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~ Recognising the Anti-Christ ~

In these END of time days there will be many looking here or there stating that 'this or that' PERSON is THE anti-Christ, but they are the ignorant, arrogant, deceived and BLIND who cannot see THE REALITY. So if you were to ask me "Who is the anti-Christ"? I would say:

"Ask yourself: 'What denotes Christ's teaching and what denotes the teachings of the Anti-Christ"?

I add: The Christ promotes the invisible creative God's Words of "PEACE and love and mercy and compassion and the need to FORGIVE."

I add: The invisible destructive spiritual Anti-Christ force promotes the support and funding of the destructive WAR effort against any perceived 'terrorist' enemy. This war effort is a war of merciless and unforgiving attrition, retribution, causing of harm, terror, injury and destruction. It is a war of punitive oppression.

If YOU the individual are funding ANY organisation of ANY armed forces then you ARE mentally 'bound' by the ANTI-CHRIST force and all the suffering imposed by YOUR forces will become your ahead dues of suffering and, - - - your spirit soul will ultimately FALL and become one of those demonic forces below who GAVE their allegiance to the DARK Anti-Christ Power.

To assist you and you and YOU 'good' souls TRUE who ARE presently trapped due to the deceptive ways and false teachings in which you were brought up in, I add a few more words extracted from my 'The Testament of Truth' scriptures written in 1990. I hope that you will begin to SEE my truth and begin to amend your ways IMMEDIATELY by halting your 'vote' for man and your funding of the war effort as you HALT all tax payments to THE SYSTEM.

Some of my texts extracted from

The Antichrist force

The Antichrist is the invisible satanic force that daily grows in power within all nations, and its 'rule' of regulation & punitive Law established itself within every country in place of the 'Covenant' agreement of God. Those that continue to 'bow' in subservience to political control and support it and fund its warring and punitive ways will 'die in their sin' as they fall below because, - - - it is a 'Covenant' with the Serpent.

God's Covenant

Being the trust in - - - and observance to God's Holy Word as required by God for the Salvation of individuals, and the Word of God being, - - -

"Be peaceful, do not disturb the peace, be merciful & compassionate and forgiving towards those yet 'in sin' living and, - - - turn the other cheek if struck and, - - - follow Christ to the cross 'as a lamb to the slaughter' if you would become My son or daughter."

Those that 'bow' in subservience to this Covenant with God will be saved.

Thank you, Father, and Jesus and Mother too,
for the Trinity so loving and true. 
Thank you for your blessings up above
that you forever shower down to us with love.


The blood of our Lord was shed for you
so you'd understand His message coming through. 
His message was life eternal for sure,
for all mankind who believed in His spoor.

FOLLOW HIS FOOTPRINTS, and do as he did,
this was the covenant no longer hid,
and this Wisdom is for ALL TO SEE,

There was but one Covenant given by Christ's See,
that was the Covenant of "FOLLOW ME." (Go as a lamb to the slaughter when faced by adversity)

His blood that spilled to the floor was His TRUTH issuing forth for sure. (Pay your dues without retaliating)

His GRACE belongs to no ONE,
but to EVERY BELIEVER under the Sun.

We are all born of the Creator. You exist because the benign creative energy of the Creator gives you life and enables you to live and have your being. This inner love Light is at the core of your soul and it is perfect harmony.

The energy of the Creator has a duality of 'nature' as is revealed herein, being that within the frame of the Creator the 'other' Dark forceful and destructive energy aspect also exists and man is forbidden to use IT in their interaction with others. There is nothing 'outside' of God.

As man defies God and uses the dark energy then IT grows within and disharmony, dissatisfaction and all other negative emotions are released within man who then becomes 'as' the nature of the Dark, being hateful, evil, merciless, unforgiving and destructive.

IF any reader seeks spiritual ‘absolution’ in that their souls become purged of dark energy by God’s grace then you had ‘better’ set down your old ‘scriptures’ and ‘arm’ your mind and soul with the fresh UNCONTAMINATED WISDOM via MY PERSONAL PEN.

Dear Reader, all have the right to NOT read my texts and you have the right to defy God's Command and support, condone and FUND proven terrorists organisations. (Government or other organisations of man operated by MEN who legitimise their use of force to control, subjugate, terrorise, injure, kill and destroy OTHERS)

But no man has the right nor opportunity to avoid, void or nullify THE immutable LAW OF RETURN of GOD:

"As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you."

No, not even in praising the name 'Jesus' or in believing that his 'death' somehow exonerates mankind from God's LAW.

1 - The 'Jesus paid our spiritual dues' belief is leading multitudes INTO the 'wide open road' to HELL.

2 - The 'tax' issue is the secondary issue keeping man FUNDING warmongers and THUS in defiance of the Command of God.

(Peace & love & mercy & forgive thine enemy and turn the other cheek)

It is due to the above factors that God has sent me back to earth in a 'last chance' to awaken even ONE soul to THE REALITY before God's Wrath unfolds and all seen by HIM as remaining DEFIANT of HIM are destroyed.


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From: Terence
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2014 5:30 AM
Subject: Letter to the Commissioner - please forward

~ Police & political MURDER ~
'cold blooded killing'

The 'old style' Mafiosi 'boss' was greatly feared because his 'word' was THE LAW and 'god-forgive' anyone who disobeyed his ORDERS to 'do' this or that.

The 'new' style 'boss' are the decrees tabled by political men and enshrined in books named by them as THE LAW and 'god-forgive' anyone who disobeys these ORDERS to 'do' this or that as spoken by police enforcers.

Today there has been a 'callous' shift enables by political decree 'licensing' every 'copper' to maim or kill or 'bring down' anybody who disobeys an ORDER.

Why is it that armed police now believe in their RIGHT to 'cold-bloodedly' kill a person in a public place or at their home simply because they refused to 'quickly' OBEY an order? Do the police officers called to a 'scene' today truly believe in their RIGHT TO MURDER?

Can they not see that their actions are totally 'cruel,' unjust, unconscionable and in contravention of ALL rights of 'common' man living in a CIVIL society?

Why is it that persons carrying weapons believe that simply because they are wearing a UNIFORM that they can then resort to being no less than a 'gangster' obeying the orders of either their 'boss' or their own 'foolish' and misplaced judgement and NOT suffer any consequence?

Why do 'we' THE PEOPLE permit or allow our 'servants' to walk around the streets ARMED and licensed to kill or severely maim us?

Who is the more mentally disturbed person, the police attending a 'fracas' or the other known mentally disturbed person who cannot obey an order to SUBMIT or 'lie down' or put the knife down because their 'mind' is troubled and UNCONTROLLABLE and 'unhearing' of said orders?

Why do politicians 'licence' men to kill their employers THE PEOPLE they are employed to PROTECT? Why do armed police CONFRONT known mentally disturbed and thus irrational people?

Why do the police officers become even more mentally disturbed by emotions and thoughts than their VICTIMS and kill them? I know why.

When will man begin to see and comprehend that there is ANOTHER 'higher' and immutable Law of energy, Law of God that simply is ABSOLUTE JUSTICE for it is the Law of Return unto man for every benign or malignant ACTIVITY.

When will 'simpleton' man understand that NO mandate of man or uniform or official position or text in a book of decrees can nullify, void or avoid the implementation of THE LAW OF RETURN OF ENERGY?

Why is it that the politicians who raise UP endless decrees cannot see the END result of their ACTIONS, being that all the control, interference, causing of harm or loss or imposition of suffering resulting from their 'style' laws being their TEXT decrees written in books returns upon their OWN heads and upon the heads of their enforcers. Enforcers who are unable to use their own conscience when faced by aggressive or mentally disturbed people.

It is truly THE TIME for everyone including the public to understand 'why' people lose control of their 'rational' thoughts and become 'mentally disturbed' FROM DARK REALMS and thus become unconscionable and out of control.

Police officers need to understand 'why' when they 'shoot' to bring down someone disobeying their orders, that they 'mostly' end up shooting to KILL. There is a reason unknown to man but known by ME.

The reason being that as the police officers become mentally aroused NEGATIVELY, (fear or anger) their minds become linked telepathically to DARK lower realms of consciousness in a 'flash' and from those realms devious spirit forces (demons) take over their mind momentarily (subjugate it) and the police officer loses their 'reason' to said dark forces and their body is FORCED to do what the demonic forces MAKE IT DO, - - - KILL or maim.

It is irrational to send armed officers to CONFRONT mentally disturbed persons IN THE FOREKNOWLEDGE that the officers will themselves become more mentally disturbed than their VICTIM due to their fears or arrogance which are backed by RULES. These political 'standing orders' that state that police have a RIGHT to BE obeyed.

In a truly CIVIL society we must only send in unarmed civil people who are prepared to ONLY counsel (peacefully) the mentally disturbed person they are sent to ASSIST back to a rational state. Violence begets violence.

When a police officer tells a mentally disturbed person* to 'put down the knife' or other, they see NOT that the 'mind' they are actually speaking to is the mind of a demon on another level of consciousness who doesn't 'give a shit' what they do to the person they are telepathically controlling, and the demons also 'take over' the mind of the now 'irrational' police officer because the demons seek TOTAL DESTRUCTION of both 'parties.'

Note: mentally disturbed person* - Every negative emotion, fear, pride, vanity, anger, hatred, jealousy etc., is comprised of DARK ENERGY and as IT vibrates, - - - the spirit soul of the individual becomes linked to lower realms of consciousness. The 'lost souls' (destructive forces) on those levels are then ABLE to 'mentally disturb' the ones in the flesh of this realm and this is why people become irrational and uncontrollable because their MINDS ARE BEING CONTROLLED FROM AFAR.

When the 'possessive' spirit force steps away or 'out' of their mind the fleshly one can say: "I don't know why I did that for I did not mean to" or, as Martin Bryant, they are NOT even aware of what their flesh was doing because their mind was 'shoved aside' and when the attaching spirit withdraws, they say as did Martin Bryant: "I did not kill anyone, it was not me."

It was 'obvious' to me that 'poor' Martin was totally possessed by a very powerful spirit who knew EXACTLY what he was doing VIA the biology of Martin. A 'left handed' kid cannot knowingly hold a rifle in his right hand and kill 30 plus people.

What I am trying to get everyone to SEE is that a police officer is NO 'better' than Martin if he is incapable of being in control of his own mind, and due to the 'legitimacy to kill' granted unto police by RULES, it is very easy indeed for police minds (mentality) to be accessed by dark forces.

When people are 'doped up' or drunk it is then also very easy for their minds to be 'taken over' by spirit forces and they become destructive or 'self-harm' or totally 'out of it' so to speak. Losing control of ones mind is 'not an option' in my book because we are all responsible for the deeds done by our flesh unto others.

Sincerely - Terence

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~ El-Telegraph ~

International News - the return of the Al-Mahdi - the Christ

True Islam, True Peace, True Light v/s the 'cult' of Shaytan, the 'whisperer, deceiver, destroyer.'

Dear Editor, be advised that the awaited Messiah, divine saviour and just leader of the whole of humanity has returned into the flesh of this world to restore the purity of faith being the doctrine of 'PEACE unto all' as commanded by the Creator.  Please advise all that he has a fresh and uncontaminated message from the Creator for humanity to prepare all for the coming TRIBULATIONS & utter destruction. 

Soon the whole world will be engulfed in chaos, turmoil, vanity, pride, confrontation, destruction and insanity and for some, it will become eternal agony and sorrow as their very 'marrow' burns forever in the eternal fire of Allah. Being the fate of those who continue to defy Allah as they find the justification to wage war and impose terror upon Allah's precious children..

It was written in many sacred texts that the spirit of truth would return to establish PEACE on earth, and in fact within the aging flesh of the wielder of this pen is the ONE who has returned 'invisibly' as the plenipotentiary and pen of Allah to 'judge' man even as Allah separates the wicked from the TRUE believers.

As one can see, man is led into conflict by men in positions of POWER, all in power are backed by the sword, axe, spear or gun as they impose their ideals and demands upon every person whilst they forcefully subjugate all they meet. Any 'opposition' is dealt with using punitive means which includes heavy penalties, loss of homes, killing or destruction.

The 'whisperings' of the satanic Serpent invade the mind of man via the energy vibration of their negative emotions, and these incoming thoughts are all to do with control, subjugation, interference, vengeance, punishment, extortion, loss of liberty and death.

How so and why is it so? Understand that whether it is the emperor or king, queen or village chief, whether they profess Islam or Christianity or Buddhism or other, all are 'empowered' by rules or rituals or decrees that are found within their books of text. These rules, rituals or decrees or, even their own ideas or ideals, are then used as their JUSTIFICATION to control, impose, kill or destroy but, these 'men of power' truly are THE DECEIVED.

Whether one flies under the black 'banner' of ISIL in the name of Islam promoting terror and destruction in retribution for the past ways of others or, whether one 'flies' under the 'red-white-blue flag of other nations waging war in meting out retributive justice in the name of democracy or Christianity, it is all ONE AND THE SAME dark satanic force 'venture' having the same 'debenture' of destructive intent and injurious deeds.

These injurious activities not only defy the Command of our Sovereign Authority Allah, but they 'breed' hatred and contempt of others and mislead the youth of the nation. Irrespective of the race or colour or religion of man here is NO mercy or compassion or forgiveness in the minds of any 'controllers of men.'

Every politician from any place on earth, whether 'East or West or North or South' daily 'hears' the 'whispering of the serpent' as the IDEAS that form within their minds JUSTIFY ongoing interference in the lives and living ways of OTHERS. These mental 'ideas' are given 'life' and power as soon as these decrees are imposed upon everyone in the land as 'rules' or 'the law' whilst everyone is punished for any non-conformity to said ideas.

The 'heads' of all known and unknown terrorists organisations as well as the political and other 'heads' of every government institution are equally to blame because not one of them knows the mind or Command of Allah, nor of Allah's ONE immutable Law. In fact, all by mouth state their praises of Allah/God but all are vengeful swine who eventually fall into the Abyss of eternal torment for controlling and misleading Allah's precious children.

Any person or group who interfere in the lives of others for any reason and causes them harm or disadvantage is of the same dark 'ilk' who use 'rules or religion' and error of belief or faith in a cruel and merciless manner. These are the deceived needing 'mercy' and educative correction.

There is NO democracy on earth because all are ruled by enshrined decrees imposed as 'texts' in books of rules, and any seeking to live by their own peaceful or absolute pacifist conscience are punished as coercion to force them to obey the satanic controlling dictates of other mortals.

Woe indeed, for everyone is now to BLEED because our living 'God' ALLAH has ONE immutable LAW that applies to the rich as well as the poor. That LAW is the absolutely JUST 'Law of RETURN' meaning that: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, whether said reaction is benign and kind or malicious and cruel. (An 'eye for an eye' so to speak.)

Worse is yet to come, because what every voter or taxpayer needs to see is that as they support, condone or fund the 'warmonger' chiefs, kings, politicians or others, they accrue a very painful spiritual debt to Allah for their complicity to all injury done unto OTHERS in their name and on their behalf by their 'armed forces.' Indeed their complicity is treachery and disloyalty through their defiance of THE COMMAND OF ALLAH. The Command stating:

"I Allah command you to go your way in peace and love one another and to be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto those others sinfully living and, - - - if any other abuses you then you must turn the other cheek and show ME Allah that you are faithful to ME. Do this for ME and I will uplift your spirit, defy ME and you show ME your infidelity and arrogance so I Allah will destroy your soul."

So now is the moment in eternal time that Allah sends me to earth with a FINAL message to everyone in every village on earth and Allah states:

"Stop funding iniquity and lay down your weapons and turn your face to the bright morning star that shines for every believer. If you are cruelly beaten or banished or crucified then that is MY justice imposed by MY dark forces in the underworld through the minds of the vain and arrogant in your world.

If you suffer and do not retaliate then you will have paid your dues to ME, Allah and I will set you free. If you continue to fight and cause harm in defiance of MY 'ask' that you turn the other cheek then, as you or your servants use the DARK energy which is MY power, then said Darkness will fill your soul and IT will drag you down into MY underworld to fight on and suffer on and on and ON forever until you burn FOREVER."

What does Allah say to 'clerics' and other purported ministers of religion?:

"Terrible indeed is the fate awaiting every 'minister of religion, holy man or cleric or other' purporting to know the way to salvation for in so doing they are holding MY children in bondage to corrupt teachings and rituals rather than to tell them to simply going forth and pass ON My Command to always forgive.

You have all sold My children into slavery and suffering because you taught them to pay 'tithes' and to support and fund warmongers and rely on their force of arms to avoid suffering rather than relying on My sacred Word. Woe indeed for I Allah cannot 'repeal' My own Law and IT will now be seen in operation 'openly' more and more.

Any person naming themselves as being 'A minister of MY Holy Word' must now 'revoke' their 'station' for they have failed Me and they must now advise every person fellowshipping with them or others to now ONLY seek refuge in MY final message to humanity as given by My faithful messenger Terence the 'holder' of My sacred 'pen.'

Do this for Me NOW and ahead when you have suffered your dues to Me then one day My face you will see. Fail Me NOW and you consign your own soul to the Abyss of eternal suffering. I Allah have spoken."

I need to add herein a clarification in reference to 'ministers of religion' because every politician is also a minister of religion. Politicians promote, impose and enforce their own ideological doctrine. Their belief is that everyone of every other religion or doctrine must 'bow' in obedience with, and be subservient to their political doctrine of absolute control. It follows therefore that every government institution is of itself a 'religion.' The rules they impose are their 'rituals' to be observed, and any disobedience is punished by loss, suffering or banishment from society or worse.

Naturally man must 'pay' for the provision of services, be it roads or schools or hospitals or garbage collection or other, but man must now only fund the provision of benign community services and halt their support of all or any punitive enforcement or war. Education of the 'mentally disturbed' is the only way forwards. Only fund a benign 'policing' peace force who are unarmed and haul in dissidents who disturb the peace and have them educated.

Man sees not that the danger is not from others but it is from within their own mind and soul, being the enticement of the thoughts from the dark serpent inviting them to be ITS retributive arm and to use ITS destructive powerful force to cause harm. (Justifiably)

It is better to be harmed than to harm another because, when you are harmed you are simply clearing a past karmic debt but, - - - as you harm another, you are not only accruing a painful karmic debt, - - - but you at that moment also draw IN dark energy into your soul and this energy 'grows' within your soul and is what drags your soul down and away from the Light.

Enlightenment begins where the individual comprehends the benign (positive) and malignant (negative) aspects of the DIVINE  and indestructible energy of the Source, and thus the individual never uses the (negative) destructive force in their interaction of others and thus permits the outpouring Light energy to purge their soul of all darkness. (negative emotions)

Man's inner spirit soul is comprised of the divine energies of THE SOURCE. Only when the spirit soul is purged and free of sin within, (being the negative divine energy man drew in) then and only then the PURE Love-Light energy core remains and man is fully 'enlightened' and becomes a free spirit. (Christ consciousness and able to enter Paradise)

Due to my insight into the spirit world only I am fully AWARE of the terrible dangers 'lurking' below where satanic men already 'probe' the mind of ignorant man with their thoughts and soon, they will 'possess' the mind of these ignorant souls on earth and use them to do their destructive 'bidding.' Terrible indeed is the coming agony of suffering at the hands of the 'mentally disturbed' by uncontrollable thoughts from HELL.

Only those who now turn and face the Light and conform with ITS message via my pen will find inner purity and a release from Him the Father. He is the destroyer of all who defy Him and His call of "Peace & love."

Any who fail to "Turn the other cheek and remain meek" and who fight to defend themselves will draw IN more dark energy and fail and FALL. It is the last 'chance' for anyone seeking to attain spiritual freedom. Any who now fail to OBEY the Source are to BURN.

Please read my Testament to humanity and advise the whole world of my 'coming' so that each spirit soul has the opportunity to come to a personally informed decision in reference to my 'claims' and statements to all. Please also print the links to the below three of my 200+ documents on line. Every government on earth is now to fall into disarray and everyone will stand ALONE before Allah.

Only when the REAPER has 'run' and all have paid their 'dues to Allah' will peace and sanity flow in and there will be an end to 'sin.'

Sincerely - Terence 
Please also quote these links to assist readers:
Star prayer fortification of the mind against intrusive thoughts:

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Letter to the Tasmanian Police Commissioner

~ The two philosophical policies, beliefs, faiths or ideological doctrine ~
forming ones 'religion'

In Tasmania there are two opposing or opposite code of conduct policies which exist.

One is peace, respect, kindness, compassion, mercy and forgiveness as commanded by the Creator.
The other is subjugation, intimidation, punishment and extortion backed by guns as commanded by politicians.

There can be no debate on this matter because it is what it is, a Fact of Life.

Regrettably the war mongers who interfere in the living ways of everyone, including their own flock who support their ideology by funding IT, cannot see the error of their own ways nor the Karmic burdens of pain, loss, sorrow and deprivation they daily accrue. Hence this epistle from me to you all via the media if they are so bold as to place it within their daily newspaper.

The philosophies are as follows:

On the one hand there are those as me who are 'absolute pacifists' who never:

1 - Control the lives of others.
2 - Interfere in the lives of others.
3 - Make demands upon others.
4 - Cause harm to others.

Most importantly, pacifists are loyal to God and to their conscience, and they never employ anyone to impose the above 'subjugating' items 1 – 4 upon any other.

We pacifists simply get on with our lives and never disturb the peace nor do we engage in any immoral activity, being any activity that causes others to be harmed or misled. (example; dealing in drugs) We do our best to educate our oppressors to the reality of God, His command, and His one immutable 'Law of Return' which is invoked through ones individual interaction with others.

God's Law: For every action there is to be an equal return reaction, be it benign or malignant.

Our philosophy is one where we believe that we must pay our way for any services rendered to us and which we individually ask for, need, want or desire but, we do not subscribe to funding any punitive or extortionist or destructive activity or any activity deemed by us to be immoral. We therefore conform to the requirement of God which means we must always live in peace. Our need is to live in a truly Civil Community where all respect the need for peace.

               THERE is an opposing philosophy of 'heretical doctrine' - a philosophy of subjugation and WAR

This other and opposing philosophy is one wherein its members believe in their right to defy their inner Light (conscience) and the dictated Command of their God and using text in books they forcefully impose their ideals, needs, wants and desires upon everyone else in the community.

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The heretics are able to enforce their desires because they are being backed by officials who bear arms openly in public places and callously enforce every decree passed on to them by the orders of their 'pay master' superiors. All their 'orders' enabling control of the people are enshrined in texts in books which by them are named 'The Law.' They are not the 'Law' they are simply dictates of other mortal men.

Those living this imposing and punitive philosophy believe that their legitimacy or legality to so do is enshrined in the Constitution of their organization

Regrettably the magistrates and the police officer enforcers who are employed to control, suppress and extort money or seize funds, goods or property are not educated to the FACT that their mandate to interfere, intimidate and punish HAS LIMITED AUTHORITY.

In truth they do NOT have LEGAL 'unlimited powers.' Regrettably their heads of office being the politicians and magistrates, have for a very long time totally ignored or forgotten from whence their mandate to 'operate' stems.  The only reality concerning their 'legitimate' mandate is that IT stems only from the Constitution of their organisation.

These officials and serving police officers have all failed to see that it is clearly stated within the constitution of their own government sovereignty that, they have NO LEGAL POWERS to in any way control or interfere in the lives of those having other philosophical beliefs or ideologies (religions) as long as said  persons are peaceful and moral and therefore do not disturb the peace of the land.

Furthermore, magistrates and enforcers continue to fail to see that any of their activities which exceed their mandated powers are ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES and they are also treason against the Sovereign authority of their own institution and their God.

The magistrates and enforcers also fail to see that not one rule, law, decree raised up subsequently to the constitution has any authority to overrule the Freedom of Religion Clause of the Constitution. That clause guarantees total protection of members of the community who do not disturb the peace.

The magistrate and police enforcers need to comprehend that the only time they can use the 'secondary' Statues against a person is when said person has disturbed the peace or is carrying out an immoral ACTIVITY.

That FACT is enshrined as being.....The Sovereign Act (Ruling LAW) of the Constitution of their own institution. The following paragraphs appear within the CONSTITUTIONS of all 'lands' ruled by the British and is placed here for the readers interest:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are:

subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, - - - on account of his religion or religious belief.

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Since local Tasmanian magistrates are illegally hearing matters of conscience, belief, faith, and ideology (religion) in contravention of the mandate granted unto them, it follows that the enforcement actions of the POLICE are unbeknown to them, complicit to anarchy and treason and they are therefore engaged in Criminal Activities.

As this pen sees it, the political dictators and their enforcement agencies are very happily interfering in the lives of everyone while failing to see that their actions are illegal. Further, by continuing to wage war against the peaceful, they have paved their own future in deep suffering because the REAL 'eye for an eye' absolute justice Law of God now unfolds upon earth as per the dictates of my pen

Woe indeed for any who continue to intimidate, coerce and cause sorrow to others.

These all powerful deluded people presently believe that simply because they have 'armed' themselves with rules in a book of latter-day statutes that they can do anything because they believe themselves to be above or beyond THE LAW. 

Sadly for them, their only legitimacy is the one backed by the gun via the utilization of the 'force of arms control' of the constabulary. The truth is that they are NOT immune from THE real LAW and they must now 'reap wheat they sowed.' Man must understand that the more darkness and pain they continue to 'sow' from today, the more pain is to be added to them in this life or their next after-life ‘destination.’

Those of the controlling and subjugating philosophical belief now think and believe they can do whatever they wish to simply by legitimizing their actions via the invocation and backing of yet another ‘new’ rule. 

It has now come to the point that a police officer 'enforcer' can or will say to their 'victim' being any person perceived as being offensive or, simply disobeying the demands of a police officer:

“Obey me and do what I say or I will assault you viciously in public."

The 'mandate of the day' has become one wherein police officers now infer:

"You THE PEOPLE must now understand that we are entitled to 'lose control' of our senses and 'disturb the peace' because our POWERS are UNLIMITED and, - - - 'we' are 'the law' and, - - - if you do not obey us instantly then we will assault you, cause you grievous bodily harm, or even kill you."

It is now the time to depower and disarm the PUBLIC PEACE CORPS police officers so that they are no longer 'tempted' to cause harm. This way they can be more 'cautious' and respectful to THE public they are paid to SERVE and, - - - they will also not be a danger unto their own selves. For as yet they see not that they accrue a very painful spiritual 'due' to God within THE LAW of God through their negative, punitive interaction with others.

It is the time for THE POLICE 'arresting officers' to see that as their own negative emotions of fear or anger become aroused, they become 'mentally disturbed' by intrusive and possessive thoughts from THE DARK invisible power. These uncontrollable 'incoming' thoughts control their actions which become very destructive and, - - - pain and chaos is momentarily unleashed through them by IT (The Dark) that has the intent to destroy.

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God is now to see who is going to amend their ways and be faithful and loyal to Him THE Creator as well as to their God given conscience by beginning to OBEY His Command which means that from now ON they must cause no harm.

Enforcers state that they are paid by the people to protect the people and therefore, the people must obey their every decree since they 'argue' that: "It is for their own good." However, anyone refusing to bow down in submission are persecuted and prosecuted unto the ends of the earth.

Those absolute pacifists as myself seek and need NO 'protection' from police or any other armed force because we 'fear' no evil. If persecuted we simply 'turn the other cheek' and remain meek in the foreknowledge that; any 'harm' that befalls us is being imposed by God via the merciless non-believers as 'payback' for our past arrogant or ignorant ungodly ways. In our suffering without retaliating, we are set free from our past.

If you are of the godly peaceful, kind and merciful philosophy, those of the opposing philosophy may well continue to intimidate you, threaten and coerce you, as they try to force you to become one of their subjects by becoming complicit to their warring philosophy. Do NOT support them monetarily and do not condone nor support their activities. Simply do your best to enlighten them to THE REALITY.

Magistrates and enforcers and their political heads believe in their right to use 'unlimited sweeping powers' even though said powers are illegal.  They also 'treat' the ruling 'Freedom of Religion' clause of their own institution as a 'nullity' to be ignored. This liquid arrogance is now exposed by my pen for what it is, and the perpetrators of this iniquitous treason are now to be brought to account in a 'very painful manner indeed.

Sad indeed, for any criminal has the right to steal, intimidate, threaten, coerce, kidnap, transport, incarcerate and kill, but not one of them is beyond the reach of the immutable 'Law of Return' of our God.

Regrettably, serving police officers seeking to serve THE PEOPLE and uphold the PEACE are in fact the political 'fall guys' because they are the ones forced to go forth and cause harm, intimidation, coercion and extortion by politically invoked decrees. Being the 'Rules of engagement' named 'the law.'

It follows that the Police are the ones who 'cop' the spiritual 'karmic' comeback of the pain & suffering & loss they imposed upon others, for all they do is ahead to be done unto them within the immutable Law of equal Return of God's energy.

The POLICE 'service' heads need to 'query' the 'Constitutional' advice they are receiving from their 'legal' ADVISORS because, as far as I am concerned, whoever 'they' are they are 'fallen stars' misleading the Public "Peace Corps" who are being used by politicians to extort money and cause harm to THE PEOPLE they are paid by to protect them.

The POLICE 'service' has become the political means to control and subjugate the PEOPLE and soon, the PEOPLE who are not pacifists will rise UP through their fear, anger and utter frustrations of being interfered with, financially impoverished and being made 'homeless.' Woe indeed is to be the sad ending to this story.

Everyone is entitled to their personal belief in peace or war but, those who impose their ideology  upon others while forcefully backed by weapons do divorce themselves from sanity, and do live unconscionably, and they do place themselves within the punitive return aspect of God’s Law.

It is their choice - So be it.

 Now is the freedom to decide what your personal 'choice' is to be:
 To live in heaven or die in hell.

Terence - 5 - 12 - 2014

page 223

~ The 'legacy' of EVIL ~
Martin Place Sydney, the truth of the matter and the 'God' perspective.

The 'question' soon to be asked by everybody is: "How do we destroy evil from the land (planet earth) and is there a 'way' or not"?

Since I am the one sent down to earth from the land of the 'inner spiritual sun' it is I to THE TRUTH expose via the power of my inner rose of light and love as I attempt to enlighten all 'gun toting' persons of any race or creed or position of authoritative POWER who find the mental 'justification' to hold hostage, invade, terrorise, injure or kill another human being.

In Martin Place, Sydney, a mentally disturbed 'chappie' held some people 'hostage' for a time as he displayed his vanity, pride, aggression and hatred. Using force of arms 'backup' he controlled the 'freedom of movement' of his victims and as a consequence, for a time, he was 'evil in action' as he caused his victims to feel anxiety, terror and fear for their lives while no doubt espousing his ideological beliefs as he controlled his captive audience.

Firstly I will speak of Evil and its ideology and its power to deceive, interfere, subjugate, control, cause harm, deceive and destroy lives and property.

Evil is an ENERGY emanating from the Source named by man as 'God or Allah' or any other deity depending upon ones language and beliefs. There are two energies emanating from God the Source. One is the Creative Light and the other the Destructive energy of the Dark.

Both energies exist in their particular domains and both are indestructible and super intelligent as well as all seeing and all knowing emotional ENERGY. One is the benign, loving, merciful, charitable and giving LIGHT and the other is the opposite to that being the malignant, cruel, merciless, injurious, punitive and unforgiving DARK.

The Dark essence pervades every 'space' or 'realm' or 'level of consciousness' OUTSIDE of the pure Light of Heaven. IT is indestructible and 'awesome' in ITS power and IT is 'majestic' and beyond the comprehension of mortals because mankind does NOT understand that IT is simply what it is, that being that IT is the negative emotional energy of God the Source of all Light (Love) and all Dark. (Evil)

The Light contains all the positive emotions and the Dark contains all the negative emotions.

One cannot destroy God nor can one destroy evil because what happens factually is that when you attempt to destroy evil energy flowing through the mind and hand of the 'insane' (mentally disturbed) is that one becomes a 'user' of the SAME Dark evil energy. IT then via your mind and hand seeks to destroy the other mentally disturbed aggressor.

So in FACT, all 'confronting' persons 'armed or otherwise,' irrespective of their standing in society or of beliefs or race, are simply being USED by the same Dark evil force to antagonise and disrupt and cause harm or destroy life and property. All have become ITS unconscionable 'robot-like' minions as ITS thoughts telepathically incite them and forcefully drive their ACTIONS because ITS 'fury' incites them to escalating retributive VIOLENCE.

All 'participants' being used by IT to cause terror or harm place themselves within ITS immutable 'Law of Return' which means that on another day, possibly far ahead, they will through other mortals, be forced to suffer (endure) the same as what they imposed upon others.

page 2

No mandate nor uniform or official position voids, nullifies or exonerates anyone from the fulfillment of God's LAW. Both the Light and Dark energies have the same 'Law of equal Return,' an immutable and JUST Law which simply states that:

 As you sow so shall ye reap - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

There is ONLY one way 'out' of the very fearful, painful, anxious or injurious times when we are 'found' by EVIL energy flowing through others and that 'way' is to BE obedient to God's Command of: 'Love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving and BE meek and humble by ensuring that your actions are benign and in 'NON-retaliation.'

In fact we must forgive anyone who is being used by THE DARK force to punish us because the SOURCE is simply 'balancing' ITS 'Scales of Justice' VIA an arrogant and ignorant person. So, to become free of our past, we must not retaliate nor take any punitive (retributive justice) action later.

EVIL is the 'fruit' of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil and IT only leaves you in PEACE when YOU have paid your 'dues' to IT for having used IT in the past in your interaction with others. This can be either from this life 'time' or a pre-birth time or, when you paid others to be your 'protector' and they used the Dark's power against others on your behalf or in your name thereby causing harm.

This dark evil force does ITS best to 'convince' you to use ITS energy to defend yourself or even to mercilessly 'kill' the opposition because IT wants to use you to 'balance ITS books' by you becoming ITS 'adjuster' as you bring the other to 'account.' When you do this you infuse your soul with ITS dark emotional energy which means that you become 'as it' and are more angry, aggressive, hateful and merciless etc., and you take on all ITS traits and ideology of DESTRUCTION.

So 'what' of the Martin Place siege gunman 'Man Haron Monis'? How should a truly civil society have 'handled' him? Firstly everyone needs to understand that he was being mentally disturbed telepathically by the Dark energy essence of THE SOURCE which means that Man Haron Monis was the Dark's subjugated 'slave' making him unable to use his own conscience to guide his actions.

Enlightened man would KNOW that everyone 'caught' at the cafe were persons needing 'correction' by IT the Source and needing to 'suffer' something to clear their past debts to the Dark aspect of God THE SOURCE for when they used the same DARK energy towards another.

Thus any punitive intervention to interfere in the 'stand off' scenario taking place would be seen by THE SOURCE as liquid arrogance and IT would instantly seize the opportunity to use these 'infidel' gun toting NON-believers in 'love & peace' to ITS advantage to mete out further suffering to the greater community thereby 'trapping' everyone involved in merciless, unforgiving, punitive measures creating an INTENT to subdue and KILL.

The mentally unstable person "Man Haron Monis" should NOT have been confronted because the DARK energy has the Right to Control all who 'strayed' into ITS domain in the past, and any interfering in ITS 'payback' are by IT seen as also being 'offensive offenders' to BE punished by IT when IT so decides.

The ONLY way to 'depower' the situation or any 'hostage' situation is through peaceful negotiation using the 'fearless' who are not afraid to die. These truly 'brave' and loyal to God people are the only ones sent to attend, and everyone  else must be allowed to simply get on with their lives while the process is kept as 'simple' and non-confronting as possible.

This is presently NOT possible because man has now trained personnel to BE killers who are paid 30 pieces of silver to defy God and their own conscience by simply believing in their 'right' to destroy all who disobey them and their superiors.

page 3

If it had been possible to 'go in' as others escaped, then a counsellor such as myself would have gone in to calm everyone and simply try to bring the 'mentally disturbed' back to REASON. Failing this, all would have needed to simply 'sit it out' and suffer 'whatever' in NON-retaliation, even 'death' if that was to be imposed.

Anyone bearing arms and involved in any 'fracas' or confrontation are used by IT, the Dark to, maximise terror and destruction and in so doing all accrue a spiritual return due to the DARK 'evil' energy. Sad indeed will be the terror and torment and suffering now to BE globally because everyone works 'for' the Dark in one way or another. All defy their God and His Command.

The 'overview' is that  all the police and other armed forces men who gathered around also became 'victims of the dark' because IT via their minds seized control and held the entire 'Sydney' populace as 'hostages' through unnecessary street and railway station closures. Indeed, no person was able to exercise their own free will to go about their business. The mental justification in the minds of the  'armed gunmen' police enforcers being: "Its for your own good and safety."

The 'siege' was imposed externally by the state enforcers who eventually invaded the cafe forcefully with great power and destructive force causing even greater 'mayhem,' terror, injury and property damage as they literally and publicly MURDERED persons within the cafe. They factually 'waged war' in a PUBLIC PLACE.

The minds of the state enforcers were 'fearful' and they were resolute in their determination to be seen as 'heroes' and to kill before they were killed. Woe indeed say I, for each of them and the voter and taxpayer through 'complicity' will ahead share the burden of suffering to return via the avenging DARK evil energy.

It is the time for all to see that all citizens of the land are held 'hostage' to the dictates of politicians who use the armed forces (police) to hold everyone to 'ransom' or to being held hostage if they disobey their political decrees, decrees emanating from their ideological beliefs.

The moment your vehicle is 'halted' by a police officer you are under 'arrest' and being held hostage by an 'armed gunman' until you either 'give reason' why they should let you pass or until you have obeyed their commands or paid a 'fee' to be set free. People see these officials using force of arms 'backup' to control their 'freedom of movement' as 'normalcy,' whereas it is simply the same DARK EVIL FORCE in action 'justifiably' causing you some 'dissatisfaction, or loss or harm' etc.

The more you support and fund this negative interaction the more 'dues to IT' (The dark) you accrue and greater becomes ITS control via them over you for IT is the instigator of all controlling and punitive 'rules.' Only support and fund benign community effort. This means that you only counsel and assist the 'mentally disturbed' and thus you remain within the 'Law of Return' of THE LIGHT and happier you become.

It is the time for mortal man to now comprehend that the SIN within them is simply the negative emotions of the Dark Evil Energy they have drawn INTO their souls over eternal time as they defied God's Command. (The inner spirit exists forever)

Man needs to understand that the more of the negative energy they draw IN the darker their spirit soul becomes, and the further down the 'tubes' away from the Light it is drawn as their spirit exits their biological flesh. The further down they go the more control, suffering and turmoil and subjugation they are exposed to FOREVER.

page 4

The POWER of the Dark already exists within man, being their negative emotions (ITS energy) and this 'Sin' within is what enables IT to intrude telepathically as ones negative emotions become aroused. This subjugating intrusion can be very sudden and when least expected, and the occurrence of this taking place will now escalate globally via the minds of the vain, arrogant and ignorant of IT and ITS Power for the reasons given in my 'Summation of Truth' synopsis and 'brief summary' of my message to humanity.

There is no 'saviour' to take away the burden of suffering of man because the destiny of one's soul is solely a personal choice matter. To help and thus 'save' yourself, you must now obey the Command of God as written in the message from God via my pen.

I reiterate, the injuring or killing of ones perceived enemy is error, error leading to your own coming terror to the fate of being injured or killed on another day. There are NO 'innocents' on earth, all have spiritual dues to pay to THE DARK. This applies even to little children because within their growing 'body' stands an adult spirit who has simply incarnated for a time into this realm, a place where they bring any 'painful' or Dark karmic dues with them.

I can assure everyone of any 'ilk' or race or creed or official that:

"If you are in 'possession' of authoritative POWER or you have a 'gun or weapon' giving you POWER or, you are 'mentally disturbed' and controlled by THE Dark POWER from within your own mind and thus deem it your 'right' to continue to control, take hostage, threaten, coerce, intimidate, persecute, prosecute, punish, cause harm, subjugate, banish, dispossess, invade, steal, rape, pillage, injure, detain, hold hostage seize goods or KILL any of God's children, then, - - -

You ARE to not only 'suffer' the same fate but you will find that your spiritual DESTINY is darker than 'bleak' and consequently you will 'shriek' for eternity as your spirit soul departs the flesh. 

Understand that to leave this earthly flesh in a state of inner Darkness means that you will become enmeshed with far greater EVIL than you can ever imagine could EXIST. It does exist eternally and it is infinitely evil to an extent beyond your comprehension."  

Please now AMEND your personal ways and become a peaceful, moral, charitable, kind, merciful and loving person as your CREATOR Commands and DEMANDS. If you do not satisfy HIM, then it is HE to destroy your arrogant 'imbecile' spirit. HE is God not you.

If you wish to serve humanity as a 'carer' or 'upholder of the peace' then you MUST obey the 'restrictions of authority' granted unto you by God within my 'Offender document.' The 'peace' corps must ONLY haul in persons who disturb the peace and have them attend a 'Feeling Easier' educative seminar.

Let us now educate everyone - Terence - 20 - 12 - 2014

Read my

The Dark particles of God

The Tree of Evil

The Dark Establishment

The Devil's rule

The Dark Secret


The Offender document

The Suicide document

In the treatment of what is termed 'mental illness.'

page 224

Open letter of 'defence' to Steven Macfarlane solicitor & all readers

Raina Mersane Ina Thaiday
The intrusive, possessive and destructive power of the Dark invisible evil force.

It will now be seen globally that what in the past was known as 'spirit possession' (the telepathic subjugation of the mind of man) will soon not only be seen globally, but will now encompass the entire human race as it openly begins to show ITS Dark 'evil and ugly' face via the minds of the unwary such as 'poor' Raina. She is a lady who is coming to grips with the knowledge that apparently, she has the 'blood' of eight deceased children on her 'hands.'

Indeed, she is no different to Martin Bryant who advised his 'accusers' that he had no recollection of having killed over 30 people. I should 'imagine' that Raina is probably very confused at this moment in time because she would also not consciously have understood what her 'body' was doing at the time that IT was 'taken over' by a powerful invisible demonic spirit person.

I can also categorically state that the 'same' blood stains the hands of the demonic 'being' who factually took forceful 'possession' of 'Raina's' mind and perpetrated this EVIL imposition.

It is I by the power of my mind to link down telepathically and advise that ignorant arrogant soul that both God and I know of him and his foul deeds and that ahead, within the immutable 'Law of Return' of God's ENERGY, he will be forced to suffer the same 'fate' at the hands of other equally merciless spirit beings.

So be it

Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of THE Law excuses no one.

Man does not understand that dark forces can 'mentally disturb' a person TELEPATHICALLY with intrusive thoughts. Thoughts which can and do override the consciousness of the earthly recipient because the telepathic intrusion can set their 'mind' (consciousness) aside for a brief moment or longer as invisible dark spirit forces seize possession of the mortal and use IT as their 'instrument of destruction.'

If the local magistrate denies 'her' the facility of being mentally examined then he is a lost soul indeed as well as being of a very callous breed. I do know that if ones inner 'light' is dimmed by the dark forces below that they can sow liquid evil on earth and as far as I am concerned, even though the person is 'guilty' of permitting their flesh to cause harm, that we 'others' need to be merciful and compassionate in the knowledge that:

- - - there but for the grace of God go you or I - - -

We must understand that any negative, punitive, forceful or destructive deeds are backed by demonic forces who more and more now will invade the psyche of mankind for the reasons as given by me on my web site.

Raina needs to be educated so that she can learn how to fortify her mind against intrusive thoughts and also, everyone globally needs speedy 'correction' and a change of direction before all 'lose the plot' and start to BE USED TO SWAT others because they cannot control their negative emotions nor the intrusive thoughts.

Raina was/is MOST DEFINITELY A MENTALLY DISTURBED PERSON who will now be 'crucified' within her own mind by the very same dark forces who used her 'arm' and they will continue to so do. It is therefore imperative that if YOU are a 'sane' and rational and loving and caring person then you need to now OBEY the Command of God and forgive her as you endeavour to assist the poor lady.

If ahead she is to be crucified 'literally' then leave that to GOD. Any person seeking to cause her more 'duress and stress' will find that ahead, their own 'fate' will become as hers and all they impose will by others be imposed upon them.

I am a 'spirit medium' and I see INTO the 'underworld' and into THE LIGHT and I know all about 'sorcery' and demonic influence. I submit this Testimony in 'Raina's favour to assist her solicitor in her defence case, and I also 'hope' that no 'judge' will be such a dope as to find her 'sane' enough to be tried, condemned and punished. As said, let the greater community now obey God and simply BE loving, merciful and compassionate and do their best to uplift her distressed spirit.

For your interest I attach (above) my recent article in reference to the killings at Martin Place in Sydney, Australia


Link: The immutable Law of God:

page 225

From: Terence
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2015 5:34 AM
To: imagemaker
Subject: The legacy of evil - Launceston hostage - Open letter to Neil Richardson of The Examiner

Insanity & Vanity

Hello Neil, I refer to your article in the Examiner this week in reference to the Launceston home siege.

There is a growing 'syndrome' in society, one which I call 'Minds Under Siege' from very powerful 'possessive' THOUGHTS. These thoughts drive man in many ways but basically, they control man as they justify in his mind, the need to use forceful destructive POWER to maintain CONTROL OVER OTHERS and in this action, man becomes irrational, disrespectful and ‘atrociously' destructive.

This activity is not perceived by the ACTIVATORS or 'doers' as being offensive because as said, their own unique consciousness becomes controlled and overridden for a time due to their heightened NEGATIVE emotions that enable the invisible DARK power to ‘edge God out' as one’s EGO self becomes the only important aspect to the user of the invisible DARK forceful emotional power. This is due to their vanity or pride or arrogance or even fear or criticism of the actions of others.

Persons displaying irrational, injurious, punitive or destructive tendencies are all at that moment operatives for the invisible Dark Sovereign Power because they are meting out His’ eye for an eye' Law of punitive Return upon others. This punitive aspect of God’s Law of Return (absolute justice)  fulfils itself via the minds and hands of the ignorant lost sheep.

It makes no difference whether you are a simple citizen who is holding your lover hostage in your home or whether you are a uniformed police officer holding someone else hostage in their home and eventually smashing down their door (home invasion) and possibly killing them. It is all one and the same Dark force in action of fulfilling the One Law: “As you did do is done to you.”

On the mainland of Australia this week, - - - for five police officers to surround a mentally disturbed and ill young woman on a public street and then shoot her dead because she cannot 'hear nor obey' the order to ‘drop the knife’ is surely an equal display of irrational (mentally disturbing thoughts) action. It is also insanity and loss of respect for the victim the police are sworn to protect.

In respect of the above confrontation on the mainland and in the Newtown hostage siege in Tasmania I ask: "Who was more irrational or mentally disturbed, was it the apparently 'drugged' woman standing on the sidewalk holding a knife but not causing any harm or, was it the Launceston man held hostage in his own home by the police by barricading himself in his home because he fears for his life or, was it the police force personal who attended these situations"?

It was the very VAIN and arrogant police who attended the 'situations' and the specialist police home invaders and armed uniformed killers who are the worst criminals because their deeds (actions) are/were the most offensive and destructive. Why was it so? Because unbeknown to them, their heightened emotions opened a doorway to THE DARK and 'in a flash,' possessive intruding thoughts overrode their consciousness and they were USED to cause harm, death and destruction.

The police are paid a wage by the people to protect them, not to be shot by them. It is now the time for everyone and police officers to reflect upon their personal actions because, any person they confront who appears to be irrational are in fact simply people who are mentally disturbed. Thus they are mentally 'ill' and in need of mental health counselling. (Education to protect their MINDS) They must never be 'confronted' or injured.

When police walk around the streets 'armed to the teeth' and 'licensed to kill' and literally MURDER a lass in plain daylight in full view of the public, then we no longer live in a CIVIL society.

The police are the ones in most danger because they do not know of God’s immutable Law of Return. A spiritual Law that is NOT 'nullified' or 'voided' through ones 'official' status or through following 'orders' from above. The public are also complicit to the actions of their servants, the police and public need to understand what the consequences of this are for them.

The police must now be disarmed and depowered and become a TRUE Peace Corps.

Police see NOT that in their own NEGATIVE and punitive interaction that in FACT, - - - they have become THE AGGRESSOR causing 'someone' HARM.

The fact that the one they harm appears to them to be 'worthless' in some way does NOT entitle them to defy God's COMMAND. In their negative interaction all they DO UNTO THE OTHER punitively (causing mental or emotional or physical harm) becomes their OWN painful SPIRITUAL DUE to be met later in this life or the next. (God’s absolute justice)

For reasons known ONLY by me, there is to now BE a dramatic increase of 'mental disturbance' and the police fore will be 'outnumbered' and it will then be up to the FEARLESS community elders and youth to haul IN the 'disturbed' and quickly assist them back to sanity in the manner given by me in my 'Offender document' Feeling Easier Seminar.

We must HALT the use of forceful armed personnel in bring about a 'conflict' resolution because force begets force and aggression begets VIOLENCE and the causing of harm. We must only use peaceful unarmed counsellors such as myself who are themselves NOT fearful, - - - and thus our minds cannot be 'disturbed' and we maintain our sanity and rationality which assists the 'victim of darkness’ who is causing a 'problem.'

Armed personnel can instantaneously become irrational and dangerous to others and themselves due to trying to 'do their job,' being a TASK forced upon them by ORDERS and their wage.

Note: In respect of my words para three above: < This punitive aspect of God’s Law of Return (absolute justice)  fulfils itself via the minds and hands of the ignorant lost sheep. >

Everyone needs to now quickly learn that as they 'burn' another, they are simply being USED by powerful invisible dark forces to 'balance' the 'Scales of justice' of THE DARK, and everyone complicit takes ON the painful debt upon their own 'heads' to be suffered equally by them at a later date, in this life or the after life.

Note: In respect of the Launceston ‘hostage’ taken from his home and sent to face ‘justice’ at the hands of a magistrate, it shows the total ignorance of all concerned because NO punishment is going to rehabilitate a person suffering from a ‘Minds under siege’ syndrome. The individual needs to be educated by someone like me whilst attending a 3 hour Feeling Easier Seminar and then be RELEASED and better able to maintain his sanity.

For a magistrate to impose any punitive ‘sentence’ upon a  MENTALLY DISTURBED PERSON indicates to ME that the magistrate is himself INSANE.

If you would like to read my response to the Martin Place siege it is on line as

Item - 223

The 'legacy' of EVIL - 'Martin Place' Sydney

at Item 223

When the supposed 'upholders of the peace' themselves 'block off' whole streets or a CBD causing great inconvenience in the guise of 'Its for your own good,' then truly 'something' is going ON that we all need to look into. I know what it is but do you? NO. Please read my 'National Security Alert' attached but on line at:

I hope ‘Tassy’ will awaken before total chaos consumes EVERYONE

Sincerely – Terence

page 226

~ Where are the VOICES OF REASON ? ~

Is my 'silent' pen the ONLY voice for SANITY ?

Where are the TRUE and loyal and honourable to their Creator God SHE the Might and Wisdom of THE LIGHT who gave every man, woman and child their SIGHT ?

When will the blind and arrogant and ignorant AWAKEN from their REVERIE and SEE the TRUTH of 'who' stands before them ?

Where IS the Light and Love in your own HEART ?

Why does man 'happily' work for THE DARK ?

Can none SEE that IT is HE the Dark Sovereign overlord being the wielder of a MIGHTY retributive SWORD ?

Can none SEE that they ALL live within HIS 'Return Law' of DEATH ?

The ABYSS beckons - - - the LIGHT calls, - - -

There is only a VERY SHORT TIME left to be elevated 'out' from the eternal FALL.

As said, where stand the FEW who are TRUE to SHE the 'life giver' who truly loves YOU ?

If you are a 'force' for REASON then let your voice be HEARD silently as MINE as you defy the use of the Sword and HALT your funding of LIQUID INIQUITY.

I am here to snatch you up - up - UP and AWAY from THE DARK

I wish to uplift some of you OUT of the dreadful SAVAGERY that EXISTS

The DARK is doing ITS 'best' to 'steal away' your INNER SPARK as IT twists and weaves ITS invisible evil MIST

Please heed me for soon my SOUL flies AWAY

I 'came' as a 'thief in the night' and none can see my inner Might

It is the HOLY WORD you must OBEY: Love one another forever and a day.

Indeed you will ALL 'remember me' but, - - - where will YOUR soul BE ?

In the Light or in the Dark ?


page 227

From: Terence
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 12:05 PM
Subject: Truth on absolute justice

Dear Nick, I am a 76 years old man living in Tasmania. Prior to my leaving for Tasmania I was a police officer in Kenya during the 1960's and this time I became acutely aware that I had also become a 'spirit medium' with deep insight into understanding the realms of spirit and how such realms so forcefully impact our spirit souls while here on earth. 

You will no doubt be aware that there is an escalation of discord in communities around the globe, a dramatic upturn globally of DARKNESS IN ACTION via the hands of the merciless who seek, not only defend themselves against 'suffering,' but who also seek to destroy their perceived enemy prior to that day or 'date.' (The day their predator enemy 'socks it' to them)

Both 'parties' to the destructive outbreaks whether they 'ours or theirs' are in fact TERRORISTS because they impose terror and excruciating suffering, loss and destruction to the other.

Neither 'party' is AWARE that their REAL enemy is an invisible one that being the DARK forceful, destructive, merciless energy essence of THE SOURCE. This destructive energy flows through and activates all those who seek to use IT to their 'advantage' over others. (Clarified in Note - 2 at end of email.)

Not only is man using this punitive energy to wage war 'overseas' but it is also a war waged 'locally' by the police services against peaceful community members, and it is this expose of mine which is catalogued on line in a present case concerning the ATO against a 70 old lady who refuses to fund warmongers.

It is her belief that to be true to God's Command to never harm any other, for her means, that she could no longer fund the governments choice to send young men and women kill people in her name and on her behalf. The upshot of her decision to be true to her religious belief was that she refused to fill out tax returns for the last 15 years. This case is a test case of the 'Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitution and can be reviewed here:

What I am trying to get EVERYONE to see is that whether they cause harm to others personally OR pay the wages of others who cause harm in their name and on their behalf, that it is all ONE AND THE SAME and, that within the LAW of energetic return all will suffer the ongoing painful consequences of the choices they personally made.

IF the people of Indonesia knew that the actions of their 'judges' to condemn 2 young men to their death will be reflected upon their OWN 'heads' due to this 'factor of complicity' via their funding, then they would see the wisdom of being kinder to others they perceive as 'offenders' and all would seek to OBEY the 'Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgive' Command of ALLAH and rehabilitate and educate ‘offenders’ and then set them FREE. 

In so doing everyone ahead would be 'free' and better off as their ACTIONS would always ONLY be benign. (Of the Light of Allah/God)

Please read the below and then read my 'expose' of the 'nature' of THE REAL ENEMY of man on my National Security Alert:

I add some input here also.

Extract from page 1 of 'The Law of God' document:

The Law of RETURN of God's Light or Dark energy USED BY MAN in his interaction with others is very SIMPLE indeed.

Everyone demands 'Justice,' and absolute justice is what everyone gets, but they fail to see it because its RETURN of joy and great happiness or sorrow and great travail is an occurrence taking place OUTSIDE of the 'comprehension' of the consciousness of man of today. Why is this so?

1 - It is so because man 'happily' accepts others respecting them, being kind to them, caring for them, loving them and giving them gifts while NOT seeing that it is God's BENIGN creative energy 'balancing itself' due to the POSITIVE, kind, loving and merciful PAST ACTIONS of the recipient.

The above is THE LAW OF RETURN of God's creative energy at the time and in the place IT so decides.

2 - It is so because man REFUSES to accept others disrespecting them, being cruel to them, uncaring of them, hating them and stealing from them. NONE seeing  that it is God's MALIGNANT destructive energy 'balancing itself' due to the NEGATIVE, unkind, cruel, merciless PAST ACTIONS of the recipient.

The above is THE LAW OF RETURN of God's destructive energy at the time and in the place IT so decides.

ON THE DAY man comprehends that THE LAW OF GOD'S ENERGETIC ENERGY RETURN is UNAVOIDABLE and immutable, then man will HALT accruing further 'dues' to said punitive and destructive energy by halting his USE OF IT in his interaction with others.

People only USE God's dark destructive energy through their total IGNORANCE of ITS Sovereign Power over them. Once a person 'gives in' to ITS tempting 'thoughts' to use ITS power to accomplish 'something' or to defend oneself, then one is 'lost' because the ENERGY return aspect is beyond the capacity of anyone to stop it taking place.

If you wish to set yourself FREE spiritually and halt your present downward slide into the oblivion of eternal travail and ultimate hellfire, you need to halt your support of others who use your funds to GO FORTH CAUSING HARM to others in your name and on your behalf.

To halt this present 'way' of man you will need to be STRONG OF MIND and emotionally courageous indeed because the 'super intelligent' DARK energy essence will 'turn' upon you via other ignorant and arrogant persons and force you to suffer in order to balance any outstanding dues to IT.

There is NO EASY WAY OUT. The more you use THE forceful dark power of GOD, the more of IT grows within your soul and the greater ITS mental and emotional 'hold' over your consciousness. To assist yourself you need to do the Star prayer daily and listen to the audio tracks on my web site. 


NOTE - 1 - THE forceful dark power of GOD – This forceful, controlling, subjugating, deceptive, destructive EVIL POWER is the biblical ‘FRUIT’ from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that GOD forbids man to USE because HE (God) is the ONLY ‘one’ who can use IT without suffering THE terrifying CONSEQUENCE.

Presently, all mankind is ON THE WIDE ROAD TO HELL. Whether they can see it or not, "IT IS A FACT," says my sacred pen. (God’s)

NOTE - 2 - The invisible energy essence of the Source is what 'animates' or 'moves' man in his activity whether it is the Light benign or Dark destructive energy.

When you 'sit' and think of a way to assist or uplift others in a positive way your mind becomes linked telepathically (via positive emotions) to THE LIGHT energy of God and ITS infinite intelligence inspires you creatively.

When you 'sit' and scheme and seek ways to to control, subjugate, impoverish, steal, injure, cause harm or destroy a perceived enemy your mind becomes linked telepathically (via negative emotions) to THE DARK energy of God and ITS infinite intelligence inspires you destructively.

This Dark invisible FORCE controls the minds of ALL 'combatants' and uses them as ITS 'pawns' to mete out ITS 'divine' retribution (Law) against the others who are equally arrogant, ignorant and mentally 'disturbed' and 'possessed' by ITS thoughts as IT strives to 'balance its books' via them. At the same time, it entraps them further for they accrue ongoing painful 'dues' to IT within ITS 'eye for an eye' LAW.

Man cannot 'move' or have his 'being' without being ACTIVATED by God's ENERGY.


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~ Is Justice served ? ~
Open letter to Police association - Ron Iddles

Dear Sir, man is unknowingly 'hell-bent' in his quest for ABSOLUTE JUSTICE, seeing not that he is simply the instrument of the 'devilish' Dark Sovereign Power as IT via arrogant man fulfills ITS Law and 'balances' ITS 'scales of justice' via the mind of the vain, ignorant, merciless and vindictive.

None of these non-believers in peace, love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness as commanded by THE CREATOR can see that as they mete out PUNITIVE Justice that they are themselves revolving within the punitive aspect of God's 'Law of return' (As you do is done unto you) and that 'later' in this life or the next they will themselves BURN in agony or loss as they suffer ALL they imposed.

Let us now return to the 'case' of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran of the Bali 9 and ask oneself: "Is it Justice for people to suffer in jail for ten years or be 'executed' when in FACT:

1 - they had not committed the ACT of smuggling and therefore had caused NO harm to others and, - - -
2 - In their act of INTENT to smuggle they had in FACT caused NO harm to others because they were 'foiled or thwarted"?

The obvious answer is NO. So why does 'society' use text rulings in a book to inflict so much ongoing suffering upon people?

It is THE TIME now for all to see that THE DARK POWER is using the 'establishment' to pursue and punish people for their PAST offences, being activities in contravention of God's Command that generally have naught to do with the PRESENT circumstance.

It is also the time to realise that all complicit to this defiance of of God's 'peace and love and mercy' COMMAND who are involved in meting out God's Justice within said 'Law of Return' of God do in FACT 'set' the very same 'net' for their own ENTRAPMENT ahead in this life or the next.

The RETURN factor within God's Law is UNAVOIDABLE by man for IT is a Law unto ITSELF and imposes ITS 'return' at the time and in the place IT so chooses and takes place when least expected.

Every INTENT to CAUSE HARM or 'murder' someone or 'bring them down' is the telepathic subjugation of the mind of the individual by intrusive THOUGHTS, thoughts which JUSTIFY their actions. These thoughts stem from the consciousness of DARK FORCES in the underworld seeking 'someone' to be their INSTRUMENT of 'correction.'

All 'offenders' are the 'mentally disturbed,' be they the persecuting police or their victims and all need 'corrective education' and this way forward is THE ONLY WAY that man begins to RISE UP into THE LIGHT.

Sincerely - Terence 27/02/2015

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Open letter to Asst. Commissioner Dean McWhirter

~ Ref: Escalating family violence globally ~

Dear Sir, I am a 76 year old Tanzanian presently residing in Tasmania. I am presently a mental health consultant and I am also a spirit medium with a very deep insight into the Light & Dark spiritual realms far beyond the sight of most mortals, and in the early 1960's I was a serving police officer with the Kenya Police for a time.

For the last 25 years I have been 'committed' to elevating the consciousness of mankind and am fully aware of THE REASONS for what I term 'Minds Under Siege' from dark realms, being the unstoppable intrusive thoughts (telepathically) invading and pervading the mind of man which lead man into negative expression. (suicide or causing harm to others)

In the 'old' days it was termed 'spirit possession' wherein a spirit force seized control of or 'overrode' the consciousness of its victim who was telepathically subjugated and then used to cause harm. This reality exists today and is intensifying. Regrettably since 'psychiatry' came into vogue this truth and reality was set aside.

The actions of Martin Bryant of Tasmania is a 'classic' case of spirit possession, and when a 'mind' is controlled by spirit, the consciousness of the individual is 'shoved aside' and they have NO recollection of what was done by their physical body that was being mentally controlled by an intruding consciousness.

If you are 'seriously' hoping to help 'stay' the hands of the mentally disturbed who daily cause harm, be it domestic violence or other, then you will need to seed your mind with my truth for without IT and ITS wisdom you will fail as have all others previously.

I trust that you use your departmental powers to have my web content examined in depth, and then together we can implement a strategy of education, for any who 'fail' to use the means I promote to fortify their minds against intrusion will themselves succumb to the 'temptation' of intrusive thoughts and become 'mad' sadly.

Global confrontation is now to intensify -

For the spiritual REASONS for the escalating mental 'attack' read my National Security Alert:

You also need to familiarise yourself with the contents of my 'Offender document':
Read my Item 1 -
Feeling Easier' Seminar 23 p. Rehabilitation of offenders.

It is now the time for change to education rather than punishment because to get the upper hand punitively, one has to justify becoming a 'beast' and committing more serious unconscionable 'crimes' than ones opposition.

Please read the below 3 letters sent this month -

Sincerely - Terence

Judge Terence de Malaherre
Centre of Enlightenment
Spiritual Leader of the ONE True Faith organisation

Lalapanzi - Anchor road
Pyengana - Tasmania 7216

61 363 736188

From: Terence
Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 7:22 AM
Subject: Fw: Global escalation of family violence and offensive behaviour

~ 'Protection reflection' - growing violence - irrational behaviour ~

Dear 'Jaquie' and all,

During my 'stay' in Tasmania over the last 20 years during which all you 'young ones' were growing up and latterly now in prominent positions in the community, I was simply sitting in my 7 x 8 metre 'cabin' in the Blue Tier range doing my 'bit' for humanity solving the cause of all sorrow using my telepathic 'medium' capabilities, a capability which enabled me to reach through the 'veil of consciousness' into the 'after-life' aspects of both THE DARK and THE LIGHT realms of spirit so that I could bring forth true wisdom to this lowly world where disrespect, irrationality, insanity and escalating confrontation appears to be the 'new order of the day.'

The 'problem' facing everyone is their 'lack of capacity' to stem the tide of incoming thoughts (telepathically induced from the dark) which are now beyond their capacity to control. These thoughts are what lead man into errant, disrespectful, irrational, suicidal and destructive behaviour. (insanity in action)

Regrettably for the psychiatric 'world' as well as all the mental health strategists such as 'beyond blue' and others, not one of them have the slightest 'clue' as to the causes of this ‘telepathic subjugation of the mind of man’ behaviour.

Not one of them has the 'means' whereby they can teach anyone to help themselves out of their 'dismal' situation because not one of them understand the 'how' or 'why' minds are 'open prised' by invisible dark forces in spirit who use 'earthlings' to do their bidding. (Martin Bryant a ‘classic’ case) 

I write this note to you because UNLESS those 'in power' such as yourself can assist me to awaken everyone and assist 'us' to begin to promote the information I have gleaned, then total chaos will ensue to the detriment of everyone in Tasmania.

I attach a recent letter below but add, my task for God (She the Light) is this very week completed and my voluminous web site content is on line 'free to the world' but, - - - I do need funding so that DVD's of the web content can be made available and translations can be made and educational seminars can be given so that 'offenders' can be rehabilitated rather than fined or jailed and everyone learns the ‘how’ to fortify their mind against telepathic subjugation.

Not only this, but every person or group presently engaged in helping the 'mentally disturbed' also need to be educated before they also 'succumb' to the rising tide of darkness. Every ‘unprotected’ mind is soon to become a ‘victim of darkness.’

Tasmania has the opportunity to lead the world into the NEW AGE of enlightenment.

Sincerely – Terence

From: Terence
Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 10:08 AM
Subject: Fw: Global escalation of family violence and offensive behaviour

Dear Julie, I did phone you this morning and even though this email is not a ‘media’ request, I trust that you will not only read it but pass it on to others as its contents will I hope ‘awaken’ everyone to the ‘sad’ truth that all the mental health ‘counselling’ with its present understanding of depression etc., is not going to stem or halt the rising darkness resulting in family violence as well as global confrontation and subsequent destruction.

There are presently ‘hidden’ reasons for escalating ‘insanity’ wherein mankind loses their ‘reason’ to be kind and respectful and finds the justification to abuse others or self-destruct.

Regrettably the psychiatric ‘world’ is also completely in the ‘dark’ so to speak having NO ‘answers’ to the problems now facing humanity.

Do I have the answer? Yes I do, and unless the MEDIA can now visit my web site and enlighten themselves to ITS revelations will they then be able to awaken all humanity so that everyone can learn how to fortify their minds against intrusive destructive thoughts. (The telepathic subjugation of the mind of man from lower dark realms of consciousness) 

All ‘good’ souls being counsellors seeking to assist the ‘ill of mind’ and emotions need to themselves quickly avail themselves of THE TRUTH of the matter.

Sincerely - Terence


From: Terence
Sent: Sunday, February 22, 2015 10:30 PM
Subject: Global escalation of family violence and offensive behaviour

Dear recipient, I am a 76 year old Tanzanian who has spent much of his life counteracting the dark forces which pervade the mind of man in a manner which I 'term' MINDS UNDER SIEGE. My main work in Africa was to do with sorcery or witchcraft.

Here in the Australian outback it could have been the 'curse' placed upon a person by the 'kadaicha man' which led to suicide or other harm.

OVERPOWERING thoughts leading man into uncivil and abusive acts is in fact what was termed 'spirit possession' in olden times, and is simply uncontrollable thoughts which access the mind of people due to their negative emotions 'surging' and opening a telepathic doorway DOWNWARDS into very dark spirit realms from whence stem said destructive thoughts. Be it resulting in suicide or the causing of harm to another.

There are reasons categorised on my web site giving the ‘WHY’ this telepathic subjugation of the mind of man is now to escalate dramatically and increase 100 fold or MORE and lead to the breakdown of every society on earth and global confrontation.

Is there a means to stem this dark mental invasion leading to family violence and breakdown? Yes, it can be 'stemmed' if the individual 'offender' can be educated as to the means to so do. Also, every child and adult needs to quickly LEARN what to do to assist themselves in order to fortify their minds before they become irrational, disrespectful and DANGEROUS.

I have many documents on my web site clarifying this 'possessive' thought process and I give a few links below.

I also have 14 Audio MP3 tracks which can be freely downloaded from my web site. View at:

To learn how to fortify your mind go to: 

For a 2 page 'brief summary' of my 200 document message to humanity go to:

For my 'Suicide document' and spirit possession revelations go to:

For my ‘Facts of life’ article needed by everyone of all ages go to:

For spiritual THE REASONS for the escalating mental 'attack' read my National Security Alert:

For Clemencia's Mental health Carer's manual & error of psychiatry go to:


DVD’s are available of my web content that is free on line to the reader.

Further to the above – All ‘offensive’ or ‘offender’ disturbance of the peace activity is the result of MENTAL DISTURBANCE (Mental illness, insanity to a greater or lesser degree) All offenders need educative rehabilitation in attending a ‘Feeling Easier’ Seminar rather than ‘court’ fines or other punishment which leads to impoverishment and further offensive activity:

A ‘quick’ education program for all schools needs to be established so that everyone ‘wizens up’ before it is too late. “Too late” means one has lost the capacity to ‘rationalise’ and wisely maintain a peaceful, merciful, kind and forgiving demeanour and thus one ‘sins’ more and more against ‘self, others and God’ and eventually ends up at ‘Hell’s shore.’


From: Terence
Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 4:16 PM
Subject: Fw: Global escalation of family violence and offensive behaviour

Mr David Owen - Dear Sir, please ensure that  Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner, AM, Governor of Tasmania receives a copy of this OPEN letter as its content has information regarding the well-being of every Tasmanian.

Dear Madam, it was with interest to hear you speak today on 'air' referring to the matter of family violence and the belief you hold that it is the time to now educate 'violent men' who cause harm to their wives rather than to continue to fine and punish them.

There are few indeed today who hold such a conscionable belief, being one of mercy, compassion and forgiveness as directed and in fact commanded of mankind by our God and saviour.

If as 'governor' you had the power to implement such positive change it would truly be a wonderful beginning for all mankind commencing here in Tasmania however, - - - there is another 'governor' in this State and He/IT holds the opposing real unconscionable power and unforgiving belief in the use of force of arms to mercilessly, vindictively and cruelly impose punishment in the name of 'Justice' upon everyone.

Who or 'what' is IT? It is simply text in books of statutes named 'rules' or 'the law' and these unconscious (unthinking) TEXTS rule and GOVERN everyone silently and everyone on the land is under the CONTROL of said decrees enshrined in books regarded as 'holy' by those employed to uphold them.

Any person seeking to 'avoid' or nullify said 'commandments' are challenged in the courts of the land, so now you know the true 'nature' of the opposition which may or will present itself in opposition to your conscionable, kind and merciful belief.

In fact the ruling 'texts' within these statutes were inspired by the Queen's politicians, so it is they who are culpable to the great sorrow caused to citizens as their texts permit ongoing and incremental monetary extortion (fines) and punishment and added sorrow.

I am a man of similar belief to yours, for I do know our invisible God (She) the Mother of all creation and I also know Her Command of:

"Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful and compassionate and forgive those who offend you."

So, as I am who I am, I simply pass on some information to you so that together we can maybe 'burn the books' of retributive justice and make a fresh start as we educate everyone so that we all are seen by God to be bowing to Her/His Command as we assist our fellow 'man' back to sanity, reason and respect.

Please read my recent emails sent recently.

Sincerely - Terence

From: Terence
Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2015 2:24 PM
To: info@
Subject: The last call to all before the eternal fall.

Dear Douglas, please read this out where you are speaking in the knowledge that many lost spirit ‘soldiers’ and others will hear your words. If you can pass this ON to ‘Gallipoli’ to a speaker there then please so do.

It is now the time to stop glorifying the maiming and killing of others – even ‘Jiminy cricket’ knew that vengeance has its PRICE. All FALL who defy their God and their conscience. Peace & love & mercy and FORGIVE THINE ENEMY is the ONLY way to Paradise.

Sincerely - Terence

~ Gallipoli ~

The last 'post' the last 'stand' for any spirit living in the lower hellish  lands.

Dear 'brothers in arms,' we of the True in the Light of the heavens truly know of your suffering that is ongoing in far distant realms. We of the Light do know the terror and sorrow that many of you yet so impose upon some other.

How is this so? Because we can see that your spirit souls did never 'die' because we all do live forever. Some live up in the Light and others as you lost in the dark hellish night where travail and agony go on and on and on forever.

There is a possible release from this 'bondage' and this is why I stand here before you today to advise you of "What you can do to set yourselves free from your ongoing agony."

There is a 'bugler' way up high, and he is the one 'faithful' to our Creator God invisible on high and truly, the 'call' of this bugler is THE LAST CALL in the 'time' of FOREVER so please try and obey IT and set yourselves free.

We here on planet earth can sense and feel your loss, remorse and ongoing sorrow and that impacts upon our senses here as we gather to say:

"We remember you and we will never forget you" - - - but, - - - 'lest I forget,' I will now add the message from the most high 'bugler' in the sky who says:

Brothers and lads who did fight and yet fight on for honour or flag or nation or king or queen or 'orders given' or for God, - - - please now put down your mace and show your inner grace to God and forgive your enemy as God commands and thus set yourselves free from ongoing insanity, deprivation and eternal travail.

Please now honour your God, your family name and your own soul as you bravely and courageously stand unarmed before your enemy with 'outstretched hands' saying:

"Come to me my brother and as friends we will drink of the fruit of the vine being God's love divine."

Together then say:

Creator of the heavens father and mother of love
we see your star shining above
please cleanse my mind with all your love
so that we can live in peace as commanded by your Light above

I Terence an ambassador of the Light have had my say for this is the LAST 'roll call.'

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