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~ Dispelling the 'Jesus saves' MYTH ~

From: Terence
Sent: Monday, December 02, 2013 1:32 PM
Subject: absolute truth and the messiah - Dispelling the 'Jesus saves' MYTH

Dear Greg, I refer to your words being the past scriptural words words through which error was promoted by men of the 'cloth.': :

The message of the Bible is summed up in that most famous of Bible verses, John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life"

Note: The above Him refers to Him GOD, - - - not him Jesus the man

I Terence state: The entire 'Christian' community has been programmed to believe that THE 'saviour' is the MAN Jesus, and it is I God's 'pen' to now dispel that myth forever and ever, for although on my star prayer meditation for Christians I use the words "Jesus please help me and save me" - this is stated to assist the 'Jesus' believers, but I ADD that in order for the named man 'Jesus' to 'save,' one has to conform with the message from THE FATHER, God who sent Jesus and, all must OBEY it during the time of tribulations. Any person continuing to believe that the crucifixion of the man Jesus in some way voids or nullifies God's Law will 'die in their sin.' To be 'saved' you must at all times and in all situations:

Go your way in peace & love one another and mercifully and compassionately forgive those who persecute you and - you must turn the other cheek when abused and 'go' as a lamb to the slaughter in NON-retaliation as you NOW PAY YOUR DUES OWED TO THE DARK ENERGY OF GOD as said, for paying others to do your evil deeds on your behalf (systems armed forces) or for doing the same yourself. (controlling or injuring others)

It is I the returned Spirit of Truth who has elevated THE unadulterated Salvation TRUTH above the 'clouds' and, - - - 

ONLY those whom on ITS truth sup will begin to comprehend the depth of depravity and iniquity to which ALL have fallen, as they were deceived by error of comprehension in biblical texts such as THE ABOVE, being the FALSE promotion of the MAN 'Jesus' by Priests.

It is MY 'pen,' God's to elevate THE TESTAMENT OF TRUTH so that those truly believing in 'HIM' understand that in the above texts it is NOT referring to  the 'man Jesus' to be praised but Him GOD the Father HIM who sent Jesus.

To be saved, you must now acknowledge HIM (God) in OBEYING the message God sent via Jesus, especially when faced by God's WRATH as you PAY your dues to HIM for being SWINE. The name 'Jesus' must be taken OUT of the 'equation' so to speak, - - - as one OBEYS God's 'message' Command reiterated by me below. All are yet praising the man Jesus rather than LIVING the message sent by God.

Man teaches and preaches that all 'praising' Jesus are already safe & saved AND believe that they are now 'above' THE LAW OF GOD and I say:


Jesus went as a 'lamb to the slaughter' to SHOW THE WAY (non-retaliation in the face of adversity.) NONE are yet 'saved' by 'grace' for that is an IMPOSSIBILITY. One cannot VOID God's Law. (Karma - absolute justice )Show God YOUR 'grace' in obeying HIM and of your inner sin you will be freed in the manner as revealed in my holy texts. (Inner sin is the dark negative emotions which are the dark energy of God)

God's 'eye for an eye' - As you SOW so shall ye REAP decree is immutable & inviolate.

IT applies to both good and bad deeds - do good and IT returns via others to you on an equal basis.

Do bad and cause harm to even one 'hair' on the head of another CHILD OF GOD and God's ENERGY balances itself when IT so chooses in this OR the after-life and you are 'harmed' or suffer loss etc., on an absolutely EQUAL basis.

Wake UP, there are as yet only a handful of true 'Christians' on earth for the multitudes so professing are funding iniquity and promoting IT and ITS works via government systems etc., because 'ministers' of religion using the texts 'Render unto Caesar' MISUNDERSTOOD what that meant and all now condone war and walk hand in hand with warmongers.

ONLY those who NOW OBEY HIM God (not Jesus) and LIVE the message HE sent via Jesus and now me who FACTUALLY, when under duress, still OBEY IT will be saved when their DUES have been met (paid or suffered in non-retaliation) - - - and thus they must from this moment forth abide in (Obey) the message from God and:

Go their way in peace & love one another and mercifully and compassionately forgive those who persecute them and - they must turn the other cheek when abused and 'go' as a lamb to the slaughter in NON-retaliation as they NOW PAY THEIR DUES OWED TO THE DARK ENERGY OF GOD as said, for paying others to do their evil deeds on their behalf (systems armed forces) or doing same themselves.

FEW indeed will follow me to Paradise

Know ye that what is perfect is now come and, that which is 'in part'* will be done away. (* Old scripture)
Show your Creator that you do now abide in TRUE faith and be merciful, forgiving and charitable unto all.

Sup from my wellspring of living water and attain eternal life of pure bliss.

Cause harm and the Devil's fold awaits you.

God is GOD, not man. God IS the Light and the Dark

It was also written that "Whomsoever 'sups' on the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good & evil will die in their SIN." Man needs to NOW comprehend that self-defence or attack is the use of DESTRUCTIVE ENERGETIC FORCE of GOD which IS the destructive 'fruit' of said 'tree' and, - - - the use of IT is what causes injury or loss or suffering to OTHERS.

If you condone or fund 'protection' by armed men or defend yourself when faced by adversity, you are DEFIANT of God and ON the wide road to Hell because, you are causing others harm and accruing a further spiritual due and drawing IN more 'sin' which is the dark energy essence of the Source, - - - and IT draws your soul away and DOWN to ITS terrifying lair.

Note: In this final 'test' of man by God the 'pass mark' is 100%, no less no more.



~ Before Its news NEWS ~
Outreach to all media outlets

The awaited MESSIAH is now in the flesh and states:
There is NO need for any more 'Popes' for every religion is now to fall into disarray.

Dear recipient, be advised that the 'awaited' Messiah being the messenger of God walks this earth and, over the last few years has been formulating a message to humanity from the Source. It is imperative that every person find their way to IT because, all prior biblical and other supposedly sacred teachings were and are yet contaminated by untruth & deception and are of NO 'Salvation' value and, all on this earth are as yet sliding downwards and backwards towards the Abyss of eternal suffering.

The past 'The OLD Testament' and 'The NEW Testament' are now OBSOLETE and superseded by this 'The Testament of TRUTH' which has been written by my personal 'hand' and soul of pure Light uncontaminated by 'Sin.' (Negative emotions)

Know ye that what is perfect is now come and, that which is 'in part'* will be done away. (* Old scripture)
Show your Creator that you do now abide in TRUE faith and be merciful, forgiving and charitable unto all.

Sup from my wellspring of living water and attain eternal life of pure bliss.

Be advised that the message to humanity from the Source God is to prepare humanity for the now END times tribulations and separation of souls. 

The message to humanity is on line at

As I and I alone (The Spirit of Truth) am the rightful Representative of GOD on earth to guide God's children HOME, there is no more need of any 'religions' with their clerics, priests, bishops or others, for all these 'fell' by the wayside as they 'sided' with Caesar's men due to their fear of 'castration' in being fed to the LIONS, and thus they deceived God's children in teaching them that they were 'required' by God to FUND Caesar's coffers by paying TAXES.

None seeing that the funding of INIQUITY is what has kept man trapped by THE BEAST for centuries. All now have 'dues' to be met for funding, supporting, condoning and thus 'upholding' the ANTI-Christ Government 'doctrine' of CONTROL over God's children, as officials and enforcers of State via legislation: Dominate them, subjugate them, extort money from them, punish them, injure and kill them, all for greed and ABSOLUTE POWER.

The web site given below will clarify for all souls the truth of why they are suffering mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, simply due to the false beliefs that they can defy God's Command to be "Only forgiving, peaceful and loving" in their interactions with others and still be 'safe & saved,' but that is error of doctrine. Those who continue to defy God and injure and subjugate others or those who continue to fund the contra doctrine of control, punishment and war, FAIL their final coming test and do go to HELL.

ONLY fund benign community effort and services provision.

The information on the Messiah's web site will help people to understand that anyone seeking to attain Heaven/Paradise MUST now lay down their arms and become total pacifists even if faced by 'crucifixion' at the hands of the merciless. 

Those continuing to BE merciless, vindictive, retributive and unforgiving will definitely find that their eternal 'fate' is to be in the terrifying realms of ongoing suffering. Realms which DO exist, and the demonic forces therein 'await' those souls who pass over having continued to defy the call of "Love one another & Forgive your enemy under all and every circumstance no matter what the provocation may have been," since that is demanded by God's One Command.

Armageddon of THE MIND * leading to escalating insanity has commenced
All seekers of Salvation now need to read God's final message to humanity.

The means to fortify the mind against incoming 'possessive' dark thoughts is given on the web site because, as all of us can now clearly see, is the escalation of  retribution and the total disrespect of many towards other children of God because people cannot control their THOUGHTS.

Note: Armageddon of THE MIND * - Is the telepathic subjugation of the mind of man by demonic forces who are now waging war upon all humanity and turning man against man. Any who fail to fortify their minds against this psychic attack will become totally 'possessed' and cause havoc. Worldwide chaos is now inevitable. Only the few who remain true to the precepts of God's Command when faced by adversity "Love, peace, mercy, compassion & forgive" will be saved.

Everyone needs to fortify their minds daily using the 'Star' prayer meditation and relevant information at:

Mankind does not need MEN to lead them astray any longer.  THE TRUTH now walks this earth 'HIDDEN' and invisible in the flesh of mortal man and states: "Turn direct to GOD and OBEY His 'Love, peace, mercy, compassion and forgive' COMMAND, and turn the other cheek when confronted as God's WRATH now descends upon all for funding iniquity."

Governments of man ARE also 'Religions,' as they HAVE an Ideological DOCTRINE of absolute DOMINATION - subjugation, interference, control, extortion, fine, punishment, injury and killing.  This destructive controlling Doctrine is opposite to and in contravention of God's Command.

Please 'NEWS Paper or RADIO' this 'Last Hour' NEWS so that everyone has the opportunity to visit the web site and make a personally informed decision whether to treat IT with derision or with absolute respect and consideration as it is the final message to each from their Creator.

In summary, today, many speak about light, love and mercy, but what we all see or hear about is in fact the increasing violence of man against man, and greater control by government systems over man. This all highlights the disrespect many have for God's children. It is this careless disregard of God's children which causes many souls to ultimately slide backwards and down into the dark abyss rather than them going UP into the pure Light of freedom.



God's Judge Terence de Malaherre
Centre of Enlightenment
Constitutional & Spiritual Consultant


~ Ref SBS program, the Psychopath ~

Hello Jim, thanks for the response, so few respond to my many thousands of emails sent out weekly as I try to awaken sleeping mankind. As to your words:

< From what tradition of meditation is your technique? I do collaborate with the mindfulness/TM scientists at Maharishi in Iowa from time to time, and with a Master of Masters advisor, >

My meditation is from no 'mortal' tradition but is simply inspired via my mind and pen. As I see it, there are no 'master of masters' on earth today for all 'advisors' are still lost in the dark in reference to the true knowledge of the 'sin' within man, (God's DARK energy essence) and no meditation can 'clear' these negative emotions out of people any more than a surgeon's knife.

It is within my message to humanity that I expose 'how' it is to be for 'some,' and those who wish to remain in ignorance will 'forfeit' their chance at inner purification and Salvation.

Mankind does not comprehend the complexity of their inner NEGATIVE emotions. ( Being 'The Sin' - which is drawn IN when defying God's command to: "NEVER sup on the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil," being God's forceful & destructive dark energy) -

Ones benign inner Light and LOVE core if uncontaminated by dark energy can do what IT was created to, being ONLY kind, loving, compassionate and merciful etc., and enabling the individual to FEEL 'happy & joyous' at all times or 'at ease' when facing others displaying darkness.

The spiritual 'holy grail ~ the uncontaminated soul - NO dark energy within.
Thus the MIND of the immortal spirit soul is ONLY linked telepathically to the Light energy Source of the ALL.
The 'being' is ONLY conscionable and loving to all at all times and in all situations.

The soul of 'sinful man' - contaminated by dark 'emotional' energy.
Thus the MIND of the immortal spirit soul can be linked telepathically to BOTH the Light & the Dark aspects of the Source.
The being can BE both conscionable AND unconscionable, depending upon the situation.

page 206

There can BE many millions of 'computations' because, for example: There are 26 letters of the alphabet, but from these 'few' one can make up over 100,000 words. So even if there were only 10 negative emotions in a person, but the volume mass of each was capable of having multitudes of different vibrations from say 100 cycles to 1,million, then there are LIMITLESS possibilities of 'what' and at 'which' frequency a person is feeling when a 'situation' arises, causing one or many of said negative emotions to 'vibrate' or hum.

Also, as the totality of the negative vibration being felt links ones mind telepathically DOWN to a similar frequency in the DARK, linking ones MIND to dark forces living there, then what one 'thinks' at any particular time can also have limitless possibilities of INTRUSION.

As it is the 'Sin' or dark emotions within which ARE of the DARK, and as IT the DARK has a nature of deception, vindictiveness and destruction, it follows as to 'why' some persons are more retributive than others if faced by a similar confronting situation.

Persons as myself having NO negative emotions within can simply stand 'calm' in the face of death & destruction and not 'flinch' or even raise their hand in self-defence. Those as me know that no person will strike them unless inspired to by God (the energy) and in suffering, one is simply being set FREE from ones past as long as one does not retaliate.

I give my understanding of How God's LIGHT is outpouring at an accelerated rate to purge the soul of man in my 'synopsis' of the message and elsewhere, so I do not need to go into that here, I simply wish to speak more on the 'psychopathic' aspect.

No doubt the 'biology' and electric energy of the brain shows up psychopathic tendencies of lack of feeling or compassion etc., being the 'coldness' of dark energy, and no doubt this 'coldness' indicates dark energy within, but I and you both know that when faced by extreme danger, a supposedly 'normal' or kind person can become a 'killer' through fear or anger etc.

This is because their MIND becomes possessed and overridden by an intrusive spirit being who seizes CONTROL telepathically for a moment in time or longer. Such was the case of Martin Bryant of Tasmania who killed many people.

It is quite possible that if he has a brain scan, that it will show NO abnormalities. It follows that the real 'killer' being a demon in spirit was the ONE with the cold and callous unconscionable 'heart.' In fact many people who become possessed do not either remember what their mouth said nor what their hand did, for their consciousness was shoved aside so to speak and the mind of the spirit was in possession of their 'faculties.' Martin Bryant even states that he did not do any killing.

On the other 'hand,' a brain scan indicating psychopathic tendencies could mean that there is 'coldness' in the heart but, IF the FEAR in a person is of great proportions then IT could ensure that the person never actually caused any 'wrong' due to their fear of the consequence. As said, there are a million and one possibilities.

Read my expose of the DARK POWER here page 14 at:  read the entire document afterwards

~ The REAL & ONLY enemy of man ~
Pure liquid EVIL energy

Outside of the pure Light of heaven there exists an invisible 'mist' of Dark energy which pervades every 'realm' of consciousness below the Light. This Dark essence has such an 'attractive power,' that IT draws everything to itself. Thus at ITS 'base' (The pit of the Abyss) it is a solid mass of such 'weight and pressure' that it 'self ignited' aeons of time ago. This is the eternal flame that transforms the negative Dark energy into positive Light energy, and IT (the fire) burns forever and ever and ever.

This energy (Dark) has its own unique characteristics of absolute power, destructive intent and super intelligence, and IT is comprised of all known and unknown negative emotions. IT the pure EVIL is absolutely cruel and malignant and disharmonious and is opposite in nature in every way to the pure LOVE emanating from the Light with ITS harmony and benign, happy and joyful emotions.

The Dark essence seeks to INTERFERE and cause disharmony, pain, loss etc., to man, and is what man uses or is used by in his interaction with others. When man 'gives in' to the 'tempting' thoughts arising in his MIND, man then JUSTIFIABLY goes forth disturbing the peace of others.

In FACT, it is the dark energy which is USING man and flowing through their soul and mind and hand as IT metes out retributive vengeance so as to 'balance' ITS 'Scales of Justice' against some other who had caused another to suffer in the past.

Man only uses this 'evil' energy because some of IT (negative emotions) is within mans soul. Thus as man is used by or uses this destructive force, he FEELS 'happy & justified' when he is punishing the other because, IT (Dark energy) is happy when meting out JUSTICE.

Man being used BY the Dark sees NOT his error, for he man is not the DARK but ITS 'instrument.' IT the Dark is above ITS Law of return, but mankind being USED by IT is NOT above 'The Law' of the Dark energy. (God)

In fact, this Dark energy is NOT 'evil' per se, for IT is simply what it IS. IT has a specific 'nature,' and if man is so vain or arrogant or ignorant as to use IT, then man places himself INTO eternal suffering as IT is superior in intelligence to man. Once man uses IT, then IT the energy will keep man bound to using IT or being used BY it so that IT can cause man to suffer FOREVER. Man's arrogance in believing they are as mighty as IT is what traps everyone.

In FACT as stated, the invisible energy essence of THE SOURCE, God is the REAL & ONLY enemy of man. For as IT 'convinces' man to be ITS 'instrument' of:


IT then keeps man 'locked into' being ITS 'eye for an eye' Law of RETURN enforcer, and ongoing suffering and loss takes place.

When a 'violent' man being used by IT bashes his wife or kills a member of the public, he is telepathically 'possessed' by IT and mentally 'disturbed' by IT and justified by IT to do what IT is doing VIA his mind and hand.

IT (The dark) metes out ITS 'Justice' when IT so decides, and the person being injured may in FACT be paying their dues from a long distant past, (pre-birth possibly) as their spirit soul has existed for eternal time.

It is also the SAME 'process' when a magistrate metes out a fine or issues an eviction notice or a jail term. Indeed the same Dark energy is in operation JUSTIFYING these punitive measures. IT uses the 'supposedly' legal or mandated decrees of ITS 'servants' the politicians and judiciary. All punishment is meted out by the DARK energy essence of THE SOURCE, God VIA the mind and hand of THE IGNORANT who see NOT their own dues to God mounting.

All persons causing 'harm or loss' or are punishing others 'legitimately' ARE abusers who ARE disturbing the peace of others. All such persons ARE using God's liquid EVIL force and all place their own fate into ITS 'hands and Law.' All suffer the SAME 'fate' in this life or the next realm.

As YOU 'permit' the DARK to use you to cause harm, some of ITS energy grows within your soul. Thus you become more 'as it' and you become more callous, unconscionable and self-righteous, and you become more determined to use 'force and punishment' to 'Right the wrongs' of others.

Terrible indeed is your FATE as you become a 'faithful' servant of THE DARK aspect of the Source. (Father) Eventually, your soul becomes an 'inky' black DEMON abiding forever in the dark below and suffering on in perpetuity.

Violence begets violence. The more you support and use rules to impose punishment, the more rules and added punishments are IMPOSED by THE DARK via the minds of ITS servants, the politicians and their enforcers.

The DARK energy essence never 'sleeps,' - - - IT is an eternally active force that can be active in the minds of some both day and night FOREVER if they give IT access for too long. Many a warmonger 'planner' schemes and plots endlessly as IT (The dark) keeps their minds 'awake' 24/7 as IT via them makes ITS 'plan' to invade some other land so as to mete out RETRIBUTIVE JUSTICE.

Man is extremely IGNORANT and has absolutely NO comprehension of the infinite intelligence and capacity of God's ENERGY. Be IT the 'love' Light or IT the hateful destructive force that consumes all and destroys all IT pervades.

Only those of you who now 'listen to me' the messenger of the Most High SHE the Light will become free from HE the dark avenger who IS THE ENEMY of everyone who 'steals' or uses His 'forbidden to use' energy.

I hope this assists your insight - Sincerely - Terence

page 208

~ Open letter to Jonathan Burley ~

Dear Jonathan B. - I will try and write something that a BB (bible basher) as yourself might be able to see. For you are in fact a 'believer' that the Bible BOOK is literally your God.

BB's know that 'The Devil' rules this world, so it follows that IF God gave 'some' mortals the RIGHT and Power and authority to RULE other mortals using force of arms as their 'backup,' then it follows that this 'power to rule, control, subjugate, punish or kill' was in FACT bestowed upon the 'few' by The Devil rather than the True God of Light & Love who Commands man to ONLY:

"Go your way in peace & love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto others yet sinfully living and turn the other cheek if you are abused."

Can you Jonathan not see that EVERY ACTIVITY of the 'Devil's' King's, Queen's and 'Emperor' earthly rulers are DICTATORIAL, punitive, intrusive, controlling, subjugating, warlike and destructive towards any 'opposition'? Is this ACTIVITY not a complete REVERSE and contradiction to the Command of the Light of God?

Since the 'Devil' is the ruler of this world and His 'earthy authority' is destructive and is one of opposition to the Light, it follows that all 'followers and supporters' of Him and His destructive ways are doomed. Is this not a FACT? It must so be because all 'complicit' are unfaithful, disloyal and disobedient to THE "Love one another" Command. Is this not also a FACT?

Jonathan, why do you 'think' that Clemencia and I have spent years of our lives 'confronting' the system? It is to show its vain, arrogant and ignorant leaders and all 'BB's' - - - be they 'Bible or Koran' or any other doctrine that they are all being FORCED by the 'gov' (God of Dark & Death) to REMAIN defiant of the Command of THE TRUE GOD.

Indeed, can you also not see that you are accruing a painful 'due' to God within His 'eye for an eye - as you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you' LAW because of the EVIL deeds (Actions) perpetrated DAILY upon other children of THE real God on your behalf and in your name?

Why would or does The Devil keep all subjugated and punished and taxed to the hilt and all supporting that imposition upon others in the community? Solely to keep all these UNFAITHFUL servants of His totally BOUND and ON the wide road to His underworld DOMAIN where he will keep all in TORMENT forever and ever and ever.

The REASON why I (Terence) came to earth with my soul invisible (as a thief in the night) was to CORRECT the TRUTH so that if even only ONE could open their eyes and see IT, they could then save themselves in using the WISDOM I bring which is THE grace of THE true God.

The ABC to set yourself FREE I will send in a few days. The deeper truth that my 'pen' reveals is that there is NO 'God and the devil,' there is but GOD the LIGHT and the DARK. Being the twin polarities of God's ENERGY, benign and creative & malignant and destructive.

So in FACT 'She' MOTHER is the creative and loving aspect and He FATHER is the destructive POWER.

All BB's need to now replace the WORD 'Devil' with the words "God the Father." He is THE DARK SOVEREIGN POWER.

He is the ultimate authority and if you or any 'harm' even ONE 'hair' on the head of His children, then HE can NEVER forgive you and it is HE who keeps YOU all 'enslaved' to the EVIL works of His earthly powers for the sole purpose of keeping YOU and all on the road to HELL being HIS underworld Domain where all infidel non-believers in Love do GO.

page 209

I am here to retrieve as many as I can but - - - they have to be courageous and turn their backs to HIS punitive system and 'break free' from accruing more dues to HIM for their complicity to DARK deeds. Only when having PAID all outstanding dues of suffering to Him can anyone be set free.

Brother Jonathan, when any 'spirit' defies their God then it is HE who becomes their eternal ENEMY. Only TOTAL obedience to the Command of His LIGHT as you 'turn the other cheek' in NON-retaliation and pay your dues as you are 'crucified,' can you be set free of your past or present iniquity in funding or condoning the subjugation OF and 'torture' of OTHERS.

There is NO other way Jonathan. Only those who OBEY the precepts of God's Command during this time of tribulation when all lose all and all suffer, will they find surcease from eternal suffering and ultimate Salvation. Those who retaliate to protect themselves or their chattels will DIE IN THEIR SIN and suffer ON and On and ON forever in the underworld.

Regrettably, presently, NO person either 'voting' for political heads or supporting or condoning or funding their coffers are 'safe or saved.' Neither are they ON the pathway to Heaven. They are all walking in darkness albeit they see IT not. All BB's of any race are living in a DELUSION.

Do you realise that you are funding the persecution of Clemencia and others?
Do you realise that you funded the officials who incarcerated me and do the same to others?
Do you realise the amount of emotional travail and terror that is being imposed upon others by your servants?
Do you realise that as you sleep at night with your family that your servants are engaged in causing others injury or even killing them?

Are your servants operating 'benignly' in accordance with God's Command? NO.

Did you know that a rich man has less chance of attaining Heaven than a camel seeking to pass through the eye of a needle? Are you a 'rich' man Jonathan? According to my 'book,' any person owning more than his principle place of abode is not only rich, but is also living in a delusion because, there are thousands of their sisters and brothers living on the streets and, - - - if a person 'was' a godly spiritual being they would give away their 'extra' lands and 'lodges' to THE POOR and in so doing, would show their God of their love and compassion.  

Jonathan, God's grace is His LIGHT that shows THE WAY. If you continue to fund the subjugation and punishment or impoverishment or destruction of OTHERS then that becomes your OWN destiny. My 'pen' is God's grace extending God's WISDOM unto all mankind before THE LAST DAY.

Tax is the annual 'ransom' required by THE DARK to let you go your way as a 'free' man. The ransom demand increases annually because your 'dues of suffering' accrued increase annually for supporting iniquity.

The police & magistrates are in the most spiritual danger, for their ACTIONS are the 'tip' of the burning spear causing harm to others. Thus Clem and I 'confront' them, not only to show others 'the way' but to try and educate the police as to their personal 'danger' which they place themselves into during the course of their duty to political extortionists.

I refer here to THE words: (Salvation by faith alone, as opposed to the Roman Catholic teaching of faith plus works)

Brother - Salvation IS BY FAITH ALONE as well as PLUS WORKS. How or why? Because it is ones FAITHFUL 'works' or ACTIONS which CONFORM to THE precepts of God's Command unto man to: 'Extend unto all mankind peace & love & mercy & forgive thine enemy at all times and in all situations' that ENSURES ones Salvation. Brother, this ACTIVITY of GOOD WORKS is what keeps man IN alignment with god's Command.

Do you know WHY? It is because when we are the LIGHT of God in action extending only LOVE, that we receive the same benign return from others within God's “As you sow so shall ye reap” LAW and we draw IN more Light into our soul.

Conversely, when we use DARK forceful, punitive, injurious, hatred and destructive ENERGY we receive the same malignant return from others within God's LAW and we draw IN more DARK (Sin) into our soul. It is the 'heavy' vibration of SIN that draws the soul down and away from the Light of heaven.

ANY person who ‘votes’ for a political head of house ahead of God is an infidel non-believer. Every taxpayer is complicit to the imposition of terror and destruction meted out by their servants ‘armed forces’ and ALL will suffer the same ‘injury’ imposed by said forces IN THEIR NAME and ON THEIR BEHALF say I the plenipotentiary of God. God’s LAW of EQUAL ‘return’ is IMMUTABLE. STOP funding iniquity ~ cause NO harm ~ is the message to all seekers of Salvation and ~ turn the other cheek ~ if persecuted and abused.

IF you wish to rely on the protection of Caesar’s armed forces then ‘Yes,’ you owe Caesar a debt, being the money to pay the wages of armed forces which are the ‘wages of sin.’ If you are as me and other absolute pacifists then you ONLY fund benign community effort and you rely NOT on armed men to protect you because you OBEY God and thus never need the protection of man. You ‘turn your back’ on Caesar’s demand to be one of ‘his’ lackeys.

Jonathan, the 'SIN' (dark energy - negative emotions) within man precludes man from writing pure truth. Hence the contradictions within the scriptures you believe are pure Truth. They are not 'son,' only my spirit soul having NO 'Sin' within (negative emotional energy) can write God's unadulterated message to humanity.

Please read the below sent to the lost Jewish folk who believe falsely that the FAITHLESS ACTIVITY of vengeance & destruction of other children of God is 'acceptable' by God when in FACT it leads to the ABYSS of eternal suffering.

Also please read the below email to the Australian 'Keysar Trad' head of a Muslim friendship association in Australia. Soon all America and every ‘land’ stumbles and crumbles into INSANITY as man fights his neighbour due to factors as revealed by my pen. Man needs to LEARN that:

The benign or malignant energy of God you USE - - - you INFUSE your soul with IT. (Light or Dark)

Please pass this email ON to everyone in your address book and MORE. God observes every intent and deed of man.

Feel free to converse with me - Terence

Open letter to Keysar Trad & all of Islam

~ Respect ~ kindness ~ goodwill ~ mercy ~ compassion ~ love ~ forgiveness ~
The 'satanic' dogma of hatred, merciless persecution and other evils

Dear Keysar, all mankind is truly 'bonded' to darkness due to the immense spiritual power of their negative emotions within their souls. It is this destructive energy essence of Allah within which opens the doorway downwards to the 'pits' of evil below, being the place from whence all vindictive and retributive thoughts flow up telepathically into the minds of the 'unwary' and 'possesses' them for a moment or longer in time, at which time they 'sin' and cause harm as their activity becomes 'evil' and outside of the constraints of the Command of Allah to ONLY be compassionate & merciful etc.

I am a 75 year old 'white' man born in Tanzania in a small fishing village down by the sea, so even though my 'daddy' was a British soldier having the false 'ideals' of 'white' supremacy, I was in fact left in the 'hands' of a black lady, a Muslim 'nanny' so it was her kindness and respectful ideals which were implanted in my mind and I learnt from an early age that the Muslim 'fraternity' were indeed kindly and loving respectful (godly) seeking to live peacefully with their neighbours.

This 'loving & peaceful' way is in fact at the 'core' of every 'race' or colour or creed, so 'why' the intrusive, controlling, vindictive, destructive, subjugating and destructive deeds perpetrated by so many and perceived by them as their RIGHT?

Since 'birth' I have been a 'spirit medium' blest with inner sight so I can see into the many other realms of consciousness which exist, being places ones spirit came from and returns to when the biological body becomes uninhabitable.

We are 'yes' created by the energy of God and thus our souls are indestructible and we all 'live' forever, be it here or there or anywhere our INNER ENERGY takes us to.

It is ONLY in this 'realm' that we are Buddhist or Islamic or Christian etc., for our soul enters the 'place' so ordained by Allah, so you or I could have been 'raised' as a Chinese or an Aborigine etc., and have a different perspective on life in many ways. We could equally have been born in a Nazi prison camp or as a 'slave' child in Timbuktu.

So I now go back to answering the question in para three - - - their RIGHT?  - - - It is all to do with the singular Law of Allah:

"As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you on an 'eye for an eye' and thus EQUAL basis," - - -

Be it a loving kindly return as you were so unto another or, a hateful, vindictive and punitive return resulting from when you or your servants did another 'burn.' Man needs to understand that the ENERGY of Allah we use in our actions is like a 'boomerang' which flies outwards and then returns with an EQUAL and thus 'just justice' FORCE, be it benign or malignant.

Man needs to understand that the ENERGY we use is a Law unto ITSELF, thus we can use either aspect of IT but, - - - we cannot control the RETURN of that energy which seeks to return to us via another equally 'like minded' person. Be they respectful, sane and kind OR be they disrespectful, blind and insane.

The 'energy' of return is simply 'honourably' fulfilling ITS 'balancing,' for IT always seeks to 'correct' any imbalance. So IT fulfills ITS 'Scales of Justice' ACTION at the time and in the place of ITS choosing, not ours. IT is ALLAH. Yes, Allah is the energy essence of all and IT is supreme intelligence. We are simply a 'pinprick' smaller than a grain of sand on all the 'beaches of earth' and IT is all the other grains combined and multiplied to infinity.

We were created by IT but its super intelligence did warn man to NEVER sup on the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil for one would 'die,' for the 'tree' symbology is simply THE DARK destructive ENERGY of Allah. Allah is the Light and the Dark, the positive benign as well as the negative malignant and, - - -

What man does not 'see' is that when using either aspect of said energy, a few 'particles' of IT passing through your soul as you 'do' something 'sticks,' and grows within and, - - - if you use the Light, your inner light grows brighter and stronger. Use the Dark and your inner negative emotions grow like a 'cancer,' a flowering weed within you, and YOU then become as IT - - - totally irrational, evil, restless and destructive and your deeds become 'awful' and the 'return' to you of pain goes on and on and ON FOREVER in the hellish dark below with NO surcease.

Any 'jihadists' had soon better LEARN from my 'pen' that IT the DARK is absolutely 'deceptive' and IT 'promises' GLORY to those being used BY IT to 'balance' ITS 'Scales of punitive Justice' but in FACT, their destiny is eternal 'torture' and very 'gory' indeed in the prisons below - this I do know for into that realm I can see.

So Keysar, please publish this letter on your web site and send IT far and wide for EVERYBODY of EVERY religion has been deceived by IT the dark energy of Allah ~ God for in FACT, once a spirit defies Allah's COMMAND then it is HE 'Allah' who sets out to destroy their 'faithless' seed and NONE of these 'infidels' can 'win' any battle against His invisible Might.;

Ref your email to me headed: Murdered Israeli teens.

I read your remarks that the kidnapping/murders prove yet again that Hamas is nothing more than a murderous terror organization committed to Israel’s demise.

Dear FOLKS – when will the Israelites’ LEARN of the immutable LAW of God: As you SOW so shall ye REAP?

It is the immutable LAW of ENERGY IN MOTION.

I speak now of the benign or malignant spiritual energy.

What you put OUT comes BACK – When will man HEED God’s call to ‘turn the other cheek’?
Please read the above and PRINT IT in your e newsletters paper with this letter.

 I hope those who are NOT 'idiots' can read ITS content and begin to amend their ways BEFORE THE LAST DAY.

Vengeance and retribution is the FALSE way - IT leads to Hell's eternal FIRE

It is an ABOMINATION to disobey God’s ‘Peace & love & mercy & forgive’ Command

Sincerely - Terence

~ Open letter to Nicole Rayner of Allianz Insurance ~

Dear Nicole, I am a 75 year old man from Tanzania now living in Tasmania. I write this to you because I believe that political interference in the lives of THE PEOPLE in every aspect of living ways is becoming too controlling and NOT in the best interests of THE PEOPLE.

I believe that when a person has 'passed' a drivers TEST, that they are then PERMANENTLY QUALIFIED to drive. I also believe that an Insurer should always honour an insurance policy which they have been paid a 'sum' of money for the agreed duration 'time' factor.

Naturally if a driver is proven to have been driving dangerously and caused harm or damage, then I believe that after honouring the claim, the Insurer may thereafter refuse to insure them again. I do not believe it 'honourable' to repudiate any policy of insurance.

The reason for this 'open' and on line letter is to ask if your Company ALLIANZ would consider reviewing motor 'policy' in the light of the increasing political interference in all aspects of living ways. Ways which are now becoming quite extraordinary, controlling and more punitive.

For many years now when magistrates have 'disqualified' drivers it has been a 'reason' for Insurers to also deny or repudiate any claim if said driver was found to have had their licence cancelled but continued to drive and was involved in an accident, even if they had not caused the accident.

It is too 'easy' to state: "You should not have been on the road." As said, in my opinion a 'policy' once paid for STANDS honoured until its expiry date. Or so it should BE if the Insurer is honourable.

I am aware that everyone now BELIEVES in the validity of insurers 'backing' the initial 'disqualify' punishment factor because it gives Insurers a reason to save money. I am however of the belief that the nullification of the insurance policy on the part of the Insurer is error and is simply an added 'whammy' of punishment. For the initial 'judgement' of the magistrate is NOT always correct nor is the 'disqualify' assessment always 'legal.'

I wish to bring to your attention that here in Tasmania, the police service has opened a 'new' (MPES) Monetary penalty enforcement service which has been operating for over three years. This 'industry' has become a 'debt' collection agency for many, not least the collection of parking meter fines by councils.

Regrettably, politicians have invoked 'rules' that enable COERCION and added monetary penalty extortion to take place.

In fact, if one fails to pay a meter 'fine' of $9 accrued from lacking a 20 cts piece in the meter, the council simply on sells the debt to the police. The MPES then sends out an 'increased' bill for $ 146 or so with a 30 day 'pay up' limit. If said fine remains unpaid, then the director of said 'office' has been empowered to suspend the drivers licence by political decree. It seems to me that political 'extortion' is the name of the game.

Why do I advise you of this? Because here in Tasmania the MPES has just 'listed' and named and shamed 3000 persons who have failed to pay fines, and these are also 'suspended' from driving and I ask: "What now of their insurance cover if they keep driving"?

Regrettably, not all of them are even AWARE of the driver's suspension aspect, and I am only 'so' made aware due to a 'client' having been halted on a police 'check' point and advised that her 'licence' was suspended nine months previously. She refused to pay the 'on the spot' fine demanded by the police before them permitting her to drive on and the subsequent court action has caused her more worry and problems.

Again, it is too 'easy' to state: "Well they should simply pay the fine" when in this case, the lady owner had been in Melbourne and her son had been using her vehicle and incurred the initial fines etc.

I do BELIEVE that a responsible Insurer needs to make a PUBLIC STATEMENT to THE PEOPLE that they will always honour their motor policies irrespective of any police or court or political suspension or disqualification. This ACT will save a lot of 'court' time disputes and I am sure that said Insurer will find many new customers.

It is THE TIME to separate the HONEST Insurance 'business' from the political and police PUNISHMENT and dishonest MONETARY EXTORTION BUSINESS.


Dear Nicole: I just thought to add the below on my on line email which I sent. I believe that an honourable Insurer will always remain faithful to the ‘Policy’ they are underwriting. If the insurer finds reason to ‘dishonour’ then their POLICY is a dishonest one. Better to find a ‘reason’ to pay rather than to repudiate. 
I just enclose the below words which I find in the thesaurus ‘reflective’ of the word INSURANCE. - Terence

~ Open letter to Dr. John Ashton ~

A matter of conscience & Salvation

Dear John, I received what to me is an extraordinary email from 'Creation Ministries' of the USA who I see have global subsidiaries. I did also find that within their web site they list hundreds of members of the scientific community who substantiate their 'claims to the truth' in respect of the creation v/s evolution time frame of the world we live on.

It appears to me that Robert Carter is using his belief around the creation v/s evolution issue to somehow 'advantage' the promotion not only of his ministry, but to also sell his book etc. My concern for you and every named scientist is that he is also using their names to substantiate his claims, not only the claim around the 'creation' issue, but the Salvation claim that the biological 'tissue' or death thereof of a mortal man named 'Jesus' was able to or, factually does, VOID, AVOID, or NULLIFY the IMMUTABLE 'eye for an eye'  LAW OF GOD - - -

The prerequisite being that as long as one adores the NAME Jesus and claims the MAN Jesus as their personal saviour, then ones SALVATION is assured and, - - - there is NO 'price' to be paid for being a LIVING SWINE totally defiant of God's: "Love one another" Command.

If there is ONE real truth in the old scriptures it is the one stating: "Man will wrest the scriptures unto his own destruction."

John, I am a 75 year old man from Tanganyika now living in Tasmania and have spent the last 20 years formulating a message to humanity from THE SOURCE our God, received telepathically. Within my flesh is the SAME 'spirit of truth' SOUL that walked at Galilee in the then flesh of the man named 'Jesus' and I have returned to correct the TRUTH so that the TRULY TRUE can BE saved through their OWN efforts.

As I see it, it matters NOT whether the belief of some is that the earth's surface is round or flat, or whether the world was created in this or that time frame. What is important reference ones salvation is whether or not one is OBEDIENT to THE Command of God THE FATHER sent to man via the 'voice' of the man Jesus or not.

God commands man to : "Go your way on peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving and turn the other cheek if struck" etc - - How then I ask can man BELIEVE that he is walking this RIGHT and conscionable way if he is voting or supporting and funding INIQUITY, being the control, subjugation, punishment, waging of war and killing of other children of God VIA his support of government policy?

Can man not SEE that all armed forces terrorise, intimidate, coerce and cause mental, emotional and physical TRAUMA upon others? All this is done as man by mere WORDS praises Jesus but happily engages in the mass destruction of others VIA HIS SERVANTS. Lost sheep indeed say I the plenipotentiary of THE MOST HIGH.

None today REALISE that if their servants are killing on their behalf and in their name then everyone funding this iniquity is COMPLICIT and is also defiant of God's command. All today are paying for the PROTECTION from/of Caesar. (Government institutions)

I am here to reveal many things, not least the REASON why God commands man to BE as HE commands. (Loving and peaceful) It is because man has the FALSE belief that God and the Devil are two different things or identities, none as yet aware that God is GOD. God IS THE LIGHT AND THE DARK spiritual energy essence.


Man sees NOT that it is this spiritual energy which activates man in mans daily ACTIVITIES. As you USE the Light essence and are benevolent, kind, merciful and forgiving etc., this essence flows through your spirit SOUL and your inner light grows brighter over time and, - - - within the IMMUTABLE Law of God you will ahead receive a RETURN OF THE SAME beneficence from the Light via the hands of others. (The Law of energy in action - as you do is done unto you)

As you USE the Dark forceful essence and are malevolent, cruel, merciless and unforgiving etc., this essence flows through your spirit SOUL and your inner negative emotions grow stronger over time and, - - - within the IMMUTABLE Law of God you will ahead receive a RETURN OF THE SAME malevolence from the Dark via the hands of others. (The Law of energy in action - as you do is done unto you)

Regrettably also, man sees NOT that the more inner SIN (dark energy they draw in) the coarser and heavier the VIBRATION of their SOUL and it is this energy mass of darkness that drags their SOUL down and away into the depths far from the light TO BE HEARD OF no more, AS THEY FIGHT ON AND ON FOREVER, and are forced to ENDURE AGONY INCOMPREHENSIBLE TO MAN.

As I am an absolute pacifist I neither vote nor fund the system by taxes. I only support benign community effort. Once again the 'West' has decided to 'engage' forcefully in the coming GLOBAL war and I can assure you that everyone complicit is ON THE WIDE ROAD TO HELL and eternal suffering is to be their 'Just' DUES.

The 'question' for those purporting to be Christians is:

1 - "Why did God send a MESSAGE to humanity via Jesus. A message giving God's CODE OF CONDUCT Policy to BE obeyed as THE prerequisite to Salvation, if 'all' one had to do was praise the messenger and uplift his name"?

2 - "When God commands peace & love & mercy and, - - - the reliance on His Holy Word for protection, why are people funding 'State' for protection and supporting their opposing IDEOLOGY of invasion, control, subjugation, punishment, injury, killing and WAR"?

Man is spellbound and living in a delusional fantasy land and held there by the error of doctrine promoted by persons purporting to be the priestly wise. (False shepherds) The TRUE shepherd is the words within God's Command.

John, I am writing this to you as I see your name as 'Biographer' alongside many named scientists on the Creation Ministries web site. I simply ask that you pass this note to all of them so that they can INDIVIDUALLY come to their own personally informed decision as to ITS reality or otherwise.

The below was sent to Creation Ministries.

Dear brothers, much is written about the ENDS days Tribulations as EVIL rises in the mind of sinful man.

I have visited your web site and note that you promote MUCH DECEPTION thereon so I can but suggest that you read the following and then other on my web site:

~ Open letter to inspector Fiona Lieutier of the Tasmania police ~

Dear Fiona, your name has been in my mind for a few days now so I have decided to raise my pen and make contact again. I do in fact believe that you may be the ONE police services person who will not ridicule me but who will take my words very seriously. My hope is that you can assist the commissioner and others to also look a little deeper at what I have to say since what is written concerns EVERYONE in Tasmania as well as globally.

We do now enter the biblical prophesied END of time days of global INSANITY as war 'rages' in every land and the Tribulations seen will be terrifying indeed.

Time has passed by swiftly since we last met and I have now stepped beyond the 75 year old mark. I still write both day and night in an effort to awaken the consciousness of 'sleeping' humanity. All are soon to be awoken and find themselves in a  LIVING NIGHTMARE that has NO ending unless they can and do amend their individual ways NOW because the eternal 'separation of souls' has begun.

None other than myself are aware that great forces are at work now. These invisible forces impose their demands and strictures silently and unseen. These thoughts are imposed  TELEPATHICALLY upon the minds of EVERYONE globally. The world population is becoming more mentally 'disturbed' as a result of uncontrollable thought intrusion. The consequence is that mankind is becoming more 'unconscionable,' aggressive, confrontational punitive and destructive FOR A REASON only known by me but exposed by my pen for all to see on my web site.

Any person who turns their 'back' to me and my message from God to humanity will become embroiled in an eternal destructive frenzy of retribution, an ongoing activity causing agony that will continue ON and ON forever in lower realms which sadly many will see when their spirit soul departs this level.

V for vendetta exists in the DARK and once there, one has NO option to be peaceful, nor will they have the option to extricate oneself. They will be imprisoned in the DARK due to the 'weight' of the DARK ENERGY they drew in and continue to draw into their SOUL as they use IT (dark energy) and fight for IT. (The dark energy)

THERE IS A WAY to stem this tide of darkness but it can ONLY be implemented when THE POLICE and THE PEOPLE awaken to the reality as seen by me. I am ever hopeful that someone in the police services will eventually see my truth and not continue to scorn me as do the prosecutors and magistrates and other members of the Tasmania community.

I am very concerned for the police 'lasses & lads' who do their best to be 'loyal & honourable,' but they do NOT see that since their DUTY is to RULES in a text book that said rules are keeping them factually doing what others are not permitted to do namely; they support the activity of UNLAWFUL interference, arrest,  transportation, detention, coercion, threat, seizure of property, (theft) eviction, intimidation, coercion, threat, causing injury and ongoing mental and emotional trauma and MORE.  The rules invoked politically are now giving them more powers, powers which force them into MORE punitive activity. (Waging war upon the community they are paid to PROTECT.)

None are aware that no mandate, badge of office or official position exonerates THEM from the ABSOLUTE JUSTICE of God's LAW of RETURN. It follows that the serving officers daily accrue a very painful spiritual DUE. A due to BE met ahead. Indeed they are soon to be filled with terror and dread and will have many a sleepless night as they await their FATE brought ON by their OWN actions. ONLY I KNOW HOW IT IS TO BE IMPOSED.

Fiona, there are two energies of God available to man. One is Creative (+ pos and benign & love) - the other is Destructive (- neg and malignant & evil) and the POWER behind either energy is:

A - The mass of the positive or negative emotional energy within the soul of the individual and, -

B - The JUSTIFICATION to use the one or the other that flows through the emotions of the person telepathically as THOUGHTS, and the CHOICE of which ONE to use, is up to the individual.  Be it loving or hateful, kind or cruel etc., and generally depends upon the nature of the emotion 'humming' at the time.

Regrettably, a mercenary paid a wage to follow 'orders' or RULES does NOT see that the rules have NO 'consciousness' since they are nothing but TEXT. However, the consequence is that a person taking a wage to uphold said TEXT rulings cannot exercise their CONSCIENCE therefore, as a mercenary, they simply go forth 'happily' causing harm as their sworn DUTY in the false belief that they are JUSTIFIED IN SO DOING. All hold on to the false belief that they are above THE LAW but they are NOT say I.

The police do not see that they ARE the political mercenary force being used to extort money from the community (justifiably) and to cause harm (justifiably) and they need to revert BACK to their role of ONLY hauling IN persons who are disturbing the peace of THE land. Presently it is the police who are disturbing the peace of THE PEOPLE. People who factually pay their wages and expect PROTECTION in return.

We need to implement change to the positive before all the people are 'broke' and homeless and unable to feed their families. The result of that will be that their FEAR will enable them to ALSO BE JUSTIFIED into retribution because  the THOUGHTS in their minds from the DARK force will drive them into civil unrest. The end result of that is to be CHAOS and an agony of suffering for all involved.

The police need to DISARM and become a BENIGN caring unit that never again is used to intimidate, persecute, coerce and cause harm in the name of THE PEOPLE. I do hope that you and others with INSIGHT will visit me for a 'heart to heart' discussion.

Fiona, both my friend Clemencia Barnes and myself are still subjected to ILLEGAL religious persecution by the State officials and I have been recording all correspondence on line to assist readers:

I am in fact now formulating a formal complaint to be submitted to the police next week when it is finished, it is headed:

~ Criminal Conspiracy Complaint & Indictment ~
The TRUE Christian believer v/s the deceived 'infidel' non-believer in God's sovereign power

This is an educational document

I wish to alert you and advise you to the FACT that it is now PROVEN that there is a criminal conspiracy to defraud the general public of their FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT as well their hard earned money and cause them harm.

This complaint is given to the police 'peace force' for their notification, consideration and attention because Anarchy and Treason exists in Tasmania. (Also globally)  God’s absolute Justice is served upon all found guilty of criminal activity in the manner revealed by my pen, and I am concerned for the welfare of the 'front line' police officers of State who presently engage with their 'employer' the public in a very disloyal manner indeed.

Ask yourself, why would any true believer in a God of love seeking to OBEY the Command to "Love one another" support or condone any person or 'system' or organisation that uses force of arms in defiance of God to control, extort money, subjugate, injure, cause harm or kill other members of society?

Why would TRUE believers in mercy & forgiveness and the EDUCATION of sinners support and condone or FUND an armed force of men (police) who drag other members of the community to BE IMPOVERISHED AND PUNISHED in a 'house of ill repute' (Court)? Please read the below.

~ The proof of religious 'observance' by State governments ~
Rites - rituals - observance of ideology

Proof of religious 'observance,' is the carrying out of the rituals within the 'place' where the State religion carries out its 'regulatory' Inquisition of any person found to be in default to any 'commandment' of the rules within its 'bible,' (The Judiciaries' books of rules).

When 'standing' before the 'judge' or 'high priest,' one is expected to 'confess' ones 'sins' (crimes) to the earthly representative of the imposing superpower, being the rules contained within the 'Constitution' and its 'legislature' perceived as a 'god' to be obeyed.

Any 'sign' of disrespect to this representative is seen as contempt of the 'rules' that are applicable to this 'action,' and the magistrate then 'punishes' as per the dictates of these rules (statutes.)

As is done in every 'lesser' religion on earth as are all 'bound' by the 'good or bad' text within their scriptures.  The whole world is bound by the text within the dark 'ideological' rules of the 'international' State or Federal religions.

This religion is merciless and their 'god' unapproachable because 'it' the rulebook has no conscience or feelings since it is only 'text' in a very satanic 'verses' set of books and, - - - these rules do 'robotically' not only control and enslave all its 'judiciary' but also 'blind' the whole population.

It is the 'rules' within the satanic verses that force the 'judge' to defy God and mercilessly persecute and punish God's children on behalf of the Dark Sovereign Power.

'A' - Man's Church

IS - Religion

Having an altar for the priest, and the pulpit to deliver the 'sermon' to all, and 'judge' the 'lost' sheep.

The Temple

Is the Church 'house'

Rules of Conduct

On entering, one 'bows' or genuflects, because the 'place' is believed to be sacred.

The 'priest' is perceived to be 'the right hand of God' or 'as' God with the power to 'forgive' or condemn or cast 'down' to eternal damnation. (exorcism)

Being the 'right hand' of the institution, he 'interprets' its commands. (regulations)


Special garments to identify the priest as set 'apart' by God as the intermediary between God and man.


Priest is assisted by deacons.


Priest called 'Father,' or 'your grace,' and all speak with hushed voices as a mark of respect to God.

Ideological beliefs followed, doctrine of Church, baptism, confession, etc.

All are forced to conform to the doctrines, rules and laws of their religious order, to contribute to the church funds, and support the 'fight' against other beliefs.

Be punished for any non-conformity, being cast out of 'heaven' or ostracised or 'stoned' to death.

The priest 'alone' hands down the 'sermon,' and has the 'power' to punish.*

The ideology of every 'Church' of man.

Obey all the rules of the National Institutions raised to govern you and, - - -

Fight any enemy that tries to invade the land, and fight any person that harms your family and, - - -

Be merciless in your dealings with any person that does not comply with the 'laws' of the land, and hand them over to be dealt with.

Pay the wages of 'forces' personnel so that they can bring any 'offenders' to the Court to be 'tried' and punished according to the law of man.

The priests interpret the 'meaning' of the 'punitive' rule application to sinners, and apportion blame & punishment.

Funding is a commanded % 'tithe.'

The promise

Spiritual salvation if you support its religious doctrines and its commandments, being its 'style' of worship and theology.

(The Church is God)

'B' - Man's Court

IS - Religion

Having an altar for the judge, a pulpit for the 'offender' to be 'admonished' as 'errant' and 'judged.'

The Temple

Is the Court 'house'

Rules of Conduct

On entering or leaving one 'bows,' as the 'place' is believed to be sacred.

The 'judge' is perceived to be 'the right hand of the State religion' or 'as' God empowered to 'free' or 'destroy' or 'damn' and incarcerate. (sentencing)

Being the 'right hand' of the institution, he 'interprets' its commands. (regulations)


Special garments to identify the judge as set 'apart' by the State to be the intermediary between the Law and man.


Judge assisted by Clerk & prosecutor.


Judge called 'Your worship,' or 'your honour,' and all speak in hushed voices as in the presence of God's court.

Ideological beliefs followed, doctrine of Court, enshrined legislated statutes.

All are forced to conform to the rules and laws of the State religion, to the payment of taxes, and the support of the punitive system that 'fights' non-conformists or enemies.

Be ostracised or punished for any non-conformity, 'cast out of society' and imprisoned or be killed.

The judge 'alone' hands down the sentence, and has the 'power' to punish.*

The ideology of every 'State' of man.

Obey all the rules of the National Institutions raised to govern you and, - - -

Fight any enemy that tries to invade the land, and fight any person that harms your family and, - - -

Be merciless in your dealings with any person that does not comply with the 'laws' of the land, and hand them over to be dealt with.

Pay the wages of 'forces' personnel so that they can bring any 'offenders' to the Court to be 'tried' and punished according to the law of man.

The judicial 'priests' interpret their punitive rules in relation to offenders, and apportion blame & punishment.

Funding is a demanded tax 'tithe.'

The promise

Physical protection if you support it and its religious doctrines and its commandments, being its 'style' of worship and theology.

(The 'rule book' is God)

All the known religions of man are controlling, demanding, and persecute those that do not conform to its dictates and, - - - punishment is used to either 'threaten' excommunication or, have a punitive 'penance' imposed. Thus all known religions are 'of' the Dark. (Refer to the 'crucifixion of religion' document)

Neither the 'priests' (politicians are also priests) nor the 'judges' see the error and falsity within their particular 'sect' or ideology. All defy the commandment of our one true God of Light, thus the world now is in a very dismal plight, as all men of every 'religion' will defy God and fight due to false beliefs.


Fiona, it is now over 25 years ago that I elevated my pen and commenced writing my message to humanity in book 1 of 9 - The first book was named 'The Testament of Truth,' and I simply ask for you to also read the first fifteen or so pages linked from here:

EDUCATION is the only way forward because you cannot 'lock up' the whole world each night.

Please now read my article 'Criminal conspiracy complaint'

Sincerely - Terence ( 20th September 2014)

Open letter to the Tasmania Police Commissioner - 3 October 2014

~ Escalating insanity & Treason ~
The AXIS of EVIL & the Golden Rose

Dear Commissioner, the 'madness' unseen by most is the extent to which 'protectionism & security' has 'spell-bound' the psyche of all and it has in FACT become a 'psychiatric' POSSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER.

The FEAR in the minds of 'controllers' is now so great that they BELIEVE in their RIGHT to ignore the Constitutional authority mandate and they overrule the Freedom of Religion clause and the freedom of rights of individuals. This is Anarchy and Treason.

Individual citizens have a guaranteed 'entitlement' by said LEGAL constitutional authority to live by their conscience and beliefs as long as they do not disturb the peace. (Example; Muslims are legally entitled to wear a hijab or other without being persecuted by police for any reason)

So in FACT, it is the 'protectors of the citizen' the POLICE in Australia who now disturb the peace and go forth 'executing' people (murder) openly on public streets. Who is the more 'mentally disturbed'? The poor 'fool' who cannot obey orders from police because his mind is in an irrational state and he gets shot in the head or, is it the officer doing the killing?

As I am clear headed and clear thinking, I am able to see that anybody who steals or injures another or who disturbs the peace of any other is a mentally disturbed person of NO 'conscience' because, - - - the carrying out of ANY invasive or punitive ACT clearly shows that said person is at that moment unsocial, unconscionable and is mentally disturbed by possessive DARK thoughts, - - - be they the police or their VICTIM.

The police need to try and understand that when their NEGATIVE emotions are aroused and 'primed,' that their minds become linked telepathically to THE DARK Source and IT then possesses them and uses them as ITS instrument of punishment and, - - - the individual loses control of their mind and is forced to do whatever the intrusive thoughts STATE. (Example: Shoot the man in the head and KILL rather than in the leg to halt their escape)

Note: The above example is not a 'good' one because it is bad and error to cause any harm to another even if they are needing to be 'arrested.'

Regrettably, when the police 'hit squad' are called IN, none of them realise that any injurious action is an ILLEGAL ACTIVITY in the eyes of both mankind and God. They simply assume that in the course of their duty that they are above THE LAW and they are not say I and all ahead one day suffer and cry and, - - - on that day they will wonder 'why' as did the two officers who were knifed. (It was God's Justice in action via a mentally disturbed person)

Police personnel need to try and COMPREHEND that when a person has a 'Mind under siege' from possessive DARK thoughts, that they are NOT in control of their mind. It follows that they cannot obey given commands because they DO NOT HEAR THEM in the first instance.

The only way to deal with the mentally disturbed is to send in a 'brave' unarmed peaceful person who is NO THREAT to them nor to the Dark force possessing them. It will follow that a calm and peaceful process will lessen the heightened emotions and bring about a peaceful and SANE resolution.

If we here in Tasmania cannot 'lead the way' to a peaceful, LAWFUL and positive BENIGN way through EDUCATION using my wise input it will BE a very sad and sorry state of affairs indeed and EVERYONE WILL AHEAD BLEED.

The serving police officers ARE the 'fall guys' because they are expected to CAUSE HARM in the course of their duty. That is the ERROR.

Enforcers and 'protectors' of the people have the 'mind set' of the justification to use ANY MEANS backed by FORCE to remain unharmed and SAFE. I KNOW that to remain 'safe and unharmed' one must NEVER defy God's Command and thus one NEVER uses God's DARK destructive FORCE to cause HARM.

When one does use IT (God's destructive force) and cause harm for ANY reason one places oneself into ITS Domain and into ITS 'eye for an eye' LAW OF RETURN. It is very simple when you see IT.

Further, today is the day the Australian prime minister 'Abbott' for and on behalf of the taxpayer declared WAR on an Islamic State and sends in 'flying' killing machines which will cause hellish injuries, death and destruction.

There is no such thing as a 'legal document' permitting or authorising War and killing in defiance of God's Command. All combatants and their supporters subject themselves to the 'eye for an eye' punitive RETURN factor of God's immutable LAW.

Any activity of man that is in contravention of the 'Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgive' precepts of God's Command for the purpose of using His energetic destructive FORCE leads the user into the 'arms' of THE DEVIL and His powerful destructive 'charms.' (Absolute Justice)

None other than myself are AWARE as to how the avenging 'angels of death' will impose their RETRIBUTION on the heads of EVERY TAXPAYER. If you truly wish to know then come and ask me and, if truth be told, then I suggest that every 'conscionable' taxpayer immediately HALT their fiscal support of the war machine.

I am now past the 75 year mark and soon on the road to the next level. I hope there is ONE in the 'force' who will join me over a cup of tea at my home 'Lalapanzi' at Pyengana to EXAMINE THE FACTS..

Sincerely - Terence

Please read the below 3 pages extracted from my 20 page 'The energy of God' at:


~ The Axis of EVIL & the Golden ROSE ~

The Axis of Evil is a liquid Dark and powerful Force that can easily 'discredit' a man and divorce him from his sanity. It is the universal Source of destructive, cruel, hateful, restless, merciless, unforgiving and malignant energy and is the opposite of the other aspect of the energy Source which is creative, kind, loving, harmonious, merciful, forgiving and benign.

Man ignorantly assumes that the essence of the spiritual realms predominantly referred to as God or Allah or Mungu is solely a ONE-sided affair that is only loving and benign. It is I the 'most high' to dismiss that BELIEF as ignorance and absolute error which leads all so believing into the AXIS OF EVIL which is comprised of pure AGONY and pure liquid TERROR.

How or why is this so? Because IT the Dark exists and by now one should this KNOW as so many speak and ACT for IT, the dark, in their interaction with others as they ITS devilish face and power unleash by imposing IT upon others causing havoc and suffering that follows.

Our God did say that HE forbade man to sup on IT His destructive power which has been named as "The fruit of the Tree of the knowledge of 'good and evil.'"

How or why is IT so named? Because before man defied God he was living in a heavenly 'space' known as a lovely, joyful, happy, exquisite paradise and because there was nothing else to compare IT to, it was not considered as being 'good v/s some other.' It was simply a NORMAL exquisite STATE of living.

It was ONLY when one was tempted to use dark energy in ones interaction with others that man was subjected to the return of suffering upon his own being. As a result of man being tempted to use dark energy man was then able to have the knowledge of both aspects of the Source, Good & Evil.

So I can but ADVISE that since you JUSTIFY continued defiance of God and JUSTIFY using His punitive, forceful and destructive DARK energy and you CRUSH or destroy OTHERS, - - - you draw IN this EVIL (Sin) into your own soul and as a consequence, you shroud your God-given core of love being your inner 'Rose' and you crush IT yourself. The result of that being that you are drawn down into the liquid PIT of EVIL in absolute despair.

Please follow and OBEY my FINAL message from God and only find the JUSTIFICATION to OBEY His "Peace & love & mercy & forgive" Command. Turn your backs to the warring vocal 'wolves' who lead their followers to the grave.

As you begin to ONLY use God's LIGHT and merciful and loving ENERGY in your interaction with others, your inner ROSE grows and eventually has a 'gold' tinge, and this liquid inner LOVE draws your soul UP into ITS eternal loving space.

Try and comprehend that the Axis of Evil Dark ENERGY is God's energy. Try and comprehend that IT, the dark energy, when used by you against another, * has to 'balance its books' within the LAW of Return of ENERGY and IT returns upon your head or that of any arrogant 'infidel' user who used IT.* It always returns at the 'hands' of some equally vain, arrogant or ignorant individual.

Note:  used by you against another, * - OR - user who used IT.* - There is a very deep truth exposed here being, - - - it is not actually true that one is using this destructive force but more so, that when we are 'weak minded' or 'open minded' the Dark force intrudes forcefully and telepathically and therefore factually USES THE PERSON to carry out ITS requirement of fulfilling ITS Law of return.

This is why many people exceed their intended activity since IT the force takes complete control of their MIND. Woe indeed because when this occurs one then has to suffer all it did VIA THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS. The dark energy is forceful and intrusive and possessive. 

When the leaders of two armies 'dwell' on their next move against their perceived enemy they see NOT that He the invisible Dark Sovereign Power is in control of them ALL telepathically. He is the ONE leading their minds 'possessively' into a position whereby He can fulfill and maximise the imposition of suffering and destruction upon all needing that 'correction.' So, in order to balance His 'Scales of Justice' of presently outstanding debts the combatants are used but, all the while the combatants are imposing it they accrue a further spiritual due within His 'eye for an eye' LAW.

Note: Deeper insight: The Light or Dark energy of THE SOURCE is ITSELF bound by the 'law of energy.' The Light or Dark energy of the Source is a static force until such time as it is USED by the ACTIONS of man since man's actions cause IT to FLOW. Once it has been used then IT the benign or malignant energy USED must balance itself some time ahead and return upon the 'head' of the one who used IT.

As this page is mainly referring to the 'lost' race who have been 'spell-bound' by THE DARK energy I will now refer to IT and ITS use by man who presently continue to use ITS punitive power against others in an attempt to NOT suffer at the hands of others being used by IT.

Since this destructive punitive DARK energy is bound by its own Law, it can ONLY do unto YOU what you DESERVE to have done unto you because of your own past negative or punitive actions up to that point in time. (Debts accrued to IT as you used IT in your interaction with another)

In the true sense of perfect Justice, the Dark is in FACT to be seen as a friend to be 'welcomed' because it will ONLY do unto you EXACTLY what you did to others and THUS in fact IT sets you FREE as long as you do not retaliate and accrue a further due to IT.

What 'simpleton' man needs to see is that the Light energy is truthful but the Dark energy is a 'twisted mirror' with the capacity to distort and deceive the reality. Once deceived, the user of the dark energy becomes 'blinded' by ITS power and because they believe that they are justified in defying God as they RETALIATE to set the 'other' right doing so punitively and mercilessly.

It is thus that man is exposed to great suffering and NEVER becoming spiritually free because, each time he is abused he is IMMEDIATELY given the JUSTIFICATION in his mind  by the DARK to 'consider' retributive interaction.

I can but add: Never confront people for the purpose of punishment but extend your love and forgiveness. Your 'grace' must have NO 'end nor bounds.' Remember, those dealing out Justice are being used by IT and IT has them in ITS merciless 'grip' and your task for God is to educate them and set them free from ITS influence.

You must NEVER 'draw a line in the sand' no matter who upsets you because if you do, then it simply means that IT the Dark again has YOU in ITS merciless grip for the intent of using you to BE IT IN ACTION. (A mercenary of the Dark)

If anyone invades your property, steals your goods, evicts or dispossesses you forcefully, then IT the Dark is simply setting you free and the 'poor' souls being used accrue your now 'paid' debts of loss or suffering upon their own heads. Go your way in PEACE and strengthen your mind so that never again will you be 'enticed' to go forth and burn down their homes in a V - for vendetta retaliation.

Remember, any DEMAND you impose as restitution is THE DARK IN ACTION via you.

At the time appointed by God, His 'singing sabre' or double-edged sword of retribution will come your way. I can but ADVISE you to stand with 'bowed head' in shame at your past and be unarmed with open palms as you await your FATE in the foreknowledge that your God is finally setting you FREE for eternity. Be courageous in the foreknowledge that HE our Creator IS ABSOLUTELY JUST and thus He will ONLY spill the exact amount of 'blood or suffering' that you or your servants imposed upon others.

I can but AGAIN state that those causing harm for IT or permitting IT to use their psyche through their ignorance or arrogance, are simply stupidly permitting IT to use them to balance ITS 'Scales of justice' and as said before, - - - NONE can avoid the RETURN imposition of ITS 'Law in action' upon their own heads as IT later returns via the minds or hands of other ignorant mortals.

The explanation of the 'eye for an eye' or EQUAL Return unto the user of the benign or destructive energy of the Source named God is very simple, for it is exactly the same as the scientific Law of energy movement - "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

This is why God's Law is spoken of as being absolute justice because it actually means that we can never be forced to suffer more that what we deserve to suffer. It is NOT 'man' in control of the imposition of suffering or destruction, it is THE ENERGY ESSENCE OF THE SOURCE that operates clandestinely through the mind and hand of mankind.

There is never any problem when people are loving and kind and giving to us, for we are happy to so receive and we do not retaliate in a negative manner. The problem for mankind is when others are interfering, controlling, aggressive, punitive or warlike against us, for at that moment we are unhappy, angry or fearful and we FIGHT to defend so that we do not suffer or LOSE something.

It actually means that we are UNHAPPY TO RECEIVE our DUES that we imposed upon others personally or via our servants at some prior time. It is thus that when we retaliate and cause harm in attack or self-defence that we actually accrue a further penalty DUE within the ABSOLUTELY JUST LAW OF GOD.

Regrettably, man believes FALSELY that if he has a 'legal' or official mandate to fight or defend that he is ABOVE THE LAW of both man and God. This is so because, we are all forbidden by man's RULES to be aggressive terrorists causing harm, and we are also so forbidden within God's COMMAND of: "Love one another."

It is my task to awaken everyone to THE FACT  that when we defy God an cause harm, that the RESULT is very simple indeed. We ARE then subjected to the SAME RETURN OF SUFFERING at a later time within the LAW of Return of THE DARK ENERGY OF GOD.

When you or your servants USE force against others and cause harm, loss, suffering etc., then ahead, others will use force against YOU and you will and MUST SUFFER THE SAME in order for the ENERGY to 'satisfy' ITSELF within ITS immutable AND absolutely JUST Law.

Thus it is 'fruitless' to go to war and kill the enemy, for the enemy IS NOT THE PROBLEM, the problem is the INVISIBLE DARK ENERGY that is in TELEPATHIC and 'possessive' control of the opposing people and flowing through their minds and hands to balance ITS books through ALL COMBATANTS.

The ENERGY causing the problem is UNTOUCHABLE and suffers NAUGHT. In fact IT feels 'glee' as IT flows through YOU and also when IT flows back to YOU via others later. Please now awaken to my TRUTH, for why would you spill the blood of others and traumatise their families in the foreknowledge that you and 'yours' WILL BE FORCED TO FEEL THE EXACT SAME ON ANOTHER DAY OR TIME IN THIS WORLD OR THE NEXT.

If you are not personally involved in terrorising others or destroying them or their property, then you are indeed foolish if you support, condone or FUND 'warriors' or police to go forth IN YOUR NAME and inflict agony or death or any sort of punishment upon others.

Peace and love and mercy and EDUCATION is the way forwards.

Those who now continue to let IT (the Dark) use them and contaminate their souls are by IT to be BURNT in ITS eternal FIRE.

My message to all is God's grace extended to you to TRY and SAVE you. Remember, the 'trip' or journey to the Light of Heaven OR to the Dark Axis of Evil below is an entirely and uniquely PERSONAL one. Do NOT follow the masses of illiterate by being defiant of God people. Do NOT support or fund warmongers.

All warmongers and their 'Chiefs of Staff' personnel* are controlled from the AXIS OF EVIL telepathically.

Aggression begets aggression - Mercy begets mercy


Note: personnel* - Government officials make use of hundreds of advisors to formulate their decisions. Since these decisions are in respect of control, regulation, subjugation, interference, punishment, injury, invasion or killing, (The domain of dark energy) it follows that the minds of all advisors are open to the Dark force and IT mesmerises, hypnotises and spell-binds them possessively as stated, by telepathy.

It follows that all their decisions are in contravention of the Command of God; peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness.  

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~ Sentencing Advisory Council - Justice absolute ~
The singing sabre

Dear Editor and all Advisors. Reference October 24th 2014 article on the alternative sentencing options being currently investigated by Tasmania's sentencing advisory Council.

Man always imposes a penalty of harm upon those who offend the edicts of man named 'the law.' Sadly the imposition of such penalties is in fact simply a V-for vendetta punitive return imposed as a coercion in an effort to attempt to satisfy the community as they simultaneously try to bring the offender into alignment with the policy of the day.

All this has nothing to do with 'balancing' the scales of justice of the factual case at hand because, in reality, all punishment is many, many times 'harsher' than the offensive act itself, thus bringing in imbalance to the scales of justice. An example to this relates to the olden days in 'Christian' UK when a person could be 'convicted for life' in a Tasmanian penal colony for stealing a chicken from another's wife while in an 'Islamic' state one would lose a hand for stealing a chicken's egg.

As I see IT, the Scales of Justice are not 'balanced' but are tipped in favour of merciless, unforgiving coercion imposed by the system. Presumably the advisory council has never heard of the ABSOLUTE JUSTICE or 'eye for an eye' or 'as you sow so shall ye reap' ON AN  EQUAL 'egg taken for an egg stolen' basis Law of God.

What also of the Command of God unto man? That Command being that man must always be; loving, peaceful, merciful, compassionate and forgiving of those others sinfully living. Disobedience to this command has over time led ignorant man into an unawareness of the immutable Law of God's benign, creative or malignant destructive ENERGY. It is a 'Law unto itself.' It is unchangeable by man and imposed by the 'intelligent' ENERGY at the time and in the place so ordained by THE ENERGY. (God's)

Why am I writing this letter to you? Because now is THE prophesied TIME that THE DARK  punitive aspect of THE ENERGY of THE SOURCE will 'balance' ITS dispassionate and merciless and unforgiving scales of justice and anyone who used IT (the dark) in their interaction with others is to PAY the 'blood price' in the manner revealed by me. (God's pen)

All now begin to see the REALITY of mentally disturbed people running 'riot' and causing harm. It needs to be understood that every 'action' be it benign, creative or malignant, destructive is incited or invited or invoked or 'authorised' by the benign or malignant aspect of THE SOURCE.

Even Tasmanian magistrates appear to be 'mentally disturbed' and through their 'liquid' arrogance they ignore their own mandate granted by their own Constitution and they constantly deny THE PEOPLE their RIGHTS to a peaceful 'Freedom of religion' way of living and they impose heavy sentences as they also impose their own ideological beliefs upon others. This is Treason and anarchy so as asked: "What is their 'sentence' to be"?

It is written within my Testament to humanity that as people 'suffer' at the hands of the mentally disturbed, the suffering imposed on them is simply their DUE to the forceful and destructive ENERGY they used and imposed upon others at a prior time in this life or in a pre-birth time.

Indeed, the 'singing sabre' of pain and death is now to intensify globally as the mind of man is 'open prised' by demonic forces living in the underworld. They can and do interfere in the mind of man telepathically.

I write this to you and you because it was written that those who have 'judged' others' would 'be so judged' and what every person involved with sentencing needs to see is, - - - all imposed upon others by magistrates at the instigation of your mind, hand or pen, and which caused 'harm' to another becomes your own spiritual DUE.

Try and comprehend that any activity of man (Legalised or otherwise) that is in contravention of the precepts of God's Command unto man places man INTO the punitive RETURN aspect of God's ONE immutable Law.  (As you punitively do is punitively done unto you)

The WISDOM of God being that as one OBEYS the Command one is always operating within the benign aspect of THE ONE LAW and receiving a similar LOVING RETURN.: (As you LOVINGLY do is LOVINGLY done unto you)

The Command: "Love one another - go your way in peace - be merciful and compassionate and forgive your enemy - turn the other cheek if abused and cause no harm."

As I see IT, when a person is OBEDIENT to the above Command even when being persecuted (unto death) then one has PROVEN to GOD of their faithfulness to HIM and their loyalty to His Word.

It needs to be understood that THE ENEMY is not the offensive person but that it is THE DARK ENERGY OF THE SOURCE operating clandestinely and telepathically through the mind and hand of the 'irrational' offender. It is in this way that IT (the dark) metes out divine retribution to 'balance' ITS book.

All 'offensive' people are mentally disturbed by the DARK.
All persons 'classified by psychiatrists' as 'adhd' or other are mentally disturbed by the DARK.
It is all one and the same problem. (Minds under siege from THE DARK.)

Rest 'assured,' absolute justice exists and the 'singing sabre' wielded by the vain, arrogant and insane bringing the WORLD to its knees IS THE WRATH OF GOD unfolding on earth to bring to 'account' EVERYONE who defied God and USED HIS DARK ENERGY against others in the past. (The dark forceful energy of God is the FORBIDDEN TO USE or 'eat' fruit from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.)

Any who continue to fund or condone punishment or 'warfare' will by their own deeds consign their own soul into the ABYSS to suffer on and on FOREVER. (The spirit soul is comprised of God's energy and thus lives ON forever 'somewhere in the Light or in the Dark)

Any punitive sentence imposed that is not in conformity with the constraints in the Feeling Easier Seminar document of the 'Offender' document is a flagrant contravention of God's Command and heavy indeed is THE HAND of THE FATHER.

The ONLY 'safe' way forwards now is to be humane and treat offenders who disturb the peace with mercy and compassion and forgiveness and EDUCATE them as per my 'Feeling Easier' seminar. A seminar I would like to have implemented in every school and in every prison.

Added NOTE:

Gates of Hell Depravity on Earth

All true to God Loyalists are required to read the following: Mankind needs to see that when a Politian raises up a decree and enshrines it as 'law' in their book of rules and there is a punitive factor 'attached' for any non-conformity, THIS RULING IS NOT LEGAL.

Man assumes the new law enacted to be legal simply due to the politicians having been elevated into power through a majority vote. No majority vote by man of other mortals nullifies God's Command unto man and neither does said 'vote' nullify the implementation of God's immutable LAW.

LET ME MAKE IT VERY CLEAR – any political dictatorial degree having any controlling or punitive factor is in breach of the Command of God unto man. IT IS THEREFORE AN ILLEGAL ACTIVITY and it follows that those emplacing and imposing said punitive 'instruction' into a book of rules place themselves into the punitive aspect of God's LAW.

Furthermore, a magistrate using said punitive rules and imposing a fine or other punishment does not make his decision legal.  It is not, the punishment imposed is a flagrant disobedience act in contravention of God’s Command.

It follows that any police interference or control, or enforcement supposedly legalised by the 'pen' of the magistrate is also an ILLEGAL activity.

ONE THING IS FOR SURE – man Is entitled to disobey God but man is not entitled to void, avoid or nullify the return upon his own head within the immutable Law of God. It is imperative for all enforcers to see that all they do punitively to another becomes a suffering due of suffering upon their own head within the absolute justice return aspect of God’s Law.

It is the time for every voter or tax payer to comprehend that politicians, magistrates and enforcers are their SERVANTS and taxpayers are complicit to all done unto others in their name and on their behalf.

It follows that all the loss or suffering endured by civilians at the hands of servants to the community or suffering imposed upon others living over the seas from these illegal activities of their servants also becomes a spiritual due to be suffered by community members.

Every belly is soon to be filled with dread as society crumbles and the ‘elite’ and all meet their fate at home or in their own street.

Irrespective of beliefs to the contrary, any person who is a voter or supporter or who are funding the illegal activities by paying taxes is a person classified by my pen (God’s) as being a lost sheep walking in the dark due to their ignorance or arrogance and is a person who is on the wide road to hell and the eternal fire.

Those loyal to God must now only fund benign community effort and therefore no longer be involved in causing harm.

Those keepers of the peace, namely the police are only loyal to their wage and the community if they also obey God and cause no harm. They can only LEGALLY haul in persons who disturb the peace or who are carrying out an immoral activity. These are to be counselled and set free.

I am very much aware that every person on the planet has their own belief around the issue of their rights and entitlements.  There are millions on earth who disagree with my words and who will continue on being ‘living swine’ by causing havoc and harm by imposing their demands upon others forcefully.

The coming 'hellish' sorrow, depravity, trauma and agony will regrettably continue on and on for millions of non-believers. These will find their spirit soul lost in the DARK below due to their disbelief of my fresh revelations.

That also is their entitlement, so all I can do is to clearly state that any contravention of God’s command means that you are at odds with God. It follows that since you are not as mighty as God that your cause and beliefs do not amount to much because our God will dispose of you as He sees fit in the time and in the place that He so chooses.

Any person now continuing to cause harm will be harmed and they will fall into the void if they hear not this my last call.
Only the truly true absolute pacifist loyalists who obey God's Command at all times and in all situations will be saved by God.

Please read my below articles and then visit me for a cup of tea so that together we can uplift Tasmania and be a lighthouse for the world before TOTAL INSANITY engulfs everyone.

God's energy:
Minds under siege:
 Crime in society paper:
Hell's book - War and Peace:
The National Security Alert:

Sincerely - Terence (God's Plenipotentiary)

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~ The HYDRO 'rort' ~
criminal theft

If I was the 'premier' of this 'State' then there would be an absolute dictatorship of that which is RIGHT, needing and having NO 'debate' on the issue.

The 'issue' is one concerning the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE to use their Hydro ASSET to their best advantage and this means that as IT has the capacity to earn money from over the sea, then THE PEOPLE of Tasmania must be given FREE electricity to their homes.

This free supply would be extended to home based corner store shops and more if the over the sea profits were enough. The 'over the sea' sale of electricity income would be used to fund the maintenance and general upkeep.

Others in Tasmania using the PEOPLES ASSET POWER SUPPLY for the purpose of their business would have to pay something towards the costs of supply and general maintenance.

As the 'State' Asset is an asset for ALL of THE PEOPLE it must become a 'tax free' operation and any profits accrued from overseas sales be given back to home owners to use as THEY SEE FIT.

It is insanity that people cannot keep their homes warm in winter or cool in summer or even have lights to see as they cook. This is a travesty of Justice which enforces poverty when we have the capacity to give to THE PEOPLE what is rightfully theirs.

As I see it, the politicians and the 'treasury’' steal endless money FROM THE PEOPLE to use for their own ideas and ideals. In this they fail to see that said theft is NOT for the benefit of the people who make up 'The State.'

On the Hydro web site it states:

Hydro Tasmania's Board has adopted high standards of corporate governance to maximise a long-term and sustainable returns to our owner, the State of Tasmania.

I seek to awaken all to the meaning of 'The State' in the above statement because I believe that all are living in a delusion around the issue and this delusion is in fact affecting and impoverishing the entire Tasmanian community.

One has to decide whether or not the 'State' is:

1 - The place named Tasmania or -
2 - The political governance management team of Tasmania or -
3 - All of THE PEOPLE who live on the land mass named Tasmania.

The basic common 'denominator' is that without THE PEOPLE there is No 'State' or political management team or anything else. It follows that the Hydro asset is publicly owned by THE PEOPLE and NOT owned by 'The State' per se.

Presently, the basic and very much needed Hydro asset of THE PEOPLE has been 'swindled' or stolen away by the political management team as they 'legitimised' the control over its earning capacity for their own purposes. This validation comes in the form of ones 'vote' for their political 'management' and through which they believe in their 'then' right to do whatever they wish with THE ASSETS OF THE PEOPLE.

This 'take' FROM the people is one of the worst cases of 'white collar' crime. The electricity Hydro system is driven by liquid 'manna from heaven' that falls in golden showers upon the 'heads' of every Tasmanian and is God sent 'leaven' for THE PEOPLE.

Why do politicians JUSTIFY their exclusive RIGHT to use the asset of THE PEOPLE for their 'other' interests? Why do THE PEOPLE not see that NO legislation legalises criminality.

Some people believe that Tasmanians are 'self-sufficient' in regards to the Hydro generation capability. I do not agree because I believe that the word 'self-sufficient' actually means that one does not have to purchase something from another because one actually owns the product. Example; the dairy farmer drinks freely from his product before selling off the excess.

I can see quite clearly that the generation or power and its delivery 'system' to THE PEOPLE is being used to 'milk' the cow and thus THE PEOPLE are being used to make an 'earn' by others.

Furthermore, in respect of the vagaries of weather, if I was the 'head honcho' of the Hydro I would ensure that the dams remained at 75 + percent of their capacity during the winter so that at the arrival of summer there would be enough water available to deliver THE TASMANIAN PEOPLE all their needs at 'cost' rather than having to import power.

Foolish indeed are the 'heads' who sell off the water asset over the sea during the winter so that stocks are very low when summer approaches. There is nothing self-sufficient in having to import electricity due to ones own dams having been run dry at the expense of THE PEOPLE.

Tasmanians need to have a say by general 'vote' as to their wishes in reference to 'what' they pay for the use of their own asset. It is obvious to me that the present 'governing' body has absolutely NO 'interest' in assisting THE PEOPLE and are only interested is using the asset for their personal 'business' requirements.

Why did the government sell off the transmission aspect when the result was simply that 'new' share holders would benefit and it thus cost THE PEOPLE an ongoing and ever increasing 'bill' charge and the taxation office would also receive an added take again at an added cost to THE PEOPLE? I believe that the Aurora shareholders are the recipients of stolen property and their annual 'profit' needs to be returned to THE PEOPLE who hold electricity accounts with Aurora.

Its probably just as 'well' that the over the sea delivery line can only carry a certain amount of electricity because if a national disaster such as a tsunami takes out the mainland power generating facilities, then the 'powers that be' over the sea will simply TAKE every unit transportable through the bass link and many Tasmanians will simply be left in the dark. So say I.

In the coming New Age to BE after the time of global insanity is over, every State or national ASSET will be operated solely on a non-profit 'cost' basis to everyone whether Hydro, 'Gas' or any other and then THE PEOPLE will all become 'freer' and happier and there will be NO 'lack.'

It is madness for any person or 'official' to believe in their right to be a 'sovereign authority' with the right to 'take all' and 'own all' to the detriment of others on the land.

Let us in Tasmania lead the way as we 'free up' the supply of electricity to THE PEOPLE so that they can 'warm their beds' on a cold night and keep their lights shining bright and never again be 'cut off' by the criminal deeds of others.

Wake up PEOPLE of Tasmania.

The Hydro: We now need sustainable returns directly to our owner, the PEOPLE OF TASMANIA.

The 'order' of the day today is that the dark energy in man (sin) has ITS 'say' being greed and vanity and insanity.

Soon the 'order' of the day will be absolute poverty and a feed a day or less will be the 'order' as God's LAW fulfils ITS way.

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