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~ The 'Slave' Citizen ~

God's revelation of 'Slavery' to man & man's Court

As written by Terence  the Christ spirit

page - 1 The 'slave' Citizen page - 5 The 'ordering' Voice
page - 6 The 'two' Masters page - 8 The 'enemy' of the STATE
page - 9 The key to Legitimacy page - 10 The 'Slaver'
page - 13 Abolition of slavery page - 14 Register & Notes
page - 15 Free movement Decree page - 16 The fundamental right
page - 17 The 'Instrument' of God page - 18 The 'officiator'
page - 19 The 'fall' of man page - 20 Religious 'belief or belonging'
page - 21 Notes page - 24 Custodial Slavery
page - 25 The game of Cricket page - 26 Judge Crawford
page - 27 Contradictions page - 28 Freedom or Slavery
page - 30 The great deception page - 31 Judicial error & anarchy
page - 32 The ground Rule page - 33 Notes
page - 34 The Law of the Jungle page - 36 The 'rogue' Constitution
page - 37 The conscientious objector page - 38 Death by false assumption
page - 39 The illegitimate Mandate page - 40 The 'policing' Consequence
page - 41 The National disgrace page - 42 Broken Rights
page - 43 Principles of Christ page - 44 The guidance parameters
page - 45 The saving Grace    

Item - 1 - Proof of Religion - 19 p

Item - 2 - The personal Inquisition - 15 p
Item - 3 - Conspiracy complaint - 8 p Item - 4 - Supreme Court Appeal - 8 p
Item - 5 - Justifiable Abuse Paper - 17 p Item - 6 - Legislative terror document - 18 p
Item - 7 - ATO & Baycorp v/s God-1 - 12 p (Judgement) Item - 8 - ATO & Baycorp v/s God-2 - 16 p (Judgement)
Item - 9 - The final case - 1 - Freedom of religion - 10 p Item - 10 - The final case - 2 - response to prosecution - 7 p
Item - 11 - The final case - 3 - God's Judgement - 12 p Item - 12 - Tax & Evil - 8 p
Item - 13 - Contempt of God - 21 p Item - 14 - Paradise Island - 9 p
Item - 15 - Modern Slavery - Alan Joyce - Qantas - 5 p  

Introduction - 1

~ War and Honour and Slavery ~

There are only two 'earthly' reasons why 'war' is waged between heads of State named 'rulers' of men by their own proclamation. The first is for merciless and unforgiving V for Vendetta retribution, and the second is because the 'one' seeks to invade the other for the purpose of stealing land and minerals and for taxation purposes, through which everyone on the lands seized by force of arms are taxed endlessly and slavery continues on.

It is all about CONTROL and MONEY, the loser pays ongoing annual 'rent' to live on his land and is 'taxed' in every which way. Failure to do (pay) means persecution, dispossession, deprivation and sorrow because all 'overlords' are unconscionable, merciless, cruel, dictatorial infidels. (Non-believers in God.)

The 'winner' takes all and lives like a 'King' or as 'God,' and their vanity, pride and arrogance is beyond the comprehension of mortal man.

These 'Lords' of War being emperors and politicians live in a 'dream,' seeing NOT that IF there was NO 'Justice' there would be NO God, and IF there was NO God there would be NO Justice.

But Justice there BE and our God's face I can see so 'beware' if you 'tax or control or cause harm' to others because, if you so do, then your 'karmic' FATE is to BE eternal suffering I see and 'tortuous' in AGONY for controlling the freedom of others so as to FUND your own 'belly.'

Honour you God TODAY or DIE in your SIN

Introduction - 2

~ Constitutional Treason and political impropriety ~

The  vanity of man 'beggars belief' say I because political men openly defy their God and the Constitution of their 'land.' The 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of the Constitution guarantees that: "All persons including politicians can live by their conscience and their ideological beliefs AS LONG AS they do not 'Disturb the peace' nor become involved in immoral activities."

When politicians speak of 'waging war,' they are INCITING CIVIL UNREST, and they are invoking confrontation in open defiance of THEIR OWN constitutional LAW. They are also 'disturbing the peace' in defiance of their CREATOR, and as they 'lead' the youth to go forth and injure, maim or kill and destroy, it is they (the political dictators) who are TERRORISTS in the 'guise' of LEGITIMACY.

Why does 'society' condone, fund and support the actions of these treasonable anarchist SWINE who 'murder' millions and cause 'untold' ongoing destruction and trauma? Why do politicians blatantly operate in contravention of their Constitution and God's Command?

Common man must now 'retrieve' his personal IDENTITY and no longer be a 'slave citizen' ROBOT, controlled and subjugated by the DARK FORCE that is operating via and through the minds of the 'power hungry' greedy, vain controllers who use FORCE to gain or attain or maintain their superiority, using you and you and you as 'cannon fodder.'

NONE can 'void or avoid or nullify’ the 'Law of equal return ' of God's ENERGY.
ITS implementation is immutable, unavoidable and inviolable.

If you FUND the ANTI-God ways of politicians, then you are funding and supporting the control of others in the community and over the seas. Man must now try and comprehend that the DARK devilish destructive FORCE is the 'mastermind' behind EVERY confrontation, subjugation, causing of harm and WAR.

The infinitely cunning and all-knowing super intelligence 'mastermind' of HE the Dark Sovereign overlord knows every 'move' because HE is the ONE to instigate the 'moves' of all combatants on both sides of the 'conflict.' It is HIS 'thoughts' that incites and inspires the leaders and warriors of both 'sides' of every global confrontation or family violence.

All suffering, loss, 'trauma' and destruction imposed is 'simply' HIS LAW of EQUAL RETURN in action via the vain, arrogant and ignorant. Those imposing IT accrue a return 'due' to be 'met' either instantly, or far ahead in this world or the next when least expected. Any who 'suffer' and do not retaliate are set free from HIM. Those who retaliate simply accrue a further 'due of suffering' to be 'met' on another fateful day.

I ADD: Dear 'pretend' Christians, it appears to me that material wealth and a 'safe' protected by armed men life on earth is of more value than attaining Heaven with ITS freedom from suffering. Why is it that people keep supporting, condoning and funding by 'taxes' the BEAST and ITS merciless punitive and destructive ways?

Can NONE of you see that this 'beast' has an earthly 'face,' and indeed is the 'system' of governance of man that 'marks' everyone of ITS 'serfs' with a tax file number and forces them through coercion and threat to keep supplying ITS punitive retributive ways in defiance of God?

Are NONE of you aware that 'few indeed' are to BE 'saved' by my 'grace' and thus avoid your present destiny (destination) INTO THE PITS OF HELL to suffer unspeakable torture and agony FOREVER? Are none of you aware of the COMPLICITY factor for all the causing of harm and imposition of agony and terror done unto other children of GOD on this earth, all done on your behalf and in your name by your paid servants?

Is there not even ONE of you who is a TRUE man, true unto yourself, your family and your GOD?

I 'wonder' "WHEN will the 'world' awaken to my TRUTH"?


page 1

This paper has been drawn up to expose the sad reality that slavery has and yet does exist on planet earth in a 'fullness' only exposed by me the 'pen' of God. For the slavery that exists is so cleverly hidden that man believes he is free and living in a democracy when in fact he is totally enslaved by an invisible Dark Sovereign Power that has at its 'feet' a dark alien 'spirit' race whom mentally control the entire 'earth' race.

For a deeper 'expose' of the hidden Slaver 'Power,' you need to read the seven Sections of the 'Judgment papers' and also the wisdom on the 'Home' page. What man needs to see is that he is not free in any way, for he is 'bound' by the rules enshrined in the various 'State' acts that were inspired from the Dark Source, the Devil (Dark Sovereign Power) via the mind of sinful man.

This Power is used by the systems of government to enslave all, and as all are enslaved their destiny is getting bleaker and their 'will' is getting very much weaker, and unless you all now read and seed your minds with my wisdom, you will become 'numb' and fall into the Abyss to be enslaved eternally.

The use of ‘legislation,’ being the edicts of vain men, become enshrined as ‘acts’ in their books of rules as the means whereby they legitimize the use of force to interfere, subjugate, control, enslave, tax, punish and kill off any opposition to their BELIEF. This belief being their assumption in their right to control other mortals and use them to their advantage.  Their justification being that it is for the betterment of the people and the nation as a whole.  This is 'despotism' leading to 'control' and absolute enslavement. This belief and assumption in the right to control others is grave error.

My wisdom exposes 'how' you became enslaved and how to become free. The writing of this document was 'enabled' by my refusing to pay a 'tax' fee to validate my personal drivers certificate of competency.  This 'failure' to obtain a 'driver's license' document from State authorities resulted in many days in jail on many occasions solely to show you, and 'them' the enforcers,  the error of man's way and, my texts are to awaken all ‘power brokers’ and their mercenary forces to the terrifying spiritual consequence. 


Being a 'Citizen of' a Nation ruled by man or the 'State or Chief or King or Queen' of any 'place' on earth means that the 'papers' issued by the 'ruling' Club officers are the 'contractual agreement' between the two 'parties' that implies on the 'one' hand that:

The 'issuer' of the 'paper' became the new 'Master'
and - - - on the other 'hand' - - -
You the
'named one' on the paper 'docket' became their Slave.

This 'ownership' also comes into being (In the mind of State officials) when your parents 'purchase' a birth Certificate and register you as 'one' owned by and a 'part of' that particular national 'Club.'

From this moment onwards your parents no longer 'own' you, and they are perceived by State officials as being only your 'guardian' for State officials can remove you from their custody at any time they so choose as they see their 'ownership' of you as legal and binding.

The System or 'State' has cunningly given itself 'ownership of' every citizen of the land by a 'motion' underhand, seeing not that in God's eyes this 'move' is unwise and also defies the citizen's 'right' to be a free man.

For either at 'birth' or when 'settling' due to emigration, the 'incumbent' citizen is issued with a 'Certificate,' be it the proof of birth, or the proof of 'acceptance' by State officials of the new 'incoming' resident citizen of the land mass, who is thus 'accepted' by the Slave Master as a 'new' one under his control, and as he defends his perceived 'borders' by force of arms he also controls the 'ways' of the new slave in a like 'forceful' manner.

This 'certified' certificate issue is a bit like the religious water 'baptism' rite, and both have been 'accepted' without any contra 'fight' due to them being perceived as normal. For none realised that they were already blessed by God and citizens of planet Earth under their God given 'birth' right, and 'owned' by God, not man.

The 'compliance' certificate that was 'proof' of ownership was also the travel document (passport) showing the point of exit and entry that 'this one' is already owned by the 'origin' State.

Let it here be known that the 'mere' fact that in every land there have been some men or women who raised up 'Clubs' or Systems of control that seized the 'borders' of the land and held hostage all within by 'force of arms,' does not mean that their 'tenure' is legitimate.

It is not, and it is against God that they treasonably 'plot,' and it is their God to now their 'System's' destroy.

The State 'officers' of the State officials 'Club' have been given 'jurisdiction' over all slave citizens within their borders by their own minds or 'book of rules' that stipulate:

" All citizens by virtue of being a citizen of our land do solemnly swear to agree to 'comply with' our 'rules' be they good or bad, and - - - they also agree to be happy or sad if 'we' the Authority so choose in our 'treatment' of them as they are our slaves by virtue of our proof of ownership papers signed by them that they are citizens of our land that we seized by force of arms and thus 'justly' hold, and - - -

That they do understand that any default in our eyes is unwise, and - - - they will deserve to be severely 'whipped' and or put to death for any action seen by our rules as 'treasonable' or seditious.

They also agree to be bound to live our way, even though it may be contra to their own personal belief system and in disobeyance to the command of their own God of their ancestors, - - - whom they now agree to defy as they 'bow' to 'us' the State officers who do hold the 'power' of life or death over them, and - - - they owe their allegiance to 'us' the force of darkness that opposes the Light of God as IT the force of darkness (Devil - Dark Sovereign Power) has become our 'joint' God.

We the 'State' promise to use our force of arms to not only uphold the peace in the land, but to also protect our citizens, and - - - to use our citizens to fight for us in the case of any 'neighbourly' disturbance and, - - -  we the 'Commanders' of this anti-god state religion will 'invite - incite - coerce or tempt' you our slaves to be our warriors and enforcers and to finance our ways so that we all become the Devil's lieutenants.

However, - - - if you our 'slave' are in any way found to be 'contra' to our authority then you lose our protection, and we will 'turn' against you with all our God given negative Might and your plight will be worth naught.

For our 'services' men have 'arms' and are mandated with the '007' licence to kill. You no longer have any 'self-determination,' for we the 'fatherland' will look after you using a part of the monies we steal by force of arms off you.

We the System workers operate via a 'book of rules' that we all 'bow' to and believe to be our 'Just' Master to whom we 'officers' of the System being its direct employees give our total allegiance to, even if 'that' allegiance is a 'dark & bloody' one that contravenes the Code of Conduct of God, because we the 'servers' are also  slaves paid to conform to the 'policies' of the Rules."

page 2

The Fine print written by the Dark Sovereign Mastermind says:

"As you are My 'proven' slaves you owe ME your 'life,' and thus I demand a 'due' for every 'activity' you do or seek to do. You will pay ME an 'up front' fee 'levy' before you can do anything.

I will also tax you in every which way that I decide to in order to keep you on your knees, and I will also take at least 80% of the 'honey' from your 'bees' yes, MY 'hidden' taxes are so great that you see not the amount of 'food' I steal off your plate before it arrives at your 'farm' gate.

But believe you me you will endure what I expect of you, for you are but slaves untrue and you will under 'pain of death' pay all impositions I place upon you."

Note: None of the 'serving' slaves nor the enslaved community members seeing that the rules encoded by vain men have an inbuilt negative aspect that totally defies the Code of Conduct of the Light. Thus any person 'upholding' these rules is in a dark plight as they incur the Wrath of God, even if this fact is unseen by them until their 'spirit' departs earth's sod.


The 'addiction' by the State officials 'Club' elite to own everything has 'blinded' their eyes to another fact, being the falsity of their assumption that by using 'force of arms' they could 'purchase' you from God, to be their slave from 'cradle to grave' by the 'issue' of paper tissue upon which they granted you citizenship and, - - - themselves somehow avoid God's Wrath. None do, the 'deceased' elite all grovel below at Satan's feet.

This 'assumption' has by precedent gone on for so long that none today see that it is wrong, and that 'as' all heeded the Devil's 'controlling' song, that great 'merriment' the Devil will enjoy as HE below does 'toy' with HIS eternal slaves you and you unless you now become as me true to the Light of God and 'defy' the Dark Sovereign Power who 'backs' the State officials.

So 'man' had a 'mania' of control of land 'borders' so that 'he' the 'head' and the officials of the System could steal import and export 'duty or royalties' of all trade, and 'police' the movement of God's children.

They also deemed it necessary to forcefully ensure 'ownership of' and thus 'control of' what they the 'elite' posing as a 'caring' System deemed as their ownership of everything on and under the land and sea that was usable and saleable.

They also deemed it necessary to forcefully ensure 'ownership of' and thus 'control of' what they the 'elite' posing as a 'caring' System deemed as 'their and ITS' slaves.

It is now I to 'show up' this rotten 'apple' and false 'slave ownership' that is so cunningly hidden from sight, and to tell you all what God says today:

"MY children, you belong to ME, not to any 'system' that on earth be. Therefore you only have to comply to MY 'directive' to be humble and kind and respectful to the blind who try and control or abuse you.

By 'virtue' of the fact that you are on 'a' place on earth, it is deemed by MY 'hand' that you are a citizen of that land, and you show ME by giving your allegiance to MY 'upper' Command by your peaceful actions, and it is I to then protect you from the 'alien race' who seek to enslave you, and thus own you."

So I God's messenger suggest that all men true to their God do show their God of their 'citizenship' of God's Heaven on earth STATE by 'burning' any 'papers' that would contra this claim. Be they 'birth' certificate or passport, or other 'proof of acceptance' citizenship documentation, and by this action show themselves that they are already a part of God's heavenly State, presently 'visiting' earth as a temporary resident.


If 'perchance' you have 'sworn' an 'oath' of allegiance to any man or 'office' or 'official' of any State 'governing' institution then do not be concerned. For you can at any moment tell them this:

"Freedom from slavery I have earned by virtue of the fact that I have not 'attacked' any person, nor do I disturb the peace of any person on this earthly land, and thus by my clean 'hand' I show God that I now belong to HIS Heavenly State, and I owe my allegiance to IT and only IT from this moment on.

Thus you have no 'legal' claim over me and neither I over thee, thus I do not seek 'protection' from the 'State' nor its 'officers,' and I also advise them that I also now am above & beyond their 'jurisdiction' as I will from this moment on comply with God's Code of Conduct only.

I shall also certainly abide in all forms of good conduct and proper civil conduct codes raised up by good men to assist the normal affairs of man as is God's plan."

Let all men try and now see that all were 'trapped' by the Dark Sovereign Power, and whether you are a simple 'civilian' or a 'State' employee, you all must set yourself free from IT the Dark Sovereign Power by now heeding me.

Certainly you can 'record' the birth of a child at any 'registry' you wish to, but it must not imply that the child is now 'owned' by the institution, nor does it mean that it needs a 'passport' issued by said institution to travel, for the child is free to travel anywhere without any passport as it is a child of GOD and needs no 'permission' from any man nor institution prior to travelling o'er land or sea.

Certainly you can be 'employed' as a true Service Provider that gives assistance by education or direction to others etc, but any controlling, restrictive, or punitive 'effort' must be 'aborted' by you in order to show God the Light & the Dark that from this moment on you will only be true.

For you need to see just how 'controlled' you are as you are forced to 'vote,' forced to have 'identity' number plates on your automobile, forced to carry I.D. cards in some countries, forced to apply for a business registration number, and forced to have a tax file number, etc before you can even earn a wage, or forced to pay various licence fees before you can conduct any business etc.

Soon there will be 'disruption' in every land and every 'system' will disband, and the 'borders' will come down, and 'yes' many will 'frown' as hordes enter every land and not all will be of 'heaven's band' as they rob & rape & pillage & steal and upon your 'backs' leave many a weal.

All this is your 'due' for being a thief and a 'controller' too. It is but for me to 'pave the way' that God would have it be when God has washed away all whom continue to defy ME, and this you will see as peace does 'return' and man does his freedom from slavery earn.

You and I and all were 'sold' into slavery by our parents at birth, or when we needed to travel, and by their 'teaching' us that we were not only a 'part' of the community society, but that we were 'morally' bound to accept the 'rules' issuing forth from the 'Chief.'

The registration of 'birth' was not perceived in its 'correct' Light as being simply that, a record of a new family member. It was perceived by the 'State' officials as a new club member, and it is now I to excise and dis-member myself and you, if you have the wisdom and insight to 'follow through.'

page 4

Let it here be also known that any 'officer' of any 'State' System who tries to either 'halt' a person from becoming free, or defies their 'claim' to their privileged right to belong to the Heavenly State Party, or any officer who continues to 'harass' any such 'claimant,' will be deemed by God the Dark Sovereign Power to be ONE to be dealt with personally by the Dark Sovereign Power and cast into the depths.

Let it here be known that any person 'claiming' to be 'of' the Higher State 'Club' of Heaven who shows by their deed that they are not, then let it be understood by them that for their 'false' claim, they will be 'trod' underfoot by the men of the Dark Sovereign Power.

Let it here be known that I 'officially' re-claim my 'person' that my parents did 'sell & disown,' by stating:

"I no longer 'belong to' or give my 'allegiance to' any earthly King or Queen or 'State' but simply as 'asked' by our God of love do state:

I Terence, son of Irene & David do say that I declare myself a citizen of planet earth, and state that I am a permanent resident of the land mass called Tasmania.

I further state that I owe my allegiance to and give my allegiance to our Sovereign God of Love above, and I will rely solely on God's Holy Word as given by HIS/HER dove me. Thus I set myself free from slavery, and my 'flag' that is my personal 'peace' banner is Royal blue but unseen by you."

Our God of Love states:

"This man who shows ME that by his deeds that are peaceful that he is one of mine and 'of' MY Heavenly Land divine is to be treated honourably by all men, and he is to be given 'free passage' on MY earthly land as asked by ME your God via his hand.

Let it here be now known that he has 'sown' MY truth for each of thee, and if any of you would 'belong to' MY Heavenly State then let it here be also known that; your 'passport to heaven' is only granted by ME your God when I see that you do not 'hinder' he in any way and that you follow his 'way' and show ME that you too are a man of peace ONLY.

I your 'personal' God have spoken once more today, and on behalf of Terence do a few words say: "I truly pray that each of you do my 'words' believe, for only my words can free you from your world of 'disbelief' and suffering. Please now heed me and set yourselves free from 'coming' misery by adhering 'strictly' to my command to 'go your way peacefully,' and do not disturb the peace of God's Land."

I Terence also state that I will never 'bear' arms against any other sister or brother for any reason, and neither will I rely on 'force of arms' to protect me or my family from any other sister or brother. I will forever 'stand' unarmed and remain a man of peace & grace in the face of adversity.

Let it be seen and known by all men of any race or colour or creed that by their daily deed they show God that; - - - on the due and coming departure date - - - when they depart from earth's shores, - - - they are choosing to be an eternal 'citizen' of:

HEAVEN - - - or - - - HELL

If you continue to rely on the 'State Club' to protect you then as IT is the 'Club' of the Dark Sovereign Power; you 'simply' fall into that eternal 'mercenary' State of oblivion where 'pain' reigns supreme.

page 5

~ The 'ordering' voice ~

What 'egotistical' man did not see was the 'possessiveness' and power that was the invisible 'voice' that possessed his mind and 'ordered' him to do and say the 'conditions' imposed upon the earthly slavers - slave drivers or slaves, being any that HE the invisible 'Master' could control via the 'sin' of pride & vanity within arrogant man.

This invisible 'speaker' of the house of 'Lords' is revealed by me, being the invisible Commander of the Dark underworld who says:.

"I the Dark Sovereign Power am the Authority who speaks through the vain who seek to 'own' or gain some 'advantage' over the children of the Light.

It is my 'cunning' that deceives you into becoming MY 'slave' as you carry MY 'stave' being MY 'Sword' as you defy MY 'Light's' Holy Word.

I see that you and your 'slaves' are all untrue in what for ME you 'unknowingly' do, and thus to ME you are eternally bound for your minds are 'unsound.'

For the very 'last' crumb out of the mouths of the poor you take, and a 'bloody' mess of the planet you make as you arrogantly run around with minds unsound as you kill and destroy and control all in your slave 'employ.'

And what you 'foolish' little men do not see is that you are all bound and enslaved by ME the Dark Sovereign Power. For I was and yet AM the ONE who does silently give out MY 'orders' every day in your minds as you go your way.

So the very 'instigator' of the 'slave' citizen was MY plan, and ITS 'rules' are all inspired by ME, for I enslave you all and this you do not even see, and as you 'wallow' and 'grope' and manipulate the lives of others across the sea, it is you whom do not see just how enslaved you all be.

I have 'permitted' MY Light divine to 'travel' into this land of swine to give you all a last chance before on fiery flames you scream as you 'dance.'

I do not 'suggest' that you give your souls a 'chance,' for you are MY slaves who deserve not to be free. However I do see that he the 'son' has the capacity to 'read' MY mind and thus his wisdom is 'free' to unwind and give his truth to you for he is 'Mother's' proof too.

I say that his 'stories' about you being 'slaves' is a story 'tall', and I say that if you heed his wisdom that you will fall, so you now decide whether he is true or false and whether I do control and deceive all of you.

There is one thing I do know, and that is that your 'slaves' have minds callous and shallow and none but none deserve to enter the Land Divine, for you all show ME your MASTER that you are swine."

So beloved sisters and brothers of mine, I did mentally 'entwine' with the Dark Sovereign Power and the words above HE did give me. If this you can possibly conceive then you may 'believe' that I do not deceive.

For I say that none of you will join the 'Club of Heaven' above unless you now heed me God's dove. For I do believe that each of you is yet a SLAVE and enslaved by the Dark Sovereign Power, and that you are all heading towards your spiritual grave.

For all men talk of 'Peace' but they all go to 'war,' and that is your 'proof' of their way and yours for sure, and if any of you 'back' the use of 'force of arms' then you are 'enslaved' by the Devil's 'charms.'

Would you really do what you do if you truly knew that you would have to suffer in the same way for every drop of 'blood & terror or trauma' spilt or spread each day?

The greatest tragedy is the belief in common man that they must 'serve' other men that believe that they are the 'master.'  These 'masters' appear in the form of Chiefs, Emperors, Kings, Queens, and politicians and, - - - it is they that lead all their 'serfs' you and you into the Abyss.

For they 'invite' common man to join their armed forces and to fight for them in order to invade others lands and seize others assets and, - - - within the Law of God this attracts a return due of suffering & loss upon you and you and, - - - when others then invade or attack you, your 'masters' then incite you to retaliate and, - - - all the while you are defying God and not only accruing more suffering but, - - - your soul becomes contaminated by darkness unto your spiritual demise.

To become free - you must 'follow me'

page 6

~ The 'two' Masters ~
Light - Dark

The very 'perception' of the error of your way is itself liberating your mind from programmed ignorance, and as you begin to see a better and 'higher' reality then you have been 'convinced' by God's good counsel through me.

The 'deceptive' nature of darkness 'binds & upholds' the negatively programmed way if it can, as its thoughts 'span' & 'possess' the mind of the enslaved who by deed are 'punitive & unforgiving & unkind.'

Try and see that a 'nice' police officer who smiles and greets you politely but says: "I greet you 'cordially' and know that you are a good peaceful community member, but as your belief differs from mine and as your deeds are 'contra to' and different to mine, I can but advise you that I am duty bound to 'charge' you in accordance with the 'rules' in my 'book." - - - Is a person wearing two 'hats' and serving two 'masters.'

They 'express' both the Light and the Dark energy, seeing not the 'hidden' Plot of the Dark that knows that as it has the 'power' to make the 'officer' use punitive measures that are 'contra' the Command of the Light, that IT the Dark has control over the ultimate destiny of the officer.

You can only 'serve' two Masters for a time, for after a while the negative one who does seek to 'jealously' have all your 'love' and 'affection' and time to ITSELF, will put on more 'pressure' so that you show IT your deep allegiance to IT.

Thus you can never become free of IT unless you heed my good 'counsel,' and only 'show' your LIGHT 'face' as you put down your punitive mace.

It seeks to claim all your love and loyalty, and if you for a 'salaried' duty are disloyal to the Commandment of the Light, then you can see your dark plight to be, for the Dark will then definitely do ITS utmost to claim you 'spiritually.'

For any disloyalty to the Light is disloyalty to our Sovereign Queen of Love that is ITS Light too, and IT will then try even harder to force you into being loyal to IT the Dark so that IT can really destroy you for being untrue to ITS Light.

Who would knowingly take a 'mercenary' wage to defy their God and God's sage? Only someone like you who was deceived by their forefathers who saw not how 'easy' it was and yet is to be untrue.

A policeman who is loyal to 'duty' and loyal to the 'rules of man' is more dangerous and evil than a home invader or a domestically 'violent' person. For the policeman can and does kill as well as cause great physical loss of freedom as they 'place' others in the 'lock up' on death's hill.

They are also 'suicidally' dangerous to themselves, for their 'future' they are unable to foretell. It is my 'love' for them and that I can see their insanity and vanity that brings me their way, for I would help 'any' whom with invisible fire do play.

No sane man would carry a gun. Why does a policeman need to carry a gun? How much 'pay' does he need to betray his own son? For when a man defies his Creator then his 'battle' is lost not won, and when you lose, your face is never again 'kissed' by the sun as you fall from 'grace' having been deceived by the black one.

And 'worse,' your children then follow you the fallen one as they 'copy' the 'way' of the gun and your deeds untrue, for that false way was taught by you.

It was I who said that the Holy Word was stronger than the gun or sword. For if you heed the message from my 'pen' then none can you kill, but if you use a gun then you 'die' and go to Satan's HILL. I hope my truth you do hear and that you can overcome inner fear.

page 7

At this 'end' time there will be greater dark pressure placed upon all to 'show' their allegiance to the 'force' as they are required to 'put down' offenders who will 'appear' all over the place and be 'seen' by the 'System' as terrorists.

Any whom are not 'convinced' by me will 'succumb' to the call of the Dark Master and as they 'forgo' the Creative Light and fight, they also succumb to a terrifying fate that they only 'see' as they pass through the 'portals' of HELL'S gate.

Every State institution is a criminal State for it contravenes God's Command, and is thus itself seditious & treasonable as are its followers and supporters who then enslave themselves to an 'afterlife' as 'slave citizen' of the DARK underworld of eternal strife, and believe you me, once there you will find NO way out.

You all have a democratic and Divine RIGHT to belong to the peaceful HEAVEN STATE presided over by our Sovereign QUEEN, our Creator the LIGHT.

You are presently 'bound over' to and 'controlled & enslaved' by the Dark Sovereign Power who operates in every 'Realm' outside Heaven via the 'mind & hand' of vain and greedy men.

It is my sacred duty to God and you and them to show all how they keep themselves enslaved to IT the Dark Sovereign Power, so that any whom of ITS 'control' would become free can do so PEACEFULLY.

For any whom so 'try' using 'arms' or other's 'force of arms' only bind themselves more and will definitely find themselves in a horrendous painful plight far below in the Dark Abyss night.

ITS earthly 'power' you will all soon see, believe you me, and the cruelty and terror that on earth will 'Reign' will be enough 'proof' of my 'insight & divinity.'

It will also show you what you will have to endure for an eternity if you become a 'full' member of the Dark 'Club' that uses a club as ITS 'way' of making others pay.

Have I said 'enough' today to stop you from harassing me or others each day? I hope so, for the Dark Sovereign Power awaits to see who is truly 'arrogant' so that HE can 'pant' as HE exerts HIMSELF putting you 'away' in a very 'tight' shelf.

Yes, the 'truly' bad HE does 'squeeze' into HIS 'press' as HIS 'weight' presses down, and you will be squeezed into less 'space' than 'cotton' baled, so don't 'wail' that I should have done more to convince you that I AM HE the soul true.

It is your 'democratic' right and freedom of choice to of the LIGHT be, or to be a vindictive controller for '$$$' and fight for the Dark Sovereign Power and disturb the peace of the Land.

The Dark Sovereign Power is going to fight 'tooth & nail' in every mind of ITS 'men' in an effort to convince them that peace is only attained through force of arms & punishment and their need to maintain control of their present way of living so that HE one day can have the 'Last say.'

page 8

~ The 'enemy' of the STATE ~

Any person who walks 'within' the 'peaceful bounds' of the Light and does not fight, nor deceive, nor make any other grieve, nor disturb the peace of the land, is a CITIZEN of the State of Heaven.

Any person who disturbs the peace of any other for any reason, or whom 'sins' by theft or larceny, or robs or rapes or abuses any other for any reason or whom directs others to punish or kill any other for any reason becomes a person who is:

An enemy of the State of the Light - HEAVEN
enemy of the State of the Dark - HELL

Thus this person has made God the Sovereign Power their personal enemy and it is then God the Almighty to 'hunt' them down in HIS own time and to mete out HIS 'Just' punishment that is an equal 'due' in every 'aspect' of that which they to another did do.

There is no 'way' any person can hide away from their omnipotent God, and once this you can see then you will never ever even 'entertain' a thought from the 'dark' deceiving one that 'suggests' to you that you are 'justified' to do what IT expects of you, which is to be vain and cause retributive 'justice' pain to another whom did 'err' and sin against God the Almighty.

Let it here be seen and known that any person who places an authoritative 'ring' of power upon their hand, being their 'investiture' that enables them to either make punitive rules or to enforce punitive rules, become a person seen by the 'hounds in Hell' as 'one' whom they can use as their punitive force on this level.

These 'spirit' demons then 'gather' around and begin to 'reason within' and subtly control the mind of the fleshly 'speaker' as they telepathically tell him and impress upon him the 'justness' of his actions in raising up new 'rules' of control and punishment. This they are forced to do by their 'Slaver' the Dark Sovereign Power, and - - - as all can see, their 'efforts' sown telepathically have added a huge tax and 'fine' burden upon the community.

What these 'power boys' do not see is that when they authorise their armed forces to go out and destroy homes, businesses, and people, that they do not 'escape' God's LAW, and IT is not 'limited' to a 5 year jail term. NO, its 'limit' is limited to ensuring that they pay an equal and proportionate amount received by the 'end' sufferer on the distant shore.

This applies also to the 'officers' of any 'Court' action that results in 'someone' suffering 'something,' and this return due of suffering to be felt by the officers extends outwards to include the suffering of all whom had contact with the punished one.

If I have not said enough then ask me 'what' your 'doubts' yet be.

page 9

~ The 'key' to 'Legitimacy' ~

The 'key' to the 'treasonable' legitimacy of any 'Authority' is that the 'authorised one' is the holder of the 'position of power,' being the holder of the club the gun the sword or the violent aggressive word.

This denotes their 'Symbol' or 'Ring' of Authoritative office and power over the 'meek or 'weaker.' The gun or other 'power' is their legitimising factor that enables the 'user' to defy their God of Light and Love.

None seeing that this 'power' is the exclusive 'right' of God to wield, and that any whom it use against any other do walk in great peril for:

It is absolutely forbidden by God

to use God's negative energetic power against any of God's children. Thus any police officer or court official who by 'force of arms' arrests any person for the purpose of 'fine or punishment or eviction' etc are the Devil in action, as is any 'soldier' killing or maiming or destroying property. For only the Dark Sovereign Power has that Authority, ITS own exclusive right.

Only the Dark Sovereign Power has the right to 'enslave & punish or destroy' any of ITS errant children whom defy the call of the Light to "Walk in peace and love one another."

It follows that any Court of man 'set up' in a 'room' or a 'street' or a 'field' to 'judge' man and to mete out 'punishment' is a 'Clowns' Court run by insane or vain men whom themselves believe that they are "as" God and thus empowered to Judge another.

Any 'such' Court that is self-empowered by virtue of it following its rules or by virtue of its 'serving officers' using force (visible or otherwise) to detain others for the express purpose of 'fine or punishment' is an Anti God Court and thus its convenors are thus anti themselves under the law of God, and their 'judgement' is a self imposed judgement to be 'returned' to them by God as their asked for 'Just' due for being so foolish and untrue.

All these Court 'actions' are 'redeemable' by the Dark Sovereign Power in the 'afterlife' wherein all the 'actors' who 'clowned around' are themselves 'hauled in' and forced to suffer and endure the same fate and suffering and losses they inflicted, being the due under God's law when to themselves they were untrue.

Let all men now see that their only 'authority' is to judge whether another needs their help and good counsel.

Let it here be known that people who 'raise up' any decree or legislate any 'rule' that enables them to obtain money via taxation, or control, or punish others are the Devil's workers posing as 'godly' and caring. They are not, they are proven thieves, murderers, and deceivers. Do not support them or their ways, and do not give in to their demands of compliance.

page 10

~ The 'Slaver' ~

The Slaver is the one whom 'drives' others to do what they are being driven to do, that obviously entails that their duty is in some way 'offensive' to others who are being driven in a manner that is contra and unconscionable.

The Book of Rules is the visible earthly 'Slaver,' and the System 'officers' are the slave drivers, and both the officers and the people they 'drive' are slaves to the Slaver (The unholy book), as are the 'elite' whom make the rules as they kneel at the feet of the ultimate Slaver the Devil, being the invisible Dark Sovereign Power.

All men whom heed their slave Master the invisible 'ruler' are being 'herded' and driven underground, and for an eternity they will be bound unless they heed me, for within the rules are the demands to contravene the Commandment of the God of Love.

Thus it is imperative for any whom would avoid the eternal misery in the Void to now withdraw their 'registered' support of the 'big boys club,' and solely heed the call of God to "Forgive and only love" and to walk in peace with respect for all, so as to be in compliance with God's Code of Conduct.

Uneducated people believe that society needs 'Slavers & rules' in order to maintain peace & order. That is a false belief, for disorder is found only where ignorance of the truth does abound, and troubled minds believe that they can 'disturb the peace' and not by God's retributive forces be found.

Once the ignorant become educated to the reality that God does all see, be it done during the 'day or night,' and that none are above the 'payback' be it positive or negative of God's ONE LAW, then all will try very hard to comply to God's "Only love" Command.

And anyhow, if we see a defaulter, then it is not up to you or me to be the punitive 'aspect' of God in our interaction. It is for us to be caring and give our aid and good counsel only.

Anyone can be a 'Slaver' or slave driver, even you. It is not only the 'System' that is untrue, for if you are an 'overbearing' and dictatorial parent controlling the household in a negative way, then to you our God will speak on a soon coming day.

A 'child' who is temperamental and obsessively demanding can also 'drive' their parents 'as' a Slaver who forces them to 'submit' to their tantrums or 'suffer' the consequences. It is all 'darkness' stemming from the same Dark Source.

Educate - not 'berate.'

Those 'lost' souls as 'Bush' or Saddam who believe that they can 'legitimately & justifiably' destroy others over the 'border' are the ultimate 'brats' whom our God will feed to HIS 'rats' below on a soon coming day.

Please now quickly 'break away' from supporting any power play. Be it religious 'Sheria Law' or 'System secular law,' for all punitive control was inspired by the Dark force through the minds of vain men who said that they wielded God's sacred pen. They did not; it is I to now expose their 'plot.'

page 11

Children, try and see the reality of the power within the 'Sin' within you. It is the negative emotions that are a 'part' of the Dark side of the Source, and it is thus that you feel 'justified' in being IT the Dark Sovereign Power in action.

You are not justified by IT to be it 'in action,' and if for IT you 'drive' others or them 'swat,' then you are a defaulter in ITS eyes and very, very unwise.

For the 'seducer' first 'tempts' you to use its 'critical' force and then it has the right to criticise your deed and swat you contemptuously for your arrogance and disloyalty to ITS beautiful 'Queen of Light.'

You have 'heard' of the saying: "The long arm of the law." The arm of the Dark Sovereign Power is 'eternally' long for sure, and IT never forgets, and IT sees all, and IT 'frets' until THE day IT sees that you did for your 'arrogant' folly pay.

Do not be a 'Slaver' or a 'slave driver' or a persecutor or a prosecutor, or for this iniquitous folly you will pay. I 'trust' that via my pen our God did reach your mind and 'unblind' your sight so that you are no longer 'lame' and thus can begin to walk the correct way again.

Any person who carries a 'gun' or uses 'force of arms' in the course of their daily 'duty' or in 'attack or defence' situations is either a terrorist or a Slaver.

For 'Slavers' are people who drive others along a 'certain' track which is in the 'opposite' direction to the track of their choosing, and - - - it is against their will.

A 'Slaver' is a deluded being who feels justified in doing what they are daily doing because they are paid a wage to 'unfeelingly' carry out a 'duty' for 'someone.'

A 'Terrorist' is a person who 'similarly' terrorises others due to a belief that the other is a greater 'terrorist' and thus a threat to their living standards.

Be you a Slaver or a Terrorist or the 'common' Offender living on a street, you all need to see that God forbids 'us' children of HIS to 'sup' on the forbidden fruit of HIS own personal fruit tree.

page 12

For HE and Mother God both know that the 'return' due accrued for supping on HIS 'dark' apple is called: "Tribulation & great pain & great suffering & great sorrow."

Both Father and Mother God also know that you will only be happy when you 'drink' the juice of the other apples on the tree that are for free in that you will 'joyously' enjoy the 'return' of love that they give to thee each time you drink of the 'sweet' apples.

If you 'listen' to the 'rotten' whisperings of the serpent below who does his seductive thoughts within your mind bestow, then you will 'believe' that you have the 'right' to 'sup on darkness' and powerfully control the lives and ways of others, and you will become a 'Slaver' as you forcefully by 'force of arms' or by threat of their use 'coerce' others into doing 'something' you demand, and then it is our God to enslave you.

Let me leave no 'shadow of doubt' in your mind, - - - if your 'Party' uses 'armed forces' to control or punish others, then you are all Slavers who will be eternally enslaved in the afterlife unless you now disarm and show God your charms.

Dictatorial despots like 'Bush' and many others drive their slaves the population into being financial providers to fund their schemes, and their personal slaves being their 'armed forces' men are sent forth to kill and to suffer and die in the 'heat' of battle against other Slavers like 'Saddam,' who himself is untrue in the manner he 'enslaves or destroys' other children of Allah, and both men and their 'slaves' will suffer on and on in the afterlife.

Never join any 'political' Party, for by your vote they seek to become 'empowered' to wear the treasonable RING of POWER that will enslave you and all, and - - - they will use all 'permissible' force under their 'rules' to control you and all, and - - - they will expect and demand that you comply with any 'ideas or edicts' that they 'raise up' to be enshrined in their 'book of rules' for and on behalf of the Dark Sovereign Power who inspires them and thus enslaves them and you all.

For within their 'rules' is their authority to give the Orders that direct the armed forces against any other, and as you are a 'party member' you become an 'accomplice' and defaulter in God's eyes the moment any of the serving 'officers' being your servants contravene the Code of Conduct of God.

Only 'join' peaceful and 'entertaining' Clubs that have no 'punitive' rules. Look direct to God and 'fob off' any attempts by 'heavies or bullies' to unite you with their 'power play.'

There is nothing more dangerous to mankind than men who either take orders from other men, or who follow 'rules' from a book of 'standing orders' or legislated acts. Neither is there anything more dangerous to man than being the one to give out 'orders' to others.

For if any of these orders are controlling, regulating, or punitive, then they are anti God and anti Christ as they defy the commandment to "Only love & be merciful & forgiving."

Men who 'officiously' stride this earth in the course of duty to man are in grave spiritual danger as they inflict 'self-righteous' pain & suffering onto others. None of them seeing that they are slaves, and that their 'hidden' Master is the Dark Sovereign Power who 'instigated' all the punitive & controlling rules via the minds of the arrogant.

You the reader or 'listener' have but a 'single' moment to choose your personal destiny, for if you cannot or do not believe me, then for sure its reality will soon be given by God unto thee. The reality of enslavement in perpetuity.

I call out to all of you, be you the 'bully' or the commoner.

page 13

~ Abolishment of slavery ~

The 'mere' fact that the State and its 'officers' have jurisdiction over any 'man' by virtue of the officers issuing 'summonses' that lead to punishment is the critical 'factor' proving that the State is "in possession of" stolen property,* for no man has any jurisdiction over any other who is not their 'slave.'

Note: property,* - The property being the people who are treated as 'State' property, - - - owned by the government.

As slavery was 'abolished' by man many years ago, any 'State' or 'person' still practicing 'slavery' is in default in man's eyes as well as in God's eyes.

In God's eyes, any person who 'holds' another against their will 'as' a slave, is in fact an offensive person who by the use of 'force of arms' is maintaining a 'hold' on stolen property that 'he' believes is the property of the STATE.

As all men of every 'country' are held in 'bondage' to their 'State' by police using 'force of arms,' it follows that the STATE and its 'officers' are all guilty of being in possession of stolen flesh and guilty of slavery.

It is a 'sorry state' today, where not only does vain man enslave others, but also he 'treats' his slaves to pain & suffering, and he also 'steals' the remnants of their 'meagre' pay. The Corporation 'shit cart' is full up to the brim with 'sin.' I hope those continuing to be dark flag 'bearers' know how to swim, for they soon fall in.

Legitimate 'jurisdiction of,' = Legitimate 'possession of,' and - - -
Legitimate 'ownership of' something, and thus the 'right' to control and administer 'something' over that Territory.

I am a person who is personally owned by God, and thus my personal 'territory' being my 'being' is a 'space & place' shared between God and me only.

As for any 'earthly' Territorial 'space or place' that foolish man believes he has 'jurisdiction' over, that too is 'opened up' and nullified by this pen as all 'such' lands were by 'force of arms' stolen and are now 'repossessed' by their rightful owner God via my Divinity & Authority to administer all God's 'Territories' under this 'Sun' and every Sun.

Read (Territorial Decree) p. 40 'Land Rights' doc.

God says now to me:

"Son, if the prosecutor tells you or the 'judge' or anyone, that they (the State) have 'jurisdiction' over you because they used force or guile or the 'gun' to obtain possession of you from ME, then they are in possession of stolen property and by ME their God deemed as 'thieves' to be severely dealt with by MY MEN in the afterlife.

Tell them that I can see their face and their disgrace and that they 'hold' you by force with a mace, and that if they do not instantly return you, being My property, to ME, then 'certainly' is their fate to be one in the ABYSS for more than an eternity.

None can 'outwit or outsmart' ME their God. If any think they can, then believe you me it is the Dark One who has deceived them."

Note: Enslavement. Flesh can be 'caught' and enslaved by being controlled and abused and misused. The 'spirit' within is another matter, for once it departs the flesh it cannot be 'enslaved' by biological man.

If it is 'dark' and full of 'sin' then it falls into the 'Slaver's' den, trapped and enslaved. But if it is 'light' and pure and demure then it rises up - up - up and away from the slavery of HIS clutches forever and a day.

Let my wisdom help your soul on its way. Join my Club and start your return to Heaven today. Try and see the reality, when you pay the taxes & licence fee levies or fines imposed, you are supporting the dark punitive System to fund itself and its 'heavies' and their 'heavy punitive equipment' and thus you are keeping yourself enslaved to pain and suffering as you are a 'Party to' the dark expression.

Only fund 'groups' that are advisory, educational, or welfare etc.
Community 'effort' will be
positive having only guidelines.
No more 'heavies' saying: "Cross this line and we'll punish you."

page 14

~ Register & notes ~

To 'Register' and the 'act' of Registering - implies ones deeded 'wish' to exchange ones 'freedom & independence' for a 'position' within an organisation, be it a 'Club' or 'Party' or 'Group,' such as the Yacht Club, or a Political Party or the Navy or other Services.

The 'registration' deed means that one has given up ones 'right' to be independent, and one is now 'bound' to comply with the rules of the organisation, and one expects some 'favours or privileges.' As far as 'governing' bodies go, the main privilege offered is protection from invading forces and protection from others who disturb the peace of the land.

My advice to all of you is to 'de-register' yourself from any 'force of arms' Club, and only be seen by God as an independent person who walks and talks and serves others positively in all walks of life or 'Clubs' without subjecting yourself to their 'rules.'

Comply only with God's Code of Conduct as you walk peacefully, in the knowledge that all 'men' of any 'station' are 'bound' by God's ONE Law.

Only 'join' Clubs that have a positive expression, so that your 'investment' contribution not only adds to your own wellbeing, but also to the wellbeing of other members and the others whom come into 'contact' with your Club's 'ways & ideals.'

Let it here be also known that any 'State' or other body of 'force of arms' groups who attempt to force 'independents' to comply with their 'fair or foul' acts are arrogant, vain, devilish, and they show their God their disdain of common decency, and they show their own 'exclusion' from 'validity' in registering with God's Heavenly State Body.

Ever since this earth was created it has been inhabited by 'sinful' spirits who raided their neighbour over the hill or over the sea to take by 'force of arms,' and they enslaved all the inhabitants who became their "possession."

It is a far greater 'insanity' to now by the Dark be deployed, and this 'shattering' of the enforced slavery will pave the way for a true 'peaceful' coming day.

The 'most' enslaved are the 'State ' workers, for they are the paid 'shirkers' who sit on 'high' as the 'lesser' slaves suffer and die.

All I can say is that the 'coming' insanity is controlled in totality and thus each will receive their 'allotted' crucifixion due. There is no 'error' in the coming terror. Any whom continue to others 'berate' on behalf of the Dark Sovereign Power will be late for Heaven's gate, and they will fall below and eternal suffering get to know.

For below there is absolute 'slavery' and the cruel Master there has but a single 'intent,' being to maximise suffering as HIS 'spleen' HE does 'vent' on and on and on. Please now 'relinquish' control of others and put down your gun.

page 15

~ The 'free movement' Decree ~

Let it here be known that our Creator has now fully 'sown' HIS - HER message to humanity, and it is the last 'chance' for those of pride and vanity to change their way. Thus this decree of the day:

The decree

"From now on all 'believers' may burn any 'papers' that were 'issued' by any person or governing system that 'proclaimed' identity for the purpose of citizenship, or travel, or 'ownership' by 'State' or Nation."

Our God has decreed that every person born on Earth is a citizen of Earth, and they may reside anywhere and travel anywhere without requiring permission or 'papers' from any other person.

Thus no person needs to have any 'certificate' or passport or 'card' to denote who they are for the purpose of identity or travel etc.

God states by this decree that all are free to just be who they are, and thus it is 'noticeable' by God if any person or 'official' demands to 'see' any such documents.

Let it here be known that every person is free to 'board' any 'ship' of the air or sea or land craft or go by 'foot' and travel to any other place formerly known as a 'nation' or 'place' without 'let or hindrance' and without any 'proof of identity' or 'pass' papers.

Let it here be known that there will from now on be no 'immigration' departments and no 'customs' departments, and all are free to 'embark or disembark' at any destination on earth without requiring permission from any other person, nor any 'visitors visa.'

Let it here also be known that any person employed on any 'international' vessel of the air or sea or land craft who refuses the 'boarding' of said craft to a person not having the 'old' or any style identity papers shall themselves be denied access to the Promised Land for a very long time and a time.

Let it here also be known that any person employed by any other, be it an individual or a 'state' or 'private' body who tries to 'restrict' the arrival or departure of people 'to or from' any place on earth shall themselves be denied access to the Promised Land for a very long time and a time.

Let it here also be known that any person who continues to be uncivil and thus showing any disrespect to any of God's children will by the Dark Sovereign Power be cast into HIS 'pit' for a time and a very long time.

Any government system of the day that contains even one rule that has a 'punitive' compliance decree attached to it is an Institutional System raised up by the Devil the Dark Sovereign Power, and is one of ITS 'earthly' Retribution Agencies.

Truth - is that which is TRUE
- is that which is TRUTH

It is up to you to decide whether I am speaking truth to you.

page 16

~ The fundamental Right ~

There is a fundamental Right granted to all by God's Light. It is the right to be 'left' at peace if they heed the Light and walk in peace and do not abuse any sister or brother.

But there are two 'opposing' views that man saw not 'too clearly' when he 'sat' in Church 'pews.' For the Dark force gave its point of view in the mind of the untrue, thus this note to all of you.

For the 'second' fundamental Right given unto 'sinful' man by the Devil was: "You have the right to interfere in the lives of others and to control them or abuse them or punish any whom defied the Command of the Light."

Thus fleshly man 'speaks' of his 'belief' in a loving God, but by his deed shows God that he follows the 'way' of the Devil, as he man defies the call of the Light and heeds the 'call' of the intruder to punish and to fight.

It was thus that all mankind lost their primary fundamental Right to live in peace, as all 'condoned' and support punitive systems, and all 'listened to' false spiritual teachers and false elders.

For these all spoke of truth & love & peace, but all in fact condoned and supported merciless retribution against other community members 'guilty' of the distribution of darkness.

We thus do have the fundamental Right to walk apart from any Institution of man that does punish or fight or steal by extortion or seize goods or control others as long as we show man and God that we walk peacefully and thus are complying with the Code of Conduct of God.

If we 'err' from the straight and narrow, then and only then should other men 'intercede' on behalf of God to give their good counsel and direction. However, if we 'err & stray' we will still be 'sought' by those complying with the 'secondary' fundamental Right that issued forth from the Devil, who is eternally seeking to set errants right and use HIS earthly forces to mete out 'retribution.'

If any 'intercede' due to following the 'second' fundamental right system of 'belief' so as to instill fear or loss or punishment or grief, then they are 'free' to so do, but to their own souls they are untrue, and under God's one Law they will receive an equal and opposite due at a later 'date' via the hands of others equally ignorant and untrue, in this life or in the hereafter.

Now is the 'decision' time for all souls, and you need to make a personally informed decision as to the depth and reality of these letters for ultimately, your eternal spiritual destiny is within your own hands, your own mind. You decide to now be bad and unkind, or good and kind, and if you see not the 'difference,' then the Devil will your soul eternally bind.

page 17

~ The Instrument of God ~

In the beginning there was God. Then there was God and man 'born' of God. Then there arose men who thought that they were equal to or 'as' God. These 'ignorant' ones took control of every land and enslaved other men and used them to fund their iniquitous ways.

Simple man saw not that God is both the Light and the Dark, and that both 'aspects' of their God have one 'common' Law: "As you do is done unto you." Simple man saw not that the Commandment of both aspects of God "Love one another" was given for a reason. Being that any who 'as' God took on the role of punishment would be 'subjected' to punishment by God. For only God stands above God's Law.

As man strayed from the true 'loving' path, their God 'needed' to punish them in order to fulfill ITS own Law, and thus the Dark aspect (Dark Sovereign Power) deceived man into believing that it was 'righteous' to be ITS retributionary punitive 'arm' in action. False assumption, for the Dark Sovereign Power can 'punish' man in the lower Realms in the afterlife.

None seeing that by this very 'interaction' with the Deceiver, that they would accrue more suffering as their due, and slowly be enslaved by IT the Dark for being IT in action.

The 'beastly' governing systems of man are the instrument of God the Dark Sovereign Power whereby this 'avenging' force metes out ITS retribution against errant sinful man.

This Dark force that is 'opposite' to the God of Light and Love has ITS own 'Justice' department, and IT is self' mandated to 'Justly' give a 'return' due of pain and suffering and loss to any person who in their past was untrue to ITS Light.

As this force is totally true unto itself, it gives out 'punishment' under its own Law of: "What you or your servants do unto others that is contra the 'Only love' command of the Light is done unto you by ME."

Thus as all mankind has been forced to uphold 'beastly' systems through enforced taxation that they 'pay' through fear of reprisal for any non-compliance, all mankind is thereby supporting and condoning the dark ways of the extortionist & punitive systems of every present government that are anti-Christ, anti-God.

The return 'due' for this support of the 'Instrument' of God, being ITS punitive way, means that every voter or 'condoning' person accrues a daily spiritual debt to IT the invisible slave driver.

This 'force' ensures that ITS Law is applied as IT directs the minds of legislators to 'justifiably' bring forth more regulatory control, more restriction of movement, more taxes or licence fee levies, more fines, and heavier jail terms. All this 'adds' to a further painful karmic comeback upon all society. Soon everything 'grinds' to a HALT.

Man must no longer use enforced taxation to steal his wages for providing a community service. The community will learn to 'freely' give so that all happier live, but no 'servant' will hold the 'cheque-book' and write his own wages amount, and neither will he use a private policing force to punish those who do not 'pay up.'

Man can now only become free when he sees his 'error' and stops the extortion and the punishment, and begins to comply with the Code of Conduct as set out by God via my pen, and his freedom is fully 'won' once he has paid all past dues accrued for his folly when his 'servants' on his behalf 'took' money from others and also punished others on his behalf who were perceived as 'offensive.'

Man must try and see that his 'way' of living is guided by rules, rules that are in conflict with and in 'opposition' to his conscience, that is if his conscience is guided by the Light of God.

For man of 'light' who can clearly see can see that rules are extortionist, controlling, and punitive, and not merciful and forgiving, and thus are contrary and unconscionable and thus should not be his guide or 'way.'

If you are 'living' by the 'rule book,' it means that you condone its use against others, and thus you condone the use of force. Thus the error and returning 'terror' under God's law to your door. Even 'Jiminy cricket' said, "Let your conscience be your guide."

If you let the punitive aspect of their rules force you into conformity with the false 'ideals' of their rules through fear of 'reprisal' for any non-conformity to these rules, then your actions are unconscionable, anti-Christ, and contra the Code of Conduct of God, and it is thus you accrue a 'painful' comeback within the 'dark' aspect of God's Law: "As you and your punitive belief causes others grief it is done unto you."

Let me make it clear, if you 'fund' any controlling or punitive 'System or government' by paying 'it' the Institution a 'wage' through its licence fee or 'permit' or taxation demands, then you are supporting its dark ways and you are 'partly' responsible for its punitive forays.

It is better to be 'fined* or jailed' for refusing to comply with its demands than 'later' receiving a far heavier 'reprimand' from your Creator. Any 'reprimand' from the 'judiciary' for non-compliance with the beastly System is but your spiritual due for having supported it the 'beastly' System (darkness in action) in your past.

Note: - fined* Do not pay any fine, take the alternative instead, be it jail or 'seizure' of your goods, for any fine payment is also a 'free giving' support of the dark punitive system, and that 'fiscal' payment accrues a 'further' negative comeback to you later.

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~ The 'officiator' ~

The officiator is the dark invisible intelligence that forces its demands upon the psyche of any 'sinful' man that it can 'control' so that the individual becomes more under its punitive control, this is done so that it the 'force' of darkness can 'inspan' the ignorant one and make them 'suffer' in perpetuity in this or the 'afterlife' within the bounds of its one Law: "As you do is done unto you." Pain and suffering received for pain and suffering issued.

This invisible 'ordering' voice operates in every 'Realm' outside Heaven and all that participate in its 'nefarious' activities remain 'welded to' - 'entwined with' - 'spliced to' - 'bound to' - and controlled by this Dark Sovereign Super Power - - - for as long as - - - they individually 'follow' and heed HIS call to control, enforce, regulate, punish, steal from, deceive or destroy other children of God.

This 'destroyer of peace' is the dark deceiver who is a justified 'berator' to any that place their 'penny bet' in HIS 'camp' and who 'follow' HIS extortionist & punitive dictates.

It will later be seen within the 'Judgement' papers the depth of HIS control of man via the 'governing' Systems of man on earth that are HIS 'beastly' Institutions, raised up by the vain and arrogant that on earth did and yet do stroll.

For it is HIS 'vision' through the arrogant that gives them the 'perception' that as they have the use of 'overpowering force of arms,' that they do have the right to 'dictate' terms and control and enslave all that live on the land or seas.

It is thus that the Institutions of man that man names "The State or Federal or National government" believe that they have some 'divine' right to control & regulate by force of arms all persons residing within the boundaries that they control through force of arms.

The mere fact that the living 'officers' of said Institutions have been misled by precedents set by their forefathers does not exonerate them from being 'subjects of' and 'subject to' God's one Law, and neither does their position of impropriety give them 'divine' legal 'tenure' over your body, mind, or soul.

Thus any 'State' Institution that says that it is operating on behalf of the people as it 'manages' the wealth of the seas and forests and 'rules' mankind is in fact controlling the people for and on behalf of the invisible 'officiator' who exerts HIS control over simple man more and more via these 'officers' due to man supporting HIS dark policies.

Any person either supporting these controlling regimes or working for them is daily incurring a painful spiritual debt that soon will be met at the hands of the insane soon to be seen roaming this planet.

Educate - not Regulate

page 19

~ The 'revelation' of the fall of man ~

The revelation of the fall of man is the revelation of how man draws dark 'sinful' energy into his soul, and how this dark 'energy' then enslaves man into being it in action in his interaction with others.

For it is this dark interaction with others that then 'accrues' a 'painful & sorrowful' retributive 'payback' from the Dark Sovereign Power that has the same one Law as the Light of God, being:

"As you do unto others is done unto you"
"As you Sow so shall ye Reap"

This dark energy drawn in is the 'essence' of all known negative emotions called 'the sin' within man, and it is this energy that is the means whereby you are 'bonded to' and enslaved by the Dark Sovereign Power.

It is also the means whereby you are emotionally & mentally bound to perpetrate dark 'ways' (deeds) and, the more 'sin' energy within you, the easier it is for you to be 'swayed' into more dark interaction with others, and by this further dark and negative interaction you draw in more dark energy, and you become more enslaved by it the invisible Dark superpower.

The 'ingress' of the dark energy (negative emotions) coarsens the vibration of the soul. This causes and results in the spirit soul being 'attracted' to a lower level in the 'afterlife,' and this level is colder and less 'bright' and more 'sorrowful' where more fight. This 'darkness' also causes more 'depression & agitation & frustration' that acerbates the emotions being felt, be they hatred or jealousy etc.

If you would have it that your soul becomes 'Christed' and thus free from inner 'sin' (negative emotions), then learn how God with your help can free you of this dark energy.

For if you continue to 'entertain' the use of IT the Dark either by your verbal or physical expression or, by supporting ITS punitive use in any Institution of man, then you will fall into 'sorrowful & painful' darkness in the afterlife and suffer more 'strife' whilst in the flesh of this land.

It is your God given 'choice' to heed God's Holy Word or to heed the deceiver's voice directly in your consciousness, or by 'bowing' to the dictates of men who force you to be 'as' them, or to support them in their false 'belief' of the 'righteousness' of being: 'controllers, extortionists, & punishers' of others.

The darkness lets you 'see' the negativity and error of other's actions, and gives you a justifiable reason to set them 'right' with punitive force, but it blinds you so that you see not that your retribution 'interaction' is itself darkness in action that attracts a 'similar' return due at the hands of others equally untrue and blind, at a later time.

If conformity to a rule of man's statutes means that you are required to pay IT the 'institution' a 'sum' of money to enable you to carry out your daily business, then by conforming to the rule and 'paying up' means that you are supporting that Institution and condoning its interaction with other members of society.

Your support is for both the positive welfare aspects as well as the negative controlling & punitive actions, and the support of this dark side is what enslaves you to IT the Dark.

For in support of ITS punitive ways not only do you accrue a 'punishment' debt to IT for your defiance of God's Command to only "Walk in peace and love one another," but as you 'face' that punishment you will fight to defend yourself, and you will thus become 'bogged' deeper into spiritual 'pain' debt under God's Law, and suffer more and draw in more darkness, and fall further from the Light.

All governments are 'terrorist' groups operating as 'benign,' but all deploy darkness as 'savagery' unwinds and they terrorise their opposition.

This paper is the 'revelation' of how humankind are being forced to 'change' their religious belief of "peace & love," or are being forced to 'support' a contra belief of 'tax extortion & punishment & war," by being coerced into complying with a rule that demands 'fee' payments. For any compliance with 'said' rule means that one is then a 'party to' anti-God iniquity.

You may yet be 'ignorant' of the trauma & suffering imposed by your judiciary upon the local community, who when 'jailed' or fined can have their lives destroyed, but you should by now be able to see the horrendous suffering imposed upon people 'jailed' by your immigration forces, as well as the savage destruction of others property and lives in 'open' warfare at the 'hands' of your armies.

Either way, you will soon be 'awoken' to your ignorance when you are personally 'faced' by dark forces imposing their 'evil' upon you for your support of 'legalised' terrorism. Set yourself free now by reading all given by me so that you 'accrue' no more debts to God.

There is a harsh reality, being that none with 'sin' within (negative emotions) are able to enter into the ultimate Realm of pure Light, Heaven. It is only the 'light' energy of God that can purge you of the darkness you 'unseeingly' draw in to your soul, and to find out how to this freedom 'win,' you will needs read further within this Testament of Truth web site.

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~ Religious 'belief or belonging' ~

If you 'profess' to belong to any 'religious order' on earth, or if you simply 'profess' your belief in a God of Love, then you need to ask yourself something, being:

"Am I aware that if I believe:

That I must obey my God and, - - -
that my God is all powerful and, - - -
that I must not abuse others and, - - -
that I must respect all others and, - - -
that I must not steal from others and, - - -
that I must not kill or maim others and, - - -
that I must be merciful and forgiving and, - - -
that I must not retaliate if I am abused and, - - -
that my God is omnipotent and omnipresent and, - - -
that my God has one Law: "As you do is done unto you" and, - - -
that my God 'commands' obedience to His Word of 'Peace' and, - - -
that my God commands me to never disturb the peace of others, - - -

then why do I deny my God my belief, and defy my God by conforming to the contradictory beliefs and policies of others who have raised up Institutions within which all are Ruled by rules that enable them to tax, seize, fine, punish, wage war, and kill"?

You also need to ask yourself:

"Am I aware that if I conform to their 'rules,' by paying them their demanded licence fees or royalty duties or taxing monies, that I am in fact supporting their anti-God activities and I am not 'living' my own 'religious' belief"?

Can you see that you are being forced by precedent and ignorance, and being coerced by threat of fine & punishment for non-compliance into disobeying your God, and you are thus 'following' a false God (The Devil)?

Can you see that by following this false God and supporting its 'terrorist' and anti-God activities, that under its one Law of "As you do is done unto you" that you daily 'accrue' more suffering & loss dues?

To become free from slavery, and safe from falling into the Abyss for eternity, you must withdraw from 'belonging to' any Institution of man that has controlling or punitive rules and, - -- withdraw from 'belonging to' any religious Institutional body, for all exert 'control,' and every religious 'club' or 'order' separates you from others and causes friction.

You need to simply be.  Be a person true to the God of Love who shows God by their daily 'living' deed that they are peaceful & compassionate & merciful & forgiving to those yet 'sinning.'

Note: As you 'withdraw' from supporting the punitive System by halting your 'submission' of taxes & licence fees demanded, if its 'officers' believe that you are a 'slave' to their Institution and thus it owns your body, mind, and soul, and thus has jurisdiction over you, then they will drag you off to be punished as per its rule book.

Be 'aware' that any punishment received is but that 'commanded' by the Dark Sovereign Power via the mind of the 'judge,' and is 'simply' a past accrued debt for your past support of its punitive System, and has probably got nothing to do with the 'rule' you defied. All will now pay their past dues.

Stop 'accruing' more dark spiritual dues by following this last call of the God of Light, and as said before, "Go as a lamb to the slaughter and let them crucify you, for only thus will you be set free from your past iniquity."

Be compassionate towards your 'inquisitors,' for it is they who are the 'slaves' to the Dark Sovereign Power, and as they are mentally controlled by it, they see not their error nor their 'accruing' and coming 'terror.'

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~ Notes ~

Notes: Man needs to try and see that all negative deeds are perpetrated through the mind of man by the dark invading force as IT metes out ITS 'payback' to others via the minds of 'sinners' who for a multitude of reasons are unable to obey the Command of the day and be forgiving & merciful.

Thus it 'follows' that any whom rely on IT the 'dark' to protect them using force of arms are backing the 'wrong' horse, as IT will mentally incite others and send out these others to do the same unto you, as IT controls all acts 'untrue' that to IT are 'just & true,' and the 'accrued' due.

If you are 'courageous' and do not use force to protect yourself as you decide to rely on the Light for protection, you will find that once you have paid all 'dues' at the hands of other 'errants,' that you then are protected by God due to the fact that God will not inspire anyone to 'touch' or harm you, for God cannot so do unless you are again to God untrue.


The base of every government is false & treasonable & illegitimate, and was 'raised up' by 'force of arms' exuding the 'greed & control' of the Devil.

All whom now continue on in any aspect of 'punitive' control of others or 'extortionist' control of others will PAY their dues in HELL for an eternally long day.

Any whom now continue to fund any 'such' punitive or extortionist Regime or 'tax' system will also 'join' in the Abysmal State below for an eternity and a day.


The police and army are trained to'seek out offenders' and aggressively 'punish or destroy.'
I am trained to
'seek out the error' of their way and show it to them, and then educate them so that they can become positive and true and loving and caring and happy to be a friend to you.


Whenever the 'occasion' suits them, the police at times are polite and nice so that they are 'perceived' as doing a good duty so that they do not become the 'subject' of an 'assault' charge.


When an 'African' villager is faced by, and 'charged' by a buffalo there are many things that can occur that are 'similar to a person being 'charged' by a police officer. If negative 'contact' is made, then an 'assault' by the 'raider' upon the civilian has taken place that shows that fact, being the result seen by God.

Being that the 'recipient' of the charge is 'wounded' in some way and his family may also suffer from its 'happening' for many a day. The 'injured' one may die, they may be wounded physically or mentally or emotionally. They may be incapacitated for many months or years for a number of reasons. They may lose their business or income and their families may starve.

As for the powerful charging 'beast' that made its 'play,' it merely walked away as it was 'justified' in doing what it did, for it perceived you as being its enemy, and it 'felt' nothing during the time of your traumatic 'ride' when inconvenience and despair sat by your bedside, and neither did the 'officer' or the Judge that did their soul in ignorance smudge.

God says: "The Buffalo is free to go its way for man has a mind that can 'choose' what to do each day, but the 'officer' of State  has 'bought' a package of pain for being so stupid and vain, and MY 'Buffaloes'** now lie in wait and they will place their 'explosive' charge at the ignorant's front gate, or even on his 'food' plate."

Note: 'Buffaloes'** - is the invincible alien retributive force that metes out divine justice, either through the mind of ignorant man or in the land of darkness below in the afterlife.

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Modern day governing institutions have become 'thieves & murderers' of the greatest magnitude, for they have used their position of 'trust' and community welfare providers to 'cunningly' bring in more and more regulatory legislation. This legislation has enabled them to steal never-ending sums of money off the community legitimately in their eyes and yours.

For there is an 'assumption' in the minds of the 'sleeping & ignorant' that political legislators have the right to extort money endlessly from every known business or private endeavour. This is false, it is illegitimate extortion.

Not only this, but these 'murderous' legislators have included punitive measures to 'protect' their investments, and if the public fail to supply their demands, they are punished and their families suffer and starve.

All the above iniquities are condoned by the sleeping populace, and its disgrace is only seen by God and me, and not only this, but the legislators also send young men to kill others over the sea or in their own 'city' if needed. Soon all these 'thieves' will the very Devil's face see.

People only get into 'filthy - dirty - mischief' in God's eyes when they are 'forced to' by 'rules,' or are 'ordered to' by officials, or when through their negative emotions they become mentally 'possessed by' devious misleading thoughts, or they 'assume' there is no God and thus they think that they are 'invincible' as on earth or under the earth they plod.

None of these 'ignorants' seeing that ignorance is not 'bliss.' All will learn what God's 'Just' Justice is. I say; never another 'burn,' or you will find out how God can multiply x infinity to your due return without contravening HIS One immutable Law 'As you do is done unto you.'

Yes God can anything do, especially to the untrue, so if you do not wish to suffer on in perpetuity then you had better learn to have pity and be forgiving and merciful. For when its 'time' to receive your 'due' and you are suffering it, HE will convince you to strike back and attack, and instantly you another 'suffering' due accrue. This can go on forever, I say.

All 'offenders' see not that they will be 'caught.' Seeing not that the dark energy that 'possessed' them is 'free' to come and go, and is itself not punishable, but the ignorant user is punishable by the very same dark energy that via another will ensure it to so be.

Any person who would 'consign' their own soul into the 'black hole' of Hell is an idiot.


Those 'officials' who 'place' a black 'X' against others as 'numbered' to be hauled in and punished, do it also unto themselves on a spiritual level, and the Devil sees its 'beastly' mark upon their 'brow' and knows: 'This one I will punish.'


If you or the 'officers' of any  State institution cannot see that punitive actions are totally unforgiving - merciless - retributive etc, and in 'opposition to' the Commandment of God to 'Be merciful & forgiving,' then you are blind and deserve to fall blindly into the 'pit.' Darkness is an 'orchestrated' dirge that through the retributive emotions in man does surge.

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The Light says: "Only be loving."
Dark says: "I demand that you are only loving, and if you are less than loving, I will smash you to smithereens." But - - - the deceptive nature of the dark hides itself as IT does ITS best to 'convince' you to be it in action and defy ITS demand for compliance to the Light.

It does this cunningly so that it can 'smash' you for your arrogance and vanity. It is the eternal 'tester' of man, and it can only get a 'grip' over you when you 'default' and heed ITS 'seductive' thoughts and seemingly 'justifiably' you use ITS energy, and that 'act' in ITS eyes is unforgivable.


If you 'live' to serve God and God's children, then you need to discern 'whom' you serve:

Of service to the Dark - controlling & punishing God's errant children - or
Of service to the
Light - educating & assisting God's suffering children

In God's eyes, politicians, judiciary, and armed services personnel daily commit crimes against humanity (God's children), and yes, all have swerved away from the true path and soon none of them will laugh.

The politicians raised up the 'rules' that control all within their jurisdiction, and the policing forces 'take all' and 'punish all' that they are 'ordered to' by the very same dark 'book of rules.' Thus all are enslaved by the rules that 'permit' extortion and punishment and thus are anti God.


There is nothing 'honourable' in catching a thief and 'bruising' them and causing grief, but there is honour in catching a thief and showing him the way to become free from grief, and save his soul and elevating yours too as you become 'brighter' within from expressing Light and to God being true.


Try and see that the more people demand 'aid' from public servants, the more the 'servants' have to steal off the greater community to 'service' your demands and their own never-ending expansionist needs and 'dreams.'

The more they 'punish' others for non compliance to their legislation, the greater becomes your debt to God for condoning the dark ways of your 'public' servants, and the greater becomes the fine & punishment imposed upon you.

You will always be a slave to ' Mafiosi' extortionists if you give in to their 'legislated' demands. For these men who live in a 'daydream' believe that they can 'legitimately' enforce any financial 'levy' demand off the community and maintain immunity from God. - False belief.

If you fund them through fear of punishment or because you believe that they are your 'master,' then you too are a 'party to' their thievery off others in the community, and you remain enslaved to the dark force 'inspiring' them, and you suffer the consequence too. Become self-sufficient & self-reliant, and assist the community, not the 'legislators' or armed forces.

Soon on this level of consciousness man will become free, that is those who heed me, and they will never again need to ask 'permission' from any other before they go and do whatever they wish to, for all the 'regulators' and 'busybodies' will have been swept away.


All interferers and all 'inquisitors' who carry out their 'inquisitions' are the Devil's men. Thus all Institutions of man using 'Inquisition' to seek truth, or to 'judge' another's actions, or to punish, are 'of' the Dark Sovereign Power.

Let it here be known that every religious or governmental Institution of man uses 'rules' of enforcement and 'engagement' and inquisition, and uses its own mandate to fight or punish and is thus an 'arm' of the Dark Sovereign Power (Devil - dark aspect of the Source, God) posing as the legitimate and benign God of Light and Love.

Seek now the true path that is the one of forgiveness & mercy & peace of the True Light of God.


If you are so blind and cannot see my reality that God sees all, and that God stands tall above mere man, and - - - if you cannot conceive that then you deserve to grieve if you cause another pain, and - - - if you only do what you do because you can see no further than your nose in front of you, and - - - if you think that God 'forgets' what swine do, then you are a fool deserving what awaits you.

Set yourself free from slavery by halting any 'funding' or support of iniquity, (the support of Institutions that use fine & punishment or destruction of others or their property). From this day onwards only support your community welfare and educate, not regulate or berate.

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