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~ The 'Judgment' Papers ~

God's Law in man's Court

As written by Terence the Christ spirit

My 'Statement by submission' to the Court of Tasmania and every Court of man.
In the following document the word 'Caesar' represents ''The State Government' for the magistrates so use Caesar's name.

Note: This document is written to assist men of the police, prosecution, judiciary, jailers and others to gain an insight and understanding of the 'under-handing' of their ways that are in contravention of:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God that stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

It is elevated here so that seekers of truth and salvation can reprogram their minds and make amends to the Creator before it is too late.  There are many references to 'acts/rules' or regulations of man, and it needs to be understood that NO 'ruling' of man nullifies or 'voids' the administration by God of His Single immutable Law :

"As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you."

It follows that all the suffering imposed upon God's children by politicians or emperors or their merciless enforcers becomes a spiritual due to be met by them and you if you fund their ways, for they are in contravention of God's primary ruling command.

The use of force to subjugate the people of the land has gone on for so long that everyone now 'bows' in submission to that erroneous way, and king's and other 'heads of State' forgot God's 'way' of saying: "Please may I have some of your money to support me and my men and my community services to you if you have any spare and you are in need of my services," and instead it changed to: "Pay up or else my men using force of arms will persecute you, punish you, seize your assets, and banish you from your home."

Foolish politicians raised up decrees that they said were 'The Law' and, they then told their 'enforcers' that by these 'rules' they were 'licensed' to defy God and to be cruel, merciless avengers with the sovereign right to put in the 'boot' to anyone that refused to bow to their 'rulings' and to injure or kill them if so required to maintain their control.

People in 'power' today in every 'office' are like spoilt 'brats' who now believe that they can have or do anything they wish to and are prepared to use force to attain it. I trust that my words will assist some of them and you to see 'reason,' so that you never again interfere in the lives of God's children, nor tax them, nor punish them. 


This first section is directed to the Magistrate 'Peter' Wilson who is the 'one' appointed by God to be the 'example' for all of thee.  This document 'example' arose as the result of my refusing to annually validate my driving certificate of competency by the payment of an annual sum of money $ 10 approximate. For I do not believe that 'Caesar' and his forces have the right to tax every endeavour of man, neither does 'Caesar' (The State) own the land, roads, flora, fauna, nor the rivers or sea and the fish therein.  

The consequence of my action was that I was persecuted and jailed, and was thus able to show mankind and the judiciary their error in the eyes of God and the consequences to the judiciary and, to all those in the community that fund and support persecution and punishment in defiance of their God.

This paper is to show you to what extent the 'State' will go in order to 'coerce' you into paying 'tax' levies.  For if I did in fact owe Caesar a $15 debt, then God would expect me to pay Caesar $ 15.  However, my refusal to pay Caesar money that I did not owe him resulted in 'Caesar's' magistrate forbidding me to drive on the highway. (disqualification)  It was my defiance of this 'act' that incensed the 'rules' of Caesar and his magistrate then jailed me. 

This 'paper' is a document that fulfils God's requirement of me in bringing you the individual of any "station" or "walk" in life the necessary information to enable you to see the error of your present way in respect of your "relationship" with other children of God, be they good or bad, happy or sad. Be you 'common' man, police or judiciary or other. This paper is to assist 'fallen' man to raise his consciousness, for that is God's great plan.

Due to the depth of revelation in this document it is necessary to read the entire content in order to understand the deep Truth that has remained 'hidden' from man's sight for aeons of time, and to again see the necessity to reinstate God's Plan for humanity, that can only be accomplished individually when each 'accepts' God's 'Code of Conduct' standard that is given herein by me.

This 'Paper' is the FINAL Judgment of man by God via me, and is the final fulfilment of age old prophecy. Do you believe in God? If not, then I can but hope that in reading this document, that it will instil 'something' upon your psyche to assist you on your road ahead. For truly we do make our own spiritual 'bed.'

This 'paper is based upon a 'simple' matter in order that even the 'simple' minded can its reality see. But it applies to every 'default' carrying a punitive penalty, be it rape or murder, or but the tax collector stealing taxes off thee, or 'Caesar' demanding a levy by licence fee off thee, merely because he 'thinks' it is his due in 'thinking' that he has some sort of 'divine' ownership of your flesh and soul.

This the 'Judgment papers' document reveals how a 'part' biblical text enabled Caesar and all subsequent governing 'bodies' to assume falsely that they had a Divine Right to 'Rule' other men and punish them in direct defiance of God's Command, and at the same time they believed falsely that they were 'equal to' or 'above' the ONE Law of God and the Code of Conduct of God as herein revealed.

This paper reveals God's Judgment upon all men, be they the civilian - judicial - ministerial or political. It is I the returned Messiah to set the 'record' straight, and to all believers elevate. I present this my 'defence,' not to defend me, but to help you to defend yourself against the Dark Sovereign Power soon judging thee, whomsoever you be.

Ultimately, these 'Papers' will assist you to see your 'present' destiny, and whether you are 'of' the Sovereign Light of Heaven, or 'of' the Sovereign Dark of Hell. It is 'I' to foretell what is now to be, so that you all have a last 'opportunity' to change the 'colour' of your dark cloak to one of bright Light.

As it is I the 'ultimate' Judge, it matters not whether I am bound or free,
for what I say, will so BE.

I now say: Peter, by the time you have finished reading the whole document you will all realise the depth of your error and of your evil ways, and you will see how the Sovereignty of God makes all for their folly pay. The deeds of the Judiciary and common man are 'judged' daily by God even though of this fact you may be unaware.

I list below the content of all sections (218 pages) of 'The Judgement Papers' as given by God through my pen to save all of thee, for God did say: "Judge not lest ye be judged," and I see it is again the time when I am 'hunted' by vain arrogant man as their 'sport.'


Table of contents

Section - 1 - (26 p.)
God's law in man's Court

Defence papers introduction - The two Witnesses - Defence continues - God speaks to Caesar - Render unto Caesar & God - The 'coin' of God - The Land 'holder' & owner - The consenting Vote - False belief v/s truth - High Treason - Magisterial Request - The spiritual debt to Caesar & God - My religious belief - Questions to the Prosecutor - Plea for the soul of man - Notes to police officer

Section - 2 - (26 p.)
God's law in man's Court

The 'defence' submission - Police & Judiciary employment contract - False presumption - God's Law - God's Code of Conduct for all - God's Pendulum - Man's Law - Deeds honourable - Deception and lies - The Scales of Justice - The Wise - The Deceiver - The 'Caesar' Club - The Court of Caesar - The double edged Sword

Section - 3 - (28 p.)
God's law in man's Court

God the Super Power - The duality of God - The Role of God - The Dark Sovereign intruder - Defence against Sovereignty - The Sovereign power of a nation - Sovereign Power - The 'death' game - The carrier of the gun - The Alien Race - Caesar - Judas - God's retributive power - unholy divine right - The energy of God - Man 'playing' God - The false Constitution - The Constitution Preamble - War 'Lords' - Kenya's 'classic' Preamble - The filthy 'motion'

Section - 4 - (22 p.)
God's law in man's Court

The Great I AM - Possessions & possession - The Dark Sovereign Power in action - Force of arms - False worship - Complicity & duplicity -The Wrathful emotions - The Role of Honour call - The criminal & the decree - Punishment - A Pilgrim's progress - God's Mercy - Civil rights - Rehabilitation of prisoners - The 'house of horrors' - Protectionism - The coat of many colours

Section - 5 - (31 p.)
Executive Summary of God's Law in man's Court

The Summary - Revenge or Justice - The 'impartial' Judge - The 'mercenary' Judge - The Politicians - The 'law' in ones own hands - The Legislators - Political & Judicial crime - Political delusion - Service providers - Counsel & solicitors - Totalitarian despots - The 'funding' Decree - Road ownership - Public protection - Submission to humanity - The 'beastly' System - Worthy in God's eyes - God's One Law - God's energy flow

Section 6 - (28 p.)
God's Judgment of Treason in man's Court

The Judgment of God upon Peter the man - Plea for the soul of Peter - Notes & deliberations - The Last Vision - The 'happy' jailbird - The Magistrate - Police Commissioner - Inspector Lieutier - Court Prosecutor - Certainty - The 'death' road - Passing 'Dark' or 'Light' Judgment - The Truth on Treason - Sacred Duty

Section 7 - (29 p.)
The Messiah's 'Letters from Prison' - 1 - 29

 The ‘caged’ man - Prisoner service unit - Looking out - God given right - Held hostage - Institutional crime - The beast - The ‘beast’ vision - System of man - Human convicts - The Examiner - Corrective services - The ultimate betrayal - The ultimate truth - The sad community - Letter to Africa - The ‘numbered’ criminal - The tattoo - Prisoner unrest - Slave camp - The ‘screws’ - The ‘arrest’ decree - Sadness - Sickness in the land - Radio TTT Hobart - Prisoner privileges - Incriminate - Caesar’s men - Warlords v/s Citizens -

Section 8 - (28 p.)
The Messiah's 'Letters from Prison' - 30 - 57

Pain & savagery - The ‘Spirit’ sadness - Twix Hell & Heaven - Social Security - Camp Commandant - Hell’s Camp - Hell’s angels - The outpost - Citizen’s expectations - The ‘trap’ - Secession - The ‘assumption’ of man - The controllers - The interference business - Prisoner perspective - Crime prevention principles - Evil & Good - Authority of God - Obedience to God - The 'cleft' stick - Final community choice - Commissioner of Police - Charlie Mikaleffe - Coming karma - Footnotes - Supreme Court 'Appeal' - God's Final Decree


Section - 1 -

Page 1

These are my words spoken to Mr. Wilson, Magistrate to the Court of the 'System' of man (Caesar).

Mr. Wilson, the actual 'offence' for which I am to be judged is; whether or not I disobeyed an Edict of 'Caesar' (The State), being a 'rule' contained within Caesar's 'book of rules' commanded by Caesar as being his 'Code of Conduct' to be adhered to by all his 'Subjects.'

The fact that I as a person did not comply to his requirements of his 'subjects' is not in dispute. My 'defence' Statement to his Court is that as I am not one of Caesar's subjects 'in the FIRST instance,' that it follows that I do not have to obey his edicts, nor do I have to defend myself in his Court.

For as I am not one of his subjects, it follows that his officers and his Court have no jurisdiction over me.

However, if you believe that you do have jurisdiction over me, and the Right to arrest and 'Try' me merely by virtue of the fact that you were able to bring me before you by using force of arms, - - - - then you are saying to God that a 'home invader' had the Right to invade by virtue of the fact that he was able to invade by using force of arms.

You are also then stating to God and man that a murderer had the Right to kill merely by virtue of the fact that he was able to kill by using force of arms. People and Caesar believe that the use of force entitles them to do whatever they wish to.


I will endeavor to show this Court the truth of what I say, so that those wise within do not err before God, and for their folly then have to pay.

I shall prove to this Court and all men before God that I am not one of Caesar's subjects, nor one of his 'possessions or objects,' and thus I am beyond the jurisdiction of this Court of Caesar.

I submit my 'Papers' so that you can decide whether or not I should be standing in front of you to be 'tried' in this Court of Caesar or not, and whether I am who I say I AM, and thus it is you whom should be heeding me.


I would remind the learned Judge that when last we met that you sent me away saying: "Go and prepare your defence."

I also remind the learned judge that on the same day when I entered 'No plea,' to the charges laid upon me, that you took it upon yourself to enter a "Not guilty" plea on my behalf, thus indicating to God and me that you also took it upon yourself to at that moment Judge me: "Not guilty until proven otherwise."

As your judgment of the day and what I have to say publicly to the whole world is of extreme importance, I have endeavored to do as you asked, and have asked our God to guide my pen, so that there is no stone left unturned, and no shadow of doubt in the mind of any 'listener' as to my reasoning, or to my guilt or innocence in the eyes of God and man.

I have thus written many pages of truth with God's inspiration that I will submit as God's Testimony to the Court via my pen, but intend to only read out the first 14 pages of the document found within these 'Judgement' papers.

Page 2

You may then wish to judge me on this 'brief introduction' or you may wish to defer judgement until another day, when you have had the time to read all and deliberate on what via my pen our God did say to you and all via me telepathically.

I do believe that you are doing an honourable punitive 'task' for the retributive & punitive aspect of God, but I also believe that our God of Love would have it that you hear me out, for only thus do I believe that ahead your soul will 'shout' with joy that I was able to convince you, with God's guidance via my pen that I AM HE the ONE, who has the capacity to show you and all 'something' that will set us both free, as well as those who presently 'serve' thee.

Mr. Wilson, as Magistrate of this Court of 'Caesar' appointed to judge me and my conduct before God today I say: I am not here today to show 'disrespect' to the Police, Judiciary, or Caesar, I am here to firstly reveal the Mystery of God, being that God is all, and to give a clearer 'picture' as to that implication in the lives of common man.

And by this revelation set free all men bound and enslaved to the dark, be they common man, the Judiciary, or Caesar. I am also defending the right of man to follow the Command of God to simply "Go your way in peace."

This case is to do with the 'fiscal' demand of one 'Caesar' from a person (me) assumed by Caesar as being his 'subject,' and who in Caesar's eyes is a slave, and thus being one who must comply with any 'extortionist' legislated 'Edict' proclaimed by Caesar, and punishable in Caesar's Court for any non-compliance, in accordance with the 'rules' laid out by Caesar in his 'book of rules.'

I am not 'flaunting' my disregard of Caesar's rules, I say that Caesar is flaunting his disregard of God and God's Code of Conduct, and that as I believe in God, that I cannot comply with Caesar's demands of me.

Thus I "travel" openly on the road as "reported" by the Police (Judas) to the Magistrate (Caesar) in order to "show" the Police, the Magistrate and you the 'listener' the error of the way of the day, so that "change" to the Positive can begin. For it is I to reveal the nature of God and the nature of Sin, and "how" each of you do your last journey 'lose' or win.

There are a 'number' of reasons why I believe that I am "entitled" to travel on public highways without complying to the presently "standing" Legislated requirements and demands of man's "Road Rules."

Namely, a rule that requires me to pay an annual $10 to 'Caesar' to revalidate my drivers Certificate of Competence 'note,' that in my mind was always valid from the day of its 'issue,' without having to pay 'someone' an annual fiscal levy to maintain its validity.


Firstly, in this "defence," my "papers" merely question the authority of man in man's Court to "adjudicate" in this or any matter over me as I am not a member of Caesar's System, and I am thus beyond his jurisdiction and the jurisdiction of his Court and other officers. The 'why' I believe this is given within these papers to assist the Court to its final conclusion.

I also "claim" higher than "common" Diplomatic immunity, due to my being a visiting plenipotentiary from a far distant land namely Heaven, from whence my spirit has come in order to enlighten mankind and elevate their consciousness.

It is my "claimed" right to walk or drive anywhere without 'let or hindrance' from any other, as long as I comply with God's Code of Conduct: "Do not disturb the peace." I "claim" the right to follow this higher Authority with ITS conduct 'Code & Rule' given within this document.

Page 3

Secondly, I "question" the authority of any man or System of man to have the "Right" to claim sole ownership of such roads that would entitle them to enact rules to "govern" road usage by others, for in my "opinion" the road belongs solely to God and is made freely available by God to all men.


Thirdly, I "question" the authority of any man or System of man to "raise up" a Court in defiance of God's express Command: "Judge not lest ye be judged," in order to "try" any person for the express purpose of enforcing monetary and other compliance demands upon them, and for the secondary purpose of fine and imprisonment of God's children if they do not comply.


Due to my 'difference' of belief, I cannot either fund or support, nor be a 'party' to, any punitive warring System that itself uses 'terror tactics' to enslave and subdue its own members that it perceives as its enemies if they are non compliant to it.

The System of 'Caesar' is proven unto itself as one of threat & violence, and thus it is in direct 'opposition' to my belief of Pacifism. Hence I am not a member of the Caesar 'Club.'


If I was supportive of Caesar, then via his rules he would compel me to support him in his disobedience to God's Code of Conduct command, and by this very act I would destroy my own soul, and - - - by supporting his negative and punitive action, I would then have then placed my own body, mind, and soul into the 'jurisdiction' of, and into the punitive 'hands' of, the Dark Sovereign Power who is self-empowered to punish all whom defy the Code of Conduct of ITS Light that says: "Do not disturb the peace."

It 'follows,' that as you are HIS 'Judge, enforcer & punisher,' and that as by my only 'positive and peaceful' deed, I show HIM 'God' the wielder of retributive justice towards those that disturb HIS peace, that I am not in HIS 'jurisdiction,' thus it also then 'follows' that I am not within yours either.

It is thus my 'contention' that I am free to deny 'access' by Caesar into any disturbing of the peace 'partnership' with me, and that all can see that I do not belong to 'he' Caesar as I am only a man of peace.


In order to "raise" these 'questions' into the Light for examination to aid you and all humanity, I was and yet am prepared to be the "lamb to be slaughtered" once more, and I place my "soul" and trust in God, that God will do what God will do, and I firmly believe that no "man" will be "able" to impose his "Will or demands" upon me in any way if that is "contra" the Will of God today.


It is God to Judge the final decision over each man in their 'chosen' role or way or deed. Be they Caesar, me, or any other. Caesar can demand or reprimand, I cannot, and I solely follow the "peaceful" way of the Light of God.

I am a citizen of the landmass named 'Tasmania,' that is adjacent to the landmass named 'Australia,' and I 'owe' and give my allegiance to the God of Light whom I behold in my sight as the ONE true God that stands above man's "mania" of 'Nationhood.' I also 'thus' stand 'apart' from any 'System' of man as I now see that that 'way' has a different belief to mine.

Mr. Wilson, as you and Magistrate Szramka both refer to the biblical quote "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's," I assume that you imply that the authority vested in your 'office' is similar to that of Caesar, and - - - that as Jesus the man was purported to have spoken those words, - - - that these words gave Caesar, and now somehow give you the earthly representative of the "Caesar of the day," - - - the authority and clear mandate to ''govern & regulate & judge & punish" every person on the land within your 'jurisdiction,' being that area that he took by force of arms off others, and you now 'possess & control' by 'force of arms.'

Page 4

I do believe that the above 'assumption' of any personal Divine Authority if any is incorrect, and as you and other men refer to Caesar, it is now I to state my case using Caesar and Judas in order to keep the matter 'clear' for any spirit souls listening, for there are multitudes of invisible spirits from the 'Caesar' days in attendance today that are only seen by me, and they await to 'hear' my submission and the response given by thee.

They are 'yes' called here by my mind, using the 'Power of God' vested by God upon me the Spirit from eternity. For it is my wisdom to also set them free.


I would also add, that Caesar's "watchers" being the Judas police force who are his 'eyes' have already stepped out of bounds, for their mandate given by Caesar does not extend to them being the judge & jury &executioner, and it is a fact that the police were unwise, and not only did they kidnap me off the street, but they took me to a 'dungeon' and before my eyes said to the key holder: "Lock him up."

So I have already been judged and punished by Caesars 'men' as a criminal, before being later taken manacled as a common thief to stand trial before Caesar's Court, all this because his arrogant men could not await to see your judgment upon me on the appointed day today.

As said, we all here present stand before our personal God of the day, whom both await to hear what we all have to say. Yes, the Light of God and the Dark retributive Power, both await to see what decision is made over me by the one mandated by Caesar to judge me.

The Dark Sovereign Power did already see the judgment placed upon me by Caesars "police force," and thus they already did divorce their own souls a little further from the light for their vindictive manner when they disturbed my peace and used the 'threat' of force to take me away from my freedom of the road on that day.

This transpired due to their belief that if I do not comply to the belief of their paymaster 'boss' Caesar, then for my folly I must pay. The 'belief' of Caesar being; that he and his 'System' have control over and jurisdiction over me. As said, it is now for me to show you whether that belief is true or false, so that you can come to your own personally informed decision.

As you are a man empowered by Caesar the man, to judge and punish, or to 'set free,' I but ask that you grant me the time to state my case fully, for it is I the one who has placed his 'head' on the chopping block to assist thee and all humanity.

I do not say that I am above the rules of man or Caesar, I merely state that they do not apply to me, for I only follow the Code of Conduct Statute Commanded and given by our Supreme Sovereign God, the Source of all.

In order for me to show clearly that I am outside Caesar's jurisdiction it is necessary for me to first call two witnesses, one to attest to my sanity & sincerity, the other to attest to my nature & sincerity. I call my first witness.

Page 5

~ Questions to witnesses ~

Witness 1 - For the assessment of the 'sanity & sincerity' of the defendant.
Call: Clemencia Barnes - Accredited in behavioral studies.

Mrs. Barnes, as I am stating to the world that I am the awaited Messiah, and as this claim is either fact or the deluded fantasy of an insane man, and as an insane man should not be tried and punished due to being of 'unsound mind,' it is to the benefit of this court for you to attest to my sanity or otherwise.

I refer to your reported qualifications as given to me, namely:

BA in Behavioral Studies - BSW in Therapeutic Studies
MBTI - Personality Type Assessment Accreditation
Diploma of Education - Consultant in Education
Registered Clinical Family Therapist.

Spiritual counsellor in the area of "spirit possession" over the Psyche of man, an understanding that includes the spiritual causes for the 'voices' in the minds of the mentally disturbed and that can drive men to be less than respectful to themselves and others.

The list goes on:

Please state to this Court if these accreditation's are correct - 'Yes' or 'No.'

Answer: The above is true and correct.

It is stated by you that for over 25 years you have been practising in various departments that include working for:

The Victorian Education Department -
The Mental Health Authority of Tasmania -
The University of Tasmania school of Nursing -
The Department of Social Services, Health & Community Services -

And that you work with people in emotional crisis, with:

Individuals - couples - families - Public & Private sector - Juvenile Correction Services - Community Welfare - Police Department - Professional groups such as the RACGP - the Law Institute of Tasmania - and Family Law Court practitioner.

Is that correct? - - - I have called upon you as you have been able to 'study' me due to having known me and my work for over seven years, I ask:

1 - As you have examined my teachings and observed the manner in which I counsel the mentally disturbed, and the 'ease' at which I can dispossess possessing spirits, is there any doubt in your mind as to the clarity, validity and truth contained in my teachings that are free on air to the world via the internet on my web site < > ?

Answer: The fact that I have chosen to write a "Treatise" on what you have written is testament both to my understanding of your writings and to my belief in the Truth of what you write.

2 - Is it a fact that some years ago you took it upon yourself to arrange an 45 minute interview called 'The last Hour.' Being and interview between a Catholic Priest, a Melbourne Barrister, a Turkish Doctor and myself, which was chaired by you?

Answer: Yes. I took it upon myself to try and make what you had written available to as many people as possible.

3 - Is it a fact that during that meeting I stated that though named Terence, that within my flesh was the same spirit soul that last walked this earth in the flesh of the man called Jesus?

Answer: Yes and this had a great impact on me because you were, at a human level, making no claims to be anything other than a man whilst acknowledging that on the spirit/soul level you were in fact God's messenger.

4 - Is it a fact that at the end of that interview that you took it entirely upon yourself to declare your belief that I was in fact the Messiah by stating that "You believed my claims," implying that in your considered opinion I am of very sound mind, and clear reason, and guided by our God, rather than by some other deluded spirit being?

Answer: Yes. The way in which you separated any importance to yourself as simply a man (showing no delusions of grandeur) from the obvious importance of what your spirit as God's messenger had to say clarifies what you mean when you say you are the Messiah.

For centuries people have confused the concept of Messiah with "a claim to God-ship," having imposed this role on the historical Jesus. You clearly set God well above the man.

5 - Is it a fact that the psychiatric fraternity has failed in their Suicide prevention Strategy, and that using my teachings and your personal inspiration, that you have over the last few years been able to raise up a fresh "Mental Health Carer's Manual" that gives the real cause of 'Minds Under Siege' from demonic thoughts, that is now free on line to the world on your personal web site

Answer: Yes. That I wrote it has little significance but that others may learn what I have learnt by reading my understanding of your teachings is important to me.

6 - Finally, is there any doubt to your 'assessment' as to my sanity or insanity, if there is no doubt, then please so state to the court by saying either:

"In my opinion this man Terence is sane." - or -
"In my opinion this man Terence is insane and should not be on trial."

Answer: In my opinion this man Terence is sane. I would go so far as to say that if more of us were as sane as he is our minds and hearts would reconnect to our spirit and the 'insanity' we have heaped upon ourselves through greed and arrogance would halt more quickly.

Page 6

Witness 2 - For the assessment of the 'nature & sincerity' of the defendant.
Call: Inspector Fiona Lieutier - Tasmania Police

Inspector - Magistrate Wilson always tells me that I must - - - 'Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's,' - - presumably he refers to any licence fee tax, seeing not that it is he who 'renders unto Caesar' his servitude and services as he for money defies God and denies his own entry into the land of milk and honey, and enslaves his own soul to the turmoil in the wastelands below in the afterlife.

I need to somehow show him with your assistance that I personally do 'Render unto God that which is God's,' - being - "Obedience to God's Holy Word," - being - "Never bear false witness against another, and never inflict pain or punishment upon another sister or brother, and never disturb their peace, and be forgiving and merciful and 'turn the other cheek' if hounded by the less than meek."

1 - Inspector Lieutier, as you are 'Caesar's' station commander of the day at this his St. Helens 'outpost,' and having jurisdiction over the area within which I reside, I ask: "Have you ever heard of me having disturbed the peace of the land, or having ever raised my hand against any other person"?

2 - As a police officer, can you tell the Court how 'victims' usually react when they are abused by others.

Do they run to the police seeking protection?
Do they forgive their abuser or do they get angry?
Do they run to the judiciary and seek recompense?
Do they expect their abuser to be punished for their offensive ways?

You are aware are you not that I have been 'hounded' by people namely your 'force' on many an occasion, and have been abducted off the street and from my home by them, and I have been spoken to and warned and threatened that my person would suffer punishment, and I have also been 'judged' by your force and thrown into a cell at their request of the prison officers before having been 'judged' as guilty by your Court. I ask,

1 - As the result of this, have I ever become 'disturbed' and responded negatively to you or your men"?

2 - Have I always remained respectful and positive and reached out with my counsel true in an effort to assist you?

3 - Are you then able to attest to this court that I am a man of peace who abides in the Code of Conduct of "Do not disturb the peace" as given by the one whom I state is the Supreme Commander God who stands above Caesar?

4 - Are you able to attest to this court that the only reason that you and your officers detain me is because you are paid a wage by Caesar to uphold the rules within Caesar's 'Code of Conduct' book?

5 - Are you able to attest to this court that to the best of your knowledge, I am doing my best to change the role of Caesar's punitive system to one of educative rehabilitation of offenders in my personal attempts to elevate the consciousness of all mankind?

Page 7

Principal Defence continues

I ask you all and God: "Is it enough - - That just because the System of man being the 'elected' Government of the day believes that IT (the system) has the sole 'ownership' of said roads - - - that I or others have to comply to their 'Rules, edicts, and demands"?

"The answer to the above is NO," says our God.
"For no one man nor any 'System' own common public ground."

I ask you all and God: "Is it enough - - That just because ITS employees believe that they on behalf of IT - - - have the 'Right' to legislate 'compliance' requirements to be adhered to by other men, - - - that I or others have to comply to their 'Rules, edicts, and demands"?

"The answer to the above is NO," says our God. "It is not enough, for no man is mandated by Me your God of Light to tax others, nor to enforce the ways of others."

I ask you all and God: "Is it wise - - To continue to use an obviously 'flawed' system, known to be unjust in so many instances even by your own 'Club' code, when its rules so flagrantly breach the Code of Conduct as given by God?

"The answer to the above is NO," says our God. "It is not wise, for My 'Dark' side despises all whom breach MY Code, and their eternal road becomes a very burdensome and painful load to bear unbearably."

I ask you all and God: Is it "enough" as a "defence against your charges"? For me to state: "Magistrate Wilson, as I am the 'holder' of another different 'Belief' to yours, and - - - thus did not 'Vote' for any man to 'run' your System, and - - - neither do I support the 'ways' of your System, and - - - that I am thus not a part of your System, and - - - thus I am not 'governed' by your officials, and - - - I am not 'ruled' by your rules or laws, thus - - - ITS (The System's) 'Court' over which you preside has no jurisdiction over me, for I am not a member of your 'Party or Club or Belief or System."

"The answer to the above is YES" says our God. "It is a defence, for no man is a 'slave' to another unless he seeks to so be."

Page 8

~ God speaks to Caesar ~

Our God spoke to me to let me know that my submission to the Court needed to be to the depth that God required, that would enable the planetary Judiciary to see their present error reference man's perceived 'coin' debt to Caesar, as well as the error in their presumed jurisdiction over all men.

Thus I write much and trust that what IT says will enlighten you and all, for the Light of God (Mother) is merciful, and via me She seeks to bring all men to mental freedom before God (Father) is to mercilessly deploy HIS retributive forces on earth via the mind of those arrogant ones that HE disturbs mentally for their past errant ways.

I do not owe Caesar any 'coin' just because he says I do. I did not ask Caesar to 'run' my affairs for me and thus did not 'tender' for his services, and thus owe him naught. If Caesar believes that he is owed a debt for any reason, be it true or false, then what would God the LIGHT say to Caesar? God would say:

"Caesar my son, it is not for you to be My 'Judge' lest I judge you similarly on another day. Let the man go free with mercy & forgiveness as I your God Command thee, and I your God will judge the guilt or innocence of the one who stands before thee."

My personal belief is that I owe no man anything, and neither do I comply to man for I am not a slave. I believe God and comply to God's ask of me to follow and abide in God's Code of Conduct. (Walk in peace).

I have not offended God, and if I am 'punished,' then in God's eyes Caesar is guilty of TREASON, and God will punish him at a later season. For I have not disturbed the peace, and it is treasonable to wage war against the peaceful.

I now state: "Am I guilty in God's eyes or Caesar's for having a different belief to yours or Caesar's."? No, I am not. For if a man is not free to follow his God and simply peaceful be, then there is 'error,' and I say that any man who causes another pain or terror because he is vain, and demands that the other comply to his belief, then I say: "His belief is error."

And ahead, it is the 'demander' to suffer grief at the hands of the Dark Sovereign Power whom ITSELF was the one to deceive the vain one, and who gave him 'licence' to defy the Light so that IT could drag his errant soul down to be tortured for its arrogance in the endless night.

Page 9

~ Render unto Caesar and God ~

Many magistrates use the words "Render unto Caesar his due," as their justification for demanding that I adhere to Caesar's "laments" for 'coin' by licence fee.

Thus today, God has told me that I can now 'release' the remainder of the text in the words spoken by me 2000 years ago, that were not "recorded" by biblical scribes because Caesar told them that if they did, that he Caesar the all powerful would place them in the Lions den on 'Sunday' to be eaten alive.

As they feared Caesar, they 'adulterated'** the text so that Caesar was then "able" to maintain his "grip" on God's children unto today. The relevant 'passage' of which I speak is now revealed to you and the world.

The full text spoken by Jesus the man to another man as he held a coin of the State upon which was seen the 'embossing' of Caesar's head is now given. He said: "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and - - - render unto God that which is God's" and it continued: - - - "If you have a debt of 'coin' owing to Caesar, similarly to a debt owed to any other due to you having borrowed some 'coins' off him, then to discharge your obligation to Caesar and God, you must return the 'coins' on the due date, and - - -

As God has given you life, God Commands you to return HIS due which is to be true to HIS Code of Conduct Command by being peaceful & respectful in all you do.

Any who fail 'Caesar' can lose their flesh or cry, but - - - any whom fail their God do spiritually die, and for eternity their soul does cry, and - - - there is a deeper implication that I will reveal unto thee all when I return in the flesh on a soon coming day to see who did their freedom earn.

For as no man can dutifully and honestly or correctly record what I do say, then on that coming day it is I to personally wield God's sacred pen and by pen record the TRUTH of God at that time, for you cannot understand it today.

Thus I will speak it before the last day of Judgement so that the TRUTH is seen by God to have been 'placed' upon your plate and table by ME personally. So until that day I command you to walk in peace and be forgiving and compassionate and merciful unto all whom you meet, and do not work for, nor support Caesar, for he defies the God of Light whom inspires me."

That is what was spoken by God via my spirit then as is now again given unto you by God through my spirit today. Spirit is eternal spirit, the 'flesh' falls 'away.'

Even the biblically recorded 'shortened' text does not mean that one owed Caesar 'ought' just because he and his men live in a 'fantasy' daydream.

This also applies to today, wherein the simply spiritually uneducated power brokers are held spell-bound by delusions of grandeur and self-importance that are 'invoked' in their minds by the spell-binding power of The Dark Sovereign Power that is soon to all 'tall poppies' deflower.

I do not 'owe' any coins to the System of the day just because IT does so say, unless I did said coins borrow on a prior day. Thus all taxes imposed are extortion in action as they are demanded under threat of 'fine or death.'

I also firmly believe that I can walk in peace without having to comply to the demands of any other man. For God is God, and man is man. I would certainly tell you that you were not complying to God's 'ask' if you erred in my sight, but would not tell you that I would punish you if you did not comply to me.

Note: 'adulterated'** - Man wrested the scriptures unto his own destruction.
Note: There is a spiritual due accrued and thus 'owed' to Caesar due to Caesar being the 'collector of spiritual dues' for and on behalf of the Dark Sovereign Power. Read it below.

Page 10

It is also my belief that a civil man who does go his way peacefully, and whom is known by his community members as a helpful, caring counsellor to the mentally disturbed, should be able to go into his local town or any other town without being abducted off the street, or 'accosted' by others who are an invading force who obviously do belong to another man's 'Club' or 'Army,' because they do disturb the peace.

They are also 'armed' and heavy handedly make demands upon people whom they 'deem' as criminally lower than their 'Standard,' and thus they show their lack of respect and disdain of their own God as they 'Impose, dispose, threaten, seize, steal, enforce, punish, incarcerate,' and in some circumstances kill the 'flesh' of someone in a total 'flaunting' of their disregard of God's forbidden Code of Conduct: "Thou shalt not steal, or abuse, or kill any other."

I do not belong to any 'Group,' be it Caesar's or any other that contravenes MY God's "Rules of engagement" Code to be complied with when in the presence of any of HIS other children of any 'Belief.'

The Rules of engagement saying: Be peaceful - respectful - courteous - kind, etc.


It is my belief that if any other man has been taught by his father or forefathers, or by any other person, that he is 'entitled' to in any way intrude into the affairs of others and be rude for any reason, then he has been 'sinfully' deceived, and I believe that his 'way' is error, and I believe that he needs be told by me of his error, so that he can avoid accruing a penalty under the One Law of our God.


I also believe and know that I am 'permitted by God' to live my life my way, rather than be imposed upon by some 'mentally disturbed idiot'** who believes falsely that his 'way' is better for me, and thus he assumes that he is entitled to force me into compliance.

Note: 'mentally disturbed idiot'** - Being any man of any station or standing who through vanity or pride allowed themselves to become: "A person liable to be punished by the Dark Sovereign Power of God due to their ignorance or arrogance which permitted their mind to become 'possessed' and their 'reason' influenced by the Deceiver to the point where they believed that they had a divine right to control the lives of other men, and that they themselves were above or beyond the long arm of God's one immutable Law."

They became 'liable' the moment that they instigated a 'move' that was contra the Command of their Creator to: "Only walk within the boundaries of MY 'Code of Conduct,' that stipulates that you must only walk in peace and be loving to your enemy and be merciful and forgiving unto him. On no 'account' must you disturb the peace of the land, or you will by ME be deemed an 'idiot' and an 'offender,' and you 'deliver' your own soul 'up' to MY punishment as I fulfill MY one Law."

"As you do is done unto you."

Only a mentally disturbed person would place their own soul in such jeopardy, being one in which they consign themselves to eternal purgatory due to their inability to 'reason,' and their inability to see the difference between being 'peaceful,' and disturbing the peace, in their own actions each day.


I reiterate, I cannot be a party to a System that itself sends out a 'policing force' to disturb the peace of a peaceful man (me) when this act of TREASON against God's HOLY STATE is itself contra the "Uphold the peace of the Land" Command of GOD.

My God is a higher power than Caesar or Judas the man who treasonably plans to 'devour' me as he destroys his own soul.

Page 11

~ The 'coin' of God ~

The 'coin' of God is the energy 'due' for any energy expressed by you, be it true or untrue, and this applies also to ones 'just' return for any 'labouring' that men do. For there is a due one needs to pay, whenever we use others to work for us, or when we work and earn our pay.

So this 'pay' is not Caesar's coin that causes pain in stomach or groin for non-return. It is simply the energy 'spent' by others or us so why the 'fuss'?

For if 'another' did ought for us do, then to be true to them and God, our return due is equal 'time and energy' spent, and only when returned do we not repent.

So the 'coin' due to God and man is merely the 'repayment plan,' and as said, as Caesar and his 'official' men are not 'contracted' by me to work for me by decree of my 'pen,' then I owe them naught and any demand by them from me is false in God's eyes, having a bleak destiny.

For before I 'return' coins or 'energy,' I have to 'contract' someone to work for me, and as this I did not do, then it should show the reality to you that I owe Caesar naught in this 'land,' and any demanded 'due' by you for services rendered is lower 'sleight of hand' backed by force, and from God's land you surely yourself divorce.

So if I did not give a 'Contract of Employment' note to you or Caesar, then you have no 'jurisdiction' over the daily deeds done by me. I hope this fact you can see, for any use of force to punish me under your 'Code' of conduct rules & regulations is wrong, especially if you use force to do this wrong that is unwise and unjust in God's eyes.

As it is only an 'insane' man who would 'Contract' another to abuse him, and as I am not insane, it follows' that any man whom seeks to abuse me must be either vain or insane or one whom holds God in disdain.

Thus it 'follows' that unless I can 'convince' him of his error, he might still 'consider' his 'option' of entitlement of 'jurisdiction' over me, and thus feel 'justified' in using his 'book of rules' and his 'force of arms' officers to press on.

In this 'instance' then I am brought 'undone,' and his freedom is also undone ahead even if he believes not me. 'So be it.'

Page 12

~ The Land 'holder' & owner ~

God gave man HIS Land in trust to be used for a time, and God did trust that man would remain sane and not become vain and 'assume' he could God's land 'seize' by 'force of arms' and thus display satanic 'charms.'

But Caesar and his men were vain and did gain the upper hand in every land on earth by 'force of arms' as all were beguiled by the Devil's 'wiles & charms.'

So here we 'both' stand today, one peaceful and the other does arrogant vanity display as he does to me and God say: "Show cause why I should not punish you for not giving Caesar his due."

I reply saying: "I say that from Caesar I nothing 'bought,' and there is danger fraught if Caesar's men defy my pen that says: "Take naught if naught to you is owed, for if you take then by you is evil sowed." God further says:

"All men are 'subject to' MY Law in every land
All men must TRY and this understand"

Caesar and his 'officers' have assumed that the 'spot' on earth that they abide on is their 'house,' and they expect others to abide with the 'Rules' of their house.

I could say that it is equally my house, and they must abide by my 'Rules,' but I do not so demand. I merely say that it is God's 'house' (A room in God's mansion) and thus we all must abide in the Rules of God's Code of Conduct that say: "Make no demand off any other as all are equal sister and brother. If this 'command' you break, then your 'soul' to task I take."

Caesar assumes that he 'owns' the land & sea and roads and all, and he Caesar is soon to 'fall' and pall as he does see the result of his vanity, when he extracted per licence' fee' God's energy that through others did flow as they earned the 'coins' that Caesar does arrogantly steal for 'free' and his own fate thus seal.

Page 13

~ The 'consenting' Vote ~
Being the 'consent of 'one' to place their body & soul under the jurisdiction of Caesar.

The 'condition' upon which one votes, is that by virtue of voting, one agrees to, and has become a member of, one or another of the 'parties' that are contesting the election of a 'head' of house for a CLUB, namely the 'System' of man that takes on the Role of Government of the people 'under' ITS hand and ITS Rule.

Being the election of a government System that is per the vote of voter, given the mandate to do whatever IT the elected 'Club' of the day decides that IT wishes to.

Once one has 'voted,' whether or not their 'officers' win the election process, the mere fact that it also becomes an 'oppositional' part of the government as a 'conscience' voice means that: It the opposition and its members the voters are also deemed to be a 'part of' the 'Club, or Body or Group, or governing System.'

Thus by their vote they also give their consent to be bound under ITS Statutes, Law, Rules, etc. They also give their consent to being punishable under its Code of Conduct if they disobey the Edicts laid down.

By their vote, they also unknowingly stipulate that their servants elected to serve them, protect them, and assist them, are in fact their Master to whom they now 'bow' and now; 'owe' their allegiance to, even if the nature of the elected 'System' has rules that are contra to the known 'ask' of the God of Love.

It is known by me that in every land, the 'controlling' forces or 'System' of the day has assumed that its jurisdiction extended to not only ownership of all it surveyed, but also to all other men whom did not 'participate' in its elevation to 'godship.'

So, as I did not vote you 'Caesar' in to be my servant, and I did not tell you that you were my master and thus I your slave, I can tell you categorically that you do not have the 'jurisdiction' to either judge me nor say that I have 'defaulted' in any way, for I am not 'bound' to the rules in your 'System's' book.

If you perceive yourself as 'mandated' by some higher powers, and thus have jurisdiction over me, then you Sir are in error. For in God's eyes and in Caesar's I have not "subjected" myself to HIS rule over me or my way.

For the Higher Power that dictates ITS Code of Conduct to all men tells me that any "judgement" by man of man is contra ITS Code of Conduct, and - - - I say that if you do judge me or any other man, then that is your proof that your Master is the Dark Sovereign Power, and that to HIS dictates you are bound, and you are also 'bound' to ITS one Law of:

"As you judge and do, so shall ye be judged by ME and done to."

Let it here be seen in the Court of man that I by my non vote for any man am thus not a part of the System 'party plan' and thus, neither it nor its officers have any jurisdiction over me, nor can they 'honourably' judge or try me.

There are some as me whom would rely solely on God by heeding God's Word, rather than relying on the 'strength' of armed men who all defy God's sacred leaven.

I need no 'police' or army to 'save me,' for I am safe from the 'simple,' it is only Caesar's men who hound me due to their vanity and ignorance and insanity.

They also seem to have not noticed that in the "first" instance, Caesar 'rigged' the Vote, for by force of arms and coercive threat of punishment, all have to vote or 'suffer,' and 'per' this vote they then are 'seen' by the vain one as having agreed to the indisposition's imposed by the 'Ruler.' I do not agree and thus 'should be' free.

Let all now see that in fact there is NO Democracy in any land. Every 'kingdom' on earth was 'originally' taken by force of arms by 'someone' who then said: "When I die, my 'heirs' shall be my 'successors' and they will rule you."

And in some of today's lands where voting is not compulsory, the arrogant ones who become 'powerful' as they place the satanic "Ring of power" on their finger, also assume that the 'other' Clan are still within their jurisdiction due to their power base and seeming invincibility. So foolish are the vain whom hold God's power in disdain.

Caesar 'permits' his men to defy God and kill others, and to punish them, and to disturb the peace of others. He 'usually' does not permit his other 'slaves' this free licence, but when his 'kingdom' is under duress and he is stressed, then he does give 'common' man 'permission' to become 'armed' as he contravenes his own rules so that he and his 'dark' way can be defended.

I cannot 'follow' Caesar's way,
for ahead our God would make me for my folly pay.

Page 14

~ False belief v/s truth ~

It is my belief that every man is entitled to their own belief, and does not have to comply with the beliefs of others. It is my belief that earthly governments that call themselves "State Government" are naught else but a 'Club' raised up by men, and in the instance at hand where the 'Club' calls itself 'The State Government of Tasmania,' it is naught else than that, a Club, and thus God's 'words' through my pen now 'challenge' its ownership of the Tasmanian landmass.

For God says that no man or 'Club' or Institution has ownership of Tasmania or any other landmass. Neither do they have ownership of any person residing on any landmass. Thus no Institution voted into power or otherwise has any jurisdiction over the ways or beliefs of others.

The 'fact' that some 'men' believe that a 'majority' vote on a 'subject' overrides or 'overrules' the freedom of choice of others is a false belief. Thus if 'one' chooses to walk 'away' from the 'choice' of a majority vote, then in God's eyes that is in order.

If they are a 'party member' to an organisation, and they have agreed to 'go' with any majority vote on any matter, then that is 'binding,' but if they then subsequently do not agree, they can be 'evicted' from continuing as a member. But in any instance, any punitive measures taken are 'of' the Devil and contra the Code of Conduct of the Light of God.

Thus if 'some' choose to force others to comply with their 'majority' vote, and they use 'force of arms' to accomplish this, then that too is 'permissible' and is their freedom of choice to so do, but they then suffer the 'karmic' consequence for their 'control' over others, and place their own souls into the 'hands' of the Dark Sovereign Power for their arrogance in using dark force to accomplish their way.

The 'belief' by some men that seizing control of any landmass by 'force of arms' entitles them to control the freedom or belief or movement of others is a false belief.

It follows that no man or 'Court' of man has any true jurisdiction over any other person. Certainly the Dark Sovereign Power has a 'self-mandated' jurisdiction over any whom defied the Command of God to "Walk in Peace and do not disturb the peace."

Thus any person or governing institution who 'seizes' such jurisdiction for the purpose of punishment using 'force of arms' to so do, is unknowingly working for the Dark Sovereign Power, and place themselves within its 'dark' punitive jurisdiction, for it has the same 'singular' LAW as the Light of God:

"As you do is done unto you."

Thus any 'punishment' meted out by you has a 'similar' return due to you.

Belief.* - Mine being that, as long as I walk in peace and respect others, I 'owe' naught to anyone, and I am fulfilling Gods Command and Code of Conduct and thus walking in the 'Light' and incurring no 'negative' spiritual debt to God. In my caring and positive 'outreach' in assisting others I am 'accruing' a positive Tribute from God, to be 'received' at a later time.

Belief.** - The police & judicial belief being, that they have a 'right' to enforce the punitive 'demands' of a 'set' of rules in a book of man, being that the rules themselves 'defy' God's Command and Code of Conduct.

For the rules are 'extortionist, controlling, and punitive,' and in order to enforce the punitive aspect of these rules, the police and judiciary themselves have to 'disturb the peace of others,' and this 'act' is also in defiance of and in contravention of God's Command and Code of Conduct: "Walk in peace and do not disturb the peace of the land."

Thus in order to 'enforce' the punitive aspect of these rules, the police & judiciary do have to contravene God's Command, and they do 'disturb the peace' as they interfere and 'kidnap' and hold others hostage.

Thus they are working 'for' the 'Dark,' and they are also incurring a negative spiritual debt and 'ahead' suffer the same fate under God's one Law: "As you do is done unto you."

Belief.*** - The belief of the legislator who raised up the rule in the first instance was, that he was 'entitled' by 'someone' or so mandated, to raise up a rule that itself was a 'tool' to extort a certain 'sum' of money from the community. He also believed that he could 'add' a punitive 'mark' for the purpose of punishing any 'defaulter.'

This legislative belief also contravenes God's Command and Code of Conduct. Thus all who are a 'party' to the raising up of the 'punitive' and extortionist rules are also in defiance of God and will now suffer the consequences.

Please now try and see the 'desperate' need for us all to comply with God's 'Decree,' being "Love one another," as most certainly there is a day of 'Judgement' and I try very hard to assist thee so that change to the positive can be made.

The legislated 'acts' that the police and judiciary uphold are not "The law of the land," they are merely the rules of a man made Institution, and its 'officers' think that IT the 'Institution' owns the landmass, it does not. Its 'leaders' use IT and ITS rules to extort money off the community.

The 'punitive' rules are in place to ensure that the population (Slaves to the Institution) comply with the legislated edicts. Thus these 'papers' sent by our God of Light should enable ignorant man to see his 'error by precedent,' for I state that as I am a man of peace and, as I am not a 'party member,' that neither this Court of man, nor its 'officers,' nor its 'rules,' have any jurisdiction over me.

If the 'officers' of this or any Court believe that the Institution they 'serve' has jurisdiction over me, then that belief is gross error, and any 'punishment' meted out to me brings a similar 'terror' upon them, at a 'due' date already 'set' by the Dark Sovereign Power for their 'acts' of iniquity, and their defiance of the God of Light.

Page 15

~ High Treason ~

Let it here be known that any person who either 'persecutes or prosecutes' a peaceful and thus innocent man by 'placing' a complaint upon the Magistrates desk to be 'tabled' at the next 'sitting' is a most despicable offender in God's eyes for his treasonable attack on the Sovereign State of God.

Such a person is very unwise, and it is they to be 'dealt with' most severely under God's ONE immutable Law.

In this instance, the 'accused' is not only innocent, but he has for some years proclaimed himself to be THE "Prince of Peace" sent as an ambassadorial Plenipotentiary from the Sovereign Holy 'State' of HEAVEN to bring to the people of this land a message from their Creator.

Thus any person of any 'standing' who even condones such a despicable and shameful 'attack' upon the personage of 'such' a person will 'hang' their face in shame as they are turned away from God's presence, and sent into the presence of the Dark Sovereign 'aspect' of God to be dealt with in perpetuity for their 'attempt' at Treason.

Let the 'blind' try and see that even on this 'lowly' land, if an ambassador from one of two 'warring' parties, entered the 'State' of the other on a mission of peace having been sent by his Sovereign King or Queen, then the Sovereign Ruler of the receiving State would not only welcome him, but would also treat him honourably.

The mere 'fact' that my Royal 'ensign' is invisible due to being hidden in a fleshly body so that I walk 'unseen' as a "thief in the night" to observe the nature of the inhabitants of this realm is irrelevant. For I do have my 'Papers of Mark' from my Sovereign Queen above, and they contain HER message of hope and love for all to see.

It is 'sad' to see that all are so 'blind' and full of vanity that they would 'prefer' to defy HER Light and instead place a 'mark' a blight upon his name and thus confer the same shame upon their own pitiful souls as I stand 'accused' and wait to see what will now be.

Let it here be also known that 'subjects of' Caesar and 'subjects of' the Dark Sovereign Power are one and the same, being all those 'sinners' who defy God's Holy Commandment to "Only be loving" and if they now defy me, then they most surely will die as HE the Dark Sovereign Power their proven Master does them mentally 'TRY' - - - to see 'who' will be saved by me and change their destiny, and 'who' will continue to follow HIS way and become one of HIS in HIS land below forever and a day.


I have said 'enough' for the day, and submit the 'rest' for your deliberations and judgment on another day. The continuation papers of about 190 pages contain much to assist you in your deliberations. But I add the following request.

Page 16

~ Magisterial Request ~

Magistrate Wilson, as you are the 'Judge' of the day appointed by the 'System' Caesar, could you please advise me 'something.' "Are you as Caesar's Judge the one who 'holds' supreme power over all Caesar's other police officers, or do they have their own authority that stands above yours"?

I ask this of you because I know of no other 'man' of Caesar to whom I can this ask, for in reality, the 'Caesar' of the day who rules your Code of Conduct and that of the policing force is no fleshly man. It is but the 'Books of Rules' that I say are the 'plan' of the invisible Dark Sovereign Power.

I asked if any other had authority higher than yours because as you have today entered a "Not guilty" plea against my name, this judgment implies that you have 'judged me' as being: "Not guilty until so proven," and I ask: "Are you also stating that until that final judgment day by you that I am free"?

For if you are the 'top man' empowered by Caesar to judge me, then your judgment must not only be 'unconditional,' but all other 'officers' of your Court must also respect and accept the "Not Guilty" verdict passed today, and they need now be told by you that it so be.

For you are the only 'referee' that I see appointed to 'judge' the conduct of your 'Club' members, and your presently 'serving' officers need to be told that they should not 'presume' to own my body, mind, or soul, just because I breathe the same air and walk the same street.

Can you please tell the Police officers in this court of yours, that they are not empowered to continue harassing me until you have 'altered' the today judgement imposed by your 'sacred' decree. For I do need to go about my business for God as do you without let or hindrance, and they need to respect the 'judgement' of their referee.

If this you can or cannot do then that so be,
and our God will have the final say I see.

I suggest that you do not judge me as being a man unwise, but come to a personally informed decision FIRST as to whether I am possibly God's messenger with a soul wise. For if I AM HE, then my 'words' should be taken very, very seriously.

For you need to see the 'horrendous' self-inflicted implications of being either a voluntary "Representative of Caesar," or a voluntary "Subject of Caesar" due to being a 'Party' to his 'Abysmal' State and System, that is revealed and confirmed by God through my pen that will be proven when I am 'heard.'

For I state that I am not within the jurisdiction of your 'System,' and thus not bound by its rules, and thus I am also 'beyond' the jurisdiction of this Court.

Page 17

~ The 'spiritual' debt unto Caesar & God ~

There is a spiritual 'pecuniary' debt due to Caesar accrued when you by 'vote' or other support became a 'party' member of Caesar's (Club) and thus did employ him Caesar (The government System or Chief of the land) as your servant and master to steal money via taxation and licence fee or other 'royalty' levy off other members of the community, or off other ships through piracy, or through stealing the 'wealth' accrued by other nations whom your (Caesar's) forces men invade continually. For their 'action' became your 'theft' interaction, - - -

and thus a spiritual debt to God was accrued for being so mercenary and disrespectful and rude.

There is a spiritual 'pain & suffering & loss of your liberty or life' debt due to Caesar accrued when you by 'vote' or other support became a 'party' member of Caesar's (Club) and thus did employ him Caesar (The government System or Chief of the land) as your servant and master to control, rule, punish, imprison, and kill other men in defiance of God's sacred pen, and thus his 'actions' became your actions, - - -

and thus a spiritual debt to God was accrued for being so cruel and merciless and showing God that you were naught but a savage beast to be killed yourself.

There is a spiritual 'loss of property and land and beasts' debt due to Caesar accrued when you by 'vote' or other support become a 'party' member of Caesar's (Club) and thus did employ him Caesar (The government System or Chief of the land) as your servant and master to take all and destroy all in his greedy quest to vanquish his enemies and take what was not his to take - - -

and thus a spiritual debt to God was accrued for being so ignorant and unkind and showing God that you were naught but a arrogant simpleton who is a non-believer in God, and one who deserves to have naught but an empty deserted desert place with no water and no food.

There is more, but this should be enough to satisfy you as to why Caesar controls you and rules you with an Iron Fist, for Caesar is the 'self-appointed' collector of all negative - painful - spiritual dues for the Dark Sovereign Power, due to his 'Caesar's' position of impropriety in which he and his men place themselves as is now revealed by this God's sacred pen.

For Caesar took it upon himself through his own vanity to be "as God" and thus his mind became possessed by the Dark Sovereign Power that is the Super Power that is self-empowered to RULE every 'conniving' sod who not only does others 'bread' take, but who enjoys punishing or destroying others and a mess of their own souls make.

Page 18

The Dark Sovereign Power also gave Caesar the power to operate outside his elected 'Mandate,' and to also 'call in' spiritual dues owed by those not a part of his 'Club - System - Dominion' who lived in other lands or his land who needed to 'decease' and 'suffer their due' at the hand of the Dark Sovereign Power.

Thus HE the Almighty via the mind of Caesar and other vain 'Kings & Queens' did by 'Royal' decree write a 'letter of mark' that stated:

"The bearer of this note has my sovereign authority to set sail from this shore and 'engage' every 'foreign vessel' in war and commandeer it and seize its gold 'coins,' and to wage war in any distant lands and to subdue its inhabitants by force of arms and to 'raise' my flag thereon and to tax them as I see fit.

The bearer of this note is permitted to take possession of others lands and to dispossess their 'Caesar' from his place. Those who do not understand that I am their King and whom refuse to 'bow' down to me are to be executed."

This 'note' was a 'Just' due imposed upon the supposed 'innocents' due to the fact that every person upon which ITS force was imposed was a past errant needing 'correction' and the 'collection' by God of a past spiritual due, due on the date so set by God.

Thus all 'Powers on earth' do believe falsely that they work for the LIGHT righteously as they 'Sanctions impose, invade, and mightily dispose' of their perceived enemy.

None seeing in which 'slot' they placed their penny 'bet,' and all work spiritually for the Dark Sovereign Power who uses their 'force of arms' to punish any who defy HIS LIGHT Command of "Walk in Peace."

Thus as now to be seen, every 'System' living in a 'day dream' is to confront the other in defiance of the LIGHT as they all for the DARK fight.

What an abysmal calamity, for all fighters fight on forever in perpetuity in the dark below as they grovel in mud & blood & guts & suffer agony in ice cold snow.

Let it here be known that no man can avoid his 'pain' due that has been set aside for him by God to be revealed unto him by God as his 'fate' he does meet.

And 'such' pain due can be 'taken' by Caesar as he Caesar is the 'System' chosen by the Dark Sovereign Power to be ITS earthly "collector of dues" that are all the past accrued pain dues "allocated" by God to man who supported the Dark Sovereign Power as HE via Caesar defied God's plan of PEACE.

God's persecution of you via Caesar will only cease when you first stop being a 'party' to Caesar's punitive system, and secondly when all your dues have been met and paid in full at the hands of any men inspired by the Dark Sovereign Power to punish you.

The "Render unto God that which is God's" is the 'due' to our God of Light and love, being that we daily do as we are Commanded to being: "Walk in peace, and extend goodwill unto all mankind, and extend compassion, mercy, and forgiveness unto those perceived as erring."

Remember, debts accrued by Caesar and his armed forces on your behalf are added to your own negative debts accrued when you are personally 'rude' to any other of God's precious children.

Why do men 'follow' written 'Orders' of men that defy God's sacred pen? Do none believe that there is a God of Love and a Dark Sovereign Power that destroys all that defy 'loves' dove?

If you in 'camaraderie' link hands and abuse or destroy, then you have become a 'robot' deceived & controlled & enslaved by Satan, and you are HIS 'toy' used to wage 'war' against enemies of the Heavenly 'State,' and your reward is to suffer in Hell with no food on your plate, and - - - forever there are other enemies to berate you, for these know that all are untrue.

Believe you me, all 'great commanders' and their forces are 'trapped' below, and they await my voice to there flow so that they can clearer see and try to set themselves free.

Page 19

~ My Religious belief ~

It is all a matter of belief, and it is my belief that I am free to follow my 'religious' belief and conscience as is 'allowed' every citizen on the land by God and the Constitution of man. I give here the Tasmanian 'reference - followed by the Federal reference.

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians.

Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act. Section 46(2) declares that no person is required to take any oath on religion or religious belief, and that no religious test is required for any public office.

Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

Dictionary: Religion: 'A system of belief in the worship of a supernatural power or God.' or
The recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship.

My belief is this: That God's Code of Conduct for all to heed by their daily deed is what it is, being God's statement of fact.

I believe that the Statement of God is that I or 'we' must walk in peace and be forgiving & merciful and, - - - that we must not in any way condone or support or be a 'party to' any 'regime' or Institution that condones punishment or war, or that 'relies on' the sword or gun to enforce, thus my belief is that I must walk 'apart' from supporting any such Institution, or belonging to any such Institution. I am however 'free' to assist those employed by or controlled by such Institutions.

I believe that I should and do support the community and its endeavors, but not be complicit to any 'punitive' role by community members, be they mandated to so be due to their 'duty' or otherwise.

It is also my belief that I must show God and man that I do walk 'separately' and thus I neither use 'retributionary' force nor do I rely on 'State' policing forces for protection against any 'perceived' enemy, for I perceive no man as my enemy, and any that abuse me I forgive and seek no recompense.

Thus as my 'religion' is my "Belief "in a supernatural power, God." - - - - and as I believe that God has an 'expectancy' of me to show HIM my belief by living it each day, I am TRUE to that belief, and I conscientiously exercise my God given right to so be. (True to my belief.)

I do have a fundamental belief that all men are born 'free' in that they have a God given Right to heed their God of Light. This 'view' was held in disdain by your Court decision, and my 'case' was in fact held in 'derision' by some.

I also have a fundamental belief that all men are born 'free' in that they have a God given Right to heed their God of Light even if 'prior to' or 'subsequent to' their birth there was an 'Institution' in place with its own rules that might conflict with the 'ideals' of the newly born.

It is also my belief that I am entitled by God to follow and practise my belief. If any man 'legislates' any 'rule' or decree that is in 'opposition' to my belief, then so be it, but I do not have to comply with their belief.

If he by 'force of arms' imposes his punitive 'belief' upon me for non compliance to his belief, then the very Devil's face he will see. So be it. For that is his 'freedom of choice' as his 'belief' defies God's Code of Conduct.

I believe that if any citizens believe that they must follow God and comply with God's Code of conduct "Walk in peace and respect all," and comply with God's commandment "Only love one another and do not disturb the peace," then 'that' citizen is entitled to walk 'unharmed' by any 'officers' of the State, and not be 'berated' or coerced or intimidated or forced into fiscally or otherwise 'supporting' the State Institution that is operating in a non-Christian manner that is totally 'contra' God's Code & Command, as it is 'extortionist, invasive, punitive, destructive, violent and dictatorial.'

I have 'shown' the Court of man that my automobile is 'marked' with a 'sign' number denoting that I did 'register' my vote for God and my belief in God's requirement of me, and thus carry no 'man' number plate, as my automobile is marked:

< >

And I 'insure' myself with God as I believe that God is my 'protector,' not man, and I show the Institution which you serve that I am merely following my beliefs as 'granted' unto all 'men' by God as well as 'visible' within the Constitution that is the 'Articles of Association' of the Institution you presently serve.

Thus as you are 'charged' with upholding this Constitution that precedes and supersedes any 'subsequent' legislation, I believe that you are 'entitled' to set me free and thus show man and God that: - - - in your considered opinion 'as' I am a proven man of peace who conscientiously follows his belief, that I am free to go my way unhindered.

The Principles of the Faith I practice daily are: Respect unto all, Kindness, Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, and I neither disturb the peace of others nor do I interfere in their affairs by abusing them. I never fight nor demand any pay, and I walk my way in peace as is asked by my God of Light and Love, and I believe that the use of physical force or 'arms' in self-defence against another is wrong, and I shall remain peaceful even if 'crucified.' No man need ever fear me for the Light I see and the Light I be.

My 'act of faith' is that I maintain my religious belief at all times, and when I do this when faced by adversity, it is my proof to God that I am obedient to HIS Word: "Be peaceful and carry no sword."

An 'act' of faith is not when one enters into the 'building' of a religious Institution, nor is it the carrying out of any religious ritual. Is purely ones obedience to God by living the Word in ones daily deed. Being peaceful, merciful, compassionate, and forgiving, and in 'turning' the other cheek if abused.

Page 20

~ Questions to the Prosecutor ~

Constable Hibble, if you think that because a 'rule' within your 'book of rules' turns an innocent and peaceful man into an 'offender' in ITS eyes, that you can then become a man disrespectful and unwise and persecute me, then you are foolish for you see not that in God's eyes it is you who has become a real 'offensive' offender.

The reason why I did not comply with the rule in your 'book of rules' in the first instance, is not only that it did not apply to me, but that it (the rule) was also an attempt of extortion by the 'book of rules' to steal money off the community.

Furthermore, you also again defy our God as you 'use' another rule in your 'book of rules' to authorise yourself to 'summons me' to your 'Court,' again seeing not that it is this very rule that has given you the 'mandate' to again defy God as you 'disturb my peace' as you forcefully bring me to your 'Court' and expect me to 'prove' my innocence to your false charges.

So again it is your action that shows God that you are an offensive offender on a second 'count.' Have you 'any' idea how many 'offences' of yours did already 'mount' in God's 'tally book' over the years?

Son, I am the Messiah and I did therein LOOK and I do feel very, very sorry for you, who 'blindly' does what he does do that is contra to God's commandment.

Think about it, for you are 'trying' to get a magistrate to imprison me for false charges by your 'office,' when I have just given you 'proof' that there is a 'mile high' stack of 'charges' against your name to be 'met' by you son on a very soon coming day. God's Word son is not 'weak' nor is IT a 'game' to be played by the spiritually 'lame.'

You 'son' think that because you follow rules mandated by man not God, that you are above God's Law. You are 'certainly' not, and I am not here as a criminal, I am here as God's messenger to give you and all a message from God so that when you do fall, you will understand WHY.

For some 'insane' reason your 'Club' and its members believe that in order for God's children to 'function' civilly, that they must not only 'acquaint' themselves with 1001 rules, but that they must also 'upon pain of death' comply with IT.

God says: "You men are all vain, for MY children including you show ME your God your 'civility' when you heed MY Commandment that says: 'Do not disturb the peace of the land,' for that act is seen by MY heavy hand."

So I ask you: "Why do you 'search' within your 'book of rules' to find a reason to defy God, and then foolishly disturb my peace"?

I am not in Court to 'subject myself' to your 'questioning,' nor to your 'classroom' antics. I am but here to tell you and all 'something' so that you do have a chance to redeem yourselves before God. I thus say a few more words before I 'submit' my God given submission.

Constable Hibble, you may be aware that my 'defence' is based upon my belief that I am beyond the jurisdiction of this Court and that of your 'State' Party officers as I 'follow' a higher Authority being God, and that as I am not a 'member' of your 'Caesar' style Club, you have no jurisdiction over me.

Page 21

You believe that you do have the authority to prosecute me due to your belief that for some 'reason' you do have jurisdiction over my body. Do you believe this merely because you believe it or is there any 'factual' evidence to back up your belief?

Do you believe that you do have the authority to bring me to court to be 'judged' according to a 'book of rules' due to some 'moral' authority or, is it but due to the fact that your officers are armed and thus use force to take my 'freedom' away?

Do you believe that your authority stems from the rules that are encoded within the 'book of rules' that you hold sacred? If so, then who gave the 'book of rules' its authority to intrude into the lives of others?

And for what reason do you think that I should be or am bound to live my life according to these rules? Is it that we both live on the same land? Is it because you are paid a wage to uphold these rules? Or is it just because these rules are your Master?

If the 'book of rules' is your Master, why should I a child of God have to follow the dictates of your Master? Is there no democratic freedom of choice for me to follow my Master?

You believe that your Master has jurisdiction over me, and thus you also have jurisdiction over me, are you not aware that your Master does not have 'automatic' jurisdiction over all men just because he or you 'thinks' it is so?

Are you saying that the 'instigator' of the 'rules' was somehow empowered by God to have the authority & jurisdiction over all other men because they are slaves? I believe that God gave no man the authority or jurisdiction over any other man.

I also believe that if I am a 'party' member of your 'State' Club then I have given my agreement to subject myself to its rules, and then and only then it does have 'some' jurisdiction over me, and then its officers also have 'some' jurisdiction over me. However, they certainly would not own me 'bodily.'

I do know however that I am not a 'registered' member of your Club, and thus I am not morally or legally or legitimately bound to its rule or rules, and neither are its officers 'entitled' to harass me or hinder me in any way.

I do however know that your 'State' Club has for so long assumed that it owns everything within its 'self' given jurisdiction, that you and your officers also assume that the use of force of arms gives you the 'legitimate' authority to exceed the boundaries of your Club jurisdiction.

Therefore I am in a very difficult predicament, as are you, for I am faced by what to me is plainly very vain and insane persons, it must so be, or they would not have 'cornered' me and brought me here to stand trial, and you are acting like an 'unconscious' robot as are they.

An unconscious robot is a person whose mind is bound to the extent that it is neither able to reason, nor to see that the 'rules' it is following so 'judiciously' are contra to God's Commandment 'Judge not lest ye be judged,' as well as contra God's Code of Conduct 'Walk in peace & be forgiving & merciful & respectful unto all,' and thus they 'robotically' and unthinkingly do their 'perceived & believed' duty for the Dark Sovereign Power.

Page 22

Yes 'brother,' there is nothing more 'torrid or horrid' than being faced by insane men who 'think' they are sane, and who carry guns, and who believe they are empowered by God to 'trample' underfoot any others whom on earth plod. This 'reality' is ahead to be facing all of you too.

Thus my only 'chance' of helping myself and all of you is to try by my good counsel to prove to you your error of the day. If this I can do, then ahead too, you will not have to pay for any folly or error on your part.

I ask, are you or are you not able to see that it is immoral to use a 'gun' or 'force of arms' to attain 'legitimacy' and jurisdiction over another?

Are you able to see that the 'mere' fact that just because 'armed' men seized control of this land mass way in the past and raised up a 'Club' with their 'style' of conduct rules, that it does not give them the right of ownership of said land nor the right to force other men to comply to these rules?

Are you able to 'see' that it is a God given right of all men to come to their own decisions as to their own Code of Conduct and that it is wrong to use force to make others follow your belief?

Are you not able to see that just because a majority of 'legislators' vote for a new rule to be enshrined in their rule book, that it is arrogance & vanity to assume that the other 99.99% of the population have to be forced into compliance to these rules that in most cases are negative and are themselves contra to the Code of Conduct of God?

You have brought me here to stand 'trial' and be judged by another man who also will use these same rules as his guidelines as to whether I have contravened them. I certainly have, as they are in total contravention of my personal beliefs.

Therefore I and you all here present now stand before God to see what will be. For you have brought me here by 'force of arms' and that is the use of the Devil's charms. I can now only 'submit' my statement that is my 'brief,' being my good counsel given by the God of Light through my pen.

If you can see God's 'reasoning' through me, then you all can set yourselves free from iniquity. If you cannot, then that also so be and I will await the judgment of God via the 'judging' referee.

For he holds the 'top gun' too, and he is thus self entitled to be untrue to himself and put his own soul in the Devil's fold, for as he judges me then under God's one law that same judgment is imposed later by God upon all of thee.

Constable Hibble, you play 'tennis' in this Court using your dark punitive rules, I belong to a different 'tennis' Club that has no such rules, and even though you have brought me here under force of arms, do not expect me to play your 'cat & mouse' game.

For I do know that there is an 'Honest' and 'Just' God, and I 'suggest' that you let me leave without making me grieve, or your finals 'game' will be an eternal one in Hell.

I am the one walking within God's Code of Conduct "Peacefully."
You are all "disturbing the peace of the land," in God's eyes very unwise.

Page 23

The B10118 registration was not the registered number of my automobile, for the automobile driven by me was only registered with the number:

< >

This number 'plate' shows my 'registration' with GOD as my 'head of house,' not the Institution you serve.

My automobile was not 'afforded cover' as you call it because my insurance policy is a steady mind 'afforded' me by God and requires no monetary premium, it merely requires me to heed God and be 'steady & respectful and peaceful.' It is my choice to choose to heed God's ask rather than man's demands.

If my automobile was to cause another physical pain or property damage due to an 'unsteady' mind, then that injury to others in God's eyes would be in the same 'category' as a soldier causing injury, or a magistrate causing injury.

Both magistrate and soldier so do for they see not that a mere 'mandate' to 'legitimately' cause others suffering does not 'void' God's judgment upon them, and neither can they or I 'protect' ourselves against God's judgment and justice and return injury 'due' by a mere insurance 'cover.' For God's Law stands supreme: "What you do is done unto you."

Of course one can take out a policy if one so chooses, but as said, it does not protect one from any spiritual 'comeback' that results from pain or suffering caused or imposed (such as by soldier or magistrate or automobile driver) for this 'suffering' due must be 'felt' by the perpetrator, irrespective of their 'victim' having been 'paid out' monetarily, or whether the 'enforcer' was mandated or not.

Furthermore, a monetary fine in God's eyes is theft by servant.
Punishment is darkness in action (punitive) and is antichrist and the Devil in action through the minds of the ignorant, and this evil 'work' earns a dark punitive return due to all complicit under God's Law

And magistrates and those complicit as you are, see not the 'injury & suffering' that you accrue, for you see not the ongoing suffering of prisoners nor their families due to family break-down, loss of income when in jail, mental & emotional anguish within family members, and loss of homes and businesses etc.

To all this 'action' that follows the 'penned' decree of the magistrate you are 'blind,' and do thus not understand why terrorist 'forces' like the American 'attack' or 'home invader will one day bring flack to your door and every door, for mankind is presently lost for sure.

Page 24

As for the supposed driving disqualification, that is false. For my driving Certificate of Competency awarded me over 45 years ago was not given by man, it was a 'sign' to me that I was a SAFE driver, and that security is something that is not 'disqualifiable,' it can only be 'violated' if I default in my driving attitude.

Thus any person be they mandated by man or otherwise, who would punish someone in an attempt to keep them off the road is foolish, arrogant, and 'incompetent' ref the WORD of GOD, and it is they whom 'disqualify' themselves from their own 'freedom of the road' ahead. For a magistrate to state that I am disqualified because I refuse to pay an annual $ 10 Competency renewal is 'madness.' I am either competent or I am not.

If you see a person driving irrationally or dangerously then haul them in for their benefit, and for the benefit of the community, but only for the purpose of rehabilitation, not punishment.

The present way of 'fine & punishment' that is destroying families, that in your mind is for and on behalf of the community, is actually the Retributive 'arm' of God in action via the ignorant (you) for past spiritual misdeeds by the 'accused', and all complicit incur a similar dark return due for their arrogance in 'playing God.'

"As you do is done unto you"

You can 'withdraw' the charge, for you are presently acting like a 'politician,' and the magistrate acts like a soldier on patrol.

For it is the 'politician' (you) who sends the soldier on his destructive mission. For when the magistrate sees his 'enemy' it is he that 'pulls the trigger' with his pen, and that then 'puts the man down,' and neither you nor the magistrate even 'consider' that after effects on the man downed by your dark actions.

Neither of you seeing the dark spiritual 'debts' accrued spiritually by either of you, and neither seeing your suffering ahead that is a Just due and it is God's Justice imposed by God upon the untrue.

All mankind is 'hell bent' for all defy God, and the coming planetary insanity & pain & suffering is all 'due' to the merciless & unforgiving nature of mankind who are all daily 'bound' more for condoning forceful punitive actions.

Did I 'ever' give you or any other man or Institution 'permission' to govern or 'rule' me? NO, or the power to make 'rules' for me to abide with? NO. Your only 'authority' over me is the same as the 'self-given' authority of a murderer over his victim, the gun or other force of arms.


This 'Paper' contains my 'Plea' for the soul of one man "Peter the Magistrate." But it is submitted to the Court and the whole world with my 'intent' of saving the soul of every woman & man who re-seed their consciousness with my Truth & Light.

Let it here be known that the word 'man' in this document applies to both man 'wombed' (woman) and man 'unwombed' (man). For God first created a daughter with 'womb' on this sod, and then a son without womb.

Page 25

~ Plea for the soul of one man ~
Magistrate Peter Wilson

Sir, we both stand here today before the 'merciful' creative God of Light as well as the 'merciless' destructive Source of Darkness who both await to see "which way" we 'stack our cards.'

I "ask" that you heed "Pontius Pilate" and be as wise as "he," for I "break" no 'Law' of God and I do abide in God's "Walk in peace" Command. Thus you can "certainly" permit me the freedom of the road as you today to this court say:

"This man has not offended God
and thus I find no fault in him and he is free to go as he came."

Then I ask that you "do" as "Matthew" the 'tax' collector, and divest yourself of your black robes of retribution and replace them with robes of white, thus showing God and man that you do from this moment on walk upright, and then you will 'follow' me and mete out 'justness' by helping the community as you direct true offenders to places of good counsel as given by me.

Our God of Dark below now awaits to see "which way" your mind will be, for if I do have "past" spiritual debts to pay then HE will try and use you to me abuse so that HE can "deeper" imprison thee for your audacity.

Please now release me unconditionally to walk my way in peace, as I spread God's final message to all that will prepare them for the coming "spear."

Our God of love above now waits to see your intent, so I hope it be MERCY.
For you will be judged by God as you Judge me.

Sincerely - Terence

Page 26

~ Notes to police officer ~

** - No person can 'break' the law - - - they can only 'contravene' a rule or edict of man, or contravene the Code of Conduct as set by God and suffer the consequence under the law of man or the Law of God if that 'law' applies to them.

** - The 'law of man' is the punishment factor applicable to the contravention of a rule of an Institution. This 'factor' is variable.

** - The Law of God is the return 'due' under God's ONE Law, being an equitable and exact return, thus the 'term' "An eye for an eye." A non-variable 'payback,' good for good, pain for pain etc,

All men are God's children and thus all are 'subjects of' God, and thus all are under God's jurisdiction. I am not a 'slave' and as I am not a 'member' of the 'State' Institution, I cannot be deemed as 'contravening' a rule that only applies to members of the Institution.

Thus I am not 'subjectable' to its punitive arm. If any man 'subjects' me to its punishment using 'force of arms' then they are 'out of order' in man's eyes and in God's eyes, and will receive and 'equal' return punishment from God at the time and place so ordained by God.

** - None can 'void' or avoid being 'subjected' to God's Law. A mandate by man and a uniform does not 'insure' you against receiving your 'Just' due from God when you are 'punishing' others or disturbing their peace.

Some might 'think' their deed good, but if it contravenes God's Code of Conduct, "Peace & goodwill unto all mankind" then in God's eyes it is but an 'action' needing a similar and equal return. Thus any travail or loss suffered by me or my family is 'shared' equally amongst the participants of any Court proceedings. That is Justice.

** - Do 'state' Institution own the roads its 'officers' patrol? - - - No. The Institution has 'seized' control of said roads using 'force of arms' and 'coercion' for the purpose of financial extortion.

The roads are for the use of the public who funded them and who maintain them. All road 'users' need to comply with the 'safety' Code of Conduct, but no man has to comply with any demands placed upon them by legislators that are purely 'fiscal.'

Police officers and the 'courts' are being used to exert control and are party to 'theft by servant,' and as serving officers you need to know that you are subject to God's Law.

** - As my automobile was 'unnumbered' it was to show the Police that I am outside the jurisdiction of the Institution as I am not a party member. But whatever our deed we are both within God's jurisdiction at all times, and 'subject to' God's Law at all times.

** - None cannot 'defy' or 'contravene' God's Code of Conduct: "Walk in peace and do not disturb the peace of others," and avoid God's Law merely because you think you can.

** - Any that take a 'wage' and carry a gun, and interfere in others lives will 'suffer' the exact same fate on a later God 'set' date.

The Police have already 'disturbed my peace' and will suffer the consequence of that. If today any are a 'party to' the 'invocation' of punishment at the 'hand' of the Magistrate, then the same punishment will be placed upon all 'participants' by God on a later date under the One immutable law of God:

"As you do is done unto you."


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