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~ Who IS and what IS the earthly Sovereign Power (Authority) ~
The self-empowered ones
The King's Demons

The earthly Sovereign Overlord (Authority) is that of the DARK destructive energy essence of God the FATHER. Every 'realm' or level of consciousness outside of the pure LIGHT of Heaven is ruled by Him and His dark forces, and every person living in any of these realms are ON the wide road to 'Hell' and damnation because they are ALL 'sinners' USING or supporting or condoning the USE of His merciless, unforgiving, punitive vindictive, aggressive, controlling, interfering destructive ENERGY in their interaction with others.

This ILLEGAL use of God's forceful and destructive energy has been in 'vogue' for a very long time and has become so ingrained in the minds of MORTALS that they all now BELIEVE in their RIGHT to use IT. That is the gravest and most 'deadly' of errors leading to eternal suffering because of the ONE Law of equal return of ENERGY.

God gave mankind only TWO Commands that if adhered to would guarantee the eternal happiness of the individual:

1 - "I your God COMMAND you to go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate, and if you are abused then you must turn the other cheek in non-retaliation and forgive your perceived enemy because, ONLY in this way do you pay outstanding spiritual dues to Me as you suffer, and ONLY in this way do you not accrue any further dues to Me your God because you are no longer causing others harm."

2 - "I your God FORBID you to use My DARK forceful and controlling and destructive energy essence in your interaction with others because the USE thereof results in the CAUSING OF HARM and destruction and it is My prerogative to so do but not yours."

This destructive force is known as 'The fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil' because, prior to using IT, you would have been living in Paradise and never known 'what' suffering IS but, - - - the moment you use this 'sin' energy IT grows within your soul and is what takes you DOWN and away from God's Light, and within the immutable Law of equal return of God's energy, all the harm and suffering you cause will BE upon your own 'head' on a later day when God's Law balances ITS 'Scales of Justice.

Please now try and understand that our God NEVER gave ANY person or institution the AUTHORITY to DEFY either of the above Commands and to thus 'take over' the 'role of god-ship.' Why so? Because the above Commands can by man be defied, but their 'implications' cannot be DENIED by anyone.

Both the above 'instructions' to man are hereby clarified now by my pen (God's) to give you the opportunity of elevating yourself out of the terrifying turmoil awaiting those who FAIL to OBEY the above.

The CLARIFICATION is simply the FACT that God's energy has TWO polarities. THE Creative, benign, truthful and loving LIGHT energy essence and the opposite, being THE Destructive, malignant, deceitful and hateful DARK energy essence. Both having the same Law of Equal Return that CANNOT by man be 'voided or avoided.'

In FACT God gave man the above two Commands to give man the opportunity to NEVER 'fall' from grace and be dragged down into the hellish realms that EXIST. As you can now see, everyone demands 'Retributive Justice' because all are now 'subjects' of darkness and filled with ITS Dark energy (Sin) and I am here but to try and 'awaken' a few and thus help them to save themselves.

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Throughout History over many 'ages' there have been village Chiefs, King's, Queens and Emperors who all seized power by defying God and using force of arms. (Dark destructive energy)

What these Chiefs, Kings, Queens and Emperors did NOT understand is that they: - - -

 NEVER did stand 'above or beyond' the 'reach' of the LAW of God.
(As you sow so shall ye reap - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction)

There are magistrates and judges and armed forces and the PUBLIC who also do NOT understand that they: - - -

NEVER did stand 'above or beyond' the 'reach' of the LAW of God.
(What you do unto others will by others be done unto you)

It is now the time for all to see the reasons for the escalating confrontation, aggression, destruction and INSANITY circling the Globe daily. It is simply the punitive aspect of God's Law in action as IT (The Dark energy) uses ignorant and arrogant man to be ITS instrument of 'adjustment.' God's DARK energy deceives man into believing that to attain peace, harmony and orderliness one must be punitive, that is ERROR. To attain happiness one must simply OBEY God's Commands. (1 & 2 above.)

What IS occurring is simply that the DARK  energy essence of the SOURCE  now controls the minds of all who are defiant of God because individuals now  BELIEVE in their RIGHT to interfere, control, intimidate, terrorise, subjugate, punish, maim, kill and destroy everything.

This God 'force' is now within the soul of everyone who does SIN (cause harm) and as this they DO, they draw more Dark ENERGY into their souls.

Believe me when I say that: If you cannot or do not amend your 'ways'  by changing from being a MERCILESS avenger or by supporting by 'vote' and funding by taxes other mortals who are so engaged, then believe you me, your soul will FALL forever into a horrendous place where agony and destruction goes on and on and on FOREVER.

Your spirit soul is comprised of God's ENERGY, an energy that motivates that spirit and consequently IT (your soul) is indestructible, but IT is not GOD and therefore IT does NOT stand  above God's immutable Law so your soul can suffer on and on. Please understand that it is  now your choice to be merciful and forgiving or to continue on supporting vengeance and killing.

When will you 'awaken' to Truth and Reality?

If your neighbour loses control of their thoughts due to anger or hatred and they injure, maim or kill, you presently BELIEVE that they must be 'put away' for a very long time in jail or be punished.

I ask: "What of the 'politicians' who invoke legislative rules enabling them to send young men to fight or to drop bombs on others thereby maiming or killing thousands."? Is this legislation not a 'case' of an activity that is 'licensing' PRE-MEDITATED MURDER.

It most certainly is, and NO legislation nullifies or 'voids' the 'Return unto user' Law of God's ENERGY. THIS energy is a 'Law unto itself' and if your use of IT (Dark energy) is 'legal or illegal' in your eyes but it causes HARM, then you and all COMPLICIT will suffer the same in this world or the next.

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~ The King's Demons ~
eternal entrapment

The most 'ancient' of Kings were the exalted ones whose strength and powers excelled to the point that fearful citizens were drawn to their apparent LIGHT like moths to a flame and their DARK destructive ways were sought because it appeared that they were PROTECTORS of the WEAK.

These men of 'old' became very 'bold' to the extent that their vanity and pride and ARROGANCE grew because the people exalted them and laid wreaths around their necks and food at their feet while adorning their 'heads' with crowns as they said:

"You are as God so we bow to your commands. We will serve you and your men faithfully because we see that they will give their 'life' for us if we bless them, feed them, and immortalise their 'memory' if they die for us in battle."

Many of the 'offspring' born to these 'leaders of men' were simple as well as being physically WEAK however, they also became 'immortalised' as God's or kings simply due to their blood 'lineage' but they became 'figureheads' for the people and it was this which enabled the Kings to continue as the symbol of Power 'absolute' as RULERS of everyone on the lands which their armed forces controlled.

I ask: "Were these 'Kings' and their 'offspring' ordained by God to Rule or, were they ordained by the Devil"? The 'Devil' being the DARK forceful destructive energy of THE SOURCE, God. (The forceful destructive energy has universally been identifies as the fruit from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil)

Since it has always been the Command of the LIGHT of God to: "Go your way in peace and love one another," it follows that the Kings' of old who seized CONTROL forcefully were men who had 'open minds' and consequently, it was they who were 'seduced' by the Devil and His 'demons' in the underworld. The outcome of all this was that the 'underworld' forces used these earthly warriors to be their 'instruments' of punishment to all who defied the Command of the LIGHT of GOD.

So here we are TODAY clearly still controlled and subjugated by the ARMED forces of the descendents of past 'figureheads' who to this day still continue to Rule everyone simply by using TEXT in books of 'jurisprudence' as their JUSTIFICATION to, and they enslave, subjugate, punish or destroy all who believe in their right to 'appose' these 'books of rules' but - - -

It is MY 'pen' to now reveal HOW every government 'official' or armed forces men are ABOUT to seal their 'eternal fate' as they JOIN the demons in the dark hellish realms UNLESS they now OBEY He the real 'King' and Sovereign Lord, being our God of Heaven.

"How" does the invisible Sovereign Power impose His "Law of equal return" upon the 'heads' of all who cause HARM or loss or suffering upon HIS children? He uses the demonic 'lost souls' trapped eternally in the DARK to telepathically infiltrate the minds of men in the flesh of this world and to use their 'minds and muscles' to mete out vengeful RETRIBUTION.

All officials who use RULES in books to extort money, cause harm, interfere, wage war or evict people from their land will now ALL be 'faced' by INSANE (demented) mentally disturbed people who will in 'frenzied' irrational attacks DO UNTO THEM what THEY DID UNTO OTHERS. There is now to be NO ESCAPE for ANY.

As everyone who supported or funded the CONTROL of OTHERS by using 'public servants' or armed forces will also suffer or 'fall,' then BE ADVISED: It is simply the ABSOLUTE JUSTICE OF GOD in ACTION via the 'hands' of the demented.

The ONLY way to NOT 'fall' into the underworld and become a tormented demon is to NOT retaliate and NOT cause any further harm and to discontinue the support of others who do cause harm on your behalf. There is but a 'brief' moment in all eternity to BE saved by your personal obedience to God.

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Heads of 'State' and their officials MUST now try and SEE that all the monetary EXTORTION by fines imposed ARE the Dark demonic retributive forces of GOD in ACTION through them (State officials) upon the 'heads' of OTHERS but, - - -

Said 'King's men' must TRY and also SEE that all they IMPOSE will now BE IMPOSED upon them by other equally 'mentally disturbed' people who will need NO 'Rules books' as their JUSTIFICATION. Their minds will be inspired DIRECTLY from the PITS of HELL via their own negative emotions of vanity, pride, anger, arrogance and frustration at being CONTROLLED.

ALL 'warriors' and 'Kings' are controlled by the DARK power in the underworld. IT the Dark instigates and 'manages' all earthly wars. IF you value your SOUL then stop being a controller and suffer your 'comeuppance' in NON-retaliation as you 'turn the other cheek.'

The eternal ENTRAPMENT of man's soul comes via the capacity of the deceptive Power of THE DARK energy essence of God. This Dark is absolute CUNNING, treachery and infinite deception as It justifies man into USING Its ABSOLUTE forceful Power to attain absolute control over others but, - - - this POWER is a Power the Dark wields VIA man. We must all understand that NO mortal man can EVER be It because since IT and IT alone is the energy of God THE FATHER,  It is an energy that can never be 'harmed' nor destroyed.

Since every controlling, invasive, punitive or warring activity is in defiance of God's Command unto mortal man, it follows that all the rules, decrees or laws invoked by King's or their politicians 'legalising' the aforesaid are ILLEGAL.  It is my pen to state that all TEXT books of 'rules or laws' are to be placed in the fire and destroyed so that mankind can have a fresh new start to the peaceful NEW AGE to be.

If you the 'mortal' or the 'demon' spirit seek to be as 'god,' then IT/He our God will lead you into eternal entrapment in His Dark Domain to suffer forever for your arrogance and your defiance of His: "Only love" Command. He is God, not YOU.

God's LAW stands Supreme: "As you DO - is DONE unto you."

Please try and see the MAIN reality. IT is a fact that it is the 'King' or other 'heads' of state who seek to maintain their position of POWER and CONTROL and they are the ones who use YOU as their 'cannon fodder.' (You are enslaved by them through taxation for your money earned, and you support or fight for them as they all the while use your money to pay your wages and to supply armaments)

The facts are that they are not in the slightest bit 'interested' in your 'welfare,' and if you die in battle or are 'maimed,' it is simply THEIR belief that this is your role in life. To be paid a wage to support them and their flag. When all is said and done, all controllers inevitably remain OUTSIDE of any nasty 'skirmishes' that rain down on the common soldiers and hapless civilians.

Since the MASTERMIND behind all controlling and punitive (warring) operations on earth IS our God it follows, that His invisible forces are in control of all 'Heads of State' and their enforcers. This fact and the reason for all escalating confrontation, imposition of harm, destruction and insanity is revealed in my National Security Alert.

The ONLY way OUT of eternal suffering for you THE READER is for you to now BOW in submission and obedience to BOTH the Commands of our God while in 'silence' and non-retaliation you suffer all and any forceful 'impositions' at the hands of His merciless Dark forces and thus PAY all outstanding DUES. *

Note - PAY all outstanding DUES. * - These are not the monetary dues demanded of you being 'fines' for non-conformity, but are the spiritual dues of suffering as you DEFY monetary demands and SUFFER any consequential impositions even if it is jail time or eviction from your premises. ANY payment of 'fines' or other monetary demands you give to ANY punitive person or 'warring' government means that you are supporting their iniquitous impositions upon others and you simply accrue a further spiritual due of SUFFERING.

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It is the TIME for 'earthlings' to LEARN that there are NO 'secrets' in the universe and that both the Light and the Dark energies are aware of EVERY 'intent and deed' of mankind because said benign or malignant ENERGY is what inspires or incites said deeds in the first instance.

If you can from now ON only be the Light in ACTION then IT will inspire others to be the same way to YOU. The same applies to the use of the DARK energy. Please observe your THOUGHTS and decide from 'which' aspect of God's energy they arise from. Your 'choice' of ACTION becomes your future DESTINY.

It is in fact the emotional Light or Dark energy flowing through you that 'makes or breaks' your DREAMS. Rest 'assured,' IT the energy used never forgets ANYTHING, because ITS 'memory' is forever INDELIBLE.

Everyone from the 'King' to the 'lowest' are all presently controlled mentally and emotionally by the DARK energy essence of the Source. Please now halt your funding of the controlling and punitive ways and become CIVIL and loving and caring and EDUCATIVE towards others who 'sin,' but who in FACT are exactly as you are. (Sinners)

Any person can become a swine IF their thoughts and DARK emotions lead them astray or, if they simply wish to maintain their 'godly' power base which all 'leaders of mankind' continually do as they use God's 'forbidden to use' Dark power to so do.

Any person upholding rules by forceful means is controlled by demonic forces who control all who defy God in using FORCE. Demonic forces UPHOLD the Dark aspect of God's LAW.

All persons in the flesh of this world who use coercion, threat or punishment as the MEANS to maintain their control over you are all on the wide road to HELL and once they enter IT they become a 'demon' tormented by other demons FOREVER.

Now if YOU are one of these 'elect' then please a little 'reflect' because, the Power and Control you 'use' did already ITS energy within YOUR soul 'infuse.' Indeed, YOU are ITS 'slave,' one who will and can now ONLY do ITS 'bidding' (causing harm and destruction) and IT will soon drag YOU down into ITS 'den' and I am NOT 'kidding.'

However, IF my Wisdom you 'bless' and IT upon your mind and soul impress then ahead, far away on a distant day in another 'realm' or land you could become FREE of the dark energy within thee. To so do and make amends with God you must now to everyone be friends and your love and heart share because the Dark did already your soul 'snare.'

Please now 'grow up' and sup on God's WISDOM from my 'cup' and set yourself FREE from INIQUITY.

It is all very simple.