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~ The 'Lord's prayer' ERROR ~
Behaviour, the 'King's Ransom & Trespass

page - 1 - The Lord's Prayer error
page - 2 - Behaviour
page - 4 - The King's Ransom
page - 5 - Trespass & cause no harm

The 'Lord's Prayer' is a very 'comfortable' one as are many prayers invoked by 'men of religion' over the ages, and as 'usual,' this one is also purported to have been invoked by Jesus to give IT some sort of validity in the minds of pilgrims seeking Salvation. It is however my 'task' for our heavenly Father & Mother to enlighten their 'errant' children for everyone today is as 'lost' as they were aeons of times ago.

The error within said 'prayer' is the wording < forgive us our trespasses >

Our Father,
who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come;
thy 'will' be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.

How or 'why' is this so? Because whoever actually wrote it 'forgot or ignored' OR, - - - they knew NOT of THE FACT that God's Law is 'inviolate and immutable' and is absolute 'JUST JUSTICE' in action. Being the EQUAL return to man for their benign or malignant action to another which cannot be 'voided nor avoided' by man nor by any 'prayers' nor beliefs of man.

It (God's Law & Justice) also applies to every activity of man, be it benign or malignant, and most certainly whenever man is 'inconvenienced or harmed or disadvantaged' etc., he demands JUSTICE, seeing NOT that at THAT very 'moment' of suffering, he is being 'subjected' to the "As you did sow so shall ye reap" and thus 'eye for an eye equal return' within the punitive aspect of God's Law which is in operation through the mind and hands of an arrogant or ignorant person. (Every controller or 'abuser' is an 'instrument' of the Dark Sovereign Power, God.)

When YOU 'trespass' against another you are a vain and arrogant mortal defiant of God's: "Peace & love & mercy & compassion" Command and, - - - when you PUNISH another whom YOU perceive as 'trespassing' against YOU, - - - you are a vain and arrogant mortal defiant of God's: "Peace & love & mercy & compassion & FORGIVE" Command.

In 'both' cases, the 'parties' place themselves within the PUNITIVE aspect of God's LAW and ahead, they MUST suffer the same 'fate' they imposed so that God's 'Scales of Justice' can 'balance their books' so to speak.

The negative ENERGY used to 'trespass or punish' has to balance itself for that is ITS prerogative and inherent NATURE.
The positive ENERGY used to 'love & be merciful & compassionate' has to balance itself for that is ITS prerogative and inherent NATURE.

"What you give OUT you get BACK be IT love or hate"

The 'Lord's prayer' lulls people into the FALSE BELIEF that their God 'excuses' or forgives, and that is ERROR say I. We all pay our dues before we can enter Paradise. Also - - - generally - - - man of today forgives NOTHING, for the word 'forgive' has been lost as all DEMAND restitution and compensation. (Retributive Justice)

God 'hears' NO 'prayers' or 'pleas' for Mercy from those who were merciless. No 'songs of praise' elevate your soul. OBEY your God and then He will set you free to live 'unconditionally' and FREE to SING His praise as He your soul does RAISE.

Only those who LEARN to 'turn the other cheek' and 'forgive those who trespass against them' will attain Salvation and enter Paradise.

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~ Behaviour ~
The 'good' and the 'bad'

Man should know when he is bad, for it means that the 'guy' is offensive or interfering or demanding or imposing or abusive or aggressive or cruel and merciless, and in some way is causing someone 'grief or loss' etc.

Why is it that so many in the community see NOT that their interaction activity towards others is bad? It is simply because the 'immoral' Standard of behaviour has become normal in every land on earth, and the 'youth' have grown up to adulthood accepting BAD behaviour as 'good' if IT is backed by rules or orders invoked by legislation.

Yes, everyone has been deceived and now believe that others have the 'right' to coerce, threaten, and punish them if they do not 'bow' to the dictates enshrined as TEXT in books of RULES, even if they were simply going about their daily business PEACEFULLY as God commands, and themselves NOT disturbing the peace of the land.

There have always been 'unruly' men who harass and persecute and cause havoc, and they always 'rampage' when they are drunk. Be it drunk on alcohol or drunk on POWER.

Why do I write this 'epistle'? Simply to show YOU the 'enforcer' of RULES that your actions are BAD behaviour even though you believe that it is honourable and good due to your official position, badge of office or mandate granted by the 'book of rules' you UPHOLD for a wage etc.

What does man DO when 'drunk' on POWER? Man uses a heavy 'arm' or a 'servant' armed with weapons to STEAL endless sums of money, and to seize control of land 'masses' and to enforce his 'dictates' and to punish any OTHER who defies his 'decrees.'

The arrogance of the vain & proud has NO 'bounds,' and once ensconced in a 'sovereign' position of authority BY said 'weaponry' and mercenary forces, the 'empowered one' believes that they are as mighty as their Creator. 'Regrettably' say I, for they see NOT that THE Sovereign Power has ITS singular LAW of 'return' which stands supreme above the heads of all who 'day dream.'

Every land on earth today is a giant slave 'camp' wherein THE PEOPLE are subjugated and punished and used to support and fund the 'slavery' way as they are forced to PAY a monetary % levy on every activity or, - - - they suffer the PUNITIVE consequence imposed by IGNORANT 'serfs.'

Should this FACT 'bother' me? Not really, for what others DO or believe is their 'business,' and IF they choose to fund or support or BE 'iniquity' in action, then so be it. I personally choose to go my way in peace as commanded by God and to NOT fund iniquity. Irrespective of threats, coercion OR punishment, - - - BUT - - -

What does concern me is that their ignorance, arrogance and blindness is leading them down the 'path' to the slaughter house, - - - just like the 'bull' being led along by the 'ring' in his nose. To be chopped up and later 'fried' on a barbeque.

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I AM a spirit medium and I DO SEE the 'other side' which EXISTS, and I do see that all the 'bad' who DO disturb the peace of others, albeit 'justifiably' in their eyes, will BURN, and this they do not see. Maybe due to their 'self-righteousness' or 'wage' or 'badge' which blinds them to the FACT that they are daily 'burning' others mentally, emotionally and materially.

Why is it that these supposedly 'upstanding' members of the community are so blind? Probably because they have been taught that 'badness' is not badness IF it has been legitimised through legislation invoked by some other elders.

This ERROR leads all complicit to TERROR, for above all the rules of man stands God the Authority and His ONE Law:

"As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you" Absolute Justice.

If a refusal by a citizen to place 10 cents in a parking meter due to their personal BELIEF that no 'other' owns the spot to be parked on, leads a police officer to follow a ruling stipulating that said individual has been disqualified from driving due to failing to pay the subsequent $ 187 fine, and is thus driving ILLEGALLY, and the officer then forbids them to continue on their way using said vehicle, it shows the extent of the insanity and VANITY of the ones imposing said STRICTURES.

If the 'officials' upholding said strictures or 'ruling' cannot see how ridiculous and controlling it be to enforce such 'buggery,' then it shows their own INSANITY.

My spirit SOUL has returned to earth to show all their present coming DESTINY, being their 'due' for being so CALLOUS & UNTRUE to a sister or brother of father or mother, all for a mercenary 'wage' - - - 30 pieces of silver.

Yes, you are presently all SWINE destined to the land of fire and eternal grime IF you legislate extortion or if you by force of arms support or uphold IT.

UPHOLD the peace with an honourable educative WORD but not with a punitive SWORD.

All who defy God are very bad for making others sad. Men taking a 'wage' become 'crazed' by their mandate, rules or badge of office, and they cannot use their God given conscience.

I really cannot see many 'officials' passing their LAST test of 'FIDELITY TO GOD' and His Command. I can but say: "Please stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself - In the eyes of God am I a 'good or a bad' person."

I am HERE to also 'warn' mankind of the dark invisible race of spirit forces who are not only totally 'crazed,' but their insanity has NO 'bounds' nor 'boundaries,' and it is THEY to now seize telepathic control of every VAIN or arrogant MIND of man and use them to torture and subjugate and destroy others of the same 'vain' and arrogant ilk. (Australia's infamous Mark Read "Chopper Read" is a 'babe in the woods' compared to them and his mind was controlled by their thoughts.)

MY 'warning' is no 'threat' nor is it 'coercion,' it is simply ABSOLUTE TRUTH placed at your feet to ignore or ADORE.

Let me advise you; if your conduct is 'such' that YOU 'treat' other bad or offensive people with less than LOVE, care, kindness and respect, then IN the eyes of God you are an offensive bad person needing His 'correction,' and your actions are NOT within the precepts of His Command, and for sure He will reprimand you with a very heavy hand.

"Love one another" IS THE COMMAND.

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~ The 'King's Ransom ~

Another ERROR of the day is the FALSE belief of mortal men that the taxes imposed upon mankind by their King, Queen, Mandarin, Emperor, President or Chief is a 'legal' activity. It is NOT, for in FACT it is 'illegal' as the funds raised are used in a manner which is in contravention of God's Holy Command.

Kings or Chiefs state to the people they control: "I demand that you pay me a royalty tax so that I can guarantee your protection."

Each individual must now reflect on the words of these 'leaders': "We will fight our enemies to protect us," for this activity of itself not only contravenes the Holy Command of God, but places the combatants and their supporters and monetary 'funders' into the punitive aspect of God's Law and they ahead, are forced to suffer the same 'fate' they imposed upon their perceived enemy.

Equally, Kings place 'conditions' restricting the free movement of people. One being the requirement to 'prove who you are' in having to carry 'identity' papers, and on a national level, 'entry' to a land as a 'visitor' or other is deemed 'illegal entry' unless prior 'permission' by FEE payment is made and, it is also dependent upon your 'proof of worth' as everyone is deemed 'unworthy' unless they can prove their 'innocence.'

In any or all 'cases' the King and his men impose a FEE which is a 'ransom' enabling entry, and this coupled with the other 'constraints' is CONTROL, inconvenience, interfering and dispassionate and in many cases causes mental and emotional 'stress' and more.

All this suffering imposed by officials in the guise of 'avoidance of such is deemed trespass' becomes a spiritual DUE shared by the voter and taxpayers of said LAND.

NONE can enter God's Paradise UNTIL all spiritual 'suffering' DUES are paid to Him, and NONE at present are 'worthy' for all defy His "Peace & love & compassion & mercy" Command.

There is a reality seen only by me because our God inspires me. It is our God who states:

"When you lean on and rely on my word of "peace not the sword" as you OBEY my Command, it is I who will protect you for FREE. What you need to see is that when dark forces trespass onto your home lands and disrupt your life or injure you, they are sent by ME as the result of your own dark ACTIVITY and I am simply fulfilling MY LAW to set you free.

When you fund and support and condone armies or police or others to protect you, you are relying on THEM to use My 'forbidden to use' DARK ENERGY, and it is THAT and your COMPLICITY which keeps you in bondage to ongoing misery, lack, deprivation and loss because, as said, you keep revolving within the punitive aspect of MY DARK ENERGY.

To become free spiritually you must NOT DEFEND yourself in the face of any adversity, you must bow your head in 'shame' that all will see because, as you suffer, all will know what you or your servants did unto others in the past.

HALT your 'vote,' and any support or funding of any government or other man-made organizations which use force of arms against you or others. Only fund benign community services.


Go your way in peace and love one another OR die in your sin.

Only fund benign community effort. This means that you must ONLY pay for services rendered which in NO 'way' cause others to suffer or be disadvantaged or injured or controlled or interfered with or taxed or fined or punished or killed. Turn your backs upon all 'controllers' and simply suffer whatever they impose, for that in fact is the fulfillment of the punitive aspect of the Law of God in action through the 'lost' race of NON-believers.

A person is a person who becomes a 'trespasser' when access to some other's 'lands' has been denied.

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~ Trespass ~

When warriors invade others' lands they are trespassers sent by God to mete out payback and as they cause harm or suffering they unknowingly fulfill the punitive aspect of God's Law upon the 'heads' of their victims who had trespassed against others before. Any defense force or resistance groups are all the 'lost' tempted by the DARK to retaliate and fight, and the game of death and deprivation goes on eternally.

The Resistance 'groups' are those who refuse to pay their 'spiritual dues' and suffer their fate at the hands of God's reapers. In their 'resisting' activities they are using dark energy, and are themselves IT in action. (Dark energy meting out divine retribution and they accrue a further due to IT within IT'S Law.)

Do not find reason or justification to forbid others to invade or trespass. Because permission for others to pass onto or through your place is the only way to remain within the precepts of God's Command.

To remain within the precepts of God's Command you must suffer the inconvenience or loss or suffering resulting from others' trespassing against you,' and you must also forgive them for their trespasses and only try to educate them so as to assist them to see 'reason' and thereby UPLIFT their souls.

Every border control of immigration and customs is a restriction against trespass, for a person failing to confirm to the dictates of others is prohibited entry. This is a constraint of the land. God owns every land mass, not man.


God does not recognise 'boundaries' with the same 'ownership' values as man. God is ONLY 'interested' in the nature of interaction between man with man. Thus if a 'trespasser' or other enters your 'land boundary,' then they are sent by God to be to YOU either neutral, kind or unkind and, - - - God awaits to see if you are 'neutral, kind or unkind' to THEM.' God only 'sees' how the one treats the other, be they the trespasser or the one trespassed against. 


The free movement of man over the globe must be permitted with no restrictions, punishment or restraint. The free movement of people over the planet will now take place forcefully if needed as God sends people here and there and everywhere, and everyone on the planet will be disadvantaged in one way or another as their 'due to God' is by God 'called in.'

You do not have to give the wanderers money, or shelter, or food, but you must give them your love and good counsel and help them as best as you are able to, even if they take over your house and evict you from your bed or 'food table.'


The deceptive power of the Dark Sovereign Authority is where IT 'tempts' and says to man: "Use my force to defend and protect yourself and thus you stay free from your enemy."

NONE see that man's enemy is the the Dark Sovereign Power because, as you use ITS destructive 'energy' and cause harm, then within ITS Law IT must then do the same unto you and therefore cause harm to you on another day as IT 'tempts' others.

If people invade your homeland you must NOT 'resist and fight' with all your military right, you MUST use 'forgiveness' and go your way in peace.

Everyone living outside the pure light of heaven is going to be given the opportunity of PAYING THEIR DUES and becoming FREE spiritually, but only those who listen to me and strengthen their minds will be able to suffer and NOT retaliate. All who retaliate will be late for heaven's gate.

Only use God's light and love and mercy and compassion, for then, within the 'eye for an eye' Law of the Light you will only receive a benign return within the Law of Energy flow.

The POWER of God's 'underhand' is now to 'sweep' this world and wash away all whom continue to make others 'suffer & pay.'


As it is now the time of the separation of souls, - - -
 it is truly your choice whether YOU live in eternal AGONY or ECSTASY


(Note: criminals must be caught and educated as per the 'Feeling Easier' Seminar)