up these impositions using rules in a book of TEXT that in their opinion and ideological BELIEF then gives them the RIGHT to control, berate, punish, seize property and destroy the livelihoods of their own 'citizens.'
When is this inhuman race going to awaken to the FACT that it is error on the part of Mr or Mrs 'citizen' to fund by taxes ANY organisation that uses force of arms in ITS interaction with ITS 'members'?  Why would a SANE person even consider funding any such organisation simply because one of ITS 'personnel' stood on a platform saying:
"By MY decree and your vote for ME I am now by YOU empowered to do whatever I wish to unto YOU and you silly buggers will not only be FORCED to bow down to MY every 'wish, whim or decree' but - - - I will also use my ignorant 'minions' to hound you, harass you, interfere in your life and destroy IT and dispossess you IF you fail to 'perform' to MY 'demands' and God help you if you do anything without first paying ME a 'licence' fee." ?
Wayne, I do believe that we 'fishermen' need a conservation of stock policy but - - - that policy must only be one wherein every fisherman is educated rather than controlled and punished for by 'what' right has any man to 'pretend' to be GOD and invoke or forcefully impose their own judgement upon the ways of others?
So where do 'fishermen' go now in the foreknowledge that those with the power of MONEY backing their supposed 'greens & conservation' policies stride forth with ever increasing power imposing their own IDEALS (religious ideology/beliefs) upon everyone using the backing of ARMED MEN who are paid a wage to ENFORCE agenda's?
They need to simply get ON with their life with God as their 'wife' as they turn their backs to those in 'power' and simply trust that their God will be their 'protector' once they have paid up all past spiritual dues (Dues accrued in funding said organisations that went forth in their name and on their behalf destroying the lives of others)
For God's ONE Law is immutable "As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you" and only when we understand THIS 'Policy' can we all as said simply go fishing without being 'interfered with' because our dues have been PAID.
What is MY personal recommendation? IT is to simply GO FISHING without having any 'permit' and IF taken to any Court then simply 'invoke' the Primary Clause of the Constitution of Australia quote:

Commonwealth Constitution
Act (9
th July 1900) section 116 that states;

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - - -

Fishermen need to understand that within their own Commonwealth Constitution there is a provision that forbids the 'raising' of any 'act' or 'rules' or 'law' that either: imposes any religious observance, or prohibits the free exercise of any religion, or establishes any religion. (See 'proviso' Note at document end)

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It is my RELIGIOUS ideological BELIEF that I do not need to pay any other person a 'fee' or apply for a 'licence' permit before I go fishing - for 'who' is anybody to interfere in my life demanding that I fund them with a 'fee' before I can even fish to feed my own wife or family? All mankind has been living too long in the delusion that we can do 'naught' unless we pay some other silly bugger a 'fee tax' and obtain their 'permit' permission simply because they defy God and use 'guns' to back up their extortion demands.

NOTE: Religion:  - - - - the quest for the values of the ideal life - - - the ideal, the practices for attaining the values of the ideal, - - - a system of belief in the worship of a supernatural power or God' or the recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship.

This means that a person has the RIGHT granted unto them by God AND the Constitution to go about their daily 'fishing' business in PEACE  without having to be 'licensed' or to fund by taxation ANY institution that deploys the contra ideological belief of INTERFERENCE, CONTROL, PUNISHMENT using NON -peaceful means - FORCE OF ARMS.

Religious = - - - - scrupulously faithful, pious, devotion - - - this means that ones 'religion' is not any named 'Church' organisation, but it is the policy (peaceful or otherwise) of ones daily code of conduct interaction with other children of God.

Any fine or punishment imposed by a magistrate upon an absolute pacifist who was not disturbing the peace is a coercive attempt into forcing a person into changing their ideology (religion) by funding a contra 'punitive' doctrine and is an unlawful activity within the Constitution.

What role do the courts play in Australian governance? The role of the Judiciary is to:

  • apply the law as made by the Parliament
  • where necessary, interpret the laws made by Parliament
  • ensure that laws comply with the Australian Constitution
As for those operatives such as members of the PEW organisation who live in an absolute DELUSION in reference to their 'Right' to 'convince' governments to back their ideals using FORCEFUL MIGHT all I can say to them IS:
It is I the 'Judge' of the conduct of mortal man in reference to God's Code of Conduct POLICY and I can assure you and everyone who is interfering in the lives of others they you are ALL on the WIDE ROAD TO HELL and have a very 'short' time in which to change your 'tack' before the Wrath of God unfolds on earth in the manner revealed by my pen - all continuing to be living SWINE are to BE consigned to Satan's den.
Those individuals as Imogen Zethoven who 'hide' behind a peaceful 'sheepish' facade but whom do invoke the use of force of arms to impose strictures and affect the lives of others are no less a 'Dictator' than Adolph was, and indeed as they make so many 'bleed' and suffer, great becomes their own spiritual burden to be met in the after life. Woe and more woe unto ALL 'controllers.'
It has become quite PLAIN to those with eyes to see that every politician and every State or Commonwealth 'official' today totally ignores the authority granted to them by their own Constitution AND by God's Command: "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto the idiots sinfully living."
It follows that if YOU the individual 'support, condone or fund their nefarious and interfering activities then you deserve the END result being: "You place yourself within the 'eye for an eye' immutable Law of God and you suffer the same as that imposed upon others (and yourself) by the vain, arrogant and ignorant who strut around bound by their own RULES."
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Man in his arrogance has forgotten the ABSOLUTE Power of their invisible God and it is HE now to shut down EVERYTHING for a time and a time and, if any person even wishes to have a 'feed' then they had better implement CHANGE individually as 'each' will be judged individually according to their 'works.'
Let it be clearly UNDERSTOOD by every fisherman that:
1 - No person living in a town away from the sea has ANY LEGAL authority over those 'villagers' living in towns by the sea.
2 - NO person who is NOT actively engaged in the role of being a 'fisherman' has any right to impose their demands or wishes upon fishermen.

3 - No fisherman has any right to impose their demands or wishes upon any other fisherman.

4 - The fishery 'wealth' around any land mass in the waters deemed 'commonwealth' is open to be fished by any person residing on the land mass, be they recreational or professional or any other 'visitor' who seeks to feed his family.
5 - The fishery presently named 'State' fishery zone is abolished as such for God would have it be that every 'local' villager has the 'right' to feed their family from the local fishery area and this is given in more detail on my 'fishery.doc' on line.
6 - Education is the ONLY true way forwards, and thus the LOCAL fishermen of any town need to themselves decide 'which' SPOT of ground or reef needs to be 'off limits' for a few years to allow stocks to breed and 'which' are open. This way the local 'team' of fishermen can amend or change these locations to suit their own needs without let or hindrance from any others who believe that they know what is best for everyone.
7 - It is up to the individual fisherman to observe and adhere to "Responsible Environmental Practices" and, if they are not so doing then you may counsel them and educate them but you cannot punish them without ahead suffering the same 'injury,' for that is God's prerogative only as only He stands above His own Law.
It follows that any person defiant of 'your' good counsel who continues to 'wreck' the environment due to arrogance or greed or ignorance is also being disrespectful to their fellow man, and you must leave them to God who will bring them to 'account' in His own time.
It is now my suggestion to every 'keen' fisherman who wishes to feed his family and neighbours in the soon coming time of ABSOLUTE DREAD revealed on my web site that they immediately downsize their vessel and in preference use only small craft less than 32' that are also fitted with sails and that are trailerable.
Soon there will be very short fuel supplies as man takes up arms against his brothers over the sea and the resultant calamity is quite beyond the comprehension of mortal man and, - - - not only this but great earth upheavals will cause destruction and the mass migration/movement of millions of people over the face of this earth as they will ALL seek to run from their own problems.
Let it be known to the 'wise' that there will be a time when there is NOTHING purchasable so it is imperative for fishermen to stock up on lines, nets, hooks and all manner of items of their trade for those desperate times when multitudes will be very HUNGRY.
I observe on the 'Pew' web site that they are involved in many different aspects of life and living even to the spot on religion where it is asked: Can civilization survive without God? I find the below remark within the on line debate and comment on IT.
TIMOTHY GARTON ASH, THE GUARDIAN: I actually wanted to follow up exactly where you left off. I think the question on the exam paper has been answered by Hitchens, P.  Can civilization survive without God? Answer: clearly "Yes."
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The ignorance of man in reference to the existence of God is absolute, and it is I the ONE to reveal how God is in operation in the life of man every infinitely small moment by moment of time. For God in fact is the sum total of all known and unknown energy be it LIGHT benign, loving and creative, OR - - - be it DARK malignant, hateful and destructive, and man sees NOT that as he uses either one or the other or both of these polarities of energy that IT returns unto the user in an EQUAL measure of PAIN or PLEASURE at the time and in the place of ITS choosing.
ALL is revealed unto man by my sacred 'pen' that is inspired by this invisible SOURCE and I CAN ASSURE YOU THE READER that any person continuing to 'walk' in the DARK side of the river being interference, control, regulation, enslavement, extortion, punishment, killing etc., OR participating due to funding such ARE soon to become embroiled in great suffering as all PAY their past 'dues' to IT the energy, (God) so you had ALL 'better' seek my wisdom and amend your ways BEFORE you find your spirit soul cast into the pit of eternal anguish.
Proviso Note: Within the Constitution of Australia there is a 'Tasmania State Constitution Act 1934 that states:

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief. This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Note: This 'Act' applies to every State of Australia other than the NT.

What this in fact means is that in order to receive protection from persecution and prosecution within the Laws of State and Commonwealth a person must at all times and in all situations be 'orderly and of right (good-moral) conduct' and thus peaceful, and they must not disturb the peace of others.

If a person is peaceful then they are also conforming to God's Command and thus entitled by God to go about their daily business without funding by licence 'fee' or 'tax' any person or institution having a contra ideology * and, - - - any government official such as a magistrate who invokes any punitive ruling against a fisherman who has not disturbed the peace whilst going about his business, is in fact a person in error of 'judgement' and guilty of attempting to 'convert' someone to change their religious ideology and is an 'anarchist' defying his own rule book.

Note: contra ideology * - Let it be clearly understood, that the meaning of the WORD 'morality' in 46. (1) above is 'right action, good conduct, ethical', and it is NOT 'ethical' nor 'right conduct' to defy God's "Peace - love - mercy - compassion and forgive" Command by paying the wages of officials in governing institutions who go forth and wage war against others in the community as they disturb the peace of others who fail to bow to their dictates and these 'officials' arrogantly defy their God's Command as they steal, dispossess, persecute, injure and KILL.

For a deeper understanding of this contra ideology 'statement' the reader may wish to examine my own 'Judgement' case found as Item - 11 - The final case  3 - God's Judgement On the 'Slave citizen' document on this web site. For I drive a vehicle without paying an annual 'licence fee' tax as I believe that the 'pass' mark of my driving test is my qualification to drive and does not require me to pay any annual 'tax' to any other, especially those of a contra (punitive) doctrine before becoming valid. So I drive my vehicle or boat or fly an aeroplane without any state issued 'licences.'

Terence - the Spirit of Truth


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