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~ The True and 'Absolute Pacifism' document ~
God is the Monarch

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~ Introduction ~

This document has been raised up by the plenipotentiary of God so as to be a 'witness' for the Truth and Light of God that now permeates this realm for the sole purpose of retrieving any lost soul who has the capacity to absorb its content and thus make amends to God, their fellow man and, to thus save their own soul from eternal damnation.

The ONE and ONLY prerequisite to Salvation is whereby the individual has become an 'absolute pacifist,' and thus they are a person who has become a person who 'may' be 'Saved' and, in order to actually be 'saved' they have to at all times and in all situations be in conformity to or with:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

It is written because I am a peaceful man and I never disturb the peace of the land, but I am being persecuted by State police officers and the court system simply because my 'religious' belief in peace, love and God precludes me from funding by tax, fee, or levy their opposing ideological belief of control, punishment and war.  This 'paper' is relevant to everyone.

The 'Question' arising in my case that is relevant to everyone of you is: "Is there a place and time when a man of PEACE can live in accordance with his absolute pacifist belief - religion - ideology and not be hunted, persecuted, prosecuted and dispossessed of his possessions by 'infidels,'* being persons who are adhering to the contra controlling, punitive and 'warring' system of belief - religion - ideology having the belief in their 'right' to the use of 'rules' and force to RULE others, and to force them to 'bow' to their ideological belief - religion of War"?   The answer is "YES," and is 'revealed' within this document, and the whole purpose of this document is to enlighten everyone who reads it.

Note:  'infidel,'* - An infidel is a person of any 'race' who does not espouse the religious ideal and 'belief' in absolute pacifism at all times and in all situations, and they are persons who justify the use of force  (the sword-spear-axe-gun)  in defiance of God's Command:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God to all is:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

Infidels are people who have been deceived by the false beliefs of their forefathers who had succumbed to the 'temptation' of the Dark-Devil who 'spoke' within their thoughts, and convinced them that they could or should rely on it and its forceful 'power' rather that simply having God as their Monarch and leaning on the wisdom of His holy word.

This document has been raised up because neither the politicians nor their policing and judicial forces understand that God forbids everyone from persecuting or prosecuting others who 'fail' to bow to the rules of other mortals or those holding the opposite ideology of aggression and war.  This is because when one finds the 'justification' to persecute anyone for any reason one violates their allegiance to God the Sovereign Monarch and, in using forceful means they defy the:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

And they endanger their soul as they place IT within the bounds of the punitive aspect of God's SINGLE but immutable LAW and ahead do suffer the same injury they imposed upon the other directly or indirectly via paid servants or 'State' officials. God's 'Just' Law states:

"As you sow so shall ye reap - what you have done unto others will be done unto you by others."

As all enforcers and magistrates are ignorant of the COMMAND and LAW of God, their punitive activities against the peaceful or the aggressive are those of 'illegal' terrorists. For they operate outside the 'constraints' of God's Primary "Love one another" Command, so if you are funding their 'wages,' then you are complicit to their defiant deeds being the suffering they impose upon others on behalf of you.

This document has been raised up because neither the people of the land nor their 'religious' elders understand that the context of God's "Love one another" Command precludes 'believers' in the doctrine of peace & love & mercy & forgiveness from voting, condoning, supporting or fiscally funding the contra 'doctrine' of control, extortion, regulation, punishment and war that is the 'religion' of every government on earth. 

I have a very great understanding of the power of the invisible dark energy of God that seeks to entrap ALL humanity by getting them to use its dark forceful, retributive, punitive and destructive energy so that it can then cause them 'harm' within God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law. This it also does using 'proof of association' and complicity to the actions of ones servants.

Every time a peaceful person is detained and thus 'harmed' punitively, it is a coercive attempt by this dark energy operating clandestinely through 'uniformed' men to FORCE them to change their ideological belief, so that they will then be 'funding' the wages of 'Sin.' (Kings and their politicians and their enforcers who cause others to 'suffer' in some way.)

Be it through loss, tax extortion, banishment, deprecation, incarceration, pain or emotional grief. This one must not do as it is in defiance of God's holy Command of 'Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness.' Only support and fund benign community effort that is in accordance with God's Command.

This document has been raised up to assist everyone, because all walk the wrong way, and neither the politicians nor their policing and judicial forces nor the community understand that within the absolutely 'Just,' honourable and immutable Law of God there is NO 'leniency,' and any person who is walking their road in a 'contra' code of conduct 'policy' to that prescribed by this sacred pen of God is an 'offender' in God's eyes, being a person who has become a person to be dealt with in this life or the after life within the absolutely immutable "As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you" LAW of God.

This document clearly shows how common man has been deceived by the 'armed' and 'educated' for so long that a dark precedent has been set, a precedent whereby endless extortion by 'rulers' backed by force has been going on for so long that everyone now believes that it is 'normal,' and none can see that they have all deviated from the TRUE path.

The TRUE path as revealed here is the 'purists' code of conduct of absolute pacifism that is revealed as being the absolute and necessary 'path' to be adhered to by 'each' mortal or spirit person who wishes to be 'saved' and set FREE by the holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty.  An absolute pacifist cannot engage in warfare or self-defence, nor in the control, regulation or punishment of another either directly or indirectly.

The TRUE path is not a 'named' religion such as Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc., for it is simply a 'code of conduct' action of daily activity that at NO time and under NO circumstance causes any other person to be controlled, punished, harmed, disadvantaged, dispossessed or killed. The TRUE path is the 'Religious ideology of absolute pacifism.'  Only those who now adhere to the TRUE path will be 'saved' and elevated into the Promised Land.

Proof of ones religion or ideological belief is not any 'name' of association nor proclamation by mouth, it is solely by our daily 'actions' or deeds as seen by man and God that is the PROOF of the ideological doctrine, belief, faith, religion that we are practising, adhering to or, fellowshipping with.

It is of immense importance to anyone seeking Salvation and Freedom from ongoing persecution, and it applies equally to all mankind from the poorest to the Judge, for everyone is in contravention of God's Command, and 'Judges' and those who pay their wages are the 'worst' offenders in God's eyes having the weightiest and most painful 'Sword of Damocles' hanging over their heads.

Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of the Law excuses no one.

God's ONE: "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW applies to everyone at all times and in all situations.
No 'mandate' or 'office' or 'rule' of man voids or 'nullifies' God's Supreme Law.

by Terence – the spirit of truth

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~ The Religious ideology of absolute Pacifism ~

The pure essence of belief

The Command of God: "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto all" is a command that delineates His code of conduct 'policy' to his children you and I. This command is one of absolute and pure pacifism.

It is a fact that this ideological policy is in direct 'opposition' to those believing that they can 'defend' themselves against a perceived threat or enemy using forceful means, for the religious ideological belief in absolute pacifism means that in all situations or circumstances one is forbidden by God to use punitive force, for that prerogative is only His.

It is a fact that this 'pacifist' policy is one who is directly 'opposite' to that of 'Caesar.' (The governing systems of mankind) Caesar was a 'warrior' leader who as every head of State believed in the use of force to invade, wage war, control, regulate, enforce, persecute, impose sanction, punish or destroy those who defied his 'edicts-decrees-rules' etc., that he 'declared' were the 'law of the land,' while in truth they were not.

This 'warring' and punitive precedent existed before his time and continues on today, and this policy is not pacifist but is of a contra ideological policy. (The religious belief in the use of force to gain or attain the upper hand)

As it is my task for God to reinstate His code of conduct policy 'Command' of Peace unto all to His children you, and to enlighten the whole world so as to establish world peace and usher in the new world 'order' of absolute pacifism, it is my duty to alert everyone that it is error to 'bow' to, uphold, support, or condone any religious ideological policy that in any way 'opposes' that of absolute pacifism.

An absolute pacifist is a person who; knows and lives in agreement with God's Primary Ruling Command.

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God to all is:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

An absolute pacifist  is a person who; is always peaceful at all times and in all situations and never interferes in the lives of others.
An absolute pacifist is a person who; knows that defiance of God leads them into the punitive aspect of God's ONE immutable Law.

God's ONE and ONLY Law is:
"As you do is done unto you on an equal and thus 'eye for an eye' basis"
It follows that for every positive or negative or kind or unkind action their is an equal return to the individual when so ordained by God.

An absolute pacifist  is a person who; has enough inner strength to never be coerced into defying God's Primary Ruling Command.
An absolute pacifist  is a person who; knows that defiance of God leads them suffering and ultimate spiritual death.
An absolute pacifist  is a person who; would never take a 'wage' to defy God and interfere in the lives of others.
An absolute pacifist is a person who; is always respectful of others that are cruel and unkind and merciless.
An absolute pacifist is a person who; never displays aggressive or vindictive tendencies.
An absolute pacifist is a person who; is always merciful, compassionate and forgiving.
An absolute pacifist is a person who; never raises their voice or hand against any other and thus never 'arms' themself.
An absolute pacifist is a person who; sees every person of every race as their spiritual sister or brother to be loved and respected.
An absolute pacifist is a person who; never supports or funds any institution or 'man' that has the contra ideology of control, regulation, punishment or killing. 
An absolute pacifist is a person who; has learnt how to protect their mind so that they never 'entertain' any devious thoughts that  could 'justify' a reason to defy God and mislead them into defiance of God's Primary Ruling Command.

An absolute pacifist is a person who; never defends themselves nor retaliates against adversity, thus permitting 'infidels' to injure or 'crucify' them, for in this way the absolute pacifist allows the fulfillment of God's Law to 'balance' its 'scales of justice' for the time past when the individual was NOT an absolute pacifist, and during this past 'time' in causing harm to others they accrued spiritual 'pain' dues to God.

Ask yourself: Why would God issue a Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command if there was no 'consequence' for being other than 'peaceful, merciful, loving and forgiving'? I add, there are many 'named' religions of MEN, but there are in fact only TWO religious ideological codes of conduct beliefs - policies - doctrines on earth:

The ONE is the TRUE religion of the Christ.
The 'ideal' being the belief in Peace, kindness, truthfulness, respect, giving, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign)

The other is the FALSE religion of the anti-Christ.
The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for War, cruelty, deception, disrespect, extortion, control & destruction using FORCE. (malignant)

YES, there is a 'consequence' for each and every 'activity' or interaction with others, and whatever we DO unto others will by others be done unto us on an EQUAL and 'Just' basis at the time and in the place so ordained by God in this world or in the after life.

Note:   pacifism – Is opposite to war or violence of any kind, being the principle policy of establishing universal peace.

Note: absolute pacifism – Forbids the 'believer' in raising their hand against any other person either personally or via paid 'servants,' (State officials) and the Pacifists 'policy of peace' precludes the funding of any institution or person to protect them from others, or to in any way disadvantage, persecute, control, dispossess or punish others on their behalf or in their name.

This means that the 'absolute pacifist' can only fund benign community services or effort, and within their absolute pacifist belief they are only able to support the education of others who are defiant of the Command of God who go forth disturbing the peace of the land.

Note: The pacifist believes that they are free to go about their daily business and to follow their personal ideological religious belief as long as they do not disturb the peace of the land, for by that contrary 'act' they would be defiant of God's Command. The True and absolute pacifist lives in peaceful co-existence within the community,.

Non-pacifists believe that they have every 'justification' to interfere in the lives of others, and at the same time they 'disturb the peace' of the land whilst living in a non-peaceful co-existence within the community.

Note: The belief of the majority of mankind that self-defence is an acceptable 'option' within the precepts of the Command of God is error. The use of force to 'rebuff' an antagonist causes them to suffer, and places the user of God's dark energy into the punitive aspect of God's "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law.  The 'harm' caused when the individual or system's operative injures another even in self-defence becomes their spiritual due, a due which will require them to suffer the same pain they dealt out at a later time and place of God's choosing.

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~ Advisory page ~

I am advised by God THE AUTHORITY that: There is now to be a "No tolerance" attitude taken towards anyone of the public or any state official having any racial prejudice or religious INTOLERANCE.

I am advised by God THE AUTHORITY that: Any 'official' or person inciting civil unrest will be very harshly dealt with.

I am advised by God THE AUTHORITY that: Any 'official' or person found disturbing the peace of the peaceful for any reason will be very harshly dealt with.

I am advised by God THE AUTHORITY that: Any 'official' person who goes forth and abducts a person from their home and transports them and hands them over to others to be punished or incarcerated is operating illegally and is in ‘breach’ of God’s Primary and Ruling Command:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

And by God are deemed to be a vindictive TERRORIST committing an act of TREASON against the State of Heaven, and by their own actions they have violated their allegiance to God the eternal Sovereign Monarch.

Note-1: In the eyes of God, any person, be they civilian, ‘official’ or magistrate who places a ‘judgement’ upon any other ‘child of God’ to the effect that punitive ‘corrective’ ACTION is needed, is a person who has in FACT defied God’s Primary and Ruling Command and, - - - they have placed themselves into the ‘merciless’ and punitive aspect of God’s immutable "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law, and they will suffer the same ‘injury or loss’ at a later date when so ordained by God THE JUDGE.

Note-2: In the eyes of God, any person, be they civilian, ‘official’ or magistrate who places a ‘judgement’ upon any other ‘child of God’ to the effect that good counsel ‘corrective’ ACTION is needed, is a person who has in FACT upheld God’s Primary and Ruling Command and, - - - they have placed themselves into the ‘merciful’ and benign aspect of God’s immutable "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law, and they will enjoy the same ‘beneficence’ at a later date when so ordained by God THE JUDGE.

Take notice that: Any 'legislative enactment' that 'enables' the peace of peaceful citizens to be 'disturbed' is in contravention of God's code of conduct 'policy' Command.

Take notice that: For so 'long' have political 'rulers' believed that they have the 'right and power' to invoke rules, statutes, acts, decrees that cause or result in the peace of the peaceful being 'disturbed,' that this precedent set in 'motion' has become an ingrained 'belief' that is FALSE.

This 'controlling, invasive, and punitive' conduct is of itself a 'religious' doctrine that is upheld in the name of the flag, nation, people etc., and for so long have political men using 'rules' made use of the police forces as their personal 'army,' that none of them nor you can see the error of this way, nor do they or you see that the police 'service' is being used as armed 'extortionists,' and all are defiant of the Command of their Creator, and all will now soon begin to feel 'terror' for that IS the END DAYS submission of God's Justice upon all 'non-believers' in PEACE.

The people of the land only need a community 'peace corps' of honest, respectful, peaceful and dedicated unarmed and fearless men and women who go forth for the sole purpose of hauling in anyone who does 'disturb the peace' of the land and, for the thereafter sole purpose of giving them aid in that they can receive 'correction' through education and good counsel as Commanded by God in my 'Feeling Easier' Seminar.

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~ Without Prejudice ~

As a 'minister of God's Word' and as a spiritual healer dealing daily with the dark 'possessive' but unseen demonic forces who telepathically subjugate and 'override' the minds of mortals who at times lose momentary control of their faculties, it is my 'considered' opinion that any person taking it upon themself to punish, control, or abuse another is a person suffering a severe case of psychosis, and that for the duration of their 'controlling' activity they are a danger unto themselves and others, for their mind becomes temporarily 'possessed' by a powerful demon who 'himself' is the 'one' in control of the 'session.'

The 'Jekyll & Hyde' mannerisms of people are simply caused by the inner emotions, and when a person is 'calm' they are rational and in control of their faculties, but when they become 'irritated' and their emotions of anger, vanity, pride, jealousy or other become aroused, this negative energy vibration opens a doorway to the dark realms below, and is what permits demonic forces to intrude telepathically and 'take over.'

Regrettably as the intent of the 'possessor' (demon) is always to cause 'harm,' and the individual through whom they are operating becomes the one responsible for the actions of their 'flesh' that occurred during their time of 'temporary' insanity.

This is the nature of the 'beast' showing its face more and more in society, and it was a very powerful 'demon' who also seized control of the mind of Martin Bryant and overrode his consciousness, and did what IT wanted to via his 'flesh' that became controlled as is a 'robot.'

In a severe case of 'spirit possession' the actual consciousness of the individual is fully 'displaced' for the duration of the 'possession,' and when the invisible 'dark' spirit releases their 'grip' the individual has NO recollection of what took place.

This is why Martin Bryant knows with 'certainty' that he did not do the 'killing' and is thus not 'remorseful.' How 'terrifying' is that, when one is 'charged' for a most heinous crime that one knows one did not commit? failure to control ones negative 'thoughts' leads to suffering.

This is also the reason for the need of a quick 'amendment' to the manner of 'treatment' of those who disturb the peace and 'offend,' for they need my good counsel rather than punishment, and if this is not implemented SOON in every land on earth, absolute CHAOS will be the result.

Now you can see the 'danger' of ignorance, for more and more people are becoming irrational and then suffering the consequence, and this 'illness' is not 'limited,' and will soon encompass everyone who fails to heed my message that exposes the dark 'cunning' and very dangerous alien force that is invading the consciousness of the entire human race and, no person will be 'safe' from IT or the consequence unless they understand the 'how, why, when,' and what to do to protect their mind as revealed by me.

A policeman needs to also understand that if they 'table' a complaint upon the 'desk' of an insane 'judge' then they are also 'deserving' of the same 'fate' imposed upon their 'victim' by the 'unconscionable' judge.

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~ Executive power ~
The 'lie' of the Constitution

Executive power wielded yesterday, today and forever is the Dark Sovereign Power of God in operation through the mind of ignorant man, it is 'control' backed by force of arms. (Guns, sword, spear, axe, arrow, fists, boots, etc.) Executive power is exactly that, the 'absolute' power to execute people. (Kill them)

It is wielded in the Court of man by men operating 'as' God, and their passing of a punitive 'sentence' is the Judgement of God 'executed' by the invisible punitive demonic forces of God who 'control' the mind of the magistrate, judge or other, being anyone imposing any punitive judgement upon another.

The religious ideological belief in the use of absolute power is an ideology (religious belief) that is in direct 'opposition' to the religious ideological belief of absolute pacifism.

Executive power flows down to those 'in power' via the authority vested in man through 'orders' issued either directly by superiors or indirectly via books of 'rules.' In this 'case' it is the RULES that are the 'Executive power' that 'empower' or 'licence' armed men to go forth on their duty to the RULES.

The 'lie' in the Constitutions of man is the one whereby the people are 'promised' by 'guarantee' that they will be free to live by their own belief, conscience, and religious ideology as long as they live peacefully and do not disturb the peace of the land.  This is a 'lie' because supposedly democratic systems are of a 'feudal' origin, one whereby the overlords backed by armed men continue to 'feud' against the 'innocent and peaceful' who do not bow to their taxing and warlike way, a way that in itself is the religious belief of control and punishment and autocratic power.

Executive punitive and destructive power is vested in those 'officials' or 'people' who defy God's Command by the Dark 'devilish' Sovereign Power, and they go their way 'behaving badly' in God's eyes because they interfere, instil fear, extort money, criticise, condemn, judge, abuse, punish or kill others 'officially' or otherwise.

Ninety nine percent of 'judgements' have nothing to do with the 'case' at hand.  God is not concerned whether you wear a seatbelt or not, thus any monetary punishment by 'fine' or loss of property or imprisonment for fine payment default has simply arisen from some other time and place (In this life or pre-birth) where you or your servants stole from others, interfered in their life, abused them etc., through your defiance of the "Peace & love" Command of God. 

In the case of a hanging, when a person had killed another, then in that instance the death 'sentence' given by the Court was the fulfillment of God's 'eye for an eye' Law meted out at God's 'nod.'  The invisible Dark energy essence of God knows all, in that anyone who has used it is marked by it, and NONE can avoid its 'comeback' at a later stage.  Absolute Justice exists, and a person is only 'free' from suffering injury, deprivation, persecution etc., when they have no more 'dues to God' to PAY.

The Executive 'power to execute' (kill) also flows through those members of the community who are not empowered by rules, they are simply following their dark emotions and thoughts that justify their anti-pacifist ideology, and their thoughts also stem from the Dark Sovereign Power of God operating through the mind of ignorant man.  Divine Justice is being meted out at all times when anyone is being abused.

God states;

"You are free to go your way and follow your own personal religious beliefs as long as you conform to MY Command and you go your way in peace and you thus do not disturb the peace of the land for any reason."

It is obvious that the latter day and conflicting rules and regulations raised up by politicians within their state statutes cannot or should not be 'permitted' to overrule or 'void' the primary Command of God.

The facts of the matter are that man has for so long been doing the wrong thing according to God, that he is no longer able to exercise his own conscience due to being overruled by political rules that force man to defy God.

It is I the absolute pacifist to 'remind' all of the facts of the matter so that each person can educate themselves and make amends to their God, their fellow man, and to their own soul as they say "Sorry" to those they persecute and all turn over a new leaf.

What spiritual 'power' defends the Might of God's Command against those who disturb the peace?

It is the Might of God's dark punitive and destructive energy operating within the bounds of His singular and immutable "Eye for an eye - As you do will be done unto you" LAW and, - - -

Any person who transgresses the "Love one another and go your way in peace" Command receives an EQUAL return due of suffering at the hands of others equally ignorant of His ONE Law.  This 'return' of pain or loss may be experienced in this realm or in the next realm of the after-life.

Disturbing the peace of PEACEFUL citizens is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

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~ Which 'rule' Rules in Tasmania? ~
Man's State, Federal, or God's

Until the 'day' comes when politicians, policemen, prosecutors, magistrates and judges are literally stopped in their 'tracks' from interfering in the lives of people through their ignorance of God's one immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW, as well as through their ignorance of the "Go your way in peace and love one another" COMMAND of God, they will simply carry on 'cruelly' causing harm to people and consequently they will accrue a similar spiritual due.

From my personal interaction with the 'enforcers' of the Tasmanian State institution I can but say that any reference to their mandate or authority granted to them by God or their own Constitution has either been 'scoffed' at or simply ignored, and this has resulted in my being kidnapped from my home, transported, enslaved at slave wages, impoverished and mentally and emotionally 'tortured.'

I can but 'warn' all that ANY 'rule' or 'ruling' by man be it 'official' or otherwise, legislated or otherwise, does in NO way 'abrogate' or nullify or overrule either the "Go your way in peace and love one another" Command of God nor His ONE "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law.

Politicians make many rules, and many are 'contrary' to others, and they all enable the ignorant to impose 'strictures' upon others who they are not 'empowered' to do within the 'context' of the mandate of God's Command.

All empowerment to go forth and impose punishment in the form of fines, incarceration or loss of property etc., comes from rules in a book as well as from the gun, for any armed enforcer can do whatever they wish to with or without the 'backing' of the rules, edicts, decrees that they name 'the law.'

The rules of man are by man named 'the law' because they are backed by 'suffering' meted out through forceful punishment for any non-conformity. This is the anti-god and warring religious ideological belief that defies God and His 'Peace' code of conduct.

Man makes hundreds upon hundreds of rules, and these rules or 'laws' are simply decrees or 'orders' issuing forth from the ignorant, vain, greedy and arrogant who seek to appease their 'flocks' and to maintain their position of power, for they believe that they are as mighty as God and superior to other mortals under their 'armed control.'

God has only ONE 'rule,' and IT is 'inviolate' and it has two 'polarities' or opposites.  Man walks his way either in conformity to God's "Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness" Command or he walks his way in the contra manner of extortion, control, manipulation, regulation, criticism, judgement, punishment, war & killing, and as God's Law pertains solely to ones daily activity, it follows that one's 'walk' or activity places a person within one or the other 'aspect' of God's 'rule' with its similar positive or negative 'eye for an eye' Law. Simply put; Do good and receive good. Impose suffering, receive suffering.

Those in society who originally invoked 'Rule by man' elevated a 'Constitution' of the land to embody a 'code,' a code of conduct within which people who were peaceful and orderly and respectful would be left in 'Peace' to go about their daily business in accordance with their personal ideological belief (religion), and this 'Doctrine of peace' was intended to be protected by the primary 'rule of law' as contained within the Constitution of the land which was supposed to be 'The Authority.'

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As long as the individual kept in alignment to their peaceful ideology all subsequent 'rules' (laws) of the land invoked over time were deemed 'invalid' and of no consequence' to the peaceful individual, and no peaceful person was to be 'disadvantaged' by any enforcer as a result of their 'peaceful' ideological belief.

As time passed by, those in 'power' became more demanding of the people of the land, and they became more 'ungodly,' arrogant and ignorant of the rules of the Constitution, rules that were of a different 'set,' and as such there arose the false assumption that every person of the land was under their control.

They also assumed that irrespective of the religious ideological beliefs of others that everyone who tried to walk apart from their 'warring' and punitive system was to be punished, for via this interference, control and punishment they would be 'coerced' into becoming a 'follower' of their false religious ideology and would then fund IT and ITS 'ways.'

What the enforcement 'arm' of the institution needs to see is, that they have by precedent and ignorance of THE LAW of the Constitution they supposedly 'serve' now become the 'fall guys.'

What the enforcement 'arm' of the institution needs to see is, that their ignorance of THE LAW of GOD has placed them 'in harms way.'

For they are being led to the 'slaughter' by the politicians who raised up 'latter day' rules that themselves force young men to 'blindly' and criminally interfere in the lives of the peaceful and others unto their own demise through their own ignorance of God's Law.

Are you a person who violates the 'ruling' of the Command of God? Do you believe that The Authority of the institution of the land overrides THE AUTHORITY of the Command of God? Do you believe that your Creator will 'forgive' you? I can assure you that God's Law is UNYIELDING.

Man sees not how everyone is soon to be 'stopped in their tracks' in the manner revealed by this my 'pen,' and if God IS my 'protector' then why does HE permit me to 'suffer' and be harassed continually?

It is simply because I am His 'scapegoat' who needs to be the 'fall guy' so that I am able to 'address' the situation in a manner that may save 'some' as it elevates the consciousness of mankind.

God requires me to put myself 'out there' so that I have the opportunity of showing up the error of man's ways so that they, mankind, have the opportunity of seeing IT and thus have the choice to make amends with God and their fellow man, as they lay down their 'mace' that is the 'text book' rulings, the disgrace. For IT is what leads man away from God and into 'criminal' activity.

Education is the way, not control, fine & punishment.

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~ Greater Police Powers revelations ~
'Acts' of 'permission.'

Because of the 'promise' by politicians to 'the people' to give them protection, and to enable the politicians to maintain absolute control over the populace, they ignorantly invoke more and more 'Acts of permission' to the police enforcers of the land.

What are these greater powers, and what do they 'permit' the police to do, and what impact do they have on me or you the simpleton who ventures forth from their home and enters town occasionally?

They 'permit' officials to intrude more into ones affairs, to intimidate more, to coerce more, to trespass more, to invade ones home more, to steal more, to punish more, to cause more mental and emotional trauma and, - - -

How do the policemen view these greater powers bequeathed to them by legislation?

They are 'delighted,' because they feel more powerful because they know that they can do whatever they wish to in order to 'get their man' so to speak, but none see the greater havoc they wreak in the process, for they do not feel what their 'victim' feels.

None see their greater imposition of trauma imposed upon the public, and more to the point, none see that one day ahead within their own 'belly' they will feel terrified and very, very sick.

For the ignorance of God's Law is what has turned arrogant man into a BEAST, and beasts are very ignorant and know naught of God's love and, neither do they know of God's other 'face, the DARK Power that destroys all who wield a mace.

So as I see it, 'greater powers' given to some members of the community enabling them to go forth and 'disturb the peace' of others is NO immunity from God and His Law.

Foolish are those who condone, support, or fund systems of INIQUITY.

Foolish is a policeman who 'permits' legislation to overrule his integrity, his conscience, his respect, his compassion, his inner light, and force him to defy God and go forth and disturb the peace of the land and fight his sister, brother, father, mother and others , be they friends known or as yet unmet.

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~ In the 'line of Duty' ~
The 'right' to become an aggressor

Policemen and other 'armed forces' men are 'permitted' by their rules of engagement to contravene the 'godly' moral and civil code of conduct of peace, love, mercy, compassion, respect and forgiveness, and for this contravention they are not punishable within the State statutes, * edicts, acts, laws of man, for without their 'mercenary services' * the politicians would be unable to coerce the people into the endless taxation extortion that has found its 'way' into every aspect of and activity of man.

Not only this, but without this punitive force politicians would be unable to satisfy the demands of the public in reference to 'protection' that is promised to those who support the system. Regrettably the 'defence' force as it is known has also now been 'licensed' to go forth and invade and destroy as it roams far over land and sea.

Does God 'permit' the use of aggression? Yes, for God gives everyone a personal choice to heed or deny His; "Go your way in peace and love one another" Command - - - BUT - - - what man does not understand is, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  For that is not only a 'scientific' FACT, but it is also backed by the eternal 'flow' of God's ENERGY that is a LAW unto ITSELF.

When you fight or attack or control, abuse or punish, you are 'simply' placing yourself within the parameters of the DARK aspect of God's ONE Law;

"What unto others is done by you or your servants will by others be done unto you"
"As you sow so shall ye reap on an EQUAL or 'eye for an eye' basis."


I am here to 'teach' ignorant man about the true nature of the SOURCE, for IT has two equally powerful but opposite polarities. One is benign and creative and the other is malignant and destructive. This essence of God is pure energy that is in fact limitless and indestructible. (Refer Link - God is GOD)

The LIGHT 'intelligent' energy of God 'warns' man to ONLY sup on the benign aspect so that within ITS "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law they ahead will receive an equal benign return of happiness meted out with absolute exactness, and IT forbids us to sup on the Dark energy.

The DARK 'intelligent' energy of God tempts man to sup on ITS powerful energy to seize, invade, enslave, control, extort, punish, destroy and kill, so that within ITS "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law, they ahead will receive an equal malignant return of agony meted out with absolute exactness as it attempts to destroy us for our defiance of the Light.

The positive, kindly, respectful, caring, loving and happy emotions within man ARE of the essence of Light energy.
The negative, cruel, callous, merciless, destructive and angry emotions within man ARE of the essence of Dark energy.

The more you use either energy in your daily activity the more of 'that' nature of essence you draw into your spirit soul and, the larger grow the emotions of this energy within you.  The more you use either of these energies in your daily activities, the more your 'expression' impacts upon those around you.

Whenever you 'sow' goodness it becomes a spiritual return 'due' of goodness to be meted out to you by God at a later stage via the mind or hands of the merciful beneficent in this or the after life.

Whenever you 'sow' badness it becomes a spiritual return 'due' of badness to be meted out to you by God at a later stage via the mind or hands of the merciless and cruel who are malignant in this or the after life.

The peaceful and loving are to be seen on earth, as are the opposite who are forceful, disrespectful and destructive.  Which are you?  Are you aware that when 'in the line of duty' to man and you go forth with the intent to in some way PUNISH another, then you are 'backed' by the forceful and destructive energy of God that 'justifies' your activity FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of destroying your soul?

Is it really as 'simple' as it seems when a person says: "It's my DUTY"?  Is it not ones PRIMARY duty to be faithful to God and to obey His superior; "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" Command?  Any person who sees their 'duty' as justified and honourable when it is in 'conflict' with God's 'invocation' via my pen is very ignorant, unwise and foolhardy, and they are the 'deceived' who have been misled by the precedents set by their ancestors and legislative officials of State.

It is my intent to elevate the consciousness of mankind to the point that all begin to see that when they go forth to limit, restrict, control or punish those perceived as needing 'correction,' that they themselves become beasts of a darker ilk and themselves accrue a due within God's Law as His Dark energy 'adjusts' and corrects itself.

Try and see that one should ONLY 'interfere' in the lives of those who disturb the peace for the SOLE purpose of educating them, as this is the 'correction' ordained by God, and only this way does one remain within the 'safe' code of conduct 'policy' decreed by God the Almighty.

In the 'line of duty' that I daily 'perform' I am always benign, approachable, kind, merciful, compassionate and forgiving and, - - - I do not ever need to defend myself because I KNOW that any suffering being imposed upon me by the ignorant is a past 'due' being imposed by God via them and, even though they may have instigated their 'attack' upon me using their rules, the punishment I receive has naught to do with said rules but everything to do with what I did unto others in a prior time, be it in this life or when in spirit realms.

I also know that any form of physical self-defence is in itself a contravention of the Command of God, for 'defence' would require me to 'sup' on dark forceful energy, and through this act I could harm another, and thus accrue another 'penalty' due, as I sullied my rose in defiance of God.

Note; 'mercenary services' * - A mercenary is a person of any race who for 'pieces of silver' being the 'price,' they are prepared to 'arm' themselves and to go forth and wage war upon others in the community or in other lands.  These 'infidels' (non-believers) defy the Command of God and unknowingly cast their 'lot' with the Devil whom they serve so judiciously.  It is I the 'Messiah' sent by God to offer them my 'wisdom' in the hope that they will 'disarm' and amend their ways before it is too late.

Mercenaries are people of any race who for 'power,' vanity and pride place themselves in 'high places,' where for 'pieces of silver' they invoke ungodly rules that place others in bondage, fear, deprivation and suffering.  Their 'rulings' also force their servants to go forth and disturb the peace of others and to cause 'terror,' harm, inconvenience and impoverishment.

Every Mercenary has the Dark religious ideological belief that they have the 'authority and right' to control the lives of others, and to enforce their dictates, and to kill anyone who they see as a 'threat' to their autocratic system of governance who they perceive as legitimate, democratic and justified.

Every Mercenary pays the 'blood' price for their defiance of THE CREATOR, and every 'drop of blood' spilt and every moment of anguish or suffering imposed by them upon others returns with a 'vengeance' upon their own soul.

That IS the immutable LAW of the Creator.

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~ Conditions of existence ~

When a 'common' person or an 'official' of an institution imposes 'conditions of existence' upon others then God within His 'greater' and immutable "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law imposes an EQUAL 'condition of existence' upon that person at a later time using other people who are equally arrogant, disrespectful and ignorant.

When a 'common' person or an 'official' of an institution imposes any 'punitive response' upon others for any non-conformity to said conditions of existence, then God within His 'greater' and immutable "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law imposes an EQUAL and 'punitive response' upon that person within the punitive aspect of His 'Eye for an eye' Law using other people who are equally arrogant and ignorant.

The return by God of imposed conditions of existence or any punitive response may only be obvious or apparent or meted out at a later time in this life or it may only be done in the afterlife in dark realms below wherein exist demonic forces who spend their 'time' in perpetual vengeful activities.

Time as time passes by moment by moment, and every moment that passes by is soon forgotten by simple man due to 'him' busily doing this or that activity.

When one uses a 'still' camera it 'catches' a very brief moment in time that remains 'frozen' as such, and simple man sees not that eternal time is eternally frozen in that in spiritual realms one can see into the past and recall everything.

This means that the invisible forces (discarnate spirits) of the Dark Sovereign Power God need NO 'investigative' purposes prior to enforcing the punitive aspect of God's Law, for every activity of man that is in contravention of God's Command is known by them and they can at any time 'swiftly' mete out retribution, and the deeper implications of this is not understood by man but it is 'open' to me.

If a man is TRUE to his conscience and TRUE to God, then why do 'police' find 'cause' to disturb his peace? The answer is simple, the gun bearing 'interferers' are being paid a wage to force the meek and mild into submitting to the control, regulation and extortion of the vain, proud, arrogant, ignorant and greedy politicians or Chiefs, Kings, Warlords, Emperors etc.

All humanity is presently walking their road in contravention of God's Command, either personally or via operatives who do their 'dirty' work in their name and on their behalf. Every person needs to read the contents of the 'Law of God' as well as the 'Consequence of Action' documents reached through the LINKS at the end of this paper.

Persons employed by institutions named 'The legitimate government' by said institution are persons who have been deceived by the beliefs of their forefathers, and are thus living under the 'delusion' that every 'citizen' is a 'party member' of their institution and thus to be held in bondage and 'enslaved' to ITS rules, decrees, acts etc.

I state: "I and most 'others' NEVER made any 'contractual' agreement to be a 'slave' to this institution, nor did I ever agree to be RULED by other mortal men posing as 'servants' who 'back' their beliefs with GUNS."  So if you are so foolish as to pay their wages you are committing a mortal and spiritual 'Sin' through your contravention of God's Holy Word and, you deserve everything you get thrust upon you, being more control, regulation, extortion, impoverishment, dispossession, punishment etc.

I add: People who are ignorant of spiritual truth & God's Law believe that to remain 'Free men' that they have the right of 'insurrection,' and they fight their oppressor so as to remain free from being enslaved or destroyed.  This is the 'way' of sinful man who defy their God in every way.

People who are absolute pacifists due to their knowledge of spiritual truth & God's law know that they must never 'fight' their oppressor to remain free, because they know that if they 'fight' they are not only defiant of God's : "Go in peace" Command, but in 'fighting' they would be supping on the 'fruit of evil' and IT would return on another day and 'burn' them for using IT, for THAT is the fulfillment of God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law.

Thus the true pacifist 'believer' never wields a sword, but simply defies the edicts of their 'oppressor' as they get on with their life with God's Light as their 'wife,' and they willingly 'suffer' any punishment as they 'turn the other cheek' as commanded by God in the foreknowledge that; any 'imposition' resulting in their suffering is 'God sent' to set them truly free spiritually from their 'errant' spiritual past, so that one day ahead their soul will rise UP into the Light of Heaven.

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~ Civil Rights & Religious belief ~

I say but a few words reference ones Civil Rights in this document as it has been referred to in other areas of my web site.

Every person has the God-given right to walk alone or apart from 'belonging to' or being a 'member of' any group or organisation. This means that the governing institutions raised up by kings, chiefs, or other warrior tribes that used force to seize control of lands and people are simply the same as any other institution, except for the fact that their 'controls and punishment' are backed by armed men carrying weapons of death.

It is your God-given Right to walk apart from such an institution by not voting for its elevation, not condoning its ways, nor by funding it. God commands everyone to only fund benign community effort.

You have the right to go about your daily business without first having to pay any 'levy, fee, or taxes' to anyone. Neither do you have to ask permission from anyone before getting on with your life.  Naturally any positive and helpful codes of practice for the varieties of operations may be followed, but you have a right to build a 'hut' with a grass roof if you so wish without first obtaining permission from any other mortal.

Naturally you would study the road 'code of conduct' and learn to drive safely and receive a 'pass' qualification before venturing forth, but you do not need to pay any annual tax to validate your certificate of competency.

Yes you have the right to not be interfered with or abused by anyone, but this 'protection' from or by God is only existent if you have obeyed God's Command both personally and by not funding the wages of others that went forth in your name and disturbed the peace of others.

All have erred in God's eyes due to the sinning 'ways' of our forefathers who established rule by force. All men of religion be they Islamic clerics or Christian priests also fell by the wayside as they fearfully 'bowed' to the temporal power of a 'Chief of King' and joined forces with him or others of his warring 'ilk,' and thus giving his dark ways their blessing by walking hand in hand with warriors.

The only true 'RIGHT' that you now have is to bow to God and conform to His Command. All have lost their right to 'freedom' until such time as God's Law is satiated, and you have paid all your spiritual dues of 'suffering' to God.

Foolish are those who believe that in praising mortal 'saviours' that they can avoid God's Law or void ITS absolute justice.  The LAW of the land to which all men are 'subject to' is THE LAW OF GOD, and IT stands above any decrees or rules raised up by man.

All religions thus stumbled and the 'priestly' clan will all by God be sent into purgatory/Hell for a time and a time for this weakness, complicity, and faithless deception of His children as revealed by my pen. (Refer Link below)

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~ Religion ~

The word 'Religion' has become 'compromised' and 'lost.' Its true meaning has been distorted in the mind of man similarly as has the word 'gay' that is also distorted and now symbolises 'a homosexual person.'  We should know that many homosexuals may well be joyful and thus 'happy & gay' whereas many others might be angry, jealous, vindictive, vain and arrogant or, depressed and sorrowful.

The word 'Religion' is the practice of doctrinal code of conduct (ideals) and, the recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship. (God)

Ones ‘Religion’ is not the named institution, be it Jehovah Witness, Dutch reform, Islam, Christian, Catholic, Buddhism etc., it is the “Warring or Peaceful” code of conduct activity (actions) of the adherents of the organization or institution as ‘judged’ by God, and this ‘judgement’ is based upon:

1 – The base ‘nature’ of the tabled ‘doctrine’ raised up by those ‘official’ members that ‘form’ the ideology of the institution, being its rules/laws/rituals.
2 - The individual nature ‘displayed’ by the individuals who fellowship with the institution and their individual code of conduct.
3 – The ‘activity’ of the officials of the institution who uphold its principles and their individual code of conduct.

The Doctrine - the teaching of a 'church' or religion or other teacher who forms the 'base' upon which a person bases their 'ethical' code of conduct.

It is God who ‘Judges’ all activity carried out either personally or as an ‘official’ in the name of any institution, and this activity is ‘measured’ against His Primary Truthful and Ruling Command with its code of conduct demand; "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving." Any activity that is in contravention of this Command is ‘offensive’ in His eyes and the person is deemed to require ‘correction’ within the “As you sow so shall ye reap” Law of God.

Ones 'faith' is not the named religion or institution, ones 'faith' or 'faithlessness' is ones capacity to 'bow' in conformity to the code of conduct ideals ordained by the super-power, God.

If any supposed 'secular' organisation espouses a code of conduct 'policy' forcefully or otherwise, it is in fact a religion due to it having 'ideals' that form ITS code of conduct 'policy' to be adhered to by those who uphold it and fund it.

The Court of man is the ‘spiritual’ Court of the Dark Sovereign Power-God, and this ‘factor’ needs to now be understood by all mankind, especially those who ‘Judge’ others as they ‘play’ God, and it also needs be understood by every taxpayer, for they are complicit to every punitive judgement, and all will ‘reap’ the consequence of their actions before by God being set free.

The Dark Sovereign Power is to now relinquish His punitive control over this realm to the Light Sovereign Power, and He the Dark Sovereign Power will take all His ‘followers’ down into His lower dark realms.

Be you a uniformed mandated ‘official,’ or a terrorist, or a ‘common’ thief, or ‘wife’ basher, or false preacher, when you rise up each day and go forth with the intent and subsequent deed to; 'bring others to account punitively – criticize or judge them – steal their property – cause mental, emotional or physical injury – control them – detain them – interfere in their life or livelihood – tax them - coerce them – threaten them - incarcerate them – berate them' etc., then you are all of the same dark ‘breed’ of offenders in God’s sight, and it is God to bring you all to ‘account’ at the time and in the place chosen by God.  Be it in this life or other, for we do all live ‘forever’ somewhere.

In the new age to be there will be no 'courts,' politicians, police or warriors for everyone will be peaceful and live in accordance with God's "Peace" Command.

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~ The poisoned cup & the holy grail ~

The poisoned 'cup' is the cup of liquid evil used by sorcerers to place their 'spell' upon the other as they contaminate the other, injure them, cause them sorrow and hardship, dispossess or destroy them, and the 'contamination' is that their victim then becomes as 'evil' as the sorcerer, and find their own justification to defy God and retaliate and, - - -

Everyone becomes 'offensive' in the eyes of the Creator and are perceived by Him as a 'bad' seed supping on the forbidden fruit of evil of His Dark destructive Source that only HE is authorised to use and, they become one to be controlled, restricted, enslaved, dispossessed, confined, punished, and ultimately destroyed in the underworld by His punitive forces for their ongoing evil deeds.

The 'holy grail' is the cup of Salvation that contains liquid gold, being pure love with all its attributes of goodness & mercy & forgiveness, and any person who sups from this Light creative Source is elevated way, way UP into the Light where they dance 'joyously' forever in His sight.

When any person criticises others or in any way uses forceful means to control them or harm them in any way they are in fact dipping an arrow into the poisoned cup and 'firing' it into the soul of the other, and both then suffer, for this dark arrow 'wounds' and then as a 'boomerang' slowly begins to 'swing around' and over time it returns to 'strike' the sender, for that is the fulfillment of God's immutable Law: "As you sow so shall ye reap," and the pain goes round and around in perpetuity unless by my pen they are set free.

As every earthly government operates solely with the use of 'force of arms' as the means to extort money from the people, and to punish them for any non-conformity to its ruling 'dictates,' it follows that the power base of these governments are based on the use of EVIL (Dark forceful, destructive energy) and, many of the 'official' activities of its serving members are in contravention of God's Primary Command.

Everyone needs to now strengthen their mind and begin to see REALITY, for then they will have the opportunity to CHOOSE the right path, and then they will dip their arrows into the cup of liquid 'gold' love and release it into the rising Sun and, - - - as it flies straight and true they can 'hang on' to its tail feathers and be elevated spiritually as they mercifully forgive their enemy, become kind and respectful to all and remain TRUE to God's Command.

It is now your 'choice' to set yourself free

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~ White collar crime ~
Treason against the State of Heaven

Political criminals have turned the police ‘union’ into a lawless group of men daily committing acts of treason against their God.  This they daily do as they go forth ‘offensively’ and disturb the peace of the land by their complicity with the judiciary to enforcing policy that is in contravention of the Command of God.

These criminal activities, legitimized through legislative processes consist of trespass, invasion of privacy, interference in daily living and business affairs, extortion, theft of property, (goods & chattels) kidnap of persons, illegal transport and detention of persons, punishment of persons and more.

The politicians have long forgotten God and His 'Command,' and conveniently sidelined its significance thereby becoming totalitarian dictators acting as though they are God, and now, instead of working for the benefit of the people they are actually forcing and controlling and subordinating people to their personal doctrinal religious beliefs.

Their belief is one of their ‘right’ to absolute authoritarian control, regulation, extortion, punishment and war, and these ’rights’ have resulted in an abrogation of their responsibility to God and man. 

The implications of this are very serious for it means that while everyone is asleep to the reality that chaos already rules the land.

So slowly has this deception taken place that now everyone believes that ‘the government’ and its enforcers have the 'right' of absolute control over everyone, and they do NOT. Sadly the truth of this is beginning to dawn on some because more individuals begin to realize that there is no freedom to live by ones God Commanded ideological policy without being ‘invaded,’ threatened, coerced and punished if you do not support the government with its contradictory beliefs

The exponential growth of these latter day rules now force the police officers to themselves commit acts of treason against God's rule as well as of committing offensive criminal acts against the people they are supposed to serve. No one seems to comprehend that these activities are punishable within God's Law by spiritual death.

The present way in every land is undemocratic and ungodly and there is no freedom for anyone as all are coerced through either fine or punishment into supporting, condoning and funding the DARK Religious ideological doctrine of regulation, extortion, punishment and war. This is the ‘way’ and mark of THE BEAST, the Devil.

Every aspect of business and living is now interfered with and subjected to scrutiny, intrusion, control, regulation, inquisition, levy and punishment for any straying from the directives of the controllers.  

Every department of local, state or federal government has become an 'individual' totalitarian office that openly states: "We are the authority and you must bow down to our dictates." The assumption upon which these authoritarian controls is premised on a belief that because we cast 'our' vote that those receiving the majority of votes have by that act received permission to control 'us.' This is a gross error of belief.

For kings, chiefs, and politicians have assumed the right to RULE everyone, even those as me who  NEVER gave them nor anyone such 'license' and I never will and, - - - I NEVER sold myself into enslavement with them nor  'State' and I simply add:

"Any 'official' using force to control, interfere, coerce, threaten, punish, tax, appropriate funds, goods, land etc., is a FOOL, and you are all duly 'warned' that in doing what you do means, that the Devil is ensnaring YOU for you are not 'God,' and He (God) via me needs you to try and see REALITY."

People now are frustrated, exasperated, fed up, and infuriated because they are treated as children and criminalized if they do not conform to activities of 'state' that are so obviously intrusive, controlling, confrontational, aggressive and dictatorial.

The same situation applies to the police who are now in the 'front line' insofar that they are ‘sanctioned’ to enforce all this control which means that they will take the brunt of community anger. That anger is already apparent among the population but soon will escalate over the planet.

Within the context of what I have written I want to make it clear that I am not an anarchist because I do believe in Rule by Monarchy however, for me that means “Rule by God” the only true Monarch.  God is the Monarch and He rules every known and unknown realm be they spiritual or temporal.  When man obeys His Command His RULE is benign and beneficent, when man defies His Command then His RULE is malignant and punitive.

Mankind needs to now recognize God as their Monarch and they need to bow to His RULE in obedience to His singular Command: "Go your way in peace." Mankind does not need any temporal 'Monarch of the glen' to control, regulate and punish the population.

It is the time for the police 'union' to advise their men that they must now begin to exercise their God given conscience and only be of helpful community service to the people of the land and ONLY haul in those who offend man and God by disturbing the peace of the land. These will be educated.

The political madness that continues to grow like a cancer will soon be swamped by the emerging madness of THE PEOPLE who will all be looking for 'scapegoats.'  As their minds become subjugated and controlled by demonic thoughts they will become irrational, merciless, unforgiving and destructive.

Finally, I want to make it clear that I do not enforce my religious ideology of peace, I simply proclaim IT and elevate it onto God's golden web pages so that each person of any standing can come to a personally informed decision as to whether it is their truth or otherwise.  I simply ask you to ask yourself: "How does God 'view' my personal conduct, and how do I stand within the precepts of His Law."

Whomsoever you are, this 'call' is the FINAL one, and any person who is so 'blinded' by their 'position' of power or their own emotions and 'contra' beliefs that they cannot turn over a new leaf, will bring upon their own 'heads' an inconceivable amount of travail and agony that will continue on in perpetuity forever in the Dark realms below in the after life.

Note: spiritual legitimacy, * - It is forbidden by God to operate outside the Code of Conduct that He Commands being; "Go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving and love one another."

Why does He Command this? Because He wishes to see us as a delight in His sight and, He knows that His Law is immutable and, He knows that when 'we' conform to the Command above, that our conduct is 'becoming,' benign and good, and 'we' will receive an equal return of goodness within His Law but, - - -

He, God also knows that the moment anyone defies His Command and they make use of His Dark, controlling, punitive, merciless, judging and destructive energy that is very cruel, merciless, unforgiving and malignant, - - - they become a person, 'one' who placed themselves with ITS aspect of the ONE "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law, and all the 'travail' or loss or other that was imposed by them would return upon their own 'head.'

God's Law is inviolable

God says: "Any person as an 'individual' or as a member of an institution that believes that they have the right to use force to enforce their demands upon any peaceful person who is living in accordance with MY Peace decree is a person deluded by the dark satanic force and, - - - their belief and doctrine of 'forceful control' and enslavement of others means, - - - that they belong to the 'lost' race to be consigned to the Abyss for eternity by ME their God they neither see nor know."

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~ God, the Light & Dark energy essence ~ 

It is the time for all to now understand that God is GOD, God is ALL - the Light and the Dark

It matters NOT 'which' religion you presently 'fellowship' with, for all 'preachers' are interpreting 'texts' written by other 'sinful' mortals as well as placing their own interpretation on them. I can assure you that ONLY those who now turn my 'way' will be able to reprogram their minds with my absolute truth written by my personal 'pure' hand, and find eternal peace.

If you 'seriously' seek Salvation then you need to 'forgo' the use of 'force' and the 'protection' of man by man and lay down your weapons, as you now turn to the true God of Light. The use of force is the use of DARK ENERGY, the forbidden to use 'fruit' of the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil as stated above, and the use thereof is God's prerogative ONLY.

There is no longer any courtesy or respect shown by man of today. All either use force personally or when in an 'official' position as they 'voice' their demands and 'ordain' them as 'The Law' by enacting rule after rule. None seeing that their 'decrees' are not THE LAW, but are simply the 'braying' of the arrogant 'megalomaniacs' who believe that they now are God. Foolish indeed are these and all who follow their lead.

I repeat; everyone today in one way or another is using or is complicit to the use of force, being the Dark energy essence of THE SOURCE. IT is God's destructive energy which is totally unyielding, inflexible and uncompromising. You cannot 'plea' bargain with IT. IT is absolutely merciless, unforgiving and destructive and is a Law unto itself. IT is indestructible and unchangeable.

There is ONLY one Law, God's Law: "As you sow so shall ye reap," and all you do is 'subject' to this Law.

God requires you the individual to become the 'love' of your perceived enemy as you truly forgive their 'trespasses' against you and, you do factually 'turn the other cheek' and 'suffer in silence' if faced by adversity and, with sincerity in your heart you do your very best to uplift their consciousness by educating them as is given herein.  Only thus do you remain within the benign aspect of God's Law.

Most people today are retributive, merciless, vindictive, punitive and indeed very unforgiving.

Control, retaliation or 'revenge,' punishment, coercion, theft, destruction and killing are the 'works' of the 'devilish' Dark Sovereign Power.

A true Pilgrim on the road to Salvation is a person of any 'race or colour' whose 'creed' is absolute pacifism at all times and in all situations. Being a person who only condones, supports and funds benign community effort and, as they go their way as an absolute pacifist they show their Creator by their daily kind, merciful, benign, caring, giving, forgiving and educative interaction that they are 'worthy' of living in the Light of Paradise.

Let it be clearly understood that 'Retributive Justice' is the prerogative of God only, for only God stands 'above' His "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law, and 'law makers' or 'law enforcers' cannot void nor avoid the implementation of God's Law. For no mandate of man nor 'badge of office' nullifies the superior Law of God.

Those who continue ON in their 'personal or official' controlling, abusive, invasive, punitive, injurious, destructive, merciless and UN-forgiving ways will FALL into eternal suffering and, - - - it is now the time for the 'general' public to understand that their anointed leaders are not benign, they are cruel, merciless, controlling and unforgiving despots because, via their rules that are backed by force of arms they state or imply:
"We are empowered by our own ruling dictates to do whatever we wish to, want to, need to and, - - - we the 'elite, elected and empowered' are backed by force of arms and are thus in FACT a MILITARY DICTATORSHIP and, - - - if you disobey us then we will persecute you, punish you, dispossess you or destroy you and, - - - because you rely on us and our forces to defend you rather than relying on our invisible God, it is 'us' to interfere in and dominate every aspect of your life and living ways for your own benefit.
Unbeknown to you we are 'beastly' and inconsiderate and disrespectful and merciless and unconscionable because our statutes control us and force us to so be and, - - - we cannot 'permit' you to live by your own peaceful doctrine because as said, you are defiant of God and you support our war machine and, - - -
All we do is done on your behalf and in your name and in the name of God and, - - - we cannot 'permit' anyone to live by any 'creed' other than the one we 'espouse' being, the ABSOLUTE CONTROL and DOMINATION of everyone and everything."

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Where does this LEAD you? Let it be clearly understood that if you are condoning the actions of, or supporting in voting 'for,' or funding by 'fine' or personally paying any tax or annual 'operational' licence fee to any person or institution (Mafia or Governments) whose 'operations' are interfering, controlling, regulatory, dictatorial, punitive, injurious or destructive and backed by 'force of arms,' - - - then you are complicit to all these DARK activities that are a contravention of God's Command and, - - -

You are "On the wide road to Hell' and, you are daily accruing a painful spiritual due within the immutable 'eye for an eye' Law of God and, it must be 'met' (Karma) before you can 'Ascend' to the Light and, - - - you will have to 'suffer' loss, injury or deprivation in non-retaliation before being set free.  This 'naturally' also applies to any person working for said institution and, it also applies to you the employer if you are deducting tax money from the pay packets of your employees and paying it to the taxation department without first receiving permission to so do from the employee.

The mercy EXTENDED by God unto all (even despots) before the LAST Judgement and separation of souls for eternity is the clarification of God's Command and LAW that IS immutable for sure.

The mercy extended being the 'uncontaminated' TRUTH, so that everyone 'interested' has the opportunity in turning over a new leaf and preparing to 'die' or suffer in NON-retaliation as they are 'put to the sword' and crucified if that is their karmic due as God's LAW is applied in full measure in the manner revealed by my sacred pen.

The MESSAGE from THE Father sent to earth through Jesus was NOT about Jesus' or God's 'forgiveness or mercy' 
His MESSAGE from the FATHER STATED and yet STATES forevermore:

"BE a SWINE and you WILL 'Reap what you did sow' within MY immutable Law"
The FULFILMENT of God's Law being the pre-requisite to Salvation is revealed in 'The Law of God' in Book 1 of this web site.

Salvation is NOT attained by 'professing' to belong to any particular religion because, - - - 'professing' to be of 'this or that' named religion does not mean that your interaction with other children of God is perceived by GOD as being ONLY 'loving & kind & merciful, compassionate & forgiving' for it is not.

I do know that at present there are very FEW true 'Pilgrims' on the road to Salvation because 'most' rely on the 'forceful' protection of man, and these punitive ways are themselves a contravention of God's Command and are error leading all into more ongoing suffering.

Total commitment to God and His Command is required by the individual at this end time when the whole world descends into the darkness of insanity, confrontation, destruction and desolation and, - - - those who continue to defy God will find themselves in the abyss to suffer on for an eternity of depravity.

Unbeknown to simple man, every 'gun toting' warrior or other officer of State carrying out their duty to man as they obey 'orders,' be they 'voiced' or 'acts' in a book that result in actions towards others that are not within the precepts of God's Command above means, that they are being paid a 'mercenary' wage to defy God and, all they do unto others will be done unto them and, they are unknowingly paving their own way to eternal suffering.

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 God's Command and 'grace' and 'mercy' and 'Law'

Let it be clearly understood that there is NO 'mercy' within the absolutely 'Just' and immutable punitive aspect of the "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law of God and, in order to become free from the spiritual 'debts' to God that you have already accrued through your 'interfering or controlling or punitive or injurious' actions towards others, you will be 'forced' to suffer your 'fate' within God's immutable Law by circumstances beyond your control in the months ahead.

IF during this process you remain within the precepts of God's "Go your way in peace & love & forgive" Command and do NOT retaliate, then you will be accruing no more 'suffering' dues to be again met ahead and, you will then ultimately become FREE spiritually.

Unbeknown to man, due to the worldly 'culture' of 'protection' and armed 'defence' and the by 'taxation' funding of warring and punitive systems, every one of you is defiant of God in one way or another and, all, irrespective of their professed 'religion or rituals or beliefs' are in fact sliding backwards and down towards the abyss.

It is ONLY the 'grace' of God that has permitted my soul to re-enter this realm to place the pure uncontaminated Wisdom and TRUTH at your 'feet' at this 'time' of 'mass and instant communication' to see if there is even ONE person who can amend their ways and become free of their bondage to the Dark before the 'Gate' to Heaven for them is CLOSED for eternity.

God is God, God is all, and it is the Light Sovereign Power (God the Mother) who is creative, loving, kind, merciful, compassionate and forgiving who reaches out to you all via my pen, Hers and Father's.

God is God, God is all, and it is the Dark Sovereign Power (God the Father) who rules man on earth and keeps man enslaved and bonded to the use of IT His dark energy essence. (Fruit of the Tree of Evil)

This he does so as to keep errant man 'bound' eternally to suffering for their continued defiance of His Holy Word and Command to:

"Go your way in peace & love one another and be merciful, compassionate & forgive thine enemy."

Arrogant man sees NOT that the continued use of the forceful and destructive Dark energy essence ensures his 'fall' and, - - - neither does man understand that this energy is TOTAL 'coercion & deception' and IT keeps man believing that he is 'safe & saved' as he continues to slide backwards and downwards into eternal suffering in the underworld and ultimate OBLIVION.

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~ The logical conclusion ~

Mankind will soon see 'something' and learn 'something.'  Being that men of 'arms,' be they armed or otherwise, are people who believe that they can individually or as a 'group' go forth with a forceful, cruel, and bad intent and deed having the 'religious' ideological belief that they are 'entitled' to carry out vengeful, coercive, punitive or warring 'activities.' Activity that contravenes the absolute pacifist ideology as Commanded by God, and not suffer the consequence.

Yes they are entitled to do whatever they wish to, but no person stands above the Law of God, and all suffer the 'consequence' of their interaction with others for no 'office' or mandate or 'ruling' by mortal man can void or nullify God's Law.

The logical conclusion to this document is that no man has the mandate from God to rule any other, and this also applies to any 'club' or institution of man.  Certainly you can 'belong' to a group or institution if you so 'wish,' but there must never be any 'rules' of enforcement that 'legitimise' control, interference or punishment.

Try and see that every government on earth began when men using force of arms seized control of others lands and enslaved them.  For by this control they were able to tax everyone and gain more 'ease' of living, protection, power and importance.

The olden ways were changed from using verbal 'proclamations,' and text named 'laws' were 'tabled' and recorded as 'scripture,' and every person within the boundaries controlled by the king or chief were by 'him' seen as serfs who owed him or his 'flag' their allegiance, and any person seeking to live 'apart' was simply 'excommunicated,' banished, punished, or put to death, for the 'scriptural' rulings of State were adored and perceived as sacred.

Nothing has changed other than everyone now believes that this 'controlled' way of living is normal.  This is a fact, for no king or chief or any of their 'servers' can even consider that anyone could live within the borders they patrol without bowing to their decrees and funding their ideological way.

It is my pen wielded by God to now amend this error of belief that is leading mankind into total grief for a time and a time.  I can but advise everyone, especially the 'front line' enforcers, that all are heading the wrong way towards hell, and unless they now take a 'sea change' and amend their ways their sorrows will become endless.

In respect of this simple case of mine whereby ignorant people have been persecuting me for failing to bow to their ideological belief, I can but use it as my primary 'example' and say:

"As I am an absolute pacifist who does not need any protection from men, be they armed or otherwise, and as I neither vote for nor fund the punitive system of State, it follows that in God's eyes I am free to walk apart from any institution of man if I so wish to.

I may drive my vehicle without paying any annual 'licence fee' tax, and I can use a vehicle with or without it having any number plate or government issued insurance or other levies.  I am not a voting 'member' of said institution.

It also follows that not ONE of any proclamation, act, rule, decree named 'the law' contained within ANY of the institutional books has got anything to do with me, and it also follows that the institutional 'enforcers' have NO legitimate right to interfere in my life in any way as along as I do not disturb the peace of the land.

Certainly as there are many 'benefits' or codes of conduct raised up by men operating within said institution, being safe building or driving or boating or other 'code' practices that are purely educational, then any sane person within or without the institution can avail themselves of said instruction without being 'bound' to its punitive measures for any non-conformity.  For if I wish to live in a mud hut then that is my prerogative, and let no other complain or smash it.

I am free to fund any sector of society that I feel I wish to, and can ask for assistance from any benign aspect of society, be it schools, hospitals or any other, and I will certainly fund any specific provision of services that I need to use.  I can but state that none of 'us' must be forced through threat of punishment into funding anything.  Free giving after having 'earned' money will soon be the 'order of the day.'

I now stand my 'ground' to show you the right way forwards.  If any of you seek to crush me into submitting to your 'doctrine' then that is your choice, but I can assure you that whatever you do unto me or mine that contravenes God's Primary Command will simply ADD to the agonising 'weight' of the Sword of Damocles already hanging by a single 'hair' above your own head, and when IT falls, then your time of 'agony' and deprivation will commence."

Man has long forgotten that THE absolute 'Authority' is the Dark Sovereign Power, and it is His destructive 'energy' flowing through enforcers that is what commands other people to: "Bow down on your knees and 'freeze,' and await My dictate, for I AM THE AUTHORITY over you due to your allegiance to Me, and you must conform to My decision over you."

Every 'official' in every department of State who uses his position or book of rules to berate or punish others, and every citizen who loses their 'reason' and abuses others is a person who falsely believes that they 'as God' have the right to do what they do.  None seeing that by their controlling or punitive actions they are defying the Command of God, and place themselves within the punitive aspect of God's ONE LAW: "As you do will be done unto you."

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~ God's Mandate to man ~

God bequeathed a single Mandate upon each of His creation YOU, being:

"Love one another"

The mandate was and is TRUE because, if you did follow IT faithfully then you were GUARANTEED to be the beneficiary of being LOVED eternally.  "Why"? Because God only has ONE spiritual Law being: "As you do unto others will be done by others unto you - as you sow so shall ye reap," and thus the 'eye for an eye' basis as you receive a Just & Equitable equal return of LOVE.

Why would God 'bestow' such a mandate upon us?  Because God has twin 'polarities' of energy within His vast frame, one being the creative LIGHT and the 'other' being the destructive DARK, and as He would have it that His creation remained a 'delight' in His sight and that they were happy, joyful and free from suffering.

Thus His mandate was His advisory Command that was accompanied by another being: "I FORBID you to ever sup from the fruit of the tree of evil for IT is forceful, controlling, aggressive, punitive and destructive, and if you sup on its POWER to control, steal, criticise, judge, condemn, abuse or kill others then ITS energy will cause you to suffer 'equally' within ITS aspect of My ONE:  'As you do unto others will be done by others unto you - as you sow so shall ye reap,'  LAW and, ultimately IT will destroy YOU."

So 'why' am I here today in your 'face' as such?  Simply to remind everyone who everyone is in contravention of God's mandate to "Only love," and all are on the wide road to HELL and, - - - I am here simply to reinstate the ABSOLUTE TRUTH up in the air on line so that ANYONE with any 'sensibility' can quickly lay down their verbal or material 'mace' and show God their newly formed intent and deeds. 

Why?  Because any person who continues to defy God is to be mentally and emotionally overpowered by His DARK energy, and ITS 'weight' will carry their spirit soul 'underground' so to speak as it departs the flesh and, they will find themselves in the most terrifying and agonising situation where their cries of torment will continue on and on and ON for eternity with NO surcease at the hands of demonic forces who have NO mercy.

I have no more to say today or any day, and what YOU do to me is irrelevant because, at all times and in all situations I AM 'safe' spiritually because I can never be 'coerced' from within my mind or by you or any to be less than loving, kind, merciful & forgiving, even to those who bind me due to their vanity, arrogance, pride or insanity

This document IS the 'bread of heaven' to be absorbed by everyone.

In deepest sincerity - Terence




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