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~ Ignorance & Duty ~

There are men of "Honour" with souls true who see not what to themselves they do each day as they go their "dutiful" way. These men believe that it is "Just" that justice as they "believe it" is meted out to any who "flaunt" their disregard to laws enshrined in man's unholy "holy book" of regulations & statutes.

These "good" men also do not see that in the course of their "duty" that is their daily deed that they too are "subject to" and "bound" by God's ONE Law that is as all would have it "Just & honourable" for sure as it says:

"What you do today in any 'way' will be done unto you, thus I suggest that to yourself you are true and only let my Light through, for if you permit my darkness to 'cloud' your vision then you place yourself in an 'equal' position at a later date and that includes all the mental and emotional anguish you did place upon the others plate or upon the 'gate' of their home where others also suffered as a consequence of your actions when you in ignorance and arrogance did "roam" for men of power."

Little by little men of "Honour" will see what is "said" by me. For "today" I expect "some" police to come my way as to "Court" I did not go when "called" that way by man and my only "folly" was that my driving Certificate of Competency I did not renew, and thus the "System of man" gets in a "stew" for my $10 tax I did not pay is demanded as a "royalty tax" by the "men" in the King's pay.

Yes, in their "unholy" book 'twas written that any whom drive a vehicle must annually a "royalty tax" pay and "failing" this they for their folly would pay. Who can see that the one/ones who "contrived" this extortion must and will under God's Just Law also pay for their folly? This applies too for any who "uphold" this controlled take off God's children.

I say that "any" policemen needs look and see the pure stark reality. Being that under God's law they do stand and thus to "fulfil" the dictates of men they place their own soul in needless jeopardy.

For they will have to "abduct" me under force of arms to "inspan" me in their "justified" position, and it "follows" under THE one Law of God that they too 'later' will be abducted under force of arms and taken to a "place" of Judgement for their disgrace.

And any "punishment" I receive that in any way makes me "grieve" will under God's law await them too for sure. It also "follows" that: If my "old" wife is left to fend for herself if I am incarcerated on any day and "suffers" any trauma or lack of pay : the "police officer" and court officials must also suffer "later" in the same way, for that is God's "due" enforced by God in "some" way that is only 'seen' by me.

Ignorant man cannot see that all have been "bound" by the "rules" set out in a book that "appears" just & true but I say that all "rules" that contravene the Commandment of God were "raised up" by the satanic voice who "incites/inspires" vain men to be His "punitive arm" and at the same time He then "traps" His "servers" who become defaulters themselves when to the "Only love" Commandment they become untrue as do you and you and He then later drags their souls below.

Please try and see the "blind" folly of the "forces" of man and make a "quick" plan to change your mode of "operation" so that your "keen" and bright young men of duty become wiser and more respectful and of true service to the community by becoming "counsellors" as is directed by God via my pen.

Soon "great" negative change is thrust upon all and you will "then" rely on this soul "tall" to guide you through the "cyclonic sea" of dark energy so please try and see the reality of what truly be.

I have "dutifully" done my duty to humanity and enlightened you all with God's fresh wisdom and guided you all into the true "righteous" and correct way that will aid you help others who pass your way. It is now entirely up to you to become true too or to "carry on" bringing your own soul undone.

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~ False security ~

Systems men work behind an assumed "shelter" of righteousness that is the "book of acts" that does them "Rule" and its content that is contra the Holy Word of "Love & mercy & forgiveness" appears "wholesome" due to it being supported by an "elected majority" of the populace.

None seeing that its "elevation" in the first instance was "connived" by a controlling extortionist force that worked through the mind of vain man.

Soon all who work for or support this "dark" enforcement system will find that as it "collapses" that they will have no more "immunity" as such and they will fall "prey" to very powerful invisible spirit forces who will telepathically "employ" fleshly men to mete out retribution for God as revealed by this God's sacred pen.

It is my "earnest" desire to awaken all "asleep" who see not their "false" way so that they can begin to free themselves from receiving "blood money" pay and also prepare to meet their personal "fate" on a soon coming day.

Let it here be known that many of you will "groan" with the load you placed upon your own "rose" when via you the "sinister" dark force justifiably imposed Its judgement upon defaulters who were "called" to stand before you.

Some may say: "In for a penny, in for a pound," not seeing that "below" there is an infinite depth of "ground" and the more iniquity one does "sow," the greater the depth into the abyss they go, and thus it is imperative that all listen now to me for only my light and insight can aid thee.

For if my message you do not understand then you will become one of the dark spirit "band" and suffer in perpetuity. This I do know.

Please now "bend" your "knee" and bow to the commandment of God above that "we" God's children must all be only merciful and forgiving as is again reiterated by God's dove.

The "enforcement arm" of the community is working for the wrong reason. "Offenders" are being apprehended for the wrong reason, being to take them to a place of "trial" and judgment in order to punish them by fine and incarceration with its accompanying mental & emotional trauma.

Offenders being those who offend God due to their "sinning" ways of abusing others must only be apprehended so that they can be educated as to the error of their way and taught how to strengthen their minds against thoughts that lead them astray.

Let the "Policing force" now change its "policy" to an enlightened one in which they "aid" the community to protect themselves from the invisible darkness that is the real enemy of mankind as it uses man as Its "tool of control and destruction and vengeful retribution."

Let the "Policing force" now change its "policy" away from being a negative enforcer for It the Dark force that "hides" behind a facade of propriety, and become a positive aid to the Creation of the Light force, namely the people of the land who must now begin to see and employ the "police" as unarmed Carer's rather than "gun toting" enforcers/persecutioners.

Thus the police will no longer be working for "blood money" and will then be true Light force community protectors earning "true blue" service pay.

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~ The Illusion ~

Mankind has given itself a "legal" way to steal, control, abduct, punish, incarcerate and kill children of God. This illusion of "legality" is now shattered by God's wisdom. All "pay" for defiance of God's Command to "Only love on every day."

In the name of "For our Country" the "Moguls" at the top in every land keep the people enslaved to hard labour and impoverished due to extortionist taxation demands and "high" service and product costs.

So "in" reality these "masters" who control the "fiscal policy" are themselves extortionist thieves who "legally" plunder the populace as they "hide" behind the facade of "Nationhood." This they do using "acts/rules/decrees" that they enforce by threat and punishment for any default.

These same Moguls in the "guise" of the righteous or wise or "blue blooded" use the wealth of God being the natural resources of the land as well as the inhabitants of every land as their personal "collateral" bank/storehouse of wealth to be "tapped" at "will" by decree.

The "body" of the ruling "class" became the governmental systems of the day and all its "employees" rely on the false assumption that it is "Godly & Just" to "own all" and "use all" to fund their personal "pay" and way.

All "pretenders" to God's "throne," that is the true "owner" of all Created, are thus offenders in God's eyes and any of "these" needs quickly heed God's counsel via me for all are "party to" a theft and enslavement conspiracy.

At this "end" time all "defaulters" in God's sight will have to endure a "trial of tears" as being a "part of" their personal crucifixion. If they "persist" in defying God's call of peace and non-retaliation then this "trial" becomes an eternal "trail of tears."

Any whom would elevate themselves out of the "coming" Lions den had better today "pull up their breeches" and heed my say and change their way. Be they the "common" thief or the "elevated" one, for all are children of God "hopefully" to hear this one.

The spellbinding illusion "placed" by the Devil and "held" over man's mind was that he could invade, repel, raid, punish, rob, rape, pillage & murder his perceived enemy and avoid paying to God his "penny" due under God's ONE Law. False assumption.

The spellbinding illusion held over the Systems of men was that they were "righteous" as they 'raised up' decrees/rules that justified their extortionist take off the community. False assumption.

The spellbinding illusion held over the System's judiciary was that their "role" was honourable as they penalised defaulters of the day. False assumption.

It is an illusion to think that "a" man or "group" of men can hold the populace to "punitive ransom" legally in God's eyes by enacting statutory rules that they say are "for" all whom reside in/on that land. False assumption.

These "wrongdoers" living in a state of 'wonderland' believed that they and/or the System/Nation owned the land and the "souls" of others. False assumption.

It is an illusion to believe that fine & punishment will "teach" minds to change their thinking pattern. This is as "false" as the belief of some that forcing addicted people to pay $ 10 for a $2 packet of cigarettes will stop them smoking.

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It is an illusion to "think" that because you believe that your judicial position of "judging/controlling" men is just and honourable that it is. False assumption.

For any who think that justified punishment of God's children is "honourable" shows God that you deserve the punishment of God awaiting you.

It is an illusion to "think" that you can enter the "Promised Land" heaven if you by means "fair or foul" stop others from freely entering the land mass upon which you abide/walk. False assumption.

It is owned by GOD and everyone is "punishable by GOD" if they "condone" in any way any immigration policy/acts of the day.

The spellbinding illusion held over man is that "some" are above God's law, but that is false for even I the "most" high is subject to God's law, and if I did any darkness use when "here" then I will "pay" but please not at "your" hand for I can on my way "home" to heaven "fall" for an eternity or a "day" and be "spoken to" by the Dark one below if on "any" occasion when here I did abuse any or steal a "false" penny.

Understand that when "we" walk in "opposition to" the "Only love" Commandment then we are "offenders" opposed by the dark side of God and any who "suppose" that they can oppose God are truly ignorant and foolish.

Heed now the Light and never criticise, judge or condemn others for in reality it is you who is then equally judged.

People "one day" have to believe in the absolute power of our "invisible to some" God who has not only the power/capacity to telepathically send abusers our way to make us pay, but to also "halt" any person who has the 'intent' of abusing us, and this our God can/does do if we have no "past" debts to pay.

Believe or grieve, for if you depend on the strength of your own "arm/arms" you will fall to the satanic "charm" who will via you others abuse and your "offensive" way will bring you down. Be courageous and "take" what comes your way.

Conduct unbecoming in God's eyes is when you "conduct" yourself in a less than peaceful, merciful, compassionate and forgiving way. Any who "so" defies their God will be "underfoot" trod by God's invisible hordes of satanic forces who will now "raise their voices" through the mind of simple men in the flesh who "fail" to enmesh with this last call from me.

An illusion is when you are "conned" by the words of politicians into thinking that you are a "party to" a free democratic society when in fact you are enslaved by IT and bound under threat of punishment for any non-compliance to It's "rule of law."

It is not a "free" democratic society when we elect public servants democratically, to then have them rule us in a dictatorial way with their self imposed autocratic status. This "despotic" way is the way of the Devil who has all spellbound with His ultimate illusion.

It is the Devil who via the mind of prideful man "raised up" and keeps raising up rules and regulations that impose restrictions upon the populace in an "unseen" way that is "hidden" in a caring righteous disguise and seen as a "benefit" to us.

It is the "ultimate" illusion if you "think" that I am not HE the messenger of God. Only I see God's face each day and know that God is real, and only I communicate each day with God to bring you the freedom that I do "hope" you will attain.

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~ Blood money ~

Policemen and magistrates are being paid "blood money" to uphold laws & acts that are now "old" and all can see that they were "raised up" by men with minds of "skullduggery" because they did believe that they had a "divine right" to demand and extort any "fiscal" amount from the people of the land.

This in God's "eyes" is not justifiable or honourable or correct and it is now the time for every "arresting" police officer and magistrate to see that their "berating" of defaulters is itself an "act" of impropriety in God's eyes and punishable by God in an equal measure for measure judgment as imposed upon the "arrested one."

This imposition of punishment by God upon the perceived defaulter is not necessarily for any disobedience to the "rules of man" as selected by the magistrate as his "guide," i.e.. Default statute for failing to purchase an operating license. Any punishment meted out is for a past spiritual default that none perceived.

However in either/any case, the "prosecutors/persecutors" and their "servants" being the police and judiciary by their "act" take on the spiritual default debt and it is thus that they ahead will "share" the same burden of punishment that was imposed upon the "prisoner."

Police officers must try and see that they should not arrest anyone for contravening man's edicts. They must only arrest those offending God by "sinning," being:

1 - The Act of mentally or emotionally or physically inflicting pain onto another, be it literally or through control, interference, deception, extortion etc.
2 - The Act of taking by force or otherwise for
3 - The emotional expression of any sin force by word or deed
abusively at another.
4 - Allowing negative energy to flow up from the dark side through us
to another.

(Extract from page 25 of The Testament of Truth.)

These true "offenders" must be taken to a place allocated where they can learn "how & why" their minds let them down and as they "attend" the three hour "Feeling easier" Seminar program it will enable them to make positive change.

God says that all men must be able to and free to go their way and carry out any business without first having to comply to any "demands" for a licence fee etc. Let no man "dictate" their will upon others.

Please now try and see this spiritual reality and then set yourself free from any sinning "act" that you presently do during the course of your "blood money" duty as you "haul in" people for punishment.

By all means "haul in" those in spiritual default for the sole purpose of helping them with good counsel, for this "act" will also return to you with positive rewards. But in "upholding" man's punitive responses to defaulters places you in spiritual default.

The "rules" of man are not God's rules. God has but ONE rule of law that is Immutable and Honourable and Just, as you would have it so be.

"What you do - is done unto you - good or bad."

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~ The "lackeys" & the stooge ~

The "Judiciary" is the "stooge" for the dark punitive force and its "members" divorce their own souls from the Light as they mete out "instructions" for the Devil way below in the dark night.

The "lackeys" are the policemen who "as" the "Bow Street Runners" of old are told to "run" with hand on gun to "bring in" those they are "licensed to" by the "King's men" who all defy our God of the Sun.

So the lackeys and "magisterial" stooges are the "front men" for the dark political System that draws-up its "decrees" that if "contravened" brings its "subjects" to their knees.

And this political "arm" of the invisible satanic "charm" empowers all its "workers" by payment of pieces of silver and gold being moneys that make the "recipients" bold enough to defy the call of "Mercy & Forgiveness" from their living God up high.

None seeing that "bravery" or ignorance leads them "ahead" into a hellish "dance" below where one day they do get to know the eternal truth that I for all men do sow.

So now we "stand" but a "second" from midnight when all men will fight for the dark knight below who will destroy Its "own" as It cuts all down with Its Reaping blade.

I am here "today" to but tell all of you that what I do is to walk in peace and try and show you all how it is that you do your own souls "grease" with darkness as you show God that it is you whom are "offensive" offenders in your daily deed.

Please now listen to me and try and see that using force to punish those whom used darkness before is "use of darkness" that returns to your personal door.

Try and set yourselves free from your own iniquity for "already" every magistrate is at "least" ten "lifetimes" late for "that" amount of "time" has been "set aside" for them in purgatory for defying God's Holy Story.

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~ Disturbing the peace ~

In the "good old days" the police "task" was to "haul in" those "offensive" ones who in some way disturbed the peace due to bad/negative behaviour.

This "collective" act is an act true if the "prisoner" is counselled and told what to do to become better citizens so they become peaceful and no longer "grease" their mouths & hands & souls with dark spiritual grime.

We today have for some "time" become used to the "force" being used in an "underhand" manner by racketeers who "found" that they could "legally" in their minds use this same police department to enforce their extortionist demands.

Yes, over "time" the political System that was "raised up" by the Kings and Queens of the day became more "brazen" as they sought more riches and more personal "pay."

So they enacted rules/regulations/acts/decrees that stated that for every and in every "facet" of living that the people would be required to pay a "royalty fee tax" to the System of man of the day.

And the System of man that paid the wages of the police force from the King's Coffers then used these same "Bow Street Runners" of old to haul in any who complied not to their extortionist demands. Be they peaceful or otherwise.

So today we have a "System" whereby the police are "hauling in" people who are neither offensive nor disturbing the peace, but are "simply" defending their God given right to not "give in" to the demands of thieves and thugs who "unfortunately" see not their own offensive plight.

It is now the time for the police "Chiefs" to also see their "plight" for they as all are "subject" to God's LAW. It is also the time for the public to see that they needs become "free" men and to do this they needs heed now God's sacred pen.

The police needs to see the "difference" between a man disturbing God's peace and man's extortionist demands so that "when" a magistrate signs an "arrest order" they can make a personally "informed" decision as to whether to act properly by standing back when issued an "order" of impropriety in God's eyes.

All men falsely believe that a "written" instruction to defy God is good and proper because its "decree" is enshrined in man's unholy books. It is now also the time for all the politicians and judiciary and systems workers to 'break free' from their own "iniquity" and become non-combatants by not demanding or enforcing any demand for monies off the community of which they are a part.

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The police needs to see that the public will be only too "happy" to pay them a direct wage to haul in offensive ones in each village so that they can learn truth from this sage and turn over a new page.

The "original" justification of Kings and Queens to take by force a "certain" monetary amount off the community arose through their pride and vanity through which they thought that their "blood" was somehow blue and royal and that they were "above" the common and thus "deserved" a free feed. Foolish man.

This justification has "grown" as they "offered" protection and security to the people they enslaved, and as we see today there is no end to the "added" taxation demands off the people.

This is due to the greedy "expansionist view" of the controllers who need more and more as their pay "out" of their coffers now goes beyond their "nations" and they interfere at others "doors."

The "appearance" of "boys in blue" instructing you to "pull over" or "get out" or "lie down" or "you are under arrest" etc, has the capacity to make one feel "guilty" in some way and this is what helps them "extract" from us some $$$ for they also say:

"As you did not comply to our "regulation" you are not free to go your way and thus it is you to suffer. So if you want to become "free" then pay us/our system a "fine." For if you do not then we will imprison you and in this way you are then forced to become impoverished for you cannot "earn" funds to feed your family."

This very "offensive" extortionist way needs be "counteracted" peacefully by all Godly "men" who must but say: "I seek change for I would become free from the dark overlord who inspires thee and thus I no longer support your "rort" in any way. I will only "pay" good forces men to 'haul-in' real offenders being those "thieves" as you so that you can be counselled and set free from your iniquity.

I am not required by God to answer to or comply to the dictates of any "Authority of man" and thus I cannot pay any monetary amount to you. If you wish to "Heed the Dark" and in any way "Disturb my Peace" by punishing me in any way then it is you who is untrue and "ahead" our God will punish you.

I will not fight you if you decide to "carry me away" and incarcerate me. No, I will retain my "peace of mind" and be kind to you on this or another day."

A true "Patriot" upholds God's Holy word and thus is a peaceful person and in no "way" wields a sword. Thus any "forces" men needs become true patriots and uphold God's Commandment as they haul in offenders in God's eyes who are then taught about the reality of God's LAW, in which all do "Reap what they Sowed," and are also taught how to attain/maintain a peaceful demeanour.

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~ The tell tale 'Tit' ~

There is a 'bird' that does continuously "twit" and it is called the 'tell tale Tit.' It is the "prefect" of the bush and round and around does it rush as it tells everyone what others do, for it was "deceived" into believing that to do anything without permission from "Daddy" was an "act" untrue.

It was also brought up to believe that any who did anything without paying "Daddy" some booty was also an act untrue, and thus it's duty to "dob em in." (Report them).

So any "person" such as Richard Fowler of the Land Transport division who "dobs me in" to the police for not paying any vehicle transfer fee tax or even "bothering" to advise him of my transfer is "such" a person.

This man and any other who "officially" lays a "complaint" against me or any other to a Court of man is a "tattle tale" who is "telling tales to daddy" after school. That is if the complaint is for the purpose of bringing someone to "punitive" account for any supposed misdeed.

Children, "Daddy" - - Father God already knows all the "done" woes and He does not need to be told by thee and neither does He need you to report it to another and expect them to be untrue by exerting punitive control for you or another.

What He does "see" is that the "teller" of the tale is a sneak who has already contravened the Commandment to "Only love & be forgiving" from above and thus the "prefect" holding "Court" for the Dark retributionary force does/has also "strolled" into the Dark side of God's "Law."

All "telling tales" and hauling-in offenders are operating contra to the "Do not disturb the peace" Edict of God. There is no need to "report" any evil done in the "hopes" that when "reported" that the "errant" will get into trouble.

Father God who sees all says: "Any who 'fall' into the trap of defying Mother's 'Only love' Command will themselves be 'strapped' by ME."

Please now try and see that the "Prefecture" is a "sorry" place where all the authoritative participants show their defiance to God for as they "prove" the others "guilt" they take-on their own "pain" for being so arrogant as to "hold" God's Command in disdain.

The public or "police" are only doing others and themselves and God a "service" true if the offender is brought to a place of good "counsel" for the purpose of helping them be a better person. This is only "possible" when they can "learn" about their thought processes as is given in the Offender Seminar.

Even "upholders" of the Dark's punitive Law must now change their "habit" and only be "as" a friendly "rabbit" and kindly show the offender the "error" of their way and give them good "counsel" as they tell them that all who defy God's "Mercy & kindness" ask are by God "later" brought to task.

To the Dark avenging punitive force there is nothing more honourable than bringing an offender to "Justice" with the intent to punish them and add to their misery as they unforgivingly bring them to "account" for their misdeed and confine them.

To the Light creative essence there is nothing more honourable than bringing the offender to a place with the intent to educate them as to how and why their thoughts let them down and they are then released of their ignorance and forgivingly set free.

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~ The "Arrest" threat ~

There is a "premise" in the belief of ignorant man that they are "empowered" to defy and "confront" God's sacred pen. This premise makes them believe that they will not suffer or grieve from their own deeds of "unseen" iniquity.

So "who" is the instigator of the "Notice No 1129608" sent to me that states that it is empowered to "withdraw" my personal driving authority by some "disqualify" Act?

Foolish man, foolish system of man. Foolish "carriers" who draw-up the "papers" that are sent out that are openly contra God's "Only love" plan. You are not feared by me, you are the ones to be "judged" by me.

Take heed and take note that from this day on any man who "raises" his hand or voice against me will be sent into purgatory and that "fact" is by God's voice today via my pen backed.

Let it also be "noted" by any "System's" personnel that just because they are working for a "mandated by man" business they are not exonerated from God's "clause" of default and I "suggest" that on waking each morning they "reflect" on "my" statement of fact that by the power of our God will be backed.

Which "souls" get sent to Hell? The ones who cannot see that God both the Light and Dark be. So all the "System's" men and their "supporters" that way go as they "righteously" condemn and punish and "extort" money off God's "supposedly" errant children.

None seeing that God did say: "As you do is done unto you in a 'similar' way, and that implies all mental & emotional suffering and material loss."

So "when" God sends "someone" to knock at our door and disturb our Peace, i.e. a policeman or murderer or thief, it's because "yes" we deserve it for sure, but it is the Dark avenging side of God as the "sender" and It/He is using HIS "arrogant/ignorants" in the flesh whom did not "impress" their minds with the Truth of the LIGHT that said: "Judge not and never disturb the peace, even that 'of' those whom heed not the dictates of God or man."

So as we all "soon" will see, all who interfere with others in any way will be "consigned" to a hellish realm below because they feel justified & righteous in the "way" they go, seeing not that they sow darkness as they "bestow" their arrogant demands and reprimands upon others for the Devil who is the "self-appointed/anointed" Avenger of the dark side of the Source.

Try and see that all who are a "party" to this Arrest threat issued to me are a part of a cunningly devised extortion conspiracy that hides behind the facade of a "righteous" democratic system.

It is not, it is Anti-Christ and negative, and thus all "participants" are True Offenders in God's eyes. So all who think they are working for and doing good for our God of Light wise are in fact working for and being used by the God of Dark that does them despise for their "contra" only love acts as they "justifiably" abuse people they "think" are unwise.

It is I to expose this ultimate "treachery" of the Dark that destroys all humanity via those "of sin" being pride and vanity. Try and "awaken" before you "soon" find your "consciousness" suddenly striding in a land below where there is little or no light and its colder than snow, and then for sure my truth you will know as for an eternity or two you suffer deep grief and sorrow.

The "original" true blue planetary police forces raised up to aid communities have been "infiltrated" by darkness that is "killer black" and now these forces are being used as mercenary forces that for $$$ aid the Mafiosi systems to steal off communities and murder its "opponents."

Regrettably the power of the dark is so great that the forces men see not how their role has changed and how they now sell their souls to the Devil for pieces of silver in upholding man's dictates.

Our "young" policemen are being "lured" into acts of criminal injustice for mercenary pay as they see not the hidden "agenda" of the false political way.

The greed need of politicians is so "huge" and expansive that they "justify" theft by servant in every which way they can by enacting regulatory 'rules' that are first "enshrined" in their "book of acts" and then "thrust" upon police 'servers' as the 'normal/good' way of the day, and they then have to "haul-in" any whom exercise their God given democratic right to oppose the attempted take out of their purse. I state that:

"The day is soon turned into night as man against man does fight for his perceived right, and God will "cut down" every sinning "clown" who for their thieving folly will spiritually drown.

The System of man controlled by men has for so long "assumed" mastership and ownership and responsibility for/of the people of every land and used "force" to make them comply to their "legislative" dictates that they and all "assume" that it is right to so do. False.

God is now to totally destroy all dictatorial "controllers" who deploy "punitive" restraints upon God's children in the manner "exposed" by my sacred pen. Take heed for now for many begins the "eternal bleed," being those who continue on in their present "enforcing" way.

No man can change the present dark system into one of light. It is my task to tell all that our God is to now do it, and I but give the - 'How - Why - What - When' and the result to "follow" for any whom in their present "piggery" continue to wallow."

It is also my "task" to pave the way for the new era to follow so that decent men can now "begin" to make change and be guided by God via my pen for the 'time' when men are free, being those who now heed me."

Once the police become true "upholders of the peace" by being spiritually educated they will not "come" to you to disturb your peace but they will come to you sent by the Light of God to take you to a place of positive education to aid in your rehabilitation. They will no longer be "employed" in the role of taking you to a place of punishment.

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~ Orders & the self-abasement of man ~
Letter to Inspector John Warren

Dear John, the self-abasement of man is "activated" similarly to that of the act of suicide, when the "person" being of mind sound or unsound carries out an "act" that has not only painful consequences but is an act that is contra the Holy Commandment of God. Thus it "incurs" a spiritual penalty that is unseen either by the "unsound" mind of a suicide "case" or the "sound" mind of the one issuing an Order that is negative in God's eyes.

For the one who "died" suddenly finds their spirit and ongoing consciousness in another realm so they did not "die" per se but merely vacated their biological fleshy body and thus their mental trauma is not "relieved," and the "sane" one issuing orders to subordinates sees not that their consciousness will "ahead" be equally filled with "dread" and suffer the same consequence as the "prisoner to be."

In "order" to implement the Order of "arrest" it may be you the CO of St. Helens police station to "attest" to one of your junior officers that they needs follow your instructions to arrest me.

Whether it is you or any other "officer" who during the course of his "duty" it is one and the "same" thing, you believe that you are empowered/mandated to "sting" a person and bring them to a house of "penitude."

Let it here be known before my final truth on earth is sown that "that" belief certainly brings any "orderer or orderee" to spiritual grief.

Let it here be known that "as" I can on every level of consciousness see that I can categorically state that every "Orderer" who has sent others to control/abduct/kill or abuse any of God's children has been and yet is locked in "purgatorial" realms below.

Yes, be they Attila the Hun or Churchill "Winston" or past "Popes" of the Catholic See, all await God's Judgment via me and none will be set free until/unless they bless their own minds with my wisdom sent by the Heavenly Sea, being God's appointed angels and God via me. And until the "moment" they bless their minds with my wisdom they will suffer on in perpetuity.

I have already stated the "fate" of any "officer" who comes to my "gate," being that for "Heaven" they will be late. Thus I wish to advise you that this fate also awaits you if you "permit" any of your officers to commit an "Act" untrue.

Yes John, it is a fact backed by God's Holy Word that all now who wield a verbal or physical "sword" will be separated as the "chaff" and only the pure "wheat seeds" in Heaven will dance and laugh.

It is because I am true that I write this to all and you so that you have an opportunity to make a personally informed decision as to your "stand."

I know it is not "easy" when faced by "derision" from peers but what of me? I also stand in the "stocks" as many do me mock, but I still have the courage to face the Lion in its den being earth's political entourage.

You have been advised by God via me so I can but "pray" that my Light and Wisdom you see, for you and all "stand" but a "second" away from eternal "time" in Hell or the land divine.

And if you have the mental capacity to "think" of reality you should be able to see that "for" a regulation of man being a $10 or so default that you or another is "prepared" to send one or more armed gunmen to "abduct" me from my place of abode.

I say that God sees no man's "uniform" but sees only the deeds of those who conform not to the sacred "Only love" Commandment and as said, it is the time for all "Offenders in God's eyes" to be sent below in disgrace and they will lose their heavenly place.

Take notice that any man in any "guise" who sends other men to "capture or control or abuse or destroy" in a 'punitive measure' is the negative darkness in action working for IT the Devil the retributive "underhand" of the Source, God.

Take notice that any man who sends other men to "capture" those defaulting in God's eyes for the purpose of counselling/educating them and passing on my God given wisdom are working positively for the Light of God.

I call out to all true and honourable men to aid me and the LIGHT of the Source, God, and become as IT as we truly aid and rehabilitate the misguided and the lost.

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~ God's Law v/s man's law ~
Facts & consequences

Any Law has a rule.

The Law of God is but one and It has one inviolate rule, being that whatever you do every moment of time is "subject to" this eternal law of God that justly returns to you your "due," be it positive/good or negative/bad that is the direct result of your act/actions done unto others.

"As you Sow you Reap," - love received for love given - pain received for pain given - loss of your goods for your theft by seizure of or destruction of or otherwise of others goods - etc.

This just "return" that is either a positive tribute or a negative "retribute" is "placed" upon your "plate" at the time and place so ordained by God. None can "break" God's Law, all are "free" to do good or bad but are "bound" to receive their "comeback."

This Godly "rule" applies only to spiritual matters and thus it is only when "sinning" that we receive a negative comeback (See paragraph 6 page 35 'Blood money' above). It does not apply to the multitude of rules & regulations & acts that are 'raised up' by the vain men who control God's children. But it does apply to the legislators & upholders of these rules "if & when" they cause others to suffer.

The Law of man is also but one but it has hundreds and hundreds of regulations/acts that are "raised up" to control every "facet" of man's expression, i.e. Man is deemed "illegitimate" and in default until he has paid for a birth certificate and registered the birth with the system.

On "death" his "affairs" cannot be settled until "a" regulation in man's unholy book of statutes has been satisfied, namely the issue of a death certificate. And between these two "moments" in time he is subjected to hundreds of other possibilities.

The rule of man being that if you contravene any regulatory act then the law applied is that dictated, fine & punishment for now and as a "future" deterrent, an imposed "threat" of greater punishment for any recurrence.

The thousands of regulations of man all contravene the Holy Commandment of God that states: "Only be loving," This "covers" many things but for the purpose of this document it means: "Be peaceful, control no other, steal no goods or chattels, demand no enforced taxes, or royalty on the movement of goods or funds, punish no other, if faced by adversity then be forgiving and non-retaliatory and always be compassionate and merciful to those whom you perceive as offenders or enemies."

Thus under the Law of God any person subjecting others to the rule/law of man is themselves "walking" in the dark side of God's Law that says: "You have defied the Holy Commandment and thus you now owe Me the "dark one" a due and I shall pursue you and do unto you what you in your ignorance and arrogance did do."

Any regulation of man that is "subject to" enforcement by fine or other punishment by man is not "unlawful" in God's eyes but contra the "Only be loving" Commandment and thus the enforcers and their "supporters" are subject to "reaping what is sowed" and it is thus the entire population gets deeper into the quagmire of bad/dark spiritual pain and suffering for "condoning/supporting" its way.

Any applying or upholding man's rules/acts/statutes/law by demanding a license fee or by punitive measures are themselves standing "outside" the protection of God that is in "force" when they "Only love" and thus have "bound themselves" to the authority of God's dark side that is God's punitive retributive arm.

Those working for the dark draw in more Sin (negative energy) that drags/draws them down into the darkness in the afterlife to "suffer" the consequence of their actions.

Those heeding God's Commandment and aiding others draw in more Light (positive energy) and their Sin "reduces" and their "enlightened" spirits rise up into the realms of light in the afterlife.

No man is required by God to adhere to the dictatorial demands of other men, even if they believe that their "position" is by all chosen.

Any of the public whom "support" and thus follow the rule of man by paying the due demanded are a "party to" any misconduct/misdeed of their "servants" the judiciary and thus they are by God "apportioned" a part of the blame.

Now you see "why" the human race suffers endlessly. They deserve it and suffer it "under" God's rule of law that all men are subject to every moment of time.

God says that none must "fight" to change the "dark" punitive extortionist way of man's laws, but all must set themselves free by "ignoring" all demands and simply abiding in God's Holy Commandment and thus walk in peace as they go about their business each day.

Man must "withdraw" from the present negative "extortionist" system and aid the community by free giving contributions "taken" from their income earned.

See the Light and ensure that you now heed God's Commandment so that you are surely standing in the positive side of God's Law so that the rule applied to you is one in which you only receive kindness and good fortune.

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~ The justice of the peace ~
True or false

The present day "Justice of the Peace" is a false "office" for it is a position of impropriety "held" by those who work for the Dark.

Yes, they are the "ones" mandated to serve Summonses upon people. They are the ones to whom the "police" and others do "report to" that "someone" stepped out of bounds in some way.

They are the vain who also defy God's "Forgive all" Command and it is they to send "wolves" to your door with their "X" marked on it with their dirty "paw" being the "authority" needed for the next step of man's false deed that authorises the complaint to be "laid" at your feet and also authorises the police to go about their "collective" duties ref. man's law enforcement.

All Systems men need a "signature" from "someone" as their proof of legitimate authoritative mandate to defy God and do their "dirty work."

This applies to all the "armed forces" who all "await" a written "letter of guarantee" from a politician or other before striding forth to "deliver" death and destruction upon others on another shore or at your door.

Thus the words "Justice of the Peace" is a misnomer that is "another" part of the Devil's "shroud" that blinds your perception in Its cloak of righteousness.

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~ The criminal's "accomplice" ~

Policemen are being used as "accomplices" in extortionist crimes that are being openly committed in every land by swine. The "swine" are the blind and arrogant who are untrue who see not the daily thieving "acts" they do in the "name" of democracy.

For a true democracy is where one has a "choice" and one does have a "voice." But in this and every "land" no voice but mine is "heard" for all "dissenters" are put to the "prison sword."

For every land today is "controlled" by the invisible Dark avenging "essence" that's "lair" is far away, but It dictates Its thieving/punitive policies via the political "scene" and at the same time Its "scams" are unseen by mortal man.

So the "honourable" boys in blue are a dis-service to their souls true as they become a "part" of the political "drag net" that thieves off the community and makes the community "fret."

For the police are "accomplices" to crime each day for this is demanded of them "as" a prerequisite for their weekly pay. For in "order" for the negative controlling political system to "survive" they need to steal honey from every "bee hive" and in order to this "take" they have to use "heavies" as a part of their "make."

So the honourable police are sent out each day to earn their "accomplices" pay by threatening the public as they issue a "warrant" in some way that does say: "If you do not pay the demand of the day you will be punished."

I say that any man, be they "uniformed" or not who "plot" to take by fair means or "foul" any "funds" off another for non-compliance to the enacted "edicts" of man are accomplices to crime who soil their souls with grime and who ahead will serve their "time" in penal solitude below.

Every policeman now needs make a personally informed decision as to "who" they will serve, God or man. If God, then only aid true offenders being those who try to steal or who break the "seal" of peace.

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~ The Court of God v/s the Court of man ~

The present day "Court" of man is the "weigh station" for the dark side of the Source that uses "this" Court to mete out retributive punishment.

This Court is also the "headquarters" of the extortionist political regime being the system of man that follows not the plan of the God of Light and Love.

The judiciary of the day see not that their "pay" is false for they are stooges for the dark overlord below who via their minds and man's 'books' judges those who default in payment of a penny to other greedy men.

The police work "for" the Court of man as its "bully boys" who go forth to haul-in any they are so instructed too. Being so "unswerving in their duty" that they see not what they do to their own souls if the "order of instruction" is one untrue.

The magistrate of the "day" needs to see that he can change his "robe" and earn honest pay for the Court of God and it is done in this way.

The Court of God is the place where "sinners" are brought. These are thieves and murderers and any that disturb the peace due to their abusive way.

Their "conduct" will be "judged" by the wise men being the elected magistrate who will not "berate" them but by the "stroke" of his pen they will be "directed" to be counselled by me in the manner given by me.

The magistrate will only direct "some" to be "imprisoned" or "held" longer than a day if they kill others and in this "case" their time imposed will also be limited to six months as given by our God of Love as the time needed for their mental rehabilitation as they daily attend "Feeling easier seminars."

Thus the Court of God that is now to supersede the Court of man "offers" a place for any true men who would genuinely aid their local community.

The Court of God on earth does not "sit" in judgment to "listen" to complaints by political thieves that their "acts/regulations" have been defied.

The Court of God is "raised up" solely to aid God's errant children who all need to now heed this God's sacred pen.

Let Tasmania being my chosen "abode" become the first "State" on earth to implement a totally non punitive mode so that the jails become "obsolete" and "jailers" become counsellors who with a smile do their "patients" meet.

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~ Abrogation of responsibility ~

God's "Law" implies that you are "free" to be, meaning that you can do anything. "But you are responsible to Me your God you cannot see and you are subject to My "Law" that says: "As you do will be done unto you."

Man's Laws say that: Everything you do is "subject to" a "decision" of another man and that if you do not comply to "that" man's decision then "under" man's "dictates" you are "subject to" a "default" penalty.

It's "time" for mankind to now see that "he" does not need to or have to comply to any person and thus all man's civil or uncivil acts/regulations/statutes are to be consigned into the "sin bin" for they are themselves sinful control by the arrogant posing as "lambs."

Man will now be taught to be peaceful and civil and respectful and taught the true reasons and understanding behind the "whenever or if ever" he is less than that then he will be "bound" and punished by the God he cannot see.

It is not for "man" to dictate by "acts" his needs/wants/desires/demands of others that are accompanied by "forceful" reprimands. Any "enforcement" of man's regulations by any person shows God that "that" person defies the "Peaceful" ask/requirement of God.

For in order to "enforce" any law of man "someone" i.e. the enforcer, has to disturb the peace of another and "abduct" them by threat or force to "face" another man who then "dictates" the punishment to be.

Let all "true" men now see that we shall be free to be and go our way each day without having to comply to any "Authority." None shall be "bound" to pay any "fee" to another or to "answer to" the ask/demands/prying of any other.

If any man "demands" that you speak or "show cause" as to why you did or did not do anything then you can stay "mute" and be resolute in non-compliance to man's edicts, for all contravene God's Commandment to "Be only loving and peaceful and merciful and compassionate and forgiving."

The very word "Authority" that denotes an "office" with officers who are empowered to be "inquisitors" does in itself show the "elect" that it the Authority is a "body" in contravention to and in defiance of God's Commandment to "Be peaceful."

The Devil via the mind of vain/proud arrogant men "set-up" His retributive/punitive System that is self-empowered through the political/judicial "Court" and thus any "force" on earth is the Devil in action via the ignorant.

All who now "continue on" in any "form" of Dark support that is punitive by its deed will now be "classified" by God as the "Chaff" and be separated and consigned below to become the Devil's full time, eternal time "worshippers" and they there will be "punished" in perpetuity by "that" dark force for their stupidity. For any who are less than kind & merciful are the Devil's "Advocates."

All men are "deceived," let us now make speedy "change" before all "derange." We have all been deceived through the "Sins of our forefathers" who raised up dark "precedents" that we all "blindly" follow.

We have "abrogated" our personal responsibility to the "dark" authority of man. Repeal this "abrogation" by heeding God's Command to so do via my pen. I am here to show the way to all today.

Heed God - not man.

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~ The nature of God ~

As we have been told our God is all and also that our God sees all, and what man cannot see is that God's power encompasses all known and unknown energy.

This energy is both Light and Dark, being both positive and negative and upon our souls leaves Its "mark" as we it use knowingly or unknowingly.

Yes this energy does us "infuse" as we walk our way and via our expression we draw on It and do It use.

The nature of the Light energy is giving and It the light feels pleasure as we It use. It's light is freely given and thus it is the "part" of God's leaven that we are told we can have and by ITS use "Only loving" in our expression we attain heaven.

The nature of the Dark energy is the total opposite and when we of It "partake" by imposing It's pain or control upon others It feels "wrathful" and great displeasure and thus it is our God to mete out "equal measure" upon all who uses It our God's Dark energy to abuse anyone and it is also through this "act/action" that our "freedom" we lose and fall from "grace" and lose our place in heaven.

Please try now and see that to the Dark it is totally "Offensive" to walk in It's "land" and use It's dark power and It's "eyes" do glower red and It will you "deflower" and ensure that you suffer anguish for being "untrue" to the Commandment of It's LIGHT that says: "Only be loving and walk in peace and never fight."

The nature of the Light of God is OPEN and It "hides" naught from thee as It would have it that you are not "blind" but can "see" It's reality.

The nature of the Dark of God is DECEPTION and the totality of this you cannot see for that prerogative is only for those as me "sin" free.

The Dark seeks to destroy all who with It's "power" play and "toy" and It "cunningly" gives you a "righteous/virtuous/justified" reason to be It in action in your daily interaction, and as this you unknowingly do you draw in and thus "steal" Its dark energy too.

And the "more" of It's energy you "partake" the more of your soul you a mess make, for It does "silently & invisibly" into your soul seep and your "come-uppance" ahead is a pre-date with It's "predatorial" nature and for sure you will weep if my TRUTH does not save you from It's "Keep" being It's lair below.

This great/deep truth I write for you the reader individually, for only you can change your "mode" as you "walk" your daily road. Take heed, for if you cannot "discern" when of It's dark energy you partake then you are a "lost cause."

You are "supping on" it's energy when "sinning" and this includes any control of God's children for punitive measures for by this "act" you are inflicting "some" mental or emotional or physical suffering to them as it is darkness in action from your interaction.

And as "far" as being a "part of" the judiciary and It's "forces arm" you need to see that if/when you "dictate" any "terms of conduct" that others must adhere to then you are "It" the dark in action.

If you use "force" in any way seen or unseen to use in a "punitive" measure against any who are not complying to your or others directives/rules/acts then you are It the dark in action.

You have been "warned."

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~ It's Regrettable ~

It is regrettable that the planetary police "commanders" see not that they are being used as "strong arm" debt collectors for an extortionist regime. (The tax take)

It is regrettable that the planetary police "commanders" see not that they are being used as "collectors of human flesh" for a punitive regime. (The penal system)

It is regrettable that the planetary "magisterial judiciary" see not that they are being used as the administrative penal "prescriber" for an extortionist regime. (The tax take & the regulation infringements)

It is regrettable that the planetary "magisterial judiciary" see not that they are being used as the "penultimate" spokesman/judge for the Devil* as they speak for It and mete out It's punitive Judgement of the day.

It is regrettable that the politicians & chiefs & kings cannot see that it is they being used as the "prime motivator" for the invisible Dark overlord as IT'S retributive "sword."

For none can "hear" the Holy Word from above for all defy God and God's Love and thus we are all by Satan bound and only those "found" by me will be set free.

Who is "brave" enough to knowingly come and "arrest" God's dove in the knowledge that it is God to them below "shove" for their ignorance and arrogance?

Would you an "officer in command" send out a young man to his spiritual "death" knowing that he will follow your "order" to so do?

Is it your "order" or is it the order issued/enshrined within the unholy book of statutes?

Would you like your God to "alert/awaken" you so that you can "warn" those under your command to change their "dress" and unarmed aid the community?

It is regrettable that all "think" they are working for and funded by the community. They are not. They are working for and funded by the invisible satanic force that is justifiably extorting funds and punishing all for supporting IT and IT'S actions because the community by "silence" condones these nefarious activities and thus they/you bring upon yourselves much suffering today and/or tomorrow with no "let up."

All war and suffering is God's negative "arm of God's Law" in action through the minds/hands of the ignorants who never become "free men."

The "inherent" Law of God in its negative painful "tribute of retribution" is imposed upon all as the direct result of them "being it" in action or condoning its actions.

Man's "action" as needed by the Light of God is not to bring any "to account" but to "collect" defaulters and bring them to a place of education so that they become enlightened.

The police and judicial officers of any "State" are all "defaulters" in God's eyes and it is I with the "task" of unmasking the Dark side so that you and all can benefit.

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We need no "rules," only the knowledge that God's Law is in action at all times. Thus we will make a true effort to only walk in positivity knowing that if/when we "sow" any darkness be it seemingly justified or not that IT will "return" to us burn.

Yes it is regrettable that neither the police nor the public see their negative spiritual debts mount each day for being a "party to" the dark punitive way of the day. For when "punishing" others for their perceived folly it only "hides" your own errors.

Once you begin to see the error of your way and make change then there will be no need to punish others for they will have no need to abuse you.

It is regrettable that in his "quest" for justice that man does needs for the Devil shout and others clout.

It is regrettable that man sees not that this "way" is the way the Dark does then have a "justifiable" reason to bring man to "account." For the Devil is the one who "calls in" all dues from those whom in ignorance or arrogance did use HIS dark power.

Man's "rules" are only a justification to extort money or confiscate by seizure or punish by fine or incarceration or to kill. All who now continue on in supporting the retributive force of darkness will by that force be justifiably consigned into ITS abyss/realm for "under/within" the ONE Law of God IT is empowered to "in perpetuity" mete out vengeful retribution, and IT'S "distribution of justice" is "contra" the loving expression of the Light for IT the Dark is the merciless one.

You do not "defend" others or self by being the retributioner in action. This only compounds the process and "spreads" more venom and "attracts" more "painful" karmic payback to your "shore" under God's ONE Law.

People "believe" that if they are "following" orders that they are absolved from personal responsibility for their punitive actions and that they can avoid God's Law. They cannot. Thus the "folly" of forces men and humanity who "think" its okay to do bad things "legitimately." It is not, all pay by suffering the same fate another day.

Legalised by man "enforcers" see not that they are spiritually responsible for their negative expression, as all pain, suffering, loss etc experienced by others from any of your deeds must under God's Law "attract" an equal "return" to you.

Man feels "secure" when he is "mandated to act" contra the "Only love" Commandment and thus feels enabled to use "darkness" that he sees not "as" darkness because IT the Dark hides itself in a "cloak" of righteousness, and as the "user" of Its energy/power enforces man's "rules of living" decrees, they are themselves "defaulting offenders" in God's eyes, be they the "parking meter attendant" or the judiciary Summons "server" or the enforcers.

Love & be loved - or - abuse & be destroyed. That is the eternal "way" of God's Law that is "more" Just than understood on this shore. The "role" of the "shadow" under God's hand is to mete out pain for pain but any whom it "do" are vain as they "hold" God's Commandment in disdain.

All being "terrorised" and thrashed into submission in any realm are being "subjugated" by the hand of God that is totally "honourable" in that it only metes out retribution measure for measure.

If it is your "pleasure" to ignorantly take on this negative prerogative of God then you too will receive your "just" rewards measure for measure. Can you "hear" and do you "yet" understand that God has a very strong "force" below in His lower land? Can you now see that an offender in God's eyes who becomes punishable by God is not one who "fails" to pay a fine but the one who extorts the fine?

You cannot avoid God's "scales of justice" that will do unto you in every which way be it pain or pleasure that you permitted to flow through you on every moment of every second of every day.

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Sacrifice yourself "selflessly" by non-retaliation in the face of adversity and by not supporting any people who seek your aid in supporting their "seemingly" justifiable stance of control or punishment of others.

It is regrettable that none see the real "offenders of the day" enforcing statutes of control. They are the thieves and murderers "walking" in a seemingly righteous disguise, being the political & enforcement arm of the System whose "works" can now be seen by all (Bush, Howard, Blair and others v/s Bin Laden).

For it is the political "arm" that is the deceivers right arm as it "legalises" not only theft by "royalty commission" and license fee and tax to the "point" where no man can relax but also the destruction of children of God by pre-meditated murder.

It also "condones" the destruction of any who make any "attempt" to "take over" or control or "de-buoy" their/Its State. Any who challenge or question their way are "opposed" by force.

So the deceiver via the system leads all mankind the wrong way, and I am here to say: Be you the politician or their "worker" who is an "earnest" one desiring to serve the community true, then only walk in positivity and do not "comply" to or give directives that will make any other cry. None see the power of the Dark that is in total "opposition" to the Light.

The Light being truth absolute
The Dark being
deceit absolute

The "workers" within the systems of man see not that they are "what" they '"accuse" others of being - - Terrorists - - for in the guise of righteousness they invoke/do terrible things to people. Seeing not "why" nor "for whom" and, neither do they see that it their deed "looms" overhead as a guillotine blade to give them an "equal" chop that will spill their blood drop for drop.

Let us now see that we must educate all in such a manner that they can see that their "enemy" is not the judiciary or the political "arm" but the force of darkness standing invisibly behind it. And as we are all "defaulters" in God's eyes we must not "blame" anyone but quickly endeavour to change the "whole" mode to a positive one.

It is regrettable that none can see the fear to soon "arise" in every man's "belly" and he will then know that it is his own God that does his ways despise.

Soon all stand on shaky ground as they see themselves surrounded by minds unsound. Yes this applies to all I see, even the police and the judiciary. Then they will know the truth I sow and also that there is no escape and nowhere to go other than to me or the Devil who awaits all whom foolish be.

For as said, the Devil is but the "underhand" of God who is the all powerful one who mercilessly destroys all whom "outside" the "Only love" Commandment plod.

It is regrettable that none can see my inner light hidden by "weak" biological flesh to hide its might, and thus many will me deny and will continue on in their "justified" way and will pall as their spirit falls into the dark night on a later day to continue on in the "karmic wheel" of great pain and suffering.

Be now "a" Godly man and seed your consciousness with this God's pure wisdom and then make a personally informed decision as to your personal way each day. For the END of "your" story will be either to continue:

Being a punitive Enforcer.
Working for the Dark and then as you "pass-over" joining IT in eternal


Being an educative Carer.
Working for the Light and with God you will "sit" and be free to "enjoy" eternally.

"Follow me and set yourself free"

Be wise - heed now my message of LIGHT from the skies

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~ Accountability ~
The freedom of choice

God "permits" us all to choose to either express positivity (Light) and be kind and loving or to express negativity (Darkness) and be unkind and punitive.

We all need to come to terms with the fact that we are accountable to God for all our expressed negative deeds and that God ensures we "reap what we sowed" whether our expression was good or bad, our duly deserved "comeback."

This seems clear enough but what may not be so apparent is that if we believe that individuals must be made accountable by man for their expressed negative "offensive" deed then we may co-opt "someone" into bringing them to "Justice."

In the act of co-opting someone else to 'bring someone to justice' whether police, lawyer, magistrate or judge or common man, we are expecting them to become the instruments of God's retributionary arm of absolute justice, and in doing this both they and "us" are using darkness, for the deed is contra the "Only love and be forgiving" Command of the Source.

If they act on our behalf and regulate to punish the person, we the 'users' of man's or God's regulatory system incur a negative karmic debt as do they. That is the spiritual "outcome" of our part in participating in "bringing someone to justice."

Equally, when police, lawyers, magistrates or any involved in man's legal or governmental system "choose" to be the regulator or punisher that too is their "choice." This choice is also one that does defy God's direct command to be "Only love in action - merciful & forgiving."

This choice also incurs a karmic debt, and even though the individuals involved may believe that they were positively 'meting out justice' matters not, because under God's Law, when we take it upon ourselves to become the 'punisher' of other's deeds, we must ourselves be penalised by God for this presumption.

Part of this "penalty" is the contamination of ones own soul with darkness (dark energy) that flows in via our inner sin as we control or punish others, be it verbally or physically.

What man does not see is that there "comes a time" when they can no longer have a choice to be "wise" and kind and merciful and for "a" time they can become solely God's Dark Reaping force in action in the lives of men, in this realm and in the "afterlife."

For if for a very long time they have drawn-in darkness due to perpetrating "negative" deeds, that it the dark energy within, (sin) becomes of a volume "greater than" their inner light (energy) and they then become "pure" robots who have lost their capacity to choose between positive & negative action and can ONLY heed the regulations of man directing them, or dark thoughts inspiring them.

This is the "ultimate" terrifying moment for any spirit, for at "this" moment their destiny has become bleak & dark & excruciatingly painful for they then "eternally" join the "mob" of screaming demons below who can only "sow" retribution in perpetuity upon other "offenders" and thus their "comeback" under God's law is ONLY pain.

My "task" is to try and get all to "abstain" from drawing-in any more darkness so that the purging Light of God can reduce their inner dark energy (sin) so that their journey to the Light and eternal freedom they can win.

The "deception" of the dark is such that it lulls all into believing that they are doing the right thing as they use It (the darkness) to punish others perceived as offenders, for IT has one intent, to "sting" the arrogant & vain with pain for their "iniquity," being the contravention of God's Commandment and the abuse of God's "other" children.

Please now try and amend your personal way so that you never "play" at the dangerous game of condemnation, judgement and punishment or control. Only try and "free" those perceived as being a defaulting "enemy" by educating them to spiritual reality as I now do for thee.

I reiterate: Man sees not the terrifying consequence of using darkness, being that its energy grows within his soul. Over time and countless time this energy attains a "magnitude" of greater than the divine Light within his/her soul.

Thus is the freedom of choice lost. For at this time his/her mind is totally controlled by the dark essence and thus they can only be "sinners" as they only "sow" darkness, being criticism and pain etc and thus the "comeback" to them is only the same, eternal suffering.

God's One Law is in operation every moment of time whether you are aware of it or not, so please do not let any "justification" to abuse or control others override God's "ask," for if you do abuse any other "offensive ones" then at this moment you have made God your enemy and the "hounds from hell" will be set on your "tail."

God does not "need" you to bring others to account. God needs you to educate them as to the error of their way. Yes God uses "ignorants" to "rectify" injustice but these ignorants then become "accountable to God" and their spiritual debts do mount.

Try and see what I say for truly "horrendous" is the liquid terror coming earth's way and any who heed me not "fall" into eternal terror and suffering from which they then cannot get away.

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~ Codes of Practice ~

Foolish is any man who "dictates" by decree or rule or regulation with the "expectation" that other men must comply to them and/or suffer a penalty for non-compliance.

Foolish is any man who earns a "false" wage by working for any such men or System of control and "forcefully" or otherwise aiding them to "uphold" their dictates.

Man must now see that there are NO Laws of man needed, for God's ONE Law is in action at all times and "upheld" by God's invisible Might.

Sincere men must now "merely" elevate "Codes of Practice" in the variety of different undertakings. These "codes" are to aid humankind into "excellence" in their chosen professions, for all do many different things each day, be it driving to work or sailing a ship for their "pay."

Let every "endeavor" be uplifted with advisory information given freely by those mentally "equipped" to "man" the Library "station." This will become a part of the Education system so that each may avail themselves of the "wise" input.

By all "means" have a "30km" sign on a bendy road or in a built up area as a courtesy advisory sign to "warn" of the possible danger of exceeding that speed.

Just remember that it is the personal freedom of choice of every individual to heed or exceed, and if they "cause" another to suffer due to their arrogance then "that" is between the two parties and God. God will "justly" any offender "burn" so that respect for others they learn.

Let all now see that it is a matter of personal responsibility and if any chooses to not wear a seat belt or life jacket and they suffer a "tear" then that is their fate, nothing to do with you.

Any "wise" men such as this soul from the skies may yes "tender" good counsel but not in any way enforce their suggestions, but leave it to the "other" to select their choice of way.

Let the community "peacekeepers" now change their name from "police" force to peace corps, comprising of those true who know what to do to truly aid the community as "darkness" rises and accesses the minds of the ignorant with impunity.

Let the "old" elected called "magistrates" whom in ignorance did their community members berate now be called Elders wise who do not despise offenders, but who do clearly see what by God is said through me, and thus direct "miscreants" to a proper place of good counsel.

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~ Bailiff - the community thief ~

When the Court does decide that a person did not abide in the monetary demands of the local Council then it the Court via its "men" authorises a "person" be it the bailiff or other to defy God's Commandment up high being "Do not steal or in Hell your own soul you seal."

This "authorisation" insists that the "authorised one" enter the home of another and take by force some item of goods. This "arrogant" act is "Theft by servant" and our God up high does "sigh" that another ignorant one is in Hell to cry.

It is the time to see that it is pure iniquity when "men" robed sit in judgement upon others and send out "their" servants the police to steal on their behalf as well as on the behalf of their "Client" the Council or another ignorant department.

Let all "thieves" be made aware that mandated to "collect" goods or not it is they who also defy God, and into their own homes on another day will "heavies" plod and take all by force.

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~ Crime stoppers ~

'Phone the crime stoppers,' does the police vehicle "emblem" say as down the street it does speed and sway. None within it seeing that it is they who are the criminal on many a day as they promote and support the crimes of the day.

For the criminal of the day is the political "legislative" force that does invoke Laws that do all divorce from their sanity, and these laws are but founded on greed and vanity and are what make the public and their police "enforcers" into criminals.

For in the "first" instance our God did say that NO man was to control any other on any day, and that all were free to walk as God would have them be, bound only by God's Commandment being to: "Walk in peace and harmony."

So the Vain of the day who from way in the past did believe that they stood above others did say: "I the king will protect you, but in order for me to so do you will needs fund my 'purse' in any which way I believe is for 'our' common good."

None today seeing that the king of the day was but an arrogant "bod" who stole by force all lands and had the intent of a 'free' feed for himself as along earth's road he did plod and wished to use you and your resources to protect his "interests" on earth's sod.

Thus he by force of arms exuded satanic "charms" and did the populace control by threat and fear, and today that same satanic force does draw near and any whom defy the political "arm" are punished I the most high do see, and it is our God via my pen to set you all free.

So my "intent" is to aid the "ailing" police force and judiciary to become unburdened of their daily "sinning" so that their earnest young men can begin winning their freedom of the road rather than daily bringing upon their own souls a burdensome load of karmic pain because the political legislators are blind and vain.

Let the police now STOP hauling in the poor and ONLY haul-in those who offend God as they beat their wives or steal from others. Yes, let the police now work for their employer the public who do pay their wage, rather than the political arm, and in this way they will no longer aid & abet the extortion off the community by the legislative arm which in reality does NOT fund their wage.

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~ Police Minister David Llewellyn ~

Dear Minister, for some time now have I been "knocking" at earth's 'door' in an attempt to awaken all whom are "asleep" and see not what is in store.

For the police "arm" has for so long now been used as the 'arm' of the political "force" to enforce their laws rather than to uphold the peace of God, that both the police and politicians have "forgotten" that they both/all are servants of the people "elected/appointed" to protect the interest of the people.

In fact the politicians now use this "policing force" to extract/extort monies off the people in the "guise" of: "It's for your own good," and none of 'you' can see the thoughts that now brood in the psyche of the community who are impoverished more and more each day.

Also what none see other than me is that God's one Law reigns supreme on every shore and stands above man's laws for sure.

As said, for so "long" now have political "legislators" been allowed to "run free" and enact regulations that affect you and me and then 'use' the police force to enforce them the rules, that they forgot that "common" man has the God given freedom of choice to heed God rather than the legislators "voice."

And the financial "steal" off God's children has become so "legitimate" in the eyes of the "servants" you and your "Judiciary," that none see what God is now about to do, other than I who is inspired "mentally" direct by our God up high.

It is God's "intent" to via me implement changes planetarily so that sanity can again "prevail" before every "heart" does quail at what is to be.

Please visit my web site < > and read my 'Offender document' and then help me to implement the 'Feeling easier seminar' so that real "offenders" in God's eyes being those unwise who steal and abuse others can be educated and then set free.

"The present method of fine and punishment must cease,"
says our God to you via me.

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~ To all "Educators" ~
Parents & Teachers Associations.

There is much "darkness" that does the mind of man presently "span," and thus via me our God lays "His" plan. That is one where we now educate and delete by "removal" all Acts that "berate" or regulate.

"There are 'two' types of 'error,' our God does say. "One contra to My Commandment to 'Only Love,' and the other is contra the 'Acts' of man who via them does control your every way."

Please now try and see that "Offenders" in God's eyes are only those unwise who heed not the "Commandment" above and thus their daily "energies" are misspent as they in vengeful, merciless and retributionary ways live.

It is my intent to a new "Order" implement. Being that you all teach your "charges" how to fortify their minds against negative thought intrusion, AND, teach them God's LAW, "What we do to others comes back to us for sure," AND, teach them to more easily see how they kinder and happier can be.

As many are soon to "offend" more in the eyes of God and man, it is my ask of you that you read my "The RESTORATION document" and together with your children "listen" to both the "MINDS under siege" and "Spirit possession" and "Drummers of Africa" cassettes/CD. Then read the I.S.I.S. Suicide document out aloud so all can hear and understand what thought "intrusion" is all about.

The above needs also be implemented by Community Welfare and Corrective Services in a "joint" effort with any "offenders" of the day who can also be taught of the new way to pray. Thus the "OFFENDER Seminars" we implement, and God sees that our community efforts are well spent.

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~ Father GOD speaks to man ~
reference the abuse of his daughters.

I own all the Light, not thee, this my children you must see. For I see that many a foolish “man” does seek to my Light within woman span. Yes, if she is “alone” in a house on a hill, he the foolish one “plots” to take his “fill.” Not seeing that I see all and all “schemers” do fall.

For I abhor any lack of respect. I abhor any whom do not protect my daughters fair who walk outside heaven to my leaven share.

So listen my children to me, that is all you “less than” real men whom my face cannot see. I will any fool destroy who in any way does “toy” with any of my daughters.

Be they “loving” or “others” whom lead men to the “slaughter.” They I treasure above you, for you believe I do not exist and thus you do what you do.

I say: Never ask any lass if you can move “in.” This is already a “sin,” for it is always backed by intent, for your sin within is from the dark lent, and the dark has always a sinister intent.

For people “with sin” within are “mindless, demanding, selfishly perverse and pleadingly forceful” and thus disrespectfully intrusive.

If you truly a lass love, then heed your Mother above who says: “If your life with a lass you would share, then show her the “depth” of your ware, that you are always respectful and kind even if negativity does you bind. Never try to “come on” unless she first says: I would like to you more see, and maybe would even like you to live with me.”

So children, soon your hearts will “skip” a beat, for My heavies you all will meet. For you all show a lot of disrespect to my “girls” whom you should only wish to protect by being helpful in every way, all this for no pay.

So if any of you are in MY eyes less than true in your intent, then be warned of MY intent to be true unto you and do what you would do to any other sod who in any way “moved in” on your daughter.

My “girls” I only share with those worthy of their ware. So any of you men who did in any way “intrude” or express any darkness upon them that I see as rude, are certainly not sharing their Light of Me, and only their inner darkness do I then see, and truly as said, it is “horrendously” abhorrent to ME.

For no darkness would I see in My eyes and eternally do I the “offenders” despise. So let it here now be known that MY truth I have sown in that I both the Light and the Dark be, and I destroy all whom “move in” on ME.

Devil* - The Dark energy essence of God
Refer: "God is God" page 94 of "The Testament of Truth"

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