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~ The 'Judgment' papers ~

~ Executive Summary ~
of God's Law in man's Court

This section has been drawn up with the express purpose of aiding all whom are in a position of "Authority" or power or control over or control 'of' another, wherein they are expected to** "Judge" that person in some way for their perceived "error" of the day, for the express purpose of deciding the amount or extent of any punitive measures to be taken, as that is the "sorry" state of man today who can only see "Reason" as meaning "Make the miscreant suffer and for their folly pay."

It is hoped that the "learned" and the "simple" will all see that there is a better way that has been given us all by God via me. Thus any "Elder" or Magistrate or Judge or other will now have to make their own personally informed decision as to whether they can "follow" God once they see the reality of "true error" as is now revealed by God's "pen" me.

Note: expected to** "Judge" - One can be "expected to" by ones own consciousness, by internal pressure of demonic thought processes arising through ones inner sin, or by the 'Authority' that pays you a wage to be its "retributive & punitive" arm, or by peer pressure as those standing around you goad you on to "cast" the first stone.

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~ The Summary ~
Of God's law in man's Court

Man unseeingly believes that when 'he' the Judge dons his 'robes' to judge man that 'he' does somehow summarily dismiss God's Law, and sees not that God will now 'judge' him as 'he' is judging errant man for God and society.

What man fails to see is that in the 'act' of donning his 'authoritative' uniform he is in fact disguising himself "as" a man wise but is unknowingly taking on a 'power' pact with the Devil being the avenging retributioner for God who then uses the ignorant one as its spokesman on earth to be its judge & "executioner" of divine Justice.

It is I now to expose man's "acts of impropriety" that again unseeingly set the "trap" for the invisible dark predator who cunningly deceives the unwary. For no man can 'see' the invisible dark force as it is "too dark," and only visible to me the spirit of truth who can its 'power' see.

God's ONE Law is in operation ceaselessly, eternally and is non-compromising and inviolate and infinitely just, in that it unswervingly seeks to give us "payback" for our use of its/God's power, being God's Light or Dark essence that we use in our daily expression.

No man "stands" above God's Law. No man is "beyond" God's Law. God's Law as God simply is, being a part of the great "I AM" that God be.

Thus the "Mandate to Judge" that is given by God as is all else, needs be examined in depth, for the nature of the mandate exposes from "whom" it is given, the Light of God or the Dark of God. One is educative and freeing and the other is punitive and controlling.

Thus the "action" of the Judge has a direct bearing towards his "consequential" personal fate, for God's Law has two "applications," one positive and one negative. One side 'Judges' your actions positively and the other side 'Judges' your actions negatively.

God who is 'THE' Judge of all sees not your mandate by man nor the 'robes' you wear. For God sees only that all men are equal in His sight and sees only their deed, be it "of" God's Light, "loving & caring & compassionate & forgiving," or "critical & vindictive & condemnational & unforgiving & punitive," being "of" God's Dark.

Every "Court of man" today is empowered by the dark punitive 'side' of the Source/God, and it is thus that man and man's 'judges' all walk the wrong way as they say: "All for 'folly' must pay."

For the God of Abraham did and does yet say that as no man is 'above' His Law, and that we 'man' must only be respectful & forgiving and abiding in the Commandment to "Only love & walk in peace."

It is thus that every 'judge or magistrate or elder' judging other men need to see the difference between the two judgement possibilities open to them, regulatory & punitive, or being of guidance & educative.

It is thus also true too that every "common man" has the above choices, and if 'he' common man pays the wages of 'unwise' sages then he too by God is judged in a similar manner, and 'today' no man is forgiving or merciful, and their 'judges' all walk the wrong way, for all are 'accomplices' to the crimes of their servants.

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It is thus a "certainty" that every person "attending" a court sitting of man needs to ask themselves: "Who 'broke' the Commandment of God and walks outside the Code of Conduct of God, and what am I personally going to do about it."

For the "surety" is that every attendee is subject to God's law as 'he' simple man or woman stand before God in that place and it is God who 'awaits' to see what is to be.

It is also a 'surety' that whatever takes place positively or negatively is the 'act or actions' of the two 'aspects' of God working through mortal man. The Light energy, or the Dark energy.

So each 'participant' needs see that what they personally "do" to any other will also be done unto them too by the Source that fulfilled their "wish." Their enlightened wish to heed its Light Command to "Only love and forgive the offender," or their "death" wish to heed its Dark Command to "Destroy or punish the offender."

So if you are to attend the court of man on any day for non-compliance to any regulatory 'acts' of man's rule book, and if at that moment in time you were going about your day peacefully in compliance to God's 'edict/commandment' you can openly to the judge of the day say:

"My "case" that I present to you is that on the day in 'question' I was within the 'limits' of the Light and did not 'break' the Commandment of God to "Walk only in peace."

Thus if you punish me it is you who is breaking the Commandment as you are then disturbing my peace that you have already done in bringing me here under force of arms and it is you in error."

If you have broken the Commandment of God and 'sinned' in abusing others, then you can but ask the Judge to be true unto himself and send you to be rehabilitated as is asked by God via the 'Offender Seminar' that will enlighten you, so that you can reconcile yourself to God.

If you are being judged "falsely" as you did not defy God's Commandment, then just to the Judge say: "I am forgiving to those in ignorance living and I am kind and respectful even as I am today as I stand before you who yet is untrue as you defy your God by the very acts of what you do which is -

1 - To threaten me with a punishment for non-compliance to the demands of other men that you hold enshrined in your "unholy" book of religion being your code of rules.

2 - To judge me when our God does/did say: "Judge not lest ye be judged, for all that you bring upon others will be brought upon you by ME the God you cannot see."

I thus now ask you to ask yourself if you can see the reality that you daily receive 30 pieces of silver from man as a 'wage' in order to "expose" me as a criminal and one possibly deserving to die.

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Do you not see that the justification to defy God and abuse your own soul is that you are doing me (the community) a service true?

You are not, because I do not either believe nor follow the rules/laws encoded by man but do daily heed and follow the wisdom of God that now spans the very heavens. I have not come here today for my 'case' but have come for you and you and you whose 'actions' in the eyes of God are "out of place" and I thus can only say:

"Please change your direction today to one of education rather than extortionist punitive measures couched in benign morality, for it is you 'confused' about the Law of God with its implications for all, and how your own souls are by darkness infused.

You are also confused as to the difference between an offender in God's eyes, and implying that people are/become criminals through failure to comply to the edicts of men who are unwise."

When I do not comply with a 'try' of man to control my day, I am but saying to the Devil: 'I will not you pay, nor with your controlling ways play.'

When I do not comply to the Commandment of God and I in any way another control or abuse, or steal off them in any way, it is then I am a defaulter in the eyes of God, and God will make me suffer in some way.

So I now stand before a man you who says that he is a 'Judge' true because he is doing what he is paid to. This in my mind is an 'error' of default because the 'day' there is no more money in the System's Bank 'kitty' vault you would instantly stop being untrue and doing what you do to others and thus unto yourself.

Whereas someone like me who can the truth see does work for naught as I do today in coming this way to freely counsel you and you and you.

It is now the time for all the System's 'Judges of man' to change their 'way of the road' and only 'judge' those truly offending our God in the skies by 'passing sentence' that says: "You are to be taken to a place to be counselled by women or men who are elders wise and then set free for I am only empowered by God to 'restrain' murderers for a time, not thee."

To aid the "judgement" of the Court over my 'case' I add: I am apprehended "simply" for non-compliance to a man's "demand" that I adhere to his dictates or that I do something to prove my innocence to him.

The System's of man have taken-on the role of "Carers" in a way that controls the freedom of others. By all means "halt" an obvious errant who is a danger unto himself and others for the purpose of giving them good counsel and help them home.

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I am not the criminal here today. All of you who "hold" me and bring a complaint against me are "defaulters" who defy God's Commandment, and all of you are thus subject to the Dark punitive side of God's Law "As you do is done unto you," thus your own "judged" destiny you bring upon yourselves, for God's Law applies in man's Court.

I add that none of you are seeing that the "offence" committed for which the person is being 'tried' by man may not be the offence committed for which the man is being 'tried' by the Dark retributionary side of God, using arrogant man.

If a man has 'sinned' in God's eyes by abusing others or stealing their goods, then and only then are they being 'judged' by the Dark side of God for that error.

It follows that if man is judging man for non-compliance to any code of man in not wearing a seat belt, or fishing in a restricted zone or without a licence, or for not paying taxes etc, then any punishment meted out by the retributive side of God through man is not for that offence, but for a past 'sinning' offence when in their past they defied the "Only love & walk in peace" command.

Therefore any monetary fine penalty meted out by man for the above statutory non-compliance is a "fine" imposed by God for when in their past the errant stole money off another in some way, I.e. Enforced taxation or caused financial loss through theft, or destruction of property etc. It is not an imposition by God for the statutory non-compliance edicts of man.

Any incarceration imposed by man for non-compliance to man's rules is a "loss of freedom" punishment imposed by God that resulted from the "to be imprisoned" one in their past** having confined or restricted others in some way. It is not an imposition by God for the statutory non-compliance edicts of man.

Note: past** - Their past, can be either in this life or a previous one or sometime when they were spirits in other realms prior to incarnating here.

Of course, if the offender of the day is being hauled-up for theft or physical abuse or other offence against the "person" of another then they did defy the Commandment of God and God is possibly judging them for that offence as well as another past "unseen" one.

Either way, it is not for man to work for the Dark side of the Source in any punitive role. God says that to attain Salvation and spiritual freedom that man must only counsel offenders so that they learn to understand God's law, as this will aid them to become reconciled to God.

Any person with any mandate to control or punish others is not only an offender in God's eyes, but is also an "ignorant" who themselves defy the One Commandment to "Only love & be merciful," being ones expression from the Light, rather than ones expression from the Dark.

And as they receive their thirty pieces of silver each day they are working for the Devil who is the deceiver posing as a benign benefactor, and it is HE who will ahead collect HIS dues from them in a similar way as HE judges them on earth or far below and confines them for a very long time in ice cold sorrow.

It is now the time for all "in power" to awaken to the fact that not only are they controlling others in a very negative way but that they will themselves be "squeezed" to the very marrow as the Devil collects every drop of blood owed as His dues.

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This will be done by other ignorant men who will "oppose" the Systems of man that for too long they funded as they too "fall" victim to the Devil's dark plan to all "inspan." Please awaken before you all fall.

Man now needs to see that his "judgement" upon others is a judgement imposed upon his own soul by his own "deeded" hand, and that any "authority" given by mandate or otherwise for him to "so" impose upon others and ultimately his own "rose" is the authority given by the Source of darkness.

The Source of Darkness that infiltrated every facet of endeavour outside heaven "cloaks" itself in the guise of a wise, benign, and fatherly System, but in fact IT is the destroyer of all and superimposes its demands upon God's children via the seeds of its dark energy within, the sin.

Can any of you see the incongruity, for the "System of man" says it is raised up by the people, for the people, and thus if it the system is judging you or me then it is against you and me.

How can a "true" caring System of man raised up to serve the people "entertain" an evil "aspect," wherein it uses our money to fund an extortionist or punitive department to ensure that we remain bound to its rules that were and yet are "raised-up" by it, not us.

This it says is for our "betterment," but I see that vain men have themselves been "subjugated" telepathically by the Devil who has used their vain & arrogant souls and minds to control "us."

All now, the common people and the "servers" of the System of the Dark must break free from working for the "great white" cruising shark who lurks in the depths below, and become kind and benign with only one "design," being to aid God and I to elevate the consciousness of all humanity.

To this do, the first "item" on the Agenda is to rescind all "Statutes & rule books" in every land so that man becomes free, free to just be. Man is 'so' controlled by the Statues that he cannot 'it seems' make amends until it is so legislated! Poor 'lost' man.

No more - Rule & regulate
Only - Advise and educate

Any woman or man has a God-given "Mandate to Judge" another sister or brother but, if they choose to judge them as needing punishment, then they so judge themselves and will suffer the same "fate" later.

If they choose to judge them positively as one needing help and good counsel and thus aid in their rehabilitation they have "chosen" wisely and will be smiled upon by God who seeks the rehabilitation of all, for all are yet lost.

Thus the presently "inhuman/subhuman" race needs make amends to God, for not only the "rule makers & judges" but the simple people who support their punitive role are themselves also all trapped by Satan and sliding deeper into spiritual darkness. It is truly an "Abysmal" state for all continuing on will reach the Abyss Gate.

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Man via the "System" of darkness has been 'led' to believe that the punitive "rod" must be laid across the back of errants so that they suffer and thus change their ways. None seeing that the "pen" is mightier than the sword and one only "learns" and becomes wiser when they have heard God's true Word.

Men of man's "legal" professions forgot that they are "subject to" this Law of God each day as they seek to find a way to either extort money from others or to prove guilt and punish them in some way.

Leave the "Judgement & punishment" to God, for only God has the Authority to condemn and punish anyone for their actions without being "subjected to" HIS own Law, and only God has the Authority to consign a soul into the Abyss in the after-life where they there do receive their Just due.

Souls are drawn down due to the "weight" of their sin accrued, for as they exude and express darkness, some of it is "accumulated" within their soul. Thus it is this dark energy essence of the Dark side of the Source/God that drags them down into Its lair.

If you "Judges" are truly working for the God of Light then you will be forgiving & merciful to me and others placed before thee, and if you did believe that "we" erred against God's "Walk in peace" Commandment then you will neither fine nor punish but send us to be educated.

If you "Judges" are working for the Dark retributive side of God and I or others have erred today or in the past and thus offended God, then you will be inspired by the Dark "under" the retributive Law of God and punish accordingly and as this you do, you do it to yourself too.

So you also now needs see the "way" the Dark "enables" itself to operate through man's "laws," being licensing and statutory offences etc, so that it has an "opportunity" to act punitively.

The Dark uses vain men to primarily "transgress" the "Only love & walk in peace" Commandment and via them imposes licensing restrictions & taxes in the guise of "goodness," but in fact as any "imposition or control or legislation or punitive measure" is contra the Light, the Dark has already imposed a facility in place that it uses via the ignorant.

Please now see that even "if" I or any am/was guilty in God's eyes then a wise "Judge" would protect his own soul and be merciful to me and set me free.

If they felt I had erred and defied the "Only love & walk in peace" Command then they would not "for the Dark" me reprimand, but would send me to an "Offender Seminar" for me to become "enlightened" and wiser.

I pray that you all soon see the "light of day" before the last day, for I would have it that you are ready to receive your dues so that you do not lose yourself totally in the "maze" below but can when there know what to do in order to slowly upwards go.

You are all so precious to Mother God, and that is why She has sent me to 'adjudicate' for Her to thee. For in my 'judgment' comes the revelation of the reality of what be.

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~ Revenge or Justice ~

What "man" does not see is that "justice" & "revenge" are both the same thing. God says: "Forgive thine enemy if in heaven you would live, because if you take revenge, then that "act" upon you I will again "give."

For God's Law "As you do is done unto you" applies to every "activity" done by you or your servants.

So in the "meting-out of Justice" act, man is meting out retribution, which is contra the Commandment to: "Only love, and walk in peace, and be merciful and forgiving."

The governmental Systems of man say to the common people: "Do not take the Law into your own hands." Because man assumes that if a "department" within the "System" of government takes on the "burden" of punitive response to the "act" of some "errant" offender, that they for "some" reason stand above the Law of God and will themselves thus not become "punishable" by God for their offensive, anti-social, retaliatory and vengeful reaction.

This is a false and burdensome assumption; all are "subject to" God's Law. Also man sees not that as the "Justice" department of the System is a "servant of the people" who pay its wages, that every taxpayer becomes burdened with the dark karmic spiritual debt incurred with the distribution of any punishment meted-out on their behalf by these "servants."

So if any person would like to "seek" revenge for any dark deed perpetrated against them or their "loved ones" and thus defy God, better it is done by them personally rather than by "us" others via a "System."

For some of "us" would not like to seek to defy God or incur a "painful" karmic due "for" and on behalf of those filled with hatred who demand a "front pew" at the "chopping block."

The "moment" that we forsake our personal responsibility to uphold God's Commandment to walk in peace and be forgiving by paying and supporting any punitive System, we immediately become "subject" to being a "party to" any punishment meted out to any defaulter, and thus are also subjected to the then punishment "due" accrued for our defiance of God by our complicity in an act of punishment that is vengeance in action.

For we are in fact then saying that we condone their punishment, and thus as you can now see, by the very "act" of the System telling you not to take the retributive "payback" under the law of God into your own hands and punish the miscreant personally, then the onerous burden of the returning "payback due" that becomes due under God's Law for meting-out the punishment of any "criminal," then falls upon every member of the community who either "votes for" the System or pays "taxes to it" to uphold its punitive Judiciary.

Also, you would see "error" in me if I were to hang a man on a tree, or lock them in a dungeon under my home in perpetuity, so why do you not see the error in having your servants do it for you?

For in reality you are doing exactly that, torturing, confining, and stealing money off people directly, using "gun toting" enforcers. And in God's eyes you have still "Taken the law into your own hands" via a System of arrogant man.

Man "forgot" the first Principle, being that God does not need us to do any punishing. God would have it that we just forgive, but please do "haul-in" true offenders who are those who literally disturb the peace and have them counselled, not fined.

Soon all who continue to defy God will find that the "core" of their "apple" is filled with rotten "pith," so please look deeper and find out "how" the Devil against man does plot.

For it is these "Acts" of the Devil raised up via the minds of earthly legislators "as" punitive regulatory edicts that "appear" as beneficent and "for" our benefit, but are not.

For in upholding these controlling edicts and punitive responses for non-compliance, we are aiding darkness and are defiant of God and thus "ensnared" unknowingly by the Devil.

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~ The 'impartial' Judge ~

Caesar pays the wage of the Judge and also says: "Judge all brought before you in accordance with my book of rules that are my Edicts to be adhered to."

Thus no 'Judge' is true, for all do as they are told to by the 'rules' in the book of Caesar and the 'conditions' of their employment contract with Caesar.

All Judges therefore are but a 'farce' that is to show the people that Caesar is 'sincere & impartial' to the 'Case' brought to his 'judgement.' He is not, the 'court' of Caesar is but a farce, for the judgement over his people is 'bound' to be in accordance to Caesar's rules.

Man who is 'seen' to have disobeyed an Edict of Caesar is not 'usually' punished by Caesar's forces until he has been proven "Guilty" in Caesar's Court. This 'farce' is but Caesar trying to 'show' his subjects that he is 'Just' and compassionate, whereby he in fact is neither, for there is no 'Justness or compassion' in binding others into being your slave.

Any person can be a 'judge' and pass sentence upon another, be they Caesar, his magistrate, or common man. For when Caesar's governor Pilate was 'faced' by Jesus he decided to not judge him and he said: "I wash my hands of this case and give Jesus to the people. Let the people decide whether to crucify him or another."

So as I see it, the one who drives in the nail, or picks up the rope and ties it to the tree, or 'jerks' the rope, or the one who 'casts' the first stone is the "judge" of the day, and I further say that this 'one' being the judge is mentally "possessed" at that moment by the Devil, being the merciless Dark Sovereign Power who is passing HIS judgement via the mind of an ignorant stooge, one who ahead will suffer in the same way.

"Judge not lest ye be judged"

For a Judge to be true to himself and God, he must be a man wise who is aware of the Code of Conduct of our God wise and true. Thus he can impartially say: "This man has or has not 'contravened' God's Edict of the day."

Thus if he has, he will be sent by the wise Judge to be counselled & rehabilitated and set free. If he has not disturbed the peace of the land, then the wise Judge will say: "This man should not have been brought to stand before me."

An impartial Judge is a 'Godly' emissary who receives a 'pittance' as a wage, for he is but as God's sage who is happy for a penny payment or a rose.

All police officers and judiciary who work in a 'punitive or extortionist' role are hired mercenaries paid to run a personal vendetta against others by "Order" of Caesar directly, or also directly by the rules in the book of Caesar. (The System).

It is the powerful seductive 'voice' of the serpent that deceives ITS puppets into believing that they can 'Judge' and not fall in their 'sin,' but as they do then 'Judge' in defiance of the Command of the Light: 'Judge not lest ye be judged,' man does then fall due to his 'sinning' ways, as he was by the Light told would take place if he soiled his soul by using a punitive mace.

I suggest that you do not judge me as being a man unwise, but come to a personally informed decision FIRST as to whether I am possibly God's messenger with a soul wise. For if I AM HE, then my 'words' should be taken very, very seriously.

For you need to see the 'horrendous' self-inflicted implications of being either a voluntary "Representative of Caesar" or a voluntary "Subject of Caesar" due to being a 'Party' to his 'Abysmal' State and System that is revealed and confirmed by God through my pen.


This 'Paper' contains my 'Plea' for the soul of one man "Peter the Magistrate." but it is submitted to the Court and the whole world with my 'intent' of saving the soul of every man who re-seeds their consciousness with my Truth & Light.


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~ The 'mercenary' Judge ~

A 'mercenary' Judge is one whom for a 'certain' sum of money is prepared to defy the Light of God as he wages 'war' and 'fights' on 'behalf of' someone.

What the judge and police need to see is that within the very 'book of rules' that they call 'The law' and uphold, are many varied types of decrees (rules), some pertaining to the conduct of man and others pertaining to the amount of money that man has to 'submit' to Caesar during the course of his day.

These 'commence' on the very first day of his birth, and unto the day of his death, for only when having complied to the edict stipulation of 'the amount of money required by Caesar' in order for Caesar to 'recognise' the birth or death in Caesar's eyes, is the person deemed by Caesar to be 'legitimately' dead or alive.

This being Caesar's initial "stamp" or "mark" that this person is one of his chattels, and 'subject to' his decrees and extortionist demands, and thus is his slave.

No man on earth to date has been able to walk free from being 'someone's' property, as all men have been controlled since time began. That is but the way it is for those who 'sin' and are thus not men free.

Thus the 'Caesar' of one land may accept a 'slave' from another's land if the slave is seen as 'worthy' in some way, and is able to from his other 'Master' get away. Either way, the person is still a slave now bound over to the new 'set' of rules that have him equally enslaved to hard labour each day.

What the judiciary and their 'officers' need to see is, that in order to 'accomplish' the monetary extortion plan, the head 'cock of the roost' needed to employ a judiciary in the first instance so that he did not have to 'soil' his own hands.

It was also better for him to be 'free' to enjoy life, and leave the 'dirty work' to his 'judicial' slaves to whom he paid a 'mercenaries' wage to defile their own souls.

For what these 'judicial' employees of the 'State' (Caesar's System) do not see is that in order to accomplish their 'secondary' role of pecuniary extortion off the public that is above & beyond their 'peace keeping' role, they personally have to contravene the rules in the 'book of rules' that pertain to the 'Conduct of man' as stipulated by Caesar within these rules.

This is in relation to all the 'work' they do that pertains to Caesar's personal "collection plate" of honey that is only gained by the 'threat & coercion' of others, and by 'force of arms' by them the armed punitive 'force.'

For within the very 'book of rules' they use, is stated: "Thou shalt not rape, seize, steal, coerce, threaten, kidnap, abuse, punish, or 'hold' any person against their will, neither shalt thou them kill, and - - - if you see others doing these things then do not take the 'law' into your own hands, - - - Judge not lest ye be judged."

What the mercenary judge & police do not see is that these Code of Conduct Rules were raised up by the Dark Sovereign Power - GOD, who backs the Code of Conduct of his LIGHT that says "Only be loving & forgiving & merciful," and - - - HIS Law is 'unbroken' by any man for sure, even if they "think" that they are above IT** (The Law) due to 'someone' in the flesh having 'offered' them a mercenaries wage to falsely go about their way.

IT** (The law) - 'As you do is done unto you'

All men and I do have to comply with God and Caesar's guidance 'rules' that refer to the abuse of others, or 'suffer' the consequences from God. But no man has to comply with Caesar's dictates that stipulate compliance to the payment of fines, fees, or taxes, or royalties, or stamp duties, or licence fees etc.

These may appear 'justifiable,' but as they are forced upon man and coerced by threat of punishment and punishable, they are attempted extortion by the king, chief, politician, or their servants, or the 'Dictator of the land' who may be 'military,' and they all contravene the rules in the 'book of man' and God.

All 'these' people will now get to understand what I say when I say: "Any whom abuse any of God's children will now by GOD be made to cry."

I suggest that police and judiciary now uphold the peace of the land and leave "theft by servant" to the satanic band of men who employ them. The police and judiciary can now work for God and the community by peacefully assisting man, as is God's great plan.

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~ The Politicians ~

As for the 'politicians,' well as soon as they as me can work for naught but an 'offering' from the community welfare, then the sooner our God will set them free.

Bleak - bleak - and more bleak - is their present destiny,
for it is their "braying" voices that lead men into
and acts of savagery & bestiality.

"Revenue raising" is the name of the extortionist game today. All 'punishers' are aided by legislators who defy God as they justify not only high taxes on 'basics' such as fuel etc, but they also misuse the 'addiction' of 'alcohol & nicotine' addicts to extort money in their 'extravagantly' savage way.

This 'take' off the needy, as well as the 'taxing' fines imposed on the community shows God and all the extent to which man 'fell' away from the true path of understanding, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness, as well as his failure to comply to the Code of Conduct stipulated by God as the only SAFE conduct.

In the 'olden' days, punishment or the threat thereof was the coercive means whereby the 'Chief' or 'King' was able to extract produce from those he deemed as his 'subjects' by virtue of his 'force of arms,' and they through fear of 'redress' had to 'slave' in the fields so that he could wine and dine freely.

This carried through up to today, where the 'rules' established carry a punitive 'threat' for non-compliance. Thus the rules and the judiciary enable "theft by servant" to continue on.

These 'rules' have filtered through into the supposed 'rehabilitation' of offenders who offended God in their abuse of another person's person, and also used as a pecuniary extortion off the mentally disturbed. For no man 'offends' God unless he is mentally disturbed, as are all 'sinners.'

The 'fine & punishment' way must now cease, as all continuing that way will spiritually decease. Communities will 'raise up' positive Code of Conduct guidelines for 'Air - Sea - Land' users that will have NO 'attachments' demanding 'penalty' for default.

Any whom 'default' in God's eyes for defying HIS Code of Conduct will be bound by HIS Rule. Any whom defy God must by man only be counselled and aided by good deeds. The 'vindictive' way will cease as all 'wolves' are soon swept into the Abyss along with their 'wind & piss.'

As Caesar's men 'comply to' the rules within their 'own' Code and take people 'off the road,' the Dark Sovereign Power knows, and at that same moment the Dark Sovereign Power sees that they have defied the very rules within the rules, for there are rules within HIS 'book of rules' that HE inspired Caesar's legislators to write, in order to 'entrap' the greedy mercenary and all others.

It is also only due to the 'cunning' deception of the Dark Sovereign Power that 'seduces' ITS 'officers' into believing that they are somehow above their own 'book of rules,' that they then fall 'foul' of HIM for defying HIS Demand that all heed the Light 'Command.'

This HE does as HE 'swears' to destroy all the defiant ones, even those within HIS own 'command force.' HIS intent and power IS absolute and resolute. What more can I say to the 'deaf & blind' today?

page 11

~ The 'law' in ones own hands ~

The judiciary and police also need to see that when they say to the community: "Do not take the law into your own hands or you will become liable under the law," they seem to 'think' that they are above the law.

They also believe that as they are doing it (The punishing or extorting) on behalf of the public, that it is thus that they personally are above their own 'law' and God's.

But they see not that in fact both they and the community have now both taken the law into their own hands, due to the fact that 'as' they are the servants of the people, that the people are responsible for the actions of their servants in the eyes of God the Super Power.

So community 'members' of Caesar's 'Club' incur the Wrath of God even whilst they sleep for keeping their sisters and brothers locked up and suffering unspeakable trauma on their behalf.

None seeing that all 'impositions' by their 'officers' are spread throughout every 'Party member,' and thus they also incur a 'pain & suffering' karmic 'return due' for being a 'party to' iniquity, be it in ignorance or otherwise, for many members of the public are 'quick' to despise others perceived to be less wise than them, and they also demand that 'judges' impose a 'heavy' pen.

So 'happily & gleefully' has the Devil 'laughed' at simple man as HE 'fed them' insanity, and blinded them to HIS iniquity & vanity as HE led them all "up the garden path" so that HE could laugh at their misery that be and is now to be.

All police & judiciary in the 'course' of their present duty to Caesar are defying the rules of Caesar themselves through their own ignorance because they do believe that they are above the LAW of Caesar and God.

They are not, and as Caesar's 'officers' scheme and 'plot' to bring another down, the Dark Sovereign Power does heavily 'frown' and HE sets HIS 'invisible' officers from HIS 'lower' State into 'plotting' what they will do when the 'earthy' offenders fall below to become a 'victim' of their 'swatting' team.

If you do not believe in the 'after life' then that is sorrowful and sad, and if you believe that some 'other' saviour can 'repeal' the ONE Law of GOD then you have been deceived by ignorant 'priests' whom on earth plod.

If I have not told you once, I have told you a thousand times to heed ME, for only I can see the depth of the dark and ITS intent to destroy thee and thee and thee for your arrogance. I reiterate - -

The very moment a person uses 'force of arms' to accomplish their demand, it shows their God that 'this one' is one whom ahead the Dark Sovereign Power will reprimand, and - - - it also 'follows' that 'this one' is anti the Code of Conduct of God, and is a non peaceful person who is not 'of' the "State of HEAVEN."

The 'force of arms' stated above may be the 'placing' of a hand or 'finger' upon the other, and it may also be the 'mere' presence of an 'authoritative' one whom is 'known' as one whom will 'resort to' using force or the 'force' of his 'office' if his 'request or demand' is refused.

Let it here be seen and known that 'you' are known by your deed as to 'which' State or 'Club' you belong to. That is how GOD 'Judges' your personage. Thus it 'follows' that man should also so do.

Thus it follows that a peaceful man whom does not 'vote for' or 'comply with' the demands of Caesar is so doing because he is not a 'follower' of Caesar's 'System' of the day, and thus Caesar has no 'authority' over him in any way.

page 12

~ Legislators ~

Any legislator who legislates a 'rule' that demands that 'someone' pay another one 'something' prior to being able to freely go about their daily business, is ordaining a Dark Decree that is contra the Code of Conduct of the Light of God.

Any 'officers' of Caesar's Club who enforce such a decree is a dark 'operative' who is using his 'might' to enforce. This also is contra the Code of Conduct of the Sovereign Light and of the Dark Sovereign Power.

For the Dark Sovereign Power forbids any to steal HIS dark power, and thus any that so do receive their 'JUST' due for their arrogance. All negative 'power' is of the dark.

Give your soul a chance. For so 'long' has humanity been 'controlled' by vanity that they see not the depth of the 'spot' within which they now stand. All 'thinking' you are heading for the 'upper' Land, but in fact and in reality you all go the other way as on your knees for 'forgiveness of sin' you pray.

When a 'Judge' who is but a simple brother says to the other: "Go and prepare your defence," it is the proof to God that he the Judge is going to defy God and fight as he 'honourably' throws down his 'glove' saying: "Beware, the contestants 'ring' we soon share, and if I win then you lose, and then I can justifiably you ABUSE."

When the police & judiciary finally do wake up they will see the evil control they have placed upon God's children as they did God's lands patrol for the DARK, as HE used them to 'extort' money and place HIS punitive mark upon all. All will pall, for none are above HIS 'return dues' LAW.

It is not my 'concern' that Caesar and other vain men have surreptitiously set precedents. It is but for me to state for the Sovereign Power God that any person who imposes any demand upon another for any reason is 'attacking' MY Heavenly STATE and they are committing an Act of Treason against ME and their own soul.

For by this spiritually 'suicidal' act they consign their own soul into the 'keep' of the Dark Sovereign Power, the Devil, for only HE can so demand. Any who seek to make a 'strong case' against me or any other as they 'permit' the Devil to convince them, that what they do is right and 'just,' are by that very same dark force later thrust below. This I know, this I know.

All the worlds 'Systems' of the day are 'run' by gangs of ruthless men.

All Caesar's men and Caesar's flocks of God's children have all placed their own 'necks' under the guillotine blade which is now to FALL, and the unspeakable suffering & anguish will make all PALL.

Believe you me, NONE stand equal to, or above God's ONE sacred Law. You only ensure and 'insure' your 'fate' by being peaceful as me as you show God that you do not belong to Caesar or the Dark Sovereign Power but are of the heavenly CLUB.

God says: "Forget the 'prayers,' let ME see the loving DEEDS."

NOTE: From here on it is the Elders of each community to decide the salary to be paid to any community welfare workers. Not the workers themselves. No welfare 'worker' will have the authority to dictate their own 'terms & conditions' of employment or its monetary 'value.'

It will depend solely on the freely given donations received within the community chest from the community, and will thus be of a 'changeable' value. Only the True to God need 'offer' their services to the community, and they will as me be 'happy' to work for free if needs be.

page 13

~ Political & Judicial Crime ~

Due to our negative "karmic" dues "burden" increasing daily through our support of any dark System, there is a resultant never-ending increase of rules and requirements and penalties imposed upon the community by the political and judicial "sects," supposedly to protect us from thieves and murderers and other unconscionable offenders who might "try" to sell us "incorrect weight" goods etc.

Due also to the public demand for "protection" etc, all have become blinded to the reality that as a result of this imposition upon us by legislators, that not only are the "deals" we daily do costing us more, but the real "thief" getting away openly but "invisibly" with our hard earned cash is the very System that imposes the rules, as they fine or punish and extort great "sums" off defaulters via their Court "Rort."

Only the community can make positive change by halting their own personal demands for "protection" from or through the System, and by ignoring the legislated insanity of the day.

For the reality is, the more we support and fund our "own" protection via any system we are aiding darkness, and thus are by this very act operating contra to the Command of the God of Light & Love and thus are under God's Law thus doomed to suffer more.

The sooner we STOP supporting a punitive retaliatory system the sooner we become free of being imposed upon financially and painfully physically, and ONLY thus do we individually attain a restitution of sanity.

Only the "informed" and enlightened public can put a stop to the Legislative insanity of the day that encroaches via Federal & State & local Council.

Regrettably the role of the police has changed, from their "Oath" to uphold the peace by hauling in those who disturb God's peace, for they are themselves now disturbing the peace of God's children as they are being used more and more as "heavies" for the legislators as "collectors of money" from any who would "oppose" the unholy legislated acts.

The police Oath to uphold the peace is an Oath to serve peacefully, not a mandate to abuse people, by being complicit to theft by servant.

Any policeman who apprehends anyone who has not "actually or factually" disturbed the peace does himself disturb the peace.

What magistrates need to see is that someone somewhere lost the community "plot," as via his mind the Devil did seed a justifiable reason through greed to steal money off the community, and at the same time "convinced" the System's "enforcement workers" be they police or judges, that as they were "of" the System doing their duty, that they maintained immunity from God's Law because any punishment meted out was for the betterment of any whom did "errantly" on earth plod. So they falsely thought.

page 14

None seeing that the punitive "betterment" bit did not "sit" within the "ask" of Jesus to heed God's demand that man extend only "Peace and goodwill to all mankind."

For in order to comply, to an edict of that "somebody" man, now enshrined in the books of "Rules & regulations" that stipulate: "Any who comply not to this 'Act' or Statute must be punished by fine or imprisonment," the police enforcers and the magistrates themselves have to break their Oath to uphold peace, they also have to defy God's Command and themselves "disturb the peace" of the land and themselves then walk "hand in hand" with the Devil as the Devil planned as they enforce punishment.

For any whom defy God's "Only love & forgive" Command do "fall" under & into the Dark side of God's Law: "As you do is done unto you."

Thus too does the entire population or community have to "pay" on another day for the folly of the day, for they condoned the actions "of," and funded the wages of, the true errants in God's eyes, the magistrates you, and you.

Foolish is any man who disturbs the peace in order to fulfill the edicts of men. For every edict is but a "rule" laid down by someone, and who are "they" to demand conformity in the first instance, and who are they to impose any "default" fine or punishment? Do they think they have God's "Sovereign" power?

This very imposition is a "disturbance" of the Peace of God, for God is the applicator of rules and God has but one Rule, "As you do is done unto you."

For any "edict" that commands the use of force to either steal money off a defaulter to punish, or to incarcerate them as a punitive measure, is an edict contra God's Commandment to "Only love."

Man today has for so long walked the wrong way that he is probably unable or ill equipped mentally to absorb the truth.

Once we have illumination then we must shatter the "illusion" that kept us spell-bound for so long. This is done by changing all outward and inward "signs" of that illusion and thus no longer being its "captive" and also thus showing others how to break free from its unseen "insanity."

The illusion being the false belief that any political system is "beneficent," it is not, for it cannot give without first stealing.

page 15

The illusion also being that supporting a Dark punitive, retributive system somehow annuls God's Law. It does not, and by our support of it we do suffer more under God's law.

The Judiciary and its "force" that is the benefactor of the Dark today must try and also see this or they will be lost below forever and a day.

Please now change your "Robes" from black to white and having seen the Light only "apprehend" defaulters in God's eyes and commend them to be educated.

The Devil would have "us" all believe that it is "Just & honorable" to punish offenders for God. It is not. For when we the "children" of God carry out any act that is contra the "Only love" Command we are working for the Devil who is the retributionary force for the Source.

So as we work for IT the Dark in defiance of the Holy Command of the Light, IT the Dark snares our souls and IT then punishes us ITSELF in IT'S realms below where all "Offenders in God's eyes" do go.

For under the one Law of God, "As you do is done unto you," it is "we" whom in our use of Darkness who then give IT the authority to give us IT'S painful smack back.

So our "whole" System that has existed for so long is itself built on "sand" and will now collapse as "rubble" as God on high "pricks the bubble." Hell is the 'spiritual' Jail wherein all suffer and quail.

Please do your very best to see what I say before the last "sane" day. For all now must "pay" for iniquitous folly of any past support of any "punitive" System, for its "servers" are or were in our "pay."

By all means give community support to your fellow mankind and needed welfare, but to be true to oneself one must walk apart from man's Systems and man's religions and just be at Peace with God.

Note: Police & Judiciary are being used to 'permit' politicians to continue their 'theft by servant' off the community as the politicians 'grant' themselves more and more funds to raise up more and more departments to interfere in the daily lives of others.

page 16

~ Totalitarian despots ~

The supposedly democratic governments of the 'West' are self-proven to be Totalitarian, and equally as undemocratic as any other System of rule on earth since time began.

The 'reason' for this is now exposed by me as being the Totalitarian 'Authority' of the Dark Sovereign Power that has been and yet is the 'Mastermind' behind every 'Regime' and 'power broker,' be they political, royal, or plain 'obvious' dictatorial.

Most of you 'swallow' the 'bait' of the smiles and wiles and promises of politicians, who themselves are 'beguiled' by the Dark Sovereign Power and HIS powerful feelings of vanity and 'Ego' saying - - - "I AM a great one - - - I can guide you - - - you do need me too - - - thus you should vote for me - - - for I can protect thee - - - and I can and will set you free from poverty."

These are the delusions that 'TRAP' them and you, and as you are 'forced' to elevate them and to give them power over you, there is naught much you can do.

However, as I AM now HERE to again show you all the way, I can but hope you all come my way. For if you cannot, then ahead you shed an eternal tear.

Note: Politicians are 'armchair' assassins as are you and you, who all sit at home as your 'forces' do the dirty work for you as you all 'relax' and watch television and wine and dine. Yes, as this you do, the 'System's heavy dark 'forces' invade the homes of others and destroy others lives when they are ordered to so do. All this 'funded' by you.

The Court Prosecutors you and you do a 'fine' job as you 'dob in' the offender to the 'High Court' when they have been 'snitched' by the Judas Police. Just remember, our God too is 'JUST,' and into your 'face' will ahead the same 'broom handle' punishment judgement thrust.

You are so 'powerful' and so used to dominating the supposed 'weak,' that you believe that you are 'somehow' invincible. Your invisible 'backer' is but not you, and HE now says: "All you arrogant idiots are now going to learn what I do, for MY 'business' is to abuse and destroy all whom with the lives of MY children interfere and them burn."

page 17

~ Political delusion ~

The reality that man needs to see is his entrapment to falsity. Being that the Devil through man's vanity did empower man with some if its insanity, being its 'belief' that it owns everything on this land.

So the 'ruling class' members within any 'Caesar' Club believe that they have a 'right & just' claim over the air - sea - land and all flora and fauna and 'man' living on it.

They also believe that they have the divine 'righteous' right to regulate & control & interfere in the lives of all mankind, and to punish any that comply not with their decrees.

This all 'stems' from the feelings of power 'gained' once they have been 'elected' by the voter whom by that 'act' is seen by them to have 'somehow' sold their own divine right to the elected one or the 'System.'

This is FALSE, and as I live on the land mass called Australia, I will give its 'Caesar Club' as an example;

The prime 'minister' of the ruling political 'Party' is simply that. He is merely the very temporary 'head man' of the local Caesar 'Club.' He is not the Prime Minister of Australia, for he does not 'own' it nor its flora & fauna, nor its civilian population, nor the seas around it nor the fish within the sea. This is all owned by GOD.

If 'he' or any other 'tall poppy' believe differently to the 'dove' of God then that 'supposition' is his deluded mania. He is simply the head of a Club that exists amongst the many other 'clubs,' be they the Yacht club, the Football' club, or the Bowls club.

Certainly the 'Howard' Club have their club house situated on a very 'prominent' hill called 'Capitol' hill, but it does not mean that their 'position' is either honourable or of integrity.

It is a 'pity' that they do believe that their 'judiciary' and serving policing officers own you and me, and also it is a pity that you and you believe that they do! They do so believe merely because they can control you using the Devil's Might, the 'force of arms' program that is contra the LIGHT.

Due to their 'power' and feelings of 'total control' and 'total security' for their own 'privileged' position, they quite happily extend their own expansionist needs by taxing and fining the populace more and more, and adding to the punishment of any whom do not 'confer' to their decrees.

And what about their 'pen men,' being their judiciary upon whom they rely on to enforce their ungodly decrees. Yes, every department raised up as a 'service provider' has its own provision of 'punitive' rules to be complied with and 'dependent on' the 'support' of the judiciary.

page 18

The judiciary 'jealously' guards their position of absolute authority, but I 'wonder' if they have ever 'questioned' their supposedly honorable role? Have they ever asked themselves if the very rules they 'uphold' are within the Code of Conduct of God?

Have they ever questioned the fact that in order to uphold these statutes that they themselves have to contravene some 'other' rule in their own book of rules?

Have they ever asked themselves why they 'swear' an Oath upon a bible to uphold these 'rules' of man's law that contravene the very Commandment in the bible to "Only be loving & merciful & forgiving in all you do"?

Are the police and judiciary so 'blinded' by their feelings of righteousness that they see not the 'ugly' damage they do as they interfere with others lives and cause untold misery and suffering?

Are they so 'blind' that when they say to the 'errant' one: "Its you at fault, you deserve to go into the vault," that they are being defiant of God's ask to "Be merciful" to others who are as mentally disturbed as they are if they are disturbing the peace?

Can the judiciary not see that if they disturb the peace of a known peaceful man who is going about his God given business, that there is error in their 'job' and within their rulebook?

Can none see that in my 'book' any person who 'accosts' me with threat of punishment for non compliance to an extortionists 'try' is a thief, and I do not have to comply. It is only that as I am a counsellor true that I try and help them see through their own error and lost way, for I do also see God and know God and know that God and God's Law exists.

The police and judiciary and army needs see that in God's eyes their present 'role' is one in which they are accomplices to extortion, murder, theft by servant, destruction of property & businesses, and untold misery imposed through their vanity and false righteousness.

They also need to ask themselves: "What would I 'like' to do to someone who robbed, raped, or killed or abused my most precious 'darling' child?

Let it here be known that God the Father who is abhorrent of any 'crime' against HIS children is now to show you and all what HE is to now do to the untrue, most 'likely' more than you can think of. Very, very 'foolish' are any whom add to their already accrued DUE.

It matters not 'who' is the head of any 'club' or official department. It is the Dark Sovereign Power that RULES Australia under ITS 'flag' of darkness that are the RULES contained within the unholy 'book of rules.'

page 19

It is the 'books of rules' within the various federal & state & local departments that show the world and God the 'way' of this NATION and every other nation on earth, for it is the RULES that show the world the CONTROL over any whom seek to make this 'place' their destination. What an 'abyss-mal' malevolent State to reside in.

I say that I can 'defy' the unholy book of rules and not 'cry,' and I say to you; "Even if you do cry, please try and disobey any rule that is contra God's Code of Conduct, for if you cannot, then you place your own soul in an even more 'controlled' spot in the afterlife."

So if any 'rule' in the 'book of rules' says that you can be, or must be 'impolite' in your 'dealings' with others, and that you can 'steal' or coerce or force or fight, then for sure you should burn this 'dark' flag that is 'disguised' as Royal Blue by not letting its 'power' drag you down.

You don't burn it literally, only 'figuratively' by peacefully going your way each day as my 'Star prayer' you say knowing that God says: "Do it for ME today."

Note: "Political error." - Is where long ago and now also, "wise" elders grouped together once elected to "serve" and due to the feelings of 'power & control' generated through their inner greed, this emotion drove them the 'errant' way as they began to 'prey' on the community they were elected to serve.

Over time and more time it became 'easier' to control & manipulate & regulate and 'steal,' for that 'way' has a powerful 'appeal,' and as these 'lowly' elders had an 'armed force' under their control, it was directed away from its original peace keeping role into a political 'coercive' force to enforce payment of taxes & levies & licence fees etc that brought all to their knees.

"Ownership of" and "Masters of" and - - - "They are but our slaves to be used" were the thoughts that infused their 'weak' minds and souls, and "Now they must all for their iniquity pay" our God via my hand does say.

All these politicians of the day will soon 'hear' what God has to say individually to them for their past, and I suggest that you all take a good 'look' in the mirror each day before you set out on the days work.

For any of you whom have this read will surely know that your 'way' is full of dread already, for that is what your deeds have 'impressed' upon the souls of others. So I 'suggest' that you bless your minds with wisdom and begin to be better 'folk' and obey your God.

For you all do 'certainly' sell your souls into slavery and bondage to the Dark Sovereign Power when you uphold ITS punitive and extortionist ways that take place through your own hands and the ruling hands of your political 'superiors' whom support its way by legislation.

A political organisation is simply that, a group of people who have formed a 'Club,' and if they assume that their organisation has 'some' sort of divine right to seize control of the sea and land and hold all persons therein hostage to their demands, and if they believe that they can use 'force' to maintain their control without having to 'front up' to God, then they are totally deluded and they will see the coming 'invasion' of the 'dawn patrol' within their own minds for being so foolish and blind.

My 'Club' is called the STATE of Heaven, comprising of people who do believe in God, and thus they do walk peacefully and they never support darkness and thus never use 'force of arms.'

I say that MY 'State' party stands above and beyond all other 'groups,' and I welcome any from other 'organisations' to join MY Club. This they do by being peaceful and thus true to the God of Light. They do not need to 'sign up' or vote 'for' or do anything other than heed God's Holy Word.

page 20

~ Service Providers ~
Interference & Control

The 'Club' of Caesar is so manipulated by the invisible Dark Sovereign Power that neither its 'officers' in the various departments nor the 'flocks' of members they regulate can see the deep reality.

Being, that all the 'official' departments that are 'raised up' in the guise of Service Providers, are in fact themselves the 'punitive' means for the invisible Dark Sovereign Power to interfere with & control the populace in all their daily business.

For within the 'codes' of each and every department are 'rules' established that 'permit' the department 'officers' to defy their God and to 'righteously' & 'legitimately' extract licence fees through issue of 'permits' as well as to seize property in default, and to fine and imprison.

So every 'facet' of the human endeavor is now totally controlled and interfered with by people all 'justified' in their seemingly 'virtuous & honourable' roles of; "It's for your own good, and - - - as you have elected us to serve you - - - and as you pay our wage to look after your interests - - - you will just have to comply to us or suffer the consequence."

None seeing the 'raw' reality that the 'Mastermind' behind the 'Caesar' style 'force of arms' Club is the Devil who has deceived all with HIS 'stories tall' and as all rely on 'force of arms' or, support the use of 'force of arms,' all succumbed to the seductive dark that had and yet has the intent of making all suffer.

The 'Caesar' Club is but a giant 'Corporation' that is now well established as 'normal' in every land, and its base is the 'book of rules' of the various departments as well as the police and army armed controlling forces that maintain adherence to the rules by the ignorant masses.

The 'political' Party that comes into being via elections is merely the 'tool' used to legitimise and validate the 'use of' the rules and the 'use of' dark policing forces that berate us.

It is up to me to give all men enough wisdom so that they can see their error, be they simple you or the mercenary taking a false wage as they 'police' you for the invisible Dark Sovereign Power.

Certainly all 'punishment' received by any is a 'JUST' due for past spiritual error, but what none see is the invisible 'accrue' of more sorrowful due by either being the policing force officers doing what they do, or being the public who support and fund their atrocities that the invisible Dark Sovereign Power sees as untrue, and thus needing a return due too.

All 'spiral' down and all do later frown as all have to suffer the same fate suffered by those whom are punished, or forced to 'pay up' licence fees etc.

Try and see that no 'government' or agency owns the land or air or sea, and they certainly do not own thee, nor do they have any 'legitimate' right to control & enslave you, nor to force you to become a 'party' to their iniquity.

Note: It's time for all true Service Providers to only operate in a caring, educative & advisory aid basis, and in no way 'entertain' any punitive services within their departments. All interfering & controlling rules are to be abolished.

Any 'punitive' officer who believes that their 'role' is honourable and that it is justifiable to walk outside the Code of Conduct of God in their line of duty is deluded & deceived and very, very foolish, for all do pay for any 'errant' way as 'perceived' by God, not man.

The end result of any controlling & punitive system is that every person on the land is forced into 'carrying' a 'book of rules' as a reference so that they can refer to its 'rules' before they even speak or do anything, in case they 'err' and contravene a rule and are then thrust into the 'stir' by an informant who tells 'Caesar's' officers of the day.

For these 'officers' search the rule book to see if they can find a rule to suit them, so that their vindictive emotions can run and over-spill onto you.

There are very few 'Christians' such as me who willingly enter the lions den. Most would become 'as Caesar' and use 'greater force of arms' to overthrow their opponent and then become the new 'Caesar of the day.'

It is the greed of our 'elders' (politicians) that has 'unleashed' the coming HELL on earth.

page 21

~ Counsel & Lawyers ~

There are many 'hawks' and solicitous 'wolves' who only enter the 'debate' foray due to the 'silver coin' they can steal along the way. These 'jackals' need to see that the Lion King does their iniquities see.

For too long have they carried the 'Lance' for king and queen and poor man and rich man who themselves 'forgot' the 'truth and forgiveness' plan. Yes, all did 'span' each other as they fought for sister against brother and father against daughter, inflicting terrible slaughter on their 'laughing hyena' way, as they 'creamed off' much pay.

Then the wounded they left lying in the ditch to be impoverished more by landlords and others who continued to wield the 'switch' upon the 'newly wed' to being 'poor.'

None of these 'strong fools' could see that their every move was seen by ME their loving God in the skies as well as their 'fate' that does them now eternally despise.

Yea verily they will see the 'other side,' as with contempt I cast their cries far and wide as they 'debate' with ME the Sovereign Dark Power that used them so easily.

Foolish proud men who all used their power as men unwise as they felt naught at their 'enemies' cries of 'mercy.' All they could see was the weekly 'fee' note that they 'struck' with their pan of gold, and as was foretold they would needs be 'bold' for selling their souls to the Devil.

For their 'adjudicators' way below do not know the words forgiveness or mercy and their words are terse and cold and covered with 'mould,' for they have been in use for so very long and they have heard not the 'love one another' song for an eternity or two. Yes they await many of you.

I 'suggest' that before you there 'go' that you now learn the correct 'weight' and way to go so that as you 'plea' silently you can remember me and know that HE the ultimate Judge will only set you free if you as me do not fight back, and are prepared to 'suffer' all due flack.

From now on if there is any 'dispute' then call in good men or women who with their good counsel will give not 'sell' their guidance to you and you. Yes you may them pay 'something' on the day you are satisfied that they tried very hard to 'convince' you of 'something.'

page 22

They will not demand any fee but may advise 'how much' they would like to receive from thee, or in advance tell all that their counsel of the day is for free, as has been mine to you for eternity.

Settle all 'dispute' with good intent
Not with minds already 'bent.'

You may 'employ' an adjudicator to 'plea' on your behalf and use an 'arbitrator' to give support from his 'wise' staff, but his 'decision' is only to be one met with 'derision' or thanks, and none of the 'contenders' are to force, punish, or imprison. Let the truly wise speak 'for' their not so learned friends. No more 'court' action.

Many a magistrate and 'solicitor' will 'wonder' why God does them berate, for it was unseen by them how many a 'spark' of light & hope they did extinguish as they passed their 'vote' against being forgiving and merciful to those others in ignorance living.

Yes they dutifully worked for their 'pay' from '10 - 3' and then had a cup of tea before going home to wife and family. Seeing not the misery set into motion by their deed of the day.

Maybe 'soon' many of you will begin to understand why I say: "Never work for the 'underhand of God,' for IT is a very 'devilish' force and is known 'as' the DEVIL, being the 'alias' given by man for the Dark Sovereign Super Power."

The 'reason' that I now reveal this is to help you to see 'something,' being that it is only the Dark Sovereign Power that is absolutely 'JUST,' giving out 'thrust for thrust' under HIS one Law, but HIS 'men' below and HIS dark energy is totally deceitful and IT the 'energy' you cannot 'trust.'

For IT deceives you into 'justifiably & honourably' being ITS force 'true' that is entitled to do what IT does through you, and 'yes,' the recipient does deserve what they 'get,' but you were by IT 'swerved' away from the true path and as you heeded ITS 'lie' it is you now to suffer equally and for a time 'die.'

Let every politician and us all now individually within us pass a 'motion' of :

"Devotion to God"

And then all change our 'way' today and become peace loving citizens, as we 'abide in' and 'adhere to' God's Code of Conduct requirement of "Peace & respect unto all" in the foreknowledge that none can 'break' God's Law, nor 'avoid' being 'subjected to' God's LAW that is immutable for SURE.

page 23

~ The 'funding' decree ~

Let it here be known what our God does say:

"All men are free to 'busily' do what they can to assist the elevation of humanity. Any endeavor needing community funding shall no longer be on the basis of any demanded taxes or other demanded 'levy.'

There will no longer be any fine or punishment imposed upon any.
There will no longer be any Federal or State or Local taxes imposed upon any.

Any funds needed to maintain or develop community 'efforts,' be they schools or hospitals or roads or communications or other can either be done privately through 'joint' goodwill, or using the local community 'Notice Board' funds can be asked for.

This way all community endeavors will be donated by the free giving of each, and I your God will teach you how to give so that your children happier live.

No community 'efforts' will be owned by 'share' holders and used as monetary gain. All public utilities will from hereon be 'run' on a 'cost' basis overseen by ME your God.

There will no longer be any 'definite' welfare aid, for Systems will collapse as via insanity all 'known' systems go into relapse. Certainly the 'poor' can ask their local community welfare or their neighbour for a 'hand out' which they may or may not get.

But for sure, any whom it demand as their 'right' will now fall into the dark night. It will be 'better' to starve than demand free pay. All men will now see the resulting terror brought on by 'error' of thinking that was based on 'silt' & guilt & fear & vanity.

Soon I your God will wash away all insanity and peace and goodwill will prevail on earth as it (earth) will now be 'governed' by the good who will control none, for the true way will soon by all be understood.

No more 'dark power' taking and a mess making. It will be people power in the free giving to all in each community. As there will be no take, there will be more to give, for all 'sane' are happy to help others happier live. There will also be many 'free' helping hands"

Let all true men now stand UP and sup of my 'cup' of love
for I am HE God's dove.

page 24

~ Road ownership ~

The Jurisdiction of God extends to all public roads. The road 'System' was built by public funds over time and are thus the 'common' property of the public, in that all are permitted to 'share' in this accrued wealth that has arisen due to public contribution over time and time.

No man or 'System' owns any part of any public highway, and no man or System has the God given Right to use this public asset for the purpose of monetary 'extortion' off the community, nor for the purpose of punishing the community.

God's requirement of road users is simply that they travel on it in such a manner that they show God that they are 'compliant to' God's directive. Being that they maintain their conduct within God's Code of conduct as stated within this document.

Man's requirement of road users is to be "confined" to elevating a Road Code that is educational and advisory only. So that all 'learn' the reasons for E.g. The need for driving on a particular side of the road, and 'why' it is advisable to wear a seat belt, and to observe the speed limiting signs etc.

Drivers must be told' that God's ONE immutable Law applies at all times, even on the road, and thus any 'harm' caused to another will receive a karmic "comeback" from God to that person at some other time.

Jurisdiction of man and the legitimacy of man's court over road users are to be "limited" solely to the detainment of real offenders. Being those whom offend God through their 'dangerous' or offensive or disrespectful conduct whilst driving that in some way either does or may disturb the peace of the land.

It is not for man to punish any whom defy God's Code of conduct whilst they are drivers. Any whom are "seen" to so do must be "called in" by the community Peace Corps to receive good counsel as per the "Offender Seminar" and then released.

All present road "Rules" that are monetarily "extortionist" or controlling or punitive will be "burnt" and thus abolished in the very near future. It is not for any to demand that others must do 'aught' nor are any required to take out insurance cover on behalf of others if they do not wish to.

Authority of man in God's Court is "such," that any person brought forward to stand "trial" is to be but man by man being "tested" to see whether they require the attention of good counsel to assist in their mental rehabilitation.

page 25

~ Public protection ~

The public and the 'System' need to see that when 'leaning on Caesar' they all incur greater suffering that none do see and none are yet aware of.

God says: "Lean on ME, and 'simply' loving & caring & forgiving be. For only this way do 'I' see, will you ahead one day become 'of' suffering free."

For when you 'rely' on satanic 'charm' and lean on 'another's' strong arm, then for you he does the enemy kill, and that 'debt' comes back to you 'overspill.'

By all means call on the 'Peace Corps' for help and counsel after you have been 'attacked,' but do not rely on any 'army' with guns backed.

And if you know of 'another' whom would destroy you, then tell me or a Carer and on your behalf they will be true and tell the other to care for themselves by not abusing you or any other.

Any of you 'public' who 'arm' and fight, will accrue great pain and probably 'disappear' below into the eternal dark night.

Seek very deep - all are soon to weep
I can only set you free if my truth and light you did see.


page 26

~ Submission to humanity ~

This Statement is for those who can “clearly” see the difference between “man” and me. IF our God is JUST there would never be “cause” to “fine or imprison” anyone who by “default” in man’s eyes fell “undone.” God would not permit it.

Therefore it “follows” that for me to be imprisoned by man by virtue of transgressing an “Act” or regulation of man at which “time” I was not walking “outside” of God’s “loving” plan, - - - then it follows that I am being “taxed” by fine or incarceration for some past transgression of GOD’S Holy Word, and thus am paying my “due” to God for “that” past day.

Therefore it “follows” that man is unknowingly being used by the “Reaper of God” the “Dark one” to mete out this “divine” justice. Thus it follows that the magistrates and judges are themselves a “party” to “darkness in action” as they at “this” judgmental moment pass “sentence.”

Thus it follows that all acts or regulations of man are but a “device” set into motion by the darkness as a “means” to extort Its due in the guise of “fellowship true.”

Thus it follows that if I have any past spiritual debt to pay, then I will be “incarcerated” on a certain day when for no “default,” ignorant man by his own “acts” feels justified to so do.

It is time to only educate. All who regulate or berate or incarcerate are a part of the “Reaping force”** and thus divorce their own souls from God, and it is God to balance the scales of infinite justice and extort “every drop of blood” from those untrue, be it “pain or money or freedom.”

Note: “Reaping force”** - The "Adjuster" for God.

Can any of you understand what I say to you? Prepare now, for all have erred in the eyes of God and all will now face their past, either in spiritual realms when they “die,” or on this earthly sod.

Individually must you all prepare
for as you daily “do” you set your own “snare.”

The “worse” in God’s eyes the deed
the bigger becomes the “web” you seed.

The web is woven by the “spider of God”
“Reaper,” whose “bite” is deadlier than any serpent on this sod.

For IT can cause pain eternally to “fall” on you
so please now try hard to become true.

Note: I am not 'afraid' to 'front up' to God, are you? For if you are, it is because you have not been following my 'star,' and you have been 'disturbing the peace' and God 'awaits' to give you your 'payback' and spiritual release.

page 27

~ The 'beastly' System ~

The reason why I have no number plates on my automobile and no other 'form' of licensing registration is to show 'others' including State highwaymen that I am not 'registered' with their 'beastly' System.

The 'fundamental principles' of your 'System' being its 'Constitution,' are in my opinion barbaric and ungodly, thus I neither vote for it, fund it, support it, nor condone its merciless, punitive & 'warring' & murderous ways against humanity, as it's way is totally in 'opposition' to God's Code of Conduct; "Walk in peace, and love and respect all, and be compassionate and merciful and forgiving."

The only reason I 'appear' in Court is to expose the Judiciary to my defence, this is so that 'judicious' judges can benefit from God's submission to humanity that flowed via my pen, and then make a personally informed decision as to their future deeds.

I shall personally continue on my way with my automobile only 'inscribed' with my web site URL showing all that I have 'registered' my vote for God as the head of my 'house.'

The 'assumption' by the judiciary that every mortal abiding on the land are subjects of their King or State Institution and thus within the jurisdiction of their Court is false.

This assumption has been the 'belief' of man for so long that all men have become enslaved to the falsity of this belief and enslaved themselves to it.

For not only did the community 'flock' so believe and thus give in to the demands imposed upon them by 'officers' of the 'Club,' being the governing body raised up by men, but the serving officers of said Club also so believed, and thus imposed their 'will' punitively upon any whom walked the land.

All this control being a negative imposition by some men upon other men, and all contravening the Command of God who said "All men are free to follow their own conscience and just walk in peace as Commanded by Me."

I personally am not a 'member' of your State Club, thus I am 'above' and 'beyond' the jurisdiction of your 'court,' and your serving police or other officers have no jurisdiction over me or my ways.

Your 'serving' officers have arrested me due to believing falsely that I am a 'part of' their State Institution, and falsely due to believing that I have committed an offence.

I have committed no offence in God's eyes, but have 'merely' contravened edicts imposed by the vain upon others, and in the first instance, this imposition does not apply to me, and I can but hope that for your sake you can so see, for I only needs walk my road in peace as commanded by God, as should you.

page 28

I 'show' clearly that I am not a 'party' member of your Club by driving an automobile that is 'free' of your numbering system, thus the original number plates were removed from it on date of purchase by me and my own registration number was placed thereon, being my web site URL.

This 'mark' showing your highwaymen that I was not one of 'you' or them. The mere fact that they are 'drowning' spiritually and blinded by arrogant power due to their 'armed' and forceful position, and 'thus' capacity to seize, kidnap, control, and punish, does not mean that their actions are right in the eyes of God or man, for even man should be able to see that people who are not a 'part' of their Club should not be interfered with.

As said, you assume that your 'Institution' owns the sea and land and flora and fauna and the very roads, I say that it the 'System' or 'Club' does not, for all is owned by God and for the use of all spirits whom in the 'flesh' plod on this earth for a time.

However, if you and others join 'hands' as a 'group' and wish to legislate rules that members must conform with, then that is your free choice to so do, but do not assume that I or other 'free' men must also comply with your 'Club' rules.

Majority 'rule' or agreement vote only applies to members of your Institution, and if you believe that you have the jurisdiction 'legally' in God's eyes to make me conform or grieve, then that is your error.

As I am 'he' the awaited Messiah I do have deep inner sight, and I also am inspired to write by our living God who seeks to set you free from your iniquity. Thus my attendance here today is but to say that I 'contest' your actions in every way for they are evil and spiritually suicidal for you.

For you believe that a mere mandate by man to 'judge' and punish is a righteous act in God's eyes, and I say that is error, and you daily incur great debt to the God of 'terror' whose 'Hounds of the Baskerville's' are now unleashed to mete out divine retribution upon all whom defy our God.

I am he God's dove and thus I seek to assist thee to clearer see, and thus set me free from the 'control' over me by State police who are equally blind and thus to themselves unkind.

For no mere mandate by man stands 'above' God's Judicial plan that is 'Just' and Justice, in that all 'Reap what they Sow,' good for good given, pain and suffering to those whom impose pain and suffering.

I do sincerely believe that the State Institution that you 'work' for has rules of 'engagement' that are extortionist, intrusive, controlling & punitive, and thus 'of' the Devil, thus I walk as an 'independent' person with God as my guide and God's Code of Conduct as my daily 'way' as I go peacefully, respecting all men.

Thus as said, I am not 'of' it your Institution and thus beyond the jurisdiction of your Court. It is my 'democratic' and divine right to walk with God as my counsel and guide. I say that all men whom 'stride' outside God's Code of Conduct as given by me will soon abide in Hell for eternity.

I hereby now submit my entire 200 page defence submission to the court of man to assist you the 'judge' of the day to arrive at your 'finding' as to whether in your opinion I am to walk free or be bound by thee. I can but 'trust' that you do have the decency to read all seeded by our God who is my good counsel, before you place your judgment 'mark' upon me.

page 29

~ Worthy in God's eyes ~

"Am I worthy in God's eyes, or do I 'fail' because I 'errants' despise"?

This is the 'question' I ask as I do you teach, for if you do not comply with God's commandment to "Be only loving and merciful and forgiving and walk in peace each day," then the Code of Conduct stipulated by God you breach.

Every 'offender' or 'simpleton' who is less than merciful and punishes others, or is a 'party to' the punishment process carried out by 'man,' is an offender in God's eyes, and is unworthy and very unwise.

Yes you all do work for the Dark Sovereign Power who forcefully controls thee mentally, and 'justifies' the way you be. This reality you needs try and see.

For HE too is the Source, but what you see not is that it is HE who also divorces you from HIS Light and HIS sight when HE decides that your 'worth' in HIS sight is no longer needed.

This 'moment' HE decides due to the fact that you have 'seeded' enough of HIS darkness to ensure that HE can bring you fully to account for your arrogance and 'karma' that did 'amount' to the point that when HIS Law is brought to your 'door,' that your 'misery' will TOTAL be.

Children, the 'ring' of power, being the authority vested upon you by 'ignorant' man is false, and as you see, it permits you to be an offensive criminal as you 'legally' kidnap people off the street and place them in the 'keep' of the lion's den.

If you are so 'vain' that my 'counsel' you cannot see, then yes, you are too 'insane' to be aided by me, and I leave you to our God to bind you, or set you free.

I wish you well, and can but trust that my Light did break the 'spell' binding you and that you can now put down your 'arms' and show God and man your loving charms.

page 30

~ The ONE Law of God ~

God's LAW is only ONE: Being the Just "return" to you for your deeds or "endeavors." Be they good or bad, positive or negative, 'of' God's Light energy or 'of' God's Dark energy.

God's LAW stands above the law of man and is invisible, inviolable, eternal and is as honourable as it is simple. Being:

"What you do (expressed out) - is done unto you (received back)."


Good for good - bad for bad.

Love & forgiveness given to man - love & forgiveness received from man.
Hatred & suffering imposed on man - hatred & suffering received from man.

"As you Sow - so shall ye Reap"

These pages are a part of my submission to the Court of the day who in some way seek recompense from a man for a man who heard not that God did say that:

"Forgiveness is the only way."

The law of man is the 'punishment' factor used to 'coerce' people into submission to the rules raised up by other men in the past and the present. Men who believed falsely that the use of force gave them a divine right to so do (extortion, coercion, punishment). Thus man's 'law' is the use of 'force of arms,' namely the gun.

When man chooses to heed God's Command to walk in peace and be loving and respectful, there is no 'coercion' needed to so do. When man defies God's Command and uses darkness in his forceful or punitive actions, he invokes the Dark aspect of God's ONE Law - - - "An eye for an eye," and it is God the Dark Sovereign Power who uses force to enforce payback.

Any person or 'official' either using force, or 'implementing' it, or punishment, is a 'dark' operative working unknowingly for the invisible Dark Sovereign Power, and thus they become an 'enemy' of the Dark 'retributive' aspect of God, and it is God to enforce HIS Law against them, either in the 'afterlife' or via any ignorant or vain in the flesh, be it man or woman. This 'abuser' then in turn becomes God's 'enemy' to be punished for their arrogance and defiance of God.

None stand 'above' the Law of God.

page 31

~ Dark energy & Light energy ~
Usage & effects

The Decree

Dark Energy usage and 'causal' effect under God's One Law

Those who imposed
Those who rebuked
Those who controlled
Those who despised
Those who stole
Those who deceive
Those who criticise
Those who regulate
Those who punish
Those who intrude
Those who fight
Those who tax
Those who destroy
Those who cannot forgive
- are imposed upon
- are rebuked
- are controlled
- are despised
- are stolen from
- are deceived
- are criticised
- are regulated
- are punished
- are intruded upon
- are fought
- are taxed
- are destroyed
- become bound

If you continue to 'bestow' the above - to Hell you go.
If you are in the above category then you need to quickly change your 'way.'

Light Energy usage and 'causal' effect under God's One Law

The givers
The lovers
The merciful
The compassionate
The caring
The respectful
The givers of good counsel
Those who forgive
Those who are peaceful
- receive
- receive love
- receive mercy
- receive compassion
- receive care
- receive respect
- receive good counsel
- become free
- attain eternal peace

If you 'bestow' the above - to Heaven you go

Let it be understood that each person stands in God's sight both day and night, and that each is 'subjected to' God's One Law for sure. Thus God says: "Go your way in peace and only extend goodwill unto all, for only this way are you 'safe' within MY Law."

For if you find any 'justification' to be unkind and thus are intrusive, disrespectful, or abusive in any way, it is our God to take you into 'account' and in God's lower 'halls of power' your sorrows will mount.

Try and see the reality. Being that whatever 'light or dark' or 'good or evil' or 'positive or negative' energy action flows to others via you, will by God be sent back unto you.

We are God's energy in action, and God's energy is true unto itself. Thus it gives and returns an equal and opposite flow through your personal spiritual river.

If you extend 'peace & light & love & share & care,' then the 'returning' flow coming your way is 'peace & light & love & share & care,' and only thus does God share HIS heavenly 'space' with the TRUE.

If you extend the 'opposing' dark retributive flow of darkness and pain, then you are to be sent below where the same upon you will HE bestow. Try and see or 'conceive' that God being both the Light and the Dark, has within ITS dark side the total opposite to the Creative light, thus the dark has an 'interest' to destroy you if you any 'evil' deploy. You cannot 'hide' from God.

Your choice to go down or be lifted UP.


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