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~ Land Title ~

All "Title" stands "as IS" today, let none demand compensation in any way. Each "inhabitant" is a native of this land, each needing to "try" and this understand.

Matters not what our colour be
matters not what our language be
each must understand
that their "situation" is by God planned.

"Any "seeking" to land "take" by "foul or fair" means and a mess make, will for their folly pay." This I hear from God today.

So whatever your "colour" be, any land you seek that is "owned" by others must paid for be. For we all are natives of this land, and this fact all must understand. If any land was "stolen" off you yesterday then do not "contest it" today, just walk away.

"Forget the past," our God does say. "As ‘humans’ walk a fresh road today, and a ‘free acre’ of Crown Land’ you can take, but demand another man’s ‘Lease’ and I your God will you break."

Centuries ago arrogant "man" seized control/ownership of all lands they "conquered" so that he/she the vain ruler could acquire free "profit" by enslaving any "tenant" by either Leasing them a part for an annual "fee" or by later "granting" them Freehold Title upon payment of a "sum" of money or by granted deed for some "reason."

God now "advises" that God has always owned all earth and any "foolish" men who "partook" in any way in the control of or extortion of monies off His God's children have been/will be paying their "due" in dark realms below for a time and a time for being "swine."

Land will become very "cheap" when all see that God's "Crown Land" is available for free, and the only "added value" will be the improvements made by the "sweat" of you or me.

Thus no "lands" are owned by any National "System" or ruler. All "such" lands are released by God via me and once sanity on earth has prevailed the wisdom of this all will see.

If you own 'Freehold' Title land then understand that the word 'freehold' means that you are NOT 'beholden' to anyone unless you have not yet paid for the land fully.  Either way, there is no other 'body' such as a Titles registry group or taxing department that have any 'rights' over your land. You may transfer its Title to others or add others names to yours without payment of any 'stamp duty' or other fees.

We are only beholden to God in that He observes our daily activity, and if He sees that we are in error then it is He to dispossess us. Let no mortal seek to so do for if they so do then unto their own soul are they untrue. Any person that lies, cheats, or steals another's property by 'sleight of hand' or 'taxes' others or demands 'royalties' will by their God now be dispossessed of everything, even their life as their soul by their own foul or ignorant deed is cast into the underworld.

Governmental institutions are simply interfering, controlling and punitive 'businesses' run by managers, being politicians and their rules of engagement backed by force of arms. They and their 'officials' need to now LEARN that NO 'man or woman' can EARN the Right to DICTATE policy to others as to 'how' they must live or 'how' their Land Title 'RECOGNITION' must be recorded.

They also need to understand that the OLD enforced 'stamp duty' revenue raising 'policy' of DICTATORS is now abolished by God via my pen, and the only 'cost' in selling or transferring or adding names to an existing TITLE is that asked for by a 'solicitor' or Real Estate agent or other handling the process if the title holder needs their input.

Officials working for government institutions need to understand that any person who does not wish, want or desire to fund a controlling and taxing organisation is entitled to NOT pay stamp or other taxing revenue dues within the Freedom of Religion clause of said governing organisation because, in so doing it would be:

1 - A conflict of 'interest'
2 - A conflict of conscience
3 - A conflict of belief - ideology - religion, and if there is any conflict between State rules/laws and the the Constitution Law, then the Constitutional Law takes precedent.  Other than that, one has the God given entitlement to do as one wishes without having to resort to Constitutional or other rules/decrees of mortals.

Land owners may simply place the names of their children or others on the Title deed themselves, and it may be held by the family in trust and, - - -  there is no need for IT to be held or 'stamped' or 'taxed' by any other organisation before becoming 'valid or legal.' The document of Title can be also held securely by any Real Estate Agency or anyone so asked.

I have had my say, let "future" enlightened man seek more guidance from God once PEACE has been established on earth forever and a day.

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~ Title transfer~
Land ownership Title & Title transfer or additions to names on an existing Title

In the "present" day, land ownership "depends" upon a Title deed that is "validated" as legal once a "certain" amount of stamp "duty" transfer royalty tax has been paid to "someone," usually the "Crown" or State or other "body."

This "faulty" way of recognising Title shall now cease as it "depends" upon some other first "greasing their palms" with your money prior to lodgement of documentation and "recognition" of any ownership or transfer.

1 - The "showing" of either ownership or/and transfer of Title to land is hereby legalised by God upon payment for that land that is "acknowledged" by the vendor per "receipt" of payment issued.

Thus the receipt for monies received or goods or other "chattels" traded against the said property shall be the proof of ownership transfer deed - Or:

2 - The "showing" of either ownership or/and transfer of Title to land is hereby legalised by God upon receipt of a note or letter as contained in a "Will" as a legacy stating that the property noted was/is bequeathed to or given to one or more persons - Or:

3 - The transfer may also be but a verbal one given to "someone" by someone prior to or on their deathbed if they have not left any 'Will' documentation. This being the norm in some areas where "paper" is not used and word of mouth is sufficient.

The "lodgement" of Title transfer documents to a "central" registry be it the local community council, the village elders, or other wise "body" shall be simply that, the lodgement of a record of Title.

Let it be clearly understood, ones 'preferred' holder of a Title deed document choice remains that of the person/s named on the Title document.

Should the "controller" or "holder" of this public facility need funding in some way in order to maintain a "proper" recording system then a small "lodgement" fee may be asked for. In "village" situations the Elders already know "who" owns "what" and no fee or documentation is needed.

Any fee asked for shall in no way be a percentage of the sale/transfer price. Thus a plot/property changing ownership be it for $ 1 or $1 million or but as a gift is to be "charged" the same "simple" fee.

The "recording" clerk is simply that, a person designated by the community to hold a copy of the sale receipt/record, be it for land surveyed or otherwise. Any documents describing the Title area may be attached to this receipt that as said, is the title of ownership document.

In the event of a deeded gift, this "letter" is but attached to previous copies denoting ownership. Let no man "seize" or attempt to obtain another's land/home by force for any reason. Any whom so "try" will be tried by God when they leave earth's sod.

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No land title transfer of ownership is required to be "witnessed" by any other before becoming "legal" in the eyes of any man or system, be it by a transfer by sale or by "Will"* from a deceased estate.

Our God sees and knows the spoken or written word of every person and thus any person may "transfer" ownership of their land/s to any other by their spoken word or by their written word without it having to be either "witnessed" or legalised by fee paid.

In this coming moment of time when death and destruction is to abound, many "lands" will be found to have no "owners" around later as they and their families will have been put to the sword. Thus many millions of acres will become vacant possession* awaiting fresh feet to tread upon its fields and valleys.

It will facilitate new "claimants" seeking "empty" lands if all inhabitants from every village and country town keep personal copy records of their "Title/s" so as to facilitate "order" once God's Reaping is done, and "unclaimed" land will become God's freehold to be inhabited by fresh spirits incarnating into this realm of consciousness.

This "facilitating" can be also aided by giving your local area Real Estate Agent a copy of your Title receipt and/or other documentation that will also aid him/her once the "last days" are past and peace is at hand in every land. When in "doubt" ask the locals in the area.

For it is they as well as others to whom seekers of a "place space" may go to for good counsel when darkness has left this planet and many "homeless" have entered your lands from others due to fleeing persecution.

One thing is for sure ref. Title to previously owned land/property, and that is that you and God know when you do not have any "claim" to it when its "past" owner did not promise or tell you personally of their intent to leave it to you.

As said "elsewhere," all Crown/State lands* are owned by God's "Crown," not by any "system" of man or 'Chief or King,' and thus any person is entitled to claim a God given free acre to build their home on and "naturally" use more if their business is that of farmer etc.

Note: Crown or State land* - There are many 'properties' which have designated or unmarked access roads traversing them which are stated to be or assumed to be 'Crown' owned, and some of these may have been used in perpetuity by persons over many years as the means to access their properties. There are also many 'cases' where said access roads exist but are not actually physically where they are 'supposed' to be, but have also been used in perpetuity for many years by the public.

It needs to now be clearly understood that our God is THE CROWN rather than any mortal man or institution of man. It follows, that any official in any institution who deems that any Crown access road must be paid for by a member of the public, then they are trespassing into the 'dark side' of the Source and 'playing god' and will by God be dealt with later for any resultant 'extortion' or eviction or restriction imposed IN THE NAME OF GOD OR THE CROWN.

If any land owner purchases a property which has had a marked or unmarked access road on it which has existed for some years enabling others to traverse said lands for any reason, then said access was granted by God IN THE FIRST INSTANCE, and any 'closure' or restriction' emplaced which causes other users loss, harm or other 'suffering' is an illegal activity in the eyes of God THE CROWN AUTHORITY and the instigators or those upholding said 'restrictions' will suffer the consequences being; that all 'inconvenience' or loss etc., which resulted becomes their spiritual due within the immutable "As you did sow so shall ye reap" LAW OF THE SOVEREIGN CROWN Ruler.

Farmers need more than an acre or two depending on the nature of the work they do. So all I can today say is that in the New Age coming our way after the Reaper has had His say, there will no longer be any "greed" nor the gigantic tax take need, and thus all will relax and expansionist views will no longer be the way, so farmers "lands" will be but one "tenth" the size of today.

None need to "own" all the lands as far as their "eye" can see. So please now of "this" viewpoint set your soul free and downsize your fields or flocks or orchards quickly before the "coming" insanity.

It is preferable to give away a "part" of your lands to a needy stranger, for this way God sees not only your good deed, but that you do see the "time of day," for God's message via me you did read.

Once sanity has returned to this planet then all will see that lands once used by people who have "passed-over" to spirit that is "unclaimed" or no longer needed by family members will "return" to being God's Crown land for any others to use.

*Vacant possession - God's Crown land.
* Will & Testament - may be viewed 'here'

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~ State & Council land grab ~

It is apparent that State bodies and local Councils of all countries still live in the "Dark Ages" as they believe that the local community "flocks" of God have somehow "abrogated" their ownership and control of their properties to these public institutions.

It is important to note that the primary reason for this is financial, and the no "permission" to build on "good" agricultural land is due to its "taxable" produce value.

It is the time for all "Systems" to realise that God says that all people who occupy land do have their own "Authority" to do whatever they so wish to on their land and, they do not have to in perpetuity "fund" any System raised up "for or against" them.

It is not up to Council or State to make any decisions now on what people can or cannot do on their land.

If State or Council believe that they are so "empowered," then we the people will by popular "vote" dismiss them and abolish all past Laws  (Decrees of men) imposed upon the people by the vain and arrogant.

This you individually do by "simply" ignoring all demands imposed upon you and "failing" to have anything more to do with any Council or State "body" that does not conform to your "dictates" as you are the land Lord, not them.

The only "power" that we the people now give our employees of the System is to be an Advisory body. It is also our "duty" to donate whatever we can afford to their "upkeep" so that they can continue to serve us in an appropriate manner.

Let the "consciousness" of each individual decide what they wish to do on their property inspired by God. For too long has the "past" negative way of the "King" continued on, being that he the "arrogant" one believed that he owned all the lands and that the people were his tenants who could only remain on his land if they paid an annual "rental."

This "ridiculous" way has continued on up to today as every "State" on earth has followed the "King's" false way as they now impose their decrees & demands upon their perceived tenants you, whom they "evict" if to their never ending demands you do not comply with.

Every "Council" and State "body" needs see their iniquity and pave the way to change before they all derange, which they will do if they "persist" in hounding me or you.

Landowners do not require any "permission" from Council or other prior to carrying out any "works" on their property. Council is "raised" solely as an Advisory and Community Welfare Service Provider.

Note: Every land owner is by God 'permitted' to sit at home and do NOTHING and to simply RELAX. They should not have to go forth and 'slave' or steal from others, nor to 'have to' pay anything to any other person or 'body' as 'rates or land tax' or any other TAX.

For the 'taxing' one that forcefully commands or demands that others support 'his' needs, wants, or desires is a THIEF, and all thieves come to learn the 'agony' of GRIEF when God 'excommunicates' them from their money, home, lands and heaven, and sends their souls into the cold, dark, desert lands of the underworld to SUFFER.

Let it be CLEARLY understood that no Chief, Nation, nor 'rule in a book' owns the land upon which you abide. (live) For when you purchased it, then in God's eyes it is yours to do with as you wish to and, you do not have to 'continually' pay some other 'pig' any taxes that he will use for his own 'pigswill.'

As for supposed 'Crown land,' that is owned by God and not by any institution of man or 'nation' or political force. "Therefore if you want, need, or desire an acre or two of land to live on because you have none, then you are free to go forth and stake a free Claim." So sayeth your Creator via this sacred pen.

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~ Line in the sand ~
Territorial ownership

Man has "drawn" a line in the sand or in the oceans far from his land to delineate "his" country and this is an act underhand.

For no man can "own" a nation or a "race" and God decrees that all "boundaries" are to fall as all are a disgrace.

Certainly one can name a "Continent" or a geographical area, but there will be no "borders" to promote hysteria due to "someone" controlling any "barrier or gate."

"All shall be free to roam o'er land or sea and answer to none other than ME your invisible God who is the sole Authority."

That is my last task of the day and I "pray" now that "rain" comes our way for we need a "flood" to wash away the coming "blood."


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~ Open letter to Premier Bacon ~
Eddystone Point is not Aboriginal land

Dear Premier, Eddystone Point is common ground - one for all and all for one. I refer to a printed brochure given out by the Tasmanian Aboriginal Inc group who have "intrusively" taken over the site that is the "common" property of every resident of Tasmania.

This group "claims" that if it does not become theirs, that it will be lost to "them" the organisation "claiming" Aboriginality as their right to hold sole title to a part of this land mass.

The reality is, that as soon as any land is "owned" by any sector of the community then the others lose their access rights to it. The only reason why people "fight" to own lands is for financial gain, greed. Be it past kings who were vain or "sects" who hold others in disdain.

As the present planetary land "take & return" to supposed past owners is still in debate, I have taken it as incumbent upon myself to it correctly "delineate" as no other man has the "clear" capacity to see the reality and its "overall effects" on each individual's spirituality.

I have written a 50-page document on this matter for the world to see, thus this note sent now to thee and others to also see. For all now walk the wrong way and none see the "time of day" nor what by my "pen" is revealed as coming earth's way.

No landmass was ever "stolen" off any other owner because it was/is never owned by any or any other.

It was/is yes inhabited by a variety of different tribes or "ethnic" groups with their own particular "strange" ways and different clothes and "dance" forays. I say strange, because to each other every race has its own "customs" and appears "different" in so many ways.

So what all of every "race" needs see is that neither ethnicity nor aboriginality are a "prerequisite" to owning the "whole" land mass or National boundary upon which they walk.

Every land "mass" is owned by God and is "loaned" to man for free to walk on, and God does say that we can "own" a personal "space" to build a home on and live a life of grace.

But, the "rest" of the land is Common ground that can be freely traversed or accessed by any of any race whom do find themselves there. Be it by emigration, or birth, or by simple "holiday" visitation.

So the demands by the Elders of "some" ethnic groups to "regain" stolen property needs be seen as a "dream," and for any "Crown or State" to give it or sell it back to any "sector" of any community is soon to be a "has been" dream. For as said, no "State" or king ever owned any land by mere "sleight of hand" or decree.

God will show thee and thee what is meant by me. Please now aid me and the whole community by showing them my document so that all become personally enlightened before for any lands they die as they fight.

Sincerely - Terence, son of Irene & David

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~ The 'return dues' paper ~

The purpose of this "paper" is to bring Light onto the whole planet reference "seizure of lands, ownership of lands, and the return of 'stolen' lands," as well as the return dues to be paid or met by any who made others fret.

This letter though "based" on the Tasmanian 'Eddystone' Lighthouse land & buildings debacle, and the Mount William National Park in N.E. Tasmania, is applicable to any lands or buildings on earth presently "known as"- 'Crown land, National Park, or State or Government owned property.'

In this instance the State government of Tasmania is purported to be in the process of "handing over" ownership of the National Park to a sector of the Tasmanian community known as 'Tasmanian Aboriginal Inc,' and/or its members.

The government is also purported to be advertising the adjacent Lighthouse infrastructure and buildings for sale by 'Tender' to private developers.

On seeing that this was to take place the local Aborigine group moved in "en masse" to take over the premises. This "forceful" invasion of public property was accomplished without resistance by the State.

The "occupying" body sent by Tasmanian Aboriginal Inc believe that due to ancestors having "walked" on this place that they now have entitlement to hold "Title" to the Park lands and buildings to the "exclusion" of all other Tasmanians and have "shown" this by "annexing" and occupying one of the buildings.

It is apparent therefore that a "sector" of the Tasmanian community namely the "Aborigine" Council of Elders and their followers of 'mixed blood' ancestry believe that due to this blood "tie," that they have "precedence" over other Tasmanian residents in some way in respect of the usage of that place.

For those of you who have read the preceding pages of the 'Land Title today' document on my web site you may or should have a clearer picture of what I am saying. For the "truth" to emerge we needs go back to the "beginning" when man was daily "sinning."

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It was a time when men "thought" they would "attain" control through ownership of lands by annexation via forceful possession or by "heritage."

All this is false. No man stands above God and it is I to now speak for God to all men on this sod.

As we can now see, before any "Crown or State" claimed this or any land from another by "planting" their flag, it was not owned by the other. Neither was it or is it today owned by any "State or Crown."

Thus it is not their prerogative to sell or deed it away to any other who will then themselves expect others to "pay" for entry onto it, etc. It is God who made it and owns it in perpetuity.

It is God to "watch" foolish man plan to control it, ultimately unto man's own spiritual demise. Use what you personally need, take any more and you will be destroyed by inner greed.

Let it here be known today that any "State or Crown" that has lands or buildings may either sell them or give then away. It cannot continue to hold as in "ownership" this property.

I clarify this saying all Crown lands or national parks or forests are to be given back to their rightful owner God. This is "done" by an acceptance by the System's workers and the public that they never owned them in the first instance.

Thus it follows and implies that any person from any land over the sea can over these places walk and talk and "take" a free acre or two to do whatever they wish to on it as long as they use the "plot" as their abode.

No "man" needs more than one place to call home. If you do wish to travel and "camp" on a beach or at the "forest" end of the road then do so, but do not "claim" ownership of "that" secondary place space.

Leave it clean and tidy so that others can use it when you have gone your way. Never "seal-off" access to any river or beach frontage, always leave space between each home plot so that the public have access.

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As for "land" containing built structures such as the Eddystone "complex," if the department raised up by the System and funded by the people no longer need "our" Lighthouse "servants" living there, then by all means sell to the highest "bidder" and return all monies received directly back to permanent residents of this "land mass."

This is done by "proportionately" crediting each resident's bank account. On no "account" keep the monies received as is presently done "On behalf of the people." That is the wrong way that is "Theft by servant" thievery carried out today by all politicians as they "sell" their employers assets.

As for the "annexation" of the Lighthouse place "space" by the misguided selfish invading "section" of the Tasmanian community, this "act" is an act of theft by them off the general public.

If they wish to "remain" holders of that place then they are "free" to so do, but they needs see that their "activity" actions are "contrary to" God's Commandment, and as they do stand "beneath" God's Law they ahead will suffer the same "loss" fate for sure. I suggest that they "reflect," and move out quietly, and this way protect their souls.

Let us all now see that no "Government" owns anything. Be it lands or "buildings" built by you or me. They "as" a welfare organisation department can "yes" manage "our" property that is a "building" or space needed to aid the community. But they cannot give it away to any one.

No, it must be "sold" to "someone" so that all "residents" from the contributing "area" receive their "back" pay, or if the local community so advise it can be "held" in trust as a "Heritage" place to be funded only by donations, not taxation.

It is now the time for Tasmanian politicians and all others to "seal-up" the "ownership" trap by educating the whole community and by governing systems relinquishing "control" of all lands on earth.

Surely by now we can with "mirth" look back at the vanity of silly men who "For King and country" leap ashore in far distant lands and by "placement" of a flag assume ownership of lands and the "right" to in perpetuity "tax" the residents of that land.

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Set yourself free by now "refusing" to pay any "land tax" to any "controllers." This too will set them free from "earning" another false penny that under God's Law must be taken off them ahead for sure.

So the "due" that is due to any of you who 'stole land or homes from others' or 'invaded other's land,' or 'demanded any taxes from others' is that you now will be "dispossessed" by others from other lands and also lose all your financial gain.

Those of you who are wise who are "in possession of" Title or lands on behalf of any System will now return those lands to God to be used by any of God's children whom on earth plod.

Any moneys received by any "State" for the sale of any such property or "accoutrements" owned by the State on behalf of the national community shall be repaid directly to the people.

Any person "in authority" who fails in this duty will themselves lose all their 'booty' acquired during their time on earth and for a very long time they will feel no mirth.

There is also a financial & punitive "due" to God owed by those vain men who "thought" that they had the "Right of Caretaker" of all flora and fauna and fish in the sea.

For these men imposed restrictions and a financial tax upon any seeking to partake of this wealth, and also by punitive measure for any non-compliance to their edicts they controlled access to these riches by common man.

This "insane" vanity and greed was imposed in the guise of "Protection of nature and stock management" but was in fact used to extort money from any who "partook" whilst "unlicensed" by the Crown or State.

God is now to "partake" of their purse and many of these controllers and their supporters will "nurse" their blackened backsides as God's "Armies" now stride forth o'er every land.

Make way now for "God's day," the terrible day of re-tribute.
(Retribution and Restitution.)

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~ The Territorial Decree ~

Let it here be known that for a long time this EARTH has been a 'territorial' disgrace as arrogant men used 'force of arms' to dispossess others from their 'home and lands' as they seized all and then administered these 'stolen' lands with improper and immoral power and authority as they 'enslaved' all inhabitants with a very heavy punitive 'judicial' hand. It is our God to DECREE today that:

The Decree

"All 'Lands and Territories' will now be set free as stated by me the 'Authority' of the day."

All lands are first to be "possessed" by very dark 'invisible' forces working through the minds of earthly men who will be telepathically 'forced' to roam freely over every shore as they are inspired from their 'ancestral' home below, and - - -

- - - their minds will tell them to cross every shore and 'unopposed' by lesser vain men they will dispossess all others who defied this God's pen, and - - - they will punish & destroy all whom with God's lands and children did 'toy.'

After God's 'Reaping force' has done its 'job' then my 'pure' Authority has begun as I take 'possession' of Earth for our God of Light & Love who by this DECREE does say:

The Decree

"From this moment on there shall be none to regulate or control or 'stem' the free passage of any other person. All 'men' shall be free to travel by land - air - sea without 'let or hindrance' from any other one. None shall need any 'proof' of nationality or 'passport' documentation.

Let it here be said that any person with present 'immigration' powers on any land who either reads this decree or 'hears' of its content who continues to be a 'barrier' against the free movement of MY children shall themselves be 'barred' from ever entering the Promised Land Heaven."

I your God have spoken.

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~ Arab v/s Jew & God ~

Both the Arab and the Jew as all others on the "sod" are sisters and brothers who against the "other" drew blood, and thus paved the way of today where hatred and vengeance have their say.

From far past times the Elders of the Israeli "mob" stole others lands as they "greased" their "hands" with money being their "honey."

This led God to mete out His justice under His one Law of "If you steal lands then you will be dispossessed for sure, as you do is done unto you." And the God of Elijah & Abraham sent these "errants" far and wide to roam homeless with no "State" of their own.

And these "lost sheep" up to today have heard not God's "voice" with His Commandment that did say: "Go your way in peace and do not take other's lands by force or My 'next' step will be to divorce your souls from the Promised Land."

So as we now see the errant Elders of the Jewish race are still destroying their sisters and brothers and invading their "space" because they are yet "blind" as are their "Arab" opponents who too are "deaf" to Allah's call of "Mercy & forgiveness to the untrue."

So via the ignorant of both "races" our God will "rise up" and smash opposing faces, and all who of this "party of retribution" partake will an eternal "sad" mess of their souls make.

I for Allah/God say: "Withdraw from 'occupying' other's lands today and kneel at your 'enemies' feet saying: I am sorry that with guns I did you greet, so please forgive me so that I can live next to thee and 'intermarry' if one of yours would with me tarry."

Let both sides now lay down their arms and show God's Light "charm." This they do immediately by not fighting personally and not paying taxes to fund their war machine.

Let the "Godly" on both sides let the others know of their way so that a "beginning" to friendship is begun before God's terrible coming day.

It is the time for all to know that the Holy Land promised to the faithful was not a "material" earthly place no, it was the invisible spiritual space above being God's residence of pure love. Where "entry" is only gained by the pure of heart who do not fight for they see the "reason" of/for the others plight.

If you wish to follow me home, then forgive your enemy and no longer roam in his territory as an "oppressor" with gun in hand. Do you understand?

The faithful are those who faithfully walk with God by forgiving their enemy and turning the other cheek when abused, and in being merciful and compassionate to the "infidels" who are any of you who permit retribution to flow through you unforgivingly.

Yes, you are the ignorant and arrogant "non-believers" in God's Word of every race on earth, who carry a mace for the Devil who is the retributionary Dark force that is the "Avenger of God."

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~ The 'Payback' of God's Law ~

It appears to me that none yet see nor fully understand the "fullness of" or "reality of" God's one Law: "What you do is done unto you."

All men demand for and believe in the "justice of" Payback, so for those fighting to "reclaim" stolen lands, why try to take back what you "think" was stolen off you?

For if it was stolen off you, then it was but the fulfillment of God's law and your "just" due. And if you again "steal" it back off your neighbours then the same fate again awaits you.

As for the Australian Aborigine, because "white" man was vain and arrogant and did not understand God's law, he stole your children and "shot" many a man, and this again was but God's law in action via the ignorant that none understand.

For every race has killed his fellow man who lives over the hill, and of their daughters taken his "fill," and stolen their property and burnt down "shacks" because he was fearful and greedy and blinded by ignorance that is the "weapon" of the Dark force below, and the suffering meted out was the karmic "due" deserved by the sufferer whom in their past did the same thing do.

All men who now for IT the Dark continue to steal or abuse sow, will by IT the Dark be dragged below. So please now teach your "children" to go slow and walk in peace, or they will spiritually "decease."

For any "invasion" is the Dark Reaper in action through the minds and "arms" of the ignorant and arrogant.

Ever since time "began" man has been "incited" by the Devil to take by force what was not his to take, and any who for any reason now continue on in this way will suffer excruciating pain below for eternity and a day. Do you hear me?

God does not "permit" any to be abused in any way who does not deserve it. Try and this see. Try and see that "principle" suffering received by you is probably your "due" from another place in time before on earth at this time your soul did in biological flesh entwine.

This is why God says:

"Do not fight and defend your flesh with the strength of your 'arm' or you will die. Lean on the strength of My Word for it is the sacred 'charm' to protect you. For when you walk in peace and to Me are true, then only peace is your due for I your God will not permit any to raise their hand against you."

Remember, God has "promised" to be true to His Word that is the Seal binding His one Law: "As you do is done unto you." This Law encompasses both the deeds done, being the negative and the positive for sure.

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So the payback from God that is the "comeback" to you being the spiritual karmic due from any deed expressed by you, is either God's Light energy flowing forth from a kind smiling face or God's Dark energy flowing forth from a hateful grimace through the ignorant.

The ignorant being those who do not understand the call from God's heavenly land that says: "Only be kind and loving in all you do for whatever you do will return to you."

So children, you now "choose" the win or lose for whomsoever chooses to steal from, or control others, or fight at this end time will now descend into eternal dark night where forever they will entwine and fight with their enemies.

For in that place there is no light and there are no "friends," and all are unforgiving and merciless, for they are enslaved by the Dark overlord who does His intent upon their minds impress, which is to: "Destroy all offenders," for there, they are all a "blight" in His sight.

Ignorant man sees not that all his "suffering" is his "Just" due "reward" under God's law accrued from when in his past he was untrue.

And as "he" man believes not in the power of God he tries to defend himself against the "other" ignorants sent by God to set him free of his past "due" and all can now see the result of that iniquity.

Man knows not that God can "all the punishing do," and as "lost" man cannot see God's face he believes not what is said by me the soul from eternity.

And thus man heeds the Devil's FALSE and deceptive 'voice' that says:

"You have no choice. You must punish the others and them destroy, and when 'mandated' by the 'powers of man's courts' to so do, are fully protected and you are not evil and you are 'Justly' doing what you do."

So man "followed" the Devil's plan and aids his own demise and falls from the skies. For when any use "darkness" justifiably or otherwise they are "defiant" of God's call of "Only love" from the skies, and it is man who then by his own deed who "licences" the Devil to return to his door and make him bleed.

So as you can now see, any whom "support" financially or otherwise the power of man's Court are supporting the Dark work of the Devil and thus as they "sleep" they are accruing painful evil debts, and becoming entangled tighter by the black widow spider who will ahead sit astride them and suck their blood after an eternally long painful "bite."

Let us now rise above the "Dark Ages" where we all follow Elders who were less than sages. Let us all "see the light" and lay down our weapons and no longer fight.

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~ The Land 'Custodians' ~

There are many who "think" that the land and forests need a "Caretaker." This is false, for without the intervention of man our God's forests flourish.

So any "custodian" of the day is but a "thief" who is either using the land or forests to gain "free pay" or is abusing the land and forests in some way.

Ignorant man has depleted the forest greenery and it's time to "re-seed" and enhance the scenery. All man does today is to "throw" his trash and beer bottles away to blow in the wind.

God sees all, the litterers and those who use His forests to steal taxes off the poor. Any who has to pay "someone" a fee to drive or walk into a forest "scenery" is being "ripped-off" as is now exposed, for as said, God says:

"My land and forests I give thee to use freely as on earth you walk. If you 'bend' a blade of grass or a 'leaf' of a tree through insanity, which is greed, then it is I your God to make your 'sap' bleed when your soul returns to entwine with Me spiritually.

Walk your road with grace and a smiling face. For if you wield a 'mace' against another because you believe that you own any forest place then I your God will you bind for being so blind and unkind."

We the "children" of God are only custodians of our own "inner-land," our spirit soul, as God planned.

Let it here be known today that on earth there is only one "Sacred site," and it is the Holy place called "Lalapanzi" where for God I did this Testament write.

Let it also be known that when I "pass-away" that this Holy sacred place will revert back to being as the "rest" of the earth of God's land, all a Holy place where there exist no "forces" underhand, and you will all take "care" to keep it clean and to all its "glens" and beaches share.

All land other than privately owned acreage is "common" land owned by God and for the use of all God's children whom over it would roam.

Thus any Forest Reserves or Parks areas required as "non" inhabited areas in order to assist wildlife and the preservation of nature may be delineated as a "guide" line for all.

But no man can "insist" that all unoccupied land be designated as such, and no man can insist that no other be permitted to live within the boundaries so set. Freedom of choice is the way, and all "soon" will heed God as they walk their way.

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~ The Miner's 'Right' ~

Every Miner has the right to dig a hole in the ground and "mine" the riches below without letting any "department" know, nor needing to pay a licence fee to any other, for all by God is given free.

No Miner has the "right" to abuse any other who stands in God's sight. So from now on no Miner will "sully" any "stream" that is used to drink or fish from downstream.

No Miner has the "right" to enter upon any "freehold" land owned by any other, nor "dig" within the limits of any town. Those days are gone when Miners "thought" they owned all minerals underground.

No Miner has the "right" to claim all "loded" lands within his sight no, he must only "demarcate" an acre or two in which to dig at any time, and when this is "replete" he can move-on and remain "sublime."

All Miners must now see that once "dug" and "deserted" all features of "safety" must be taken in order to protect you or me as "passers-by," for if a "trap" is "unguarded" the Miner could later cry.

Yes a Miner can "register" his "claim" by letting any "Mining Body" know so that other 'Miners to be' do of the mine know.

It is the time for all "Systems" to now disband, and in this "act" it does "follow" that no "Crown" or "State" does in any way "own" the minerals below ground.

This was "believed" in a past day. Thus their "asked" fee off you and me prior to any person being granted a "Prospecting Licence" to search for a mineral site. With a subsequent fee demanded prior to a "dig" being authorised.

In some "lands" the governing "body" seized by force all "rights" to mine for they were/are government swine, and any "civilian" person "caught" earning a Miners wage was "marked" as "a criminal," and punished.

As said, God owns all, and this man needs see. God observes all done by you and me, so keep a smile on your face as you "swelter" in the sun or get cold when as a "rabbit" you work in your "warren."

Just remember that God does "abhor" when you "trespass" against any other who is mining next door. So keep your thoughts clean or you "might" get buried and remain unseen for an eternity or two.

Good luck on your road, and I hope that you find the "Mother Lode" that is the "hidden" land above, which you only find when you dig with love.

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~ The LAND ~

God says:

"The land is Mine to give. I give it freely to any who live for a time on this earthly land, all now are to heed MY Command. There is no earthly "Crown," those days soon gone where so many "frown" because their "Over Lord" was "Dark" and wielded a "sword."

So as said, the land I give thee. From today, all "Crown land" free be. A God given acre each is free to choose to live on. None must this Command abuse. As for the "rest" we’ll wait and see what after the "Great War" is to be, for "ancestral spirits" still believe they "own" the earthly land they now "disown."

And as for "usage," let it be known that My wish on earth is today "Sown." That any can anything "do" on their "God given acre" I say to you. IF you’d not live "next door" you can "get up" and "move" for sure. Let no one any "berate" for their "ways" or they will be late.

All as said is soon now to "change," so just prepare for when minds "derange." Yours and others too. There is naught else to now be, other than TRUE.

I your God have spoken today, via My earthly "pen" My Command did sway. Heed not now the "demands" of men, heed only The Command via MY pen."

~ The Spirit of Truth ~

* When I say "I" or "MY" I speak for the Source, our beloved God.

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~ Island in the Sun ~

Once upon a time there was an Island in the sun. It was inhabited by many, not one, and these people were very happy to be sitting on an island by the sea.

The men arose early and went to fish, and the ladies prepared the vegetables for the evening "dish," and then they went to work and did some ‘weaving’ of coconut leaves. None were ever grieving.

The children went out early to play, some went out and fished, others heeded their mother’s say. But all were happy, as all had something to do, thus all minds were, as such, "true."

The men came home on the evening breeze. The fish was eaten and some dried for there was no "freeze," and as the evening cooled, all sat around and talked and listened to the musical sound of those who drummed or sang a song, all were a part of that happy throng.

None did on other islands rely, for all heeded God and did daily try to do their level best in their work. None did any daily chore shirk. Only the oldies sat in the sun, cared for by the younger "one."

But they too did contribute in their way, passing on to the youth the "time of day," being the wisdom that they did accrue, be they the fishermen or the weavers true.

So all children must be taught that laziness is with danger fraught, for if any on others "rely" and take by "force," they ahead do cry.

So this little story is out of the "past," a time that did not long last, for the time came when a visitor did "arrive" saying, "I’ll give you money on which to survive," and all reached out their hands and "took," for the meaning of "Welfare" was mistook.

For, all who from others "take," ahead do their own "system" break, for nothing but nothing is ‘free,’ this I the free spirit do see. For, for a "fare you well" to be given, means another in hard labour is "driven."

So now we do arrive at "today," and the 20th century has had its "say," being, that "we" empowered the System to "take" money off others, and thus their backs break.

And as our demands became "higher," our souls went deeper into the mire, because we did foolishly presume that others must give, so that we in laziness and "retirement" could live.

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And our demands became greater each day, free school, free medical and free "pay," and our "leaders," to stay "in power," fell deeper into the control of the ‘dark sower,’ the Devil, who inspired them for sure, so that their "take" became more and more. All in the seemingly virtuous disguise that they were for us being very wise.

And any who could no longer "contribute" to the Tax take, were given a "salute," sold up and sent their way, impoverished as they could no longer pay the requirement needed, to the "others" feed and house in the manner of "their" need.

Even the houses given for ‘free’ by the labours of you and me, little by little fell into ruin and rust, yes, they were given by our labours in trust to help the ones we were told were in need. In reality, all had succumbed to greed and expected to "forever" live off society in a manner, that in truth, was impropriety.

All this being accomplished by political "men" who for pieces of silver drove their own souls into Satan’s den as they annually more and more "took," upturning the people and their "pockets" shook, until every piece of spare cash had been taken, and then suddenly they saw that they had been mistaken !

But alas, all too late. For all with the "laziness" way did now mate, and none knew even how to "fish," or plant veges for their evening dish, and as the "payers" all became broke, the very Devil put in the last spoke, and erupted within every mind with "thoughts" so very unkind.

Saying: "If they do not continue to "pay," you must now take what they do not give away," and insanity did suddenly erupt within the minds of all who as "takers" supped, and in their suffering they did others abuse, and thus their own souls to the darkness did lose.

So the moral in this story is an old old ‘game,’ written by a man with an eternal name. It is that none must off any "take" or demand, or they a "bloody mess" make, be they the politician or the simple soul unwise, all suffer eventually for being unwise.

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So let's now all together "pull," and teach all to be self sufficiently "full." No more "money" given out, just "food" for any who in hunger shout, and also a shovel or two, so all can go and "do" what they must do, and their own mouths feed, and plant their own potato seed.

And if they are too lazy to "sow," they true poverty will get to know, for very soon now the "funds" will run out, then great suffering will every soul clout.

So, let's pull together and the "dole" close down, and take no "Tax," or we all will drown. Let the true "lovers" from their hearts give, so others with less can with full "bellies" live.

But for sure, let none from any "demand," that is breaking God’s "Loving Command." This is what I today do say, the Spirit of Truth sent again earth’s way, as did the "visitor," who arrived one day and to the island people did say:

"I by "force of arms" this land take today, it is now owned by my King who lives far away. And if any of you any land need you will have to "show cause" by your deed. Being, that for "it" you’ll needs pay for as said, the new "Crown" owns all today."

And thus did man God’s lands impoverish, by deeds very foul and devilish. For as time went slowly by, all assumed that they must 'cry' by conforming to the "Acts" enacted by men, who all denied God’s sacred pen as they "forced" all to comply with regulations that made all suffer and cry.

So as said, we stand today with nowhere to go and nothing to say other than; "We are all very "tired" by the devilish system that we ignorantly sired, and the people whom we do "employ" are the ones who send soldiers to "us" destroy if we do not comply to their increasing "take," for they are "blind" and see not its time to put on the brake."

So as said, all will soon now collapse as the whole planet goes into relapse, and many will eternally cry as their souls fall down out of the "sky," verily into levels far far below because God’s call they did not know, and I the "visionary" say:

"Please me now heed for soon even you could bleed. Read my final message sent down from heaven, verily it is God’s sacred leaven. I it upon you all bestow, that is, for those who would heaven get to know."


Be you of aboriginal "descent" or indigenous by "birth," or an Australian by deed of "settlement" through emigration, you are all "Natives of Australia," called Australians.

All thus have equal status and equal rights to "obtain" Freehold Title through the normal means of purchasing land off others, or by "claiming by demarcation and registration" your God given acre from untitled lands which at present are called "Crown Land, or State Forest, or National Parks."

This "free" claim on Crown Land only applies to persons who do not already "hold" title to other freehold land. If you have a home, then you are "hell-bent" if you "groan" because you do not have "Title" to other areas of land.

For any attempt to gain "control of" or "ownership of" common land using "race" or any other means is due to either your inner greed, or because your Elders did your mind falsely seed, or because ancestral spirits are interfering in your mind with their thoughts as they seek you to "do" a retributive deed for them.

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Geoff Guest – “Spirit man”

Spirit man, you have walked on this Australian land many times before as the Creator sent your spirit soul through the ‘door’ from the land above, and you will now leave a ‘giant footprint’ across the land as you teach all about the absolute power of God’s ‘underhand.’

It has the power to destroy all that its ‘Light’ did create, being those that defy HIM and are a ‘disgrace’ to HIM and HER (the Light) as they ‘fuck about’ and berate others and violently abuse HIS children both day and night.

Spirit man, tread ‘lightly’ as you go, for soon every ‘Abo’ will get to know that ‘Spirit man’ brings his ‘hope’ plan to the land personally. Being his plan to uplift the lost race that daily wield a mace against any that are unfortunate enough to be ‘weaker’ than them and, - 

These are ‘bashed,’ raped, and smashed because the ‘arrogant and ignorant’ lost their way a long time ago, and are now being used so easily by the DARK force who enters their mind as silently and quickly as ‘Lui the serpent’ whose ‘disguise’ is more brilliant than that of the ‘Kadaicha’ man.

Spirit man, tell all that they are playing with liquid FIRE. Tell all that you are here to uplift them higher. Tell all that if they do not ‘listen’ and change their ways (their daily deeds) then for eternity they will bleed.

 Spirit man, tell all to follow your ‘spoor,’ tell all that ‘wish’ to reach heaven's door that they must now be sincere as around the camp fire they draw near to listen to what you now have to say.

 Spirit man, as you carry out the Seminars teach all to say the ‘Star’ prayer, for only it has the power to suppress dark emotions and thoughts that come into their minds each day.

 Spirit man, as you ‘run’ and over the land you go, many will begin to see that you are personally giving them a fresh start individually, and they must personally pick up the ‘reigns’ of the ‘horse’ you give to each, being the spiritual Wisdom.

 Spirit man, the pure spirit of Light will guide your mind from above, as will I Her dove. Just tell all the people you know that you now wish to go forth and break the ‘spell’ binding everybody, so that they can then begin to uplift themselves out of their misery and self pity and forget the past ‘injustices’ - - - as they begin to realise that all suffering imposed upon them by others was a mental or emotional or physical spiritual due from their past, be it accrued in this life or another prior time in spirit or on earth.

 Spirit man, tell all the people you know that they must now help you in every way as they raise funds for your journey and they help you to plan which way to go and they prepare a ‘place’ for the Seminars in each ‘village camp.’

 Spirit man, time is short, each Camp you go to can be a ‘Corroboree’ Seminar, for all can be participants, all can sit around on stools or on the ground in the afternoon and listen to the sounds of the ‘drummers’ and the story that you tell about heaven and hell and respect and mercy and forgiveness and personal responsibility for the destiny of ones own soul bequeathed unto them by the Creator.

 Spirit man, once you have your plan and the means to travel, then you go on your way and leave pamphlets and a link to my web site as you move swiftly from place to place as your soul of grace accomplishes its mission for God.

 Spirit man, seed your mind each day with the info in the ‘Brief Summary’ and other so that you can tell all that any that continue to defy God do ‘pay,’ as God via the ‘ignorant’ throws His ‘spear’ of agony, and any that continue to play around ‘foolishly’ and knock others to the ground will now by God be eternally bound.

 Spirit man, tell all to leave the ‘grog’ for it blinds them so that they are ‘less’ than a dog and leaves their minds ‘open’ to be used by the Dark, as it leaves its ‘stain’ mark on their soul as ‘ONE’ to be speared and bound like a ‘hog.’

 Spirit man, tell all to ‘tidy up’ their camp sites and plan to become self-sufficient as they gather food and grow food before all starve. Tell all that the political power play soon ends as does the endless ‘honey pot’ of currency each week, and any that then go forth to rob or pillage will by their own deed seal their own fate.

 Spirit man, tell the youth to use their boundless energy wisely, tell them that their hands are God given for creation not destruction.

 Tell all to ‘provision up’ with the implements and other items soon to become scarce. Being items they need to feed themselves and others, as well as twine and hooks and linen and books.

 Spirit man, tell all of the mercy of God that today is the message of hope that comes their way – tell all that this IS the LAST CALL.

Your brother - Terence

Note: When holding Seminars please use the audio tracks listed for those that speak English, or their equivalent in other languages.

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~ Your final destiny ~

This is written for every spirit soul who walks on any part of this earthly land.

Try and now understand that the final destiny of your soul is at stake before you take spear or gun to hand, and a bloody awful mess make.

Many of you will this soon do, for God’s call of "Peace" has not yet reached through to your mind, thus it is you to be the ‘reaper’ unkind.

Any litigation is either a demand, or retaliation against a demand, either way is wrong in God’s eyes as all "demanders" for justice fall out of the skies.

Halt all litigation today, only thus do you know that you "hear" God’s say.

Prepare your minds so that you can begin to walk tall, those who heed me not are now to "fall." Prepare your "ground" so that it will you feed, for if off others you’d "steal" then for sure you’ll now bleed.

You need to realise that when you "shout" out "I suffer because I was one of the stolen generation," that you are in fact telling the world that in a past life that you stole a child off a distant relation and made them suffer. Shame on you for being untrue.

It is time for the 'pitiful' inhuman earthly race to see their own disgrace. God is infinitely JUST and only 'permits' people to suffer at the hands of the 'ignorant' if they in their past did of darkness partake.

Any who now get "caught up" in retribution are those "ignorant of God's Law" and through their ignorance, they are being used as "Reapers" for the Dark side and they for their arrogance and contempt of God's call of "Peace" do fall.

Remember, to attain Heavenly grace and enter the Promised Land, it is not a matter of the colour of your fleshly biological skin, it is purely a matter of the colour of your spirit soul within.

It goes to Heaven if it is 'Light.' It goes to Hell if it is 'Dark' because you did demand and reprimand and condemn others and them fight.

Be prepared to now all share, thus God sees that for others more needy you care.
I will daily send my loving Light to you and but say:

"Try to your own soul now be true."

Terence, the "pen" of God