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~ Offender ~

As written by Terence 


The 'Introduction' followed by:

page 1 The "unstoppable" FORCE page 2 The criminal 'Mastermind' paper
page 4 The police document page 5 Protection
page 6 The 'baton' business page 7 The police 'baton'
page 8 Philosophy page 9 Upholding God's law
page 11 The Commissioner of Police page 12 Our Vision - our 'trust'
page 13 Obligation to 'perform' page 14 The 'meat' in the sandwich
page 15 Honourable v/s dishonourable page 16 The new way
page 17 Decision time page 19 Real Offenders
page 20 S.R.G - “Slow response group” page 21 Expression
page 22 Reflection on 'protection' page 23 The crime 'stoppers'
page 24 The impunity of the Dark page 25 The 'victims' of Rape & Murder
page 27 “Cover up” at Port Arthur page 29 “Stand off” - Black River Siege
page 30 The Irish Funeral page 31 Ignorance & Duty
page 32 False security page 33 The Illusion
page 35 Blood money page 36 Lackeys & Stooges
page 37 Disturbing the peace page 39 The tell tale 'Tit'
page 40 The 'Arrest' threat page 41 Orders - self-abasement
page 42 God's Law v/s man's law page 43 Justice of the Peace
page 44 The criminal's 'accomplice' page 45 God's Court v/s man's Court
page 46 Abrogation of responsibility page 47 The nature of God
page 48 It's Regrettable page 51 Accountability
page 52 Codes of Practice page 53 Bailiff - the Community Thief
page 54 Crime Stoppers page 55 Police Minister Llewellyn
page 56 Notice to all Educators page 57 Father speaks to man
Item 1 'Feeling Easier' Seminar 23 p. Item 2 Intent to rape Submission 6 p.
Item 3 The Police 'Peace Treaty' 21 p. Item 4 Crime & punishment 4 p.
Item 5 Messiah's imprisonment 41 p. Item 6 The terrorist 1 p.
Item 7 The killing of Matthew 3 p. Item 8 The police 'sting' by entrapment (sex) - 2 p
Item 9 The Commissioner Letter 5 p. Item 10 Criminal conspiracy complaint 12 p.
Item 11 The 'humane' Report 2 p. Item 12 NOTICE of COMPLAINT - 5 p

~ Introduction ~

This entire document contains a variety of letters which will give the reader a different "slant" to their present understanding of what an offender is in the eyes of God. It will also show that offences committed against the "State" of man are not necessarily offences in the eyes of God. It is also a revelation as it gives an insight into how the mind of man is imposed upon by dark thoughts that intrude forcibly into it telepathically, and thus "man" is used to abuse self or others.

The first section of this document being "The Police document" page 1 - 20 gives the new role of the police forces of the planet, and is 'based' on the Tasmanian police force who will show the new way to be. Being a positive "Light" Corps who courageously walk unarmed as true community workers.

The second section of this document being pages 21 - 30 comprises of letters giving an understanding of the mental and emotional forces that "drive" men as well as the present "way" that mankind is carrying out its "dark" business due to spiritual ignorance.

The third section of this document on pages 31 - 57 give an understanding as to 'how' the judicial system of man is being cunningly used by the invisible dark essence as Its reaping force on earth, to the spiritual detriment of the police and prosecutors and other "servers."

It reveals how the police and judiciary became "pawns" used by the political system to aid them to extort monies off the people of every land on earth as 'greed' being the principle "motivator" of the darkness blossomed within the souls of the controllers.

The police force then lost its "innocence" as did the magistrates as they were "blinded" by deception and instead of maintaining the honourable role of hauling in offenders in God's eyes being those who "disturbed the peace," the police started to 'haul in' peaceful people who merely defied the extortionist demands of ever increasing taxation by the "rich" off the "poor."

This section also clearly "delineates" the difference between the dictates of arrogant men v/s the "Only love" Command of God and shows that the police and judicial "arm" should only be "capturing" those who "sin," being thieves and those of offensive behaviour that in fact do disturb the peace of God's land. For no man is required by God to "live" according to the dictates of other men who "think" they own the "playpen."

The fourth section of this document being Item 1 being the 8 page "Feeling Easier" program is a Seminar for offenders, potential suicides, and the public in general of all ages who are being subjected to negative thought processes. This is given here as a teaching guide for any who would implement Seminars for the restoration of "man" into becoming sane, respectful, rational people. Items 2 - 6 are all to assist people into a deeper understanding.

It is the time for all to try and see what God says, being: "Walk in peace." For this implies that you personally do not disturb the peace under any circumstances. Any walking "outside" this peaceful way must be told: "You walk the wrong way, and under God's one Law, for your errant folly you will ahead pay. Please try and be peaceful and abuse none."

The "error" of the day is that when the police intervene it is they who then "err" and become offensive in God's eyes as they personally "break the peace" as they use force to enforce the Rules of man. All "armed forces" who use force to enforce peace, or to fight others, are all errants and offenders in God's eyes and all are very unwise. The use of armed intervention, chemical maces etc., is to now become a thing of the past.

Presently every community on earth is controlled and enslaved by a system of government that rules 'Dictatorially' using legislated rules and regulations with punitive 'attachments' for non compliance.

It is due to the now ingrained belief that the Institutions that name themselves 'The Government' have a divine right to control all persons living within land mass borders that their rules have seized by force of arms and legislation.

This is an Institutional 'System' that demands and enforces its self funding via monetary extortion from the community using force of arms and 'coercion' to exert control and maintain superiority.

The community members are thus being forced into funding the punitive ways of the 'governing' Institution, and thus "forcing" the members to deny God's Command of 'Peace, mercy, and forgiveness' through their support of a contra and 'dark' punitive ideology.

This also applies to the 'State' officials who are themselves unknowingly walking the wrong way through ignorance This is due to the State officials not conforming to the 'dictates' of their own Institution's 'Constitution,' wherein it clearly states that people preferring to live by their own 'different' ideological beliefs must not be forced to be a 'party' to the doctrine of the Institution.

This 'Paper' has been written in order to 'enlighten' man as to his error, his coming terror, and the need for all to be rehabilitated in a humane manner as now given by God via my pen. For at present the police 'force' is a 'hooligan' style army of hired 'killers' employed to extort money from the community, and they have been given the wrong mandate and false teaching of man. Being the RULES that force them to defy God as they run 'amok' amongst the community with seeming impunity.

Yes, they openly strut around 'armed,' and display all the Dark attributes of the 'Beast' the Devil, being: Aggressive, disrespectful, violent, rude, cruel, callous, uncompromising, merciless, dispassionate, arrogant, vain,  angry, critical, judgmental, punitive, vengeful, dominating, malicious, unforgiving, destructive and, they even kill any person that they so decide if their mind 'justifies' it. They are in fact political 'terrorists' and they know it not.

It is now the time for all police forces that are 'strong arm' enforcers for the political extortionists to become true peace workers that operate for and on behalf of the public that pay their wage, as they change their role to that of a community 'Peace Corps,' that uses unarmed restraint to haul in those that disturb the peace, and 'subject' them to a 'Feeling Easier Seminar' for the sole purpose of their rehabilitation as given within this document. 

Those that continue on their present 'track' will be struck down by other members of the public, due to the public becoming fearful and very, very angry as the 'perceived' injustices imposed upon them by what they perceive as an 'invading' force. Any person continuing to interfere in the lives of others will now lose their soul to the Dark Sovereign Power and thus divorce themselves from the Light of Heaven.

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~ The “unstoppable” FORCE ~

There is a force that is totally JUST, it “moves” forwards with a purposeful thrust. This force has an “honourable” role as it metes out “Just punishment” to all “offenders” who in the universe stroll.

This force is the “arm” of God that “moves” through the mind of every “enforcer” on this sod, be they the armed forces and policemen true, or even when it “works” through the public “mind” too. IT has every reason to abuse any offender any season.

BUT - there is the “other” side that calls out saying: If in heaven you would abide, then you must not be an enforcer true, or the dark is the ONE that is then using you.” Yes, it is “hidden” in a ‘false’ guise, that gives you a “reason” to other offenders despise, for what none of any force do see, is that they too in God’s eyes “offenders” BE..

So this “role” of justice & retribution has gone “on” for aeons of time, for all have “forgotten” the “guise” of the satanic “swine,” who has for so long simple man deceived that no longer is the “forgiveness & compassion & mercy” story believed.

So we all now stand at TODAY, and I the returned “Master” have my final say, being that any who me disbelieve will yes be an “adjuster” for the dark, and then they will eternally grieve.

For this dark “force” that immutable be is also deceitful and deceives thee, as it does to each young man say: “You must protect the weak and uphold the law of man today.” None seeing that “it” did the law of man devise as “it” did man’s mind “open prise,” and “it” gave man a very “good” reason to disbelieve the Light and ITS “Only Love” reason.

So the “force” of man needs now disband, before the “dark one” raises ITS hand via the mind of any child or man who heeds not my message that does the earth now span. For this “retributionary force” unstoppable be unless of “its” use we set ourselves free, because it is the authority that is empowered by God to abuse any offender who outside heaven does plod. It “incites” us to “virtuously & justly” its “arm” be, and then it strikes us down for blind we be.

So it matters not “who” we are, be it a “mandated” soldier or a simpleton who cannot see, any who “its” force use are “reapers” for God and their own freedom they then lose as it is they then who “walk” in the shadow under God’s hand and one day “ahead” they are abused by THE Force at “another’s” hand.

So let us all now become wise and be “educators” only, thus heeding the call from our God wise. All must only “Carers” be, or fall into the darkness and eternally abused be.


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~ The Criminal 'Mastermind' Paper ~
The cause & effect of violence

Let it here be known that the reason for the escalation of 'civilian' violence planetarily that has resulted partly from the lack of 'thought management' due to the spiritual ignorance of simple man has now been 'sown' on this realm of consciousness by the true light on this web site.

Man has been "groping in the dark" for ages to find the "Mastermind," being the instigator of all criminal activity perpetrated by man against man since 'time' began. Be it justifiable acts or seemingly unjustifiable acts by their perpetration against apparent "innocents." eg. The "senseless" and unprovoked attack on a person, nation, race, culture or religion.

The mind of man has the capacity to be "prised open" on a spiritual level from the "dark aspect" of the Source known as the "Beast." Thus allowing thoughts to forcefully intrude telepathically into the psyche of man from this "destructive" intelligence.

The "avenue" along which this negative, deceitful, destructive, vengeful, manipulative and controlling thought travels is the vibrational frequency generated by the "mass" of negative energy that is the basis of the negative emotions within any person (The Sin.)

The dark "essence" of this force in its fullness is cold, rock hard, resolute, merciless, calculating, remorseless, totally destructive, irreconcilable, and of an unforgiving nature.

Any who 'listen' to the 'seductive thoughts' emanating from this "beast" and thus "succumb" knowingly or unknowingly to it, and thus by their deed use this force in any way are spiritually marked by it as its 'energy' stains their soul as it flows through them. (The 'mark' of the beast.) It flows through them as they "use" their boot in any way, and on another day it is they to be "booted" in return.

This Beast that is a "Law" unto itself is the retributive force of God that is self-empowered to mete out divine retribution against any whom in any way "sinned" against the light of God by defying the Commandment to "Only love" and thus abused, deceived, or punished and controlled other children of God.

As man "uses" this dark energy it enlarges the negative emotions within man and thus its access is facilitated. Not only do the enlarged negative "emotions" of man cause man to become more negative in their expression, but under the ONE Law of God "As you sow so shall ye reap," all negative expression results in an equal and opposite "return" to the offender who ends up being "another's" victim at a later date.

Let it here be known that "as" man has already sown much darkness that did already grow within his soul that he now is 99% incapable of sound mind/thought management at any time, especially when in the face of adversity, and the "sad" fact is that total insanity is soon to erupt planetarily as man fights man.

The criminal "Mastermind" will use "enslaved" man to be its "arm" to mete out retributive punishment to all, for all have in some way or other, knowingly or unknowingly been a "party" to its controlling, regulating, extortionist, punishing ways as it "hid" its "face" within the Systems of man that were "supported" by the people seeking man's protection as they "hid" their face from God's Light.

The telepathic "assault" on the mind of the arrogant and ignorant will be of such intensity that every mind will be a "Mind under siege" and the resultant "Armageddon of the mind" will result in every "system" falling into disarray, and the complete breakdown of the "Systems of man" planetarily in their present established form will follow.

The Beast has the capacity to "see & know" all whom used its dark powerful force, be it this lifetime or in a prior spiritual realm. Thus it needs now be understood that there are NO "innocents or victims" as we it perceive. And neither is there any "escape" from its "web" if we have "trodden" on it, which we do when we are in any way untrue. All will "pay" their allotted due.

Let it here be known that the Source of Light & Dark known as "God" or the "Devil" is totally just, thus any perceived "innocent victim" is a past offender in God's eyes receiving their just due. The "offender" as perceived by man is the "victim" of the darkness being used as its callous retributionary arm who "takes on" the debt of their victim.

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All earthly men, (women & men) have different natures/types of negative emotions within, (combinations,) as well different "volumes" of dark energy within them, being their "intensity."

Thus the supposed "inherent" nature of any individual at any point in time is the sum total of their Light & Dark essence, and depending on the amount of dark energy, the Beast will to a greater or lesser degree have mental control over their "thoughts" and have an influence over their mind.

Let it here be known that any who defy the Light and use darkness, become enslaved by that darkness. The "level" of enslavement by any is in correlation to ones past "use" of its power, for thus did its power "grow" within us, and there comes a 'time' when its "energy mass" within is so "great" that we no longer have the freedom to "choose" to deny its demands and our path is then total servitude to its retributive call with the resultant eternal pain & suffering as our daily due.

If the spiritual "enslavement" to it the Beast is "great" then ones capacity to erupt into an insane frenzy is great. If the negative "influence" is less then a "saner" person may have the capacity to remain steadfast in the Light and not respond negatively as they override the intruding dark thoughts.

The "hidden" power of this "Beast - serpent - devil" is its capacity to use man in "lesser" ways daily in the form of criticism, condemnation, unkindness etc to a greater or lesser degree. What none see is that any use of its force is damaging as its power grows silently within as its energy flows in as a dark silent mist.

Its power today is so powerfully established that all now see its "way" as correct, vis a vis the use of force to suppress other offenders. Vis a vis the apparent 'normality' of meting out punishment to offenders.

This dark force has the capacity to place a "veil" over the eyes of those "bound" by it, thus many offenders "show" clouded eyes and hear not the pleas of their victims nor do they show remorse for their acts for they feel nothing, they are spiritually dead. Also, all earthly regulators "see not" the error of their way, being that they too are offenders, all working for the "pay" of the dark one.

For a full understanding of what is taking place on "unseen" levels that is causing this escalation of sudden outbursts of vicious, mindless physical attacks upon others read the "Brief Summary" of my message that is given in 17 languages listed at the end of my web index page.

Let it here be known that all who do not fortify their minds against the escalating intrusive dark thoughts, and thus lose control of their minds, will be overpowered by demonic insane thoughts and used to mete out divine retribution as a "Reaper for God" and they will thereafter be destroyed by others and dragged down to lower realms in the afterlife.

I cannot reiterate enough the terrifying consequences of remaining "deceived" through ones pride and vanity by the Beast into continuing to be its "mandated by man" regulators, controllers, extortioners, or "punishers."

For the final consequence of so doing it to "unfeelingly & unknowingly" become so "full" of darkness within that as said before, one is then incapable of heeding the "Only love & walk in peace & be forgiving" Commandment, and if one is used to be an 'avenging enforcer' meting out retribution in any way, then ones "karma" * is to suffer eternal pain as one is persecuted in perpetuity on this and lower realms without surcease.

It is now the time for a change to the positive for the rehabilitation of mankind and his enlightenment with truth. This is to now be commenced with the dissemination of the information contained within the Suicide document < suicide.htm > as well as by implementing this "Offender document."

Note: "karma" * - The deserved 'return' of joy  given or suffering imposed by the Law of God for every action in ones interaction with others at the time and in the place so ordained by the Creator. Absolute Justice.

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The Police document

~ The Police ~

In the “guise” of: “We took an Oath to protect the community,” the police and justice department uses its self given mandate to act with impunity, and at the same time believes it can perpetrate negative deeds against the community with impunity.

The “force” and its “team” actually need protection from us, for they are a danger unto themselves and us, spiritually of course, as well as ‘biologically.’

For as they “misuse” their power in a negative way they are sowing darkness, and for it both they and us must pay. They for the deeds they do, and we too, for we are a “party” to their deeds as they are our paid employees.

Why” I ask do we “empower” these “men” by just allowing them to use “stand over” tactics ? It is because both they and us falsely believe that we are all required to act out our “time proven” roles.

They are permitted to break their “Oath of protection” against any “miscreant,” this point needs a little reflection, for the “offender” pays their wage in the “first instance,” and they take an oath to protect “him” with a mace.

So why the “about face” ? It is when an offender suddenly is seen as standing “outside” the law and thus they can legally their employer paw. Oh the silly games we “play” and for them we all pay.

Many many years ago an “offender” would have been “hauled up” to explain their actions to a council of Elders wise, not be “totalled” by a “body” of legality that shows not only disrespect, but also that it does offenders despise.

So lets now try and live positively within God’s law, for in this way our actions and society are correct, so I again “lay” the “new way” at your door today, being the “Offender document” that is freely available on the internet for all to see, and its content is sent by God and is to be abided in by every society.

Man’s “way” of legality will now disband as Satan takes the upper hand. Yes, “he” will to all do what they in their ignorance did when untrue. Let us now all our minds protect, and on God’s wise council deeply reflect.

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~ Protection ~

On the word “protection” we needs a little reflection, for if a person has a “temporary” mind unsound, it means that by negative emotions and dark thoughts are they bound, thus any confrontation by you is a lack, for their minds will tell them to you attack.

So to protect the one with mind unsound, we needs stay clear of them until their sanity is again found, and then tell them that God says they will pay for any dark deeds they did when Satan’s thoughts held sway, and, we then tell them the new way to pray.

So any policeman who is not nice, is also a “spirit” with their mind held in Satan’s vice. Yes, they too are heeding thoughts untrue when they confront and abuse either me or you.

So please now, we all need a change of direction, and also a lot of mental protection so that we do not become unkind, thus permitting Satan to our soul bind.

FEAR is the greatest “force” of the dark, thus any confrontation, and fear can “give way” to the “inner cruising shark,” meaning, the darkness within that is the inner sin.

If a policeman stands before a mentally disturbed man, “he” the unsound one instantly knows that the “other,” being the armed policeman, may not have heeded God’s “Loving” plan, and the darkness does in his mind erupt and seeks to “avenge” for when the policeman on “blood” supped.

So if a policeman has a “less than” virtuous past, the Devil via the unstable one will him “blast,” thus we must not arouse a persons fear when to “assist” them we draw near. This applies to the police too, for they too are via fear or anger inspired to “blast” the one who may also have just been untrue, showing their mental instability too.

So to protect a sister or brother in their “hour of need,” we must only Light and Love seed, for any of us yet with “sin” within can become “unsound,” so lets “hope” there are friends around when we stand on that shaky ground.

We cannot the “darkness” within the sufferer destroy, we must just try and understand that it does with their mind “toy,” and if we in any way them abuse, it shows all that we too did it the dark use, and ahead, it will us abuse.

So I “suggest” we send the Ambulance men or Salvation Army “uniform” to visit any “unsound” scene, for soon every attending “force” man will be buried under the village green.

Seek deep, or you will eternally weep.

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~ 'Baton' business direction ~

Dear Commissioner McCreadie, I refer to the baton 'team' calling for comments via their "write to us" note on the police web site. I have 'aired' my response internationally on my web site as its content is applicable to all 'tribes & policymakers' on earth and I do yet believe that Tasmania will lead the way in the change of direction needed.

I refer to the opening business definition that itself is in 'error' as it states police 'business' as the requirement to: "Maintain law and order - protect life and property - enhance community safety - reduce fear and incidence of crime."

As the "aspects" of the above have usually occurred before the police are called the above statement is false as the 'victim' has already suffered and thus it is not possible to "attain" the above "code" nor can one put it into practice. One cannot stop crime. One can only "attend" after the event.

The "business" of the police presently is: "Seek out any offender who has not 'toed the line' ref enacted rules and ensure that 'he' is brought before the magistrate to be dealt with under the full weight of man's regulations that make up man's 'book of law."

Thus it is not possible to "uphold the law," it is only presently possible to detain and punish those who walk "outside" the regulations of man. The 'policing' process of the day cannot keep up with the escalation of 'errant' offensive behaviour because neither the police nor the community at large understand "why" more minds are becoming "irrational."

A "safer" Tasmania will only be achieved when the whole population becomes educated as to "how & why" they become "victims of crime" and also the police and other authoritative agencies needs learn that they become offenders in God's eyes as they "punish" perceived offenders.

The community cry out "Deliver us from evil," none seeing that they are only persecuted by thieves & robbers & shot or knifed by murderers because they in their past (this life or another) were themselves offensive offenders and thus delivered their own self into the hands of the 'evil' ones, and when abused are in fact "reaping" their just dues under God's ONE Law. (As you do is done unto you).

Also, as the community pay the wages of those such as you to do what you so earnestly do, that they the community "earn" more negative "pain-full" karmic (payback) to be paid for ahead when asleep in their bed. So thus the escalation of dark evil planetarily that is swirling into a vortex of hatred and vengeance.

Men such as you who do your 'job' so true see not that "as you believe it is for good" you openly pursue and abuse people using your mandated by man authority to so do, and thus become untrue in God's eyes.

I say that soon the psyche of "common" man will become equally "justified" to attack those such as you that they perceive as acting in a manner untrue.

Thus any "business direction" needs be a reflection on whether God is real and whether Satan can souls steal who defy the "Only love" commandment from above. The "reality" of God and God's existence and God's "word" of "Peace" has become lost as "regulators" believed that a mandate by man somehow superseded God's Command and that they stand "above" God's law. - False belief.

For many years now I have also tried earnestly to reach the planetary police and corrective services so as to protect the force 'youth' who seek to aid society. I see that police needs 'de-powering' and shown the new true way to aid the community.

I do know that the whole political and judicial system of man as well as the public will needs be educated to my way, but after all, I can only give you all a 'second chance' as God does take a final glance this way before all for their ignorant folly pay.

Please ensure that my letter reaches the 'door' of every police 'person' in your flock as this truly is my final "knock" at your door and I have written much on what is now in store for all.

I am God's messenger

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~ The Police 'Baton' ~

The Tasmania Police now "begin" to implement their own systems "upgrade" being their strategic "baton" directive strategy, and as I am "all-seeing" I say that on it and its implications we all needs be reflective.

The police believe they are mandated to control all whom "offensively" stroll.
The public believe that they have a right to be protected against others.

Somewhere in the middle of the "puddle" is the muddle that encompasses "rights - religion - morality - justness" etc. What neither party does see is the cause of the loss of spirituality that led to the "need" of protection and control.

It is my sacred duty to reveal the truth as it is I who is God's proof and it is I to also "show cause" as to how and why there will now be a new way.

No it will not be easy - Yes all stomachs will be queasy - No it will not be free of pain - Yes for a while the baton will the upper hand gain - No it will not be forever - Yes it will so be for those who reach not the land of heaven - No implementation by forceful change is good - Yes force will be used by the ignorant 'brood.'

So I say that first we needs implement change in the "order" of public policymakers of the day. Secondly by educating the public so they see the "error" of their "demand for protection" each day that will soon be so great that each "family" will call for a security "hired gun man" at their front gate.

So before this "time" you do see, I suggest that you all listen to me. For God is real and God's truth will now be stamped as a "seal" upon all who continue on in their present mode of way. Be it the police enforcer or the public flock. For both walk the wrong way.

For the sense of security and "protection" the community has "permitted" the System to extort never ending taxes to pay for their safety and for being "looked after."

For the "power" to control, the police have "permitted" the political system to "arm them" with weapons of destruction and the weapon of "rules" that permit them to punish.

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~ Philosophy ~

Mans philosophy: "It matters not "what" input to "change" we receive from the community, we the "authority" will issue our own strategy and we will use our baton to enforce it by pain, fine, or incarceration."

God's philosophical Word: "It matters not "what" strategy man implements. All acts/actions of man are subject to my ONE inherent Law "As you sow ye reap," and all who sow "control & punishment" are punished by my "authority" that none do see."

So if "we" the children of God would walk in the "Light side" of God's law and thus only 'receive' good/happy "return" to us personally, then we must ensure that any Strategy on our part is only education and guidance to/for any we perceive as offensive errants.

To do this we must first understand why the mind of man "falters" and thus "justifiably" steals, abuses, deceives, controls, or destroys others. These negate-ive actions are "done" by all people on earth in every "body."

Thus the "dark" offensive processes escalate and more 'reason' is found to relate less to both the offenders being the State "party" and the public "errant" party.

Man's "strategy" has been the enactment of laws/rules to make people "toe the line," and to enforce this Dark strategy they then justified the "additional" rules of engagement being that defaulters would be penalised by fine and incarceration in the guise of "We the System are doing it to you for your own good, and we do it to help you."

God's Light strategy is now revealed by me in that via public education, "order" will be attained when each person sees the reality of what I speak and personally seeks to help themselves.

Man sees not that God's "invisible law" is in operation constantly and is "regulated" by God justifiably in a manner not yet understood by man but as now revealed in my Testament of Truth pages and/or the 12 page "Brief Summary."

Any "interaction" between two be they the public and police, or me and you, is a relationship. However temporary it may be. Every 'relationship' outside heaven 'finds' itself 'oneday' in a position where one or other err according to the wishes or beliefs of the other.

The error of the way of either on any day is that one sees the other as uncaring, unkind, or just blind, and thus they think or feel that they must seal their "safety" by commenting on the others deed.

This "stamp of authority" states by words or deeds something. Generally it is a reprimand issued by a critical demand of compliance by the other to their personal needs, beliefs, etc.

What needs be seen is that the only comments required by God of thee are when the "other" is personally expressing darkness by word or deed. "Then and only then" says God via this pen are you in "order" and expected by God to say to them: "Are you aware of the way you are using darkness by your deeds."

For if you "approach" your discontent by criticism or demand or withdrawal of "rights" in retaliation then you are voicing the dark and your way is clouding your own inner spark.

So if you find on any day that the other is not "saying or doing" to you in a negative way but their "way" of living is contrary to your expectation, then it is you to either "put up" or by packing your bags and going your way. In no way must any criticise or condemn any other child of God for any reason.

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~ Upholding God's Law ~

The police believe that it is their duty to uphold the Law of man, being that they by man are mandated to "haul in" offenders. They must now see the difference between those who are "offenders" in the eyes of God, being "offences" committed in God's eyes, v/s offences in man's eyes resulting from "disobedience" to man's "encoded" acts, statutes, rules, etc.

In some "cases" the Law of man "covers" disobedience to God's Commandment to "Only be loving, forgiving, merciful," etc. and thus man's "honourable" retributionary intent appears justified.

The "hauling in" of offenders who contravene the annually "increasing" regulatory statutes of man which are not offences in God's eyes places policemen in a 'dangerous' spiritual position, and the police are in either case being used in a negative way as it is they who contravene the Commandment of God as they go on their rounds each day.

Their "allegiance" is to the enactments of some "man" hidden in a "back room" who "thinks" of new ways to "justifiably" extort more money via fine penalty, as well as to find new ways of controlling the freedom of "choice" and freedom of "movement" of others. This daily "policing" is carried out by men who earn a "living" wage to be "hired guns" for the community, as they see not that they do not have immunity from God's law.

God's Law they must now get to "know" and then see that IT is upheld invisibly by God. Thus all being abused in any way are the past offender in God's sight, and the "offensive" one is the "upholder" of God's retributionary Law and thus too they are the "Reaper in action" who are "ignorant" and thus do "fight."

Can any of you thus see that whether you are a "blind" coward beating your wife, or be you a judge or a policeman meting out "strife," you are all upholding the Law of God as you do abuse others in some way, and thus in your denial of God's Commandment to "Only Love, and be forgiving and merciful" it is you who infuses your own soul with darkness as you do your "deed" sow, and thus God's ONE Law applies equally to you.

"As you Sow, so shall ye Reap" - "What you do is done unto you"

Thus at a later "date" it is God to an "appointment" make where you "receive" your "Just" due and the same suffering comes back to you. What the "inhuman" earthly race does not see is the "capacity" of the "vengeful" side of God to via "telepathy" use the arrogant ignorant to mete out divine justice.

Man has "separated" God into the God of Love and an invisible "fabled" Devil. God is GOD. God is ALL. The Light and the Dark. Thus as you fall into the "shadow" of God's hand by your "Justified" dark deeds "underhand," then it is God the "Dark side" to mete out punishment via the minds of others equally as arrogant as you were in your denial of the "Only Love" commandment.

One can "defy" the majority of man's rules and still abide in God's "Only love" plan. One cannot enforce compliance to the rules of man and be a part of God's "Only love" plan. For when one is less than loving and merciful and forgiving one is "outside" God's "Only love" plan and thus subject to the negative "arm" of God's law.

It is the time for "man" to now see that all "policing" must only be in the role of "calling in" offenders so that they can receive proper counselling that will aid them to change their ways. None can avoid their "dues" as God the "Reaper" knows where you live.

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Thus all "policing" must now become unarmed "constables" who with a caring attitude now turn the "table" around to become a positive "force" before they are put under the ground by the retributive side of God.

All "offenders" in any "dress" are upholding God's law as they mete out divine retribution.

All "sufferers" are the "guilty" being punished for their past "offences" in God's eyes, even though they may have been "hauled in" for an offence under man's laws.

All must now try and see the "time of day" and quickly change their "deeded" way.

Let the wise now separate themselves from the "offensive" side of God that has infinite power and the authority to intrude into the lives of any whom in their past were in any way "rude" to any other of God's children.

Walk now "upright" in the LIGHT of God and only be a "counsellor of truth" and thus help set others free from it the dark force that does divorce all from their sanity if they sup on its insanity. I give a few examples of offenders in God's eyes v/s mans eyes.

Culpable offences in God's eyes - and - man's eyes:

Theft - verbal abuse - physical abuse.

Culpable offences man's eyes but not in God's eyes:

Speeding - not wearing seat belts - not paying taxes - not voting - disobeying the orders of other 'mandated' men - general statutes of man, etc.

Culpable offences in God's eyes but not in man's eyes:

Imposing sanctions against other nations - Invading others land and taking by force of arms - Warfare - Detainment of any person for any reason - Paying "the wages of sin," i.e. paying for hired guns, being the wages of armed services personnel who abuse others in order to protect the self-criticising and judging others - Deceiving others by teaching untruth - "Theft by servant" being the taxation rort - Pain meted out in self defense etc. The enforcement of law and punishment by man through the judiciary and its enforcers.

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To: Richard McCreadie,
47 Liverpool street, Hobart. Tasmania.

~ The Commissioner of Police ~

Dear Richard, I hope by now a little of my truth you do see and are “alerted” to the coming intense calamity. For man soon will now know that God is real, as is the destroyer whom many soon get to know.

So I write and to you say that for the police force we needs find a new way, one where all do see that the Tasmania police of their past are set free. So the new “Role” we needs implement using the wisdom from heaven sent, and I do this to you write inspired by God’s Light.

Tasmania is an island in the sun and soon its “way” will be observed by everyone. “For it will lead the way for all to see.” I hear God say. We must now stand “free,” and of the mainland “self sufficient” be, no longer on the take expecting others to slave o’er hoe and rake.

Thus now our leaders needs become wise, “or they will fall from grace,” I hear from the skies. All must seek less pay, “Only thus can the community survive” God does say.

And your new role will be “Salvationary,” a little like the salvation army, only you will not be giving food out, but “calling in” all whom others clout, “so that they can counselled be and then daily set free.”

All your “flocks” needs now be told of my message, thus you needs be bold, and any of them who to the new role object, can on their “next” employment reflect. For many a “police” is not nice and “enjoys” controlling others in a “vice.”

So you’ll needs them “depower” or they will continue to be the force working for the dark reaping sower, and as they to others do, will be done unto them too.

Please thus the Tasmania Police Force now disarm, and via the media we’ll tell the world of their “old” charm, that they now personally will not fear and they are only “placed” to “haul in” bad defaulters so that counsellors can guide them back onto the correct road.

Soon many changes there will be, thus I write this to thee, for each “man” must now only his soul protect, on this, every “enforcer” needs reflect. I trust that the enclosed document will be looked at with depth and that we here in Tasmania will be the first to implement it.

Soon the prisons will overflow and the legal ways of man will be swept away in a tide of powerful emotions that already gather over the horizon. My “Offender document” needs be implemented immediately planetarily.

Your invisible Creator now asks you through my pen to alert all departments.

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~ Our Vision - our 'trust' ~

The 'role' of the police force is seen as one in which they "uphold man's laws" and the protection of the people against the "grubby paws" of offenders.

It is the time for police "Commanders" to see clearly their role of "trust" as well as having a "finer" vision, being the "point" which they must try and reach, and also both teach to their young men.

The role of trust implies that they will not thrust their "men" into danger. It also implies that they teach them to respect every stranger. It implies that they will never make any other person "cry" and for sure they must be prepared to "die" before they would so try.

Yes, the Vision will be seen by "some" with derision. For it is a vision of "excellence" in which the police "change" position. Meaning that they will stop being the dark controlling force by "divorcing" themselves from this role and become a true force of good for the Light.

Summary: "Our Trust" - As "Agents" for God we will now uphold the truth of God's Word by being only kind as we truly aid the "blind."

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~ Obligation to perform ~

For all the "armed" forces there is an "obligation" to perform, and this expectation by the community means that the police "lose" their immunity from God as do all "forces men" on earth's sod. All "forces men" are "hired guns."

This is because man "believes" that if he does someone a "wage" pay, that the "receiver" must be prepared to die and be prepared to inflict pain on others as the "reward" for that pay.

The "recipient" of the funds also believes that he must do what his superiors tell him to do. Thus man becomes "trapped" by the darkness and "ahead" his "knuckles" are "rapped" by a very stern teacher, the Source.

So in the present day "force" the "boys in blue" are expected to comply with the Systems demand and be untrue to their own inner light and their God too.

Believing falsely that "as" they are "mandated" it must be alright to enforce with force and defy the light and not personally suffer any "karmic" due that under God's one law is either a positive "return" or negative "payback" for all deeds done by me or you.

My concern is for the spiritual welfare of all God's children - you, and your young men who are forced to be untrue due to the very "nature" of their chosen path. None seeing that there are two ways in which it can be "walked" and performed.

Soon even the "nice" police will see the demands of politicians upon them. Being that you are "forced" to more of the public "break" and thus enable the political force to more off them take.

You will be forced to ride your men over the "tide of misery" that will be "pitted" against thee, being the anger in common man who will fight for change and this folly will soon the earth span.

Forces men needs try and see how they are being used negatively to be the "strong arm" of the political disgrace in God's eyes. Being political "men" supposedly wise but all defying God's call of "Peace" from the skies.

So be it "Reno" at "Waco" or even the "overthrow" of an illicit "Still," the unit of men so used are being sent to Hell for themselves defying God's "bell."

Please now uphold the light, not with physical might but with courage as unarmed you help the earthly 'entourage' of lost sheep as they are herded into a corner and by God now made to weep.

Summary: "Obligation to perform" - No more will we "perform" deeds "out of norm" that others of us expect. We will now protect the needy as we reflect on the reasons for their "default" and we will aid these "lost" under earth's skies.

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~ The 'meat' in the sandwich ~

The police are the "meat" as they do their daily patrol "beat." Yes, above them stand political men who all defy God as they use the police to enforce their mafiosic "take" off the community.

Yes, any "Tax evader" will be invaded by the police and taken into custody. Any person who "complies not" to any "acts" or regulations imposed by these "Systems men" who believe falsely that they "own" the land & sea & roads & country & forests & fish etc, are also caught by the police and brought to the "judge."

On the "other" hand and "below" them are the people of the land who all "say" that they are "Godly" and who also "belong" to a variety of "churches" but who in fact are all "rotten" in their core. None heeding their God for sure.

On this "slice" of bread in the sandwich are the people who also demand their "right" as they it perceive, being that they and their property are protected day and night by the police whom they pay.

None seeing that they only have "offenders" coming their way because of their offensive past when they succumbed to thoughts that numbed their sanity and respect for others.

Yes, none see that we need no one to protect us if we "walk" in God's balm peacefully. Religion "lost the plot" ages ago when churches joined "hands" with statesmen and also condoned the use of force and war.

So what I see is the "brutal" reality, being that good young men are driven to be bad men by a society of impropriety. I see that you "commanders" must now take "charge" of your own destiny by changing the "way" that you earn your pay.

You are a danger to yourself when you "permit" yourself to be a danger to others - "As you Sow you Reap" - Any "flack" you put out in your course of duty comes back when another "ignorant" does you one day attack. The police are in deadly danger, for they are ready and prepared to kill a stranger.

Let the "meat" in the sandwich now step out of their position of imposition by "louts" and let them lead the way and be the first true caring police force of the day.

Summary: "The 'meat' in the sandwich" - We will no longer be others "meat" and heed their "bleat." No, we will be the "whole" sandwich as we do our duty as allotted to us by God.

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~ Roles honourable v/s dishonourable ~

Each police "commander" as well as his forces "men" will soon needs make a personal decision as to whether they will continue to "kow-tow" to the dictates of people "in power" above them or whether to heed their Creator who is speaking directly to them via this pen.

For their present role is in God's eyes dishonourable. It is one whereby any man "entraps" perceived offenders for the purpose of monetary extortion by fine or punishment by incarceration or by the use of physical abuse that results in the infliction of pain.

The honourable role is where the "officer" is working for the best interest of the perceived offender who is only so deemed when they defy God and are disturbing the peace by their actions and thus "sinning" in some way.

Thus the role of true duty is where the offender is caught and taken to a counselling Centre where he/she is counselled so that they do know the cause of their "default" so that they can make a plan to become better people.

The police needs be seen as "good guys" whereas at present they are becoming "bad guys" and seen by the "people" as "heavies" who stand above the law who can and do whatever they wish to.

It is due to the "unknown" factor that is revealed by my pen where more minds are being "inspired" from the darkness that your "men" will become targeted more and more in "payment" for their dark deeds.

This will be done by members of the public as their minds become more irrational and "under siege" to the point that they no longer are able to control their thoughts and they will "stroll" outside the bounds of decency and have no remorse for what they do. Hence the "danger" for any continuing on in a dishonourable role.

Summary: "Roles" - We will no longer be the dishonourable retributive force that "drags" offenders to the place of trial, judgement, and condemnation, that results in our own spiritual damnation. We now will only be honourable as we uphold the wisdom of God and guide all offenders to a "place" where they can be aided by good counsel and then set free.

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~ The new way ~

The new way is where the entire "force" of police women and men under the direction of their own "command" begin to set themselves free by firstly educating themselves so that they all see the "error" of their present way.

The "Commanders" of the "Blue" force will needs advise their political superior of their decision to implement their own Strategy in which they will disarm and become an only nice force exuding charm.

The Commander will advise their political "arm" that there will be no "discussion" permissible ref "who will be in charge" as the force will be its own decision maker guided by God's wisdom through their own consciousness.

It will no longer be the role of police to "barricade" property or to "charge" into gathered throngs like a light horse brigade. No, if people "persist" and demand to express darkness in confronting their perceived enemy then God says they are free to so do.

The police "unarmed" as the force of good will just calmly walk amongst the people with their smiling charm and are seen as attempting to "pacify" the unruly.

Any confrontation today will lead to great suffering and all being a "party" to the foray will pay for all dark deeds they do. I do not wish any harm to come to you and thus you see why your "role" must now be a role true, and the public will be educated by it too.

You are not here on earth to defend, just to be a friend. It is the time for the public to be made aware that the God they talk about and "profess" to know is REAL. As is the Devil who can and will any soul "steal" whom defies the Commandment to "Only love."

The new way is where the "anointed" appointed head of the police force makes a conscious decision as to his belief, and as a true believer in the source of Light endeavors to quietly make change to the new enlightened way.

And at the same time ensures that all "his" followers are "saved" as they can look forwards to a "safer" and more professionally positive way as all "pressure to perform acts out of norm" are removed by the order of the Commissioner.

The new way is where the Offender Seminars are an active part in the rehabilitation of offenders. The new way is where the public have been "educated" with truth and understand the reason for their succumbing to the dark underhand and its retributive way via the minds of any other who pay no attention to the time of day.

Summary: "The New Way" - Is where God's wisdom is followed and thus we will sparkle with bright eyes that are compassionate and wise.

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~ Decision time ~

No longer must you "permit" the public or politicians to hire your gun or muscles. The "role" of "hired gun" must be seen as one of the purest folly and it is now exposed in its true light in the "Blood" document I did write.

In order for the "New Order" to not only survive but to also thrive, the political 'arm' and the public will both needs be quickly educated by the message placed on the Internet by me. Thus all will quicker see why there is an escalation of aggression and why all will be "faced" by other angry men.

All will also be guided by the principal positive move of the police force into a caring mode, and the public will also begin to see that even though there is an "open road" that God will hold them accountable for any spiritual folly when they are the cause of any other needing to be placed on an ambulance trolley.

Thus the Tasmania police can be the "leader" and the true seeder of justice without walking in the dark side of God's Law.

It is now the time for politicians to decide whether to stride forth with the police directive for positive change or to be "cast aside" as the tide of humanity sweeps the land from shore to shore and every "politician" is faced by an angry "mob" at their door.

There is naught that I personally have to do other than to be a messenger to you advising what is "in the air," for true poverty and destruction is soon the entire planetary "fare."

It is God now to bring all "errants" to account and the "debts" of the politicians daily mount as their "portfolio" is a "dream," and they continue on to "ream" the public as their "arses" with false promises they "lick."

It is the time for each to now decide with whom they will eternally abide. The Light above being the abode of those who "adore" each other above, or in the "fold" of the Darkness below where only hatred and vengeance does daily Sow.

This "document" is written for you, being any police or services men who to themselves and God would be true. For at "present" you believe falsely that you do right as you use force to fight the public when you "feel" justified to so do, and I know that any who continue to so do are being untrue to their Light within and they are "enlarging" their inner sin.

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It is God the "dark side" to now implement the change and HE will every mind derange that does continue to defy HIS Light and continue to fight.

Thus all I can personally do is to personally "tell you" what is to be so that you can begin to "follow me" the true Commander of God's "Light" workers on earth.

Any "man" whom "raises" his hand or his mind against me will spend his "time" in Hell for an eternity. That is not my choice but it is the karmic fate awaiting any who are "seduced" by the avenging devilish voice below.

Please now bestow my wisdom upon your mind. Thus be kind to the young men and women whom you command. Fail in this and your God will you reprimand.

I have told you all what is to be so please now set yourselves free of the "pressure" placed upon thee by the public "demand" and the political command.

Please now uphold the Light, not with physical might, but with courage as unarmed you help the earthly "entourage" of lost sheep as they are herded into a corner and by God now made to weep for their past iniquitous ways.

If you cannot "see or hear" what I say then please come and visit me and personally I will aid you to understand God's "wish" to free you. Religion failed man. Now TRUTH does this world span, my plan.

Summary: "Decision time" - We will decide whether to continue on in our "shameful" dark way or to walk with the God of Light by our side and thus feel secure and be more humble and demure.

I am the Messiah.

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~ Real Offenders ~

A real offender is one whom disturbs the peace; not one who 'fails' to 'grease' the hands of extortionists hiding behind a 'fašade' of a legitimate legislator.

The police play a 'dual' role today as they 'earn' a false pay when they are used as a private army to 'police' the State on behalf of legislated rules.

The rules are formulated by those in power as a means whereby their position is well 'paid,' and they ensure that a 'cut' of every aspect of living ends up as a 'commission' on the 'Senate' floor.

You cannot believe what an incredible 'weave' has been woven through every aspect of community life that leads to pain and suffering and strife for any that try and avoid the 'dragnet' deployed today by servants supposedly in our 'pay.'

They are thieves and murderers too who have 'conned' each and every one of you into 'believing' that it is in your 'interest' to keep funding them to look after you.

Believe you me, any of you whom continue to fund this dark 'power base' with its nefarious 'ways' untrue will fall into the Abyss, and there they will been eternally 'entangled' in a web of deepening deception and suffering.

The primary peace keeping 'role' of the police has been 'overshadowed' by extortion off the community on a 'grand' scale. It is the coercive threat of fine and punishment (jail) that enables legislators to add more and more 'fiscal' demands off the 'sleeping' population as they use the police to 'roam' freely and wage war on any member of the community who seeks to avoid compliance.

This punitive 'game' must now be seen for what it is. The use of 'rules' that turn 'innocents' into criminals as vain men arrogantly 'endorse' more and more 'take' off you and me, and also use a part of this money for the manufacture of weaponry that is used by them to destroy God's children here and there and anywhere their 'whim' is so directed.

And furthermore, as these 'insolent' legislators and their 'men' are funded by you, it 'follows' that in God's eyes you also are untrue, and a 'portion' of their insane acts and blame is 'placed' by God on your name for your free funding of their dark ways. All 'complicit' to defying God's Code of Conduct will 'suffer' their due accrued under God's ONE Law.

In the 'eyes' of the book of rules, there is not one thing you can do unless you pay 'something' to its Masters. This is the ultimate insanity brought on by vanity.

In the New Age to be, people will freely give a 'portion' of their earned income to the community 'chest' to fund what needs funding. There will be no 'body' extorting any 'fee' or 'tax' or 'royalty' or 'duty' for anything.

If the present 'policing' forces cannot see this reality, and quickly become an unarmed peace force that only 'hauls-in' real offenders for my good counsel, then our God will shortly dispose of them along with any other members of the public who continue to defy God's "Only love" Command.

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S.R.G - “Slow response group”

The SRG is to be an “organised” community association of understanding Carer's who have been fully ‘alerted’ to the “Minds Under Siege” process. These Carer's are responsible “Godly” folk who are not interested in “retribution” and making others cry, neither are they “fearful,” nor are they afraid to “die.”

A person from this “body” may be “loaned” to the public service, be it the Ambulance service or police department when a “situation” arises. As the need arises for the service to expand due to the increase of mentally disturbed occurrences, other community members will needs become involved to a greater degree.

This SRG “Unit” is neither a “confining or confrontationary,” unit, nor is it a “disarming” unit. It is solely of an “easygoing” non pressured “understanding & caring” nature whose primary role is to speak with the “victim” whose mind is under siege, and endeavor to bring them back to a state of calm rationality.

Part of this “session” requires the counsellor to speak telepathically or verbally to the “spirits of intrusion” who are “entering” the victims mind with their thoughts and thus controlling the actions of the “victim.”

The “Response Group” is called “Slow” because it permits the mentally “aggravated” party to have ‘space’ in which it does not feel “hemmed in” or “confronted by” any external force. The SRG will send in one or two persons in plain clothes to the scene. It will be entirely up to the “singular player” as to “how or when” they will make their “approach” to the situation.

It may be that the “victim of darkness” is “left” alone for a time, especially if at night, and approached in day light hours. If they are “armed,” then they will only be approached by a single carer so they do not feel threatened.

It is imperative that once a “disturbance” has been reported, that no “showing” of police is made. They must not become involved in any way. The whole “incident” must be viewed as assistance being given to a ‘sick’ person, even if they have already shot someone.

Once the “victim” has been “calmed” and able to speak rationally in a positive mode, then ambulance bearers or others may approach and give whatever aid is needed. The victim may then be further counselled at an appropriate time set by the SRG facilitator. The “further” counselling will be apropos the “Offender document.”

This “page” relates to serious situations, it does not imply that an SRG facilitator is to be called out to attend to “drunken disorderly” situations, or situations where attendance by other “services” will bring the situation to an amicable “end.”

What is ‘seen’ today as community “neighbourhood watch” or “vigilante” groups that are “hell bent” on catching offenders for the intent of retribution, should all now try and see the “new way” to now be, and thus avail themselves of this information so that they too can “act” appropriately in God’s eyes by becoming understanding counsellors to those whose acts they “find” offensive.

Through the medium of Radio and Television and Newspaper the public needs become aware of this unit, so that “when” a person succumbs to “insanity,” they will already consciously know that they will not be confronted by any use of force, and that their only “punishment” as such will be counselling. This will assist to defuse difficult situations.

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~ Expression ~
The driving need to “express”

We have emotions that are positive and true. We also have “sin” that are the emotions untrue, and both are of God, and both “wish” to be expressed through souls that through the universe plod.

Only when free of sin does your Light flow free and true, and all are “invisibly” blessed by what you “do.” Only when free of the thoughts of others that enter your mind via your sin are you your own “unique” identity too. For when “still” with sin within are you “part time” the identity of the “one” entering in and invisibly, unknowingly, controlling you.

The darkness has a “hidden” desire to drag all down onto its funeral pyre, and its power is so great that to its expression through us we cannot relate. Meaning, its intent we cannot see other than when via us it would “openly” destroy or abuse another that in front of us we see, and in this “situation” we by it are justified in abusing our relation.

But there are other times too when “silently” it uses me or you if we it “permit” to its “will” over our minds sit. Then it does us use to satiate its feelings that only us abuse, and as we its feelings satiate we are slowly dragged down to the fire grate. This it does through every one “with sin” who see not how it is quietly bringing them undone.

And there are other times too when it uses us to be a “little” untrue as we others use and their “space” thus abuse. So as said, there is many a way that God’s energies can via us “play.” Try hard now not to let it the dark “fornicate” in your mind or for heaven you will be late and then IT will your soul forever berate.

Try hard and see what flows through thee.
Try hard and see what your presence be.
Try hard and see what its demands are in thee.

Be it the Light or the dark, for if your light you impose then too you darken your own rose, for the only one entitled to impose is ME the invisible God you cannot see.

Your light you can give to any you wish to help happier live. You needs not it give to those who’d with you “play” to satiate the “dark’s” feelings that within them prey.

Do you allow others to use you “freely” ? ie ; impose on you because you think that it is an act by you that “loving” be ? or can you see that if you freely permit others to impose, that you are aiding them to soil their inner rose ?

If people “around” are frustrating in their actions or relying too heavily on your “resource,” then you should tell them that you will not “give in” to their demands or way unless they by force impose on you in any way.

We should be “prepared” to tell all “offenders” that their actions are the wrong way to go. For only this way will they one day see that their actions do attract to them a reaper, and below they both could go.

All must now wiser be and TRY & SEE the TRUE needs of all that around them be.
Salvation need, not the perverse greed.

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~ Reflection on 'protection' ~

Man fears the "Sword" and seeks protection from armed men. This is because he is ignorant and heard not God's Word. For the Word said: "Lean on Me by heeding My "Only be loving" Command. For only this way do you walk free."

Man only needs protection because of "his" past way. Yes, God says: "All who defy My Commandment 'front-up' to ME on a later day." And what man does not see is that his "enemy" is all-powerful for it is the "dark-side" of God who the avenger be.

Yes, we the "children" can "wear" either face, the one of "smiling kindness" or the "angry grimace." For we are the "expression of God" as we walk the road, and I am the Light side trying to ease your future load. For you cannot avoid your "due" if you abuse any in any way, for the Source that used you marks you too.

So I suggest that as from today, you fortify your mind and pray that never again will you be "vain" and use the darkness that does your own soul stain. Be you a "paid-up" enforcer or a simple man vain.

For when you have used it, then from IT you seek man's protection, and "that" man needs on your "ask & pay offered" a little reflection. For to protect you, he has to be untrue, for he will be required to give some other arrogant one the "boot," or them even shoot.

Thus for this evil deed do you the "employer" and your "hired gun" have to pay, and again you'll seek protection against that coming day. So try now and heed me, try and see that for our past we must pay, and as long as we seek protection our "debts" mount more and more and great suffering is now due man's way on earth's shore.

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~ Crime 'stoppers' ~

You cannot "stop" crime, for all crime is committed by people who in their past stained their souls with grime. Being the darkness that they 'let-in' that grew within and is their "sin."

Thus they became 'blind' and were used by the dark 'avenger' to be His reaping force unkind. Yes, it is their inner sin through which they are now 'incited' to do wrong.

Yes, and whatever any "ignorant" does do is being done to another who was arrogant in some way in their past and thus deserves what the ignorant one to them does do.

So you "Police" and other 'defenders' cannot stop crime. All you can do is to also stain your souls with the same dark grime as you "control, regulate, berate, and enforce and condemn and punish."

None seeing that the "darkness" does his energy through you "swish" as you "honourably" place the miscreant upon the magistrate's 'dish.' And as this you do, you also accrue another karmic debt too, as do the people whom you pay to keep the "offending mobs" away.

I say that all "offence" is a crime in God's eyes. Being all acts unwise. Be it at the hands of those who "patrol & catch & punish" all whom 'out of bounds' stroll, or the people who have you in their payroll.

So as said here, on this document. It's time for the sane to draw near and begin to see how freedom is attained when you listen to me. No more punishment, for that energy is eternally present, and it does grow in you when to IT'S light you are untrue.

The police must only "apprehend" those who are disturbing the peace, and these "poor" souls must be "caught" and counselled and then set free.

Let all "police" now become true and be the kindly "boys in blue" who commendably intercede when violence does "breed" and take both the "offender & victim" aside and counsel them so happier we all will abide.

Your personal 'crimes' against God and self only stop when you 'see the light' and place your guns and all darkness on a shelf and thus help yourself.

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~ The Impunity of the Dark ~

Try and understand the invisible power of the dark “underhand” that does use you to others abuse with ITS impunity, and it matters not what your “earthly” position be, for once you have “used it,” then against IT you later have no immunity.

IT bides ITS time and one day on you IT will “dine” and make you pay, for IT will “find” a way to make you ITS “suffering” dues pay, being the suffering you imposed upon others on a long past day. (Whether you were mandated by man or not).

Our enemy is not man, it is the darkness that invisibly does the universe span. It is this darkness that gives us ITS authority to deny the Light and abuse others for IT. For IT is justified and empowered by itself to abuse offenders in God’s sight. So, try now and see that any retribution by you however “seemingly” justified IS wrong, " You do it to yourself another day.”

The intent of the darkness is to destroy all “creation,” you, and to do this IT first has to use you. To do this IT first has to deceive you into “believing” that there are times when you are justified in not heeding God’s call of “Only be loving and merciful & forgiving.”

Once IT has accomplished this, then you have ‘fallen’ into the “shadow” of ITS LAW of retribution, (As you did Sow, so shall you Reap) and you are later confronted, and as you retaliate, IT gains more power within you.

Please now heed the LIGHT. Soon there will be no one to protect you. You must protect your mind so that you are not a “danger” unto others and thus yourself. It is a “mental” inner battle you must fight and win if you would live one day in a land of Peace, Heaven.

Mercy” my pen

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~ Tammy & David ~
The victim & the 'victim' & The Law of man

Dear "Justice" Ewan Crawford. You are "said" to have said: "Why a man would want to do such terrible things to a defenseless woman is beyond comprehension, cold blooded, brutal & merciless."

Yes, the "comprehension" of man is very "low," and it is thus that upon the human "inhuman" race I have returned in the flesh to "bestow" upon them a "comprehensive" Testimony that they will find "incomprehensible" too, unless they try very hard to try and see what to themselves they daily do.

For what "humane" person would incarcerate another being for the term of his life? Thus it "follows" that the judgement was "similarly" induced by another merciless "justifiable" thought projection from the darkness below, that via the mind of man did its "principle" act bestow through the mind of an equally "ignorant" man named David.

I know "what" really took place. The primary "actors" both found themselves in a certain "space" at a time "appointed" by their thoughts. At this "appointed time" in time, an unforeseen "happening" would occur.

The lass having accepted a ride from a caring man was to become a "victim" in the eyes of man. The man was to become the "victim" of the dark force that used him to perpetrate its desire to destroy in a merciless, callous and brutal fashion..

The man suddenly became aware of rising emotions of "lust" that his passenger may or may not have wished to share. Either way the man was unable to control his mind and it did bind him to the extent that he "spent" his seed.

It was then that he "suddenly" was overpowered by fear and guilt and his thoughts then said, "Kill the lass for then none will know that you did forcibly your seed sow."

I say that this man was 'temporally' possessed by powerful spirits who worked for the dark force below. Only I do their power know. In the same way on a different day the judge too was 'possessed' by thoughts untrue that said "This man must pay for his indecency of that past day."

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Any "act" is an act untrue if it denies the Commandment to "Only Love" that from heaven flows through. From this commandment it "follows through" that we must forgive and be merciful and compassionate if we would in heaven live.

The Devil via the system of man did devise a "justifiable" way to be unwise and deny the light of God and thus be its "reaper" on earth's sod. Thus it is I to say to the judge:

"Please very hard try to see what I say and also read my "Restoration document" elevated in the heavens today. God, son can "punish" all offenders when they leave the flesh of this realm and continue on their journey either in Hell or up in the light of the sun. You too are an "equal" offender in the eyes of God by the fact that you deny the commandment and lock a man up tight. I hope this you do see and then follow me."

Only in reading my full "The Testament of Truth" testimony will the inhuman race "wisen-up" and find their inner grace. This is what I do see, as well as the intense coming planetary calamity.

David and you and all offenders needs be counselled quickly by my testimony so that of our "collective" dark past can all become free. Any man can do what David Street or Martin Bryant did do.

It is all a matter of the power of negative emotions linking us to the dark thought realm that "robotises" us and makes us momentarily become untrue. (Spirit possession, being the passion of destruction).

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~ “Cover up” at Port Arthur ~
The Strategy Newspaper

Dear Sirs, with reference to your edition 75, I refer to your article in which Joe Viallis expresses his 30 year “investigative” opinion that there was a government “cover up” by someone at Port Arthur due to his mind finding it an “incomprehensible” possibility of one Martin Bryant having had the mental capacity and capability of “firing” a weapon in the manner that did take place.

in that “another” all knowing mentality was actually in control at the time of the slaughter.

in his assumption that this other “mentality” or “person” was another fleshly being.

Martin Bryant’s “flesh” held and fired the gun. THE TRUTH of the matter as contained in my: 25 p. “International Press Release” found at the end of my front web page, is that M.B. was totally overpowered mentally by the invisible dark essence that “manifests” itself as Spirit possession. Yes, it does happen and IS occurring more day by day.

The dark “spirit” force “shoves” ones consciousness to the side, and IT with ITS consciousness takes control of the “subject” it has possessed for a second, a minute, or an hour or more.

In many cases, when IT vacates the “possessed” vehicle (fleshly body and consciousness), the person who was possessed has NO recollection of its actions at the time of being “taken over,” for their consciousness was NOT there, it was misplaced somewhere.

Thus it would not surprise me if M.B. at some stage stated: “I was not even there.” In reality his consciousness was not there, and he did not consciously motivate his fleshly biological body to act out its deed.

What you, you and you all do not see is the painful reality of the existence of a totally merciless destructive energy essence FORCE that is not only “brilliantly intelligent,” but pervades all levels of consciousness outside heaven, the only realm where darkness does not exist.

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IT the darkness manifests itself as thoughts that can override any “unprotected” consciousness for a “time.” Read my I.S.I.S. “suicide” document for further information about this intrusive force that uses us to destroy ourselves or others. Its “access” into our minds is through the “sin” within us, being our “dark” negative emotions of fear, anger, hatred etc.

Any person who permits their negative emotions of fear or anger or vengeance or jealousy to “grow” do permit this “possession” to occur to a greater or lesser degree.

The subsequent telepathic “eruption” of aggression you did recently see in the videoed confrontation in Victoria between prisoners and police where the ten or so participants all erupted into violence, all mentally justified, and if all had been “naked,” all would have “appeared” as but men with minds under siege with all being but simple “man” subjugated mentally by the invisible dark liege. ALL participants were offenders in God’s eyes.

Read my web site “12 page Brief Summary” and become wise. Read my “Offender document” and never another offender despise. All offenders are but those who are mentally “weak” and that applies to you all. For all deny the Light of Mercy and abuse others.

Even though M.B. was not “in control” of his faculties at “that” time. HE is spiritually responsible for the “action” out of his hand and will ahead suffer personally all pain that “his” targets suffered, be it in this world or other realms when his spirit departs the flesh.

This is the just LAW of God: “What you DO will BE done unto you.”
Man “absolves” us of punishment if we are “Mandated to abuse” others.
i.e., a policeman on duty who is “justified” by man’s law to abuse or destroy.

Man “absolves” us of punishment if we are “proven” to be mentally “ill.”

GOD says: You are all foolish, all who abuse others are abused by ME the dark force you cannot see. IF you use my dark force, you are ME in action, and mandated or not you will pay the price for your “dark” interaction.

Let us now TRY and see that all negative expression OF the darkness be. None can the “Reaper” escape, the “Beast” does all offenders RAPE.

The LIGHT of God says: TRY and be ME the compassion and love too that you cannot see. Be merciful and forgiving and one day in my realm of LOVE you will be living.

Please prepare your mind so that at times of adversity you can stay in the Light and ONLY express positivity. All who have “weak” minds will be dragged down into the dark to FIGHT endlessly for eternity.

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To: Richard McCreadie,
The Commissioner of Police Tasmania

Dear Richard,

Ref: “Stand off” - Black River Siege

I refer to the “alleged” Stuart Medwin being ‘held’ hostage at the Gateforth Country Cottage by a “bevy” of 30 policemen recently. It must yes, certainly impose a “heavy” financial burden on the community who fund all “outgoing” expenses accrued. Not only this, but the attending men are all exposed to the “larger than life” possibility of getting shot.

Thus their mental capacity as decent human beings is diminished, for they too are at “this” moment of time exposed to irrational thoughts, albeit possibly in a different “category” to the ones impinging in the mind of the “motherless one.”

Yes, police can through fear “attack & destroy” a mentally disturbed “patient” as they deploy their “given” might. This attack may also be “inspired” through their own arrogant aggressive nature through which they may consciously seek to use their “empowered” weapons of destruction.

Thus showing “us” that at this moment of time that they too (the police) are being “used” telepathically by the dark one who would use them to destroy their soon to be “victim.”

It is now the time to seek the deeper implications of the Cause of the Minds Under Siege process as given free on air on my web site, as well as considering the implementation of the SRG Unit ( Slow Response Group) that I now propose be implemented in every “State” as a part of the “Offender document” that would show God that one “believes” that each person has within them a “Rose.”

My “sister” Clemencia a well known Tasmanian family therapist is eminently suited to implement this program and to teach your department counsellors so that they are “spiritually” empowered with the necessary wisdom to assist “defaulting” community members.

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~ The Irish Funeral ~

Silently we walk to the grave to bury the one who was shot. It is very sad, because it means that once before it was they who were bad, and as we for them at the grave side begin to weep, we also then fall into Satan’s “keep.”

For in our minds do Satan’s thoughts sow and their whisperings grow as they say: “You cannot forgive the one who does live, you must hunt him down or forever you will frown.”

So now you see how the “dark clown” makes us frown, and instead of heeding God we “plan ahead” to destroy the offending bod. And we demand “off” those whom we ”pay” that “they” the police force go off on their way and bring the offenders to account, not seeing that any “retributionary” themselves an “offender” in God’s eyes is soon to be.

Be they the “solicitor” or the court “clerk,” or the magistrate who makes his “penned” mark, or the prison “official,” or the one of final “denial” who does slip on the hangman’s “knot” to send the offender off, to no longer be on earth a social “blot.”

And day by day our “police” and legal beavers become less nice, for Satan has them all in his cunning vice, and lo and behold even more am I told, that the people you and me are also “drawing in” negativity, for it is we whom the police employ, thus we too pay when they others abuse or destroy.

It is now the time to take into account all our past debt that did silently mount, and be prepared for THE day when the Devil demands off us his due “painful” pay.

Change your way today, no longer go “voluntarily” to Court, and do not the fines or “wages” of the System pay. For if we it continue to support, our future is very sad for we all become more bad, yes, the whole system, being the employees as well as the community, for we all justify the use of force and we all do our souls from the Light thus divorce.

Be now courageous, be true, do ONLY what God via my pen tells you. This way you will one day be free, be you the armed policeman or the mercenary, the politician or the simple folk in the community.

We have “armies” and a police force because the people expect man to them protect, so for the payment of a silver dollar we all dirty our own “collar.” For we stick our neck out into the dark, and see not the power of the “cruising shark” that does our head one day “off bite” as it wields its merciless might.

For IT is empowered by God to abuse any who into its darkness plod. Try and this see I implore of thee. Our God’s protection is a “gold sealed” one, when we personally heed God’s “Only Love” Command.

And to do this, we must never any fellow offender reprimand, we must only offer them the wisdom of our Lord God up high who in His realm will them TRY. We must in forgiveness let them go once God’s law they know, thus God sees that we merciful be, and that we can the truth BE.

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