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~ Crime & punishment ~

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Crime is 'documented' as meaning:
"A violation of Law," or a "Wicked and forbidden Act."

In order to establish what it actually is that man seeks to control or alleviate reference 'crime,' one first needs to decide on whether defying some of the 'rules' of man are in fact 'wicked & forbidden acts,' or whether it should relate solely to the definitive 'wicked & forbidden act' of disturbing the peace of the land in some way.

For in God's eyes, disturbing the peace of the land by being intrusive, abusive, controlling, or extortionist etc, are all 'crimes' against humanity that are daily 'committed' by many differing 'factions' of society, many being those of the police & judiciary and government departments that all 'justify' use of force to maintain control of others in some way, and these are wicked & forbidden & criminal acts in God's eyes.

The 'simpler' non-compliance to man's rules such as not wearing a seat belt, or failing to pay license fees etc, are not crimes against humanity in God's eyes.

Thus a 'wise' society must now clearly define their needs by seeing clearly the difference, and also understand that any punitive 'role' in any instance is itself a crime in God's eyes, as it contravenes God's Code of Conduct.

There is no such thing as 'violation of law,' for the law of man is but the punitive stipulation in place for any defiance of the legislated rules. Thus man's 'law' is inviolable, as man uses force to enforce his law.

There is also no such thing as 'violation' of God's Law, for it (the Law of God) is but a 'singular' statement of fact backed by God's Word that says: "You Reap what you Sow."

Thus any whom defy God's Commandment to "Only be loving & merciful & forgiving" and thus 'criminally' disturb the peace of others for any reason, are in violation of the Commandment due to ignorance or arrogance, but they cannot and do not 'avoid' the 'karmic' return that is meted out by God at a later date.

God is Just, and 'extracts' a singular 'eye for an eye' from offenders who defy the "Walk in peace" Command, being an 'equal and opposite' return due under God's one law "As you do is done unto you."

Man through his vindictiveness and greed extorts 1000 times more to ensure that his 'extortionist' ways are complied to.

Yes, a non payment of a 'supposed' $ 10 Driver's 'license' fee leads to a 'suspended' driver 'Certificate of Competence' that can destroy ones livelihood, and if the person is found driving whilst 'disqualified,' then for this 'act' of defiance a 'judgement' of $ 1500 fine and two months imprisonment can be imposed or more.

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This clearly shows how greed and 'control' in man entices vain man to use all the forceful means in his 'power' to ensure that the initial $10 annual 'commission' fee is maintained by legislative extortionists. (Pay up or suffer).

Vain man, how foolish you be,
seeing not the extent of your insanity.

When the police & judiciary & penitentiary 'forces' punish people on behalf of the legislated rules in the above 'common' case, and on your behalf as they are your community servants, it is no different to you meting out the '1000 times' retribution, for these 'officials' are your paid servants, and in God's eyes you are partly responsible for their deeds.

So when the 'police' say: "Do not take the law into your own hands as we will be the legal enforcer," they and you are both 'complicit' to the crime of 'punitive' extortion (the fine) as well as the crime of holding another hostage in a jail, as well as all mental and emotional suffering endured by the 'convicted' one and their family, as well as any loss of business and subsequent loss.

Any attempt at 'arrest' for the purpose of fine or punishment is 'error' in God's eyes, and it is then God to despise the offensive 'punishers' and take them to 'account' later.

God is now to take you all to 'account' for these heinous deeds perpetrated against HIS children by your 'servants' who followed rules in a book that enabled them to be extortionists.

So as you now can all see, the whole of humanity is 'hell bent,' due to all defying God's Commandment as all demand retribution, and all 'support' the 'force of arms' & judicial distribution of punishment.

Thus all of society is presently complicit to 'crime' on a grand scale. Soon all are to 'wail' as you all condone these 'acts,' and thus you all are criminals and 'swine.'

The word 'Punishment' means: "To treat someone roughly so that they suffer through the 'infliction' of a penalty." This very act of punishment contravenes God's Command and itself 'draws' a return due to the abuser (The inflicter of punishment) under God's Law: "As you do is done unto you."

The only way to halt crime is to first stop punishment and stop being a 'punisher,' for the punishment is the retributive crime that leads to one being 'abused' ahead by other 'ignorant or arrogant' swine.

The punishment - is - the CRIME

It is the negative 'way' of punishment that keeps the whole community bound to more suffering. All are daily accruing more and more spiritual debts that at time of 'payment' are painful.

So in order to comply with God's Command and Code of Conduct "Respect unto all," one must treat any perceived 'offender' with compassion, and only educate them, and one needs quickly 'amend' any punitive 'error' by abolishing all its facets.

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~ Fines dispersal debts ~
Debts to God or humanity

If a person is found 'guilty' by men or any system of man and then fined, then it is the democratic choice of the individual to either pay, or not to pay and, - - - they then suffer the consequence of their choice but, - - -

They also have the choice to pay the 'default' fine to a humanitarian organisation of their own choice. For in doing this, and by not making payment to any 'dark' punitive system, they remain 'steadfast' to the Word of God.

Because if you do pay any 'fine' moneys into the 'coffers' of any punitive 'body' then you are acting contrarily to God's command to 'Only walk in peace.' For by funding the punitive department of any 'forceful' system of man you become complicit to its dark ideology.

For any system 'operating' any 'prosecution & fine & punishment' department is itself 'following' a merciless & vindictive & unforgiving ideology that is enshrined in its 'Code' book of rules that is adhered to by its 'followers.'

However, if you do have a monetary 'debt' to the community or God that is unseen by you, and if this debt is being 'collected' forcefully by those ignorantly defiant of their God true, then you do have an alternative payment method that ensures that you remain true to the community and God and yourself.

If you live within a 'democracy' that permits you the freedom of choice to follow your conscience and 'peaceful' ideology, then you can 'opt' for the option of paying the monetary 'debt' to the community directly, rather than to the State coffers.

This you do by paying monies to the welfare of others in need. Be it to 'one' person, or be it to a 'social' welfare organisation such as the Salvation Army or other peaceful group.

This way you pay your 'due' in a manner true as you comply with God's command to never 'support or condone' persecution, and at the same time you accrue a positive return rather than a negative one under God's Supreme Law - 'As you do is done unto you' however, - - -

Your 'persecutors' may not agree to this 'offer,' and they may perceive it as 'nonsense' as it (the money) will flow into the coffers of others and not theirs. If this is the 'case,' then you must suffer the consequence of refusing to pay them. Be it 'jail' or other.

Regrettably, as seen within the 'Courts' of Australia, the State 'Magistrates' and Judges are not even aware that their 'mandate' is subject to the principal freedom of choice of the religious ideology 'Act.'

Thus they are inclined to 'ignore' this principal Constitutional 'Act' that 'guarantees' the principal 'rights' of mankind and they 'vindictively' impose punishment upon the peaceful, as they 'sully' their own spiritual rose with darkness and themselves 'accrue' a debt to God for their own arrogance.

Do not permit yourself to be 'coerced' into funding darkness. (Anti-God' activities.) You may 'submit' a copy of this letter to the magistrate if you are ever required to pay any 'fines' monies.

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Notes: Let the wise see that there is no such thing as 'legal' or just punishment. All punishment is error in God's eyes, as it is the 'use of,' or 'working for' the dark energy that is the sole prerogative of the Dark Sovereign Power of the Source. (God in action).

The entire community from the commoner to the 'elect' need to ask themselves if this is 'criminal' action: The taking of hostages - The use of force or coercion to extort money - The abuse of others through interference in their lives - The control of others ways - Destroying others livelihood - Causing misery and suffering to others families, etc.

For if you are sane and do say "Yes," then it the time to see your complicity in daily crime carried out in your name by 'officers' of the State Institution and yourself for funding them and supporting their deeds, many of which are done due to your 'demand' of them for protection.

If I did 'owe' a $ 10 due because I 'borrowed' it or promised it, then God would only expect a payment return of $ 10 and no more. God only 'takes' or 'gives' the exact amount necessary to repay the due. Be it love for love expressed, or suffering or loss for suffering or loss inflicted.

The 'hidden' reason why the 'crime' of burglary, rape & pillage & domestic violence and other abuse exists in the community, is because 'that' is their 'due' for being untrue, and either personally or via 'servants' doing the same to others under the 'banner' of justified punishment.

Yes, all one 'unknowingly' does is returned to them at the hands of other 'ignorants' with minds 'under siege' from negative thoughts, all being inspired by the Dark Sovereign Power who is the 'justifier' who 'incites' all intrusion and abuse as HIS dark retribution.

Let the wise now see that any 'justification' to wage war against any other member of the community or other nation is a justification to defy God, and by this act of Treason, the perpetrator becomes God's enemy, and it is God to then 'hunt' them down until God's law is fulfilled and the due to God is met. (Paid in full).

Let the wise now see that Peace and personal security is only attained when you as an individual only walk in peace, and extend goodwill unto all and, you do not fund or support any 'dark' punitive action and, once you have paid past dues accrued, your God will set you free to eternally in peace be.

Let the wise now see that when you turn your hand against the other, you turn it against yourself. For what you do comes back to you. Punishment is the criminal act.

Let the wise now see that every 'crime' is but punishment meted out to a past offender by the Dark Sovereign Power through the mind of someone who is a vain, arrogant, or ignorant 'sinner.'

Let the wise now see that "The Deceiver" being the negative aspect of the Source, has 'conned' all into believing that it is 'in order' and 'just & honourable' to defy the Command of the Light and fight and punish.

The 'deceiver' being the retributive 'arm' of God has deceived vain man into believing that they were as powerful as HE. It is now HE the Dark Sovereign Power to 'confront' all humanity for their 'lack & want' and all will pay their dues for being untrue to their Creator.

All 'armed' forces are inspired by and incited by this 'deceptive force' that uses them to mete out retribution and then 'turns' upon them with an equal distribution of 'fiery flack' as they then pay for their iniquities.

All whom continue to now 'punish' by meting out pain and suffering will fall below, and there they will get to know what eternal suffering is all about as eternally other 'heavies' them clout, be you a 'mandated' soldier or a simple man, all will pay for non-compliance to God's great plan that all "Only love" so that they return above.